Children Of The Stranger, 11-27-60



by Wesley A. Swift - 11-27-60

Probably one of the most important subjects that relates to our history and our social philosophy in the earth is the knowledge of our relationship first to God as His children. When I speak of this, I speak only of the White race. I want you to understand tonight, that the Bible does not teach that any other species upon the face of the earth other than the White race constitutes God’s children. I realize that this statement will not meet the approval of many churches, because they bask in ignorance. And they have accepted in their theology, all the people on the face of the earth ad being co-equally sharing in the Covenant and the Promises of God and the content of the scripture.

Nothing could be more false as to its origin. For it’s transplanting the covenants and promises that God made to your race to people to whom never made it. It is also offering them certain promises as reward for certain action which they do not participate in. It is as false as a policy for you to try to apply the agreement that might be made between two businessmen in this city to all the people in another state or another city and merely say because a promise made between one man and another was good, we thereby transplant it to all peoples of other cities. All we have to do is spread the news of the contract, that all they have to do is accept the contract and that makes it binding.

But I am going to assure you the scripture has made no provision for people who are outside of the household of God, are not the Seed of God, and not the recipients of certain covenants of promises to suddenly by agreement lay claim to those promises and thus force an obligation on God to fulfill a promise to somebody He didn’t make it to.

Now this of course, is to some---rather startling, because they have just naturally conceded that everybody on the face of the earth was recipient of all the promises and all covenants of this Book. This is not only untrue as a foundation, but it must be remembered that this Book is strictly the history of the Adamic race upon the face of the earth. It is the history of God’s dealing with the Adamic race and with its descendants. It is the story of who they are and from where they came. And how they found themselves, a White race in earth, in which the civilizations existing of the Asiatic races and also many of the races in between that, and other races to which their blood had been fused. There were Negroids upon the face of the earth who did not originate here in the earliest hours of its existence in creation, but who had been brought here in a migration and revolution against the Laws of Heaven by the great fleets of Lucifer.

There are a number of things which antiquity and ancient history now produces out of the artifacts and records of races gone by. We discover that there are whole Empires and whole areas of the earth have been destroyed in wars and catastrophes. That from their evidence and history and from the scrolls, and the records that are found, we find many things today which is added to our knowledge in this time. For we are living in a climactic period and an era when knowledge was to be increased and that has been increased in our time.

Alright. Tonight, without taking time to go into all the phases of this foundation which we are laying to establish for you that we have almost 2000 years, now of history. A good assured 135 to 140 thousand years of history of the people that were the foundation of the Sumerian society of the Sumerian race. And we can trace the Assyrians and their background way back into this period of some 132 thousand years, at which time, these Assyrians knew of no White man upon the earth. And when they first record the White race, as having any impact upon their society, it’s approximately 7400 years ago. And from whence they came, they knew not.

However, they include inside their records the stories that these were the Sons of the Great God Murdoc from outer space who came to earth to carry out His directives. They themselves were worshiping the Chaos monster Kiamak. And who in some of their dialects, they refer to the one you know as Lucifer, or the son of the morning. And the very stories about the fall of Lucifer, who tried by his power to unseat a god of outer space, are included in rhyme and rhythm in their ancient writings upon the plates of Absydians (the Assyrians?) to be found today in the British Museum.

We discover that Isaiah, Ezekiel and others actually make quotations concerning Lucifer and concerning the things that are related to him in his fall whose parody and whose prose actually come out of Sumerian records and the songs concerning the one they worshiped in antiquity. Thus showing that they realize that the god they worshiped did not win in the battle of outer space, but had actually been involved in bringing dominion that were under him in the far corners of his own corner of the Universe to earth and here defeated and helped defuse and to mix the ancient species of the races that existed here.

As we have cited to you, that the records of Ezekiel make it very clear that the Assyrian Empire existed for ages. That is existed before the days what we know as ---Biblical Eden.

And when we turn to the book of Ezekiel, concerning this, it tells us that the Empire and the racial streams that supplied the Assyrians with their great man power were so great that the Assyrian Empire was over all the earth in those early days even before Adam’s offspring were ever placed in the earth.

The stories of Asia go back to the longest pattern of antiquity in human record. The tracing of the people that live today in China and the sea coast of Asia, go back in their background to their having dwelled in areas that are now beneath the ocean floors. We are well aware there have been many geological changes in the eons of existence in which this Universe has had its part and the earth its existence.

We discover that places where today the great land masses of earth covered by heavy forests and mighty mountains that once they also were sea shores and in some instances the sea bottoms of yesterday. Ones beneath the waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic are the remnants of civilizations which were wiped out but whose buildings and some of whose artifacts can still be found on the ocean floor. Great walls like the walls on Easter Island comparable to the Walls of China, extend for miles under sea, while the last of this ancient land sticks out of the water and has quite a lot of attention paid to it in our time because of the writings of such books as ‘Kon Tiki’ and others like ‘Aku Aku’, which have dealt with civilizations and migrations which have occurred in ancient times.

Actually a whole civilization went down in the Pacific and remnants of those people migrated to high land areas during the time of their sinking.

The Chinese talk about the antiquity of their background and how they lived in those lands now beneath the water. The Incas, high up in the mountains of the Andes, almost exterminated in wars that took place after the coming of Cortes and the arrival of the Spaniards who plunged deep into South America, and high up into the land of the Incas in search of the great gold of the mighty gods of the Incas and their people. And the result is, we have had since that time, contact with a dying race and see of it which still remains and the records demonstrate that they reach into antiquity. They tell a two part story. One of which talks about the great lands of the Inca which lie far to the Westward now beneath the surging waters of the Pacific. In fact, the strange tales have a connection between the peoples that live in what we call the South Sea Islands that stretch all the way from Australia to New Zealand all the way up into the chain of Islands closely associated with the Hawaiian Islands and even northward into Japan.

Japan as you well know, is the name of an ancient god ‘Yah-Pah.’ This was a violation of ancient Divine Law. For Yah-Pah was a ‘goat god.’--half man and half goat. Much like the fables goat god ‘Pan’ who has been played in the mythology of time, who played his pipes and lined all the little children after him and so forth. The facts remain, that the goat god ‘Pan’ and the ‘Minotaur’ were connected in the ancient worships of Japan. The word Yah-Pan was the word ‘god’ _____________and comes from an ancient race who worshiped around certain universal words. And one of the words was Yah---of the oldest words for God. The proper name and identity of God is still ‘Yah’. And the full name for the personal Almighty One is known by ancients throughout the Universe as ‘YAHWEH.’ It isn’t just a Hebrew word. The Hebrew came closer to the original language of heaven than probably any other language. We’re not talking about ‘Yiddish’---Jews don’t have any part or lot in the matter. And there isn’t a Jew on the face of the earth that ever came down out of the heavens or who could ever get into it.

Now we realize some people don’t appreciate that fact. But that is still true. It is most significant for us to understand that Yah-Pan and the peoples of that island came from what was last of ancient ‘high Mu’. And the word Su-Ma-Ra means the last of that ‘High land of Mu’ from which the Latin word ‘summit’ comes and ‘Sumas’ as we know in the Latin and the word ‘summit’ in the English language.

And so we are faced with the fact, that from the last of ancient Mu, the high points,--the mountains---the high plateaus---the people of Japan live, their highest and oldest society being the ‘Samurai’ and among the most of the Aktu who go way back. Then the intermingling of the dispersion of races and societies that existed in other phases of Asia have brought a strange mongrel-like type which gradually was to emerge. The present Japanese is a sort of mixed fusion of ancient Samurai the ancient Aktu and peoples who were sent out in exile by the Chinese government because they were criminals. For this cause you have several types of people even dwelling inside the isles of Japan.

I think it very significant that we understand that all over the world we have the records of antiquity including those inside of ancient India. India goes back also for thousands of years, in the days of the King of Tyre. One of the great factors about the King of Tyre who was actually at war with Israel from time to time, and then a contributional so-called friend at various times---always trying to worm his way in so that he might intermingle the people of Asia with the people of Israel. Actually the strength of the King of Tyre as far as his cultural stock was concerned, came from ancient India. And out of ancient India and its ancient records, we have the stories of the antiquity of these people going back many thousands of years. They talk about the first impact of the tall ‘Manu’ which in Indian language meant the tall ‘White ones.’ And the close affinity to ‘Manu’ was ‘Aryan.’ The words were used interchangeably in some portions of ancient Indian literature, especially during the period when the Aryan strain which came into India our of Persia, ruled over Persia and strains of it were there even up to the time of the Emperor Jehenagog. It must be remembered in the history of India, many times the Mongols of upper Asia, swept in. But there were periods where the White race actually ruled over India, where it made progress and it had a virtual rise in its wisdom and understanding. And woven into its philosophies were stories of the One and true Eternal God. Of His incarnate manifestations as the incarnate Savior of not only the race which He had begotten, but to lift them up again to carry forward the task of establishing His Kingdom.

The word Krishna, which in India today, refers to God Incarnate, the eventual hope of the peoples of the earth, is the same as the Greek word Christ. And ultimately meant that the soul of God, the Lord of Light and Resurrection, would dwell in the earth.

Even as the ancient Egyptian had a word ‘Osiris’ Lord of Light and Resurrection. Where did they get this? The Egyptians tell us they got it from the Great White Priests who dwelled in the land of Egypt who were not of their race, but who dwelt there and taught them. Actually, they talk about Enoch and Job who built the great city of On in their own midst. But they go further back to an ancient prophet of their race-- Horus--one of the founders of Egypt. After they had migrated out of the waters of sinking islands, they had dwelt on in the Atlantic and made their way eastward where they reconstructed the society along the fertile valley of the great Nile River. In their stories they then talk about the fact that the sons of the Eternal God which used to administrate in the High Temples of Alactan, which you today call Atlantis. In the writings that have come to you from Plato and which actually is the reason for you calling it the Atlantic Ocean. But it contains the story of the sweeping of the waters in a great judgement and catastrophe of violation of Divine Law in Lucifers plans for the mixing of the races. In the violation of these principals, a catastrophe wiped out and caused the whole continent to plunge beneath the waters of the Atlantic and ancient Egyptian philosophy tells about it. And they said that God, the Eternal Yah-Putah, of the heavens had a race of Celestial children who administered in the High Temple of the now sunken continent. It is said, they never embodied in human form, but at times these Celestial beings could be seen as they administered the music of the spheres to be heard and they were glowing in the ‘white glory’ of their Father.

But the prophesies had told them, that the White man would come again. That he would dwell in the midst of the earth and this time in a physical body. And this time he would serve as the guiding influence for building civilization and culture. And they looked forward to that time tho centuries were to go by. And then eventually we find the coming of Enoch and Job into the land of Egypt to carry out their destinies and to build that great city of On and to start their Masonic destiny, as well, within that city. They were to discover the knowledge and wisdom that was eventually a part of the pyramid building and the tremendous wisdom that descended for a period upon Egypt until there came a time the Pharaohs--led by the dark priests of Set and Soth, who turned against them and sought to destroy that which was righteous and holy.

So we discover that the history of the White race is always marked by a certain cycle of first contact with it. And from the furthermost contact point back which is about 7400 years ago, on up to this present time, the history of the White man is with great impact everywhere.

Now, someone says--what does this have to do with the sons of the strangers?’ I’ll tell you what it has to do with them. Because you are descendants of that White race. You are descendants of the first White man and first White woman that God ever placed in the earth. Because they were the begotten Issue. They were the Glory of God in flesh form. They were the Household for the Children of His Spirit for to dwell here. And that is the race you have come from. You are a Holy Seed, a Divine Seed, God planted in the earth who are dwelling in the physical vessel and whose purpose is to build His Kingdom. And out of you and out of your own, will come a civilization, culture and leadership the world needs. But by the same process, to preserve this, your destiny, you must also recognize the pattern of Divine Law. You will have to understand the philosophy which God has implanted in your prophets and made known unto your race. You will have to recognize and have respect for your family ‘Tree’ and your racial background. And you will have to know that God does not want His household polluted. He doesn’t want the Children of the Heavens and the Sons of the Stars to be mixed with the physical earth with peoples who are of a lesser order.--Created species, who by violation in the fall, had even permitted a foolishness to descend over their society. For such a mongrelization and pollution of your blood will destroy your creative capacity in your vision. And would destroy your ability to accomplish the objectives with which you were sent into the earth. In order to establish for one moment, that this is thus true, we would call to your mind, the scripture we may have used before and all of these scriptures thru the years, we have used before. It is essential, however, that the theme be coordinated as we discuss it with you. And thus in the 9th chapter of the book of Ezra, the prophet Ezra talks about the one great catastrophe and the one error that has occurred in your race. And it is when any members of people of your race, the priests--(or the Levites), that didn’t separate themselves form the people of other lands, but doing, according to their abomination, they married into Cainanites, Hittites, Jebusites, Amorites, Moabites, Hivites, Egyptians, and so forth.

Now, when Almighty God refers to this, He says:--’They took of their daughters unto themselves and for their sons so that the Holy Seed mingled itself with peoples of other lands.’ Now that is in the 9th chapter of Ezra--second verse.

I only want to establish this very clearly. God Almighty talks thru the mouth of the prophet---the greatest transgression that could be committed was to mingle the Holy Seed with peoples of other races and who had not that Holy Seed in themselves.

When you understand this, you will realize the White race has a Holy Seed. It possesses in it the capacity to create and to propagate a society, a wave length of whose consciousness has connection with God, because it is Seed Issue out of Himself. And being a Holy Seed, for only that which is out of God is Holy, it was not to be mongrelized. There is no great condemnation resting upon any individual in this Book for any error of conduct greater than the mixing of racial seed, the loss of racial self-respect, and the bringing down of God’s great vein of Life and Power---contaminating His Holy Stream of Life which is to bring Light into the world.

Now, let me cite unto you that this Holy Seed had its origin and its orders of separation. If there is any problem today in our society, it originated in the lack of knowledge concerning the scriptures and history and time and dogma among the clergy and among our social scientists. I believe, today the clergyman who stands behind the pulpit and speaks and declares the oracles of God that does not know truths or race and does not know the orders of God as it pertains to it, is not fit to stand in the pulpit and advise his people because he advises them in error and brings catastrophe upon his whole house. Except he is willing to say ‘Thus saith the LORD,’ then let him be still and hold his peace.

I think it is most significant that the teaching today that God is a rather cosmopolitan individual and that He embraces all of His creations as His offspring, is one of the most dangerous fallacies. God never embraced the fact that all the creation were His offspring. He accepts the fact He is their creator. When He made them, they were good. And when He get through with them, they will be good again. But He doesn’t say--’I am going to make offspring out of those I have not begotten.’ Now is it essential for God to ‘father’ everything He created.

This idea of the ‘Universal Fatherhood of God’ is another fallacious factor sold to our society to bring about its disintegration. I want you to know that God created horses. He created sheep. And He created dogs. He created the animals that are in the jungle and He created the domestic animals we have on earth. And all of these things were good. But God is not their father. He did not ‘begat’ them. They are not of His Issue. They have not the intellectual capacity to respond to the vastness of His mind. They cannot understand the depth of the greatness of God. They maybe have been made with qualities of which many are fine. Many of which we appreciate. And we who are the children of the MOST HIGH, look upon many of these lesser creatures with fondness. They may even become pets associated with your household, and animals of service inside of your courtyard or your barnyard or your home. But the fact remains, at no time does the dog you like, does the horse you trained and which you ride, or does the cat you look upon as a pet---never does it fall into your thinking as offspring. Never does it assume the response or the relationship to you that a child does.---a child who is issue of your life. And any such application of affection that reaches the same status as that of a child is condemned of God as being unworthy of one of your intellect and background.

But it is wise that you treat them with kindness. It is well that you receive the affection of even the animal kingdom which you have treated well. But remember that among these various species which God has created, there is no obligation whatsoever, for you to assume a paternal fatherhood over them. And this extends today to the races which He created as the God over the whole earth. He says--I expect and demand, out of those races whom I have given the ability to reason, in whom I have placed also a mentality and a soulish contact,--I expect them to serve and worship Me as the God of the Universe. I am going to see that every knee throughout the Universe does bow and recognize that I am God.’

There is no promise there, that because God has created them, a reason to all intermingle and to try to mix the genes and chromosomes of their society to come out into one least common denominator. What you get is surely weeds.

The purpose of the MOST HIGH GOD is very, very clear. God is not a ruthless God. He is a kind God to His creation. If His creation works in the pattern of His Law, then that creation is blessed by that pattern of that law. If it violates that law, it brings its own judgement upon it.

Few violations of the Laws occur among the dogs. And mighty few among the horses. Most of the violations of the law come among those who walk upright. Those who also have soulish capacities and with the abilities to reason and to think have falsely been seduced by evil by a rebellious force from outer space that came in and effected their societies and moved among them,---an Archangel who rebelled,---an Angel who became a devil,---a mighty power who became the force of darkness.

Thus it is that these are historical events in the earth and the grace of God as it relates to the earth is never more manifestly shown then, as when He sent the sons of God to the earth and let them be embodied in human form to carry out the objectives of His purpose.

Let us turn, for a moment, back to the things which He had to say. I want you to go to the book of Exodus. For here we have these words. ‘Which God hath declared in the days when He spoke to Pharaoh and He demanded that he not hold any of the race (of which you are a part) in bondage. And He says that ‘thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, (this was God’s instruction to Moses to relate to Pharaoh), that Israel is My first born. Israel is My son, even My first born. (Exodus ch. 4) At no time, anyplace, do you find God referring to any other race and saying ‘Israel is My son, even My first born.’ And Israel doesn’t just start with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. For the word ‘Israel’ ---these ruling offspring of God---actually is found in the ancient writings of Enoch. And we also found the word was used by Seth in the ‘Cave of the Treasures.’ So it just meant the ‘ruling offspring of God’--rulers with God--God’s rulers in the earth. And the word reused and name given especially upon Jacob, when his name was changed to Israel, is another Divine confirmation of the maintenance of Sonship and the purity of race line and the acceptance of a Holy Seed.

I want you for a moment, to return to the book of Deuteronomy, chapter 7, verse 6. For we see the words that God has declared concerning the race of which you are a part. He said:--’Therefore thou art an Holy people unto YAHWEH thy God. And the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people upon the face of the earth.’

This, my friends, is upon the part of God, an operation which you might well have some people refer to as segregation. Which it was. But it was selection. We hear someone say--God isn’t any respecter of persons.’ What do you think He is? An idiot? Surely God is a respecter of persons. He just got thru saying that ‘I have respected and chosen and selected your race above all the peoples on the face of the earth.---

God in the purposeful destiny in which He has pre-destined you, to conform to His own image, has not been a respecter of your race as to the ultimate destiny of His sons, He sent into the world? Do not think for a moment that God doesn’t choose between the light and the darkness. For God not only is a respecter of the origins of individuals whom He selected, but He carries it out to all of those Old Testament commitments. And He carries it out thru the ministry of Jesus Christ. We will prove it to you in a few minutes.

So therefore, the Eternal looked upon you and this is what He said to you. He said:--’Therefore when YAHWEH thy God brings thee into a land and ever drives out some of the nations before you, that must be driven out because of the evil they’ve committed in ancient times and against your race---the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Cainanites, Perezites, Jebusites, the Hivites, seven nations greater and mightier than thou art by number and power---and when the LORD thy God delivers them before thee, thou shalt smite them and utterly destroy them; thou shalt make no covenant with them nor shew mercy unto them.’--to them that was against thee and warred against thee. (Deut. 7:1-2)

Oh, you say---that’s wrong.’ Well, I haven’t time to go into all of the ramifications of that story tonight. But at sometime, we will talk to you about the battles of ancient Canaan land and you will discover that the peaceful descendants of Seth who were dwelling in that land of Canaan and out of that land, went down to build the great city of On. Where with Enoch and Job went 144,000 artisans and craftsmen and left a great peaceful civilization of your race.

But these people (pagans) came down and exterminated and wiped out the children of God and carried such women they could, into slavery and spared not one man, woman or child of ancient Orusalem and set up the cities of Jericho and Canaan. And I think that one thing that should have been added to this book was the writings of ‘The Bee’, so that it might be known to all Christians in our time. I think if people understood that history, they would understand God’s purposes more completely, for the unassimilatable sons of Satan, which is organized Jewry today, this evil offspring---under the book of ‘The Bee’--we are told, not always dominated and led the high hill people of ancient Assyria. But they brought them down by mongrelizing with them. And they liquidated as far as they could, everyone of the White race, because they recognized they were the children of YAHWEH. And they who professed that they were the children of Lucifer, wanted to destroy the children of YAHWEH. And when God sent your race back in, He said you take it back. Don’t you spare anyone. You cut it all down.

Then the scripture tells us this. Another factor about these people of the other races and other places, is they are not to make marriage with them. Thy daughter shall not marry his son and his daughter shall not marry thy son. This is God’s Law. It has not changed. It cannot be altered. It is not given as a factor upon Mount Sinai, any more important than it was even as hour of Exodus, when instructions were given to Moses. This law does not change. It does not alter. It is just as binding upon social development and upon the history of your race, of your nation today, as it was when God delivered it in those days, to your people.

There is not greater curse that can descend today, upon a man and a woman of your race, than to marry with the Negroid or those of the Asiatic, or into Lucifer’s racial stream. Because he has sold his posterity in an inability to ever attain inheritance in God’s covenants.

Now, don’t come along and say some Evangelist can work on him and get him back in. An Evangelist can talk to them; they may someday recognize the right God, but they will never get an inheritance from your race. They will never have leadership acceptable to the Father.

So, why is this? Some years ago, we preached a sermon on a subject which now a verse is being used rather extensively. And that is concerning the background factor of the numbers of condemnations at risk. Over here in Deuteronomy and also in Leviticus, God said the patterns of law of all the transgressions that can be committed against Me, yet for all of these My Grace and Mercy will follow thee still. I can forgive you of every crime which you have violated in My Law, only because I am a loving God and I am a forgiving God. And I can forgive you of anything you do. But---there is one thing you can’t straighten out.---You say,’and what is that?’ What are you going to do with the sins of the fathers that descend to the children the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh generation, because a ‘mongrel seed’ has been introduced. And the LORD says to that---’I cannot do anything and I will not do anything for that.’

You say, ‘ there isn’t anything God can do??’ Yes, God could do something. He could exterminate the situation. Oh, He might fuse out the blood in some future date, for the day will come, if there have been any errors in the seat of Israel, He says, ‘I am going to purge and cleanse their blood.’ But the offspring is not thus acceptable. The offspring or mongrel,---(and the Hebrew word IS mongrel)---is well marked in the 23rd chapter of Deuteronomy. Says the second verse--’A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of YAHWEH, even to his 10th generation shall he not enter into the congregation of YAHWEH.’

Now, you go back to the Hebrew,--get your references, or better still, get your Strongs Concordance, and you will find out that this word is not bastard by the general acceptance, when we use the word today. The word means ‘mongrel’. It doesn’t mean just someone who doesn’t know who his father is. It means someone whose father or mother is of another race outside of the house of Israel. And therefore, he is a mongrel. And a mongrel could not enter into the congregation of God even to the 10th generation. We have broken it down before. One generation would be a half-breed, the second generation would be a quarter. The third would be an eighth, the fourth would be a sixteenth, the fifth would be a thirty-second, the sixth would be a sixty-fourth, the seventh would be a hundred and twenty-eighth. And the eighth would be 256th, and the ninth would be 512th, and the tenth would be 1024th. If you are 1024th a mongrel today, you will never inherit an inheritance in the administration or service in God’s spiritual Kingdom. And God said to Israel that their 1024th---don’t move them into the Temple, don’t move them into your society, don’t simply absorb them. Sever this factor, because I cannot bless it.

God hasn’t changed. He is just as smart now, as He was then. Preachers are not as smart as they were then. They think that God doesn’t know what He’s talking about now. Let me tell you something. If I got up in one-half of even 95% of the Christian churches in the world today, and I got up and said a mongrel can’t enter in or participate in the spiritual or government leadership under God’s Law,--if he’s got 1024th the part of mongrel blood in him,----They would tell him he was a Christian. If I got up and declared the word of God and the Law of God, why,--they wouldn’t accept it. And some people would say that was before God was a Christian. Well, I want you to know that God who was manifested as Christ,--for Jesus Christ was YAHSHUA CHRIST YAHWEH in the Body--- and that Covenant was made to your race and to your race alone. ‘Unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given. The government shall be upon His shoulders; His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father.’ The Everlasting Father came to us born as a child. He was God incarnate dwelling among us. We were His kinsmen and He wasn’t ashamed to call us His brethren.

I want you to know that in those directives, as He grew and developed into a man among men, preaching unto these who were His own offspring by creation, His own kinsmen by race, and His own recognized and called ‘Sheep’ by purpose, and standing before the peoples who were in Jerusalem, He said that this is what I said when I gave the Law.

Now, when He gave the Law, it was the same Eternal YAHWEH, they called the Christ. So it was Christ’s Law. God had not become more mellow. There wasn’t any need for it. You cannot be any more right than right. You cannot be more perfect than perfect. There is nothing wrong with the Law. Just people who won’t keep it.

Someone says, ‘oh, but the hardness of it.’ Why, you know the most hard hearted person probably, if you are going to carry it out to the extreme, if killing anything or getting rid of some thing and getting it back to where it belongs, and getting it out of where it doesn’t belong--if it is an evil thing,--then every time a doctor tries to eliminate the vast mass of germs inside a persons body,---that would be murder. ‘Oh, you say, ‘we don’t carry it down that far. If we kill germs, that’s alright.’ We even come up to the part where it’s alright to kill ants and other bugs that come in. But when it comes to hoards of Communist Chinese whose minds are on slaughter and murder and the crushing of the human race---some of these so called bleeding hearts, step back and say--’oh my, I would rather die, than try to resist and have this blood on my hands.’

But you have gotten a whole lot farther ahead of your thinking than you should. Because Almighty God said about that time, I am going to come in on a horse swinging a ‘sickle.’

Let me tell you this. The bringing of the nations of this world in a proper relationship with righteousness and truth, merits all the Divine nature and all the qualities of mercy and of kindness that dwells within you,---But doesn’t ask you to tolerate evils of the destruction of one righteous man. You say--there aren’t any righteous men?? Yes, but there are. Every one of your race are righteous in Christ who imputed righteousness to you by His own act.

Now, the mongrels that want to come in, haven’t changed one bit today. Most of the trouble America has in the South comes from mongrels. The large part of the trouble you have in this nation comes from mongrels. And one of the worst type and one of the most evil type of all mongrels are Angels that didn’t keep their ‘first estate.’ Angels that intermingled with the races of the world and produced an unassimilatable society that scattered around the world that you call Jews.

It does not matter what they call them at any individual time. They called them the ‘curse’,--Yehudin. They called them Satan’s children. And Jesus said, ‘I know who you are. You are the children of your father the devil.’ So He didn’t mince any words. Did He.

You say, ‘did Jesus hate the Jews?’ No. He didn’t hate the Jews. The fact is---with that vastness of God’s great Grace and Mercy---He was sorry they were so ignorant. He didn’t expect that they new any more. And He never wasted any time trying to convert them. He said, ‘You (Jews) couldn’t understand My speech because you couldn’t hear My words and you think like your father, you act like your father. Can’t expect you to be any different than your father.’ King begets like kind. Leopards don’t change their spots. Tigers don’t change their stripes. All these things are just standard.

My friends, one of the strongest laws of creation is the genealogical law--both in spiritual seed and physical seed. And therefore, there is nothing more important that you can major in a contribution to your society than to help preserve the racial purity of your race. There are those who say--’look at America, the melting pot.’ Yes. But the melting pot of White Christian nations. All White Christian nations have a common origin. All of them have descended out of the same migrations of the same household. All of them said ‘To thy tents, O’ Israel’, when they left the reign of Rehoboam, because they wanted to escape tax tyranny. And later captured by the Assyrians, and released under God’s hand in the days of Shalamanzer and migrating to Europe,---Scythians, Anglo-Saxons, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic, Germanic stock. The course of time and history, show that you are that same White racial strain of which there is no other. Divided by the areas of geographical division. Separated to family groups. Developing their own collocialism of the local areas, the transitions which effected the dialects of your society with many words still in common. We can go from one end of Europe to another. We can cross the sea and go all over this continent. We can go to Australia and South Africa. And what do we find?--Children of a common Father.

But don’t, by any mistake, extend this Book, which you don’t find developing any natural circulation among any other people, as the promise to other people.

You know---the Bible is yours. Wherein, you find the Sacred records of your God, your Race, your destiny. Many people possess this Book. But you have an advantage to it. All the Anglo-Saxons have it. In fact, this general version of King James was printed by the order of King James. And all of you with your Anglo-Saxon background and roots, way down in that Empire which God had blessed and multiplied and where the throne of David exists today----have your heritage in this Book. However, you have also a Rotherham Version, a Dutch Version and you have Zondervan Version, plus the Moravian Bible. And you discover, the same Bible is printed, though not in this particular Episcopalian slant,--in Scandinavia. And you will find it printed in Germany. And you will find in all these various versions telling more of less the same story, except for the possible Ecclesiastical impact of concept. And when you get through, you will discover that wherever you go, where ever White men are on one face of the earth to the other,--whether these White men are found dwelling in Africa, found in Asia,--you will discover that this is their Book. Isn’t that rather unique?? If this was the Book of the whole world, you wouldn’t find the whole world trying to erase it. You have no more affinity to the writings of Buddha’s or Confucius’s or Mohammed’s Koran--(even tho Mohammed’s Koran stands higher than all the rest because it has a partial foundation of truth.). You will not find any affinity to this. None of these doctrines, none of these gospels, none of these books, none of the thousand scrolls of Buddhism and its million chants upon their prayer wheels, have any affinity to you.

But this Book has. It makes pictures of history and events which have been inherited in the racial mind and culture of your society. It has become the foundation for every progressive development in human liberty and human rights development in your race. With the great marked standard of vision and achievement, it is recognized in every Christian nation.

You might say, ‘It doesn’t look like a book of law to me.’ But do you know that it is admitted in the courts of law of every Christian nation? Did you know that the Mosaic Law, the British Common Law, accepted all over the British Empire and the United States, are fundamental foundations for a legal background? It can be used and have been used in many, many cases in numbers of books which I have in my library. There are a thousand or more that we haven’t even a record of.

Now, let’s turn, for a moment from this situation. From the days of God’s Covenants and of His instructions (and we have overlooked a lot of verses that relate to it in Leviticus and other scripture where God continually says--’I selected you, I chose you, I separated you, you are Mine. I’ve taken you unto Myself, I forbid you to marry into another race, I forbid other races marry unto you, and if you do these things,---the scripture says---it will destroy your culture. And they will rob you of your wisdom. And they will have you worshiping other gods. They will mix up your philosophy. They will do everything they can to destroy you.) And remember, you, the White race, and if you are feeling real sorry under the propaganda of our time of the minorities, YOU are the minority in the world. You are only one-sixth of the world population. You cannot absorb it by any stretch of the imagination.

The Asiatics called swallow you up. The Negroids could muddy your racial stream until the White man would be hard to discover in the midst of the earth.

It seems to be quite a ‘round-robin’ gathering of all the agnostics and all the forces of darkness that work in our midst today to try today to try to say there isn’t any pure White strain anymore anyhow. They try to say there isn’t any pure race anymore. They are all mixed up. And since there is no pure race, there is no sense in trying to preserve racial purity. If there wasn’t any pure White race today and if the White race wasn’t demonstrating its intellectual and spiritual abilities and attainments; if it wasn’t demonstrating today, its mental intellectual spiritual superiority, they wouldn’t be working so hard to muddy your stream.

You say, ‘Oh, the Negroes don’t think we’re superior. They think they are our equal today.’ Do you believe that? If you think so, well, I can prove to you they don’t. The last thing they want are Negro teachers in their schools. They want them all mixed up. They don’t want any Negro teachers. They don’t like to have a Negro officer over them when they are in the Armed services and in a battle. They would rather be led by something intelligent and smart and a lot more alert than that. And Negroes don’t want to serve under Negro officers. They want to serve under White officers. And I don’t know any intelligent White man who would want to go into any battle under a Negro officer. I would sooner follow a horse who has more sharp instinct. At least, he has sense enough to take you home.

It might be of interest for you to know, that among some of the most significant industries that exist in the world today, among the Negroes who have gathered a little capital and have started to make some money off their own people. Now probably no one understands what Negroes buy quite like another one. What do you suppose the major article manufactured and sold to Negroes today. Now you pick up a Negro magazine and look in it. But I happen to have the statistics in my briefcase right now. The largest saleable item to Negroes today is ‘skin whitener.’ That’s right. Skin whitener. The number two heaviest sold article sold to Negroes today is hair straightener. Now if they believe in their equality, if they believe in an ancient background and culture and believe they are our equals, they wouldn’t try to whiten their skin and straighten out that wool to look like hair, would they? Did you know Negroes don’t have hair? They have wool just like sheep. They have a kind of lanolin in it that you don’t grow by nature. And they try to straighten it out to look like hair. They know that pigment is a definite factor with their race and it isn’t something that happened because of any adaptability to an environment as some of the evolutionists try to tell you. You have had White men for a hundred years or more in Africa and they have never turned black. You have had Negroes here for several hundred years and they are just as black as when they came here. And if they aren’t black, you had better deport them because there is something funny going on.

You can take the darkest tanned White man in the tropics and roll up his sleeves and find his arm as white as snow. You can send a Negro into the Arctic Circle and his offspring will be just as black.

This idea that the midnight sun or the African sun will change a man’s skin, ---it doesn’t. It only changes color where it is exposed because it is burning thru the skin layers. It doesn’t change the real pigmentation whatsoever. Down in the ‘gene’s determines what that skin will be and its determined background is a factor.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the differences in strangers is only skin deep. It’s a lot more important than that. Any student of anthropology understands this, any student that has studied also the relationship of the races of the world in their skeletal foundation. After all, the body is only the container for a special content. And I think that you should realize tonight, that every White man, even the most ignorant among them, has 46 centimeters more brain capacity inside of their skull when they reach adulthood, as compared to the most brilliant of the Negro strain. I want you to know that the thickness of the container and the shape of it is different. I want you to know that these differences in design were taken into consideration by the Creator, because He knew what the contents were going to be. And I want you to know today, that similarity in design does not show relationship. A hundred airplanes can come off the designers bench. Each one can be different in its design because the designer was the master of it. The only thing you might say you could see here was a thought evolution. One of the strangest things we have about your race is it was the oldest and the best. For the children of Spirit existed before the world was framed. And you were standing by the Father’s side when out of the cosmic spiral nebula of creative processes this earth and this solar system came into being. You were there when the Father laid the foundation of the earth and stretched the measuring lines upon it. You say, ‘how do I know?’ I’ll tell you how I know. Because Job, who is one of our race, was able to record for us---’when the morning stars sand together and all the sons of God shouted for joy the day when god rolled the solar system out and put it in its place.’ The spirit of everyone of you in here by the antiquity of age, is older than even the oldest race that ever existed in this earth. But your history in this earth doesn’t reach back more than seven and a half millenniums. Significant, however, in this story, therefore these words of God, as we turn to this passage in Jeremiah 2:21:--’I planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed: therefore how then art thou turned into a degenerate plant of a strange vine unto me?’

Now it happens that if you were to take the old Hebrew word, you will discover it is the word so-arh (or zoar). That is significant where it talks about the strange vine because this word strange vine or ‘how hast thou become a so-arh (or zoar) vine unto me’---the word means ‘mongrel.’ So therefore God said, ‘I planted you noble vine--I granted you a wholly right seed.’ Now this prophecy coming thru Jeremiah, refers to the fact that a part of this group has become degenerate. So you say, ‘what is that word--degenerate--I don’t like it.?’ Well, that means a de-generation instead of a progression. It means reversal, a dropping down, a corruption.

Now, if you go to Jeremiah 2:23, and he said:--’there is no hope; no; (not for this man’s seed that mongrelized) for I have loved strangers, and after then will I go.’ The word here is ‘sorek’ (meaning woman from the valley). I went after the seed and propagated a mongrel (so-arh or zoar). He says there is no hope of that seed as far as having a part in the Kingdom of God. So Jeremiah makes that statement.

If you go back into the Psalms--you will discover that the Psalms of David as he sings the 144th Psalm--he said:--’Rid me and deliver me from the hands of strange children.’ The word here is nekar. The words strange children means children who are the mongrel seed of women of other races. And so God Almighty inspired David to sing this Psalm and he says, ‘Deliver me from these mongrels. ‘For they are the ones who speak vanity and raise their hands to falsehoods. Cleanse our land from these mongrels that our sons may be as God’s plants, grown up in their youth. And our daughters may be as spotless in their virtue from such transgression as the corner stones of the Temple polished after the similitude of the Palace.’ That the bodies of our daughters be so pure no mongrel seed shall ever touch them. That our sons shall be as a pure plant and a wholly trained and raised plant. Deliver me from these mongrels. Drive them from the land--rid Israel of their curse.

Let us for a moment go back to the prophet Ezra, what Ezra says about these children of the strangers in the land. I’ll tell you what he said. He came before the princes of Israel and before the priests of Israel, and he said--’I want to nip this thing in the bud before it goes into another generation. You say you married these strange women, you have spared, then when you shouldn’t have, you have brought them into the camp. You have married them and now you have these offspring and have a confusion of face. And I see people walk the streets of Israel--he said--and they don’t look like our fathers. They don’t have our face and our complexion and our features.

In fact, I can walk the streets of Los Angeles, and wonder if I am in the United States or whether I am in South Africa. It is happening in England too. And they are getting disturbed about it.

Now, you say, ‘What are you supposed to do?’ God Almighty gave unto Ezra the directions as to what they were to do, and he told the princes. He said, ‘you had better repent and then you had better finance the transportation of every one of these women and their children back where they came from---send the children with them. And cleanse the land and get them out, and God will smile on you. Otherwise the judgements of this will ball on you.’ And do you know what the princes of Israel did? They started to weep and wail. And the priesthood wept. And they sent the women--all of them--home with those offspring children.

‘Oh,’ you say, ‘that wasn’t fair.’ My friends, it was more fair to them and that offspring than you have any idea. It was truly the correcting by God of His Kingdom. Let me tell you that every White boy should send that Korean girl home and those Japanese and all these outlanders should go home and their children should go with them. And the United States government should forbid the marriage of soldiers of your race with these peoples where they have been sent when they didn’t ask to be sent there anyhow.

I believe we should practice qualities of conservation when it comes to money. I believe we should do our best to save the taxpayers money. But I am going to tell you this. You can transport 45 or 50 thousand married young men over to the countries where you want them to stay and by every right in peace time, their wives should be able to accompany them. And I don’t think you are saving any money when you bring them home. I think the place to save money is to cut it off to Africa and to China, and to India. And not, my friends, when it comes to the boys and their families, you send to the ends of the earth to serve you. If you want to preserve your racial stream, your racial self-respect, you have got to remember that wives should accompany their husbands because this a matter of natural and divine law. These are the processes which God has undertaken.

Very strange things come to us from time to time. Some of these problems have developed out of our war society. The Chamber of Commerce directed a young war-wife to us one day. They wanted us to call on her because she didn’t know what to do. We went there and learned she was a Japanese girl. She was married to an American soldier. The American soldier had returned to America, but he found suddenly there was no affinity to what was foreign. His former sweetheart was now back in close proximity and he no longer wanted his Japanese wife. She said, ‘what should I do?’ And I looked at these half-caste children who looked more Japanese than American, and I said, ‘Why did you sent for a Christian minister?’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I had been in touch in Japan with a Christian church. I am both Shinto and Christian.’ I said, ‘that hardly is possible.’ ‘Well,’ she said, ‘I still believe in my father’s Shinto gods and I still believe in the teachings of Jesus.’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something. You pack your bags and to home to your father and you take these children with you. Release your husband from this marriage he should have never made. And you seek his assistance to return home to your father.’ She said, ‘I don’t have to, my father is wealthy.’ Then I said go home. And she packed her bags and she released her white husband and she took her children and went back to Japan. And that is the way God ordained it to be. And any other message is not ‘thus saith the LORD.’

You say, ‘why?’ Because this was no union marked by God, sealed in heaven. This, my friends, is the result of the degeneration of our time, the sociological teaching applied to our young people. And this, my friends, could only be corrected by reversing this status of the era.

You say, ‘what about these children returned home?’ They are raised as stock of Japan. They won’t lower it, but they have no absorption here. Let me tell you this. God Almighty has made it most clear concerning where He stands and what He thinks concerning you.

In the book of Hosea, God said the one time when Israel dealt treacherously with Me is when they have begotten strange children. And strangely the child who they have devoured, rises to power and he seeks to devour their fortune.

All thru the scripture, I can go from one end to the other and I can pull more scripture out of this Book than you ever dreamed were there on this matter. God is not change. But I want to change the subject for one moment. Come over to the New Testament side and I will prove to you that this is God’s position as a Christian. Every once in a while someone tries to say God and our ideas of theology grow up and change and so God grows up. I listened to one minister broadcasting to his radio audience who says, ‘all the ideas about god are concocted in the human brain. As the human evolves and progresses, God evolves and progresses with it.’

Let me say, that is a lie. Because that kind of god isn’t any good anyhow. I am going to tell you that God was grown up before you started. He was the Everlasting Father holding all things in the hollow of His hands and He knew you before you were begotten in the spirit and knew you before you were placed in the earth. And one of the things Jesus was to say was more than when He said, ‘I will give you power over all the works of the devil and over all the powers of evil.’ He said, ‘I want you to remember. Rejoice more that your names are written in the record book of heaven then for the power I give you on earth.’

You say, ‘why?’ Because it is more important that you rejoice in your genealogical table from the Father’s family and the fact He wrote your name down before the foundation of the world, than any power you can attain since you have arrived in it. I would rather be known as the son of the Father, than have the administration of any country on the face of the earth.

Listen. Jesus therefore, is a discriminating God walking among men. Remember, He says, ‘I call for My sheep by their name and I lead them out.’ He never attempted at any time to make sheep out of goats. He left that up to silly clergy to try later on. You cannot make that genealogical switch. And God didn’t try it at that time biologically. He never tried to make sheep out of goats.

Discriminating God? Yes. He said I shall discriminate. I shall in the hours I come with power and great Glory, I am going to assume the Kingdom which is My Kingdom and the throne which is My throne. The throne which the scriptures earliest records of it, said the throne of His father David. He said, ‘I am going to separate the nations of the world and divide the sheep nations from the goat nations. And I am going to give all the power to the sheep nations. I selected these sheep nations from before the foundation of the earth. I separated them. I said they are Ming.’-----SEGREGATION.

Jesus, who said as He preached, ‘I speak to you in parables so these others out here---these rascals and those who have no part in this--won’t understand the strategy. And after He spoke in parables--you say--well, that was simple. No. They didn’t understand it. Even His own disciples waited for more spiritual evidence. And when they got Him alone, they said now explain unto us the parable of the sower in the field. And He explained it unto them.

Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. Unto them it is not given. These mysteries of the Keys are power to the sons. Not given to the other races that have not the capacity to use it.

I think you will discover that the holy spirit which is the Light nature of God’s own vital being, descends to segregate with its decent those that have the capacity to receive it and fulfill the words of the being whose spirit it was who said, ‘I will send My Spirit upon you--even the spirit that the world would not receive.’ Segregation? Yes. Even the Holy Spirit descends upon the people with the wave length to receive it. To those that have, more shall be given. To those who have not, this power they should not hold shall be taken away.

Yes. Let me tell you of your problems today. The children of the most unassimilatable strangers of all are the enemies of Christ and hate His name. There are many strangers in our midst that are foreign to you. I think it is quite interesting to note that in most of the foreign settlements of those that are not of your race, the majority of them bring along their ‘josh’ (?) houses and bring along these pagan temples. I can show you ‘josh’ houses among the Chinese. And out in Oak Valley, where for twenty-five years, we have pastored congregations, we can tell you that we have had Japanese who have lived in that land all that time. I have had Japanese who are very friendly to me, when I meet them. Japanese who have invited me into their homes to talk to them. And I am going to tell you something. They have shrines in their homes to Shinto gods and they never leave them.

When I see these strangers, I see that there is one factor among them that is generally demonstrated. They keep to themselves and marry to their own, which is more commendable than most. And when that is changed, it is generally a by-product of your schools and not necessarily of their culture.

I have had contact with a great number of Orientals. A very few are accepted because it has been diplomatic in their coming to America the philosophy of Christianity. A very few of them have actually basically enveloped their whole thinking with this philosophy. I know one Oriental like that in my experiences who says, ‘We have ‘Blible’ since little bloy’--we blelieve’ whole blible.’ But that man also knows that he is not of the house of Israel and is not of your race and is not supposed to mingle with it. He knows that.

I want you to know that no greater destructive force operates in the world than the children of the strangers of destruction. Now they are the same people that help to make up the leadership of these Cainanites, Hittites, Perezites, Jebusites. They are the same Herodians that Christ denounced. They are the strangers who are the offspring of Satan’s seeds sown all over the world. They are what Jesus said:--’Ye are of your father the devil.’ Even stranger than the children of strangers. Ye are of the children of hell and that is doubly strange; dangerous, deadly, unassimilatable. Let me tell you this. If the only mistake our founding fathers made in their earliest immigration laws was that they originally didn’t name only the White nations and required only Christian immigrants could come into these United States,----Benjamin Franklin, with great devotion, did his best to bar all Jews from citizenship in America. And if that had been observed, when Benjamin Franklin instructed it, most of your problems and troubles today, that you have had---Soviet spies, atom bomb secrets stolen from you, or just given away,--plus warfare against teaching the Bible in school, and spiritual instructions to your children forbidden,---all these things would have long been negated and you would have had none of these problems because the sellers of it would not have been here. These, the most destructive of all ‘Tares’ because they are Satan’s own seed and progeny sown in the earth. The corruption, immorality, that has taken over the screen, the television, and the radio, is a by-produce of this unassimilatable seed of Satan and would not exist in these United States if we had kept the seed of the ‘Stranger’ out.

These are compatible with the teachings of Jesus and the Old and the New Testament. There is no greater error made in all the record of human thinking than to impute, to this people, by the strange identity of this name, any ‘chosen’ position in God’s Kingdom which they do not hold. The people today which you call Jews--Yehudin--are not descendants from Judah. They are not the seed of the MOST HIGH GOD. They are Hittites, Amalakites, Cainanites, Amorites, Jebusites. They come from the land of the Askenazi of Asia. And they come from the Hittite kingdom that existed before Adam. And anytime you trace a people and they trace it---and I have in my library, about eight shelves of the most complete works of history and of anthropology and anthology written by Jews about Jews, concerning who they are and where they say they came from. And they admit they are Hittites. And if they are Hittites, by no stretch of the imagination, could they be Jacob’s seed. Because there were Hittites in the earth before Adam walked on it.

There are many of these things for us to recognize. I want you to know that God does not tell you it is a Christian responsibility to embrace the seed of the Stranger. He has told you that it is your Christian responsibility to preserve your racial purity; to not dwell with the stranger. Do not permit the stranger to dwell with you. And if he comes in your land, or travels thru it, then in kindness to that stranger, treat the stranger kindly, but make him grow apart and make him in his operations in your land, utterly leave alone your laws, your seats of administration, your departments of Justice, and your governmental positions of authority.

It is your spiritual responsibility to be interested in the religion of any candidate who runs for office in the United States. Sometimes those of our own race should not be selected, if they submitted to pagan philosophies or permitted themselves to be governed by powers that are the opposite to the progress of God’s Kingdom.

So tonight, I tell you this. That the Apostle Paul, when he said come out from among them and be ye separate, or segregated, saith the LORD, was carrying on a continuity of instruction that comes down from the beginning . For what fellowship has the light with darkness. What fellowship hath the children of idols, temples of idols, with the children of God or the Temples of God.

God has already declared your bodies are the Temple of His Holy Spirit, because you are the spiritual life issue of His own being. You save America best when you preserve its racial purity. It is the Christian responsibility of every American to try to preserve your separate pattern of social existence. We should not be trusting our children to gather in social conduct whenever it is avoidable. Wherever the laws of our state permit, as to remain as separate and a distinct people, we should accomplish this. It is my firm conviction that is the responsibility of every Christian in ever state. To do all that he or she can to keep the schools from being mixed and to keep our children from being thrust into the society of the Negro races. It will bring out the expectations of the sociologist if they do, of mongrelization and violation of the Divine Law.

Now, if it becomes an issue between the Supreme Court and its decisions and the scriptures that God Almighty has inspired them, my friends, it is----’thus saith the LORD.’ And away with all nine men on the Supreme Court and give us Christian gentlemen in their place.

These are great times of challenge. A testing time for your race. There are times for you to guide your thinking and then see the impact of what error produces. It is the children of the Strangers that are responsible for your heavy taxation. It is their suggestions that have caused the catastrophe.

You know, I have been watching without any grief, one by one, the strangers children who assume some of this power,---die. Tomorrow morning’s newspaper records that Donald Richburg, father of the NRA (?), one of the contributing forces in the depression days and among the children of the strangers, that pull the strings out form under you----he just died. I note that God can eliminate one way or another, the children of the strangers. I want you to know that all your sociological deterioration came from the ‘strangers’ who taught in your schools and the children of the strangers who have been elevated to high power.

Let us hope that Mr. Kennedy does not make the mistake in elevating the sons of strangers to high positions of power. Or the catastrophe that happened in the Roosevelt years, and has continued down from that time, would continue, but for Divine intervention.

I am going to predict, that God Almighty will destroy every son of the Strangers form your midst that tries to hold power over you in this prophetic hour in world history.

(End of message)