To Be Called Great In The Kingdom, 8-27-67


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-27-67

As we turn to this subject this afternoon, none of us understand what is taking place in the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches. God says this is just fulfilling the pattern of the church age of Laodiceans. This is not the true church. That does not mean that all churches may not be involved in it and have numbers in the True Church. This may not mean that a denominational church is not part of the True Church. Just that it has joined itself to the Laodicean Church. But I would like for you to know that the religious organizations that support the World Council of Churches are not the True Church, because the World Council of Churches does not recognize that the Jesus Christ is the 'Son of God,' the embodiment of God, and that he is divine. The World Council of Churches do not require that its ministers believe in the ministry of Jesus the Christ, the ‘great atonement,’ or the great basic patterns of the Christian Faith. They do not believe in the Resurrection, altho they sing all of the hymns at Easter time and they give lip praise to it. But they do not even want to believe in the Resurrection either.

Now they also do not want to abide by the laws of God. They say that these were just a bunch of opinions put together by a bunch of Jews in the Old Testament. And they say that in that case, these laws are not necessarily acceptable in our time. They say that many of these laws would not be acceptable to our young people, such as the laws pertaining to sex, or the laws of conduct, or the laws of things that they should eat. Saying that these laws are not necessary. God just happens to be some substance that activates in the laws of nature.

But we are willing to accept that the laws of God effect nature. For nature itself has to operate on the laws of its creator and its author. But I want to cite to you that they think they have a high rank in this concept of man, which is the highest concept of God. And, of course, when man runs into the program of what is divine and supernatural, then this is perfectly all right. For God had to measure up to this concept. For actually whether or not there really is a God, when you get thru with the National Council of Churches is the question.

The thing that was important to me was that when they run into the laws of God, then this was just another pattern of Judgment. And as they do this, then you know that the ministries of today advocate that the laws of God mean absolutely nothing. So you pay no attention to them. But do you know what their status is? Do you know what they represent? They are the absolute least in the Kingdom of God. So the National Council of Churches is the absolute least in the kingdom of brothers.

Now let me point this out to you. In the Scriptures in the book of Matthew, as we see Jesus as the embodiment of God, as he was speaking to those gathered around Him, He said, “I have not come to destroy the law.”

This is a curious thing. For I hear so many people say we are not under the law, we are under Grace. They do not know the difference between law and grace. But they say that we are under Grace, not under the law. So they make this a part of their religion. Generally speaking, they are good people, and they do not noticeably break the law. But they say we have no requirements to keep the law.

I want to point out to you the mystery concerning law and Grace, and the mystery of the Kingdom of heaven as it approaches earth. In fact, concerning this issue, you could never establish the kingdom of God on the earth without a kingdom of law. The nations of the kingdom and the building of the kingdom, and the establishing of the kingdom, or its areas of government for the ruling of the earth, are based upon law.

Now we want to point out to you that Jesus therefore makes the statement that “Whosoever shall break one of these commandments and whosoever shall teach to do so, will be called least in the kingdom of Heaven. And whosoever shall go and teach them shall be called great in the kingdom of Heaven.” Who said this?---God, himself. But then God does not understand. HE was uneducated. And the Council of Churches then talks about what Jesus would have said if he had been educated.

This is a sad thing. The embodiment of God comes to earth, he not only possessed Omnipotence, but omniscience and all of the rest. And as a boy, he mystified the masters of the law in the temple. And as he spoke to them, they said, they never heard a man speak like this man spoke, for he was confounding their masters and leaders. And here they talk about his education? He knew when a man climbed a tree three or four miles down the road. And when he got under the tree, he looked up and said, “Zacchaeus, come on down.” He had absolute wisdom, absolute knowledge, or power. But they say today that he was not educated. Here he came from the heavens and he held the constellations in their place, and the whole universe together, as well as the patterns of existence that was seen when he created the earth. He knows all things, and by him were all things made. Then they talk about his education? But God said, that he who teaches men to obey my laws will be called great in the kingdom.

Thus, we want to point out to you the difference between law and grace, because God spoke and promised things before the foundation of the world. Thus, we can well establish that when God was speaking to a people before the foundation of the world, that it was to his household, his children. They were members of this white race that has now appeared on the earth. Thus, the white race is the Adamic race. And God begat the Adamic household, as Adamic bodies, so as to hold the spirits of his Celestial children. This may be a complete mystery but God sent people from heaven to earth to form a kingdom which is a reality unto God. And every one of you were begotten of incorruptible seed in the heavens above. And every one of you has an immortal soul. And this immortal soul dwells in a celestial body guided by the things of spirit. Never knew transgression, or error. Only knew things that were light. But this has nothing to do with the transgression that came to them when transplanted into the earth. For this came out of the Luciferian rebellion and the attempt to mongrelize everything that God had created. He (Lucifer) attempted to change all of the patterns of natural law and move into a pattern of error, and declared he would make himself God and rule in place of the Almighty.

This Adamic race had been removed from that pattern of Lucifer's fall. They began in the heavens as the children of the most High God. And as such, they had no part nor lot in the Luciferian rebellion. But God said, “I am going to transfer my kingdom from heaven to earth and they are going to rule the earth.” They are still in a spiritual world but now they are going to rule in a physical world. And here they will triumph over the powers of darkness and the forces of Lucifer. He had sent in the areas of prophecy, the things that would happen. He had said that this, his race, would be seduced and would fall. But because they were the household of God, He said, “I WILL REDEEM THEM.” He said, ‘I will invest myself. I will become embodied and I will redeem them from their transgression. I will bestow upon them the majesty of my Grace and I will see that they conform to my image. And I establish this between thee and Me.’

Now God is a covenant keeping God. And any establishment of salvation that he might have placed here with the knowledge that the results of sin is death, because this is the pattern of divine law and the structure of the way things existed in the patterns of their life, but the redemption and the restitution of the household of God . . . this is an act of God. And only God could do this. But as to the nations as they grew and they developed, they had to have law. They had to have a law that worked in a physical world. And God bestowed upon them law.

Long before this, however, he spoke to Abraham. And this was a man who descended down thru Seth, thru Adam. But on down thru Heber. And was Terah's son. And then God appeared to Abram and he said, 'I am almighty God. Walk before Me, be thou perfect.’ And then he said, ‘I am going to make my covenant with thee, and I am going to establish my covenant with thee.’ And Abram fell on his face before God. Then God said, ‘Behold, the father of many nations, I will make thee. I am going to change thy name from Abram to Abraham, and I will establish my covenant between me and thee. And I will make thee and thy seed after thee an everlasting covenant. And I shall be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee. And I want you to understand that I am establishing my covenant with thee for an everlasting generation.’

God speaks out of course, in these promises he makes to Abraham and among these very promises of course, were the services that He would be a God unto them thru out all of their generations.

Now in the book of Isaiah, God continues to speak concerning this so great a pattern of salvation. And he said therefore concerning Israel, and He said that Israel was going to be saved by the majesty of his Grace and his power. But "all Israel shall be saved as it is written.” And now "In YAHWEH SHALL ALL OF THE SEED OF Israel be saved, as it is written."

This is Grace---absolute Grace. This is God. And it has nothing to do with Abraham or anything concerning the law. This was God speaking to his sons in the heavens long before Abraham of earth. And it was concerning his promises and his oath. And then the establishment of it, later with Abraham, in earth, in the physical.

Over in the book of Galatians, we have something concerning this. “And I say that the covenant that God confirmed before with Abraham was 430 years before the law. The promise cannot be dismantled and has no effect on the promise. For he gave this covenant, this promise, to Abraham, saying, you are my family, my kingdom in the earth. And Abraham believed God and God computed this to Abraham for righteousness. And Abraham's righteousness was not imputed to him by law, but by God imputing it to him.

And he produced the pattern of Faith, and Abraham believed God by Faith. He believed what God said to him, and he believed that God counted this for righteousness to him. And HE then said that to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. And in the book of Galatians this is confirmed.

Now 430 years later, then God came down over Mt. Sinai, and he came with his believing offspring, as it says in the book of Deuteronomy. They came in great space craft. And HE met Moses there. And Moses was now the ruler over the house of Abraham and his people. And he said, ‘I am going to give them the law of government.’ This is the law for the people of Israel, the law for the kingdom of God on earth. And he started this law with the basic Ten Commandments.

And then he gave to Moses a pattern of law that governed most of human rights. It governs everything from their economy, to the food they eat, the patterns of their breeding. It was a law that was basic at every turn. It condemned integration, making this the greatest of transgressions. It dealt with all ramifications of spiritual law. This then was the law for the kingdom of God. He did not give this law to Africa or to Asia. But this was a pattern of the law of God which would have an effect on all people, whether they know it or not.

God did not give this law to the Jews. For of them, HE said, “Ye are of your father the devil, and you cannot understand it.” They had no capacity to understand it. And they would not believe it, but would break it anyway. So he did not give it to them. So it was not given unto the Jews, but it was given to Israel. It was given for the kingdom of God.

Now the law was given for a pattern of government. It was strict, it was firm. And it brought chastisement and judgments, because it was the law of government. And it makes no difference how firm that law is. It does not disannul the Grace of God concerning your immortal soul. And when this immortal soul descended out of the heavens as his sons and daughters, they had already been promised complete salvation by HIS GRACE.

But the law has a lot to do with the law among men living in earth. If they do not conform to the law, there is chastisement, and judgment comes upon them. And in the pattern of their society and their existence among nations, there is a law in their society that must be upheld.

Break the law and you are in trouble. Your nation is in trouble, your society is in trouble, and you are in trouble. For you do not conform to the pattern of divine law. Therefore, when we say we are not under law, this is concerning our soul, our immortal soul. Christ made this atonement on Calvary’s Cross, and then went down into the netherworld and preached to the Just, all the way up to HIS time. And he brought them forth. And the immortal souls went into the plains of spirit, for he had set them free.

And God sealed, by His Grace, by this atonement, every last one of the children of Israel. But he did not free the working of Israel from the Law. Jesus came fulfilling that law, and said, 'Blessed is he who teacheth my law to obey it.’ For it is for the kingdom of God here in earth. We are therefore, now occupying the earth. We have not as yet ascended into the heavens. And you have not moved into a dimension wherein the laws of God are under a different order. The laws then, are for the earth. And they are the laws of earth.

And then the Apostle Paul said in the book of Romans, “I perceive that the law is spiritual.”

Now if the law is spiritual, then you will never separate yourself from the patterns of divine law. And now you see the significant structure between law and Grace. Thus, God did not free the people from the law. He freed them by his Grace into the condition they were before they fell. This was the condition they were in before the foundation of the world.

Now God makes this rather clear. That those who gather around to worship God . . . and he calls them to gather themselves together to worship God, both in the Old and the New Testament . . . and these people had respect for the laws of God. And they took the law of God . . . and this did not mean that temptation did not descend upon them . . . And the Apostle Paul is somewhat explicit in this. For he says he is teaching the man now. ‘But, oh, such a wretched man, am I.’ Because he found himself existing in a very serious circumstance. And he said, ‘when I found myself existing in this area of circumstance, I will keep the law of God. But I find myself not doing that. And that which I should do, I do not. So, oh, wretched man, am I. But I delight in the law of God in my inner man. Sometimes I find that the temptation of the flesh overcomes me and I do not keep the law. But I do repent of this. For I believe in the law of God.’ Of course the Apostle Paul in speaking of this man goes all out of the way to try to explain where he might have made a mistake, and he refers to this as a pattern of the law. But the fact is that the law governs the physical man and not the spiritual man. So God makes this rather clear. Now in this area, the Apostle Paul says, 'I know that the law of the spirit of Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death. But not free from the obedience of the law as I understand it.’ So he taught men how they should obey God's law. He taught them morally how they should keep the laws of God. They should stay away from all of this moral transgression that other nations practice. He advised them to abstain, to obey God's law. But he did not say that the law is going to save you, that the law of God is going to get you into heaven. If a man kept all of the law, he would still have this pattern of transgression against him. But God said that “All Israel shall be saved, as it is written." And in the book of Romans, as it says this, then God says that He will take away the ungodliness of Jacob. He will do this because they are his household, his children. He has invested this kingdom in the earth and ‘I have promised that they will be triumphant. I have determined that this is the way it shall be.’ Therefore be not conformed to what the world round about thinks, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

God has certainly blessed Israel. He said he would provide when trouble came upon her. He has blessed your lands when in agriculture you abused them. But if you do not ever fallow the land, or alternate it, then you will soon find out that the laws of God as to how you use your land will soon come to pass. And judgment will fall on the land, and you will get dust storms. And you will have troubles. Because you did not use it wisely. But if you obey the laws of God, then you will never get any dust storms or drying up of the land.

So if you preserve the soil of the land, then this is the law of God. And in economy then, the law is rather fixed that you have to have that economy based on a law of just weights and measures. And that has to be well established as that is gold and that is silver. And it has to be based on the patterns of production. And do not try a kind of usury or you will be in the kind of mess that you are today. He said if you try usury, then you will be in trouble. And the Federal Reserve Bank is a bank run by Jews. And today, they have piled up usury upon usury until they get about 70% of your income. And the money is getting less and less because the usuary absorbs the principal. You cannot take 6% out of a dollar and do this year after year, and soon have any dollar left. Then they have to move into some area of extension to get money. So that is why we need a United States Bank.

One of the things that we will have to acknowledge was that the German Reich under Adolph Hitler, was established on the money system that America had, but never tried. They said that you should not borrow money, and they freed this from the International Banker. So they got out of Germany and claimed that Germany killed them. So they brought the world down on Germany.

But the fact remained that they had tremendous wealth because the people were industrious, and they were good workers, and they created wealth which is money. I want you to know that the day you free yourself from this program of the Jews, and the money used in the United States, is based on production and equipment, and on the things that you make as well as on the coins that you possess. And no usuary is charged. The Jews will run out of here. And they will claim that you burned six million of them. But you will be the most free country on the face of the earth because you went back to the laws of God.

Someone said, ‘but you should not speak like this, Dr. Swift, for some people may not think this is true.’ We do not care what people think. For the laws of God are true. And I do not care whether Adolph Hitler applied them, or who applied them. They are still true.

The fact remains that these policies that have brought us to this position where we are always reaching for money. And money is just paper that you are printing.

Then I am going to tell you that you are short of money. For you did not observe the laws of God. “For blessed is the laws of God which are on stone.’ And the nation which does not recognize them, as the smallest system of culture, is already on the way down. The Jews well understand this. And they have tried to release the colleges from the moral laws. And they are trying to set the younger generation in a rebellion against all laws. And the younger generation is being betrayed by the ministers who are least in the kingdom of heaven, because they will not conform to the status of their forbearers and the processes of law. But the Council of Churches says that if you have a law, then people do not want to obey it, for it is just a law. But if it is the law of God . . . then there is none better.

We are building a hippy generation and not obeying the law. And this is a lost cause. The younger generation can move out into a pattern of drugs and lose their minds, destroy their mental ability, forever. And this is what the enemy would like to have. But they have to break the laws of God to do this. And God told you to retain the patterns of your mental capacity, and never move into these patterns that will blight it in any way, and will cause you not to be able to think, or in any way, be in charge of your faculties.

Oh, yes. These are the patterns of law. The patterns of immigration, wherein, God told you to live a separated way of life. You were not to go the way of other nations, for you had the spirit of God dwelling in you. You had the capacity for knowledge and wisdom and inspiration. And these people did not. And if you cohabit with these people then you end this spirit for the offspring. God warns you then that these are only some of the conditions that will descend upon the mongrel offspring if you violate this law of cohabitation with another race. God said that the stranger was not to come in and get any hold on you thru government. And you were not to let them into your schools. And we have violated this law when we let the Jew into any school to teach or have anything to do with the curriculum of our schools.

We should make it very clear that no one should have any place in the teaching in our schools that does not believe in Jesus Christ. This is the law.

Now of course, someone says that we have gone too far, we cannot go back. But God says he is going to go back and bring this law back, before my people. And they are going to stand up and enforce my law. And woe unto those people who will not stand for the law of God, for they are going to be driven out or liquidated.

Someone said, ‘but that is rather harsh.’ But the scripture is rather harsh. But not too harsh for you could destroy everything. It is like saying that the people who burn down homes in the city, you should shoot them down instead of giving them jobs. Much of this problem is that we are being shoved into the design of the Communist Party. For it is behind the problems of America. We have a Red Communist design in this nation to bring us down as a nation. Many of those on the front lines of this situation are Communists and they talk about the rebellion. Even Martin Luther King talks about a rebellion. If they are in rebellion against the United States, we better send them home. Because you are one of the leading nations of God's kingdom, and you should be a nation under the law of God.

Now comes the minister who is mixed up. He says that we are not under law, but are under Grace. And he does not support the law because he says that we are under Grace, therefore, we no longer have to obey the laws of God.

If you do not have to obey the laws of God, then this nation will go down hill and disappear like all others. Oh, he says, ‘I like the law. I do not break it, but I am not under it.’ But, my friends, as long as you are in a physical body, then you are under the laws of God. For the laws govern God's operation in a physical universe. And as such, therefore, they must be obeyed.

We find no complaint with the laws of God. And he has lifted the severity of it. For he said, ‘all of the branches of the law which were a curse upon you, I have taken and nailed them to my cross, upon the tree when I was crucified. I have redeemed the soul, and I have placed the law in the hearts of my people. This is the new covenant I have made with my people. I am now in communion with my people, and you do not have to give ascent to the law outwardly, for it is now in your hearts.’ A man who has been spiritually illuminated as to the great deliverance of Christ, and the works of God, has already given assent to the laws of God. You therefore, are not too much worried about the laws that govern society. For you do not break them. You do not care what price the robber has to pay if he breaks the law. For you are not going out to be a robber. The one who has to worry about that is the robber.

You do not worry about how much penalty there is under the law unless you intend to break it. And if you intend to break the laws of God, then you have to take the consequences. If you intend to break the laws of a civil society, you have to take the consequences.

But the great pattern of society in Western Europe and in the United States is based on the laws of God. And I want to remind you that all areas where these laws are broken will eventually break down, and God will, in time, restore these laws forever. And it is the responsibility of the True Church of Christ to teach the laws of God. To teach it economically, to teach it agriculturally, and to teach it as a responsibility, was the work of the true church.

Someone says, ‘but of course, they have added some things to the law.’ But this is not true except in some areas of interpretations. The great processes of the law still stand. And now they say there are some things of the law that we do not keep anymore. Well, such things as the sacrifices . . . we do not do anymore, because they were fulfilled in Christ. But we keep the patterns of law rather than the ordinances because they are the laws of God. And as we face the structure of keeping the laws of God, then this society improves and improves.

Then we have the saints with the pattern of morality. The Church of England now says that we are changed in our thinking. Homosexuality is all right. People can make love any way that they want to. But the law of God spoke out against such a practice. The laws of God had the procedure that such should be put to death to keep the society clean. The church then says these are old-fashioned ideas and we have outgrown them. But we have not outgrown the laws against perversion. We have not outgrown the laws against immorality. We have not outgrown the laws that keep the home together. And if we think that we have outgrown it then you open the doors to the destruction of our society.

When we look around in our own nation, we see in San Francisco, this home of the homosexual adults flaunting their life style. And today we see that people are saying these people cannot be denied, so we must mix the church and these people together.

But the truth is that the church is to maintain the status in the community for the law of God. And the scriptures then remind us that this is the church age of Laodicea.

I tell you that this church age of Laodicea is now as low as the Jews who sought to bring them down. And I tell you that the true church will ascend just as high as to bring down the false church. I tell you that the highest area of spiritual capacity is not only to uphold the laws of God and to overthrow the powers of darkness, but to denounce the powers of darkness that would destroy the kingdom. And as to the things of the law, then the law is spiritual. And I tell you that it is spiritual because it moves with the will of God. And the spirit of God sustains the entire universe of nature. And by his power, he holds together the nucleus cement that holds all things together that are moving in this nuclear orbit.

I want you to realize today, who are sons of daughters of God, that you need to give ascent to the laws of God. For you would not like to live in a land which had no laws. Today you have anarchy in the land and you have to chose between the laws of God and anarchy. Your home is no more secure than the support for the law in God's kingdom. As you surrender more and more of your empire and your wealth into the hands of the enemies of the kingdom, you find that you are surrendering into a complete anarchy. You think that your home is safe because you are protecting the front door. But who is defending the back door?

Oh, you say, ‘we in this block will get together and some will defend the front of our homes and some the back.’ And now you are talking about using the law to defend your homes. I am going to tell you that the salvation of America is when the citizens of America rise and unite under the laws of God and firmly oppose everyone who is an outlaw.

One of these days you will go by your Christian schools and there will be white teachers there. One of these days you will not find a single Jew in any part of the government of America, or anywhere in the school system. Why? Because they had denied Christ. They deny God and they are carrying out their program of their father to abort this society, and reduce it as low as they possibly can.

One of these days there will not be any Negroes in these United States. Did you know that? They may not know that, but they are going back to Africa. Oh you say, ‘but they go to church.’ Which is right. But the day will come when they will go back to Africa and they will go to church there. And the day will come when our people say that it is not right for them to dwell with us. And we will return to the laws of segregation and it will be the greatest decision this nation has ever made. Congressmen are beginning to talk about this in the cloak rooms of Washington, right now.

Now God makes this rather clear. Jesus, speaking about God and the law that he gave, and he said, "Before Abraham, I AM. When I gave the law, whosoever shall do and teach them his name shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. So we are not about to start a revolution against the ethics of economy and the laws of government, for you must support the laws of God. Those people who talk about freeing themselves from the laws of God, are those who demonstrate that they are mentally inferior and incapable of understanding the basis of society. You are to again become discriminating men and women. You will again become the household of God, restored to power and great glory.

This afternoon then, we give ascent to the laws of God. For they are good. And this has nothing to do with the magnitude of God's Grace which shall save your immortal soul. And when you are aware of this pattern, then you will rejoice at the work of Christ and the gift of Calvary. And you acknowledge the gift of God's law because it is good. And you do not look on it with disrespect as the children of perfidy are doing today.

End of message.