Children Of The Heavenly Father, 7-23-61



By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-23-61

This afternoon, we are speaking on the subject of ‘The children of the heavenly Father.’ And we are well aware that this is one of the subjects which would be considered highly controversial, if the background of the individual is not sufficient or he is not willing to abide by the facts that emerge. But I think one of the most important things that you can know is who you are and where you came from. As we have often cited,---if you do not know who you are and where you came from, how do you know where you are going?

It is very important that we understand today the difference between people and races, and nations. It is important that we understand the content of the scriptures. And that academically we approach the subject as it relates to the species on earth that we call man. And that we understand the difference between man and Hu-man also because this is basically important. The word Hu-man means spirit man. There is a difference between men engendered with spiritual life and the races which do not have that particular pattern of origin.

Nothing is as important to us as the distinction which Christ made out of that Omniscience knowledge, He possessed. As we turn to this prayer which we are accustomed to praying and sometimes not meditating upon as we should upon each portion of its contents, we hear these words:--”After this way pray ye thee.” Strangely this instruction was not given to Africa or Asia as a people, or as an anthropological pattern of a possible origin. This instruction was given to a specific people. They were the ‘Sheep of the pasture of our LORD.’ He said:--’I have come for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.’ And in this instance, He recognized that all of the sheep were not in Palestine. Some of them were already located in other parts of the earth. But when He told His disciples to pray---’after this manner pray ye’, ---’OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN.’ I think then that it is most important for us to recognize that our Father exists in the plains of spirit, in Celestial plains or in the heavenlies, and we were taught to pray with a definite relationship with our Father---’OUR FATHER WHICH ARE IN HEAVEN.’ I think it is important for us to realize that this was a literal TRUTH. It was not a parable which was hypothetical or the results of theological acceptance, or someone idea.

One of the great problems we have today in Christian theology, is the vast numbers of its communicants believe that they are who they are and what they are by the acceptance of ideas. There is not doubt that spiritual ideas produce a concept that could not be understood by those who do not have the channel of spirit. But I want you to know who you are by the authorship of your race and your individuality. You are your Father’s child because He begat you. And also you are not your Father’s child by any choice that you have made. Someone said, ‘but when a man accepts Christ, he becomes my brother and my Father’s child.’ But--no--under no circumstances. A man does not become a child of God by accepting Jesus Christ. A man identifies himself because he accepts Jesus the Christ. Then there are also different processes by which he can be accepted. There are people today who out of their pagan background and their origin have heard of and been told of the True and Living God. And they have been told of the work He wrought as the man Christ Jesus, incarnate in human form. And they have been persuaded to turn from paganism and recognize this God. This is saving them from the error of their ways, and getting them into adjustment with God. But it does not produce a spiritualized process as being born, nor biologically produce the situation whereas by race they become your brother.

Now, we do not hate anybody. Strangely enough, we do not even hate the devil because we are waiting for the day when even he is going to bow the knee and throw off his devilish nature, and will be back as an Archangel singing with the morning stars.

Someone says, ‘I can never accept that.’ Well, they will have to wait, for in the fullness of time there is going to be a recognition of every conscious living being in the whole Universe, and it just shows you that my God is so big that He is never going to lose anything. Because if you are out of adjustment with God, this does not mean that you are lost because of some terrible situation which will reach into the ages to come, it just means that you are not right now. And the problem is that you are out of adjustment.

There is nothing as important for us to know at this time than who we are. Jesus taught us to pray:--”Our Father who are in Heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy Kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.” This relationship of ‘Our Father which art in heaven,’ has a very definite origin. And if God is your Father, then you had to be spiritually begotten because God is Spirit. And you were spiritually begotten. We have cited to you that an understanding of the original languages and a knowledge of the using of words and the divorcing of our thoughts and even of our Biblical understanding of just patterns of theological interpretations of just some particular religious school is good. There is nothing that the scripture teaches more completely than that there are children of spirit who have been begotten of the MOST HIGH GOD. And that they have been begotten in the earth as well as the children of Adam. And you today are the children of Adam. And so today you are the children of Adam after the flesh but the Eternal YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is your Father after the Spirit.

Now, all the people of the world are not the children of YAHWEH. All the races of people are not the children of your Father. Originally all races were created by Him, but not all were begotten of Him, being of His spirit in the beginning. They were created and in the day of their creating that was good. But there is a race of people, begotten of spirit ‘BEFORE THE WORLD WAS FRAMED.’ And were blessed with all spiritual blessings in the bosom of the Father, as the Apostle Paul tells you in the book of Ephesians. More than that, I can show you where your dwelling place has been. Turn with me to the 90th Psalm and you read:--’LORD thou has been our dwelling place in all generations, before the mountains were brought forth, before thou hath formed the earth or the world, even from Everlasting to Everlasting.’---That is where your dwelling place was. This is the Eternal One, and some call Him Jehovah, but that word was coined in Europe about the 10th century. And the word for this Eternal One in Hebrew was YAHWEH. And when He identified Himself as the Savior, in the 43rd chapter of Isaiah, as YAHWEH THY YAHSHUA, THE ETERNAL GOD, THY SAVIOR, that is one great confession of the Christian Church of today. That Jesus was that YAHSHUA, that Internal Incarnate Revelation which God promised to bring forth.

But I want you to remember that He was our dwelling place before there were mountains, before the creation of this earth, we were with HIM. And beholding the things which were coming to pass, when the Morning Stars sang together. And all the sons of God shouted for joy. We were there. Job had forgotten that, so God said to him, ‘Job, stand up, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, and brought forth things that you see upon it---where were you?’ Job was going to say, but I am not as old as that, I am not so full of years, but he was there---for he existed with the Father, having been begotten of the Spirit before the world was framed. He was a child of the Eternal One.

We have lost sight of, but it becomes an important link, since this is a tape message which shall go out all over the nation---that we establish that the Apostle Paul in the second chapter of Hebrews, talks about that it was essential that now when the children of God were here embodied in bodies of flesh, that God also take upon Himself a body just like you had---a body of flesh just like His kinsmen. And He was not ashamed to call you His kinsmen. And He took upon Himself the seed of Abraham as to identify with His children, because that happened to be the seed which the children of God were in.

When Jesus was talking to Nicodemus, and Nicodemus wanted to know plainly how to participate in the Kingdom of God, he was not talking about entering into some passage, or moving into some new domain he was talking about the Kingdom of God. A master of Israel but now confused by Ecclesiastism and by the invasion of the thinking of his time by the theology of the enemy. Thus Jesus said, he had to be twice born,---meaning born from above, and be born on earth. And my, how we have taken and twisted that around. Jesus said that you must be born from above and born on earth. Go back and get the concordance and see what that text was before we theistically adjusted it, trying to make it want what we wanted it to be. So you know, one of the most valuable words in temporary Evangelism is ‘You must be born again.’ And altho I believe with all my heart, in the mighty work of Atonement, that, my friends, was not ‘twice born’. For the begatting by God’s spirit took place in the endless space of yesterday, and to be begotten in the flesh took place when you emerged out of your mother’s womb, a child of the Adamic race. What happened in Christianity and in the experience of Christians is recognized as important and is significant, is that the spirit of God in His time, and by this process quickens the consciousness of this man, and everything that a Christian experiences is regeneration, renewal or restoration. In each instance it is something which you possessed before, being given back to you right now in this physical body, so that you might accomplish the work of God. It had to be an existing generation of spirit, or you could not be regenerated. It had to be a consciousness which existed in your Celestial mind, in a Celestial realm or your physical consciousness would not have to be renewed to it. And it had to be something which you possessed as a child of God, or it would not be restored to you.

Of course, there is an understanding essential to knowing these facts and that is that Adam fathered the first Adamic son. That Adam was the offspring of the MOST HIGH. The two words, ‘Bara and Yatsar’, were in the ancient Hebrew. 1. YATSAR---- is to make out of a substance and form it and the other ‘BARA’---is to father it or give it life out of yourself. And the Adamic race today, is thus the offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD. This was known in the time of the ancient Zohar. It was known in the days of Enoch and Job and was taught in the great mystery schools of On. And Moses understood this by instruction and guidance. There is no question of the fact that many things are hidden in mystery and parables. But to you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God’s Household. But to those who lacked the capacity that were not of God’s Household, it was not given.

When we are talking about the Adamic race, we are talking about the children of our Father. There are many things thru history and time that have effected your race. And one of the most important things that they were told not to do was to permit that race to become mongrelized. Because if they did marry outside their race, they would be marrying people who did not possess the spiritual seed. They have a soulishness, they were men and operated thru the senses, and they reasoned in the soul intellect. But they were not spiritually begotten children. They were created, and they had life in themselves. And when they obeyed God, it was good, and when they got out of adjustment with God, after the fall of Lucifer, it was not good. But they had existed on the face of the earth for thousands of years before Adam ever came along. If a person does not know that, then the Bible will never be clear to you and you will never understand the operations and the fallacy and that is what effects today, a lot of theology.

Now, we have mentioned before that when they drilled thru the pre-Cambrian uplift for oil in the Montana field, they brought up a bronze gear, in an oil well pull. Some intelligent creature made the bronze gear back in the pre-Cambrian age and that is in the history of the earth of almost one billion years. One of the finest pieces of writing in our time was done by Ivor Lissner and has just been translated into English. He was a great anthropologist. I have many volumes of Anthropology in my library, and I have been acquainted with this subject for many, many years. Nothing comes out on this subject of which we do not acquire a copy, whether we agree or disagree. Unfortunately, for many years, many anthropologists were evolutionists. But now comes this record of sixty-five years with the greatest Anthropologist of the sciences and they are getting farther and farther away from that day, because antiquity has not shown to them the ability to discover anything in the story of evolution. But don’t for one moment think that you are going to gear everybody down to the history of your race and its development and its relationship with God, and its religion----that is what this Bible is all about. This is not a Negroes book, it is not a Chinaman’s book, it is the Book of the White race, of God’s dealing with, and where they came from and what they are here for.

Do you know that religion did not start with you. Religion did not even start, my friends, with Lucifer’s invasion of the earth either. It might be an interesting thing for you to know that we are no longer groping in the dark on a matter of time. We have here in the scriptures a chronology of events, starting before Christ at about 5,500 years and up to our time, of about 7400 years of history. When Dr. Ussher, a great number of years ago, a great Roman Chronologist gave us the chronology so often used in the King James Version, you will see that it starts out about 4,004 B.C. And the only reason why he does that, is because he starts with Christ and figures in the other direction. He does not start with events and then come forward, and he did not do this by a king line chain or anything else. And when you come out in chronology with 4,004 B.C., you have Christ coming four years before He was born. You see that you are straining at date. And all Christianity has been trying to operate on Ussher’s chronology even tho scholarship knows that in the Masarotic text, Jewry in trying to spread it till the time of the birth of Christ by ancient prophecies, took 1400 years and subtracted it out of Chronology to shorten up the king line so that the prophesies would fail. Thus the Masarotic text had 1400 years more of the king lines than was permitted at the time of translation. And the scholars know that. These fourteen hundred years was thus removed and chronologists know this. I can establish this with some of the leading chronologists of the world. And Adam Rutherford, who is smart and intelligent, says it is accurate.

I only mention this because 7400 years is actually just a moment of time in the great creative capacities of my Father and in the ages to come and in the ages past. You see He never had a beginning, and He is never going to have an ending and neither are you and I. And since the days we were begotten, we have stood with Him to behold His handiwork. The vastness of the Universe, the sidereal systems, to the smallest trillions and planets, all operating on the balance of His purpose, all synthesized, organized by the vastness and the power of His intellect. Vibratory fields of light and electricity consummating everything in a material way, until there is not one item of matter that you have ever beheld, in any atomic pattern of its subject,---substances which did not exist in organized unit of energy. The firmness of that WILL which holds everything together is believed and understood by the Apostle Paul as he said, ‘All things were made by HIM, and without HIM was not anything made.’ But time has always existed in some form. There has always been a space for things to happen. There has never been a time when God was not building or making. And how far back in that time, when you and I were spiritually begotten, I do not remember, but I know that His Spirit can bring back to my conscious awareness anything He wants me to know that happened in all that period of time, because He said that one of the things His Holy Spirit would do is to bring all things to our remembrance, as well as lead us to the knowledge of all truth. I will also tell you something else that is true. It cannot bring anything to your remembrance which was not there. Suppose I tell you that the promise of what the Holy Spirit would not do was not for Africa and Asia. You say, ‘why is that it.’---He said this is even the spirit that the world cannot receive. And we spend a lot of time in trying to Evangelize Africa and Asia, but we have a lot of work to do in bringing God’s Kingdom which is to save them from their error, and bring them back to the Right God. But don’t, my friends, do this by telling them that they are going to get the same wavelength of spirit and understanding that you get, because they have to live under the soulishness capacity in which God made them. But to put them back into the capacity in which God made them is good, but to try to mutate them by some intellectual gymnastic, is not good. There is nothing probably quite as significant for us to know than that we are the Children of the Eternal Father.

There is not anything more complete than the Grace of God. He not only made all things, but He is the one by whom all things exist. And He is the one who will eventually put all things in order. One of the things which we see here concerning you, the MOST HIGH said thru the lips of Isaiah, and brought unto him this phrase, ‘surely thou are YAHWEH that hideth thyself oh God of Israel, the Savior.’ But he says in the 17th verse of the 45th chapter of Isaiah:--’But Israel shall be saved by YAHWEH with an everlasting salvation.’ And it is not going to be am ashamed and confounded world without end. For thus saith YAHWEH, who created the heavens and formed the earth, and established it not in vain, He formed it to be inhabited and He says:--’I am YAHWEH there is none else.’ But what about you? He says now concerning you:--’ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED AS IT IS WRITTEN.’ This was declared by the Holy One of Israel who said:--’Ask Me concerning My sons, concerning the work of My hands, command ye Me.’ What about the world round about? He said:--’Look unto Me and be ye saved---all the ends of the earth, for I am YAHWEH there is none else. For I have sworn by Myself, and the words have gone out of My mouth, and they shall not return until every KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL SWEAR.’ And then it declares in the 25th verse, that all Israel shall be justified, in YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified and shall Glory.

I was talking to a Church of Christ preacher the other day, and he said, ‘Dr. Swift, there are a lot of people who are going to be in ‘hell’ forever and forever.’ I said, ‘I have already given you the opportunity to find that hell for me in your Bible without coming up with ‘Sheol the grave’, of the place where you throw out the garbage where worms don’t die. But I am going to tell something about it for if you are talking about hell, then you are talking about the Nethermost world. Is that what you are talking about?’ ‘Yes.’ I said, ‘Well, that is not going to be there for ever either.’ He said, ‘Why?’ ‘Because my Father is not going to let any of His Universe stay that way. It tells me over here in the 50th chapter of Revelation, that the day is going to come when they are going to sing the song of Moses and the Lamb and the song of deliverance, and the song of praise of Jesus the Christ. And they are going to sing it in the heavens above, and on the earth. And they are going to sing it in the nethermost realm and I want to see it in that day. When they start singing praises and hymns to the Glory of God, and He puts everything back and it is saved and adjusted, and the whole Universe is reflecting His Glory that is going to be a good day.’ Someone said, ‘when is that going to be?’ In the ages to come.

We have a lot of troubles and problems right now to face, but there is nothing like having knowledge concerning the ages to come and knowledge concerning the endless yesterdays that gives us the king of faith that carries us thru to our time.

We have mentioned to you that there is a difference in the people of earth. This is true. More than that, if you were to go into the background of the propaganda today, of the Universal fatherhood, and the brotherhood of what they call man, you would see the error of this. We have brought this out for you before, to make this point that when Jesus was standing in Jerusalem and surrounding Him were a great number of the people of Israel besides those of Judah and Benjamin, and around Him were also a bunch of Jews who did not descend from Judah and Benjamin, and they were Cainanites. Jesus has already made the declaration that upon them rested all the blood of all the martyrs and all the saints from Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar. But in this particular message being discussed in the 8th chapter of John, then Jesus stands there preaching to the crowd and He tells them this particular truth that knowledge and truth is the only thing that ever sets men free, spiritual knowledge for children of spirit, and knowledge understood for children of any other background.

Now listen. When Jesus said that then these Jews who always operate under fraud, and capture religious systems for their own purposes, and claim identity with anything they want to rule, they said they had never been bondage at any time, proving that they could not have been Israelites at any time. They claimed Abraham for their father and Jesus said that they lied. He said, ‘If Abraham were your father, ye would have received me and do the work of Abraham.’ They claimed God for their father, but Jesus said this is not the same God.

The strange thing is that I listened to a minister in a broadcast over a television station come out and say just a few weeks ago, that we must remember that the scripture teaches that we all have one Father even God. This is what most modernists and most atheists preach. And that is what the Jews said to Jesus when He said that they were liars. Jesus said, ‘you do the deeds of your father.’ And they said, ‘we are not born of fornication, we have one father even God.’ But Jesus said, ‘if God were your Father ye would love Me. But---ye are of your father who is the devil.’ So we don’t have the same father and thus we do not have any brotherhood. Someone said, ‘that is not all Jews.’ But that is all that I have ever met. Ye are of your father.---Let me tell you something. If a man does not have my Father, for a father, he is not my brother.

Now, I am not going to go into any gymnastics to bring in something which is unrelated to the destiny of my Father’s household in the earth and bring him in as half brother or anything else. When he denies that Jesus is the Christ, then he is anti-Christ and is sure the wrong seed. He may be mentally ill, but not as a race. This whole race is this way because of who they are. This minister said we must get a Biblical identification on this parable so we can get them saved. But don’t you waste any time trying to save Jews. The only thing that will save them, is the end of time and the climax of the age whence certain things are going to transpire. And it will not be in this millennium which is ahead when they will become Christian because they are not.

The significant thing here is that Jesus said, ‘I am of my Father, and ye are of your father.’ So don’t let anyone come along and talk about the people of the world today and say, ‘we have one father even God.’ There are some mutations in this creation which are not God’s offspring. I do not know of anything more real, more necessary for a child of God to understand than to know that he is the offspring of the Father, and that he can say, ‘Our Father which are in heaven,’ and the spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of the MOST HIGH, the sons of God, the household of God. And I can show you 27 passages in the scripture where God says He begat you.

Today we have these basic problems and I want you to know something which is basically significant. In the 46th verse of the 15th chapter, it is written that the first man---the first Adamite, not the first Enosh, ---there are two words in the scriptures---Adam and Enosh, and they are two different creatures. And they are not, my friends, all the offspring of Adam. The word Adam is found all thru the Old Testament, in the Hebrew for the word Man, and it is translated man but it means Hu-man or Spirit man. That is why Jesus said that no man ascends into the havens unless he comes down out of it. And He said, ‘all that the Father hath given Me, I shall in no wise cast out.’ And then in His prayer concerning that they were His, He said, ‘Thine they were in the heavens and Mine they are in the earth.’ Thine they were and mine they are and I have not lost any. They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world, so don’t take them out of it-----why?---children of spirit transplanted thru the Adamic race into the earth for great destiny.

Now, Adam violated Divine Law and it was related to racial purity. And God had to cleanse it and there was no one acceptable until Seth was born. This was the first child when Seth was born that Adam could now say, ‘I have begotten a man in my own image.’ And the race line was purified. The gestation period which was the marking of Seth, and also Adam had participated in it. I can take you into the ancient Hebrew Zohar, or I can show you the records of the violation and I can show you exactly what it involved and you will discover that the attempt by Lucifer to mongrelize your race was a part of it. For God had great and mighty plans for this Adamic race, but remember, in Adam all die. Death moved into the earthly bodies and since the race had taken upon themselves this process of death, this was no surprise to the Father. He had told us all about it before we had left the heavens. He wrote our names in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, but we had already been blessed with all spiritual blessings, and we had seen Lucifer fall out of the heavens. We saw this battle in the sky which was brought to the remembrance of Jeremiah, when great civilizations were carried away, and washed away and broken. We saw the ancient civilizations of the wilderness smashed and the jungle grow up around it. We saw the armies gone. And the 4th chapter of Jeremiah, describes what happened between the first and second chapters of Genesis. But this book is the record of your race and it is your history to now. But it also contains things which went before this---ages before you were sent into the world.

We have often mentioned and perhaps maybe just for continuity for the listener who is now hearing this message and has not heard the previous ones,-----the 31st chapter of Ezekiel tells you that the racial streams of the Assyrian Empire was so great that they were all over the earth, in the days of Eden. And the nations in the days of Eden knew that the Assyrian Empire was the greatest because all the people of the world were under it. And the Egyptian Empire was an old one too. And that is in the days of Eden. So by ‘what stretch of the imagination do you suppose that Adam who had just arrived at that time, but who had produced the racial stream so great that all the people of the world dwelt underneath it? There is nothing in the scripture that was ever intended to convey to you, or to anyone that everybody on the face of the earth, came from Adam. I am going to show you something here. It says, ‘that in Adam, the children of Adam die, and the first Adam was made a living soul. And the Second Adam, ---who was that?---he was the LORD from heaven. That was God Almighty dwelling in earth in the man Christ Jesus. That was the Second Adam. Thus you are an Adamite and He is a race. He was of the Adamic race. It would not call Him the second Adam if He was not. There are some things that some people do not like. This Moslem thing that is sweeping over the earth does not like it because it is going to be a great White throne also. But they never fared better than they will under that great White throne. Someone said, ‘that is hate.’ No, it is not hate, but you better start thinking on the same thing which are----you better start thinking with the same inspirational vision as your Father has declared His intentions.

Therefore let me show you this. The first Adam was made a living soul and the last Adam was a quickening life giving spirit. Thus the Apostle Paul said, ‘In Adam all Adamites die.’ So you cannot go out here and say everyone on earth die under Adam. They died under their own transgression. The only people who died under Adam were Adamites. Thus in Adam all die, but in Christ all Adamites shall be made alive. That is the people you identify yourselves with according to the 2nd chapter of Hebrews. I wish everyone had a copy of ‘The Apocalypse of Paul.’ If Rome had not been so afraid of what he said, and tried to obliterate it completely out of the scriptures, we would have had it today, in the hands of all Christians, the greatest volume ever put together. It had the whole heart and soul of the New Testament. There is nothing which Paul talks about that did not come out of it. It was what he wrote after his heavenly experience, having been taken there when he said that he knew a man once whether in the spirit or in the body----only God knew. He tells how he was taken into the heavens and how God showed him these things. And told him to write them in a book, and that he then wrote them in a book and they were for the church. Out of it came the advice of his great Epistles, and all of his Epistles were found in the ‘Apocalypse of Paul.’ But Rome could not stand it because there was no room for purgatories or anything else like that in his book. So they got rid of it.

Today practically everything that you do not know today, is because Ecclesiastics has hidden it from you saying it is not Orthodox. But there are a lot of things that they call Orthodox that is plain superstition. Now I realize that as God unveils truth, and it is found in the scriptures, that the modernist attacks it because you believe in the supernatural and believe in immortality of the soul, because you believe that Jesus Christ is the Immortal God. And then the fundamentalists attack it because you don’t stay bound up in their fence. But I am going to tell you that there is nothing more fundamental to life and there is nothing more fundamental than knowledge--that you are of the spirit of the Living God. And there is nothing more fundamental than knowing who you are. There is no greater experience that comes to the knowledge of man than the reactivation in the seat of his consciousness, the renewing of his mind, the regeneration of that spiritual light that was his before the foundation of the world---in this earth. Children of Adam, and yes, the children of the Heavenly Father. No wonder, my friends, that He said of His own WILL that HE BEGAT HE US. James knew exactly what he was talking about as he said, ‘Father of all Light, and all vibration, but of His own Will begat He us.’---James tells us of this there is no doubt.

Now, I want to tell you some things which are significant. I don’t know too much about this man that they found the other day, because they have just found him. He had been dead for one million years. Some say you should not be interested in anything which has been dead that long. But I have always been interested in any record we could find of people who lived. Out of W.W.II nuclear explosions came Carbon 14, came the absolute science of the time that can be measured by Radio Carbon. It moves off and ticks just like the clock, just like everything else God put together. With Radio Carbon, we can get an accurate measure back twenty-five years ans when we correlate this with what we call ‘Fluorine dating’, which measures the speed in bone replacement, fluorine is taken in out of the soil, and all we have to do is get the density of the fluorine pattern, check out the close one with Radio Carbon 14, check it for antiquity, and we can go back 100,000 years with a plus or minus, with less than 1% error. And we have proven with out any question, without any shadow of doubt, that there were Negroes in Africa 73,000 years ago. Because you can look at the skulls that came out of the caves of Tanganyika or rather in Kilimanjaro. And you can take the skulls of what they found of the Lake Dwellers of Northern Tanganyika and we put them back exactly 73,000 years. 43,000 for the last of the dwellers of the receding Tanganyika Lake. And Basil Anderson, in his recent book on Ancient cities of Africa, is supported by both Carbon dating as well as the fluorine dating because we have been able to by the one to check off the other.

I think it is most significant for you to realize that the Assyrian Empire lists 241,000 years. For some time, Presbyterian University, under some kind of influence was the first one to say, ‘This is wrong. They must have been mistaken on the year, it must have been a month.’ Well, if they reduced it to a month, they still had twelve thousand years of history and they could not crowd that into Usshers Chronology. But now Radio Carbon has taken all the responsibility off their shoulders, and they are going to have to take a new look at the scriptures. There were people all over the earth. And this is most interesting, and this I want you to get this afternoon.---Dr. Ivor Lissner, whose works were only translated a few months ago, from German into English. This man, one of the world’s greatest anthropologist said that when we were working on what we now know to be 300,000 year old remnants of men on the earth, we find that there were worshiping, they had religion. In fact, even the Tungus with 600,000 years of measure, lived in the areas of the Himalayas and they worshiped.

Now, it has been found---and the pattern is extensive, so we will not try to go over it all, but this is one thing that has been found.---That all of these so called primitive people---but don’t say they were primitive people, according to their shape or their form, because when God created them, they were created species. They all worshiped one God and there was not any paganism. There was no multiple gods and no multiple altars until years later. It was not until we get back 25,000 and 20,000 years ago that we begin to see multiple altars. How do I know? Because the primitive man made one sacrifice and one altar. So he had one God. Do you know that one of the oldest patterns of religion on the face of the earth is the ‘Thanksgiving’ offering to the God who bestowed on them the Reindeer. And back up in the Alps, in a cave, they found that reindeer roamed over this land also. And they had a light coming down out of the sky and they were thanking the God above for sending them the reindeer, and for the food that they had.

Oh, you say, ‘these were stone age men and they did not have very much intelligence.’ But don’t you gage things like that. Let me tell you something. They may have lived in this what you want to call the ‘Stone Age.’ But they were not anything like the animals round about because they built a fire. And anyone who can build a fire, then sits around it and contemplates, anyone who knows that God sends down the food from above and then thanks Him for it, and builds an altar, and carves the reindeer horn as they have been doing for 25,000 years, all over the earth, and they still do it up in the areas behind the Himalayas. And strangely enough, they worshiped One God and they thanked Him for His blessings.

They are not my relatives. But I was there when my Father put them upon the earth. And they worshiped Him until the day that Lucifer fell and created this disturbance in the earth. And other of earth also worshiped One God. And in the grace of my Father, after this catastrophe sank continents and overthrew the established order and brought in the violence of man, the atomic wars struck the earth also, and that was not too may thousands of years ago. There is not anything new under the sun. On the West Coast of Africa, today there are massive isotopes that came from a nuclear explosion. Lucifer ended one era of catastrophe but it did not make a full end. And he would like to destroy this one too.

I am going to tell you that the world order round about, is going to pass away. But the Kingdom of God is not. But I think it is significant that you realize that for 600,000 years there have been people on this earth, and I can show you evidence of the facts to support this. Not missing links, no strange or distorted looking creatures, but men who worshiped and talked. And this is something rather significant even in primitive people. These primitive people may have lived primitive lives in the face of our modern civilization, but there was nothing primitive with their brain. This is rather significant for Lissner and others told of their experiences high up in the Asiatic mountains, untouched in those pine forests by civilization, here were people who had been living just like others for over 500,000 years. And these people had one thing that they did. They gathered wood by night for their fires, and they hunted game that they were going to eat, and the rest of the time they sat around and talked. In fact, around those campfires there was one thing they talked about. What do you think it was?---It was that eternal reaching out for God, and they talked about God all the time.

This man, Lissner, is an anthropologist. And I was interested in what he was saying. For these people were talking about God. They did not know anything about your theology, they did not come out of your religion, they did not come out of the race which started with you. This whole 7400 years of religion and history did not develop. It is not an evolution. It was given to you when you came. It was told to you by the Father----every bit of it was given to you by God. So you did not have to reason it out. The reason why you have this religion is because you are the children of His Spirit. And you are the people who were went into the world to lift it out of darkness and ignorance and you are going to do it.

Dr. Lissner talked to an ancient as he took one of the choicest pieces of meat he had gotten, and he built a fire and sacrificed it, and he prayed. He asked him why he was doing this, whether he had a guilt complex and there was something he was trying to atone for? And, no, he did not know that there was anything to be guilty about. So he never had any loss and he did not have any guilt, but he had a deep appreciation for the blessings, as did the man in the Alps, and this was just his way of showing it. He was sacrificing to one God. You see no Shammas from Buddhist temples had reached this man. No Yessideees, devil worshipers had come to him and he had not been contaminated by the doctrines of India. He was a primitive man, but there was something he was reaching for. He was reaching out to the God who had blessed him. He did not know the name of the God he sacrificed to, but he had his own name for HIM. Dr. Lissner, in talking to some of the people said, ‘Have you ever seen God?’ And they said, ‘No.’ And he asked, ‘Well how do you know that he is there?’ And they replied, ‘All of our relatives for generations have been worshiping this God of the heavens, and we know what he looks like.’ So someone must have seen him. Then Dr. Lissner looked at the painting they gave him and it could have been done by Michael Angelo. And Christians would have known who he was. Lissner probed this mind that had set around 10,000 campfires, and talked about religion, talked about some meaning for their wandering life. And he asked what they thought about God. And they replied that sometimes they thought that God made them all.

Now, they had no relationship with HIM as a close relative, but he was a creature worshiping a God. And he was closer to right than he thought. All he needed was a framework around the picture to tell him who this God was, and what had happened in the interval that he did not know anything about. This does not mean that I advocate that we Christians go up in those high mountains and find this lost tribe, marry with them our sons and daughters, and assume the responsibility of bringing them up to our technological and financial levels. This has nothing to do with it.

What I want you to catch this afternoon is that man has been and always--(because man is different than the animal creatures around him)--a worshiping creature. And we can prove this now, for the students of anthropology know this is true. They have not always worshiped the right God, but I think these people are close to the ONE. And then Lucifer got them to worshiping him and all of his inassimilable offspring. This is why we tell you that when Jesus told that group of Cainanites that they were of their father the devil we have the proof, for they are black, yellow, red and brown and off white and they can move into every race on the face of the earth, and their inassimilable offspring have become a specie of Satanic error. Remember they are black, yellow, white and brown, and they are Jews but there are no Christian ones.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘I know some of them and they are Evangelists.’ But they have their hands in your pocket all the time. There are no greater propagandists that I know of for the promoting of the violations of mongrelization, than those Jews who are preaching the Gospel. I just want to cite this to you, that just last week the Jews stoned the Christian missions in Palestine. Just a few weeks ago the Pentecostal conference was held over there, and the Jews paid all the bills. Of course they could not preach Jesus Christ to the Jews while they were there, but they just all went down there and talked among themselves, and then they came back and were their propaganda voice in this country, and sang the praise of the Jews and the Jews had their moneys worth. If you were to preach Jesus Christ in Palestine today and you are a Jew, you would go to jail. If you are a Jew and marry a Christian, they will deport the Christian and put the Jew in jail for 20 years at hard labor. That is a good thing, for I do not think that you should intermarry. I think you should learn that right here in the United States. I think if the government of the Israeli’s is wise enough to refuse to let them preach Christianity in their land because they do not have that in their culture or anything pertaining to it, then we should be smart enough not to mongrelize our society, and they should be deported out of here. You know if you preach Christ there where they do not have free speech they lock you up. And when they preach Communism and Zionism and Jewry then we ought to lock them up also. Someone said, ‘That is the wrong step to take.’ But that is what they are doing down there, and certainly we should be protecting the Kingdom of God with as much intelligence.

Let’s face it, we are facing Armageddon. This struggle of the Kingdom of God on the face of the earth, is with and against the kingdom of darkness, and we must learn that we must conquer every corner of the earth with righteousness and truth with the strength and arms of Christian civilization. We do not conquer to enslave, but we conquer to set men free.

There are a lot of people in the world today who do not want to be free, because they never had any freedom anyhow. And there are a lot of people who are not ready for freedom whom we talk about politically. It is not the purpose of God that you turn to those who are not prepared, and do not have the capacity, for the Administration of the earth. That is not God’s plan. Under His plan, the children of the MOST HIGH GOD shall be priests and kings under Him and rule in the earth. It says this in the book of Revelation. Thus you are being prepared for the administration of God’s Kingdom. I think one of the strangest passages which is misinterpreted today is this one which has people talking about rushing up and taking hold of the skirt of a Jew---it is not talking about that at all. It is talking about the men of Judah, and most of the Judah people of today are the Germanic people of the world. The Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Lombard, Germanic people and all their kindred people make up God’s household in the world today. Suppose I tell you that it is God’s Grace to save Israel---all Israel, and they shall be saved with a great salvation. And I want you to remember that saving you does not mean saving you from some great torture chamber. That came out of superstition, in the ages past for when a man dies. Salvation is to save us from sin, which is error now while we live. Jesus said, ‘I did not come to condemn the world I came to save it.’ What kind of a life have we been offering the world?

I want you to know that when men understand and have been activated by Light and the truth of God’s teaching, then the children who have been activated and motivated by His spirit, until eventually the glory of God will shine upon them---as it will---and the Glory of the Shekinah will rest upon every household of your race--then we tell you that we are not about to see the retreat of God’s Kingdom in the world, to see it pass into the hand of the evil ones. No--we are about to see the overthrow of evil, and the greatest day the world ever witnessed is coming into existence. The Glory of God will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.

What is there in knowledge and understanding that you could know this afternoon more important than to know that you are a child of God, that He was your Father in the spirit, and the Father of the Adamic race

in the flesh. He identifies Himself with it by race and by Grace. What could be more important than for you to know these facts. No wonder the 82nd Psalm says:---’Ye are Elohim and all of your are the children of YAHWEH. Go read that 82nd Psalm:--’Ye are God’s and all of you are the children of God’. ----Oh, you do not have to like it, but you should, for it says,’Ye are Elohim.’ So why do you die like men of earth? The program of the Father is to put back the Glory and Majesty that you had and to give you the power to live, and to act like sons of God---which we are. To the praise and honor of our Father forever.

(End of message.)