Christianity And The KKK, 10-31-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-31-65

Now the KKK is quite a vital subject when in the history of our nation, we are holding investigations, on the Congressional level into the affairs of the KKK.

I think it quite interesting to note, that I have now numerous copies of various newspapers in my files that come from various parts of the U.S. These are Jewish newspapers. And these newspapers boast that they brought the pressure on our government to bring about the investigation of the KKK.

And the investigation, tonight, of the KKK, and the way it is being handled by the government, can be directly related to Jewish assassination. We were, ourselves, at one time aware of how the Anti-Defamation League hated the KKK, and we well know that the A.D.L. organization and the organization of the B’nai B’rith (the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) have been instrumental in spreading the Socialist conspiracy. And here the state of California went so far as to oppose legislation that was passing at the state levels to take Communist from our payrolls.

At the time that legislation went thru the state legislature in California that all Communist--all those who were members of the Communist Party, who wouldn’t take the oath of allegiance to our National Government, be removed form the Civil Service payroll.

Then the A.D.L. and the B’nai B’rith got their little bulletin out and sent it to every Jew in California and to Jews in other states to help bring pressure on all legislatures. And especially, in California. And they said that pressure must be brought on all legislatures, because ant-Communism is anti-Semitism, because the majority of those who are Communist in the high positions of authority in California are Jewish. They said that if they were to remove Communist from our schools, it would be the Jewish professors who would be removed.

If we were to remove Communist from the Water Works or any other department of our government, it would be the Jewish employee who would be removed. So therefore, they wanted pressure brought on our legislatures. So we took a copy of this bulletin just as fast as it came off their presses and we flew to Washington, D.C. to give it to the Chairman of the Un-American Activities Committee, Congressman Rankin, who had much experience in his own background by experience in his investigation of Communism and the forces who were trying to overthrow America. He had the evidence before him that the conspiracy was mainly directed by Jewish organizations. And everywhere these organizations were obstructing the Un-American Activities Committee in their investigating and getting to the bottom of this design to overthrow America, and to Communize it with the A.D.L.

Congressman Rankin introduced a Bill in the Legislation to investigate the A.D.L. and called for cooperation for this investigation. But Immanuel Cellars sits on the Judiciary as the chairman of the Judiciary Committee of our Congress. And he never let out of his committee this Bill that would investigate this Jewish conspiracy. But he didn’t hold back the Bill--when the Jews wanted to investigate the KKK.

There is much that must be recognized concerning the time in which we live. We must approach this issue as a clergyman. We must approach this issue in relationship to Bible prophecy and the conditions we face in this hour.

Over the history of our race, we have watched a Communistic attempt to destroy the race that the MOST HIGH GOD has established in HIS Adamic Household. We discover by the design of intrigue and by the procedure of mongrelization, and by the procedure of violence and warfare, the people that constitute the Adamic race, or the White race, who were outnumbered as they came into this world, and still today are outnumbered--they are only 1/6 of all the population of the whole world today. But still, they keep expanding and growing in civilization and expanding programs and are an expanding Kingdom.

We have arrived at a very climatic period in the history of our race for we are the people who constitute the Kingdom of God. We are the Household God established in the world. We are the White nations of the earth. We are the nations of God’s Kingdom. And the spiritual center of that institution is the Church (the called out ones.)

A great and powerful race stream makes this possible. This is the White race stream. And the destruction of that race stream means the destruction of God’s Kingdom. A wipe-out by mongrelizing of that race would destroy that spiritual stream and haul down forever the resistance to the power of darkness and the forces of Luciferianism.

The MOST HIGH GOD will not let this take place. Nor will he let the powers of darkness succeed. We are living in the climatic period that the Bible speaks of as the Days of the LORD, or the Last Days in which all the powers of darkness are being hurled against the Kingdom of God. They have in the last two centuries been carrying out areas of those strategies. But in the last forty years, all the great impact of the forces of the world of evil and anti-Christ, have been made manifest against the children of the Kingdom.

Back in the periods of history in 1904-09, the Satanic design was to capture great areas of the earth so they could gather the manpower where they could destroy Christians and then hurl the power against Christian civilization. And the Soviet revolution--this power was led by Leninism, sparked by the Political philosophy of Karl Marx---this was a Jewish scheme which captured an area of the earth---a Christian civilization and got off to a happy start.

From that day to this, whether you realize it or not, you have been fighting Communism over the whole earth. In fact, Communism expands as the political philosophy of your enemy. And we have arrived at the climatic period when the powers of Anti-Christ and the false prophets have gathered together the hordes of Africa and Asia, with the design to absorb the White race--or conquer or destroy it.

So we are at a historic period, at a period when we are not charged to do nothing, nor are we told to wait. But we have been challenged by the word of God to prepare for the climactic events of this period which also included the battle of Armageddon which will be fought against the nations of God’s Kingdom. And in which, you shall triumph because God has ordained that you shall triumph. But not one in which you will be a non-resistant, but you will take part. It is time, my friends, for the Christians to form a mighty army for God to meet Communism head on and make sure they don’t take over this country.

I want you to know that I believe the KKK is battling the threat to mongrelize our race, battling the threat to pull down our flag and make us a Socialist society. I believe that the KKK stands as one organization that the enemy fears because they can’t track its identity. Because they don’t know who and where its members might be. Nor have they been about to solve the design of the organization and find this out.

The spies and agents who would tear down your nation and destroy your race seem to penetrate every facet of society. They shamelessly attend church to take down even the messages we preach in this church and in other churches as well. If we do not give recognition to the anti-Christ, but expose the process of the anti-Christ, or if we point our finger to the enemy of Jesus the Christ, they are there taking down that message.

By the same process, they have invaded and infiltrated other institutions and areas as planned. These agents sometimes pose as members and are instruments of all kinds of false testimony where these false testimonies are extracted by the demagoguery of our hour in order to down-grade an institution and an organization. I want to tell you that the history of the KKK is a history of a fighting organization movement to defend these United State of America and White Christian civilization and White womanhood. And for this cause, it was organized and to this cause it still remains, to oppose all of America’s enemies--both domestic and foreign.

Now let me tell you this about your race. In the days when David was made king, this young warrior had those that decided to kill him. They say in this young man, one who had killed 10,000 and 1,000's in his defense of YAHWEH and the Kingdom. The agents of his enemies moved in and they looked just like the modern A.D.L. representatives. They sought to betray David and kill him. And he had to surround himself with dedicated men.

Do you know who these dedicated men were? They were the ‘Blood Clan’ of Israel. These units were the Honor Guard. They never slept. Round the clock they guarded King David of Israel. There were instances even in the days of Solomon where you saw the continuity of the Circle Clan. But in David’s days it was the ‘Blood Clan.’

In the years that young King Rehoboam lost the northern tribes of Israel, because he listened to these young advisors who had come into his land and were no part of the Kingdom, Jeroboam said to his people, ‘To your horses, Israel.’ And they left the place for their King was listening to these people who had come into the Kingdom. They were pagans and Jews, and not Israelites.

The design of these advisors was to send assassins out to destroy young Jeroboam who led the ten tribes. You can go back into history and find that young Jeroboam surrounded himself again with the Blood Clan. These men were dedicated to fight for YAHWEH, to defend the young King and give their lives for their society.

You do not hear much about these Blood Clans until the days when out of Assyria, Israel started her migration. And into Europe, they came, resettling and moving Westward. Anglo-Saxons, Scandinavians, Basque, Lombards, Nordic, eventually to be joined again by the Germanic forces--the true tribe of Judah.

In these instances, the barbarians sought to wipe out leadership which was vital in the preservation of culture and civilization, even in the days after Christianity swept into Western Europe, with the coming of the Messiah, and it was readily accepted in the British Isles. Those forces of paganism thought to crush out Christianity in Ireland, in Scotland, and into Wales. And sought to make war against the houses of Israel that had accepted Christianity.

In Scotland it became so dangerous, because of these pagan mobs and their leaders of the Satanic forces who were backed by the money changers and the gold buyers, because they had been outlawed from Ireland and from Scotland. And they wanted to penetrate into a Christian society that had held them out. So they called for the death of these Christian houses.

As the leaders of these houses found that assassination was the plot, they rallied around again and the Klans were reformed. They were the ‘Blood Clans’ of Scotland. And they identified themselves with their families and their Patriarchs and by their Tartans.

In the years that were to go on and God moved on your race and moved them Westward, and they settled this great nation, they came--Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Germanic, Lombards, Basque. But they had one thing in common. They were White men. They were the descendants of the House of God. They were identified by their Faith and their lover of THE CHRIST.

It was in the period of the American Revolution, again, when Satanic forces sought to destroy leadership once again. Leaders raised up in this nation who believed in Truth and Freedom. And they met in Boston and again in Southern Virginia. And again in history, what happened? The ‘Blood Clan’ arrived as even it did in the days of Scotland to defend leaders that stood fast for Freedom---leaders that were not going to be intimidated by the assassination threat.

The Revolutionary has come and gone, and a great new nation is born. And men under the guidance of God’s Spirit, produced the Constitution of the United States, and with it, the Bill of Rights--the greatest document that has been forged for human government. And it stands only to be replaced some day by Theocracy, when God, Himself, will rule with HIS righteous government which is looked forward to by every intelligent person.

All thru the periods of the development of this nation, insidious forces wanted its domination. They had thought to gain control by capturing our monetary system. In fact, they had tried to trick Benjamin Franklin when he went over to get the finances to support our resistance and our armies, during the Revolutionary War. And when they thought to get control of our resistance movement, Benjamin Franklin returned and denounced these enemies of the CHRIST and our Christian society. And he warned that we should never permit the Jews to come to the United States or become citizens of this country.


Of course, remember that Benjamin Franklin and the gentlemen of that day are--in our times--to be down graded by the sociologist who have become an instrument of the Jew in the brainwashing of our nation and the pulling down of our Glory. There is that force today in the world that wants to pull America down and mix it and absorb it and mongrelize it. And if we believe in lifting up that Standard and that Cross and that CHRIST, then they say we are reactionary, bigots, etc. Well, I would rather be a bigot for God in America, than a slave under the strategy they design.

When the Civil War came along, there were certain agitating forces that were trying to prey on the political leaders minds--on men who might be influenced, in order that they might declare the emancipation of the Negroes from slavery. But the real interest behind the financial power was not the emancipation of the Negroes. It was not because they cared anything about the Negroes. But the fact that they were trying to bring about an economic defeat of the areas of Southern Industry and production. They were warring on cotton. And they were warring on the South. And they were trying to split America and bring on Civil War, then they would gobble up the results of it. And the end would be with Jewry in control of these United States.

Abraham Lincoln found himself caught in something he later regretted. For I have in my library many volumes written by Lincoln. And Abraham Lincoln said, ‘If I had known that the Civil War and all its consequences would be the results of my Emancipation Proclamation, I would nave never written it.’

Then we have the words of Lincoln, after all these developments, when he said to the Negroes who came to see him, ‘I want you to know that I do not believe that there is any possibility of Co-existence or equality between these two races. One is superior and one is inferior. And one will always be unable to compete with the society that is so far advanced than it is. I will support your recolonization or resettlement in some other part of the world, where this competition does not exist. And I will call for the guidance and assistance of this nation in the development of a nation and society of your own.’

Now, by the same standards, and also by the evidence of history, no civilization had even emerged prior to this out of Africa. And there was no evidence that one would arise at this time. But Lincoln did not believe in mixing the races. And he did not believe in equality of the races. And he did not believe that the Negro had the capacity to share as a full citizen in the affairs of this nation.

At the end of the Civil War, there developed a rather strange thing. In an attempt to put the nation back together again, there had been programs toward reconstruction by Southern leaders. There had been plans for the redevelopment of the Southern states, in the thinking of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. And both of them had set up programs of redevelopment of the Southern states which would have left the gentry that were the leaders of the Southern states and the owners of the plantation s and the developers of its society in charge of its communities and in charge of its legislatures and in charge of its government. Instead of a great rift, after the war they were attempting to heal it, both Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson.

But something else transpired. They had passed in Congress--the Congress of the United States--the 14th Amendment, to the Constitution. But it had not been properly ratified by the Southern States. The 14th Amendment has never been properly ratified. And it was designed to upset the whole political balance in this country.

And any decision made today on the 14th Amendment by the Supreme Court, has been made on a piece of legislature never legally adopted. Make no mistake. A radical Congress at that time, dominated by a vast number of political appointees, immediately established a demagoguery in what we called ‘Carpet Bagging’ all over the South.

During this period of time, we have what we call Congressional radicals. And in this instance, they sought to do something politically different than the thinking of Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson.

They established what was called military provinces in the South. They dissolved even the status of the political order of those states. And under these military provinces, they established a military dictatorship under the direction of the Jews. And moving with this military dictatorship, they road rough-shod over the provinces of the South. They confiscated property and homesteads of the White people. They moved Negroes into temporarily hold the places of power and authority in the local communities and into the legislature of the South and even in to the seats of Congress of the United States.

In fact, during that time, the odor made it hard for a White man to stay there on a summer day. For in Washington, D.C. it can be very sultry on a summer day. I point out to you that with the abandonment to lawlessness, and with un-precedent power, a great number of Verdans and those under the employment of radicals who wanted to create a new insurrection so they could rush in and confiscate and kill and murder, moved on the areas of the South with these appointees who moved in vans and they looted and raided. They went out against the homes and seized the White women and killed their husbands and even raped some while they tied the husband to a tree. And then turned her loose to Negroes when they got thru with her. And they supported and protected the Negroes in this area of raping.

What was going to be the answer to this situation? For we now had in Washington, something operating in relation to our Constitution that had not been properly ratified. Under design and conspiracy and dictatorial areas of politics, they moved out to crush, exploit and destroy. The forces of Anti-Christ sat back and laughed.

After all, remember, the Warburg family? One of them died the other day. This family was part of the power that was to finance the Red Revolution. And they misunderstood what was going on in Germany and tried to finance it in the Third Reich. This Warburg power was the power that was tied into the assassination of President Lincoln. The man who assassinated Lincoln was a Warburg.

Now I think you should also know that the design was to remove Lincoln because he had refused to accept the program that the Jewish financiers wanted, of establishing a tremendous Bond fund at tremendous interest and guaranteeing it by the U.S. Treasury in order that they might confiscate the property and the production of the factories of America. Abraham Lincoln refused their program and said, ‘Come back to me tomorrow.’ The next day when they came to Lincoln, he said, ‘Gentlemen, who makes you think that if we set up these bond in your favor to pay off the war debt that you will get your money back?’ They said, ‘We have great faith in the ability and production of America and all it can produce. And we are assured that if we have control over these industries and the production in America we will get our money back.’

Lincoln replied, ‘If you have faith in America, so do I have faith in America. So I will issue script. I will issue United States Notes and we will pay this debt off without your usury and without the indebtedness. And we will retire this debt with American production ability.’ So they said, ‘Lincoln must die.’

In 1865, in Pulaski Tennessee, a group of dedicated young men, many of them Confederate officers, gathered together. They watched the looting and the raping that was already going on and they said, ‘we must re-form a defensive army. Now we can’t fight the Civil War all over again, we have been defeated here. But we must fight with an invisible army, and we must defend our women, our homes and our honor. It has to be a closed organization. One that moves in the underground.’ And so, they meditated on what it would be. And then one of those American’s said, ‘what about the ‘Blood Clan’ like existed in Scotland in those days of revolution? Why not a ‘close circle blood clan.’ (I cannot understand the Hebrew word or the Greed word he uses which means ‘the circle.’) (Kuklas--Greek word for Circle.??)

So the ‘Blood Klan’ was formed in Tennessee. And they selected for themselves, titles and names that some people would make fun of. Some might think it is a crazy gesture. But it was to be names and a language not easily understood and certain signs and symbols not understood. But these men were dedicated to one thing. They said, ‘Let us gather together and form this organization to defend the true Constitution of the United States and the Laws of God and our race, our families and our women.’

The first Grand Wizard of the KKK in 1865, was General Nathan Bedford Forrest, a great General of the Confederacy, a fine man from a fine background and a fine family. He was the first leader of the KKK.

We are not going to name anyone after this. That organization then started to grow with great strength. It met secretly and they began to gather White man, loyal men, true men, men that could not be bought. They called for men of vision, men above the storm. Yes, they became many. And they developed into a great company and they marched into the streets. Yes, they formed the KKK.

Oh, how it was immediately hated. From the very beginning. All the powers of darkness and forces of evil wanted to crush it out. They wanted to exterminate it. They wanted to outlaw it. But its influence spread. And it maintained its secrecy. It never revealed one of its members. And it stood guided and led by some of the finest gentlemen that had stood in defense of their country at any time.

Yes, the conditions of the Re-Construction crossed the line into Kansas. And it moved farther north into Missouri as we watched this oppression and this design as hooligans under Negro leadership that were again led by these carpet bagger officers, that had set this up and forced this condition so far north.

So the KKK was not just in the South in 1866-67. It was all the way to the Great Lakes as White men said, ‘We will defend our homes, our honor.’

Then came the design which was rather unique. In 1867, under this Military Providence in the South, they took every Southerner and every Democrat, since they were the major policy of opposition, from his office in the Southern States and they packed their legislatures with all of the leaders appointed from the North and individual scalawags, who had gone over to the Federalist camp. In areas of total punity, where they were not abiding by the Lincoln program or the Andrew Jackson program, instead, they were following the program of international Jewish manipulators.

Well, in 1867-68, the KKK started to protect those who were degraded. And if a woman was raped, a Negro died. If a home was burned down and the people put to death by those that robbed them then the Klan rode after them and enacted judgement. Some said, that is ‘vigilante law’ and it is wrong. Well, so what? Whenever law and order breaks down, then you the people are to provide law and order yourselves.

Make no mistake about it. Whenever Selma, Alabama or Watts or maybe Richmond or Oakland, next time, whenever violence gets out of hand, whenever the police can no longer contain it, whenever there is not enough strength in law enforcement, something has to be done.

Fortunately, the last time, they brought in enough Guardsmen. And between the guardsmen and the police, they managed to contain that revolution. But do you know what they had planned to do? They planned to burn your homes. They planned on destroying everything that represents the White man. And the plan still stands. They plan to loot, murder and rape.

You say, ‘How do you know?’ Go down this evening and buy the Saturday Evening Post. One of the articles in there is by the Alston brothers. Now, these men are not known to be conservatives. But they are honest in this article. They went down into Watts. They just came out of there. And they say in this article, ‘We have discovered that the Negro intends with no reason whatsoever, to burn, murder and rape the White race. Shoot them,--all over this country--in a shooting war. It is the editor’s opinion there is no way to solve this. Because of the design of the demagogue leaders and the Communist to push the Negro into the center of this picture and make the Negro the attacking force against the Whites.

In fact, I’m going to tell you something that you might not believe, unless you go get a copy of the Saturday Evening Post. The editor of the largest Negro paper ‘The Herald Dispatch’ comes out with this editorial. He says, ‘The facts are, I know, for I am a Negro. The power that financed the Civil Rights Movement and this Negro revolution is none other than Zionist organizations in California and all over.’

It is in the Saturday Evening Post, that the Negroes knew the Civil Rights movement financed by the Zionist Jews. But suddenly the Negroes were on the war path. So they didn’t protect Jews either. They burned down their liqueur stores. They robbed their furniture stores. And they also robbed the White drug stores. Now some of the Jews were unhappy with this because they had helped finance this movement. And Sammy Ketch said in his paper, ‘I’m disgusted to think I contributed to this Civil Rights movement and I’ll not be very much in favor of it again.’ Because instead of just going after the Christian Whites, the Negroes also moved against the Jews.

Now, this is because of the emotional immaturity of the Negroes. And once he gets on the warpath, he is a full savage again. And he recognizes nothing but loot, rape and rob. Then ‘burn, baby, burn.’

Now, to go back to the days in the same kind of situation. We find scattered across nine Southern States and then pushed all the way to the Great Lakes, miniature Watts all over the South. There was no law enforcement to protect the Southerners. No design to punish the perpetrator. And added to this, was the revenge building up in the souls of the Northerners for their sons that they lost in this battle. (When standing in the cemetery at Gettysburg, Penn., I thought, when seeing those rows and rows of white stones over those green hills, surely, there must have been bitterness in the hearts of the people for White men to fight White man over the Negro. And still today the problem is not solved.)

So if you want to know what defended the South, what was the power that struck with judgement, or what was that movement that saved the South from being ground under forever----it was the KKK.

By 1879, it had accomplished its purpose. The fear of the White justice was so strong, that the Negroes thought twice before they raped White women. And others decided they were not going to hold down the job of judge. And they were not going to get into the area of the Governors Mansion. And that they were going to get out of Politics in the United States.

For these Southerners had not elected them and they knew that it was insecure for them to stay there and permit by their own behavior this Soviet attack on the White race. In 1879, General Nathan Bedford Forrest put the Klan to sleep.

I want to tell you something about the Klan. It just keeps on going. It goes on and on. And when it goes to sleep, or has been dissolved, it has no members. And then can come a great danger and a human cry goes up and once a Klansman, always a Klansman. And again, they move as members of an organization. And out of it moves a force and it has a fire. Then when the danger disappears, it automatically goes to sleep. Only a slumbering nucleus remains here and there. And on occasion after occasion, the Klan has risen to some new challenge in these United States.

I can cite tonight, that I am not a member of the Knights of the KKK. But I’m a clergyman and in my relations of a clergyman, I have addressed great numbers of Patriotic Americans who came to me, and I have talked to Klansmen by the hundreds. And I have taken on oath of secrecy that I would not divulge their identity. And as a minister, it would never be pressed out of me. For a minister or a priest, or an attorney, or a doctor, never has to divulge the identity of those who approach them for advise or service or for ministry. I have never known Klansmen anywhere in America that were not dedicated with a burning zeal to preserve these United States, to preserve Christianity, to keep these from being polluted by paganism or absorbed and destroyed by mongrelization.

There may be a lot of people in America that do not like the KKK. I personally like the KKK. And I wish that every White man in these United States was a member. Now just bear it out.---And don’t apologize for me. When they tried to put their infamous broadcast over, called ‘The Hotbed of Hatred,’ then one of the things Mr._______(maybe Rawlins??) got in his script was that he heard Dr. Swift say from this platform, if they can find the King Fleagel of the KKK in California, send him around----I know lots of people who want to join.---Now, if they thought that remark was going to be detrimental to me, they were mistaken. For if they keep up with this kind of persecution, in trying to destroy the White race, then, my friends, we are going to have to find some emblem to reassemble under.

If you don’t think these are perilous times, Jesus gave you a little clue on who was behind your troubles. HE said in the last days, they will deliver you to the synagogue and the magistrate. And they always have one procedure. Know what that is???? THE FALSE WITNESS.

Why even when they had before them the embodiment of God, they wanted to kill HIM on the basis of false witnesses, that the Jews tried to hire.

My first experience with the KKK goes back to when I as a small boy,---when vandals, stirred by the viciousness that seemed to go thru America, after World War I, and somehow, it even existed in that war. I think the Bolsheviks were trying to make something out of it. And the IWW were trying to stir up trouble between the various religious groups. And even used ignorant clergymen from Europe to accomplish some of this. But in the mean time, these Verdans (inexperienced trouble makers) went out to make trouble.

I can remember a great and beautiful church that had been built in a community in New Jersey--a beautiful Methodist Church. And these Verdans came and stoned out the stained glass windows and were attacking this Christian Protestant Church. And I can remember as a small boy, that the KKK came to the Pastor of this Methodist Church and they said, ‘We will put back the stained glass windows and we will rededicate it.’ And so the windows went back in. And I can remember that Sunday night when I came to church. I sat in the balcony for there was no room in the main church. It was packed by White Robed Klansmen.

So when I grew up, there was the realization again, that these men organized everywhere. And their families were dedicated in making this a Christian nation and Christian communities.

And they elected their police and they elected their mayor. And from then on, things ran quite smoothly in that community. I can remember as a small boy standing on the hillside in New York, where a great vast field of forty acres was filled by White Robed Klansmen singing hymns.

There under the moon a great Cross burned bright against the sky. Someone said, ‘Why does that cross burn?’ Because it is a symbol of the never dying Right of the Cross, which challenged the Klansmen to defend his country. Some of them said, ‘They shouldn’t burn it.’ Well, it is the only way you can light it up, so people can see it. Someone said, ‘That is a terrible atrocity.’ That, my friends, is only the lighting up of the devil and by that sign we conquer. If that cross burning has cast fear on evil doers, then they should burn from coast to coast and from one border to the other.

As a boy, I stood on the streets of Washington, D.C., and coming down Pennsylvania Avenue from curb to curb, and moving in fast march, for four solid hours, on foot and mounted, moved the KKK and their banners streamed for God and Country. And they marched as one great family. And their influence stretched from California to Maine. They stretched from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico and they were not arrested.

Now, don’t down grade its personnel. The cheap trick of those today who would attack this organization, is the question these people deplore. People say they are the poor people. These are the unfortunate. Those who never made a success out of life. Well, that is a strange thing to say. Because among those who were members of the KKK, were Supreme Court Judices in States over various parts of the United States and even one Klansman became a Supreme Court Justice of these United States.

As a boy, I can remember when the Klansmen were doctors, mayors, attorneys, and leaders in the Protestant Churches who taught mens Sunday school classes. What was wrong with these kind of men? They were the kind that built America.

As I listened today to the shabby run-down, of the attack upon men by those subpoena as witnesses, they say this man is a service operator. This man owns a laundry. This man an auto supply store. All owners of industry. Well, what is wrong with a man who owns a laundry? That is a lot better than being a draft dodger or taking relief from a Socialist government.

Now, there are leaders of industry from one end of America to another, that belong to the KKK or have belonged to it. They are not ashamed of it. But for the protection of their organization and their industries, so they will not be persecuted by the government and lose contracts, and have to lay off their people, they have kept their identity concealed. This is one of the reasons why they have had to have a sealed membership.

You live in an hour when the anti-Christian conspiracy, demagoguery, and cheap politics, and Socialism will persecute real Americans and you protect them best by not letting their identity and their organizational strength be known.

It is not a matter of hostility toward any branch of the Christian faith. But I want you to know that the Klan is dedicated to keep America Christian. And if possible, to keep every Jew from any influence in America now and forever.

I want you to know what these ne’er do-wells look like. You go back to 1902, a successful Baptist minister graduated from John Hopkins University by the name of Thomas Dixon, whose background knowledge and acquaintance with this great movement which had saved the South, and was still on tap to save us, now from a new kind of danger, a new type of Bolsevikism, a new type of conspiracy.

Dixon wrote two books-- ‘The Reference Box, and ‘The Klansman.’ Dixon was an eloquent orator and he backed that with the facts. So much an orator was he, that John Rockefeller wanted to build him a tabernacle in New York which would have been the National Klans Tabernacle. Here this now.----Before they brainwashed this Rockefeller family with too many of the products of Foundations of the Left, he wanted to build a Klans Tabernacle.

Then Mr. Dixon who grew up in the South, in fact, one of his schoolmates had been Woodrow Wilson-----went out to talk to Mr. Griffith. And it was in the development stage of the motion picture industry. And Mr. Griffith made a picture called ‘The Rebirth of a Nation.’ And it was practically the redoing of the book ‘The Klansman.’

One of the first reviews of that picture was made in the White House by President Wilson. And President Wilson said, ‘It is the greatest thing I have ever seen. It’s historic. It’s right. It’s like lightening lighting history.’ The Chief Justice of the U.S., Mr. White, called for a preview of this picture. After seeing it, he said, ‘You are right. I was a soldier in the South, and I know what goes on. And I know why this organization was essential. I know it from the inside out. I want you to know Mr. Dixon, that this is the greatest contribution to American history and education that has ever come off the screen or any other media.’ Chief Justice White, ‘ne’er’-do-well’--even tho he never made it to the Presidency. But Chief Justice White---knew.

I point out to you that in those periods where there was a possibility that opposition from virtual political hierarchies in putting over programs that would be oppressive even over areas of the ballot boxes, ---a redesign came again to move in and break up the structure of the South. Again, the Klan expanded. And in 1920, it had the largest membership of any organization or movement in these United States. I can tell you this. As a young man, I knew of Baptist and Methodist ministers who had no influence unless they belonged to the Klan. I know when almost every Mason was a member of the KKK.

Now, one would hardly say that these people never did well. Or one would not want to say that they do not do well today. In any organization that reaches this size, in any organization that must stand back, but be ready to protect society when law and order break down, there will be occasionally those who will miss use their power. But they do this in the Republican and Democrat Parties as well. It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t abused his office.

There are people in every church that make mistakes and errors. There are all kinds of atrocities that have been committed by the enemies of the KKK in order to make it appear as tho the Klan did it. And this was done in California. One of the leaders in this type of action was none other than the Attorney General of the State of California, Robert W. Petty. The Klan defeated this man. And he went out of office fighting the Klan. But he was defeated because he split his own party. Do you think the Klan was right in defeating this man, Petty?--That is when the crosses burned at Big Bear. (A lake in the mountains.) Were they right in opposing this man who was the Attorney for the Communist Hollywood 10? He was the man who formed the mobilization for Democracy--a Red front movement that picketed around auditoriums that tried to stop preachers like Bob Schubert in front of the Auditorium, when Gerald Smith head a great rally in _____(Icuum?) Auditorium.

I know, because I was called at that time to address a reawakened Klan and other patriotic movements because of the necessity of defending our Christian Faith and our defeating at the polls anyone linking arms with Communism. At that time, we had the experience of having them try to use us as the butt of their program to dissolve and take away the charter of the KKK.

Robert W. Kenny, having been defeated and trying to get his revenge, and having spent money outside the treasury of the Attorney Generals office, was burning crosses and riding with Swastikas with his gang from the Synagogue and trying to blame it on the Klan.

The Klansmen knew nothing about this area of atrocities. If this was atrocity. They even went out--(these forces who were trying to smear the Klan)--and they burned some Negro shacks out near East Hammit. And then they eventually held hearings and they came to my house one day--hundreds of them--with guns--and some of them stayed outside. But eighteen of twenty of them rushed in with their guns into my parsonage in Lancaster, California, and demanded I surrender to them the book of records of the KKK. I said, ‘I don’t have them.’

Then they held weird proceedings. First having assembled in the Attorney General’s office, with a group of Left Wingers, they subpoenaed us to come down before the Attorney General, who was a ‘pinko’ Red. We went down with an Attorney from this city--a tall man--a strong man--and a good man. And we went down there and when we came in, the Attorney General wanted us to take the oath and we said, ‘why should we take an oath when there is no legal status for these hearings? Now we’ve answered your subpoena.’ He said, ‘I want you to turn over the books of the records of the KKK.’

I said, ‘I don’t have them.’ He said, ‘I want you to tell me the names of the KKK.’ He turned to the others and said, ‘Here, we have a man that knows who they are. He has been right in their meetings.’ I walked around and looked everybody in the face. He said, ‘What are you doing?’ And I said, ‘I’m looking for that man.’

Well, they started to turn pale and pull back. And he said, ‘Never mind, come back and sit down.’ And I said, ‘No, I’m about to leave. I just wanted to answer your subpoena, so you couldn’t get out of false arrest. There is no status for this hearing. You have no authority for this hearing. And no authority to move in to this area. I have nothing to answer to you. And as a clergyman, you will never get anything out of me, because I have served Christian Americans everywhere as a minister. And I am not a member of the KKK.’

And I walked out and they didn’t do anything. But the next day they came out in the Herald Examiner, saying, ‘The reported leader of the Klan, is a Lancaster clergyman. And he repudiates the Attorney General. Then they had forward proceedings to dissolve the Klan. They were going to bring all the records and they subpoenaed men all over the city. Well, we were away on a fishing trip. It was just one of those things. He couldn’t postpone his hearings so he had to go ahead with them. They never established if there really was a Klan. For he was chasing a ‘will-o-the-wisp’. But he lost the election because of the name. Just a name.

The Grand Jury held a hearing to get to the bottom of what went on. And we told that Grand Jury that the organization that had perpetrated these activities of violence was the ‘Mobilization for Democracy’ headed by the Attorney General who had just been defeated in the election.

After they heard this, they asked me to name a Klansman that I knew. I told that Grand Jury that they had the protection that I as a clergyman could extend to them, but that these men had approached me seriously and concerned in their Christian responsibility in the defense of their nation and any advice or any area of acknowledged identity that I possessed concerning them had that protection that any priest or minister had a right to offer to those that came to him. And they said, ‘that is right.’ And--they let us go.

(Now, this wouldn’t happen today. For today they will bring you to the Synagogue and to the magistrate.)

That is the story of the fears that the Klansmen attack. Klansmen meet and they may always meet. Who knows. Let us hope that there are more of them than they have been able to find.

They dissolved the charter of the KKK because no one stood up to defend that charter of an old organization---a defunct institution.

Klans were springing up all over the United States---different names and different organizations. The old charter of the KKK of the Georgia organization had been recended.

Now, there are no Knights of the KKK, no official organization for anybody to investigate because they dissolved it. They said it is not here.

I tell you this tonight. The grand challenge that sweeps America is whether these forces of darkness that are trying to destroy our society, and override our constitution, putting rule procedures by decisions apart, are as bad as an Amendment not ratified.

And most of these decisions, they base on the non-ratified Amendment would violate States rights and sovereignty. They threaten to force integration. They threaten mongrelization. They threaten destruction. And now we have a President (Kennedy) who says that they will register the illiterate to vote and will take away the authority and the rights of the states under the constitution to determine the equality of the electors.

The Communist plan an invasion of the United States. They plan on an uprising using all racial minorities. They plan on using Red Chinese and pouring in masses across the border. They plan on this while you are extended in defense and while your military are pegged down all over the world fighting Communism. When that time comes, every White man dedicated to America better stand up under the banner of the Cross.

There is no question about the fact that in these days, the institutions that have been seeking to destroy America, have the protection of the courts. They even make them re-hire the Communist they discharged from areas of the government.

But they put out a list from the Attorney General’s office to the Defense Ministries that you must not hire a man if he is a member of the KKK and other patriotic organizations. This is Un-American discriminatory policies and against America’s defenders.

So that the result is that great number of patriotic institutions have been disbanding. And I am going to tell you something you should not forget, tonight. Once a Klansman, always a Klansman. And that call, give us tall men, suntanned men, goes out to all days and all years. And you never dissolve the ‘Blood Clan.’ For the Klan has been riding since 1865. It has been riding thru all kinds of conditions---ups and downs--and into tomorrow--and as long as White men live in America, and America is Christian.

I can remember them singing a song built around this revelation, this declaration, that we find here in the call and appeal for help. And in this, they call for God Almighty to avenge the Martyrs and the Saints of the White race.

I heard before the Altar, the souls of them that were slain for the WORD of GOD and for the testimony which they held. I heard the cry, ‘Oh, LORD, how long, Holy and true, doest thou not judge and avenge our blood on them which dwell on the earth and which war against Thy Kingdom.’

Then the White Robes were given unto them. And I saw this great White robed company and they started to sing across the field and vales of the New England states. And in the South, when I was a boy, rode a great White Robed company. Their robes were White--washed in the blood of the Lamb. They marched for God. They spoke with righteousness and they did not falter.

Oh, you can say, ‘I do not like it. I don’t accept it. It is not for us.’ But it SAVED AMERICA, AGAIN AND AGAIN. And I point out to you that there has been a continual expansion of the Communist conspiracy and a continual alert has been spread thru out the nation concerning Communism in these United States. And I have talked to leaders of the Klan as well as other patriotic movements over America, and these men said to me, ‘We are dedicated to defend America against all the enemies of our Christian society and we will never make peace with Communism. We will never permit its treasuries to destroy us. And if they make peace in the State Department, and in the Foreign Service and they let Communism rise to destroy us, then we will war as long as we have blood.’

I am going to tell you something tonight. God give us men that will never make peace with the devil. The design of course, now is quite obvious. Various leaders of the Klan have been called before the committee and I am quite sure that Mr. Willis is not going to be impartial, for demagoguery wants the Klan made fun of. They want it disgraced. They want people afraid of it. But they are probably going to spread it faster that way, than anything that had happened in the United States since the last investigation.

You say, ‘why do these men--these 100% Americans dedicated to preserve it, why do they take the 5th Amendment?’ Because they have an Oath before YAHWEH not to divulge the names of their fellow Christians. And I am going to tell you that any time the government tries to make a man break his oath before God, then, my friends, the question to be asked is ‘what kind of character have these interrogators?

If there is a felony committed, and a man had knowledge of the felony, he would be released from his oath to give testimony concerning the felony. But if there is no felony committed by those with whom he is associated, then there is not reason to break his oath and release the identity of these people, who will be persecuted by these Jewish Zionists from one end of the nation to another.

So far, true Klansmen have not revealed anyone’s identity. I think we have finks and shills run in by the government in their demagoguery and false movements, and then if they can’t get any kind of crimes they want, maybe they commit a few.

And they come out then to renounce their membership. We have been told tonight, that a Klan leader in New York committed suicide. I don’t believe that man was a Klansman. He says his family were Jewish. Well, he couldn’t be a Klansman and be a Jew. But he could be an agent and I wouldn’t be surprised that instead of suicide, his own forces killed him to make a noise with him.

When we live in an age that the law of juries is going to be set aside, if possible, by Attorney Generals offices, when testimony before a jury can put a man so far away from the crime that he couldn’t have been part of it, and the only testimony that the government has is from a man who said, ‘I sat there and watched them murder a woman, but I didn’t do anything about it.’-----well, I think then, this man has already admitted that he wouldn’t be trustworthy at any time.

I don’t believe the Klan has murdered anyone. There may be all kinds of units and there are Klans in many states. In fact, there are Klan leaders all over. These organizations may not be knit together, but they would stand together for the common defense of our society. I can not today, make the guarantee for all organizations that may be called Klans.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews formed one just to do the wrong thing. In fact, when I find the Jews joining the young Nazi’s and Jews leading the Klan, then, my friends, I know that something is very wrong. And the enemy is getting in to muddy the stream.

But make no mistake about it tonight. When God Almighty told us they would make war against all that had the testimony of Jesus the Christ, and keep the commandments of God, then that war must be in an area of resistance of the dragon, and on the part of the Christians as well. Shall we be called up and martyred? Does God want pacifism in the face of evil?---Well, HE said, ‘He that hath no sword, let him sell his coat and buy a sword.’

I want to ask you a question at this moment. When Jesus told HIS Disciples to sell their coats and buy a sword, HE didn’t intend for them to go into the services of the Synagogue. Nor was HE recruiting them for the Roman army. But HE was telling them to be ready to defend themselves and their brothers as Christians.

The Kingdom of God has suffered violence. Violence has taken it by storm. We move into the latter days when ‘My servants will fight and My Kingdom is not going to be given to the Jews.’ They are not going to drag everyone to the Synagogues or the magistrate.

Do you know one thing that will protect the Klan from any conspiratory revenge? Because, ‘Woe unto he who would perpetrate--who in his own background had taken an oath of allegiance. And there are Klansmen all thru the Federal Government. There are Klansmen in the administration. There are Klansmen in the outside. And nobody is going to lift up an instrument to destroy his brethren that will identify him.

When a phoney said with fear, ‘I’m resigning so I can testify.’---and then said, ‘I’ve been threatened with my life and with my families life---by the KKK.’---- Then with pomp and dignity, the officials said, ‘We will let no one threaten our witnesses. We will hunt them down, if they threaten witnesses.’----This is all a bunch of propaganda.

Do you think that a man by his own will who made an application to join an organization, to defend his government against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, has sealed it with his oath and knows there are penalties that could accrue, if he breaks that oath-----do you think anyone has to threaten him?---Do you think he knows of any place in these United States he could go where there wouldn’t be another Klansman, watching him? There is an all seeing eye watching you---watching you---watching you.

The thing that throws jitters tonight, in the enemy of the Christian faith, is the fact that the Klansmen are watching the A.D.L. And they are watching Congress. And they are watching the agents of the enemy everywhere-----ALL of the KNIGHTS OF THE KKK.

If you think the A.D.L. has lists, then let me tell you that there are other organizations that have lists. You say, ‘What are they for?’ When they try to stamp out our Christian society. When they provide the leadership of this revolution, they will be the first to go.

I listened last night to a sad, soggy preachers who said, ‘No Christian could be a Klansman, because it advocates violence.’

It advocates defensive resistance to violence and its members have been Generals of the army. And they have been trained to resist evil. The other day, they were crying about men trained in the use of explosives and trained in the use of other areas of equipment. Well, in a day when the world is in flames and when riots and violence breaks out in our cities, when Communists make war against us, do you know, my friends, let us have men trained in the U. S. Army.

Do you know the warfare that is good to use against the enemy outside of our nation should be good to use against them on the inside. When you battle for God and survival, there is no other course.

I speak tonight, as an observer of this thing. Well, understanding that the strategy used against the Klan today, will be used against the John Birch Society tomorrow. Then after that, they will move against the Daughters of the Revolution and try to destroy that grand organization. They would like to see us all in concentration camps. They would like to see you slaves of their Jew--Red Revolution.

Now, as to identify these fellows that come riding out and say, ‘Look, I am the leader’----they come in like a gale of wind. They want to move into the limelight. They say ‘Charge.’ They want to pull people into all kinds of acts that are illegal. They try to get people to expose themselves prematurely. They try to trap real Patriarchs. These are not Klansmen. They are bogus and phoney. These men want to grab the limelight. They want to get on the program of these commentator shows and say they are Klansmen. And I am not talking about Shelton or Craig--who are already subpoenaed. These men had a right to tell their identity. But not that of anyone else. These men have stood firm and strong. But I want you to know, there are lots of phoneys around. Watch for entrapment, because it is here today.

We pledge allegiance to the United States Government, the great Republic for which it stands, one nation under God. But we do not pledge allegiance to a bunch of cheap politicians who are selling America down the river.

I want you to know that God calls today for a renewal of our Christian society. ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ is a mighty fine song. The ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ in the midst of the Civil War, was another good one. And ‘Dixie’ wasn’t such a bad song either.

Now, listen. I can remember when they sang ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ to the ‘old Fiery Cross.---and I will ever be true. And no one then thought to bring recrimination against an organization that could tip the balance in a Federal election.

You say, ‘How could it fall?’ Well, all the money of Jewry thru out the world and the power of the motion picture industry and of the press and radio, has fought to downgrade this organization. And it has not been successful.

Now there are agents here tonight, who are already to run out of here and make hay with what we have had to say tonight. Well, they can’t take much comfort out of here tonight. They got no new names, no pattern of identity. They will never get any. We do not belong to anything but the Church of Jesus Christ and the Christian Defense League. One of these days, the banners of the Christian Defense League may have to lead the nation. Don’t forget that. It is not dead. It is vital. It is alive. It is in communications. It is carrying on a very definite work. It cannot be divulged. But one of these days, it will move with a great splendor like a rocket bursting into the sky.

Let me tell you this. When the time comes, and trouble moves in, then I want MEN standing by my side. Give me KLANSMEN. Give me lots of them. You are going to see the day when they come and fill the auditorium and the churches once more. You say, ‘You don’t need the hoods?’ No. Not when the tares are gone.

When Christ returns, you are going to be surprised at the thousands and thousands of Klansmen who are going to come back in White robes. Yes, there is nothing un-Christian about secrecy. The same enemy made it dangerous for the early church. And they used the sign of the ‘fish’ as their sign of recognition. They held their meetings in homes and secret places and in caves. For the armies of the anti-Christ moved out to destroy them.

Now, Christians don’t meet underground today in Christian nations. They meet in auditoriums and churches and homes all over our land. But the enemy says now, they can’t pray in schools. So they are making new in-roads by taking the Bible out of the schools and putting Communism back in the National Educational Association volume which today, they distributed five million copies of which says the government should take over the mines, the timber, oil, and vast areas of land, then distribute these things so everyone gets his equal share. Well, gone would be private enterprises and in comes Socialism and Communism--and away goes prayer. Away goes the Bible. And in comes the devil. Well, at that time, God give us MEN.

We haven’t time to finish this subject tonight. But when Christ comes (in the clouds), leading an Army, HE calls for Christians to stand against the anti-Christ and the beast that said it was going to make war with the Christians--and sometimes anti-Christ and the beast have seemed to overcome the Christians. But in this sense we will still be fighting in this center of resistance and we will still be fighting when Jesus comes.

So I tell you that on the Altar of the Klan is the American Flag. And on top of that is the Holy Bible. And on that, the Dedication of a sword which is for defense.

And to the punitive (pertaining to) the Robe--the symbol of the righteousness computed (symbolized) by Christ, to the dedication of these men, sworn on the Holy Scriptures, to defend this nation, to defend their faith, to defend their women, and their civilization and their racial self-respect. If you can find a higher order of dedication, then tell ME what fraternity has it?

I hope to see the day when over every Christian nation the Red Cross is illuminated in the sky. But make no mistake about it. The one thing they do not want to do is get the content of this Holy Bible in their pews.

Un-American activities committee has been a useful committee, when it sought to expose Communism and tried to get remedial legislation. But when the Supreme Court can get aside the provisions for the defense of our society and turn the Communist loose. When remedial legislation does no good, and they can be used to turn against an American institution such as the KKK, an American organization which is just as American as the grassroots of our prairies, or the highest peaks of our mountains, then it is not an Un-American Activities Committee, but is it a committee which is investigating American Activities for the anti-Christ--the Jews. And---there is not longer any reason for it to exist. And if they continue to persecute the rights of White, then the Whites will not protect it and it will disappear because of its own folly. And this is the day when God brings in a NEW ORDER ---with HIS mantle over HIS PEOPLE.

(End of sermon)