Chosen In Him, 1-7-68


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-7-68

As we turn in our subject we will turn to the book of Ephesians, for the Apostle Paul is explaining some of the mysteries. In fact the Apostle Paul by this time had already been into the heavenly places and back again. And he writes as one who had already written these things in a book and of course he had in the 'Apocalypse of Paul'. He had written in that book the great truths of God, taught to him by God himself. And he had written these also in the great Epistles which he had sent out to the various churches. And these Epistles are named according to the churches which he sent them to. And Peter said that these were to be received as scriptures. For they contained the revelations which God had bestowed upon the Apostle Paul So we are told that---blessed be the spirit which is in us, as it was in our LORD Jesus Christ, which hath blessed us in all heavenly places. Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places. And the Apostle Paul tells us that these things happened before the foundation of the world. He said that these thing had happened before he had sent the redeemer for his household and his race. That all of these things had been written in the councils of heaven. And in the records of the mysteries of God's kingdom. So he had already blessed us with all spiritual blessings and then tells us of the circumstances that govern this. He not only has blessed us with all spiritual blessings but "He had chosen us in HIM before the foundation of the world." --"That we should be holy and without blame before HIM in love.” That he had predetermined us as Children, by Jesus Christ to himself, according to the good pleasure of his will.

Probably there is a sense of a greater mystery in the first chapter of Ephesians than there is in any one chapter in the scripture. For as the Apostle Paul talks about these mysteries and the things that were shown unto him, he says;--"He has blessed us with all spiritual blessings.” This does not only mean identifying us with himself in forces of light and eternity. But he has bestowed upon us all of the gifts of Eternity from discernment to even the capacity to discern the thoughts of HIS mind, and according to the concept of HIS purpose.

There is one thing that we find. We have an absolute and sovereign God and HE has the mind that controls the whole universe. And HE having begotten the household of his own has brought this cosmic conception into the fulfilment of his own life. The fact is that as we behold the nature of God we are told that We who have existed in Him from before the foundation of the world. For if you had not existed with Him from before the foundation of the world HE could not have blessed you with all spiritual blessings. HE is an omnipotent God knowing all things for HE possesses all power. His Omniscience matches his Omnipotent power and HE tells us that since we existed in Him before the foundation of the world that HE had begotten a holy seed. And all of our names are written in the Lamb's book of Life, which was written before the foundation of the world. That HE as our father beheld this vision of purpose we also caught the conception.

Therefore the most important thing was that we thought like our Father, who is in heaven. And as he predetermined the course of events we caught this vision. And as he created spheres in his universe, wherein events would happen, we also knew of the same which HE had declared unto us that he was going to do. More than this the spiritual blessings and the spiritual inheritance, of all spiritual blessings included the foreknowledge of God's purpose, and included the omniscience which HE has passed on to you. If the Most High was to have children in the patterns of eternity then they would be like unto himself. Therefore this is why the Apostle Paul said;--ye are Elohim and all of you are the children of YAHWEH. Because --we are told --we are Chosen in HIM before the foundation of the world.

As we read these patterns then we well understand that God selected a household. Had chosen in Him before the foundation of the world, and had predetermined their time of Glory upon the face of the earth. And a we look out over the earth we see this Adamic race which God begat unto himself and the Apostle Paul thus was establishing their entrance into the world. As God begat the Adamic race this became the avenue for the Celestial children of the heavens, who had been blessed with all spiritual blessings would then have their entrance into earth. Strangely enough as the Adamic race was begotten into the physical world, they are strangely enough children of Adam after the flesh, but children of God after the spirit.

Why then did the holy spirit refer to it then in this way? Because you had Celestial bodies in the spirit and therefore celestial minds, and thus referred to as a Celestial child in the spirit and an embodied celestial child in the Adamic body. AS you came into the Adamic race there was a veil of forgetfulness drawn across the eyes of the babe, and you then were not totally to remember the things of God. It would learn again with the concept and the precept of God. And Patriots and men of renown would help them established areas of God's word, until he called his prophets and then established His living word. Then again we became aware in this adaptation to a physical world, that God was our Father. But we did not remember all of the things which he had taught us. Thus we find in the writings of the Apostle Paul an identification of these Strangers an Pilgrims in the earth, of whom the earth was not worthy, when we recognize that the mind of God, and our ability to think the thoughts of God are on the same plain, then we can look out with him ahead in the prophecies and understand these prophecies of the Most High God.

The vastness of His universe was reigned over by his sons and his daughters. The children of the Most High not only reigned over the creations and the vastness of the outside, where all were dwelling in an area of tremendous peace until Lucifer decided to rebel, for he was not going to acknowledge the children of the Most High. Tremendous battles occurred and swept the heavens. And 1/3 of the heavens was involved when Michael drove Lucifer out of the heavens and drove him earthward. At the same time then God said that he would send his sons and daughters into the earth and Lucifer would finally acknowledged them. And that he would finally bow and worship before the sons and daughters of the Most High God.

Now; we find that the Apostle Paul sets these records out thru his Epistles and the Apocalypse of Paul, and we see here in the book of Ephesians that we were chosen in Him before the foundation of the world. And we who are the White race, the Adamites he has already blessed us in heavenly places --in Christ.

Now; we want to point out to you that we shall return to this great wisdom in the areas of God's blessings. However there are some things here that we are to understand. As God pours out his spirit and increases the wisdom and knowledge upon his household, the white race shows that it inherited this spiritual blessing and the knowledge that is all that the earth has to offer. There is not a race on the face of the earth which can put out such an intellectual capacity of wisdom and knowledge than can be wrought with this wisdom and vision which this white race possesses. They are the technological masters of the earth, and they must take the earth and rule over it according to the purposes of our Father. When we talk about being technological masters, there is no question that this is talking about our society, our technological existence. The idea flows thru your mind. The Greeks had the right thing, when they said they knew that out of the planes of nowhere comes the illuminated concept called illumination or idea. The Greeks used to teach that they possessed the very height of idea because they said those present round about did not receive ideas. And they meant spiritual illumination.

Now; there is no question about the fact that there is spiritual illumination. For you still possess a spiritual body and a spiritual mind. That is one with the wisdom and knowledge of God. You have a subconscious mind which is capable of many things, and which is guided by inspiration into the area of the physical body. You have the brain which functions out of the senses and out of areas of reason. And as out of this area of senses and reasons then it thinks that it has the area of truth. But many things which you do not understand come from these ideas out of the subconscious mind, as they have been reflected and determined for you out of the mind of the spirit. God can stimulate the sub conscious mind of the spirit, and it catches the wisdom and understanding, and greatness out of the mind of the Most High. Then the material, and the inventions and all of those things emerge upon the face of the earth. Out of the plains of spirit, out of a celestial mind, which dwells with God and has complete and total submission there emerges the wisdom of your race. It cannot descend upon any other people. For only those who have the whole output of God's spirit can avail of it, as it opens up every secret thing.

"Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” You may ask of your father and he will unveil unto you the mysteries that you should know. For God has determined that you shall know and you shall understand, and you shall reap the wisdom of HIS spirit, as it move out of the spiritual consciousness into the subconscious pattern. And it even takes visual effect upon areas of the brain. So you see that this is a part of the children in HIM. Plus God had ordained the establishment of his children as they emerged in earth. As they became the inhabitants of the Adamic race, then the Celestial avenue, the purpose and plans by which they would enter into, had been entered into by the Father from the very beginning. So therefore we can well understand that HE hath not only directed the course for those who would understand the things that they would do in earth, and has laid this out by his ministers, and his prophets. And all are ordained in the time and the measure in which they would live.

Not only is this true, but some were called to Agriculture, and some to His ministry and God continues to call to his ministers and His prophets. He enlightens them from the spirit, and then unveils them out of the spirit bringing forth the knowledge and the truth. And so we have recognized that we are a household, and that our names are written in this 'Lamb's book of Life,” from before the foundation of the world.

Having predestinated us for this time of birth, and for this measure as children, then we serve YAHWEH or Jesus the Christ at the pleasure of HIS own good will. The Apostle Paul says that our appearance and our Grace is to the praise of his appearance and glory, and He has made us accepted unto our brothers. In Him you have redemption thru his blood. We have forgiveness of our sins according to the riches of His Grace. And thenus. Then us:---"Having made known unto us the mysteries of His world. Accordingly He hath chosen us at his own good pleasure for the things which He hath purposed to himself.

The Apostle Paul then makes this declaration that you and I have been Chosen according to His will, and chosen for our transgressions, and we have been redeemed from our sins. According to the purpose of He who purposed all of these things according to his will.

Now; we go back into the book of Isaiah and he says that everything HE has purposed to do He shall bring to pass, and He will do all this because He is God. And He not only purposed this, but He has purposed that every last child of his that He has placed in the earth, shall be redeemed and shall reenter the heavens, and shall be able to come and go thru out God's purpose for plans and for history.

The Apostle Paul declares that in the dispensation, in the fullness of time, that he will gather into one all things which are in Christ, both of things which are in heaven and things which are in earth, even in HIM. In whom we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to His purpose who works out all things according to the council of HIS own will.

We are His heirs and we have also received an inheritance from God, who has chosen us in him before the foundation of the world. The strangeness of the wisdom of God concerning the acceptance of his household and concerning their intelligence is also marked in the 'Apocalypse of Paul.”

As we move from the Apocalypse of Paul back to His Epistles then God reveals that he will reveal every secret thing unto his household, to HIS sons and his daughters. As we turn again into the book of Galatians, we find that we are told that His spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the progeny, that we are the offspring of God. And God revealed unto the Apostle Paul that every secret thing, every thing of wisdom and knowledge would be revealed unto His household. That we not only possessed the spiritual intelligence, but we are like unto no people upon the face of the earth. When people talk about integration, and how we must integrate the Negroes into our white society, and into our standard of Equality. That Negroes are equal to all whites and so forth, and we are establishing legislation to make this true. It does not matter how much legislation that you legislate still you cannot legislate intelligence, and place it in the head of a Negro. Did you know that? It does not come in that way. You cannot legislate spiritual intelligence and place it in the head of a Negro, this does not work that way. You cannot legislate vision, intelligence and spiritual guidance into the head of an Asiatic, it does not work that way. It is not there for them in the capacity it is for the children of God who came down out of the heavens. Therefore, God speaks out in some of these patterns.

You cannot say that this which is unequal can beheld equal at any time. Only equal things are equal and only equal things can produce equality. Then God makes a declaration in the "Apocalypse of Paul" and it is brought out here in the Epistles. "According as HE hath chosen us in HIM, before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love." And he says that He hath established us so that we should be like Him in that hour when Christ returns.

Now; over in the book of Colossians then again the Apostle Paul brings out this area of mystery. And it says; "When Christ which is our light shall appear, then we also shall appear with Him in Glory" Thus he is siting again that when Christ comes those who came down out of the heavens will be able to appear with Him in Glory. For when Christ returns then he gathers from the east and the west, the north and the south his sons and his daughters, and they appear with him on earth. And you, even tho you do not live in that hour which the Apostle Paul was speaking about, still you have life and vitality, because your life is a life in Christ and the spiritual life is that which was begotten by His spirit. And when He shall appear then you will appear with HIM. And as He appears in Glory, you also shall appear in Glory.

And we think of those words that we find in the book of Isaiah which says "Arise and shine thy light has come, and the Glory of God has come upon thee.” Why? Because you are Elohim, the children of the Most High God. The world today does not like this concept of the children of God ruling over it. They do not want the light of God and they certainly do not want the chosen of God.

The other day on a certain T.V. show they were talking and they had Adam Clayton Powell on there, and they were talking about how they should put the finance in the hands of the right people. And said, all of the people of the world into one catastrophic pattern of evil.

Now; as we find all of these things moving into a final pattern, we find that the churches want to embrace evil. And they would embrace anything that is evil for they see no evil. But the fact remains that the kingdom of God has ordained, that the laws of God are true, and they are righteous. And because of this then God has declared that his sons and daughters are going to uphold His law. And the world is going to obey the laws of God from one end to the other whether they like it or not. And I am not caring much whether they like it or not. I think that when the time has come. When the people of God are the brightest people on the face of the earth, and they have the capacity to be guided by the spirit of God who knows all things, and who will control all things once more. I think it is about time that they ran the world. This may seem strange to you but this is God's world and it does not belong to Lucifer. Russia does not own the world, Red China does not own the world. The African nations do not own the world. The world belongs to you, because your Father gave you the world. He said; this is my throne, this is my footstool. You are going to bring in my kingdom, and put down the powers of evil, and there is no exception to this. For this is one of the things which God has declared that 'Shall be'.

Now; you are the children of Adam after the flesh, and the children of God after the spirit. And Christ then came as the Second Adam for this was the embodiment out of the very life of God. Therefore, the Apostle Paul makes these statements;---'When Christ shall appear then our light shall also appear and we shall appear with Him in Glory. And we would point out that in I Peter, then we find Peter pointing out the Majesty of God's purpose. And in this instance again he sites that you are a household. 'Chosen in the Father' from before the foundation of the world. Then as he continues speaking in this matter he says that 'ye are a chosen generation.' Therefore when He came then whom did he come to? When He came in a living body he came to a living STONE, a great stone kingdom, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God and precious.--for ye are a chosen generation, a royal Priesthood and a holy nation.

As we turn to the 5th chapter of the book of Revelation, we find that they were singing a new song, about this redeemer who had redeemed by his blood all of the kindred, out of every tongue and people and nation.

Verse: 10:---"And he hath made us unto our God, kings and priests; and we shall reign on earth. And I beheld and I heard the voice of many Angels around the throne, and the voice of them was like ten thousands times ten thousands and thousands of them.”

When you take a hundred million times ten thousands then you are losing track as to how far you are going then take that times thousands then you have a lot of people for God is not coming out on the little end of this program. Some people keep thinking about how many people are going to be save, and how many people the devil is going to get, what a queer spot God is to have in this whole thing. This is one reason they place an emphasis upon the broad road verses the narrow road. But the have the devil capturing the world and taking the people by the millions. But I want you to know that when it comes to the people of his kingdom and this white race, and the eventual purpose of God, then God does not end up with just a few. For ALL ISRAEL shall be saved, as it is written. And God shall take away their sins, and ALL FLESH will eventually be saved also, for thus it is written.

The wisdom of the most High God descends upon a people who worship him, and acknowledge HIM, his Grace and his power. And I want you to know that God has predetermined your life and your existence He has predetermined that you shall accept the areas of His Grace. And that you the sons and daughters shall be illuminated with the light of his countenance, and you shall rule the world. It is known that there is a sequence that shall disrupt some of this, known as the process of death. But he says that since his death at Calvary, and His resurrection there has not been one son or daughter of Israel who is held by Lucifer in the Netherworld. Not one--for absent from this body is to be present with the LORD.

Now; there are a lot of people whom we would call casualties because in this fight with the powers of darkness, and people will say but what about them. But God says;--'Where could they go that I cannot find them?' He says that he saves to the Uttermost. And if he had 100 sheep in the fold and yet one was missing then he would search until he found that ONE. How long is he going to search?--Oh just for a few weeks then if he hasn't been found forget about him? What did he say?---'If I had 99 sheep in the fold and one lot, then I would search for that lost one UNTIL I FIND HIM.' That is how long he would search. And there would be more joy in the heavenly realm over the finding of this one sheep than all of the 99 because-- they want to see the program of the kingdom rise.

Now; HE says HE will save unto the uttermost. --But we hear so much about pulling the people out of the gutter. One Evangelist said he could not sleep of night for thinking of pulling the people out of the gutter. He says these people will die in sin and burn forever and forever. He said I do not know how anyone can sleep for I have to pray night and day for these people down in the gutter. I don't know who they are but I have to pray to save them.

Now; when I lay my head down on my pillow, I can turn the Universe over to God for the night, and I can rest. This is a strange things, here we have people who believe in a God of majesty and power. And he predetermined the life of his household, and had predetermined all things and he has determined that his people shall return to the majesty and glory which they lost. And yet here is an Evangelist who can't sleep of a night because he fears that someone is in the gutter.

Now; God does not say that you have to take the burden of the world upon you. There is no place in the book where God says that you have to take the burden of the world upon your back. He tells you to got to the cross and roll all of the burdens off on Him, for he has paid the price. You look out upon the elements of human nature, and there is a majority trend running thru the white race, of selfishness, and greed which comes into some. These are patterns that have moved out of the Luciferian kingdom and are effecting the children of the kingdom. I want to point out to you that the average man, the neighbor down the street, even if he is not engaged in studying the scripture, still he would give you the shirt off of his back if he thought it would help you. For the average man of your race has built in qualities that come out thru pressures.

Now; these are not saving factors but they do exist in your society. You can turn to the Asiatic and he is sort of numb toward these things. The are numb toward life and numb toward death, for they sit back and watch the liquidation by the state, of his neighbor and then even pay with a ticket to see him skinned alive. They lack an equality. They may have love for their children you say but there is a difference in the mind of the Asiatic toward his offspring. For they will throw a baby girl in the canal to die while they will almost worship a baby boy. There is a difference in the Africans as to their offspring. There is then this difference between the people of the world and your race as to their offspring.

I want to point out to you that there is a difference between the laws of God and the understanding of the laws of the Kingdom. For as they study the scriptures then the events of time take a hold of people and they begin to understand the events of time. But this is something that you might not be aware of for you possess a knowledge of things in the Celestial realms, that is why there are at times in your life when you experience something and it just seems like you have been here before. The whole process of the experience will sort of be repetitious for you will know the houses, you will know the rooms and it is as tho you had been there before. And yet you know that this is not possible. What it is my friends, is that God has predetermined the patterns of your life, and your celestial mind knows the same things which God has unveiled thru the spirit. And the subconscious mind sometimes in the hours when you are sleeping, or some times in your background has caught the concept of the mind of the spirit. And the subconscious mind is more aware than the natural brain is. And when you come to this experience it is as tho you have had this whole experience before. And this experience is just catching up in the pattern of time and events which God has foreknown. And these are things in the thinking of men, as they will say, but this is in my life time. And as they remember maybe this is out of an experience 200 or 500 years ago, and they say but I must have lived before this time. But you are the children of the offspring of the Adamic race, and in the genes and in the chromotin, and in the brain factors then all of this knowledge of the race is stored upon the electrons of your brain. Thus, you have inherited all of the knowledge of your forbearers up unto the time of your birth. And after that then the chromotin will store only the things which you have experienced. Therefore we know as this transpires, that you are capable of remembering all that happens in your lifetime. But sometimes we find that there is a wisdom and knowledge moving round the electrons of your brain and you can by vision, or such remember things which affected your ancestors and you can go all of the way back to Adam with this. But there is no suggestion of reincarnation for you, but you are a stream of light that comes out of an Eternal river. That you have been begotten in the heavens, and this heavenly stream of light moves thru this Adamic race, generation after generation like a stream of light. Therefore all things are known unto it and you possess the knowledge of all things, and you possess the experience of all experiences inside the tendrils of your mind. And this is why the wisdom and knowledge of some of these things breaks out. And if something of significance of importance, in this reaching back, you will discover that there is limitlessness in your capacity to recall this experience.

You are a part of the seed of Eternal life which never parishes. And so as we behold these things, thus we have been chosen of God. Has God chosen and you will not receive? No. for whatsoever God has chosen you shall have. And these things you will see fulfilled in the course of time, and in the patterns of history. And as we return to the Apostle Paul he tells us that we are the inheritors, of all things, of whom who works out all things according to the workings of His Will. So when did He predestinate you, but from before the foundation of the world. Before the foundation of this earth. So we do not have a Gospel without hope, we have a gospel of absoluteness one with hope.

You say how do you know that you are saved? I not only know that I am saved. I know that God planned it. He talked about it with the Redemption then consummated it with the redemption. And this is just as positive as life and living. I do not need someone to come up and tap me on the shoulder and say; 'ARE You saved brother, Are you saved brother' I do not have to go thru a formula here? I have been chosen God. He said we did not chose Him, HE chose us. And I want you to know that the love of their father, and the Grace of our father extends out toward his children, and recognizes that there is no limitation on the power of God. No limitation upon his wisdom, and no limitation upon his Grace. For God has the power to raise up this house and overthrow the power of lucifer, the kingdom of lucifer and pass it into the hands of his children. I know that we are going to rule and reign on this earth and we are going to bring this earth into a great and mighty province of God's universe. And I tell you that God has declared these things and the Apostle Paul speaks out about these things, and he tells you that you should search the scriptures. And then he tells you that you were with the father before the foundation of the world. And those with all of those spiritual blessings are going to experience all of those spiritual blessings once again. As the Celestial nature takes over with Majesty and with light, and with power. Thus when we behold, all of these situations there is one things that you cannot do.

When a person understands all of these things, you cannot defeat them. When a person knows these truths no one, can shake them. When they know that they are a child of the father, and every thing that God has said shall come to pass, then nothing is going to disturb them. And this is what the left wing forces, and the powers of darkness do not understand. This mystery of the kingdom, that you were with the father from the beginning, and who know that they have a destiny to fulfill and this destiny is something that will he fulfilled. This destiny is the great victory of God, over all of the forces of darkness.

End of message.