Church - True Or False, 1-10-64


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-10-64

There is no question about the fact that the Kingdom of God is made up of three great division:--Nations, Church and Throne. Nor is the fact that these three are found where the western White race exists, because they make up the nations and the body of the Church and the Throne is found in their midst. There is no question of the fact that the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD is to descend upon these who are the offspring, upon the race HE begat---the Adamic household which HE called HIS own.

We look out upon the history of the background of our race and we discover that God raised up Patriarchs---men who led our forefathers with declarations of truth which God revealed unto them. HE brought unto us the Wisemen, the Prophets. And HE brought unto us the background of wisdom and knowledge. For from the beginning of our race, we were writing with script, and recording the records of HIS inspirations. We were recording in scrolls, HIS Holy Word.

There is no question of the fact that HE called Moses to lead the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt or that HE called this household of HIS-- ‘Israel,’--nation, church and throne. For ‘Israel’ means issue, ruling with HIM. And when HE brought them out of Egypt and took them into their own land after overthrowing the powers of evil in that land of Canaan, HE had already established HIS spiritual center in the heart of HIS people. HIS congregations of Israel were the True Church of the Old Testament. The House of Levi were Priests and ministers of this true Church. And their responsibilities were great and grave, and responsible before the MOST HIGH GOD. Their responsibility was to teach the laws of the MOST HIGH GOD, as HE had unveiled these laws so carefully unto Moses, and unto his leadership. It was also to require the people to enter into their proper form of worship unto the MOST HIGH GOD. It was to teach people the areas of their moral responsibilities and their spiritual obligation. It brought forth upon these people the necessary things they needed to know for their health, and for their vitality, such as the food they could eat and what was not good for them to eat. It brought back to them the knowledge of the land which they must preserve for their children and for the building and the preservation of a great society. God promised blessings for their worship, and chastisement for disobedience. And the Church of the MOST HIGH GOD grew and spread in the background and history of your race in the Old Testament time. And this was without doubt the Church of the Old Testament.

There were times when various kings became disobedient to the laws of God and to the teaching of the Priesthood, when they permitted into their land, people they could not assimilate, and thus mongrelization and integration took place which brought catastrophe upon Israel. This happened many times. And then God would raise up prophets and reveal again the background teaching of HIS Church and drive out once more, the powers of evil and darkness. HE sent men like Elijah who actually slew the prophets of Baal, who in their areas of invading Israel sought to center Israel with degeneration and depravity. The pattern of Baal, or Lucifer worship, with all that went into the sexual lust, and wild orgies, and tremendous sacrifices before these forces of evil, brought the condemnation of God upon those who were in areas of power.

Many of the kings of Israel rose to greatness with the blessings of God shining down upon them and their society, as they held to the truth and worship of God in HIS Temple. And who preserved the laws of the MOST HIGH GOD. Then they listened to advisors. And kings became disobedient as they sought areas they thought were of economic advantage until the patterns of darkness of these areas of evil would descend upon Israel and chastisement would come. For God would hold back the wind and the rain, and the normal patterns of the seasons, or send some catastrophe or judgement as enemy soldiers would descend upon Israel. Victorious, they would be under the headship, and hand of the MOST HIGH GOD, and disaster would be the pattern of disobedience in the pattern of the violation of Divine Law. With all of HIS Grace, HE preserved this household, HE had begotten a people HE also had confidence in. So as we find the revelations of the prophets, we think of Isaiah as he spoke of the great things to come, which reached thru out the areas of tomorrow. He spoke of the coming MESSIAH, this embodiment of God, and of the beginning of a New Age, the development of HIS Kingdom, and the powers of righteousness which would arise and spread across the world. Then Ezekiel spoke and other prophets spoke within the background of inspiration, of the Old Testament Church.

We discover that in the hours of inspiration, Isaiah said unto us, ‘Unto us a Child is born, unto us a son is given, and HIS name shall be called Wonderful, the Almighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.’ Then one day, this embodied God---the man, Christ Jesus, turned to Peter and said, ‘Peter, whom do you say that I am?’ And Peter said, ‘Thou art the Christ, the Messiah, the embodiment of the Living God.’ And then the Christ turned to Peter and HE said, ‘Yes, Peter, and upon this Rock (this confession of Faith) will I build MY Church and the very gates of hell shall not stand against it.’ Here the New Testament was thus formed by the Christ in the hour of HIS Ascension when HE sent HIS disciples back to the City of Jerusalem, to await their being empowered from on high.

Now, the program of the New Church in the heart of the Kingdom, was not too different from that of the Old Church, except for the advantage of the developing impact of the courses of history which had occurred. The New Church was responsible also for the instruction in the truths of the laws of the MOST HIGH GOD. It was instructed also to bear testimony to the greatness of the mission must accomplished, of the coming of Messiah, of the embodiment of God, and of HIS Revelation. And so the New Church started out with the teaching of the embodiment of God as Messiah. It started out with the realization of the Spiritual power which was to descend upon the Church. The New Church was to teach the background of whence they had come. It was to teach its people from the areas of the background of the scriptures, as God had unveiled the truths of the scripture to HIS prophets. And thus, HE wanted them to teach. One of the basic patterns they were to teach was the pre-existence of the children of God in the plains of Spirit. That they were ‘twice born’ children, begotten in the heavens, and now begotten in the earth. It was also to teach therefore, that God had spiritual power, and would renew their minds to the great truths of HIS Word. That the power of HIS Holy Spirit would descend upon them and fill them, so as to encourage them to go forth and to gather again, this vast expanse which was HIS house of Israel. They were to teach that this House of Israel was expanding across Europe and was reaching out across the world; that there would be a great gathering of the nations of HIS Kingdom. And the great Essene (brotherhood) would come, for the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD.

The Church was therefore, to teach:--election, salvation, Eternal life, pre-destination, internal security, and the patterns of the magnitude of the MOST HIGH GOD. And the Church was also to teach that God, Himself, was going to return and to rule and reign in the midst of the earth. It also taught that the powers of darkness were here waging war as they had in the Old Testament days, as they brought their armies against Israel from the days of ancient Babylon, as they entered even into conspiracy to destroy the sons of God. For the sons of Lucifer always sought their way to worm into the church and always they brought an area of tremendous destruction with them. The church was to point these destroyers out to the people of Israel. The church had the teachings of Christ, and could expand and establish very clearly the concept of your enemy. Jesus had pointed out to them that these Jews (Yehudin) round about them were of no part of Israel, and had no part in HIS Kingdom. That, instead, they were of the devil and the ‘lusts of their father they would do.’ The disciples were told of this devil---Judas of Iscariot--who was in their midst. And thus, it was after this identification, that Jesus then had to walk in Galilee because HE could no longer walk in that land because they sought to kill HIM. All thru the background and the preparation of the New Testament church, one of the great testimonies was not only the greatness of God, but the identification of the powers of darkness that were seeking to battle, and eventually destroy the people of the Kingdom of God.

The program of the church was to teach of eventual victory and triumph with power over the forces of darkness and over the background of evil. So we were to watch and after the ascension of the Christ, we are to see the powers of darkness moving against the Church. For without a doubt they do not want the church to have the testimony of Messiah. They wanted to take over the nations and the people who represented the program of God’s Kingdom. All thru the book of Acts, we find that those now called Jews in the Bible, stoned the Prophets, and they stoned the disciples. And they stoned the Christians and sought to put them to death in the coliseum, by delivering them to the lions and tigers, and to the gladiators. And they sought to destroy Christians in any way possible, even sending armies against their villages. Jews have been battling Christianity from the beginning of the Christian Church. And you can check that inside the scriptures. This is one of the sad situations that we have today as we survey modern theology. We find many Christian churches today which are in total darkness as to who they are, while at the same time, giving benefits to the children of darkness and powers of evil, by saying that these children of Satan are the ‘chosen ones’ and can do no wrong. And therefore, excusing them for all the patterns of darkness and evil conspiracy which they are doing for their father, the devil. This is one of the most serious of circumstances that we have in our times. And it is giving rise to a new program which is developing fast inside Christian nations---this being, the rise of the FALSE CHURCH.

We want to point out to you that in the background of the expanse of the Gospel, that it spread with great speed. Martyrdom descended upon the church, and persecution descended upon the church. But the church grew and expanded. It swept over Europe and dug in deem with its foundations, until organized Jewry and these powers of Lucifer found that battling the Church alone was not to be successful. So they decided to join the Church. And with hypocrisy and lies, and the doctrines of seducing spirits, as the Apostle Paul told Timothy, to weave into the Church, a program of total destruction. In fact, we find that all the patterns and battles against morality, against ethics, against the laws of marriage, against the standards of God, against the concepts of Messiah, against the worship of the One True God, all these were opposed. But no wonder, because Satan’s ministers have been transformed into ‘angels of light.’

Now, I want to point out to you that whereas the structure of Christendom expanded and grew across the heartland of the White race, even into this great nation, as it set its foundation,---as our forefathers, landing at Plymouth Rock knelt in prayer and thanked God for a safe passage, thus, did our nation start its foundation. Then as our colonies grew and developed under the structure of spiritual influence, and a religious background of the church, we moved forward. Of the churches they founded in the colonies, they may have been different in their denominations, or in their doctrines they taught. But they identified the ONE---with MESSIAH, the embodiment of God. And they recognized that the Christ was Messiah, and that they were HIS children.

The great universities of our land which grew up under their influence, such as Princeton, Yale, and Harvard, were Church schools. They were established and they taught the recognition of Messiah, of the Holy Scriptures. And they taught morality and integrity. They taught the relationship one had with the Right God, and the responsibilities one had in the building of a great nation. And our nation grew and expanded with the blessings of God upon it, the blessings of crops, the blessings of the mind, and the blessings of the production of all fields. The power of HIS Spirit unveiling unto men, each according to his calling, the technology which produced the greatest production and the greatest society in these United States that the world had even known. And our Universities expanded, and our colleges grew. And thus, we became a great nation. But the most important thing was that influence which effected the structure and background of this nation---the influence of the Holy Church of the MOST HIGH GOD.

This Church was a big Church. It didn’t have denominations, altho denominations expanded over a great part of that society. But this Church expands beyond the power of denominations and reached the entire structure of these people who believe in the MESSIAHSHIP of the CHRIST, and in HIS Salvation. So it was Protestant and Catholic, with a multiple of denominations. And it is also true that some Churches have had an influx of those of Lucifer. For the powers of Lucifer, the forces of evil have taken over in some denominations and have sought to change its doctrines and put in place, doctrines which are not of God. And still, the highest percentage of truth was built around the importance of the Virgin Birth, the Blood of Atonement, the embodiment of Messiah, and the immortality of the MOST HIGH GOD. But today, we find that the patterns move into unique and strange design, and move away from the MOST HIGH GOD.

We discover that as our society was blessed of God, the other nations of God’s Kingdom were also blessed of God. We looked out around the world to find that the sun never went down on our flag, or the flag of the British Empire, or some flag of the White race as their colonies moved to liberate men from the areas of paganism and darkness. At the same time, the policies of the church were to teach the laws of God. And men were taught integrity of character and they were taught discrimination in their companions. They were taught segregation in their responsibilities for the production of families and societies. They did not think of integrating and mongrelizing their children with the offspring of other societies or other races, for this also was a violation of the laws of the MOST HIGH GOD. The White race was Christian and the rest of the world was pagan, and responded to the background of their ideologies.

Jesus said, ‘If I be lifted up, I draw all men (Hu-men) unto ME.’ And the White race came and they fulfilled the areas of this responsibility.

The True Church was the spiritual vitality of God’s Program. The false church then is Lucifer’s design. He started an infiltration into the Church by sending in his many sons and this was started by what is called ‘conversion of Jewry.’ By joining of Christianity and Jewry, then the Christian churches were fed doctrines and designs of destruction. In the book ‘Morranos,’ written by a Jew, and published by a Jewish publication society, they admit they joined these churches to condemn its doctrines and to change and distract and to eventually triumph over Christianity. This is exactly what they have been doing as they became ‘so called experts’ of theology. And then they moved to help translate the scriptures. They wove the name Jew in as ‘the chosen people,’ and removed the name of Israel, changing the background of covenants and promises and twisting the background of the scriptures. But the clergymen seemed not to know or to see this. Then they moved into Christian societies and into theologian seminaries. And many of them claimed to be converts. But what were they converts to, as they deny the very LORD who bought them? We find over in the book of Timothy, that the church was the spiritual center of the House of Israel. And Israel had been bought and redeemed by the MESSIAH. And yet, the Jews deny the deity of the MESSIAH. So therefore, they deny the very LORD that bought them so that he could be Israel. And yet they call themselves ‘the church’ (the body of Christ???)

We find today that they moved in to overthrow the doctrines of HIS Truths, until the church today does not take a powerful stand on the laws of God. The church today in its denominations, does not hold out a high standard of morality. It does not hold out a high standard of principles. Instead, it moves toward perversion and moves to this peculiar twist we see in our times of today. It welcomes ‘Hippyism’, and moves toward the areas of degeneration of our society. It moves toward the custom of the wild orgies of Baalism and toward the acceptance of pagan philosophies and religions, all over the world. It moves toward a brotherhood with Lucifer and with evil.

My friends, there is no brotherhood except ye be my Father’s son. I have no brother who is not my Father’s son, or of my Father’s household. For the program of that is the program of the False church. And thus, the false church has moved into the denominations.

Now, we do not say that everyone in the great denomination is a part of a false church. We say that the false church today is basically made up of the leadership of the denominations. And the World Council of Churches in America is one of the headquarters of the false church. And basically, Catholicism today is moving into the structure of the false church as well. Now, you say, ‘But how do you know? Why do you say this?’ Well, for instance, we received this information:-- ‘Four leading prelates of South America came out of a conference and called on all Catholics of South America to embrace Socialism, and overthrow all governments which are against Socialism.’ This is quite a challenge, for this puts the church behind the program of the kingdom of Lucifer, instead of the Kingdom of God. For Socialism and Communism are the politics of hell and the program of anti-Christ. Make no mistake about that. There is no possibility that Christian society can make a covenant with Communism, which put 17 million Christians to death in their first two years---boiled them in oil, and dragged them apart behind teams of horses, tortured them behind the cover of the Soviet Union, or wherever they had that power. They put 17 million Christians to death when they found they could not destroy the Church any other way. But now you tell me, that Prelates call on their people to support the program of Socialism and to overthrow all governments who do not embrace Socialism. I listened as the news spokesman came out yesterday, the Bishop of Fresno, and he spoke out and called on all the people of Sacramento Valley and the San Joaquin Valley to support the agreement of the grape strikers, because he supports this Socialist program of Caesar Chavez. And he cites that all Catholics must support this because the Catholic Church is going to support the striking power which is doing so much damage to California grape industry.

Well, the press of course, went to the Bishop and asked him what background he had in Waiver patterns, and he said that he had been a teacher in college before he entered the priesthood. And he had been a teacher after that, before he became a Bishop. And he studied Socialism and thought it was the coming thing. And so we must battle so that all get their fair share.

Thus, again, that church swings to Socialism and anti-Christ. There are many Catholic churches and priests who are against Communism and Socialism. But the structure of their church is gradually floating toward the support of the programs of hell. But don’t think there is anything too different in that then in the structure of ‘Carsonism’, because the National Council of Churches moves out in the same order. We listened to its clergy as it denounces the background of Faith. It is not teaching them to separate or segregate. Instead, it is calling on them to integrate, to mongrelize, and thus to destroy the structure of God’s Kingdom.

Much of the church structure today is backing the same kind of conditions that prevailed when God raised Elijah to destroy the prophets of Baal, and to release the House of Israel. What we need is an Elijah ministry to sweep America and God’s spirit is likely to produce a spiritual transition in America which will bring America back with great suddenness because we are reaching very close to the hours of Armageddon. By the way, the Methodist periodicals are published by a Methodist publication society under the background of the N.C.C., which goes along with all this. And did you know that this Judge Blackman who is to be appointed for the Supreme Court, is one of the executives of this Methodist publication? And now one of these publications shows a beautiful church, and coming down the steps of the church is a Negro man with his hand under the arm of a beautiful White woman, and there are mullato children running round. And this black man is shaking the hands of the people as he comes out of that church. This is how they are introducing mongrelization to the people of the Methodist church. They show pictures of this integration and mongrelizing and pictures of Negro pastors with their robes on, shaking hands with the white parishioners coming out of the church. This is the structure and the design for de-segregation, and for the conspiracy of the FALSE church, which is gaining. For hypocrisy and lies moved out to take possession of the people and we are finding that we are in the hour spoken of by the Apostle Paul when he said there would be a falling away first, and then the man of sin would be revealed---this son of perdition.

Without a doubt, the programs of anti-Christ are about to be launched against the world in every section of society. Thus, we point out these powers of darkness and their powers of evil. We think of the Methodist church in San Francisco having homosexual balls. We think of the depravity of Baalism, and we pray, ‘Oh, YAHWEH, deliver us back into the hands of the True Church, with spiritual power, with the Holy Spirit descending upon its ministry, and with a people who revere the MOST HIGH GOD, who call for righteousness and for judgement, and for healing power and for greatness.’ Jesus said, ‘I will do a short work of righteousness and then after this I will come.’ We are in an hour of great dilemma today in our society. We point out that the President of the United States at one time knew a lot about fighting Communism. And then they put Algers Hiss in the penitentiary. He was battling Socialism and Communism. And he spoke to us many times in Washington D.C., saying he would drive them out of government and out of every branch of our society. But now that he has become President, we find that the Socialist and Communist have actually been given more power. Burns, the Jew, has been given charge of running the financial structure of America (the Federal Reserve). And the Jew, Kissinger, has been selected to advise him on International matters. Both are of organized Zionism---world Jewry. And thus, this President also has turned to Jewry for advice.

Not alone, is he guilty of this. Because ministers and evangelists---men like Billy Graham and others have told him, ‘You can’t do anything wrong in surrounding yourself with Jews, for they are the ‘chosen people.’ And their return to Palestine is a most important thing which you must support with all your might.’ And many Christians are believing this. And then they urge him, ‘You better go this way,’---thus, the President listens and he moves in the wrong direction. And as he does this, he becomes ever more entangled with Jewry. He came to this office with a realization that Communism was our enemy. And he came into an office where he inherited a bad situation. He inherited a war that started under Mr. Kennedy and continued under Mr. Johnson, which wasn’t going well, because it wasn’t called a war. It was called a ‘peace’ action, not a war. But I tell you that the scripture calls for an all out war against Communism. It calls for a war between the powers of anti-Christ, and God’s Kingdom. And it calls for no peace between these two. Not now, or at any time. But it calls for the preservation and the building of a great defense or fortress around the houses of Israel, first.

Now, by this same token, as we moved in to defend the area of the South of Vietnam, remember that half of this Vietnam area was Christian, with a Christian administrator and government. While the North half was Buddhist. And all the philosophies of Communism and Buddhism were intertwined. We have been battling this war for many years. And virtually all of South Christian Vietnam has been bombed and destroyed. And we are supposedly fighting Communism. And yet, Communism and Buddhism are moving with tremendous strength. It is true that Communism has invaded Cambodia and Laos. And it is also true that they have used these areas as a sanctuary to attack our troops form. The great area of mistake is that 5 or 6 years ago, we didn’t bomb and destroy these privileged sanctuaries they have been using which are only 50 miles from Saigon. It is a sad fact that we did not atom bomb Hanoi when they continued their conspiracy and their patterns of destruction.

Uniquely, we can see as we look out on this situation, that hundreds and hundreds of our men have been killed. And thousands have been wounded. And this is a sad situation. We have become deeply entrenched in all this. And China and the Soviet Union are using this for an experimental area to try out their new weapons. They have been keeping America thus tied down while all the program of their conspiracy moves thru the False Church to gain power in America. How. Well, the False church comes out and cries for ‘peace.’ The False church moves out over our society and starts crying for the end of all war. And it calls for the absolute banning of all war. And then cites that Socialism is not evil and we do not have to defend ourselves from Socialism, for there is no attack from that quarter. Just move in and surrender to the program of anti-Christ. Thus organized Jewry moves out. And the churches move to join them. And all speak out against the continuation of the War. President Johnson actually did not run again because he had tried to end the war. He had called for the withdrawal of American troops, and even that was not popular. At the same time, the continuity of the war was not possible. So he quit because of the pressures. Mr. Johnson inherited this sad situation from Mr. Kennedy. And on T.V. last night, Mr. Johnson told the world that the Kennedy administration advisors had undermined his decisions. And he didn’t understand that for some years. They had undermined and worked behind him until there was no success for him. And he had withdrawn a tired old man. Of course, he had his areas of error, for he had married into the pattern and background of the Luciferian household.

Again, I want to point this out. Last Thursday, when President Nixon was to speak, the newsmen thought he was going to speak out about his new expense status he had all set up for his new relief program. This program was in fact so completely under the advice of Burns and other advisors--Socialists--that as it came for the Congressional Committee Review, that Senator Russell and others turned it down, as it proved that it would cost twice as much as the present program. It was the giving of $3600.00 to every family out of work, and it would raise the taxes on the rest of the people working that it would reduce them to the level of those they were giving the money to in the first place. And would end up with total destruction of incentive in America. This, my friends, is Socialism, pure and simple. But under these circumstances, the newsmen anticipated that the President would come out for this program, for they thought he wanted to divide up everything and see that everyone had good housing and clothes, and food, and plenty of money. So they expected him to plug for this program. Even tho, this is not from the background of God’s Laws, as it would take from those who work and give to those who divide our society. They do not understand that God’s way provided plenty for everyone. But it is done under the structure of thrift and honesty and production. While Socialism does it with wastes and programs of destruction. Actually if this program is put over, it will soon fold up, because there will be no incentive left for a person to work. But when Nixon made his speech, he spoke instead of the Vietnam mess and the press was surprised.

The President said that he realized that he cannot withdraw the 150,000 men from Vietnam without them being harassed and liquidated, because of these sanctuaries where they have total security, and which our troops are not allowed to strike. He also said that the enemy is moving into Cambodia. And if it was left up to him as to make a decision, as to would we send troops in to finally destroy these areas of security and eventually bring peace, he would to it. He said he was very much disturbed as he did not order an invasion of Cambodia as the press reported. He only ordered 25,000 troops to go in and knock out and capture enemy headquarters in these sanctuaries. Now, as far as his saying that he ordered the troops in to destroy the enemy headquarters, this is right. But as for saying he had not ordered the invasion of Cambodia, this is double talk. We have expanded the war because it was expanding anyway. And now there are actually 440,000 of our men in the South East Asia area. And we can’t get them out without knocking out those sanctuaries first, without a vast slaughter. The only situation is, that out of the areas of airports and military supplies in North Vietnam they are bombing our troops. But today also we get the news that we have sent over the first air attacks against those airports and supply lines of the Viet Cong.

When we start reaching Hanoi we will have reached the area which we should have hit a long time ago. Of course, Mr. Nixon said as he did this, ‘I realize as I ordered this that I will probably be a one term President.’ And he probably will be. Because already Senator Fulbright and Senator Mansfield are coming out to attack the President. And they are saying that it is a myth that Communism wants to expand. We don’t have to worry about Communism and Socialism and that Socialism is a great thing. For after all we are turning into a Socialistic society ourselves. They are actually calling for impeachment of the President. And in the excitement, even Republicans who should know better, such as Hatfield, are taken over by the propaganda and calling for an end to war. So they are calling for the impeachment of the President. So the President tried to carry water on both shoulders and he tried out Paris. He tried to be a man of peace. And at the same time, he said, ‘I want to bring every man home. And this invasion is the way of peace.’ But the pattern was that he had the weight of all those men over there, and he had to find a way to get them out. But organized Jewry was crying for peace, because they were getting all the weapons as we closed our bases over there. They were getting those weapons to fight the Arabs. And they didn’t care about America or our defense. In fact, the strange situation is that the cutting back of our troops, our Air Force and our Navy, has been one of the great disasters of the past few years.

But Mr. Nixon said, ‘I feel that I must take this chance, whether I be a one term President or not. I feel I must order the troops to hit these sanctuaries so we can retreat with safety.’ But now the hue and cry is not only calling for him to be a one term President, but they are calling for his impeachment. In fact, the Senate called for him to come in on Monday and Tuesday, and discuss with the Congress as to his reason for doing this. And they are even exploding over this and saying we are not going to have him do this.

Now, I want to point out to you the False church. All over the United States there were troubles in the colleges and in the schools. Stanford University was in violence and fighting with Police because we had a ROTC program there. At Youngstown came the same cry against our military. And they even burned the buildings round about as 2500 students went out to burn buildings. Then thousands more went out in riots and fought with police. Seventy-seven were shot and injured. And in Hartford, Conn., 30,000 Negroes moved to demand the release of Negro murderers. They called for action and they are battling the police there. Then in Maryland, there was trouble. And also at the University of Philadelphia, violence erupted. And the heads of the Universities came out to cite they were backing their students who were revolting against the government, and all were calling for the impeachment of the President. And then---Philadelphia college---is going to be joined with twenty-five colleges over the U.S. in a vast program of walk-out strikes against the President of the United States. And there is the headquarters of all the theological colleges in the East.

Therefore, we discover that the Lutheran Seminary spoke out and said, ‘We are going to fold all the theological seminaries (20 of them) up, and they will become one, under the University of Pennsylvania, because it is necessary that we teach these students how to work together to get out in the streets to carry picket signs, to battle, to join the program of putting over Socialism to help overthrow the government.’

Just last night, this leader of the Lutheran Seminaries was on T.V. advocating this very thing. And the seminaries today whether in Cambridge University, or those in New York City, are not teaching the ‘Virgin Birth,’ or the ‘Blood Atonement,’ of the ‘Second Coming.’ They are not teaching any of the factors which the True Church was to teach. And they are turning to Socialism and Communism. And they are turning to this---right now.

Thus, they are turning these universities and colleges which were founded by such principals in the background of our society, into points of revolution. Communist have joined the church and have entered the Universities. And thus, thru the universities and colleges, has the revolution started---the prelude to Armageddon---right now. The President of the United States has been wrong on most of his decisions, but he is right on this one. Tho it will probably cost him his presidency, even at this hour.

As we point these facts out, we want you to recognize that the True Church has no background with the powers of darkness. The True Church should call on God for guidance, for assistance, for the outpouring of HIS Spirit, and for a great awakening. We don’t have time to finish this subject, but will carry it forward in the following week. But we call on each Christian in America to pray God to give us guidance, give us assistance, and give us wisdom for this hour. Give us strength to roll back the powers of darkness, who with their riots and violence, seek to destroy our country.

The conspiracy is to set fires, to start violence in every city in the United States, as a Communist Party conspiracy to get people to put pressure on the President to pull back in the Cambodian invasion.

As we close, we can say that we have one assurance in the word of God which we can count on. The True Church has the assurance of the triumph of Victory, the assurance of the powers of darkness being defeated, the assurance of the triumph of Armageddon, and that HIS people will be energized.

The Church if to tel its people what they are to do, and their responsibilities toward the nations of God’s Kingdom. (End of sermon)