Brotherhood Of The Kingdom, 6-4-61



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-4-61

This afternoon we are speaking on the subject of ‘The Brotherhood of the Kingdom’ a most important subject at this time. If ever there was a great movement across our nation to disrupt the Kingdom of God, and to black out for all time the civilization of God’s Kingdom, it is now. If there were also a time when the spiritual forces were awake and wondering, it is also in this hour.

I would think for a moment, in the 6th chapter of Matthew upon these words which Jesus taught us to pray:--“In this manner pray ye---Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE, IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.” There is no doubt that this passage and this prayer which it is a part of, was the addressing of a people to their father. Jesus made it clear that when we pray this way, “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME.” This is not a Universal prayer. It is not a prayer for Africa and Asia. This is a prayer for the children of God’s Kingdom. And when they pray, they pray ‘Our Father which art in heaven.’

If you would have noticed your newspaper this morning, you would have noted that the propaganda wave is now on. They are having their ‘Brotherhood Week’ program. And are celebrating the expansion in Brotherhood, as they referred to it, as the ‘brotherhood of Christians and Jews.’ And I note they are giving a special award to Mrs. Chandler of ‘The Times’ and a lot of others are getting their awards for Brotherhood. I noticed also an extension program advocating brotherhood as the principal that we are no longer to regard the religion of a man, or the particular god that he serves, but we are to recognize that there is a common brotherhood between them and us, because of the fact that we dwell in physical bodies with a common shape.

In fact, I was very much interested in the fact as I listened to a minister speaking over the television and over the radio, and what he was telling the audience was that the most important thing, more important than an individual avenue of our faith, more important than any idea of concept that we might possess, that we embrace a concept of a common brotherhood and recognizing our common brotherhood, realize that now our responsibility---as the world versus the universe,---it requires a common brotherhood.

Now, not once in his prayer, not once in his message, did this man mention Jesus Christ. And not once in his message did he identify what he meant when he said, ‘god.’ There is a great distinction among men when they say ‘God.’ They talk about ‘God’ and if today you were to turn to the Talmud, you would discover that there is a great difference in the word when they mention God. I was looking at the Talmud yesterday as I was pointing out to some visitors what it contained and they were amazed as they looked at this for here was the contemporary version of the modern Rabbi, who said that their god was not our God. They said that the God which the Christians worship is a descendent of Satan, or the real devil, and that Jesus was the incarnate Devil. And they said that the Devil as the Christians know it is the one and only true god which we serve. And I believe that they are right. For I believe that the Jews are serving the god we call the devil, and they say that the God we serve is the Devil. But that also makes something very clear. How are you going to produce brotherhood out of something like that?

This concept that the most important thing is Brotherhood is true. We are watching the necessity for it more and more each day. We also know what the requite of understanding what brotherhood is. And we know that before you can have Brotherhood, you have to have Fatherhood. And before you can establish Brotherhood, you have to find out who the Father is and who your brothers are. The idea that I hear so often expressed is that we have a common Brotherhood because we have a common Father. But they have an uncommon father. Our Father is not the father of everyone who exists thru out the universe. Altho He is the Creator of all things, and all things in His Universe have come into being because He is the eternal God and has been the first cause, and He has predestinated, and He has determined. But I want you to know that when it comes to actually begatting a people--that God the Father hath declared that He has a people that he Has begotten. That is the reason why you can turn to the prophet James, and he talks about this God of all Light and all vibration, and then makes the statement that He is the God who begat us and by His own witness--’Begat He us’--of His own will begat He us, and by the declaration of His own intent --we are told in the original text. He is the father of all light, and all vibrations, and He is the father of all energies by which the Universe was put together. And of His own will begat He us.

The concept being taught today is that everybody on the face of the

earth has descended from a common father, and that everyone is an Adamite. There is nothing farther from the truth and it is rather foolish of us to try to put everybody in this book, since you and I are the only people who possess this Christian bible. And to start everyone off with the origin of Adam is foolish. Or to believe that everyone on the face of the earth is a brother to Adam, or an offspring of Adam. The Scripture is quite clear concerning this great and tremendous truth. God who has demonstrated that He hates all evil, that there are races which He has put away from the proximity of Himself declares over here in the book of Jeremiah---’I am a Father unto Israel, and even declares that Ephraim is his first born.

I turn thru out the Old Testament to continue this declaration as God is speaking unto us as His children---in the 45th chapter of Isaiah and He says:--’Ask Me of things concerning My sons’ and I will answer you, and I will tell you that I put My sons in the earth to set the captives free, and to continue building My great and continuous city, --that Jerusalem which has been coming down out of the heavens, since He first placed a son and daughter here, and when you come to a blue print like that of a new world order, that New Jerusalem, as you find it unveiled in the book of Revelation you will discover that there are gates at the entrance, and names written on those gates are the names of the 12 tribes of the children of Israel. That is why I tell you that there is something very strange to some for this is an Israel Bible, Israel’s book--it is this Israel race which has moved forth out of the Eternal God---YAHWEH is His name, and EL is only one of the pronouns used in relationship to Him, and Elohim are the children of God and YAHWEH is their Father. And as He makes this declaration then you notice that Israel is declared as being rulers with God, they are His children in the earth, and from Adam on down to Abraham, they are Israel and Enoch knew this. And when God specifically changed the name of Jacob to Israel, it was only identifying the ruling purposes of God with Jacob’s household.

I want you to know that as far as God is concerned, you are not only His household, His people, His children, but when Jesus taught you to pray:--”Our father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,” it was exactly a true and understandable statement. There is probably no greater truth that you can comprehend this afternoon than for you to know, that you are the offspring of God and that He is your father, that your spirit in this body was begotten in the ages of yesterday, that you are His children, born in the heavens, then born in earth, a Christ born people, spiritually re-energized spirit, with a re-energized light. With the renewing of your mind and the restoration of the promise of your powers you are then the children of the Eternal. In fact if you did not know this today, as you see what is going on in the world, you might be more disturbed than you are. If you did not know that the spirit would triumph over all the powers that obstruct and try to destroy God’s plan for the earth. I want you to realize that when they tell us that we have one Father, even God as one minister said this morning on the radio. He said that we better realize that all the people of thee earth have one Father, who is God. But me--I like the commentary of Jesus better. Come over in the book of John and we read these words:--‘At this time Jesus was faced with a lot of people who were trying to use this type of argument. And as Jesus spake with them the first thing they said when He identified them as to what they were doing--- they said, ’We have one father even God.’ (John 8:41) So who were these people? They were Jews there in Jerusalem. Jesus had just declared that a great congregation of people had listened to Him, listened to some great truths. He had told them that ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free’--free from bondage, free from error, free from transgression, free from being administered over, and taken in by the powers of darkness. And the Jews standing by said, ‘How shall we be made free, for we have never been in bondage at any time?’ By this they had just born witness against themselves once again that they were not the children of Israel, the descendants of Abraham, whose 10 tribed Kingdom had to have been in bondage in the days when Assyria and Sennacherib took them captive, and then Shalmaneser set them free. And they were certainly not the descendants of Judah and Benjamin who had been carried away into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. Yet they said, ’We have never been in bondage at any time, thus how can you say that we would be made free?’

Rome was at that time the power, which ruled over Palestine, but these strange Yehudin had an arrangement. They had their own king, who was administering over their affairs, and they did not consider themselves in bondage not at all. But the men of Judah and Benjamin did--where as these strangers said, ‘we have never been in bondage at any time.’ Then Jesus railed at them saying, ‘Yes, I know that ye say ye are Abraham’s seed, but if you were of the seed of Abraham you would do the work of Abraham, for Abraham rejoiced to see my day.’ And then they started to make their proclamation. They said, ‘we consider Abraham to be our father. But Jesus said:--’If you were the children of Abraham you would do the work of Abraham. Yet ye seek to kill me a man who has told you the truth --YOU DO THE WORK OF YOUR FATHER.’

I think this is very important considering what is taking place in our nation and thru out the world---Jesus said ‘You do the deeds of your father.’ But they replied, ‘we have one father, even God. And Jesus replied, ‘If God were your father you would love me.

Then Jesus said:--’I know your father, but I am out of the fullness of deity, out of God. But I know who your father is--for he is the devil.’ Note what Jesus said ‘Ye are of your father the devil’. And in the early text it was even more clear, in the Aramaic text it is translated:--’Ye are the progeny of Lucifer’ or the devil. And the declaration is that he was a murderer from the beginning and he abode not in the truth, thus the physical incarnate manifestation of Satan’s progeny was the Cainanites. And Jesus thus identified them.

Now, what a strange paradox. Jews in their Talmud, which they keep adding to with the writings of the Rabbi, refer to Jesus Christ as the devil. But Jesus said ‘alright I know who your father is, for he is the devil. He said:--’I am of my Father, and ye are of your father’.

Now, let me tell you something. Anyone who tries to bring about a brotherhood between Christians and Jews today is not aiding God. He is only confusing the issue. Some one said, ‘but don’t you want Peace? Don’t you want to see a great happy Brotherhood of Christians and Jews?’ No, I want to see the Jews so unhappy that they leave America. I got a frown then. But the one who frowned doesn’t understand as of yet.

Now, listen. When Jesus said ‘I am of God’ (spirit) and then turned and said to them---’Ye are of the devil,’--out of him as progeny, then Jesus was teaching that you had to have a common father to have Brotherhood. If God is our Father, then you have many brothers in His household. If Lucifer is the father of an un-assimilatable progeny, then it makes no difference where he sowed that seed, in Africa, or in Asia or in the islands of the sea, whether it was among people of the black race, or the red race or any other race. They only have a common brotherhood in Lucifer, but not in God. Someone said, ‘but aren’t the Negroes and the Asiatics our brothers?’ No, they are not our brothers. I am going to place them in a separate category. The Africans and Asiatics are not the children of Satan, they are created races. The Negro race has degenerated. The Asiatic race has lost much that it once had in vision, after being taken over by Lucifer, and perversion was sown into their ranks, and they now serve Satan instead of God. They lost their ancient greatness, and they worship their ancient yesterdays. Some day you will see every race on the face of the earth acknowledge that the God who is our Father, is the God of the Universe and they are going to learn righteousness, and they will learn it from the sons and daughters of God. But there is an unassimilatable people who have been produced by the fallen Angels and their offspring as well as Lucifer and his offspring. And these people are referred to as the Yehudin from which the word Jew is translated.

I want you to know that almost all the trouble that we have in the world, in World Communism, and in the race crisis, which we find facing people everywhere has stemmed out of these people and their imaginations. Christians attitudes should be toward establishing law and order. And if that means deportation then deport. That means that we as Christians must learn the lesson that Brotherhood exists in a true family relationship.

I turn over to the New Testament and I find the Apostle Paul writing to the brethren, and I discover that James in his Epistle is writing to the brethren, and Peter is also writing to the Brethren. And Peter is also writing to the brethren and they did not address this to everyone, they were addressing this to their brothers. I want you to realize that in all of the patterns of the New Testament as well as the old these writings were addressed to the kinsmen of God. When we understand this and it becomes clear in our minds, that we are the kinsmen of God, that the Israel race is God’s household, that the people who make up Christendom are the Israel of God, the kinsmen of God, we will then understand that God’s plan was to transplant His kinsmen from heaven to earth to build His Kingdom, and then to bring that Kingdom to complete truition. This required the projection into earth of the law and the will of God, it requires all the laws of nature to be extended by divine natures, but it also still requires obedience. And Jesus Himself, will narrow it down to this point----altho all law is personified, His Grace, His intelligence in the far reaching picture included suffering for himself, to accomplish it, but at the same time He will enforce the law of righteousness with a rod of iron.

There are natures in the world today, and beings in the world today that must by divine law and divine authority, and by administration of God’s Kingdom be forced to obey. And it will take generations of such a situation before they will be able to conform.

When we listen to the proclamation of Brotherhood today it does not mean that they think they we have a common Father, it means that they aim to mix the children of God’s kingdom with the creations of earth and destroy the seed of the children of God, until racial respect is gone and the whole world cast into a policy of total confusion. They intend to rule --out of the background of their carefully designed program --to rule that world which they have cast into chaos.

I look at the newspapers in the last two days, the photographs and the miracle of the T.V. which comes from around the world, and I see the president of the U.S. and his wife wining and dining with the Anti-Christ. I look at this mornings newspapers and a beaming, smiling Khrushchev is looking into the eyes of the wife of the President and it says here, that by the twinkling of the eyes it proclaims that Good will is being proclaimed to the world. But ---”Woe unto the nations of Christendom when the Good Will is said to be between the leadership of this nation and that of the anti-Christ. Some one said, ‘we will soften them up with a little friendship and they will think that we are people like they are, and they will not act like they do.’ Let me tell you something. They are different than we are. Mr. Khrushchev did not come here to be softened up. He reads the same news papers that we do. There is not something different that the agents put in some newspapers, and not in the papers of other countries for review. He knows what you are over there for, that you will try to persuade him that this is not a good thing for him to do--for him to push his program now. He will arrive with the determination that he will not change his plan, he plans to make you surrender western Berlin, and throw Germany to the wolves.

Already the first conversations were about Laos. And they do not tell what they are about, other than to assure you that Mr. Khrushchev has not changed. I listened to this again, that this is a great hope, that there is a brotherhood between the people of the Russias and the people here and that this brotherhood will be accomplished. But I tell you that there can be no brotherhood between the Soviet Union and Christianity. One thrives on bloodshed and torture, and the other is from its foundation predicated on this, ‘That ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.’ Christianity sets men free and sets the values of the human soul. Brings that individual up to the vision of responsibility. And they have a dignity placed upon them because they are God’s children and -----calls them to respond to this. The other sells them into the masses and says celebrate with the mass. But the individual lost within it is the important thing. I am going to say that throughout Christendom of today, I think we would be better off if none of the Presidents of the United States paid any attention to Khrushchev or Stalin. When they said come let us talk and visit together, I think we would have been better off if we had opposed Communism from that time unto not. There is no good going to come out of this Summit Conference. That Conference as was all the other conferences, only an avenue of submission and betrayal. It would be better if we stand up to it, for there is only one outcome and that is war. If we do not stand up to it then just more territory is gobbled up and more people enslaved.

We are told that we must be praying for peace and working now for Brotherhood. Most of the ‘praise’ coming out of the press which is controlled by the enemies of Christianity, actually plan and design your troubles while they talk brotherhood to you. For one moment, go back to this statement of Jesus. For they said, ‘We have one father even God.’ But Jesus said, ‘No, your don’t---the devil if your father.’ And they now want us to submit all our background, our culture, our identity, into a union with them by this same phrase they used with Jesus and if it was wrong then, it is still wrong today.

I want you to think about the words of the book of Hebrews which was written to you. As you well know, no one outside of the most important books of scripture as it relates to you and the mystery of your birth. And when you come over to the book of Hebrews, you will discover that God Himself makes it very, very clear that when He came to earth and dwelt in a physical body, He took a form just a little lower than the Angels. Because there was mortality upon the physical body of men. And this is what He said---it was becoming unto Him---He the Eternal God---YAHWEH---YAHSHUA as the Savior---Jesus, it was becoming unto Him that He should take on a physical body. That He take this body because this was a demonstration of the very Grace of God and for every man. And it became Him for whom all things, and by whom are all things in the bringing of His many sons into Glory. That He would be the Captain of their Salvation. HIS MANY SONS.--

Now, listen to what it says. That He who set you apart, and they that are set apart, are all one. For which cause HE is not ashamed to call your His brethren.

Now, again, Jesus said:--“Behold, I and all the children---that the spirit hath given Me--for as much as the children of YAHWEH are partakers of flesh and blood---so HE the Eternal likewise took upon Himself the same.” Children of His spirit, begotten of His Spirit---twice born children---Oh, the mystery. Nicodemus, the master of Israel, had suffered the same as a great number of others had and witnessed the coming in of those who sought to change the theology to cover up truth until it could not be understood. Nicodemus asked Jesus, ‘How can I participate in the administration of the Kingdom, how can I enter in and participate in the Kingdom?’ Jesus said, ‘You do not understand that? The secret is that you have to be twice born.’ What was obscured was the mystery which the Patriots knew all about. This was what Enoch had told them. The Patriarchs knew this, and the Levites of the Temple also knew. But here it had been forgotten. But Jesus said, ‘all you have to do to participate in the Kingdom, in this administration which is a destiny, it is a dynasty, it is a people, and the only thing you have to do is to be born twice. Nicodemus replied, Master, I know that you are a man come from God---but how can I go back into my mothers womb and be born twice?’ Jesus said, ‘but I did not tell you that---are you a master in Israel and yet you do not understand this? YOU MUST BE BORN FROM ABOVE, AND YOU MUST BE BORN ON EARTH. YOU MUST BE BORN OF THE SPIRIT AND YOU MUST BE BORN OF THE WATER. You must be born of spiritual birth in the heavens and be born of natural birth in the earth. That, my friends, is the transference of God’s children from heaven into earth to build His Kingdom.

If you have lost that knowledge, then you have to have that renewed by the spirit with the renewing of your mind. This is a re-generation of God’s household. TWICE BORN. Do you know how they translated this in the King James Version? ‘It is that you must be born again.’ And people talk about this and most do not understand it. But they think they do and they will fight over that subject. If you want to get a fight going in the Fundamentalists camp, you just tell them that means that they were born in the heavens and then on earth in natural birth by the breaking of the water and you are in trouble right now. People who should be happy that they are the children of God, begotten by His Spirit, would rather think that they are something that is just converted by a few texts and the preacher’s words which by their decision were now ‘saved.’

I want you to know that the children of god and the Brotherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of the Kingdom, did not come by the persuasion of a minister. It does not come, my friends, by some transaction after they’ve heard the truth. It is something which happened by the WILL OF THE FATHER BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FRAMED. WHEN YOU ARE BEGOTTEN OF HIS SPIRIT INTO HIS FAMILY. He created people and they were good in the days that He created them. But now they have gone into disobedience under Lucifers error. And God’s plan is to bring them back. God’s plan is to restore them and God’s plan is to save all flesh. The process by which He plans to do this, is thru His children whom He put into the earth to accomplish this. And He said that they also would error and He would redeem the. And then He would finish the job He intended to do with them, thru them, and by them and the world would see the manifestation of the sons of God.

I want you to know that the most powerful truth that you can know today, is that you are an essence of God’s Spirit, which abides in you. That it is the Celestial consciousness of that spirit that is the secret intelligence of vision and knowledge and intelligence which projects your race above everybody on the face of the earth. It has given you the knowledge to seek and to search. It has given you the technology to do this, thus placing you above every people on the face of the earth.

Don’t talk to me about the equality of these races. And never tell me about a Negro who is smart enough someday to be president of us all. There is nothing as significant as to realize that there is a vital program of Brotherhood. The whole destiny of the world depends on the accomplishment of God’s purposes as His Kingdom comes to its solidarity, and recognized its brotherhood. You go back to the time when the Covenant promises to Jacob descended upon his sons, and the unity of the sons of Joseph and the great nations which were to emerge out of the seed of Joseph in his destiny---thru this seed of Ephraim and Manasseh---and we read that the nations of the world are going to say---‘God makes our blessings like that of Ephraim and Manasseh, standing together.’ Those are the Anglo-Saxon people. You turn over to the book of Ezekiel, and God then says--I am going to do something else about bringing these brothers together. I AM GOING TO TAKE OF THE LEADERSHIP OF JUDAH AND ALL OF HIS COMPANIONS, AND I WILL TAKE THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH AND ALL OF HIS COMPANIONS, AND I WILL BRING THEM TOGETHER AS ONE STICK, ONE MIGHTY KINGDOM, ONE GREAT POWER, ONE GREAT BROTHERHOOD OF ONE GREAT FAMILY.

This is why Brotherhood of the Kingdom is important here at the end of the age, because Brotherhood of the Kingdom is going to be the Brotherhood of Christian nations as well. They talk about the United Nations as being the brotherhood of nations. But it is not. That, my friends, is the arena. What they think they have put together there is nothing but trouble. There is nothing in common between pagan nations and Christian nations. You say, ‘but there is a ‘love of peace.’ No, there is no ‘love of peace’ or those cannibals would not be eating one another down there. They do not want peace. They just want to break the bands asunder of the children of God. This you are told in the 2nd Psalms. ‘They take counsel to break the law and break the bands asunder.’ This change in God’s purpose is only their declaration. And it is not true. God said, ‘you ask Me and I am going to give you the heathens of the earth for your possession.’ This is my Father’s world and it does not belong to these pagans. Not only is this my Father’s world, but they are going to live on it according to my Father’s Will, whether they like it or not. But they are going to like it when they get thru.

Do you know of these ‘Freedom riders?’ No where in the world has the Negro been treated as well as they have been in these United States. No place in the world has he had more opportunities for advancement than he has had here. No place did he fare any better than he did in the South. Today we see the hand of the enemy and Communism disturbing the crisis and the problem. And I want to get this over to you this afternoon, that this riot in Griffith Park, this whole thing, was organized by the Jews. That riot which stirred up Moslem Malchom X and ‘storm troopers’ and Communist led Negroes,---maybe you heard the testimony of one of the ADJ saying they set the whole thing off. This ADJ and the B’nai B’rith is trying to teach you ‘brotherhood.’ They just want you to be peaceful and pacifists while they stir up the race crisis.

I can tell you this. That race crisis is a much more explosive thing than you realize. That what happened in Griffith Park swept across the city with whole armies in battle right here. But the enemy was not quite ready for that as yet. Did you know that story did not appear in any southern newspaper? Did you know that this story was not allowed to get into any eastern newspaper? When the overwhelming Negro congregation turned on the White people, and then started to push the police department around. And they shot over their heads, but not at them, as they should have. They turned over police cars and committed acts of violence. But this whole thing was set up. And one of the things,---and I will say it whether it will be said from one other platform---but I will say it---, one of the things which this was supposed to bring out was that these 600,000 Negroes who live in Los Angeles, would come out and vote for Yorty. And I have some of the bills they were putting out and scattering throughout the whole area. And what they said was, ‘Polsen turns the goon squad and the shock troops and the OGPU on the Negroes so vote for Yorty and get a Negro Police Commissioner and get minority leaders in the city.’ That is why they did it. The television screen says that the police are against the Negroes. And it show the Negroes rioting and to start this off, they had to abuse Whites.

I am going to tell you this. Behind the conspiracy and the design, are these people who are trying to call you brothers, only that they might keep you from resisting.

Now, back to this glorious book of Hebrews. The Father who is now embodied as the man Christ Jesus, in the Biblical records, as He is referred to here in the book of Hebrews, said that He was not ashamed to call you brother. And since you, now the children of God, were now partakers of flesh and blood and living in a physical world, inheriting from Adam their father after the flesh, Jesus took on the same body. And He said that He was not only going to deliver you from all the bondage of the flesh, but that He did not take on Himself the like of Angels, but He took on Himself the same as you had. He took on Himself a physical body just like you had since the children of God were now in physical bodies. And God took on the Seed of Abraham. And when He did this, He called the seed of Abraham His brethren. He wasn’t talking to the African or to the Chinaman. The book of Hebrews then tells us more about this as it says:--’THEREFORE IT BEHOOVED GOD TO BE FASHIONED JUST LIKE HIS BRETHREN, THAT HE MIGHT BE ALSO A PATRIARCHAL PRIEST PERFORMING ALL THINGS THAT GOD HIMSELF MUST DO FOR THE RECONCILIATION OF HIS OWN PEOPLE. And I am going to tell you that there are a lot of things today offered as political prizes and social prizes. But I would not give up what I now know by the Spirit of God concerning who I am. I would not give up my relationship as a kinsman of God and the acknowledge of His Fatherhood, for all the world around about. For I am absolutely assured of this Sonship, and this Fatherhood from our Father.

I am aware of what Jesus said:--”Thine they were in the heavens and Mine they are in the earth. They are not of the world, as I am not of the world, but don’t take them out of the world, keep them in it.’ Here He was talking about a Divine progeny. He was talking about the household of the MOST HIGH. And He was talking about the Elohim that the Psalmist David sang about. When he said, ‘Ye are Elohim and all of you are Elohim.’---in the 82nd Psalm this is brotherhood. This is not serving the cause of anyone, and promising them something that is not true.

Demagogues today being used by Satan’s own children are listing up and using the Negroes to accomplish a revolution for themselves. But I want you to know that what they are doing is creating a crisis that will swallow them up before they are thru. While the brother of the President who is the Attorney General was making that Friday speech which did all of his own people a disservice---a disservice to every Irishman, and to every Catholic---to every White American, he poured out the propaganda of the Schlessingers and the revolution of the Anti-Christ. He said, ‘We are going to integrate. We are going to equalize. We are going to see that everyone is equal.’ But this is what the Communist Party says they are wanting to do. And he said, ‘we were not popular thirty years ago.’ But that is not popular to talk about that, for some Irish were not popular thirty years ago and some Irish are still not popular. That does not mean that we are against Irishmen. That just means that some Irishmen--we just don’t like what they do. Someday they will be good Irishmen. They will learn a lot. But this one then said, ‘Now you have an Irishman for President and he is a Roman Catholic at that.’ But he would have served his church best if he would have kept his mouth shut. For people do not like things rubbed in. Some of the Catholic Bishops didn’t like it either. They are talking about churching the whole family --that is right. They said what is he trying to show---are we going down hill--next it will be Catholic and then next it will be Negro, and they do not like that. But He said, ‘Even so Negroes are rising in equality and will rise above you as the Irish have done, and one of these days in thirty or forty years you will have the Negroes as the oppressors.’

Do you know that God put down deep in everyone of you a wave of spiritual energy that you cannot gainsay, and you cannot deny it for it is still there. It is a wave of culture, and of race and of destiny, it is a spiritual seed that does not like that situation, and something just rises up in you when they tell you that, but it is just racial self respect cropping out. There are a lot of men in America who would rather give their lives than to see that happen. I heard that there is a group of Christians ready to move if they had a leader, and there are 17 million of them out there today saying we have had enough. That is a lot of movement, a lot of men, and a lot of organizations.

Let me tell you this. While Mr. Kennedy was speaking a group of Negroes in Washington D.C. seized a fashion show and raped the models, when they came down to view the fashions which had come over from France and other places. They held the door of the salon while they did this, and this happened in Washington D.C. in our nations capital while the brother of the President was talking about the Beasts rising to equality. This did not appear in your newspapers for I hunted for it, however it was in the eastern papers and in the Florida paper while I was there. The attack and the murder of the 50 years old Mack Company employee and the woman with her was portrayed as revenge for the way the Freedom riders were treated in the south.

A minister who may be one of the ministers transformed as Lucifer’s ministers of Light is this Bishop Pike of the Episcopal church in San Francisco, who is calling for thousands and thousands of dollars to rent busses to fill with Negroes and send them to the southern states right now to force a showdown.

Now, who is he forcing this for right now---the Communist, for the revolutionists? They should go down there and find what they are looking for. Even now fear moves over those who have stirred the evil, for Mr. Kennedy says stop the rise, hold it down, cool off a little, don’t move to fast, and there by admits that they have been directing the whole show all the time. We are not going to talk about the legality of it but we will show you how illegal some of these things are, and how some people have no regard for law anyhow until they try to accomplish something and put it down your throat.

I want you to realize that there is nothing in this book as important as Brotherhood. And I am going to tell you how far that Brotherhood should go in America. You should not only be closing ranks, but Christians should be praying together, and Christians should be recreating in every one of their churches a respect for their forefathers, and for their culture and for their race. The great nations of our Christian civilization from which our culture is derived, and from whence we have drawn our life, and the great culture which belongs to this Adamic race under God should be brought to the attention of our children, and the realization of God’s blessings promises that those who are identified with His name, and who recognize that YAHSHUA is Jesus the Christ are important. We should recreate in the minds of our youth an image as to who our enemy is, and --why the enemy wants to put the light out.

I think it is time for Christians to be united in a great working Brotherhood such as the enemy is. The B’nai B’rith tells its members to check the list before they leave their houses, and be sure that their members, and their names are on the list. When you go to the store make sure it has a six pointed star and its culture, do not go anywhere else. Buy with your culture and trade with your own people. Don’t spend your money outside of this net unless you are going to make a quick profit on it, but buy and trade Jewish.

Do you know what I think?----It is time for Christians to buy Christian, talk Christian, and make sure it is Christian. If we Christians would do that we would create whole new industries in a day. The whole realm of industry would reorganize and grow in a day. If Christians decided to buy Christian, sell Christian we could freeze out of America everything non-Christian, and unassimilable. Oh, you say, ‘you should not do that.’ --Why not?--They are trying to phase you out, and they are a minority and you are the majority.

Brotherhood is not an empty word, it is to do something. God says that the Brotherhood of His Kingdom is going to have to stand together against this great army of the Anti-Christ and the hoards of Communism. And inside the nation the brethren are going to have to stand together against the enemy. I think that when it comes to an election, it does not matter whether he is a Democrat or a Republican see that he does not get the nomination if he is not a White Christian, lets take back both parties, and see that they operate on a divine basis. Buy Christian, sell Christian, and vote Christian. I think it is time to start telling companies which are out for your businesses that if they are to back Liberalism, and support the Anti-Christ, and support a one worldism, that you are not going to support their products. Yes, I think it is feasible and I think what we need in America is a Christian consumers guide, and I think we should have one in every city in the United States. I think we should look at the enemy and see how he practices brotherhood, and then discover his strength. The devil has a brotherhood of his entity, while God has a Brotherhood of his children, and they have spiritual power that will unite and draw them together, and you will watch it work. Never has there been a period in your history more important that this.

Let me tell you how far your enemies will go. ---I have some clippings from Bakersfield, California, brought to me this afternoon. The pressure is from some ‘left wing’ Liberals who are putting pressure on some churches, and it has ended up with all the graduation services in Kern county banning prayer, and the name of Jesus Christ cannot be used, and no religious prayer of invocations of any type can be used in the graduation ceremonies in Kern county. All religious rites, and any thing connected with religious rites have been abandoned, for all Baccalaureates. But how can you have a Baccalaureate without worship? In one of these schools a minister was asked to give the Invocation and the Benediction but he was told, you cannot use the name of Jesus Christ. He said, ‘I am not selling out MY LORD, there will be no Benediction if the name of Jesus Christ cannot be used.’ What Kern County needs is thousands of Christians outside every Baccalaureate service. They should be out there singing and with the sign of the Cross. And they should make Kern county know that they are not going to take Christ out of the Graduation service. What Kern county needs is for the Christians to come together as we did in this county and tell a handful of Jews that they are not going to let them run Kern county.

Two more clippings saying that Kern county schools plan on banning all religion from their schools. I think that every elected officer in education who did not come out for the abandonment of this should be awakened by a demonstration from one end of Kern county to the other by the Christians. --Let the Freedom riders ride, the race groups ride, the B’nai B’rith ride. Well, my friends, it is time the Christians stood up, it is time for awards to be given for things pertaining to the white race, they are not the only people who can pass out rewards. Let’s find a few heroes and pass out a few awards. I think it is time that Christians wrote to the governor of Alabama and said, ‘Hold your ground.’ The brotherhood of the Kingdom is a fighting Brotherhood. They rallied behind David, and they are going to rally behind Christ. The scripture tells us this, altho the enemy may not understand it.

So we tell you in closing this afternoon that when you look for your brothers then look for the sign of the Cross. When you look for your brothers, look for that Cross for you will not find any of your enemy saying:--”Our Father which art in heaven.” In fact we have reached the point where they do not want even you to say it. But the Brotherhood of the Kingdom is going to emerge as a shinning White Company, crowned with Glory and honor, and your Father is going to be the proudest individual in the Universe, for pride above all pride will be His when He sees the Glory of His Sons.

(end of message.)