Chalice Or The Crown - Palm Sunday, 3-26-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-26-68

Prayer:--Almighty and Eternal Father, again we come into thy presence as they children, thankful that you have given unto us an inspiration of thy spirit, this reserved unto us in the Word, which you spake unto thy prophets. That you unveiled by the administration of thy own ministry, and have preserved unto us unto our time, thru the documents of the scriptures. And words which were spoken unto us by thy apostles and by the revelation of thy spirit, and thru the communications of the household of thy people. We are thankful that our people can say 'Our Father which art in heaven.' That we know the eternalness of thy kingdom because it has been established in earth by thy people. And we are looking forward to thy word being covenanted with us. To the establishment of thy kingdom in power with majesty and with Glory. That thy majesty shall be known from one end of the earth to the other. And thy Glory and thy Peace shall be resolved upon earth, and which shall acknowledge thee. The powers of thy kingdom shall be restored to establish thy kingdom forever. And in the process, destroy the powers of darkness. And this power of righteousness and Glory is something which we are all a part of. We thank thee our Father, that in this hour when these events are taking place that there is this sure promise. And with this promise comes abiding hope in the face of the gains of the forces of darkness in our environment and the successes of those who would destroy thy kingdom. We have the assurance of a rising victory and the rising of a new day and a great force set in place among thy people. So our Father, we pray for the nations of thy kingdom and for the spiritual center of these nations, thy church. And for the victory of our household, and the assurance of that victory in our age and for this time. We are to know the time of the reckoning, and that the children of light are not to be taken unawares. But we are to occupy and to participate in the victory, which you have ordained for this hour. So as we survey the things that are passing and the events that are taking place, and are a part of our history, which is holy to us at this time of year, we say ‘Our Father, we thank you and we pray that you will build our thinking and bring to our remembrance events which make this an important part of the history of our household. Thus, we say,--"Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven, and thy name we ask it. Amen.


Before we turn into our subject ‘The Chalice or the Crown,’ this has been a very deep and significant week. Because we want to reach the people on this tape ministry all over the nation, there are things that we would like to point out to you at this time, that are very important to each and every intelligent child of the kingdom. We have had every evidence that when men are not guided by the spirit of God, or when they surround themselves in high offices with the children of darkness, and in the influence of those whom surround them, we see the evidence of those who work for the enemy. The events then in a great nation such as this in God's kingdom show the hand of the Antichrist, the powers of darkness and even the progress of attempted dictatorship. We, here in America, have another dynasty and its influence will be short lived as far as its influence is concerned, because of the Great purpose of God for this great nation of God's kingdom. It was only a little over a week ago that the Attorney General, brother of the President of the U.S., issued a statement to the press which I am holding in my hand. This was published in the L.A. Times and in newspapers across the nation. In which he pledged at that time that he would use all of the power of his office to integrate all areas of American life. To do this, he said will cause bloodshed and riots and violence. To do this will upset the peace and the tranquility of the land. But he said, 'This is progress.' He said, 'I want the world to understand as to what I am about to do, because they will not realize what is going on in America unless they know that this progress in which we are participating in as we establish integration into every branch of American society, is a violation of the customs and laws of this people for hundreds of years. And we shall irrespective of this violence, we shall enforce this and we shall accomplish this program, and we want the world to be patient with us.’ This was spoken to any Christian people in any nation, recognizing the background of our history and of the instructions of our God. And of the laws and customs we have had thru the years which have been founded upon these responses of responsibility. This statement upon the part of the Attorney General is evidence that he would compound a violation of what we know as our basic common law. The laws of the United States were founded upon British Common Law. And this is expended in the works of Blackstone as true law, Colonial law, and even in the provincial law as expressed in the University of Hartford Connecticut while we were still a colony.

The law as Blackstone enumerated it and as British law understood it was the law of our race and of our people. And therefore was not to be set aside. And using a quotation from Blackstone--- ‘had existed here for decades and was not to be set aside. And was not to be altered by decrees, except if all of the people were willing to accept such a decision.’

Thus, we have evidence of this common law, which had been accepted by the people and founded upon their acceptance of the vision coming out of their faith, the background of morality. And is known as English Common Law and is also the law of our land. The President here then has pledged his support on the bad advice of his advisors. And the Attorney General, now suggests that he is going to upset mores and customs not ten years old, but over hundreds of years old. And by his own statement will produce violence and bloodshed, if necessary. And this, my friends, is a part of the Communist, Socialist revolution which is a violation of the very fundamental principals of law in our land. For this law has been used in our courts and even by decisions made in the Supreme Court. So the outlaw if the Attorney General and the revolution is coming out of the Royal family.

This past week, the President was priding himself in settling the dispute between labor and industry. But in every instance of this there has always been since the times of FDR, a tendency to support the side of organized labor with all of their arguments with industry and various areas of production. And we have noted that in the last three disagreements with labor, then steel, did not raise their prices. Altho labor won a pay raise. This last time with the government intervening on the part of labor, the agreement was not in a pay raise, but in more unseen benefits. If they had been given a pay raise that would have been taxable. But this still cost the company. This amount is charted to be about $12,000.00 per year for each worker. And this happens to be the amount that the Steel companies were planning to use for the replacement of material and equipment. So the Steel company announced they would have to have an increase in the price of steel. And the moment that this was announced the President of the United States flew into a rage visible on the T.V. Altho this was against what he stood for. But if he stands for Socialism, this was understandable. Thus the President announced that this would hurt all America and cause a great inflation. And he said that because of the number of people involved, that the Steel Companies should have been willing to operate even if they did not make a profit. But you do not run a business and have no profit, or there will not be a reason to keep the business open. So the President blasted out and said that he was going to take action even if he had to disintegrate United States Steel. And then he announced that he was going to move in on these companies and see if they could be convicted of anything that would bring a heavy fine and prison sentence. And in his anger, the President calls in the F.B.I. and changes it from a proper investigating agency to an OGPU like that which exists in Russia. It is not the responsibility of the F.B.I. to become a persecuting OGPU. They do not have the authority to get people out of their beds of a night and put them thru questioning. They are investigators who are to supply their material to the Justice Department. They can have Grand Juries and so forth, but to harass men like the Soviet Union, this is not the work of the F.B.I. Fear thus, fell upon business and this was recognized in the markets. Thus, the government warring with business, this is prophecy of an end of the age, as business wars with Antichrist. This is the result of leaders in our government who are not spiritually guided to defend America, but fall in line with the ‘One World Mystery Babylon.’

Then the President went one step further. He ordered Mr. MacNamara to see that any business that raised their price could not be used in any contract with the government for anything that was made of steel. But this action should have been a warning to Christian Patriots that the President, under the influence of his advisors, was out to destroy the industry of America. Just one step in the whole process of reducing America to a Socialist nation which would fit in the time table of events. The government thus is the largest consumer of Steel. The third is the Car industry. And the third largest is those that make the tools. And the government being the largest buyers of steel has an impact. The steel companies feel that they cannot fight big government and win. But no one will be able to win in America if Christian patriots do not start to stand up and defend our way of life.

Now the Jewish steel companies have a different way of life, for they are built on your money. And you continue to subsidize them, so they do not have to make a profit. This Kaiser Steel company set back and preened themselves, saying they were the only company that did not raise their price. Thus, there is something vitally wrong with this picture. Thus this reminds us that the same factions are trying to take over any American Industry that they do not completely dominate.

They would like to take over Christian faith and Christian nations. And as they waged war against Christ in the days of his ministry, and in the days of his church in the times of His resurrection, and the outpouring of his spirit upon his followers. There is one factor upon which you and I can have hope in this time when God is quickening and awakening his people. For this is a prophetic hour. This development is the same trend that governs the Antichrist dictatorial areas of the earth. Therefore, this is a battle in God's kingdom to break the yoke. But as far as you and I are concerned, this is the power of Antichrist that has surrounded officials in Washington and in other parts of our nation. And their aura of blackness has shut out the light. There is one factor that is good for us at this time of the year, for all Christendom is thinking in harmony. In this thing, regardless of what nation you are in, this Sunday and next Sunday, all Christendom has reached a historic commemoration of events. These events may not be well understood, except you realize that they are in the great pageantry of history in which God prepared for his work when he came into earth for his final development, that took place round about him. And from the hours of the declaration of the people that wanted to crown Christ King, to the hours which proceeded his crucifixion. The whole of Christendom is now thinking and reminding themselves of these events.

For a moment, we also would turn back to the land of Palestine, and back to those events which marks this as Palm Sunday. We would go back in time to these events knowing that they were the events of these people in Galilee and in Judea, concerning the ministry which they had witnessed for almost three years, in the person of the incarnate Jesus the Christ. The things that they remembered, the traditions now scattered thru the land concerning the facets in the very hour of his birth. The Herodian known as Herod the king from Pergamos who ruled over the land of Palestine with consent of Rome. And he had sought to kill this child even at the hour of his birth. For he had been warned by those round about that this would endanger his own throne. Thus, there had been the massacre of babies in Bethlehem of Judea hoping to kill Christ at his birth. And failing in this, the spirit had guided Joseph and Mary to take Jesus down into Egypt, where they remained in the Temples of Egypt, built by Enoch and Job in those days. And he remained here until the death of this Herod, the king.

And then the babe was brought back to Nazareth where Joseph kept his carpenter shop open. Thus, the life of Christ was transferred from the land of Egypt back to the land of Palestine. The events that accompanied his ministry. The events that demonstrated his power by the stilling of the wind and the waves. The opening of the eyes of the blind. The healing of the sick and the raising of the dead. This news had not only spread thru out all of the land of Palestine, even Rome had heard of the powers that were manifest by this man. Gentle but firm, while even denouncing the evil in the temple of Jerusalem. Revealing that these who held the Priesthood in the Temple were not the seed of the house of God but were of the seed of the Serpent and the viper. And Rome was probably willing to agree. For every governor who had gone to Palestine from Rome knew that those who were in the temple were the hardest to get along with, and probably understood better, when he said that they were of the generation of the viper. And in all of the days when Christ spoke to the people, being not only an instrument, but being the embodiment of light and love and understanding, he had explained to them that this mountain in that Temple, was the power of the Hittite, the Canaanite, and the Amalakite. Also, the power of the Serpent and the viper.

He saw that they had changed YAHWEH'S house to a den of thieves. A money racket upon the steps of the temple had marred the relationship of that temple with the people. So in his ministry as Christ performed that ministry that he was here to do, as he reached the people speaking as never a man had been able to do, his enemies continued to plot how they would put him to death. They wondered how they would accomplish this without alarming too many of the people. Because it was quite evident that the people were most interested in him.

We understand the background at that time. The control of the Temple and the Synagogues thru out the land were under the Sanhedrin as that abiding court, but also the Temple Priesthood. There was various types of theology. There was the Pharisees and Shamah Pharisees who were the false Pharisees, who were really Sadducees. And the Sadducees themselves. This made up the strength of the land. The true Pharisees believed in the laws of Moses. They were Resurrectionist and they believed in immortality. And they also believed in what was called the Mishnah, or the oral law, as well. They did not stop with the laws of Moses, but they accepted all of the things taught by the prophets, such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others. And they added to this, their expectation of the coming of Messiah, and the resurrection, and other things that they did not see given openly in the Laws given by Moses.

Out of this, they had the hope of the Messianic destiny, the rise of the kingdom. And this was believed by every true Pharisee. The Sadducees were Asiatic. Came out of the same background of those that came out of India. These individuals did not believe in the resurrection. They accepted only the laws of Moses. And they carried this liberal position and added to it additional laws and customs. But they did not accept the oral laws of Israel, or the testimony of the Prophets. They had no Messianic concept, and believed in no rising kingdom. They were not looking for any Messiah. And of course, were not Israel in blood or in background.

There was one other company that also lived in Palestine, altho they lived out in the caverns and the caves, out in the hills. These were the Essene company. So who were they? They were the pastoral cult, as they were called. But these people were not only the true Priesthood of Israel, but also among them were the great Savants and wise men, and students and philosophers. They were very much worried about the economic life of Israel. Because from the days when Solomon started his international trade, then these strangers came in with their evil gods and their evil influence. Attached themselves to the society and then brought the destruction which came in waves upon Judah and upon Israel. Therefore, they thought they should be a separate people buying and teaching their own and becoming strong, instead of becoming a part of the world community, thru the international merchants that were coming into their land. So they were called a Pastoral group. And David, their king in his time, had been an isolationist, so to speak, and his city was pastoral and complete and self-contained. The Essenes did not want to become a part of anything but the tribes of Israel and their national life. Thus, they were afraid of what had been brought into their city by these merchants of Babylon, who had now become the priests of the Temple.

Thus, out in the caverns where they met and many of them stayed, they had the true Priesthood of Israel. Some of them were living monocratic lives, dedicated to Israel, to the establishment of its law and the hope that the day would come when the true Priesthood of the likes of the house of Aaron, would come once again and would fill their temple with joy and with gladness. They look also . . . for out of their savants, and their scientists and even out of the students who were students of the military law, who were in their midst. And out of them they looked for the assurance that there was deliverance for their land. Thus among these Essenes were many who had studied from their early youth.

John the Baptist, remember, was sent out to live with the Essenes and he taught them many of the things that he still remembered from his entrance into the earth from the heavens. For this was a unique man, this John the Baptist. Jesus said that if people could understand this, then this man was Elijah who was to come. Thus, the spirit of Elijah was definitely embodied in John the Baptist, and this was the messenger that was to prepare the day of the LORD. But he had to hide out because of the animosity against him. For he was one of the children that they missed in Bethlehem, of Judea, because of the work of the ‘fourth wise man.’ He was of course, the son of Zachariah the Priest.

It is a rather significant thing, concerning the background of these Essenes. For among them were some patriots and some nationalists, who were also called Zealots. And these men were those who were definitely filled with the hope of the liberation of Palestine, from any of the strangers who ran the Temple and from the ‘fifth column’ that was in their land. And they also wanted to have the power of Rome as an Empire broken from off their backs.

In this time of the Christ, then one of the brilliant young military leaders was Barabbas, who traced his history back to the time of Jeroboam, and had been a part of the 'battling armies' warriors before the throne of the Kings of Israel. And down thru the history of this man as the hopes filtered down, was in this Barabbas, the hope that he would be the one who would be the Captain of the forces of the hosts of YAHWEH. That he would lead the forces of Messiah. That he would defend the Messiah, and that he would drive out the Jews from the land and give it back to Judah and Benjamin, the true people of Israel. And also that he would drive the forces of Rome from Palestine’s shores. One could not be deeply against this young man, who had been deeply trained in the Essene company. And he had been forced to spend much of his life in the caves and the caverns where they were safe. For there was also a price upon his head.

He had moved out all over the land and had helped prepare the way for the seventy. For remember, that Jesus, in his ministry, did much like Moses did when he set up the Court of the 70. And he also picked out 70 from among his disciples and sent them out. And they went before the face of Jesus into every city, every place where Jesus was also to come. Why did he send them out? It was to get the thing organized, so the people would know that he was coming, and then the city would turn out to see him. And this program was effective.

Sometimes today, the problem for the children of God is that they do not organize successfully this thing that they are going to do. Christ said, “I will send out 70 hand picked people, two by two before him, to every city of Israel.” And those cities were ready for HIM when He came.

Now the men of Barabbas were also aware of the ministry of Christ. But with them also something else was developing. Thus, here was this Barabbas the leader of the underground for the ministry of Christ. They were organizing a defense system to protect the followers of the Christ, and to be ready to protect the work of Messiah when He proclaimed himself. For this they truly believed would soon come.

In fact, Joseph of Arimathea, who was the brother of the mother of Mary, and therefore her uncle, and then he was also referred to as the uncle of the Christ . . . he was not only a powerful, wealthy man and he sat on the Sanhedrin also. He owned the tin mines of Cornwall in Britain. And his ships moved from the land of Palestine thru out the Mediterranean thru the Pillars of Hercules and then on up to Britain. They carried the goods from the land of Palestine and the Mediterranean to Britain, and then came back with the Tin material and the goods from the British Isles. This was a well-known fact that this man had great influence. And secretly then he was also a member of the Essene company and this great patriotic movement in which Barabbas was the Captain. In fact, he brought back the beautiful cloth that purplish blue and of gold and purple in which the very armies of the nationalists were clothed. We are told from the records of that time, that this army existed and was also in Galilee. Here these men of this Blue Tunic Army would meet, these warriors of this army of the Great God, YAHWEH, to whom they had been dedicated. And with the crossed golden fish across their breasts whenever beheld was a very striking uniform, and it brought pride to the faces of Israel. The short swords of Damascus and their shields had also been brought in by Joseph of Arimathea. In fact, it was Joseph of Arimathea who had been one of those who had insisted and helped develop this army for the Messiah. In fact there was also this expectation deep in the heart of Joseph of Arimathea and in the Essene company that the time would soon come, and probably before this Passover, that Christ would become king and assume the throne. And this would be the greatest Passover of all times. The 70, who had gone out, had been preparing the way. And the Essene representatives with them, had thought and taught that they must reestablish the Temple with the Coronation of the Messiah.

In the possession of Joseph of Arimathea was one of the most beautiful of robes, which had been brought by the fourth wise man and had been used in the protection of John the Baptist. Later this had been given to Mary, and then in time given to Joseph of Arimathea, for safe keeping.

And with the Essene company was also another treasure which they had kept for years. And this was one of the crown that was worn by David in the days when he ruled as king. Now embossed with beautiful jewels, it was the crown they had hoped to place upon the head of the King of Kings and LORD of LORD'S. But during this time there was also a haunting remembrance of things spoken by the child, John the Baptist. Before he was ten years of age, he was remembering many things from his sojourn back in the plains of spirit. And he remembered things that he had been told and seen as he was carried into the heavens as Elijah the Prophet. And he believed in these facts that he was now telling them from his remembrance, when back in the heavens. So he told the Essene company, ‘Yes. This man is Messiah, and he will someday take the throne. But I remember that it was said that he will first receive a cup that no man can drink but He. And altho he can extend this cup to others who share with him his mission, HE will select a cup instead of the crown.’ This was a haunting thing. And was discussed by the Essene company. Here then was another phase to this messianic ministry of this embodiment of God. Joseph of Arimathea was greatly impressed. He sent some of his most trusted servants to go into Greece and into Rome and to hunt for a Silversmith. One who was outstanding, one who was known to be a craftsman with great art.

The disciples were in on this. They were filled with excitement. They thought that the time was right. Just a short time before the sons of Zebedee were with their mother and she spoke to Christ saying, ‘Sir, when you take your kingdom, there will of course be various positions given. One will be upon thy left side and one on thy right. They will be positions of power.’ And then the mother of James and John said, ‘Master, will you give these two positions of power to my sons, one on the right and one on the left?’ She was asking, for she too thought that the hour had about arrived when the Messiah would take over. Were not the armies already preparing and the people intent? They had beheld his miracles and the vision of what they thought was about to happen filled their hearts. Here was Jesus with the omniscience to know every thought that was going on. He knew that the disciples were waiting for the hour of His coronation. He knew about the armies of the Essenes. He knew about the Nationalists army of Barabbas. For Barabbas had made quite a name for himself. He had attacked Roman caravans and armed his forces. He had attacked the rich caravans of the temple Priests, which were from the market places of Babylon and Persia. And he confiscated these also, for the support of his troops. But these were the goods that were sold on the steps of the Temple for the profit of the Canaanitish Priesthood.

Christ had overturned these tables of the Priest on the steps of the Temple, but Barabbas had annexed them for the strength of his under ground movement. The knowledge had gotten around, a week before the Passover, the people were coming to Jerusalem, coming from every community. And Jesus was aware of all this. They were coming to be there and to recognize Christ, and to crown Him King. And they all expected that within a matter of a few days, or at least one week, then the whole world would know that Israel had again a Kingdom with power. And thus, the disciples had only one tense moment. For they had been able to pass the word around that Christ was going down to Bethany to stay and then he was going on down on the first day of the week to Jerusalem.

Oh, they worried. Would he go some other way? Would there be a change in his plans? They were in constant contact with each other. And all of the people of true Benjamin and Judah were also in contact. All were waiting for the Coronation of the Christ.

And then the day grew so close that we commemorate at this time. The word was -- ‘Yes. Jesus is still coming to Jerusalem.’ And finally here they came. And when close then Jesus said to some of his disciples, ‘Just over the hill is a colt, and never has a man ridden upon it.’ He said, ‘It is a new born colt that has now grown up and it is over there, tied to a tree. Go and fetch it for me. For I am going to fulfill that passage 'behold your king cometh riding upon a colt, the foal of an ass.'

A great thrill must have gone thru the disciples when they heard this. Here was a prophetic announcement from the King himself. And he was going to fulfill that prophecy, "Behold thy king cometh.” So they prepared to go over the hill, and then they asked, 'But what if someone protests that we not take the colt?’ And he replied, ‘Just tell them that the Master has need of it.’ They did not need to worry. For when they got over to the colt, then the man who owned it was thrilled at this day to have his colt ridden by the Messiah, into Jerusalem. And we are told that he gave them the colt with gladness.

They brought the colt and spread their garments upon it and then sat YAHSHUA, YAHWEH incarnate, God among men, upon the colt. Oh, there was no great chariot. No great blast of the trumpet as the King entered Jerusalem. But something else had been prepared from every village and every community from out Palestine, from all the areas round about the expected day had come. The Essenes had come into the city. The true Priests had arrived. They had been at the house of Joseph of Arimathea, and they had been at the house of Johas, the father of Peter and John. And now came the great cry as people ran out--'The king is coming.' "Hosannah in the highest --YAHWEH who comes in the name of YAHSHUA, THE SON OF David to take the throne.’ This cry was wrong. But it is recorded in each one of the four Gospels. This is one account that is in every one of the four Gospels. And as Christ came into the city, the cry of ‘Hosannah, the son of David --blessed is YAHSHUA that comes in the place of YAHWEH.’

They knew His name and his name was a mark of identity. For remember that Mary had been told that his name was YAHSHUA, and that he would come in the place of YAHWEH to save His people from their sins. And he would also sit upon the throne of his father David.

This then was their expectation and their hope. And they cut down palm branches and they spread then in the path which the Messiah would pass. And they scattered flowers before HIM. And they called for his coronation. And instantly from among the great throngs of people came the miracle of those Blue Tunic warriors, this rising splash of color to the steel of the clashing blades made up the picture as they cried,---"long live the King." Their cry echoes, and they heard it clear to the steps of the Temple. For the approaching column was moving toward the temple. And thousands of people moved behind this column now calling for the coronation of the Christ.

Now the declaration was quite clear. ‘We shall crown the son of David to sit upon the throne which David his father did rest upon.’ This is even recorded in the Sanhedrin, which now hated him, that the cry was, ‘YAHSHUA WILL SIT UPON THE THRONE OF DAVID HIS SON.’

Remember he had challenged them to how is it that you call the Messiah the son of David and then David called the Messiah LORD? How could that be?

Now as they neared the Temple and the Priests looked down on this horde of the blue tunics of Barnabas' army, the flashing swords, the excitement of the people, they trembled. For now all of this would only be marked by a moment of pageantry, which could only match the coronation of a king of Israel under which your race started at the Coronation of David. And which will be culminated at the Coronation Day of the Christ.

Here they came. Joseph of Arimathea walking before them and two pages bore the two pillows of crimson over which was laid a blue cloth edged with gold. And upon one pillow was a crown and upon the other was the chalice. The crown displaying all of the beauty of the spectrum as the light hit upon the jewels. For this was a crown once worn by David. And on the other pillow was this newly wrought Chalice, and inside of it, the Cup. That grail. And they brought it forth, for they did not understand its purpose. But they knew that at one time, God, in his ministry, of long ago had initiated the Melchizedek Priesthood in the days of Abraham. And even in the days of Enoch, He had come. And to Abraham upon the plains. For wisemen in the past had been the symbol of the cup and the breaking of the bread.

They knew not now whether this was a part of the proceedings of the taking of the crown, but still they moved forward. And the cry was again --"Crown Him King.” The true High Priest then approached and said, ‘Oh, YAHSHUA, DAVID, and WE ARE PREPARED TO GIVE TO THEE THY THRONE OF YOUR FATHER. We would that thou should rule over us and deliver us from our enemies.’ So they approached with the crown and the cry rose,--"Crown Him King!"

The Priests on the steps of the temple now trembled. But Judas of Iscariot who had been dealing with the enemy, now thought, oh, it would be better for him to carry the money bag in a kingdom. So he even joined in the cry. And he turned to Jesus and said, ‘Take the throne, take the throne.’ And we are thus told that Judas also sought to pressure HIM to accept the crown.

Jesus looked upon his people with love and with mercy, and said, ‘Truly, I am your King, and truly, I shall take this throne in my time. But I cannot rule you when you are captives, and your soul and spirit is not free. First I must fulfill that Divine Destiny for which I have come as that very God. I must first set you free then rule you some day as the sons of God. But I cannot at this time take the crown. For altho the kingdom now suffers violence and has been take by storm. But I assure you that the day will come when my servants will fight and my kingdom will not be left in the hands of the Jews.’

With these words, then Jesus turned and took the Chalice. And he said, ‘I must take this cup. For no man can fill my responsibility.’ So he took that cup and held it up to the heavens, then turned and handed it to John, his disciple. And the crowd cried again in agony, 'Please take the cup.' But now replied Jesus, ‘I cannot do that at this time.’

The Blue Tunics of the army of Barabbas then disappeared. And men were now afraid. For they had been identified. And now Judas of Iscariot started to run for the Temple. And he huddled with the Priests, and he said, ‘I have discovered where this army came from. This is the army of Barabbas and I know also where he will now go. He will go to the house of the father of Peter tonight. This is the house of Jonas and there they will plan as to what they will do next. They will think that there will be more people in here by the time of the Passover, and by that time, they will have finished the purpose of the cup. So then, Christ will take the crown and they will crown HIM King. So if you want Barabbas, then go to the home of Jonas, tonight. For he will be at the house of Peter's father, tonight.’

This is why the Jews betrayed Barabbas to Rome. And the announcement just before the seizure of the Christ was that Barabbas the Zealot had been taken. Unfortunately, it said that Barabbas the Zealot was a thief, a robber and a murderer. And this murder had occurred in one of the battles with the Roman caravan for the weapons of his army. At that time, a man was killed. Thus, he was, at that time, charged with murder. But they had not, until that time, apprehended him. So we might say that in the days of our founding fathers, in those days of George Washington, then we had lost the battle of the Revolution, you would have heard how these men who participated, were outlaws and murderers, and how they were bandits. But because the spirit of God had been upon them, for this was their day for victory, and a nation was ordained, and prophecy had been fulfilled. Thus, George Washington, the father of our country, a man of brilliance and vision, was a man whose spiritual background had given him the courage. But remember that if he had lost the Revolution, they would have written of him as they did Barabbas. The history of Barabbas was not finished there, but Jesus had taken the Chalice and that was the result.

The first use of the Chalice was when he used it in that Last Supper with His disciples at the Passover and in communion. And he said of this cup as they drank of it, HE said, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood.”

Later, filled with water, this cup was to take on added significance. It is a matter of interest to know that that Chalice is in the United States today. It rests in the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts. That Chalice was one of the most vital treasures of Christendom. It was hidden many times from the marauding Jews and from all forces waging war against the Christians. And eventually, it came into the hands of the Greek Orthodox Church. It was in the great Cathedral of San Sophia, one of the western outposts of Christianity to the eastward. And it was here in the days under Suleman raiding, moved against Constantine, and then came down against the city of Constantinople. And then moved against the great church of San Sophia. But that Priesthood was able to escape with the Chalice and the various treasures, and they hid them. Many of them went down to Antioch which was one of the oldest outposts of the church. A small chapel was built here and the chalice was placed in this small chapel, or church, here in Antioch. Later, the great Turkish marauder, then moved upon Antioch. Here then the Priests of Israel buried the Chalice and other artifacts. The battle of Christendom then went on. But now in Constantinople, where once the great church of San Sophia existed stood the Mosque. The more or less evidence of time and destiny later, some Arabs who had heard rumors of treasures buried, found the Chalice. It was then sold to some wealthy traders and businessmen who happened to be living in the United States. Thus, the Chalice was brought to the United States.

The Chalice has been viewed by many, at many of the world fairs. The Chalice has been duplicated as a work of art. One of them was in the western part of the United States, and then it was put on review. For this is one of the great and remarkable relics of Christianity. The search by the Knights of the Holy Grail had been for that cup, knowing that this belonged to Christendom. And they had thought that they might have to rescue it from the Saracen forces. But Turkey never possessed it. Nor did it ever fall into their hands. Then John D. Rockefeller bought the Chalice so that it could be forever in Christendom's hands.

Thus, at the present time, this Chalice used by Christ, the Chalice which HE accepted rather than the crown . . . so here in this city in the Greek Orthodox Church, with all of the reverence that the Greeks hold for their faith . . . here in this city, they have now built the great Church of San Sophia. And at the time of the dedication of this beautiful Greek Cathedral, right here in the city of New York, the Chalice was brought and was used in the services at the Altar. Here in America, in this great branch of God's house to the Westward, the very cup which the King did use when HE renounced His throne until a future date, is now resting in our nation. But it remains a great mark of God's kingdom to the Westward.

And now we wait for that great day which is not so far removed. For that great day in Christendom, when the only LORD to which we give assent to above those who represent our government, in these patterns of life, shall be acknowledged. In the days which are closer than you may think, there shall be a coronation service for the “KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS.” When again, they shall bring forth the crown that belonged unto David and they shall set that royal Diadem upon the head of YAHSHUA the Christ, the Messiah. And we shall see this fulfillment to that which has been brought to its conformation. The Kingdom will have been received by the King. And the Jews will never have power in the earth again.

I would call to your attention in closing, the great intense value that God placed on men being free. Upon the great American heritage that belongs to us who love freedom. Who see the great distinction between those who love freedom and those who oppose it? For here the value of a man is the business of God. He would search for one sheep until He found HIM. Here the great values of freedom are established. For Jesus said, “I could not rule you as king, with you in bondage, you in slavery, you without freedom.”

Someone said, ‘what does this mean?’ Until there had been consummated an atonement that lifted from them the ability of atonement and the judgments, they were in bondage to error that rested upon them. This atonement of the Christ, was for all of his household and his race. Having consummated that HE could then take a crown and rule over free men. Had he not first consummated with his ministry and his cross, he would not have ruled over free men. He would have been a king over people still in bondage and still un-atoned for.

So the magnitude of this again for the children of His own household which he had planted in the earth. The mighty commission and details of his program would not have left out one detail of the prophecy. And from this we take our great hope of today. And from the midst of this attempt to put God's kingdom in the crucible in these last days in the time of Jacob's trouble. So also, shall Messiah appear. And so also shall he join with us in the final liberation to bring the greatest coronation service to consummation. When we shall CROWN HIM KING OF KINGS AND LORD of LORDS.

This then is why we celebrate Palm Sunday. For this is why the people shouted "Hosannah in the highest, to the son of David, He who comes as YAHSHUA IN THE NAME OF YAHWEH, THE ETERNAL GOD.”

End of message.