To Be Taught Of God, 3-20-67



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-20-67

We are living in a period of history where one of the things that you should know is the capacity which belongs to you as a people, and which God placed in you from the very beginning. It has often been suggested that it is important for us to know who we are. And it is essential then that you know where you came from Because if you do not know where you came from you will never discover where you are going. There are a good many people today who do not know who they are or where they are going and they are following a path today that is must destructive.

There is a special capacity which your race possesses. There are many who are not aware of that which you possess. They are sound asleep and not aware of the program of God, or the mighty dangers which beset the world and their nation. And because they are not aware of the purposes of God or who they are, then they are not aware of their destiny. They do not know how God is going to deliver them from these problems. And many do not know that the problem besets the land. However that does not eliminate the fact or change the things that God is going to do. There is a capacity that your race possesses. A capacity that belongs to white men and no other people on the face of the earth. That capacity is not only to think the thoughts of God, but to face them in the spirit in the wavelength of spirit in which the mind of God exists. For as the spirit of the Eternal and the living God From which comes all of the great flowing power and force of creation. The essence and the spirit in you is one and the same as the spirit of the father. For that spirit in you was begotten of the Father before the world was framed. It existed before the Father before the creations of the earth. It was the very essence of his own light which HE had begotten by his own purpose. For you were born of the spirit by the will of God, and that, my friends, in the endless ages of yesterday.

We can only sight again the 90th Psalm, that your dwelling place was in Almighty God before all generations, before the mountains and even the earth came into existence--"Thou wast with HIM.” Thus we cite to you that one of the most important things which you may possess today is an awareness that you have the key to instructions and to knowledge, and that you have a right to be taught of God. That your race not only has the right to be taught of God. But all of its achievements and all of its capacity, and all of the vision which it possesses has been stimulated out of the consciousness of God's mind. Has transferred His ideas into the seat of your consciousness. And from these ideas and accomplishments comes the distinction that marks the difference between your race and your faith and all others. The word ‘edio,’ ‘idea’ is the word--thought vision--and the Greeks well understood this word from which you get your word idea. That this was the transference of the immediate concept, and when you have an immediate concept then you have an idea.

Now; the strange thing is that you possess ideas that do not exist any where else. You get them, you receive them and you put them into operation, and practice and we refer to such a practice of ideas as Vision. There is no doubt that the division between a successful society and a developing culture leads to a great and powerful civilization. And the difference in you and those who continue to dwell in a jungle world is the capacity of vision. For vision is the transference of ideas. Ideas that move out of the spiritual field into the embodied ego. Thus you as individuals are dwelling in physical bodies, and you are well aware of that. But you are the children of the Most High Spirit soul, and body. Spirit of his spirit, life of his life and breath of His breath. And in this instance this is the prayer he taught you to pray, when he sent you here "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven."

We are well-aware today that a great majority of people do not know that their thinking is stimulated by the thinking of God. There are a few who are well aware of that. This is especially true that down thru all of the courses of history, God has always had this remnant.

He has talked to his children and his household. He communed with Adam and he communed with Seth. He talked with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He had previously talked with Noah. And we know that Enoch and Job the great builders of the city of On in ancient Egypt. That great university city in that period of antiquity both talked with God. But they had this unique experience --they were taught of God. Their knowledge and understanding was that of heavenly lore. And the spiritual avenue that they possessed was their avenue of understanding.

If we turn to the prophecies in the scriptures there were statements made by the Most High. One of them in the 48th chapter bf Isaiah is:-- "Thus saith YAHWEH thy redeemer, the Holy one of God, which teacheth thee.” This declaration is very clear. It is HE that teaches thee. We then begin to understand also in the 54th chapter of Isaiah He says when speaking of your race as a part of the divine family, as He is the Father of it, and the picture of the physical part of it is also transferred to the progeny of God the Israel of God. And in the redeveloping of that word in the seed of Abraham we turn now to these words; "I am thy maker, thy husband, Yahweh of Hosts is his name, I am thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. I am YAHSHUA and the whole earth shall recognize Me."

Now; he makes this declaration:--For all thy children shall be taught of YAHWEH. And Great shall be the peace(understanding) of my children. All of my children shall be taught of YAHWEH.

Now; it is a significant thing that we turn over to the nations round about us, and we see a circumstance which is referred to here in the scriptures. Micah calls it to our attention in the fourth chapter and he says:--That these many nations which gather against you, and against the servants of the most high God. They gather against God's government and order in the earth. And they know not the thoughts of the LORD, or YAHWEH, neither can they understand his council. This is a rather significant statement. They do not only not know the thoughts of the Eternal, but they cannot understand his council. I think it is significant then that there lies a greater responsibility upon your race, than upon any other people upon the face of the earth. For no other race has walked thee corridor of Celestial realms, or existed in the dimensions of spirit in the heavens. No other people have possessed this situation. You have not only existed with him in the plains of spirit, but as the Apostle Paul said:--You have already been blessed with heavenly blessings in heavenly places before these worlds were framed. The fact remains that this capacity to think God's thoughts belong especially to children of His own spirit, the household that he has begotten.

You will remember that because of this difference and the peoples of the creations of the earth. For instance he created people in that six days and yet they were not of his household. They were not Adamites, but they dwelt in the earth. And they were good. But the fact remains that they operated in the senses and were soulish in their nature. They possessed a spirit of life which he placed within them, but they were not his offspring, they were his creation. When the great day of the seventh creation came and God put Adam in the earth. And altho he had made the people who had been originally of this creation of earth, there was no Adamite to till the soil. And thus there is a distinction in the Adamites for they started this great agricultural development in the earth. There were people living upon the earth, building kingdoms plucking up what they found for food, but the great agricultural development came with the Adamic man. And this is marked as the dividing point even in symbolism in the book of Genesis. I am only siting this to you that you might recognize that the Adamite is the child of God's spirit. And because he is a child of God's spirit then that spirit in him is in communion with God. And that is why the spirit prays for you even while you sleep. Whereas Adam was the first physical progeny of the Most High God. Then the embodied incarnate body of Christ, which was spiritually conceived, is referred to as the second Adam. And He identifies himself then specifically with the Adamic race, even with the spiritually given vision of that race. Remember that all thru the program of God's kingdom that he calls for racial purity. And this racial purity was predicated upon a spiritual qualification. The necessity of racial purity was to protect a people who as they multiplied upon earth, would be able to carry down a spiritual seed and a capacity for spiritual inheritance.

Mix the people of your race with the people of earth and you have lost your capacity to pass on this spiritual seed, and the mongrel will have no capacity to either side. This was why that no mongrel offspring of yours could enter into the temple of the Most High. Or in the services of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament.

Nor is it, my friends, a purpose of Christ for you to embrace some of this error. For here in the New Testament he again calls for you to come out from them and be segregated, so that I can be a Father unto you and your children after you because I cannot be a Father to a mongrelized, mixed up group.

Now; you may say but God has a program that reaches out to the ends of the earth.---And yes he does. He has a program that reaches out to the ends of the earth. But it is thru and by the Household that he established in earth, that this was to be brought to pass. A people who could not only think his thoughts but could be guided by them.

Again let me call your attention to this discussion that we find over here in the book of John. For in this instance we listen to these words concerning the things that Jesus said:--This is the Father's (spirit's) will that sent me for all that HE (spirit) hath given me, that I should lose nothing, and should raise it all up again in the last days. This is the will that sent me;--He that seeth the son, shall have everlasting life and I shall raise him up in the last days. This is the Father’s will. For all that he hath given me. Then Christ enlarges on this. And he says:---These that He hath given me are not of the world, just as He was not of the world. But he said:--Don't take them out of the world. Keep them in it.

With this same significance then note here therefore, that the children of the spirit had been with the Father, and Jesus said in the 17th chapter of John in his prayer:--"Thine they were in the heavens and mine they are in earth, thou giveth them unto me." And now the 44th verse of the sixth chapter of John shows a very significant and realistic fact. 'No man can come to me except the Father which sent me draws him, and I will raise him up in the last days.' ‘It is written in the prophets that they shall be all taught of God. And every man that hath heard and hath learned for God cometh unto Me.'

Now; I want this clear in your thinking:--'All that the Father (spirit) giveth to me shall come. Everyone who has been taught of God cometh to me.' If they are not issue of his spirit, they will not come. They cannot help it, they do not know any better. They cannot hear and they cannot understand, but this is a fact that you cannot ignore today. Either in the development of your society or the building of God's kingdom, or the carrying out of your responsibility. This idea that every individual is to be accepted upon the same level of your society. To be married or integrated into every phase of your life. To be inducted into every branch of every church of Christ. And to be placed in every avenue of government in every Christian country is a fallacy.

This is not in the thinking of the Most High God. This is not the policy but it is from this part of the socialization of our nation from which trouble is emerging. Sometimes the truth is so strong and so powerful, and has been omitted for years and years by ecclesiastical institutions that do not find that it would help to build in their particular area the thing that they wish to construct. And we today have more teaching of ecclesiastical institutions, than we have of the instructions of God in many of the pulpits of our land. This is why we are told that in the latter days, there would be a famine in the land. Not a famine of bread, but a famine of the hearing of the word of God. And in your day, the most important thing is that you be able to understand what you hear. We have been told a lot of things which are not necessarily true. But it is important when history points out and unveils great secrets--'for unto us it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God. To them it is not given.'

What did Jesus mean by this? 'It is given unto you to know?' He said:--'I speak in parables, so that you will understand, but they will not understand.’ Thus he said: I want you to know, but I am not breaking the mysteries to those who do not have the capacity to understand. Nor do I want to explain it so simply that they understand the strategy.

Yes, that is what Jesus said, in the book of Matthew when He talked about the mysteries of the kingdom.

Now just for one moment lets turn back to this word: 'No man can come to me except the Father (spirit) draw him and I will raise him up in the last days.' what did Jesus mean by this? He meant that in this instance they would not be able to come to HIM, that they would not be able to understand what he said. They would not be able to participate in this program unless they were citizens of heavens, and were placed from heavens into this Adamic family by the process of natural birth. But they were spiritual seed that God was sending to earth to build his kingdom.

Let me then show you this. Everyone who has heard this word, every man who has been taught of God, and hath learned of the Father, cometh to ME.

Now; the fact remains that not everyone in the earth hath seen the Father. This is quite clear. Not every man who is in the earth has seen the Father, save He who is the issue of the Father, or is the issue out of God---He hath seen the Father.

Now; He said: I say unto you, that he that believeth on me, has everlasting life. This is no something that he is going to get. This is something that he already has. This is not something that he said I am giving you now, but this is something that you already have. Why? Because you are a child of spirit, which is born of incorruptible seed. And incorruptible seed lives and abides forever. You cannot destroy it, for incorruptible seed already has life. The only thing that you do not find immortal is the physical body. And the only thing in the seat of consciousness that is not perfect is the soul consciousness related to the physical brain. But the spirit is already perfect. The spirit was begotten perfect in the day of its formation. It was perfect when it came into the world, and it has never lost that spiritual quality which marked a child of the Eternal. This covers the whole Adamic race. And a lot of people would like to bypass this for they have their own idea as to how to take care of, and how to treat individuals with whom they are displeases. But God deals with great majestic grace with his household. And every individual that you may think is out of adjustment may just be out of adjustment with the pattern of his struggle. But he is not beyond the regeneration that the great spiritual light within him will develop. And God is going to see that son or daughter, if he has to raise that individual to finish the task that he sent him here to do. There is not anyone who is going to be able to overlook this task that they were sent here to do. God will see that they finish that task. Therefore we find that then Christ said, that 'no man can come to me except that which sent me (the spirit) draw him. And for me to raise him up in the last days he has to learn of God, he has to be taught of God or he would not come to me.'

Someone said, but couldn't we send out a bunch of evangelists, all over the world and tell all of these people all of these things, then would they not all come unto Christ? But Christ is talking of them coming to HIM. And as to sending out evangelists, then you cannot make out of individuals those who are not born of God to act like you do. If you are going out to the ends of the earth, and you tell them who the right God is, and about the kingdom. We colonized their jungles and we colonized their land, and we were to tell them to get out from under their pagan gods, and you enforce the law. And then and only then can the kingdom start to come in. Then you let the world order come along with world ideas and in opposition to God’s laws and this opposition comes in and wants to integrate the world and mongrolize it, and then lifted the witch doctor to the same status as God's ambassadors. And they want you to give up the leadership in south Africa and then wants to tell you that this jungle savage is your equal. But this is not true. I want you to see that it is not only important that we be taught of God. And we understand that this requires an understanding of God's plan not only for the earth, but for his children thru out the universe.

I call this to your attention now, in the 8th chapter of John, when Jesus was continuing to teach. Jesus said to a group of the Jews that came. Now a lot of people are still in error and they think that the Jews are the children of Abraham, and that Jesus was a Jew. But the Jews were not children of Abraham, for they were Hittites, Caesars, and Amalakites, and Canaanites. There were many groups of them. They were a mongrel mixed up people and they did not descend from Abraham. And they had no relationship to Christ. He was not their relative, and Jesus Christ was not a Jew. The fact remains that the Jews came down around him and Jesus was talking about the fact of his eternal being, and they said where is thy Father? A short time before they had been saying that Joseph was his father. Yet just a short time before they had been saying that Joseph was his father. However it was generally believed that this was not true. For this was the revelation of the incarnate God of the heavens. This genealogy is born out in the book of Matthew concerning the genealogy of the Christ. And it was believe that a virgin did conceive. However, they said to Jesus now:--Where is thy father? Jesus said to them---'Ye do not know me and ye do not know my Father.' And then he said: ‘If ye had known me ye would have known the Father also.’

Now; very obviously these were not the children of the Father (spirit) or they would have been taught of the Father. For they had never been taught of God, and they had never beheld the Father, for they had never existed in the plains of spirit. This being so they did not know who HE was. Jesus said, I am going to go and ye are going to seek me, for whither I go you cannot come. That is one thing which you should remember, there is no Jews in Celestial plains. I guess that is why some people want to go to heaven so bad, they are just tired of these people who cause so much trouble in the earth. But there is an absolute assurance here that there is not going to be any of them in the heavens. Jesus said: 'Where I go you cannot come.’ there is no sense then in trying to evangelize the. No sense in sending anyone down to Palestine to try to make Christians out of them. You could no make a Christian out of a Jew than you can make a cat out of a dog.

Jesus then makes this very clear. I go my way and you shall seek me but you will not find me. This is a strange thing because the B’nai B’rith and the ADL go all over the world hunting down anyone they want to hunt down. But Jesus said: 'Where I go you will not be able to find me.' the Jews said: 'but where could he go that we cannot find him? Where could he go, that we cannot find him. Or where we cannot come?’ Jesus said unto them--and I want you to get this now---Jesus said: 'You are from beneath and I am from above, Ye are of this world but I am not of this world.'

Now; what does this mean? It does not mean that the body he was dwelling in was not resident here, any more than yours. But it meant that HE was the very LORD from heaven, and he did not originate here. He came out of spirit and born into this race by spiritual birth, but he was born into this situation by immaculate conception, by natural birth, but HE was the LORD from heaven.

Now; I have a little secret for you. Jesus said that you were not of this world even as he was not of it. So how did you get here? You were born into this world to. God came into this world just like you did, but your great celestial consciousness marks you as a child of the spirit, capable of being TAUGHT OF GOD. And you existed with the Father in the days when you had your greatest instructions. This is one of the reasons why these things are being called to the attention of God's children, for he tells you that HE is going to bring all things back to your remembrance. That is one of the great and mighty works of the Holy God, that he can set up a vibration of cosmic energy and life, that it stimulates the celestial consciousness. And that spirit moves into the seat of the soul consciousness of the children of God. And they remember the things of yesterday and the things that HE has told them. And this includes every thing that HE has promised them, even told them from the beginning. And He says that as that spiritual energy, that which is referred to as ‘Fire,’ when that took place at Pentecost---HE said this is the one thing---that when the spirit of truth is come, it shall bring all things to your remembrance, and it shall guide you into the knowledge of all truth.

Now; we are still on the road to all truth, but I would tell you that those who have sought and those who believe, then God has been bringing back the paranoia of yesterday and has been unfolding into the minds eye of his spirit, the patterns of endless yesterday and mighty creations, and the patterns of divine purpose. There is not one thing that you can get to focus your consciousness upon, that God will not unveil in the vast picture screen of your mind. The thing in its clearest reality that you have the faith to accept. Let me assure you therefore that God guides you in many ways He teaches you in a wave of intuitive knowledge. This feeling of assent that descends upon you, called this feeling of Discernment. And it makes you assure some things and embrace others. It makes you approach some people and you feel perfectly at ease with some people; but it sets you at tension with others, and you know that you should not be joined to or in close association with these that you feel this tensing with.

There is no question of the fact that God unveils ideas and visions. Sometimes it is done in the sleep of the night, and there are dreams that are visions. And they did not come from the problems that might be just indigestion, there is a vast difference. A lot of people come to me with visions and as I hear them then I think this must be indigestion for they do not conform to the word of God. But there is a vast amount of vision that people do receive, which are the purposes of God which he is about to fulfill. And it is as realistic to them, and events soon support that. Someone said: how will I know the difference? The spirit of God bears witness to truth. And if you are a recipient of truth there will come great witness with it, showing you that this is in relationship to divine portent and God has given it to you for the purpose of having it known to his people.

There is no question that the Celestial mind of God is resident in you. And making known unto you, thus when you read the newspapers you will know the outcome before it takes place. As you watch the development of events, you will know the climax that they are moving toward. As you read the prophecies of the scriptures! Then suddenly the news comes alive and each events takes it proper position. This my friends is the ever abiding presence that causes you to know. But all of the events in history are of the mighty ascendency of God's kingdom, and the opposition of the powers of Lucifer. It also causes us to realize that if your mind is in complete harmony with God, and if you are willing to be taught and to be shown. If you are willing to be corrected and instructed. If you are not so hard headed that even tho you are wrong you are willing to persist in it because you would rather be wrong than informed. But God will inform, will guide and eliminate and take out of the seat of your consciousness the error.

Now; I am going to tell you this. The moment that you take error out of the thinking of man, you take it out of his acts. For every transgression, that has ever been committed, call it sin, or transgression or what you will, he has to think wrong before he acts wrong. This is one of the reasons why is not the nature of God's children to think wrong and act wrong. But as they seek to conform to a world order which is not theirs, and it is not their destiny. When they seek to conform to it they will be bound somewhat by its policies and its influence.

This is one of the reasons why I want you to catch this panorama. To be Taught of God, is to be guided of the spirit. Since you are a spiritual being there is nothing that your ego nature hungers for more than spiritual leadership and spiritual guidance. If it does not get that it is a starved soul. This is the reason why in the parables that a man said:--'look at my barns and my houses. Look at all I have. So eat and drink and he marry.' But what a poor miserable fellow he was, for souls are not happy, and they cannot be merry with just the things which you possess. For a proper balance, the eye is single so that the whole body can be full of light. Is this not the same as soul, spirit and body for the greatest harmony in their existence? When your spirit is synchronized with your mind and your soul, you, my friends, are thinking singularly with God, and great Peace and Blessing descends upon you. He, that is TAUGHT OF GOD, SHALL RECEIVE GREAT PEACE, AND THY CHILDREN SHALL BE TAUGHT OF GOD. And GREAT SHALL BE THEIR PEACE AND THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS. This was the prophecy in Isaiah.

Now; lets go back to these people who were standing before Jesus, and they said, Where can he go that I cannot come? Why can't we go where HE is? And Jesus said the difference is that you are from beneath and I am from above. I am of the celestial order, physically embodied in the earth. While you are of an order that has been born of transgression and of error. You are born into earth from the nethermost realm. So I am out of the heavens and you are out of the Netherworld. Ye are from beneath and I am from above. Ye are of this world and I am not of this world (order).

And it says that as Jesus spake to them they understood not. When HE spake to them concerning the things of God, they understood not, that HE spake to them of the Father. They had no capacity for that.

Coming further along when the Jews were standing in contest with him, and Jesus said unto them:--As they declared that God was also their father---he said that is not the same god. HE said, if God were your Father, ye would therefore love me, for I am the issue or the embodiment of God. Neither come I just of the flesh but I am also of the spirit. This is the original text, and HE said: Why do you not understand my speech?---Hear this now.---Jesus said: why do you not understand my speech? It is because you cannot hear my words.

This is something that is a biblical factor. It is a biblical truth. But you don't hear it in the Methodist Church, and you do not hear it in the Baptist Church. For they do not want to say anything about that passage. They have been going around it all of this time.

Now; you say, but surely they could hear it, for they had ears to hear with? No, they had ears but they could not hear. And the scriptures say that there were people like that. Oh, they heard the voice and they heard the words, but they had no spiritual capacity to understand the words. They had no celestial being. They had not existed with the Father. And they were not his children. Oh, you say, but he created them? No. that is one thing that God will never be blamed for, HE never created a Jew. They were the offspring from Lucifer, so Jesus said, who fell from the heavens, and mingled with earthly people, and they produced this inassimilable people. Oh, I see a little frown, and some countenances a little darker than others. I do not know why. But let me tell you something. You might as well know the truth, for there is a difference here. And until in the ages that are ahead, when God puts all things in their proper order, then there is one things that you cannot understand. You cannot write oratory into a piece of paper. And when he came to them in the epistles, he said:--I do not come to you in philosophy and oratory. I am coming to you now with spiritual wisdom which the spirit alone reveals. Then this is what the Apostle said:--'I want you to know that we speak wisdom among them which are perfect. This again is hard for some to understand. But I want you to know that the spirit of every last one of the sons of God, or the Adamic race, the white race is perfect. They are not always perfect in action, when in the physical or this soul consciousness, but they have this spiritual capacity. And when this spirit is quickened, when they hear the call they respond. And they can receive the things which Paul is talking about. He said: 'I do not speak to you with the wisdom of this world. Nor or any of the princes of this world able to understand what I am talking about. But we Apostles, speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even a hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world was framed. Even before the creation of this cosmos, for your glory.' None of the Princes of the world knew this or they would not have crucified the lord of Glory.

The Apostle Paul said, now therefore I want you to know this. ‘The natural eye hath not seen nor heard, neither has it entered into the hearts of men, the things which God has prepared for them that love HIM. But God reveals them unto us by His Spirit, for the Spirit searches all of the things of God. The spirit is resident in you for you are not just natural men.

Now; there are lots of natural men in the world. The whole Negro race is nothing but natural men with a soulish consciousness. Every Negro man on the face of the earth is a natural man with a soulish consciousness.

Now; he did not originate here, for he came in during the days of Lucifer's rebellion. And anthropological evidence cannot be reputed today. And the Asiatic race was here long before the Negro ever came. And you did not come into the world until long after catastrophes had long overthrown the civilizations of the world and caused great disasters. Then into a reconstructed world God sent you in to build His kingdom, for the children of which HE was proud.

Now; as we say this then a lot of people want to argue about this, but they do not have any foundation to argue from. There is a difference between people and the natural man does not receive the things of God. Because they are spiritually discerned then he does not have the spirit to discern. There are people who are creations, the Enosh people. They are a natural type of people, and they have a certain spirit of life within them. This was a created life placed in this continent in direct relationship with God. And they have a direct relationship with this continent of his creation. They can be restored as to what they were before they fell. And they shall be restored as will the Negroes who will be restored back to the planet from which they came, in the days off Lucifer's rebellion.

Let me show you then, that as the apostle Paul speaks, not in the words that come out of the natural man, with a wisdom that is thru the senses. But this is what the holy spirit teaches that you compare the spiritual things with spirit And if you did not have a spiritual being able to compare and receive a spiritual thing, then you would not hear anything. We went thru this once before when the Apostle Paul was taken over with the propaganda of his day. He did not know that Jesus was the Christ. He thought that because of his education in Spain and in various school. He knew that he was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. And he realized that there was a difference between the Jews and the Israelites, but he was not aware as yet of the destiny which he saw involved in Jerusalem, which he saw. And he did not know anything about the Christ except just what he heard. In fact the Jews had elevated this brilliant student to a position of leadership for the extermination of Christians.

That is how far he was brainwashed. Do not get the idea that the Apostle Paul suddenly decided to be a Christian and chose Jesus Christ. He did not have anything to do with what transpired than with a thunderbolt that came out of the sky, and burned the engine out of your car. The fact remains that he was on the road to persecute Christians and he was with a bunch of Jews. And he was going down the road and suddenly the lightening crashed and the thunder roared. The sky opened up and Christ said: "Saul, Saul, why persecuteth ME?" And Paul looked up and he saw the image of God standing there and he answered him. He holds a conversation with HIM, he hears and he responds. The Jews with him said, why are you stopping, that is only thunder and lightening. They could not hear and they could not understand. They can look all around today and they can see the thunder and the lightening, but they do not perceive the acts of God, the voice of God, or the vision and inspiration which HE is pouring out upon HIS people.

I want you to know that this is again clarified. The natural man receiveth not the things of God, neither can he know them because they are spiritually discerned. II Cor. 2:14.

Now; don't let someone come along and say but that is only the difference between the spiritual and the natural. It means that our head knowledge cannot understand it but our spirit can. Remember that you are spiritual men in a physical world. The natural forces lack that leadership and your guidance. This is referring unto you in conscious understanding, moved and guided by God's spirit, which is the great motivating spirit of God and His kingdom in the earth.

Now; we must move on to what the Apostle Paul is then talking about. For he is not only talking to the children of the Most High God but he has declared in Ephesians that they are predestinated by the Most High God. For he foreknew you before the foundation of the earth and determined that you should dwell in earth. And now HE gives you a responsible chore. "I beseech the brothers by the mercy of God." The Apostle Paul knew who they were, for he had been stopped on the road of error. And he had unveiled in one majestic revelation in the seat of his consciousness the identify of the Father. He left this band that he was with, and then became their most positive enemy and they sought constantly to liquidate him.

And we note here that he writes to the Christians:---'I beseech thee, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your body a living sacrifice.’ And that is one of the greatest challenges that we can give Christian Americans today. That in the service of the Living Father, that you present your body a living sacrifice.

Now; we are not asking you to go out on an altar and die. In fact we are not asking you to die at all. The message of the church is not to die. It is to live. And we challenge you to present yourself a living sacrifice, which is holy and acceptable unto God. And it is your reasonable service.

Now; therefore, how do you start accomplishing this? The first thing that you have to do is to be taught of God. And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Now; that is one of the things that would be good for America right now. This great nation was moved by our founding fathers to not only have freedom and liberty, but personally freedom and liberty under God. To live as the sons and daughters of God should be able to live upon the earth. And when they founded this nation, the guidance of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have produced the finest structure of Government that the earth has ever seen before. And now it is added that what we need in America is the renewing of our mind.

Do you know the biggest problem we have today? When the children are guided by the spirit of God, they do a great work. But when guided by the world order, and the world plan, and the world program. And forget the things which belong to them by spirit, and by nature, then the world takes them over and degenerates and destroys their society.

You used to have your children taught in the schools in the concept of this freedom, and in the concept of the word of God, and of his moral and ethical standards. In your time there is an influx of world order, and world teaching which goes into your schools. They are starting now by this process they are using, financed by great foundations moved by the most materialistic and socialistic professors in the Chicago University and in others. This liberal professorship is moving into the schools, and to start in teaching your children at the kindergarten level, not, my friends, the things which belonged to your fathers. Not the principals of your civilization, but UNESCO comes in. And it starts teaching the integration of the world and the mongrolization of the races. Starts this out in the kindergarten with material that is prepared by the B’nai B’rith. And they start to teach little children the mixing of little rabbits, white ones and black ones. But the white rabbits and the black rabbits do not want to live in the same burrow but pretty soon they force them to do this. And after a while there is little polkadot rabbits running around and they are all happy. But that is just the attempt to sell little children on the mixture of races.

Now this is not according to the ways of their fathers. It is not according to the spiritual structure. Right now we are watching it from the Grammar school level to the University level. And they are trying to teach us not to remember the history of our race, the instructions of our Faith, but the World order, with a world government, with a world program. They want to submit to the jungle and put it on the same level with you. I am glad that there were still professors in the scientific field last week still in the University of Chicago, said, that professors in their various institutions were engaged in socialistic development and political science, and were beset with this concept of racial equality and mixtures. And they said that they were overlooking all of the evidence that they had on genealogy, overlooking all of the evidence that the biologists and students of physical scientist understood. They were overlooking all of the facts of brain waves, and the resulting findings of the psychiatrists. So from the papers from the real scientists in that University came the facts, that mentally the Negro is inferior, and he lacks the initiative and brain drive of the white man. And no amount of socialistic lies could make him your equal. You cannot do it by legislation, and to turn over to him the things for which he does not have the initiative and drive to accomplish was going to be one of the most destructive condition in our times. These professors said here we have one side of the school endowed by foundation, to sell a lie that will destroy. This will not help anyone, so lets not turn over a great white nation to a people who are not given the capacity or ability to fulfill the course of this nation.

Now; I don't think some of you like this, but I cannot tell you that all of the creations are equal just because you would like to have this true. The world order wants you to be absorbed because they know that they cannot out compete the white race. It does not want the leadership of the white race because it does not want to be under their control. And they do not want to have to bow the knee before the Most High God. So Satan has turned you to be thrust into an organization into which you are out voted and outnumbered, and out controlled.

Now; your greatest problems of this time is the working of such institutions. The world order moves under their own social and economic program. The world order is what we know today as the United Nations, this organization is to be your downfall. It is to be a world government. But it is a violation. And God says come out from among them and be ye separate.

Now; did you know that within the last few week the U.S. Senate signed a treaty with UNESCO? And do you know that as soon as a treaty is signed by the U.S. Senate it becomes the law of the land superseding all previously laws or treaties?

Now; do you know what they did; they signed a treaty that will put all education under UNESCO, guidance. And that will take the power of education out of your cities and counties and state, and it will empower the Federal government be the agent for UNESCO, which will let UNESCO set up the curriculums for the whole program of education. And you were worrying because you thought the federal control of education was bad? That it was a centralized program of brainwashing by the bureaucrats. But actually, now your State Department has signed a treaty to take away all of the structure of education, and not put it under the instructions of God's kingdom, but under the World Order thru UNESCO.

Now the U.S. Senate has not ratified that treaty, (even yet). Every Christian should write their Senator and tell him not to ratify that treaty. After all UNESCO believes that there should be a proper representation of teacher according to who they represent. They would have more Asiatic and Negro teachers in the U.S. while they took your teachers and scattered them all over the world. And they want to reduce you to a supportive society without any voice in it. This, my friends, again is why the scripture says for you not to be conformed to the world. But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. When your mind is transformed, you will never surrender any blessing that God has given you, into the hands of anyone else to rule over you, now or forever.

The people taught of God are going to protect their heritage when they wake up. This is why I like those words of the Apostle Paul:--'The renewing of your mind.’ These are things that God put into your spirit before you came. These are things God put into your consciousness concerning your race. This is your responsibility, and it is to be taught of God, guided by his spirit.

We don't have to be taught of people that have failed. The whole world order has failed. The only thing you have to do is see the great white nations of the Western world to see that the world order has failed. They had to come to you to learn assembly lines, and scientific processes. And yet today Africa has not learned anything. In Ghana, when you graduate from a University, then your level of learning is about with a seventh grade student in these United States. And you have to put a doctorate with it down there. Thus any 7th grade pupil in the U.S., if he has a good average, knows more than a college graduate in Africa. And by the way they have only graduated 14 in all of the history of Ghana, anyhow. But they are not ready to be inducted into the society of God's kingdom, or able to take over the management of any portion of it. They have not developed to that point, and it is not God's purpose that you and I should make these errors. You say but over here they develop farther than that. They advance further under your influence and under the light and power of the capacity and energies of your race. But turn them lose on their own energy and their own vision and they do not have it either.

We do not say this as a derogative remark, this is just a statement of a scientific fact. This bible is written to you, for you and about your race. It is your Father’s master plan, and it makes you his children and you are to build his kingdom. And this is a blueprint for righteousness and Grace. He put the whole universe together, and the whole earth, and everything in it and he has determined that it will be brought back to a proper relationship with HIM. And you with His help are going to bring this to pass. The world may not like it but they can't stop it. And you will see that great day when you are going to crown your majestic Father, 'KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORD'S. AND THEY ARE GOING TO OBEY HIS LAW AND IT WILL GO TO ONE OF THE EARTH TO THE OTHER.

I want you to know that you have the capacity to be taught of God. All of thy generations which have now moved into Pentecost are guided and taught of God. They were to go to sleep in this last day and God has promised to awaken them out of their sleep. He has promised to build the greatest day of Glory and civilization that the earth has ever witnessed. We still must meet the enemy, but there is a new day coming just ahead.

End of message.