Coming Economic Earthquake, 12-2-61



BY DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 12-2-61

Tonight we are discussing something which is of vital importance to every student of World Affairs. And it surely must be of great and vital interest to every American. Because we are vitally concerned at what is taking place in our nation and what it is that causes a lot of the problems thru which we pass. We know that the powers of evil today which seem to be determined to destroy all that is good thru out the world continually operate on the side of the ‘left’ and in the field of world Communism. At the same time, those who aid and abet it and seek to finance it are the enemies of Christian civilization. World Communism does not seem to be as far removed from their desire to control capitalism and gain control of the symbols of wealth as a Communist would naturally be according to his profession. The left-wing seems to be most interested in capturing the gold and the silver, and the wealth of the world as they use these symbols of wealth and power. They are not seeking the repudiate it as much as they are seeking to manipulate the wealth of the world, and to gain control over it.

There are many things thru out the scriptures, and Jesus said that it is given to you to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of God, to THEM it is NOT given. And when we speak thus, we are speaking of the children of the Kingdom, the people of your race, the Household that HE called. The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel which He referred to, were none other than the sheep of HIS pasture. He was not talking about the Jews, as He said on Solomon’s porch---’YE ARE NOT MY SHEEP.’ The great purpose of Christ was to bring knowledge and truth back to those who He called His own---by name---and to lead them out and reestablish the great purpose HE had in building HIS Kingdom on righteousness and truth, without fear, without a guilt complex, and without being pushed back. But being led forward by a spirit of victory. So in the consummate works of atonement, one of the things He tried to accomplish and did accomplish by HIS purpose was the lifting of the guilt complex and the transgressions off the back of HIS people. More than that, the coming of the Messiah had a very definite impact upon HIS Household. He commissioned the spiritual center of His Kingdom as His Church. And this new institution was to be the Oracle of God in the midst of the people. And He sent His Apostles very directly, especially to the nations of Western Europe, in order that the people of His Household might be re-gathered and challenged into carrying forward the objective of building a Kingdom which they had been sent into the world millenniums before to accomplish. Thus this being the major purpose of God, we were taught to pray, ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.’ We expressly remember that the Apostle Paul who was an Apostle unto the Church, and to the nations of God’s Kingdom, said, ‘The spirit expressly forbade me to go into Asia.’ But if he had gone into Asia, he would not have found the people of the Household, nor would the mission on which HE had been sent, this Apostle have been accomplished. I think that it is important for us to know that among this Book and in the semantics, is the mystery of this organization of our enemy.

In various subjects, we have discussed at different times the enemies of God’s Kingdom. They are also basically the enemies of our race and you cannot separate tonight, your racial self-respect, your racial destiny and the nations of God’s Kingdom, which came out of that Adamic race, down thru Seth, and thru the house of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to this time. I think it becomes an important thing, even tho this is not basically the subject tonight, but it must be added. For is a man is a student of scripture, if a person seeks to discover the facts of the people of the Bible, or the racial history of those whom it discusses in its relationship, you will discover that NO Jews in the world today, are in any way the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When we talk about the Israel of the Old Testament, we are talking about people who were not Jews. And it is only because of the hand of some Jews in translation, that the word Jew appears in the Old Testament at all. And that is only on a few occasions. Of course we realize that in the book of Esther, that the word Jew is used several times, but the Jews wrote this book of Esther. And the name of God does not appear once in that book of Esther. And it was only by insertion that they thought to gain a foothold among the scriptures, in order that they might justify the ‘Feast of Purim’ and their murderous design not only for revenge, but the destruction of all of the obstacles in their way and the masterful carrying out of their evil design.

It is quite understandable in their masterful design for the setting of the date in April for the execution of Eichmann. And that is a great thing since they set the great play of making a world debacle over the Eichmann case. And they set the sentencing around Christmas, in order to see how much of the headlines they could capture. While this may seem a part removed from this subject, I want you to know that these Jews are no chosen people of God for the destiny of His Kingdom. For they do not belong to it. They have been behind every basic economical, political or religious conspiracy against your race and against the Kingdom of God thru out all the millenniums that you have lived here. I feel no sympathy for the judgements which come upon them for the crimes that they have committed against the people of the world. They are in no position capable of judging any man, nor could they gather a Jewish court with Jewish judges at any time to judge without prejudice at any time any of their evil conspiracies or their deeds.

I might also add to these remarks that we do not believe that it is Mr. Eichmann. We do not think that it would be him, for men like him and he, himself did not talk Hebrew. Nor was this exactly his stature or his proper height. Unless a lobotomy has been committed upon this man and he is operating under a different concept with a hypnosis position, this could not possibly be the man. We do not doubt for one moment that the Jews have kidnaped Mr. Eichmann and put him to death, because they had also kidnaped other men before and murdered them thinking they had captured other officers of the German nation. And they did this in other nations for whom the Jews have no respect. I want this to go down---irrespective of the subject tonight---but organized Jewry does not respect any people or nation. The Jews are a bunch of outlaws who have no respect either for teachers, or of proper law. If they had, they would have extradited Mr. Eichmann out of Argentina, if they had any jurisdiction. Israeli’s know that they had no jurisdiction in the Eichmann matter, for they were not a nation during the periods of World War II. They did not come into being until their abortive and massacre invasion of Palestine. After their tremendous impact unto the Christians in Palestine, and over the Arabs in Palestine, the ‘White papers’ over which they killed Count Bernadotte trying to accomplish their being suppressed, but they did to accomplish their objective. In fact, the violent rape and murder which accompanied their entrance into Palestine was unprecedented in all the history of the world. All of the crimes they had accused people of committing against them, they were openly committing. But this is their nature. It is quite evident that all of the evil which moves out of these children starts within their own nature and starts within their imaginations and then is executed by them. But they challenge that everybody else has committed it.

I want you to know that there was another German officer that they are hunting. Borman is his name. And he lived somewhere in South America. He had escaped that encircling loop which had transpired in Europe. And when he came into a doctors office, who had been touch with his people, then they decided this man was the one they wanted to get rid of. So the Jewish doctor, thinking he had Mr. Borman, called the ADL and asked what to do with him. They said kill him and slip him into a plastic bag, and we will sent our officers and bury him. So the doctor used the poison needle and they came and disposed of this man. Then later decided they had the wrong man. And so they did it again. So in this instance, they have twice killed some innocent man. But they did this in another country. And they carried it out with their own OGPU and their own agents. And the San Francisco Chronicle carried a story on the front page about how the Zionists and Jewry have killed a man, but then discovered that he was the wrong man. But there was no comment on it, no criticism, just a common place news item. Just another man assassinated by Jewish doctors just because the Jewish High Command throughout the world said this man should be killed, or anyone else who gets in their way. And they demonstrate their ruthlessness to kill. I think it is time for every Christian American to know that if you ever go to any Jewish doctor, you are a very foolish person. And if you are a patriot, you may get the needle too. That is one thing to be avoided and the best way is not to go to a Jewish doctor.

In fact, I think it is time for Christian Americans and Christians everywhere to realize that this is a battle for Christian survival. That all of the hoards of world Communism and all the conspiracy against our society is directed by this evil who are Satan’s own offspring. And which the scripture so carefully warned us against. You should never, under any circumstances vote for any Jew for any office in these United States. You should not purchase any product that you have to have from any individual who is a Jew in these United States. You should make a closed circle, and vote Christian, buy Christian, and see that no one is employed by you who is not a Christian. If they do not like that policy, let them go to Israeli to employ themselves.

We have reached a point where these things become more and more sinister. I want to say that the evidence which was brought into the Eichmann trial was as everyone knows was fraudulent and not correct. The claim of six million Jews was totally impossible since more than the number evacuated Europe and came to the Western World during that period of time. Many of them came as refugees. And in different ways, managed by the Roosevelt family. And a great number of them are here beyond all numbers of visas and other methods. The fact remains that there were only 600,000 Jews who were in Germany at the beginning or before the start of World War II. And surely there was no more after it started. And by no stretch of the imagination then that they could have been murdered or put to death in the gas chambers. The facts brought out by General Patton and others of the military who occupied Germany, proved this. And most of those in camps or prisons belonged there because they were Soviet agents or criminals, or those who had committed treason against the State. I think it is time that we in these United States put in prison every member of our society who has committed treason against these United States, our world and our Christian civilization, by doing spy work for the Soviet Union. For giving away atomic secrets and nuclear secrets, or those who seek to betray us by all of the strange strategy, so that they could surrender this great nation into the hands of the Reds without resistance. I think if today, we locked up all the Red Agents who were threatening the security of our nation, we would leave the President almost without a cabinet.

In fact, none who knew Colonel Eichmann believe that this man they kidnaped, is Col. Eichmann. It has been long known that if this had been Col. Eichmann, he would not have been groveling like a whipped pup. He would have turned and said Hiel Hitler and have let ride at that. There is no doubt that Eichmann believed that Hitler was breaking the power of the Jews over Germany. It was a part of the preservation of their nation. So how did they go about doing this? They moved the power of finance out of the German State. This was viewed as a great crime against Jewry. This is how Jews were put to death, by taking away their power by which they lived as parasites on the economy of the nation. And I am going to tell you that one of the things you are going to hear from your part of the world how they were burned in your ovens. Because when you take back these United States and establish a United States Bank in these United States, that they do not control, then you will find that there will be a great exodus out of this nation. And America will lose the curse of the anti-Christ and you can breath fresh air of a new day.

Every once in a while I find some timid soul that says, ‘Dr. Swift, the church is not supposed to discuss these things.’ My friends, I want you to know that this Book which is filled with prophecy and the position of Jesus the Christ, is the Oracle of the church. I want you to know that this position that you hold is the right one. And you have a right to maintain it. And if there is any one thing that Christ maintained from the beginning thru the book of Revelation, it is that at no time was this keeping Jewry out of control of the Kingdom, and pointing His finger at it, and waking up the people concerning this, ever eased. We have mentioned this before and we mention this again the when Jesus was going thru this experience of Jewry trying to liquidate Him and crucify Him, and when the disciples would have drawn their swords---for if need be---He could bring in a legion of Angels. There were other things added to the discussion of course, concerning as to all the facts that happened between Christ and His disciples. Even as HE stood before the steps of the temple on Palm Sunday, when the people wanted to crown HIM King, but Jesus refused the crown and took the Chalice, the symbol of the sacrifice. And HE said, ‘THE DAY WILL COME WHEN MY SERVANTS WILL FIGHT AND THE KINGDOM WILL NOT BE given to the Jews.’

When Jesus talked to Pontius Pilate, the governor of Jerusalem, there was no hostility between Christ and Pilate. For Pilate was a man of your race, a Basque born in Spain, the husband of Caesar’s daughter, and had been educated in the universities of Britain. Strangely enough, he belonged to the Masons which was one of the great mystery schools of your race. He knew the pass words and he knew the symbols. And as he discussed some of the most important things with Jesus during His trial, then Jesus told him, ‘You do not have any power over ME except I give it unto you.’ But he did not know what to do with Christ when His enemies wanted to see Him crucified. And he did not want a miscarriage of justice. And he did not want to involve Rome in this Jewish designed revenge. The Jesus said, ‘You just do as it is written.’ Jesus said, ‘It is written that I am going to be crucified, but I want you to know that the day is going to come when My servants are going to fight and My Kingdom is not going to be given to the Jews.’

Now, we have arrived at a climactic period in Bible prophecy. The Jews in their conspiracy have been moving against the Kingdom of God and against Christian civilization since the very days of the beginning of the Church. They have been previously engaged in the manipulation of nations, peoples, and powers. And have been against your race all through history. In ancient Babylon, they dominated and controlled Babylon while two tribes of your race, the German people and the Normans---Judah and Benjamin, were in bondage. The fact is that their manipulation of the economy stretched out all over the world. And every pagan religion on the face of the earth, whether from ancient India or the upper Steppes of Asia, or whether it be in the witch doctors tents or the jungle huts of Africa, the Luciferian household, or the descendants of Lucifer which Christ so quickly identified with the Jews of Jerusalem and the Cainanite line as well---all have been managed and directed and started by these evil forces. There are more Asiatic Jews in the pagan temples of Asia than there are of the constituents of the temples of the Asiatics without Jewish blood. This blood has not come out of the house of Judah from which this Asiatic field creates their symbol.

The ancient Empires of China have in their discussions of the great wealth that existed in their land, coincided with the temples of various religions, even of the earliest religions of the Ashon Dragon temples. The priests of the temples claimed that the Dragon power gave then a right to coin and handle the money of the realm and the Empires of ancient China were to recognize the Dragon Throne and would receive a rightful share of all the Dragon money. So the Jews made a deal with the ancient Emperor that he would get a cut of everything they had, but they had a right to all of the manipulated control of all the economy, inside of ancient China and they only permitted monetary Empires of ruling Mandarins and various of the ruling warlords of ancient China throughout all of its history to hold this plan as long as they were under the dominion of their thumb.

We can then understand what Baron Rothchild said, ‘Give me the power to coin the money of any land and we do not care who makes its laws.’ This is also true of the background of ancient India and its Kali temples of which virtually all of the priesthood is composed of ancient Jews of the type and group which had settled in India in the past. Oh, all the pagan religions of the world are woven in to a symbol which is quite interesting. It is the Fig Leaf. Every pagan temple in the world has fig leaves woven into the frieze around the top of the temples. The pagan temples with their grotesque pictures, and their strange and evil caricatures that we find in India, together with the temples in Tibet and the companies of Red Buddhism,---all of them, have that temple frieze of the fig leaf. And you can go out here on Beverly and to any of the Synagogues of the city, and you see that fig leaf woven into any ornamentation on anything that they hold. This is one of the reasons why the scriptures still teach identification and why Christ referred to them as the fig tree. And He cursed that fig tree and said it would never bear any eatable fruit. They knew that He was talking about. And when the temple priests at that time heard the Christ, sought how they might kill HIM when they saw the cursed fig tree dry up and knew it was a symbol of their own power. And the scripture says that they plotted how they might put HIM to death, because they knew that this miracle and this parable was spoken against them.

I want you then to notice that Christ identified them with all of the evil, socially and politically that existed among the race of which you are a part. The book of Revelation contains and is the revelation as God gave it to John to give to the Church. People claim that it is the right of the Church to declare what is in the book of Revelation. And under the same pattern of inspiration, to discuss its impact upon men and nations and society. And the semantics of the mystery from the days of Babylon to your time, are the evil powers which is the enemy of your civilization-----called Babylon.

Now, we well know that ancient city of Babylon was swept out of power when the ancient Medo-Persians invaded it. And even later after the rise of Alexander the Great, then Medo-Persia had dwindled in the picture and again Babylon was invaded, and what was left of it taken by Alexander the Great. And the powers of Jewry tried to do business with Alexander the Great. And in those days they left the citadels which they still had there and they went to the Isle of Pergamos. And according to the book of Revelation, the Isle of Pergamos was where organized Jewry had its headquarters at the time of the ministry of Christ, even tho they ruled with influence in the Temple of Jerusalem. And they also had economic power over the Roman Empire whom they controlled with their manipulation of its gold. You can get the history of the Roman Empire by Gibbons. And you will discover how the manipulation of this gold and the putting forward of the same policies of Socialism which Karl Marx later put in a book, was applied ages before upon the Roman Empire. These are the works of these people who today have brought the whole Communist Revolution into existence and are seeking to cripple or destroy Western Civilization by manipulation of the power of their purse and by the use of this political weapon of World Communism. In fact, we can establish this very clearly for you, because when Jesus established the connection of these people, whom HE called the Yehudin (Jews) of Jerusalem, who HE said had no part nor lot in His ministry, were not a part of HIS Kingdom, and were not a part of the House of Israel, and exposed them in the book of John. There is not one who can read the book of John and read it fairly, verse by verse, and not see clearly that these people were not the Israel of the Bible. And this Israeli down in Palestine has nothing to do with the background of Abraham and his covenant. This is strictly a world con-game which they are seeking to put over on Christians everywhere, to get people to support the very program of the downfall of their society.

I want to say in the midst of this that MYSTERY BABYLON is the city of the mystery of evil. It is the city which Christ identifies with these evil one. And when HE in Matthew, tells us that organized Jewry is guilty of all the blood of the righteous ones slain upon the earth---Jesus points this out. He said, ‘You say you would not have killed the prophets, but when you said that you would not do what your fathers did, then you have just proved that you are the children of the prophets killers, and you are going to measure right up to the stature of your father, and be just like they were.

Now, Jesus was not talking out of ignorance. For this was the very embodied God. And HE recognized these people and the kingdom which they came from. And HE spoke with a knowledge it would be well to give heed to. And we must keep this constantly in the background of our thinking if we are to carry out the objectives of His Kingdom. And I am sure that I may tell you that you are going to carry them out. For we are not on the last days of these United States, as the destroyers seem to think. We are on the edge of the days when these United States are going to get a great new spiritual life and God will light the altars of freedom with flame and with fire which will never go out. When that light is lighting this land, then that enemy which is doing this will leave America. And it will be a great day for our society. So Jesus points this out and HE refers to this evil power as Mystery Babylon.

There are three things about Mystery Babylon. And we find that Mystery Babylon’s great weapon is Economics. So this economic Babylon is one of the phases of Mystery Babylon. And this is control over economics and money. No wonder the scripture says that the love of money was the root of all evil. Therefore when money is made a commodity rather than a medium to move goods, it then becomes the very secret of how the enemy produces this evil. And by the manipulation of our economy and the unjust debts of weights and measures, and the creating of a policy which the scripture refers to as usury, then unprecedented taxation leveled upon the use of money by their strategy coupled together by what they call interest.

Someone said, ‘Don’t you think we should have interest?’ Well, it depends upon how you can approve it. This also depends on if the interest is actually on what has been created by the money being put to work or whether it happens to have been distorted out of some ones misfortune and applied with tremendous amount of increase being made upon the very use of the money itself, for no other reason than for moneys sake. There is not doubt that the amount of evil in the world tonight, is this artificial scarcity of money by the enemies of your Kingdom who throw the world into misery and depression at their will. There is no possibility of a depression in these nations like the United States, with its tremendous mineral wealth and its great capacities, its great technological abilities, and its tremendous labor market. With this initiative, with this intelligence, with this vision, with all of the technology of our laboratories, with all the materials of our earth, and with the demand of our citizenry, a nation like this can never have a depression unless it is falsely created by the money masters of Mystery Babylon.

Now, we may have ben taken by surprise by the last depression. But I am going to tell you that you are never going to be taken by surprise by another. The next depression (and they do intend to bring it upon these United State) is not going to be accepted by the American people, because they are going to know who did it from the least to the greatest. And the best place for an enemy of the United States when the people wake up is outside this nation. Jesus called it Mystery Babylon. It has three phases---economics, political, and religious. Babylon’s political phase was to harness masses of people throughout the world thru its military power while it puts over its type of political concept that takes away control of anything a man has earned as property from it. Then puts it in the hands of a super bureaucracy which controls and harnesses all goods and reduces all men to a position of slavery. They have attempted to accomplish this under a dozen different names. The use of the word Communism and the creation of the Soviet Union is just another apex of this goal and the Bible has discussed it.

The third and one of the most deadly phases of Babylon is Religious Babylon. This is built upon the establishment of all false concepts of religion and the utter repudiation of the true monotheism of the one and only true and living YAHWEH, revealed as YAHSHUA or JESUS THE CHRIST. Their warfare against this concept of God and their design to mongrelize all religions and to reduce all people into a mongrelized society, one in which the social impact of their religious evil will be brought out. Mystery Babylon the Great has sowed almost all of the error into the Christian religion that has been sowed. And this was by their penetration and their moving in on the blind side. And this we can say effected the church of Rome unto the abbeys of England. Thus the enemy moves in and suddenly wants to become one with others and bestows his wealth upon these institutions and then becomes a communicant and a convert. And before long, is moving into a job as Bishop or an abiding presence in the church which he secured by the power of his purse. And in many instances the church has been naive enough to believe that this is a spiritual desire, and they let the Serpents---those whom Christ identified as the Serpent race---come in to condemn its doctrine and change the truths of its Faith and to bring in whole fallacies inside the structure of the church. Their design being to destroy that church thru an economic design as well as a political design, by seeking to negate the power of the church and use it to accomplish their evil objective.

I have whole shelves of books in my library which are written by Jewish publication societies, by institutions and organizations all over of their own. They were not written for our consumption. They were written for their consumption. They tell us about the heroes of their race and they tell us how they almost virtually ruined the power of the Christian Faith by mixing the concept of mixing the concepts and their idea of the words put into it. They boast of their invasion into your society. I do not believe that now or ever---a Jew should be admitted into any Christian church at any time.

Someone said, ‘But, Dr. Swift, that it not Christian.’ But I think it is. For the Apostle Paul said that they are against God and contrary to all men. And if you take someone who is against God and contrary to all men into the church, you are silly. Jesus said that I have chosen you twelve, but one of you is a devil. And HE was talking about Judas of Iscariot who was one of the disciples. And Jesus only let him be there to finish the work which was for him to do which was his betrayal. And Jesus identified him as a devil and never classified him as a disciple. And after Jesus identified him as a devil, then he could not walk in Judea---had to walk in Galilee for they sought to kill HIM. Having managed to identify the OGPU of that time He had to walk in Galilee, because they sought to kill HIM. That is the open record from the book of John, the opening of the 7th chapter and the last verse of the 6th chapter. The fact is that theses are truths which are very vital to your society. That is one of the reasons why when we turn over here to the book of Revelation, to this mysterious operation of the World Order of Babylon as in opposition to God’s Kingdom and nations that God has unveiled in the 18th chapter of the book of Revelation that this Mystery Babylon has control over every labor union we have in these United States. He said that the control was over all Union organizations and over all crafts and over all workers was in the hands of Mystery Babylon who behind the scenes, had used the lust for power and the forces they had gained which they wished to control for their domination of men. And God said that they had gained tremendous power all over the world in these climactic days. But one of these days they will not have anymore power. And a man will not have to pay tribute to some Labor pirate for the right to work.

You may say, ‘I believe in the gains of organized labor.’ Well, I believe in the gains of righteousness and justice and due recompense for a man’s work. But I want you to know that organized labor has been led into deeper and deeper designs by those who are behind this so that it will not only give them gain, but that was the objective of those who organized them. And the objective was to gain complete control over American economy and we have passed the gain side and are going on the loss side now. And we are going very fast. Actually, you do not count a labor gain just as an increase in pay. For Mystery Babylon has controlled the great taxation systems of the world. They have been behind almost all of the tax programs here and in other nations. And that is one of the things you want deliverance from----excessive taxation. But today these rascals have produced the design and fixed the process of taxation. And we have reached the point today so that every time labor raises the wages, the taxes take more and labor actually looses money. For the tax bite is to high and the cost of goods goes up. Thus as wages go up, taxes go up, the costs of goods goes up and the result is a loss.

There are some strange things here as God talks about Mystery Babylon as to how they have tried to tie and sell the souls of men. They have been behind all the brothels, all the vicious dope rings, and all of the crime rings of the nation. And I want you to know tonight, that organized Jewry controls the dope racket. They control organized crime. We have had the Mickey Cohens and Arnold Rothsteins and the Jewish Italian Al Capone who came out of the same Sicilian background.

We could name gangsters across America today and organized crime leaders who met in New York State last year to decide on how they would carry out their activities. And this was organized and controlled by Sicilian Jews who have been running the crime elements throughout the world. Let me tell you that when you get into the pattern of the book of Revelation, you will discover that evil, crime and such activity, and the building of a World Order for anti-Christ to rule the world is the work of these people. You say, ‘How do we know?’ Well, in the book of Matthew, Jesus told us who was and who would not be responsible for these things. That behind the blood and death of the children of the Kingdom, in all of their world of conspiracy were these people. And now in the book of Revelation, He brings out these facts. In chapter 18, He tells us then, that this Mystery Babylon dwells in your nation. They are great merchants and supposedly great men in the earth. And by their sorcery, they have all of the nations deceived. And thru these United Nations now all nations have been deceived. And in this Mystery Babylon with its strange international group of merchants in her, is found the blood of the prophets and the Saints who are the believing offspring of God, and of all who have been slain upon the earth.

Now hear this. If you go out and say I am extreme, then say that I am rightly extreme on the basis of what the Bible has to say.

Now, you may disagree with this book, but you are going to find that it is more right than anything which you get out of the State Department. It says here that in this Mystery Babylon and this group of International merchants, which have deceived all the nations and ran these things, in her is all of the blood of all the Prophets and all of the believing offspring of God who have ben slain in all of the wars and all of the conspiracies on the face of the earth.

Now, when you have something as clear as that, still some people say, ‘I can never find out what the Bible is talking about.’ Well, you better get the Key then. They better find out who is who in the bible. It is more important for you to find out this---who is who---if you are going to carry out this objective of God and work in the Kingdom, than, my friends, for you to learn today many of the things which they think is important for you to know so that you are acceptable to the standard of the world level.

A young man said to me, ‘I am convinced that these are great truths, but when you try to tell them to people, they say that you are anti-social.’ Well then, who established this standard of what is right and what is wrong and this standard for society and who creates the studies for humanities today? I tell you this is the power of the World Order which has come thru Mystery Babylon.

Now, this greatness of our nation had come thru the vision which God had developed in those men of your race unto who HE gave vision and drive. Your great scientists, your inventors, your technological achievements are all a by-product of what God has stimulated in you. And this is the blessing of a people who recognize that the LORD is God. And recognize that in body manifestation, He was Jesus the Christ. He has promised that HE will give blessings and He has made ‘have’ nations and ‘have not’ nations. And you are a ‘have’ nation tonight. Your enemy wants to destroy all of that. It is more important for you to build a strong America and for you to build a Christian America and for you to have happiness and power to carry out the will of God in the earth, than to have all of the pagans and all of the ‘hottentots’ and all of the Uthants, and Nehrus to claim that you are a great people. Can you find any good anyhow in having Mr. Nehru saying that you are great? Do you see any particular advantage in pleasing Mr. Khrushchev?

By the way, I have some good news for you. Remember how ere told you last year that this would be a fateful year for removing people? I have an article here from France out of a newspaper for yesterday. And it is quoting an article from Russia. And this is what it says. ‘Mr. Khrushchev in making his speech, stopped several times last Saturday. He was at a loss to pick up his thoughts and he was trembling and he had difficulty in finishing his sentences. In fact, he could not even pronounce some of the words and his tongue seemed to be quite thick. The story cited that before the end of his speech to the World Soviet Trade Union, that Khrushchev was covered with perspiration and was completely exhausted. When questioned about this, the doctors of the Soviet Union said that Mr. Khrushchev had just suffered a slight stoke. Someone said, ‘Well is that a good thing.’ Well, if all of the leaders of Mystery Babylon would suffer stokes, that would be good. You know there are a lot of men in the high court in this land. And if they would suffer stokes one after another, you might not find so many people wanting that job.

I am going to tell you this. We told you this at the beginning of the year that there would be some important people whom God would snap out of the world and Khrushchev would be a good one. Another one of those people who needed to be taken out of the way was Dag Hammarskjold. Now this may startle some of you, but let me tell you about Dag Hammarskjold. He was the Soviet man in the United Nations to act as a bell ringer to take us all down the road to betrayal. Any silly person who wants to contribute to his monument is very foolish, I can assure you. In fact, I am going to show you how close you were when you were saved. Remember last September, I believe it was the 17th. And I believe it was a Sunday night. We informed you that night that every intelligent Christian should go home and wire the Senate and the House not to pass a certain measure before both the Senate and the House if you as intelligent Christians wanted to save your country. That measure called for an organization of a peace organization or a Peace Commission which was to have absolute power over your armament. It was not up to you or the Congress, or the President of the United States. But it had the authority to set up a commission to march under and in control of the United Nations and continually be working in alliance with the Soviet Union. And its army which had the power to close up every one of your military factories and it also had the power to disarm every private citizen of his own weapons, or anything he might have guaranteed to him under the Constitution. It had the power, but not rightly so. But that was what this ‘Bill’ was going to do. It had power to confiscate your money, tap your treasury, take over all foundations and funds and spend all this money on carrying out its objectives.

Do you know who was the fathering influence and who was driving this and pressuring for its passage? It was Dag Hammarskjold. That night, in this dictatorship of the anti-Christ, the man who was manipulating many of the Socialistic and Red programs was out of the world monetary fund, where you are the major investor. He went down to intimidate Shamba in the Congo and you can thank God that another one of Mystery Babylon----a tool in their hands---has died. I tell you that instantly, all the pressure was off for this Disarmament Bill which had the power to destroy you. And when the thing was over with, and without the power of Dag Hammarskjold, the thing folded up. Then there was introduced a different type of proposition and this one would not recognize the authority of the United Nations to have sovereignty over us as it related to disarmament. And at no time did it create the kind of authority which would try to by-pass the Congress of the United States. They may try to do it again when Congress convenes. It was defeated---this right of you to be free, and to have your own weapons and your own military. And this ended and quickly, with the death of Dag Hammarskjold.

This is only one of those situations, for it was under design and that design came to our attention. And they are not going to be able to push it as fast as they thought they could. The world economic design of Mystery Babylon was to level attack every citizen and every member of the United Nations by a direct attack which thru their bureaus of revenue, they could collect or thru the United Nations in which they were going to levy a ten percent tax on every citizen of every nation in the world. This would be a direct levy upon your income and you would not be able to buy or sell or do any business in America if you had not paid that tax for that given month. This is exactly what the scripture warned you about with that system of the Beast where you could not buy or sell. This was designed to control the world’s goods and manipulate its economy.

That is their strategy and that is their design. And you would not be able to eat or buy or sell except you had paid your contribution to this Babylonian World Order which is ‘absolute infamy.’ The result is that this was another Dag Hammarskjold idea. And that went along with this vast and deep rooted conspiracy. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘we could maybe get around it.’ But you would not be able to buy any bread or any clothes or gasoline, if that thing had gone into effect. But it could have been put into effect by an agreement with the President or an executive agreement, or it could have been passed by a Liberal Senate who would ratify that sort of a situation, because we have a Senate which is so far ‘left’ that the hope and the salvation of the United States still lies in the whole Congress of these United States.

Now, we are on the edge of a great world economic upheaval. The conspirators threw you off the Gold Standard. And we have discussed that. And they were manipulating the economic policies of the Roosevelt Administration. And Mr. Roosevelt did not know anything about the monetary manipulation, he only took orders and followed the directions of the ‘Brain Trusters’ around him. And having demonetized gold by taking honest coinage out of circulation, and at the same time devaluating the dollar by inflating the actual basis of exchange in which the weight of dollars and gold weigh was to be determined, we then went on a Silver Standard. And now whether he knows anything about it or not, I am not sure Mr. Kennedy knows too much about anything. He says some forceful things in some speeches and sometimes he gets a vacant look about his face. But I want you to know that he is suddenly playing with the economic problems of our nation by answering the call of the International Money Changers rate. And this time, they want all of our silver.

This is what is behind all the fluctuation in the money market and the world situation---this uncertainty of American money. You now have before you some prophetic facts. One of them is that if you are going to get free from economic bondage in your nation, the economic power of Mystery Babylon has to crumble and fall, absolutely and completely.

Now, this sometimes comes as a shock to some people of wealth. It comes as a shock to people of modern circumstances. They say, ‘If our economic system fails, if it tumbles, what is going to happen to us?’ But WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM? I said the Economic System of Mystery Babylon the Great. I want you to know that when the economic power of Mystery Babylon the Great falls, the power of world Jewry over your economy is gone forever.

Someone said, ‘But it can’t be done.’ Yes, if the Congress of the United States gathered and determined to establish a United States Bank and fix the permanency of your currency and to issue the currency as U.S. Notes against the production of your society and to back that money with a high percentage of your created wealth, and to redeem the money which is created out of the production of the use of such money as it moved good, let me tell you, that the moment they operated this interest free, that all of the monetary system of Mystery Babylon would crumble and fall. And all the money lenders and those associated with it would leave these United States and they would go down to Rio de Janeiro, or to Mexico City. And they would tell about the terrible programs in these United States and the secret gas ovens that you have set up.

You say, ‘Well, why has there not been set up a long ago this United States money system?’ Because Mystery Babylon has tried to keep money as a mysterious subject which you would not understand. They have been trying to make you think that no one would be able to handle it and Mr. Kennedy is struck by this strange polity, since he has his own wealth. He says you are going to have to turn over to the Federal Reserve System, all of your wealth. And they will continue with this excessive and extortionist process. They make sixty cents out of every extended dollar.

One of the great mysteries inside of the scripture is that God Almighty tells us about this impending catastrophe thru the Babylonian system. I turn inside of the 16th chapter of Revelation and it says that the whole world is in crisis. There are voices crying war, and problems and thunder. And there is a sign of great political movement and the rising of Empires and then the lightening as they commence this participation of the storm. Then it says here that there was a great earthquake---so mighty and so great as there has not been upon the earth since men were upon this earth. And it says that GREAT CITY was divided into three parts. And the cities of the nations fell and the city of Great Babylon came before the remembrance of God.

Now, another phase of prophecy which relates to that which takes place in the earth. But when it talks about the Great City of Babylon being divided into three parts that is economics for one and that Great Babylon suddenly comes into remembrance of why, because of its influence that the cities of the world fall. Then turn on to the other phases of this and you find that Babylon is like a great millstone which is suddenly picked up and when suddenly dropped amongst the masses of the people it is swallowed up. The people are that raging sea. And the people are going to swallow up Babylon all at once. You know some country started to swallow up Babylon prematurely. They outlawed its political control. And they outlawed its economic control. And then Babylon went out to gather all the world against the area which put them out of business.

Now I am going to tel you something which you may not like to hear, for you have been taught to hate the enemy of your enemies. And Mystery Babylon gets the Englishman fighting a German, or an American fighting a German, or fighting an Austrian or fighting an Englishman. And he does this by manipulation and then sets back and makes a profit by it.

Now, you come over to the book of James, and it says, ‘Go now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries have come upon you.’ It tells about even the cankering of gold, or the rusting of their investments. You say, ‘How do you canker gold?’ Well, that is quite a story. I saw gold cankered before my very eyes. Under a microscope, I saw it dissolved and become virtually as nothing. I saw that happen one time. So there is something which can happen in the field of substance and it can make even the supply of gold dwindle away. But there is more than that in this, as God said, ‘Go now ye rich men weep and howl for your misery has come upon you.’ HE is not talking about a bonafide member of your race, who by his energy and thrift has built up a business or a factory where he rightly employs his people. He is talking the rich men of Mystery Babylon, who have taken their profits from the days of battles and wars. I think I can point out a few of these people who borrowed all of the money out of your treasury. You could not get a loan like that, even for a great war industry. Even their ship could break in half and sink in the water. But that did not make any difference, we just gave them more money to build more factories. And we took their debts and covered them up with so much money that no one knows what, and still they write a check against your treasury and these are some of those rich men of Mystery Babylon who made their profits upon you during the wars. And they do not care how many of your race that they kill if it puts them in power. And the main thing anyway, is to get Christians to kill Christians until their evil can overwhelm you. They had designed that you would be so weak at the end of W.W. II, and Germany would be so devastated, that they would be about to take over the Christian world. And this was a Soviet design. In fact, they drew up the Potsdam Papers to actually seat them inside of the heart of Europe where they would be adjacent to you and easier to carry out their objectives. With this design, they were going to attack and to overthrow.

But you came out of it stronger than they anticipated. Your great power to come back was so great, and in Europe likewise, has been one of the great mysteries before your enemies. And they know that a prosperous Western Europe is a surprise to them. Then they started to get at your heart center and they started a Communist Revolution in your backyard. And you did not have leadership enough to stamp it out. And right now, you have a boiling cesspool with their intrigue and their missiles pointed at you right off the coast of Florida. Mystery Babylon.

Now, God said there was to be a great earthquake. And apart from seismographic disturbances, this is going to be an economic upset to the enemy. And this upset among the enemy means that an awakening is going to take place among your race, among the business men of your race. And they are not going to let Babylon get away with it anymore. You know these people have had to go to these people to find finance to operate their own businesses. I happen to know that leaders among your organizations tonight, know that they do not have to depend upon the Babylonian money system, that they can create a system that has honor and integrity. And they can back it with American production and they do not have to go and ask Babylon for anything. And someday, this will be the policy used to create wealth and we will use our money to do it. It will not be a selfish policy. The achievement from these industries and the liberation of these Industries from these ‘Parasites’ will be accomplished. One of these men of a great industry said to me, ‘Dr. Swift, if we could lift this burden of usury which takes such a bite out of every dollar, and could reduce this taxation which this international conspiracy takes away from us, the purchasing power of our labor and our ability to do and to develop because we would have more to do ti with, would be unprecedented.’ He said, ‘Before we are thru, better than 50% of everything we produce has been bit off by the parasites.’

I want you to know that a lot of people are worried about their dollar. And they ask what can happen to this dollar? Well, a lot of things can happen to this dollar if the people of the United States let it happen. But if you call on your Congress, and your Patriots call on a deliverance from Mystery Babylon, and the truth is pointed out, then you are going to be strengthened. Already you have learned that the President in carrying out his objective with the New Congress, has devaluated every dollar in the United States by 30%. If silver goes to $1.29 and he knocks the silver out of your dollar by weight, he had destroyed that much purchasing power by a single act. You say, ‘Well, it is a good investment to buy property.’ Property has always been considered a good investment, but under the unprecedented taxation of your time the best investment can be eaten into by the power of this invisible force of fleecing taxation and gradually it swallows up your savings. There was a time when a family could plan on their thrift and their investment. They build as fine a home as they could build and they planned to retire in this home. And this would be the homestead around which their family and their children would gather. And they would have a certain amount of security. And they would not need as much income in their old age because they owned their own homes. But now, you discover that you need more income than you ever had before. And taxes have gone up so high that you have to make more money than ever before, to be able to live in your own house. This is true unless you move way out to the mountains somewhere and change the pattern of your living. Mystery Babylon has designed all of this.

Now, we are faced with the fact that we know of many things that are good. We know that investment in American industry and investment in things which are out of debt and things which are producing your goods, we know that you can hedge your debts and hoard your money and live thru all of these, if you can invest in things that earn as much as men are using that is true. But if you want to invest in real security, don’t be sure that anything is going to hedge and get around these rascals. You are certainly not going to do it for all 160 million people in your nation who are not a part of the conspiracy. But we know that it can be done with a great upheaval and a great Christian awakening, with a great repudiation of Mystery Babylon until they flee. And this will be accomplished when you set yourself free from their economic conspiracy. It is time that everyone started to learn all they can about money. It is time they learned how they are being manipulated and what the Constitution says about it. Why does Mr. Kennedy want the Congress to surrender their coinage right? Why does he want them to give up more of their power over this thing? Every intelligent Christian should be informing their Congressmen that we want them to hang on to the power that we have given the. And for them to determine and set just checks and balances for our money. For if there ever was a contract that should be kept with honor, it is the contract between people, and people and their government, and on the money that their government has been commissioned to issue.

Now, we are faced with this coming economic upheaval. We have told you that Mr. Kennedy wants the power to throw out all tariffs. He wants us to be able to join the Common Market of Europe.

Now, we think that one of the smartest things the Christian nations of Europe ever did was to form a Common Market for their own economic enhancement and development so that they might trade among themselves and become strong and block the Communist conspiracy of cheap labor. And they drew up a high tariff against Communist produced goods. They are also aware that they want that market for themselves and they do not want even you cutting into it. So they threw up a wall of tariff against your goods.

Now, we are not going to say tonight, that you have to throw down all the tariffs between us and them, because even if you both throw down your tariffs, you still could not sell very much to Europe because they can produce those goods cheaper than you do. And they could still flood us with their goods unless you had a tariff law as long as you have Babylon controlling labor. You cannot suppress and compress wages. Babylon wants to knock them down and give you another depression. But we are not going to take another depression with men out of work and with catastrophe, because if they start that, we are going to stir America from one end to the other and let them know who is doing it. So we are faced with this fact that the design of the enemy is to try to get control of the industry and the markets. And that design wants to prevent America from operating its industry. It wants to buy up every American industry for a fraction of its value. It wants to see the people of America out of work and virtually crying for a Socialist revolution. Then Mystery Babylon intends to find an outlet for your measure and a war which would devastate the industries of Europe. This is their plan. And the scripture tells you what they plan to do. So God Almighty says, alright, then are afraid right now of being found out and many of them are moving out. And because people are waking up, they are afraid to bring this destruction upon your nation unless they can get your capitulation. But Almighty God says that they are not going to accomplish this objective.

One of the strange things is that some of the largest Insurance Companies in America are in the hands of Mystery Babylon. And in the instances of this, they continue to grab the money, but they know that they cannot make a pay off if great catastrophe comes. One great Jewish Insurance firm which operates in that field, says that if we have a catastrophe and it wipes out most of the insurable lists they have, then they are not responsible to pay under this damage. Therefore, they are suddenly released form their obligation and they have made nothing but profit. Is that insurance? No, my friends. Another catastrophe which God has pointed out is going to be his retaliation of judgement on the enemy of your Kingdom. And that is going to effect physical transition for this is what is going to happen for the Bible talks about it.

We do not have the time to go into all the phases of this that the Bible outlines, but HE SAID, ‘COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE LEST YE BE HURT IN HER FALL.’ You are not to partake of her evil deeds, not to partake of her evil policies, not to finance this final work, and not to commit the murders like in Katanga Provence. As we said this afternoon, it is happening to people in Katanga who just wanted to be free. America must extract herself from this mess. We are one hundred million dollars in debt and yet America was the only country in the world who offered to help in the Congo. The American people should not let their money be squandered on a massacre like what happened in the Congo. It is a violation of our Christianity and a violation of our Constitution rights. You say, ‘I hope God does not hold me responsible.’ Well, God does not hold you responsible if you have intelligence to speak out. He said, ‘Deliver your soul.’ Than God some men in Congress have been delivering their souls. Before you get thru this, you are going to find out that such people like the Senator McCarthy, and Senator Rankin, and Geral K. Smith, who have delivered their souls are worth more to America than all of the mealy mouthed politicians and all of the strategy they are seeking to develop which is not accomplishing any thing no peace only violence.

You know we have always poked a lot of ridicule on this pagan Nehru. Remember that he said we better negotiate but never fight a war. Well, Mr. Nehru, tonight, invaded the little Portuguese colony of Goa which is about the size of Rhode Island. Invaded it with 30,000 shock troops and dive bombers, and is bombing the people of Goa. There are two other little colonies also and they are attacking them tonight. Mr. Kennedy and his staff pleaded with Mr. Nehru not to do this. Not to start another war. But Nehru says they are going to have these colonies. But do you know that the Portuguese went in there before Columbus discovered America? And at that time, they were virtually jungles. And today they are some of the most prosperous colonies in the sub-Continent.

Now, so many of our Liberal neutrals say, ‘Oh, that is good, we must give this back to the natives.’ But these are Christian Colonies that they are overthrowing. Do you see what I mean, when we say the world is hearing thundering and lightening, and we tell you that you are on the edge of tremendous events? But I want you to know that the ECONOMIC EARTHQUAKE IS NOT GOING TO BE A CATASTROPHE TO YOU. It is going to be your deliverance. Don’t pray to keep everything in its status quo. The more quickly you get your nation and your finance in your hands and out of their hands, the more quickly you can celebrate and cry salvation. And they will cry ‘Oi, Oi, Oi,’ to the heavens, for God says that is what they will do.

Now, people may not like it, but this is ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ You would have to revise the Constitution and then that won’t stop it. So we call your attention tonight, to these things and tell you to pray, think, and work. And then I am going to assure you that God is going to bring you thru. But just remember that instead of depression, we are going to have to REMAKE AMERICA ONE OF THESE DAYS. BUT LEADERSHIP IS NOT HERE AT THIS TIME.

(End of sermon)