Casting That Mountain Of Evil Into The Sea, 3-5-62


Casting that Mountain of Evil into the Sea

by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-5-62

We discussed this afternoon, the mysteries of the Kingdom. And now we must say that we are in a very important period in which we must understand the difference between the children of God and the children of the evil one. It is significant for us to know that there are whole races in bondage, and the earth, itself, is being rocked with the rising vibrations of the coming conflict. If you do not think that we are on the road to a conflict, then you are not aware of the blueprints. We are not far removed from the beginning of the battle of Armageddon.

Now, Armageddon has one factor in which we are involved. And it is a world wide conflict enveloping all races and nations and peoples. But it has one meaning for the Child of God and another for the other races. And that is that we have the end of the story and we know what is going to happen. We are going to win!! And any battle that overthrows tyranny and evil, is not one which we should avoid when we are surrounded with the protection of the MOST HIGH GOD which HE has given to HIS race and HIS nation. But a most disturbing thing in our national life is the discovery that promises and covenants are not always kept as they move into high places of office. Or when a nation becomes a pawn to those who try to keep their heads above fears and superstitions. Especially is this true when a President has 73 non-Christians in his cabinet. And among these 73, are 61 who are pledged to the building of a Socialist society. And among these 193 direct appointees, are many more leaning in that direction. Thus, America is put in the position of being in trouble, unless someone without the high offices is called to become a leader of values.

I do not believe the President is aware of the forces he has put in power, unless he is so brainwashed from his years in the Universities that he cannot see the direction the forces he has put in power are leading him. I think it most significant that we realize the seriousness of the hour. Never before in the history of our nation have we had so many voices in the House and the Senate abandoning their authority, and virtually surrendering the direction given to them by the people. The Constitution of the United States defines the responsibility of a Senator, the responsibilities of a Congressman. And this past week in the U.S. Senate, by a vote of 51 to 49, the Senate virtually voted into the hands of the President, the authority to make economic treaties and to make promises to make loans, and financial covenants with nations. And he does not have to surrender this to the Congress of the United States for approval. Whenever a congressman or a Senator advocated his authority into the hands of a president, giving this unlimited authority to him to take America’s financial destiny completely in his hands and make it possible for him to make commitments for years and years to come, then that is a very serious thing. There is also a bill making its way thru the Congress making a subsidy to South America available for the next ten years. It is for just ten billion dollars, but it doesn’t stop there. For it reached out to the east. And it goes from one plan to another. And the Socialists are accomplishing their objective. And they are reasserting this all over the world. This is not to say that a great many people in South America would like to have some money, and a great many people in the U.S. would like to have some more money. But the problem facing us is that through the use of taxes, they are redistributing YOUR money.

Of course, we understand this week, that the reason this was done was sort of an appeasement to the church. Do you realize that since Mr. Kennedy has become President, most of the decisions that he has made have been diametrically opposed by the church? And also diametrically opposed by most Protestant churches as well. This invasion of the Federal Government into the areas of education has created problems for all Christian educators everywhere. This work to sign a treaty under UNESCO to place all of education under their power, has only been temporarily halted because it has not been confirmed by the U.S. Senate is also a concern. And Americans as they heard this are waking up. And they have been getting to their Congressmen and they have been trying to coverup this situation from reaching the people. The fact remains, that this is also causing some problems for President Kennedy. Father McIntyre of the Catholic Church spoke out against this UNESCO conspiracy and an end to this turning over to UNESCO the complete construction of all curriculum of education. It was to reach all bounds of education.

Now, the fact remains, that this would take all the matters of education out of the hands of our nation and put it in the hands of an International Institution in which we are very out numbered. And in the face of this, there has been much crying out against the attitude of the President and this strange bunch he has round him. So much so, that the church itself, is taking a dim view of the work of the President. But he paid for that this week with your money. For this 20 billion dollar assistance package to South America carries a 10 billion dollar subsidy to Rome. How is that? It is truly known that 50 cents out of every dollar that moves into circulation in Latin America is paid thru the channels into the coffers of the Catholic Church.

Now, I don’t blame the Catholic Church for trying to get it. I don’t blame the fact that these people don’t seem to have any other choice in life, except what they had established around the Catholic Church. But the fact remains that in order to keep his goodwill which apparently this Administration was fast loosing, and the President came thru, but most people do not realize what that means. It means that you are subsidizing one denomination over all the others. This is a program of placing one church over the other, and Christians better wake up for you are not going to defeat Communism by aping the policies of Karl Marx and confiscation of all of the wealth that comes out of a nation of your size, and distributing it over the entire Western Hemisphere and over Asia and everywhere the Internationalists would need to send that money.

Thus, we are facing this desire to dissolve the life of your nation and put every phase of it under the command of a program of internationalism and World Government. From the Secretary of State, to the highest officials of your government, they say that we have reached a point so dangerous to our existence that we and all other nations must build a super United Nations. Surrender all of our individual liberties, and be placed under such an institution rather than being blown from the face of the earth.

Now, let me tell you, my friends, that all the Communists and Socialists are working together to accomplish this strange objective. And we have watched this creeping movement as every day some new organization is formed. There is now a new association being formed and it is against Portugal. And you have been reading in the newspaper all about this organization. But who leads this organization? Well, of course, Schlessinger and Bolles are on the organization. And also on that organization, are a lot of old time crusaders that would destroy America. This is an on going organization and Mrs. Roosevelt was in on this organization and any of the pseudo-clergy who move out as a front for the Communist all of the time. Dr. Harrington is in this organization and he is one of those who moves out as a front for the Communist all the time. He writes in ‘The Daily Worker,’ and he is one of those who is trying to get the Rosenbergs off. Remember, they were the ones convicted of being Atom Bomb spies. Harrington sent out an appeal to the President to let the Rosenbergs go. And now they are forming an organization to condemn the Colonist and force them to get out of Angola. Ant this will also work to end all Colonialism in South Africa. And according to all the rhetoric coming out this week, they are encouraging the work of the ‘left wing’ forces in the UNESCO program, which is in complete revolt against any authority of any White Western nation. Simultaneously, they are joined in this push by the Soviet Union. They are setting out a campaign against all Colonial activity.

I want you to know tonight, that there is no more tyrannical and Imperialistic power than the Soviet Union. So they are against all Colonies where it is not necessary for they to have any. But the colonies of the Soviet Union are not in the jungles. They are in Eastern Europe. The Western Colonies were already subordinated to the jungle and they were wining. Whereas the Communist and these silly people who are helping them, are putting on the Iron Curtain against some of our people. They are waging a war against some of our scientist and against our intellectuals to give America a guilt complex unless they wise up and help Communism take over the world. They say that America is the only power left. But let us rise up and help the world get rid of Colonialism, and let’s make the whole Western world the enemy of Colonialism.

When the leadership of the Western world is taken out from under Colonialism then the survival of the world is being left to the armies of Communism and Socialism. Then there is no perimeter of law and you are releasing the world from any administrative control which might restrain their activities joined with Communism against you. Behind the scene is this program which is working for the destruction of everything which is White and Christian.

All week, we have seen the program urging Japan to tear up her treaties with America, sighting the dropping of the bomb on the Japanese cities. But so far, all of this has fallen on the deaf ears of the Japanese. The program of the enemy tells them that if they had read the hand writing on the wall, they would not have staked their destiny on the Western world but would have taken their stand with the Soviet Union. Thus the propaganda rolls on. They have tried to break the bonds of America and Japan by holding out promises of great trading centers. But the Japanese spoke up and said, ‘what anyone ever does with your people, you never get paid for. Thus we are not interested and we do not care of we have your business or not. We are not interested in breaking off from America and we are not interested in being exposed to this Communist dream of dominating the Pacific.’

The representative from Japan told us yesterday, that next year the Red Chinese would be able to develop an Atom Bomb and we better not forget that these atom bombs will be falling on Japan from Red China. Thus again, the creation of threat and fear, and the world stands on a powder keg.

Today, I have watched the importation of troops into Berlin, after the Russians sent in their new fleet of bomber aircraft. And now the French troops have arrived as well as the Americans. And now the people are accepting the presence of our Vice President and the people are assured that the American and the Western World will not permit the fall of Berlin. I submit that it is significant to realize that every propaganda agency, is seeking to get you to abandon Berlin as a part of a nation. They are seeking to involve all of Germany into the hands of the Red Communists. And all the propaganda going over T.V. and radio and even Hollywood pictures being made, are being turned loose now. In fact, I see it every once in a while among the editorial staff of our newspapers following this line by saying, ‘Are we willing to move into W.W. III, a nuclear holocaust over one city of Germany?’

Let me tell you this. All this is being stirred by the Socialists. And today the Sunday papers are crying out that any defense of Berlin might endanger Britain or even America in nuclear war. And so the cry comes now. The voice of the appeasers comes now, saying this is the way of the world and we might be destroyed if we were to take any definite stand. And then they try to tell us not to worry when we already know that the Pacific is already swarming with the submarines of the Red Communist. That there are over 100 Red Communist submarines off the coast of Red China in the Pacific. Their bombers are already carrying their bombs designated for the United States. We have known that. They have been there since the Korean War, and have been building up ever since. The U.S. government has aircraft in the sky every day. And if they get anywhere near our shores, we know it an dif they are 100 miles out to sea, we find it out. And we know who is operating these submarines. And every once in a while some of these subs get where they don’t belong and no one ever hears of it again. But we also know that if things get too rough, that there are a whole lot of crafts that will never be heard of again. I am going to tell you one of the more important developments of our time, is this device for finding and identifying radio active material. And this is also true for the location of submarines by these new devices. At this time, your government is not behind the Soviet Union in this building and testing. But in a situation like this, there is always a danger that the enemy will try to find out your secrets, even tho he has nuclear submarines and bombs and all of those things which he intends to use.

But do not forget that you have nuclear missiles that can reach the heart of the Soviet Union. You now have a submarine fleet that is now on the high sea and is capable of delivering such missiles into the heart of the Soviet Union from many sides. I think it is a significant thing that it is pointed out in the periodicals to the American people that America’s nuclear capability is way ahead of any other nation even the Soviet Union. And we have war heads that are miniature compared to those of the Soviet Union, but they carry greater devastation than those monstrous big bombs which Soviet Russia and some of these other countries have. In otherwords, these other nations warheads do not carry any better warheads than our smaller ones.

So do not think tonight, that altho we are on the edge of Armageddon, and stretching across the line on both sides is world conflict. And behind the lines of the Communist tonight, are the troops of the anti-Christ. The forces of Britain, France, and West Germany, along with America, tonight, are the forces of the Free World. But the most dangerous enemy we face tonight, is the ‘5th Column’ within our midst, put there by the President of these United States. Because he is always getting the input of advisors who are not working for the best interests of our society. And Senator Fulbright came up with a plan wherein we should recognize that West Germany is a free state, so let’s unify East and West Germany and make a free state out of all of it once again. And thus, they would leave Berlin alone.

But do not think that the Soviets have surrendered to this program, for they can hit Berlin and go deep. But under this idea of a free city, they could come in and gradually push the Western World out. It was a mistake. A big one. That left the city so far behind the lines of freedom. Thus a free city could be swallowed up after our troops went out of there. And if this happened, then the people of the world would never have trusted the Western World again.

Now, the President promised that we would stop Communism in Cuba and he gave the invaders air support, then stopped the backup and notified Castro that they were coming, so as he said, to keep in good faith with the Latin American countries. We promised to stop the communist in Laos and then negotiated with them for three weeks. And when we did do anything, they took over all of Laos. And then we dropped over into Vietnam because that was our alternative. No wonder the Communist world calls us the ‘Paper Tiger,’ because they realize that strange advisors are behind the President. The same kind of men advised President Truman. And McArthur was brought home. They say that the program inside of China was just an agrarian program and people just wanted to be free. This was not like the Red Revolution, for this was a different kind of Revolution. But I will tell you that any advisor on that matter, is not smart enough to be Secretary of State. And now, Mr. Rusk is the Secretary of State. (He was one of the advisors). But the newspapers do say that he had made some anti-Communist statements. Then all of a sudden we hear that he and his right hand man have been flying all over the world and speaking about world disarmament. So we have set up in America a program to disarm us as fast as they can, while we are appropriating money to arm us. If that makes sense, then, my friends, you tell us how. If we were to follow the program today of the Secretary of State and Mr. McClure, then we would be giving in quickly. The Soviet Union announced today, that they are ready to take control of all the nuclear weapons of the world, and thus forbid them to be used in war---and also the forbidding of the use of heavy bombs. But do you know why the Soviet Union is suggesting this kind of a program? It is because then the Soviet world can mass a great force against you with conventional weapons.

The White world is only 1/6 of the worlds population tonight. While 5/6 of the world is the colored races and the pagans and the witch doctors. And tonight, Soviet Russia has 2/3 of the land mass of the world under her control. And we know tonight, that in the United Nations, and before this by the President of the United States, as well, and I am referring to Mr. Eisenhower at that time, but always in the United Nations the United States has only one vote. That means then look at the power the United States has in the United Nations-----not much. Any block of the pagan nations could block or tie up any power of the Western nations. We tell you that we are reaching the time when we better come out of this Mystery Babylon organization. For we have been warned in the book of Revelation. And in fact, from the book of Deuteronomy, to our time, that we are not to join ourselves to pagan powers or to nations that deny our God. For they are not a part of the background of our culture. As we joined ourselves together and moved into confederation with these people, HE warned us of this catastrophe. That we would be out voted, and would discover the heavy hand of the outside ruler who moves against our way of life.

When I hear the voices of these Internationalists, who say that we do not have the strength, that we better fold ourselves into One World Government, we better move into a One World Order, I am going to tell you, my friends, that this bowing to this fear is not what made America what it is today. America was not made by fear, but by courage and determination and vision, and hard work. I am going to tell you that you are about to see a great spiritual wave of awakening throughout your nation. They are talking in communities and towns, everywhere at the grassroots of the nations----that we better get out of this evil organization and that we better wake up and see how our politicians are handling this Communist situation. The talk out there is that we would rather fight than surrender to the Communist any further. I am going to tell you that something is happening, for there is a great quickening throughout our nation. One of the things which has been very effective is these tapes which go out from this auditorium all over the nation. Over 3500 of them going out and 1500 of them to the grassroots. And always they move out to the areas that are effective.

Last week, we spoke to the American Legion and we did not cover up anything. And they were behind our position as of today, even tho it is hard at times to tell where they all stand. This was just another time when they realize their responsibility and they want to do something. They feel responsible to our citizens, our families and our government. And feel that we are getting close to a crisis hour. But I know that there is a power of great evil which has confronted Christianity for centuries. And I realize that the truth is sort of hard to hear at times. But the powers that created World Communism have hidden behind the scene all of their major programs. The powers that made world Communism possible and financed the spread of it, stemmed out of the Jewish houses right here in these United States. And is dominated by these people. So Jacob Schiff and Kuhn Loeb and Co., and other powerful International houses, actually paid the money and sent over the first group of Bolsheviks into Moscow to further the Communist Revolution. They captured the Czar and his family. In fact, I have the record of this take over. And there are also many volumes well prepared which lay out this situation from its beginning, naming the actual participants. And I also have the writings of them, themselves, saying that they founded the revolution, and they financed the revolution, and were in it from the beginning. And I have not forgotten the words of Rabbi Stephen F. Wise, who said, ‘Some call it Communism, but I call it Judaism.’ But I call it TREASON, tonight, my friends.

Some say you should not make a war out of religion. But whether this is the religion of the Devil and the anti-Christ, I don’t care, for we are not dealing with religion, we are dealing with an international institution that is representing Jewry in America. And they are voting in Israeli and in America also. There has not been a time when so many rights have been given to a people and institution which has no rights in the United States of America, as we have been passing thru. Mr. Morganthal and Harry Dexter White were in their time table to up the kind of tax exemptions and their blind trusts to hide their immense profits, and move them to Israeli. And an organization that belongs to the State of Palestine, then operates an institution in the United States tax free for any investment in his area. They even furnished the money for their expansion and aggression against the Arabs. Even before the State of Israeli was formed, the Zionist organization was given this kind of protection in France.

It must be remember, and we will recite this again, tonight, so that you will have a complete and compact record, that behind the scene of power, the White man has been duped for a long, long time. And our civilization is going to have to see that an administration must pass completely into our hands and must be of Christian leadership, and those who surround this leadership must also be Christian, where they do not follow the advice of anti-Christian forces which are out to destroy our Christian civilization and society. And make us a vassal slave of the Communist world.

You may remember the time when FDR was President of these United States, and Dr. Wirth made his report to the Congress. He said that the President might not be aware of what the design involved. But these people from the Frankfurters, the Morganthals, and the Rosenthals on down, with the appointment of the ‘Brain Trusters’---and Morganthal went to the Treasury, and Mrs. Perkins to the Department of Labor, and Frankfurter went to the Supreme Court bench. And his proteges, Harry Dexter White and Algers Hiss had designed this whole program for the betrayal of the United States. And we remember how some of these men were in on designing W.W. I. And in 1924, you will remember, that the Communist had a headquarters on the banks of Lake Michigan. But Felix Frankfurter was the leader of the whole thing. And when the Secret Service raided the headquarters of the Communist Party on the banks of Lake Michigan, this man was their leader. They found that his name was at the top of the list for founding that Living Trust to protect their money also. And altho this man had a record of making more ‘Left Wing’ attorneys while he taught in Harvard, no one in their right mind would have put this man on the Supreme Court. Thus these were the advisors to the President of the United States, back in that time.

Someone said, ‘Does this have anything to do with the Berlin crisis of today?’ Yes. It has a lot to do with the Berlin crisis. For fifty years of analyzing the situation, we find out that they even admit this in their own diaries. You should go out and buy a copy of Eisenhower’s own book about the War in Europe--World War II---’Crusade for Europe,’ written for Eisenhower by a Communist named Bond. This is Eisenhower’s own story of W.W. II and his part in it. And when Eisenhower was reminded that this man was a Communist, Eisenhower said, ‘Yes, but this man is my friend and I don’t care what his politics are.’ But then I don’t think it mattered much to Mr. Eisenhower, whether a man was a Communist or not, for one of his best friends was a Soviet General.

I want you to remember that in the days when Roosevelt met with Churchill and Stalin, and they met in conference, Stalin, they said, dominated the conference. And Roosevelt was docile and smiling. But Winston Churchill was very worried about what the Soviets were planning to do. But he went along because he seemed to have no choice but to go along. And in his own writings, he admitted that the rug was going to be pulled out from under Britain. You will remember that when they were going to have a second Conference, he wanted to know who would be the commander of the Military representatives. And when they suggested Eisenhower, then Stalin said, ‘That man is alright. He understands us and we understand him and we will work with him.’

Do you know that there is a lot of furor going on in America today, in patriotic organizations. For they are accused of attacking high officials in government, or who have been in government. But it is high time that from one end of this nation to the other, that the people understand this situation and that if it is not intervention from above, then you better see where this intervention is coming from into your society, and attempting to destroy you.

Let me tell you this. We do not know why, but he admits in his own book, that much influence was on him from what he knew of Mr. Morganthal, for he considered him his mentor. This is a confession of Mr. Eisenhower. But it was Mr. Roosevelt that told Winston Churchill that the war was absolutely essential. For he had promised Mr. Morganthal that he would crush Germany before this was over. We were not involved in the war until 1941. And remember that one of the most evil documents ever written was written by Mr. Morganthal. It was known as ‘The Morganthal Plan for the Post-War World.’ And it was known as the Morganthal plan. I have a copy in my library today. And I still have it after they tried to sweep it out of the book stores when people were beginning to understand it. Mr. Morganthal’s plan was for the absolute destruction of ALL GERMANS. To accomplish this, he was going to use his own plan to Genocide and sterilize every German male and distribute every German woman among the Mongol hoards of the Soviet Union.

My friends, this was the man who was Mr. Eisenhower’s advisor. You say that this is not a matter for Biblical discussion? But it is a matter of Christ and anti-Christ---where the Jews of the world move around to destroy. And having Christian nations battle Christian nations to destroy themselves is a Jew program of the anti-Christ. We would wish today, that the Christian nations had as much power as they had when W.W. II ended. If we had all the production produced by that war, then they would be of great value to the Christian nations today. But the enemy has been disarming you.

Now, I point out to you this fact that the Katyn Massacre was done by the Soviet Union. But the information given to the Western world was that the German officers had done this and a lot of German officers were put to death for this offense. But your own Secret Service and your Intelligence Service, discovered that the Russians did this. That the Russians had massacred surrendered people and officers. And they notified your government and the Western world. And I attended hearings on this matter in Washington and heard the Secret Service and Intelligence officers say that they had informed Gen. Eisenhower and others that this Massacre had been done by the Russians. But Mr. Eisenhower, now President Eisenhower, said that it was best that these Germans be executed rather than to upset the good relations the U.S. had with the Soviet Union. He said that now since it was done, it was probably better that the facts did not come out and disturb the world and upset the good relations between Russia and the United States.

Now, I have the copies of these hearings and you can get the copies from the U.S. Senate showing that Eisenhower knew about this all of the time and he did not lift his hand to save one of these officers. And he was as guilty of the murder of these German officers as was the Red official who did the murder. I should point out that this knowledge of men in high places is a danger factor and it hides the fact that world Jewry is in control behind the scenes and effects the highest leadership in your nation. I want you to remember that when our armies would have swept into Berlin, they were held up for ten days outside of Berlin while the Russians came in. I have a report on the occupation of Berlin and in fact, we talked about this about twelve years ago, that Dan Smoots an investigator who was doing the best job of writing for a long time had virtually told you now what we had told you twelve years ago. And that is that Eisenhower practically stood by and let the Reds come into Berlin, and how they put 70 million Germans out of their homes and how they raped and murdered. And in one city where the Russians went in, they took, not the women, but the girls and ravished them in the streets. And Eisenhower said to the men who would have put a stop to it, that, ‘You are not to take any offense from this, for this is war.’ The facts then came out from English officers and others. And you will remember that one of the greatest Generals for tank warfare ever produced was General Patton. And he may have seemed rough to some, but I am going to tell you that I would like to see many General Patton’s right now with the great troops he had during the war in West Berlin. Then when the bombs dropped on General Patton’s shoulders when he questioned the great danger of the Jews, and he knew he had one of them in his unit---and this man was going into hysteria because of this questioning of the so-called fact of ‘the danger to the Jews.’ And do you know that one of the best things to do when someone is going into hysterics is to slap them. Well, the fact remains that Patton wrote a report. And he said from all that he had discovered, the Germans had the right people in jail because the Jews were the ones causing all the trouble and when let out of prison then he had to put some of them right back in where they had come out of.

I am going to tell you that if we get into a struggle with the Soviet Union and of we lock up the Jews who are Communists like we locked up the Japanese until the war was over, then at least 85% of the people we lock up will be Jews. That is because they make it their business, and Communism is their business. Because Rabbis and every leader supports Socialism and Communism. I did not say 85% of the Jews in America, I said 85% of all the Communist in the concentration camps would be Jews.

Now, listen. General Patton was urged not to take Prague, the capital of Czechoslovakia. And the Czech troops that had been promised to take part in the liberation stood by. And the German troops who had worked with the people in those areas had asked us to accept their surrender. And General Eisenhower would not accept the surrender of these troops and he also said in his own story, that he had ordered General Patton not to move into the capital. And that he did this because this was not military territory, so that was why he held them back. But any General who does not know that a political objective is closely aligned with a military objective, doesn’t know what war is all about. For there were great military factories in Czechoslovakia. And if Czechoslovakia was not a military objective, then the only person who didn’t know it was Mr. Eisenhower. For the Russians knew what they wanted. So Patton was held up in Prague. And let me tell you what happened there. The Russians came in. They pulled the women out of their homes and raped them. And the atrocities were so high, that the Czechoslovakian people said let us have German occupation any time. At least they treated our women with courtesy. The fact is that the tyranny and the catastrophe was so great that the permission was granted for their own troops to go thru the Russian lines back to their own territory. But when they got there, many of them were locked up. Many of them shot and some were put on trial.

Now, these are the facts. General Eisenhower took the U.S. Army and personally rounder up 5 million people who had escaped from the Soviet Union (the Cossacks) who were over in Europe and fighting the Communist, for they were anti-Communist and they had come as far west as they could so that they would not fall into Communist hands. And Mr. Eisenhower using the U.S. Army, as a favor to Mr. Stalin, rounded up 5 million of these people and sent them back into the Communist hands where they were tried and most of them murdered by execution. This was all outside the call of duty. But what strange allegiance? The only answer I can think of is that his closest advisor, who he said he paid close attention to, and this was Mr. Morganthal.

Now, I know that Mr. Eisenhower was the Republican standard bearer. But he was not a Republican. Just remember that he never voted but once in his life, by his own admission. And that was when FDR ran for President. Someone said, ‘Well, is that what the Republican Party stands for?’ We are not talking about parties tonight, we are talking about the enemy who stands behind the scenes. For what is facing us in Berlin, tonight, is the fact that we only let Christianity move into half of that city when we could have occupied it all. Someone said, ‘But the Soviets were our ally.’ But God save the day when we make an ally out of the Soviet Union. But this was a mistake which is recognized in the early stages of the Roosevelt administration.

Another thing in our history, is when we let the bloody butcher of the Communist nation ride down Pennsylvania in the President’s car in a parade while the Patriots were pushed back to the side because we did not want to do anything to disturb this man of anti-Christ. But there was one thing that they could not blot out. For high over Washington D.C., there appeared in the sky, a great Cross painted there by a courageous flier. And it was there for all to see. Khrushchev was disturbed. But Eisenhower was more visibly disturbed, when this anti-Christ traveled in America.

Now, let me point out something to you. Back in the days when the ministry of Christ was getting into full swing, and crowd were gathering by the thousands everywhere HE went, the domination of the land of Palestine was in the hands of organized Jewry. Someone said, ‘but were not all of the people of Palestine, Jews?’ No, the people of Judah and Benjamin, two of the tribes of Israel, were not Jews. And Jesus said, ‘Other people of mine are not in this fold and they are not Jews either.’ They were the settlers in the Western nations of Europe at that time. They were the people of Britain, in Scandinavia, and even down in Greece and in Rome. HE said, ‘I came only to the Lost sheep of Israel.’ But to the Jews on Solomon’s porch, HE said, ‘Ye believe not because you are not My sheep.’ HE said, ‘I know what you are up to and I know who you are.’ HE said, ‘You are Amalakites, Cainanites, and others and you are guilty of all the righteous blood slain on earth down to Zacharias between the horns of the Altar.’ The reason why they fought against Christ, was because of the spiritual power and the miracle work that HE did. But that was not sufficient to keep the ire of this evil international conspiracy off of HIS shoulders. You say, ‘But was not all of the power of Jewry spread out only in Palestine?’ No. It was spread out to the Island of Pergamus where they had a headquarters and they dominated and controlled from their interaction from ancient Babylon. And they had sought to destroy the Medo-Persian Kingdom because they could not control it. And they had brought out Alexander the Great to conquer Medo-Persia and they were king makers and earth shakers for their conspiratorial manipulation. They were seeking ways to make Rome do all of their bidding. And eventually, the destruction in Palestine came because Rome was tired of Jewish interference in Roman affairs. Then Rome went down to chastise this rebellious and evil people. This had nothing to do with anyone who descended from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Had nothing to do with the Bible. And it had nothing to do with Judah and Benjamin.

During the ministry of Christ, HE said, ‘I have come only for the Lost Sheep of Israel.’ And down in Galilee where HE resided, and the city of HIS birth, Bethlehem was a Judean city. Galilee was the home of Joseph and Mary and of course was the home of the Benjaminites.

Now, strange as it may seem, the people of Judah and Benjamin who make up a large part of the VisGoth and the Norman stock, was the second wave of their migration into Europe after they were given permission by the Romans. And they did this before the Romans invaded Palestine. Thus, from then on, Palestine was filled with unassimilatable people who were seeking to destroy what little bit of government as was still there. But they had seen Jesus and they had plotted how they might put HIM to death. And no less than nineteen times, they counseled together as to how they might put HIM to death.

I am going to tell you that when you have a people in the world who would kill God, then you have a political organization. Then any political power they drew up like Communism would be anti-government, and anti-Christ. The fact is that Jesus not only recognized their evil, but in two different places in the scriptures, it tells of how HE went into the city of Jerusalem and mounted the steps of the Temple and overthrew their money changing tables and denounced them for being murderers and thieves, saying, ‘You have made my Father’s house a den of thieves and of murderers.’

We turn over here in the book of Matthew and we read here how one day Jesus went by the fig tree and it says that as HE approached this fig tree, there was no fruit on it. And Jesus said that there would be no more fruit grown on this tree forever. And then the fig tree withered away. Someone said, ‘That was a strange thing for Jesus to do--walk thru the area and seeing one fig tree which didn’t have any fruit on it make that statement---saying it would never have any more fruit on it and then cursed it and walked away.’ But there was more than that little fig tree sitting there. You know ages before the White race ever came into existence, before God established Adam and Eve in the earth thru which the children of spirit would come into the world, races had been existent and had scattered over ll of Asia and deep down into Africa. And has been far scattered over all of the earth. But in the records of anthropology and in records which we have discussed the antiquity such as the Assyrians, ran from millennium to millennium and on thru millenniums back before the days of Adam. You can always prove this by the 31st book of Ezekiel. For that tells you how the racial streams were so great and the Assyrians were listed as to great, that they were as great trees over the earth in the days of Eden. In fact, in the British Museum, the records are there of the Assyrian Empire for millenniums before the days of Adam. The fact is that the catastrophe which enveloped ancient dynasties that run back for 14,000 years, is described. And dynasties of India were effected by the same thing. An unassimilatable offspring had by then achieved a great power. And they came in with the symbols of Lucifer. And they talked about the skies of the ancient past and tradition was handing it down to them after thousands of years. And they talked about this symbol of heaven which they knew to be symbolized by the Serpent and the Dragon. But which seems to have a god-like power. In fact, the whole book of Revelation and especially chapter 12, talks about this great struggle for power. The thing that relates to Lucifer, and his household, was that he intermingled with the people of earth. This is true and you will find it written in the book of Jude. And even after your race arrived, he sought to mongrelize it with fallen hosts.

Now, whether the Luciferians and those who were in command of the earth in the early ages, after their rebellion against God, after the intermingling of Lucifer, himself, and all the others, their offspring are always marked as in the scripture as the seed of Lucifer. In fact, the people we call Yehudin and now translated Jew, existed in the earth long before any White man existed in the earth. And this story does not start with Abraham. And there is not one single Jew who has emerged out of the Israel seed. This false Israeli of today is not of Abraham. This, my friends, is not of Abraham. This is an abortive state of the unassimilatable seed of Lucifer. And they were moving in at the time of Christ as a political power to control the Temple, and were a sign of the Serpent and the Dragon. They simply stole the star and turned it upside down and interwove the star with a serpent. And the serpent holds his tail in his mouth. And they have this ‘six pointed’ star out here on the Synagogue. And I can take you out there and show you the Serpent woven into a star and this is the symbol and the evidence of ancient Jewry. I can take you to the British Museum and show you the heads of the Cahilla, and show you the people marked as Yehudin, marked as the priests of their religion and they are featured as Dragons way back in the days before Adam was even thought of--as far as the world was concerned.

Now, listen. Within this political background, this political evil has dominated, and controlled all false and pagan religions on the face of the earth. It sought to capture and dominate your religion in the days of your earlier forefathers. And then tried to liquidate Christianity before it got into operation by the Crucifixion of the Christ, which they thought would be final. And then with their attack upon the disciples of Christ and the church afterwards, which they thought would wipe it out.

But this did not happen since the power of God was greater than that for your race and HIS Kingdom. For HE had promised that this Gospel would go out to the western nations, to the Christian people who would embrace it. For there were sheep in another fold. I think it will be significant for you today, to recognize that on the temples of Buddhism in Northern China, which still remain, and then in some areas of upper Tibet, in the city of Lassha, unless it has been broken down completely by occupation, that the ‘fig leaf’ is the symbol on those temples. In the temple of the assassin goddess Kali, probably no better word could you find for them today than the ‘Deceivers’ by masters, so that you could understand what the religion of Kali is like. And you discover there what Kalism really is for it is ‘the assassin religion of India’ and 100% dominated by Hindu Jews.

Now, the fact remains, that the temples of these pagan gods are marked by the ‘fig leaf.’ And in the city of Jerusalem, they had put the ‘fig leaf’ on the frieze of that temple. Whereas the sign of the Kingdom is the ‘Olive Tree.’ And this is why God’s Kingdom is made up of all of the great Christian nations of Western Europe. Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Germanic---all Israel into one nation. And even George Washington knew this. ‘Novus Ordo Seculorum.---the New Order of the ages. ‘E Pluribus Unum-----The one out of the many. And he prospers our beginning. George Washington knew that we were Israel stock and that we were made up of the nations of Israel. And in his own letters, he maintained this description and his thinking as to America’s destiny. If you think that is foolish, then just remember that this wise founding father embraced the truth, and gave the input of his spiritual vision to our national heritage.

Listen. Then within the structure of these blueprints, the ‘Olive leaf’ is on your national seal. And in the writings of Zachariah as well as in the book of Romans, you will see that the Apostle Paul talks about all of these things. And the ‘Olive tree’ is the symbol of all of the House of Israel.

Now, listen. Adam means White man. And the word Enosh meant people. And both words were translated as ‘man,’ not showing the difference. The fact is and it is clearly outlined in the scriptures, that the people who make up the Adamic race were people called long before Abraham----Is-ra-el, or rulers with God. There is another word which we use today and it is ‘Saint.’ And we use it today in English. And some, today, have the idea that a Saint is someone who has a ‘halo’ around their head sitting on a pedestal in someone church. Or they are someone too good to live with or to live in the earth. But I am going to tell you what this word ‘Saint’ means. It comes from the word ‘Santest.’ And it means believing offspring of God. As we have discussed before, your race is begotten of God’s Spirit and were Celestial beings who existed in the heavens before the world was framed. Their transference from heaven to earth was advocated by Christ and is a part of the mystery of HIS Kingdom, and is the embodiment in the earth as Celestial seed. This is why the scripture says that you are the children of God after the spirit and the children of Adam after the flesh. But Adam was a son of God and Christ is referred to as the Second Adam. And this spiritual destiny is a part of the culture of your race.

Now, remember that the ‘fig leaf’ is identified today with the Jew by every religion on the face of the earth, and by the Jews themselves, and on their own temples as their mark. And all of the chicanery in Jerusalem and earlier, from behind the thrones everywhere, came from these people. Jesus knew who they were and HE said, ‘I am of God and you are of the devil.’ They would have stoned HIM at any time, but they feared the people. There is another factor involved. Everytime the ADL of there day, thought they had HIM trapped, HE would be gone. One day, they tricked (or so they thought) Christ to come down in the Treasury and this was below the temple. This temple was made of stone. They had stones hidden down there and as they interrogated HIM as to who HIS Father was, they took up the stones to kill HIM. Then they could not find HIM in that locked room. They were looking under the tables and all of the furniture and saying, ‘where did HE go?’ Then a soldier came in and said, ‘Oh, Jesus is outside on the steps talking to the people.’ You say, ‘It can’t be done.’ Well, don’t say that, for this was God moving in destiny. Never let it out of your mind that the fullness of God dwelt bodily in the man Christ Jesus. And altho HE had taken on humanity and performed the great sacrifice, still HE had not lost any of HIS Deity. For HE had purposed this for you and your welfare. You go home and read that mystery in the 2nd chapter of Hebrews, which says that since the children of God were down here in bodies of flesh, that ‘God took upon Himself, the same kind of body because you were HIS relatives and HIS kinsmen.’

Then remember, that Jesus cursed the ‘fig tree’ and the next day as they came by, all of the leaves had fallen off and the tree was withered. And they did not think anyone would dare that, because that was the symbol that dominated the Temple. And had been put in overriding the Kingdom of God and suppressing the Truth. They were now in the temple operating this monstrosity of Asiatic theology instead of the Israel Truth. And when Jesus cursed the ‘Fig tree,’ it was a symbol of the fountain of evil up on a hill.

The disciples said, ‘did you see---HE cursed that fig tree?’ And Jesus said to them, ‘Verily I say unto you ‘have Faith and doubt not.’ You shall not only do this which was done to the fig tree, but you shall say to this mountain, ‘be thou moved and cast into the sea,’---and it shall be done.’ What mountain? This mountain (nation) that was the Ecclesiastical mountain that was on this hill in Jerusalem. And the next day the FALSE Pharisee and the Sadducees, and high priests, when they saw Jesus, they heard another parable from HIM. And this one was about how strangers had taken over HIS Father’s vineyard and that they had tried to kill the Father’s own son when HE came to the vineyard.

Now, having heard this parable, the high priests now understood that HE was speaking of them and they plotted anew as to how they might put HIM to death. One day, God moving among men, was offered the throne in Palestine as King of Kings of Israel. This took place before the steps of the Temple and the True Priests of Israel would have crowned HIM King. The armies of Barabas, a true nationalist, was there to protect the Christ as HE took the throne for they knew HE would be overthrowing this domination of evil spirits which had taken over HIS land. Suddenly, these men threw back their tunics and exposed the ‘blue tunics’ underneath, and cried, ‘Crown HIM King---Blessed---Hosannah in the highest, this son of David, in the representative of YAHWEH the MOST HIGH GOD.----Blessed is HE who comes in the name of YAHWEH.’ But when they offered HIM the crown that day, Jesus said, ‘I have another course to take today.’ And He took the Chalice instead of the Crown. HE said, ‘the day will come when I will take the Crown, but the Crown is not for ME in this hour.’ This it the hour when the Kingdom of God suffers violence and violence takes it by storm. But the day WILL COME WHEN MY SERVANTS SHALL FIGHT. AND THE KINGDOM SHALL NOT BE GIVEN TO OR REMAIN IN THE HANDS OF THE JEWS.’

Pontius Pilate was given all of the factors of the happenings of those days. And Jesus also talked privately to Pontius Pilate. And when asked, ‘Are thou King of the Jews?’ Jesus said, ‘Thou sayest this.’ And when asked, ‘well, art thou a King?’ And Jesus replied, ‘for this end I was born.’ When Pilate would have let HIM go, he wanted a direct order from Christ. And Christ told him, ‘Do as it is written.’

Pilate said, ‘do you not know that I have power over you and I can deliver you into the hands of these who cry for your crucifixion?’ Jesus replied, ‘You do not have any power except I give it to you. But the hour will come when MY servants will fight and the Kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews.’

Now, Christendom can by-pass records, or translate out the record, but the Kingdom of God has suffered violence from the Jews and the Church has suffered from prosecution. For they even joined the church to condemn its doctrine, as their own volumes admit. Their conspiratorial design has pitted Christian against Christian. Turquemado was a Jew by their own records, and they boast of this in their writings. And you can find this in the Los Angeles Library today. And Communism is there supreme boast of accomplishment. And Palestine is one mass corrective and there is only one operative party.

I think it is significant when Jesus said, ‘If ye had the Faith, you would say to yonder mountain, move,’ for HE was pointing out that evil. And from that perimeter, we watched the Kingdom of God battle for survival. And when we approach the greatest technological age in human history, when we have knowledge and technology enough to lift poverty, and set the world on the road to prosperity, I want you to know that there is enough evil in the world that their people do not want that kind of world. They want a world reduced to slavery and under their domination and control. Of such, my friends, is the Khrushchev philosophy. And behind him is the domination of this secret alliance that makes it possible.

I point out again, what Jesus said. And if you had the Faith of the grain of mustard seed, you would say to this evil pseudo-political mountain, this abomination which influences high officials in your nation, --fall into the sea. And it would be so. You say, ‘How would it be true?’ Well, in the scriptures ‘the sea’ is the people. And when you turn to the book of Revelation, then you see that this Mystery Babylon of evil is to be swallowed up in the sea---in the great day of God’s New Order. And you are the nation of this New Order---Novus Ordo Seculorum. The New Order of the ages. And you are on the edge of a political event that is going to swallow up the political and social evil of your time. And it is going to bring us back a government of freedom and private enterprise and freedom of action. And the spirit of God is going to give you the greatest era of spiritual regeneration that your nation has ever seen. In fact, you are going to discover that this new day of freedom for your nation is going to be the greatest day the world has ever witnessed.

But listen. I tell you that there is no greater power than this power which reposes in the seat of your intellect, backed by spirit and the great evolution of Faith. I tell you that as Christians everywhere denounce the enemy, and remove that enemy of your faith from your land, it would not be long before the spiritual wavelength of spiritual energy which your possess would start moving them out. One thing the enemy is disturbed about is being discussed. You can discuss the Germans, or a Frenchman, but don’t discuss a Jew or you are considered as anti-Semitic. Every White man on the face of the earth is a Semite. And you could not be anti-Semitic because you discuss the Jew, for the Jews are not Semites. THEY DID NOT DESCEND FROM SHEM. They are Cainanites, and this is what Jesus said they were.

Now, I am going to tell you that the present design of World Jewry is to destroy Germany and to let her pass into the hands of Communism completely. They are afraid of Germany. And they are also afraid of America, if America does not pass completely into the program of Socialism. They know that these two areas have the energy and intelligence of geopolitics to give new life to the entire Western world to hold off Communism. If they were able to understand the book of Ezekiel-----but they cannot understand, because they lack spiritual vision. But if they could understand, they would know that God intended to take the Germanic people and the Anglo-Saxon people headed by America and Great Britain, and make them stand forth as one great and mighty power in HIS Hand against this evil. That is the destiny of this hour. But when the hoards of Russia come to bury you, as Mr. Khrushchev said, they will be rolled back and stopped with Divine assistance and Spiritual Power of GOD, doing their responsible duty in the earth. Then also, you are never going to make war again, against Englishmen or Frenchmen, or Germans men, or any of the kindred. Because the power behind the scenes causing this upheaval is no longer in power in your country. My Bible tells me that there will not be one single Jew in these United States when this thing climaxes. For scripture says that not one Cainanite will remain in the House of the LORD.

In my library, are many Talmuds. And in the last one is their recognition that the United States, Great Britain and the other Western nations, are the Israel of the Bible. It is stated right here. But they think that the Jews are going to take over the world and that is more important than our identity. And they laugh at how they have put over this great fraud and how Christians everywhere are proclaiming the Jews are the Chosen People, while they (the Jews) put you in slavery, and change your status in a world governed by Jews. It does not take long when you tell this to a Lutheran minister of a Methodist minister, to shake them. I am shaking preachers all the time when they get to the fine points and they want to know how that relates to the world situation. About every so often, we tape a message that covers these things. And I want you to know tonight, that this design to take you into appeasement in Berlin is a foolish design. And I want you to know that if we do not approve of an airlift to Berlin, that the majority of people of this 189 million people in this nation, with 140 million of them being White and Christian, and that is a majority---and they are the ones who should determine America’s destiny. If those who represent the majority are not being governed, the they are not represented by your Constitution. Thus it is that this great Christian majority will not let America fall. It is just a matter of every ‘White man’ being pro-white and pro-Christian. But tonight, the World Order is trying to destroy that.

One ex-President of the United States said just before he was inaugurated, ---the U.S. News covered that report---but he said as they asked him about immigration, he said, ‘I look forward to the day when in these United States there is one race, whether brown or tan, it does not make any difference to me.’ That was ex-President Eisenhower as he was covered by the U.S. News and World Report. But it does make some difference to me. God wants you to reserve that racial self-respect. When we speak of this Biblical record and the relationship to the Jews in this situation, and the passing on of the remembrance of culture and faith to your children, you will now understand why God wanted that seed preserved and did not want you to mongrelize it and disperse this great spiritual culture that HE gave to you. You can mix German and American, and you can mix Scandinavian and American, but you are only mixing one household and one race. But when you start bringing, mixing black of yellow, you are bringing an end to your civilization. Jewry today, with this monster of Communism, wants to mongrelize the world and only retain an individual and separate event. I want you to know tonight, that over here in the book of Revelation, it says that there will be a great splash someday---INTO THE SEA, a great cry that Babylon has fallen like a great stone into the sea. And when that day comes, it tells me here in the book of Revelation, that tall of the nations now in the United Nations are going to discover that these refugees who came in, that these refugees that fled and came into this country and then tried to change it, were the controllers of Mystery Babylon, all of these years. And the Scripture says that the cry ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ will reach the sky. But I tell you tonight, my friends, that you will never hear that from a German or an Irishman or an American.

Our prayer tonight, is, COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS. And HE will be welcomed by every Christian American, who would be glad to participate if HE would put the world in order. And when such an hour comes, it is your job to build in earth, this Kingdom of God as you pray and occupy until HE comes.

(End of sermon)