Christian Vision, 1-30-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-30-64

We turn this afternoon to the 29th book of Proverbs, and to the 18th verse. This is instruction given by the LORD for those places where there is no vision. “The people perish. The conclusion being---He that keepeth the law, happy is he.” One of the great problems which lies at the heart of our Christian civilization lies at the heart of our society. The more a situation is in the hands of God the more significant it is in its purpose. And another area is the spiritual center of HIS kingdom, HIS church. The responsibility of HIS church is not only to continue as HIS Oracle, but to proclaim the law of God and the Will of God. Within the structure of that institution which we realize is governed with the hand of flesh and with the spread of religious hierarchies over many denominations, there are those who seek from time to time to nullify Divine instructions. Replacing sometimes the instructions of God with the opinions of men. And when the opinions of man is used in place of the instructions of God, you are in serious trouble. Thus, it is that we have a tremendous wave of people today who have been told that the laws of God are no longer necessary for we have passed from a period of law into a period of Grace. But when you ask them to interpret for you the Grace of God, then you find that sometimes they have a hard time explaining this. But they say that this is the 'love of God' and the forgiveness of God whether you obey HIM or not. The point is that they so stress this that some people feel relieved from an obligation to proclaim the law of God with strength.

Now the kingdom of God is an administration. And it relates to a Divine government. And in these processes of government then law is important. You cannot have government without law. The program of God's kingdom is a program of Divine law. Ruling over by that kingdom, is God, Himself. And HE shall rule over the earth. And those who constitute HIS household, HIS children, shall rule with HIM from one end of the earth to the other. But the laws of God, the standards of God and the rightness of God---the world shall obey.

Now in this instance when we hear the comment that we have passed from Law unto Grace, we point out to you that we are under grace because God treats us with Grace. And HE does this because we would otherwise fall because of the lack of spiritual application and because of the lack of perception in the inner consciousness, sometimes, and the directness of the soul to perform. But because of who you are, then God has made some promises from sheer Grace. God has made promises and covenants that you would not be worthy of from your physical activities in a physical world and the greatness of such purposes. We point out that God did not leave some of these things to chance. They are very important to God. Wherein God has dealt with you with Grace, it is necessary then for HIM to bring certain things to truition. This is one of the reason why HE said as we read to you last week---'I am YAHWEH GOD AND I CHANGE NOT.” Therefore, ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. This declaration in Malachi: --I YAHWEH AM God and I will have my way.” HE is going to have HIS way because it is the only right way by which HE can hold everything together. It is HIS nature to be expressed in the midst of HIS creation.

Now there is one thing this afternoon that you must understand, which is closer to the heart of God than anything in HIS universe. And that is HIS household and HIS offspring. The people that are HIS children, they are people of HIS Spirit, life of HIS life. And HE makes certain declarations concerning this:----I would give Africa for you. I would give Egypt, I would give Asia for you, because you are my sons and my daughters.” By the same token, the ends of the earth need the sons and daughters of God to administer and rule and eliminate their present problems. The world may hate you and the nations of the world may not appreciate you as the sons and daughters of God. But the day is going to come when they shall worship at your feet. I want you to know that at this hour HE is not willing to leave the destiny of HIS people up to their behavior, and depend totally upon it without activating those behaviors and bringing to full completion the things which HE desires.

We turn to the book of Isaiah. And HE says that, 'All Israel is going to be saved.’ And HE promised this again in the book of Romans when HE gave the vision to the Apostle Paul, and he wrote 'All Israel shall be saved, as it is written.’ This is by the Grace of God not because of the conduct of all Israel, but by the Grace of God which by the power of God shall make them perform the thing that HE desires. But this does not excuse the people of the kingdom from the laws that God gave them, for obedience to these laws. There are some people who would take a license out of the areas of the Grace of God, because they know that God is going to give them Eternal life and they shall never perish. But by this declaration, they seem to think that they have no obligation toward supporting the laws of God, or the carrying out of the program of God or the application of HIS kingdom. Thus, there is added to this the Ecclesiastical attitude that all they need to talk about is 'Heaven above' and the work of Christ and Calvary. And then nothing else is of any importance.

Make no mistake about it. We are not going to say that the greatest event in the history of your race was the ‘Atonement’ wrought for you by God which gives you Eternal Life for HE paid the price for your Deliverance. There is no question but that we would boast in the achievement of liberating ourselves from the powers of darkness. But we would boast of what Christ wrought on Calvary when HE conquered Lucifer and conquered ‘self’ and came up out of the Grave. But this is not the ultimate purpose of God. This is one facet of God releasing HIS kingdom and breaking the power of Lucifer to hold any of HIS children in the Netherworld so that they can accomplish the purpose which HE has ordained. The Grace of God assures you of Eternal Life. You do not have to sit here and worry about whether some area of their power will assign you to some area of torment. You do not have to worry about the powers of darkness being greater than the powers of the Kingdom. The Scripture tells you that greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world. I point out that you and I are not placed here to be defeated. And we are not placed here to be conquered. You have not been placed in the earth to be overthrown. For there has been thrown into the balance of your existence, the mighty person of God. But then you are a very unusual people. And the scripture refers to you as a peculiar people. The marked difference in you and the world, is the ability to think with the thoughts of God. For the vision of God's purposes is to arise in your consciousness. Because of this, God raises up men. And in the past, HE has raised up Patriarchs to lead HIS people. HE has ordained HIS ministry and HE has established HIS spiritual center, giving the New Testament among HIS people. And under every covenant HE says HE does not leave you helpless and without HIS word, for HIS Word abideth forever. And HE places also in your midst, those who can think and see the vision and can pass it on to you. And HE has ordained that you shall bear witness unto this and can catalyze it. ‘And in the latter days, I am going to pour out my vision on all of my sons and my daughters and they will see the vision and they will become alert.’ And you and I are living in the latter days. We are in the measure of the great sign of Aquarius, the great day which marks the 'Day of the LORD.’ And Aquarius is also in the Star Bible . . . the symbol that “I shall pour out my spirit, upon all of my sons and upon all of my daughters.” And the prophet Isaiah said that it will be like rain, like rain, it will be like water, until your innermost being flows with Living Water. And your ability is to see that as God pours HIS spirit out with ideas of knowledge and wisdom. But the pouring out upon the kingdom is going to be this same force, this same force, this same vision, this same testimony.

Now hear this. We are not thinking of symbolism transformed in the sky. We are not thinking of things so far removed from us as being translatable into reality. The church is made up of people being right here on the earth. And I want you to know that Jesus Christ did not just come along as a spiritual wit. Every once in a while some people come along and say there are three who bear witness in heaven. Whereas this is a ecclesiastical translation of errors. But spirit so embodied, constitutes an individual, and God is spirit, soul, and body. And in this instance, HIS constant ability to materialize thru out HIS universe and the synthesis of HIS being is Eternal---'Before Abraham I AM'.-- ‘I am the LORD GOD that changes not, I am the same yesterday and forever’ (Hebrews 13:8 ) says Jesus.

Now I point out to you that when God visited you in earth, HE did not make a spiritual return separate and apart from you as dwelling upon the face of the earth. As we have read so many times, that because you were down here in bodies of flesh, then this is the kind of body HE took. I point out that over in the book of John, this is the love of God --that you keep HIS commandments. -----But whosoever is born of God overcometh the world.’ This is the promise:----'Whosoever is born of God overcometh the world.’ This is the victory which overcometh the world and this is our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the embodiment of God? And a little further along is this declaration:-- ‘This is HE that came by water and by blood, even Jesus the Christ. And it is the spirit that bears witness that the spirit is true.’ Jesus did not just send the spirit. HE did not just come as a spiritual entity. HE came with the functioning of water, but HE came as a Holy Seed. HE came with the blood that HE had established in the line of Adam. HE came out of that race and HE shed that blood. But Jesus came spirit, soul and body. And HE dwelt in a body.--Thus, God visited you, and HE said, “You are my kinsmen.”

I am going to tell you that a bunch of converts that you have saved over in the Congo are not going to save the world. I am going to tell you that you have had missions in India, but they are not going to save the world. The people in the ends of the world, who are not of the household of God as HIS children, are not going to save the world. And no evangelist is going to transform them by some kind of ecclesiastical hockus pokus as sons and daughters of God. I have had men say, “Dr. Swift, I went to Bible College and I prepared at the Seminary, and they told me that all I had to do was go out here and tell people that all they had to do was believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and then they become saved, and become sons and daughters of God. And now they are all equal with the rest of the Saints; and they join the church. And from that time on, they are sons of God. Isn't this true?”---There is not a word of truth in it. And they say, “Surely, there must be some truth in it for hierarchies and churches have taught this for some time.” But I tell you that it started with Babylon and it ends with Babylon. And it is an attempt to integrate and mongrelize the children of God.

There is no greater salvation. For God has declared this Himself, this is a part of HIS extending Grace. But this is not, my friends, the story of the Kingdom. HE that is born of God is because HE was the offspring of God by God's will and intention. Someone said the whole world is born of God by HIS will and intention. No,---the world is not a part of the kingdom of God. And there is actually nothing between the world and the kingdom. There is nothing which can bring the world and the kingdom together. Instead of talking about the whole world, you better start talking about the kingdom. For this is the victory which overcomes the world. We did not come down here to fuse the church and the world. We came down here to overcome the world with the kingdom of God. Jesus did not attempt to bring the world into the church. The trouble with the world today, is that we have so many of the bishops in our hierarchy who need to be excommunicated from the church, rather than being in the Bishop positions that they hold. But you have these bishops of the church studying things that are obscene and evil. You say, “But that cannot be.” But yes, the teacher likes to inform people, and Bishop Kennedy of the Methodist church upholds it. People then live with deteriorated concepts and ideas. And the leaders of the church want to integrate them into their church. I never saw on the streets of San Francisco, as many evidences of degeneration and sexual depravity as was visible this past week. And even the newspapers were commenting on it. You could not tell whether male or female. And you could not tell which, as they were flaunting all of their evil. And at the present time it is to look at the show with a beatnik twist as they can possibly look today.

Now I am not talking about the majority of people who live in San Francisco. When I talk about the degenerate forces of Satan's kingdom in Los Angeles, we are not talking about the majority of people. Tho we better look out, for there are getting to be more and more of the queers all of the time. But make no mistake about it. You are living in the latter days. The signs of Sodom and Gomorrah and the days of Noah are on every side. The signs of deterioration come out of the world order. And the world order is in opposition to God's kingdom. It is in opposition to HIS laws and to HIS church. And now there is in the structure of the church, those who want to move into the world order with ease. They are for friendship between the church and the world order. And they make no opposition to the world order. And a church that will accept the world order is just a kind of friendly association that does not oppose anything.

Now the vision of the church is not, my friends, acquiescence or appeasement. But it must be one of existence, and even to the battling of blood, if necessary, for the things which are righteous. Thus, we turn to these words:--- ‘He who is born of God overcometh the world.’ This is the victory which overcomes the world, even our Faith. This is function, this is action, and this is vision that moves with action. For Faith is the substance of all of the things which you hope for. It is the spiritual witnessing evidence inside of your consciousness of things not yet visibly beheld, but spiritually perceived.

I turn over to the hook of Corinthians, again, to orient your relationship with God . . . your relationship as it relates to earth itself. And as you open the record of the book of Corinthians, the distinction between you and those round about become immediately discussed. It relates to your right to judge the world and your perception as it relates to it.

Now the Apostle Paul says that we speak this wisdom of God, hidden from the world order . . . the wisdom that God ordained before this world was even made for your glory. Now there are two words for glory. And one refers to the emanation that moves out from a person, not only visible to the eye, but a great catalyzing, vibrating spiritual force, that moves out from Christians and the children of God. . from one end of the spectrum to the other. And either one of them can be felt as the vibratory and spiritual force catalyzes and grows stronger among those of vision. As the Apostle Paul says, this wisdom was ordained before the world was framed and was for our glory. And as you see the purposes of God and you think upon it, and you work upon it, the energy catalyzes and the emanation becomes stronger. And the aura of God's glory becomes stronger upon you.

Now none of the Princes of this world knew this. This includes Lucifer and the fallen Angels and the kings of the world order who rule one hour with the beast. They could not receive or see the great wisdom of God's purpose. They lack one great quality of essence in their being to make this possible, and you have it. And it says, therefore, that God reveals this mystery by HIS spirit. HE cites that they could not perceive it. They could not understand it. They crucified the LORD of Glory because they did not know, or could not think or perceive. They hated HIM. And they were in the world order without spiritual light. God reveals them by HIS spirit which searches out all of the deep things of God. What man knoweth the things of God, having been born different than the world order? For the very essence of God's spirit is passed down to God's posterity, a Holy Seed of spiritual reality. I think it is important for the church to catch one area of its vision . . . that we are not the same as the world. That we are different from the world. Wherein today they are trying to tell us that everybody is the same . . . the world order, all of the pagans are all the same as we are. There is just a little difference in the pigmentation of the skin. But they tell me that we are all the same. They want us to unite. They want to have one world government and one world law, one world constitution. And then subordinate your Christianity and suppress it and then outlaw and then produce a wild orgy of evil, and then rule the world under this program promising them that they can give them more food, more security, and all of the things which they desire for pleasure without having to put up the necessary energy to create these things. The world promises them everything if they will surrender their liberty and pass under the world order. I am going to tell you that the world cannot deliver what it promises. For the world cannot give everybody something for nothing. And the world cannot give everybody all of the security and all of the housing, and all of the money that they want, and all of the pleasures that they want, without them putting out the energy and the creative work to produce it. But Satan has always been a liar, as we pointed out to you, that when he tempted Christ and said, ‘look, I will give you all of the kingdom's of this world if you will just fall down and worship me. Now I know that you have mighty power, but I am Prince of this world. So you acknowledge me and I will acknowledge you, and there will be no necessity of any quarrel. Your kingdom does not have to fight mine. So why not get along with the world?’ Someone said, “My, the devil was a kind of nice fellow. He did not fight Jesus, he just said--look, let’s get together here.” And then he said, “Let's get along together. You can be the prince over all of the world, and I will be just a little above you, but you can rule. So let's share this world together.” And I will say again---today I would not want to leave this up to the Bishop's of the churches to make this decision. For they would all gather in Rome or in New York City, and say, ‘we must coexist’

The devil, however, established one thing that this was the embodiment of God. But don't think that just learning this is salvation. Don't think, my friends, that all you need to know is who Christ is. The devil wanted to defeat HIM, but he could not perceive HIS ideas. So his strategy was to win HIM over and get HIM to recognize my (the devil) power. And if I (the devil) can do that, I can unseat HIM. The devil is a simpleton. If Christ had acknowledged the devil, the Universe would have disintegrated. This is more than he could understand. He would not have had a universe to stand on if Christ had bowed to him. The uniqueness of it all is that design and the pressure was to try to bring the world and the kingdom together and then the kingdom would cease to exist.

When Jesus said, “ye are the salt of the world, and the light of the world,” --but if salt is mixed with earth what happens to it?---It loses its savor. The saltiness of the salt requires that it shall not be diluted. That is the only reason why God calls you the salt of the earth. Because if you become useless than what good is it? And God is trying to keep you from diluting it lest there be no savor. I tell you that this fictitious concept is not the vision of the church. It is the vision of the World Order to conquer the church, which wants to lower our standards to theirs, to embrace them irrespective of their conduct, and then support them. As long as everybody enjoys themselves and gets along together, then it is alright. But you won't get along anyhow for there is no peace with evil. The Church's vision therefore, is to draw the line and in drawing that line, then you oppose the evil. Jesus said, “Ye shall not tempt the LORD thy GOD.” And we tell you this afternoon that the church must oppose the whole process of evil.

The world seeks to embrace God's kingdom. And so tie it in unity with them until they conform to this pattern of evil. At this moment our nation is fighting Communism and its armies. But we are not fighting the principal of Communism, or we would put America first. Do you know how you could get a real chastisement? While you are fighting the Viet Cong with the war getting bigger, you know, Cambodia is one of the areas of strength in resistance. And we have invested a lot of material and strength here. And now the enemy is expanding this war. But while you are tied down there fighting a war, the Red Chinese said, ‘we want you to send millions over here before we come to destroy you over there.’

Now I point out that while you are fighting Communism over there, and the President says that we are not going to let anyone come in and take away the freedom from anyone else. What a hypocrite that phoney is. Someone did not like that, for you shook your head a little. But now I am going to prove what I have to say. This is where the church should speak out and speak all of the way. This very week the newspapers covered the opening of a school in Zambia that has been erected under the direction of your State Department. You spent $750,000.00 to set up this one school to train Negro revolutionists to overthrow the government of Rhodesia, South Africa, Mozambique, and Portugal's Angola. While you are sending boys out supposedly to die, or to fight to victory to stop the hoards of Communism trying to take over the governments of Asia, where a lot of them are Buddhist and Pagan, you are helping to unseat White Christian leadership that is in Africa. And your State Department with your tax dollars, is doing the work of Communism and the anti-Christ.

Let me make this clear. If your money, without your objection, without your crying out, without the church saying this is evil---’no,’ can be sent to overthrow White Christian government, while you battle supposedly to stop the expansion of Communism, then what you sow over there, you are going to reap in judgment on your nation. Someone said, “We know this nation is going to survive.” That's right, for God is going to chastise you until you wake up. You say that is not our fault? Well, the best way to prove that is to denounce the evil. You will want to get out from under the responsibility of the judgments that fall on the house of God as they violate divine laws and have allowed themselves to be captured by the World. Then you have to denounce that which is evil. The church is not represented by the hierarchies and the voices that have infiltrated it that do not speak out properly. The church, which makes up the great majority of Christians in every denomination, would shudder if they understood the pronouncements and what they meant coming from their leadership. When one of the major denominations calls on the President to get on his knees and have Peace at any price, this is not the work of the church. It is not the voice of God. And it is about time that we get back to our old program of excommunication. I think it is time to throw out of the church everything that is clear cut in repudiating the righteousness of God's purpose and the laws of God.

Now, I can stand a sinner inside of the church which acknowledges being a sinner and supports the wrong way to God. But I have no use for a hypocrite inside of the church who is trying to make ‘wrong’ ‘right.’ When we turn to talk about sin, then people want to get real personal. They are thinking about all of the conduct that may have occurred in their lives while they have been looking at someone else's sin. And of course, there is transgression. For all violations of Divine law are transgressions. It is far more important than what may be the results of individual and minute breakdowns of the massive programs of society. I am concerned mainly because I know chastisement is the result of disobedience, and he whom God loves, HE chastens. And the vision of the church must be to give a clear and undistorted picture of what God's purpose and plans are at this hour, and for this time, and in this age. And if we do that, there will be no joining of the church with the world. It will be so far spread apart that we will be able to see it clearly. Someone said that we ought to do this with the Congress and the Senate. Well, when I walk into the Senate, then I do not see a house of people of God. I see some of the sons and daughters of God, but I also see some of the sons of the devil in there also. But the church of Jesus Christ is not supposed to have any devils in it. --But there are. They are not in the True Church. They are not in that mystical body in which all of you are of the many-membered body of light. For the church is the Body of Christ in the world today. You are spirit of HIS spirit, flesh of HIS flesh, and bone of HIS bone. One is not superior to the other . . . the structure of the body. The foot does not say, ‘I am inferior because I am on the bottom; head does not say, ‘I am superior because I am responsible.’ Every part of the body is complete if necessary, for the motivation so that it can get around and do what it is supposed to do. But you are down here in this body so that you can get around in this kind of a world. We have all kinds of spooks that drift around and never become real. I have more theological ‘cooks’ that people want to interject into theology as to why we should do this or that. But I am not interested in theological spooks. I am interested in flesh and blood people with the spirit of God in them. When we understand that, you will understand that your whole occupation is to be made manifest in a physical world. The world cannot get into the plain of spirit from whence you came. And they cannot keep you from going there if you left here. So when you talk about the victory, I am talking about the victory that overcomes the world. I am not talking about the victory that Michael won a long time ago. I am interested in the one that you and I are going to win in the next few weeks, months and years. And this means that we must awaken the people. It is a hard thing sometimes to understand that a people so openly brilliant and knowing that their spiritual understanding is out of the Father, since they are spirit of HIS spirit, how did they get down here in this clay and then become so blind? I look out over a congregation that had been instructed in the ways of the kingdom and they know who the enemy is, and they know about his tactics. And I can look at another congregation of Christians and they have similar countenances, and they wear similar clothes, and they represent a culture and a society and they believe in morality and ethics. And they do not go along with what is all going on. But then they do not know what is going on either. But at the same time, there is a difference. They are down here in clay, alright, but the clay is on top. And they have not broken thru at this time.

Now your job down here in a clay body, on fire for God, is to waken up every one of these sons and daughters here in these clay bodies. It is your job and mine to challenge as many people of our faith as it is possible to challenge. And I am going to tell you this. For this week I have talked to quite a few hundred people. And do you know that only about ten people knew that we were here, and only about 10 people knew that we had set up a school? And I mentioned this Friday night, for it is sort of hard to keep back. But these strange political observers and these psychologists, these doctors and our food experts say that we are in for a serious wave of cannibalism here in the United States in the near future. Because we are going to have a meat shortage. With the population explosion, we are going to have a meat shortage. So we will have a wave of cannibalism. That must be an admission that this wave of Cannibals coming in are going to eat us, because we are short of food. Someone said, “But Dr. Swift, what will happen if we run short of meat?” Well, then I think we will eat vegetables. All of the White men that I know will eat vegetables before they eat one another. But I have no confidence in the Watts District. Then instead of calling on a stronger police force and more discipline, then an Episcopal Bishop says that this church is to blame for all of the trouble. That we are to blame for the severity of the law when we try to make them obey it. But I know and so do you, that being around these unassimilable people and bringing in more and more of them, and then releasing them from the responsibility to obey the law and creating all of the mischief that has been created by the Communist revolution that wants to mongrelize you . . . and then this happens. And people say, ‘Is this the church’s business?’ Well it should be. I don't know of anything more urgent then cannibalism right now. You know there are lots of things that take place today, in lots of movements. And it may be kind of stimulating for a while. But they get together and they have a discussion. And then they pass a resolution. Now I don't know where these resolutions go after they pass them, but it is a great accomplishment. But they passed a resolution and they said we want to go on record as being against cannibalism. So they pass a resolution. And then they may have a meeting and they have a discussion, and they say we are against foreign aid. And that is a good thing. So they pass a resolution. It may be a patriot group and they are against integration. And they say we will pass a resolution stating we are against integration. And that is fine. But I am not interested in your resolutions, but in your actions. For faith without work is dead. The church, my friends, is to mold the consciousness of the sons and daughters of God, which is the sheer substance of the purpose and the plan. And of your understanding as to what God wants you to do. If you could flood the minds of your race today, waking them to their ancient heritage and their tomorrows, and have them just fit their lives into carrying it out, they are in the flow whether they know it or not. I am going to tell you that many, many times in the past, there have been thousands of people who were against the enemy. There have been thousands of people when your race was smaller, who were against the enemy. And then God stirred up the prophet and HE stirred up the leaders, and HE produced a military man. And the voice of the prophet and they went out to meet the enemy. And some of them were trudging along sort of half hearted. They would rather be home. So instead of having them tangle up the feet of good men, finally, when they got thru weeding out 'those who would rather be home,’ they only had 300 men left. But you are better off with an army of 300 men with faith, than with a thousand who didn't have it. But these were against the enemy. And they knew it was right to be opposed to them. In those days of Gideon, when the victory was won, it was psychological and then military. And it started after a defeat and a tremendous loss. But ended in the eventual destruction of the enemy. So there is a little something better for you in this day. HE says, “I am going to pour out my spirit upon all of my sons and my daughters and I am going to quicken the consciousness of all of them.” And there is one reason why. ---Listen to this.--There is one reason you cannot be defeated. It is because you are going to awaken up the majority in this nation of God's children. Make no mistake about this. For HE said, “I am going to awaken my people. I will bring them up out of their sleep.” This is Church vision. This is Christian vision. “You are my children and I make you responsible for the stewardship of the things that I place in your hands.”

In this great Christian nation under God, you will find that those who make up the Christian citizenship have the responsibility for the stewardship of this country. And because this is your responsibility, then you must catalyze spiritual force and use your energy. You must challenge people and you must absolutely repudiate the evil. This is action. And your voice must be added to all other voices in proclaiming the truth. They try to make you think that the truth stands alone and is small. And this keeps suppressing your own inner drive. I want you to know that no man can be completely happy when things are wrong and he knows better.

I was reviewing a letter the other day which comes down thru every report from one of the tax reporting centers in Washington. And because I am going to say something a little caustic here, I am not going to identify it. This is quite a letter. And men pay quite a price for his services. It tells them what is going on. And these brilliant minds are opposed to Communism, to Socialism. And they are opposed to this world drift which captures the minds of your country so that they can believe and let the parasites live on you. This letter is against it. And the men know that it is disintegration in the end. ‘But because of the situations and because you are setting up all kinds of projects in other parts of the world, and since it is coming, then you better get in and get all you can get. Because you are going to have to pay for it anyhow. So you want your share.’ When I read that paragraph I vibrated. I said, here is a great financial consultant and their fingers are on the pulse of a nation. They know what is immoral and what is evil, and what will end in bankruptcy and catastrophe. They know that the nation is in the hands of the money lenders. And they think that some of this is inevitable so get what you can out of it.

Now let me tell you something. It may be honest to say that there is going to be development in this area. But as for saying get all you can out of it, you should say that any person who believes in fiscal responsibility, that believes in their country, should fight this whole colossal evil and dry it up. He should have said, ‘I do not like this being a ward of the state. And I do not like any part of it. And I realize it is socialism.’ Of course, if I signed up for Medicare and I am getting all I can out of it, because everybody is getting it. But I don't like it. You say, you think it is about time we had a great revolt all across the country by people who are Christians because if they can buy you with these tidbits, they will take away the kingdom and destroy it? But God says that HE is not going to let this happen if HE has to pour out such a wave of spiritual resistance that you will repudiate the whole thing. Some say, “Dr. Swift, when you talk about these things, I get a guilty complex. Sometimes I stay away because I have a guilt complex because I am a participant.” Well, when we show you something which is destroying you and you get a guilt complex because you are a participant, then you better make some changes. Oh, you say this is too complex. We can't live without it. But greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the World. We have reached the point where God is challenging HIS people.

I am going to tell you that the church is going to divide into two halves. In all of the world things are dividing; two countries here, and into two countries there. And I am going to tell you that there is a True Church and a false church. The false church has a lot of buildings and the True Church has a lot of vision. The false church can bring on all of their dignitaries and then they want to sell you out to all of your enemies. And the True Church says that we will resist the devil and all of his work, because this will give us a bigger victory. I am not disturbed by the numbers of the enemy. For numbers are not the essence in the kingdom. All we are crying for is a demonstration of Faith upon the part of the little flock. And when that little flock moves, this is the victory which overcomes the world. This is the vision. I hear Christians sitting around talking about the problems, about parts of the problems. And they do not feel that they are being shut off from the people of darkness. They do not believe that they are being downgraded. They understand that they are an Elite. I want you to understand today that the children of God are an Elite. It is not a group of these world politicians who are an awful sad looking group of individuals.

I look at some of these little people who have been around the world . . . funny little puppets. I look at these White men and their faces are getting drawn. They look like they have been pulled thru two or three knot holes. And they tell us that they are trying to work it out. But it is a very sad picture. And behind them are the parasites in your country, carrying out their destruction while these people run around doing their errands. And we say again, God give us tall men, sun browned men, men who live above this. And I am going to tell you that the church has a great responsibility speaking for this year. For it is to proclaim the 'Day of the LORD.' If you proclaim 'the Day of the LORD,' you are proclaiming God's plan for this era. You do not have an antiquated religion that is not working. It is right up to date and working for today. When I talk about an old and antiquated religion, I am not talking about one that is old and antiquated because it believes God. I am talking about a religion that does not apply anything God said yesterday to today. And I hear some fine sermons and the whole plot of your living comes out of what Jesus said and what HE revealed. But they spend their time talking about just one verse and then nothing ever comes out of it. And they never touch upon the vital issues. Oh, they get around to telling people that they should not steal, that they should respect the moral laws. And they are told this as tho they were little children. And they go back to church to be told this over and over. But they never make the application to which God created this great institution. But God said that HE is going to pour out HIS Spirit upon HIS children. Not like clay and not in moderation. But “I am going to pour it out unlimited.”

So what is HE going to do? I just want you to catch this little simple pattern. For when God says that HE is going to stir you, then you are going to beat your plowshares into weapons to conquer the northern Army. The church bulletin today becomes everything that threatens the life of the kingdom. Someone said, “Are we going to lose everything in this struggle?” If people would stop thinking about losing everything and start thinking about conquering everything, they would have a different attitude about the whole thing. If we conquered by conquering the world order within our nation and then erected again the walls and the gates, and we established the Divine laws against integration, and if we did what God told us to do, then it would be migration instead of immigration for some people. If all of the parasites and all of the other unassimilable forces left America, there would be no unemployment. In fact, you would have 258 more of the parasite possessions that they took from you. I talked to these ministers and I told them that there was only one thing that they could say. And that was just what God had to say about faith, race, and the responsibility of men. That there was no way they could preach the Gospel if they separated these great areas. For there would be no way to tell who God was talking to, or what HE was talking about. There is no force that can awaken a nation to accomplish its destiny like the rightful powers of religion. And it must be true to accomplish a final objective which cannot be swept away.

Before I tell you that we look forward to achievement, I tell you that we look forward to victory. Then it must be the responsibility of every clergyman to look for the day when Satan's children do not live in our nation. So work for their removal. Work for the liberation of our economy from their hands . . . the restoration of our freedom to our people, and the preservation of the sovereignty of our state and support the principals that made us a great people until we envelop the entire world with the kingdom. Then do not overlook that our forefathers thought nothing about a little colonization, about the establishing of our law over islands in the Caribbean or islands in the Pacific. This was important. They were outposts. The day is going to come when from sea to sea, and shore to shore, from one end of the earth to the other, the kind of earth that you and I envision, obeying the laws of God without the parasites, without the flaws of law, without the evil, is not only going to be achieved by the victory of God's kingdom, but will be sustained forever by the will of God and the power of HIS people to make it so. For that we work. No more worrying about some punishment when you die. Start thinking about the chastisement that you get for not obeying God when you live. If you live for today, then tomorrow will take care of itself. I know about tomorrow because God told us. I know about yesterday, because HE told us. And I do not have any fear of God because of my shortcomings. Because HIS Grace is sufficient. But I have a fear of what the world will do if we do not obey HIS laws. For I know that HE owns the world, backed up by the power of HIS spirit. And since Jesus came to overthrow all of the work of the devil, we should be happy warriors overcoming the world. So put on the whole armor of God, for there are powers and principalities, rulers of darkness in this world, and they are in high places. And there is only one institution inside of the nation that can cope with this. And that is the church of the Living God. And it is the family of God which can carry this out. Therefore, HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. We are the receivers of HIS spirit. And we are not like the world because of the energy of HIS spirit which is within us . . . because of this seed and the seed factors that are involved.

End of message.