Battle For Truth, 4-20-69


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-20-69

Prayer:---Our Father which art in Heaven,--thankful are we that we know that we are thy Household--the generations of Adam--the people who rule with thee--thy Israel. We thank thee our Father as we survey the background of our past and the scriptures that you have given us--that you have made a new covenant with us, even as you mad an old covenant with us. That you poured out your spirit upon thy Household and placed your Spirit within the hearts of thy people. Thanks also our Father, that in this age we shall see thy Kingdom rise, for we have inherited not a dead Kingdom, but a living Kingdom. You have given eternal life to thy household and they shall never perish. Thankful are we for thy atonement for no greater atonement could have been made--but by God Himself. Thankful also our Father that as your household--your children--your Kingdom--you have dedicated this household which conforms to your own image and you predestined it to conform to your own image so that in the hour when you shall appear we shall be not only alike unto thee--but shall rule with thee--world without end. We are thankful for the comforting passages and promises you have given to us--and we know we are the children of Promise. So we pray--Lord Jesus, come quickly--even so come Lord Jesus.

Again, in this past week, we have had an affront from a Communist nation. Our nation supposedly the greatest on the face of the earth, yet is taking the blow from Communist North Korea, and stands back and does very little about it. North Korea attacked our reconnaissance air craft 340 miles over the Sea of Japan and from North Korea. She not only destroyed this craft, but she knows that she will get away with the attack. Now there was more to the story than we heard. Possibly some of your heard the cut off of the broadcast of two days ago, and it was in some of the newspapers, then nothing more was said because the story said that two Russian destroyers were in the area where the plane was shot down. Some of the wing parts found had shrapnel holes in them. Now the Russian destroyers found two dead bodies and turned them over to the U.S. authorities. But they took seven Americans as prisoners and there is no mention of turning them loose or our government demanding they be turned loose. Now the Russian ships were at the site when the plane was shot down and that shrapnel came from those Russian destroyers. Now the pattern here was that this story did make some of the news and TV coverage, but before it could be told again, the story was suppressed.

By the same token when President Nixon was running for office, and we had that affair of the Pueblo, and it being seized by the North Koreans, then at that time, Mr. Nixon said that again, America is being humbled by the 4th rate power. He said that Americans are ashamed and he intimated that if he were the President of the U.S., he would have moved quickly and retaliated and caused the North Koreans to know that they couldn’t get away with a thing like this.

Now he is the President of the United States, and we have the North Koreans boasting that they were active and their Migs were busy and they gave America a power blow. The President said nothing. The Army was calling for the directive to fly strikes against North Korea. We have aircraft in South Korea, ready and waiting for the orders to go. No action from the White House, or the Defense Department, except that they did turn around the battleship New Jersey, which was 400 miles off the West Coast and sent her back to Korean waters, and also to send other ships to those waters.

Then Washington waited for the protest action at the peace table at P’anmunjom, where the North Korean diplomats let our officers protest this action and they just sat there and grinned and wanted to know where the plan was when it was shot down and so forth. The Americans walked out of the meeting. Three days later, President Nixon spoke and he said that this was an unarmed plane and it was in neutral waters. Altho there had been some question about that earlier. But this was an unprovoked attack and America was going to protest this action very, very hard and warn North Korea--- ‘Don’t do it again.’

You can keep on warning Red nations again and again, and they don’t hear you. What the President should have said was that we would retaliate instead of just warn them, but look what he had against him in Washington. Senator Murphy said, ‘Now you wouldn’t want us to risk the lives of maybe millions of men in a war with North Korea just to avenge these 31 men would you?’ So he fell back into the cowards call, -- ‘Don’t do it again.’

Every man in the Armed Forces feels this with a chill as they wonder if their government will back them up if they fight. The only way to handle a situation like this, is to strike back with a punch which will tell the world that it doesn’t pay to attack these United States of America.

This is a strange situation, and we see that the Soviet Union hasn’t said a word about this situation.

Now, this word comes out of the Defense Department. It says that Mr. Nixon doesn’t want to anger the Soviet Union even tho he knows that the Soviet Destroyers were in on the kill. But he feels that it would be better for us to enter into negotiations for peace with the Soviet Union rather than to stir this situation. So we are letting this instance pass in difference to the fact that Mr. Nixon want to go down in history as the man who made a deal for peace--with the Soviet Union.

Well in our book, President Nixon is making the wrong deal. We consider the reaction of President Nixon to this attack by North Korea as a cowardly reaction. We know that there were only 31 lives at stake here, but I point out to you that it was Douglas MacArthur who said we should never expend our money and our men in Asia, but rather the only way to handle them in Asia is to hit them with Atom bombs. Well, we did expend the lives of our men in South Korea and there will be more lost for we are fighting under the auspicious of the U.N. and not under our own flag and Mr. Nixon is tied with that.

General Curtis LeMay said several years ago, that we should turn North Korea into a parking lot if they did not stop their aggression. We know that North Korea is being supplied by both Russia and China and so these facts and patterns turn us back to the scriptures.

In the scriptures we were told that the time would come when the beast systems would flourish, and the dragon and the bear would walk together. The dragon of course is Red China and the bear is the Soviet Union. And the false prophet is the country of Israeli. This little country of Israeli is where the false lie and false pattern of religion and the false prophet will emerge. This is where in this climactic period of time, Satan’s false prophet and the bear and the dragon work together. I want you to know that in that day, God is going to raise up indignation in HIS own Household, and in HIS own nation and in all Christian nations. Not only does HE promise this, but HE also promises us Divine intervention as the Hosts of Michael come in to the situation and they participate in this world struggle. We are told in the scriptures that these nations of Asia that rule in their hour of darkness with the beast will hurl themselves against you. But we are also told that their cities will be turned into powder and dust. Rockets will do that. So remember that promise.

So again, in their strange design, many things will come to pass, but what they plan for you will be turned against themselves.

Red China is building a tremendous supply of atomic missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles. And so is the Soviet Union. And along this line we find that the last Secretary of Defense, Mr. MacNamara, lied to us when he said we were ahead of their production.

We can be thankful to our Father that we don’t have to depend on liars and false prophets because God says HE will stand with HIS people when they awaken to what is happening and when they cal upon HIM for help and protection.

At this moment, we seem to be taking a very poor route by trying to make a deal instead of standing up to our enemies, as Peace with them will not work on their terms.

Just last week, there was an embarrassing happening in Washington when Mr. Eben the Israeli representative as the Ambassador at large of Israeli came to Washington, and he spoke to Mr. Rogers, at the State Department. Before Mr. Eben came, he made a speech and he reminded the Israeli that they should remember what Ben Gurion had told them earlier--namely that the Israeli do not have to care what the rest of the world thinks about their foreign policy, for remember, we, Jews, are at war with every people on the face of the earth, who are non-Jews. Remember that Ben Gurion said in 1952, that we Jews shall take over the ancient cities of Babylon and we shall take over the area where the Ur of the Chaldea stood. We shall take over all of Egypt and all of Africa. And then we shall stand at Gibraltar and then we shall control the Mediterranean Sea, and then we will be a nation under the sun.

So Mr. Eben came to Washington and he spoke to Mr. Rogers and he said, ‘How soon can Israeli count on American men, planes, and supplies, to protect her in her war with the Arabs?’ Secretary of State Rogers said, ‘You cannot depend on us for any of that for we are not going to take the position of defending Israeli, unless there is an open violation by one or the other, and we, thru the U.N., call for sanctions and help. We will not align up with either side as we want peace in the Middle East.’ Mr. Eben said, ‘But you promised us.’ Mr. Rogers said, ‘We did not make any such promise--only fair treatment to each side.’ So Mr. Eben took out his portfolio and removed a letter to the government of Israel and it was signed by that old phoney who the U.S. had just buried with such honor--none other than President Eisenhower.

This letter to the government of Israeli and signed by the former President Eisenhower, promised men, ships, and planes and equipment to go to the aide of Israeli at any time necessary to fight against any enemy of Israel. Now Secretary of State Rogers looked at this letter and he couldn’t believe it. So Mr. Eben went to President Nixon and gave him the letter after the President said he could not promise to aide Israeli, as he had just met with the Arab leaders and had stressed to them that he wanted peace in the Middle East. And Mr. Eben said that Israeli wanted to take the Suez Canal by May of this year, and would guarantee free passage to all nations after they took it. And Mr. Eben said, ‘Your nation promised this.’ And he pulled out the letter he had shown to Mr. Rogers. And President Nixon’s face flushed. He had just finished giving that great eulogy to Mr. Eisenhower. (Notice how Nixon was trapped every way he turned, even from the first of his administration?)

Did you know that Mr. Eisenhower was given a $25,000.00 emerald set in the Star of Lenin because he received the Lenin award for being an officer that had served the Soviet Union well. Now this letter came to lite of his promise to the State of Israeli.

(Also note here, that they did not bring out this letter until Eisenhower was buried so he could not explain when or why he wrote it or if he only signed it blindly.)

Did you know that after the war, we heard that 1 1/2 million people were rounded up from the territory under control of Mr. Eisenhower and sent back to the Soviet Union. But now we hear that there were 3 1/2 million people and that 1 1/2 million of them were the people who had escaped from the Soviet Union before the war and these were rounded up in Western Europe and turned over to the Soviet Union and were shot or put in prison camps and faced a fate worse than death. Al this happened under the command of Mr. Eisenhower.

(Maybe these were some of that mythical 6 million)

I do not think that these people should be eulogized and America should forget so quickly what they did, as they did not serve America well.

After all, it was Barney Baruch who as the uncrowned King of Jewry and the son of Lucifer, as well, who had designated the Mr. Eisenhower should run on the Republican Party ticket for President. He it was who also had decided that Mr. Adlai Stevenson would be the Democratic leader. And after he had planned this fraud, he turned to former President Truman and said, ‘It seems that we can’t lose for winning, can we.’

This man--Mr. Eisenhower who ran and was elected President of these United States, was elected on the Republican ticket, but he had voted only once in his life and that was for Mr. Roosevelt in 1944. So that is the reason I think we need to look back on some of these happenings as we now see this President, Richard Nixon, being put under pressure.

We know that Mr. Levi Strauss of Kuhn Loeb and Co., is a powerful man. And we know that they put a large amount of money into the campaign for Mr. Nixon. And we know that many of the Liberal Republicans are controlled by this combination and they are under Jewish control. They are protected by the Civil Service Law. So as soon as the election was over with, they told him how many men whom he could remove from office and they also told him of those he could not remove and whose advice and services this administration would have to take. Then Mr. Strauss promised unlimited support to Mr. Nixon. But now President Nixon would have to change some of his attitudes concerning the world situation.

Now, I am going to state this. We were strongly behind Mr. Nixon because we could not stand for a man like Humphrey being President of these United States. He was always an out and out Red. (Now we also know that the Jews consider Mr. Humphrey one of them.) Mr. Nixon had cut a good record in the Alger Hiss case, and he had promised us while in Senator Jenner’s office, when we talked to him along with Senator Jenner, Senator Eastland, Pat McCarron, and Col. Greer, and we talked secretly. And Mr. Nixon said, ‘If I get elected, I am going to start removing Communist from our government. Heads are going to roll. I will put them out of the Signal Corps and all those secret places of their power.’ We had great hopes at that time, but remember, that this design is to control the Presidency by organized Jewry, and it is strong, and does not look good.

(When President Nixon got into power, they immediately told him what he could and could not do. And he wiggled and squirmed in their net, then tried to compromise. And when he moved against their wishes, they brought him down.)

Organized Jewry is not confident they can take over our government with this pressure. But now Congress is mad. (Remember this was written in 1969, and since they have taken over Congress, and used Congress to bring down the Presidency.)

The Congress is mad because President Eisenhower made this agreement with Israeli as he had no power to write or make this promise as it was not made under an Executive order. So Congress is angry with the Eisenhower promise and President Nixon is caught in a squeeze. And Mr. Rogers is angry because the Israeli did not bring out this letter earlier. So the squeeze is on to make this administration stand in line to defend Israeli.

Remember that you are in a very climactic period of time, as other factors are shaping up as well.

In the book of Matthew, we have been told concerning this matter that when ye shall see the abomination of the desolator spoken of by the Prophet Daniel, stand in the Holy Place, he who readeth, let him understand.

Remember that in 1948, a President who didn’t have the sense to come in out of the rain was approached by David Horowitz who was the press agent for the Israeli forces and secretly he was serving a Rabbi in Jerusalem, ---thus, Mr. Horowitz came to Truman and told him that there would be tremendous money behind him and by moving their way, he would earn God’s blessing. And if he blessed the Jews than blessings would be his. And if he did not bless the Jews, then he would receive God’s curses. So he better come forward and recognize the State of Israeli and receive God’s blessing. Now remember that the State Department knew nothing about this until little Mr. Truman came forth one morning and recognized the State of Israeli. Then the Jews made Mr. Truman an honorary member of the B’nai B’rith even tho Mr. Truman was not a Jew and you are supposed to be a Jew to belong to this organization. But Mr. Truman didn’t know the difference between the B’nai B’rith and the Masonic Lodge. Then Mr. Truman talked about how he had fulfilled prophecy as he recognized Israeli. And now Israeli would go back to their homeland and he, Mr. Truman, would not be honored by God for his work in recognizing Israeli. He said he sat up nights reading the Babylonian Talmud which they had given him. He said it was a beautiful set of these books and he said, ‘I read the Talmud with great pleasure every night.’

Now I know that Mr. Truman is a liar. For I have the set of the Babylonian Talmud and if he had ever read any of it, he would not have admitted it over television. So I know that the Talmud is the most filthy pornographic literature even put together in one set of books. I have a set of those books that came out of library of an important Rabbi, and we worked and acquired this set of volumes and I have read them. So I know what I am talking about. This Talmud gives them permission to do anything that can be thought of against the morals of any White Christian on the face of the earth, from a small girl on up. The whole thing is a rotten, vicious scheme thru those volumes. I tell you that one cannot go thru any part of these volumes without reading erotic pornographic literature.

Now, Mr. Truman said, ‘I sit up night after night reading this great Babylonian Talmud and it gives me a great spiritual thrill.’ Wonder who wrote that for him to read?

The fact remains that in that day when Israeli took over that part of Palestine, they immediately pushed the Arabs out in to the desert and then they landed thousands of Jews on the shores of Palestine from the ships they had purchased from various countries after the war. They brought in equipment and ammunition. And they drove out the Arabs and the Christians and took over. Britain was the victim as in time, the U.N. recognized Israeli. But remember it was an American President that recognized this abortive state of Israeli and set all this in motion.

Now, remember that the Reds took over Algeria as DeGaul did not have the vision to fight for that French colony. And there the French people were driven out and they went back to France. So this whole area was suddenly disarmed and there were better than 40,000 Germans in the French Foreign Legion. And these men went down into Africa and offered their services to Belgium and Portugal to help them fend off the coming Negro revolution. But also, my friends, there happened to be Frenchmen also in the French Foreign Legion, and 90,000 of those French troops were hired by the Israeli to bolster their army. And it was these French Foreign Legion troops who won for Israeli, in the battle in the Sinai Desert in 1967.

There were two parts to this plan at that time. The one produced for them the Sinai Desert and in the other part, they moved to take all of Jerusalem under their control. First let me point out that where the Mosque of Omar stands, is the spot where at one time stood the great Temple of the Israelites built by Solomon. Now three temples had been built and destroyed. And Herod’s temple was even covered with gold when Herod was king here in Judea. Herod built this temple for prestige and show. But this temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. when Titus the prince of Caesar or Caesar’s son, came and again brought this city of Jerusalem back under control of the Romans. For it was a troublesome city. And they refused to pay their taxes to Caesar. Now also, remember, that these Judeans here at that time, were not of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, for those tribes had left this area as they had been given permission to go into Europe long before this. It was Jewry in this city of Jerusalem who thought that with their silver and gold, which they had accumulated and their power from the Isle of Pergamos, they could control the world from there. The Bible says the Isle of Pergamos was then the seat of Satan. This force from there of organized Jewry finally controlled and brought down the Roman Empire. They moved in with their pattern of destruction, such as drugs from the Orient, and this produced great sex orgies and helped bring the collapse of the Roman Empire. So Titus the Roman destroyed the city of Jerusalem at that time, but that was not the abomination of the desolator as many of the students of the Bible would have you believe.

Now, Jesus said that these here in Judea who would not receive HIM, yet a day would come when another would arrive in his own name, and they would receive this man. This was to transpire at a later date.

When Mohammed came into the city of Jerusalem, and at that time a few of the Jews had slipped back into the city and had a priesthood there. And they received Mohammed and they were willing, so they said, to crown him Messiah. But Mohammed caught them in the plot to poison him and he bowed not to their rule. But this was also not the abomination of the desolator. This portion of Palestine went under Muhammadan rule for the 1335 years, of Daniel or until 1917, when the British Empire went in there and thus, Israel was back in control of Palestine. The Mosque of Omar is a sacred shrine for the Arabs, as well as Mecca.

Now, in this past ‘Six Day War,’ the Jews took that part of the city containing the Mosque of Omar and they moved to take it while the Arabs were waiting for the U.N. action which our Statesmen had induced them to wait for. So as they waited for the 10 o’clock action, the Jews jumped at 5 o’clock and grabbed territory and destroyed Arab Air Power---on the ground. They killed 5000 people by machine guns as they invaded the Arab world of that site of Old Jerusalem. Literally, it was the taking control over all of Old Jerusalem by the Jews. Now, the Jews of Israeli, did not move in quite the pattern anticipated as they took this old temple site where now sits the Mosque of Omar. It is true that some of the soldiers went into the Mosque as they had planned. And ever since that time, they have allowed the Arabs to go in and out of their Holy place. Oh, at times, they beat some of them and falsely accuse them. Still they allowed them to visit their sacred shrine. They know that the Arabs consider this Mosque their second Holy place. The first is Mecca where the tomb of the Prophet lays. (At Mecca is also the spot where Abraham built the resting place for travelers and the Arabs have found the spot and are restoring it.)

Now altho the Mosque of Omar stands on the site of the old temple built by Solomon, this is still not the abomination of the desolator spoken of by the Christ. The Abomination of the Desolator is that which emerges out of the false prophets, these false prophets who deny the Christ and deny the background of HIS people, Israel. The false prophet is a part of the program of Luciferian forces of these anti-Christ forces. Also a part of this abomination is the area where the dragon and the bear show up in prophecies as in the books of Daniel and Revelation.

The dragon is the land of China and the bear is the land of the Soviet’s--Russia--and that combined with the seat of the Jews (Zionists) all over the world, as they are the false prophets.

Now the abomination of the desolator is almost ready, for they have the unlimited funds of the Jewish world of financiers and bankers. They have planned the building of a strange and unique temple. This temple will be a temple of all faiths, but with one god. However, Jewry declares that god emerges as the many patterned god of the Hindu, as Buddha as Yahweh and all other gods. Therefore, all these religions are the voices of prophecy. This being the case, they want that site of the old temple to build their temple on. And when they destroy the Mosque of Omar and build their new temple, it will be called ‘THE TEMPLE OF THE LIVING PROPHETS OF THE LIVING GOD.’

Now the Jews are afraid to tear down this Mosque of Omar prematurely, because the whole Arab world would explode. The Mohammadans of Pakistan and Africa, would even raise up. For remember, 1/3 of the worlds religion is almost completely Mohammadan. Tear down that Mosque and the Arab world would move on these Jews of Israeli. So these Jews must get the United States to come in and fight the Mohammadan hordes for them.

Yes, the Israeli’s won a tricky battle (1967), because she jumped ahead of time. But can she win the next one even tho she is building up her armies and the Arabs are building up their armies. King Hussein of Jordan has bought planes to protect his country.

(The next time they jumped then many Israeli died and we heard a great cry out of that country and over the world.)

Now what slipped out of Washington was the fact that the Israeli had warned Washington that they aimed to bomb the Mosque in the midst of the battle and it would be out of the road. They planned to blame the bombing on the Arabs.

(This was in the time of President Johnson’s administration in Washington and altho Washington helped hold the Arabs by the U.N. action vote, until Israeli struck first, still, the Jews did not get the backing for the destruction of the Mosque. Could the reason have been that even blind and dumb Washington knew that the American people would not believe that the Arabs would destroy their own Holy place?)

The chief Rabbi of this strange cult, who is supposed to be their ‘Moses’ and a reincarnation of ‘God,’ said that they must quickly destroy and move aside this Mosque as their time is about up and they must move in and build this temple this summer. (1969). He says that if the temple can be built with the speed which the contractors claim it can, then the temple will be rebuilt in two and one-half months.

(Remember when the Gideon Bible group were holding meetings all over the country, and they were saying that the temple could be built in 90 days? To them it meant that with the temple rebuilt then Christ could come and rule from there.)

Masonic organizations all over the world were conned into the idea of helping rebuild the temple and they thought rebuilt like the old Solomon temple. But there had been changes made in those plans and now the changes were that this would be the ‘temple of all faiths.’ All religions would be seated here. In other words, a headquarters of a New World Government and a One World Religion---but no Christ.

Now this is not the Kingdom of God. Instead, this is the ‘Christless’ program of the beast’s, the anti-Christ and the false prophets. And this is the abomination of the desolator as spoken of by Jesus. So if they do this, and take possession of that spot, then the abomination of the desolator will be in position of power at this site.

(Remember we already have the temple of ‘All Faiths’ in Washington, D.C., and in Rome, the seat of so-called Great Christendom. It is almost the temple of ‘all faiths. So how much more would we need to fulfill that prophecy of the desolator?)

In Israeli today, they are calling for bond drives and the funds will be used to tunnel into the mountains around Jerusalem and back to Tel Aviv for great bomb shelters. They are already at work on this project and say they will soon have enough bomb shelters to take care of most of the people of Israeli. They have nuclear reactors in the desert of Israeli and they are their most guarded sites. They are building nuclear weapons there, and they are using plans stolen from other governments and they say that by June or July of this year, they will be ready to deliver these nuclear weapons.

(It is surprising that they did not use these weapons in their strike in 1972-73. Now Nixon was President and the U.S. still did not back their bid for the Mosque of Omar.)

Last week, we learned that a great earthquake hit Israeli---a 5.6 rating on the Richter Scale. And they found that this quake broke rocks loose in their bomb shelters and they came down. Now they are going to reline these bomb shelters with steel so that no matter what kind of quake these shelters will hold.

Turn to the book of Zechariah and we find that it talks about what is to happen when the abomination of the desolator stands in the Holy Place. It says when that happens, it will not be there very long or they may not even finish that plan when the great earthquake hits that area---an earthquake which will be such as there has never been on the face of the earth. It tells you also, that in that day the LORD shall come and spoil their plans as HE shall stand with HIS feet on the Mount of Olives and the wicked shall flee into the rocks and the mountains.

You know that when they behold the Christ out there, they are going to call for the rocks of the mountains to fall on them. This may well happen for they are preparing a way for the people to get into the rocks of those mountains in Israeli. Before this, they could only go into the rocks on the surface of the mountains. But with the work being done now, they can get into the mountains. Think about it.

(Remember when Kennedy tried to get us to dig caves and crawl into them? If you heard the siren blow now for the bombs coming in, where would you go? Better go outside and look up.)

So in Israeli, the leaders at least, know that they are not Israel and they are trying to prepare the rocks to hide them. They know that they are the sons of Lucifer and that they have perpetuated the biggest fraud on the face of the earth. These Jews (Zionist) are the same power that controls the Soviet Union. They have moved 50 of their battleships into the Mediterranean Sea and now the Arabs may be depending on the Soviet Union at this time, but they will not be any help to them at a time of confrontation with Israeli.

(It would be well to remember that under the Nixon administration, even with the pressure and control of organized Jewry, that the Arabs turned to the U.S. and that President Nixon went to Egypt and stood on the site of the Great Pyramid. But also in this time period, the move was made to open the Suez Canal. And since Nixon is removed, it has been opened. But it is in Arab hands, altho the Israeli can now use it also.)

Now God speaks out and HE tells you this in your scriptures, that in this hour pagans shall have been gathered at Jerusalem and the wealth of the heathens will be gathered into the areas around Jerusalem. You know that for the past twenty years, the Jews have been flying their gold and silver from the banks in Switzerland and France, in to Tel Aviv, and putting it into the great vaults. And now they have great vaults back of Jerusalem and they are filling them also. The heathen are doing this. So who are the heathen? Organized Jewry.

So God speaks out in the book of Zechariah about this. We hear people speak about this being the ‘chosen land’ and the ‘chosen people.’ But the picture of what is to happen to this land as God shakes it with the great earthquake doesn’t seem very pleasant.

(Zechariah 14:10)---After the great quake, it will be a great plain from Geba to Rimmon, south of Jerusalem. That land shall be lifted up and made into a vast plain and again inhabited by people. And in this hour, the LORD shall be King over all the earth. And in that day, there shall be one LORD and HIS name ONE. In that day it shall be known who the LORD is.---Not day or night, but it shall come to pass that at ‘evening’ time, it shall be light and the presence of the MOST HIGH will conquer this power of darkness---this force of evil.

The strangeness of this situation is that now organized Jewry is moving in to try to control nations. They are playing politics with their money and they want to hurriedly round up this situation and bring their plan to fruition. You learn every day thru different publications and news media how organized Jewry is not moving swiftly to try to take over the entire Christian world and turn it into their One World Government. Even the U.N. now will not satisfy them. They think to headquarter this one world government, finance and religion in Palestine.

Friends, we are in the climactic period of these events and we can truly say that there is one assurance we have, that we are the Household of God. So lift up your voices in praise as HE promised swift deliverance. And we alone, as a people, can depend upon every word that comes out of the mouth of God as to this deliverance.

(End of sermon)