Can These Bones Live? 1-27-65



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift -  1-27-65

The symbolism of Ezekiel for our times:---- There are a great number of mysteries and symbols, parables, and visions in the scriptures. They are applied with a consecutive chronology, and without the realization that these skip from one to another. And in the patterns of translation, and the arrangement of the documents, they overlap and contain material that should have been placed in other portions of these writings. It happened because human instruments, also, shapes the scripture as they feel or see that it should be.

There is no question of every word out of the mouth of God being truth. But it has to be studied to shape and divide it. Part of a prophecy may be for that time and then other parts for our time. The day still ahead will see the transitions with great speed.

You are to study to show yourself approved, so this spirit in us can commune with the Father.

Ezekiel’s time found Israel in captivity. But Ezekiel 37, was thinking ahead and he thinks of how God stirs HIS children.

Dead bones:--This is allegory vision. And Ezekiel sees a deep valley completely surrounded by mountains, and it is full of bones. Dry bones could be many of our churches today, or in areas of leadership. But the Spirit said, ‘can these things live?’

Now, it may be our blindness to prophecy. But these bones are the whole House of Israel. Not one tribe or two tribes, but the whole House of Israel. They were in captivity there in the old in the Mid-East when Ezekiel did his prophecy. But YAHWEH said, ‘I will cause breath to enter into these bones and they will live.’

Here we have a skip prophecy, as well as a duel prophecy. One that can reach right up to our times, when the forces of darkness have us in what they believe is the valley of ultimate conquest, swallowing up the Kingdom of God. This is not literal death of individuals. That is not what is symbolized here. It is instead, the suppression of power by the forces of darkness, until an individuals testimony is suppressed. It is as tho the children of the Kingdom have been eliminated---as tho the high mountains are strategies of the world power, has surrounded them. In fact, it symbolized the Kingdom caught in the United Nations, integration syndrome, world religion, this program of the Beast System are the mountains around Israel.

Now, the two witnesses inside the Olive Trees are Church and State---the administration of the Kingdom. The two Houses of Israel are those who stand before YAHWEH in the whole earth. We have a split symbolism here---the U.S. and Great Britain Empire. And the two great pillars of wisdom being Enoch and Job. Then the two sticks in God’s hand the House of Judah and the Germanic people and all those who are with them, and the House of Joseph Israel, and all those with them, these are the two divisions within Israel.

Then you have the spiritual as well as the literal Kingdom of God. It is real. It is tangible. These are a multitude of witnesses. But there is also the covenants of God relating to a great spiritual force and the dynamic power of its spiritual witness, and also its literal history with its ability to carry out---creating a continuity of a people, of a Kingdom which is our history. So when the political power of the Kingdom of God wherever it has its historic expanding righteousness suppressed, because of what it has got itself in to, then it is as tho it were dead.

But YAHWEH says HE will cause these things to happen:-- ‘I will lay sinews upon you. I will put flesh upon you, cover you with skin, and ye shall live and ye shall know that I am YAHWEH thy YAHSHUA.’

Ezekiel looks out over the great valley of dry bones, and he sees them surrounded by all these veil forces. And he thinks only thou YAHWEH knows what is to happen. And Ezekiel is told to prophesy, for YAHWEH says these bones shall live. If there is any passage in this book, if there is any hope as you look out over this great conspiracy, it is this ultimate victory which is promised by the great spiritual force which will stir men, move men, empower men. And they will accomplish this purpose. The whole House of Israel is involved here and YAHWEH says, ‘Ye shall live.’

Ezekiel stands amazed. He says, ‘do you want me to do this?’ And yes, he is to command the wind from the north, the south, the east, and the west to blow on these dry bones who lay here. So Ezekiel stood looking out over this bone yard and he said, ‘In the name of the Almighty YAHWEH, we call for the winds of the spirit from the east to the west, from the north to the south, to blow on these bones.’ And something happened in that valley. Bones came together, they started to rattle and to shake.

My friends, as God started to stir HIS people here in these latter days, they also are making a noise. And the world order doesn’t like that. They want to be the ones to make all the noise. We are supposed to enjoy their type of noise. They call it music, but it is all the sound of the jungle to us. And it doesn’t fit in our world.

But when the wind of the spirit starts to move, there is another kind of noise and people start to listen. I imagine there was quite a noise symbolized here because this valley of dry bones represented every one of your race. The whole House of Israel. Those who ever had lived or would live were represented here.

Ezekiel, said, ‘The bones started to come together, then sinew came, then flesh. And Ezekiel stood and watched as YAHWEH put together before his eyes---synthesized a great and mighty race of people. He looked out and the valley is filled now with people but still they are asleep.

Now, Ezekiel says, ‘Almighty YAHWEH raise this host----. Suddenly God’s spirit started to breath on these sleeping people. They began to stir, they raised their heads and began to stand. And he said, ‘Behold, I have raised the WHOLE HOUSE of Israel, a great and mighty army.’

YAHWEH said, ‘Behold, Ezekiel, son of Adam, this is the whole House of Israel. Their bones were dry. All hope was lost.’ How many times have you heard people say it is too late---all hope is gone?

The Communists say we are going to abolish all private property, all liberties will be cut off. People say it is too late. People need to come alive and do it fast.

Now the bones have come together. The sinew and tissue has been put back no and God’s great New Order is being put together. And they are standing up to say, ‘We have had enough.’ Ezekiel’s prophecies for YAHWEH----I have brought you up out of your graves and I have put my spirit in you and ye shall live----I will put you in a land of your own, and you shall know it.’

When Ezekiel made his first prophecy, they were in captivity. We know from scripture, that part of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, returned to build Jerusalem and stay in that land for the time of Messiah. As far as the ten tribes of Israel, and those of Benjamin, Judah, and Levi, with them, they never returned. For that was not their destiny. And when talking about the new land, HE was eventually going to give them, it was the lands of the Western world. Eventually, this great land where we live today would be the great land of HIS Kingdom. Eventually, the stronghold the most powerful nation of this Stone Kingdom of God, would be this great nation we live in.

II Samuel 2:----David was crowned King. Moreover, as David stood by his pillar this coronation stone---was Jacobs pillow as God said, ‘I will appoint a place for MY people, Israel, and will plant them there in a place of their own, and then move them no more. Neither shall the children of wickedness be able to afflict them as afore time.’

So David was in Palestine when the promise was given. This was to be a land, for instance, where the great Myrtle Wood trees and the Red Wood trees would grow and the land be divided by great rivers. He was talking about this great continent, when in its fullness of destiny, in the latter days, would come the great power of God’s Kingdom.

All of Israel has not arrived in one place. But in this great nation of the U.S., the whole House of Israel is represented. People from every last one of the branches of Jacob, Israel,---Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people were the one out of many. And the MOST HIGH GOD has ordained that we are going to be Novus Ordo Seclorum----the New Order of the Ages. Also in this instance, HE was making a prophecy to David saying, ‘I shall establish thy race and it shall endure before ME forever.’

Some people say this prophecy of Ezekiel’s of the bone yard was just Israel’s return to Palestine. And some of these same people think that they returned as Jews. So these people then going back to Palestine today, are still those Jews of the dry bones of Ezekiel’s prophecy. But there is no spirit. They do not recognize the Christ. None of these Jews going into Palestine today fulfill this prophecy. This which is taking place in Palestine is the abomination of the desolator going down for Judgement. HIS Israel is in their new land. You can’t take USA our of Jerusalem and have anything left. (Well, they took it out and added much more, but they end up with Yiddish---this is all.)

This is the New Jerusalem and from this new continent arises the challenge against the anti-Christ. We know that the tribes moved out of the old land and we can find each one of them today by their heraldry. But in this great nation all tribes come together under the heraldry of Manasseh, under the outstretched wings of the Eagle. We have watched HIS blessings and the fulfillment of prophecy. And now at the climax of the age, we have been bussed back into the Valley, and our bones are very dead.

How could we come into captivity in our own land? Because we became passive and enough of us didn’t resist.

Now, the great outpouring of spirit had not taken place when some of Judah, Benjamin and Levi went back to old Palestine. We saw the ‘former rain’ take place in that old land. But we know that the gathering of the people into this country came from a great spiritual urge to go further to the Westward. Thus, for the framing even in this great country. As they arrived here, God’s Spirit was still moving them to perfect, to mold a great society. And out of this molding, came a great nation with its Constitution with the affirmation of its Bill of Rights, its Liberty and the existence of its God. More than that, it was with this great structure of vision that we watched this great nation grow.

I find thus, that the two witnesses of Revelation which lie dead in the three cities, are political bondage, economic bondage, and religious bondage of the Beast system which seeks to suppress us. The testimony is strong as to these ‘latter’ days known as Jacob’s trouble. Depression and pressure comes as the enemy moves in, and we did not remember the Words of our God. We did not keep out of our society, those who deny our God or are unassimilatable into our society. Our forefathers set up immigration laws, but we haven’t had the leadership which realizes the value of those laws received out of the guidance of inspiration.

We were told not to join ourselves with all the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. And yet today, we are right in the midst of a great world government with the United Nations confederacy which denies us even our own testimony of Faith and identity as a Christian nation. We find they control our economy, siphon off our strength. And we find God warned us this was a condition we would find ourselves in, a situation when the taxes would be oppressive, so we could not build this great nation, only enrich the pockets of the International Bankers, which they then give to your enemies scattered all over the whole world to gather them, to bring them against you.

Yes, for the last few decades, we have been a valley of very dead bones. You say, ‘Why didn’t the Church speak out?’ Well, the church of the Laodicean age said, ‘I am rich, I need nothing. We have great people. We have much power, we have the National Council of Churches, which was called the Federal Council of Churches. And we have authority over all churches.’ Then the U.S. comes along and they say let’s have one happy religious world, one great world government, and we all go along together in the world of Peace. And the Church agrees.

So dead has been the testimony of the physical church in your Kingdom, in compliance with the anti-Christ. That they have supported the anti-Christ. Instead of ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ the church has gone retrograde. This is a sign of the times. All of these things are implied in this death stage of the very dry bones. So we see God is talking about this climactic period we are in.

I want you to see that God has not brought all Israel into this one land. They are scattered thru out Western Europe, Britain, South Africa, Australia, and the Americas. But they are all represented here in this strongest nation of the Kingdom. They are thus trying to attack you from the inside by the immigration system, by mongrelization, and fighting in the streets. You have not seen the end of this thing. But this is some of what George Washington saw in his vision for the end of this age as well. He saw the struggle. He saw the problem. He saw the spirit of God move. And he saw the Light of God get involved in this struggle.

If you go into the blueprint of this hour, you find there is nothing left out in the very hour when the hoards of darkness are gathered. One of the things which was to follow this, was the stirring of the dry bones. HE said, ‘I want you to remember. I take one stick for Judah and the children of Israel and his companions, and one stick for Joseph---the stick of Ephraim and all those with him and join them into one stick in my hand.’ God said, ‘Ye are my battle axe and weapons of war.’ For HE is going to establish HIS Kingdom. HE is going to smash the powers of darkness. HIS sons and daughters are going to catch this catalyst and you are going to bring in HIS Kingdom. The stick of Judah is the people of Germany, Austria, over to the Romanian gate, these people of Central Europe. And little Finland also stands on the east to guard our borders. Then the house of Joseph and kindred people involves all the rest of Israel. So all the White Western nations come under these two banners. All the House of Israel now back together---here they find their inheritance and their culture.

Do you know what is symbolized here as the pattern of death for a society? It is when they have lost their relationship with the knowledge which has made it great, when there is a severance of the revelations and the substance God has instilled in HIS people, these great living purposes, these great vital concepts, these impeccable patterns of what you call culture. How the enemies today of God’s Kingdom hate the world ‘culture.’ They worry about the work culture. And they want to spell it with a K instead of a C. But the one thing they war against, is this concept of a ‘culture.’ They want to integrate, mongrelize and take away from you the great concepts and ideas of your forefathers. Do you know why? Because these ideas came from our Father YAHWEH (God.) HE instructed and taught. They are the secret of our greatness. And because this is true, we tell you that the knowledge of ‘thus saith the LORD,’ so as a person thinks life, then they possess life. If a person thinks with truth, they build with reality, solidly.

This is God quickening your consciousness, putting back into your heart, your concept of your culture for the preservation of your race, the lifting up of God’s standard, the finishing of the task. Oh, how they like to say, ‘this is hate---this is racism.’ How they like to deny your heritage and the culture that God instilled inside your heart.

We say let them make the most of it. For this is the Household that God transplanted from heaven to earth. And it will stay here until it rules. When God gave us this land, HE told us as HE had before, to create and to build, and the heathen would disappear off the land before us. HE told us, ‘I prepared this land for you in the patterns of yesterday.’ In the patterns of antiquity this was the place where God was going to raise up HIS New Order.

I want you to know, you are in the midst of the most historic period of all times. After you note how HE brings these two sticks together, this is a part of the bringing to life the dry bones. A lot of people don’t realize how long the enemy has tried to create problems, to keep apart these two great houses of the Kingdom. Don’t realize the fraud, how much deceit have they used in this design. How much they have created false images with their control of communications. Did you ever stop to realize that the devil first moves in always to get control of communications, T.V., radio, and the Press. And then they give a false image to the people. They get you to hate your brothers. Then he stands back and sells you the weapons to kill one another.

I am going to tell you that the problems which have beset the world have come out of the enemy of God’s Kingdom who hate Christianity. Who hate your Savior. Who are the creators of the Soviet Union and the controllers of the pagan religions of the earth. And those walls of their United Nations still look pretty high.

But I tell you that a few years ago, those dry bones started to rattle, and to come together. And every time they start to move, then someone said this is extremism. Well, anytime you can move dead bones, it is extreme. It is an extreme remedy for the plagues upon the earth. But there is nothing more extreme then the essence of God’s power and the unction of HIS Spirit. This is what is moving upon your land. This doesn’t happen all at once. First the bones start coming together. Then the sinews come, and we find that the people are in bad shape. And they start crying out. I am going to tell you that every great movement has been God ordained for this purpose in these latter days. And men find that as soon as it gets to moving the enemy starts to move in to stop it, but they can’t stop what God has in mind. Someone said, ‘We need a great spiritual revival.’ Well, we can’t get spirit until you have something to talk to. The people who lead are already sold out to the anti-Christians that the image of Christianity was suppressed. Yes, some always knew the truth, but they had to talk about it in their back yard, or down in the basement. They couldn’t talk about it in public. But such men like Geral K. Smith and a few others tried to do it, because the press of the world would then come out to smear them.

It these hours when great pressure comes in the attempts to stop the truth, as it was in the days of Elijah or others God raised up---it isn’t important what the public thinks at that moment because when it is finished, they are going to lead the whole house of Israel. That is what happened at the time of Elijah, heads rolled down into the brook when Elijah challenged the priests of Baal.

Whether Robert Welch knew what he was doing or not, still he was one of the forces who helped stir, as was the Christian National Crusade, or men like Robert K. Hart, in his letter, or Connelly McGinnley, or Gerald Windrod, and others, thru their times, God was raising up men and moving them for HIS purpose. Oh, how the enemy hated them. How they tried to silence them. But something happened just the same out of this firmament. The bones were coming together and sinew is forming on them, and it can’t happen too quickly, as they stand a Mighty Army.

I want you to know that even with W.W. II, it was fulfilling a prophecy for Zechariah said there would rise up a ruler out of Judah and would move out to gather all the Germanic people together once more. Following this would be the enveloping of the world horizons by Communism trying to swallow it all up. You might have thought that the world’s most deadly enemies at the end of W.W. II would be the U.S. and Germany. But do you realize today, that there is no one closer in this war against Communism then the tents of Judah in Germany, and the U.S. There isn’t any doubt that all White men are with you. But their leaders have the same kind of pressure on them as you have so you can’t go by leadership. The Queen doesn’t have much power, but the prophet Micah said in this hour of trouble, that a daughter of Israel would be upon the throne of David.

God said, ‘I am going to take the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph and they will be one in my hand.’ Never in the last 100 years have the White people of Western Europe, Britain, and America been as close as we are now, and also--never had we had such sorry leadership. But this just shows you what God can do in spite of the Jewish Press and all these phonies they put on T.V. propaganda films and all that. It’s pretty hard to get White men mad at White men when you see the Negro stirred up to come against you here in a Christian country. Pretty soon, we are going to be as mad as the Germans were.

I was talking to an orthodox preacher the other day, and I am not going to tell you his name. He said, ‘There is just one man we need raised up right not. We need to finish the job.’ And he wasn’t talking about the Christ. But we don’t need anyone raised up. The bones are coming together, sinews on them, and then the first deep breath and then they live. Then you will discover that you don’t live by bread alone. But by every word out of the mouth of God.

Then you go on from there in this chapter of Ezekiel and over the mountains comes the hoards. In the air and on the sea comes their crafts against the great nation of Israel. That little old country of Israeli couldn’t hold the hoards they are sending in. It is against the land or un-walled villages---this great and mighty land of the Kingdom of God.

Well, we have the room to bury them even if it is going to take us seven months. Woe unto them that try then to rule their hour with the Beast in our land. Woe unto those in our nation who rise up against the sons of God in our nation. They may have started the riots and moved against the private property of our people and taunted as they get away with it because the police don’t want to have it explode in their city first. But God is pouring out HIS Spirit upon HIS children and wrath is rising up in their countenances. It is like the steam rising under a kettle, they are getting ready to boil and they say that they aren’t going to have this rioting in America. You aren’t going to turn your great nation of God’s Kingdom into a jungle.

Alright, can these bones live? They not only can live, but YAHWEH says they WILL live---the whole House of Israel. We know we will have the victory. We know when Israel left captivity, when the last of them came into Europe out of that old land into their new land, ever Westward, then into the great land carrying the standards of God’s Kingdom. There is no where to go now. You stand and occupy then turn and face the sun.

I tell you that in these final hours of this climactic end, you will see a great number of spiritually effected developments. You will see great and mighty impacts along the coasts of the earth. Tremendous events will take place. But HE said, ‘Then I will be like a wall of fire about you.’ You will be in the hollow of HIS hand.

We are not looking for pacifists, but warriors. Looking for men and women who will say, ‘use me in any capacity you want to, YAHWEH.’ Some may stay home and pray and be a catalyst, while others will witness. HE has urged you with tithe to form in your Faith, your testimony One Living wall of people, like a firs ever pulsing, moving.

So what happens? God’s Spirit has been moving on you for twenty years or more, as we move into this cycle giving you the concepts of what God’s purpose was for this hour.

As the thinking of your God ordained culture fills you, then you are a light to the world. And when this ‘Right’ thinking is joined to the one next to you, as tape and platform and pulpit reached them, there is a great catalyst of the wisdom of God, the purpose of God. And as that spirit of God moves, then they are Living Stones growing into a Holy Temple to fit the great Capstone. This is your Destiny. They cannot destroy it.

The great majority of the children of God, as they are called by this power, discover that it is the secret of immortality. And you will walk right into a New Age. You are going to be joined by the presence of your FATHER. You are going to find your people changed in the twinkling of an eye. You will see your people become invincible, for no weapon formed against them shall prosper.

(End of sermon)