Bringing Sons Unto Glory, 3-10-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-10-63

As we go into our subject this afternoon of Bringing many sons unto Glory, there are areas of knowledge that is vital for the church to understand, and many of these areas are not often discussed in the areas of theology. Some of them are the developments in which God himself participated in. Others are areas of gossip and superstition in which we know not too much about or from whence they have come. But before we go into our discussion this afternoon there are some developments which follow the superstitions and fears and discussed in some matters and not in others --this is the mechanism and awareness, the processes by which men think and the tremendous impact that proper thinking and spiritual force may have upon your life and the environment. And the greatest thing you may have and the most important thing that you may have, and the greatest treasure which is yours, is the retention of your individual identity and your consciousness, the sun total of your experiences which make up the embodiment of your remembrance. For the soul that is you, celestially embodied and now physically embodied is a force, this personality which is the resident you.

As I speak this afternoon and I think upon who you are and as you dwell upon this body which is the operational dwelling In this earth you are aware that the body serves you, and you direct it, and it must do the things which you tell it to do. Within its capacities and limitations and within this environment the real you is what makes up the soul resident which makes up this body, under of course the prerogatives of divine destiny, and with the full realization that within the sovereignty of the Most High God, he keeps adding to your environment whole waves of patterns which will cause you to perform whether you had decided to do it or not--this thing which he wants you to accomplish. Before you are thru this hand of the father, where it relates to human destiny will very definitely affect the consciousness of every one of his children and will eventually produce the things he has ordained --in the earth -- as it relates to you and your race.

Now especially as we discover the relationship to our physical operation does this become more clear. We site to you that the physical body that you reside in therefore is controlled by the marvelous process of divine purpose, and that is that in this physical body we have the control center in the brain and this brain is one of the greatest instruments ever designed to be a part of the living you. And of course it is made up of tiny nerve cells around them is all of the energy that they generate, as patterns of remembrance, energy as electrons which stay around these nerve tendrils and impart a permanent image of all of the things which have been your experience, and of all of the things which you have learned or hears, this is a scientific validity. We have talked to you about the validity, and the permanency as how you keep a record of all that you experience, of all that you have participated in thru out all periods of time. We have told you that eminent students of the brain and numerologist have been discovering more and more with each passing year about how individuals function and how they think They will now establish that the energy output of your brain is 20 watts, and the milliamps of energy which goes down each tiny nerve tendrils, that cause the functions, the reactions, as well as the entire pattern of sensory recording in the entire physical body is electronic, and operates on a system in which the generator or the dynamo as well as the starting center of its energy which' is the brain.

Now; the reason this takes on more significance is that greater and more significant than this tremendous significant instrument called the brain, to direct the physical body of which you are in command is that the soul consciousness the entity in you is also composed of all of these patterns of remembrance, must remain in control of the body and its thinking apart from the spiritual forces, from the consciousness of the spirit or your light being may have an effect upon it. You have a Celestial body and a celestial mind. You have a celestial dimension and an energy dimension not visible to the eye and therefore not known to the scientist or the student of anatomy, a celestial light being and a celestial light frame. And this has an effect upon your soul consciousness and leads it into realms of inspiration. And it is in this celestial dimension where you existed with the father before you ever entered the earth, by the process of Adam's birth. As I say this I am talking about Adam as the Adamic race, for whose household you are and whose offspring that you are.

Now; what I am coming up to is of very great significance;---because as we tell you that you must retain control of your body, control of your brain and its thinking processes, we are well aware of the entrance of the entrance into earth of the Adamic race. In forces this is the power of a fallen Archangel Who rebelled in antiquity against you and against your father, and the desire was to block the purpose for which you were placed in the earth. The whole principal of God's kingdom was the transferring out of heavenly dimensions a people who would reside in physical bodies and be spiritually inspired, and in all of the organic and mechanical processes of the body transfer the administration of the Sons of God into a physical orbit by residing within. This is a divine purpose and the story of your race.

Now; from its very beginning the control of all operations, and this we must understand is the control of thought. And in the areas of thought and by thought control all areas of functions operate, thus from the very beginning the Luciferian forces, seeking to take over the universe, would seek to take over from God such a race which had such a significant origin. And behind this is of course much of that which remained in secret, but known to Israel thru out the era of their existence, and the reason why they traced their geology back to the Adamic race, this was most important and this was also the reason why in the new Testament that the genealogy of Christ is traced back to the Adamic race ---for if this was not important they would never have bothered with this genealogy. If it was not vital that we establish that the origin of Christ came thru the Adamic race, and did not move thru any other society then they would not have bothered listing it. But this is to show that it did not move thru any other race or any other society. Thus we point out that there is a convulsion of the brain, and from a white man, an Asiatic, or a Negro, we can now prove this with an adequate observation from a multiple of scientist working in this field. We also point out to you that God himself passed out of the celestial field, and by his time table and no one else came into the physical world of his own sons and his daughters. We point out then that Lucifer from the very beginning sought by a conquest of your race, by gaining control of their thinking processes, and therefore became a deceiver and therefore by this deception he introduces a lie which is a pattern of violation of divine law, seeking to subject your race under his administration, to give him power. The violations of law in his attempt in the seduction of your race to force a mongrelization of your race with the people of the societies of earth with whom you had been forbidden from your earliest hours to co-mingle with. And this is the foundation of biblical theology. It lays in the instruction that of the trees of Good and evil, this racial tree you shall not intermingle. Of all of the fruit trees of the field you may eat. This had nothing to do with apples, or oranges these are all eatable and no one ever got in trouble with God for eating an apple. We point out to you that the most important thing which you must maintain is a clear knowledge of truth uncontaminated, unaffected by the satanic influences, as far as this is possible.

You are living in a world order in which the program of God's kingdom is not in the world Order. You are living in a world where the program of God's kingdom is a separate entity. The purpose of the Most High was not to take you out of the world but to keep you in it until the rule of heaven takes over the earth and this is what the kingdom message is all about. We have a vast pattern of history as to what happened before your race and since your race has been in earth. Today the great strategy of God's kingdom is led by the offspring of Lucifer. These inassimilable people were sown into many races, and were identified Jews, by Jesus in the city of Jerusalem. He referred to them all over but especially he referred to them as devils. He said 'Ye are of your father the devil' and when he identified the only Jew among his disciples he said of Judas of Iscariot ---'I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil. ' And after this Jesus had to walk in Galilee, because the Jews sought to kill him. Read the last of the 6th chapter of John and the first part of the seventh, and it tells you this--that the Galileans were not Jews.

Now we are approaching this from a scriptural, and an academic point of view, and there is no way to tell you this story without identifying these people. And in this instance then today they carry out the objective of attempting to capture the minds of men, with whole areas of psychological and political error. They seek also to undermine the great spiritual forces of thought wave lengths, spiritually inspired that create the ingenuity, technological achievement, and the great social rise of your society, and give it a concept of its divine origin. Strangely these by areas of your destiny seek to identify themselves with things that belong by title to you, in the old testament areas, and seek to deny you the very things they claim when they move in on areas of your inheritance. Therefore they seek to integrate your society, and to mongrelize your society and place it in mental bondage. They are aware today that great spiritual flows of force move in somewhere into the seat of intellect and start an awakening in the consciousness of men, and where in you are a people with a racial inheritance, that in the chromitin there is certain electronic remembrances that are cultural and are inherited. Where as most of the things which you remember are the experiences of your own life span which you store up and then start to moving around these nerve tendrils, and you see this picture. This is a picture which has happened. You also get a picture of what happened to your race, and you inherit this cultural patterns. This is why today that as you mongrelize the race, you mutate this capacity of spiritual perception in clear thinking as it relates to your race, and you discover that this does not leave the clear picture which God designed for you in the earth.

You say why is this of great significance? Well, I am going to pin this down for you this afternoon even out of a mistake of the enemy in his own discussion. This is one of the reasons why then that if there is anything thing that you must know --it is that you must know your racial identity and its point of origin, and you must maintain in your thinking control of this house, and not permit the enemy, thru the doctrines of the enemy to take possession of it. I point out to you that the program of the Most High God for the earth is good. The program was to build his kingdom, and to bring the kingdom into proper relationship with HIM More than this his program reached out to the ends of the earth, and we read in Isaiah that "all flesh is to be saved." So what is God's salvation? It is getting people out of superstition, and catastrophes and all of the things which they are involved in and get them into proper relationship with him. In worshiping the right God and receiving the elements of his own Grace. At no time was the strategy to save you from Himself, or something he would have to do for them, because God does not have to do anything for he is God.

Now; we point out that in the vastness of this situation that the conditions that affected the earth were the result of the revolution of evil and the effects of this were felt by the original dwellers in earth. And how they have been taken over by Lucifer. The place that God picked his spot for the development for his kingdom is the earth, for the development of your race and for the overthrow of darkness, which divine wisdom has ordained, and prescribed.

Now; I point out to you that this strategy of the enemy has been carefully developed. And he has sought to capture all institutions of learning, and he has tried to take over their minds and to subject them to whole series of political and social violations of God's law. This is why they have moved their Jewish professors into your colleges and schools and there they introduce the Marxist philosophy and try to use this to take over your society. They have moved their clergy into your churches and boast that they have done this in order to capture or to push in thru the senses into the consciousness of your race, so that they can subdue you to their principals.

Now; I want to call your attention to the fact that they think that a constant repetition it will finally expect your society until you will finally move into their way of thinking like the constantly drip of water. This is why you need the constant preaching of truth and the declaration of the Lord or ---'Thus saith the LORD' which is the most important thing of our time.

Now; within their strategy, and this has been going on for a long time, a great mental doctor of this time, and he has been doing some wonderful work and he says that one of the first things that work is that one of the Jewish scientists is looking over the shoulders of all scientists and he says that they are discussing in their circles that the day will come when they will be able to control the brains of all people, and illuminate by the knowledge they were gaining concerning the electronic memory, and the energy pattern in the brain to subdue and robotize any individual who disagrees with them.

Now; we know some of the doctors who are involved in this as to what is going on. There is no doubt that research in all of the fields of the human body, and they say that there is no reason they should not gain all of the knowledge that is to be known. Now; there is no secret to be withheld from the children of God but the enemy is trying to gain this knowledge for no good. They try to gain this knowledge only to enslave you. We live in a period of great danger this is not speaking of our ultimate destiny but of the immediate danger of God's kingdom. These brain masters wait to control the brain of every individual in these United States, and thru out the Christian nations. And such brains that they have been unable to take over by propaganda and repetition and by false impressions thru the senses they wish to manipulate and control under the guise that everybody who does not agree with them and think like them is mentally sick. Therefore they must enter a new process of thinking by entering an institution where they will take control of that brain, and make that brain what they want it to be as far as a functioning instrument is concerned.

Now; you may say; but Dr. Swift, this is a very delicate area and this cannot be done, as easily as you might think that it could be done. But my friends we have reached a point where it can be done. And I want to point out to you how the President of the United States is urging that mental health programs be passed. A tremendous among of money must be spent on mental health hospital, and mental institutions. And this will require legislation for the forced mental treatment for the welfare of society. I want you to know that in the areas of psychiatry in the areas of the New Deal and Jewish Administrations they seek to make you believe that anyone who did not support the socialization of the world, and the integration of their race was antisocial. Therefore, they were mentally sick and needed to be treated. So that they could be made in accordance with the patterns of earth.

Now; sometimes the enemy goes beyond himself, and facts and truth come out. If you do not have a copy of this weeks 'Life Magazine' for goodness sakes go down and get one, and then take the last article out and file it away and as you read it you will discover what we have been talking to you about for twelve or fifteen years, as to the difference between the soul and the body and how each functions, just as how now the electrons are putting on that tape the sown factors of my words even as the brain records the image as seen by the eye, And the image into which it shapes my words into what we have in vocal perception and in its electronics and in its memory.

Holding up this 'Life' magazine I show you the head of a man who has 110 electrodes in his head, and these electrodes go to the various areas of the brain, and medical research has now discovered that areas of the brain react to various emotions, or various processes that effect whole course of human life. From the processes of nature, of food and of hunger, these relate to where you do most of your political thinking. The areas where you have chronologued or classified that thinking and now by having these instruments placed around your head they can determine in you and by what area this is active in you.

Now; they have discovered that this is true and they have found out that even to a nerve may be very small, in fact getting down to 2000 of an inch is pretty small, they can still insert an electrode that will not kill that nerve, but will make that nerve report to them or function as they will. So in the area of this therapy and they have utilized as this article will show you, that not only on monkeys on which they are working, but also on men, that they can do a lot of things. Some of them are scientifically constructive, and some will affect the earth and will be used to destroy brain tumors, or some things which are essential to rip things which are toxic from various parts of the earth out of the body, but there are other things involved here. They have discovered now that what awe told you a long time ago is true, that you actually generate electricity in the brain, the total production being about 20 watts, and milliamps centered down in each tiny never tendril carries out the decision for your soul. But your soul makes the brain operate, to do what it wills and usually it is a mechanical contrivance which steers and directs this body.

Now; the fact remains that as long as you are master you are all right but all of your remembrance periods, which have been remembrances of experiences, built up in you, must be retained in you, except the areas eliminated by new truths which always search out the area, which is a definite process of divine mental filings.

Now; what has now been determined, they show the fact that in the structure they have now found areas of emotion and anger and all of these? They have taken monkeys and they have found that separating them they have found which one of these brain areas responds when they are close to other monkeys and are friends to some of them. So they took an electrode and blocked off a part of the brain, and they magnetized it they wiped it just like you would wipe that tape with a mechanical head and an electronic charge. They then inserted the wave of energy modulating wave of energy which show anger, and they charged those areas with the anger consciousness, and this monkey was no longer friendly but wanted to fight and be angry with every monkey around him.

Now; you say;--but is this important ---yes it is important---They also discovered after this that they could make this monkey placid after that. And then they experimented with other types of life after that, and they found that they could remove the areas of remembrance out of your brain, of how you think and then put back in your brain how they want you to think and you can't erase it.

Now; how far can this go? Last week before the united States committee on mental health, one of the major doctors in this field gave his testimony and I think it most significant. He said; I think it is frightening, yet we are on the greatest threshold of treatment in the areas of mental health --and this is most important because of the areas unto which it relates--for it relates to the areas of remembrance as well. This Doctor said, testifying to the Senate committee on mental health ----'In the area of brain physiology I think we have made the most singular discovery, almost frightening, but in terms of the treatment of the mentally ill, we now know that we can change the way they think and they will never again be able to think like they did We can do anything that we want with the human thought pattern We can heal the mentally ill, and make the criminal no longer like his crime, in his thinking and abolish one of the things which he always wanted to do.

Now; within this same pattern, this is what happens to the mental health program, as far as it relates to the enemies of our race, and the left wing socialists, and what the world conspirators wanted to know, have now reached the point where they can place a patient in a mental hospital and they can utterly make placid the whole area of his mind where he is in opposition politically. They can erase it like that tape, and they can implant in this man while he is in a semiconscious state --after they have wiped this area of the brain---a whole pattern of ideas by injecting into the mind, and he will not resist this for they have wiped his opposition out, and he will think this way unless a surgical operation is performed on him.

Now; I want you to know that there is nothing any more important than your personality and the sum total of the things which you have learned the senses have brought you all kinds of thinking but the spirit of God has helped guide you into a filing system in which you select the truth from the error, into which you will not let yourself be taken over into propaganda bondage. One of the great problems we have today is that the enemy has gained areas of control over areas of communication, and has actually put to sleep thousands and thousands of people. There are times when I wonder whether television has been a boom or a curse, because there are so many people today who have ready entertainment, it so fills their time that they do not have time to read any more. And they do not have time to do any thinking which has not been prepared for them anymore, and they are getting almost every thing over the boob tube which is propaganda.

Now; in this instance the areas of the radio are also filled with propaganda, and so are newspapers. Then you have one area, even in all of this propaganda wave, a great majority and by stimulate ----and now they site here that an energy stimulus, an energy that can step up a part of the brain, and cause it to be more emphatic and more intelligent in its decisions, and make it more activated that it carefully delineates every thing it thinks about. And if they can accelerate this then people will accept this and go along placidly, and in this instance there are ways mechanically to negate it and other wise. And we have a picture here of Dr. Wetsel, and he is almost fiendish in his picture as he looks over all of these little electrodes which are going to control man in the future.

Now; how far does this report go? ---It tells you for a fact that they could take a political opponent and any individual who disagreed with their new frontier, and take someone like General Walker who stood up and said we will not stand for this system of integration ---well they could take this individual in and saying that he is mentally unsound and they could destroy his memory and make him placid or put a new set of ideas in his mind. Now; this is terror--it is the embodiment of human consciousness --and altho the soul would not be changed, still the soul in this body would now be effected.

Now; I tell you that this is more vital than even the possession of your home. I tell you that there is nothing as important as the patterns of great knowledge and the intellectual ability of the senses and perception. This is one area that the Jew must not invade, or the church should not discuss. And even tho all of our blood be spilled to preserve it. This design is to wipe out Christ and Christianity, and destines and purposes which God has instilled is their master strategy. This my friends is where they are tampering with---"Thus saith the LORD." It is to their credit that "LIFE" magazine talks about all of their progress an their abilities, for we have measured the areas where all of these thoughts come in and all of these processes. But we cannot say nor can any scientist here, say how the influence of vision and concepts of spirit and religion apply, or what the relationship of spirit is to the relationship of these things which we have found to be true

No;--but we can speak from the areas of spirit for these are the areas from which God has spoken to his people over the years, in their relationship to the father. But Life Magazine says that with all of these mechanical factors that you are always to remember that there are areas of spirit in the consciousness, and there are areas of religion in which we would not care to speak of one way or the other. And I am just telling you as to what they found. But what they found might disturb some theologists, but we have told you that your electronic memory made it possible for you to remember and to bring up the whole pattern of your existence, and now they are even talking about the inherited influences which come down thru the background of culture. Then in order to blot out the kinds of culture they do not want they would plan to magnetize areas with a tremendous shock wave the areas of thinking of a whole race.

Let me point this out to you, on page 105 of Life Magazine, or 104 I am reading this to you because of its significance. ----'We are completely amazed as to how much power they have now developed. And they point out the hypothetical possibility which has not occurred to the reader, but we have 110 sockets we have used now in some mens heads and transistorized, by a transistor stimulator no larger than a small lapel pin, and with a reactor with a master control we can set the entire thinking we can stop a man from eating and make him get up and walk out of the house, we can make him do anything we want. It is possible to use 600 electrodes in a human being.

Now; they say also that it may be in the development of the future that in order to bring about social adjustment and proper balance in every individual that an individuals program will be preset and tailored, and assigned functions and duties which can be changed quickly and this could be installed when he was a baby.

Now; listen:--I want to show you how far they go---'each individuals program, could be developed for a greater influence and a greater balance until they would not want to do other things. Now;--it is also sited that a 75-socket controller, or a 50% socket controller could then be controlled by a Regional Controller. 'Or even down to 25 basic sockets---these could be controlled by a master of wisdom and the vision and thinking of every individual could be controlled of everyone in this wavelength.

Now; --The electronic engineers in the institute of Illinois --who are working on this project say that they have learned in this Institute of Illinois Technology that the information knowledge in the biophysical science processes have also been considering the economical angle as it relates to the future. A child could be socketed from birth, and this human being could be controlled much more cheaply than you could build a robot machine. The Westinghouse mechanical man would cost ten times more than it would cost to raise a child to the age of 16 who could be completely and mechanically controlled for thee best interest of society, and economy and then this child could be released after his working days and this individual would be normal except for those controlled hours.

Now; I tell you that when we start talking about controlling minds and the placing of mental sockets for superior being control. They are not satisfied enough now, but are trying to brain wash us into thinking that a super One World or the United Nations can think better for us. Then I want to say that they want to be able to stop and say that they must make you function right thru out your working years to get the most efficiency out of you. Talk about a battle for independence. My friends we are going to raise the standard of the Cross one of these days and sweep America with freedom.

We have not gone into all of the factors of this, for most of the areas of thinking relate to all patterns of conduct in its balance and this is something that we understand. But now this is a mechanical and electronic process and this is one of the things they say that can absolutely change the thinking of individuals, and change a violent opponent in areas of government to become placid and even accept the ideas that he opposed. And he will never be a useful citizen again. So there must be something wrong with politically opposing the areas of the enemy in their thinking. I tell you that the only thing wrong is to think that you can control minds and get away with it.

Now; listen:---On the last page of this article in 'Life' magazine is this same doctor and he is looking over a tremendous amount of little electrodes and tiny grills which are to be used, and in this he said that he stands there looking over this collection and is contemplating the ultimate control of Man. --Mental health at your expense.

Next week the magazine will cover the chemical mind changers, and we tell you this afternoon that there is something of great significance. I have read several extensive essays on this matter. For the controlling of emotions and actions and even controlling certain reactions in the brain can be affected by chemical factors. And some of these reactors are used in food and in food preparation. There is something I want to get over to you this afternoon, there is no one who despises the enemy more than I do. But there are certain preparations which are never placed in Kosher cans. This is because they do not want these trace poisons to be built up in preservations and in the processing. There are areas in which the reaction of people, their cowardice activity when they should be standing up with courage, and determination, lifting up their standards, and opposing evil who have actually been put to sleep by chemical warfare, it is not just how they till it but it goes into the preparations as well. I point out to you this afternoon that the design is skillfully being designed by people who have discovered the tremendous areas of your sciences, for we have harnessed it for the extensive use by Lucifer. The law of knowledge and wisdom is good and all is ordained by divine law but when you misdefine divine law you have catastrophe. I tell you that it is time we awakened, it is one thing to remove a tumor but another thing to take a man utterly deranged and reduce that individual to another person. It is another thing to take a clear minded patriot who resists communism and the mind of the Jew and then so distort his thinking processes that you have made him accept the things which he despises. Only death can release that individual back to the time when the soul consciousness will receive him. This is why I tell you today that there is nothing more vital than the areas of information that you are subject to. There is nothing more vital than to resist and to identify yourself with areas of truth. This is why we tell you that God has built into you a very fine perception system, and this system will discern what is right for you, and this spirit bears witness with your spirit

as to what is truth.

Now; I tell you this---we are always influenced by the things we come in contact with. Probably one of the finest areas of influence in the world today is 'every word which comes out of the mouth of God.' And some people say--there is no doubt about it for here is the finest of information. The finest spiritual force which you could have recorded in your life, comes from the words of divinely inspired men in the bible. But that does not mean that the enemy has not tried to take hold of it also, and to put some propaganda in here to block off the effectiveness of this word. For as soon as the human forces which are against God's kingdom put there hands on anything they try to black it out. Have you ever stopped to reason why? -----Timothy 2:15-----'Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.'

Now; why would you ever have to tell anyone who is reading a bible that they have to be careful so that they study and do not have to be ashamed of themselves as they rightly divide the words of truth.--Why? --because there are things in here that are not true. There are ideas transferred into here to try to subject the mind even of the Christian to the overpowering forces of the powers of evil.

Now; there are some people who will be shocked at this tape for they are so completely orthodox, that they are so bible worshipers that they will reject what I say and maybe turn the machine off. But God is telling you to turn it back on again. It is vitally important that we realize that the whole program of God's kingdom is constructive and building. The program of God's kingdom never reduces from his personal, or from his hand the authority of his capacity to bring his great nature and his focus on it, and to every place in his Universe. Even the Luciferian rebellion was known in foreknowledge to HIM and the destiny for settling that situation is still in his hand one of the ways in which all Satanic Priestcraft controls men is by fear. Today across the continent of Asia or down in Africa with the Witch Doctor and Voodoo doctors from their witch doctor Voodoo school. And they even operate today, and this is where Kenyata got his first education. To the Temples of Kali or to the pagan houses of the Red Lamas the way they keep people in line, is by fear. They threaten them with what these strange overlords of deity can do to them, and what they do if they disobey, or they threaten them with terrible and torturous results when they pass from this physical world, into the dimension of celestial consciousness in the celestial plain. Or within the revolving doctrines of the recurring reincarnations doctrines that they teach. They can threaten all kinds of patterns of destiny to get good behavior.

Now; when you deal with the powers of darkness such as ancient Babylon had such as under their Babylonian Priesthood you say but what kind of conduct are they trying to get men to produce. False religions do not have moral problems or ethical standards like ours so what kind of religious conduct do they want. They want complete control. It is not a matter to them of morality, or ethics. It is a matter of complete subservient, to the Priesthood that operates behind the scene to the false deity. So they threaten them with un-imaginal tortures. They threaten them with all kinds of petty dangers, and none of them like the gods of ancient Babylon, or the gods of ancient Egypt --Set and Soth--they all have fires, and pain, and torture, and all kind of charges such as each individual might level against one another, in order to make them obey or be afraid. Thus every false religion tortures its dead, if they do not obey the Priestcraft while they live. It is a Jewish secret. Oh, you say but the Jews are not Hindu or Buddhist. But my friends' there is no false religion on the face of the earth which the Jews do not try to control, and they try to make yours a false one too. When they cannot defeat something, they join it. And having joined it, they condemn it with a pattern of great evil. I point out to you therefore that there has been inserted inside by their pattern of influence, whole areas of what they say God wants to do and what your essential destiny would be. I want you to know that the Program of God's kingdom is healing creative, and set in place to solve conditions. I want you to know of the sovereignty of Gods power that reaches to all place of authority and in all plains it is to put everything in order. It is for the salvation of his house, salvation of the world, from the error and the catastrophe when it became involved in sin and transgression after the violations of law.

I point out to you that this is not accomplished by any false set of doctrines for violation of divine law like integration, for that would only extend the catastrophe in a flash. It is only knowledge and truth that sets men free. Jesus said; ---'I came not into the world to condemn it, I came that it might have life'. I tell you that the program of God is not to take the souls of men after they die and put them into some torture chamber thru out the ages. That is not his design, nor is it his threat, that is a Jewish threat, to try to take over your society. I want you to know that he tells of his words thru the writings of the Apostle Paul to Titus, and in Philippians and others, that it is by a great work of divine energy and Grace, in which HE--embodied in Incarnate Christ, and in the Eternal revelation of YAHWEH ---he is able to subdue all things unto Himself. So the program of God is not to torture everyone in disobedience, but to subdue error and the power of resisting into a proper relationship with HIM. And I want you to know that whether it takes the ordeals and tests in order to overthrow them and whether it takes battles and wars, or whether it takes a great spiritual charge upon the sons of God until you reach out and use great impact upon the knowledge and power of the race, it is the purpose of the father to subdue all of the opposition. Subdue it all unto himself. And he uses those very words.

Now; do you suppose that God who has the power to subdue all things unto himself, would bypass this operation in exchange for an operation of eternal torture to everyone who disagrees with him? The moment that you see this it belies the nature of God and the magnitude of his Grace, but it demonstrates that something has been inserted here. I want to call your attention to the words of the Apostle Paul, and this is to the person that I challenged not to turn his recorder off a few minutes ago. But the Apostle Paul is writing to Titus. And he is talking about how the influence of pagan doctrines have affected the people of Crete largely these people were Danites and Sythians, and they had been involved in this until the operation of your race was in Crete and they were bothered by people dwelling here apart from them who were in every way controlled by false teaching and doctrines --so he says;---these people are liars in their thinking. But now this witness is true--the Apostle Paul says;--Wherefore we rebuke anyone sharply that they may be sound in their thinking. Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and the commandment of men who turn from the truth. Listen to this now;---'Don't give heed to Jewish fables.

One of the greatest problems that the Christian faith has gotten itself involved in, is that the Christian faith has to learn to separate themselves from Jewish fables. And before you criticize me for what I just said remember that the apostle Paul warned Titus that his mission as pastor over his church was not to let the people be confused by Jewish fables, which had been inserted into the areas of their thinking and worship. And I tell you that the Jewish fables have no part nor lot in your background or your race. Why, they even try to take the promise of God's blessings because you are his sons and daughters and they try to transfer that to an avenue of fear. And it says that I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you not as their eventual destiny but as an involvement of the kingdom which descends upon them because of their sower. They are trying to take your place, and they say--don't criticize the Jew, don't criticize anyone who is associated with them. You have to take what he says or you are in trouble. There is just no process by which you could straighten out a Jew anyhow like you can a Swede or a German, so don't try. And if you question, that then turns to the words of Jesus who said;---talking to the Jew ---You can't understand what I say, because you cannot hear my speech. Your consciousness does not set up in you the wisdom and understanding that my children receive.

Now; in the are as of this we point out to you that whereas Priests had tried to teach in your day that when an individual died who did not reach all of the standards of Priestcraft that he went immediately into a perdition that the devil operated, somewhere in the inner earth, and he was tortured for a long period of time, or forever. I want you to know that the bible taught that the moment that an individual dies, his consciousness went into an area, because your race had accepted the mental control of Lucifer and was in bondage. And whenever you can hold the soul consciousness and the spiritual personality you cannot get away or move in the dimension of its preoccupation whether it’s in the spiritual world or the physical body. So--there is in spiritual dimension 'the Netherworld, the residence of lucifer and his forces, and the scripture teaches that from Adam right on down, except for the men who did not die like Enoch and Moses, and Elijah that the sons of Adam from Adam to Christ went into the Netherworld. And the Netherworld was not a place of perdition and fire and flames, but it was the place where the conscious and mental intelligence of the sons and daughters of God were held unto the day when Messiah would come, and set them free.

Now; we know that this was what was understood by all of your forefathers and it is time that you knew the truth that from the days of Adam, Seth, on down--this is where the sons and daughters rested. And you will remember that he said that his atonement was necessary, so that he might gain entrance into the Netherworld. And that required that his spirit would have to leave his body by the process of death, but by this he would storm those gates and release every one of the Adamic race from this 'mental bondage of the consciousness of the soul so that they might in their celestial beings carry out their work in the plains of spirit with the rest of creation until the hours of God's resurrection.

Now; God who put all things together and made all things never designed any torture for men other than the mental torture that they might suffer as they were aware of truth, because of their ability to align themselves with it because of their actions and all of this was to be changed also. But let me point this out to you that over in the book of Hebrews, one of the great mystery books that the descendants of Heber ---and we have told you that all of the descendants of Heber who was a descendant of Shem--but all of the descendants of Heber are white men and there is not a Jew today who is a Hebrew. You do not find the book of Hebrews anywhere but in a Christian bible. Someone said that we should not discuss this subject, but this is a Christian church and we cannot get around these subjects unless we discuss them. And if there are any people here who do not belong here then they can leave. I am sure there are a lot of things which they discuss down to Rabbi Magnum's synagogue that I would not like but I do not go there any way, so it doesn't bother me. One of those days there won't be any synagogues or they will all be in Palestine and that will be a great day for America.

Now; listen---In the book of Hebrews I read;---'for we see Jesus just a little lower than the Angels, for the suffering of death.' Crowned with Glory and honor that He by the Grace of his full divinity would taste death for every man. The reason why it says that he was just a little lower than the Angles is because Angels have complete immortality. But HE had lifted his Immortality by leaving his Aura off of it so that he could make that atonement for you which he had planned from the beginning. And having made this atonement --I read;---'For it was becoming of God’---I like all of these words --it was becoming of God, and we had all kinds of Gods made up in our thinking. And lots of times the god that they thought of belonged in Africa or in Asia but not in a Christian church. In fact if God was like a lot of people said he was we would send an Evangelist out to save him. Don't let that arch your eyebrows too much, if you have reached the point where you cannot reason together you have not found your father.

Listen:---'therefore it became him for whom all things, and by him and by HIM are all things--the Almighty creator, for it was becoming to God---so that he might make that atonement---to do one thing ---to bring his many sons unto Glory to be the captain of their salvation. And as Paul says;---to bring captivity out of the Netherworld and set them free in the spirit again. So Lucifer today has no bondage over the spirit of any Adamite from that day unto this. 'So if by death cam one man, then by death of one man came life --and he came to put down the power of Lucifer. The only place where you are captured today is where you think. And if you can keep possession of your consciousness and disseminate the truth and the design to process the error then the kingdom expands and the right wing moves and the enemy becomes outnumbered, and we take possession of our nation. That is what you were put here for to occupy until I come. But proclaim the great truth of God, the mighty revelation of God and the standard of your civilization. But those who come up and want to compete with you want to harness your brains until you are like a robot, or silence you until you are no functional opposition to them.

I want you to know today that Sheol is the grave, translated so many times as hell. But I want you to know that the grave is the defeated end for a people whose immortality is forever. I want you to know that this is why the Resurrection is a part of the Christian faith, for there shall be a great and mighty synthesis for every one of the sons of Adam and it reaches out to tomorrow from this God's planet, to the ends of the Universe. And I point out to you that God Almighty stormed that area of conscious existence in that dimension which is hard for you to perceive in a physical body because it was another dimension in which consciousness and spirit existed. And he stormed the gates, and as the Psalmist said;---"Who is at the Gates---the King of Glory is at the gate --who is at the gate----The Lord strong and mighty is at the gate ------Open up ye everlasting gates the King of Glory shall come in. And from the day when the King of Glory stormed those gates and broke the power of those who were held in bondage, there has never been a subordination of the Adamic race in the spiritual world. --Once and for all.

We tell you this afternoon that the sons and daughters of God stand justified and free, and you do not have to worry ABOUT SPENDING YOUR LIFE IN THE FACE OF DANGER, if you die in the conflict. You do not have to worry about living in the environment for you can live without fear because you had faith in what God has accomplished and by His Grace---Absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. This also means that you will be victorious and see every last Communist pushed over the hill and every last power of darkness eliminated, and the transportation of our enemy to a far distant place. I want you to know that your father has arranged for your freedom, and the lifting of your captivity and thee triumph of his church, and the majesty of his kingdom.

(End of message.)