Church And Race God Established, 7-20-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 7-20-64

We are turning this afternoon to a sort of controversial subject. We have talked to you before about the Sword of Spirit and the Sword of steel, and it is most important that we recognize God's plan and purpose in the earth. And also to understand that we are at a very crucial period in the history of our race. We have reached a time when we are now watching this approach to Peace conferences and another summits. We must now learn that there is no reaching for a summit upon the part of the people of God, when that conference means getting together with the forces of darkness, or the powers of evil. There can be no good come out of the meeting with the powers of darkness. For always they reflect that we must capitulate. Their program demands that we surrender to all of their demands. And our experience as we have approached Peace conferences with the powers of darkness in the past, has been that we always compromise just a little. And those who have ascended to positions of leadership with their liberal platforms have virtually done this at the sacrifice of our Christian brethren scattered thru out the map of Europe. And we today do not believe that any good can be accomplished with any peace conference in which you try to do business with the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, that have no respect for your God, or have no influence working inside of them by which you would feel that they had any expectations of being guided or to keep their word.

We were more or less subject to speak upon this subject this afternoon by the broadcast that came from one of the churches and one of the Clergy from this community. And His message was that we would arrive at a great time of peace, and that this would be demonstrated by a great response of our Christian responsibility which was to make no further preparations for war. And it calls for the nations and the people of the Christian world to cease all armament projects. And having therefore cast aside the sword, we would demonstrate by example that we could trust people. And they would see that we were not intending to attach them and the world would move into Peace. He said that this was our Christian responsibility.

I only cite this because as I listened to this man speak, I realize that he is either naive or he was one of those ministers who has transformed himself into an angel of light, but serving, very definitely, the causes of the enemy.

In this instance he used the scripture that says ‘they who take up the sword shall die by the sword.’ Altho the original text says:--- ‘He who takes up the sword to do violence for gain, shall die by that sword.’ Has no intent as far as the purposes of God are concerned, concerning the blueprint of HIS plan as it relates to HIS kingdom, in its liberation of the people of the world and its maintenance of power, as it relates to the powers of darkness which it must continually engage. There are a great number of Christians taken in today by what we call pacifism they don’t know where Peace is to be located as it relates to the problems of the world or they themselves, as individuals. We have discussed with you this situation as a race and as a people of the earth. And this is most significant as we realize that you, as a race, are living tabernacles, or living temples of the MOST HIGH God. We have referred to your spiritual consciousness and your soul consciousness, and your mental consciousness making up the three chambers of God's temple. We have discussed with you that your holy of Holies is your celestial consciousness. Wherein the Eternal mark of God's covenant exists. There God meets with you, and there your spiritual being and HIS abiding presence meet, and here your spiritual being has its celestial existence. When we were begotten of celestial seed before the world was framed, and the essence of your seed says that you are spirit of HIS spirit and HIS spirit bears witness with our spirit that you are the children of God. In the seat of your consciousness you have the essence of your soul being inside this physical body in the earth. And in this point, you have the ability to approach the Holy of Holies, and reach into the Celestial field for spiritual guidance. And here you may find the very mind of God and its purposes as it relates to earth and to the work of HIS kingdom.

You discover that you no longer have any fear as you approach the Holy of Holies, for God has pulled aside the veil that separates this spiritual contact and the inner court. And because of the conformation of HIS atonement, in HIS own time, and for HIS own people, HE once more opens up the concept of spiritual guidance direct from inside, that abiding temple in which HE lives. HE instructed the Apostle Paul to tell you that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And HIS desire for racial purity is also outlined as HE instructed the Apostle Paul to make it clear, that because you were the temples of God, you were to be segregated or separated from the temples of idols, so that God might minister unto you, that HE would not be a Father to a mingled generation, and HE would not be a Father unto you, and after you, to the next generation, unless you had the ability to carry forward that kind of progeny which alone God recognizes. Your physical body is your outer court. It is the tabernacle that you dwell within. And one thing that we refer to, concerning the body of Christ in the scripture, is that HE became flesh and tabernacled with us. We who are of the household of God have moved into a demonstration period in which we are a kingdom of Priests and a holy nation. And you are the living stones fitly framed together that grow into a holy temple unto God.

Now we recognize that you have the ability to discern from two areas. One is from the abiding presence of the spirit to the celestial consciousness to the flesh; and one thru the senses to that position where the eye sees and the ear hears, and all of the patterns of senses which they can produce to give you an image of the pattern of things round about. However, it is possible for deception to take place and for you to not have a perfect pattern thru the senses. It is impossible for the spirit to be deceived. For the spirit is born of incorruptible seed but emerges from a perfect and eternal Father. We assume that most of you recognize the distinction that exists between your race, the Adamic race, and the world around about you, this world into which you have been sent to build God's kingdom. The responsibility that rests upon you is greater than upon any people upon the face of the earth. You not only have the capacity to receive the direction of the MOST HIGH GOD, but you are the instrument that HE placed in the earth to build HIS kingdom, HIS race and HIS household, the people from the days of Adam, thru the period of Moses and Abraham, unto your time. You are a people most important to God because you are HIS household and HIS sons and HIS daughters. And out of these patterns of responsibility, we are at no time suggesting that God is not going to be triumphant in all matters. That HE is not going to lose any of HIS children, or not one sheep of HIS pasture. For God is sovereign and shall have all of the things HE has purposed to do. And therefore HE has identified you as rulers with HIM, as the children of the MOST HIGH, and has declared that in the consummation of HIS purpose, shall reconcile all things to HIS purpose and unto HIMSELF. But this does not change the course of history thru which you have passed . . . your obligation to fulfill this obligation for this hour, for the height which God intends to lift your nation, and the nations of HIS kingdom, thru the accomplishment of putting down darkness. I would point out to you that some people do not discern the difference between spiritual occupation of a physical body, and residence in a physical body in the earth who lack this spiritual capacity. They think that all individuals on the face of the earth have the same spiritual capacity. But this is not true. This is why in the 14th chapter of John, as Jesus talked to HIS disciples and those who were of HIS household, HE talked to them about the spirit that would be sent upon them. And this spirit, or the Paraclete in the Greek, was the intelligent consciousness of God's own intellect. And this was the abiding covering form that would give them knowledge, that would activate the spiritual wisdom that would give them remembrance that the veil of flesh had left them unable to perceive until God energized it by HIS own covenant and promise. With this recognition, one of the things that HE said to them was that it was essential that HE go away. That when HE went away, HE would not leave them alone. For HE would send this very pattern of intellect ---"I will come unto you."

Now when HE said this in the 14th chapter of John, HE says:--- “In the spirit of truth that the world cannot receive.” When you understand this, you do not waste any time in expecting a Spiritual revival to descend upon all of the people of the world, and then expect them to reach as you would expect the kingdom to act. You build the kingdom and you seek to develop thru out the world the standards of God's kingdom and the administration which God would expect to come from you and not from those who lack the spiritual capacity to lead it. I want you to know that one of the problems for the world this afternoon is that in the expansion of the technology of spirit guided men, the development that God instrumented thru out your race, and the administrative ability with Christian civilization, and which reached out with Christian civilization to demonstrate it, that we passed into a cycle in which the World order, occupied by the forces of darkness serving the powers of Lucifer, working in the political programs of anti-Christ with its political philosophy of Communism and Socialism are waging war against your way of life. And because of this, the world is being shaped and being formed along the lines of the enemy, along the lines of the overthrow of God's kingdom, who make militant war upon HIS church. And they by every intent, make war upon God's kingdom in the earth, the nations of HIS kingdom and the standards of HIS church. They would like to do this by acquiesces and surrender. But they would do it with illegal conquest if necessary, from their point of view. They want you to think as the world order thinks. They call you antisocial if you do not accept the designs and the whims of the forces of darkness. So do not think for a moment that we can diverse ourselves from the fact that there are millions of people who lack the spiritual capacity of the people God sent to earth to build HIS kingdom. But they cannot perceive and understand that in the bodies they are in, that this requires victory and power. And this must come from the kingdom of God. It can come from no other source. If there was any other way to do what God is doing, then possibly HE would have used another way. But this is the way HE decided to use. This is HIS way. And it is especially therefore, the best way. And it is the way it is going to come to pass.

Every once in a while, someone says there are things he does not like since he has been absorbing the brainwashing that comes out of the world order. And they say, ‘well, we do not have to worry, for it is not going to be this way.’ But I am going to tell you something this afternoon. It is going to be exactly as the MOST HIGH GOD has planned and declared that it is going to be. That is why it is sometimes hard for people who try to kick against the word of God, instead of finding their relationship to it and carrying forward with the blueprint of HIS kingdom. Therefore, there can be no defeat in the kingdom of God. We are living in a most unusual period of time. And in this period of time, we are watching the reaction which is rising today across the nation. And we are watching God's spirit moving exactly as prophecy said it would move as ordained and the outpouring of HIS spirit, this very year, and the sign of the quickening and awakening of HIS people. And across this nation, we have watched the awakening of a great number of people who were sound asleep. And as they are awakening, they are coming to life, and they are studying the problems which create the catastrophes in the world and in their own society. They are beginning to wake up and look with suspect at the programs of anti-Christ, and the attempt to absorb God's kingdom into a world order in which they are outnumbered and outvote by the pagans six to one. They are holding them in the United Nations and other organizations that it is essential, and beyond this as they start to behold the problems in our own society with this so-called bowing to friends and the socialist order of the U.N. upon our own nation. They are again turning to the sources of these things. And all over America, we have a great number of schools studying anti-Communism. And they are beginning to learn what some of you have known thru out all of all of these years. And it has reached a point when the New York Times says that 29% of this nation is now in this 'right wing' resurrection. And they are studying and working on this question. They are looking at everything that is not strictly according to constitutional law and the program of God with suspicion. In fact, they are very much worried. For they say there seems to be a spiritual force that moves within. They say it is almost equated with the Christian faith. Well, thank God, something in America is almost acquainted with the Christian faith. I am glad it is the 'right wing.’ Because it is becoming very evident as this editorial in this newspaper, with the liberal tilt. It has been equated with Christianity, they say, these who identify their patriotism and their awakening with Christianity, as they call it, have made it quite essential to them that Americanism is Christian. I think that is a good point to take. I just want to remind you this afternoon, that I like this. When they say 29%, this must be a conservative estimate according to the New York times. But when they say 29% of Americans are starting to think, this must be a deadly ‘right wing’ reaction. They say that there will be suspect in what everybody fulfills or in what they term socialism or communism or anything of that trend. And they say that the danger in all of this is that the Liberal wing in these United States has never represented as many people as this dangerous 'right wing.' Well, that figures. For there are 190 million people in these united States. And there exists in these United States that there are 145 million White Christians. There for 45% include the minority groups, in the area in which Communism moves. And now they worry because that 45 million are not all articulate. Thank God, for that. And that whole field of 45 million operates in a sub-field of sub-level thinking. They lack spiritual capacity. And therefore, are activated out of the sheer momentum of the promises of a materialistic world order, where collectivism has become a serious factor even in your society. So as we behold its function and its acts, we also discover that with this, they have been speaking out strongly in the areas of resistance. The ‘middle of the roader’ never speaks out. The ‘middle of the roader’ is a moderate and he shows no resistance. He does not know what he is moderate about. But when it comes to a showdown, he is generally moderate on the left side.

Now we point this out, that what worries these people on the left as God is bringing in this awakening hour to come to realism, one worry is that when 29% discover the truth, they become active about it. They say that 29% are starting a crusade. But the ‘middle of the road’ is still asleep. And the Left wing does not have a minority, especially an articulate minority. So they are already surpassed in number for they only represent 1/5, while 29% is almost a third.

Now you know this 29% does not control the major parties in America. And this 29% may not appear to have as much power as the pressure of the minority on the left, or the controlled middle of the roaders who are still asleep, and who they use as dupes and stumps in the areas of government. But let me tell you this. This 29% is empowered with something that the 'left wing' does not have.

Now I am going to show you something significant concerning this. It was interesting to note the influence of this clergyman, who had been pressured with this pacifist movement with which he was aligned. He was pressured by a political design that was trying to sell America on the fear of resistance, as well as an acquiescence to the design that if we disarm, if we retreat from any position in the physical world as resistance to the darkness, that the Communist world will be touched in their hearts. If they think that we are planning on war, they will be very much disturbed, and then they will plan on destroying us first. This is what they are trying to tell us. That is what Secretary Bell was trying to tell us last week. And he tried to tell us that we should fire those Admirals and Generals that are talking of a victory over Communism. We are not supposed to be thinking about victory, they say. We should be thinking that we are pro-American, but not against anything.

I want you to know that if you are a Christian, then you are against all of the evil in the earth. God save America if we do not have leaders in America in places of responsibility who think in terms of our enemy as of their defeat and of the liberation of the earth.

Now we point out to you that this approach is one that is being scattered thru out every denomination. Across my desk comes great amounts of literature that comes from church organizations that move out of propaganda fields, and which is mailed to every clergyman who is functioning in the Los Angeles area, or all over the United States for that matter. So I note this continual field that we make our people so conscious of the times that they object to the firing of missiles and nuclear weapons.

Now who is it that is so interested in seeing that this is done? We are told that we must not show this aggressive nature to the communist world or we will never win them. I have not delusions tonite that we are going to win the Communist world.

Now I think that on authority any subject that effects Christian civilization, that God incarnate moving among us, articulates in HIS own voice. And this becomes one of the most important areas for information. And while we know that this is related to the race of which we are a part, this Adamic household that the prophecies of Isaiah reach forward unto us, in this visitation and this embodiment of God, he said, “Unto US a son is born, unto US a child is given. HIS name shall be called WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE EVERLASTING FATHER, AND THE PRINCE OF PEACE.”

Now I note that those who would seek the course of pacifism continually tell us that this is the important thing-- ‘the Prince of Peace--the Prince of Peace.’ And what we could tell them this afternoon about Christ as the Prince of Peace, they would not understand. There can be no doubt therefore, that they have paid no attention to Christ and HIS kingdom, and to HIS administration. And did they notice that eventually HE was to build HIS kingdom and it would last forever, and upon the throne of David, and of the increase of this kingdom there is not going to be any end. This they have overlooked. I turn to the words of Christ in one of the great paradoxes to many. I would call your attention to the book of Matthew. And in the book of Matthew, Jesus makes this statement which is significant concerning HIS purpose. He said: “I have not come to the earth to bring peace.” Someone said, ‘but this is the Prince of Peace. How can this be? By what process can this be said?’ (Matt. l0:34---"Think not that I have come to send Peace upon the earth, I have not come to send Peace but a sword." Someone said, ‘but did this come from the lips of Jesus?’ Yes, this came from the lips of Jesus. And you say ‘well, how is this compatible with HIS nature?’ If you went to a more lucid text like the ancient Alexandrian text, you would find that Jesus said, “I have not come to make peace with evil. I have not come to share the earth with it. I have come to raise a sword against it.” That is what it said in the original text.

Now let’s get this clear in our minds.--- “I have not come to earth to share it with evil.” I have not come to survive. That would be coexistence, and they would like that. HE said, “I did not do that. I have come to raise a sword against evil." Which would you precipitate this to be?

Some say that HE was only speaking in a symbolic fashion, for Jesus never wanted us to possess the weapons of defense at any time; that the weapons of Christ are always the weapons of spirit.

I want you to turn over to the book of Luke in your thinking. And you will discover another valuable statement along this line. Jesus is talking to HIS disciples, and HE sent them out in these various instances to proclaim HIS Gospel. There was a continual conspiracy in that state to kill HIS disciples and they plotted from day to day how to put HIM to death. These Jews were aligned with all nations trying to build a world power all over the world using the powers of darkness. So we note here these words of Jesus:-- He said,-- “I sent you out before, and I went with you. But this time, as I send you out, it is important that you heed this advice.” HE said, “When you go out you take your purse, you take your script. And if you do not have a sword, then you better sell one of your garments and buy one.” Yes, Jesus said that. And I heard a man trying to explain that away the other day. He said, “Of course, Jesus was talking about the Bible, the printed word.” But there were not, my friends, in those days, any printed Bibles. HE was not talking about that kind of a sword, because HE asked them if they had a sword, because HE was sending them forth as lambs among wolves. HE was sending them forth because the opposition was now allied against the church. And the opposition to the truth would have liquidated the disciples if they talked more about HIS crucifixion. So HE said,-- “If you do not have a sword, then you better sell your coat and buy one.” This, my friends, was a sword of fear. The disciples said, “we have two swords at this present time.” And Jesus said, “that is enough for now.”

So you see they had been talking about the sword. There have been many instances in which I have been quite clear that the purposes of the MOST HIGH has called for the protection of your race. We can point out the numerous occasions when the very power of divine intervention has preserved that race, when the enemy would have destroyed it or liquidated it, if they could. With the realization that absorption and liquidation has been the process of destruction against this race, since the very day that it became a part of this physical earth. Significantly then we point out to you that one of the unusual experiences is outlined time and again in the Old Testament. It is that the divine revelation. It is the moment that the celestial being of God becomes visible to men. And this happened time and time again. For God, beyond the present, God is spirit, soul, and body. And you are in HIS own image spirit, soul and body. You will remember the days when Joshua went looking out from the high tableland down across the plains of Jericho? He had had divine instructions, as had Moses before him, that they would occupy this land which was filled with hostile people, and filled with giants. And it was filled with people who had well-fortified cities. And he may have thought that we had no business going down there. But I will tell you something that you may not know. That one time in that land where Jericho was located, there had been a city . . . Oruselem. Not Jerusalem, but Oruselem, just like Ur meaning city, or Ur of the Chaldeas. And some of your White forbearers had cities there, and one of them was the city of Oruselem. This was the city that Enoch and Job left when they went down in their migrations into Egypt to build the city of On and eventually the pyramid and the other things in that area. In fact, when Enoch wrote the book 'The Secrets of Enoch,’ he was dwelling in Oruselem. It was from Oruselem that he took his historic trip into the presence of the MOST HIGH GOD, then came back to earth to fulfill his responsibilities. But he had been taken to the presence of God in the chariots of the Eternal. It is a rather significant thing, but when God led your people out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses, and when HE brought you into this wilderness and set you in this land, that the same kind of hill people of Asia, and the same kind of forces dwelt thru out the world who had with them also, hosts that came out of the areas of Africa and other parts of the world. We have four different groups that were joined together and were moving against the household of your race in its earlier days. That is why the forces that were in Sodom and the forces that came out of Akkod and the forces of Samaria had settled in the cities of what was known as Cainaanland. This was why it was called Cainaanland. For they were Canaanites. And they hated your race and desired to destroy them in that land. The transplanting of these of that city of the Sethite household into Egypt, were all that was saved of that household. But then later God was bringing back into that land, your people. And these powers of darkness that moved there were so against this defenseless society. And they moved against you with suddenness. And God told you to defend yourselves.

Someone said, “Oh, God would never be mixed up in something like that.” But HE was just as much a participant in the occupation of Cainaanland and the overthrow of the city of Ai, as HE will be in the leveling of Communism and the forces sent by Moscow and Peking.

Listen. Joshua stood there, and he knew that the numbers he had to go against this outpost were few. But Moses had declared these things before him, and the voice of the MOST HIGH had been uttered from the beginning concerning the plan. Then as Joshua stood there, something happened. Suddenly a man stepped toward him, and this man was radiant with light. This man, as the Zohar tells us, the theonapany of God’s own presence referred to in the scriptures as Angels of the LORD. And that word Angel means the spirit of YAHWEH. And the actual text was the embodiment of the spirit of YAHWEH. And the Zohar makes this proclamation and you can read this in the scriptures. For someone suddenly stood before him. And his armor was most radiant. And from his face came a glory like as to the sun. And as Joshua beheld him from the tilt of his shield to his sword swung across his shoulder. And as he beheld this person, Joshua said, “Whose side are you on?” And the answer came:-- “I am the Captain of the hosts of YAHWEH and I have come to be on your side.”

Then suddenly Joshua realizes that he is talking to the embodiment of God, the Captain of the Hosts, who said,-- “I go before you.”

Oh, you say, “God is not interested in overthrowing darkness.” Oh, yes, HE is. --Remember when the Midianites move out against your race in increasing numbers, and they came in waves like the Asiatic hoards usually come, and they burned everything before them, and looted all of the fields, and destroyed the crops? And it tells you in the scriptures that ‘in that day, you had to take to the caves and the mountains. You had to take to the caves and to fight a guerrilla warfare, and you were outnumbered. They had a very brilliantly trained young man. And this training had continued down from the days of Joshua to this day. He was considered to be one of the best of Israel. But now he was hiding behind the winepress. He was in fear of the Midianites who were moving thru out the land. But he had come out of the hills down to the Israel division. Suddenly, it tells us, that an Angel of the LORD came along and said, “come out from behind that wine press, you mighty man of valor.” This was not so much a fear of the conditions, but it was as tho a natural fear had descended upon Gideon. So Gideon came out from behind the wine press, and he said, “What do you want me to do?” And the Angel of the Lord said, “I want you to take command of the army and defeat these Midianites moving thru out your land.” And now the scripture tells us that this one who was hiding, now stood as a warrior leading his own people.

You remember the story of Gideon, when asked how many men he had, he replied, “I have 22,000, after I told all of those who wanted to evade the conflict to go home.” He was told,-- “that is too many. We want dedicated people,” and then gave the description of how this would be accomplished. And you remember, that Gideon ended up with 300 people. But he was told that the Sword of YAHWEH would be with him. I only point this out again to demonstrate that in the hours of emergency, that God has manifested Himself militantly upon the side of HIS kingdom. Every prophet has looked forward to the event that will develop in the earth. And what those results will be.

Someone said, “But our warfare is not made this way. We have been told that since we are Christians that this is not our warfare.” Let us then see what we have been told about our warfare. Let us turn over to the 6th chapter of the book of Ephesians, and we read: “Put on the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil.” So there is a cunning force out here. And you need the whole armor of God so that you may be able to stand. If there is anything that America needs it is that we need people who will stand up against evil in this day. And they will not seek to bide time to enjoy the material substances that they are gaining, but will defeat the darkness and strike out for freedom.

We read then this passage: “that we are not just wrestling against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in high places and against principalities and against powers, and against the rulers of darkness in this world.” I think that today, no intelligent American will question the fact we have forces of evil and spiritual wickedness in high places that would sell whole areas of the earth for temporary appeasement, and would not take a stand and may actually be in complicity designed to destroy our nation because they have become a ‘fifth column’ that has moved in upon us.

Now let us note therefore that you as a Christian, were challenged to lock horns with evil and to put on the whole armor of God, and to stand against these evils and against the wiles of it, and against all of these strategies and powers of darkness, that may be around the President of the United States or may even be in Roosevelt’s Supreme Court.

Now listen. How many times have you heard the Pastor say that a Christian has no business in anything political, or government policies. We must stay out of anything political. In fact, we must separate ourselves almost from the world we live in. But that, my friends, is not the message from the Scriptures. You are the only favored people in the world. You are the Light of the world. You are the Salt of the earth. You are a Savory influence. You are to defeat the powers of darkness. And there has been given to you a weapon, that in this area, and as far as the liberation of your people are concerned, and you say, ‘what does that mean?’ This is the Sword of the Spirit.

If you will turn over to the book of Hebrews, you are told in the 4th chapter of Hebrews as far as the sword of the spirit being sharper than a two-edged sword, this is being able to divide between the soul and the spirit. You see many people that in their soulishness do not reach further into the spirit. They have been drawing all of their concepts out of the world order. And they have been propagandized while this goes on. Therefore, the weapon of this intelligent son of the MOST HIGH GOD, this priest in HIS own temple, is the guiding instruction of God's own spirit so as to stabilize the soul until the waters in the soul, which are the great channels of life, the great molten sea which is in your natural house, until you synchronize your thinking with the thinking of God. Then you can possess peace in your soul in the midst of great conflict. This is the peace that passes all understanding. This is the Peace that HE said, “I give unto you.” Not as the world gives you. Christ gives you peace for the depth of your soul. And when you are adjusted to HIS program you have peace in the midst of conflict. One builds courage and the other means appeasement.

Let me point out then that the Christian is called upon in discharging his responsibility right in the middle of every act that would take over the nations of God's kingdom. It is your responsibility then as Christians, to start defeating the powers of darkness right in the place where they battle for the souls of men. In other words, your Weapon is sharper than a two-edged sword. It is the sword of the spirit, meaning the mental and soul intellectual vision of the great creative concepts of truth out of the mind of God. It can be in your mind. For Paul tells you that you have the mind of Christ. This sword of the spirit then becomes your intellectual sparring under the spirit for the quickening of your race for the awakening of those who sleep. You cannot use the sword of the spirit against a man like Khrushev in order to get something into his mind, for he has no capacity to receive it. But you can get something into the thinking of hundreds of sleeping Christians who may have been mislead by the statement of General Eisenhower that Mr. Khrushev is just a fine man and does not mean what he says. Maybe you can spar with a little truth, and maybe you can point out how many Christians he has murdered. And you may have won as the spirit moves in to quicken the consciousness and separates soulishness from spiritual guidance. What do you discover here? Where is the battlefield for the intelligent Christian? That battlefield is in every level of political, economic and social level. And it should have been sparked by the social and church assembly and the PTA. It is every town meeting and in every center where your people gather, where you can bring truth to counteract the darkness. Remembering that in the nations of God's kingdom is the only place you can build a permanent majority and produce the kind of society that your founding fathers intended for you to keep. This is why you had immigration laws, so that you could restrict the immigration and keep the balance of power in accordance of divine guidance and divine law. And therefore, determine that in these Christian nations that we in our house will follow the MOST HIGH GOD.

Listen. I turn now again to the book of Ephesians, wherein we have been told to put on the whole armor of God so that we may be able to withstand in the day of evil, as having done all things so as to be able to stand. If there is any challenge coming to you out of the scripture . . . listen. God calls on you to take a stand and then stand. If there is any plague that has hit our house, it is some of the hirelings we have sent into positions of government who have so vacillated from one position to the other that you cannot tell what they stand for. It is time we said nix to all of that kind of representation. Never has there ever been a period more important wherein we are represented by men who will take a stand. And we as individuals, determine that as representatives of God, take a position of opposition to the kingdom of evil and the forces of communism, and here we will stand.

Someone said, “Is this a last ditch stand?” No, this is the stand that just precedes the charge. When? In the evil day. And it has arrived and is now sweeping the world. It has all of the world in trouble. This is the time of ‘Jacob's trouble,’ speaking of your race. This is the evil day. And in this evil day, there is locked into you, spiritual power that is so great and so powerful that you can rescue every sheep of the pasture with it. More than that, you are on the road to the great awakening. I believe that before you have gone thru not so many months, that America will be allied with the things that are right. That there will not be many voices selling newspapers against the ‘right wing.’ Standing there having your loins girded with truth, having the breastplate of righteousness, this is the great power of God's kingdom built on truth. And when you know truth, it sets you free from error and superstition. It shows you the pattern of your destiny.

And now we turn to a further description. Your feet are shod with the Gospel of Peace. What is that pattern? ---Victory. It is predicated upon rightness, firm and righteous government, that determines that tyranny shall not rule the earth and no longer exploit the world.

Now they may attack your faith, but you are supposed to have enough spiritual balance that you can resist these fiery darts that would attack your faith. And you shall take the helmet of Salvation. The Knowledge of God saves men from all of his problems. Every position that you can get into, salvation is being lifted out of that area of a pattern of error into a position of spiritual, mental and permanent security. That is the one thing that the powers of darkness can never cope with. They are unable to recapture the liberated minds from the propaganda of the world order and have turned to truth. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of HIS Spirit, which is the Word of God.

Now how many people will now tell you that since you are using the sword of the spirit, that you can never again use the sword of steel? That the only place you can use the sword of the spirit is where you can divide between the spirit and the soul. If there is no abiding spirit there, then this is not the place where you can use the sword of the spirit. You have to move out and meet people in the dimension that they live in. I point out to you this afternoon, that there are a great number of people who live completely soulish. There are races in every background and in every culture of darkness who have been worshiping demons and demon gods for generations. And you do not build a kingdom out of that. Neither in 24 hours or in ten years. You do not integrate and produce light. You end with death. God therefore, calls you to maintain segregated living, but also to bring administrative righteousness to set men free. And in the millenniums that are just ahead, you will see the results. Oh, you are not too far distant from a great victory when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim. Proclaim what?---That Christ is God. The progression of the witnesses is in order and operation. When we refer to two witnesses, and altho there are separate and many references to two witnesses, there are two things that have been a witness thru out this book to God's word. One is the race and the other is the church. The race because of what its capacities are and its response, a race which Jesus said came down out of heaven and into earth--"Thine they are in the heavens, mine they are in earth; but don't take them out of the world. Keep them in it.” And the other is the great spiritual center of HIS kingdom. The race must build cities, nations and societies, and defend it if necessary, with a sword. And the church must draw the spiritual vision which the spiritual capacity has the power to use, to develop the incite into righteousness and goodness, which only the spirit can produce.

There is no question that there are a great number of spiritual facts that the church has not spoken on in these periods thru which we have passed. As I said unto you, we have been asleep and are referred to as dead in their trespasses and transgressions, in both church and race. And both have been asleep. If we had not been asleep, there would be no world communism loose in the world today. If we had not been asleep, there would have been no reversal to the trend of development from Asia to every part of Africa. The progress of the world has moved out of the vision, the technological ability of the people of your race. And wherever you have gone, you have tried to tell the world about Jesus Christ. Wherever you have gone, you tried to build hospitals as well as trying to help them out teaching them how to till the ground so as to get enough to eat. Wherever you have gone, you have brought blessings. But you were never to surrender administration, leadership or authority. This is the trend that the world order would sow so that it might occupy it with the darkness.

Yes, the sword of the spirit is a very powerful, that we recognize that HE is the institution by which again, the whole united kingdom of God, the Christian nations of the world, and form one Christian nation to the other, every man of your race is going to be eventually stirred. This being the conquest in which Christ said HE would gather every sheep of HIS pasture. This is the procedure. And you become the instrument for its spreading in which HE has promised in the Old Testament, that ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED, AS IT IS WRITTEN. And I presume that you have progressed in your Bible understanding to know that Israel today, among all of the White Christian nations, is not seeking the transference to the enemies of Christ, the covenants of the MOST HIGH GOD. For Jesus said,--- “I AM OF MY FATHER AND YOU ARE OF YOUR FATHER.” But I can say to you this afternoon, that as Jesus said, “I am of my Father,” that we also can say that we are of that Father. Because HE has born witness with us, that we are of that Father (Spirit) and joint heirs with our redeemer, Jesus the Christ.

I want you to recognize that the blueprint of this Book tells us the end of this story. It gives the continual pattern of spiritual force. It shows us the mighty hosts of heaven and tells us that we are going to be locked in conflict. It tells us that the enemy will use missiles and aircraft. And he will move the hosts of Asia and Africa, and you are the chief targets. But the outstretched wings of this Eagle, its great strength will help protect the Western world according to this realization that we also have, that God will give strength to bolster the arms of steel as well as to the outpouring of HIS spirit.

I want you to know that when HE speaks the living word, then that word will command the greatest hosts that the world has ever witnessed. That the hosts of heaven and the vastness of all of HIS development will make our latest of exploits look as tho we were just moving into the kindergarten of technology. For those heavenly hosts will be at your side. There are those who will say that Christ did not appear thus to Joshua or Gideon, nor has HE walked the earth in any form since the days of HIS ascension. Who told you this? For I trust that Christ has already appeared unto you in the seat of your consciousness. I hope you realize that HE never left you, nor will HE ever forsake you. For HE is abiding in is own temple. I hope that you recognize that the mighty hosts of the MOST HIGH, AND THE FULL EMBODIMENT OF THE MOST HIGH is the promise of HIS word and is very sure.

I want you to know this. That the power of spirit and the miracle of force are accompanied also by a sword of steel, just like the cycle that does the reaping. And God Almighty is going to deliver the forces of righteousness from the forces of evil. And you, by this time, will be battling those forces. You say, “how long?” Well, I do not think it will be so very long. Because when we move into these last areas of disarmament is when we get betrayed. Yes, they want to disarm without inspection.

One of our military men had the courage to say yesterday, that he knew that it would be of no value whatsoever to have inspections, because this area they would have to inspect was so great and they would already have so many weapons already assembled, that we would not find them in 20 years. This is probably true. Thus, there is no hope of coexistence with the devil. Just remember that the devil’s workshop has been going on for a long time. As you will remember, he started in sponsoring a coexistence with Adam and Eve. In fact, he suggested that God was wrong, and if we integrated with the races and the powers that he ruled over, then all would be well. Thus, Jews in the State Department of today, a dangerous summit.

We point out this same factor again, in the 4th chapter of Luke, when Christ, in the midst of HIS incarnate earthly ministry, and Lucifer manifests himself, he comes to see Christ on a high mountain, that was a summit then. And he said, “Now look at me. Why do we not coexist? Why have you come here to take over the world for your creation, for your kingdom? Why do we not coexist? You just recognize me now and I will let you have your half of the world. This kingdom is so beautiful, much more than you have ever realized.”

But you don't tell God anything. And you do not give God anything. And you cannot make a deal with HIM. Christ listened to Lucifer's offer. And it would have meant, of course, acquiescence. It would have meant a part of give and take . . . and a world and universe plunged into darkness. But, for never a moment did this pass thru the mind of Christ, who was not going to listen to one world from the lips of Lucifer.

The time must come in our civilization when every White Christian on the face of the earth must realize that we are not going to listen to a program of coexistence. No more. We must predicate our future on deliverance and victory, until every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that Christ is LORD. Yes, there are two stories. And, yes, there are two places where you live. You live inside of this tabernacle and you are a son or daughter of God capable of communion with the Father. And, yes, capable of being informed, guided thru all knowledge into all truth. Capable of taking the True Sword and winning all of your race which is asleep. And you live in this physical body, capable of wielding the capability of the works that we have established by the work of our hands, while defending it with the sword of the spirit. God had two swords in Israel, and two swords in America . . . the Sword of Truth and the Sword of Steel. And we will use both and we will not lose.

End of message.