Both Lord And Christ, 10-15-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-15-68

In our message, we turn to the 2nd book of Acts in which Peter is speaking to the great crowds of people who are not gathered together in Jerusalem. As he speaks to the crowds, there are Jews in the crowd. The Disciples of Christ are there and of course, the people who had been traveling and were in Jerusalem for this occasion. As Peter speaks, he says, ‘Therefore, let all the House of Israel know assuredly that YAHWEH (and of course Peter would not have used the word God) hath made that same YAHSHUA whom ye crucified both YAHWEH and YAHSHUA.’ (Acts 2:36)

The scripture which has been translated from Aramaic into Greek, and then out of the Greek says, ‘Therefore let all the House of Israel know assuredly that God hath made this same Jesus whom ye crucified, both LORD and CHRIST.’ Thus, as Peter makes this declaration, what he is actually saying to the people, is that YAHWEH had predetermined the Messiahship of HIS own ministry. This Messiah who was crucified and who was raised from the dead was the Master Creator of the Universe, the Almighty YAHWEH. At the same time, when embodied, was this Christ or Messiah---YAHSHUA. Thus, YAHWEH who made the heavens and the earth is also the Messiah or Savior.

We want to here point out that much of this miracle is obscured because we have the Bible--most of it---translated from Coptic-Aramaic Hebrew. In fact, when John wrote his Gospel, he wrote in Aramaic Hebrew. And so did most of the other Apostles. The book of Acts was written in Greek and then translated into Coptic Aramaic Hebrew. As far as the language which they were speaking here it was Coptic Aramaic. And was translated back into Greek, then out of it, into Latin and into English. Thus, we have maintained a lot of the same patterns. When it talks of Jesus Christ, some people think that Christ is the last name of Jesus. They do not realize that Christ is the Greek word for embodied in the flesh, that Christed is embodiment in flesh. The best translation therefore, is ‘this embodiment of God and that Jesus is YAHWEH. Therefore the pattern for Messiah or the pattern for HIS being Savior God, is ‘I YAHWEH, am thy YAHSHUA.’ (Isa. 43:11). Therefore, YAHSHUA is Christed. And when you say YAHSHUA is embodied, or Christed---some in the flesh, then the word in Greek is Christ.

The Apostle Paul was a brilliant linguist. And writing to the Greeks, he had to find some way to interpret their theology. Their most powerful concept of God, their supreme God, was Zeus who was supposes to step in with a club and defend the Greeks when they called for him. He was their Savior God. Therefore, to make this clear to them, and with the fact that YAH was universal for God, then we find that the Apostle Paul wrote YAH-Zeus who was Christed, or embodied as Messiah. And thus, the word YAH-Zeus, or Christ became the Greek word used as the Apostle Paul denotes that YAHWEH became embodied in earth as YAHSHUA or Savior. And when they translated this into English, they said, ‘Jesus.’ Thus, Jesus Christ became the name of your God. But actually, my friends, the interpretation is that YAHWEH had been embodied in flesh as your Savior. Thus, YAH (God) Shus (Savior). Thus, we have this important pattern in the scriptures fulfilled.

Thus, we read concerning the Messianic program of the MOST HIGH GOD, and of the things HE ordained, HE makes this statement, ‘I, YAHWEH, who are thy El, I hold thee by thy hand, I will help thee.’ ‘You need not fear Oh, sons of Jacob, for I will help thee. For I am YAHWEH thy God. I AM the Holy one of Israel thy YAHSHUA---One God. By MY purpose and design, by MY Law, I determine that I will emerge out of the very race which I have propagated in the earth, and I shall emerge with the fullness of MY Deity.’ This is all reposing in the concept of God, the Savior, YAHSHUA.

Now, we turn to the book of Colossians, and we read concerning the man Christ Jesus, who is the image of the invisible God. Thus in this book of Colossians, the Apostle Paul, now writing in Greek says, ‘Who is the image of the invisible YAHWEH? None other than the first born of every creature, for by HIM were all things made, in both heaven and earth, visible and invisible whether thrones, dominions, principalities, or powers, all things were created by HIM, and for HIM. (Colossians 1:15-16). Therefore, the embodiment of the Messiah referred to as YAHSHUA is the image of a physical world, in an atomic world of an invisible YAHWEH (God) who exists in a Spirit or Light world. Therefore, here the Apostle Paul is inspired to write the statement,--- ‘I Myself, as YAHSHUA the image of the invisible God. For by HIM all things created which are in heaven and in earth, visible or invisible---all things created by HIM and for HIM. HE is before all things and by HIM all things consist. HE is the head of the body, or the church, and this is of course referring to the ONE you call Jesus Christ, or YAHSHUA.

Now, therefore, YAHSHUA created everything which is created in the form of YAHWEH, who we would call Almighty God, HE created everything, and here in Colossians, it proves that HE is YAHWEH-YAHSHUA because HE made all things. ‘All things were made for HIM, and by HIM was not anything made that is made.’

Then in the book of Hebrews, we read that Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, the concept of this, which is so much a mystery to some, is that YAHWEH is embodied as Savior. And when HE comes this way, HE says, ‘I YAHWEH, am thy Savior (God).’ And the word in Hebrew is YAHSHUA.

Now, by this declaration, we can say that you are also Christed. Every one of your are Christed. You can put your first name down and put Christ as your second name, if this is the way you want to spell out this word Jesus Christ. Why? Because the MOST HIGH has revealed that every last one of HIS sons and daughters out of heaven, have become embodied in a physical body as they became a descendant of Adam. And by the increase of the Adamic Household, HE has transferred HIS children from heaven to earth.

YAHSHUA or Jesus, in HIS prayer, as HE lifts HIS voice unto the Spirit, which filled the heavens and the earth, and filled HIM, for ‘the fullness of God was dwelling bodily in the man Christ Jesus.’ Then declares, since children of God are in bodies of flesh, ‘thine they were in the heavens (Spirit), mine they are (embodied) in the earth.’ None of them are lost.

In the book of Hebrews, HE says, ‘Since the children of God are now down here Christed, or in bodies of flesh therefore, ‘I am not ashamed to call them my kinsmen.’ Because this is what has transpired, this is what I ordained.

Thus, the children of the MOST HIGH GOD are different than the children of the other races. Because the children of God are the only Christed beings on the face of the earth. They are a people who have become embodied in human form. But this, my friends, is because our Father sent us into the world. By this same purpose, we discover that under the patterns of the spirit, under the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD, that HE had made HIS declaration concerning how HE would emerge from HIS race. In fact, HE had made the declaration so many times that David had spoken of it. David who was a great prophet, who sings praises to YAHWEH in the Psalms speaks of this coming. Then Jesus, in the 22nd chapter of Matthew, speaks to the Pharisees and says, ‘what think ye of Christ?’

Now, Jesus didn’t talk to them in Greek. HE said, ‘What think ye of the Messiah? Whose son is HE to be?’ And they answered, ‘HE is the son of David.’ And Jesus said, ‘How then doth David in the spirit call HIM YAHWEH?’ Then said ‘YAHWEH saith unto my YAHSHUA (SAVIOR), set thee in the Right hand of authority until thy enemies are thy footstool.’ David calls HIM, YAHSHUA. ‘How then, can HE be David’s son?’ These were false Pharisees, and of course they could not understand this mystery. And Jesus said to them, ‘I speak unto you (the truth) but you cannot understand it. When I ask you a question such as this, then you have to back away.’ No false Pharisee was able to understand. And yet, David had set back in amazement and said, ‘YAHWEH, my God, is my son, and is yet my God. How can this be? How can my offspring be YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, my savior God? But YAHWEH hath declared that out of my seed, HE shall do this.’

In the book of Mark, as Jesus taught in the Temple, HE said, ‘How say the scribes that Christ is the son of David? For if David, himself, said, by the Holy Spirit that YAHWEH saith unto YAHSHUA, sit thou on My Right hand, or take the scepter hand of authority and make thine enemies thy footstool, David therefore, called HIM, YAHWEH---whence forth is HE David’s son.’

The common people rejoiced when they heard this truth. But the scribes had to go away. Why? Because they had no conception of this Great mystery, this great immaculate conception. But the pattern was ever true, for David rejoiced and pondered over these things. YAHWEH hath made this statement that my son, is going to be my God, my YAHSHUA (Savior), and I pray to HIM who was before the foundation of the world. But now my son (YAHSHUA) is to become (YAHWEH) my God. My offspring somewhere down the line is going to be my YAHWEH-God.

Now turn to the book of Acts 13:23, ‘Of this man’s seed hath YAHWEH promised to raise unto Israel a Savior whose name is to be YAHSHUA.’ (We call HIM, JESUS CHRIST.) This is talking about David, the son of Jesse, who YAHWEH raised up to be King. And YAHWEH said of David, ‘He is a man after My own heart who shall fulfill My will.’ ‘And of this man’s seed according to HIS promise raised unto Israel a Savior--YAHSHUA’--who becomes Christ or the LORD in your thinking.

Then by this amazing situation, we turn to the book of Isaiah, where he records, ‘A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, thou shall call HIS name Immanuel.’ Thus, David would have a son, but the lineage would come down thru the mother who was of David’s seed. The fact remains, that this child born of this seed, out of a woman who was immaculately conceived by the purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD, that when this child emerged, HE was known as YAHSHUA or the Christ embodied in the earth. But this body HE had, was before the foundations of the world, still ONE, and the same. Thus, it is that we discover that Jesus Christ is the same YAHSHUA, today, and yesterday, and forever. Out of the magnitude of this, we therefore, see David praising YAHWEH and thanking YAHWEH---standing still in mystery. And yet we find that every single girl of the Davidic line who lived in Bethlehem, Galilee, or wherever those of David lived, was hoping they would be the Mother of YAHWEH (God). They didn’t know how, or why. But knew that such a promise had been given to all of the House of Israel. Therefore, all of the operation was one of greatness, one of Christed revelation from (YAHWEH) who had begat a race in HIS own image. Had filled them with HIS Spirit, had declared them Celestial as well as physical beings. So we want to point out to you then, that as it talks about the fact that the physical body is the expressed image of the invisible one, this is a part of the mystery. It talks about the fact that this physical body like all creation, is formed in atomic patterns. Every chemical in it is an atom, formed by the laws of the Spirit. Therefore, every pattern thru out the Universe, the atomic law is the same. And the physical body was the expressed image of the spirit. The Spiritual body is a plain of Light. The dimension of Light, however, is no less solid in its plain than this one is in the substance which we refer to as the physical Universe. Therefore, the physical body is the exact image of the body of LIGHT. And this brings us to John, who came forth to talk about God as the Light of the world. He talks about HIM as the Life which is the life of men. And HE is the Light which can shine in darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend. But he refers to God as Light and Lift. It is a strange situation, but Light is more powerful, and the most unusual force in all the Universe, in its plain and its dimension as well as in the areas of effulgence.

This pattern of the Spirit is a plain of Light. More than this, we can point out to you that Light is more powerful even than the things it holds together. For the atomic world and the law which holds the atomic world together, and holds the proper balance of the electrons and protons, is in the nucleus. Each and every chemical, each and every substance, is governed by a higher plain that moves into the nucleus of Light wavelength. And Light is even more powerful than Light in physical patterns. Thus, Jesus, in talking about this, said, ‘I give my sheep Eternal Life, and they shall never perish.’ HE said, ‘More than this, no one can pluck them out of my hand because I am your All Powerful Savior (God). No man can take them out of my hand.’ But concerning the spirit, the Father of matter, then the Father (Spirit) is greater than the flesh. Therefore, nothing can take them out of the hands of the spirit (Father).

Thus, it is that the Light plain holds together the substance of this physical plain, and the spiritual plain is the most powerful plain of all. Therefore, we behold the image of the invisible God--YAHWEH--who has the praise of all the Patriarchs as well as of David. And HE is the Eternal God who is also your Father. HE existed in the dimensions of Light, HE is the invisible God to the natural eye, and the physical body is the manifestation of the spiritual body in a physical world. Therefore, we discover that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And Spirit, soul and body make up the One God. Thus, ‘Hear O Israel, YAHWEH thy God is ONE--EL.’

Thus it is that we are now able to discover that the embodied YAHSHUA or Christ, is the Eternal Creator, Master of the Universe, as well as Savior. And this was what Peter was expressing to that group among who were those who crucified the Christ.

I want you to know that the Eternal God has predestined according to HIS purposes. HE---they crucified is both Creator and Author of the Universe as well as your Savior. Thus, it is that the magnitude of these things comes upon us.

Now, I want to point out to you that when the scripture says, ‘Christ is seated on HIS Right hand, this comes out of the Greek interpretation. Actually, what is says is ‘The Scepter hand of authority---which is the Right hand. So, the Eternal God of Spirit ordained that the embodiment of God would take the scepter hand authority, and bring all of HIS enemies beneath HIS feet and accomplish the power of HIS Kingdom, and reign forever, and forever.

Thus, here again, in the book of Mark, as well as in the book of Acts, these things come forth as Jesus is talking to the Scribes and the Pharisees who had so little of understanding. HE said, ‘therefore that David said, ‘the LORD said to my LORD,’-----and this is the way they translated it in the Greek--- ‘Sit thou on my Right hand until I make thy enemies my footstool.’ But YAHWEH said concerning this YAHSHUA the Savior---I shall appear, I shall assume the scepter hand of authority, and I shall reign until I have put every enemy under my feet.’ This is the thing that David pondered. And these are the mysteries that David was talking about.

Now, we turn over to the Psalms (110) and this is the Psalm where David said, ‘YAHWEH said unto my YAHSHUA---sit thou at my Right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.’ In other words, my Savior, my Messiah, who is to emerge out of my seed---is to sit in the seat of authority--or assume the Right hand of power--the scepter--until HE has made my enemies and HIS enemies HIS footstool. YAHWEH shall send the rod of strength out of Zion, to rule in the midst of HIS enemies. Thy people shall be willing in that day, and thy power from the beauties of Holiness, from the womb of the morning thou will have the dew of the morning, thou will have the dew of thy Eternal youth. And YAHWEH hath sworn not to repent. Thou art a Priest forever after the Eternal order of Melchizedek.’ Which is without father, without mother, without beginning of days, or end of life, abide a Priest King of God Eternally.

Thus, it is that this Jesus who was before all things, whose name is YAHSHUA according to the book of Isaiah, is also YAHWEH. ‘I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA.’ HE was before all things and by HIM were all things made. HE was the first formed of all creatures because the body of YAHWEH was existent forever and forever. If you go back to the beginning of forever, you will find HE is the first formed of every creature. As we note this then listen to what he says, ‘And YAHWEH with the scepter hand of authority shall strike thru the kings in the day of HIS anger. HE shall judge among the heathen. HE shall fill their palaces with their dead bodies. HE will wound the heads over many countries.’ And when it is all thru, ‘HE shall drink of that brook in the way, and shall be lifted up in the high head of HIS Kingdom.’ And the brook is the symbol of HIS Spirit, for HE said, ‘I shall pour out MY Spirit upon your sons and your daughters. I shall pour out MY Spirit like rain. It shall flow like a brook, it shall be the stream of Life which comes from the Throne of God, which gives Life and vitality, to the Tree (race) of MY Kingdom.’ It is the spiritual symbol of spiritual power, and spiritual blessing. And as God in the flesh returns back to earth again, HE returns to lead HIS people and HE says, ‘I shall smash down the heathen. I shall kill, and I shall break every power which will not acknowledge ME.’ And this, my friends, is in the scripture as YAHWEH is extolling the fact that HE in HIS embodied pattern is going to successfully lead HIS people. The Apostle Paul would try to express it---that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA would come in with a club to defend HIS Household and establish HIS Kingdom because Lucifer needs clubbing.

Now, let me point this out to you. David said in great amazement, ‘YAHWEH, my God, who was before the foundation of the world; my God who created all things, my God who hath made the mountains and the hills, and the seas, my God is going to emerge as my son. What a mystery for me to know that my God is to emerge out of my seed.’ And then Isaiah climaxes this by saying, ‘A virgin shall conceive and bear a son.’

Thus, your scriptures talk about the children of Israel in the days of YAHWEH’S revelation and HIS magnitude. Talks about how HE would return again with victory and power. And it says HIS people are going to be glad and happy when HE joins with them, and uses HIS great power. It tells you in the book of Corinthians, that, ‘When My people who are called by My name call upon ME, then I will answer them and deliver them.’ So people who are called by HIS name--when HE comes in, then HE promised to fight for you as HE has in the past. In fact, HE tells us how HE will send Michael who fought against Lucifer in the heavens, and threw him out of the heavens. Again, then Michael is to fight for the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH. A lot of these doves and pacifists better wake up for there are a lot of things which will be settled by the MOST HIGH GOD, in patterns of righteousness and truth which shall emerge.

We are in trouble in our nation, big trouble. For look in the midst of leadership swinging in behind the policies of integration and degeneration and depravity. Listen as the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches tells you that the integration, mongrelization and production of one race, the intermingling of all religions for the production of one religion is the great way, the thing to do. They say we do not care anything about the concept of the Deity of Jesus, this is not important. You do not have to believe that HE is virgin born, HE was just a great teacher.

These people call themselves Christian of the Church of Christ. But, my friends, they are of the church of Babylon, Mystery Harlot of all times, guilty of all the blood of the Saints and the Martyrs. And Jewry had its part in this. Mystery Babylon the Great is the enemy of the Church. It is not the true Church, but rather is the false church, and actually operates under the pattern of anti-Christ.

The things we have discussed with you concerning the power of immaculate conception, and the ability of God to produce Himself out of HIS own race as YAHSHUA, the embodiment of YAHWEH---they say, ‘so what?--this is not necessary.’ The fact that HE is the author, the creator of all things, the testimony of it by Paul, the testimony by David and others, makes it all true. And it tells me here ‘Know ye the Spirit of YAHWEH, for every spirit which confesses not that Jesus Christ or YAHSHUA HAS COME IN THE FLESH IS OF anti-Christ.’ Every spirit which confesses that YAHSHUA (Jesus Christ) is come in the flesh is of YAHWEH. And every spirit which confesses NOT that YAHSHUA has come in the flesh, is of the spirit of anti-Christ which ye have heard should come.’

(I John 4). And out of this anti-Christ, comes trouble to the nations, to the entire House of Israel. The book of Revelation tells you that you are in trouble and you know this because the Communist Party had figured that by 1973, they would be able to take over the United States. But they have pushed that up a bit. And now, they tell you that by mid-summer of 1968, with the Negro Revolution in your cities, and the Red Revolution in your colleges, that will deliver America into the hands of the Communist Party this very year. (It is interesting to note that YAHWEH did not totally allow this.)

Let me tell you, my friends, there is a chastisement upon our nation, for this is chastisement when they start to burn down your cities. When the leaders of your nation bow to this, and offer to pay blackmail with money which you do not have, then as you come into this type of situation, it is a chastisement on your cities and nation. Why? This chastisement comes because the White race tolerates or permits the blaspheme against your God. It is high time you told the World Council and the National Council of Churches and ministers who do not believe in the deity of Christ, to get out of the pulpits, and out of the country. Because the people who do not have the capacity to understand the magnitude of these things, have well identified themselves by their Luciferian concepts. And people who have been taken over will never lead America or any other great Christian nation into the Kingdom. You are in trouble this year and every year because of the agnostics and the patterns of invasions which have come in and the assault on the church which gets so much praise from the ignorant, from the people who allow this to happen.

I am going to tell you that YAHWEH is calling for a militancy. HE is calling for a True Church. HE is calling for the destruction of Mystery Babylon.

Do you know what it tells me in the book of Revelation? It tells me that if they get this accomplished, the people are going to rise up and burn this great whore, this mysterious evil church as with fire.

You are in a great time of Destiny. And God says, ‘I will again be inquired of by my people, and these people called by MY name, are going to repent of their evil things which they have permitted to happen in their midst, in their countries.’ God is calling for a Household which will take a stand. And as Peter stood in Jerusalem, speaking to the masses, he said, ‘this same man whom ye crucified, YAHWEH, by HIS own Will, determined that HE is Eternal, YAHWEH-YAHSHUA--Savior.’ And you are to find this out.

But I want you to know that the people with no spiritual perception, will in that hour discover that HE is LORD and Master of the Universe. So as HE has declared thru HIS prophet David who spoke out in such amazement, ‘YAHWEH hath rejoined Himself, has emerged out of HIS race as Messiah--YAHSHUA (God.)’ And yet we find that this is what holds all the world together, the world made by HIM and for HIM.

(End of sermon)