Children Of The Beast. 1-14-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-14-65

The scriptures tell us many things about the peoples of the earth. They tell us about ‘Brute Beasts’ which are made to be taken and destroyed. Uniquely, we are mistaken in our understanding as to the background of the distinction between people. In the Old Testament, we go into the foundation of races and of people. We translate the word ‘man’ just as a man, all thru the Old Testament not seeming to know that there are various kinds of men, various kinds of backgrounds, and various kinds of situations. This is one of the reasons that as you go into the background of the Old Testament, that you find that in some places it is talking about races of people, about men, and the word is Enosh, meaning beasts. Then there happens to be another structure of the Hebrew word and it means ‘Brute Beasts,’ which is even lower than the structure of the symbol known as Beasts. When the word Adam is used, the word is man. And it means the offspring of the MOST HIGH. Therefore, when God begat Adam in HIS own image and started to transfer the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD to earth, thru the posterity of the Adamic race, HE had established that the Adamic people were the children of HIS Kingdom.

However, there were different types of people on earth. There were the Enosh people which are referred to as Beast people. And there were______(Uga) Enosh who are referred to as Brute Beast people, who are lower on the scale than the Enosh people themselves. One of the most important aspects of this situation is that all thru the program of the Old Testament, as God talks about HIS people, HE talks about their raising up and building HIS Kingdom; about them observing HIS Laws. And HE speaks of them as Adamites, the children of the MOST HIGH, as the children of HIS Spirit, as the people with the capacity to understand spiritual thoughts and spiritual ideas.

As we go into the Old Testament, the oldest book we have is the book of Job. Actually, the oldest book is the book of Adam and Eve, but we do not have at the present time, this book in our Bible because they un-canonized it as they were battling over which books to include in our Bible. But the book of Job is now the oldest book we have in the scriptures. And Job is an Adamite and he knows this. And he had much of the spiritual revelation of the MOST HIGH GOD upon himself, and upon his race. But Job looked out upon the people round about, and he wanted to help them and wanted them to move ahead so he tried to help them. And so it was that there was always these spear chukkers who were always throwing their spears and attacking his people. And finally, Job was able to capture some of them and started to train them as to how to live in houses, and to grow vegetables, and how to observe and live with people in what would seem to be progress. And so it was that Job captured the Negroes. And these Negroes were advanced with the wisdom and knowledge which belonged to Job. Then under the times of trouble, as the enemy, such as the ancient Mongolians came to attack Job, then these spear chukkers reverted and immediately started to burn the property of Job and of his people, and to steal the things that he had. And this made Job very angry and as he talks of these people, he said, ‘They are not fit to lay down with my dogs, never again will I take them in , for they are not fit to lay down with my dogs.’

This was the reason that statement was made by Job. For Job who understood wisdom and knowledge, looked forward to the coming of Messiah. Looked forward also to the Resurrection and then stated, ‘Altho the worms destroy my body, yet with these eyes will I see my Redeemer.’

Thus, Job looked out upon his experience with men of races, and he looked upon the Negro as the lowest of all society and called them ‘Brute Beasts.’

We want to point out to you that everywhere in the Old Testament where Israel is battling against people and against nations, the word used in the translations is man. But it should be Enosh or Beast. Sometimes as it talks about the Negroes who will burn down houses and steal property, it refers to them as the Uga-Enosh, or the Brute Beasts moving in a pattern of destruction. So we want to point out to you that there is a vast difference in people. There is one important thing that is most important for you to learn as we study the scriptures, and this is the difference in people. We find as we go into the Old Testament that the Kingdom of God was established to bring in the Administration of God over the earth, until every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is YAHWEH.

We discover that the program which is arrayed against God’s Kingdom rule is the program of Lucifer. And it is called ‘The Beast System.’ So ancient Babylon was a part of this Beast System. And it is called ‘Beast System’ because the people who make up that system are Enosh---beasts. These are not the Adamites, the children of the spirit of the Living God, but the Enosh who make up this system referred to as ‘The Beast System.’

In the book of Revelation, as it talks about the ‘Mark of the Beast,’ it talks about the Beast System and the people who serve this system. And thus, they have the ‘Mark of the Beast’ and they serve this Beast System. It speaks of how this mark is stamped in their forehead and in their hands, but actually this is not an emblem which you can see on their master, and their hands putting forth the work of the Beast System, which is in their minds. Thus the ‘Mark on their forehead and on their hands’ symbolizes that they are the children of the Beast System.

There are various description of people thru out the scriptures. We have the offspring of Lucifer, and he in the hour when he became a fallen Angel, was called diabolos (dee-ab-ol-os) or devil. And therefore his offspring are devils. There are many places in the scriptures where Lucifer’s offspring are called devils, and they are like their father, and they dwell in the earth. But still they are devils. When Lucifer seduced Eve, and Cain was begotten, then Cain begat children and these were referred to also as the sons and daughters of Lucifer.

Now again, these are the people you know today as Jews. And when Jesus spoke, HE said, ‘I have chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil.’ And HE spoke to Judas of Iscariot who was one of the disciples. Then after that, we are told that Jesus walked in Galilee because HE could no longer walk among the Jews for they sought to kill HIM. When Jesus talks about this in the book of John, HE says, ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. Ye are offspring of the devil, and thus ye are devils.’ Jesus made no mistake in identifying these as devils. It was not just a point of attack, it was just so you would know the difference in people by their background and by their knowledge and understanding and wisdom. Jesus never told you that devils were capable of salvation. HE told you that devils had no capacity to understand, or respond to the things HE said. Therefore, they were like their father, liars and children of liars. That there was no truth and no understanding within them. And HE talked about them descending from a liar in the beginning.

Therefore, there are people in this world who are Enosh, people who are Uga Enosh, or Brute Beasts, and people who are devils. And these are all of a different category than you are. For your race is the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD, and the children of the Spirit. Therefore, as the MOST HIGH speaks of you, then you are Adamites, the heirs of HIS Kingdom. For this preservation of your society, the MOST HIGH GOD has told you that you must come out and separate and segregate yourself form the Enosh people of the world. And for this purpose HE names and identifies these Enosh people. And you have thus the Cainanites, the Hittites, the Amalakites, and so forth, who are the Enosh people of the world. You are told to live a part from the devils, and that the Brute Beasts are not to be joined unto your society--at all. As the MOST HIGH speaks of this, HE says that if your children start to marry or join these people, they turn away from the worship of the MOST HIGH and enter idolatry. Actually, HE says that the program of God’s Kingdom and the purpose of the Adamites is to lift up that standard of the MOST HIGH, until every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is God. HE calls for direct action. And you are called to cut down the groves of trees, to destroy the idol temples, to destroy the idol worship as well. And if necessary, destroy all the idolaters as well. And God said that HE chose you to do this for HIM. Because you are a Holy people unto the Lord thy God, a Holy Seed. And a Holy Seed is that which emerged from HIMSELF. Only that which comes out of God is Holy. And HE speaks to you and HE says, ‘You are a Holy seed unto the MOST HIGH GOD.’ HE did not choose you because you were great in number, but chose you because of who you are. And HE said HE separated and segregated you from all the people on the face of the earth because you are the program of HIS Kingdom, the ultimate program of victory, the ultimate triumph of God’s program, over the powers of darkness and without a question of a doubt this shall transpire.

Now, we look out over the world and we can see that the Beast System is at war with our nation and the program of the Kingdom of God. Thus, we can well understand this---that the Mark of the Beast is on those who serve that system. World Communism is the strategy of the Beast. And we have today a great number of professors in our colleges and clergymen in our churches who have put forth the doctrines of the Beast System. They seek to change the course of God’s Kingdom thru the educational system, by advocating the policies of the Beast System from which they come. We should take a close look at these people and never permit in our schools or in the pulpits of our churches, or in any part of our national life, such as advisors around our President, or in the economy of our society---anyone from the Beast System, in any of these positions in our nation.

But this is the process of the Beast System and the work of the children of the Beast System, in their design as they serve the Beast, and work for the Beast, and battle against the program of God’s Kingdom.

As we see these circumstances we can recognize that we have come to a climactic condition. There is no question of the fact that they design and destruction of our society. They tell you over the radio and the T.V. constantly that this is what they plan to do. We discover in the battles of the past few weeks, as they battle the police forces of different cities that it is the Brute Beasts that are involved. Their patterns of degeneracy and their immorality, and their background marks them as does the declaration in the book of Peter, that these are evil forces, and like Angels that did not keep their first estate and went into the patterns of Sodom and Gomorrah, so also, the old evil is descending on our society, thru these people. They speak evil of dignitaries and of things they know not, because they have no spiritual capacity. They are Brute Beasts made to be taken and destroyed.

Over in the book of Jude, we find that the scripture speaks of the situation we are facing today. In Watts, today, Bradley is speaking. And they are having a festival down there celebrating the burning of the city a few years ago. (1965) Bradley said this situation isn’t really settled, for Watts could burn again. It could break out again, because America has to learn and the blacks are all ready to pour it on once again. Actually, as the blacks raise up to destroy, they demonstrate the lack of their mentality. For they burn down their own houses. And dancing and rioting forces of darkness and evil steal from their own stores as well as from the society they want to destroy. The Blacks are definitely a part of the Red Revolution and the Red Revolution is using the Brute Beasts who are to be taken and destroyed.

There is one factor, and only one for settling the race question. And that is the repatriation back to Africa of the Negro race. The quicker we repatriate them the quicker we solve our race problem. The MOST HIGH said, ‘I have separated and segregated you from all the people of the earth. And the moment we put the laws of God back in force, we will put the Negroes back in his place. And that is the only solution to an area of peace. We point out the complete futility of the program of integration as we see the Attorney General of the United States bringing suite against the apartments owners in New York. Over twenty-two thousand apartments for rent, and the owners will not rent to the Negroes. So the Government is bringing force against them to make them rent to the Negroes, even tho the owners say the rent they would receive would not replace the damage of six months of rent to the Negroes. They say that the Negroes would turn the apartments in to vast toilets. For they will not use the proper facilities. They use the closets and the floors. And they chop up the woodwork and build fires in the middle of the floors. So with their immorality, with their depravity, they will treat the buildings worse than the huts out in the jungle from whence they come. And the landlords said, ‘If we rent to the Negroes, we will take in the money, but they will destroy the apartments, and the apartments are worth so much more than the money we would take in, so we don’t want to do this.’ But the U.S. Government says, ‘Oh, yes, you will. For we will see that you do.’ This, my friends, is insanity. How long? How long will this White Christian nation stand back and let these evil forces move ahead with this strange pattern of peculiar design?

All over the country in our great parks, in which we view the beauties of nature, which were provided for camping for our people, are being taken over by the hippies and the Negroes. They have been robbing people and beating them up and eating--yes, even eating rangers. And so what did the government suggest? Did it try to stop this? No, it notified people to stay away from the camping spots unless there are several families together to protect themselves, and to keep a guard around your camp. Think of that! This is America and you have to have a guard around your campsite along the streams and rivers of your land. All because of the background of the Brute Beasts and the background of the Beast System--made to be taken and destroyed. This, my friends, is the pattern of utter evil as we see it arise in our time. They even found the body of a young girl up around Kernville as this beautiful spot, like others, is being invaded now by Negroid and by Hippies. It is not safe to be on the streets at night without numbers of people or a gun to protect yourself. The residents of this country are talking of forming Vigilante groups. And the law officers are talking of backing them up. I tell you that eventually you will see White Christian men banding together to defend themselves and their families against the Beasts and the Beast System. This again, is Armageddon. And this is Armageddon moving in toward your society, and moving very fast.

Remember, that there is a vast difference in people---a difference in Adamites and Enosh, a difference in Enosh and Uga-Enosh, and a difference between these people and devils.

Thus it is that you the children of the MOST HIGH have been ordained to be segregated and separated from these other people. You are not to dwell among them or to live among them. This is the Law of god. And violation of Divine Law, brings the catastrophe upon a society. And it is the violation of Divine Law which brings catastrophe upon our nation. We must awaken to the fact that a great White Christian society and civilization must drive out these people and make it clear that we are not going to be taken over and destroyed by the Beast System in this hour.

As we hear some people say stand back and do nothing, and even many of our churches of today, are also doing nothing as they say, ‘Lord Jesus, come quickly,’ we feel that this is a desperate situation which is destined to come on our nation and people will be hurt, and badly, unless they awaken to this danger. But the MOST HIGH has talked about this situation, and the Apostle Paul has said, ‘we have not resisted unto blood. So we must be ready to resist the powers of darkness, and beat our plowshares into spears (symbolically) for it is time for the program of God’s Kingdom to stand out.’

All this week, the Beast System has talked ‘Peace’ while they move in. We are being forced out of Libya because we are backing the Israeli’s. And Russia is moving in to seize the Libyan Air Bases. ‘Peace’ ‘Peace’ when there is not Peace. This is the prophecy. Just as the Arab countries waited on the United Nations organization for action, and Israel planes moved in and smashed their air power, and the six day war was won in the first few hours, so today we wait. And the Arabs are now worried that this will happen again. But the U.S. will get the blame as we have suggested this policy of Peace-Peace.

The scripture speaks out about these policies of evil. And one can hardly blame the battling Arabs (PLO) because they were driven out of their homes into the desert without food or water. And many of their families have been murdered. One could hardly blame them for wanting to battle forever the powers of darkness who have driven them from their nation and from their land.

The world is in turmoil and the nations of the world are getting ready for the battle of Armageddon. And yet, the nations of God’s Kingdom have been assured of victory and of triumph in this situation. As we see this coming to pass, be assured that God is going to awaken HIS Household. And they shall be called back to the pattern of HIS LAW, thru separation and segregation, and to the establishment of the Race HE has called.

Therefore, God has been very jealous over the mongrelization of HIS Household, because this effects the spiritual life of the people and makes it impossible for them to receive the guidance of the Truth of the MOST HIGH GOD without it being all mixed up. Because the people of darkness have no capacity to understand the program of the MOST HIGH GOD. Therefore, when a people have a mixed brain, it is totally impossible for them to have spiritual liberation .

Thus, the MOST HIGH calls for total separation and segregation of HIS Household, as HE transfers HIS program from Heaven to Earth.

Under these circumstances, as we see these things coming to pass, we must recognize the enemies armies. For he is using all strategies to bring about the crisis that they seek for stealing guns from our arsenals, and from our people so as for total control of your nation.

Your enemy is moving on all fronts for your destruction. They are stealing even the guns which are supposed to be going to our troops. It is time the people said, ‘We have had enough.’ And bring about the stopping of this take-over of our nation.

When even the enemy says they are going to bring an army against the part of our government which does not obey them. When they say they are going to burn our houses and destroy us, this, my friends, is TREASON. And when a great nation like this cannot handle treason as treason should be handled, it is almost defeated from the inside.

So it is that as we see these things reaching their apex, we call for an awakening of society and a reaction of people for the destruction of this evil.

We recognize that God has the capacity to quicken HIS people as HE awakens them, and pours out HIS chastising judgement upon the powers that would destroy and do evil.

As we see these prophecies come to pass, whether from the book of Jude or the writings of Peter, or whether they are the declarations of the MOST HIGH from the book of Ezra, concerning mongrelization of the House of Israel, we know how they are to cleanse their house. This may seem harsh, but God said send away the wives and children of other races. And those not sent away were destroyed. And God again returned the rain back upon Israel when she separated herself and segregated herself from other people.

Again, let us pray that God will awaken our people and that our nation will take its stand and determine that only Christians will be admitted to this land. That only Christians will be elected and given the seats of great power in this nation. Thus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that YAHSHUA IS YAHWEH, GOD.

(End of sermon)