Bible And The Race Of Destiny, 1-15-62



By Wesley A. Swift - 1-15-62

We are turning this afternoon to a little discussion of the destiny of your race. Too many people have not been informed that the Bible has a message which relates to our race. Therefore, we want to make this affidavit that this book which we call the Bible was not only given to prophets and patriarchs, and Apostles of your race, but it was written unto you. And to no one else in the earth. It also denotes in it what your responsibility will be and what you shall undertake and what part you shall play in the events that are still to come. I do not know of any way to start with the story of your race or to discuss the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD unless you go back to the beginning, the points from which we have come and that we might also look forward to this panorama of history that we have yet to go.

One of the significant things about this book, is that it gives us the key and the clue. For the great panorama of vision and inspiration is not to be found altogether within the covers of this book. A great number of the documents written and produced by the Patriarchs called of God, and a selection of those bound together in this book called the Bible, depended largely upon the Council of Nicaea. And the decisions made there gave us these 66 books called the Bible. And there is no doubt in our thinking that these books be preserved, except two of these books which should never have found their way into the scriptures. A great number of scriptures more binding, given by inspiration of the records of your race, should have been included in this content. The important thing however is to follow the declaration and to understand the background of our race and our society.

If you were to start out looking for the beginning of our race, you would discover that you were much older than you think. But age is only relevant. And our discussion of age must then depend upon the bodies that we are living in. We have learned to evaluate age by the appearance of that body and we gage that by the time element in which men live in this span of earth life. But I must tell you things that you might not have been told in other churches. Altho members of this congregation have heard these facts before, I want you to know that as we survey the crisis that have passed and the conditions now in earth, that a great number of people of God’s Kingdom are cast down in despair. But when you start to find the great purposes of God that reached back into the antiquity of who you are and why you are here, you are not going to feel that in this crucial hour there is any power that can snuff out that which God has ordained over this great span of the destiny that relates to you.

We have many things inside of the scripture that give us clues concerning how long, and how far back the consciousness which is you which resided in this physical body has been in existence. The Apostle Paul talks about the inner man and how the outer body is the outer man. And we will discover that the dweller in this body is an intelligent consciousness that exists in this spiritual as well as soul consciousness existence. There is no question as to how far back your existence goes. It is only a matter of finding a point of timing for the begatting. Like the Universe that we are in, who can tell. Most of our brilliant scientists are confused as to how to and what extent to measure the photography we have out of our great telescopes and our electronic line. They have discovered that the farthermost perimeter of our eyes to see, show that there are endless Universes with stars as our perimeters larger than the human mind can conceive. Dr. Milligan once said that all of the stars that we can now photograph, which are flaming suns with their solar systems, and if we were to add them all up, it would all up to the total grains of sand on the earth. There are as many stars in the heavens as there are grains of sand on the beaches on the earth. This staggering among is beyond the ability of you or I to fathom. Because the physical brain cannot take into comparison beyond its ability having witnesses, bu the senses to divide and store. The problem is that we are talking about a Universe so big that it staggers the human element to think upon things which are not found by these scales before. And we recognize that all of these things were made by our Father. Our Eternal God of Spirit was before all things, and HE made all of these things according to HIS own desire and HIS own purpose. And when we think over the passages of time, we find ourselves faced with an instant area of time of the substance to behold. And when we listen to the words of the MOST HIGH as we are told about this race of HIS children, HE said that as it relates to their manifestations in the earth, that there shall be as many sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH as there is sand on the sea shore, and the stars of the heavens.

I want you to know that we can find a point of beginning, and around that point of beginning, and the relationship of the events that transpire is the whole foundation of the Bible story. It is of the history of your race, and of which, make the purposes of God then become quite clear. Suppose I tell you that you are the last race which has arrived upon the earth, and that you have only been here for some 7400 years by accurate Chronology, which we have been able to assess from periods of the past. It is easy to establish this from older existent societies, with radio carbon and all of the archeological and astrological facts to know that you have only been in the earth for some 7400 years. But this is not your beginning. Suppose I tell you that before any race was here upon the earth, that you existed with the Father before this creation was here. And we are told that we were blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed. This is in the book of Ephesians in the 1st chapter. So you are a people, in Celestial or spiritual plains, were blessed with all spiritual blessings before the world was framed.

I have had people say, ‘But, Dr. Swift, that must have just been in the plans in God’s mind, for we could never have existed before the world was framed.’ Then let me ask you to explain the conversation which God has with Job when God said, ‘Stand up Job, and answer these question s if you can.’ And this is what the Master asked.---And HE had arrived in a whirling ship of some kind and translated in the King James Version as the whirlwind. And I am going to show you that it was not a whirlwind as we would think but a whirling object. This is discovered in the Old Aramaic text as well as in the Alexandrian Text, which tells about how God arrived in a whirling chariot. And it says that HE stood before Job and HE said, ‘I am going to demand some things from you, so gird up thy loins as a man and stand before ME and thou shall answer ME:--Where was thou when I laid the foundations of the earth and declare if thou hast understanding? Who laid up the measure thereof as thou knowest, who hath stretched the line upon it? And where are the foundations laid upon it and where are the corner stones? And when the morning stars sang together and ALL OF THE SONS OF GOD SHOUTED FOR JOY.---Where were you Job?’ Thus God said to Job, ‘Where were you when all the sons of God shouted for joy when I laid out this particular solar system which we have identified today with our solar system and the earth. Thus God said where were you, Job, answer Me.’ But Job did not have an immediate answer. But as God asked him this question, HE quoted him a statement that is important. ‘The Sons of God shouted for joy.’ The spirit of God bare witness to the statement by the Apostle Paul that from the panorama of history and the experiences that he had when he tells us that---here in the book of Romans, that we are the sons of God. That the spirit of God bears witness that we are the sons and daughters of God. And if you will turn to the 82nd Psalm, you will have the witness again when David, the Psalmist, writes, ‘He asks questions and then he tells us that you are the Elohim, and that you are the sons of YAHWEH the Eternal God.’ And the word Elohim is a plural word for Divine offspring. And a plural word for Gods, itself, this is all in the 82nd Psalm. This is translated in the King James Version as ‘Ye are Gods and all of your are the children of God, so why do you die like men?’ But in this panorama we have a point now of beginning. We have a point out of this pattern of texts. You were thus with the Father in spiritual plains before this world was created. So therefore we might say that you are not as young as you might think, and even Job had to be reminded of this by the Father. And God said, ‘Thou art full of years, and thy consciousness knoweth these things.’ ‘Therefore Job was told by the Father that he had been with the Father when this earth was created, and was among those when the morning stars sang together.

Dr. Wooley, down in South Africa this past year discovered one of the greatest finds of Archaeology and he demonstrated clearly that one million seven hundred and fifty thousand years ago, there were men living in Southern Africa. These men with the radio carbon test and the other tests to which they had been subjected to, and the fossil patterns that we have clearly demonstrates that even before certain mammals were known to have existed in Southern Africa, there were men living there. So if we want to find out our origin and find a beginning, then here we know that 1,750,000 years ago there were men living in this world. And you were before these men and you did not come from them.

We may go back before this pre-Cambrian period from which this group of fossils came and say that science will face a million and a half years of history before that. So again we may say that you are a lot older than you remember.

Out of the great panorama of events in the 12th chapter of the book of Revelation, we have some historical points, but of great interest. We discover that in the antiquity of the past, there was a great battle fought in the heavens. We are told that this great space struggle originated over the rebellion of Lucifer who was an Archangel. This was an Archangel who rebelled over the administration of the Universe under God and over something which effects his prestige. We are told that at that time, he covered all of the Milky Way, and in that rebellion one-third of the creatures in that area went in rebellion with him against the throne of God, and the 12th chapter of Revelation contains part of that account. From the ancient writings of our race and from the writings of Enoch, we learn more. And part of that book of Enoch is quoted in the book of Jude. The Dead Sea Scrolls also contained the books of Enoch and also had within it, the ‘battle of the sons of light and the sons of darkness,’ whose foundations reached back into the history and the foundation of our race. And in the records which were given in the ancient Zohar, which was the quotations of the philosophy and the quotations of every word out of the mouth of God, which were quoted by the Patriarchs and the people of your race. So with this record in mind, we are told what is was. And Enoch had brought back to his mind some of these things which had happened---in the beginning. In fact, we are told of such patterns of conversations. We were told of the existence of these people called the people of the MOST HIGH before this world was framed. You were told that your names were written in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world. Thus your names were in the family book of God before this creation.

Now, I would like to point out to you, something which is significant. Did you know that the announcement of your coming into existence was announced to the whole Universe? The Archangels came before the MOST HIGH from all of the vastness of HIS Universe, and since HE has always been creating, then there will never be a perimeter. Some scientists mind,--because they cannot tell you of the endless creations---have tried to tell you that God created in a circle, so HE just kept rebuilding and restructuring. But HE did not have to do that, for there is no end to HIS creating.

However, there was a period when HE said to the Archangels that I am going to have sons and daughters with whom I can fellowship and upon whom MY Glory shall be revealed. And these sons and these daughters shall rule with ME over MY Universe.’ And the Lucifer and these stars of the Milky Way, turned to the Father and they said, ‘Will they be greater than I?’ And the Father said, ‘They shall be even as I.’ Then Lucifer said, ‘I will not show this to my followers.’ The words out of the ancient writings and still to be found, and is still in the Alexandrian text, is Shaton or Satan---and thus Lucifer turned away and refused to reflect the light. The oldest word in semantics is devil and it comes from ‘devot’ the old word meaning ‘turn to another course.’ And out of it we get the word devil and the explanation of taking another road.

But I want you to remember that out of the magnitude of these things that the Eternal who put the whole Universe together also has absolute authority over it. And HE knew the things that were in the mind of Lucifer before he pronounced them. HE knew by this objection that a whole series of events would be projected into HIS Universe. And out of it would come a time of preparation and training for HIS children who were yet to be born. And the facts of history were still in HIS hands.

So in that hour, Lucifer went out and he decided that there was one thing he was going to do. The thought that there would be others above him, greater than him, was more than he was willing to recognize at that time. Thus he went out to gather up his forces to battle against God. And we find this story in the ancient writings of Enoch, and even find it in the words of Jude. And we find that Jude talks about the things which were revealed to Enoch. And the one chapter of Jude is in your King James Version. But according to the other writings, there are more chapters to the writings of Jude than is contained in the King James Version. But he tells of the struggle which took place in the sky and you turn to the 12th chapter of Revelation, and John tells you also of these things which were brought back to his consciousness in his experiences. He was told of the antiquity of yesterday and was shown how these things came to pass.

But you are not going to find that the Bible is for everybody or that people everywhere are going to understand this book because the Bible is predicated upon the history of a given people. In fact, we are to understand as we look into these records that in that revolution that took place, there was this revolution by Lucifer before even you were begotten by God’s Spirit in the yesterdays. And you led a sheltered life there in the existence of the Spirit even during the panorama of these events because being a part of HIS Spirit and HIS Celestial consciousness, you were brought into harmony with the MOST HIGH. And whatsoever was in the mind of God was in the consciousness of HIS children. And their number was greater than you and I have the ability to count. For those Celestial plains reach out over the four corners of the heavens. You say, ‘How do I know?’ Because the scripture tells me that as this great event comes to a climax God is going to gather all of HIS Elect form the four corners of the Heavens and join them with you here in the earth who are the Elect, who are the children of Destiny, whom God has begotten and set into place thru out HIS Universe.

Let us than remember that in the scope of antiquity, and round about us, were the rest of creation. The book of Horus is one of the most valuable books to be read, because of the accounts written of the events which transpired. And the book of Horus contains the record of your race before their coming into physical earth. For ages before the records which you are acquainted with, the book of Horus records the coming of your race to earth.

You say, ‘How do you explain this?’ In the first place we were with the Father before this world was framed. And you look upon the creation of the earth and you looked upon the creation of the people, and that was some of the people, Dr. Wooley discovered that had been down in South Africa. In fact, Dr. Ivor Lissner has just completed one of the greatest books on Anthropology ever written, and he tells us, about 600,000 years of which he has researched, of people on this earth. Thus let me point this out. You saw all of this in ages past. You saw all of the struggles between Michael and the fallen Archangel Lucifer, now called Shaton or Satan. And how Michael conquered Lucifer and drove him onward until the only escape for him was what we call our solar system and then the battle rages on there. And if you will follow this record, you will find that a large part of the hosts with Lucifer and he, himself, were cast to earth. And this is outlined in the 12th chapter of Revelation, as one-third of the hosts of the Milky Way who had rebelled with Lucifer came with him into earth.

We have many factors and history concerning the background of races in earth. And many of the Chinese and Asiatics remembered that there were days before this when their civilizations were great and they record and carried that forward. And they remember their ancestors and worship their past, because their background, their culture and their ceramics recall an earlier time, much better than they know today. This is also true of some of the patterns in India when they look back into the background of their fathers. And they record the first time when they ever saw a White man when the Manu or White man came to their land and they set it back about 7400 plus years ago. And that sets it with the chronology of Adam as it should be in the scriptures.

I think it most significant when we seek to understand the origin of races and their destiny, that looking upon the earth and the facts we have accumulated, that our Father declared that HE would put HIS family in earth. But they would retain their relationship with HIM. But this would also give experience to HIS sons and daughters by establishing HIS Kingdom in the earth.

We are told in the ancient writings of Enoch and in the Apocalypse of Paul, which book was suppressed by Rome, for they did not want this record of the Apostle Paul which shows that he was taken into the heavens and whether in the body or the spirit he said he could not tell. His consciousness was so similar that he could not tell whether in the body of in the spirit. And this is something which should be remembered by every son and daughter that the spirit is a light dimension and so like this one, that you can hardly tell the difference. And you will know this when you are able to pass from one to the other.

Now, the Apostle Paul also writes concerning the pattern of events and he talks about the pattern of how in the antiquity of yesterday that when God said who will go, that there were millions of sons and daughters who said, ‘We will go.’ And the Father said, ‘I will select you and sent you in your order.’ Thus, you see that you volunteered a long time ago, or you would not be here today. So don’t worry about the Father as to whether HE knew what HE was doing. For HE selected and HE ordained. And HE sent certain ones into earth. But HE also made a promise when HE sent you into earth.

I mentioned a book---the Book of Horus. And I will tell you just a little bit about its content. Because this is one of the oldest books telling of the background of the people of ancient Egypt. As you go into the ancient writings in this book of Horus, and the story of Karnac which it contains, then you find that the name of their ancient Pharaoh’s was Khufu. And it is the oldest word for Pharaoh and there was not one man, but generations of Khufus. And every Pharaoh was called Khufu. So where did these people come from? According to the Book of Horus, they came from the land located where the Atlantic Ocean now is, the land which went below the waters. They tell of crossing Northern Africa after their land broke off from the continent which we now call Africa and how as their land sank, then they finally finished their migration into the area along the Nile River. Enoch knew about this land which had been tied to the continent of Africa and to Europe in the antiquity of yesterday. And he left this record also in the mysteries of the city of On. And even Plato in his days, wrote of the sinking of the land to the Westward. And he learned this when he was educated at the city of On which had been established by Enoch and Job in the days when they were in Egypt for that great building which they were ordained to do.

But the writings in the book of Horus tell us of something which is very significant and important. This tells us that the land which went beneath the waters had at one time a great temple unto YAHWEH-Putah the Great God of the Universe upon the high mountains from whence they came. And Horus this Priest of those people at that time, said that these, his people, worshiped the One Living and True God, YAHWEH. And we find that YAHWEH is the oldest name we have for God. But there are certain forces which never wanted you to use this name for the True God. But the use of the name by the ancients demonstrates the universality of this name and that this God had Celestial children and that they were like unto Himself. And in this temple upon this high mountain in that ancient land, they used to worship HIM by HIS name. And Horus tells us that YAHWEH’S children were HIS spiritual priests and they served inside of this temple before the Altar of the God of Righteousness and Light. And while they could behold them, they could never touch them. They could hear their voices, and the heavenly singing, but they could only behold them dimly. But the book of Horus tells of the coming of the Archangel who had once been over them for YAHWEH. And then it tells of the coming now of this Archangel and with him were people of other colors and this was the first time they had seen the Negroes in the earth. How these people had been brought in by the ships of Lucifer in this battle against the ships of the Gods, and Horus, their priest, called him YAHWEH-PUTAH. Today, you can read in the book of Revelation about this struggle and its results.

I think it is most significant how Horus tells about how they begin to have temples set up in their land and then all races were to worship together, and then Lucifer began to teach them to intermingle as a sign of their ‘new life.’ But this was the mixing of the races. And the immorality that went with it was not acceptable to these people and they began to think of migration, instead of mongrelization. And this, my friends, happened upon this earth ages before you were ever here in the flesh, altho you were there in spirit.

There is a constant testimony by this Egyptian author that you---at least some of you---were spiritual beings as ministers who served in a temple and your light and glory could sometimes be beheld. But in the hour when catastrophe struck the people of earth after these great battles, with mongrelization, and wars were launched on earth, and fires were seen, I do not think that this is imagination. For when our scientist started out with their investigation, they discovered isotopes off the coast of Western Africa as well as on Easter Island in the Pacific. And these radio active isotopes were not actually uranium types, but were elements which had been subject to atomic explosions and types of radiation in the past.

But if you understand the Bible, there is nothing new under the sun. But Lucifer in this course, had brought catastrophe to earth. We are told that in the midst of this, the earth shook and a great crevice opened up in the mountain on this ancient land where they lived and water rushed in and steam from the fires confined in the earth caused steam to rush thru the passageways and the tops of the mountains were blown off. Then whole areas of that ancient land began to sink beneath the waters of what is now the Atlantic Ocean. And because of the fires and the shaking of the earth and the sinking land, these people fled toward the East, so that they could still worship YAHWEH-PUTAH. They had been given final instructions as what to do by these children in bodies of light, and they said that it was the voice of Osiris, the children of YAH who had told them to migrate from that sinking land. And the message that was given to these people from the Eternal was that in another land to which they would be led, then they would again see the sons of the Eternal. But then they will not serve again as Celestial beings but they shall live in bodies like the men of earth. And they shall live in thy midst and you shall see and know. For they will raise again an altar unto the Eternal YAHWEH. And they shall establish this wisdom and it shall be in a land where also thou shalt go.

So you see that thru Horus, their Priest, they lived in anticipation, for he was told that when these sons of YAH came that they would establish in earth again and they would live here until their countenances would be light and they were enveloped in Glory. Thus the ancient records of Horus tell of their migration and their anticipation, and they came onto the northern tip of Africa from their sinking continent. And here in Africa the grass was so lush that it came up to the belly of their horses. And under the catastrophes which would follow this land of the lush grass, would become desert. But Horus talks about the great trees and the grass in this land thru which they passed and how they finally came to this great river (Nile) and there they settled. And there at the Nile River the ancient Egyptians place their history after telling where they came from.

Call it anything that you want, but the land which was subsiding was the land now under the Atlantic Ocean. And the Atlantic bears the name of that ancient continent referred to by the ancients in the land of Egypt. You say, ‘But I don’t believe that there was a continent such as Atlantas.’ Alright then, don’t believe, but every geologist today knows that the land beneath the waters was once above it. And we have much evidence that this is true. For lave does not flow under water. And a large part of that land shows that lave flowed out for miles, so that land had to be above the waters when the lava flowed. I find this most significant, for if you go down to the Azores, the areas which are just to the east of South America, is now coming back up and we now have to put buoys out to warn the shipping, for there has been a raising of the ocean floor in your time. And we have been studying the long scarfs of this lave that ran out, and find that they existed from the time when the eruptions took place. And as we study these scarfs of lava, we know that there occurred this catastrophe so long ago.

We look at the history of your race from the Biblical record. And as you turn to the book of Genesis and you find that God talked about cycles of re-creation, talks about all of the cycles of a certain creation. And if you look at the book of geologists, and the archaeologist, we find the successive patterns of what God created upon the earth. But in the antiquity of that, you will discover in the first book of the Bible---that being Genesis---and as you look at this picture, you find that God talks about the creation of dwellers upon the earth in the same image as HIS own. Thus we come to this picture when these sons were in Celestial form and they were the Elohim. Then God turned to you, HIS children, and said, ‘Let us make man in our own image.’ You can argue that point, but YAHWEH said unto the Elohim, ‘Let us make man in our own image.’

Antiquity and history fill the design, but under the impact of the Luciferian influence, the Grace of God shows up the fact that HE sent HIS Celestial children into the world. But how did they come into the world to fulfill the purposes of God, but by the Adamic race---the first man called Adam. And how was HE going to rescue them if they got into trouble as it was foreknown? HE begat Himself a second man---a body of flesh and thus became the Second Adam, born out of HIS race which was now in the earth.

Go back into the book of Genesis, and the creation of man had taken place. And on the seventh day, all the six day creations were consummated and God rested on the seventh day. Open up your Bibles. If you had as many texts to work with as we have, it would be easier for you to see this. But you will read that God was resting on the seventh day. And then HE looked out over the earth, and then in symbolism and mystery, HE said, ‘There is no Adamite to till the soil.’

Now, the word Adam is the oldest Hebrew word you can find for the White man. And the Enosh were men without begotten spirits. That is one of the reasons why throughout all of the Old Testament, and even in the words that Jesus used as they talk about the powers of darkness, this system which was raised up against you has to be the Beast System. There is a difference between those begotten in the spirit, and those created spirits who were led astray by Lucifer even in the semantics of the Old Testament. In this instance, the word Adam means White man. And God made it very clear there was no Adam, or no man to till the soil. And we are told that God planted a garden Eastward in Eden. And then we are told in the original text, and it is quite interesting in Hebrew, that God then begat a full creation made out of the same elements of which the creation around was synthesized, and that HIS whole life was procreated thru Adam, HIS son. And that HE had no desire to mix Adam with the other races. Thus out of Adam, was formed Eve as the female portion of life. And Adam and Eve were thus the offspring of the MOST HIGH. They were told that of all of the racial trees that existed that they were to have no association with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In the construction of the ancient Zohar, and the records of time, this was the family tree of Lucifer who did not keep his first estate. And he and his fallen Angels with him sought the domination over all the people of earth. And any of the children from this mixing with the women of earth were referred to as the children of Lucifer. And they go by a lot of names. When Jesus saw some of them then in power in the Ecclesiastical drive to usurp HIS ministry, HE turned to them and HE said, ‘Look, I know who you are. Don’t tell me that you are the chosen people. Don’t say that we have one father, even God. For if God were your father, then you would receive me---but I know who you are.’ HE then said, ‘I am of God and you are of Lucifer. You are a specie.’ These were the enemies of Jesus. I think it is rather significant that when we go back to the early days of the Adamic race, that the first violation of Divine Law was the violation of this instruction.

I think it is significant tho that as we answer questions which arise in the minds of people that we have always challenged theology, always we searched for the picture from all of the sources which God has given for human illumination. We are living in climactic age. We are told that knowledge shall be increased. We are living in an hour when the Father said that the spirit would bring us to the knowledge of all truth. Would bring all things to our remembrance.

Job, however, standing before God, could not recall until the spirit brought all things to his remembrance. And then he perceived that he was talking to the MOST HIGH GOD, his Father. Then he remembers that he with this race of which he was a part, were with the Father in the spirit before the world was framed. This is also a part of the facts, for you are the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. You were spiritually begotten in the heavens and physically begotten in the earth.

Now, you may understand when Nicodemus asked Jesus how he could participate in the great Kingdom administration which Christ was proclaiming and Jesus said ye must be born twice. You had to be born from above and also born on earth. You had to be born of the Spirit, and be born on earth thru natural birth with the breaking of the water. This, my friends, is what is means when it says twice born, or born twice. That, my friends is the purpose to make you aware as to who Christ is. The fact thus, is that the spiritual birth took place in the heavens and the physical birth took place in the earth. And I want you to know that when a man recognizes who Christ is, this is not being born another time, this is a regeneration in his life. Thus this is a regeneration, a renewing of the mind and with it comes a restoration of the power.

Thus when we understand this is the great work of God’s Spirit, then this is most significant. For then we will throw aside superstition and the defeats sown into our religions. Thus this idea that God sent HIS children into the world and then God and the devil will play chess with them to see what will happen to them,---this is fantasy. If they respond right, then they get back into the heavens, but if not, Lucifer takes them. And then he is supposed to torture them forever for disobeying God. And this is even more fantastic, for if Lucifer were to win, he wouldn’t even be inclined to torture his new assets. The fact remains that if Lucifer were to win certain individuals of the family of God, until they would follow him, that would be a Divine defeat. But there is no plan nor purpose here for defeat. There is no plan or purpose in this matter. God did not take any chance with HIS children. And HE wrote their names down in the family book and even predestined what was going to happen to them and what would happen even to their ultimate conforming to HIS own image. So you are in a struggle, right now, as a race. You are in a struggle for survival. The powers of darkness want to take the world. They want to socialize and Communize it and they want to suppress your Christianity and suppress its truth. They want to put out the light or enslave it completely for their own service. And they are willing to go to any end to accomplish this. In fact, their design is one of destruction. And in this hour of great intense strife, many people are disturbed by the signs of their influences against you. But just remember that their battle against you operates out of the negation of their background. And they want to destroy everything which is righteous, everything which is true and everything which relates to your God.

They seek by the avenue of reaching you thru the avenue of the senses, thru the sense avenues of the eyes and the ears, and their control of Press, Radio and T.V., to build a false image which the World Order has designed. And from the very beginning the mongrelization and absorption of your race was most practical for the forces of Lucifer. This is one of the reasons why when you go back into the scripture that you will discover that they were even to persuade Eve and to eventually persuade Adam into the violation of this principle.

When your race first walked the earth, they were enveloped in Glory. The emanation of the spirit within was so strong, that it immunized the body from the power that brought death upon it. And we understand that this emanation of Glory would not cohabit with the darkness. You will remember that in the offspring of Adam, that the word that we find is ‘seventh’ from this violation. And then Adam says that ‘now I have begotten a man in my own image.’ And this was Seth. And the race of which you are a part, is descended from Seth, and the children of Seth. Abel had been contaminated by this violation. But Cain was the child of evil. In the writings of II John, where he tells us that Cain was the progeny of the evil one. And one of the clarifying facts is that when Adam asked Eve, concerning Cain, ‘From where comes this one?’ Eve replied, ‘This one comes from Baalie.’

I want you to know that Cain who slew his brother Abel, then fathered a race of Cainanites who infiltrated your society with the sons of darkness. And you will find this in the writings:--’The sons of darkness battle the sons of Light.’ And in the records which go back before Christ and the records of ancient Assyria, which in your time have been opened up for your consideration, and which support these things.

Your race, from their beginning in earth, with the promises made to them by the Eternal Father, have seen those promises carried out. And then remember that God told them not to mingle with this race tree which was of such concern. Do this so that they retained their racial self-respect. You will note that under these facts, we have two men who descended out of the Sethite house and they were Enoch and Job. And these two men are above any of those in the Old Testament, as you see how they built the great city of On in Egypt. And when they went down into Egypt, then what did the Egyptians say?---The Pharaoh, Khufu II made this statement:--’None shall touch these sons of Osiris who have come to build this great city and the revelation of YAHWEH-PUTAH. And the book of Horus will be fulfilled.’ Later, these priests of the Pharaoh were infiltrated and you are told that Pharaoh was captured by these strange gods, for he had felt that these were the messengers who were to come.

Yes, they built the great city of On as Horus has said and they established that great center of learning. And they erected that great and mighty Pyramid with its measures, and the Sphinx with its underground Temple. And they left a great line of wisdom and instructions for your race that would last until the time of Christ, for people were still then going down to Egypt. For this is where Joseph took Mary and the Babe for protection. And they kept HIM there where HE is safe from Herod the King of the Jews who sought to kill HIM. And the symbolism in the scriptures says, ‘out of Egypt have I called my son.’

I think it is a part of this message that I remind you that you are a son or daughter of the Eternal, that you are a part of the sworn testimony that is included in the New as well as the Old Testament. I think we should pause for one moment as we tell you about the calling of Abraham out of the land of the Chaldeas, had taken place because of the forming of a Cosmopolitan order like the United Nations in old ancient Babylon to bring all of the people together in ancient Chaldea. Even the father of Abraham, one of the purest strains of the race, was Prime Minister in this great mix-up and was being taken over. Thus YAHWEH said, ‘Get out of the Chaldeas and I will make of you a great nation and a company of nations, for you are to carry out a destiny.’ And Abraham believed God and he left Ur of the Chaldeas. And the Biblical record in the 13th chapter of Genesis brings this out. That there was established a Covenant between God and Abraham, which God, Himself made as HE said, ‘Abram, I will make nations out of thee and kings shall come out of thee, and I will establish this covenant with thee and thy seed after thee thru all of their generations. This shall be an everlasting covenant, and I shall be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.’

And if you can break this Covenant that God made---unconditionally by Himself, then, my friends, you might say that these nations, and the people of these nations, have ceased to be in the earth before the MOST HIGH. This history of the Bible is not the history of the Jews. I think that it is about time that you understand this. They are not the 12 tribes of Israel. They are not even any part of the 12 tribes of Israel. For these 12 tribes are today the Anglo-Saxon, the Scandinavian, Germanic, Lombard, Basque, and kindred people. They are also in South Africa and Australia, wherever White men moved under the leadership of the MOST HIGH GOD as they established the House of Israel in the West.

In fact, this strange mixed multitude which moved into Jerusalem, and they sought to gain the control of the Temple and the Sanhedrin in the days of Christ---this was the site of the Courts of Israel----here in the city of Jerusalem. And this was a composite organization for the courts and for the administration and it was known as the land of the Jews in the time of Christ. But the fact is that the Sanhedrin was made up of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. And the Sadducees had the concept of an Asiatic background and origin. This was a part of their Luciferian concept. They did not believe in the Resurrection and were reincarnationists of the Asiatic order.

I only mention this because it is important. You are children of the spirit, children of eternity. And this is the first physical body that you here in earth have ever had. And this is the only one which you are ever going to need because it can be raised, transformed and given Immortality. But the spirit within shall never die and shall command this very body of skin which you are wearing at this time, to put on Immortality by the destiny of your Father. This is the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith. And even Job, writing back in the background, even before Moses, wrote, ‘I know that altho I die, and altho the worms consume this body, that still I shall stand upon my feet. And in this body and with this eye, shall I behold my redeemer in the latter days.’ At the Resurrection.

Now, I know that there are a people who are trying to usurp your position with your Father. And they claim to be these people. But I am glad to know that you are the children of the spirit of your Father. And the children of Adam after the flesh. You are the people who in the days of Enoch, were called Israel. And we find this word Israel back in the writings of Enoch. And we find the word Israel which relates to you, back in the literature which antedates the Pentateuch, and goes way back before the calling of Isaac. And after the calling of Isaac, and then his son Jacob, the word Israel was then given to these people meaning ‘Ruling with God.’

Today, we have a false claim by a people who are trying to usurp the position of your race as it relates to the position with your Father. And they claim to be these people. But I am glad they claim it is ‘Israelie,’ because it is.

Now, go back to the Apostle Paul, and remember that the influence of these who were not of your race, or the background of your Faith. For this seed of Abraham had a great history of developments. And by these developments and by revelation, they knew they had witnessed the hand of God in these events. They were told and they believed that God was your Father. And this was always in the background of the history of your race. But always this mixed multitude, the powers that tried to mutate by the power of their purse, sought to control. And by the power of their purse, they tried to control ancient Rome. But always they were seeking the penetration of the Ecclesiastical orders of your society.

In the time of Jesus, we had these people, the Hittites, the Cainanites, the Amalikites, and some of them were in control of the Temple in the days of Jesus and HE said, ‘I know who you are. I know where you came from. I know your background and I know that you are the children of the Serpent, of Lucifer.’ And some of them were there in the day of the fall of your race, in the days of Eden.

Now, if you believe that there was no one else on earth in the days of Eden, but Adam and Eve, then go home and read the 31st chapter of Ezekiel and you will see that the Assyrian Empire at that time, was all over the world. And it had great kingdoms because its racial stream was strong. And even the Egyptian Empire was an old Empire when Adam was put in Eden.

We point out to you therefore, that the Apostle Paul who never saw the Christ during HIS ministry, was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. But he was raised in an environment in which Jewry controlled the synagogue of this city of Jerusalem. He was also educated with the full knowledge of your race. Was acquainted with the writings of Plato and Aristotle and others of the men of Greece. And we find every evidence of this in his writings. Long after he had been stopped on this road to Damascus, in his position at the head of Jewry, to make war against the Christians, you remember that his calling was a direct calling on the part of God. And that he became one of the most forceful Apostles of Christ after that experience.

Now, let’s turn over in the book of Acts to something that I think is rather important for you to realize. The Apostle Paul is constantly being harassed by the Jews. And they are harassing him because of his heavenly vision, because of the writings of the ‘Apocalypse of Paul, because of the fact that the word was going out to all of the Lost Tribe of Israel that they were not lost. And that they were the twelve tribes of the Kingdom. That the twelve tribes of Israel were the restoration of the Kingdom and how that twelve tribes of Israel were one flesh.

In fact, in 1040 to 1030 B.C., Sanacharrib of Assyria, had waged war against the people of your race. Ten tribes of your race had been carried off into captivity leaving only Judah and Benjamin. Then long after Nebuchadnezzar had conquered them, and they had been in captivity, they passed into another Empire when Babylon was overthrown, as the Medes and the Persians overthrew Babylon. And you will notice that back in the days when these things were to be fulfilled that Judah and Benjamin went back to Palestine to rebuild their city, and with them came these strange people. And when the other ten tribes of Israel went out of captivity, they went out to the other side of the Caucasus. They had been held captive by the Assyrians from the days of Shalmaneser. And when they were given their independence, then historically and Biblically, we can establish the continuity of the events. These people migrated thru the Caucasus Pass and then came into Europe. And some of them settled early in the regions known as where the Greeks lived, and in southern portions of Europe. And others went north and settled even in Scandinavia. And they settled in Central Europe and they settled along the coast of Western Europe. Their ethnic background, their theology and the words that were involved, the pattern of things that they remembered, carried forward a continuity of expectations of the coming of the embodiment of the Messiah which set them free from fear and superstition, and would start them again on a spiritually inspired course for developing HIS Kingdom.

I think it rather interesting that the Apostle Paul, in telling his story as he stood before King Agrippa,-----and here was one of the Roman’s who was ruling over this particular area---Paul was brought before him after being accused of being a heretic. He was accused by the Jews of being a troublemaker and rabble rouser. And if this had been today, they would have called him a Nazi, or on the extreme ‘right.’

I turn to this 26th chapter of the book of Acts, and the Apostle Paul said, ‘I am happy to stand before you, King Agrippa, on this day. And I will touch all of the bases on which I am accused by the Jews.’ He said, ‘More than this, I am an expert in all of this, because I was educated among them and I know these Jews. And more than that especially, I want you to listen to me patiently, because I know about these Jews.’ And Paul continued, ‘I was raised in the Pharisee sect, and more than this, the true Pharisee believe in the Resurrection and in Israel.’ But the false Pharisee and the Sadducees who are Asiatics, and their concept is of reincarnation and is of a different type. This is why the Sadducees tried to contest with Christ about the Resurrection and what would happen when the Resurrection took place. But the true Pharisee has no argument with this. That is the difference in the schools in the days of Nicodemus and Gamaliel and the schools of this strange sect called Sadducees. These were much like the Assassins of India and were worshipers of Kali, the consort of Lucifer which had been a part of the early violations of your race.

Now, we turn over to the words of the Apostle Paul who said, ‘Now I stand and I am judged for the hope and the promise which God made to our fathers. Unto which promise our twelve tribes are instantly serving God day and night, for this hope to come which is the hope of the Kingdom which is formed out of the twelve tribes of Israel. Thus he said, ‘the twelve tribes of Israel are those who form the Kingdom and they hope and pray for it day and night. For this, I am accused of by the Jews. Get this point now. Because of this hope of Israel, the Jews are against the Apostle Paul. Because they had no part nor lot in this matter. Thus this is recorded by the Apostle Paul at this time.

I want you to think with me for one moment, on what the Apostle Paul said in the book of Corinthians. He is standing in Corinth and he is looking at these tall and noble Greeks who had brought the cream of culture in their hour, and who had sent their sons down into Egypt to be educated at the Temple of On. Not to be educated by Egyptians, or the worshipers of Set and Soth, but by worshipers of the true YAHWEH, the One great God of Spirit. And here they were educated in mathematics and calculus, which Pythagoras brought from Egypt of theology and calculus and algebra. And the Apostle Paul said when he stood on Mars Hill, that he was bearing testimony to the same God that their philosophers wrote about. And he used these words, ‘In HIM we live and breathe and have our being.’

Now, listen. He said as he was talking to the Corinthians, in this 10th chapter of I Corinthians:-- ‘More over brethren, I would not have you to be ignorant of how all of our fathers were under the cloud, and all of our fathers passed thru the sea.’ See what he means? In otherwords, he knew that all of the White men in Europe were Israelites. He knew that all of our fathers were under the cloud and had passed in the sea. He knew about the days when Joseph went down into Egypt and to the know world had vanished. Then how Jacob, his father, finally came into Egypt and how Joseph had married Asneth the daughter of Potiphar the priest of On and about that great wisdom school, which was there from the days of Enoch. He knew how the powers of darkness and the forces of evil had turned the power of the Pharaohs of Egypt against your race. He knew about their migrations and the background of their history. Therefore, he said that these Greeks and their forefathers were with your fathers and mine when they crossed that Red Sea. That meant that the Greeks were Israelites.

Now, listen. All of our fathers were under that cloud and all went thru the Red Sea. They were all with Moses under the cloud and in the sea and they all ate the same spiritual meat, and they all drank of the same spiritual drink. And the spiritual rock which followed them was Christ. And the great mystery which the world does not know, which your race is to find out, is that it is the Christ in you which is the hope of Glory.

Someone said, ‘what does that mean?’ It means that this is the embodiment of a Celestial consciousness, or the embodiment of deity in the earth. And your Father, YAHWEH, came as YAHSHUA. Or YAHWEH, Jesus the Christ also came embodied into earth. So since you are HIS children, embodied in earth, then you are still going to put out the same type of Glory which is this hope of Glory---and it is that same Glory which is the hope of the world. Some people do not realize that, but it is the lighting of God’s Kingdom and the hope of the earth.

I don’t think we would have to go far to prove that the technological achievement of the approximately 7400 years belongs to your race. I don’t think that you have to go very far to prove that the movement into the great realm of astronomy achievement, the grinding of great lenses and the carrying out of great experiments, the development of instruments, and the advancements made, and even going into biology and into physics and their intelligent advancements, until today, we are advancing to the area around us and adapting ourselves to things, that we are willing to change. And you know that every technological achievement which you can think of has been developed by a White man of your race, these developments from the U.S., Scandinavia, Germany, England, and the rest of the White nations. They do not come from Africa or Asia.

Today the enemy who wants to conquer you, they want to mongrelize and take everything you have discovered, and give it to the United Nations. Thus take away leadership, for that is the only way Lucifer knows how to handle this situation.

I want to tell you this. The Apostle Paul in his Epistles, was writing to Israel, not only in Corinth, but in other places. And Peter also was writing to all the twelve tribes who were scattered abroad. And so were the other Apostles. All knew that Israel was now in the West and scattered. This, my friends, was while the Jews were still in Palestine. You will also note that the Apostle Paul writes to the Elect according to the foreknowledge of God. He was writing to the people who were destined to conform to HIS own image.

Let me assure you that as we talk about the great program of God, that this program reaches out to the ends of the earth. Remember that HE made a certain promise to you and over here we find the reason why HE came into the world. HE makes this statement and it discusses very importantly this subject. ‘Ask me and I will give thee the key to thy inheritance. And I will give thee the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.’ This is my Father’s world and we are HIS children and HE has sent us here to rebuild, to reconstruct, and bring all forces to the right God and get rid of those forces of darkness and their superstition. But HE has not called us to give up our racial self-respect, but to keep it and to keep from being mongrelized and absorbed.

Now, some people claim that they are the people of the Book when they are not. And they are the people who are trying to integrate the world. Strangely enough, let me tell you this. They may practice some of the things for themselves that they have taken out of the Book, but anytime, my friends, that someone attacks you because you believe in segregation, or God’s law, then just say that it is all thru the Old Testament,---and remember---it does not behoove the Jews to say they are the people of the Old Testament, then deny the laws of segregation. But he can do this easily, for he talks out of both sides of his mouth. But Jesus tells you something about them that I want you always to remember. Don’t trust them. Jesus said that their father was a liar, and they are liars and you can trust your Father for HE said that the Truth is not in them.

I have a friend who is an attorney and sometimes he is asked to take on a case, and before he gets thru, he says that even tho they could win the case by telling the truth, that they end up lying instead of telling the truth. There are some people who live that way because their presentation of the world is their life. We want you to know that this Book is the history of Israel. We do not have the time to tell you about the division of the Tribes, and the work of Judah and Benjamin. And I can tell you today, that there are no people today among Jewry that are out of Judah. And I am going to prove to you that there should be a lot of spiritual life where Judah is as it relates to this. Even over here where the Psalmist talks about it, then we read:-- ‘Judah is my sanctuary and Israel is my dominion.’ And I can show you the nations which are made up of the children of Israel. I turn to the book of Jeremiah, and God says, ‘I am going to make a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, and I AM GOING TO PUT MY SPIRIT IN THEM---I AM GOING TO WRITE ON THE VERY LIMITS OF THY HEART MY LAW.’ And they are going to recognize this law and they are going to follow out the plan. The whole development was spreading among the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, and throughout all of Western Europe where the rest of Israel now was. And the Apostle Paul, speaking to those in Western Europe, said that this is the fulfillment of that promise in the book of Jeremiah, to the House of Israel and the House of Judah.

I want to tell you today, that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin understood this for true Masonry understood this at all times. That is why Masonry has had to defend itself all the time against the invasion of Asiatic rites and traditions. For this was the house of the Mystery of Truth for your nation. That is why when God spoke to Job in the book of Job, that as it talks about the measuring line, the symbolism and the whole lore of Masonic Masonry, were asked in those questions. I want you to know that God appeared many times to your race. Let’s turn for one moment while we are thinking about Job. God who came in the whirling circular chariot asked, and Job answered, and discussed these things. And as God is talking to Job, then this is what Job said, in the 42nd chapter of Job:--‘I know that thou canst do everything and that no thought is withholden from me, and as you have talked to me-----and I beseech thee, I demand that thee declare this unto me------I have heard thee by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye seeth thee.’ Job hd heard HIM by the ear, but now Job says that his eye seeth HIM.

As you to into the writings of Enoch, then we find that Enoch was told, ‘Thou art MY son, and I have brought things to your remembrance.’ It would not be possible to set and control the race which is the background of our heritage without going into the book of Hebrews and into the testimony of the Apostle Paul, from his lips in the book of Hebrews. For here he is writing about our forefathers and this is what he declares as he writes of them:-- ‘these were our forefathers and many of them died in the flames, never watching the development of the great nations, but they believed the promises and they looked forward to them and they embraced them. But they were strangers and pilgrims in the earth.’ And the reason they were strangers and pilgrims in the earth, was because they had come into earth as children of Spirit, by way of natural birth and had the forgetfulness of yesterdays, but which would be brought back to them in due time.

Now, listen. And they were seeking plainly the development of God’s Kingdom, but if they had been mindful of the dimension from whence they came and the country they came from, and the law of the spirit retained in their Celestial consciousness, they would have gone back to where they came from. They would not have stayed here at all in the midst of this persecution. It tells you this right here in the book of Hebrews. And now let me tell you something else. They were strangers and pilgrims in the earth and remember this is speaking of your forefathers and to you. Remember that you wrought righteousness and you obtained promises, and you stopped the mouth of lions. And this was just the beginning. Remember it tells you that your enemies at times would use the sword against you and they would saw you asunder. And some of you would be wanderers in goats skin. And of the witnesses of this, there were many, of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in the mountains and in the desert and in the caves of the earth, strangers and pilgrims asking no quarter and giving none.

You are now in 1962 and the enemy gathers their armies for a last destructive strike at your race. They have infiltrated your society as the prophets were told that they would do because we did not keep the laws of god which would have given us strength to keep them out. And they have denied our God and HIS Household. The scriptures have warned us that those who hate your God are anti-Christ. They were not to be allowed to move into your society or to be elected to any office of any power, and never to control your money system. And also never to teach your children in your schools. The scripture says if they do these things, they will turn you and lead you and you children from serving the True God. Thus seeking to cover up your destiny.

We have not the time to talk about all that is involved. For the enemy is waging war against you and the only way of survival is for the re-declaration of Truth. For it is the Truth which shall make you free. And the church will come out of its darkness and its hierarchy in the greatest hour of spiritual revelation. It is going to proclaim the whole time, the destiny and the purpose. It is going to proclaim the whole Gospel of the Kingdom and you will see one of the greatest hours in the history of your race. The light is not about to go out. Once in a while we hear someone say the light is about to go out. But, my friends, the light is about to come in. The sons and daughters of God are going to once again, put on their light and their Glory. In the words of the Apostle Paul, the whole creature is vibrating waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of GOD.

One of these days we are going to see the outpouring of God’s Spirit. This is the promise in the book of Joel and this was the prophecy of the signs in the heavens, on February 4. And these are the marks that identify this constellation as told to Enoch. These are the planets of the signs in this time. This will be a time of spiritual stimulation. And it will stir up men with the love of country, and call for honesty and integrity. And call for them to stand up against these armies of Communism who are against our Faith. You cannot separate the enemies of your Christian faith from the animosity of those who hate the Christ and their relationship to it.

This is the struggle between Christ and anti-Christ. And the whole world benefits from the identification of the ‘fig tree’ among us. You are going to rise and assert your destiny. You are once more going to open up those colonies and you are going to once more move out to develop the earth. And you are going to teach the children of the world how to do things and you will no longer have to carry them on your back. The program of the Kingdom is one of victory. And time is what limits us. It want you to know that there is immunization and light and health. And you as a people are about to experience the greatest protection projected to any people as mortal puts back on Immortality.

(End of sermon)