Battle Is The Lord's, 7-17-66



BY DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 7-17-66

We are turning this afternoon to the writings in First John and into Chapter 4.

Beloved, believe not every Spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God. But every Spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is not of God. And this is that Spirit of Anti-Christ, where of ye have heard that it should come, and even now already is in the world.”

Thus we have a very definite admonition by John as he tells us to try the Spirits, because the Spirits are many. In the days when Lucifer was thrown out of the heavens, with him were his fallen Angel’s, and the vastness of the hosts that were with him. There was a condition entering into the earth that was entirely different, the Ancient creations and its peoples found themselves led by a fallen Angel, that had greatly fallen, and of course the areas of declarations that he made to them were not true. The areas and conditions that caused sunken continents and disturbed areas of the earth’s civilization and population, were tremendous in their hour. In the areas of God and the purpose of God He established His own Household in the earth because He had willed to do this. He had ordained that He would send his Kingdom to earth. So in the hours when He was to send his Kingdom to earth He then prepared a body for them to dwell in. It is a rather significant thing that the Children of the Kingdom have by the declaration of the Scriptures, been existent with God in the time of His creation, and this is why we have so many of the evidences of the Scripture sustaining this.

Where did we come from? Why are we here? What are we here for....are the most asked questions of the people who have not been informed in the areas of the Scriptures. Thus it was....God said: Let us make Adam in our own image, and He begat Adam in His own image. And when He spoke He spoke to the Elohim, the Sons of Yahweh, and the 82nd., Psalm proves this. So we find ourselves with this promise that we were prepared in a marvelous way. That we who are children of the Spirit, were children of the Spirit before the foundation of the world. This Spirit was the Spirit of God. He begat His Household, He created the people by begatting them into the dimension of Spiritual realms. Thus it was that He was our Yahweh, and we rejoiced at His creations, and we rejoiced at the development of the program of Yahweh’s Kingdom. Thus it was that we found ourselves in a physical world. In this physical world we were not without a Father, God, who was hovering over us, who was continually revealing Himself to us by the process of His Spirit. So therefore, we are in this day of ‘Trying the Spirit.’ Though we are not trying them as often as we should. We are to try the Spirits because it is important that we remain in tune with our Yahweh....God.

We have today a vast amount of Clergy who have moved into the pulpits of the Church who do not believe in the Deity of God. It is very simple how God has clarified for us the process we can use to try the Spirits. For if they cite that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh then they are not of God. If they do not believe that He was...very God...then they are the Spirit of Anti-Christ that was to come. So we have been told that we have the areas of error in todays common teaching. We have been told that perilous times would come, and we have envisioned and experienced these perilous times in our life time.

Now as we turn to this declaration that we are to try the Spirits, and discover whether or not these Spirits are false prophets, we find that vast amounts of these Ministers who are advocating these things, are advocating what they tell social reform, or social progress. By the very proposition of the declaration they would destroy the background of race, they would absorb into a vast mongrelization of purpose the entirety of God’s Kingdom. And they would teach that this is good.

There is a definite way in which we may try the Spirits to see if they uphold the Law of God, the Word of God, and keep in condition the Word of God. For if they do not uphold the Word of God, if they do not uphold the Law off good then they are of all men...the most derelict. So we know that if they confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh that they are of God. We point out to you that in the days when Yahweh placed His Family in the Heavens and then in the earth that He planned for them to be in communication with Him, and He with them. He established an area of this in the creation of their bodies, and thus it is that He has been communicating with His people every since. In the structure of the Adamic race we discover that we have within our intellect, in the heart of our intelligence a conscious contact with the Most High God. He established there a ‘third-eye’ to speak, it doesn’t crop out on the outside, but it does stay within the area of its intention. It is a ganglia of nerves which is made exactly like the nerves of the eye. These nerves do not have an ‘eye’ but they do have a sensitive area of perception which His Spirit can contact. This area within the structure of His children sets up the image of the sight and the senses and the pattern of things God would have us to know. We are of course an intelligent people. He has established us in conversation and communication in purpose. He has established us in physical bodies and we are, by these processes, able through the senses to see and to taste and to smell and touch. These are the patterns of the senses. The soul consciousness resident in this house (body) beholds all things of the natural and elemental world. At the same time the soul consciousness lives within this body. At the same time as it dwells within this body its perfectly free. It thinks independently of the body, though it records with the senses the things that may be around us, or the things that are in this area of our environment, also it reaches to the center of this ‘third eye’ and at the center of our set of nerves that we record with the natural eye, and see with the natural eye. In otherwords, we see in color and we think in color and we record in color, we think in reality and we then behold. In fact the Heavenly planes are existent like the physical planes, and the spiritual planes of Spirit, and thus it is that we translate the concepts of Spirit into the flesh.

God wants a rational people. He wants a people He can speak to and who are conscious of His being. He sent them into the world to develop His Kingdom and this was to preclude the fall for He knew all about this, and it happened exactly as He said it would, and the areas of His redemption are not limited. We are the children of His Kingdom, and we have a ‘third eye’ with which He meets us, and with which we reach into this inner center, tho you may not know it, yet you reach into the consciousness of the area of intelligence, and you are thus meeting the areas of the Spirit. As a Spiritual entity then you dwell within this physical body. You have a Spiritual body as well as a Physical body, but the dimension of the Spiritual body is in Light, thus it can be of the same wave length as the physical body, but it can also be separate and distinct. As we reach into the consciousness of the Spirit we are reaching for the consciousness of the guidance of the things of God.

We have been told many things about the areas of Spirit. We have discovered that the Spirit pray’s for things that you have need of even though you may not know or realize this. When you are engaged in the natural occupation of your livelihood, and your living. We are told that as we sleep the Spirit is praying and meditating. As the children of the Most High God dwells within these physical bodies that the Most High God has prepared for us, we find ourselves meditating and thinking about the things of god, things of the Spirit, and we automatically reach into the center where the Spirit makes contact with the human body. We point this out because in the words of Jesus He then makes this rather clear when He said in Revelation 3:20....”I stand at the door and knock. If any man will hear my voice and will open the door, I will come into him and sup with him and he with me.”

It has always been a question as to what process would Christ come into you. By the area of the intelligence of God, the consciousness of God, by the Omnipresent pattern of His consciousness He focuses in and comes in unto the seat of your intellect. He is seated at the center of communion in which the individual knows that he has the presence of God within. When we search for God we do not search outside, we go inside to the seat of our intellect where we are in the process of talking to God. He says...Lo, I stand at the door and knock. We realize that the entirety of the race is not always aware of Spiritual reality, but the Children of the Spirit are aware of this, tho there are some of the children who are not aware, they shall be made aware. God can as He an instant, galvanize into action His children by reaching out to His people, by this process of Spirit. We are a people who have therefore an area of God-consciousness, and it comes thru this area that God created for this reception. We have today the areas of a great number of people who are as tho they spoke with the authority of God but they do not speak with this authority of God, and they do not understand the issues that God is bringing here and we must turn there in this process or that process to see God, or to contact Him, and to find God.

In fact in this area of time that we are living in then we find that there are is a strange process being taken by the psychologist, and the psychiatrist as in this area they are stressing the use of L.S.D. A person takes these drugs and is no longer in control of his body, he is therefore out of the body and into a trance-like state. When he does this he subjects himself to the occupancy of Satanic spirits or demon powers. The process of it may not be recognized by the psychologist and the psychiatrist, who in most instances will be found in Lucifers Kingdom instead of Yahwehs Kingdom, and was a Jew to begin with. The areas of this have extended themselves quite far and fast in our time. For instance, the head of the Narcotic division here in L.A., Captain Trembley, was speaking to the Sacramento Legislature and he talked about the terrible impact of this drug and what it was doing to people. He said that one year ago we heard very little about it but that today 35% of the College students in America are on L.S.D. Now think this over. Then he went further to talk about the effects of this drug and he said that we find that it causes all kinds of delusions, all types of sex orgies, and all kinds of wild apparitions are in control of the being who is on this drug. They tell us that it is harmless and it is not habit forming, but this depends upon how much it is entered into and how many times repeated, and how much of other types of drugs are used with it. But it is a very definite and evil drug. He talked about how he found men eating grass and bark off trees while under the influence of narcotic’s. He had found men and women lying nude in an apartment house and all screaming at the top of their voices. Others talked about the attitudes they finally reach where they get a release from the inhibitions of this world, which are not sound or not good, thus maybe when they get out into this drug-world of dream that they are moving into real reality. And there they discover that here are other gods and other people, and there is beings that they have no knowledge of. And sometimes they see themselves as they really are. This makes a tendency for them to want to change. So they revolt against mother, against State, or the status quo of the physical world. Then they don clothes that demonstrate them as marked individuals. The boys want to wear their hair like women and they want to look as freaked out on our streets of America as possible. Well 35% of your College students are moving into this area of abandon and strange reality. The pattern is seen as an opposition to all the patterns of our society. The College Professors say they have to keep their suits on, but they would like to revolt. They can’t hardly stand it anymore that they can’t wear the clothes of the freaks of our society. The psychiatrists are defending themselves for introducing dope to the Colleges, but at the same time they even try other types of drugs as well, and one who testified was arrested for bringing in the weed from Mexico.

Well the policy is that they are citing that God is not necessarily true. That Christianity does not necessarily have the right God, and therefore Christ is just one of the boy’s, and there are many boy’s, and you have to get free and out into this dimension of dope to find this out.

I want to point out to you that this is totally evil. When God placed His children on the earth, He placed them in intelligent bodies with senses to be used so that they might understand and know when they were hungry, or when they needed to know or wanted to behold and to see. God gave us the senses and He gave us the ability to reason and the ability to understand. It is important that we know that anything connected with God’s Spirit is an area of reason and understanding. He does not want you to be without the ability to reason, and not to be the master of this household, and so the intelligent sons and daughters of God is master of their bodies. He is the master of His Household. We have had a great many directions inside the Scriptures concerning drunkenness and these other patterns, and one of the great evils of drunkenness is the fact that the individual loses control of his body, and in some instances demon forces can come in. In this instance the loss of control eventually gives way to demon spirits and strange illusions, and fantastic imprints sometimes remain and is remembered as a person comes out of these so called...high kicks...of alcohol and especially of L.S.D.

We are to discover that God does not favor this, He is opposed and denies it. And it is a lie and a delusion and the road to darkness. For instance....under this pattern of direction they seem to find themselves far from the concepts of good and evil, and they find that the most important thing is that they love everybody, and are glad to be free from a body of reason. Well, come now, and lets reason together, saith the Lord: Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow, though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. So God is able to reason with His Household, because He has a point of reasonableness within them.

It is true that the brain of the Negro does not extend quite as sharply into this area of the ‘third eye’ as does the white man. In fact it is almost a shriveled up area of the brain within the Negro. The Asiatic has an area of this, but the white man has this fully developed area as tho he has seen and heard. In fact we refer sometimes as to visions that come out of the clear sky, but they come by way of this center into our consciousness. And God brings to your consciousness the knowledge and the ability to create, and the ability to know, because His Spirit has broken thru and has given the vision and the ideas to a people. The Scripture says: without a vision the people perish.

What is a vision? It is something that can be received by an intelligent person. A vision can be understood for it comes forth from the mind of God. We retain the ability to remember and receive this area of vision. How often does your soul reach out for God? It subconsciously as well as consciously in tune to the existence of God to the fact of God. And we as a race who have been raised from our mothers knee and forward and backward into generations unto the service of our God, have this as a natural affinity and this is a wonderful area of development. We discover that in the area of the Scriptures that in the Book of Romans, we are told that the Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that we are the children of God. The witness of the Spirit is an assurance that comes as we reach into this area, and adaption to the facts that exist in our environment. We are the Children of God, and if we are the Children of God then we reason, and because we reason then God stirs and guides the areas of reason. If we are the children of God then we are joint heirs with Christ and therefore this is a natural understanding. After all, didn’t God say....Ye are Elohim, and all of you are the children of Yahweh. Then...Ye are Gods and all of you are Gods. Now, under this instance the direction of the Spirit is a sane and conscious pattern by which God reaches out to identify Himself and His children with this.

In the days when Moses was being led by God there was no question but that he was God’s, for God spoke to Moses and Moses heard Him in the seat of his consciousness, and Moses developed into a mighty leader because God was developing and polishing Moses for this task. Moses went down to Pharaoh and challenged him and then Moses was to move into the areas of conscious activity, because God was using him and empowering him. God has called out prophets and He has called out Ministers, and workers and He has especially tuned them and made them aware of His voice, and His Word. Under this pattern we discover that Moses wanted to see God, but he didn’t turn to some herb or drug to give him an hallucination. He wanted to behold God, so he spoke to Him and he said...”I want to behold your embodiment. I realize that I see the light, and that you are in the light and in the mountains, and that you came in with 10,000 of your saints, and I was in the mountain, but there was a blanket of light around you, but, Oh Yahweh, I would just like to see you.”

So God said:...”OK Moses, get into those rocks and after I walk by then you can see me, it will not be a hallucination or thru some wild imagination, but you will see me after I walk by.” Now God knew that Moses couldn’t wait until after He walked by, so God put His hand over the hole in the rock so Moses couldn’t see His face, and He did this because He had Grace for Moses. Then Moses saw the back of God, he saw the side of God and the shoulders of God, and he saw that God was real and Moses recorded this fact. Even tho Moses had been in the presence of God more than many had ever been, and he had been filled and covered with His Glory as he was on the Mountain, yet Moses could not look upon God.

Then we have the experience of Isaiah when he went inside the Temple, and as he was meditating upon the Lord’s Day, the voice of the Lord said:...”Let us reason together, and Isaiah saw the Lord, who was lifted high up and He filled the Temple, and Isaiah saw the Lord, and Isaiah says that the rays that came from His Robe were splendid, and Isaiah saw the Majesty of God and he fell on his face before God, and before the Holy Angel’s who were singing Holy, Holy, Holy. But in the instance of it...again...he saw that which was tangible, that which was constant and that which was real. And God cleansed his lips and prepared Isaiah for his ministry and Isaiah said:...”I saw God.” He was high and lifted up in his holy Temple.

The areas of the reasonableness of our existence are not nightmarish, they are tangible and they are real. We discover the distorted areas of human power. The subordination of the human consciousness to demon forces are constantly attempted by the fallen Angel’s, and the demon powers, and those that repose in the Netherworld.

In fact in the days of Christ there were some of those who were possessed by these evil spirits so much so that Christ decided to cast out the evil spirits out of the mad man who cried out to Him from the Tombs, and when He cast out these evil spirits they cried out...”Oh! Thou Master, ye son of God, what have we to do with thee? We don’t have anything to do with you. Let us go into those hogs, for we don’t want to be disembodied....or we don’t want to go roaming thru this Universe without a physical contact. Let us go into those hogs, and Jesus let them go into the hogs, and as the hogs drowned then these spirits went back into their own place which was the Netherworld from which they had come out of, and thus death freed them this instance...there are demons that move and possess individuals.

There is no doubt that there are Clergy who have made it a great part of their ministry to declare that Jesus is not the son of God. These Clergy are demon possessed, make no mistake about this. When they do not recognize that Jesus is the son of God, then either they should get out of the pulpit or that tells you that they are demon possessed. The whole National Council of Churches moves in this direction, and we discover today that the leadership of this N.C.C., and the W.C.C., has men who have been elevated to high positions, but then in their high positions they do not believe in Christ, they speak of Him as a nice man and say that we are Christians because we follow Him and they will tell of all the things He taught, but they will not grant unto Him....Deity....nor will they respect Him.

The same policies today move into the areas in which the Law’s of God are given, and they especially seek to down grade the race. Their special ministry seems to be to mongrelize this race with the others of the world. They are talking about Civil Rights, and the Civil Rights Acts, and all of the policies which must be passed, and how the Church must support all these areas, and then they want to extend this world wide and then by this process they are engaged in the areas of the Apostasy.

Now; God talks about Apostasy, and in this age and the areas of it, and we can be assured that it is true. God speaks concerning His Household, the Children of His consciousness and intelligence and He declares that He has raised them up and has established them over the people of the world, and they are His Household, His people, and He has chosen and set them up over all the peoples of the world. The Law’s of God are quite extensive about non mongrelization and about the fact that His people were to remain separate and to remain apart for Him so as to accomplish the task for Him, that they were to do. In fact He speaks out about not marrying with these others because these others serve gods who are no gods. They serve doctrines of demons, they serve evil forces since they do not have this reasoning ability. And if you marry with them, then they will turn you a way from the truth, they will have you giving in to the lies and doctrines of demons and so God calls for His people to remain separate and intact. The majority of our race remains intact and does not mongrelize out in society, but here in these latter days, we are coming into an area of time when we as a society and a race are fighting out against mongrelization and integration, and so forth. But by this procedure they are starting to marry into our race and they are starting in the areas of the Church to promote the idea that it is of no significance if the races intermarry. That we should all be one race, one religion and love all gods.

Now; God said....I have spoken My Law, I have declared the truth, and woe unto the man who will not uphold my law and declare my truth.

So try the Spirits. Why? Because the voices of our day are speaking, speaking, speaking. Therefore, beloved, believe not every spirit, but try every spirit, whether they be of God, because there are false prophets that have gone out into the world. We turn into the Book of Corinthians and here we discover that in the areas of God’s declaration as He reveals Himself unto His people....that it is by the Spirit. The Apostle Paul says that we speak the wisdom among those who are perfect because the Spirit is begotten of God. The Spirit did not transgress. The Spirit is perfect. The Spirit cannot transgress. The soul consciousness in this physical body, not guided by the Spirit, may make errors, may transgress, but the Spirit cannot. So when he said we speak to them that are perfect, the Apostle Paul was saying....we are speaking and calling to the children of the Living God. He said, the wisdom of this world and the very Princes of this world came by His wisdom to nothing, but we speak the wisdom of God, even a mystery, even a wisdom which God ordained before the world...unto our Glory. Because God had planned and prepared how to wonderfully make us so that we would be in constant communication with Him, so we are told concerning the things of God’s Spirit. We are told that none of the Princes of this world, the fallen Angelic hosts, the catastrophic creators, did not know this. Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, in his fall did not know that he was unable to defeat Christ or that he was unable to commune in the areas of the Spirit...again. So they brought about the crucifixion of Christ, and by doing that then they did not know that they opened up the avenue by which Christ could enter into the Netherworld and there preach to the Spirits of the sons of Adam and that He could take every last one of them out of their dimension of the Nethermost, and thus the Princes of this world did not know what they were setting into motion. They did not perceive because they did not possess the Spirit. God has revealed these things unto us. He says He revealed them unto His Spirit, for the Spirit searches out all things, the deep things of God are searched out and revealed unto us by the Spirit as the Spirit contacts the focal point in your consciousness and intelligence and is able to reveal the purposes and the plan of the Most High God. Thus as God’s Spirit searches out these things and reveals them unto you neither hath it entered into the heart of man the things that God hath prepared for them that love Him. For eye hath not seen nor ear heard....for you didn’t receive these things thru the senses. But you received it thru an extra sensory perception which is ordained of God, and which your soul reaches into for the growth in the knowledge of God. And so therefore, God reveals them unto us, for the Spirit searches out all things. Yes, even the deep things of God. (I Corinthians 2:10-11) For what man knoweth the things of man, save the spirit of a man which is in him? He understands the areas of his occupation, he understands the things of life, he sees the areas of his environment and he understands them because he has recorded them with intelligence and knowledge. So also in these areas there are natural men also, and they understand natural things, but they do not understand Spiritual things because they do not have the Spiritual contact thru which this must come to pass. It says that god reveals them unto us, by the Spirit, for the Spirit searches out all the deep things of God. So we have the capacity to think the deep thoughts of God. And He wants you to think them, rationally, for if at any time the Spirit moves, it moves people and keeps you rational and in charge of the body. Keeps your area of defense against false spirits, against evil spirits, and false revelations. The revelations of God comes with the conscious control of the physical body, come with its pattern of analysis, so that which is seen with the eye is seen with the spirit.

Now; let me point out to you that God revealeth things by His Spirit. Now what man knoweth the things of man, save the spirit of man which is in him? Even so the things of God knoweth no man, but by the spirit of God.

Now; we have in the declarations of the 14th., chapter of John and in the 16th., verse Jesus saying:...”I will pray to the father and He is going to give you the paraclete,” And it is translated here as...comforter. And the area of it has been changed a lot in its meaning. This is what He said He will give you...”I am going to give you the conscious intelligence guidance of My Spirit, my bodily presence”. Then in Revelations 3:20., He said:...”Lo, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man will hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him, and I will sup with him, and he with me. I will give him the communion of My Spirit.” Now then by this declaration He speaks...John 14:17., “Even this spirit of truth which the world cannot receive.”

Now we may be aware that we are in the world, but we are not of the world, even as Christ was not of this world, and He declared....”Don’t take thy children out of the world, tho they are not of the world even as I am not of the world, but are spiritual entities in physical bodies, but keep them here....permit them to remain.”

Now in the manifestation of this He says: “The Spirit of Truth which the world cannot receive. Because it sees him not, neither knoweth him, but you know him; for he dwelleth with you and shall be in you.” Now; when Jesus was speaking of His Holy Spirit, He was not speaking of another. He said:..”I will not leave you comfortless, I will come unto you.” Thus it is again the word ‘comforter’ is not a good word in the language of translations because He said:...”I will not leave you without the guidance of my conscious intellect and wisdom of God. So I will come unto you.....Christ in you, the Hope of Glory.

Now; we turn back to the word in Corinthians....”Now we have received not the spirit of the world.” Now; the world can’t see God, Jesus turned to the Jews and He you cannot understand my speech because you can’t hear my words...your senses are not working in this pattern for they cannot find in the center of spirit the adjustment that comes to His children. So therefore, He cannot understand my word. He could also have said: that they could not see Him as He was, they could only see Him as they hated him, because of His Truth. Now He says:...we have not received the Spirit of the World, we have received the Spirit which is of God. That we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. And God hath bestowed upon us the gift of His Spirit. He has called upon those of His Household to respond to the areas of Spirit. And because He has placed His Spirit within us, and because He has created us so that we have a contact with the Spirit, He has bestowed upon the link which is so vital and important. Even so the things of man can know.

Now; we have received not the Spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, that we might know the things which are freely given to us of God. Now which things also He speaks not in the words...mens wisdom teacheth, but which of course the Holy Spirit teaches of Spiritual things, with Spiritual things.

When T.V. came on the air the other night to cover their story of flying saucers and so called space area....unidentified flying objects, the Networks brought on a so called Scientist and this Scientist said:...Now science has proved that there is no God, but many people are reaching out for something as they have to have some kind of help from somewhere since they aren’t strong enough within themselves, so they are trying to bring in saucer people for help, so they are imagining those flying saucers. Of course we who know there is no God understand this. Then there are others who are those with a religious concept and they are not as advanced as we who know that there is no God, so they are saying that these are Angel people in saucers coming in to help them, also administering spirits, are coming in but of course to us this is just fallacy. Then there are even some pilots on air liners who see objects but we have to explain to them that there are just cloud formations for we scientists are the keepers of wisdom while the pilots are only truck drivers in the sky.

Let me point out to you that the wisdom of this world is as nothing. That as far as the areas of wisdom are concerned, it is just a side of the truth. It cannot behold the things which are of the Spirit, and it does not want to recognize when there is a manifestation of Spirit... that it is true. Of course when these areas of identified objects come up, we might just bring in here ...because the scientist said that science has proved that there is no God, that there is no science without God. The Scientist practically admitted this before he was thru for he said: ‘that our Solar System was just a 5th., rate Solar System? Well, I guess this is where Michael ran the Devil into when he ran him out of the heavens with his thousands of space fleets, and this is the 5th., rate Solar System that he ran him into, and confined him in. We at that time were rejoicing with the Father over the defeat of Lucifer, and then God said...’I am going to send you down there to that 5th., rate Solar System in this Universe and you are going to restore that Solar System and the people and the creations that Lucifer has upset.’ And this was His purpose and His plan, and He sent us here.....and we have arrived. This happens to be that part of the Universe into which God had to come to redeem His people and He did come and was manifested and lived His life here, and then went back into the dimensions of Spirit, and He has said that He will return here. So even if this is a little 5th., rate Solar System then there are a lot of Scientists on it that have a lot to learn.

So we point out to you that the wisdom of this world is the foolishness of God. We point out to you that when we are teaching spiritual things, we are moving into an area of Law, and we are moving into an area of Truth, as far as Spiritual Truth is concerned. Did you ever stop to think of how many things...believe how many things.... you know and how many things you find you are comparing facts and issue to that are not being believed by the world order around you? That you are automatically recognizing and believing His Word? God has moved and brought back to the consciousness of the writers, and the authors the great spiritual truths of prophecy, and the great statements of fact and law. And we accept them because He was born witness with our Spirit that these things are true. And as He has quickened to our consciousness these areas of truth we understand and know and gage these as spiritual things.

Now we point out to you that the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, therefore, they are foolishness unto Him. Neither can he know them because they are Spiritually discerned. Now by this same token it is totally impossible for them to know....but the beatnik’s and the radical’s today want to reach out and hook on to something, so they and the psychiatrists are moving into dope and L.S.D., and into those areas of nightmarish ecstasy and sex and troubles, and all of this they feel is alright because they have been freed from control of their bodies, and their bodies think without them as they stand back on the sidelines. However, what has happened is that a demon spirit has found a way to enter into this body, and the body lost control of its ability to be the master of its household. And a spirit has entered into this body...make no mistake about this....there are spirits that come and go and there are spirits that move in and stay and this whole area of strange and erratic behavior is being conducted today by the expansion of evil spirits. In fact I think the time will come when we will have to deliver our Nation from evil spirits, and we are going to have to cast them out of a great number of people. Remember, there are 1/3 of our Colleges filled today with users of L.S.D., and in a period of 1 year the figure jumped from nothing to that percentage, thus we see the radicals moving out over our Nation and we can’t tell how high a percentage of minority groups are in this number, but we do have many Jew’s and Negroes in our Colleges, but we do have a high percentage of our white students moving into this area of the development of this peculiar and strange reaction, so it may be that we have a vast number of white students who have gotten on this drug, but a majority of these students are from the areas of darkness.

However, when an Episcopal Minister talks of L.S.D., as being an area of great spiritual insight and then the Lutheran magazine comes out to say that L.S.D. may now be developing an area of spiritual comprehension that man has never had before...and suggests that he prepare himself for this and then prepare the students for entering into this experience so that when they take this experiment they are somewhat prepared for they will they review their lives....the truths of God, and the greatness of all these things...well, they are moving into this pattern of unhuman. They are being held captive by some Jewish psychiatrists or psychologists who have gotten a hold of their schools and their teaching.

So, once again God points out the fact that the natural man does not receive the things of God, but when a child of God moves into the areas of nightmarish unrealities of Luciferianism, he should be well warned, and many of the students who are moving into this scene are not aware of what they are entering into, for they have not received spiritual truths. They haven’t been told...who they are or what they are here for. They haven’t been told of God’s plan for His Kingdom, of the selection of this race or the elevation of this race to the standards again of Heaven. They do not understand or know and because of this they are reaching out because they have no vision, and no testimony in the structure of their church. So the Apostle Paul tells us that they are not spiritually accountable. But.....he that is spiritual judges all these things. Yea, he is judged of no man, but he judges all things. Now who hath the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct Him?

This is a good question. Who...hath known the mind of the Lord? Then Paul said: ‘But we have the mind of Yahshua the Christ because we have recognized that God is..that Christ was ..the fulfillment of God. We have recognized the values of His atonement, and we have sought the areas of the guidance of His Spirit. So we have the mind of Christ.

The patterns of Isaiah was to tell us.....’I will pour water upon him who is thirsty, as floods upon dry ground. I will pour my spirit upon thy seed and my blessings upon thy offspring, and they shall spring up like willows by the watercourse, and as grass. And one shall say; I am of the Lord, and one shall name himself Jacob and another shall refer to himself as Israel, and name himself of ...I am Yahweh, thy Yahshua. I am the first and the last, and beside me there is no other.’ So by this stretch of the pattern of the imagination of man, we come to the realization that Yahweh is Yahshua, and we are His children. That He had declared that we are His Household, that He intends to reveal Himself constantly and continually unto us. We discover that in the areas of the Spiritual outpouring for instance, the Baptism of His Holy Spirit that many spend their time seeking out the areas of God and His understanding, He moves upon them in marvelous ways. In other words, He makes known unto them the great areas of truth and of understanding.

Now let me point out this out to you. There are Nine Gift’s of the Spirit, and He gives them as He wills. He gives them according to the adaption of the individual, tho these 9 Gift’s of the Spirit are things which are of the Spirit, and because they are of the Spirit we are told to search out Spiritual Gift’s. In the instance of this then, the children of God’s Kingdom live differently than the children of the world, they think differently. The more they seek the presence of God and the more they have been baptized by His Spirit, the more their lives are different, the more they are changed, and thus they are standing out apart from the world, they think differently. So by this instance, the things which are of God have been moved upon us by His Holy Spirit, but it is done by a rational sense. We don’t use the vain repetition of the heathen, repeating over and over and over words and deeds because we want the Holy Spirit. God is here now and in the areas of this He has declared as clearly as possible that we may receive and have the advantages of His Holy Spirit. Because of this He calls upon us not to use the vain repetition of the heathen, and not to move out into the areas of superstition, but to be rational, and I can tell you that under the rational control of this body we therefore reason out the things which are of God and we know because we are communing with Him, and that we have a conscious communion with His Holy Spirit.

So God says:.....’I speak to you and I unveil these truth’s to you. I grant unto you the vision. I give unto you the vision of tomorrows, I line up the patterns of things I am going to do. I make myself known unto you.’ There is the gift of prophecy as well as the gift of discernment, and the gift of healing, and all of the areas of the many gifts of God, and they are constantly with His Church.

We understand that there are some who feel there are areas of phenomena and excitement that move along with the areas of Spirit, but the Spirit of God moves with tremendous power and supreme intelligence, because we have the intellect of God, made known unto His Household, and His children. Thus we have the areas of this knowledge and we have the mind of Christ.

We turn to Galatians 4:5., “Therefore, that since the redemption of them that were under the law, that we might receive the position (adoption) of sons.” Because ye are the sons of Yahweh, He sent the Spirit of His embodiment into your hearts and we say....’Our Father’ as He comes in.

Verse 7: Wherefore, thou art no more servants, but sons, and if a son then as heir of Yahweh, thy Yahshua.” ...or a joint heir with the Most High God.

So again we find that His Spirit bares witness with our Spirit that we are the sons and daughters of God. We speak unto Him and we call out to Him, and we are advanced by Him. Now in the areas of fallacies of our times, we move back again into this text which says:.....

Try the spirits of the world and see whether they are of God. Because many false spirits have gone out into the world. Hereby we know the Spirit of God; every Spirit which confesses that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is of God. And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, is that spirit of Anti-Christ which we are told would come.’

So now He did say: ‘Little children, perilous times are going to come.’ So we were to have these men in the pulpit and in our churches, these men of evil, and they will be working with the demon forces to try to capture and hold the minds of God’s children and Kingdom. Do you realize what would happen if the children of God’s Kingdom would all be alert to the operations of God’s Spirit, and all the Nation and the children of Spirit were to be guided by God’s Spirit? There would be a change in Washington, a change in your State levels and we would find ourselves embracing the Law’s of God. Even though we who are guided by His Spirit and cannot think but in this way, cannot think but of our race and of our Faith, and of the things that God has revealed to us, for they are a part of us, but with the whole Nation of sons and daughters thinking this way.....what a tremendous change.

It is going to be through the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God, that will bring about the fulfillment of the coming of His Kingdom. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye...when Christ shall return, these people are going to be changed in their thinking, and in their actions. Some of them are going to be thinking as He is thinking and know even as He knows.

Under this instance this will be a vital and important hour. We are standing in the last days of the church history, and of the events of which the Luciferian Kingdom is battling. They don’t understand that they are defeated. They move out and they talk of victory. For instance, this afternoon Dorothy Heeley the wife of the leading Communist of California is speaking in Glendale auditorium,.....well, this is a rather interesting situation because they will let her speak and provide a large audience, but the Nazi’s couldn’t hold an office in the same town, or even one of the Right Wing couldn’t speak and draw a crowd, but the Communist can. This shows you that there is a trend in the world today which is trying to downgrade everything which is right and to expand as respectable everything of darkness.

God says:...When they bring this into My Church, and they speak out with these errors then ye know that they are not of Me, and ye shall know that ye must try the spirits. And the children of God can try the Spirits, they can try every Spirit, and see whether or not it is of God. When we have tried the Spirits we shall eject out of our pulpits and out of our society these who speak with the tongues of error. The demon forces that hold men in captivity in Christ’s time, and it still holds them in captivity in our time....are the same evil forces, and they are just as realistic today as they were in Christ’s time.

There wasn’t enough discernment among the people, round about to discern which should be liberated and which should not. But the fact remains that today, the demons are running wild under this process, so we turn into the patterns of the Scripture and it says:...

“Come, now let us reason together, saith the Lord.”

We are a reasonable people, we have it built in, we have a contact with God. We have the ever abiding presence of Christ, who said:...”I will never leave you, or forsake you, even to the ends of the age.” And He has been meeting us in the inner, secret, content of the consciousness of our minds.

(End of this message)