To Be Free Again, 6-2-65



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-2-65

There has never been another time in our history with so many world shaking events, than in this period in which we live. For this is the great and tremendous climax coming to its full, with the design upon the part of the powers of darkness to try to take over and totally suppress the children of God. It is the design of our enemies upon the part of our western civilization to steam roll over that civilization with all of the hoards of Africa and Asia. And to bring about the total suppression of our white western civilization and culture. It is also the time when God Almighty established his household in the earth, and from one man's family multiplied it until it is one sixth of the worlds population. Has ordained that the time of the transgressor has come to its fullness. Therefore the powers of darkness and the forces of evil who have ruled this continent, and this planet for many ages are going to meet their greatest defeat. We are to understand that with all of the tensions of the powers of darkness, hurled toward world suppression of everything righteous. And with all of the determination of God that righteousness shall overthrow the darkness, this will then by necessity be a very intense time. For the forces of heaven and the powers of darkness are engaged in a struggle for the earth. You and I happen to be dwelling here at this time and we have a responsibility to our family and a responsibility toward our Eternal Father, and to our nation to accomplish a very definite, determined victory in our own land at this time.

Now; there are some things that are very important. And one of the most important things to your race especially in this nation is freedom. It is very important to us, it is vital that we be free. Because we have been born with a great insight into freedom, and have inherited great areas of freedom. Thus freedom is very important to our inheritance and to our origin. And we resent every attempt to interfere with our freedom, our personal freedom as well as our national freedom. Of course as we talk about freedom we are absolutely free in the purposes which the Most High has planned. To set us free, inside of his purpose and his plan, from all of the forces of darkness and all of the powers of evil. We can well say that we have tremendous powers arrayed against us, and that the forces of evil effect our national life, and therefore we are not free. But you as an individual can be totally free, from their power as it relates to this occupation of this tabernacle that you live in. You are free within, and you battle for freedom on the outside for you and the nation. Whether you know it or not you cannot help but be in a battle for freedom because this is a part of your nature.

When we talk about freedom, we discover that Jesus said, that freedom is vital and important, and "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” When Jesus spoke to a great congregation of people and he said this:--"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Who objected to it? The Jew. Not only did they object to this but they turned around to say that they had never been in bondage, they had always been free. As they made this declaration then Jesus said that they had just proved as to who they were. If they had been Abraham's children, they would have been in bondage at various times in their history. They however claimed that they had never been in bondage. But these are the words that Jesus had said to the people that day. ‘If the son shall make you free then ye shall be free indeed.’ This is a most important declaration. For if the work of the embodiment of God makes you free, then are you free indeed. There is no doubt that freedom is not only your inheritance, but in Celestial plains you were the children of spirit, you were the offspring of the Most High God and you knew no bondage, you knew no force that could subordinate your consciousness, in any way. That could classify you in any way in bondage. In fact until you were begotten into the Adamic world, until you emerged as a descendant of Adam you have known no bondage of any sort. Therefore you are the children of His spirit, begotten in the spirit, of his spirit, and you have come to earth from Celestial plains, but you were born free. But as you can into the physical world you came in under the bondage that rested on the Adamic race. And fortunately for you and I, we came into a cycle that is near the climax of the age. But we came in under a freedom that had been bought for us by the very embodiment of God. There is no bondage over your spirit, and there is no reason for any bondage over your soul. So today all people who are in bondage as it relates to their thinking, are in bondage because they think wrong, or are in bondage because in areas of their thinking they have accepted a bondage that is in error, and is thus imposed upon them. I want you to know that a man is as he thinketh in his heart, and he cannot think right unless he knows right. I point out to you that the great secret is in knowledge --"For ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

And this knowledge is a knowledge of power, and a knowledge of how to be free, and a knowledge then of how to retain it. We are vitally concerned then because we see all kinds of forces seeking to enslave these United States. They are seeking to put us back under tyranny and bondage, that we had determined in the days of our forbearers that we would never enter into this bondage never again. We cited a Declaration of Independence, and we had sited a Constitution which was to guarantee areas of freedom and preserve for us our heritage. There is no doubt about the greatness of what our forefathers had dedicated themselves to. And there is no question of the fact that we have received more, and had more blessings bestowed upon this nation than upon most any other place on earth. But it is also important to understand that the only way is to think free, and then act free. Because if you do not do that they will have you in bondage and that very quickly.

Now there is no doubt that from the ordinary citizen standpoint and the activities here in our lives, that we have lost a high percentage of our freedom here in the United States. And also there is a great drive on the part of the people on the 'right’, a great hunger to be free again. Our great desire is to throw off the yoke and so break the bondage, and so help us we will do this before the purposes of God are consummated in this nation. We shall be free again in our national life. There can be little doubt that from the concept of our faith we were to be liberated from all of the powers of darkness, and the forces of evil from the Luciferian rebellion. That this rebellion rocked the Universe in the antiquities of yesterday, and it controlled and dominated the earth long before your race was placed here. And then by the process of seduction of evil has brought bondage upon your race, in the early days of Eve. And the fact remains that God entered into that picture, and he clarified for Adam and Eve the forbearers of your race, as to how he was going to crush the powers of darkness by crushing the serpents head with the posterity of this very race of which you and I are a part. Thus it was that we were assured that liberty would be the results, and to accomplish this then God, himself visited your race. He became one with you, born out of the race which he had fathered. Out of his own creation, out of his own spiritual generation.

Now; let’s take a good look at the declaration that the Apostle Paul gives us concerning this. He talks about the liberty given to us, therefore stand fast in this liberty where with Christ has made us free. Someone said, but of course that is talking about transgressions, and it is talking about things which are evil, and it is talking about such problems. Come down to earth and wake up, did you ever know of any bondage that did not come thru transgression, violations of divine law, or violations of national law? This is the way bondage comes. This is the way people find themselves in bondage. And when they are set free from the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. When they are set free from sin, from thinking wrong then they are free indeed. I point out to you that when the Apostle Paul said:--do not be conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. Thus you are set free in the areas in which you think. And you have to think free before you can live free.

I point out to you that when the Apostle Paul said that you should not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Thus you have to think free before you can live free.

I talked to a clergyman the other day, and he was saying that the great spiritual things are the discoveries at this time. He said that people have to get their minds off of all the things of earth, and get their minds on all of the great spiritual discoveries of spiritual things of this hour. I said; now that sounds rather interesting, but of course I want you to tell me of what you have discovered, or what you have learned. What great spiritual discovery have you made, that separates us and causes to think, I am interested. Well, he said, there are a lot of great spiritual discoveries at this time. There are discoveries of great spiritual power and great spiritual revelations. I said, well, tell me what they are about? For there is nothing I am more interested in than great spiritual discoveries and great spiritual power. So tell me about it.

Well, he said, of course God is putting spirit and power into men. And I said, to do what? Well, he said, so they will live right. And I said, where? And he said, well, I suppose in the earth until they die. I said you have not discovered any new spiritual discoveries. You say we have to get out of this earth picture and find some new spiritual discoveries, in the church today.

I said, do you know what the discovery that you have to make today is that the spiritual power, that the revelation, the knowledge and the freedom is to live in the earth with it. We have been placed in the earth and here we are spirit, soul and body, Spirit of HIS spirit, born free in spiritual realms. Embodied in a physical world with a soul consciousness, that can draw out of a full dimension, and every thing which I discover inside of this book, is telling us how to be victorious over the powers of darkness, how to be triumphant, and to lift our faith and our race thru the name of our God thru achievement. And how to do the work that God has called us to do for this day and this hour in the dispensation in which we live.

I walk and I hear people saying something intangible and they see pink and blue lights, and maybe a golden light and maybe they get involved in it, but they never, get down to earth, they never recognize our enemy, and they never show us anything. I want you to know that the most important thing that you can know this afternoon is how to translate spiritual vision, knowledge, wisdom and understanding and occupation in the earth. It is this that is significant unto you. You have inherited something very, very, very vital and the powers of darkness want to crush it, destroy it, remove it, because they are afraid of it. You have inherited the ability to think the thoughts of the Father. We spoke to you about the fact that the Sword of the spirit, is a great weapon in your possession. It is the knowledge and the wisdom from the mind of the most high God. We tell you that the sword of the spirit is truth and that the truth shall make you free. Thus the power that makes you free is the knowledge and wisdom that proceeds forth from the Most High God.

There is a distinct quality that proceeds forth from the Adamic race that makes them different from all the other people on the face of the earth. And all of the powers of darkness want to enslave it, want to suppress it. And all of the freedom that you find in the world, all of the wisdom and science ,and the skills have emerged out of the household of the Most High God. So what is the key to it? It is the fact that God's spirit not only exists in you but your body is the temple of the holy seed. The concepts and ideas that function thru your society, have moved out of the mind of your God and inspired this race, like he does in the spirit. It is because of this that the Apostle Paul says, we do not have the spirit which is of the world. We have the spirit which is of God. We did not receive the spirit like the world has. We received our spirit from God. And this think searches out all the secret thing of God and makes them known to us. This being so then the mot important thing, which happened to your forbearers, is in your inheritance. You think like this, you function like this, And the world order is trying to change the thoughts of your background. It is trying to wipe out everything that you have inherited, in knowledge, wisdom and skills, of the whole vibratory force of the impact of your society. They want to wipe it out, they want to mongrelize it, absorb it, integrate it, and they would take away your national entity as well as your racial entity. Do you know what they are warring against in America? It is your culture. They do not like this word culture.

It is then vitally important that you and I know just what culture is. It is that inherited pattern of wisdom and vision, that passes from generation to generation, and passes for wisdom and vision and such qualities of a race. Therefore, yours is not the culture of the world order. Yours is the science and the skills and the patterns of heaven, and now you have translated technology and knowledge to do every thing here on earth and you have not done anything since you have arrived, any where else, but right here on earth. There are a lot of people who think that we should get our minds off of everything but fear and let the enemy take it all over. But I want you to get your mind on everything that is here and take it back.

Don't you know that if our Father intended to leave this earth in the hands of the devil he would never have sent us here anyhow? HE did not send us here to submit. HE sent us here to conquer. And he said he was going to let us overcome all of the powers of the darkness, and all of the work of the devil. And more than that we are going to build his kingdom, and it shall never be destroyed, and we are going to rule the earth with righteousness from one end of the earth to the other. And everyone is going to bow the knee and acknowledge our Father. Not, my friends, by a coalition of religions. This is not going to be accomplished by acquiescence to the enemy. A lot of people have been given a propaganda field that it is better to live under any form of government than to have a holocaust or maybe be killed defending some kind of principals which we possess. So they have adopted the phrase, "Better Red than dead.” But I have no time for people like that. Our forefathers did not build our culture and our foundation upon this kind of condition. They have been in a struggle against darkness ever since they have arrived and they will never leave this field, until they have consummated the purpose for which they have been sent. I point out to you that thru out all of the patterns of our history, it is significant that we understand this wave of culture. This impact of thought and idea. You know the world order is trying to subordinate it all right, you do not have to go very far to hear that. When we think about culture, we think about all of the symphony, the vast reception of musical values and heavenly tones, that have moved thru inspiration and down thru composers and artists, thru all generations. And when you go back over the work that they have given us, and the symphonies that they have composed, you find that they are a part of the culture of our race.

When I turn on a T.V. or a radio and I hear and see these Jungle Boogie-Woogies and these people going wild with all of the gymnastics that go with it, right out of the jungle. I see the world trying to suppress culture with a wave out of the darkness. And this is not their inheritance, that inheritance that came out of the spheres, that were moved and demonstrated by the Angels. When I move thru an art gallery today, I see the difference between culture and revolution. For the vision of one, has created the vast landscapes, the very spirit of the things created. And the Majesty of the scene before it has caught the majesty of the soul and the vividness of it stands out and whether the work of a beautiful landscape or the tremendous character or the duplication of the character in the face or the portrait of someone who is pagan, and you look at it and you know what it is. You feel it, and you know that this is a cultural lie, and you know that this is not the character ability that belongs to your race. And then I look at a bunch of things mixed up with a hank of hair, and I see things up in the corner, and I am told that this is a modern concept of modern art. All I know is that it is a Jew perversion that twists the minds of a people, it is the pagan culture of Lucifer. And I know that until the mind is free that until it draws its background out of the vision of inspiration, until it can think and talk with that which is a part of its background, and reaches into its tomorrows, this is bondage.

I tell you that any time any one of our race comes out with any of these monstrosities, that replaces the concept of ours, in music or in any other field. This individual is in bondage. There is no question that across our national life has come the invisible scar of people who hate our God. Our faith and our race, and they came here to take over the rich bounty of this rich land. I saw them interviewing one of these rascals on television last night. Oh, they owned the station so they built up the oracles as a kind of representative field. And altho he represented ADL power, and they said that oh, no they did not want all things to flow into a type of power. They just wanted to see things flow into a kind of great brotherhood. But all of the time they were trying to cover up the real facts. They tried to cover up the fact that the Jews had anything to do with International Banking, that was just a kind of coincidence. They did not have anything to do with communism this was just a coincidence, that some of them were communists, and Red Agents. Me thinks they protested too loudly. Whenever you own the station, And then Lucifer has his own children as the speakers, And then they try to put everyone asleep, concerning what they are doing, it is best that they not discuss their problems. To those who say a Christian church cannot carry out its responsibilities, and emanate that power of love which he expresses toward an entire community, and then be opposed to any portion of earth.

Let me tell you something. You cannot express the love of God unless you are against evil. You cannot express the love of God unless you intend to carry forward the program of God which he has expressed for the earth. And that, my friends, is the liberation of the people who are in bondage.

You look out toward Africa today and they are far more in bondage to their own cannibal kooks than they ever were in this country, under the administration of the white man. If you turn to Asia today they are more in bondage to their temples of idolatry and their pagan priest hoods, and under world communism than they have ever been before in their history. And their is no hope and no freedom except those who have been set free by Christian, and those that recognize that they are children of the free, and then realize that they rule the world with a rod of iron, and the righteousness of the law. They set people free from the most destructive force of earth. And that my friends is evil and doing things the wrong way, when we look at the transition that takes place in the consciousness of a man, every thing that is error is the way a man thinks, and then he acts this way because he wants to think this way to do error. But when he thinks right he is transformed in the area of his consciousness to evaluate and appreciate the values of righteousness then he is renewed in his mind and he thinks right with God and he lives differently. There is no power that transforms men's minds like the power to think right.

I point out to you that the mighty purposes of God for the earth, are not geared any way, to eventually in any way to the whims of people, but to the sovereign declaration of the Most High God. And irrespective of the Presbyterian church he is still going to predestinate the ultimate outcome of the events in the earth. And he has given you a blue print which we tell you about this afternoon. There is no question in my mind about a victory. There is those who are wondering as to whether we are going to have a victory, or whether we are going to be swallowed up, and go thru the worst period in our history. Whether we will go into total suppression, and be ruled over by the entire world or whether we are going to be absorbed. I am going to tell you that God Almighty has raised up a beacon, and he has raised up nations. And this nation has a responsibility before him. And one of the responsibilities on the inside is for the citizens to make sure that those who represent, and hold authority in this nation, will be in alignment with God. Oh, you say we are far from it this afternoon. Well, we tell you that we are just about to see the greatest turmoil in all history, as the spirit of God turns loose the combatant power against the darkness. There is no question that when we look out over our world's problems, that we discover that we are told that the world is battling against poverty and against depressions, and against war. But the key behind all of these problems is the violation of divine law. If you want to be free from poverty, then you go to work under a properly constructed law that produces increase. That will lift you from poverty. I talked to a young man the other day who said that he did not know how he would get enough money. I asked him what he was going to do to help his situation, and he said that he did not know. And I am going to tell you that he did not do anything. I am going to also tell you that there is a good reason why there is a shortage of money, because it takes output to get any. And there is no end of people across the nation that have a strange type of influence placed upon them by the strangers in our midst. Who want a certain kind of people who would be insufficient for economic security, so that they can manipulate and use these people. And instead of building inside of our colleges and universities, a great creative vision and initiative, a great responsible concept of applying themselves to production and the giving of services, and o accomplish for themselves this giving of services and the applying of thrift. They are being told today that all they have to do is to prolong this type of a socialist society, which will guarantee these things without thrift and are a total failure.

You see, you do not live in a period of time when even your government lives under a pattern of freedom. In fact it is spending under greater bondage all of the time, and in-debting society all of the time, into future generations, is such a fashion. That never has there been a part of such insecurity on the part of government. And never such economic insecurity upon the part of government. Or never such economic irresponsibility as takes place now. I would cite the fact that the way functioning government operates now, it is a governing mode, felonies matters which would place any individual in the penitentiary if they conducted their affairs in this matter, and the way they handle yours. And we talk about building a society which understands monetary integrity. That understands responsibility toward helping to create a solid order. How, my friends, can you instruct youth, when in the hands of authority and leadership, the area of activity is standard beyond all standards of righteousness and law.

Do you think they are getting anywhere? No, they are getting ready to go down the slide to further bondage. We told you about this last year and now it has arrived, when even the President of the United States said we are going to take the silver out of the silver money, but it will still feel the same. We are not interested in how money feels, we are interested in how much money is worth, and what it will purchase. Oh, it will buy just as much if you honor it, see. But we are going to take all of the silver but 40%, out of the half dollar. There will be no silver in the dime and none in the quarter anymore. We are going to make them out of copper and nickel and they will look alike but the silver will not be there. They would take it out of the dollar to but they are under contract to keep so much silver in a silver dollar. So they just will not mint any but they cannot change that. So they will bring in all of the silver certificates, so they won't need to change that. They have taken away all of your gold, and now they will began to take away your silver, and this is what transpires when you move into a period of fiscal irresponsibility and dishonestly. Oh, you say, they tell us that silver is getting scarce. No wonder it is getting scarce because they are letting themselves under manipulation and violations of divine law fill the coffers of your enemy and they are trucking it off to Palestine and hiding it all over the world in different vaults.

Someone says, you cannot eat it. No but the enemy sure wants it Now let me point out to you that this is just a pattern of the violation of divine law. Do you want to know why you are in economic trouble? Because in the first place God gave you laws on economy, as he gave you laws for agriculture. He gave you laws for moral and ethical conduct for your society. He gave you economic laws. He gave you economic laws. And one of the things we are going to learn in this country, the hard way, is that we will get back respect for God's racial laws. We have too many mentally weak Clergy who think that God's laws are a mental bondage. But I want to tell you what the law does. When you observe the laws of God, you are free. The laws of God free you from superstition and error. Some people say they are the laws of sin and death. No, when you violate the laws as to how things are made, and you do things wrong, then you risk bondage and the laws of sin and death are at work. It is the violations of the law which are the law of sin and death. Some people have the concept that God set them free from all laws at the atonement on Cavalry's cross. But you were not saved by law, you were saved by Grace, but the law of the spirit in Christ Jesus made you free of the law of sin and death.

Now; what is the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus? It is a great spiritual perception, a great desire to perform according to the way the Father created the Universe, and according to the way he willed it to be run. The spiritual law in Christ Jesus is the dynamic awareness of the eternal structure of the spirit, which flows in darkness out to the light. The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus is the law of the spirit, and therefore you are life of his life and as he told the Apostle Paul, then you are life of his life and bone of his bone. This is when you understand the law of life and do not throw a mental block into your soul consciousness against the program of God. And you move with spiritual power as it flows thru every particle of your being, and he charges every entity of your being with life and vitality. Freedom yes, for there is freedom over superstition and over error. And this freedom is to live In God's kingdom under the standards which become the sons of God.

I am going to tell you something. You are going to be free over death. After all the spirit never dies anyhow, for HE says that I give you Eternal life. And I am going to tell you something else. The time is going to come when we are going to show the mighty triumph over all, right here in the earth. And even death will be swallowed up in victory. I can show you over here in the book of Romans where it makes this declaration. That the spirit which raised up Christ dwells in you. And that he shall quicken your mortal body by this spirit that dwells in you. There is no question about the fact that this spirit that dwells in you has power over substance. Never has it been more important that when you start to conform to the laws of God, than you are getting back in order. If your nation or your race, or you as an individual get out of adjustment, with the law of God, then if you put the law of God back at work, and you are adjusted again.

Now; when we deal with our economic problems and our racial problems they all arrive very simply. When we permitted the entry into our country of those, who we could not assimilate, and those whom the word of God told you not to absorb. As long as they dwelt apart, they did not bother us too much, but it was not long before some of them had their hands in the treasury. And they had their hands in the economic manipulation. It was not long before their usuary practices was involved in our economy. And we were beginning to feel the smarting of this. And when you finally hit the greatest depression that you had every known, it was a by-product of manipulation. They made it rather practical. I have thousands of volumes that deal with political science, and economics, and as to what transpired and they openly admit that suddenly they pulled the credit out from under you. And if they can get you doing business on phoney money or extended money, or money that is even backed by your production and then suddenly they pull the money out from under it, then they stop the production. And people stop hiring and goods stops flowing and trouble starts. I want you to know that the last depression was not a symptom it was a conspiratorial design brought to completion. You would have avoided that if you had retained in the hands of this great nation, the Constitutional provision that Congress would establish the value of money in its coinage. And your United States history would have provided for a United States bank, still controlled by congress and there would have been no usuary involved. And the movement of money, which would be the instrument to move your goods, would have contained in its coinage its own value. I want you to know that when you want to get out of trouble and be free again, then you just reverse the course. I think we ought to deport out here every individual who is here illegally who denies our God, and is working to overthrow our society. We will have more to say about this with its biblical pattern this evening. But I point out to you, that if you want to be free, then you must go back and find out where you went in bondage.

A great Christian nation like this with 149 million Christians, with an inheritance in our background, and race, of this country, I think we should determine the destiny of this country, all of the way since we are over 3/4 of the stock.

Someone said: but we are against the suppression of the minorities. But the whole basic concept of representative government recognizes that the great majority of your strength determines your destiny. It selects the representatives But that is not the way it has been designed to function. If that is not the way it is then we better change it. The program of God's kingdom not only points out this basic responsibility but if you will carefully look at the instructions that God gave us, as he walked among us. In the days when God as Jesus walked the earth, every single sermon, every single message, every application was related to human relations, human conduct, and to the fact that men owed God and his kingdom on earth with their stewardship and their living, and with their occupation.

You did not hear any dissertations about heavenly realms did you. You did not hear of any ministry except the mystery that related to spiritual mystery to the race, and to he understanding and the preservation of this source of spiritual perception.

True, Jesus spoke in mysteries for he was not talking to the world order. He said: I speak unto you in mysteries, because unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto them it is not given. I do not want them to join you because they think they know the pass words. Jesus said: if I did not speak in mystery they would join you and I do not want this to happen. They would join you with head knowledge but no spiritual capacity.

We have all kinds of attorneys that can shrug off all of the structure of the Constitution, and they can talk as tho they support law in every process of it but these very rascals by faith, race and background are trying to make a democracy out of you and eventually destroy you as a faith and a nation. The enemy has invaded every facet of life and he knows that to do that he must bind men's minds he must control their thinking and then he must make them think that this is the accepted way. But you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. The difference in the children of the kingdom and the enemy is that you are happy warriors, for deep down inside of you, then you do not live in fear. You not only know that you are free. But if you know enough of what God has unveiled then you are aware that he still has a master plan and a blueprint.

There is something unique about this book for this book is a blueprint on the part of God, about how he intends to take over with the New Order of the Ages. It contains secrets of wisdom, and power and communication. It contains within it operations for expansion and growth. It contains also blueprints and plans for sudden intervention and the taking over of the earth. Do you know that the funny thing is that our enemies are scoffing at this? After the war was over, they did not scoff at Mein Kamp. But there are a lot of people that do not recognize that in this book is God's plan for taking over the earth, and they try to scoff at it. There is nothing wrong with having a plan irrespective of what you plan to do. But let me tell you something, when God has a plan, this is the way it is going to go. And that does not remove you from areas of responsibility. At this very moment in these United States, they are planning to suspend your Bill of Rights.

It does not matter what that bill of rights consists of. In the history of your race, you have been called upon to defend your homes, to defend your society, your tribal life, and your cities, states and nation, against the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And again against the outlaw and against the armies of the enemy. And God went so far as to say that he who did not defend his own household was worse than an infidel. And you have been a people who have grown up from the days of your tribal life, to your present time, and you are a people who are now afraid to defend your liberties. Back in the days of Gideon, God selected the men he was going to use to save and deliver his people, by their attitude of keeping their weapons at hand, and their eyes on the enemies. If they disregarded this for a moment, and laid down their weapons and dropped on their knees and hid their face to get water, and without staying alert, they were sent home. This is why the freedom which you have today is yours. For you bought and paid for it with the courage that you had the arms, and that God would give you the ability to defend yourself, to accomplish the victory for your freedom. Today they are doing everything in their power to take away your arms, here in the United States, do you realize that. Right now they have bills to take away your arms which the Bill of Rights guarantees, that he has a right to own and bare. In fact there are states which have already infringed on these constitutional rights with some impunity. Because no one has ever carried this to the Supreme Court, they have never had to pass on concerning this. But they could not because those laws start with infringement, and they should be denied. We point out to you that by the same token we are enjoying free speech.

Now; there are a lot of people who are not enjoying free speech, because they have already accepted the fear of the enemy. They are afraid to speak their mind, they are afraid to express themselves, they are told that they are antisocial. If you do this you will be looked down upon, or if you say the things that are in your mind, then they will just crash you as illiterate and irresponsible. All because you have not accepted the world's picture. So you better not speak out, it might cost you your influence in your society, or it might take away your job so hold your peace. One of the things guaranteed to you is your freedom of speech. As well as your freedom of worship.

I know a lot of Clergymen who say they would like to speak on the things that are biblical and prophetic but relate to the present problems, but they are afraid that if they do that they will lose their tax exemption status for their church. They worry that if they speak out on the things that are true, even tho it is related to the scriptures, they will find themselves in a position where as the government can move against them, and discriminate against them. You know that in this country which has a great altar of freedom your Constitution and your Bill of Rights were the stones in that altar.

You know that the Congress of the United States cannot make any law abridging the establishment of religion. They cannot interpret any religion. They cannot come in and say you can't preach that when it is "Thus saith the LORD." They are powerless under the law. And if they turn from this and make conditions that are not in conformity with the constitution and the freedom of religion they are outlawed. If it happens then it is time again for people to defend their liberty. There is one reason why you can be sure that in any facet of human conduct, that if God had taken a clear position in his scriptures, we will discuss that irrespective of outside pressures. Because the church is responsible to discuss everything that affects its parishioners, as it relates to the plan of God, the laws of God and when the church drops that responsibility it has no reason to exist. In fact I am already convinced that a lot of churches have turned into nothing but social clubs, and they cannot operate sufficiently as outside world institutions. They then have no reason for existence. The moment that we have to try to make our doctrines conform to a world order as an excepted revolution which is a Luciferian design to wipe out the kingdom, and to suppress the vision of the mind of God. Then, my friends, when we have made our minds conform to this we are back in bondage again.

A man said to me:---Dr. Swift, we are not in bondage yet. I said: well did you pay your taxes? How about that tax bill, does that look like freedom? Just how much did it cost you last year? He said: we they took about 30% of about everything I made last year for taxes. I said:--then you are fortunate. Because if you computed all of the hidden taxes, and all of the areas of manipulation you will find that they took a lot more than 30%.

Now; I said why then did this transpire? Why is this happening? You say that you are free, but what happens if you do not pay this? Well I would lose my property and eventually my freedom. And they might even curtail his right to walk around. You say but we cannot run this tremendous machinery today without a lot of money. We have to support this system. But I want to point out that when you made government this big you lost your freedom. The program of God's kingdom could operate this big a government because the program is big and the kingdom is big, and it could operate without this type of extortion from the people. Because there is a lot of things that we would do away with, and the first thing that we would do away with is the people that are handling our own money. The laws of God are violated in many ways. The general trend of the Federal Reserve System is a violation of divine law. In which they have placed a total evaluation on paper with their name on it, and then lend it with usuary results to your government and then you are spending almost 30% of your total production paying these people who swindled you out of your own production, by loaning you paper.

Whenever you pay almost 30% for the privilege of using their paper, it is time that you became wise again to this instrument of God and move usuary out of your society. This statement was made: that any procedure that extracts any profit for the use of money is usuary. Thus, all classes of interest is classified as usuary. But this is not true. When there has been an investment in this creation of wealth, the production of wealth, this in itself is not usuary. But when they create out of no value whatsoever except the value of the paper that it is printed on, they carry a supposed wealth, and then loan this created wealth to governments, in a constant repeated, and constant turn over thru the year then they have made the very money they created subject to usuary.

One time I sat with a group of young ministers, and we were being told as to what to preach on and what not to preach on. This professor said: there is one thing that I want you to know that you will soon discover, that there are areas of divine law, in the conducts of government. He said: I am an old man now, and there is something I know now that you are going to soon discover. This is that usuary is one of the problems. And the manipulations on the part of the money lenders, is also a problem but don't preach any sermons on it.

The first thing that I want to know from this professor was that if this is a violation of divine law, and creating all of this human misery then why should we not preach any sermons on it? He said, because the syndicates and the powers, and forces that be will crush any minister. They will wipe him out if he touches this subject. Thus, this is not permitted. Then if you persist in this then even your brother clergymen will say that is but a social gospel that you are preaching. And they will then denounce you from the right as well as from the left. I am not interested in terminology as it related to the application of the gospel.

I want you to know that the gospel of the Christian faith is the gospel of your race, and it is the flowing concept from the mind of your Father, while you are living in the earth, and it is going to affect everything, political, and social, and economic, and every thing that relates to your existence, in your society as well as your worship of God. And you very skillfully become in bondage to the formation of words, and to what we call semantics.

We have permitted the enemy to take over words which had great semantic values. There is nothing wrong with the word brotherhood. One of the things that Peter told us to do is to love God and love the Brotherhood, and to serve the king. This is Peter the Apostle. But that was the brotherhood of hardcore Christians. That was not brotherhood with the devil. That is nothing like brotherhood. There is no other word like Brotherhood for human relations because Brotherhood relates to my fathers sons. The only brother that I have are my father's sons. Nobody outside of my household are my brothers.

Someone said, but what about the man down the street? Well in that case he has to be my father's son. And I am going back down to the father that begat us. I am talking about the Eternal God who acknowledges us as his sons and daughters. And who said that we are his progeny, his household in the world. So therefore there is nothing wrong with brotherhood. And there is nothing wrong with the word Liberty. This is a tremendous explosive word and it means free from individuals coming in and interfering with your way of life. Liberty and brotherhood, so how about equality? This is a very distorted and twisted word, used in a very distorted way. When we talk about equality before the law we are talking about a standard of righteousness in which justice is blind, to the individual status, according to the economic status of their wealth and economic power, and recognizes that the law must be effective to everyone under it. But when the satanically inspired Illuminati made up of the children of Lucifer, where forming their underground patterns, and wanted to move against Christian neighborhoods and suppress them. They said we will make the pass words ‘Liberty, equality and brotherhood.’ And no one could be against that any more than you could be against motherhood. So they took these words and set out to equalize you with all of the people of the world irrespective of their background or their origin.

They tried to make you brothers with the Luciferian kingdom. Because they are more than you are. But always the children of the bond woman have been more than the free. They wanted to be able to subordinate you, engulf you and outnumber you by this procedure. Then they wanted to make liberty that which the forces which penetrate your society want it to be so as to take away your liberty. Thus it is that we have heard these words used by the enemy very, very skillfully. How many times have you listened to radio and T.V. broadcasts lately, in which the entirety of those broadcasts were talking about the downtrodden and depressed people of the Negro race, that they must have equality, and they must have the liberty to penetrate ever avenue of your society and your culture. And that the church is responsible to promote this because this is the responsibility of brotherhood. This, my friends, is a Satanic lie.

I am going to tell you something, Satan can quote scripture like a lot of preachers. Even tried to quote scriptures to Jesus, can you imagine that. This is the egotism of the devil, he stood up and tried to quote scripture to Jesus as to why Jesus should yield to temptation. Of course you do not have to go far for there is a lot of areas wherein people are trying to justify themselves for their areas of transgression all of the time. But Lucifer was trying to use the scriptures to get Jesus to do what he wanted him to do. He said: isn't it written that He shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against a stone? So jump off of this cliff and prove that you can do it. Some people want to go around and pick up poisonous snakes just to prove, that nothing will hurt you. But I tell you that you should not tempt the LORD thy God. What God promised to do in protecting the children, and in protecting the innocent is one thing. And what you do if you flaunt in the face of God is another. What you do in violation of law and all intelligence is something else. I am going to tell you that you do not go out and flaunt the laws of God. Just because the devil quoted scripture to you. What they are trying to get you to do is to flaunt God's law while the devil quotes scripture in the face of God. This is total hypocrisy.

Do you want to know how far effective that your missionary activities go? Here is an 8-page letter from Africa. And this letter says that this Gospel that has come to them has given them a new lease on life. It tells about how they bought expensive equipment, and changed the speed of the tapes from how our production line sends them out, to a separate type of tape which conforms to the type of machines that they have, in that area. And said that they are sending them into the Dutch Reformed Church and to people in different areas of government. And that people thru out this area are receiving his message, and that they are just spending their money, because this truth has quickened our consciousness and given us a new hope. South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, even smuggling truth into Kenya colony. The results of this is that when you see this, then there is a hunger in the hearts of people for the word of God. And when they hear this the important thing is that the great spirit of freedom is still alive. I want you to know that I think there is more freedom and liberty in the government of South Africa than is being displayed by almost any other government on the face of the earth right now. Because they are determined that they shall preserve their white Christian culture the background of their race. And they are going to fulfill the law of God.

I want you to know that the majority of people in these United States feel this way. Many of them are afraid to speak out but they will. But they have permitted their leadership to go the way of the world. There is no question that there is this freedom as stupid as the privacy to bug his home, to go thru every facet of his living and his personal papers. He finds himself pitted against a force which is always trying to find something so that they can lock him up, and deprive him of his liberty. In these Great United States your home is no longer your castle. When you were free, your home was your castle, and no one came in it without your permission or a warrant. But now they set the law aside and come in anyhow.

You say but what does this have to do with us today? I will tell you what it has to do with you today. Not only must you recognize that we must restore the laws of God to our society, and to our way of life, but we must dedicate ourselves to liberty and to freedom. We must determine in our personal lives that we shall seek every guidance and knowledge so that we can walk free and think free, so that we are synchronized with the thoughts of God. And we are not by violation of any laws, putting ourselves under any bondage. You must be free in spirit before you can push a feeling of free in spirit out to those round about you. This freedom is a catalyzing force. It stems from God. It moves thru men and sets them free. And then it moves out to build freedom. Violations of divine law put men in bondage. Men may walk as too free, and they may say they are free, but back in their minds may be something that puts you back in bondage. A subconscious guilt complex works on them.

Now; we understand the great workings of God's Grace. We know that HE has given us Eternal life, and we cannot add to it or take it away. But we also know that with the mighty course of His Grace HE has not predestinated our destiny based on the course of our past conduct, but on the purposes HE has for us. But there is a law which works among men and nations, with its area of compensation. And it requires you and I to live by the laws of God within this society as becomes the sons and daughters of the Most High God. By this process and as we dedicate ourselves, as to the preservation of our Faith, we no longer become ashamed to identify ourselves with Christ. We no longer are ashamed to support that which is Christian. We are no longer ashamed to say that we do not want anyone running our PTA, and we do not want a governor in our capital and we do not want anyone in our nation running for any office who is not a Christian. And that should even carry over to the treasury department.

To the attorney Generals office... In a time when you are suppressing Christians, I do not think you are too happy when you get an Attorney General who comes from the ghettoes no matter how much money that ghetto might represent.

I tell you that even last week we get an appointment in Washington . . . appointment of another weed. And this individuals father has great influence in the areas of the Jewish control of Commerce, in New York City. And the Attorney General is his sister. And when they wanted an Attorney General for the state of California, where did he come from? Where did Mr. Lynch get his assistant? They imported him from New York and he is a Jew named Rodent. So the Attorney General here is not a Californian, he is a New York Jew.

Someone said: but this should not be discussed in church. But it is a Christian's responsibility to do some thinking. Why do we have to go outside to get some representation, that is no part of our society or concept?

This last week Israeli made an attack against the Jordanians. Last week she made an assault against the Jordanians, and in other area of the Arab groups. There is no question of the fact that they are trying to stir up areas of international trouble. And then have you and I pulling their chestnuts out of the fire by destroying their enemies. But I point out to you that all of these facets point out to you the areas of your liberty, your national life, and the most important thing that you can know this afternoon is that you are a son or daughter of the Most High God. You were born free in the spirit, and after God placed you down here you went under bondage, by thinking wrong, by accepting error, by listening to the lie. And it is when you know the truth that you are set free. And God thru the spiritual revelation of his word, from his vast contacts with the Patriarchs, and the prophets, moved upon men with the knowledge of truth, and he set them free. He built up the orders of their responsibility. He gave them his law and he told them how it would benefit them, and that he would bless, and supply, and guide and lead. And then his entire program of visitation and atonement worked and He came as a man of your race, and was not ashamed to call you his kinsman his race, and his brethren. He told the disciples things that were to happen, and he told the Apostle John, almost 2000 years more of coming history. And brought to his cognition all things past, in the book of Revelation.

The difference in being a Christian and being guided by the truths of the Scriptures, is that you know what God has on his mind, and then you commune with areas of vision and inspiration, so the distinction is between being a success or failure, no matter what you do. The difference in success and failure for you is this being able to synchronizing your consciousness with the constant flow of divine knowledge, and understanding.

I do not care whether you are a farmer or an engineer, those thoughts that start to form in your mind and start to shape up come out of the heavens above. They are the areas of inspiration and they mark you above every people on the face of the earth.

Oh, you say there are some people who get ideas but they still have not inherited the way. One of these days every white man on the face of the earth is going to have a spiritual glow. He will be enveloped with the Glory of His Father because the scripture says so. "For all Israel shall be saved as it is written." Not saved from a perdition when we die, but saved from a catastrophe on earth where we live.

Someone said, we may get killed at this. Yes, that is possible. There have been martyrs from the beginning. But to be --'Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.’

I am going to tell you something that the enemy does not understand. This is that those that they martyr will still sit upon the throne and rule with a rod of iron. And altho they come with the kindred out of the heavens. Some people may not have practiced a good stewardship and they will be resurrected to finish the task. So don't you forget it.

Spiritual things, yes. They are the laws that govern the plains of God's creation. The greatest truth you can understand is to live triumphant on earth, as a son of God. And do not acknowledge any other force as having the power to control your destiny.

I want you to know that this does not mean the absorbing of you in earth, this means that your rise and rule with divine law. It does not mean mongrelization, it does not mean immigration, and it does not mean integration, but it does mean "Thus saith the Lord."

There is no greater liberty than being set free, under divine liberty and knowledge, going out of superstition and error into the purposes of God. As such this is what the book is all about. This is why the church was to become the catalyst and become the leader in the worship and meaning of the catalyst of God, to be the receivers of inspiration and to carry out the orders of God as a function for the society of God's people. Nations of his kingdom are a part of his plan. And the great program of the kingdom of God ruling the earth in righteousness is the necessary thing. After they butchered 52 Christians this week. After they threw one at a time 153 clergymen to the crocodiles this week, as they tore and twisted these Christians this week and their blood flowed out in a stream and this brought on more hungry crocodiles. The Congolese threw them in. they had been inspired. They were under the control of the witch doctor. And they hated you for what you stood for. It was not as tho they had not been given any background, but some of these schools and their benefactors were seized. And before they got thru 153 a significant number had been thrown to the crocodiles.

Someone said: do we have to share government with this? No we have to rule this with a rod of Iron. I am not too sure but that Adam Clayton Powell would not throw you in the Hudson river. For he said: 'We must rise up and overthrow the white man, and throw him in the river if necessary.

Let me tell you something, this happens when you turn your back on responsibilities. This is when you let the enemy determine what is liberty, and what is free. It is not the United Nations, but God’s kingdom which is to come. You have been taught to pray for it and to work for it.

End of message.