Church's Responsibility In Opposing Babylon, 1-23-61



By DR. WESLEY SWIFT - 1-23-61

We have today just passed another historic occasion in the history of the nation of which we are a part. Because this nation is a great and vital part of God's Kingdom on earth, and to it prophecy has delegated great responsibility above all nations. And because you and I as Christians, are not only members of His Church, but citizens of this great nation of His Kingdom. Therefore there is related to you the impact of events. And you are a part of all the purpose of God which is being fulfilled in this end of the age, and at this time. In fact, so much are you a part of the events of this day, that the hour of your birth was known unto the Father before the world was framed. And you helped to make up that mosaic of energy and spirit which He intended to exist in the earth at this time. And this catalyst of energy and spirit has the impact which God has ordained for this hour.

There is one great and mighty truth concerning God's Kingdom, that whatsoever had been planned by God concerning it, he shall release in spirit and energy and purpose---he shall place in the formula every necessary ingredient to bring about that which he has ordained from the beginning.

This past week has been a very important week for the people of this nation. When we were in Washington we could see and feel the excitement that was being created by the people coming into the city. By the preparation and the plans for another historic occasion, the inauguration of the 35th., President of the United States. There was no question of the fact that it was another turning point in history as each administration becomes the turning point for its own historic factors and values. No one knows exactly the energies which are in store as a part of the human energies which this Administration will provide. But we all know where the kingdom is going, and we all have before us a blueprint if we understand God's word concerning its ultimate destiny, and we have witnessed, and are a part of a great period of destiny. When we approach an inauguration week and especially an inauguration day there is a general trend upon the part of the people of both parties to be thinking in terms of the pageantry of our great history. There is in the opposing parties a certain magnanimous spirit which shows itself under such a situation because they in that moment are caught up with all the emotion of the hour. And there is no question but that there is behind the panorama of the inauguration of our Presidents, and the continual march and expansion of our nation, the continued solidarity and strength of a nation, and the determination of our people so that they do not surrender to the powers of the anti-Christ or their leadership in the world.

There are some things which caused Americans to view with great emotion and one of these is the passing of the flag, or the marching forces, or the hour of tribute to which this nation gives again in its recognition to the authority of God, and its dependence upon Him at all times.

There is no doubt but that the eyes of the nation were upon the President elect when he took his office, and his inaugural address was one of the best that has ever been delivered in all the history of the U.S. by an incoming president. But you are well aware that we can not go along with the platform which was adopted by the Democrat party here at the three ringed circus called a Convention in the city of Los Angeles. Nor my friends can very many of our observers in the national seat of government go along with this platform. In fact I am not even sure the President can go along with it, even tho he ran on it, and gave it his political endorsement. In fact the thing which caused great consternation among the many people was the seeming enthusiasm with which he had endorsed it in the campaign. But I believe the seriousness of the hour in which we live, the great impact of danger which surrounds the nations of the world with their forces of evil and their design---I think the economic imbalance and the economic catastrophes which are stalking the world, and all the great massive design of conspiracy to over throw Christian civilization an plunge the western nations into socialism of the Anti-Christian power, has been a startling situation for these who have been observing it, now for the first time with more information than they ever before possessed. I think the President of the U.S. has been briefed on a lot of things in the past ten days, and it is even dawning upon him as to the unworkability of some of the fantastic schemes and programs which have been a part of that platform. But there seemed to be a dogged determination on the part of Congress to see that America stayed free, and did not drift further toward socialism and remained strong.

But let us turn back to our thinking because it is important that we evaluate it. Turn back to the inauguration and to what has been said. We recognize that to the great majority of the Protestants that the election of a Catholic for President, altho not meeting the approval of a great number of them, still it is a historic event. We recognize that it is also the first time that a Cardinal ever gave an invocation at the inauguration of a President of the U.S. I guess this was his first chance and he spent a lot of time on it. And except for a few phrases of what he said there is not great disagreement from the standard and the principals he endorsed. And while to the average Protestant it is a distinct and different phase of identity, of the man and his faith, of his interpretation of his faith, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I do not think our enemies could have gotten any comfort out of the identity of the man with the seriousness of his prayer. Nor when he was carried forward by a Protestant prelate of the Greek Orthodox Faith. Again the incoming President identified himself with the impact of the prayer. There is no question about the fact that the address was delivered in that inaugural with energy and seeming dedication to that purpose. And the points with which we disagree in the phases of that address I think we could say are based upon the background of what the man and many other men have been taught.

One of the great problems of our time exist in the fact that the church as an institution has not assumed its full responsibility to become the complete and clear oracle of God, to unveil the pattern and purpose of God's kingdom in the earth, and to unveil to the people who constitute that kingdom the distinction between the children of God, as the race which God planted with spiritual seed and spiritual capacities to mark the distinction between themselves and the other people of the earth who lack that capacity, which the children of God possess. For out of that spirit of good will, and out of that design to assist, and out of that seed line which exists in your race, is a natural desire to help every one upon the face of the earth. One of the things this prophecy said this kingdom of God will do --is to be a blessing, from one end of the earth to the other. It is thus a natural design, for you would like to heal all the problems, the social problems which effect all the peoples of the earth, but it must be recognized that it cannot accomplish this as long as people remain in ignorance, and in service to forces of darkness and evil gods, and evil philosophies. Nor my friends is it your responsibility as such to give equal respect to men when they believe in error. Nor are you to give equal respect to their concepts and their religions. I think that within the scope of this phase of the address that there was no lip service paid to pagan philosophies, but there was promises that we were going to help them get out of situation which they were in. There was one thing which was heartening because it did not sound like the Democrat platform. It did not say that we were going to pour all our wealth out, it said that we hoped that they wouldn't look to America to see what America would give them, but that they would look to America to see how they could help America try to make this a better world. That is far more intelligent.

On the other hand I want you to realize that it is impossible for us to create the framework of a government in which all the nations and peoples of the world contributed a portion of its administration, when they do not have the capacity either spiritually or politically to create such a government which would meet the framework of the laws of God's kingdom, the laws of civilization as we have participated, and enjoyed it. because they lack that sense, that balance, and that understanding. Therefore it will always be incumbent upon all white western nations, and upon all Christian civilizations to sit in the seat of administration. The nations of God's kingdom, and Christianity must always sit in the drivers seat of world progress, and there will be no other program if any other formula is attempted.

I think it is very well for us to recognize the sincerity of intent, and when the President said we must never negotiate with our enemies out of fear, that is well said. Then he said; ---we must never fear to negotiate, and this must be evaluated as to what we mean by negotiate. In the first place I think it is foolish to even negotiate at all with the communist world when they have no responsibility to keep their word, and no moral or spiritual genes of responsibility. I think the only approach that you could make to what might be called negotiations must come out of a terrific background. Must come out of strength and power, and force, for there is nothing to appeal to in the Asiatic soul.

So it is again that we may say that there is a lack of understanding, that is somewhat general, and which attaches itself to all great speeches. In that they expect and believe that in all the people of the world, is the capacity to think an to act like you do. But when you understand that the very God Almighty selected by the very careful pattern of his own creative purposes, the very children of his spirit---begotten in the heavens, transplanted, and establish as the Adamic race into the earth, and then brought forth the very covenants of His kingdom, and then by his personal contact, by his revelation, by the guiding of his spirit, by his voice thru his prophets delivered unto you the continual revelation of his spirit, out of his own mouth, thru his vision and his Word ---by HIS MANIFESTATION AS GOD AMONG MEN--as YAHSHUA THE CHRIST --he delivered unto you the continual revelation of his spirit, out of his own mouth, thru his vision and his word--then you have the capacity to receive it, remember that.

Also let us remember the words of Jesus that all people do not have this capacity by----'I call my sheep by name--I lead them out', and then he turned to the others and he said;---You cannot even hear my words because you are not my sheep. You cannot even understand my words. Thus to carry out the objectives of God one has to be a child of God, and by spirit you would have to be begotten of God, and that peculiarity marks the people of your race as the offspring of God, with the wave length the capacity of spirit, the guidance of thought stimulated by the Father, to understand His purposes.

I think that a challenge was hurled out, and even Republican leadership as well as Democratic leadership will remember this moment, for they were willing at this moment as the challenge was hurled out, to let leadership demonstrate what it asked for, and they would hold with reservation their position until they see what would transpire. There is no doubt that you must recognize even tho the situation sometimes seem peculiar, in the process of the election, and of some things which transpired, but God still sits on the throne, the invisible power, and absolute authority. He can set up, and he can set down, he can limit and he can permit, and these things which come to pass have been known to him from the beginning. Therefore what God has ordained for his kingdom, is Light, blessing, and Glory, and thus will see the defeat of the powers of darkness, and the eventual victory thru out the world, must therefore be furthered by these events thru which we pass or God would have hindered and never allowed or permitted it.

When a Christian is therefore so wrapped up thru the absoluteness of his faith, and realizes that God who is our Father is more interested in the welfare of his children, and his kingdom, and still sits in the seat of authority where he raises up men, or lowers them, you can then move into every situation with faith, that everything works together for good for them who love God, and to those who are called according to his purpose. We are the children of his household, and there has never been a greater challenge for a people in all times. That is the challenge to overthrow the powers of darkness who influence the thinking of the people living here in earth. It effects their thinking and their living as well, but remember that you were sent here into physical bodies, and remember that the kingdom was established in earth thru the household of God, thru the physical body of the children of Adam. In order that it might put down the darkness and liberate the world with this kingdom of God. That it might bring back the rule that would cause every man from one end of the earth to the other to bow the knee an to recognize the Eternal and Glorious God, and to recognize his visitation as the man Christ Jesus, embodied with all the fullness of God for the fulfillment of his atonement, and his covenant--thru his kingdom.

When you look out over the words of the President we feel that the enemy could not take any comfort from these words because they were told that we would remain strong, and would not permit a Communist beachhead to be installed in the western world. That the Monroe Doctrine would be enforced. We were told that we would help Latin America but that we would not help or allow any Communist Beachhead to be established there with any intervening power. I think it rather a significant thing that we have been listening to the stories out of Russia saying how they would warm up to the new President, and develop good relations once again with the United States. There can never be good relations between the enemies of God's kingdom and Christianity in the United States of America unless the enemy has a change of heart.

Now; there are many things we would consider about this situation, for many people do not know that 5 days before the inauguration of the President, that all the Communist heads were meeting in tribunal, and that the sum total of the attitude of the leaders of the Communist world was the acceptance of the 'iron fist', and they were going to force 'rough shod' their form of government over the world, unless the world accepted by surrender, and appeasement, their format for Peace, --This just 5 days before the inauguration of this President. The 'Fiat' reported this, and Mr. Khrushchev said;--'I want chieftains of World Communism to know that I stand completely behind this. I want them to know that I am against the United States and all it stands for. I am against Washington D.C. and would like to see it destroyed. I would like to participate in its destruction.

That is quote and unquote 5 days by Mr. Khrushchev 5 days before the Inauguration, but listen:----we therefore recognize the approaches to Peace and Democracy by Mr. Khrushchev and this will not be tenantable to the western world, because the revelations of World Communism is still carrying forward its militant objectives thru the Beast System, and of Anti-Christ, and of Mystery Babylon. There will not come any area of peace out of any contact with this our enemy.

I think that as we look out over these events that there never has been any more serious problem than that which faces the President of the United States. I think this cabinet is a very bad selection. I think that before you have gone very far great changes will have to be made. The church is faced by great responsibilities in this situation---why? Because the church of Jesus Christ are the witnesses of Jesus Christ in the world today. Remember He said;'Ye are my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and to the uttermost parts of the earth". Thus you are the witnesses of God and also must become the living oracle of God. The Apostle Paul refers to that as 'the body of Christ in the world today'. "One body, many members", and he refers to every one of you as being a part of that body. He calls on the church to take a stand in relationship to the world around about, and being synchronized in their thinking to the mind of God. Of showing no division in carrying forward the truth and purpose of God for us. There is the one body, and one does not contend that --I am the head, or the feet, but the whole body complete fulfills its destiny. So with this realization then the church is the body of Christ in the world today. The mind of Christ resides in you, altho many people do not always express the thinking of the mind of Christ today. But warring with it in the concepts of their minds sometimes influenced by world ideas, then those of god do not always bear the testimony that they carry.

I think it is most significant that you the children of God's Kingdom are out of the household he established in the earth. We are seed of His seed, we are out of his race, we are out of the children whom he made the covenant with. Abraham our father was he whom the Covenant was made with, and then he fulfilled it thru Isaac, and Jacob and continued to fulfill thru the great racial stock of the nations of the white race. As such today we are the children of His kingdom, the household of Israel, and there is never to be considered at any time, the idea that some have put forward that God has cast aside Israel, and that Israel is no longer carrying out his responsibility. This great nation of ours is one of the great Nations of Israel, and that is why revelation gave unto this emblem of the outstretched wings of the Eagle, the great protecting leadership which is to provide protection, in this great climactic hour as the forces of darkness seek to throw down God's kingdom. Nobody knows more completely that God's kingdom is a reality, and that it is made up of men and of nations, than does the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, of Lucifer. For this cause they prepare to make war against you and upon every level of political, economic and social life, wherever it is possible for them to carry it on. If you were non existent there would be no warfare, and the world would be under the Tyranny for there would be no resistance.

We are living in one of the most important periods in our history, and it is important that we understand that the church has a great and important part to play in this climactic hour. There are many who recognize the nations of God's Kingdom, who are not taught the responsibility of God's church. And there are a great many people of the church who do not know that they are a part of the citizenship of God's Kingdom as it relates to men, and races, and to God's family in the earth. I hope the day will soon come when every career statesman and every man in our foreign service, and every man who prepares to enter political life in this nation, understands his ancient heritages and recognized the responsibility he assumes as he enters into areas of conflict and political life. Because there can be no question that there can be nothing more important to the people of our nation than to know who they are, and their responsibility as it relates to God's pattern and plan. All of the decisions of our nation, if guided by such a pattern of knowledge, would be constructive. And our foreign service, our state department, and other departments of our nation would not make some of the errors that were made thru out the years that have gone by.

As we look our over the situation at this moment let us remember that Mystery Babylon the Great is one of the mysteries of the scripture. And Mystery Babylon the Great, or Revelations, is the power which controls the economies of the world in as far as it is possible to do so. That Mystery Babylon is connected to what is known as the Beast System, or all the political entities which are at war with God as the 17th, and 18th chapters of Revelation make so clear. When one recognized that fact, that the Beast System, and this system Babylon with its design to control and dominate all the economic systems of the world, and is described so clearly as moving out to take over almost every phase of the economic life of the nations of the world--all this makes war with the Kingdom. We are told here in Revelation concerning such a transition, that Babylon controls all the crafts of the world. That she is organizing every craftsman, dividing them up into segments and administering their affairs, making every decision on the cost of their labor. It seeks to control all the merchandise of gold and silver and precious stones. It seeks to control all the commerce of the world in all of its phases. It even controls the areas which effect the health of mankind. And in the areas of the drugs and the manipulation of the craftsmanship of this healing art. It commercialized every phase of life and existence from the coming in to the going out of the earths existence. All of this is in the hands of what the scripture tells us---are the Merchants of Babylon---Babylon was thy Merchants.

There was something which was very definitely and vitally wrong with the Babylonian system and order which the scripture makes very clear. For one --'instruction which God gives the church'. And you ask:--'What do you mean 'to the church'? The book of Revelation was written to the church. The book of Revelation was given to John in experience as God took him into the plain of spirit to carry him forward and backward in the panorama of time. And then John was told to write this in a book and deliver it to the church. And then the church was to be an oracle and to be the opposing force. I want you to recognize that the church was told to 'come out of her, Oh, my people and be ye separate, lest ye partake of her evil deeds, and practices. '

Again we turn to the 18th., chapter of Revelation and we read that the nations of the earth have become a part of these 'merchants of earth, who have waxed rich with the amassinations of the abundance of Babylons delicacies.---"But I heard a voice from the heavens saying; ---Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that he receive not her plagues. For her sins have reached into heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Rejoice and reward her even as she rewarded you. For the cry of the people of God's kingdom hath reached into heaven, and there shall be a double judgment.

But of all of these things God Almighty says;---'Come out of her my people'. I have been listening with interest to the reanalyzing of the thoughts coming out of the pulpits of Protestantism, and I see a gain a continual trend again to a trancedentalist chain of thought where as they would like to separate the church from any social responsibility, separate it from any impact upon the earth as such, and upon its social and political life, or upon the actual function of its industry, or its commerce.

I continually note that the trend is to supply to the people who make up the church, the assurance that the Gospel which the church preaches is an escape program. That the world must be abandoned to the forces of darkness which had taken over the world before your Adamic race ever came here. It would seemingly be that the only responsibility that the church has, or that the clergy has clocked for the church is to paint the two fold story which comes out of legend and background, but much of it is built out of tradition of religious systems and hierarchies. That men are in a particular position of jeopardy, and that therefore they must preach them a gospel to save them from an eternal Doom which will descend upon them, as their spirits leave their bodies. That if they accept the formula of the church they will find an avenue of entrance into the heavens above, and into the Celestial realms. Therefore the chief responsibility of the Church is to provide an escape avenue to get the spirits back into the presence of God and protect them from the anger of God---otherwise God would torture them forever and ever. I want you to know that is not the Gospel that Jesus preached, that is not the message for today that reaches men, and will effect the great transitions of the earth, that God's kingdom has ordained.

There is no question that the children of God's spirit, who come to earth out of the plains of spirit--that if they were to leave the state of the human body would immediately go back into the plain from whence they came. And no man can go back into the heavens unless he came down out of it.

I think there are a great number of created beings in earth, whose origin and backgrounds did not come out of the heavens, and thus they will not go back into the heavens. Strange as it may seem there are different kinds of people in the Universe, and they are in different capacities of creation, and everything God made he said was good. But there have also been changes made under the violations of Divine law, under the influence of a fallen Angel and here in the earth as well, the impact of this has created different situations that must be considered. The children of God's kingdom are the children of Light and of spirit. Their responsibility is the establishing of His kingdom in the midst of the earth. As such the Gospel of God's kingdom related first to the recognition by his children, of his law, his mind and his way of doing things. And then they were to translate this into action, and implement it eventually with force where ever it was necessary, for the bringing of law and order into the earth. If you were to go back into the Old Testament, and see what God talked about, when he talked with your forefathers, you would find that he taught them how to behave. I don't find any place where he talked to them about getting them back into heaven, as tho that was the major objective. I don't think there is any question in the mind of God about having ever lost one of his sheep, nor was there any question of giving them Everlasting Life, and giving them immortality, or completing everything He had promised. There has never been any question about that, but the thing we see going thru out the old Testament as it relates to God's experience with His people, is His giving them the rules of how to behave, and how to live, and then in that Glorious mandate of race--an intervention as God with the hosts of Heaven, and the chariots of the Most High came to the mountain called Sinai. Where he gave ,in this meeting with Moses--he gave instructions of how men were to live, and the processes of conduct. Then out of the mighty revelations in the close of the inspirational contact Moses had with God, he received the concept and philosophy which related to---EVERY PHASE OF LIFE. and Moses received the laws of agriculture, of economy, laws of social responsibility, laws of proper worship, and proper respect, and God gave them the laws of how they were to live. This my friends, was not a program which was initiated in things which were far removed from the earth, no it was something related to earth.

When God visited man, and we have a record of his talking to Adam, promising him full redemption, for He promised Adam full redemption IN THE EARTH. According to the ancient Patriarch as God talked to Seth, and then brought Enoch into his presence, then all the instructions and the thinks he talked about were the history, and the events, and the things which were going to happen in the earth. Then when God came and stood before Gideon in the mighty splendor of his Glory, and challenged him to meet the enemy, when he stood before Joshua he stood as the mighty head of his own Hosts. When these men said;---"My LORD and my GOD " they realized He was interested in the success of his kingdom--in the earth. There is no question about the importance of God restoring this portion of His Universe into complete harmony, an the complete coordinance of his purposes, for this He is going to do. And of the time table of this--you are a part. In fact in this very day as we look out over these situations we note that a lot of problems facing us today have come out of the same sources of darkness, now coming to the apex of their design, to guard, and to grab all of the earth, for their own potential power, and to destroy the kingdom in this last great attempt, by removing the only opposition they have ever known--the children of Adam, this house of God which is now rising in its great Christian strength to the point where they are the resisting force against the darkness. But to the enemy you must be destroyed, and destroyed now.


When Christ was embodied in the earth, and walked among men, what did he talk about.? When he preached the Gospel what did he preached? What was the message Jesus talked about?---Strangely enough what Jesus talked about was the problems of his people. He talked about the right way, and the correct relationship to life and living. he did not take a lot of time talking about the heavens, only to say that he had come down out of them, and that he would gather the elect from the fore corners of heaven, and all the power of heaven would come to earth, and establish the kingdom, before it was over. When Jesus talked he spoke of the situations which he met, the problems of the poor, the problems of the tyrannies around them. He talked about the necessity of spiritual liberation, of getting into adjustment with the thinking of god. He talked about the difference in the people round about, and He made it very clear as to the differences between the sheep and the goats, and He made it quite clear as to the difference between the sheep of His household, these sheep of Israel, and these who were not his sheep, and who lacked their capacity of understanding. A great amount of message of Jesus, if you will read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were against the enemies of God's Kingdom who wanted constantly to crucify Him, and whose ancient genealogy. Jesus traced to the Serpent and to the Viper, and he asked them who warned them to flee from the wrath which was to come.

I think it is most significant that every message Jesus preached related to the problems of earth, and related to these problems being coordinated with the laws, and the thinking and the mind of God. For he said:---I gave you the law, and I gave you these instruction. I Am the bread of Life---I am the water of life, and I came down out of the heavens, to give this to you which I covenanted to do with you from the beginning.

That is the message of His church. It can be no different than the message of the LORD. The message of the Church today should be meeting a far larger, and wider horizon of responsibility, and if there has been a challenge to our nation in an inaugural address, that each American citizen seek for what he can contribute to America, in helping to make America great and strong, and to help America carry out her responsibilities, then I tell you that the great spiritual center for such life and energy, must proceed out of the great body of Christ in the world of today. I must, my friends, activated by god's mind determine that course of destiny by its influence and by its message. There can be no doubt today that to much time has been spent trying to get men out of the world into a future estate which the church has been prescribing for them, then to transfer the world round about with the message, and the power which God gave to them.

Therefore I want you to realize that we have come thru several decades of generations in which a great controversy has existed in Christendom. A controversy between the Fundamentalists, and the Modernists --which are just words. We are told that the Fundamentalist is the great oracle of all truth because he believes ever great fundamental of the scripture. They believe in the Virgin birth, they believe in the atonement, and believe in the Deity of Christ--but every one of us believes in that. But the Fundamentalist also has a lot of strange things which are called Orthodox, and which are not necessarily true. He does not know who the children of the kingdom are, and he many times refers to those who are not the children of God as the 'Chosen people'. He has no concept of the Kingdom being real. He does not know who the nations of god's Kingdom consist of. And strangely enough seems to think that the reason God put you down here was to find out whether or not you would make it, or whether you would land in hell.

Now; I can't say that this is the theme of theology, nor can I understand the Modernist. One who classifies himself as one of Modern thought, who wanted to accept the philosophy of Jesus Christ but who repudiated His deity a snot being essential I do not understand. For if there is anything which is vital and essential for today it is a knowledge and an understanding of the Deity of Jesus Christ. If Jesus Christ was not the God he declared himself to be, then there was no word of truth in his mouth. And his very philosophy would have been empty. They then have dropped the very foundation of their faith, when they deny His Deity. But the fact also remains that there are a great number also classified in this school of Modernist camp, because they accepted generally the traditional history and record of the Risen Christ, they had also advocated action upon the part of the church in area which the Fundamentalists said was none of the churches business. They were told that the church was merely to preach Salvation, which was a way to get out of earth and into heaven, when you die. Where as some of the Modernists side that they felt the church was to apply itself to some of the problems of earth, immediately along the communists and all the powers of Babylon to try to interpret for the church on the Modernist side, what was the responsibilities and to put into the minds Marxism instead of the kingdom principles. The reason why they could do this more easily is that when men do not know the great story of the deity of the Christ, and have never been spiritually illuminated on this course, they do not have the discernment to understand properly the laws of the kingdom, nor how they must be implemented.

I think we have outlived the division between modernism or fundamentalism. Those who have proclaimed the great truths of God's Kingdom have ben characterized as one or the other by opposing sides. The fact remains today that the Kingdom of God is tangible and is real. Our maintenance in the earth here after some 5400 years BC and almost 2000 years after Christ as chronology, and Radio Carbon establishes and proves, that altho we started out as one man's family, still all the powers of darkness were not able to destroy us. and we are fast spreading and reaching for the time which will come, when they will recognize the purposes of God's covenant. When He said:--"The sands of the seashores and the stars of the heavens" describe His Kingdom people. We are still a minority in the earth, and we who make up the white western world of Christendom are but one sixth of the population of the world. But we are still here. And around us are Africa and Asia and the dominant spirits of antagonism out of communism and out of the forces of false religions, and Anti-Christ. All the bed-fellows that are in animosity with God seem to have found one another in this hour, and all seem to be joining forces for the destruction of God's Kingdom.

I realize that there is among the children of God's Kingdom, among the children of your race--in every walk of your life---in the captains of industry, and captains of every political thought, and in men in positions of high responsibility, men whose minds are still slumbering on some of the most vital truths of God's Kingdom. And I tell you that the responsibility for their slumber lies with the church, which must become the oracle of God. And must not only proclaim the identity of God's people, but also--'Thus saith the LORD'. And with that knowledge, will come the mighty liberty and the deliverance in the field of government, and the existence which the world will receive--only from the Kingdom. For there is no other place to receive it. The principals of the Kingdom now work among you because now they are written on your heart as the prophecies of the scripture declares. Because therefore you live more closely to the principals of the Kingdom in your relationship to one another. You live more closely to it in the patterns of vision. Because of it you have watched its technological benefits. You have watched the blessings of God upon the earth and around about, and upon you.

But I want you to realize today that we still have a job to do. And one of those things we must do is to break the power of mystery Babylon with its manipulators over the economy of our nation and over the economic life of all nations. And over the thinking of our people in the interrelated philosophies of life and living. I think that you have arrived at such an hour. There are those who have classified this (Bible) as a 'social Gospel'. But it is not just a social gospel. It is the Gospel of the Kingdom. And it embarrasses every phase of living as the laws of God on Mount Sinai embraced every phase of living. I want you to realize that it is our responsibility in a great nation like this ---if there has come some type of manipulated inequity which could have confiscated the great wealth of a great number of our senior citizens in the years that have gone by, then by the emerging power of the strange forces in our midst by taxing us beyond our ability to bear, have confiscated every reserve of savings and of wealth they might have been able to possess. And they have reached the point wherein even in this hour, there are few people who can make any headway in savings what-so-ever after meeting the expense of living and the outgoing rates of taxation. Therefore there would be very little in the generation which is ahead for those who are aging and who would move into that age, that could be met by the economic system which now exists. When we talk about this, there are those with certain vested interests who have supported the policies, and the philosophies of Mystery Babylon. That have even helped to create communism, and will turn on you and challenge you for even questioning anything in the status quo which has enriched them and impoverished others.

I want you to know that under the program of God's Kingdom, a Christian is responsible to do all that he can to increase the welfare for all those who are his fellow Christians. That he is his brother's keeper to the extent that he is to assist and to help, and with Christian charity he is to work for the welfare and the good of all the children of the Kingdom. When I say that I am not talking about what some people call 'social welfare', which in many instances is an embarrassing situation to the peoples of our nation who have received it as charity out of a peculiar bureaucratic control. I am thinking of a status which will illuminate the kind of evils which make that kind of welfare necessary. I want you to know that in the program of God's Kingdom, that a people who can produce as God has blessed you to produce, that can create food as you have created volumes of it, until 10% of your population can produce more food than your whole population can eat, and still put out stock piles of food which no one knows what to do with. No one should lack for food in your nation. And if you do not know how to distribute it, then you should ask for divine guidance on what to do with the surplus of your blessings. I think in a nation which can produce everything that America wants, and can produce it in less time than ever before, that we should never permit Mystery Babylon to economically control our society. Nor let her upset and so mismanage our affairs by exploiting us to extremes by plunging us one day into depression, and the next day into inflation. One day by the pitting of Christian against Christian, they thrust us into war and then make merchandise of us.

It is the work of God's Kingdom to abolish this evil forever. It is the message of His church to accomplish this end. It is not a matter of a pattern of political party positions either. In Washington today there are Representatives of every party; of both major parties. And they know that we are up against some extreme problems. They know that there is no money; that a great amount of the security systems upon which men depended have had only one investment, and that is---paper--which bears interest. And the paper was printed by the institution which they control known as government. But the money has long ago been used up and spent. Where as it should have been providing as it was reinvested again in industry or some other intangible force for the source of income to carry out the dividends, such as an Insurance policy. If, my friends, you had conducted your own personal business affairs in the same manner in which the government has conducted its use of the funds of the people, you would have found yourself arraigned and soon in the penitentiary. This, my friends, is past.--The situations which have been a part of the manipulations of Mystery Babylon are past. But we are face to face with reality. And the problems the new President is face to face with is the same old problem of Babylon manipulation. He may try to follow some of the patterns of the past. Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to call himself F.D.R., this president may call himself J.F.K. But he is not in the same position as F.D.R. was in. For in the period of time which has elapsed, we have accumulated billions and billions of dollars of debt which didn't face Mr. Roosevelt in his first 100 days.

The solutions before America, are going to demand that out of vision, and out of inspiration, there will come the solving of these problems. But this must be on the basis of Divine Law. And on real and tangible values, and on one set of weights and measures.

I want you to know that as far as God's purposes are concerned, He says that in this climatic hour that you are living in, and in this same set of measures that are being fulfilled in the heavens above and on the earth (Feb. 4,1962---82) and in this hour of the gathering hoards of communism, in this day of the atom bomb, and the nuclear explosions, that the end of this age is coming with victory over this evil. And one of the great victories of the end of this age is the victory over Great Babylon in the economic field. Wherein also that control over the masses of labor will also cease. And the inequities that are created either by the increasing high wages, or the high prices from the manipulation by these strange international tycoons of industry and commerce. This whole thing is going to change. And when you have emerged out of this system, there will be equal opportunity for Christian Americans everywhere to have the proper substance which they should have to show the proper blessings which you were to obtain out of your energy. And the world is then going to know that the key to economic problems, has been discovered---IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

This is the business of the Church?---Why?--Because the Church, this great spiritual center of HIS Kingdom, is to proclaim the Laws of God. And there will be no realization of how to accomplish this until we return to the Laws of God. And when we do, there will be no more manipulation by World Usury under Babylons program. And this program will be abolished forever. And when I tell you this, I mean that the abolishing of Usury will mean the reorganization of all economic contracts. And yet it can be speedily done. I talked with one of the great economic leaders in the congress just a few days ago. And his knowledge and understanding of what is behind it is just as clear and just as level as some of your thinking, who may be experts upon some of these matters. The fact remains that he knows that this system---Babylon--has manipulated a great evil which must go. This man is a staunch line Conservative.

Don't classify and say --'Oh- this is just liberalism.' For let me tell you this:--Liberalism is generally the term we apply to the socialist thru out the world, or to those who want to give away something which belongs to someone else. But don't get mixed up today by the names which are called some of these men and systems. The facts are that the Laws of God, and the Program of God's Kingdom, is a program of blessing and of bounty. And a program of a nation as great as this nation, with its great creative power which it possesses, and its agricultural capacity, and with its capacities to lead and to guide--must learn how to protect itself and to protect its citizenry with the Laws of God. There are some areas you are never going to lead in the earth, until--you learn how to take care of these things at home. I tell you today, that when Babylon falls,--and its fall will be great--, and its merchants will cry 'Oi Oi Oi' to the sky,--but when Babylon falls the economic leadership of God's Kingdom is going to be in the hands of dedicated men. I want you to realized that God Almighty has decreed that there is a lot of commerce which is going to cease. But there is a lot of this commerce that you don't need anyway.

In fact right now one of the most important markets in the world is the American market. And you could probably drop all the rest of the commerce with the rest of the world and you would probably have 30% more business in America if you just dealt with yourself. In fact, this idea that we have to permit the exchanges and the strange transitions which occur in the relations of men and of nations, is an illusion. America over the past 35 years has had to pay most of the bills for most of the things they produced and sold to other nations. For they loaned most of the money to pay for that which you produced. And for most of the things they have shipped anywhere, have gotten very little back. The time has come for us to realize that God does not ask us to spread His blessings upon people who will not recognize HIS NAME. I think it becomes increasingly clear that we must realize that God has sent you out as His witnesses. That He alone is God, and the He and His blessings will descend upon those who worship and recognize HIM as God. And that there is a law of boundary and return which God has promised to the most wayward people in the world, who will turn and recognize that HE IS GOD.

The ends of the earth today are stirred by Babylon military power which wants to keep us in chains, and to then bring us to slavery. They have been counting on their stealing of our nuclear secrets and their great missiles to intimidate us, and to eventually destroy us. Red China is today one of the greatest menaces of the western world, because of its 683 million people. Because it is dedicated to war, and does not care what happens to great numbers of its own people, because of their over-population. They have been for several years, engaged in the development of nuclear weapons to implement their threat which they are using to help steer the Red World into their camp at this time. They have one of the largest of nuclear factories in northern China ever established. I understand that is covers 640 acres at the point of the cyclotron, and the area where nuclear fission materials are being made, and stockpiles of substances for warheads were being put together. They happened to have scientists who were Chinese and these International people who owe no loyalty to any nation, and they were working to build up the implementation of the military strength of Red China as well. And then last Monday something happened. For there was an explosion which rocked Northern China. An explosion wiped out their nuclear plant and blew up their stockpiles. It killed all the International scientists, and all their own Chinese scientists that were working on nuclear weapons for the Red hoards. If you would have sent a fleet of bombers over to pin point that target, if you had run thru that flack, and if you had battled communist Migs to hit that target, you could not have destroyed that target as completely as 'Destiny' destroyed the great productive center of the enemy of God's Kingdom. It was only two years ago, that the hand of God destroyed in the Mongolian mountains, those rocket and missile plants of the Soviet Union and set them back. These plants were set in valley after valley so as to protect them, one from the other in case of a blast. But--ONE earthquake moved the tops of the mountains and buried the factories of your enemy under tons of dirt. This set them back at least two years in their time table of warfare.

Never forget that the Kingdom is still the 'apple of God's eye.' Do not forget that out of it shall emerge civilization and culture greater than any ever before seen in the earth. And the nations shall learn Peace. They shall know Peace when it comes thru the justice of Divine Administration.

Remember, also that there are many plagues that descent on your enemy. The plagues have been descending on China this year.

Your enemy has been wanting great supplies of food for their marching armies. And they have wanted great amounts of all kinds of weapons to be used against you. Therefore this year in China where it normally rains with lots of rain, the Steppes dried up. And they couldn't increase their food supply which they were going to use against you. But down in the great rice paddies where they were extending their food for their anticipated design, the floods came to these areas from unprecedented amounts of rain that fell in the mountains behind these areas, and water came down and washed out those areas. And where gardens were still growing, the communist hoards sent their soldiers out and they sent boys out, to kill every bird lest they eat a grain of rice or wheat. So they shot all the birds. But God sent the insects in and they ate up the crops.

Let me tell you this, they continue out of the malice of their design to make the weapons of destruction to be used against God's Kingdom. But God blew up the headquarters plant just this week. Let me tell you, my friends, that it is more important to be a child of God, and on His side, to be not only a part of His Kingdom, and a citizen of a great nation of His Kingdom, a member of HIS CHURCH and spiritually a part of HIS body, and reviewing thru the concept of your thinking the thoughts of His mind--than to have any other situation that could be conferred upon you--in this earth. For you are in the hands of God. And around you is a wall of protective security that insures that the powers of darkness shall never defeat HIS KINGDOM.

I want you to know that we are today on the threshold of another administration, and there is one responsibility that encompasses us. Since this man identifies himself with the Christian faith, then let Christians pray that wisdom and guidance be given to him. Let them support him where he is right and raise intelligent opposition where he is wrong. For the enemy himself with the hooks in his jaw, which was put there to draw him out---will create that line--over which there will be no demarcation and bring on this final struggle between right and wrong. Between the Kingdom of God and their rule of tyranny. But I want you to know that one of the greatest struggles is going to be right here in your own society. This struggle which will overthrow Mystery Babylon will release this nation from all the bondage with which they (the enemy) has sought to tie you in, and your political leaders as well thru out the years.

This is a great country, without a doubt. And has been a great country in the past. And without a doubt, you and I as its citizens are going to see greater things transpire for all the peoples of the earth than has ever transpired before. This you will see as God used this great nation as the instrument to accomplish this. And it is going to be your meditation, you prayers, and your faith, and your actions that will be the pulse and heartbeat of the progress for this generation.

end of message.