Church And State, 2-18-68


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-18-68

There are other things that we should be thinking about while our silly representative talks about building bridges to Soviet Russia. In fact I think that the only thing that the white western world should be thinking on is victory instead of building bridges to a country which has no desire to meet you even one/two way.

So with this observation we are moving in on a situation that began about two weeks ago. And the National Council of Churches was supporting a different idea. One of the things that the National Council of Churches was supporting was a total separation between church and state. So in this policy of church and state, they came out with this idea that the church should not have anything to do with the federal government. Nor should the church have anything to do with anything connected to our government and our way of living. That the areas of instruction in religious matters should be left up to the church to take care of. And at the same time the Federal government should take care of all things civil. And they should take control of education along with other duties of government. But nothing that pertains to the Federal government should be taken care of in the church and the Federal government should stay out of the church.

Then the World Council of Churches decides that when we move into the great new world society. Now this is the World Council of Churches talking about when we move into this great new world society. And then they say that as we move into this structure of the world society, then we must make it void of the status of religion. Then one of the major speakers for the World Council of Churches comes out and cites that it would be impossible inside of a nation, or inside of a society, to take any preference of religion. Thus the National Council of Churches comes out to say, a little over a week ago, that it would be a very unfair thing for America, if we did not continue this development of the separation of church and state. They say, ‘think what it would be like if they continued in the schools to pray?’ (And remember this is a minister that is talking.) And he says, ‘think what it would be like if they continued to pray in the schools and prayed to a Christian God when this was in a Buddhist state?’

Now I have not noticed a great crowd of Buddhist in our country. There may be around some of these little kookie temples here in L.A. But I have not found a great crowd of Buddhists. Then it would also be very unfair for the Jews if a Christian prayer was made. Many, many Christians are intolerant. And if it was not made in the name of Christ they would consider it not a proper prayer anyhow. Therefore this is one of those conditions that must be considered for the betterment of our society by a total separation of church and state. Thus, we must keep civic affairs separate from any religion.

Well, it looks to me as tho they are already pretty much void of any influence one on the other. At one time, in our nation, the church had an effect on our congressmen as they stood for integrity and morality. And the men of the different churches carried that influence back into the structures of government. But today as we see all of the fraud and all of the graft and all of the knuckling under. And the powers that come in controlling our society and invading our nation, then placing us in a position wherein we cannot defend our own. In this peculiar situation again we find something very much lacking in the construction work of the church. But they talk about this, and the World Council of Churches talks about this.

A couple of weeks ago, they were discussion how they were going to get all of the churches to recognize a total support for separation of church and state so as to attain the status of equality for all men. For this to happen they must have a total support for this separation of church and state.

At the same time I want to point out to you that when problems are around the problem of integration. And when the great majority of people in your nation stand for segregation, they are going to stand for the laws of God which are written on their hearts--whether they know it or not. A great many people are not going along with the Civil rights programs. While the government, for political influence and for areas of political structure behind the President and behind others -----he does not care one whit for the civil rights program. All he cares for is whether he can put over some of these programs for political gain. In these affairs the church seems to be very aware of what is going on. The World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches says we must help the government put over the civil rights program. But they don't want to separate church and state when they turn out these liberal preachers who come along and say all men are the same and they all must be integrated. They do not want to separate church and state when they misinterpret the scriptures. And in this misinterpretation of the scriptures they say that everyone came from Adam and then everyone came from Noah, and everyone was drowned in that flood. And they say we must get this thing put off for all people are the same and all can marry. For we can all be one people, and we need to get back to one race.

In this situation then the church is putting over a very false opinion and is interested in spreading a false idea of government. What a strange procedure when the World Council of Churches and the National Council of Churches, therefore, put over a program of utter evil unbiblical interpretation. And definitely intervene and carry themselves into all kinds of demonstrations. They have their dopy clergymen like Pike and these others, who are all standing for every type of destruction in their society. This however they never speak upon. But let the church talk about how we have had bad decisions by the Supreme Court and we are casting out the name of God out of every civil function. And we are actually asking the nation to separate prayer from all acts of congress and every government institution. And from every thing done in a civil nature. They are asking that nothing done that carries any facet of religion.

Now the True Church is not going to accept this kind of policy. They talk about the separation of church and state and always they are talking about when our nation was framed. These men framed up a document that would separate church and state. But they did not separate church and state because when they signed the Declaration of Independence there was not anything in the entire document about the separation of Church and State. This just separated America from the control of the British government because we weren't being properly represented. Because we were being taxed without representation, so that was what started this situation.

But what about the Constitution of the United States? There is not one word in the Constitution of the United States that separates church and state. There is however the guarantees of the perpetuity of religion. There are guarantees that the federal government has no authority to interfere in the authority of the church. But there is no separation of church and state. And none of the formal documents of the formation of our government or society had anything to do with the separation of church and state. Thomas Jefferson is so often quoted as standing firm for the separation of church and state.

A paper had been written by Thomas Jefferson that stated that he believed that here in a new nation, we should never have a state church as England did which had a state church. This he said would work hardship, on some for the clergy of this state church would put pressure on any other movement. And as The Church of England was the official church, he said, I do not believe that we should allow our new nation of America to have an official church. He said, I do not think that the Methodist should control the government, and the Presbyterian should not control the government I do not think that any denomination that is a state church in America should have the official ability alone to put over the religious doctrines for this country. That happened to be something said by Thomas Jefferson in a paper he brought up for discussion And there was nothing of this written into the Constitution, and there was nothing said about it thereafter but it was a generally accepted fact that this nation would not establish a state church. No time would the Catholic church, or a Protestant church, at no time would the government say that this was alone the state church of the U. S. A. At no time would it have favors granted to it or that it would be an official church.

But don't forget this . . . for Thomas Jefferson said, "God forbid" that our society would ever develop without the firm influence of the church. Or that its guiding influence not be felt upon our representatives and upon our president.” So again Thomas Jefferson did not fail to stress that we must have God looking down upon our nation, and guiding its destiny.

George Washington was another man who was all for God. For high up in the mystery schools of our race, this man had not only been taught in church but also in the great patterns of the programs he belonged to in the lodges that he belonged to, that we were of the household of God and that we were the Israel of God. And whose destiny and influence on this nation was never going to stop until his kingdom came. Benjamin Franklin also taught that the white race was the Israel of God.

Think this over now. Benjamin Franklin went to France and when he came back, he worked among white men. But he said, this white race is the Israel of God. And that firmly they would seek to weave into the background of these United States all of the emblems and all of the things that they had found, into the heraldry of America, to establish the truths that they had been taught and raised upon. And which they believed. The separation of church and state ----well it run into some problems this year and this was very upsetting to the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches. Remember just a month before Christmas how an explosion occurred among organized Jewry , and all of these civil rights programs were being pushed legally here in the U.S.? This was to take away out of America all of the symbolism of the Christmas season out of the Christmas programs? You may remember that many public facilities had right on the public lawn the Manger Scene. They had carols playing and singing and there was recognition that this was a celebration of what they were portraying as Christ's birthday, at this Christmas season. This had been done thru out all of the seasons in America right down thru the colonial times, thru the Declaration of Independence, to the creation of a nation. All of that time this nation has been a Christian nation.

And the Supreme Court has had many cases to rule upon, involving the structure of your society. And the Supreme Court has said six different times, that this nation is a Christian nation. This does not mean that everybody in it is Christian, for we have had strangers come in from other lands. And we are affected by a lot of Jews who are certainly not Christian but the majority of people are Christian here in the U.S. Therefore the Supreme court has ruled that this is a Christian nation.

How then can you be a Christian nation and separate the affairs of the church from government? How can you take over the development of your children, and how follow out the development of a nation, without prayer or such coming into any thing civic or anything which pertains to the areas of government????

Well this problem last Christmas really broke out with an explosion. They went to the district attorneys in Florida, Nebraska and other places, and they tried to stop anything religious from your Christmas celebration. Of course they were packing their stores with all kinds of things to sell to you because it was Christmas time. They were getting a great inventory ready of things to sell to you because it was your Christmas time, but they were not going to let you celebrate this as from the Swift Ministry.------

The Mayan people were in that area of Central America long before the Incas. Thus, they go a long way back. There is a lot of antiquity and mystery about these people and their history. But when the part of Manasseh people on the ships of the Danites came into this area, about 800 years before the birth of The Christ, they came into the Caribbean sea and on the shores of Panama and in that area were people called Maya. When these people saw the white men, they called them aueechi, which means God, or White Gods from the heavens. The Manasseh people when they arrived taught these people about Noah and the beliefs and traditions that they carried. This is the reason why some of the purest Bible stories are found in the Mayans writings. And they tell that these were taught to them by the Queechie. The Manasseh people settled in the Maya cities, but they kept to themselves, and the Maya people became ruled over by the white man. Not being a war like people the Mayans accepted this and were happy with this arrangement.

Now and then there had been a lot of Asiatics, so-called Indians, who had come into the west coast of America, and came down into the land of the Mayans and they planned to conquer these people. But the Maya and the Queechie people went into their fortified cities and shut the door. The Asiatics knew about the material called sulphur and they took pack trains and went into Arizona and other places and brought back sulphur and they spread it in circles around the Mayan cities an set fire to it, hoping to bring the Maya people and their white Gods out so they could kill them and take over their cities. But the Maya and Queechie had dug tunnels out of their cities, and those tunnels went out, way beyond the enemy, and the white men led the Maya people out and most of them went north. And that is how the Toltec society, and then the Aztec society was formed. The Aztec were largely descendants of the Maya people.

The white men and their families separated from the Maya people and came on into Arizona, and the White Cherokee and the white Apache were of those Manasseh people in that area. As the Cherokee came from the east then later, the two people would mix and move together.

On the east coast of America about 700 to 800 years after the birth of the Christ child, the Scandinavians came over in their Viking ships and they sailed into the mouth of the St. Lawrence river. They built a tremendous city there and they built it like a stockade. Because the so-called Indians (Asiatic) were not friendly. They built forges there and they made great iron axes, like they used to do in Europe. And one of the things you can still find today, is those great forges, in areas of iron ore around the great lakes.

The Vikings in the year 1000 A.D. with their leader Lief Erickson came into this same area and the Vikings held to their cities to protect themselves, but the Indians were gathering the six nations and they laid siege to this great city. The white men still retained their traditions, and one of them was that they came out of their cities to fight at night. The Indians did not fight at night, so the white men won several battles successfully.

The so-called Indian tribe --The Narragansets, of which King Philip was the head, were former Scandinavian people, who had finally gone tribal to survive. And they were blond and blue eyed. Pocahontas was the daughter of King Philip and she married Captain John Smith and after being taken back to the English Court within three months she was as fair of face as anyone in the court. In that climate her tan had simply bleached out. So the Narragansets were white people as well as the Senecas, and the Mohican, the Delawares.

Then also the majority of the Sioux were white, altho in the absorption of a bad marriage in which the Asiatic Indians were taken into one Sioux tribe, which reduced that tribe to much like the Eskimos, a slow, solid Sioux. But most of the Sioux were white. And in fact some of most successful fighters were the Sioux. They were the ones under Sitting Bull who took care of Custer, and Sitting Bulls whole tribal group of seven nations all came from white men. All the birthday of Christ. They would have none of these symbols on any property which pertained to civil property or to the United States. That is then when the explosion started and some attorney generals did not pay any attention to them. Others sited:--How do you think that we can have Christmas without Christ--what do you think we are? And many counties got up propositions and I think this was a very good operation. And the national council of Churches now alludes to what transpired in these churches and in these communities, and they said that this is a terrible thing that this a Christian nation would demand that in areas of public assembly, or on civic property any recognition of Christ in Christmas, at this Christmas time, with this offensiveness which they undertook.

They started petitions in Rochester, New York, and they started petitions in Miami, and they said, ‘Now if the Jews do not want us to recognize Christ in our Christmas scenes, and they are trying to get all of our Carols off the street, then we want you to sign this petition that you are not going to buy one dollar of goods from any Jew store, or its mail order operations anywhere in the United States.’ So they did this and they held demonstrations and it spread everywhere. And thousands of Christians had never paid any attention to the Jews in our midst before this but when they tried to take Christ out of Christmas celebrations, then this thing exploded and people quit buying from the Jewish stores, and many of those stores almost went bankrupt.

Now this was a good operation for we note that the Council of Churches came out and they said, ‘How embarrassing this is that people would want to pray in school and think how it would offend the Jews if people were allowed to pray unto Jesus.’

As a boy when I went to school there were lots of things that were different than those now developing. For everyday class was opened with prayer, and the teacher prayed. And then the teacher read a passage out of the scriptures, and then she dismissed the pupils for the regular session. And once a week they had an assembly, and as the pupils all came into to the auditorium them opened that assembly also with prayer. No one ever thought about this, for it was anticipated and it was the thing to do. But as you looked around that school, my friends, it was just as white as a lily.

Now when they got thru praying then they read from the scriptures. Then after this scripture reading then announcements of things that would pertain to the school were made. And then they sang songs, hymns and popular songs. And when the business of the assembly was over they dismissed it. That was every week and we knew what to expect. That was in all of the schools in New York State and in New Jersey. And this was called a normal assembly. In all of the time when I went to school, in High School even this was continued, and also in private academies. This still went on for it was a part of the custom of a nation. They recognized God and they did not try to take care of the few Jews who were in their midst, no one paid any attention to them. The principal used to pray and in closing his prayer he closed it in the name of Jesus, the Christ, and no one ever thought anything about that.

Now this fantastic situation is that they can no longer pray for they will offend some of the Jews. Well if they get offended then let them go out. Since we are a Christian nation then how can we pray except we pray to our LORD God, in whom we have our faith and our confidence in. And I think this whole kowtowing to this pagan society is a part of the conditions of downfall, that ends up with part of the conditions that we have today, in certain positions of government.

So now they are going to take again a great assault upon the church and the government being united. But one of the principals of truth was that when God Almighty established his race in the midst of the earth, then he established a race here period. He did not establish the races at this time he established a Race. The races were already here and they had already succumbed to the Luciferians, after he came into earth the races turned to wild orgies and their religion became a whole symbol of evil, and of all things degenerate. Then in the midst of all this then God established a garden and planted Adam and Eve. But there God said you are my children, my household.

And in the hours of his revelation, he revealed unto them thru the Patriarchs, the prophets, and thru his ministers, HE revealed unto the people, the things that the people had remembered before the foundation of the world. We do not know whether a forgetfulness came down over Adam after his fall. But we do know that God, again as HE spake to Adam and Eve, HE said that he would redeem them and reestablish them on the face of the earth. But I want to point out again that God thru out all of the books of the ancient scriptures, brought out the pattern of His kingdom and brought out the pattern of his congregation. In fact as you go back into the book of Seth, he speaks to Seth and he brought out the fact that Seth is the son of Adam. And upon this race who are his children, brought down from heaven to earth, that He would establish their meetings, and their worship before HIM forever. So we discover that the book of Seth talks about the Congregations. And in the book of Enoch it talks about the building of His kingdom. And it talks about his congregations, and the word used in the scriptures is Kehila. "They shall walk before him forever, the Kehila, or congregation of the LORD.”

Now by the same token we see, the patterns of His covenants, as he told Abraham that if he walked before Him he would make of him a great nation and a company of nations. He said, ‘My covenant shall be with thee and thou shalt be a father of many nations. These nations then must have standards and they must have laws.' And I shall establish my covenant between thee and Me for many generations and this shall be an everlasting covenant, said the Most High'---To be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.

Over in the book of Deuteronomy, as this is again discussed, the Most High makes a statement:---therefore saith YAHWEH thy God.---HE is a faithful God and he keepeth his covenant with these people who love him and keepeth his commandments---to a thousand generations. This is just after he said, YAHWEH thy God hath chosen you to be a special people unto HIM, above all of the people on the face of the earth. When He gave the law unto Moses, he talked about the Congregation that would come before him to worship. In fact not only did they come before Him to worship, but in all of these things, the assemblies of old Israel in the old Hebrew were called the Kehilia. In the New Testament where the word church is used the word was Ecclesia God's called out spiritual center ---is you. Everywhere the nations of Israel established themselves upon the face of the earth, God has his congregations. His congregation does not depart out of any part of Israel God speaks again in Enoch and he says that his witnesses shall be upon the face of the earth, His Kingdom and his Assembly or Kehilia. Thus, two of the witnesses of the Most High God are CHURCH AND STATE. These are two witnesses and they remain inseparable. The one place you find where the church exists is where you find that the state exists. The church continues to exist in the state, and the state continues to promise that the church will survive in that structure of society. Thus we are to discover again that this policy of CHURCH AND STATE is clearly identified.

Again in the New Testament as Christ was talking about this existence, he sent his disciples out to the lost sheep of Israel. And he was establishing that the nations of Israel were going to rise and form. And of the lost sheep of the tribes of Israel, and of the 12 tribes of Israel, he was going to build his kingdom. And in this the house of Judah and of Benjamin would be involved as nations before HIM.

Now God sent out the Disciples to preach the Gospel to the House of Israel. And He talks about his Ecclesia which translated out of the Greek, is the church. He talks to Peter about this and tells him that on Peter's confession to the Almighty God he would build his Ecclesia or his church. And since HE was the embodied God in the earth thus on this confession he would build His church. And He said that the gates of hell would not persevere or overcome HIS church.

Now the church and state go down together side by side. And the influence of the church is to be felt upon the nation and upon its conduct. Whether in the Old Testament and with the temple Priests, who served the Most High God. David said, ‘My soul shall magnify the LORD my God.’ He said, ‘we shall magnify him together. We shall lift up our voices in his praise together and we shall know that our God is powerful. For we shall lift up our voices in the congregation, unto our God.’ Then David says the nation of Israel which was a nation at that time---shall observe the policies and the influence of the Most High God. Therefore we discover that all thru the Old Testament the Church was the nation and the assembly. In fact back in the Old Testament, the Priests could call the nation together and they would melt before the LORD. In most of the areas on the Sabbath the people came together in their assemblies to worship the Most High God.

One of the areas of great difficulties we find today is that the church has not spoken out and demanded that the leaders be removed if they do not fulfill this responsibility. The Priests of the temple even tho Solomon was king over all Israel. And when he went into his senility, I guess. But Solomon decided that he was going to marry all of these wives and he started to bring them in from other countries. We do not have any evidence that they were non-white. But still they were from other countries. But the priests of Israel held a convocation, and they said to Solomon that he was not going to bring any of his foreign wives into the Temple of the Most High God. Only Israelites worship in this temple and all others have to worship in the outer court.

Don't talk about the separation of church and state. I want you to know that when it came to an issue of the laws of God, the state placed its authority above Government. In fact this was also true when they built that Temple. The king of Tyre who had assisted in supplying some of the things, and helping with some of the workmanship. For from all over the world came all of the things that went into this temple of Solomon. So Solomon was going to have a big day and they would all come in and worship in the temple But the Priests said you can just tell the king of Tyre that he can just stay on the outside of this temple. He does not worship our God, the scripture says he is not one of us, and he is not going to come into this temple to worship, He is not coming in, and so the king of Tyre had to stay on the outside of the Temple.

I just point these things out that when it became a matter of determination or a matter of society then God said that Israel was not to intermingle with the people of earth, nor enter into covenants with them. And the Temple Priests were there to make sure that they did not.

Therefore we are to see that the word of God was maintained because here the temple priests were to keep it before the people. Issue after issue was settled by the Priests of the Temple and the king had to toe the mark on this matter. He might have had power of life and death over the people, but he had no power over the influence of the worship of the church or the nation.

Now we can well understand that when God established his church he did not establish a Methodist church . . . you know. He never established a Baptist church, or a Pentecostal church. He just established THE CHURCH and he talked about the gift of the church, and the guidance of the church. And he said, now one doesn't say I am the head and one the foot. Or I am the eye and I have higher prestige than you do. But they were all members of one and the same body. But He talked about his church . . . period. And under this procedure when the prophets talked about the church, and in the Epistles, which contained so much about the church, the fact remained that there is ONE living spiritual church. There is an apostate church, for we are living in a day of an apostate church. We are living in the day when the Antichrist has moved into the pulpits of the church, and has established what he calls the representation of a World Church. The World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches they are supposed to be the authority of the church, but they are no authority at all. For they are not the church and Christ does not recognize them as the church. Nor, my friends, as they move they have no authority to speak out from you. I want you to know that the true church is the congregational center of the true people worshiping the Most High God. And you cannot separate the influence of church and state.

When you pray you have to pray in and thru Christ for there is not anyone else. When you are brought into the necessity of this starting the opening of schools with prayer, it was a good thing. The reading of the scriptures was a good thing. And many are citing 'what difference does it make?’ I will tell you what difference it makes. Back then we did not have the juvenile delinquency that we have today. We did not have the social problems that we have today. We did not have hippies moving into our society, and we did not have Jewish professors moving into our schools, either, in that time. And I want you to know that it recognized for the children the person of God, and the services of God, as they prayed unto the LORD their God. One of these days America will be 100% controlled by Christians. One of these days not a single man will be elected to any position in our government that is not a Christian. And it should be that way now. After all a society is controlled by Christians, and we are Christians by majority. The limp church that says we should take away payers out of the school because we do not want to insult anyone. Well, let them go back where they came from if they do not want to get insulted, for this is a Christian nation, and we do not need them anyhow.

I do not think that you are going to disturb any Buddhist, or any Hindu, for we do not have too many of them in our nation. As far as the Jews are concerned, you should not worry about that for you cannot insult a Jew. They are never insulted, especially when they want to 'get' to you. He just likes to raise up and issue, and he thinks that he is going to silence the testimony and the prayer, and the meditation and the guidance and the influence of Christians. They just say they do not want any more Christianity. They do not even want a Chaplin to get up and pray in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, in the Congress of the United States. I think when they invite a Rabbi in there that they are committing a transgression, for they have a child of Satan in there.

But in these strange and crooked policies the scriptures are literally fulfilled. For this is the church age of Laodiceans. This is the age when the enemy has come in and has moved into the pulpits of the church, never giving recognition to your God, never giving testimony to Jesus Christ.

Now the Christian church exists on the testimony of Jesus Christ. And when we permit a vast majority of people to come into our society and who do not believe in Jesus Christ, and they enter into our church, this is not a church which has a minister who does not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and has the blood atonement. It is not a church if it does not believe in the laws of God. It is no church when it has an entertainer in the pulpit, but has no clergyman whatsoever. In fact in the book of Revelation, as we talk about the church at the end of the age, then we have this church age of Laodicea. And Christ speaks out about this church age of Laodiceans. He says, ‘It is neither hot nor cold. I would that thou were hot or cold. But because ye are only lukewarm neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.’ Thus today we have this strange situation. We have these people neither hot nor cold.

President Eisenhower used to say,---I like to walk in the middle of the road.’ But Christ would have said--Ike is not good enough, so I will spew him out of my mouth. What is the Middle of the road? Well it is half way between good and evil. Half way between extreme left and extreme right also. Therefore someone who just tries to straddle the fence, is neither one. He is a mugwump. God said, we can't do anything with people like this so I will spew them out of my mouth.

So--now we are in this peculiar situation, for the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches say they are in the middle of the road, so God says that he spews them out of his mouth. For they will never become active upon either side. Thus this is a condition and divine law is ignored. Our government has now spent almost 15 years trying to push thru integration, which is a violation of divine law, which says you should come out from among them and be ye separated and touch not the unclean things. They will say that Christians can intermingle and interbreed because Christ loves everybody. But it says "Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, unto them it is not given." So God discriminated even in the areas of revelation and vision. And he said that unto the house of Israel, his children, this was to be given but it would not be given to THEM. That, my friends, is about as far as you can go. More than this, when he said: ---come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing, then here in the scriptures, it is comparing the other races as unclean when compared with his kingdom family. And to be joined with them is infamy in the eyes of the Most High God. In fact in the Old Testament they came right out and said that this is an abomination. And as we see these practices, then no wonder they want to shake the position of the church and the standards of God's law from the areas of the nation in its response to areas of government. So as that procedure continued then God speaks out and talks about these people. And he talks about the church age of Philadelphia and he calls the church of Philadelphia a vital and living church. And then HE says that one of these days these your enemies are going to worship at your feet.

Well within the structure of all of this going on then remember what God said about his witnesses. He talks about how the enemy says that in the later days they would destroy the two witnesses. And how they moved In and removed the testimony of the church from standing up for God. And they have taken away the standard of the State standing up for God. In fact the scripture says they cut off the heads of these two

witnesses (church and state) thus they no longer had a standard pattern of witnesses.

Now a lot of times a minister will talk about these two witnesses and will say these were Moses and Elijah because they were on the Mount and talked with Jesus, then went back into the plains of spirit. But, my friends, this was not Moses and Elijah. Then they are in controversy as to Moses dying. And they go back into the book of Deuteronomy and try to prove it there. But, my friends, Moses wrote that book. But if he died then he never wrote that last chapter of the book. And the devil could never find the body of Moses and he was always searching and arguing for this body of Moses.

In the books of Enoch we find the devil arguing saying that he had all of the bodies of the dead and he has a right to them but he cannot find the body of Moses. So Moses never died and that is why he was on the Mount of Transfiguration. Moses was not down in perdition waiting for the Christ come and liberate him. But they talk about Elijah, that he would come and open up the 'Way of the LORD.' And he did come and he did do that. And Jesus said concerning John the Baptist, that this was Elijah who was to come. And there never was one born among women that was as great as this man Elijah. Because he had come down out of heaven and been begotten into this body of John the Baptist.

But these two witnesses that are going to have their heads cut off are going to have this done in three cities. So you note that in the book of Revelation, that their heads are cut off in three distinct cities. And it says that their dead bodies shall be spiritually in that great city called Sodom, Egypt. And in the city where our LORD was crucified.

Now they said that their heads would be cut off in spiritual iniquity, in economic, and political iniquity. This is the way the Antichrist seeks to move in. And you cannot cut the heads off of two men in three cities but you cut them off as the witnessing power of church and state. And thus they lay dead until God stirs it up again. I want you to know that God is stirring it up today as he quickens. And he says in Joel that he is going to sound the alarm, sound my voice before my people.

Now you have watched them grow. You have been unconscious of it, but you have watched it grow. You have watched the right wing grow in this nation. Oh, you say but these people were never away from it. But the people did not think about the problems. They were not involved in thinking about the problems in Communism and Socialism, or the invasion of the church. These things they did not know. But now you have educated people and they have studied this matter, and they denounce it. And many of them are opposed to organized Jewry which is behind it and so forth.

But you have a growing right wing which is about 65% of your nation. And now the church is beginning to come out of its sleep and is denouncing the pagan church. 17 churches came out of the National Council of Churches, in the last few weeks, and I have the clipping to tell of this.

Now what is happening is that the church said that if the National Council of Churches is going to stand for all religions and not stand for the Christ. Then the people demanded that their churches get out. Altho lots of churches are tied to this organization. So the people better get out of that denomination and stop supporting the preacher in that denomination, because they are supporting the program of darkness.

Now all over the nation as this is going on people are turning to the truths of God. He says he is going to pour out his spirit upon his sons and his daughters, and my young men and my old men. This is a last minute message. And they are going to see dreams and see visions, and they are going to turn to the word of the LORD. This is what is going to transpire. He says that he is going to restore all that the Palmer worm and the caterpillar and the rest of the worms have taken away from them. These are the things, my friends, that begin eating in as the church went further and further to the left. This was what was meant by saying that there will be a falling away first. And the sons of perdition will be revealed as the children of Lucifer.

I want you to know that the holy spirit of God is starting to move. And he is starting to quicken Christians, and most of the people in the right wing organizations are Christians who are being awakened. And church and state is waking up. It is waking up in Switzerland and over in Sweden, and in Norway, and even in England. And the people are no longer lukewarm. And now they call them extremists. And the false church says, ‘oh, my, these extreme people. We have to find some way to control them.’ But they have no way to control them and their holiday is about over. And they have been celebrating, for they say we have a dead church and a dead nation, so we are moving into a world government and everything is going to be fine.

Well, my friends, the two witnesses are coming alive again. They are coming up in the streets and they are a part of the program of the Most High. But, my friends, when the true church arises, as these two witnesses arise, then they are hot and cold. The people of truth are very hot and they are moving into the Right Wing.

Now this program of the witnessing of church and state is to be very effective and it will carry out its purpose. Every church of God who is a part of truth is coming to this.

Now even Billy Graham, who is sort of a sad sack because of who he has embraced over the years, as he goes to the Hawaiian Islands, he tells them that God was of dark skin like the Hawaiians, and Jesus must have been a mulatto. This is what this silly person said. But even he is starting to wake up for he said he is going to start delivering a series of political messages. People say that the church should not be political, but with the crime and the vice, these things are political right now and I am going to start speaking upon those subjects. And for the last three weeks, if you happen to listen to a Billy Graham program then he begins to sound like Gerald Smith. And he may be still mixed up on the Negro situation, for after all when a man says that the finest Christian he ever met was Mr. Nucrome of Africa. And Mr. Nucrome had eaten his mother-in-law the week before but hadn't digested her yet.

I want to point out to you that the separation of church and state, is the phobia planted by the enemy. The church must guide the nation, must control the nation or you come out with a debacle, instead of a great society. The great society will come when the Church of God sits supreme espousing the laws of God, as the oracle of God. And all of those who are elected to that government will be responsible to that church. And until that transpires you will see trouble and lots of it.

End of message.