Behold The Bridegroom Cometh, 8-25-63


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-25-63

We turn tonight in our thinking to the subject ‘Behold the Bridegroom Cometh’ because there is a symbolism to mystery here which reaches back to the knowledge of our race, to its relationship with God over a long period of time. The very understanding of the knowledge which God restored unto the Patriarchs and the Prophets, sometimes is not discerned in the areas of contemporary theologians. As one goes back into this knowledge of the ancients, the writings of the patriarchs, the volumes of Enoch, the testimonies made known unto us from the book of Seth, as Seth the author, records these facts, the vast number of these ancient and sacred records became a symbolism of Mystery that is the relationship of God to His Household, His people.

In the teachings of Jesus there is then a multitude of parables which are illustrations of the Mystery, but which were not intended to be easily understood because of the KEY which is therein contained. ‘Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, unto ‘them’ it is not given.’ Almost all these parables are directly related to the purpose, the development the plan of the Kingdom, and God’s own personal relationship to it. All are therefore vital for a Christian to understand.

In the ancient writings of these Patriarchs, the great mystery and wisdom of symbolism were discussed. This symbolism was in the higher orders of their race. And here the symbolism was a part of their wisdom and understanding. In fact, in the Assemblies, where they met together to discuss these revelations and these patterns of significance, there were many things that they understood in these measures of symbolism in the days that proceeded the Ministry of Christ.

Today, we discover that the Essene Company which was made up of those of the Kingdom still around Jerusalem and Palestine, that all of the great centers of the remaining symbols of wisdom and knowledge possessed by men belonged to this great source of understanding. We understand that these Essenes, this Essene Company, was divided into two great schools of wisdom. That they applied both the spiritual as well as the physical application of God’s purpose for the occupation of His Kingdom. Of course, they lived in a very turbulent period of time which proceeded the beginning of Christ’s ministry. And in those years before His ministry, as you know, there was a struggle going on in Palestine.

Not only had the Roman government taken over this Province and ruled it, but this Province---the internal affairs of this province had been taken over by the Sadducee and Cainanite forces who had professed a relationship to a Faith directly related---so they said---to the teaching of Israel. They claimed they were a part of this Household and of the race; professed that they had the same knowledge, the same background, and that they possessed the law, and had a knowledge of all these things. So complete were the claims of these usurpers, that they were the possessors of this pattern, that actually by this chicanery, they had gained control of the Temple in Jerusalem. And held it in the days of Jesus and had great influence all out of proportions to their original numbers, in the land of Palestine, even on the Sanhedrin itself.

Of course, under their manipulations and their control, their strictly materialistic control of gold, and the administration by the Jews, for their own design, their economic mastery, had given them great influence even over the Roman Empire as well as Palestine where they lived. It is for this cause that Herod, King of the Jews, from the Isle of Pergamos, was made king of the Jews under the Roman Empire for the administration over Judea. And it was because of this influence that the Cainanites had gained their evil power even in the Sanhedrin which existed in the days of Jesus. This is the reason that you discover there were false Pharisees, and there were Sadducees with their animosity for the true teachings of God and the patterns of His Laws, altho they constantly quoted from them, after they possessed the documents of the scriptures.

Thus, they possessed a knowledge of the truth, but they lacked the capacity of illumination, even tho they had this knowledge in their possession.

Now, because of the pressure of events in that time, the great orders of wisdom that made up the true people, those of Benjamin and Judah and Levi, had to hide in the caves and caverns in Judea, and even up into the areas of Syria. These people were then known as the Essenes. And it was these people that we get the Dead Sea Scrolls. For from excavation of these vast ‘libraries’ which they maintained, we get the scrolls. Many of these things in their libraries they did not write. Many things that they did not accept were however, in their libraries just as you might have a vast number of volumes which are a record of your time. They also had the doctrines and teachings of these enemies of God’s Kingdom. They told of the chicanery they were up to.

This is why the struggle between the Sons of Light and the sons of darkness were in these scrolls and the knowledge of these Scrolls, of the symbolism of God’s connection to His race, and the great spiritual force He was planning to set forth, all of these things, He advocated, were found. This is the reason why the books of Enoch, and the records which go back to the time of Seth and others, were also found in these Scrolls.

When one understands what was involved in these scrolls, then they understand that by no stretch of the imagination could the false and fallacious charge that the records of Enoch were written afterwards by Christians, to bolster up and support their story be true.

After all, Jewry and the enemies of the Kingdom have sought to question the accuracy of the wisdom and knowledge found in the scrolls and possessed by the Essenes. Even after the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls which confirmed the origin of a vast number of these ancient and sacred scriptures, they are still trying to displace them from what they were. Of course, there were documents in there that were written by the enemy, but were in different categories. This of course, some people do not understand. It is important therefore, that if one talks about the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes, that one should never say that these are Jewish scrolls, or Jewish documents, as many writers on the Dead Sea Scrolls do today, as they talk about them as ancient Jewish documents. These are not Jewish documents. They are not Jewish doctrines, altho some were written about these powerful forces that were the enemies of the Christ, and were carrying out this operation.

The Essenes were not Jews for the Jews hated them and sought to hunt them down. These Essenes were true Adamic men out of the great background of Israel and out of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and their portion of Levi. These were White men, masters of truth and they understood many things.

One of the things that you must know concerning these parables of the Christ, is that the relationship which God had explained to Enoch concerning his race would always be understood. At no time did Jesus in His parables upset this great truth and knowledge that HE had inspired throughout all ages, in its form and its symbols, with HIS people. God did not change this.

For instance, He had unveiled in the past that HE was the Eternal God, that the Adamic race was His household. That He had brought them forth as His own issue. This matter He had made known from the days of Adam and Seth down to Enoch. He told Enoch of these matters, that he (Enoch) was God’s Israel, that he was a part of the issue of God, and was to rule the earth. And this is what these words actually mean. Today when you try to identify yourself and your heritage and your background as being a part of God’s Israel, then people say you are trying to neutralize or divide. But they do not even know what the word ISRAEL means. It means ‘Issue ruling with God.’ Every true White man on the face of the earth, who descended out of Adamic stock, this is where this name came from, and that person is an Israelite tonight. And he better understand what that word means, and he better start denying the identity of these phoney usurpers who have taken on this area of identity, only so they might gain power and influence over the church, and get the church to denounce its destiny and acknowledge their evil capital in Palestine.

We tell you today, that the Israel of God, this household of God has a very special connection to the MOST HIGH who identifies Himself and His Household. In the course of this subject, He establishes this connection with the House of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And the word Israel is specifically identified with His people constantly and continually. Thus the word was understood in the days of Enoch and also well understood in the days of Seth and other such writers.

Now, in this instance, God establishes this Kingdom, specifically identified with His people, all so clearly that the Kingdom is a three-fold Kingdom to carry out its functions in earth. So---what is a Kingdom for? Well, a Kingdom is used to occupy and to rule. It is an area of Government in an administration. From the beginning of the Bible to the end, the program of the Kingdom of God is for the occupation of the earth, and for its administration. It was designed by the MOST HIGH GOD that those who constitute His Household, His Israel would thru their prayers and work, be found in the book of Deuteronomy and thru the rest of the writings of Moses, especially in the 7th chapter, be a people above all those found upon the face of the earth.

We were rather amused yesterday when Judge Isaac Taft, writing in the Los Angeles Times, said, ‘Judaism today does not accept any thought of one individual being superior to another, or that there is anything which would upset total equality of all races and all people.’ This proves that Judge Isaac Taft does not believe in Moses or the Bible. Because the Bible teaches and Moses teaches out of the Revelations, out of his instructions, which he received from God,---of the superiority of HIS Israel race, of their being chosen and elected to build a Kingdom---a Kingdom which will never be destroyed. (Speaking aside-------Make sure that the B’nai B’rith get this full quote, and get it accurately.)

It is rather significant in this matter, that we point out to you that the students of the scriptures, those who understand and know these mysteries, realize that these mysteries are for you. These symbols of mystery are for you and will understand the relationship of a race to their God.

This is one of the reasons why God speaks concerning the selection of a race. The race is the media stemming out of the embodied formation which He established in Adam, of the occupancy of His Celestial children. There is a theme---’Begotten in spirit before the world was framed.’ And we find that they move into earth thru the Adamic race. Thus the Adamic race becomes a symbol of God’s embodied counter parts, thru which His spiritual sons find their entrance into the world. Thus God identifies His race, makes His Covenants with the House of Israel, as His Bride, to whom He is married. I want you to understand this completely. God says, ‘I am married to Israel.’ In the book of Isaiah, He says, ‘Thy Maker is thy Husband.’ In this instance, at no time is there any change. Do not be carried away by the breaking up of the concept of Deity---’Hear O Israel---YAHWEH thy God is ONE YAH.’---’Hear O people---YAHWEH thy God is ONE LORD.’---I YAHWEH, am thy YAHSHUA, thy Savior.----Beside Me there is no one else.’

Now, what does He say concerning you? He said, ‘In your disobedience you are like a wife that was divorced, who wandered away, but I ask you---who can show Me a bill of divorcement?’----Why? Because ‘Thy Maker is thy Husband.’ Then in the 31st chapter of Jeremiah, he talks about a New Covenant that He makes with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, in which He spiritually quickens their consciousness with a bolt of Divine energy out of His own Spirit, and brings a quickening, an illumination, an light concerning their responsibility and their destiny of His Household.

We point out to you that the parables never vary from these instructions. God therefore, makes it very clear that the race is the vehicle for the bringing forth of His many sons. Always the race was thus identified in the many symbols and mysteries as ‘the Woman.’ This is why the 12th chapter of Revelation shows Lucifer in symbolism as the Dragon, and the hoards of Asia and all the powers of anti-Christ that he leads make war with ‘THE WOMAN’ who brought forth the man-child symbolical of even the body of the Christ.

The first mystery of race is here also added to as the MOST HIGH GOD refers to you---now in earth---as His Kingdom. He uses the Apostle Paul to carry out the truth that He had already explained long before Enoch. In order to teach the Apostle Paul, He did the same for him as He did with Enoch. He took him into the heavens for a heavenly experience in which Paul said, ‘Whether in the spirit, or in the body, I could not tell.’ Took him thru the very dimensions of the heavens. And the Apostle Paul talks about the four heavens he passed thru, then the other dimensions where he was taught by Angels, and by Archangels at the ‘Will’ of the Father. And in his education, this man was selected and chosen for this experience, and had vast space flights into the dimensions of spirit so that he might come back and write these things in a book and be a great Apostle to the Church and to the civilization that it represents. As such, he said he was a missionary, an Apostle to Israel.

When John the beloved Apostle was taken into the heavens and given the experience listed in the book of Revelations, you will remember that here his first instructions were to write these things to the churches. This---so that the Spiritual center of the Kingdom might have a blueprint. Thus---’I quicken your consciousness out of the experiences I have given you---out of yesterdays and tomorrows, so that they might become an oracle of added information, of proclaimed truth. Thus John was told that his mission was not only to a race, but especially to the spiritual center---the church. Whereas the Apostle Paul’s mission was unto the race. His message was to go out to his race, and this was an explanation of why the spirit forbade the Apostle Paul to go to Asia, because the race was not in Asia. It was settled all over Europe.

I point out to you therefore, that when you turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul, then read in the 2nd chapter of Hebrews---’Now that the children of God are in bodies of flesh.’ You are not in earth, you are still however the Divine Household, just now embodied. But as an embodied people you have been given a covenant from the very beginning ‘to multiply and to populate the earth.’ You have not only been given these instructions since the days of your Adamic origin but the purpose of God’s Kingdom was to multiply and increase---’For of this increase of His Kingdom there should be no end.’

In the multiplicity of this purpose of the Father, he refers also to these embodied sons throughout the Universe and throughout the earth as the sands of the seashore, and as the stars without number. Some people will talk about our finish, but we haven’t even started yet. We haven’t even begun to get underway. We are only one-sixth of the population of the world today, but with that one-sixth we are going to take care of the whole world---don’t forget it. And then ‘Tomorrow the world’ is just as sure a prophecy as any that has even been made.

I want you to recognize as we look out over the earth, it is the purpose and ‘will’ of the Father that the children of His Kingdom come to life in this hour, and He will see that they do---to accomplish these things He has purposed.

Now, when you look out over this relationship of God to His people, He wants you to know that each one of you as individuals are a Celestial being, begotten of God, or bonafide sons and daughters of God---yet Christed in the earth in physical bodies, by birth into a physical body, thus this great vehicle which God says is ‘His Wife,’ this great race of which you are a part is what He is talking about. Why then does God call Israel, this White race His wife? Because He began these many sons, and thru the media of this race, thru race purity, these Celestial sons are born into the world. So He turns to the race of which you are a part to the Kingdom made up of the nations of today which are Christian and are the Israel of the Old Testament, to the White race in the Kingdoms of the New Testament, as His wife. If you do not think this is true, then remember, God said, ‘Is there any god beside Me, lo I see not any. I sm the Eternal YAHWEH, I am YAHSHUA THY SAVIOR.’ When Jesus talked to His disciples and to those round about, I want you to understand this clearly. HE said, ‘He who hath seen Me hath seen the Father, for I and the Father are ONE.’ Does this mean separate wives, separate brides in this symbolism? Absolutely not. For when Jesus quoted the scriptures or when He talked about these symbols He was talking about the writings of the Patriarchs and the Prophets, for there was no New Testament written at that time. Thus understanding this, He was not talking about the Church or its future development because that would not come into force, or full development until after HIS Ascension.

Thus when He referred to these patterns in parables and principles, He was referring to these same symbols which had existed throughout the years. I want to make it very clear that the MOST HIGH GOD makes it very clear that HE is referring to those out of the Adamic race as the children of the Kingdom. He refers to the people who have ben sowed into the earth in the Parable of the Sower and the tares. He talks about the tares being the children of the wicked one. He tells about how the tares try to choke out the wheat, but the ministering spirits are going to gather the tares out at the end of the age.

Now, do not for a moment think that all the people of earth are either the children of God by spiritual birth and by origin, or that they are all tares. This is not true. The field is the world and the good seed are the children of the Kingdom. But there is also seed sown into the world that do not belong to Lucifer as his offspring, such as the tares. But they are not the children of the Kingdom either. But they dwell in the world which is the field, where the influence is from Lucifer, and they are also ruled over by the Tares. There are those called Goat nations which are under the influence and power of the Tares. They are ruled over by evil, by Lucifer. They are to be found among the ends of the earth and its races. Especially is this true of the people of the ancient Toraug civilization which once possessed the knowledge of truth before the fall of Lucifer. They not only possessed much knowledge, but some areas of this truth still carry down thru their mixture of pagan philosophy giving a glimmer of truth almost forgotten, which still remains.

We must point out to you that God looks upon the world as His footstool. He was going to establish His throne on it, and transplanted His race, from heaven to earth to build that Kingdom. And you are a part of the tremendous events which shakes the world because of the impact of this struggle in the world between His Kingdom and this power of darkness.

Now, we point out that the purpose of the MOST HIGH was to unveil the mysteries unto His disciples, and to bring to their attention again the things which had been taught. So in the days of Enoch, and recorded in the ‘Secrets of Enoch,’ he makes known the fact that God refers to his race as His wife, and refers to His race as those bringing forth His individual sons. For He deals with you individually as He says, ‘I call My sheep by name---I lead them out.’ He said, ‘I give you Eternal Life.’---and---’I will come to earth to empower My many sons, not to them born of the will of man, not to them born of the will of the flesh, but to them born of the WILL OF GOD,’---out of a Sovereign destiny according to the declaration of the 1st chapter of John. Thus we point out that in the mystery in which Enoch writes, he said God looks upon the earth as a great Kingdom, and in this---the Great Day, this being one of the Glory days in the Kingdom, then Enoch said this would be when God comes and provides the great feat of the scripture, filling Himself with His Kingdom.

Thus the ‘marriage supper’ another parable, which is found in the book of Matthew, tells you how a certain man sets up a great feast, and that the King of Heaven was like a certain king who was given a feast and preparing a marriage supper for his son. He sent forth servants calling people to the wedding supper, and bidding them to come. He sent his servants to say, ‘Behold I have prepared a dinner for you, I have prepared all the food for the marriage is coming.’ Well the people heard this, but they made light of it. And one person went to his farm, the other to his merchandise store. Those however, who did to run away, seized the servants, and spitefully handled them and slew them. Now, the kind was very angry and he sent forth his armies and destroyed the murderers and destroyed their cities.

Now, this was in preparation to the fact that the SON was to be married to His people. The word son used here is ‘Incarnate embodiment.’ Thus a certain King according to this parable was going to be embodied in earth and married to His people. He sent out an invite to people everywhere, saying come to the feast. Since Jesus than came to His own land, and as He says in the parable--’He came to his own land but the occupiers received Him not.’ Then He sent out this bidding to come to the feast. The Ecclesiastical group said, ‘we are too busy, we have to go to our farm and other places, so we can’t go.’ But those who stood around seized his servants---the messengers.

I point out to you that in Christ’s denunciation of this declaration following His Ascension, remember the proclamation was made of His purpose that always His messengers have been slain by the enemy. They waged war on all the organized church, as organized Jewry hated the Christ. Organized Jewry smeared and rejected the Messiah.

Now, Israel was to accept the Messiah. The people of God’s Kingdom were to be identified by His name. But the people who also had some knowledge but had no desire to respond to Him turned against Christ because they were Luciferian in their origin as well as in their design to destroy. So, we note, it says here in the scriptures that when the servants and messengers were sent out to bid people to come, to recognize this great event as Christ joined His people, His Kingdom, here referred to as the ‘Marriage Supper,’ they were killed by the enemy.

Now, this ‘supper’ is the great bountiful demonstration of that ‘Great Day’ when that Kingdom of God is set in place. The word supper is but a symbol. It is not talking about a supper, actually. It is only a symbol of the Great Day when God is united with His Kingdom for an administrative reign and all the bounty of all good things descends upon the earth. Remember then, that the enemy does not want this. For America is a great nation of God’s Kingdom. Spiritually we are symbolically united with HIM because we are the members of HIS CHURCH WHICH IS THE SPIRITUAL CENTER OF HIS KINGDOM. We are members of His Household, life of HIS LIFE, and breath of HIS BREATH. God in His declaration that husband and wife are One flesh, marks the fact that HE and HIS Household are also ONE.

In this instance then, remember that the enemies of God’s Kingdom are made up of a rebellious Archangel and his children who are called Jews from one end of the earth to the other. The fact remains that I can even turn to their own scriptures, their own Talmudic writings and read there:---’Behold these Christians who worship Satan who they call Jesus, they call god the devil who we worship.’ So, they worship the Devil and they will never be any better than he is because they cannot be any greater than their father.

Someone said, ‘You should not preach that way, Dr. Swift, you will stir up the Brotherhood.’ Well, there is only one brotherhood I am interested in stirring up and that is the Brotherhood of Christians of the Household of God, so they will carry out our destiny and finish the task we were sent to do here in the world.

I point out to you then, a very remarkable thing in this instance, fitting to this Marriage Supper. It says, having to do with these who remained around as His messengers is talking, well after the King is gone, these messengers who were bidding people to come to the feast, to this great hour,---well, these who hung around watching, then killed His messengers. Thus the Jews killed His Apostles, then murdered and destroyed anything connected with the picture, as they could. Then what did God say?---’Because they have done this, Behold, this is what I am going to do. I am going to destroy their city.’ And I think this is quite significant because in this matter when Judgement falls, we see this prophecy in literal terms. He makes this statement, ‘Woe unto them, for these things they have done.’

They had refused. They had destroyed. They had even murdered those who bore testimony to HIS great plan and purpose. And then slew HIS servants. Then the King was angry, and he sent forth his armies and destroyed those murderers and burned their city. (In 70 A.D.) Now, I am tired of these sympathetic clergymen who talk about the Roman, Titus, and say he was a symbol of the anti-Christ as he marched in there and burned those Kikes in old Jerusalem.

Now listen to what Jesus said before this happened. He said, ‘Those who remained after HE left would kill His servants, His messengers.’ So God said, ‘I will send in some of My army and they will burn up their city.’ Some people don’t know that most of that army was from the tribe of Gad. Many do not realize that Titus the Roman, and his father’s administration had permitted the true houses of Judah and Benjamin to migrate out of that old city, coming into Europe as the Visgoth and the Normans, which marked their leaving and land of Palestine. They desired not to remain because of the evil marked by Jewry. And they did this before 70 A.D. to fulfill prophecy.

As these prophecies of the destruction of Jerusalem took place, then God refers to these as His armies, sent in to kill the murderers. You say, ‘Oh, who were these?’ Remember what Jesus said to these false Pharisees and the Sadducees? HE said, ‘You are murderers. Your father was a murderer and you are like him.’ HE said, ‘You have slain the masses, you have slain My Apostles, you are to blame for those righteous killed before this and who will be still slain upon earth.’ So in this instance, the destruction of the murderers was when Jerusalem fell having been usurped by these people and it did not effect true Judah and Benjamin.

Now, therefore, we turn again to the parables and we note the servants were to go forth and announce the time when the Wedding Supper was ready and as many as you find then bring them in to share in the blessings of the Kingdom, when it rules and when it administers. (The wedding garment is a covering of righteousness or right thinking.)

Now, did you know that back in the days of Enoch, that the wisemen gathered to know that the King of earth in occupying the earth, would be withstood by Lucifer, by his false Ecclesiastical representatives who would deny Christ from the beginning and identify them with the anti-Christ? Thus they knew what was to come. Some people say that we should not call the Jews and their organizations anti-Christ, but I think we should, because THEY ARE.

Written in the books of first and second John, it tells me that these who deny that Jesus is the Christ are anti-Christ. I think we ought to let these Jewish representatives stand and let the B’nai B’rith come out and if they do not like our words, that they are anti-Christ, then let them say they are for Christ. Let me tell you something. If the Jews came out for Christ, we would not have any more trouble with them. But the Jews are all for Satan, whether some of them know it or not. If they are against the Christ, then they are not for HIM. Then they don’t do any complaining when we classify them as being anti-Christ because they are.

Now, by this strategy, we look at what transpired, and another parable is given. This parable is also one in which there is no change in the symbolism or in the purpose. ‘For the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto ten virgins who took their lamps and went forth to meet a Bridegroom. Five are wise and five are foolish. The foolish took their lamps but took no oil with them. But the five wise virgins took oil in their vessels with their lamps. And while the Bridegroom tarried, they slumbered, or slept. And then at midnight, there was a cry, ‘Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, go ye out to meet HIM.’ Then all the virgins arose and trimmed their lamps. Then the foolish virgins said, ‘Give us of your oil for our lamps have gone out.’ But the wise said, ‘No, lest there not be enough for both of us, but you go out and buy from those who sell.’ Well, while they were gone, the Bridegroom came and they went in, for the marriage supper. Then afterwards, came the others and said, ‘LORD, LORD, open unto us.’ But He said, ‘Verily I say unto you, I do not know you.’ Watch therefore, ye know not the day or the hour when the Son of Man cometh.

Someone said, ‘How is this related to the subject?’ Well, it is a perfect statement of the Old Mysteries. The old pattern of the clues given unto your race, or Christ symbolized in the parables, is here. He referred to the people who made the proclamation that they were all part of a common brotherhood. They were all related to the same Father, and were all trying to build the same Kingdom.

So by this declaration in the days of Enoch and later the Essene Company, they said, ‘Behold there are many people and they claim they are dedicated only unto God irrespective of the ways and the route they have traveled. They have set themselves apart and made only one Kingdom which is God’s Kingdom in the earth. They are dedicated only unto God irrespective of the ways and the route they have traveled. They have set themselves apart and made only one Kingdom which is God’s Kingdom in the earth.

In this instance, we read in the Essene writings, ‘Behold, God has declared---I am married unto Israel.’ And the great hour of revelation shall be when I establish My Kingdom, and under My new Covenant, rejoin Myself in the majestic ceremony of declaring ‘These are My people. I am their God. This is the nation I am married to, this is the civilization which has brought forth My sons. And in that hour when HE called for the establishment of His Kingdom, when He comes suddenly to claim it and to establish His power, there will be many who will say, ‘Oh, you are the God also that we served, you are the God to whom we have been joined.’

Now, the Essene likened, concerning the hour of the revelation of the Bridegroom, said, ‘Behold, they that had been joined to the Bridegroom had the OIL of GOD’S SPIRIT, and in those climactic hours had been illuminated until their lamps were trimmed and burning with the OIL OF HIS SPIRIT. They had held out the symbols of God’s Light which was the wisdom of HIS intellect and HIS mind concerning HIS way and HIS Laws, HIS purposes, and HIS desires. Therefore, they were in the prophecies to come as the hour would approach when the Bridegroom was about to come.

At that time, the way the actions, would determine the Kingdom which HE was going to be joining. The virgins now to be determined would be identified as those having spiritual identification. For altho they may have gone thru times when they slumbered and perished, as the Bridegroom tarried, when the end time came as the time was close to the approach, the were to be spiritually energized, had oil--(Light, or truth) in their lamps and went out to do His bidding.

Now, Jesus used this parable, ancient in its wisdom, and carried down thru the days of the Patriarchs as to how the Kingdom would come. It is a very foolish clergyman who says that these wise and foolish virgins are the church. They talk about the fact that the church is made up of people who have accepted that Jesus is the Christ. So they had the knowledge of truth, then half of them backslid and did not obey all the requirements of some denominations so they became foolish virgins. I will tell you why this is foolish. Jesus says of the church, ‘The Church is My body in the world today.’ Therefore, since the Church is His body in the world today, you and I as individuals, have a very direct responsibility. For you and I are sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD. You are members of God’s family, and you bear the testimony of HIS WORD. You are HIS hands, HIS feet, and HIS eyes. So the Church is not involved in what we call this Great Marriage of the King, or in what we call the King being joined to His Kingdom, except that the Church is a facet of the Kingdom. But symbolically you are already of the church, which is a symbol of Christ in unity with HIS government, and HIS race, because you are ‘the body of Christ in the world.’ Therefore, identified in symbolism as the Church of the Bridegroom who uses you as His mouth and His voice.

This is not talking about the Church, but about HIS great Kingdom. It is talking about the people who hold citizenship in the Kingdom, to which He is married.

The reason there is a multitude of virgins whose lamps are trimmed, is because this is symbolic of God joined to a race. In the use of the word--’virgins’--in virginity, it means that in the heart and soul of a people you have not given your heart or pledge to another. You have not accepted pagan gods. You do not bow down before devils and false gods. You do not worship Buddha. You do not worship Brahma, Vishnu, or Siva. You still retain this virginity of the consciousness which this is talking about. This is also in the book of Revelation, where it talks about His Household. You see that there are 144,000 sealed on their foreheads, and it is carried out then into the thousands and thousands and thousands. The scripture is translated poorly in the King James Version, where it says that these virgins, these thousands and more thousands, are men virgins. Actually, these are people of the Kingdom, men and women who are so dedicated in their love of their God, who is the symbol of their civilization, that they are united. They are as virgins, have never given any service, any allegiance to any pagan god.

I want you to know that the great majority of you in this great auditorium, well, all except the enemy’s agents---are not only dedicated to the MOST HIGH, but have been since you were a baby at your mother’s knee. You have never worshiped any other god. Never had any other divine lover of your heart and soul to whom you have given recognition unto, but Jesus the Christ. So this is what it means as it talks about those who have been sealed by their Father, in their intellect, in their consciousness, and in their foreheads. ‘Hurt not the earth until we have finished the sealing of the children of their God in their forehead.’ Now this does not mean that they are going to run around and put a stamp on you anymore than it means that there are a lot of devils going to run around with 666 on their heads and on their hands. I heard one Evangelist who didn’t know anything about it, altho anyone can read words in a book and then get and talk about it. But he said, ‘We have a great and dangerous day coming. And in that day there is going to be some terrible man who is the anti-Christ and he is going to make everyone worship him. And he is going to run around and stamp with a branding iron the number 666 on the heads and the hands of his followers.’ I am sure that is never going to happen, it won’t go over with you. Then this Evangelist said, ‘After he has stamped this number 666 on his followers, he is going out and make war on the Jews, and then we will know the end is coming. But He will take us out of the way first, and yet we know that these other people will be punished because they did not join the church.’

I listened to this silly sap and I knew why people were in trouble. In the first place, if the anti-Christ ever came along, he would be putting his arms around the Jews because they are his children. Have been from the beginning. No anti-Christ is going to make war with the Jews who are already anti-Christ, and who are making war with you. But the symbol of 666 is used to show the strength of humanism which is man without God, who is trying to build a world government, a world power, trying to extend it to rule over the nations of HIS KINGDOM.

Today, here you are the U.S.A., a great nation of God’s Kingdom. You represent the fertility of God’s Household in spirit. But right now as a nation, you are inside a bondage in unity apparently with the enemy, enjoined with the foolish.

No wonder we then hear this cry from God, ‘Come out of her O My people, lest ye be partakers of her evil deeds.’ In the book of Matthew, it tells us about the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven is likened unto this. ‘Those that were wise, they had oil in their lamps, and as it approached the time for the Bridegroom to come, they are very busy. The oil in our lamps has been there since God first put the flow of HIS SPIRIT and the knowledge of HIS WORDS into our hearts. He says, ‘My word will not depart out of thy mouth, or out of the mouth of thy SEEDS SEED FOREVER.’ With this declaration, we know that we have a certain responsibility, that we represent the phase of the embodiment of the Kingdom which the Bridegroom comes to rule over. The Marriage Supper is thus the GREAT DAY OF THE MAJESTY OF THE EMPOWERMENT OF THE KINGDOM, WITH THE GREAT BENEFICIAL PATTERNS WHICH IT BRINGS IN. So what are you to do? Symbolically, therefore, our light is our resistance to the World Order. Our Light is the knowledge that not only does HIS SPIRIT reside so that we draw on the strength of it, and that we may draw on the strength of HIS WORD, that we have been given, to go along with the allegiance in our hearts. Thus we can then carry out the objective of opposing the patterns of the enemy. Therefore, our light shines out to disperse the darkness.

Now, if I can go back to the ancient symbol which is also tied in with other facets concerning God, and the raising of His Kingdom, this parable was for the sake of identity. There are those who in this instance declare, ‘Oh, yes we are a part and serve the one true God. Don’t they spout brotherhood from one end of the country to the other? Don’t they say, ‘Oh, yes we are Christians,’ altho they deny that Jesus is supernatural---or JESUS THE CHRIST. Don’t they also join up with the usurpers who in the falseness of this pattern declare, ‘yes, we all worship one God, the true God is the Father of all, we want to see the Kingdom come in.’-----Do you see the picture? They say we have the New Frontier, the United Nations, and all those great programs. But there is no OIL in their lamps. They have a knowledge that there is something to come that needs illumination, but they do not have any oil, or light of the spirit. I am going to tell you today that there are a lot of people that have not had their consciousness quickened by the Holy Spirit. No wonder that they do not understand. There are vast numbers of people today who make up the people of the world having had in the ancient past, according to Essene Doctrine, the knowledge of truth.

Now, I am also going to tell you that it is only a matter of translation over periods of time that has seen some of the original wording become obscure, and has been returned in to the present presentation.

However, I also point out to you that in the hour when the cry comes, ‘Behold, the Bridegroom cometh,’ that the people who are expecting HIM don’t have to make any changes. They don’t have to make any reservations. They do not have to decide in this climactic hour of these events, this upheaval which surrounds the Coming of the Bridegroom, they are not suddenly going to have to get something which identifies themselves, making them into something they are not. They were-----some of them----not ready. Were not working in some areas in the operations of the Kingdom. But who knows all the areas of the Kingdom as it comes to this climax?

Now, there are great rulers and people of the earth who have ruled their hour with the Beast System. There are countries not of your race which did not belong to the Jews, but the Jews dominated and ruled them. And they have lived their hour with the Beast. There are vast numbers of kings and rulers who were told strictly in another parable in this declaration, ‘In that hour in which I shall come----there will be a hue and cry, and they shall cry to the rocks and mountains to hide them.’ This is their Jew complex which falls upon them according to the book of Revelation. So under this declaration, we see this pattern.

Now, I also do not doubt but what a great many people are going to come to their senses in a quick moment of understanding. But as far as the administration of the Kingdom, in these great formative days, in this hour of declaration, there are a lot of people throughout the world who have no part nor lot in this, and are specifically identified, because-----THEY ARE NOT MY HOUSEHOLD.

Number 10 is the number of completion. It involves everything in the earth except Lucifer’s children. And it isn’t just because there were 10 tribes of Israel and two tribes of Judah. That is not what it is talking about at all. Because Judah and Benjamin are involved also in the Kingdom, in that hour of His Majesty. The number 10 is thus the number of completion and it involves all the patterns of people of earth who were not Luciferian seed. Those people once had knowledge in the days of beginning. They had knowledge which they gave lip service to in the patterns of the world, but only those who possess the Light and the OIL of the Spirit are those who will share in the Administration of the Kingdom.

Do you know what that means? Altho the Jews don’t like the words White Christians, the only people who are going to rule the world when the Christ returns, are White Christians and they will rule from one end of the earth to the other.

And then there came a cry, ‘Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.’ ‘Watch therefore, as you have been instructed.’ Be ready for neither the day nor the hour when the SON OF MAN COMETH is general knowledge.

Jesus said something concerning this. “You are not children of darkness, you are the children of Light.” You do not have your lamps or lights sitting out in the road, but you are lit by spiritual illumination. Because you are the children of light and not the children of darkness, these things are made known unto you. Therefore, you are not to be taken unawares for you have anticipated and are looking forward to the approach of the Christ. And while you are waiting, you are letting the Light shine, irrespective of whether it is liked or not.

Now, I point out that in the symbols, whether you believe it is identifying your race or not, way back in the Old Testament, we have writings concerning the House of Israel and the House of Judah----the two great Houses of Anglo-Saxons and the House of Joseph. And we see how these great ‘houses’ would stand by the people of earth, and you were talked about as ‘golden candlesticks’ now with a candle because the oil which feeds the lamp, which is a candlestick, this Oil which feeds that lamp is coming right out of the Olive Tree itself. Which, my friends, is this ‘great house of Israel,’ the race which HE established. This is why, in the book of Zechariah, as God establishes His Kingdom, it is a great and Holy mountain with the ‘All Seeing Eye’ symbolized upon it. This mountain is in the earth as His Kingdom, and all the world is going to shout before it. And the great witnesses which stand by the LORD of all earth, both, in symbolism, stand out and it is the two branches out of the Olive Tree that produced the oil that illuminates or brings the Light. Again this is a race message.

In the Old Testament and New Testament, it is talking about the great and majestic days of God’s Kingdom. About those who stand by and testify and bear witness to the ends of the earth. And the identification ends up with the people of the Western World, the Christian civilization being spoken of. Ends up with the House of Joseph and the House of Judah, the Germanic people, and those of the Central parts of Europe, and the Western perimeter which involves the House of Joseph and Anglo-Saxons in America. In the House of Joseph especially, out of these two branches of Israel, you have of course, two branches of testimony out of Ephraim and Manasseh, out of America and the British Empire. And when you have the House of Judah, you also have the Germanic people and all their kinsmen.

Now, what are they? They are White families to the ends of the earth and wherever they go they bear testimony of Jesus the Christ. They give service to the ONE GOD. They give recognition that HE alone is GOD. And in this hour, I am going to tell you that the President of the United States is also confused. In fact, he is quoted as saying that he has to build up the great spiritual Destiny of this nation, that we need to select the finest and best in the areas of leadership. Still, he is falling into the program of the anti-Christ to mongrelize, integrate, and confuse. He is advocating a change in the whole system of our living, our laws, and to force upon us the absorption of a people who have no OIL in their lamps, to absorb a people who have no capacity to illuminate and guide and build a great civilization and culture. They never built one in their lives, but he wants us to absorb this. There is no doubt about the areas of error because we are already in this period when these problems take place.

Because of this, we again call this to your attention. Because of the influence of the World Order, the Satanic design to propagandize with this Luciferian propaganda, the number of deputies, non-Christians who come into this country and cry brotherhood to gain power, we then have a President who says we must guarantee equality. We must extend this brotherhood to every man, no matter his race, his color, and his creed. And he demonstrates his intelligence by showing that he is just a man who holds up his dog by its ears.

Now, you say, ‘But that does not make any rhyme or reason.’ Alright then, open your Bible, to the book of Proverbs, chapter 26, verse 17. It talks about a madman. And it says he passes by and he meddles in a strife which does not concern him and thus, he is like one who takes a dog by the ears. It says that he is like one who meddles with total propaganda and tries to put this over on his people and on his race. He is a madman according to scriptures which says:--’He is a man who holdeth up a dog by its ears.’ Now, I can’t remember anywhere in history, I can’t recall anywhere in history, hearing anything of any kind about a man who held a dog by its ears, any man in public live (like President Johnson). Have you? This is the first time this has happened and the whole world has heard about it. It says he is meddling in strife not his own, and he is a madman.

Now, I suppose that since I read that passage, that they will have to hold a Congressional Investigation. But my dogs will come to me because I never picked any of them up by the ears. Do you know what happened? There wasn’t anything which shook Americans more than that. People by the thousands cried out about this. Everybody knows that this not only hurts the dog, but it demonstrates a lack of appreciation for the dog and for his feelings. A man who hurts a dog to ‘show off’, won’t have any mercy on you either. This morning, I thing it was, the L.A. Times had a picture of him petting the dog and holding him right, just to prove he can do it. But do you know what that meant? So many Americans were angry, they were afraid of losing their votes over that dog. Let me tell you something. He should have lost the votes over the question of what he is trying to do to the nation.

We can be thankful, tonight, for the dog. Because we would never have known if it were not for the dog, that God refers to this meddlesome man who moves in the structure of this, giving problems to his people, expect he be the man who holds up a dog by its ears.

Alright, this also goes for all those false and foolish clergymen who also have no oil in their lamps but who say how they are waiting for that ‘new day.’ But when the Kingdom comes, they are not ready for it at all.

Behold the Bridegroom cometh, and in this instance, and I do not want anyone to be carried away with the idea of the cause of the symbolism of the bounty of the joining of God to His race which is referred to as the Great Marriage of the Ages, for this does not mean that there will not be a transition for a period of time. Because this same pattern shows that HE comes in with His armor on. He comes as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. He comes in for a crushing defeat and to smash the powers of darkness. And I will tell you this. The enemy is going to be defeated before the Great Supper starts.

We have had many prophecies in the scripture telling us of the day and the hour. And we have called this to your attention as Christ unveiled these things to His disciples. He has given us the mighty pattern of His purpose. He has assured us that we at this time, on this particular planet which we inhabit, here outnumbered by the enemy six to one, that we are not to be alarmed at this situation. But we are to proceed with the full assurance that we are the sons and daughters of God and will be empowered until 1000 can fall at thy side, and 10,000 at thy right hand. And no harm will come to thee.

I think what we need to do is to challenge Christians by the thousands, who are willing to take their stand for God. Then watch the thousands fall at their side, 10,000 at their right hand. Someone said, ‘You know ‘David the Prince’ is also going to stand up in the last days.’ Well, you can resurrect him anytime, because Saul had killed his thousands, and David, his 10,000. And they are welcome, because we need a lot of men who are good for 10,000. Then someone says, ‘But we want love in the earth, we don’t want any turbulence.’ My friends, we want what God has ordained. We want the love of those who are worthy of it. And He told us to love each other, but He never told us to love our enemies. Today those who are chattering of LOVE, with all the programs of brotherhood for the earth, instead of the declaration of God’s Kingdom, they don’t love you. They are waiting for the day when they can slay you, mongrelize you, and destroy your race so as to set the devil up for god.

In this instance again, when they think it won’t happen,----actually, a vast number of the enemy think they have everything going their way. They are chuckling over the success of their efforts. Do you know that almost everytime I turned on the television or radio this last week, that the B’nai B’rith was the expert telling someone something?---what a silly thing. The enemies of Christianity here in this Christian nation are the experts on ‘brotherhood.’ They are the experts on problems, on hate, on division. They are attacking the people of the Kingdom and charging them as being the enemies of America, when all of the true sons of Lucifer’s kingdom are the enemies of every Christian nation, and every Christian in those nations.

So you say,---what happens? You have a lot of people saying, ‘LORD, LORD’ in that hour. And HE says, ‘I never knew you---who are you?’ They say, ‘But LORD we went out of here and we preached in your name, and we had a great hour of delivery, and we told everybody that they just had to integrate and so forth.’ And HE said, ‘You may have a name which sounds like a cracker box, but I don’t know you.’

Oh, you don’t say that a son of the MOST HIGH who has gone out and saved people by the millions is not going to move into the administration of the Kingdom? No, he is not. Because he did not save people by the millions. No. He told them bedtime stories, not---’Thus saith the LORD.’ And they say, ‘Oh, but they praised His name.’ Well that is good. The rocks will also do that. But these people we are talking about did not show their Light. And they tried to destroy the Kingdom, tried to teach integration and the program of the darkness---all in the name of the LORD.

Do you know that all over this city, they have started in the churches the program of integration between the White people and the Negroes? Do you realize that in the ‘Church Wide Conference for Youth,’ what was known as a ‘Bi-racial Church Conference’ was held at Columbia University? 600 young people were there. And their professors were there also. And they bivouacked together, regardless of sex----blacks and whites together in the same dormitory. It was a wine driven, sexual orgy filled with depravity--all in the name of ‘Brotherhood.’ And this was the route to get the approval of Jesus??? See what I mean when I say that there is no OIL in those lamps?

One of these days, my friends, the judgements of God are going to move. And they are going to demand a price at the hands of those who betrayed our race and our civilization. Oh, do not worry about the ultimate destiny of any individual for God can reach out with HIS Grace to effect for them the ultimate transition which is required. But I want you to know that there is a chastisement that is about to fall. And judgement begins in the House of God. When God gets thru shaking the earth, when He gets thru bringing in the Hosts from the outside, you will discover that HE knows exactly what He is doing.

As you know, there has been a lot of demonstrations going on in the South and there about. I happened to notice in a few of the newspapers, in fact, some of these clippings were brought in today,---that modern science knows that you are moving back into a cycle wherein a great number of things are going to happen, wherein the greatest waves of astronomical bodies and vast meteorites shall be passing earth as well as striking her---such has not been seen for millenniums.

Someone said, ‘But isn’t that frightening?’ No, when my Father says ‘Bombs away,’ just stand and watch, for you know who can hit a target. Of course, we would advise you to move over a little from Fairfax for He might send a ‘big’ one in.

Remember the day that Joshua was approaching the city of Ai? God told him to move in, but when HE told him to stop, then he stopped. How do we know this happened? Well, the Father was there that day and HE stood before Joshua in radiant armor, which was shinning with Light. And remember that Joshua said, ‘Whose side are you on?’ And HE replied, ‘I am the God of thy fathers, the leader of the Hosts of YAHWEH.’ And fell before HIM, saying, ‘I want you to take command.’ And HE said, ‘You just go on out, and do as I tell you for I will be there. I have the Heavenly Hosts on this job and we will instill a great bombardment. So you just march right up to the enemy and when you bet close to that line, then you stop. Don’t move another step.’

Well, Joshua took his army of your race, and outnumbered, yet they moved against these pagan Canaanites, these Asiatic hoards, this great power of darkness. As they approached, they came to the line and they stopped. And suddenly, a whistling scream came out of the earth and meteorites by the thousands hit the battle field. Explosions came and what transpired, utterly wiped out the enemy. You can go down there today and look and find where the meteorites hit the earth, and see particles, pieces of them.

The prophet Daniel also saw the day and the hour. He saw the time of Jacob’s trouble. And we are in that trouble. Whenever you have leadership which cuts back on your military, cuts back on your armies, your defense, in the hour when God told you thru the prophet Joel that you better prepare for war, that you better be beating your plowshares and pruning hooks into spears and swords, because you are going to have to stand off this great pagan army, when you have a President up there who says you must disarm, you must trust the enemy, you are going to have peace---the Almighty spoke thru the lips of the prophet Isaiah and said, ‘There will be no peace, for in the hour when they talk about peace, then sudden destruction comes.’ These are the word in the Book. And you have the advise of the Father who is talking about this day. Someone said, ‘Oh, if I could have lived some other time.’ But I wouldn’t want to miss what is about to happen for anything.

Now, the MOST HIGH GOD has not abandoned these United States. He has destined us for a great destiny. And we will be here with our flag flying when Jesus comes. He is not abandoning your civilization, your culture, your stand for truth. For when they have rolled up their last troops to fight against the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH, the armies of America will be Christians dedicated to her service. Some people are worried. They say they are going to round up all the Patriots. But no. There will be more Patriots than soldiers when that day comes. I am going to tell you something. They may find there are more patriots among the soldiers than they thought. Don’t try that even with these Green Beret boys. Just remember that they have a special hard-core that are trained, who are supposed to have no conscious, to move out and use Karate, and everything else to liquidate. They have commandoes of every special type, all in existence for resistance. To what? However, the people of God’s Kingdom do not fight against the government of these United States. This is a part of God’s Kingdom. So they just oppose the evil which in the name of the people has taken over. You know that the majority of the people in these United States would like to be free under the laws of God instead of under the laws of Babylon as we are tonight.

Now, they may not understand, and they may dream, and they may even think it is superstitious. But the day they try to put their hands on God’s anointed, in the day they try to move against the House of God, then judgement is going to move on them like a plague. There is no power which can stop God’s plan in this day.

This is why the sons of Lucifer are mouthing all the objectives of God’s program. They want to destroy the true standards of the Kingdom. They want to mongrelize the race and its faith. I am getting so disgusted every time I hear some politician talk about equality and brotherhood, and the great fatherhood of all races, religions, and creeds.

I have a letter in my Bible which came from the White House. It is a rather interesting letter saying it is from the President’s Chief Council. In this letter, of April 20, 1983, from Washington D.C., we read:--The Civil Rights Bill now under discussion in the U.S. Senate is not going to deprive anyone of their personal liberties. The measure however, will prevent discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, and individual will.’

Now, I want to know what they mean by their will? If you cannot determine who you can hire, who you will have around you on the basis of their race, their national origin, their opinions or their will, my friends, they are making a will to destroy the things you stand for and you don’t have to put up with that. Don’t you believe it. As President Johnson has declared, he is going to provide full participation in our society for all the citizens. In the major provisions and the design, it is to secure the right by the Constitution which has been denied these citizens. The Bill prohibits discrimination by government officials, but he states in here that the Constitution already guarantees the rights of every citizen. So, alright then, if the Constitution guarantees the rights of every citizen, we do not need any meddling. The Bill prohibits discrimination by Government officials in education, in voting, discrimination by employers and others in their hiring practices. But it does not effect little business, or small employers. So why shouldn’t bigger employers be allowed to select the right kind of people, the best for his business. Why should little employers be allowed to hire who he wants and a bigger employer have to hire some people who are not prepared, are unadaptable and should not be in his institution? What kind of a lie is that which makes people think that only the big people are going to get hurt? Therefore, the only little establishments outside of the big one, which are going to be hurt by this are those institutions which are engaged in anything which comes by way of Interstate Commerce.

Now, this is the catcher. For I do not know of anything that you can buy at the little grocery store, or the stationary store, or food places, that does not move in Interstate Commerce. All their commodities come from the East, West, North, and South. Sometimes from this packaging company, this soap company, and so forth. In otherwords, there is not anything that they are not going to try to regulate under one disguise or another.

Then President Johnson said we are going to end all discrimination in any hospital, any service source, anything connected with any Federal assistance. In this letter I received, it says:---I am enclosing the material on Civil Rights which President Johnson lends his full support, for this measure rests upon his belief that the rights guaranteed by the Constitution apply to every American of every religion, of every race, and every region of our country.’ And this letter says that he is going to see that they get it.

I am going to tell you that this double talk, this use of force, the design of the administration to invade your privacy, to overlook your rights, to force upon you associations that under the laws of God and under your Constitution----you do not have to stand for. One day they will be thrusting into your homes, and your business, in the areas of your social contact, by crashing your communities and by thrusting the Negroes in with your children, with the end design of mongrelization and intermixture. This is the mouth of Babylon talking.

I am going to tell you that I understand again, what is meant by the person who meddles in this strife, which should not be the strife of our race. I point out to you therefore, that in this hour we are climactically close to great events. Last week in New Mexico, a great object came in down out of the heavens and it exploded. Officers, policemen, and others saw it and recorded it. And then it was reported over the radio and in press releases. We are told that experts from bases in New Mexico came and looked at the spot, and reported that some object had moved, had great heat, and that others had seen it come in. But this week they are now telling us that no one saw anything. But they forgot that on Thursday of last week, when ‘Desert Strike’ was going on, that over at Barstow, down to Blyth, and then all the way over into Arizona to this battle line of ‘Desert Strike,’ someone saw something. What was it???

There are as many as 100,000 men on the ground in this Desert operation. And sometimes over 200,000 men will be utilized. General Adams is one who arrived on the 1st of May. And I have a picture of his arrival at Needles as he takes command of this area. This is supposed to be a training period for our troops for what is necessary for our defense. And there is nothing wrong with training our troops. But there is something funny going on in all this. One thing, is the United Nations Headquarters set up in Needles, Arizona. Local officials were told that they must comply with orders. And Sheriff McFarland said that there will be as many as 280,000 military troops involved in this Desert training exercise. The number will fluctuate from 30, to 50,000 on up to 100,000 at a time, from the communication received. The Headquarters were told that they might meet with the land owners and explain the exercises before they started. In the meeting with the ranchers, one asked General Smith, ‘We understand that there will be representatives from other countries here?’ General Smith replied, ‘I am sorry but this is classified information, your answer will have to come form the Pentagon.’ Another man spoke up saying, ‘On my property are signs in Russian and in Polish, and also the Yugoslavian language. Does this mean that Russian, Poles, and Yugoslavs,---from these Red countries are going to be involved in this exercise on my property?’ They answered him, ‘I am sorry that will have to be answered by the Pentagon.’

Now, it is quite obvious that they are not teaching the American soldiers all these languages all at once. Then another rancher spoke up and asked, ‘Are foreign nations and their armies going to be involved in this?’ And General Smith turned to the man in charge of the meeting and said, ‘Do not recognize anymore questions from these gentlemen.’

Someone said, ‘Don’t be alarmed, this training just prepares our men for insurgencies all over the world.’ But that is simply propaganda. For the part of the world they want to disarm is America and any center which is the basis of resistance for their One World Government.

What do I think? Last week as this great ship which many saw, came circling over Baker, then swung out over Knotts Berry Farm, and over Barstow, then when people looked up, they saw this great craft, and they also saw it move over towards Needles---and they saw thousands of tiny specks in the sky all similar to the big one which they were watching. This sighting was announced, but now they are saying this was just a fast flying observation craft which our service has.

I think it was an observation craft alright. Because I do not think there are any thoughts known to the enemy that our Father does not understand. I think there are a lot of innocent men in our services who do not know what they are a party to. And I tell you that anytime the United Nations troops operate on U.S. Territory, this is evil. I do not think we have to worry too much about Michael’s Army. I think they are standing by. I think it is closer than you think until their participation. I think the great hour of deliverance is about to take place. I think the tares are about to come out. I think project mission is about to start. I was honored the other day when they changed the name of the maneuver from Desert Strike to ‘Swift Strike’ number one and ‘Swift Strike’ number two, just so they don’t strike out.

But I point out to you that God is at hand. His Hosts are here, even tho we don’t see them. And even tho we don’t know the day or the hour. But I can tell you this, it is Spring time. And the Hosts of the MOST HIGH are standing by. And you are going to see more and more from the heavens above than ever before. The armies of deliverance are going to hear the appeal of MY people.

Someone said, ‘Where are they going to take us?’ Well, we aren’t going to go anywhere. We don’t want to leave. We just want to eliminate some of the enemy.

How should we pray?---’Almighty God, strike down the enemy and deliver us from this evil. Cause us to lift up Thy Standard and save us this day.’ How far do we go with this? I am going to tell you something. The MOST HIGH works for this and HE energized HIS children until we recognize our great danger and the menace we face, until we call on God to move, to deliver us from this evil. Then I also tell you that all the world cannot stop God from moving. It will be pretty hard to do anything to you. Because God will move. This is HIS nation. Did you ever stop to think that maybe God is enticing---calling out HIS enemy, calling them out to meet the HOSTS OF THE MOST HIGH?

We turn again to the record in the book of Revelation to remind the people of earth----’BEHOLD! THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH---as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS, AT THE HEAD OF HIS MIGHTY COLUMN. The enemy will eventually turn all their rockets, all their missiles, all their ray guns, on HIM. But they do not have a Light which compares to HIS COMING. They do not have a vibration which destroys the Kingdom. In that hour of this administration, the judgement is going to break the resistance to the Kingdom spiritual forces of Divine Light. And energy is going to immunize the great armies of God. You will move and not break ranks, your objectives are not changed, still as in the beginning.

I have a book written recently, by a Liberal, and in this book, he said, was the whole apocalypse of the scriptures, the great mysteries of the Old Testament and the New. And then he said, one of the most dangerous things here in this apocalyptic program, which is obviously ghosted up by a long chain of authors, telling about the Kingdom of God being made of many nations, and about God and His armies joining those nations to overthrow those things they dislike, which don’t agree with their thoughts, and all this talk about establishing a rule over the world, and in this program are all these troubles and catastrophes when God shakes the earth---all these things.---Then he said the modern intelligent Christian has to cast this aside as superstition and error. Then he proceeds to tell us that the only thing valid in the Bible, is to extract the areas in which we hear these words:--’Our Father which is in Heaven,’ and ‘lover the enemy,’ and ‘love those who are not destructive to the ‘brotherhood of all people.’ He went on to say that this is the essence of the better things we have extracted out of THE BOOK. All else is wrong.

Do you know that at times the LORD sends on some of these rascals a strong delusion that they might believe a lie? But the Truths in this Book can stand the attack, for it is filled with accuracy, demonstrated thru the centuries.

As the Mighty Hosts of God move thru the skies, and into our own environment, our enemies stand amazed and mystified. But the children of God are not taken unawares, not taken by surprise. I don’t care how many changes they make in the shape of the Cross form year to year. That just proves that they make progress in the heavens. I am going to tell you this. Thy Kingdom come---Thy will be done in this Great Day---when you hear that Mighty Horn, that Great Trumpet of the Kingdom, when you lift up your eyes to the Great Hosts of Heaven and see the Great King of Kings, the LORD of Lords, ----when you hear that midnight call---BEHOLD! THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH,---we tell you this will be a military wedding, the Kingdom will be joined to the KING and the world will be changed.

Someone said, ‘But that is un-American.’ No, that is what your forefathers dreamed of. And you say it is not American? Let me tell you this. They believe that in Harvard University, when it was founded, because that University was founded to teach preachers the WORD. Now we have preachers come along and say tear out the prophecies, reduce the vision. And in the beginning, they would not have been on the staff of that great University. This is the Day of GOD’S deliverance. HE urges you to tell it, tell it. There has not been a more important time for us to occupy and tell this great message and recognize this area of God’s purpose for transformed by Light, THIS IS YOUR DESTINY IN THE GREAT DAY OF IMMORTALITY.

(End of sermon)