The Bloodstream Of Babylon, 6-3-62



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-3-62

Tonight we are talking on a subject which in itself, presents quite a unique challenge. Because it is a story of a power utterly designed to rule the world. The power whose evil is far greater than many recognize. And whose strategies reach out in many avenues. We have discussed with you in the past the symbol of Mystery Babylon the Great. For it is identifiable in the scriptures, especially in the New Testament as Christ unveiled these mysteries to John in the book of Revelation, that all the evil powers in these three branches of 'Mystery Babylon (666) are political, social in its design and economic strategies and religion. All are outlined here as Satan, Beast, anti-Christ, and false prophet.

The Beast system is symbolic of the Political system of the masses who are under the control of Babylon. That the false prophet is all the false religions and false processes which are advocated out of these evil and false anti-Christian powers, and shows their designs for World Rule.

That the very seed of the Dragon, the unassimilatable household of Lucifer, and his offspring dominate and control the programs of anti-Christ--anti-God. And thus the three 'unclean frogs' of Revelation that gather men to the struggle for the climax of this age actually are again, the symbols of -- 'the Beast'. The 'False Prophet' and the Dragon work with the 'Beast' system and all are manipulated by Babylon's Economic powers.

As we then turn to Mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation, we note that the scripture makes it very clear that it wields its power over all the areas of production. That is wields its influence over all branches of crafts until each and every individual working in almost any craft or trade has to be subject to the organizations which they dominate and to the levels of measure which they control. Thus is that the pattern of controlled Unionism, and the pattern of vast control over all industry is accomplished and financed. And thus, all the industry which can be controlled are now in the hands of Mystery Babylon. when God talks about the program of Mystery Babylon, He proves that it is the program of Anti-Christ. That this program is directed against the White race and against Christian civilization and against the nations of God's Kingdom. And therefore, against all the great nations of the Western world. When we point this out, we discover that God tells you that ---you--the people of His race, His household,--you are deeply involved in the Massanations of this evil power. That it effects many areas of your life, that it controls rulers of your nation, controls kings, leaders, Presidents, and of course leaders of State are enmeshed because of the strategy of Babylon's operations. No wonder that God says--'Come out of her O My people, that Ye be not partakers of her sins, and receive not of her plagues,--for her transgressions have reached unto heaven and God hath remembered her iniquities, and is going to reward her as she is going to reward you. He is going to thus reward her double according to her works. He has filled her cup with His judgements of wrath for her evil. ---' It shall be filled unto her double.' And in that day there shall be no more of her plagues. No more of her mourning. No more of her famines or shortage of bread, or artificial scarcities, or created depressions, or economic crisis, of war upon war, and upon which she fattens herself at your expense.

In Mystery Babylon, these are her works. And God talks about her and said:--'Her merchants will mourn.' And the merchants will weep because they no longer will be able to carry out their program of merchandise, or control the gold and the silver, and the precious stones, the pearls, the clothing industry with its purple and silk and scarlets. All manners of the vessels of Ivory and all manners of the vessels of precious metals. All metals are controlled by Babylon. And also under that control are all of the areas of the ointments, and all the areas of the drug industry, and the pharmaceutical processes which accompany it. They sought to gain control over transportation, and sought by public opinion to control all avenues of it. They actually became dealers in the souls of men. This is what the scripture has to say about Mystery Babylon:--'Alas-this is the city of International Merchants.' And God points out that the hour will come when heaven can rejoice over her. 'Rejoice all ye Holy Apostles. Rejoice ye prophets of God. Rejoice all ye Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD. Because God will have avenged with His judgements, all the evil they have created.' He is going to use the Kingdom as part of His instrument and He will bring 'Great Babylon' crashing down swallowing it up with people of earth.

This will be like a Mighty Angel taking a great millstone and casting it into the sea. Thus with violence shall that great city--Babylon--be thrown down. And it shall be found no more at all.

I just want to point out something here, my friends. Babylon is not going down with any other procedure, according to the scripture, than by violence. For Babylon has created violence and is the motivator of war. It has exploited men, and it had exploited war. It has exploited producers and every individual who is a part of God's Nations.

Now, in case you would like to know who operates Babylon, there is an identification here in the book of Revelation. It says:--'thy merchants--(the International ones)--'Thy merchants who became the great and powerful men of earth by their sorceries, have deceived all the nations.' And in this Mystery Babylon has been found the blood of all the prophets, and of all the saints, and the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. All the people of Righteousness who have been slain in earth--their blood is found in Great Babylon. So you thus, have a little idea of the tremendous wrongs that Great Babylon has done.

Now, there are a lot of people who when they have been looking for Great Mystery Babylon, do not realize that it is stretched over several areas of operation and of great International political intrigue. It has to be this way in order that they might become the masters politically over the souls of men. They see also that by its false policies and philosophies it has influenced and created religions and it has sought to destroy even the Christian faith. It has sought thru the medium of public opinion, and by the medium of communications to effect people everywhere throughout the earth. So some have looked upon it in this manner as produced by propaganda as something good. While others recognize that there is a Satanic phase to this power which manipulates the economy of the earth and thus gives itself the power.

Now, when you start to talk about manipulation of economy, then people back up. They tell me that there is just one subject we are not to discuss on the air,--and that is International finance, or the money question. Imagine that. You can talk about anything else. In fact you can even attack the enemy in their policies, in everything they do. But you cannot talk about this one thing---the way they manipulate the money system and thus control the world. But there isn't anything we won't talk about everywhere and anywhere, that we think is most important.

Now, Mystery Babylon is not only a process of evil, but it becomes the heart center in Revelation, of all the assault, of all the attacks of all the gathering of the world hoards of communism, for this great attack by the pagans which come against you. All of this --chalk it up. For this is Mystery Babylon.

Now, you say--if all this is Mystery Babylon, all of this dope industry, all the vice and lecherous business of corrupting the souls of men,--if the putting on of corruption and viciousness and vice of the motion picture industry, of the selling of this evil material to your youth is all a part of the plot and conspiracy of the money mad powers of Babylon, then my friends, we better find out who it is---and eliminate Babylon as quickly as possible.

There is in the book of Timothy, since this is the power of great evil, some things which in this instance reveals a little bit about Mystery Babylon. If you want to know how to fight evil, and want to know about its secret, then turn to Timothy 6:9 and read:--'Look out for this particular type of evil, this particular type of rich who fall for this strange temptation and snare. For the love of money is the root of all evil.' Hear this now. The 'love of money' is the root of all evil. And you say--well, if we are going to look for this evil, then we can go right to the heart of it, because the LOVE of money is the preponderance of the desire and the motivating force of Mystery Babylon. In fact, it is not always intelligent, but still it functions as a terrific and sinister power. Remember it was Lucifer who decked himself with gold and silver and jewels and saw himself so enriched and enhanced by the money, he thought he controlled, and looked upon himself and his wealth as more important than the portion of the Universe with its solar systems which had previously been at his disposal.

Now, let me point out this fact. When Jesus points out in this teaching in the book of Matthew and other places, that these powers He was opposing, these false Pharisees, and among them the scribes and Sadducees, inside of Jerusalem, in the book of Matthew He said these evil powers are the children of the Serpent or the Viper, or the children of the Dragon. And again Dragon seed, as is applied to Lucifer in the 12th chapter of Revelation. These are the people who are unassimilatable and utterly evil and not to be permitted to be a part of the church. And Jesus said upon them comes all the blood of the Righteous slain upon the face of the earth. He then reiterated this again in the book of Revelation as He spoke concerning 'Mystery Babylon' and its masters, this Satanic and evil force which throughout generations dominated the powers of great nations, and tremendous kingdoms. Of course, Babylon as an Empire, was dominated by these same evil masters who controlled some of the false religions they had established, while they sought thru Babylon and its armies to extend their economic control all over the world.

When Daniel the prophet was given his vision, remember God unveiled unto him the meaning of this vision so that he might tell the King. And Daniel said:--'Babylon, thou are this head of gold.' Now, there isn't anything wrong with gold or with silver unless men put it as more valuable than human life, than divine law, or than principal and reason. When that comes, my friends, then we have reached an unbalance which is Satanic in its origin. This comes under the domination of Satan's own descendants. And I mean literal descendants. I tell you that Satan's literal descendants are the masters of Mystery Babylon. I am not exaggerating anything, I am only telling you how it functions. I am not going thru the whole background with you tonight, with the limitation of time,--or all the strategies of Mystery Babylon, from the Empire of Babylon on down to Christ, or from Christ's time unto yours, other than to tell you that this evil Satanic power moved with the fall of Babylon to the Isle of Pergamos. And they moved and operated from this area until they operated inside of Palestine with Herod, King of the Jews, ruling over it at the time of the birth of Christ. That the power of organized Jewry was against the real men of Judah and Benjamin because they hated Christ, and they recognized that in His Messianic ability, He was exposing them for what they were trying to do.

Now, don't say that this is an unjust position to take in this hour, to transfer this same descending relationship to Jewry today. I am going to prove to you in the next few minutes that organized Jewry today is the master of 'Mystery Babylon the Great.' That they are the masters and controllers of all the International banks of the world. And that the International bankers of the world are the greatest enemies of Christian civilization in the world today. Someone asked--are you against banks? I am only against banks which the Jews control and use against Christianity. Someone asked--are you against capitalism?--I am not against capitalism, I am only against the fraudulent substitute called Internationalism.

I want you to remember that for some time, the structure of Christianity has been worked on by Jewry. When they couldn't accomplish the destruction of Christianity by having the Romans put all the Christians to death in the Coliseum, they tried entering the church to condemn its doctrines in Rome, as well as other parts of Europe and were only partially successful. Thus unable to obscure from the face of the many in Christ--the great truths of Christian society--they moved on other fronts to carry out the strategy of their design to gain the areas of their blue-print for control. They actually financed with their international marketing program, and their merchants which they sent, backed by their money, and by the power of their gold, to build up great men and make conquerors out of them. They actually flattered and trained a man from the Steppes of Asia named Genghis Khan. They brought in the weapons. They joined other with him and made him the leader of many tribes. They did this with the power of their money in order to hurl the hoards of Asia against Christendom and Christian civilization. And they had a deal to split its spoils in every ravaged city and town. I can quote Martin Luther to prove that. And I can show you the text of a number of Historians from Harold Lamb on down. I can establish this very clearly that, they tried this but failed. Because the hand of God stepped in to defend you against the power of their gold and the exploitation of their great desire to destroy and to rob and divide the spoils of Christianity. Then failing this, they tried a new course. They designed that the Knighthood of Christendom could stop this evil conspiracy, so now their design would be that they had to gain control of the economy of men and nations. I am not going to go back into all the strategies that are involved other than to mention that we have told you before of the forming back in early 1776 of the Illuminati. And under Adam Weishaupt, you remember how they designed how they would take over the world with their Illuminati masters. Financed by their world economic masters, they would have their uncrowned kings of 'World Jewry' by which they could plan and conspire against all the nations of the world. More than that, they set up and created that masterful group of designing and scheming rascals who produced the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.' They produced the doctrines of the Illuminati, and formed this insidious organization to spread out in these periods of time and take over the earth. They already had and already knew that they had a strongly established group of buying, selling gold lenders who would take over the economics of all nations. This was the method by which they had previously manipulated great empires back in the days of Babylon. In fact, I site to you that among these things---we turn to the worlds which I am going to read to you of Amschel Meyer who took the name of Rothchild to start the House of Rothchild, and one of the great monetary Baronages for control of the earth. This man, Anschel Meyer, who gathered together a great group of 'International' Jews, who were now forming a part of the Illuminati leaders, said:--'Economic mastery will now be ours. Let me control a nations currency and I do not care who makes its laws.'

Now, this was the beginning of this household of Anschel Meyer, and Rothchild became his name, and the International conspirators who operated under this shield for the sheer love of power. And their desires to rule the world were to extend that power all over the earth. Remember when America was just being formed into a new nation, that it was Anschel Meyer who financed the Hessians who fought against you. And they thru Samuel Morris, and Hiram Solomon who was nothing by a phoney old crook in New York who put over a Jew trick on the colonies, and they passed the money into the hands of Congress to buy the arms to fight against Britain. While at the same time were supplying the money to Britain to hire the Hessians (German troops) to fight against us. And all the time he was double-crossing us by the strategy of another Jew, --Samuel Morris who should have been hung by his neck because he was no Patriot--was trying to con the economic control of all the colonies. And this is a matter of record. When Benjamin Franklin came back from Europe where he had been detained so he could not bring the finance obtained directly from those who would have under written the battle of the colonies for liberty, he pointed out to the Congress who it happened. And what a tremendous amount of usury was charged to the colonies as well as an agreement to give them virtually total economic control of banking in the colonies.

I only point that out to show you how far reaching some of their desires go. And I think it is rather significant that we go into a lot of the ramification of things that transpired. For instance, I am reading from a report here, and by the way, I came back from Washington about a year and one half ago with 5000 photostats and micro film documents out of the Archives building of the U.S. Government and we are now putting them back into print and will be distributing just as fast as they become available to us. These documents, documented and sealed, prove that International World Jewry is the mastermind behind International finance and creator of Communism, and the creator of every destructive force trying to destroy your liberty today.

I think it rather interesting that Amschel Meyer got together with a number of these organizers and said---we want to support all kinds of institutions that would seem to be seeking to liberate men, to gain control over the masses, to give themselves strength for their revolution. I think it is significant that in understanding this, that we know how far reaching this goes. I am just calling this to your attention since Mystery Babylon is related to the hoards of World Communism and all the powers of darkness which comes against you. I am going to call to your attention that is was in March 1, 1917. Leon Trotsky was speaking in New York City to 300 trained revolutionaries. He was speaking in Rabbi Rep Samuels Synagogue in Brooklyn. This still stands today and is still used as a revolutionary headquarters against America. At that time they were getting ready to embark for Russia. And in a few days they did embark for that so called 'Closed Car' invasion that was to go into Russia and seize the Czar who merely thought he had some visiting musicians coming in. But this is the statement that Mr. Trotsky made at that meeting:--'You must not think that the Red Revolution depends on the nickels and dimes of the American working class. For behind us stands the most powerful institutions in the world.' Hear this now. This was Trotsky talking to 300 Jews in Rabbi Rep's Synagogue and he said:--'Behind us stands the most powerful institutions in the world. We are not working on the nickels and dimes of the working class.'

Now, some of you may not know this, but these documents show that they even went out to the silk mills and to the branches where American labor was being organized by these rascals and they collected dimes, nickels and dollars from Americans---misguided Americans--to help overthrow the Czar for the Trotsky revolution.

Now, listen to this. Trotsky said:--'don't think this revolution is built on the nickels and dimes of the working class, because behind us are the most powerful financial institutions of the world.'

And the United States Government has an official document, and that document in the National Archives is known as the 'Sisson Report.' This report contains some very important things. For this document was prepared by David R. Francis who was the United States Ambassador to Russia at the time that it was published. And the U.S. Printing Office published it under 'Foreign Relations of the U.S. 1918, Russia, Volume 1. And in this document, it reports that our agents discovered conversations between the Imperial bank of Germany which was under the complete control of Max Warburg. And assistant to him was banker Rubenstine, Parves, Israele Lazervitch Heflin. And Document 9, out of the same report, said a letter which was involved, written to the baking house of Mr. Warburg, said that they had just finished the undertaking and it is now all sealed. That the money and the arms will be bought by Mr. Warburg of the German Branch and will be on hand for the revolutionist in this revolution in Russia. More than this, it is signed by Jay Thurstonburg, and the money is to go to comrade Trotsky and will be delivered with the arms.

Now, a Warburg brother who was financing this conquest of Russia from Germany, also as the document said, has another relative, another Warburg who just became a citizen of the U.S. This man, Paul Warburg, with a partner, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and Co., was aiding and financing from the U.S., this revolution. And now hear the document. More than that the Jewish Encyclopedia, and also the Encyclopedia of the Arts and Social Sciences tells us that the Schiff Company financed under the Warburg negotiating alone, a large part of the Red Revolution.

Listen. I want you to see this connection. Cyrus Adler was one of the founders of the 'Jewish Congress.' And I have two volumes of his writing in my library concerning this report. ----The Rothchild and Schiff families who lived in the same house in Frankfort, Germany--one and one-half years ago, had migrated to the United States. The Schiffs remained merchants for years. But the Rothchild's quit selling old clothes and began selling money.---- This is their own report. They said the Schiff's entered the field of merchant bankers later. And John Schiff, the uncle of Jacob, became a partner of the firm Kuhn, Loeb and Co. in 1865.

Now, note. It says that Ernest Castle of Colony Castle, now director of the Bank of England,---young Jacob Schiff, 1847-1920, came to the U.S. to become a member of the firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. He married Theresa Loeb in 1885 and became the senior partner in the Kuhn, Loeb and Co. And the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, volume 18, column 6 notes that because of the influence of other banking houses in Germany, Holland, England,--then Kuhn, Loeb and Co. became the leading agency thru which now European capital was now going to be invested in American Railroads and their enterprises.

It is important to note that thru the connection of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., that Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs, that the mergers made thru this international house of world Jewry, that they established their own offices in New York and gained control over a great number of firms. And the firms which were brought under their control and connected to them were N.R. Rothchild and Sons, the Stern Brothers, the Seligman Brothers of the Morganthau family, Jacob and Co. of Frankfort, London, and New York by way of Jacob Schiff. Others were J. Henry Schrodder and Co., Brown Shipley and Co., David Sassons and Co., Herbert Waggoner and Co., Ambrose Litigated, Ruppert and Sons, and others like Samuel Montague, Morgan Granfell, and the Lazarus Brothers. And these are just some of the banks and leading banks throughout Europe. And some their American offices that Kuhn, Loeb and Co. took over in just a few decades.

Now, the Encyclopedia of Social Science says that in 1897 the Schiff family joined its destiny with E.H. Harriman. And during the struggle, they took over most of the Hew Morgan interests. And Schiff worked so closely that he soon dominated the National City Bank of the Rockerfellers. And Schiff became director of the National City Bank. Thus is was that the Rockerfellers fortune became captive to International Jewry, even tho there has been a great hassle to separate and save some of this fortune.

Now, I point out to you that the Warburgs were driven out of Spain in 1492. They settled in Hamburg, Germany in 1798 and formed the banking firm of Warburg and Co. In 1900, Paul and Felix Warburg came to the U.S. and these international Jew refugees have been a part of every 'left wing' and destructive program which has been bringing your nation down into Babylon's mall. I said that tonight we would name the names and bring you a correlated record. So remember that Felix Warburg married Frieda Schiff and Paul married Nina Loeb of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. And Felix's daughter married a Rothchild. Now the fortunes of the Warburgs, Kuhn Loeb and Co. and the Rothchilds together with the dominant power over the Harrimans, and even over the Rockerfellers interests, were established over the American monetary market. No wonder we get such a nut as Harriman in the Asiatic theater who turns and tells Mr. Nolte our Ambassador, when he opposed the selling out of Laos, and forcing them into a collation government, and cutting off of the support for fighting off the communists armies. It was Harriman, a dependent and a part of this same situation who turns and says:--'Who do you think you are working for?--God?--You are working for the Kennedy Administration and not for God.'

I want you to know that according to the Jewish Encyclopedia in their listing here it says:--'The Warburgs, one of the most powerful extended families, have control in banks in 28 different cities. And Germany, Austria, Sweden, Japan, South America, Cuba, France, India, England and the United States, are also the nations where they have the first economic and financial control.'

I think it is important for you to know that Paul W. Warburg is given the credit in the Jewish Encyclopedia for coming to the U.S. for the express purpose of making the U.S. an Internationally controlled nation. There goes your private enterprises, your great liberties, your great freedoms into these great--crooked--dividers and destroyers of economy.

Now, the Federal Reserve System was created in the mind of Paul Warburg. He is known as the father of the Federal Reserve System. I want to quote to you something form the book 'The Federal Reserve in its Origin and Growth.' In his book, Paul Warburg wrote:--'I do not claim to have originated this banking principal. But from the time of my arrival in America, I was impelled to observe and to fight for the fundamental principals and its adoption.' This man was, as you know, also named to the 'Aldrich Banking Committee on Currency.' And thus, he became one of the sum of advisors together with these other rascals for the destruction of our society. This Warburg (Paul) became the head of the Federal Reserve board while his brother, Max headed the same German equivalent. And you know this is another significant thing. While America and Germany were at war, one Warburg was in charge of the banking on one side and another Warburg was in charge of the banking on the other side. It is rather a significant thing that way back in W.W. I that Paul and Felix were members of the International Banking firms of J.D.________(Bock). And Morgan and Co. were forbidden to lend the French government any money. Why? Because they at this time, hadn't gained full control of Morgan and Co. And they didn't want anyone to make any money in the war, but the Jews. So our government forbade Morgan and Co. to loan the French any money. Thus Jacob Schiff intervened with President Wilson and agreed that France could obtain credit, if not money, from the Morgan Co. And to do this it would save Morgan and Co. from bankruptcy by letting Jacob Schiff make Morgan and Co. a partner of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. under their direction. Thus to save one company from going under, it had to submit. And that bank passed into the hands of Kuhn, Loeb and Co.

Now, Kuhn, Loeb and Co. had established control over a large part of all the banks in the Western world. In fact we discover that when Jacob Schiff died in 1920, it was Felix who took over the management of the Schiff interest. I just mention this to show you the tie-in we have here between these powers.

I think it is important now that you recognize just how far these barons go in carrying out their design. The Rothchilds who gained such power were soon overshadowed by the Warburg power. And Goldman, Sachs, Kuhn Loeb and Co., Lehmann Brothers, and Harriman, who now dominated the banking system, and were all federated with Rothchild. But were even more powerful than the Rothchild interest.

You ask.--does this mean anything to me?' Let me tell you something. It is these interests and this group of bankers who predominately fill the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations), and the business advisory council of these United States. And tonight if you are not aware, then you should be. The most dominate facet of International intrigue in the United States is the Council of Foreign Relations. For it is making the policy of the United States government. And had the nerve to come out in the 'Times' just two weeks ago to say that there had been a request for admission to this body by some 25 or 30 men, all of them listed, most bankers, but they could not be permitted to come in--until--they finished the closing of the policy making process of the next two weeks which was to determine the foreign policy of the U.S. Government for the next six months.

Now, they put this in the newspaper. But what organization would have the nerve to say--we are determining the foreign policy of the U.S. for the next six months? To say, we are determining the foreign policy of the U.S., so we are too busy to take anyone into our organization who is not working on this project. I tell you that anytime men outside of our government determine our foreign policy, there is something wrong. And it is time we put them in a concentration camp for our safe keeping.

I want to point out something to you concerning this same situation. On the 16th of Feb. 1962, the 'B'ani B'rith Messenger' came out to say, that the Rothchilds have now given millions to Israeli, to Jerusalem. February 14, James D. Rothchild (quote) has just given 6 million Israeli pounds for the construction of the new building known as the Kennesset Parliament. And has contributed an additional 1,700,000 pounds for the development of the same purpose. So the Rothchild International banking interests, headquartered in Western America, and in Zurich, Switzerland, and dominating the banks in 5 countries, are paying for the parliament building in Israeli, and dominate and control the direction of that country as well. I think you will be interested also in knowing that I have a financial report concerning this group. And the House of Rothchild had the Rothchild interests together with this International Banking syndicate have gained control and concessions to 50,000 square miles of mining country in Canada and almost all its choice Uranium fields. Think that over. An organization which the Rothchilds have recently formed, among their organizations which goes back into the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' and some of these other strategies is 'Alliance Israeli Universal.' In otherwords, this is a Jew alliance for the ruling of the world. And they planned on it. And thus formed and created this operation so they could hide behind it. They are the creators of Political Zionism. They backed Hertsl. They backed Cheim Weissman. And they have strongly been behind the officials who are presently in government in Israeli. And they can operate all over the world with their masochinations and secret societies, behind this idea, that they are trying to rebuild Palestine with its phoney 'chosen people' program which they laugh at because they were the ones who created this 'yarn' to sell to Christians.

Now, with in this same scope, there are some things which are rather significant which you should understand. The international banking group has gained control of finance, and direct a great number of merchants and institutions directly in the United States, such as Federated Department stores, and inter-state department stores. They have control of the National Department stores and of course, R.H. Macy--Gimbles. And Robert Lehmann is the director of associated Dry Goods Corporations.

Now, let me bring this out clearly. They have the controlling financial force, controlling the retaining interests of Lehmann Brothers and they play the roll of Woolworth and Co. and are the financiers of W.T. Grant and of S.H. Cress and Co. They dominate the grocery retailing firms and food department stores, Jewel Tea Co., and Grover Co. and American stores and so forth.

Now, the Lehmann Brothers are in control thru this same International block of banking of all the financial interests of General Foods Corp. of National Dairy Foods Products. And this came out of the manipulations of the conditions which followed the 'Depression' which they manipulated completely. National Dairy Products, Afco Manuf. Inc. and B.T. Babbit Co., Logus Lense Co., Brunswick, Ball, and Collender Co., of Welch Grape Fruit Co., of Aldens Inc., of Gaylord Container, of International Silver Co., of Kimberly and Clark, of Phoenix Hosiery, and of A. Stein and Co., of Ben Wanaldie Co., of Collins Akens Co., of Due Plan Corp., of Lees Bros., of United Merchants and Manufactures, of General Cigar Co., of Phillip Morris Co., of T. Lollard and Co., of Essex Wire Co., of Black and Decker Manufacturing Co., of Blaklee Gas Co., and Iowa Manufacturing Co.,----this is just a few of these companies under this control.

In the oil industries, they control Lehmann Brothers. The Tide Water Associates, the Union Oil Co., Hal-Burton Oil Wells and Cement Co., and National Supply Corp. In the metallurgy processes, Lehmann Brothers claim:--American Metal, American Potash and Chemical; Cleveland Cliff; Climax Merism and Republic Steel. Then of course, a lot of others like:--American Export Co.; American transatlantic Carriers. And they underwrote Studebaker for a time. And took over Kelly Springfield Tires, and Electric Auto Lite; Dayton Rubber Co. And we could go on down thru a whole group of them under control. But Lehmann Brothers and Harriman and Co., of this international banking control Aviation Corporations, and have the banking relation of Pan-American Lines, of National Airlines, and Capital Airlines, Continental Airlines, and of Sperry Corp.

I am not going to read this long list I have here. But I just want you to know that I have a list here which involves about 27 Universities and colleges which are controlled by a very unique situation. They control, and I can give you a list here, for they were the creators along with Cecil Rhodes who with Cyrus Rhodes as well, who is a part of their banking organization, and is very subordinate to them, but they have set up foundations. And these foundations are for bright students who have financial need, or would be selected by their high scholarship or for a special service in education--known as a Rhodes Scholarship. This Rhodes Scholarship was to sent these bright and apt young men, and especially did they desire them to come out of Christian families, because they would use them as fronts to take over the world. And they did discuss this very thing. And there is a record. They sent over 600 of these special Rhodes Scholars thru special training, thru these various Universities, thru special courses while they utilized and planned on their careers to accomplish their results. They set up with this scholarship program a special training for Internationalism which they were continually selling, by which to carry out their objective. They set up a great group of foundations who design to control the publics mind and sell they on the eventual abolition of Nationalism and the creation of the One World State.

Now, of these foundations and in the past few years, you found out how many of them support Socialism and Liberalism. They have spent millions and millions of dollars which they had already swiped from you by their manipulations to back these foundations, to sell you as tho there are the academic standards of the world, of all the policies to blend and place you and your nation under the World Board. And this World Board and the World Monetary Fund are of importance to them because they are the designers and creators of the concept that the World Monetary Fund of the United Nations was going to be their dominating instrument for controlling every pattern and transaction on the face of the earth.

We will just hurriedly tell you that in the Civil War they financed and made available the finance for the South. And they made available the finance for the North. They actually stimulated and produced conditions for crisis and manipulated the Federal Government into a very foolish position. And when Abraham Lincoln found out what it was all about he said:--'I would never have been pushed into this, or made one move to create the Civil War, if I had known what was behind this. For all the Negroes in America are not worth what these have precipitated.' Abraham Lincoln said that and I have a copy of his own writing in my library. But listen. When they couldn't get him to sign a note of all the assets of the whole United States--for security, for a tremendous usury design by floating a kind of bond issue which would have given them over 30% interest---they killed him. When Abraham Lincoln said:--'How can you do this?' And they replied:--'We can do this on our faith in America's ability to produce. By taking this note on America's assets until production repays us.' Abraham Lincoln looked at these Jew Bankers and said:--'Let me till you something. If you have enough faith in America's production to do this thru usury profits, and will do this, then I will issue United States notes interest free and redeem them from circulation by this same process of Production.' So they had him killed. And whether you know it or not, the man who shot Lincoln was a member of the Warburg family. And this name Booth, was not his family name. But the records of history, and the family and its connections leads back to --Warburgs. These are just some of the things you need to think about.

Back when the great 'Depression' hit in the 30's, the thing that brought it on and the market crashing of 1929, was this group of International Bankers upsetting the corporations so they couldn't meet their payrolls by upsetting their raw products, so the couldn't carry on their industry. And since they had been conned into developing their whole strategy of payrolls and purchase of raw materials, and even the marketing of their products thru the instruments of these agencies, then when this money was suddenly pulled out from among them, and all other avenues of credit were cut off, they had to close their doors. And this put the men out of work. Also, at the very same time they were guiding a design for the pulling back of such credit in order to make a financial crisis quite eminent and to make it quite impossible for the purchase of large areas of goods which were dependent upon this flow of money. The result was that as stocks went on the market, the Jews threw more stocks on the market. And then as the market crashed, they rushed to buy it up at a low figure. Sometimes throwing it back on the market again to lower it some more in a few days. And when it was all over these Jews had gained control over 40% of all the Industry and business in the United States. This is a matter of stock record. And we could go into long detail and prove it.

I just want you to know that they are behind this Depression also. The bloodstream of Babylon is money. The way they operate as parasites is to live on usury, not the putting of their money into production that they might share in that production. It is not the backing of the farmer to share in the sowing of the seed, and to share in the increase of his field. It is the 'king of usury' which takes away the field. It is not the kind of investment where there is a possibility of rain bringing blessings, or of a drought bringing catastrophe of the crop not producing. They take no chances. They do not work with the individual. They only anticipate that the law of averages will give them a dry year and they will then confiscate.

I point this out to you. That all thru the history of our nation, we have watched this manipulator or manipulators move in just like Benjamin Franklin warned us never to let them do, never to let them gain control. In my library are the private papers of Col. House. And Col. House was a half-breed Jew who was the enigmatic figure who was so close to President Wilson. It was this man who engineered the forming of the Federal Reserve System. It was a direct function of what he was doing while acting as the confidant of the President in order to put the monetary control of America in the hands of the Jews. I have a letter written to him by Jacob Schiff, out of the private papers of the Kuhn, Loeb and Co. in which it says:--'You have rendered your mother's people a great service. You have delivered the monetary affairs of the United States into our hands. For this, we can never forget you, but you can write a check on any of our banking houses anywhere and as long as you live, it will be honored.'

America had thus been turned over to the Jews. I have some of their own financial sheets, and some of their own discussions. And I have brought back from Washington D.C. the documents to prove this.

One of the fantastic things is that right in your records, right in your own libraries in Washington D.C., and in your Archives Building is all the records of this conspiracy. And you had people smart enough in earlier times who recorded these things. But they were always filed away and never put in headlines because you know who controlled the press.

In these documents one of these leading Jews writes:--'It is important that the American people never find out that we financed the Russian Revolution, and that the program of Jewry and Communism were synonymous. It would be a hard day for us in the U.S. ' That is their own words. And I took it right out of the record in Washington D.C.

Listen. This strategy, this life-blood of Babylon, operates on the program of Usury. The word of God says:--'Thou shalt charge no man Usury.' That didn't mean you couldn't invest in the program of one of your friends as when you enter a business agreement, to supply maybe the necessary capital to put the program into operation. But you must become partner with this investment. It is ownership invested which was approved. Where you bought in. But if you loaned this on a usury basis against the day when you could foreclose on this man and take away his possessions, if the venture was not mutually successful, it was condemned of God.

There has never been a period in our time when we have been so much in the hands and at the mercy of these International rascals who are the 'bloodstream' of forces of darkness, by the manipulation of currency than now. They are the forces who rule behind the scenes.

Now, they have been using unpredicated evil. They are willing to use men doped by various types of narcotics, or by the deadly raw silk process by which they grind this stuff so small that a slip just a small part, slipped to an individual, until they are unaware that they have received it, will bring their minds to the position of becoming subject to the suggestions of anyone who puts concepts in their minds. They cannot reason in an area where they are fed the material and the pressure often repeated by those who advise them. This is a strange thing. More serious than a Lobotomy. More serious, my friends, than hypnotism. For this becomes a process by which the individual continues to reason and carry out his activities. But becomes virtually the mental slave to his advisors. It is just possible that by this kind of device, since they automatically stated in their own plan that they were going to use it. Since they said they would use this method, you can't tell me that a man can be as wrong as Mr. Kennedy and not have an explanation for it. Maybe we are being kind to him when we suggest that he is being doped. For we can't think a man could be so foolish. Do you realize that they contemplate a strategy of bankrupting America, and subordinating you to International power, and placing you at the complete mercy of the Red Revolution, and then fold you into a world government dominated by the Socialists.

Fulton Lewis Jr. stated on Thursday, that one of the things he was quoting was E.K. Roosevelts column. One of the last ones in her column when she tells about none other than Mr. Rush and the State Department have pledged the fact that they want no pressure brought on any of the communist countries. They want no insult to any of its leaders. They want Mr. Kruschev kept in a kind and good mood. They said that anyone who calls him an enemy is doing a disservice to America. They want no military man, no official in government to refer to this as a 'cold war', or to the communists of Russia as an enemy, or to say that we are against the policies of the Soviets. They stated that we are not actually against these policies, because their policies and ours are the economic process of the future. And inevitably we must adopt this policy of stateism where socialism controls the top. Whereas we don't want to embrace all the procedures as followed by the Soviets as they took their course, and we are taking ours. But we are going to be allies in the future. And they don't want any opposition and don't want any talk of 'cold war.'

This, my friends, was even put out over the air by Fulton Lewis Jr. And when he comes out that far and begins to quote, you can be sure it is a very accurate quote and estimation. Do not forget that the men who advised the President of the United States start this entire false condition, are no other than --Bell and Ball and other Jewish financial wizards out of the Harvard class of Socialism. Some of them who have now been given jobs as special ambassadors to financial ends in the United Nations, while others still work inside the foreign service of the State Department.

I tell you that the plot right now among these International Bankers who manipulate the bloodstream of Babylon, is to surrender, and not resist World Communism. Suppose I tell you that on some of the worlds largest airfields we do not have 24 planes ready to fly right now. Suppose I tell you why we had such a sad Armed Forces Day. It was sad because there wasn't too much to show. We should have the blue-prints and be already tooling up for the preparation of weapons we are going to be making six months from now. We are just winding up some of the projects just marking time, to make people think that things are going full blast, even tho we have laid off some and are working others just 6 days and some 7 days a week, with overtime. But actually, in our great defense areas, we don't have the aircraft, the battle craft, the equipment or even have the mock-up or the preparation for what we will need in a year or two. Do you know what that means? It means that some of these experts are planning on leaving America in an area where appeasement is the solution---total surrender.

You ask,--do you think it is going to go that way? No. I think God is stepping this thing up faster than that. I think that America is going to wake up with a great explosive force. You ask--who do you think is running this? International Babylon. When the President turned on the steel companies this advise was insanity. Immediately it was intended to do what it did. Whether he knew it would do it or not, thus was it intended. But it immediately caused all investors to recognize that if you couldn't get a profit out of an investment in industry, then there was no sense in putting your money in it. And you better get it out. Actually American Jewry wanted Americans to let go of their holdings, to get the money out. They knew this would plunge the market and investors would get less money, and stocks would go lower and lower. Because they are planning one of these days, a devaluation of money and would know that money isn't a stable commodity. For this is something they have been manipulating for years. They would like to have yoy hold the money. Let me tell you that you better hold America. Someone said:--'Dr. Swift, I own some stocks and they are going down. Should I sell?' No. Wait out these Jews. They are going to come back up again. This is no time to sell these stocks. People who have their money spread out in organizations like United Funds, and others are far better off than those holding all their assets in dollars which may be worth a whole lot less in a few months. You said--Oh, but they are plunging down. But let me tell you what is happening. Some of these funds were smart enough to not only sell some of their own stocks in areas where they were expendable, and when they hit the bottom, they bought up blue chip stocks that are going to go back up, and are already making money for those who held them. I am pointing out to you that when the market was at its low ebb, the other day, that the Rome and Zurich, Switzerland Jew Banker Investments bought up American Stocks, outside of the United Funds, saying this would stabilize the market for a short period. But I can tell you this. Those stocks are going to dip again and those International Bankers are planning to pick them up because International Babylon wants to take over.

Do you know what is going to happen? Their design is to plunge America into an economic Depression. And also to subordinate out society at a lower status of living than we have ever had before. And then put us into a world government under their directive. And that is going to boomerang because America is never going to buy another 'depression. America didn't know where it came from before. But this time we know it comes from the Jewish Bankers. You say---'prove that.' Alright. I have their statistics right here to prove that Jewish Bankers control America. And if there is a depression then they gave it to us. And if there is a depression they are all thru.

You say prove that they are all thru?---God tells me. He said this great mass like the surging sea is not going to take it. And Babylon is going to be swallowed up. And the cry will be 'Oi Oi Oi' reaching to the heavens. That is what is says in the book of Revelation. Like a great millstone dropped into the sea--will Great Babylon fall. Significantly, I just want to add this picture. Mystery Babylon has manipulated the exchange of the world. They want to crush the British Exchange System of their Commonwealth of Nations. They want to force America into a virtual receivership into the hands of the International Bankers--completely. They want to see the mass of Americans out of work. And American factories closed down. They want to absorb the last available dollar by goods which they will flood America with. Then they would like to see the Great Common Market of Europe crumble. You say it will get strong if everybody joins it.? No. If Germany, France, and the low lands can keep their Common Market, if Britian stays in her Commonwealth Market, and we stay in the Western Hemisphere Organization Society, and protect our own economy with walls of tariff and proper balance according to the needs, then we will all do alright. I can tell you this tonight. If all the money that people think is valuable, if all this money is tied in the strategy the enemy has now planned for it, then with devaluation, all that money will be insecure. It also means, my friends, that if you look at all that money as wealth, ----remember the Bible is trying to make you see that all that money is NOT wealth,----then you will be confused. The thing which is produced is wealth. And money is only the check against those things you produce. If it can be devaluated it is fraudulent.

That is one of the reasons why I want you to realize that as Babylon falls, God has promised to replace this with another program. One of these days you are going to see a great economic institution backed by the Congress of the United States. For the Congress, under the Constitution, is supposed to have such an institution. It will be a great interest free institution whose economy will be backed by American production. And you may discover in that day that all this phoney money will be redeemed with good U.S. notes, backed on this---interest free economy.

I can tell you this. The day America gets Divinely organized 'interest free economy,' the day that there is the money of the nations to move the goods the people produce, the day, my friends, that the production creates the wealth and the wealth is then secure, the day that happens, you will see the greatest exodus out of America by parasites that has ever taken place anywhere in the world. We repeat what we have said before. As this one man told us:--'They are parasites living upon the body politic. But the insanity of Mystery Babylon is that parasites kill the body that they live on, and destroy themselves at the same time.

God looked upon this evil, upon this design to destroy the nations of the Kingdom, the design to crucify Christianity upon a cross of Gold, and says:--'I am going to heap My judgements upon her double, as she has heaped them upon you.'

I tell you this tonight. That the hands which control the money of a nation can create for you,--catastrophe, wars, and trouble. And God Almighty said you were to come out from under her bondage. This last exodus of yours will be---'come out from under Babylon, and out from under this economic Egypt (World Order) which they have developed. And never again will Babylon have control---never again. And Babylon will never come into remembrance again for the people of God's Kingdom shall be free.

So we site to you tonight, that the bloodstream of Babylon is Money. Take the money out of their hands and every Jewish Banker will go somewhere else. Not back where they came from, for they are not welcome there. But they may go down where they just built their new government building.

Someone said:--'how can we rid America of communism? How can we fold up this phoney propaganda that fills the Press, Radio and T.V. with lies and which brainwash our people?---I will tell you how to do it. Cut off money from them. That is their blood line. That is their blood system. And without money, they can't accomplish anything. It isn't money they earn, because they don't earn any. It is money they steal from you.

Again--back to the Constitution, and back to the Bible, and when you get there, then White Men will control their own destiny. And they will have the wealth of their own creation. And what they save up, they know will be good when they retire because there will be one set of weights and measures and standards. How can a nation like this have scarcities when we can produce more than we eat? We have technology and the finest assembly lines in the world. So how can you paralyze a great nation like this by just suddenly saying:--'we aren't going to let you spend your own money that you print, unless we endorse it.' You must be hypnotized if you think you must have your own money backed by your own production---endorsed by these rascals.

One trillion and a quarter dollars, that, my friends, is what Senator Byrd told the people of America of Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. One and one-quarter trillion dollars is now the American debt limit. And now we have all reached it. But Mr. Kennedy said we aren't in such a bad spot because we haven't quite reached the debt limit yet. But everytime we get about up to that limit, the pressure is put on and the Legislature in Washington raises the limit. And they have now raised the limit above all of the capital wealth of ll the 'Owned Property' in the United States. And we have reached that point now. But someone asks --how far in debt are we? Well, you are in hock for your house, your car, everything in fact, that you own,---in hock to International Jews. And you ought to clear everything up and send them packing.

Someone says,--but we have to honor this debt. But who is telling you that you have to honor anything to the Jew? F.D.R. said one time---'we owe this to ourselves.' But it is quite obvious that we don't. It is quite obvious that this whole thing is a part of fallacious International intrigue. I tell you that America is going to choose in a crisis hour whether we are going to cast out Babylon’s economic order, or whether we are going to descend into slavery forever. Between those two choices--let Satan and his legions go. These foundations who have been developed to control America's economy, have been designed so completely, that the design is to surrender our independence, to divide America up into Provinces, to put over us International control, International armies, and International divisions, of all of these areas into the hands of 'World government leaders', who come out of their own 'trained' directives.

They talk about it. You find it in their own literature. And I have a great number of pieces of literature from these foundations in Washington which talk of this world government plan. They are even trying to get the church to sell this 'world government plan. They would even have the church do the work of Anti-Christ and then stand back and say:--'Brotherhood, fraternity, equality, liberty.' And we will make the whole mass of our population embrace these words while they fulfill our objectives and we enslave them with Money.

Someone asked:--'Do you have something against money?' No. But I have something against these manipulators who use money as an instrument against you.

I tell you that this emancipation is most essential, and is a part of God's plan for your nation.

(end of message)