Choose Whom Ye Will Serve, 11-3-68


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 11-3-68

Here this night before the coming election of next Tuesday, we find that there are grave and troublesome times in America, and these times stem from the magnitude of Satanic conspiracy. But we also call your attention to the greatness of your nation as it started. For God had also ordained in the book of Jeremiah, areas of descriptions concerning this nation. As he moved his people out into the lands of the wilderness and into Europe, he established this nation of the Kingdom. He also purposed another great move---for into this land across the great waters would move more of the House of Israel. More than this he said that he would plant them in a great land carved out of the wilderness, a nation of tall can clean shaven men, a nation powerful from its beginnings. And as God spoke these things concerning this nation, he in the 30th., chapter of Jeremiah said of these people. Out of them shall proceed Thanksgiving, and the voice of them that will make merry. I will multiply them, and they shall not be few: I will also glorify them and they shall not be small.

As we look back on the settling of this nation, and we think of the coming of the Puritans and the pilgrims, as they landed on our eastern shore, they knelt and thanked their God. Then each year as they brought in their harvest they thanked their God. Then each year as they brought in their they thanked God for the harvest and for his blessing. Soon it was that they called the harvest----Thanksgiving----then later our nation was the first nation to set aside-----a Thanksgiving day. A day for giving thanks to our God, for his many blessings. Thus it is that God said: Out of them shall come the voice of Thanksgiving, and the voice of them and they would not be small, and their Children shall be as aforetime, and their congregation shall be established before me, and I shall punish all that oppress them.

After we had almost 100 years of progress in this country, then organized Jewry which was gaining a swift control over the nations of Europe with their money manipulations, and their gold loaning program, decided that America with its vast agriculture development and these vast stretches of land and its industry was almost trading without their control, and would soon wreck their system. So they put the squeeze on King George and told him that they wouldn’t loan him any money unless he put pressure on the colonies by taxes. So that was started and it kept increasing----taxation without representation, and the Revolutionary war was a direct result of this squeeze on King George by the Jews. It was a plan by the international Jews to break the financial structure of this great country, blessed by God with all our resources, and our intelligence. So our nation started out because of this conspiracy and by the use of taxation without representation----a system of Mystery Babylon the Great.

Now it says ---- verse 31: Our children shall be as aforetime, and their congregations shall be established before me.

In other words, the children of Israel when they were raised in freedom aforetime----worshiped God, and they selected those, who were to reign over them, except of course their Priests, who were Levi’s.

“I shall punish all that oppress them, and their rulers shall be of themselves.”-------- This again was a new thing:-----And their governors shall proceed from the midst of them, and I will cause him to draw near and he shall approach unto me, for who is that engages his heart to approach unto me? Saith the lord.

` Now:----Here we are --- a great nation coming out of the civilization of the western world and culture. But we are the first nation to have liberty and freedom, and we were the first nation to elect our own presidents and representatives and our own governors from amongst ourselves. We didn’t follow the lineage of the House of David, we didn’t take a line of genealogy to elect our rulers, they were elected the same way as the Children of Israel did in the beginning before they cried for an earthly King.

Therefore we want to point out to you that under this was a deep foundation of Spiritual inspiration. By the same token the Supreme Court in 3 different decisions had to admit that the U.S. is a Christian nation. I want to point out to you:----Your Nobles shall proceed out of you----and Ye shall be MY People and I will be your God. (Verse 22)----This was God’s country, this was to become one of the great leaders in God’s Kingdom in the climax of this age, in the great crisis in the world. Take a trip out of this country, to Africa or India, or most any other country in the world and see how you feel when you get home, almost as tho you would like to get down and kiss the ground.----Why?----Because the spirit of God is here, even tho there are some who have come in to destroy the magnitude and the greatness of this---God’s Country.

“Ye shall be my people, and I will be your God” Verse 23: In the latter days:---Behold a whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury. I will be a continuing whirlwind and it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked. And the fierce anger of the Lord shall not return until he has done this thing, and until he has performed the intent of his heart. In the latter days ye shall consider this prophecy, because the whirlwind shall rise up and destroy the wicked right out of the midst of your.

I want to point out that we are standing at a very critical point in time:----We are facing a national election and we have without question the areas of massive conspiracy at work. We find that in this hour we stand in situations similar to those like in the days when Joshua came to power. The invasion of Israel had been by a mixed multitude, racially made up of Jews who were against the strategy of God, and they brought in their own Baal Priests, and these people were doing business in the midst of Israel, and they had Israel worshiping strange Gods. And Joshua came up and he said: “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, as for me and my household, we will serve Yahweh. (Jos:24-15) So he persuaded the people for he told them-----Ye cannot serve these strange Gods and also serve Yahweh.----The people answered: “God forbid, that we should forsake Yahweh to serve other gods .” Joshua said:---Now you are a witness against yourselves, and the people said:---We will serve Yahweh. So Joshua said: Then put away the strange gods which are among you and incline your heart unto the Almighty Yahweh---they God.

The people said:---Yahweh---our God we will serve, his voice we will obey. So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day, and set them a statute and an ordinance in Shechem. ------ Yes:---Joshua made a covenant and he said:--- “Choose who ye will serve.”----And the people again chose to serve Yahweh their God, who then put these rascals out of their land and they set themselves free from the areas of their economy and they smashed the idols and strange gods----they choose whom ye will serve.

I want to point out one other situation which is similar to this:----King Ahab was married to Jezebel a hill country Jewess of the Cainites. She had brought into Israel---450 Baal Priests. ------ Who was Baal?---- He is the embodiment of Lucifer, He is the head over many strange gods. And Baalim today is the top administrative god over Brahma, Kali, Vishnu and Siva, all Buddhist gods head in Baalism. And Baal is the incarnate body of Lucifer.

Now Jezebel brought in 450 of these prophets of Baal. The administration of the Kingdom of Israel was in the hands of King Ahab married to this Canaanite woman. This has always been a problem in Israel, even we have a president married to one, today. It is not a good thing, and that may be the way that a lot of these prophets of Baal slipped into our country.

But at that time Jezebel brought in 450 Baal Priests and the King was enamored with his wife and he began to support her demands, thus the people worshiped Yahweh less openly. In fact the only place they could worship Yahweh the God of Israel was silently, even tho they were his offspring, his household and his children. Inside the Kingdom then---came catastrophe and trouble, as even the rains stopped. So catastrophe came on the house of Israel. There was one Prophet named Elijah and he cam out openly and He said:----”Choose whom ye will serve----do it this day.” “If Baal be God then serve him, but if Yahweh be God serve him.”

Now King Ahab was disturbed and he said: My this right winger has come out and he is stirring up the people and we have to stop this right winger because in this Kingdom we are going to stay in the middle of the road, we are going to let everyone worship whom they please, we will leave the strange gods, for those who like them, and we will stay with this Babylonian system. So the King went after Elijah, he sent out his local Ogpu, and his F.B.I. and he said: Catch this man Elijah and we will behead him. One morning Ahab went down into his garden as his men were out searching for Elijah and suddenly Elijah came walking into that Garden. Elijah said: Hello Ahab, I am Elijah that you are hunting. This appearance of Elijah startled Ahab and he didn’t quite know what to do, so he called for help and no one came. Then Elijah said: Now King Ahab, you are an Israelite altho you haven’t been acting like one, but I’m going to make you a sporting proposition. I challenge you to let these prophets of Baal come out against me-----the Prophet of Yahweh---the God of Israel. Let’s notify the Children of Israel to come to mount Carmel tomorrow. If the prophets of Baal can perform the miracles and can produce the results you can cut my head off, but don’t you worry, if they can’t produce the miracles that I will produce under the direction of Yahweh----then I am going to cut off the heads of the Prophets of Baal.

Now, I’m only telling you what the scriptures tell you-----I Kings 19.

Ahab thought that surely 450 prophets of Baal should be able to overcome one man of God so he said:----Fine lets do it.

So they went through the land of Israel blowing the trumpet and shouting through their megaphones,----on the morrow come out to mount Carmel, we are going to have a contest between Yahweh and Baal. Elijah stands alone for Yahweh----450 Prophets of Baal stand against him---come and see. Those of Israel who had been secretly worshiping Yahweh in their homes, came out, and all the people came out to see this event. The Temple had been desecrated and no longer was Yahweh worshiped there, but those people came as well as the Priests.

Now it is almost as bad in America today as the strangers----the Baal Priests have infiltrated the W.C.C. and the N.C.C. the organized groups inside the Christian Churches today----they are led by Jewry. They denounce Christ, they deny Christianity as Judeo-Christian----well they all came out to the hill to see what would happen here at mount Carmel. ------ They established their sacrifice, and the contest was---The God who would answer by fire----let him be God.

The Baal Priest began to call on Baal: ----They leaped up and down at the Alter, and this they did for several hours of the morning. But there was no answer. They paraded in their robes of purple and gold, and still they leaped and called but nothing happened. Then about noon---Elijah began to mock them just a little---he said: ---- Call a little louder, maybe he is meditating, maybe he is taking a trip, maybe your god doesn’t hear you?----So they began to cry louder, they cut themselves with knives until the blood flowed out on the ground. This went on until evening and there was no answer.

Now, it was Elijah’s turn, and he called for the building of an altar out of 12 stones, and then they put the Bullock on the Alter, and they dug a deep ditch around the sacrifice and Elijah told them to bring 12 barrels of water and pour it over the sacrifice. This they did, and again Elijah called for 12 more barrels of water and they poured it over the sacrifice, then again he called and 12 more barrels of water were poured over the sacrifice until the altar was soaked, the sacrifice was soaked and so wall the hill side because of the water running off the sacrifice. Now, don’t worry about fire of the mountain side because of the drought that had raged in their land for 7 years without any rain. Static electricity was high, but the wet ground would be a perfect target for 1 lightening flash.

Now:--- It is the time of the evening sacrifice and Elijah the Prophet of Yahweh came forth and said:----- Yahweh---God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel----let it be known that thou art the god in Israel, that I am thy servant, and that I have done all these things at thy word. Hear me, Oh Yahweh, that this people may know that thou art Yahweh and hath turned their hearts back again.

Then came a perfect lightning flash and the sacrifice went up in flames, and the people cried:---Yahweh he is God---Yahweh--he is God.____Elijah didn’t want these people to forget their job, so he said:----take these 450 Prophets of Baal, down by the brook, everyone of them and cut off their heads. And they did just that----that day.

Oh, you say----how awful---I can’t advocate that procedure.----I’m not advocating that I am just telling you what happened, because Elijah had called for the people to choose Ye this day who ye will serve--------Now the people said nothing, then came the fire from heaven and the people were glad to follow HIS directions, and they cut off the heads of the 450 Baal Priests. Oh, you say----God wouldn’t like that?----Well, God looked down and said of Elijah, There is a man after my own heart. Then after Elijah finished his ministry he sent one of his own space craft down to pick up Elijah and took him up and Elijah never died.

This is where God stood on the matter of Elijah cleaning up the house of Israel. “Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve.”

Israel choose Yahweh, and judgment came upon Jezebel and soon Yahweh removed King Ahab and Israel was free again in that hour. ----Now you say, Oh, but this is just a religious issue. Well don’t you think that what is happening in our land today is an issue of religion?

I would quote you a little of an article in the U.S. news by the Democratic Senator ----Louch of Ohio ---- He says he is going to vote for the Republican candidate----why? Because:----under the democrats our country has been ruined, we have slid into deficit spending beyond our ability to pay, into insurrection--riots--pornography is on the rampage--civil disorders are many---the courts have gone down until there is no justice, and we have mass rapes---we have hatred---hostility, and the people no longer trust government or believe what it says. He goes on to say that all of this is the results of Democratic administrations. He said:---I am an American first:---I owe an allegiance to My God and to My Country and we need to select the best man available, someone who will cut off foreign aide, one who will quit giving America’s bounty to the nations that hate us. One that will force law and order once more on our land. He said:---- The administration I have been a part of has been exposing the nation to the pillage and the rape and the civil disorders, and they are attacking the standards of righteousness.

Now:------I think Senator Louch is a big man, I think he is a far bigger man than many in our congress. Now it is even amazing that this statement was ever printed knowing the situation in this country. What has happened in America is also manifested in another article in the same magazine. Headline:---

Disaster area in New York City.----When you read this article and realize what it is saying you will understand more what is wrong with America. In New York City----a city of 8 million people, a city one of the largest in the world, and the largest city in America are, 8 million people. There is a disaster area in this large city. There are one million 900 thousand Jews in that city.

Now, I can tell you that when you get that many children of the devil in one area that is a disaster in itself.

The article goes on to say, There is also in this city 1,200,00 Negroes and

about 700,00 Puerto Ricans. Then along with these are a white population and they are Catholic and Protestants, so with the race problem we also have a religious problem, because of the Catholic, Protestants and the Jews. However, each seems to find their own areas such as Brooklyn and others and the whites move into the areas of Prospect Park and up towards Yonkers, and from the 5th. Avenue out. Then the Negroes fill up Harlem----and you leave them all alone in the own order.

Now remember this: In this area the administration has not been following the lines of advice which god has laid down, but has been following the course of evil, and so also has the stooges that have worked in Washington D.C. ever since the days of Roosevelt.

Now:---according to another administration figure we have:---A Hippie migration, a Yippie migration, riots in our colleges, trouble in all our schools and all of this is coming from an Eastern European migration. Then he said:----quote 42% of all the professors in our Colleges are Eastern European Jews. Now you can call this Anti-Semitic but that is what a famous congressman said: Then Mayor Lindsay said: Help---Help---New York is about to blow up in flames and violent riots. So if New York blows so goes the nations other large cities.

Now I don’t think the other cities are quite as bad as New York, but in L.S. there are many Jews, I think about the second biggest population of Jews in the U.S.

Now Mr. Lindsay says: The negroes came into our city, and they go on relief, the Jews say we must bow to the negroes and their demands, and the Jews are in power in the educational field and we have demands from there. So we are a disaster area and if we do not receive federal help this situation is going to blow up. 62% of all the teachers in New York school system are Jewish. About 5% are negroes and the rest are Catholic and Protestant---whites. Now: when they started to buss The negroes into the white community, not into the Jewish community. Well that got some of the Black power people stirred up and they said:---You Jews own the tenement houses and markets down in Harlem and you are exploiting us so we will then we will integrate the teachers, so the white teachers went out on strike so they said:---We will not have any one touching our areas of society. The American Jewish committee sent out their representatives and they said to the Jews: now look this is our idea to integrate the city so go along with the idea for the time being. The Jews said:---we will not go along with the Negroes being brought over into our schools for they are beating up our children in the hallways of the schools. Then also gangs are attaching our neighborhoods.

Then the whites raised up for the negroes were treating the white children the same way in their schools. Then the negroes moved up town and began their attacks on the police and the firemen and they went out on strike because they were not allowed to fight back. So New York city is in Chaos. Then Humphrey goes to New York and he says:----I am your man I will do anything for Israel, I will leave the Jewish community alone.

Now, if a fellow is going to work all day long for the Jews and the Negroes we don’t want him.

Then in New York Unionism came to the front, and they organized the welfare people. One out of every 8 people in New York is on welfare, and now they are striking for a raise. Ha.---They are so well organized that they can tie up the city. It will take 1 billion dollars per month to keep up with the welfare demands, and other demands of other groups. So we have to have federal aide, so says Lindsay. We have to have help, for we now face racial violence, religious violence, economic disaster---and we have to have help, or we face an explosion in our city and from there to other cities.

We are seeing the program of the protocols literally carried out in the big cities. The trouble is that the laws of God have been disobeyed. In the first place you are not to permit these pagans into your land. You are not to permit them to control your economy. And yet from Roosevelt on down we have watched that Democrat party put these phono-minded Jews in our supreme court, in the treasury, and into almost every position of power in our country. And you are in very serious trouble.

Now, I am going to give you a forecast of what is going to happen, and what I know will be the end result of the election.

Mr. Humphrey and organized labor has blanketed the country with evil and vicious broadcasts against Mr. Nixon and Mr. Wallace, but I do not believe that Mr. Humphrey will get over 33% of the votes. Mr. Wallace has been building up good crowds. He has said good things about education-----civil rights---states rights etc. He has been wrong on a lot of things, and there is one thing that the right wing cannot take from Mr. Wallace’s ticket. That is General LeMay for his running mate. Why? When asked about the race question, General LeMay said that he believes that the only answer for American in the race question is ---- total integration.

I want to point out that we as Israel---white Christians cannot vote for a man who is one heart beat from the Presidency who says the only answer is to reduce America to one race---by integration. The black power groups have said that if Mr. Wallace is elected they will murder him, and that would put the integrationist in as President.

Mr. Wallace and all the candidates have come out for support of little Israeli and they are wrong, but the Jews have promised general LeMay that if he becomes President they will back him up in all his plans for integration.

I do not believe Mr. Wallace will get over 18 or 19 % of the vote, which is largely a conservative protest vote. The thing I tell you is that Humphrey must be stopped, for he moves under a Communist pattern of Conspiracy. He and Bobby Kennedy are both under that pattern.

(Well Humphrey lost by a whisker but Yahweh say to that)

Now, all kinds of propaganda has been leveled this week. Mr. Nixon is supposed to be an integrationist, but I point out that the policy of integration started under Mr. Eisenhower and Nixon was Vice President and he never voted for integration.

I believe Nixon will get 44% of the vote and be the Next President. I also know that the Black power advocates say they will assassinate him if elected. So it will be by the hand of God, if Nixon or Wallace are elected and survive. Then the Jewish bankers came out and said:---Don’t elect Nixon or if you do 6 months after he is elected the country will have the greatest depression this country ever had. Well the Jewish international bankers control the economy so we will know where it came from. America took the last great depression but I don’t think they will take another for they are going to see thru this one. They will crumble that mystery Babylonian system, and its Federal Reserve banking system. They will put in a U.S. Bank----the money for that system is already printed here in the United States.

So I tell you tonight that America is in a Crucial hour, the Communist are watching very closely whom will be elected, they will test him at once to see how he reacts. I don’t think America is going to have to take a Humphrey-----So:---

So---- Choose whom ye shall serve.