Battle For The Mind Of Our Youth, 3-6-61



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-6-61

Tonight we are talking about the situation in our nation which is the battle for the mind of our youth. And many people do not realize how close this is related to our nations situation of the development in our society of the philosophy and ideologies that are diabolically opposed to all that has made America great and from the source from which came our great prophets. There is no doubt that this nation was begotten in freedom from the days of our founding fathers. They came into this nation with the desire to have complete freedom. And even tho out of the background of certain common denominators, and the ratio of these common denominators, for alto there are many nations in Europe, still those coming were of one ratio in background. Their faith at that time was already diversified altho they did recognize a belief in Jesus as the Christ. At the same time, there did exist--and it can exist in such a society--a certain amount of persecution, and certain complexes, just to determine just what the individual will or will not believe. Also the founding fathers and the colonists who came over here to lay the foundation, came to worship God as they pleased. And to develop in this nation, which as yet was only a Colonial vision to them, an opportunity which cannot be denied them in the great achievements that were ahead and the destiny which was behind them.

You must remember that their God in prophecy, had declared the great development which would take place in this Western World. That this great land carved out of the wilderness, would grow into a Mighty Nation, under--as Revelation would announce--the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle’. And was to lead in a great leadership position in the establishment of God’s Kingdom in earth and against the powers of darkness. I think as we stand in this particular hour of our great struggle, it is quite obvious that the power of World Communism today are attempting to take over the earth. That they will do this with military power; that they will seek to accomplish this also with all the instruments at their hand,---and by subtlety and design, to force the surrender of our society from within. And if this does not succeed using the power of our leadership, then they will move to military conquest. But they will delay this last effort to see if they cannot overthrow our way of life by accomplishing the take-over of the brains of leadership and the brains of the great masses of people, then brainwash them and subordinate them to their own philosophies of life.

Who would have believed in traveling around the world, that those of the United States would have fallen for this philosophy of a ‘have not’ nation. Today this philosophy of Communism is being pushed quite rapidly altho it does not seem to be making the gains that some had anticipated. Since the work of Castro in Cuba, we have seen more beatniks in the United States than we have seen for a long time. But generally speaking, we have not seen the type of Communist revolution here in the U.S. But there is something taking place in this country that has been part of a race scheme and a careful design.

You know of the secret gatherings all over the earth, as people designed a world revolution, and you understand that out of their Cahella, their strategy was to capture some part of the world. And their main design was to move where they could gather man power and where seizure would be more easy. Actually, today, we know that the Red Revolution was financed by a strong International Banking power from all over the world. But basically much of it came from the United States and all was non-Christian. Most of those who helped with this revolution, have no ethnic background with the great Christian Western world.

This great nation was built by Christians. And most of the trouble we have had up to now has been by the manipulation of our economy, and these forces seeking to take over this country and reduce it to Socialist slavery which they have designed. At the same time, the whole Russian Revolution was a part of this design. And I want you to know that those who plotted that Revolution, are plotting one here. Probably there is no more successful program that an enemy could engage in, if he has lots of time, than to try to gradually train the children of a nation in the direction of revolution. To train the children until they no longer believe in the great principals that have guided their fathers and their forefathers in making their nation great. Basically, if they can release the structure of the home and the spiritual foundation, and prevent any of this from influencing the young people of that home, then substitute in the place of this philosophy of truth, and those fundamental virtues of Patriotism and the love of liberty, and some spiritual truth---if they can replace this with error and fill it with concepts of Socialism which they are feeding the child, they will produce a whole generation of children who are divorced form the great principals that make a nation great.

Now, you may not think this is a part of the strategy, but I want you to know that there is unlimited amounts of evidence in the files of the Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, D.C., in the records of the Internal Affairs Committee and in the branches of the Investigative Research Division concerning a continual, and constant design to take over the schools of our nation and replace American history with the concept of world Socialism and destroy our national greatness and make us second place in the thinking of the child as he studies his history and the sciences which are prepared for him. And make him believe that the progress of the world can only be accomplished in Communist and Socialist and revolutionary nations, under the impact of Communist philosophy.

If you think this is not a successful program, let me tell you that in Purdue University, just a few weeks ago, I believe in 1958, they had 15,000 High School students who were asked to fill out a questionnaire concerning what they thought and what they believed. And 56 percent of those students said that they believed that the policies of the economy and that the thinking as it related to the division of property and land as Karl Marx advocated it, had more to offer than the philosophy we lived under here in the United States. And these 56 percent admitted that they were taught that in their schools. I think that is very significant.

I think it is also significant that in Stanford University that one of the leading textbooks on economy by Bechwich, virtually supports the fact that all the concepts of American enterprise are outmoded. And that none of them are successful or will be sufficient in helping us to continue on our course of destiny. And therefore, we must embrace Socialism as the only working system. And then advocates that complete Socialism is the control of everything----complete control of everything from the cradle to the grave. And the individual has now reached the point where he is living in the state of situations so complicated that because of the diversity of his employment, and because of the diversity of industry of every type, that it would be impossible for him to live in a society, if the state did not control it from one end to the other. And that now the concept of private enterprise is not only outmoded but they also will not operate any longer.

In fact, I have in my library now, a copy of Mr. Bechwich’s philosophy on Economy as it is being taught in the Stanford University, which was also being taught in other schools of our nation. There are a great number of such books used as text books all over our land. And I have a number of them. Such men are having their effect on the President of the United States. And there is a man by the name Hanson, and this individual advocated in his thinking what I would call open Marxist Socialism. And Mr. Schlessinger, one of the most powerful forces in Mr. Kennedy’s administration, was educated under this system. And has continued to advocate this political and economic philosophy of the Marxist revolution. A great many of those appointed to this administration have bee Harvard students. In fact, there has been so many of them that there is a cry from other Universities as to why there is so many of them appointed as high cabinet officers. The quip among Conservative now, is that the way to get a government job is to go to Harvard then turn ‘Left.’ But the strange thing is that when these young men were studying social sciences that Social Science and Political Philosophies were what they perceived as being taught in one of the great universities as being what they should know. And they did not realize that now it was strictly Socialism from the cradle to the grave designed to take over and rule the lives of people with a super bureaucracy, answerable only to a Super Administration above that, which virtually the program of the Soviet Union.

Many do not know that just a few people run all of the Soviet Union and its education. We have had for a long time a program of education in the U.S. which was considered the finest on the face of the earth. Back in 1839, Horus Mann got up for an address in Massachusetts, and spoke about the fact that one of the most important things that any society needed was to be educated in moral and spiritual principals and therefore, the ‘Word of God’, the ability to be able to read the Word of God, then read all things which would be of any value to an individual. But most important reading was an important avenue and after that, the ability to write so that he could put down his thoughts. And to do this correctly, he should be able to spell the words as well as to pronounce those that he read and he wrote. And then Horus Mann said that one other thing was important and that was that you add and subtract and learn from the rudimentary principals of mathematics to the highest capacity of his mind to absorb them. For the principles of mathematics, the understanding of this was very important in the development of any society. That these were the most important things that a man could know. First, he must know spiritual principals and be guided by a spiritual mentor. Horus Mann a good Christian man, could think of nothing bu the Word of God as a foundation more important that a man should know. Actually, if men know these things, they have the assurance that if they apply themselves, they can find out anything they wish to know.

Thus, it is pretty hard for a person to know the Word of God if they cannot read it. And it is pretty hard for them to communicate this if they can’t write. And surely, they should be able to spell or understand phonetics in order to carry forward their concept in mathematics which becomes a necessary principal to carry forward a great number of the sciences. Thus Horus Mann was establishing the fact that the three ‘R’s’ were very important. And there was no mistaking the fact that he advocated that the education of the children was one of the most important places where people could invest their money.

Now, in my mind, that is not in opposition to the Public School system as long as it operates under the auspicious of the Constitution of these United States. Not, my friends, as today as--a group of revolutionary Judges seeks to interpret it, but by the Constitution as it was intended by the men who framed it. There is probably nothing more valuable because almost all the avenues available to man---if he can fulfill these avenues of being able to read and write and understand the figures.

In the beginning, there were private schools that did an excellent job. But also most of the higher Universities were founded by men of a higher vision. And in fact, when Harvard, Yale, and those other well known Universities, came into existence, money was produced to establish these schools where religious training was of most importance.

When the Dean of Harvard University first opened the doors of that great University, he said it is more important for this Dean and the Faculty of this University---that the men coming in thru these doors learn the principals of responsible and moral and Christian living, under the ethics of the Bible and develop and keep and serve as the final Faith the belief in Jesus Christ as our LORD and Savior--as Christian, than it is for them to learn anything else inside of this University. I want you to know that it’s scholastic standards were of the highest, and it was considered as one school in which the highest patterns of mathematical adjustment of the then growing sciences could be found. This was a school that upon a growing knowledge of law, not only British and American concepts of law, but of common law and Divine Law, but it’s concept of spiritual principals was once taught as a concept of thought in that early University.

I think it is a strange thing today, that we have powerful forces inside of education. We have organizations like the National Educational Alliance, we have organizations like the Progressive Educational Alliance and associations. And we have two associations, I understand, and one alliance. And each one of these organizations believe that it is far more important to adjust the child to Social Sciences and teach him how to get along with everybody according to a new set of ideas. And make him fit in the Revolution that they are attempting to put over. But it is important for him to learn how to read, write, multiply, and divide, if he is going to advance in our society.

Did you know that we lost a great number of lives in W.W.II because they did not know how to apply simple mathematics that they should have learned how to apply in the sixth grade? Do you know that many things which we are teaching pilots in schools are simple forms of mathematics and forms of fortifications in which they have to learn to follow? We have given them a great number of technological instruments to help them on their way. They move and they bend anyway to get their wings and then they depend on the mechanical contrivances to take them thru many of the tough things which occur. In fact, I talked to an airline pilot who was not able to explain his airline chart if he had to compute them and he had to depend on radar lines. And he also depended on other assistants with him who also depended on mechanical contrivances to chart their course. And the idea of plotting a course or making any plans outside of these mechanical contrivances would be almost impossible for him to perform, even tho he had passed his tests and been declared a pilot.

During W.W.II, when the Flying Tigers were battling in the Chinese areas and the Himalayas, they were without the assistance of radar beams and without the assistance of judging compass devices that were on radio beams and many of the things that we had set up for our European pilots during the war and throughout the Atlantic and Pacific crossings. Those were not there. The fact is that we lost a great number of pilots because we had reduced the navigation to a process of mathematics and the understanding of 360 degrees of a circle. Their navigation had been reduced to a simple process of being able to add, multiply or subtract and add a column of three figures. If they made a mistake of one degree, they would be off by sixty miles. And it would end with the death of a pilot by crashing into a mountain or coming down in enemy territory. And the man I talked to told me that of those who were lost and then rescued,--it was because of errors in navigation. And by checking up on this, he found that the average American high school and college student, had forgotten how, or did not have enough experience in multiplication and division up to three figures to compute a course and predict that one degree of 60 miles. That is hard to understand. But when we were trying to train men in the last war, that we had to reject, or compute the charts for them so that they would not have to do these things. All they had to know was simple mathematics and how to fire their weapons. And they found that five out of ten men had to be rejected out to the artillery courses and they had to find other jobs for them. But one-half of the men coming out of our schools and colleges did not know how to use even the simple mathematics.

Now, this is just one of the things involved in this situation. There are two men who are involved in this situation wherein education is being changed. One is John Dewey and the other is ______(Rug) and I consider both or these men as traitors to our civilization, for they are high in these organizations that are changing the education system of this society. In their method it is more important for the child to follow the instructions of the teacher than it is for the teacher to teach the child. It is more important that they follow thru with their shadow boxing play than that they teach the child. I have material which is unprecedented in its accuracy and it is Government material. And here I a strange thing. This is a great nation and we have organizations which are seeking to save the nation and eliminate the problems of our society. And when they do this, then Congress uses one of these organizations to try to legislate the problem. But you do find that there are organizations that are trying to take over the whole field of education. We find that the text books used in the Grammar schools for the teaching of history have eliminated the great leadership and spiritual development and Patriotic achievement from the lives of men like George Washington and others who helped to provide the greatness of their country with their vision.

In fact, we are being told that this love of country which was once called Patriotism is not a good thing, that we should learn to love the world and not the country. For the quicker we lose this love of country and learn to love the world, then a One World Government can be formed and there will be nothing left to fight about.

Now, they start teaching the children in the grammar school, in history, that the great troubles of the world today is from nations being separate entities, instead of all nations being organized together in one great institution. In fact, the Geographies used the Grammar schools---and I have looked over some of these Geographies, and the one I looked over the other day was so filled with the praise of the Soviet Union and its achievements, that you could get all the information that you wanted and all kinds of pictures pointing up the fact that the Soviet Union was the most advanced nation on the earth. And the same pictures showed in America the sharecroppers working and picking cotton by hand, wherein they were showing the Soviet Union with new cotton picking machines picking cotton.

Now, this is a slanted lie. But they were showing you--as behind in all this, and the Communist world ahead. Wherein, every achievement by our people has been taken from us and given to the Soviet Union. We have even taught them the assembly line and how to apply these machines. Now, I do not tell you that, unless you find the divine procedure for handling your money that you are not in trouble. Because the smarter you become, the more men you will put out of work. And you will have to find the divine principal of putting back in the hands of men, someway, to share the dividends of this technology which is producing so many things in our society. But I want you to know that we will not arrive at that goal by going into a tyrannical slavery. And the cure-all for this is not, my friends, the surrender unto the pagans and become a part of the Soviet Union.

In fact, I can assure you of this. I have ‘National Educational Alliance’ organizational material that they openly advocate that the basic responsibility of the ‘Educational Alliance’ ---this teachers organization---is to start the achievement of the great ‘New Frontier.’

Now I can show you this from 1934. Before we heard of Kennedy’s ‘Great New Frontier’, which came out of the Communist platform of the Democratic party, by Chester Bowels, they were talking about the ‘New Frontier.’ That we must embrace the ‘New Frontiers of thought’. And these New Frontiers of thought were the complete control of a society. Just about a month ago there rolled off the press, a book by Specter Hanson, carrying the background of influence which guided him as well. But don’t blame the Swedes for Mr. Hanson, altho he is part Swedish, because there is a strong background of mental control from the same International Banking Guild,--the same International manipulated guild which today is represented by so many of the men in the President’s cabinet. But in this volume by Mr. Hanson, we find out what he thought of, what is in his mind, what he taught Mr. Kennedy’s cabinet. If you are in trouble today it is because they taught ‘appeasement’ when they were in power. It is because these men of error were preparing their concept of what is right. I also recognize that part of them are Jewish. And they have an affinity with a world design to subordinate the whole world to their administration, altho they were a lost cause to begin with, and would have been in any school. But there has been too much influence in this direction since the Harvard Law School had Felix Frankfurter on their teaching staff. It was Felix Frankfurter who trained Alger Hiss to become the Communist front member, as they were. And this great brain activity they later put in our State Department. And then Harry Dexter White who later went to the Treasury, and then went to the Secretary of the United States. These men were trained by Felix Frankfurter, not when he was on the Supreme Court bench, but when he was a Harvard Professor.

Again, I show you that this was a foundation where our errors began. In this great Christian nation, we had political forces which captured and surrounded administrations. And they were trying to gain control of our Educational institutions and make them demand that they have Academic freedom, and that the State should not interfere with this Academic freedom. And they put on so much pressure, that the polity was adopted.

I want you to know that one of the greatest forces--which ever came to America, was during W.W.II, when we got a lot of ‘leftist’ professors and they were all fleeing form somewhere. So what did we gain? They all claimed to have a great Academic background and they knew what to teach our students about the situation of the world. And for some reason, about 1400 Jewish Professors went to work in our colleges during the first two years of W.W.II. Of course, they were fleeing from Germany. But, my friends, some of them came right out of Moscow. And they came with the long story of how their brothers and sisters had been killed inside of Berlin. I want to say this, just for one moment. I do not believe now or at any time that there were 6 million Jews killed in W.W.II. I do not believe that there were that many in Germany or in all of Europe for that matter. But I do believe that those who came out of the Soviet Union and areas from which they had fled by design, came into this country. And they have been walking these streets ever since. There is one thing I want to leave with you tonight, that I do not believe that Mr. Eichman committed any thing against six million Jews. And not that many were involved anyhow. But this is a battle for the brains of your children. I heard one of the commentators for one of the networks, say the other night, that this was one of the greatest opportunities we have had to educate our children, or anyone who was born twenty-eight years ago, up to now, for here and in Europe no one had any idea about the terrible conditions of the German Government and the brutality of Hitler. And now this Eichman case was the greatest blessing for us to teach our children about the tremendous evils which this consisted of. Therefore, he said:--’I think it is fitting that we are using all the press and radio and T.V. to give this all the play we can so that we can teach our students and our children. Already it is taking hold for we seeing a rising tide of anti-Germanism in America. And Germany is beginning to feel this. So they are sending over Willy Brant to see what this is all about. We are now educating German youth about this terrible system that they lived under, even before they were born.’

Now, I am going to tell you something which is quite significant here. In the first place, 6 million Jews are not dead. They are walking the streets of America. I do not know anything about that crime because it has not been proven. But there is a crime I do know about and it has been proven. I know that Israeli is violating all International law, violating all the agreements of existing nations. They went into a nation and captured a man living under Argentina’s laws. And they had brought trouble and pressure upon his family and they took him out of Argentina. They kidnaped this man and took him to Israeli. Now the law says that if there is a government which has a claim against a criminal, that there is International law and a procedure of extradition. And extradition treaties are a method of negotiation. Even the United States did not support the fact that you can kidnap a man and take him to another nation and never lay any charge the legal way.

Now, the government of Israeli was not in existence in the days of the Hitler government, in the days when Mr. Eichman was supposed to have committed his crimes. There could not have been any crimes committed against the Israeli government at that time because it did not exist. Thus as such, it did not have any jurisdiction in the matter today. Therefore, if you want a crime, then here is a crime. The kidnaping of a man and carrying him over to a country where he was grilled under bright lights using brainwashing, hypnotism, and the needle. I tell you to make this clear today because this is the policy that is perverting the minds of your young people, capturing your school system, trying to turn it away from your Christian foundation and raising the cry that there is too much religion in our institutions, and laying the concept of removing Christmas and Easter from the minds of the school children. Today there is not connection of the recognition of these days inside of our classrooms. You don’t have to go very far to find that out. For the attorneys of the ADL are battling this all over the United States.

I have mentioned, and I will repeat this for the record and for the tape. The ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ a short time back, gave us this information. Israeli was just boasting that they had just killed another official of the German government named Mr. Boreman. He had gone to his Jewish doctor and his doctor had recognized him as a high Nazi official. The doctor went to another phone and called the local OGPU and their Gestapo. And altho they live in many nations of the world, they still run their OGPU’S and Gestapo. This doctor said:--’what shall I do, for I have Boreman in here?’ And they said give him a lethal needle and we will come and take him out and bury him. So the Jewish doctor forgot his Hippocratic oath and gave the man the needle and that night the men came and took him out and buried him. Then they had the audacity to announce to the world that they had accomplished this. The San Francisco Chronicle stated the facts that Israeli had just destroyed one of their great enemies.

My friends, if it had been any other country but Israeli, and any other doctor, they would have had a long column asking what right a country had or a doctor had, to kill a man, to violate his oath and move in like this and be judge and jury. If this had been an Irish or a Swedish doctor, you would have never heard the end of it. Yet here there was not and adverse comment. I cut it out. And then I have another one. They found out a few days after this, that they had the wrong man.

If we want to teach our children something, let’s teach them to beware of a government which operates under this type of procedure. Talk about brainwashing our children. Whereas they cannot teach them American History, they can teach them the perverted ideas that certain parts of the Western Christian world are the most dangerous that there are. Do you know why they have kept silent on General Patton’s Diaries? Why they suppressed it? I will tell you why. It was almost in our grasp to publish that Diary at one time. In fact, we know the kind of pressure Mrs. Patton has been under not to publish that diary. We know that threats that were made. We know that General Patton, himself, when he came into liberate the people inside these German camps, that he found that these people were so evil and immoral, that he had to send in the army and put them back in the camps. He said:-’It looks like the right people were on the inside.’ He said:--’I did not come here to upset the standards of a people who keep the holy ethics and common law.’ And I will tell you something else that General Patton saw and I have the words of other military leaders and acquaintances, I have in Washington and various other places of observation and the records and testimonies that came in from hearings. And they have tried to brainwash one part of our Christian civilization that the other part must be utterly evil because the enemies of our civilization who are pushing the Red Revolution have said so. We have been told that thousands upon thousands of these people were put in slave camps and starved to death. Do you know what happened if we picked up all the Communists here in America, if the Russians started to attack? Think about that. But let me tell you---one of these days if we are ever under attack, and we picked up all these Communists which are on our list, and put them in camps, those camps would look just like the ones in Germany and Austria where they locked them up in W.W.II.

In this same pattern of conspiracy, the doctrines that they are attempting to teach our children, show mass graves with lime thrown on them. But do you want the honest evaluation of your own military instead, or the brainwashing, the propaganda of the enemy? They said that they were actually bombing these concentration camps and civilians under orders from higher up. It would have been so much better if all the civilized nations had been fighting world Communism instead of one of their own nations. Finally, we are giving no aid and comfort to our enemy. For we are beginning to realize that this our so-called former enemy (Germany), is one of our best allies. But I want you to know that the great number of people who were bombed and who died, when they were economically encircled and food was scarce, had to be buried. And they had to put them in ditches. Too many of them to put in ovens. These people were those who lived in those communities--they were the ones who were put in a common grave. Then along comes the International News Service, and says these are the victim of modern warfare. But if you have a catastrophe and there are a lot of casualties, they all look alike when you throw ‘quick lime’ on them. But if we come to the fact that if we have to lock these Communists up, you will find that they are those that stole your nuclear secrets. And when you captured them, there was only one white woman among them. And she was Elizabeth Bentley and all the rest were Jews. That is a strange thing, but it is true. It is a historic matter of record.

Now, this is a Christian nation and since we are a Christian nation, that means that we must protect not only our spiritual concept, but we must preserve the way of educating our youth. No country in the past has had more freedom in education than this one. Today not only do we have liberty in education, but we are slanting it to give the youth a misunderstanding of the world situation. Today a great number of these books are discussing the Congo and all other parts of the world. And they are talking about how evil Colonialism is. However, they do not tell them how a dark and silent continent was colonized by Christian nations, and developed politically and economically, how they were given education, and religion, and hospitalization. And in every way, medical assistance could be provided by Christian sacrifice.

Now, every once in a while, I see a flicker of anger. However, I see that the brainwashing started earlier and maybe it reached some of you. But I will tell you this. If it had not been for the world governments meddling and the Socialist masters leading the charge, there would not be tonight, a battle in the Congo with everyone trying to shoot everyone else. If they had left Christian nations alone, and the part they were playing alone, then civilization in Stanleyville and Elizabethville and other cities there, would still be maintained by disciplined soldiers of the Belgium army, and schools and hospitals would be functioning along with industry. And there would be some serenity in the Congo. Don’t tell me that this Socialistic revolution is progress.

Within this stretch of imagination, the enemy has been by its manipulations, trying to overthrow our way of life. I have a book on what is called ‘Orientation.’ This is used in California and other schools as students come out of the upper grades of what used to be Grammar school, and is now Junior High, and pass into the High School system. They are started on to this school of orientation and their text book is an ‘orientation’ text book, which alphabetically is dividing up all the subjects which they are to think on. It not only deals with everything from religion to motherhood, patriotism, nationalism, and anything you can think of alphabetically arranged. And when it comes to God, they call this an age old superstition and ideas sometimes warped and sometimes visionary, all embodied in an imaginary personality, which is recognized by systems of religion, and sometimes there is great numbers of the. That is the textbook on God right here in California in an orientation class telling the student that his mother and father may believe this, and he is not to bring up the subject or make any trouble over this. Just let the old folks believe what they will, but you the student, are living in a modern technological society and we do not believe this trash anymore.

In fact, I talked not long ago, to a group of smug clergy and they thought that this progressive education, this new education system, was fine. That perhaps it was more important for people to learn how to live together than it was for them to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. I said, ‘They are not learning how to live together. They are learning how to see their civilization destroyed, their race mongrelized, and the American flag pulled down.’ They said, ‘that is okay. That is not the business of the church. The only business of the church is to be spiritual, to teach them to love God, to get them to behave themselves morally and to recognize God and believe the Ten Commandments.’

I just opened up these pages and I said, ‘alright, gentlemen, then your Junior High Schools are teaching them that there is no God and that they are smarter than the old folks that believe this.’ At that, their faces were not quite so pleasant and smiling. And they began to look at each other and to get disturbed. Because with this trend, they would soon be out of business. There would be no need for churches, because there is no God and thus no reason for anyone to follow this old superstitious philosophy, anymore. Do you know who is responsible for this? A Jew wrote the book. Sure, I can prove this. I can take the book down off of my library shelf, and I can take you into the schools and show you that it is their text book.

In this book on ‘orientation’, there is a chapter on parents. And you would think that the best thing a school system could do would be teach a mutual respect for Parents, a devotion to, and a lover for them which is under the old Biblical standard,--’Bring up a child under this standard and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’ And the first fundamental for the first form of government is for the stability of the home and the honoring of their father and mother which is only preceded by the words:--’Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thy heart and all thy soul and with all thy being.’---This which Christ said was the first and great Commandment.

Do you know what this text book says?---’We want the student to know that he is under no obligation to recognize his parents--none at all. That he did not ask them to be born, and he doesn’t therefore, own them anything because he is alive, that he is the result of their own pleasure. And since he is now here, and whether they wanted him or did not want him, is not important. The fact is that he must look upon them as just a part of our society. And when it serves him well, and he does not have to get into any difficulty in opposing their position, then go along and smile and be happy. But just remember, that these old fetishes about sons to Motherhood, and high standards raised as tho they were of some value to Motherhood, this is just a biological operation and that is why you are here.’ This is in your High School textbooks here in the state of California.

Now, I tell you that if you want to know the first cause of juvenile delinquency, it is based around these instructions in the schools that are teaching them to no longer honor your father and your mother. No longer is there a spiritual law to give ascent to. And no longer is there any spiritual influence in your life. That the world is just an evolutionary procedure for an organic mechanic purpose.

I have here a statement from the ‘National Educational Alliance’ and I think this is quite interesting. In this statement they sort of sum up some of the ideas---and remember, that this is one of the strongest organizations on education in these United States. It is telling just exactly what it thinks concerning all these things. It thus declares here that God is just a superstition and therefore there is no God, whatsoever, of any kind. He does not exist and there will never be one. It tells you that there is no standard of right or wrong. Just accept the social philosophy of change. Within the structure of things here discussed, there is nothing, it seems to me, that is more distorted than the whole set of principals given to you by a group of teachers, who from the beginning destroyed our whole foundation of our concept of culture and philosophy. It calls for the fact that it is the obligation of the teachers of today, to abolish foolish nationalism and develop a responsibility toward a One World Government.

In your Grammar Schools and High Schools and Colleges, this is taught. Within this same statement made here to the United States Chamber of Commerce, is the format of these same statements to these manufacturers. They embrace the idea that Marx and Engles has produced the highest social order for political and economic management the world has ever seen. Within this same strategy, they tell us this:--’Juvenile delinquency is a reorientation.’ They tell us that juvenile delinquency is the result of the impact upon the mind and memory of the child when maybe in a formation period he has been punished and old fashioned methods of punishment were applied. And this created a nightmare in the mind of the child and he has a desire to get revenge. Thus this is the way he takes revenge on society. And if corporal punishment was involved in chastening the child, then this was archaic and has caused this trouble.

The think to do with these called juvenile delinquents, is to learn to understand them. The best way for you to understand them then is to let them express themselves. For what they are waiting for is full expression. And when they get the full expression, you get the kind of riots that you get in Turkey, and in Korea, and all over the world. You get the kind of expression wherein they held a Jazz Festival and they tore the whole town up because there was not enough seats in the building. That’s expression?---This is Beatnixism.

Now, I do not believe that there is anything wrong basically with the American youth because they are a product of their forefathers. And they are a product of what they inherit. And we recognize that the majority of American youth are not delinquent. There may be a little error of misconduct that may arise in any of them. But the largest inhibiting agency is the disrespect for spiritual law, and for parental control, and for responsible spiritual obligations, and it is being taught at the school level. When you teach Communism is the way of life, when you teach that our system of government is not only basically wrong, but our whole way of doing business is wrong, when you take a pole of College students and find out what their opinions are as to private property, and an overwhelming majority turning in questionnaires, said that the main thing wrong was that private property was in the hands of too few people in our nation. Or else all property should be confiscated by the government which would permit people to use it as they pleased and served the benefit of the social order.

John Dewey said that instead of the word Communism, which is not accepted by the common people of our day, we must talk about Collectivism. Thus this Socialism teaching is selling our young people on Collectivism and trying to sell them on the harm of private ownership and private property. And telling them that they cannot by any process known, solve the problems of today thru private enterprise of such a social order. That they must therefore, build a strong state and therefore they must know that they must build a strong state. And if that state does not give it to them, thru the process of gathering all the wealth of the state throughout the years and giving it to them, in a way that they would not themselves be smart enough to handle, that then is progress.

Did you know that when they took a pole among students concerning the welfare state, that the majority of college students in our nation approved of any tax structure that would gather the wealth of the nation and they would distribute it in the avenues of permanent distribution programs and permanent supply of medical assistance and permanent processes of alleviating all the hunger and problems of the nation of equal distribution of the food produced and an equal share of anything that the nation produced after the government has stole the soul of the nation by taxation. After poling the College students of the nation, it was found that over 50% of these students agreed that this whole idea of private ownership was selfish. This could be an alarming thing if it were not for the fact that they have been subjected to a high phase brainwashing. And all the Universities of America cannot touch more than 5% of the youth of America. For there is not room for all these students coming out of our High Schools.

Now, I have heard a lot of people lamenting and I have always felt that we needed more avenues of higher education. And we had hoped more avenues of higher education could be opened so that every child in America could have a College education. But I am going to tell you this. It is better, my friends, it is better than the youth are not touched with this high concept of treason, rather than come out of it with this fake idea of responsibility, which erodes our Christian society.

Now, I have been looking at the names, and at the records. And I remembered that here in the United States of America, that great wave of illegal forces have enveloped a group of professors with the idea that one of the things that is wrong in this nation is that altho the government had appropriated money for the education of our higher students, that they were then being required to pledge allegiance to the United States. That they were required to take an oath to this government to be able to receive this endowment the government was providing for their education. They had Hubert Humphrey in on this. And even JFK was not so smart in this, because he even helped to put over this abolishing of the loyalty oath of children that tax payers money was sending to College.

Speaking of the Loyalty Oath, your own state legislature which has been deteriorating under Brown, because they also threw out the Loyalty Oath in California two weeks ago. If you are going to College in this state on a subsidy of tax payers money, you no longer have to pledge allegiance to the United States of America. Since this has come, it is time that we have a good old house cleaning in the United States and in California also.

The other day, I heard the President say that maybe it was time for a group of ‘Minute Men’ to form ready to protect their society. The only thing,--before he got thru, he wanted to go down and help the ‘sit down’ strikers. I want to tell you, my friends, it is not the ‘sit downers’, it is the ‘up and get outers’ that we need to work on. There are a lot more serious things than someone being hanged. I can tell you that. This is the blight of a generation. Better that every communist professor was hung and removed from being useful citizens in this Kingdom of God, rather than the children be contaminated. The Grace of God can handle them somewhere else. We do not need them here.

Let me tell you this. Many of you remember how here in the state of California years ago, they had you recruited and with your letters and pressure helping, when we were trying to secure the passage, as individual citizens of the removing from our High Schools and Colleges, especially our tax supported Colleges. In fact, that was the first step in pledging allegiance---of all those who were Communist professors. We wanted to get them out of our Colleges here in California. The State Regents voted on it, and stated that the people were right in their request. And they voted that every Communist professor and every exchange professor and every individual who would not pledge allegiance to these United States, would be dismissed from the teaching staffs o four California schools. This was a great victory. And you know the governor at that time was our ‘lily white’ Governor Warren. When the bill hit his desk, as President of the Regents Board, he just canceled it out. He vetoed it. He told the line of professors that morning that the reason why he vetoed that bill, was because he could not sleep at night if he denied any teacher their academic freedom to teach on the basis of their philosophy.

I am going to tell you that Communism is a revolution against your nation and against your way of life, and not just a political philosophy to be compared with the political parties of our nation. It is the politics of Hell.

Alright, Mr. ‘Hard to go to sleep Governor’, the people did not like it and it took two years, but men in the government of California, some were good men there,--and we also went out and we talked to different groups such as the Lions Club and so forth, and patriotic movement people were everywhere. And we got over two-thirds majority of the State Legislature to say that any member of the Communist Party, or anyone who would not take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States, in every tax supported school, and on every payroll in California, would be removed. That was our victory. And Governor Warren then picked up his pen and he signed it. And it was now law. You say, ‘my, someone converted Mr. Warren.’ No, this was political strategy. He was under no illusions. For it would now not be politically correct for him to veto this bill, over such a wave of public opinion. He could kill a bill in the Regency Board hearing and probably not many would hear about it. But if he killed this one, everyone would hear about it. So he signed it.

And when he was to be confirmed for the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, we asked, ‘How are you going to bring pressure on him to do what is right form that position?’ That was only a Commie line, but now it was not popular for him to use it.

I want to call notice to this factor--the ADL put out a bulletin and I have some in my files, and we supplied the Un-American committee with copies and we supplied others with this, and we had copies as they sent them out to every Jew in California. And it said that the ADL and the B’nai B’rith was calling on men to put pressure on their legislatures saying that any Anti-Communist was Anti-Semitic and the majority of these professors who would not take the Oath of allegiance were Jewish, so this was an anti-Semitism movement. That is their admission, that they made up the majority of these Professors, and they were telling their fellow Jews that there was no patriotism, no ethics, and no morality in their thinking, no spiritual morality, and they wanted these parasites of evil to bore into the body politic and educational affairs, and their only desire was to protect them. I got that report that they sent out to every business man saying that Communism in the teaching staff and the socialization of our students, was in the attempt to undermine our nation--and it was Jewish, anti-Christian and non American.

Now the majority of them were refugees from outside of the country. And no you say but we should not discuss this, but how are you going to protect your children if you do not discuss the invaders? That is our trouble. I talked to a gentleman who is going out and making speeches and I don’t care how much money he makes, but he has been pointing out how evil Communism is. But in a few minutes into our conversation I discovered one thing--he knew who was behind communism, but it was not popular to discuss it, and he wasn’t going to tell people who was behind it and how they ran it, he is just going to warn people about Communism itself.

Let me tell you something. You can tell all about a deadly disease, you can be told how it ravages, and destroys your society, but if someone does not tell you where the polluted water is, and what not to drink out of, you can still get sick even tho you know about it. There will be no salvation of the bloodstream of our body politics until we get rid of the virus in our midst that causes it. And that is the non Citizen, unassailable Non-Christian, alien revolutionists.

Now Mr. Dewey will say we don’t like your kind in America, and that is alright--but suppose I tell you--that you give me an auditorium and give me an audience of a cross section of Americans, and I don’t care where you get them, except from the Bronx and down on Fairfax. Then let me talk to this group for 45 minutes, and I will have 4/5 of that group on my side applauding, standing, working and ready to do something about it. So don’t tell me, my friends, that this is what America wants. They want someone to shake them up and tell them what is going on, and they want to do what is right. Some say aren’t you afraid they will kill you? No, they won’t do that for it would publicize this thing and it would get across the country fast.

The best way to turn a bunch of hornets loose is to stir them up and let them see how dangerous a situation is. Start beating on a hornets nest and see what happens. They do not want the hornets to come out. They are planning on brainwashing the children of America without their parents knowing what is going on. Just how many parents do you think would sit down and clap their hands if they knew their children were being told to get along if possible with their ‘old foggie’ parents but don’t pay any attention to what they tell you. If you have not experienced this it is because your children have not been going to school.

I talked to an engineer the other day, he was a mathematical genius and hee knew how to do all the principals of mathematical procedure and he had the audacity to help his young son in Algebra. He helped his young son work out some problems, had all the right answers, and his son went to school and found out that he had everything wrong. They said, ‘we don’t do things like that anymore. The answers were right the procedure was right but --WE DON’T DO THINKS LIKE THAT ANYMORE. If it was good enough for the largest aircraft company in the United States then not good enough for school then my friends something is wrong. The boy came home from school and when asked about his paper he said, ‘they would not grade my paper altho I had the right answers. The teacher said, ‘I don’t understand how you got those answers--altho they had been all worked.

out. They had to admit that the answers were right but the paper had not been done as they wanted it done, so they said don’t pay any attention to your father, this is outmoded, antiquated, but by the time they get thru with the son you will not get a missile off the ground. Maybe that is part of this strategy? But don’t pay any attention to your parents. Where will it all end?--Angry parents are going to wake up some of these days--already private schools are coming back in style. And the other day they took a summary of some of these students from the private schools and they found that some of those students altho they had no public swimming school and not all the tools where they were integrating the students, and yet these students tested in the high 90's and they could do a better job of mathematics coming out of a little private school with a few text books and intelligent teachers, and they knew what phonetics was, and they had a better understanding of what their own language was, and as this politician and I were talking he admitted to me, that this program of education that they were trying to force on America would bring a great curse on this nation if it were not broken. That these little private schools were more efficient than a brain washed public school student here in our America.

I have a lot of great admiration for teachers. I can think of no greater sacrifice which requires a greater love for humanity, for young people, and for children than the life and love of a teacher, especially for this last quarter of a century which has just preceded us. The patience with which they have taught in the school rooms of America has taken its toll. They have had to contend with these organizations that they have been forced to belong to, and the acceptance of the patterns of their leadership has move right out of a brain washed past, and is injuring this great profession, and reducing it to a menace instead of a blessing. And I am convinced that all the secondary and regular teachers of our schools would like to be free again to teach as they were taught, and have pride in seeing their students emerge knowing something.

I can tell you that today many a College student could not pass a test that they used to teach in the eight grade. I am not frightened by the admission that Russia is producing twice as many technicians as we are, because there is a quality and in initiative inside of your race that when a student comes out of the Colleges then we can teach them what they need to know to succeed in a business world. I have been interested in some individual cases. I know some young men who became very avid Socialists in Stanford University. And when they came out of school they realized that Socialism had not taken over yet and no one wanted to support them when they were not working. One of the young men went to work in his father‘s furniture stone, and then was given a furniture store in the next town to manage for himself, and eventually this store was given completely to him ---A Socialist?--you never saw a more avid Capitalist.

When you my friends have to give your far away, or divide up your store, and and start living on what you have made it is a lot different than when you are just dividing up something which you did not produce, because you had a Socialist professor who has been pushing this into your mind.

But I am most concerned about this attempt to destroy the minds of our children, for this makes a great inroad when it wipes out at an earth age, if they can accomplish this, any spiritual responsibility to god and to His moral and ethical laws, to his person, and to his identity, and leaves a sort of vacumn in the mind of that child, that only the intervention of God in a spiritual experience, will wake him up some time in his life. But you have lost the great formative period when that spiritual devotion becomes a character forming element in his life. I want you to know that with this program, this has been times as a design in our schools to lower the morals by this peculiar parasite which should never have been allowed to enter.

Mothers came to tell me that there were Professors in Oakland, schools who were taking children on field trips, and were not only forcing this way--integration, but they were forcing young girls to believe by giving them better grades that they should accompany Negroes on these field trips, and that all moral ethics were gone, and they were by this method seeking to change the morals of our schools. This was being done by teachers on the pay roll and my friends this was debauchery a you would get in an ‘red light’ district in the world. I can tell you things that would shock you, and raise you out of your seats, and I can produce witnesses to prove this, for the design is to crush and wipe out the moral integrity in our young people, by a wave of Communist destroyers, who are now teaching in our schools.

Now do not think for a moment that I am charging this to the great majority of our teachers who are find and clean and want to see the standards upheld, but I am telling you that we have a cesspool inside of our schools of these communist, Godless teachers, and most are identified by their Anti-Christian background, but they are there. It is time America woke up and cleansed the system of this evil treacherous disease.

We tell you today that music appreciation has degenerated. And we see the action to brainwash by releasing all the spiritual qualities that music that music might bring to the senses, and supply instead the beat of the jungle that any intelligent person finds almost drives him crazy if you have to stay in the same room with it. You know what I am talking about. Go into almost any restaurant today and it is not long before some one starts playing the Jukebox, and I am not an old ‘foggie,’ but I want you to know that this vibration is has been designed to produce a depravity. It was systematically programed to produce utter abandonment, in the orgies of their Cannibal background. But you bring this into our society, and let the enemies of Christ start to feed this out to our children, and it is to get a reaction in the nervous system of our people, and I charge that this is also a part of the revolution. I can understand the countries who are said to have broken some of these records that they bring in, and I can understand why they burned a few books. I appreciate the effort of some people who have been trying to get these books out of our schools, and strangely enough the Clergymen were against them. But I tell you that any Clergyman who fought to keep such literature in our schools should be defrocked and relieve of his job as speaker to the congregations from the pulpit. The battle, my friends, is for THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN.


End of message.