Cities Of The Antichrist, 3-24-63


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 3-24-63

Tonight we are considering a master plan being used by those who would take over the world, who would rule over your nation, and every Christian nation and reduce all to a status of political and social slavery. There are a great many people who when you talk to them about Anti-Christ are very much disturbed. Some are willing to debate that there is no anti-Christ. But I do not think that you have to go very far in the world today before you will admit that there is an anti-Christ and that the spirit of anti-Christ is already here.

Let us turn to the Epistles of John I, II, and III., for he truly outlined for you what the anti-Christ is and how it’s operation effect you. Those who deny that Jesus is the Christ are anti-Christ, and they have no concept of God, nor do they have any part of the Living God if they do not accept the fact that Jesus is the Christ.

This is also an interesting fact as we survey the Clergy who have been taken over by the enemy who has invaded the Church. There are a great number of them who have invaded the church. There are a great number of them who have invaded the church to carry out a great part of the brain-washing of the people of the Christian Church. I point out to you that psychiatry is a great part of this, and they brag about this in Bucharest and Romania when they brag about training Communist to infiltrate the Christ seminaries of Methodist, Baptist, and other with churches, then have them enter the pulpit as graduated, and fully credited as full Clergymen of this movement, where they put out the doctrines of the Revolution and seek to continually separate people from the areas of their Faith. In this process they also tell the church what their responsibility is in their teaching in the areas of Christ, but of course they do not believe that Christ was anything but just a man, and as such they reinterpret His teachings. The fact is that they do not make this admission to the church at large, for if they had brought out how they felt they would have been thrown out before they graduated from the seminary.

However they have successfully placed on the inside of the Seminaries of these denominations these people as instructors who should never be preaching or teaching anywhere that Christians are assembled. The other day I had a theologian tells me that they had the best experts of all times in their seminary. They even had a Rabbi who was an expert in Hebrew. He was helping to interpret it as he wanted the brain-washed young clergy to emerge, and to fill out the design which had placed him there. In fact it was rather interesting to note in the discussion of the master-plan, that they boasted of how many they had moved into these seminaries and how they were teaching the young Christians how to be nationalists or how not to love their own country, and it is solvency, so that it would be merged into the world plan of World Government and it’s anticipated design.

Now; when we listened to the reports that came out of the psychiatrists of the Soviet Union, and they talk about subordinating the world under a One World Government, then this is an admission on the part of this government that they are not attempting to build a separate institution within themselves, but that they want a One World program. Their design for a One World program of course envelopes all nations and all philosophies to subbordiante them to their design.

Now; the Scripture is a sure guide unto the Christian, and I want to proclaim that every word which came out of the mouth of God is true. When there is any contest from this pulpit it is against the things which are imputed to God which He did not say. It is the toying with and the tampering with the manuscripts that we should have had. For we point out to you tonight that in the instance of the Scripture that the Scripture is quoted by Christ and every word which comes out of His mouth belongs in this category.

He did not leave any of His race, or any portion of it built from this race, His church or the nations who make up His Kingdom blind concerning the strategies of the enemy concerning His Kingdom. In fact there is nothing conceived by Lucifer his hosts or his offspring that has not been known to the Most High God. Thus it is that way back in the days of Enoch, wherein God unveiled unto Enoch the course of human events, of what would transpire and what would be the design, the development of the powers of darkness, that we could go back to some 4000 thousand to 5000 years before Christ and come up with some direction that God gave to Enoch concerning the resistance to evil and the powers of Anti-Christ. The declaration of the word Christ not yet being used because this word Christ came from Christos, coming out of the Greek form of these words in semantics but to talk of Messiah and the embodiment of Messiah was well marked and well represented in the things spoken of by Enoch.

Thus God made it very clear that a power would rise that would be of the offspring of Lucifer. That these Luciferian descendants would become known as the seed of the dragon and a catastrophe. That they would work night and day to enhance their power and the power of their family. That they would gloat over their ability to gain control over gold and silver and jewels. Their desire would be to dominate the monetary systems of all of the nations and people of the earth. It was outlined and identified for Enoch that this race of which he was a part, who were the offspring of God, were going to increase and to multiply. They were to grow up in the earth and to become the nations of God’s kingdom. Enoch writing about this so many thousands of years before Christ had taken this by Divine instruction. He also was told many things about the physical earth and had been taught this by Angelic leaders, in the orders which God had established. Thus it was that Enoch knew that the design of the power of darkness was to engulf all people under their design and control. They would dominate and seek to control all the great centers of the population of the earth. They would expand and expand until city after city would become the city of the anti-God. Which then, you and I will specify today as the cities of the anti-Christ since the embodiment of God was in the man Christ Jesus, and Christ is God to you. If you will believe Him then there is no god beside Him, and who hath seen Him hath seen the Father.

Today when we talk about the forces of darkness, they are anti-Christ and the word is well chosen. Of course there are not a lot of places in the Bible where the word anti-Christ is found. But John who was the beloved Apostle referred to these people as anti-Christs and said that there were many anti-Christ people in the world. And this is... anti-Christ, they who would deny that Jesus is the Christ. So don’t let them come along and say that they are religious leaders, and they do not believe in Christ but they love God, we just do not believe in His Fatherhood, for the Scripture says that they lie. If they deny that Jesus is the Christ they have neither the concept of the son nor they have not the Father. If they have the revelation that Jesus is the Christ....then they do not have the pagan religions round about.

Now; in the instance of our Faith, it is built upon this premise that Jesus is the Christ and was God embodied in the earth. Thus some 5000+ years before Christ this great Patriarch was told these thing. He was told as to the rising of such powers and the situation that would take place. When John was given the Book of Revelation he was the beloved Apostle. He had not only walked with Christ but had studied under Christ and had pointed out to him by Christ’s ministry what the devil’s looked like, and he knew what the devil’s would look like. People on tape can’t see why you are laughing but maybe one of these days we will have video tape, but the factors are quite clear that as far as the conspiracy is concerned then John knew who the anti-Christ was. It might be wise for you to know that the anti-Christ in America does not like the Apostle John. Fortunately they do not know where to find him. They have sought for some time to have the Bible with the Gospel of John printed in it barred from the mail’s and barred from general use.

You say...but surely nobody would try to come into these United States and try to put something like this over. Well, not just nobody but the Jew’s did. The Jew’s do not like the Gospel of John. You say why??? Well, anyone who reads the Gospel of John, and I do not mean just take a verse out of it and then run somewhere else, I mean read it in continuity and analyze what you read and you will find that the Jew’s are a specie of devil’s who came from their father, and they have been anti-Christ from the beginning, and they are still anti-Christ.

Now; there are people who came from your own race who were converted to the philosophy of Judaism, and did not realize that the enemy had usurped your position and taken over their theology, and the only thing which would set them free and draw their attention was the truth of Christ. Christ as Messiah made it very clear as to who the anti-Christ was. Because you could not declare that you were Israel and then repudiate the identifying factor of what constituted Abraham’s seed. For if ye be Christ’s then you are Abraham’s seed, but if you be anti-Christ you can be sure you are not.

Now in this instance, John was one of the Apostles that understood this, and John was one of these Apostles who thought that you should declare all of these things and let every one know about it. After all, Jesus did not take him through all of those experiences just to trick him. But when Jesus identified Judas of Iscariot this was the Apostles first hand experience as to who was a devil. As we have said unto you it was possible that there was people of your race who had been taken under the ecclesiastic darkness because of the control of their temples and their tabernacles, which became called by the pagans syn-o-Gog, for it was synagog of and it was a Gog influence, so we would point out that it was in the congregations of syno... and if I was in a church which called themselves part of the syno then I would very carefully want to know where this word syno comes from. The fact is that there is nothing which belongs to the church, it is negative and has its identification of their control over theology early.

We turn to the experience of the Apostle Paul who was an Israelite of the Tribe of Benjamin, and of the sect of the Jew’s. That would mean that he would be a Norman today. And although he had been raised in a no mean city of the Ancient Roman Empire and dwelt also in Spain, then you will remember that the Apostle Paul said: “I am an Israelite, of the tribe of Benjamin but of the sect of the Jew’s,” but he was not one by race, and the moment that God unveiled the truth to him, and as Christ became a delineation point, and he learned what this was about, he utterly repudiated Jew’s every where. In the Scriptures he says that Jew’s are against God and contrary to all men. Then he carefully warned Timothy and Titus and others against them. One of the things that he tells us here especially as this is admonition to Titus... that as he sought the truth that he learned to divide, and ensued these Jewish fables for these are the deadly areas that seek to cover up the purposes of God. But the Bible does teach and the Apostle John taught very clearly that there is a race of people today who are the offspring of Lucifer and they work to destroy the Kingdom, and they lead all of the people in darkness and superstition. In fact the identity given to these children is to identify them as the children of the Serpent is also that they are behind every false and pagan religion on the face of the earth, and that they are the transporters of the Mystery System of Babylon.

Babylon was of course the control of this great city capital, and they sought to use the control of Babylon to control all the world, all of the major cities of the populated world and bring them all under the control of Babylon.

Now; the Scripture is quite detailed for much is said about the work of the anti-Christ. John writing about these people said that you are not to let any of these people come into your nation and into your house. When he writes in the Second Epistle of John about the Elect Lady, as he talks to the elders of the race, and he is talking about your race and he is talking about Christendom, he is talking about the Church and the people of God and he says;... “To the elders, and to the Select Lady and all of her children whom I love.” He is speaking under inspiration and he says;... “don’t you leave these forces of darkness who not admit that Jesus is the Christ....don’t let them come into your country, do not let them into your house.” He continues... you are not to permit them to become teachers over your children, you are not to permit them to handle your economy and be elected to office and rule over you. For if you permit them to come in under the guise of the false clergyman who makes no differential between true or evil...they tell you to say God bless you anyhow, but you are not to do this. You are not to may not love Christ but we love you anyhow so God bless you. That, my friends, is Satan’s own lie. And John tells you in his second Epistle that if you give them God’s blessing, or bless God’s enemies then you are going to be partakers of their evil deeds, and they will come into your house and rise above you and pretty soon they will take away your rewards. Someone said:.. ‘what is John talking about?’ Well, just feel your wallet. If you do not know what John is talking about then take a good look at Kennedy’s grand design... ‘The New Frontier.’ Find out if you are not loosing your rewards, your initiative and your creative energy, for it is being dispersed all over the world. They have taken over your gold ans you took it out of the ground, and they have dispersed it all over the world, and now you only have debts. You did this happen? But it happened because you brought in children of the Serpent.

Did you notice what it said here? ‘The children of the serpent are more cunning than the children of the seed.’ They are smarter at tricking people, and carrying out their schemes and they live by this. This just goes to show you that they are all alike. A good friend of ours went into a market to buy some steak and he did not realize that he had gotten into a Jewish market, and while the man was cutting it out there was one piece of gristle in it and do you know what he told Col. Gale?....we will sell this to some blind woman who cannot see it. That is just a perfect explanation as to how they think and how they act. There is no deception so bad for them since they would even work on the blind. There is no end to which Satan’s children will not go to.

Alright. You are dealing with Mystery Babylon, and Mystery Babylon works in your midst, and Mystery Babylon has robbed you. The Scripture says that they will come into this house and destroy this great work which you have wrought. When I look at this great nation of these United States and we look back over the background from whence this nation has come to the British Empire to the people of Scandinavia and the people of Germany and of France, and all of the people who live along the coast and who make up the structure of your great civilization, as we think on the magnitude of the things which they have developed and built, and then look at the troubles which the last 40 years have put them in, and you can trace it down every time to these forces which are anti-God and anti-Christ who have come in as destroyers. You can trace it right back down to their manipulation.

If you would go down to the Library and get Morgan’s book on the House of Rothschild, and they are silly enough to think that this is a wonderful story as to what they have attained, but it tells how they manipulated the economies of the world, and how that now the whole world is under their house. Terrific loyalty they say....but this just shows how these devil’s work together. And then you discover that their savior is a fraud and that by cunning the children of anti-Christ have gained a domination over the earth. But they have not finished this task, for when they finish their task, according to their design, then they will silence every voice of truth and they will have martyred every Christian who dares to denounce them. This is their ambition, and this is why they are now celebrating their ‘Feast of Purim.’

Now; I will point out something to you. They are not going to suppress the truth. They are not going to take over America. They have taken over as far as Babylon’s children are going to go. Any more action on the part of Babylon’s children will be swept into the sea. You do not have to guess as to who these Babylon’s children are, for in the Book of Revelation, Christ identifies them for you. He identifies them by their acts, their activities and who they are...and how you can know who they are.

Now; we point out to you all these who are against God’s Kingdom and who want to throw them down, and wants to make this a false religion, and wants to move in and grade will evil as good and then subordinate the good. This is the program, the working principal of anti-Christ. When we turn to the Book of Revelation we discover that the anti-Christ have the political system of the Beast (world order), the ecclesiastical systems of the Beast, meaning the programs of the evil. It tells of how this system goes out to deceive the people on earth, and in their design of deception, their design is also to gain control of all of the economy of the world. It says here that they will cause all small and great, rich and poor, to receive their mark, and that no man will be able to buy or sell unless he carried the mark, the name of his approval or the number of his name. You are going to have to have this card, the approbation and approved by the Beast.. This anti-Christ system, or their design is to put you out so that you will not even be able to do business.

Now; remember it is God Himself who unveils to John this picture as to how the anti-Christ is to operate, for he knows the soul of Lucifer. You say...that will be a really tough time inside of these United States. It is going to be a tough time inside of the World Order, and as long as you consent to any part of the world order then you are in trouble here in the United States. This is why I tell you that until the last Jew is out of political office you are in trouble. As long as they have any control over your economy then you are in great trouble. As long as you have one for your Secretary of the Treasure you are in trouble.

Last Sunday night we told you about the great conspiracy, the flight of gold and their control over all of the money...your money. Then right after we talked to you, the following day, the Treasury Department is coming out with their program to abolish the silver standard. Not being satisfied with the gold standard abolishment, now they are going after your silver. In fact the secret is that they are already printing Federal Reserve Notes to take place of the dollar bill you have in your pocket.

Now; why do they want to take away your silver, which is worth about $1.26 cents? They are afraid the citizens will take those silver dollars out of their pockets and run out and melt them down and get 26 more per ounce for them. The real reason is that they want to take away the last money you have and put you on a copper dollar or a nickel dollar, or maybe just a paper one. This is the strategy of the Anti-Christ. You say....what is to happen to American economy? Well. American’s will get mad and the economy will be free. This program of anti-Christ can become painful, it can devaluate much of the economy until your money did not have much purchasing power. This is the reason today that if the enemy controls the money of the nation, then you do not have your wealth in money. Have it in something that has lasting value.

So we point out to you that the strategy of the enemy is involved right now in every area of control. But cities of the anti-Christ are a part of that equation, they are described as great areas of civilization which they can dominate. The great areas where more people can dwell becomes the new keynote to the revolution. We point out to you tonight that it is not alone the design of the enemy to take over country after country, but to take countries and divide them up on the inside. The World Order does not include the Christian Nations, they may become a part of the World Order by association, but they are told by the Word of God to.... come out of her my people, lest you want to be punished with the same judgment that will fall upon the enemy. Technically when the Bible talks about the world, it is not talking about you. Jesus made this quite clear as He talked about Christians, for He said:... they are not of this world, even as I am not of this world, but don’t take them out of the world; keep them in it. But you are not of the world because you are the children of Spirit out of the heavens, and embodied in earth, and you have come down to possess the world. One man said....this world is not my home, so if I lose it and to back home then it does not make any difference. My friend, it was not your home but God gave it to you. I do not want to surrender one acre to these rascals, I even want to take back the land the U.N. is sitting on.

There is not any doubt about inheritance, this is one thing which belongs to our race. The land was to remain in the hands of the family forever. In so many years there is a Jubilee Year, and if we ever took America back from these Bronx’s’s Indians, it would be the greatest Jubilee I could think of. Strangely enough you travel through your city and you look at new apartments after new apartments, and then take a good look at who is doing this, and you will discover that these Bronx’s’s Indians are possessing your land. There will be a lot of empty wigwam’s one of these days.

As America discovers this strategy of the Anti-Christ, and moves out against that strategy, then my friends, it is going to be a sad day for Anti-Christ when the sons of God rise with the empowering Glory of God upon their countenances as they realize what they are about to do.

Listen;...the design to see that no man can buy or sell without their approval, their mark or their permission, is a highly organized design. We have in the United Nations today which is the framework of the world conspiracy, political departments and inventions which have control in their divisions, and they operate as if they did have this control of all of the land surfaces of the earth, of all of the member nations of the United Nations. Their program calls for the division of this land or its redistribution. They also call for the redisposition of the people, to readjust the areas in which various races dwell or various people dwell and have their strength. The design is to mix and fuse people until there is no desire to resist their strategy.

Now; we in America do not accept any division of our land unless we happen to belong to that cult of the Kennedy’s’s called the ‘grand design’. They generally believe that no one outside of America has any power over the property in the United States, but what we want to do is manage our own property. What we do with our own property is our business but they have not accepted that at the Supreme Court or the United Nations, but California has decided to go along with a violation of Divine Law, and State Law. We point out that the Senate has as yet not accepted these take overs of our raw materials or our property. We point out that the United Nations does not respect the property rights of individuals. But basically those inside of the United Nations do not have the property rights that you have here in this nation or even in the British Nation. Remember, that the Englishman claims his castle and this has also been traditional with you. Your right to own property is one of the greatest fundamental rights of God’s Kingdom. The design of the enemy is to gain control over the earth, to have the authority to dispose of property to those who are subservient to the system as long as they are loyal to the system, and to conquer or reduce the person in the system to the conquered or the slave unless he serves the system.

Now; one of the prime requites as Jewry controls the system is to repudiate the deity of Christ, and an allegiance to the program of his kingdom. This is why we tell you that there is nothing for any American under the Communist, Socialist systems. But the cities of anti-Christ function this way. I thought that you might be interested in the laws posted concerning the marriage contract and this relationship in marriage inside of Russia and inside the nation today. This is not going back to the manifesto, this is the way it functions and this is the way it goes, and this is something you should know. The attitude of the communists, and I am quoting out of their official manual, in compliance with the official soviet peasants, workmen, and deputies, and soldiers...that private possessions of a woman through marriage is hereby abolished by private decree. Only in the areas of administration where it is deemed more profitable, where there is much less danger of creating conditions of discord, are the higher officials permitted to retain as in marriage, the women who are a part of their family. relationships are not accepted, and have been abolished in the Soviet Union.

On March 1, 1918., when the revolution was first starting they said that the rights of a woman from ages 17 to 32 is abolished and she becomes the property of the state. I point out to you now that in the later decrees all women as under this March 1918., decree, and this was still in place 3 years ago, all women were exempt from private ownership which is in the marriage contract...any property to them is now the property of the whole nation.

Now; I read further this extension of the law pertaining to women from ages 17 to 32., all women in this category are proclaimed to be national property, and will receive funds from an allowance of 38 Rubble’s per month.

Now; we turn to the next one. All women who are found with child are released from all duties from 1 month before and 3 months after child birth. The dissipating privaledges are reported to all the heads of families, as women have been released or nationalized by the Soviet Union. All former husbands have prior rights on these women, but these women are their property and belong to them and to their family. In the case of husbands releasing this decree....they will forfeit their rights to visiting their own wives. Number 134.... ‘children born under any institution of the Soviet Union from the time they are born until they are 17 years of age shall be trained in public schools and be wards of the State. Only those in high positions of Civil Service within the State shall be given the permission to retain their wives within their homes, and their children in the same institutions. However they must still be educated under the public funds laws and the State. Farmers in far out cooperative areas of the State, shall be allowed to retain women but not as their wives, although such families which will develop in these areas shall become wards of the Soviet’s unless they refuse to be redirected to other areas of employment. Wonderful Kruschev....a new way of life. The same things that has always existed in the Marxist status of the family. In otherwords, every woman is public property. Every woman is paid to be the prostitute of the State. The children are confiscated to be raised by the State. This is the crux of it....World city, anti-Christ planning conspiracy.

Now; don’t talk to me about the fact that this is two different ideologies. One is the organization of the institution of hell, and the other is the pattern of God’s Kingdom. And the smallest fundamental unit of God’s Kingdom is the family. When you destroy the validity of the structure of the family, or do not recognize that around the center of that family, is the structure of Divine purpose then, my friends, you are watching the deteriation of a society. We tell you that this is Soviet Law for Soviet people, but this is not what they put in your paper as they send out “Russia Today” as propaganda. Thus you are looking at a soulless people and the show cities are the only ones you are permitted to see.

We point out to you that a new design is being developed. I would like to show you how it is rather significant. We have in the international fraternity located in a number of our Colleges what is known as “Landa Alpha”. In fact it was founded in 1930 in one of the Universities north westward. In this University it was supposed to be fostering the study of land and the relationship of people to the land. But now it is a very masterful part of the plan 13 out of Chicago....the Metro program of cities. The world program of integrating all cities into a World government plan of city governments, independent or unassociated with either state of nation. In this design they have been working very, very closely with what they think will be the greatest area of potential for information storage and advisory system which will be called a ‘data bank’. For the utilization of all of the broadest areas of southern California in the most intense area of details feasible. It is resolved that Los Angeles should develop the ‘data bank’ system for collecting and storing and reproducing in an orderly and systematic way all of the pertinent information relating to the city of Los Angeles in real-estate and economy and including important dates from the County and State departments, and data that can be obtained from private sources. It is decided that this ‘data information’ should be made available to every individual at reasonable cost. This area is to cover every phase, every area of resources of the individual, it is to relate to his emotions, his feelings, his concept, his race, his religion, his aspects toward other religions, thus a mighty ‘data bank.’

Now; you may have heard that there was a little rumpus in the City Council a while back in not supporting this plan. But this was the master plan of Metro-government under “Urban renewal” 13....13. All of this was to make Los Angeles the first ‘Metro’ experiment. This would go far beyond in Dade County as to what Metro Government had previously tried. This is, as you may know, a design to take all of the Metropolitan areas of people such as Metropolitan New York, the San Francisco open Bay area, and Los Angeles, and San Diego, and Portland, and Seattle areas....these were to become independent areas with their own judges and their own law enforcement officers. And while the propaganda is to say that this is ‘home rule’, as they come out like Lucifer with a lie and try to get people to accept it, the actual strategy is to take over these areas and with appointments from International Systems, which is Communist, they would take over all of these areas.

Now; in this strategy and if you were to look at this blue-print, you would realize how far this goes into your personal feelings and emotions, and of all the reactions of individuals. It puts in the hands of the enemy along with this ‘data bank’ a way of reporting on an IBM card everything which relates to you, to your relationship to the economy, as to where you think and how you stand. They can use this device to tell is you are telling the truth when they ask a question. When they get this kind of control it will be known as a ‘brain’ bank. It will be a complete fact finding bank which will effect every citizen of this greater Los Angeles and County.

Now; this is the first step, and having consummated it and coordinated it then they will extend it to all the other cities until we will have a ‘brain bank’ to be used by the leaders of the nation in the roll of One World Planning for control of all Metropolitan areas throughout the world. The President thinks this is a good thing and if you do not go along with this idea then you are anti-social. You may be mentally sick and require a mental adjustment. This is the strategy of the enemy.

Now; what they are attempting to do is take over American cities and put them under control which will serve the Communist Revolution, and seek to destroy your separatism and your faith and your racial self-respect. Thus this would turn such cities like San Francisco and the others into cities of anti-Christ. In which you could not get a license or do business until you conformed to their Satanic design. No man would be able to buy or sell without you having their approval. Today it is fast becoming a fact that you must have a license to do everything. The licensing comes from the only managing area of the city. Punitive action has already taken place where there are ‘Metro’ areas in the U.S. They have so successfully used this principal that if a patriot or one who opposes Socialism has sought to intervene in any way to preserve his rights, he therefore became the subject of discrimination. In this instance the license would be denied. I know of people who have been forced to move and have moved out of their area because of ‘Metro Government’ rules. These are partially designed cities of the Anti-Christ.

Across Asia we have cities of the Anti-Christ, cities like Moscow and Peking, and other areas in anti Christian nations. In fact almost all of Asia where the communist hand has reached out the great cities have become cities of the anti-Christ. Their pagan religions still function and it is only Christianity that is absolutely blotted out. That is the cardinal transgression against the Communist World State. So we point out that these strategies are in the development, that these are a part of the design. In fact when we talk to you about this the Scripture has clearly warned us that this economic and political control has so weakened men’s resistance so that they might continue to do business, and retain their right to retain their property that they believe that they will surrender their Faith, or take the symbol. Some people expect them to come out and stamp us on the hand or the forehead. I heard one preacher say that they used a florescent stamp and if it did not show on your forehead you would not get in. It is not talking about that at all. It is talking about the fact that they would seek in this world to take over people. That deep inside of their control they would brain-wash and manipulate them until inside of their system the would be following the course of the Beast system and the anti-Christ. As they go to work then the work of their hands is the work of the Anti-Christ. I see people all over the country who have anti-Christ words in their heads and they are doing anti-Christ work with their hands.

I want you to recognize that in this hour this strategy is to subordinate you. Right here in America it is going on and in a great part of our nations. In Chicago’s University they are headquartering a lot of these designs. I think it would be interesting to note that they have a lot of Judas goats. Every once in a while they have a conservative who is supposed to be a conservative but he goes along with the United Nations. Anyone who says he is a conservative and then goes along with the United Nations is lying and does not understand what the first principal’s are of a conservative. Because what we call a conservative is a man who loves these United States, and loves that flag and will not place that flag under any other.

The other day when we heard the words of a conservative who was supporting the United Nations. I don’t think he is a conservative for he is 1/2 Jew and he couldn’t be a conservative. Whether you know it or not he is on the 13-13 and Metro Government. I think many of you heard him the other day when he said that his philosophy was so opposed to so much of the world that he would vote for anyone who said he was a Republican whether he was a communist or socialist or whether his concepts were liberal or conservative or international. He said;.... ‘I will support that man if he runs on the Republican ticket.’

Now; therefore that means that these fellows who run this line they do not have any principals. But if you have ever been fooled into thinking that there is very much principal in a Jew then you are very much mistaken. I am only pointing this out because lots of people when they think they hear the enemy get behind a Judas goat, and they follow the tinkle of the bell because they think he is a conservative, but my friends, it is what they stand for which determines what they are. Surely his children who go down to represent those in Israeli can’t represent these United States very well.

“Metro Government”..... my how they talk about the greater independence and the home rule, it is just means home rule by the devil, not by the citizens.

Now; we point out to you that there is an arms buildup all over the world. Actually the Chinese are receiving weapons every day, from Russia, and is getting ready to reset the stage for great activity inside of Asia. The Master Plan of communism is now teaching in its text saying that it is possible that they will have to conquer the United States seeking to preserve as much as possible of its industrial power, preserving as much as possible of these industrial areas especially the machinery and equipment. Then they say that since they are in a position to destroy America in a complete holocaust, that it would be better to just take the land city by city and preserve as much of the production of it for the world as possible. Therefore, they have not changed their plans at all, for conquering and taking you over for the use of the machines that you have built. Within this same strategy we discover that Red China is whipping up the fervor of its people, by pointing out the great spoils which still lie for the invading hoards which could come against America and take over here in the United States.

The Los Angeles Times today says that we are beginning to fear the Red Chinese and the Atom bomb more than we do the Soviet Union. Well my friends, do not be frightened of either one of them but be aware of devils, do not compute that one is greater or lesser just compute that one is organized and one is not.

Now; listen..... if you think this is going to talked over then I will just show you. The same newspaper is praising the Senator at the head of Foreign Affairs and this is Senator Fullbright. They are praising him because he was against a Cuban invasion. Then in this same article they are saying that he has a deep insight and that we must find a way to get along, and then they praise the Kennedy administration for any restraint while they work out what inevitably must come to pass. Then the editorial this same week in the L.A. Times., says as we study the worlds problems then we will come further and further from war and we will evolve into a beautiful economic state, in which is political and social equalities, and if we pull together we will have one beautiful world by this evolution. This is what they believe in, they are moving around in some kind of a pink cloud with the United Nations as their guide, while they are putting Channel #5 under their noses so they cannot determine the enemy.

Now; you about that.... here is a paper more worried about Red China than Russia and then it is saying that they world is going to evolve into a One World Party of darkness. A lot of people think this is good. Well, you just have to look and see who has the largest area of advertising in this paper. At the same time we see this confusion in a lot of papers. It is very hard to continue to look at the material of the enemy as they try to take over the world and envelope you.

Now; in II Esdras we discover that when God inspired the Prophet to write that when these cities of Asia and all of these cities which are non-white, would move along with the powers of darkness they would rule their hour with the Beast. Strangely enough in Asia and among the people of China, and across the world , the system of Babylon had been transplanted. I guess that should make you realize that so far it is not the Christian Church. The system of Babylon is the political and social order. He gives Esdras the vision and this is a vision from the East, and this is what he saw. He saw this great storm of the Assyrians, people that make up the Assyrians today are the people that make up the Soviet Government. Some silly clergyman came on the air the other day and called the German’s Assyrians. My goodness, then the blood of 1/3 of the Christians today would be among the Assyrians. There is very few families who do not have some German blood in them. And Anglo-Saxon blood, and if my friends, 1/3 of the Assyrians were Germans then we would be faced with the fact that Kaiser Wilhelm and Czar Nicholas and King George were all cousins. You would discover that these same King lines ruled over the avenues of the white race. This is the way that confusion rules today.

This is the way confusion comes in today. The Summerians come out of the ancient Tourog people of Asia. They have nothing in common with your race. They are a selected infusion of Satan’s own race, the unassimilated Jew. I point out that their identity is pointed out here in II Esdras and chapter 15. It says here that like a great storm their hosts gather, like clouds out of the east, and from the north, and now from the south out of Africa. And they seem terrible from the fury of their wrath. They shall smite one another and come as a great multitude, as stars upon the earth, even their own star, and the blood shall be on the sword up the belly. In otherwords their star, their revolution, their multitudes comes from the other pagans of the earth. And the prophet was given this vision by the Most High. It says that there shall be a great fearfulness upon the earth, a great trembling upon the earth, and when they see the wrath there are many who will be afraid. When all of these storms come from the north, from the south, and from the west, and strong winds arrive then from down in the east comes trouble.

Well, the trouble is already in the east, it will be found in the Arab States and down in the oil regions. Bad tidings are coming out of the east. In that day there shall be a great and mighty cloud lifted up and full of wrath, and where does it come from? It comes out of the nations of My people. When this wrath rises up there shall come a New Star which shall come upon the earth. All of the earth shall be afraid and they shall pour out these horrible stars, high and eminent these horrible stars. When these horrible stars burst over cities then it turns those cities to powder and dust. Do you know what he was talking about back there in all of those years before Christ? He is talking about the nuclear weapons and about the hoards of communists coming against you. But, remember that Isaiah said that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. In this instance it says that out of you will move fire and hail and flying swords. So what do you mean flying swords? Well, we started this Jet age with Sabre Jet’s didn’t we? We even named our weapons along this line so look at the names of rockets and missiles, and the symbols of the background of the deities of the heavens.

Alright we read here again.... and these horrible stars will break down cities and their walls, and the mountains, and the hills and the meadows, and they shall go quickly and make Babylon afraid. They shall come to her and they shall besiege her and the stars shall pour out upon her, and then shall the dust and smoke go up into the heavens, and they who are about her shall bewail. And they that remain under Babylon shall do service to those who put her in fear. And thou Asia thou art now partaker of Babylon, and you are the Glory of her person....woe unto thee for thou hast made thyself like unto her. Therefore know this that the Glory and the Power of the cities of Asia are going to be dried up like a flower when the heat shall rise, and the heat that has been sent over them hath turned to dust.

It doesn’t sound so hard to understand, does it? For it is talking about a day which men never saw or dreamed would come into the place of vision until you moved into the last few days. Then we point out to you that God Almighty speaks. He said;... if thou had not always slain my people exalting the stroke of thy hands over the dead, saying that thou had subdued them, these things might not have come upon you. If you had not wanted to rule over my people.

Alright. So Asia can’t wait to get into here and take a spoil. The Book of Ezekiel in the 38th and the 39th., chapter tells us that they will come and move against us so don’t have false security about this. Your fate, your destiny, is in the hand of God. It is time that great Christian nations recognize this and dedicate themselves to the program of God’s Kingdom. Your best protection, your greatest security is when this nation walks with God and moves toward his objective. Your greatest danger comes when we let men like we have now in the White House take us down the road of Khrushev. Scripture says;... come out of her O My people, unless you become partaker of her sins, receive of her judgments, and the trouble she has measured out unto you. Someone said..... Dr. Swift? Do you think that any missiles will land here? Yes, I think some will land here. I think they will send in a few from the coast. Where do you think they will hit? I think the Bronk’s and New York City, right in the midst of where the enemy dwells. I think on the west coast the same thing will happen.

Someone says:... what will happen to us? Now listen. One thousand can fall at thy right hand and ten thousand by thy side and no harm shall come to thee. Yes, I believe that, I have watched these things happen. Someone said would you live right in the midst of the enemy? No. That is why I moved over the hill. Someone said....why do you come down here and preach then? Well. That is where you live. No. All of Los Angeles is not going down, just part of it. The great earthquake that moves in the day of judgment will not wipe out all of the coastline, just some of it. I am going to tell you something. One of the cities that is going to get one of the greatest judgments of all times is Santa Barbara. Why? Because it even received its symbol of the Beast WITH PLEASURE. Do you know that when he went back to Russia that Mr. Khrushev said that of all of the receptions he received spontaneously from the people in the world, that Santa Barbara gave him his greatest reception. A sad toll of it’s schools, it’s universities. Let me tell you, just take another look at that fault and it is beginning to vibrate, and see just where it runs. Don’t tell me that something is not going to happen there, any company which insures for earthquake damage there is very foolish. The Scripture tells us that when judgment starts to fall it is going to fall on those who aided and abated those of the anti-Christ. The biggest earthquake I know anything about is going to take place in Palestine. In fact, it would take a long time to dig it all out and eventually we will just bulldoze it all over. If you don’t want to believe that then read the Book of Zachariah and you will see that I am telling you just exactly... “Thus saith the Lord.” Yes, the great cities of the anti-Christ who have ruled their one hour with the Beast. Tel Aviv will be swallowed up with an earthquake, dropped into the Sea. Peking wiped out with the fire of a nuclear explosion, Moscow, Tobulas wiped from the face of the earth. The judgments which fall upon the enemies of God are far greater than people realize. Someone said well what about his love? This my friends, it is far better to destroy evil than to permit it to remain in the state of it’s continuity. You never destroyed or blew up a spirit anyhow. You never exploded a soul but you have stopped their carrying out for their destiny this control of the earth which belongs to Our Father and His children, which must come into a proper relationship with God.

Now; there are people all over the world who are not responsible for what happens, they are captives. Areas of the earth are in this captivity. One third of the white race is under this captivity. One third of the nations of Israel are behind the Iron Curtain. And there are people all over in the Philippine Islands and through out the Islands of the Sea, and along the coasts of the earth. Many of them do not have the true picture, they have been in bondage to their Priestcraft. They have been sold into the administrations, into the support of things what are dark. And communism has swept whole areas of them. These people are never going to be set free while communism remains. You cannot talk co-existence with the devil and anticipate the Kingdom of God coming in. Some people have the mistaken idea that the Kingdom of God will set up business in one hemisphere and then let the devil have the other half. That I snot the way that the Bible reads.

Someone you believe all that the Bible has to say about this? Yes. Because God makes it come to pass, that is why He moves on us. Some people do not understand, that the one way to start prophecy into operation is to understand it. All God has to do is to put the idea into your head and then energize you to follow it. To make it so important to you that nothing on the horizon is as important.

Now; do you understand why the enemy wants to do away with the Scriptures? Do you understand why there is more worry about Christians than anyone else? Do you understand why the American Jewish committee said in it’s annual report and budget that Christianity is the greatest menace to the Jew? Why is that? Because they have designs against it and Christianity is the spiritual philosophy of the Kingdom of God on earth. We point out to you that these continuing designs that function within your nation plan to take over city after city and then take over your nation, taking away your ability to defend yourself and taking away all of your objectives. How long is it going to take? One of the blueprints of this design to take away all of your armaments until you cannot defend yourself. They have planned to take away every bit of your military equipment by 1973., but they hope to have this implemented by 1970. The facts from the Soviet time table sets the facts that from the Red Revolution they have planned this and that even 1964 might be a good time for a Cuban invasion of the United States.

I listened the other night to a Mohammed X expert on television, and this Negro was telling us of how angry they were and that they were going to rise up and take over right away. Someone said:.. Does this frighten you? No. This does not frighten me, there are not enough Negroes smart enough to take over the U.S., but they can make an awful lot of noise while marching out for the struggle. I think that there are two things which you should be sure to have and that is a Bible that you can see to read and a gun which you can learn to shoot. And Jesus standing in His time said:...if you do not have a sword, sell your coat and buy one.

I listened to a holiness preacher the other day on radio and he said that when Jesus said... “If you do not have a sword then sell your coat and buy one’... and he said that this meant that if they did not have a Bible then sell their coat and buy one. But at that time there were no Bibles available, there were none for several centuries. When Jesus said this then He meant sword. He said; because I am sending you out like lambs among wolves. He knew these Jewish rascals. He did not intend that Christians should stand there and get their throats cut, He intended for them to go and be on guard and defeat the enemy when they attacked. Let me tell you something, I have just enough Faith to believe that just

Well. I have some news for them, before they get all of their program set in place there is going to be a lot of developments and there will be no boredom on our part.

“Arise and shine, for thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee.”

Someone said:... Dr. Swift you better look out or they will throw the ‘right wing’ leaders in prison. Well, don’t worry about that because they had Christ in prison , they had Peter in prison, and James and John also, in fact I do not know of any disciple who was not in prison. I think that we have advanced in this great nation of Christendom until there is more of us than there is of them. And before we start putting the Christians in prison camps then we will put the enemies of our Faith there. I think massive deportation to areas of their own faith is the best thing. About the saddest present you could give Russia would be to deport all of those alien’s back to her. The strategy of God’s Kingdom is securely outlined for it says that “I will be sufficient for you in that hour’. This is just like the time that they put Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendigo in the fiery furnace. They said..... ‘didn’t we put three men in there? Behold! I see four. Because Lo I am with thee always, until the end of the age.” And when they came out their clothes were not even singed. They were absolutely immune, and I can tell you something else, the Spirit of God can so completely immunize you against any area of radiation, that can be brought against you. He put the Universe together, and He holds it together and He can immunize you. One of the things that is very evident is that if a great bomb were to burst out over the ocean, or far out in space, and where the radiation was just slightly worrisome to you, do you realize that this would burn every Negro in every one of your cities? Did you know that the black man is more subject to radiation burns than the white man? Did you know that the Asiatic skin is more susceptible to the burns of radiation than is the white man’s? They better look out if they build up a radiation scam around the world, for the first people it will hurt will be your enemies.

We are looking out over a period of turbulence. In seven newspapers just this past week they were trying to frighten us into giving up all of our defense because of the terrible destruction which awaits the world if it continues on the course it is pursuing. Each and every day they showed us bigger and larger missiles, they even set one up in our town, and it is taller than any of the buildings and the Air force is standing there guarding it. I went down and looked at it and it did not disturb me a bit for it is ours.

Now; I am going to tell you something else, the Red Chinese say;...let the world enter nuclear war, for there is more of us and some of us will survive all over the world. Let me tell you that God did not design that the world is going to be destroyed. But I will tell you that one third of the people of the earth will be wiped away. They are going to bring this on themselves for they have joined the anti-Christ and their cities are of the anti-Christ and they will try to jump you with nuclear weapons. But in that hour that they push the button that star of Esdras will burn like a star of light, and those centers of anti-Christ will become as powder and dust. So, I can tell you this tonight that you can be absolutely secure in your Faith and you should be persuaded that you can keep that which you have committed against this day. So, I point out to you tonight that your responsibility is to see that America which does not belong to the World Order, which belongs to God’s Kingdom is the winner in this battle that America not pay any penalties for allowing the World Order to exist inside of her society, and to influence it’s government. This is American enough for you to desire to return to the type of government that your Constitution and the concept of the founders of it. I think we need a great educational acceptance of what the founding fathers intended, when they wrote the Constitution, for that is the volume. You will discover that it was made for a white Christian country. The other day, in a Jew controlled text book in San Jose State, the Jew said that the founders of our country were not great patriots loving freedom, but were a group of hate mongers for they only wrote this constitution for the white man. Well, so that is what they are teaching, well that is alright but every white man better study and find out what the founding father thought, for this is some of their greatest works.

Oh, you say, so there is no plan for the Negro. Oh yes, there is a plan and it is down in Africa under white leadership. You say....will they have great plans for their development? Well that is the place to show it. As for Asia...the are free from Communism under the leadership of men like Chang Kai Shek. I am going to tell you this, when the last idol temple is closed, and becomes just the background of amusement and superstition. When the truth of the real and only God goes from one end of the earth to the other. When the last hammer and sickle has been plowed under, and the Stars and Stripes with the Cross of Christ and the flags of all Christian nations shall be flying everywhere, then my friends we will be awaiting the next development of God on this great planet. Until that time your job and mine is to help bring it in. It is also your job and mine to obstruct this ‘Metro Government” from any city government, inside the areas of education, and inside the areas of design. Your job as Christian Americans is to obstruct every thing proposed by the United Nations, everything that is ‘metro government’, everything which smacks of socialism, everything that is non-Christian. Everything which would destroy our society that is non-white.

Someone said;...but we have no right to restrict people of every color to hear the truth. No. You can let them all hear it but just make sure it is the truth that they hear. Then remember this and that is for all of your best wishes for a peaceful solution, the vision given to George Washington brought victory as a solution. “Son of the Republic, look and live. The dark clouds are gone, black and red armies are cleared away, the mist is lifting, the light is showing over the cities of the nation. AND I SAW THE CROSS AND I SAW THE FLAG AND I HEARD THE VOICE OF THE ETERNAL GOD SAYING: Son of the Republic, look and live.”

(End of message)