Children Of The Spirit, 3-17-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-17-68

As we view the situations around the world, the troubles effecting the world's monetary systems, we can well understand that we are looking at a well-developed area of prophecy. And we can thru well understand that the people who understand prophecy are the children of the spirit. For YAHWEH HAD MADE A GREAT ENUNCIATION AS TO THE CHILDREN OF HIS SPIRIT. He has told about their origin and their understanding. He has told you of the fact that you are the children of YAHWEH, BEGOTTEN of his spirit, before the foundation of the world. That HE has a race of people begotten and living in the heavens. And in the heavenly pains you thought the thoughts of YAHWEH, and you understood HIS works. And you understood all of the things transpiring around you. For as HE thought, so also did you think . . . Children of spirit, children of Light, dwelling in bodies of light with spiritual understanding. This is not the background heritage of all men. Not the background heritage of all races. But it is the background heritage of your race. It is the background heritage of the people called Israel. It is the foundation of the sons and daughters of the most High God. Children of the Spirit.

The Spirit understands all things and it known all things. And the children of YAHWEH in their dominion knew all things, for they dwelt with the Father, thus, they understood all things. We have the pattern of the scriptures telling us that we are in the image of our Father. And they exist as he has existed, spirit, soul and body, in every plain and every dimension. So also was your capacity to exist in celestial fields. This begetting of the household of the Most High YAHWEH, the Children of the Father, had Celestial and Spiritual bodies. Those Celestial bodies existed in the plains of light. And they superseded the dimensions that you now find yourself existent in. Your soul consciousness is the ego you, the conscious pattern of the individual, capable of dwelling in a celestial body, capable of dwelling in a physical body. And when YAHWEH established the Adamic race in the earth. He did this because he wanted to establish the power of his kingdom in earth. He wanted his kingdom to reign and HE wanted to overthrow the power of Lucifer, the program of darkness, in the areas which he had taken over and captivated with error.

In the days of the Luciferian war, you were with the FATHER in the plains of spirit and in the dimensions of spirit. And you saw the tremendous catastrophe of the Luciferian fall. YAHWEH established therefore that he would establish children in bodies of flesh. And as He begat Adaum in a body of Flesh, he begat a household in bodies of flesh. And the consciousness of the physical being with the soul resident in a physical body, entered then from the plains of spirit, into the physical body. Walking as a babe into bodies of flesh, as the children of Adam began to appear in earth, they were in bodies of light.

I want you to realize that you had the guidance of light while in the light and this was the wisdom of YAHWEH upon you at all times. Had it not been for the rebellion of Lucifer, the seduction of Eve and for the fall of Adam . . . and at which time, the one thing that Adam possessed since his coming into earth was this operation of the spirit of YAHWEH. He was not only covered with this spirit of YAHWEH but he was immortal. So also was Eve immortal. And they lost their immortality, and the immortality for their race temporarily, because of the violation of divine law. The cohabitation with the evil forces of the Luciferian household and race could not cohabit with the spirit of YAHWEH. Thus, the spirit of YAHWEH did not accompany the fall. And it was not until Seth was begotten, who was the seventh from Adam, that YAHWEH would place upon Adam the realization that now he had begotten a man in his own likeness and in his own image. So he speaks of Seth as having begotten a man ‘in my own image and my own likeness.’ Thus, the purification of the womb had now established YAHWEH'S strategy with Seth. This is why you can go back into the scriptures and establish this that YAHWEH was with Seth. And then Seth's genealogy can be traced down to Noah, then on down to Abraham and on down to his seed. Of course, there were other children of Seth who did not come this route. And they were still the white men of earth, the Aryans of YAHWEH. And because of this, they were Israel, as well.

We have the concept of some that Israel was all the descendants of Abraham. But they were not. For there were many Sethites who had come on down from the household of Seth that were not descendants of Abraham. In fact, this is one of the reasons why that when Joseph was sold into Egypt, and he was in a strange land and with people of color, and of another race. This was why he went down to the Temple of On. Because it was written that the people of On were of the white race. They were Sethites there in the temple at On. For this temple had been built back in the days of Enoch and Job, back in the days when they were guided to go there to build this mighty altar to the Most High YAHWEH. They were told where to go, and what to do. And to prepare those great schools of wisdom and understanding. And to establish the schools for the training of the savants of the white race. Strangely enough then when Joseph found himself in a land of other people, he sought his own kind. This is why he married Asneth, the daughter of the Priest of On. Because they were white people and they had one God. And that God was THE Eternal YAHWEH. And the message of theology, even as you possess it today, was one of the inherited treasures of these people of the temple in ON.

Remember when Jacob was blessing his sons before he passed away? He said, ‘let my name of Israel be named on these two lads.’ For there were two sons of Joseph, --Ephraim and Manasseh, --begotten in Egypt out of this union of Joseph and Asneth.

Jacob was thus recognizing the program of YAHWEH, the descendants of YAHWEH, the people who would reign with HIM. Thus understanding the mystery that this was dealing with HIS sons and his daughters. Thus also all of the descending children who came out of this union of Adam and Eve thru Seth.

Thus again, we understand that the people of the Adamic race, those who came out of the race of Adam, were called the children of the spirit.

Now, the fact is that they had a perfect consciousness, a perfect understanding, in their heavenly existence. And they would have had this understanding in the physical if it had not been for the Adamic fall. Then after the fall, YAHWEH walked with Adam in the Garden and talked about this destruction with the violation of Eve and then Adam. But he also talked about the restoration of his people. And also by his spirit, that he would unveil the mysteries in His time. In fact out of the books of Seth and out of the books of Enoch we understand that upon the patriarchs of our race upon the people that he called out, HE unveiled mysteries. And such knowledge came upon them that the soul consciousness in the flesh would draw this knowledge out of the flesh which would also be guided by the existence of YAHWEH'S mind upon them. And they, the Patriarchs, would tell it to the people and the people would witness that this thing was of the spirit.

There is one thing about a child of spirit. And that is, that when the truth of YAHWEH is told and an individual is opened to truth. And therefore, this is the witnessing that this person is open to truth and then a child of the spirit witnesses in the spirit that they are a child of YAHWEH'S word. And now we discover that we have a lot of ramifications that have come into the situation. Many people belong to many churches and they do not know many of the things of YAHWEH. But the world order is what they understand the best, and that is the line they carry. And they have a strange policy that they put over the people so that they do not respond to the truth. But the children of the spirit have always had a remnant of them that has retained a knowledge of the great truths. And it is out of this remnant that have never bowed the knee to Baal that this great truth has come. And it will soon spread out and take possession of the children of spirit

They will be transformed by the rethinking, renewing of their mind. For they have been told not to be conformed to the world, but to be transformed by the renewing of their mind. But there is only one thing that can renew the mind of a man. Only one thing that can renew it to the mind of the heavens, and that, my friends, is the holy spirit of YAHWEH. He can remove from man every situation and make it as YAHWEH SEES IT.

Now, we want to point out that over in the book of Romans, it says that the spirit doeth witness with our spirit. Why? Because we are the children of the spirit. And the spirit does bear witness with our spirit that we are the progeny of YAHWEH. We are thus the children of YAHWEH. And if we are the children, then we are heirs with the embodiment of YAHWEH, WHICH TOOK PLACE in the man Christ Jesus or YAHSHUA, who is of course, YAHWEH (God). So as we see these things, then HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit, that we are the progeny.

I want to point out to you that because of these things, we understand the wisdom of God, whereas, others do not understand the wisdom of God. Let me point out to you that the children of the spirit may be drawn into an attitude of worship. They have inherited it from their fathers and their mothers and their forefathers. They have inherited an understanding of God's word.

Now God's word may seem very foolish to a person from the outside world. In fact today they are trying to take peoples names and polish them, and claim that they are academically well established, when they think like the world. But the world is not based on a knowledge of truth. In fact it is based on error. Jesus establishes this when he talks about the children of Lucifer. When HE said, “you do not believe my word for you cannot hear my speech.” Oh, they could hear his words. But they had no concept of the purposes of, or the plan of God, and the covenants of God as they related to his race. He said the reason you cannot hear my speech is because the spirit in you is the same spirit that is in your father, who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning and the truth was not in him. He had no capacity to understand the truth. This is from the 8th chapter of the book of John.

Now, by the same token the children of YAHWEH (God) hear his speech and they understand his speech. And it unveils mystery for they are used to hearing this mystery of God while they were in the plains of spirit. And the soul consciousness can see the input of these things which will come to pass and will happen out of the plains of spirit. So we see that HE says, “thou art my offspring, my sons and my daughters and I will pour out my spirit upon all of My flesh. As I pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters, they will catch the wisdom and understanding as it moves out of heavenly plains.”

YAHWEH says, “I will sound my voice before my people and they shall stand up and be counted. My voice will arrive by my spirit I can sound the alarm and raise a great and mighty army.”

Over in the book of Isaiah, then HE clearly establishes this again when HE talks about how HE “will pour out HIS spirit upon the house of Jacob. Thus saith YAHWEH who made thee and formed thee from the womb. Because I am thy Father, I begat thee. I formed thee from the womb. Fear not, therefore, O Jacob my servant. For I will pour out upon him, like water upon dry ground. I will pour out my spirit upon thy seed, my blessing upon thy offspring.”

Now I would say that someone will call himself YAHWEH in the world today. And another will go by the name of Jacob, and then try to go by the name of Israel. And this is exactly what is taking place today. There are many people in the world today that do not know they are of Israel. They do not know that they have been begotten by the Most High. But there are many, many, people across the nation today, and they are increasing by the thousands, who are beginning to say, ‘I am an Israelite. I am a child of Israel and I understand that there is not a Jew on the face of the earth, who hates Jesus Christ, and hates his covenants, who is a true Israelite.’ And so they begin to say,--'I am an Israelite.' And they call themselves Israelite. And they consider themselves as Christians because they are naming themselves as such.

Others are calling themselves Christians because they were naming themselves after the embodiment of God. Others are saying, ‘I belong to YAHWEH for I accept his words.’ But they have not had unveiled to them as yet that they are the Israel of YAHWEH (God). But God says, "My Glory I will not give to another race. I will pour out my spirit on Israel for they are the children of the spirit. They will then understand, they will respond and react. But I am not going to pour out my spirit on the Hottentots or the Asiatics. And I am not going to pour out my spirit on Satan's seed either.”

There is not one of Satan's seed who do not have the spirit of God, that have this poured out on them. Don't let anyone tell you to go here or to go there and hear this group prophecy. For if you hear him prophesying, he is prophesying after his father the devil.

Now, thus saith YAHWEH, the king of Israel, who is thy redeemer. “I am the first, I am the last, I am YAHWEH OF HOSTS, and beside me there is no God. Therefore I shall recall and I shall equip my ancient people. For of the things to come be ye not afraid. For I have told you from the beginning, that ye are my witnesses. Beside me there is no God. No, not any.” Thus saith YAHWEH thy redeemer, He that formed thee. I am YAHWEH, THAT MAKETH ALL THINGS. I stretched forth the heavens and the earth, I maketh all things. I did this all by myself and therefore I have frustrated all of the liars and the designers who are not God's, for I declare unto you, prophecy that has not come to pass. But as they come to pass, you will recall that I declared them unto you. And by my spirit ye know all of these things.

Now, let me point out to you that God knows the quickening capacity of all of these things of consciousness, and can contact your spirit for all of these emerging events. We have today the household of the most High God and the ensuing prophecies. And I do not know why you do not understand prophecy, for God's spirit is witness that these things are true. Therefore, as you look around the world and see all of the catastrophe, and you know that you were expecting this catastrophe. You are expecting these things to happen. Do you know that in the past God's people always expected the things that God told them would come to pass, and this pleased them, and was counted to them for righteousness?

You can just vision Abraham sitting down on the bank and envisioning these great numbers of people springing up. And he just sat there expecting all of this that God had declared to come to pass. He saw the powers of darkness defeated by Israel. He saw the powers of darkness trying to take the throne. He saw the powers of Antichrist trying to defeat the Christ. And he saw this great army of Israel rise up, and he saw them in conquest, and he saw them in victory. He saw the New Jerusalem. And when everything was in the hands of the creator, he thanked God for the experience. He said, ‘I am happy to know this. I am happy that God speaks to us by his spirit and HE unveils these things by his spirit.’ And God looked down on Abraham and HE said, “I am happy for Abraham for He believes Me.” And he imputed this to Abraham as Righteousness. And He said, “let no man compute anything to Abraham but righteousness, for I have imputed My righteousness to him.”

And then you say, ‘but that was righteousness by Faith.’ Well, Faith comes by hearing, and the word of God is already understood by the children of the Most High. The only way the world can reach out for the wisdom of God is when the spirit of God is taught by the children of the Most High.

And then you say, ‘but that separates us, that takes us apart.’ Yes, it will separate you in your background and set you apart. For God Almighty has said, “I have separated you from all of these other people. I have selected you, I have claimed you. For you are the descendants of the Most HIGH God.”

Therefore I am going to point out what you people believe certain things. You don't know just where you heard it, but you believe certain things. You don't know just where you heard it, but the spirit bears witness to you that this is truth. There are witnesses and ministers today who have gotten up and said their piece in fifteen minutes, or 20 minutes. And maybe the message was that sounding like a good psychologists, who was telling them how to get along in the world. And after all this was a great little article, and it is quoted from a great man's thoughts, and this to them, is the scripture. But they did not go into the conditions of the world. They did not tell their people about the powers of darkness. And they did not explain that evil was in the saddle, and that they were trying to over turn the kingdom of God. So people are not ever told about battles, or problems, or wars. They are never told that the battle of Armageddon is at the door. Nothing is said about Mystery Babylon the Great, for this would not bring serenity. This calmness of spirit. For people have come to church on Sunday to be put to sleep and go home with a sleepy background.

Now, the fact is that we know that the things that are transpiring are the things of scripture. There is not anything that is transpiring today in your news that you do not hold the background and wisdom for the understanding of it. For you say, ‘yes, we know this is going to happen, for it is a part of prophecy. We know that the economic system is going to crumble. And we know that the yoke of Babylon is to be lifted off of the people of the Most High God. So get on with it, for there is no way this yoke of Babylon is to be lifted off of the children of the kingdom unless Babylon crumbles and falls.

People say, ‘yes, we know this. But we don't want any of our money to be caught up in this.’ They say actually this will be a sad thing, ‘for I am under this Babylonian money system also.’ But actually, you do not have any Babylonian money. You just have U.S. notes now. Wherein you used to have gold and silver certificates and just weights and measures.

But Babylon has seen to that. They have taken it all away from you. They have taken it to Palestine, and they have closed banks and established the Federal Reserve System in your country which is their system. So you have ended up without any money. You have no gold or silver in your pockets either. You, as American citizens, are not supposed to gather up gold. But as Citizens you should be allowed to gather up gold like coal, or any other commodity. But this is not to be for it would not pass the money into the hands of the Satanic procedure. But the scripture has told you that the children of Lucifer will gather gold and silver, and they will beset themselves with jewels.

There is one passage which tells of how Lucifer covered himself with all kinds of jewels. At one time, then Lucifer had great power. It was tremendous. And he was the bright and morning star. One quarter of the Universe was under his guiding influence, his power and his radiance and his light. But the day came when he refused to display and teach the mysteries of YAHWEH. And he set a light around himself with jewels so that the reflection of the sun would show this light. But this is only the light from the reflections off of the gold and silver. It is no longer the light of truth.

And strangely enough, his children have a mania for gold and silver. And the strange thing is that the Luciferians have this yearning for gold and silver. And in this quest for gold and silver then Lucifer and his children, have sought to take over that part of the country which finds this glittering wealth. But God gave this country to you and not to the Jews. Not to the other people of the world, but to you.

Now, that was talking about old Palestine. But that also was said to be too small for you and you would become great nations. And of course, it would take more room than back down there in Palestine. But as you were dispersed from the old land then strangers would come in and claim it for their own. They would establish a headquarters there, because it was the crossroads of the world.

Palestine was thus the crossroads of the world. And it was also rich in potash and other materials. But this is one of the strange situations for the Jews want to be at this crossroad of the world, and they want absolute power. They want power over Egypt. They want the power over Africa and Asia where it comes together. Thus, this is one of the most important spots in the earth. But God said that the evil ones, the abominations of the desolator, would go into that site. And he said that when you see the Abomination of the Desolator in this spot, then you know that you are at the end of the age.

As they moved in, they took the site that the ancient Temple stood on. Thus, they say that they are the people of the book, and they are to have control of this land. But at the same time, most of these people are Asiatic Jews. And the white Jews, if you want to call them white, are Agnostics and pragmatic Jews who have established the profundity of men against the word of God.

As you saw these people coming in, they were Asiatic Jews and they had one thing in common. They were the children of Lucifer, the enemies of Christ. And you could well see that these were not the Israel of God. Altho some would say that the Israel of God had returned to rebuild a great memorial.

Now, we know from the spirit that it is written that we will build a great memorial city after HE has flattened out the land had opened it up and buried some in the land, and then flattened it out. And after that there will be a great memorial in that land built by the children of the Kingdom. But that which is now there is not this memorial. In Tel Aviv, they are taking the gold and the silver and they are placing it in great vaults. They are placing it in the Mediterranean side of the fault line. And that fault is moving all of the time. And they are always checking it out.

But let me tell you something. In time, those vaults are all going to fall into the Mediterranean sea. So that is O.K. For that is where the gold and silver is. And we know where it will eventually go.

But the thing is, that the children of Lucifer designed to acquire all of the gold and silver of the world. They designed to control all things in the world just as they did when your race was placed here. For Lucifer designed to control all evil. He sought the transformation of divine law by integration and mongrelization. And now at the end of this age, he comes out to have the false church take the stand that all you need to do is gather all people together and intermarry and accept all people into your race. And He really thinks that he is going to accomplish this.

Did you know that one of the chief planners for the Episcopal church in this city came out this week to say that this Episcopal church is going to start doing its best to see that people intermarry, for there is only one way to have peace on earth, and that is to mix all people together, irrespective of what men have to do, and end up with one great world Faith? Thus they are not going to allow you to have white children or grandchildren, for they will do their best to see that their white people intermarry with the Negroes and the Asiatics.

But my friends, when they do this, then the white people will lose their spiritual capacity, and this will be the end of the posterity of your race being the children of God's kingdom. For if you do this, then you end up responding to the Pagan gods of the world without one single pattern of spiritual delineation.

Now, I say that this cannon of that church is worse than an infidel. For he is advocating the destruction of God's kingdom. God calls for his household to come out from among them and be separated and segregated and touch not the unclean things. "So that I can be a God unto you and to thy children after thee in all generations.”

So as we see these situations, we know that the children of the spirit can understand this. For from the spirit they can receive it. There are, however, many people who are asleep and do not understand God's word. For they can know and will know the word of God. And as God speaks out in prophecy, he says this is the design for the latter days. And he also speaks out and tells us that one of the designs for the latter days is that HE is going to break Babylon, for she has gone too far. Do you know that she has gained control of your Federal Reserve System? And many people do not understand what this is all about. But as they have watched this system grow until there is nothing but paper, as they took away the gold and the silver. And now they hold all the gold and silver, they could get their hands on in those places in Palestine.

So we just take a look at this. Did you know, that just last week they have been selling between 100 and 200 tons of gold in the British market? But the Britains do not have this, the Jews have it. And when they bought the gold, it was worth $32.50 per ounce. And over her our government said, ‘we are going to keep our value at $35.00 an ounce.’ But as soon as the Jews got that gold, they started selling it in France for $52.50 per ounce. And here in our country, the President then put another large amount of gold on the market to give it to Europe. The Senate and House of Representatives passed this bill last week, and the President signed it.

And do you know what happened? Now they would no longer take Federal Reserve notes and would no longer do business with them. So they called a sort of moratorium until the world market decides what kind of money the U.S. must have before the World Bankers will accept it. Europe does not believe in the Federal Reserve System. But they know that the silver certificates are still worth something. So the Jews got together with the banks of Switzerland and they closed the stock market in Britain last Saturday. And they suggested closing our stock market and have a bank holiday while they revaluated the dollar. But our stock market may be closed for we have lost our sense of value with the trading partners of the world. For even that last bit of gold has already been taken and is safe in Tel Aviv.

So how do you revaluate? Do you take property away from people? In these United States, today there is beginning a great hue and cry. They are calling for our Congressmen to give us a United States Bank. And all you have to do is to call for your Congressmen to give you a United States Bank. To fulfill the constitutional program of a ‘just’ set of weights and measures. To give you a U.S. Note that is backed by production and quality of goods, or backed by coins with a state value that they can attain. For you have to have a just set of weights and measures. You cannot have copper covered with silver. This kind of thing is a fraud. To mix something with the gold and silver is fraud. You have to have a standard of value. And now the people of this nation know that they cannot go to the Federal Reserve and get a gold or silver certificate, for they do not have any.

So here you are one of the most powerful nations in the world, but you can't get any money for your nation. All you can get are Federal Reserve certificates, and these certificates are worthless.

Oh, you say, ‘but people have not yet found out about this.’ Well, let me tell you that when they do, this is finished. For Babylon the Great is falling. You can't turn to the Wall Street Journal and find this out. But turn to the book of Revelations, and this is what it says.

Oh, you say, ‘but many people do not believe in the word of God.’ But the children of the spirit will turn to them who have had a conscious pattern of the witness of God, will turn to the word of God. And I suggest again that you turn to the word of God, the word of prophecy, and you find that HE has unveiled to the world the things that shall come to pass and what HE will do. And as you turn to the book of John, the Revelator, and you see that the masses of the sea are going to rage. And they, the people, are going to swallow up Mystery Babylon the Great. You have to understand this.

It does not matter as to how much Labor has raised their prices, or what they are getting for their labor. As you evaluate the dollar you will cut their wages down. If and when Labor gets half of what they now get, it will be in bad shape. And don't think that it isn't. For as they got their big salaries, the prices went up all of the time and they never quite caught up with it. And now the more wages, they get the higher the taxes, and the prices on everything. For now, Babylon runs the machine. Then the President comes out and he says, we have had such good times, but now we are going to have to find a way to take more money from the people. And the Federal Reserve Bank will raise their interest rate from 5% to seven, or 8% at least, as it reaches you. So we must take some of this money away from the people or we will have a terrible depression. But if we take it away from the people, we will have prosperity.

My friends, these are the attitudes of an insane man. This is a man whose mind has been captured by Babylon. For when people hardly have enough to live on after paying their taxes, and do not have enough to put a little away in their banks, then you will have prosperity? This is folly. For the more money people have, they spend it on appliances and food, then there is prosperity. For other people are in this who do the work to build the appliances, and build the houses, and raise the food. That is where prosperity comes from.

Now, the President is for this silly idea. And the Jews want to close down your factories and then they can come in an buy them for ten-cents on the dollar. And then they will plan to sell it back to you for 100% on the dollar. Organized Jewry in the world had produced absolute nothing. All their gain is when they TAKE from you. And as we see this situation come to pass, then remember the promise for Mystery Babylon is absolutely going to crumble and fall. For HE has an economic solution for you.

Did you know that God has such a solution for people who pay their tithe? You don't know what that tithe was? Then go back and read what it is in Malachi. Oh, you say, you do not read that, for it is the Old Testament? We tell you that you can still depend on the word of God not changing from the Old to the New Testament.

If people would recognize that they are from the household of God, that they are the family of God, they would realize that they are in business with the House of Israel. For God said that He is in business with every one of the household of Israel. ‘And then ten percent of what he makes is turned over to the program of my kingdom. This is how I support My Church.’ And this is how the Cahella of the Old Testament terms this. He says ‘do this and I will see that the kitty,’ as we would say today, ‘of your work never goes dry, and that there is always plenty of finance for the work of My kingdom, and plenty of knowledge to bring things to pass. For I will take care economically of my people.’ And then he also says, that if you do not follow his lead in this matter then that is another thing. Some people will get up and walk out when you talk about the powers of darkness, for they do not like to think about such things. But the promise is that,---10 percent belongs to ME. And follow that path, and I will keep you supplied, and you will never have an economic crisis. I will fill your bank accounts and redeem your bonds.’ And HE does this very thing. Oh, sometimes you go thru periods when this does not seem to work. But always in the long run, you find that HE cares and does fulfill HIS promises. And God says,---I will see you thru any crisis. You may see the banks close, you may face many catastrophes. But people will become awakened and Babylon is to see that their program is not going to work.

As the spirit of God moves upon his people they will no longer think as the world thinks. And as His spirit moves upon them then they will see with clarity that the depressions were brought on by the banks. They will finally see that this destruction of money was because the enemy wanted to destroy a branch of the white race. And these monsters would be very, very, happy if they could keep you destroying one another. If they can keep you killing one another, so as to fulfill their blood lust, then they can have their Feast of Purim every year. This is the practice they will follow.

But we the people of the kingdom realize that we are to destroy the powers of darkness. We are going to haul down the hammer and cycle because we believe God. HE declares that the powers of Gog and Magog, and the powers of darkness, are to be destroyed by the children of the kingdom. Their government is to be thrown down and their evil Priests are going to be removed from their places of authority. We believe this, altho many of the people do not know that the Bible, even talk about this.

But you can understand this because HIS spirit bears witness with your spirit, and you can believe that everything in His word is true. You not may see, as an astronomer, as to your destiny. For you do not know what tomorrow will bring. But you can know these things and you should thank God for victory, for this pleases God when you believe HIM. And this, he appoints this as rightness to you and it is victory for you in the earth. So as we look out on these situations, these are the things that we see.

Someone says, ‘well, we cannot use the atom bomb for we do not want to start a third world war.’ But you are already in this third world war. And the Bible says that you are going to burn these horrible stars over the cities of Asia until those cities become powder and dust. And that is only one factor. He says that the elements will dissolve in fervent heat, but no harm shall come unto you. And no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Do you believe that? Well, when you believe the keys of God, then you will partake in the program that will develop and you will move into God's kingdom. HE says, ‘I have to teach my people, I have to activate them. For they have to participate in this. They have to drive out the pagans, and the people who burn down their houses and do all of these things.’ You don't want people like that living next to you. Do you know that God is chained by His spirit to reject integration? And if you don't want them burning down your house then get them out of there. You have to come to the idea that these people do not think like white men do. And He has sown these things in as witness of his word. And as we see these things which are witness of his spirit to the children of the spirit, then we understand that they should not allow these people to take over their mind and do their thinking for them. But we see that many people have had their minds captured by the One World Church and by this enemy. And they need their minds renewed by the spirit of God.

We want to acknowledge, therefore, that His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the progeny of God. We are the children of the Most High.

I heard Bobby Kennedy say last week, ‘who do these people think they are? Do they think they are the God of the Old Testament? Do they think they can destroy the Viet Cong, like the God of the Old Testament who would destroy whole cities? What kind of Christians are they?’

Like the God of the Old Testament?---YES--that is what we are going to be like. He demonstrated the intelligence of his church in its teaching when he said, ‘are we going to be like God of the Old Testament.’

HE said when He does appear---YAHWEH-YAHSHUA --then we shall be like unto HIM. And to the powers of darkness and the evil forces in the world, HE is going to see the world free and in righteousness and truth.

People say, ‘but is the world going to get better?’ It will when the power of righteousness is in force. But you will see some sad situations until you come to your senses. So this was kind of a millstone, that marked the campaign of the Kennedys. --Do you think that you are like the God of the Old Testament? What a terrible ‘old’ God he was.

I am going to tell you that this testimony of what a terrible ‘old’ God, HE was, . . . if this testimony was put into effect today . . . I am going to tell you that we would have the greatest kingdom in the world. Because this God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament. He is the Father of your race. He said, ‘My spirit will bear witness with your spirit, and ye shall know.’ ---HE promised you that His spirit would be a guide unto your feet, for he would pour out His spirit upon you. And HIS spirit is going to bring to your remembrance all of the things that you have forgotten. After things that your consciousness has spoken to you will come back to you in a conscious pattern. And with intelligence you will remember all things.

He said, “My spirit will lead you to the knowledge of all truth, and ye shall know all of these things which I have told you.”

So when we see these situations coming to pass, then move with Faith, with responsibility, and expect the kingdom of God according to your Father’s prophecy.

End of message.