Coming Liberation Of America, 1-30-66


By DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 1-30-66

As we talk about the coming deliverance of our Nation, I want you to realize that we are a people that do not work without a substance, without a blueprint and without assurance.

There are a great number of people all over America tonight that know various facts of America's problems. They also know that the whole structure of our Christian civilization is in serious trouble and on dangerous ground. When they see the things going on they wonder what and how will be the outcome. And how these things came to pass and just what is going to transpire. In many of these areas Patriot groups are doing all they can to awaken people. And many of these groups don't know whether they can survive much longer. We hear from Patriotic groups all over America and they say...we are fighting a last ditch stand for America and soon we will be engulfed by this communist revolution, but we will fight to the death. I hear from businessmen and conservatives in places of responsibility who feel that their ability to operate their businesses or even to be a part of private enterprise is being swept away and so they are doing everything they can, thinking in terms of providing security for their families as they try to find some alternative to the disaster they see befalling America. When one listens to these men, and as you remember their backgrounds and experience in relation to industry and production, one can't help thinking there is basis for their misgivings.

There is one thing these men and all America needs to know, and there is one thing that must be added to this equation, and that is the fact that We are the Household of God and that we are the children of God and this is a Nation unto God, and the rascals and those who with their cunning and trickery thought to subordinate our nation and our society shall NOT triumph. For God has ordained that they shall fail. Now if I did not believe this I might be looking for some far off Island which I thought they might overlook or forget existed.

Apart from the covenants of God...apart from the miracle of God of the stirring of His household and the raising of His mighty sons and daughters, this civilization and culture of which you are a part as well as all the other great Christian nations, would be doomed to a pattern of destruction from the cunning and design that exists in your countries. We are in a period that shows the continual spread of socialism and communism. The continual removal of all areas of freedom from the people. We are watching portfolio after portfolio of government being taken over by the Federal Government, and centralized authority. We are watching Federalism grow in strength to be subordinate to a world federalism, by the acquiescence of this design, by leaders of today in our government.

There is a strategy to destroy these United States forever, and to crush Christian Civilization and destroy the ability of HIS church to stand out and proclaim the truth. This is something that stirs the people to search for truth. This stirs some men to stand and denounce this evil strategy. It causes some men to respond with patriotic fury. It causes some men to band together and arm themselves for the show-down day. This design of Treason to destroy these United States has caused many men to react in many ways. There are men who are standing to dedicate their lives and their future in their fight to save these United States. They are ready to fight in the streets in all the cities of our nation, if that be necessary. There are those who are doing their utmost to awaken the people to this danger, and others who realize that it is very late but they are still looking for a solution to the best way to meet this situation and to save America.

Many of these men are those who have served in the military of our country and many of them are from the high ranks of the military and they are watching something Satanic and evil weakening America, seeking to limit its power to defend itself, and destroying the patterns of our weaponry, and the coordination necessary for survival. Many of these men have thought upon these problems and they are disturbed by the facts and they tell us that this is not as it was in the 1776 Revolution. It is not merely a matter of properly placed men and power of small arms and valor and courage. Rather it is a battle of a different proportion. Today we discover that the central areas of government have vast powers. They have air fleets, they have areas of power to use to descend upon the people and to battle what they call the insurgency against their design.

With their flame throwers, with all their equipment today it would be hard for citizenry to rise and defend themselves by seeking to overthrow the darkness, if that darkness control's all the great areas of war on a wholesale scale. And these great military men we talk to say they are very perplexed to know quite how America could be saved from a red revolution if that red revolution took over areas of authority and directed that the army go against the people...unless that army refused. If the army didn't refuse to obey their orders the powers of evil could destroy or subdue every patriot everywhere. Here and there the patriots might resist and the battle might be from street to street but the fact remains that behind it would be the overwhelming power of a government gone wild.

You say...are you seeking to frighten patriots? No, we just tell you that men in authority have thought this situation over and they know that even a minority of evil men in control with tremendous war equipment of a nation behind them can hunt down the patriots and burn them out and destroy them. The type of warfare used in 1776 is not as practical in 1976. For we are not in a battle as in the days of small arms. Today we are in the battle of propaganda from the T.V., the Radio, and the Press, in false procedures they call education, but which is simply to weaken the mind. The majority off our Universities today seem to be striving with all their strength to make us a world socialist state. They seem to be directing their sources of education to degenerating our society, rather than building up the great foundations of Liberty. Instead of calling for independence, they seem to be calling for interdependence and eventual absorption.

Now I realize that in a society such as ours it is vital for students to learn to become scientists, and technicians in every field, and we need institutions of learning to teach our young people the things we have discovered and the things we have learned and the things we understand. It is essential also with the advancing wave of scientific discoveries that they understand the facets of technology and of physic's, and chemistry, but this should not be geared to a degenerating idea in the process of government and economy. We would do better to wipe out all education in America except this area of technology of chemistry..physic's and etc., then to educate our youth in this fallacy of error. In this great struggle the powers of darkness has moved in with cunning to take over the pulpit's. They have moved in to take over most of the educational system. And with their patterns of tax exempt foundations they have moved in to reconstruct America. They have penetrated the highest branches of our government.

Organizations, tax exempt, like the centers for studies of democratic development and action and the center for funds for the Republic to name two, seem to be dedicated to force us into a world government, which they try to cover up as a program for action for democracy all over the world. And the Funds for a Republic Organization seeks to dissolve our republic and reform a world republic which is no longer a republic but a Tyranny. These facts are tremendous and I believe the President of the United States seems tonight to be unduly influenced by thinking which is totally wrong for our Christian society. Our State Department is governed by that same thinking, and unless the people can reverse this action by a resistance movement...then America would be doomed..except by the intervention of God into our affairs.

Now at the moment the President is delaying the bombing of the Viet Cong. Well, what are we doing in a war with the Viet Cong? It makes little difference as to whether many have studied the facts behind the picture but we are inevitably involved in a preliminary program of the war of Armageddon. Armageddon is Biblically made clear as a war of the powers of darkness and the forces of evil against the concepts of God's Kingdom and His Household, and His people the Christian Civilization, the white race. When Armageddon is fought it will be fought by the White Christian Nation's of the world, who are the family of God, who are the white race and they will be fighting all the Satanic forces as they come to attack and to destroy. It doesn't matter how we got into the war with the Viet Cong, but we must realize that the powers behind them are striving to destroy our civilization and the white Christian Nation's and reduce us to slavery and death. A letter came to Britain from leaders in Hanoi and it said:...'We don't want peace, we aren't interested in peace, for we can win. So only the south's complete surrender will satisfy us.

(Well, they finally got that in 1975)

Now around Christmas time when the bombing stopped so we could celebrate Christmas, a time was given to the enemy for a build up. The Asiatic's have no concept or design to celebrate the birth of Christ. They came up with the idea so they could use the time to build up their supplies so they can hit our men harder after New Year's. In the meantime they used all their 5th., Column in America to try to hold up the bombing for longer periods. Then the Pope has to say...we must find some solution even if we have to walk the other mile...but we must not fight. The President seems to have found another avenue saying we want Peace, then the Secretary of Defense says we must draft 3 million men for that program of Peace. Then the Secretary General of the U.N. says we must work for Peace. Then we have men standing up in the Pulpit's saying..Peace..we pray for Peace, even if we have to surrender to the enemy or join in a world socialist government, just so there is no more war.

Now Senator Morris starts yelling that he has changed his mind and we now have no right to win this war. This man is a traitor to his country. We ought to take every traitor out and Court Marshal them and then hang them to the nearest tree. If this is a time of war and we draft our sons to die, then we ought to be able to take care of our traitors. Then the true facts come out as to why the President is so hesitant to back up our sons with our equipment, and we find out that Russia is running the show, because Washington is afraid of hurting the feelings of the Russian leaders. And Russia in the meantime is trying to jockey us into a situation so she can take us on the home front. But Washington thought if we blockaded Hanoi and a Russian ship got hurt then Russian Missiles would be coming over here and hitting New York and Chicago. Well, that might not be to bad. But they are afraid that would start World War III., and then we would be trying to destroy Russian cities. Senator Morris told us all this also and then he said:..'he was only trying to save his country.' The President is really dragging his heels because the action we would have to take to win this war cuts right across the bows of the Russian fleets. And we can not deal with China unless we deal with Russia first. You say...oh, Russia isn't in the war. Look again, she is in the drivers seat. She is sending in the equipment and the advisors and she aims to help Asian's destroy America. We could use our equipment and our power and cut off the food, the armaments and win this war without sacrificing our sons to Baal. Why don't we then? Because our leadership is trying to stay friendly with the enemy. They are afraid of the Soviet Union. They are trying to put their defense in a house of crumbling plaster and untempered mortar. The best thing that could happen to America would be for America to be forced to fight to win.

Turn to Ezekiel 13., God said:...'some of these lying prophets and religious leaders and political leaders have told lies to the assembly of My people, and in the writings of the House of Israel, their names will one day not be remembered, because I Am, Yahweh thy God. They seduced my people, crying Peace when there was no peace and they built their wall with untempered mortar and dabbed it with untempered mortar. They have joined my people to the pagans which is against my laws.'

They have joined us the U.N. which is a wall of untempered mortar. They have told us that thru the U.N. we would have peace, but since we have been in the U.N. we have had everything but Peace. I have been reading the Charter of the World Government, and in this Charter and in the blueprints of their plans which involves you, I find that as soon as you enter this World Government it takes precedence over your Constitution. They can confiscate your homes, they can take over your industries if they feel it would be in the best interest of the welfare of the World Government. Thru this set up you will have lost your independence, you will have lost your homes and your country and everything vital and good, and here we find men on the Supreme Court pushing this plan. They ought to be in the penitentiary. How are we to get out of this solution?

America will be delivered. God says:..I'll tell you what I am going to do. You have mortared my people into the wall of the U.N. You have seduced My people with cries of Peace. You have joined them with the Pagans and the Strangers now are trying to take a spoil and the Kingdom will be taken over and the Anti-Christ will take over the world. Mystery Babylon will come to her fullness. But God says:..I'll tell you what is to happen. One of these days you will say...where is this untempered mortar, for there is going to be a great shower of it. There is going to be a might attack from the air. There will be great Hail Stones. There will be storms and strong winds will sweep the world. The U.N. will be blown apart, and then God will hear them say...where is the U.N.? Where is all the promise, all this Peace?

Thus, therefore says Yahweh..."There is no more Peace. I will bring the war. I will bring the destruction. I will do this in my fury. Lest Ye (Israel) be destroyed forever." You say...yes, but what will save America? War is going to save America. Battling in the streets of the cities is going to say your civilization from mongrelization and this battling is going to save you from being absorbed forever. You say:..Oh, Dr. Swift, don't talk that way, they may find a way to silence us. Well, one thing they cannot stop and that is "Thus saith the Lord". With all the power they think they have in reserve, they can't stop that.

I heard a Clergyman say the other day that its dangerous thing to advocate war when the people want peace and when they don't want the war to escalate, but its only a people that are in darkness who want to see a substitute for victory. Now God said:.."I'm not only going to rend this In my fury but the bombs shall fall and my fury shall rend it, and I am going to bring down this wall that you have daubed with untempered mortar and I shall bring it down so that the foundation shall fall, and those that have prepared it and those that are inside of it shall be consumed with it." Then Yahweh God said:.."No more shall Israel go astray from Me. Neither be polluted with these transgressions of these evil forces which sought to destroy her. I am not going to let them go astray from now on, for now they become once more My family, My house of Justice, My Kingdom, My battle ax, and My weapons of War."

There is no question of the fact that God says concerning these false prophets and leaders...He says, I AM GOING TO DESTROY THEM FROM THE MIDST OF MY PEOPLE ISRAEL. We need to destroy all the false prophets out of our colleges, our State Department, and the Cabinet of our Government.

God says:..Therefore these false prophets in My country who prophecy in this false way and these visions they see, in which there are no truths, and there is no peace in their visions even tho they try to trap you with these visions. God therefore says:..They have brought all this trouble upon my people, they have brought this curse. They have brought this agony of betrayal and I shall destroy them from among My people.

Now; I am going to tell you that in the midst of these problems, in the design to hold back not use our strength to destroy the enemy, the people of America are getting angry. We have permitted the use of Russian decisions of intimidation to weaken America. One Congressman says that when the next election rolls around this administration will go.

(Well that happened and Johnson stepped down and Nixon came in, but these secret rich men still ruled and when He didn't play the game all the way then they put him out of office and reduced the power of the Presidency. They put Ford in office and he did their bidding and after the 'Bildergergers' met in April 1975., in Turkey, then the war in the Southeast Asia was given up to the communists of the north, both Cambodia and South Viet Nam sold out.) E.M.

In the Book of Joel God says:..'when the armies of the north come against my people, suddenly I sound My voice before My people and they stand up a Great and Mighty Army.' One thing that makes the revolution much different is that those who try to destroy you with socialism, communism, and error are overlooking the fact that you are the children of the Living God. Spirit of His Spirit, and Light of His Light. That He can call and get a reaction out of you that the enemy cannot stop. He is Yahweh of Hosts who changes not...thus His sons of Jacob are not consumed. When I read some of the plans that involves you, and some of the things they have planned and I become furious. Then I listen to Justice Douglas as he came out of this world planning meeting, and he was applauded and smiled at and they handed out a pamphlet which advocated taking prayer out of your schools, and Christ and Christianity out of your nation because in preparing for this Great Society of World Government and World Republic, we must remove Christianity from before us so that we do not insult people, for the majority of people are not Christian. We would be better off under the Monarchy of Christ than under a government with a Supreme Court like this one. After all, as Christian's we pray for the coming in of the kingdom, and the great theocracy that will replace all forms of government, and I'm going to tell you that there is nothing as insidious as the things that are done in the name of Democracy, which now becomes mass mob rule, and not the great principals of God's Kingdom.

So we face the fact that we are at a Climactic period. We are close to the end of an age. And God Almighty of the things I am going to do is destroy the rascals and I am going to destroy the organizations you have joined and the best way to do it is to get them into a great big brawl. You say:...Oh God wouldn't send war. Well listen, the Lord is a man of war. He will use war to save His people. He will challenge you to attack the darkness. He would destroy the institutions which are a fake and then my friends He will start to pluck out the enemy. One reason why God's solution is the best solution is because at this moment if it were not for the fact that you will be battling against the darkness and warring against communist countries and pagan powers and weren't so busy with these powers outside your country as well as with the savages, the Negro's, and the communist stirred people here, then that fact of keeping the powers here in our government busy and tied down so they can't use the military equipment against Patriot's of America. Because God is going to raise up Patriotic leadership in America and the rascals are going to be swept away.

Strangely the enemy of darkness likes to move against the Kingdom at night, and because of the very darkness of his night he shall be destroyed. I tell you very frankly that one of the reasons why they want to disarm America is because these Socialist planners in high places are afraid that the citizens of America don't agree with them. If the American citizens knew what the plan was behind the high sounding phrases was they would rebel. If the citizens of America knew what this conspiracy is all about then America would boil tonight, but the people are asleep.

You have watched in the past few years the great sweeping move as God is stimulating men, the formation and the rise of the Right Wing, and the Conservative thinking. And with this rising the rascals immediately fear that they will be overthrown. When the conservative reads of these things and of the plot and the treason, he boils with anger. And when he discovers these things he thinks of defending himself and his family and his country. He thinks in terms of defending against communist bands, and race war, and illegal seizure of his property. While in circles of the so called 'Elite' they say...we must defend ourselves against another uprising of the so called right. We must disarm them, we must not let them defend their homes, so they cannot get involved at a critical time. We must work on this situation, it is the one thing we have to worry about. We cannot have in America a private army of concerned citizens.

Well, where is the private army coming from? They are coming from the citizens because the citizens are beginning to know that there is something evil in our country. We are not about to be beaten down by their propaganda. They come with their Jew controlled radio broadcasts and put out what they call 'the hot bed of hatred'. Well, that broadcast was written by the Jews, and the scurvy lying rascals under the demagoguery of a revolution help put this document together, then having put this document together they were awarded the journalism and broadcasters medal of the year award for their work. They said in their broadcast that there are lots of people in America who have lost Faith in America's democratic processes. They no longer believe that their Constitution or their leaders will protect them. They think in terms of violence, they think in terms of hate, they have lost faith in America. We haven't lost faith in America, we haven't lost faith in its people. We haven't lost faith for when the people find out how they have been tricked, their fury will mount up like a Flame.

We have lost faith in the quality of leadership provided in America in the past years, but we are not looking for political deliverance by Mr. Johnson or by his predecessor. We are looking for God to come in with stimulating power, we are looking for a spiritual force to raise up a Christian society, we are looking for a spiritual force to move thru His Church. We are looking for a great nation to stand on its feet. What political party will save us? We are looking for the Kingdom and then the great Christian political party of Jesus the Christ is what will save us. You say there will be many republicans and democrats in that party? Yes, there will be, but this party will not run for office, it will just take over. We don't have time to raise a political party against all odds to the peak from which it can be elected. I don't mean to discourage conservatives that are trying to rally states righters and press and radio as they try to build a new party. Well, you don't have time to save America by that process, but you will save America. For God will raise a great spiritual force that will pass all other areas of political activities until a New Order of the Ages will sweep America in its heart and soul.

God said:..'I will save My people when the hailstones fall and the bombs drop, then I will come in." Some people think the most terrible thing would be for the Russians to drop a bomb on America. I think one bomb might save us. Because after the first bomb falls there will then be no excuse to play footsies with the Russians. We won't stand for any traitors leading us, who say don't do anything to upset the Russians. In fact, instead of being too disturbed because some man might push the panic button and wipe out the cities of the enemy, he would be the most popular man in America.

I’ve read the Book of Ezra and there he tells us how these cities who rule for one hour with the beast must be destroyed, and he talks of how the cities of Asia will be powder and dust under the bright stars of the Most High. He tells us how the Hosts of the Most High will come in, and how their armies will fight for us. Now, we have told you before this of how you are the children of God, before you became fully aware of all the Mysteries of the Christian Faith and that this isn't what made you a child of God (the Christian faith), for you were a progeny of God because you were begotten a child of God in the heavens, and you entered the world thru the Adamic race, and you continue to establish this race as you are the people He calls. You are the people He brings out. You are His offspring. You are His race, as His declarations says. As you go back into the Book of Daniel you will find it talks about the hosts of Michael, and it says that Michael will again fight for you as he did the last time, when he threw the devil out of heaven. Oh, where were you then? You were in the Celestial realm, you were in the vastness of God's creation. You were in the headquarters of space, for this was his task that Yahweh your father had charged him with. And Michael said:.. He will fight again for you, in a time of trouble such has never been since there was a nation. This time when Michael fights for you, we are going to lock up the devil, and then we will transport his mongrel children to a spot in the Sidereal System where they no longer cause us trouble. America is going to be delivered by Victory, bot by a Peace brought by bowing to our enemies, but by a final Peace of triumph, by the Great Prince of Peace.

I think of words passed by some officers of the state, now not the individual state but of the federal state, and these officers are becoming stronger and stronger in their thinking that it must be them that determine what you must think and what you must worship, and how you must work and where you must live, and how to distribute the production of your work. And with this thinking they attack your church and your faith, and they say that this Gospel of the Kingdom must not come into effect, for if this kingdom takes place this would be the most white racist doctrine of all. If this Kingdom comes into being the world would be ruled by a Christian minority of white men, and we can't have that. Now do you understand why they are fighting the Gospel of the Kingdom? I can tell them one thing. This world is going to be ruled by a Christian minority, but officers like them we cannot have. In your day and in the weeks and months of the decade you are living in, you are going to see the rising might triumph of God.

The United Nations has about run its course. In the L.A. Times today a man by the name of Marshall tells us more truth than you would expect to get in a Newspaper. He says;...Here in this country as we do the bidding of this Anti-Christ organization known as the U.N., as it attempts to put down the white Rhodesian leadership, and as it attempts to drive out all white leadership in Africa, we are helping this organization accomplish the whole area of savagery that will reduce that area to nothing. Then he tells about his company which is the Union Carbide Co., and how they have their own mining company and then after the mining in Rhodesia the product is brought from their mines to this country for use in his company. And they are also involved with Chrome. The other day Goldberg and Rusk called this company and said...'We want you to stop buying this product from Rhodesia and you buy it from the Soviet Russia instead.' You know that any government official who gives orders for a company to buy from their enemies instead of from their own people and their own industry is guilty of treason. Well, the Union Carbide Company told Mr. Rusk of the State Department and Mr. Goldberg of the U.N. where they could go.

(So when Congress passed a ban on the purchase of Chrome from Rhodesia and our government bought it from Russia, until Nixon became President and that ban was removed, but the democratic congress is trying to reinstate this ban once more.)

Let me tell you that there is something stirring in America. Now I want to read to you from an Air Force directive sent from the Secretary of the Air Force to all of their policy Commanders. It tells of the objectives and aims of the Military:.....

To help deter and defeat aggression at any level of intensity.

To bring about closer association of industrialized democracy.

To help least developed people carry out a revolution for realization of

their hopes.

To end the arms race and reduce the risk of war.

Can you imagine this as the policy of the Air Force? To resist aggression yes, to defeat the enemy, yes. To make America strong, yes. But it is not the business of the Air Force to sell us out to a world government and a world community of socialism. It is time we called for an investigation of the kind of men who want to bring us to a point where we have no faith, no nation worth fighting for, until you are just an Agpu. Those planes moving overhead represent our strength and our power against evil, a power that does not let our flag drag in the dust. This policy to march your sons out in a meaningless battle to spank, but not to win is pure folly. Yes, America will be delivered. There is going to be a great stirring and the people must see this evil bundled up and thrown out. We must call on this nation to demand justice and righteousness and depose those who are opposing its foundations. We must as a people call on everyone to account for their actions, from the President on down who violates the Constitution and these areas of true Americanism. It's time to impeach and impeach, and those who come within the progress of the execute for treason.

All these bleeding hearts worried about the enemies cities, worried about the feelings of the Soviet Union, while they worry not a bit about our sons dying out there. Thousands of our sons hit the beach last night and moved deeper into an Asian trap. 200,000 or more of the reds dead in their war, but they breed and multiply so fast that you haven't made a dent in their army. It's time for the Kingdom of God to stop the enemy. If you can send your sons to die, you can use the intelligence and the threshing instruments of your God to make sure that we win. What is the will of the President and what is the will of the Supreme Court, when they push on with their plans for a world socialist republic? Socialism is the Political doctrine of the Anti-Christ and of hell. And may God's judgment fall quickly on any man who seeks to further it in America.

Would that every minister that hears this tape and every Christian who hears it would realize that our major objective must quickly get out of the U.N. less we be hurt when it falls. It should be our task to uphold our independence and the declaration of independence, and to reaffirm it this year under the same signs as it was first written.

At this very moment Russia is making ready to move on Germany. A swift movement on into the low land countries to gobble up and control all of Europe. They are working and planning night and day. No wonder that Europe says..America with her eyes on Asia is being diverted from what is to happen here. God says:..This is my people and my nations and I am going to destroy your destroyers.

He says:..."I'm going to destroy them in the midst of thee that do these things."

Yes George Washington's vision saw this very thing. The other day in the newspaper I read where they were making fun of Washington's vision. The man said.."What an area of visionary nonsense, to talk about some vision that a President had when the nation was made." Well if they can't see the vision that this man far fulfilled..they are going to laugh at every truth fulfilled and they will be swept away in their own nest of lies. You are on the edge of terrific events. God says..there will be earthquakes to swallow some of them up, and I am going to be known thru out all the land of Israel for I'm going to shake it.

This week saw a volcanic eruption in Alaska, within 24 hours of the alignment time we told you it would occur. From Seattle north it was felt. And this means great climate changes in our weather. We had 24 inches of snow in Virginia, then last night in Dixie and the Carolina's it was 31 degree's below zero.

We have just begun to witness the measure of the signs due. Before God get's through with what He has purposed to do you will see..God says "I will deliver My people."

In the Book of Joel it says this delivery will be in the days when there will be great pillars of smoke in the skies, and He said I am going to deliver all My people who call upon My name." He didn't say He was going to take you out of this world. He said.."I am going to give you power to defeat this whole invading army. So tonight we pray:.....

God give us strong men, tall men, sun browned men, and men who cannot be bought or bribed, men who love their God, their families and their nations. God give us these men to defend our nations. As this challenge goes out, I tell you that we are on the eve of the greatest wave of Historical events in all time, but...God is with us.

Oh how they hate those words...God with us. But the words 'God with us' is the answer.

As you behold the great fleets coming in then remember the words of these scriptures, as God said:.."I will send these events to get you out of a trap so you won't depend on a false peace, yes I'll even bring them in for their attack, and then you will be empowered for the Victory."

There is only one place of security and its in the Kingdom of God. Its time for you to think of The Kingdom all the time. This is God's day and our time...the New Order of the Cross is coming in and the stars and stripes shall fly forever.

(end of this message)