Coming World Upheaval, 10-2-57



by DR. WESLEY A. SWIFT - 10-2-57

As we turn to the subject of World Upheaval we realize that the coming world upheaval to ordinary people is so far removed from their minds that they would never have accepted the possibility of such a thing transpiring. That the world today is evaluating all of its problems and looking for its survival from all the situations that effect it---completely and absolutely upon its own political and economic possibilities, and upon the concept that out of the sheer weight of its own force of arms, upon the decision of mass enemies and their ability to encircle them depends the history of the earth.

There is no question that there is no more important subject for the student of political history, nor to one who would properly deliver the responsibilities of his own live, of his living and his society. There is no more important subject as it relates to the citizens of earth, to its raw materials and to its environment. Upon the other hand, there also emerges within the entire history of the development of our race another influence and force, and we see it work, which is stronger than the political concept, which is greater and more powerful than the defenses of our history throughout the course of time. Far more powerful than the armies we might muster, and demonstrates its force upon our human destiny, to be much greater than any massed force we have been able to put together, and even in this great period of the typist when we who walk in earth, and have become the master of so much of its knowledge. Out of the vision and the inspiration, and the technological achievements are the taking apart and the putting together of the atom, and the experimenting with it for even greater destructive power, for this passing hour. But in this hour this is some of our experiments and our achievements. And the conditions we think we are creating would make us masters of all that we seek, but are very small when compared to the amount of energy God releases in one single display of divine power.

There is more energy in the passing storm than there is in all the hydrogen bombs. The only thing is the deadly patterns of upset LAWS that we release with its fall out, and the catastrophes which are so concentrated in a single place that we think of them as so horrendous. One time when the volcano Cap Atola blew up, remember, that it shook more worlds than all the atom bombs if we were to launch them at one time. It wiped out the whole Caribbean, and all the people of Martinique. In the vicinity of that city all were wiped out in one stroke, and only one man survived. He was lying down in a jail cell where the sweeping wall of flame and the unusual power of gases sweeping out from the blowing of Cap Atola just passed over him, and he in that dungeon escaped, the only one in the city which survived. British ships were in the harbor when that explosion took place and they were filled with the gases and great flames of burning gas swept down virtually killing everyone on the ships. That was strange gases which emerged from that volcano explosion which was considered the largest and most powerful single noise that had been recorded in all the history of mankind. (Cap Atola is on Mount Pele, which is in the northern end of the island, and the city of Sainte Marie is now the city close to the volcano which was at one time called the same as the Island---Martinique.)

Thus with all of our knowledge, our wisdom, and with all the fearsome weapons that we have been able to invent--one single force of nature exploding under one single hour of directive has dwarfed it all into insignificance. More than that city--many, many years thereafter saw the volcanic ashes from that exploding volcano, and that tremendous show of nature hung over the nations of the earth. For many, many days the sun went down red and came up red and hung there red until mid day. And the ashes from that volcano fell over both London and the cities of the West and East coast of the United States. Thus you see there has been things which have happened in the past that dwarf some of the things we are doing today.

But when I tell you that there is one pattern that men overlook in all their computations, and estimations concerning the events of this hour, they are overlooking HE who sits in the Highest Heavens, who balances the heavens. Who says the stars come and go at His direction, and whose very Universe is subject to His command. Someday all will see that the Universe works together for the people who constitute HIS Kingdom.

Now, there are those who are ultra materialists or are unwilling to accept the fact that such situations take place. They think all things continue as they have ben from the beginning. And they think that all things are like they were in the days of their fathers, that there are no changes, and nothing takes place. In fact, there are those who hear me who think that everything just goes on---through a gradual and slow change --- and nothing is new. In the days of the old cities, which existed for some time among the Egyptians and the Greeks,--until they compared the catastrophe of their hour, they also thought that a gradual metamorphosis and slow change, an erosion, was the only thing which effected the earth. They were not far removed from the series of Darwin. For Darwin said that there were no greater sub-changes which effected the earth. That everything is slow, so minutely slow over time that it is hard for nay observers to see that there is anything but a slow or gradual change. Of course there accompanied Darwin and others with this long stream of thinking which was applied to most of all history, theology and anthropology as it was taught for the School of Science which evolved its own theory about the time of the Darwin age. In other words, from about 1900 to 1921 a large amount of the test of Geology and much of the concept of historical Geology and Anthropology emerged in which we were told that the whole earth went through its gradual changes and they tell us that long and continuous deposits of sedimentation reformed whole conditions of earths surface. And that the age of antiquity ran into the many millions of years when the changes of earth were so slow that we watched the gradual abatement of this form of life as they died out, with other strains of life replacing the, and their fossils thus lie to this time. We are told that these bones and these symbols of this slow and accumulated refuse upon the earth have been given to us in the stratum so there could be no error or mistake about the fact that this was a slow and gradual change.

But now, the system and the knowledge, and the wisdom of this hour in which God said:--'you in this last age will see knowledge increase, that people would go to and from over the earth, and their knowledge would enable them to do that.' Of this you can be sure. --In this they will know more about the earth than they had ever known before. And the children of the Kingdom are learning more about the earth than they ever knew before. And out of this coming of technological knowledge of the elements where in we are living, is the shortening of time and distance and speed, which is being mastered by our law which we apply until now we are changing history. And we are even conquering deeds which were thought impossible because we are able to harness the knowledge and wisdom of electro magnetic forces, and other forces which are being made known to us in this hour.

We are well aware that the tremendous energy which we could harness and hurl it through the skies in an excess of 1000 miles per hour---that gives us a limitless field in tomorrow as far as speaking of time and distance. And we are well aware that this is healthy for you to go to and fro upon the earth. People think little of leaving California and going to New York and coming back the same day. This is done now. Thus they go that way because it is possible. They move from one end of the nations to the other with great speed. They move around from one community to another. All of these are a part of the time and the process, since knowledge has been increased. What have we thus learned with our awakening knowledge? We have in the last ten years, learned more about the earth's surface than we had learned previously from all the knowledge of history and the study of theology over the period of many many decades of our understanding. We have learned more in excavations which have taken place in construction since the war. And we have gone deep into the earth to find greater foundations, then further down than previous for our great buildings, down to a greater depth. In fact, we have discovered that palm trees used to grow in Britain. That they grew also in Spitsbergen, and they grew in Norway. We have discovered that the great Sequoia trees used to grow all over Alaska. And that the southern portions of Alaska was once covered with palm trees. We have discovered as they continued to excavate in the work at Fairbanks, that bodies of Hippopotamus and other animals that belonged completely and roamed in what we know as African terrain, were found there in Alaska. We have discovered that mammals had not only been frozen in the ice, but as they dug deeper, they have come upon skin and bones and other substance, in the last ten years, in this Alaskan territory. And they have found that the animals in the midst of this mixture of frozen flesh and bones, were buried in subterranean ice and here were creatures who lived in almost tropical conditions. So we are aware that something happened suddenly. That all things don't continue as they were from the beginning. That the changes which came upon the earth were not slow and gradual, but came with sudden violence, with immediate change, with great catastrophe that was measured in days and in hours rather than ages of time.

We are aware that the time and substance is almost as immortal as the elements and force by which they are made. That the direction of these elements, and the formation of these atoms which is the process of the creative work of the Most High had never been limited to a given period of time such as you and I may measure, but go back into Eternity, to the free mind of the Creator who put together the solar systems, the sidereal realms, has held them together in their balance. But when HE desires to mold them, HE remolds them again and all other laws not withstanding. That HE is the one who said that:---'I could take the whole clay and if I knocked out the side of a vessel, I could put it together again.' That in this process He has referred to the book of Jeremiah, and to the earth and its surface and to its civilizations, and its whole existence. He has referred to the earth as tho it was just clay in His hands. And at times, because of the violations of the patterns of law, and because of the decadence of immorality and bestiality, these violations of this certain process of law, He said that because of this transgression against ME, against Life as I set it before them, against the things which I have ordained----I have suddenly crushed it like clay and I will make it again. So at no time did I make it for this purpose.

Thus we have witnessed that the Bible bears certain testament that demonstrates how chaos and great upheavals can move with great speed. That the MOST HIGH SAID THAT NOTHING HAPPENS IN MY UNIVERSE BEYOND MY KNOWLEDGE, NOR DOES IT HAPPEN WITHOUT MY SANCTION, NOR WILL I PERMIT SUCH A SITUATION TO OCCUR IN THE EARTH, EXCEPT IT BE WITH MY TIMING. He said:--'I am the one who balances the heavens, and I am Master of the sky and the earth.'

Now, there are some people who in their theology who have worked their way from a sovereign God to a gradual situation in an environment which reassigns, and they are masters of all their destiny on the basis of their own decisions and the conditions which take place. It is very possible that there is a certain amount of mastery in your acceptance or rejection of the things that operate in the earth as environment, but there are patterns which have taken place and effected the earth that has also effected the destiny of men and of nations until you would not even be here tonight in these United States if events of tremendous upheavals had not effected the earth, the people, and its climate in the ages past. These things are what God calls the balance in His own hands. These are the prerogatives when HE sets in motion, and which effect human destiny. And more than this, He especially said:--'I would give the entire earth for you that are My family.'

Now, if there is anybody who does not believe that the MOST HIGH likes HIS own family and doesn't accept the fact that the white race is the house of God, then you are not going to like what I am going to say in a few minutes. For I am going to tell you that there are races which violated divine law and purpose until they have destroyed their own racial identity to some degree, and have upset the whole status of their Faith, their vision and their whole purpose by mongrelizing. And during the course of their own time and history have violated divine law and are not to be considered by the MOST HIGH GOD in the same bracket with HIS OWN HOUSEHOLD who HE begat in His own image who HE sent into earth to do His work. And that white race in His image, and on the earth are the most precious and vital thing to the MOST HIGH GOD. And if for your preservation, if for your development, if for your survival, for your work which was ordained, it required the restructuring of the earth, tho it struck portions of Africa and Asia--remember He said:--'I will give Africa and Asia---all of these for thee, because you are the 'Apple of MY eye. You are My possession.'

About the time you are lamenting about the care of the Negroes here, or the Asiatics over there, and think this has an effect on your survival, remember, my friends, that they wiped one another out with absolutely no qualms or conscious, and think nothing of anything greater than the power they master for destruction of one another. They have been raised upon the concept that 'might makes right.' And out of the force of the Beast System has come this concept in their minds. The history of Asia is one of one conflict after the other, conquerors running rough shod over Asia liquidating their people by the thousands. They haven't changed any since the days of Genghis Khan as those hoards liquidated all the people of all the cities they took, and all the people over areas of great size when absolutely nothing stopped their bloody plunder, and blood flowed in a stream like the world had never seen before out of Africa and Asia. Thus this was such an earth shaker.

We tell you that these forces hold violence one toward another. The MOST HIGH GOD recognized, and we hear this out of the mouths of the prophets as HE tells you that you are not one of these milk toast world in which some people think they live in. You are in a world in which the enemies who are against you move with great violence. They move against you back through a long history and background. And they move in their culture waves, which causes them to see you with cunning and trickery, and a design in their minds to destroy you if they can.

Now, we stand in a period of time when the MOST HIGH GOD has willed that the greatest development in human history is going to move out upon the nations and the races of earth. It is going to move out of you who are the children of God, the children of Light, who HE has determined will survive, and who HE has determined will be the LIGHT of the earth. But in the course of these situations, we have developed and spoken to you of these things in the past two weeks as to the history of our Heraldry. In this great nation and under the signs and symbols God gave it, we have developed one of the greatest symbols of a way of life that God has ordained His kings to live under, here on the face of the earth. We have watched here in our nation how much the blessings and bounty of God has flowed to a people who would recognize Him as He guided their destiny based upon His promises. We are well aware that we are living in the land of corn and wine--referring to the book of Deuteronomy,--as the blessings which God gave to Israel since He was their shield. We are well aware that we have more food, can grow more food than we can consume. We are well aware that if there is anything missing in our society, or there is any lack of in our society, it is because we have an unbalance in our mind and we have not learned how to distribute our goods. But we are well aware that in this nation under God where this civilization holds a majority of His sons, that there is no reason why your society should not be blessed with everything that you need. There should be no limit upon this society to be able to obtain the things that God has promised. And when it comes to the knowledge of the wisdom to teach you the secrets of its application as how to harness its rivers with power to do your work--that is available.

The curse which fell upon the Adamic race for violation of Divine Law definitely mutated its perception for a period of time. But God then returned it to you. Your Adamic forefathers, had it not been for Adam's transgression which effected him to a certain degree, taking away from him his spiritual vision, had it not been for that, the technological successes of your society today would have been easy for him to apply.

There is no doubt in my mind that the ascendance of Seth, who the Almighty God determined should carry on the Adamic life line, would see this son of Adam's with certain knowledge and wisdom even that which surpassed the Apostles in much more pathological day. For instance, this is the knowledge and wisdom which they applied and which was so common place as they moved great rocks and stones, built great temples, cities, and lifted up the tremendous Pyramid. And there erection of it was the first tremendous sign of a knowledge, and a technology far surpassing the Egyptians, until the Egyptians in copying it with imitations never duplicated its grandeur or its greatness. Nor was he able to explain when he wrote in his record, in his archives, from the Temple of Karnak, and from the High Priest Mentheos saying that a strange and tremendous power accompanied these pale faced sons of Osiris, who wielded power of the sun and the moon, and moved those great stones and rocks as tho they were light as the papyri on which the records were written.

Thus it is they told of the technology and wisdom that made you master of the earth. This was built upon the knowledge and the ability to draw upon and to apply great power. You did without machines what today you do with mastery of machines. You applied power. Yes--power in the raw. But power applied to do what you wanted to do.

There was a certain amount of Cognition in the capacity of this race in which it could direct the very power of nature by the force of its vision and the very knowledge it has of its understanding. There is no question, but that this belongs as the title rights to the house of God.

We realize that when the second Adam emerged upon the earth, unhindered, unhampered by any previous aggression that HE the product of Spirit of THE MOST HIGH that emerged ---the Eternal One--the man Christ Jesus, that HE had the power, at the very voice of command. He could do as He pleased. The sun, moon, and stars were actually at His command when He walked the earth. For the fullness of God was walking bodily in Him. He turned to the wind and the waves and said stop. And commanded life to go back into a body in a funeral procession. He opened the eyes of the blind and performed miracles as easily as you or I would walk down a street going about our daily business. His was to command---the powers of the Universe which He held together by the very force of His existence. But that same Eternal power belonged to all the sons of God.--For He said:--'Greater things shall ye do.'

As you move into one of the most unusual hours of Human history, you are going to watch spiritual power move upon your race. And with it will come a power to command. To bind the forces of Lucifer and to release in your time, the powers of nature even as you might bind them in the same era. There are some things which are going to happen that the average political figure might not be thinking of. He is thinking today of the powers of the Soviet Union and of our survival, complete as we depend on the weight of our armament. And I am well aware that the technological achievements of our nation should have made it safe. And we should have been the military masters of the earth, providing the leadership of a Christian Free World. But because of intrigue and treason and because of the vast amount of power the enemy commands, then we now stand faced with a growing man power passing each day into a greater number in proportion on the side of the enemy in opposition to us.

The vast plains of Siberia are only 40 miles from Alaska and represent a great land from which the hoards can pour across that neck of water especially in the hours when it is frozen. Then proceed as they plan down across Alaska. Some day--they will never come. But the scriptures seem to say they will try it.

Now, I can assure you that in this hour our military men are very much disturbed because in their recent exercises they have recognized that in these great 'war games' of the Pagans, that we do not have the machinery, nor do we have the technology for the complete stoppage of what the enemy has the capacity to deliver. There is no way to stop the Jets and the Rockets with their atomic heads form making a 30% successful target hit that would put out of business 2/3 of the commerce of this country. That they are unable to stop no more than 2/3 of this attack, but one third is all that is required in this scale of invasion, that they are already plotting in their own war games exercise. So your military recites the story of massive retaliation, even as Mr. Dulles has hurled this into our world situation. But massive retaliation will not be enough, for there will not be enough left to make this retaliation as forceful as a first assault. And so your military are telling you this and you can read it in the 'U.S. News and World Report' and in tomorrow's newspapers that the one who hits the button first will win this war. So you say---what can be done?--Well, America's military geniuses now realize that we must speed up our military out-put. We must be prepared to launch such a blow at our time in payment for already conditions that have taken place. We have the provocations, they have our prisoners. They violated international law. Thus we no other provocation to set the world free with our super machines and their striking force. But they are also aware that there is a strange lethargy that moves upon a people. And out of that lethargy, there is a resistance to even participating in that central blow for the liberties of the earth.

Thus this is cited as the most dangerous thing we have to face at this hour,-- that Statesmen and Politicians will wait until we have taken the first blow. But that is overlooking something that is in the record of this Book. And as I accept the political evaluation, while I realize that, then tonight as I evaluate the political situation, I recognize that America should be ready to strike with every bit of her power. And as I look over this present situation of our sufficient strength in all areas, I would say that we should destroy the enemies outpost before he has the strength to hit.

That, my friends, is just realism and is based upon the realism that this race now in earth, under God, must dominate the earth. You may say--I don't like that. I don't want to be bothered with it.' But let me tell you. --God has raised you up to see that His laws are to be executed in earth. And you are not going to dictate the least common denominator in this struggle letting the Communist and Paganism decide what they are going to do.

Now, by the same process, why do you say that they would not allow us to do it altho you would advocate it, that military leadership seems to think that is essential? How then, can we survive if we do not do it? Because the MOST HIGH GOD knows the thought of the enemy. And HE tells us that He is determined and would wipe out all of Africa and Asia if it were necessary so that the Stars and Stripes and Christian Civilization would still be standing through out the ages to come, while ruins will be found among your enemies.

I am well aware that there are civilizations that have existed throughout the ages. And while great catastrophes have rocked the face of the earth, still the earth has existed for millions and millions of years. Although we have been unable to establish that a civilization existed much beyond the Seri-Pack Dynasty which seems to be identified by history as existing some where back beyond 140 to 200 thousand years. We have been told by Christian University just now that continuity in dynasties unbroken down would lead back for 1/4 of a million years in history and life. However, in attempting to shorten that span of time, and even compressing the solar years that are involved, into single months rather than years, they could not reduce their pattern of time into a 30 or 40 thousand year box. And it is true that the Seri-Pack and the Akkod civilizations which made up the ancient Asiatic and Negroid civilizations of the earth, demonstrate that we have the continuity of 35 or 40 thousand years of history.

Now, thinking of that same pattern, we are finding that there may have been in existence before that of civilizations which we know very little about. Because they are so far removed from these civilizations until we cannot tell anything about their history. But out of the destructions that lay below that stratum of civilization the measures try to record, we are now finding the artifacts as well as the remains of man that completes the image of modern man as time can allow.

We have over-ruled with every discovery the process and the theory of Evolution which would have required a much longer time for development and could not put man before the beings from which they say he evolve. Thus again, we say that you can accept God as true and every man a liar if it be necessary, but you can be sure of this fact that this is one theory which they will never be able to establish and that is ---that your race has never evolved out of any other society that existed before you.

You, my friends, are the House of God transplanted from the heavens into earth. And you are going to stay here as long as the earth holds together. More than that, there is evidence to demonstrate that you never have to question the authority or the histrionics of this Book not withstanding, the inclusion of the book of Esther. Of course there are always some people lamenting the book of Esther. But I can assure you that it was not written until true Judah and Benjamin mixed themselves up with the Jews after they came back to Palestine as a mixed multitude. And then they wrote the 'forward' to the book of Esther as well as the other passage that accompany it. But apart from that, this is of course the one book in which God's name is never mentioned and had no direct relationship to the true story. This is only a Jewish story to excuse the Jews who would attempt to murder those they were opposed to and of course prevent Israel from being reestablished.

The fact is that in that book you can accept the history of the things that God moved Moses to write---which He inspired Isaiah and Jeremiah and others to record. And what HE spake unto Daniel or that which emerged as one great Mosaic, one explanation from the lips of Jesus the Christ. There are those who say that in this age, we cannot accept this idea of a Deity. We cannot recognize a Sovereign Masterful God that runs everything down to the last detail. Well, my friends, it does not matter if you accept it or not, for there is a Sovereign God. There is a Masterful Sovereign God who controls the world and runs things down to the last detail. If it were not for such a God, you would not be here tonight. And HE doesn't leave all things up to the decision of men as to what they might do. If it hadn't been for the Most High God rejecting things in your environment, your people might still have been the slaves of an ancient Egyptian Empire that was unable to understand the technology of the people they had enslaved. In fact, my friends, if it were not for the phenomena of the 'burning bush', if it were not for the problems of the man whose background had caused him to be selected for the revelations God gave him because he was of the right 'house' lineage for the development of the rest of your society, you might not be here tonight.

I tell you that God did for Moses, one of those unusual things---in that HE gave him the power that becomes a son of God, for the redemption of His many sons. More than that, He gave the man the vision and the intelligence to use it. Even in the midst of his humanism, he still recognized that upon him rested the power of an Elohim. And upon him was the power in which he could command the very forces of nature.

When the MOST HIGH sent the man Moses into Egypt to release a great part of the white race from captivity, let me sight to you that in those hours, God had chosen one with the background and destiny who had spiritual and cultural capacities. If it had not been for that, there would not have been an attraction for Moses at the 'burning bush'. Nor would there have been placed on this man's shoulders, the burden and responsibility of leadership. Nor would there have been placed in his hands---a power which he and his generation found all too soon,----a power which they had not expected to command----in the hands of a man.

Let me tell you that there had been situations produced throughout the course of your history when God Almighty has placed power in your hands that was somewhat equal to His own ability. And He gave you that power to use in whole times and dispensations, to use in the days ahead. Thus He told you what to say and how to command and what would happen in the performance of what was to take place.

Now, there is no doubt that in the course of human history, in the symbolism of a generation of people who moved with wisdom and knowledge and who were the Household of the MOST HIGH, that in the history of captivity, seems to be one of the greatest turning points of your history. The Egyptians--a pre-Adamic civilization carried over to a later period, who in the book of Ezekiel are referred to as having existed in a Pre-Adamic world, were even a mighty Empire when Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden. And accompanying the same situations was the great Assyrian Empire which God talked about. He said that so great was that Dynasty, that this kingdom was so great that people all over the world lived under its shadow. And that this Empire stretched out over ancient Asia from the Steppes of Mongolia to the very depth of China and then along the coasts and into the lands of India and Burma. All of this was under the Shata Peck Dynasty of ancient times, and marked with the symbol of the dragon and of Kali, and of the anointed Peacock which became the symbol of worship with its great Dragon forms found also in the civilizations of ancient South America as well as found across Asia and the Islands of the South Pacific. It also reached around the world in the other direction to Asia Minor and north into the mountains of Kurdistan, across the Steppes to the Ural Mountains and across the roof of the world.

Thus is that we know that when the MOST HIGH, the creator of the world, talks to Ezekiel, and here tells him in that single chapter of Ezekiel, things that pertain to power, to knowledge and wisdom and destiny, tells him what only could be known by the MOST HIGH GOD, and now with our excavations and modern archaeology and what has moved out of our modern history, that has just been discovered,--- these factors must be true. In face, as we have watched the Deniper excavations and what has now been picked up by these excavations in India and across the Steppes to the Arctic Circle, as well as the developments of the findings which relate to South America and to the Antarctic which we are again discovering --- that there is a history of strange and unusual records, and today the most unusual and accurate document that pertains to the background of our history is still to be found in this stupendous book we call the Bible.

Strange as it may seem, while this book was not written as a book of science, yet it is a scientific book. And when it was not written, my friends, to be the complete book of human knowledge which relates to these events, still, my friends, this book was written about one race, to one race concerning their destiny and all the things which were to be hurled against them and its impact and how they would survive. All this is recorded here because you are the 'apple of God's eye. And He has told you of all the forces that would be hurled against you in the abrasive and wild attempts to destroy the history of your race and its survival. Its transgressions, its absorptions of evil, its violations of its racial destiny, its divine suffering which brings this all out, its spiritual force which moves out of its own personality, -- this is recorded as the history of God raising His family with all the problems of an environment around them and an animosity against HIM.

Now, in the same course we expect God to be God-like. There are two types of God-likeness. But you will discover that there is one thing very clear in this book--that God raising His family will not look to the destruction of His family by the powers which existed here in the environment where He sen them to bring reform.

Now, the world that needs a Savior, is not going to destroy the Savior and have the approbation of God while they do that. The MOST HIGH GOD sent HIS sons here to save the world. And you are the descendants of that household. And you are the people God is counting on to save the world. There are a lot of people who say:--'We do not have the Savior complex. We have no desire to save the world.' Well,--my friends,--that doesn't matter what you want, for you are suddenly going to assume more of a complex which will actually be a desire and an urge that you must put it in order for your own survival. And your own posterity demands it for the security in which you will move into and the call that depends upon the energy to effect it. There are certain parts of this work that can never be destroyed. But there is also certain portions of this work which stand on the balance scale and can be used at any time.

We know that not all the measures and the great forces that God has used are not recorded here. We know however, that it was the right thing for HIM to do---bring a star out of its course, and like a great comet, move through the sky and then He could hurl it into your environment. He could turn the earth on its axis. He can effect everything which exists upon it. He can change every pattern of its life and force the people to be Nomadic and migrate if He wanted. The evidence in the last ten years of Archaeological research and the history of geology is tied up in the fact that the world had to rotate upon its axis. That God had brought conditions astronomically that effected our earth until we have watched our earth turn upon its axis on several occasions. That is the reason that Palm trees no longer grow up in the Arctic Circle. That is the reason why conditions which once existed in certain areas have changed. And the area where you now live may have been exposed to that cold of the north at one time.

There were periods in the history of the earth, particularly in the solar system, which made the earth inhabitable from one end to the other. And because of the conditions in which we have been placed, the solar system at that time made the earth inhabitable from one end to the other. Thus the Solar System at that time made it possible for a completely occupiable earth. There has been a time when we have watched these great cataclysm moving when sudden interference by the MOST HIGH have occurred. And He moves into the affairs of earth by His decisions and at His direction. About the time that someone starts to find fault with God--it's rather useless and silly, because you can't stop what He is going to do with earth. You might just as well make up your mind that He is God and like it.

The fact remains, that if you survey the history of this book, that no one has ever moved with the deftness of a surgeon which would eliminate something that would effect you and your society with any more deftness than God as He moves over the vastness of the globe with whole areas under His hand.

We have discovered that one of the evidences that we have and one which is an interesting one is sedimentary deposits laid down year upon year. We are well aware that some of these have seen upheavals and changes that debunk some thinking. But the deposits laid down year upon year in certain cycles and formations would give us something to measure.

Now, we note that there was one upheaval that shook the whole world about 1500 years before Christ---right in the vicinity of time as of 1486 B.C. and for 40 years the events that followed it shook the world as few events have shaken it before or in the present civilization of which you are a part. Remember that this was the hour of the Exodus out of Egypt. The hour when a Pharaoh 'who knew not Joseph' under the influence of the Jewish dark Priests of Karnac---and when I say Jewish, I want you to realize that I am talking about the same people that you call Jews today. I am talking about the people with the same faces, the same characteristics, and the same rules of nature that ruled the false and devil temples of ancient Egypt. They were not the people who lived in the Land of Goshen. They were not the descendants of Jacob. They had no relationship in history to the House of Israel that was then in that captivity. But these individuals now dominated and controlled Egypt with their Priesthood like they had controlled other civilizations in the past. They are the same people that controlled the pagan temples across Asia, and the worship of darkness. And as records tell us, they are the sons of Satan, the darkness who are the guarding masters of gold, silver and precious jewels across the earth.

They hated you because their dark gods of Sett and Soth were not comparable to the God of Light and the story of the Resurrection in Osiris. So they looked upon you Children of the Eternal Yah, and called you the emissaries of YAH, even as they hated you for who you were. Thus they influenced the mind of the man who 'knew not Joseph' and they held your people in slavery.

Now, nothing was more untenable to God than to permit His sons to remain in slavery. Someone said:--'But why did God permit them to stay so many years under this Pharaoh who 'knew not Joseph'? ----Why??---Because one of the greatest lessons that the world was ever to learn was to come in this period where they were to watch this people, whose only power was the power of God. Watch them move out from under this Empire who had men of war and a Pharaoh who had his heart hardened so that he was determined not to let the people go. The world was to watch them emerge, because they were the masters of the earth, because of their connection with the Commander of the Universe.

Let me tell you this. The miracles of the "Passover" were only a little bit beyond, in the spiritual sense, the miracles that were happening in the earth round about. For even as the partakers of the "Passover" were eating, a peculiar energy which God placed by the application of His power into the material that they consumed,--balancing it and separating until there was not one sick one, nor a blind one, nor a lame one among those three million people. I will say now and will always say that this was one of the greatest miracles this movement of people that the world has ever known---this Exodus out of the land of Egypt. You could not find three million people in the world today---you couldn't even keep them together. Besides you would need how many ambulances standing by to carry the sick??? But how about those three million people who could walk out of that land. Three million people, not a one of them sick, nor blind, nor lame, setting out on foot carrying all they possessed, as they moved out of that captivity, ready for the experiences they were to go through.

But there was something going on that was a part of this great spectacle for those who could see and understand. for in those hours when Moses went before Pharaoh and lifted his hand, in that hour the whole sky became dark and awesome for human effect. So what happened? Out of the past there came a visitor which had once before given the earth a chastisement. But this time a great Comet---Venus by name--came in to become part of our solar system. It moved into its place in 1486 B.C.

Continued comparison now of both the calendar of the Mayan and the history of South America, and its observation of the procession of the wanders, as the planets were called. This same thing came forth from the history of the people of Asia Minor and from the old records of the moving and marking of the columns in the sky which the Chinese referred to as the stars and the planets. In all these ancient Chinese records is recorded that Venus came in ---1486 B.C. and settled finally into our solar system.

The moving of Venus into our Solar System came with a Holocaust with a sweeping fury which effected the earth. The peculiar fog which effected the atmosphere, with a dust like powder which effected the sky was ashes. And its presence was beheld in the darkness of the waters causing the waters to turn red. We then discover that the waters did not just turn red in Egypt, but also in Asia Minor. And even in Africa the rivers ran as with blood. And in China they say that the rivers ran with blood. And the earth was cursed for God was displeased. And as the rivers ran with blood, the fish in the rivers died. Where??---In China, in South America, and in the land of Egypt. Everywhere, they recorded that the rivers ran as with blood. Thus it was something which effected the earth universally. Of course there are things we know today concerning certain alignments of force. And what is understood today, we find in older schools of thought which are hard to adjust to. But as this great plastic ball, which is our earth, in its latest solidified surface and the great cracks of its surface filled with materials which were molded, and then material came up through the cracks in that last hot arid period, that when this pressure is applied to this 30 thousand mile ball, the result is a giving of a small perception of degrees say from 20 feet to a mile. That is actually a very small fracture on the earth's surface. But when the sidereal systems through which it passes, changes its balance, it also slightly effects its shape so that our earth is not completely round and gives then those 20 or 30 feet. And when it does, the earth gets an earthquake. And when it gives in great proportions such as a planet moving into our solar system, so great is that movement that the earth is chastised with the tail of the 'jet stream'. This leaves snow and drift upon the surface of the earth and you know that you have come much closer to that moving object. Thus there was an earthquake in 1486 B.C. so deadly and so great that it would not be equal for some time in history. And it was one of the greatest earthquakes that the world ever knew. It brought down the Palaces in Egypt with its shaking. The Scripture tells us that there was an earthquake so great and the power apparently had been in the hands of Moses to command. Altho the MOST HIGH HAD STARTED THIS SITUATION THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE THE CONDITION OF THIS EVENT OCCURRED.

All that HE inspires His sons to do is to speak the WORD. Because HE Himself set in motion the forces from which they themselves give the command. Do you know why?---Because you and I are living robots.---All we are is THE WORD in the flesh walking around. Whereas He was the WORD in the flesh, so are --WHEN HIS MIND WORKS IN YOU. You are to learn the commands. But the forces set in motion by that command, may have been set in motion, in operation, further back in time than that hour that you use the power.

I can assure you that the development of your race and the capacity which you are demonstrating today in the realm of wisdom and knowledge, and --yes--science, are not something which with spontaneity developed in this generation. It was in the background, the developing of the LIFE OF GOD coming through the generations, to the people who had the capacity to think these thoughts. No amount of conjecture of idea, no amount of the standard of social or false existence is going to make those round about who lack that spiritual capacity and that elective ability take your place. No attempt to integrate your is going to make by the movement of the Negroes who are not of you, nor any other people who are not of your spiritual capacity your equals, this cannot be done regardless of the policies of the court or the theories of Sociology. I can assure you that for their well being and the well being of the earth, this power better be directed by masters instead of slaves.

Now, we turn to the record of time and we see that Egypt shook as it had never shaken before. But what else do we discover about this? We discover that the earth must have rocked at that period of time. For we learn that the earthquake and shaking of that hour actually changed the TIME measure. We know that the time measure was changed enough to shorten the time. We know that in that period of time also, that the number of days in a year were effected by this acceleration. We know that we stepped ourselves up to 365 and 1/4 days per year from the original 360. We know that at one time, there was exactly 12--30 day months for a year. But since then we have fractions to deal with. We know that acceleration was increased by an astronomical factor that took place. But the evidence shows that the great catastrophe which was also buried in the great drifts of England as well as those of Scandinavia and in areas of Alaska--somehow those catastrophes--as recorded, happened approximately by checking later sedimentation placed layer upon layer--a little less than 1500 years before Christ or 1486 B.C. Thus locking you in within that decade and with that same catastrophe.

Now, we know that great earthquakes have rocked this continent. So great were those earthquakes that they were recorded in the history of the Indians who lived here. More than that, they talk of the days when they not only hunted the Mammals, but they talk about the period of time in their traditions when Elephants existed in portions of the southern states and were not the hairy Mammoth that drifted across the plains of Montana and Wyoming.

In the last issue of the "National Geographic", they were attempting to show their reconstruction of some of the primitive Indians who existed in North America and hunted the Mammoth, these great beasts who crossed the plains of America. And all they were able to establish--all the pictures---were by some modern artist and his conception. And all they finally established was that man and beast lived at the same time on this continent. And what they did establish was the fact that the Mongolian Indian had crossed the Upper Steppe Rib at the time that the Mammoth lived here. They did establish that the Steppe Indian had crossed the last land bridge between this continent and the continent of Asia.

Therefore, in the last 300 years, there have been changes so great even in the nation, in this land we live in as whole catastrophes prove these events. Thus it is that at the time of the great earthquake, in the time period of 1486 B.C., we see the evidence of that quake recorded in the history of almost every nation on the face of the earth.

Now, if we go through the history of nations, we find that since that time there is another earthquake recorded and the history of that quake falls several hundred years from the time of 1486 B.C. And that earthquake in its time, falls in with a chronology which would indicate that quake was that which happened in the days of King Uzziah. So great was that earthquake, that he always referred to it as a tremendous capacity. And we find the timing of the reign of King Uzziah tied in with what they tell us in the records of both ancient Tyre and ancient Armenia as well as the hour of that great earthquake which rocked the earth. It shifted old fault lines and buried great cities. In fact, over in India, there was coming into India at the time of the earthquake, in the days of the Exodus out of Egypt, in what they referred to as the second wave of Aryan immigration which was a wave of Sethites coming to restore in that area accompanied, they said, by the fact that the great earthquake that shook those cities left the leaders who helped to rebuild--both in the Aryan or the white line.

Then there was another earthquake which came along timed with the same one that came along in the convulsion in the days of King Josiah. And it said it covered up whole cities leaving devastation that effected the cities of India. Wiped out Calcutta. And then Calcutta was rebuilt of course, again upon that same site as that catastrophe. We now know that Calcutta has been rebuilt many, many times. Each time its destruction was accompanied by fire or some catastrophe--an earthquake or the flow of some tremendous force happened. And then the city would be rebuilt upon the same site.

Now, there also came another catastrophe which we find measured and also recorded all over the earth. Do you know when that happened?? It happened at the hour of the Crucifixion of Jesus the Christ. If you will turn to the book of Matthew, you will discover that they, in referring to that hour of the Crucifixion sight---'Behold. In that hour lightening struck and the veil of the temple was rent in two and went up in flames, and the earth did quake and the rocks did rend ---and graves were opened and some of the bodies of the Saints who slept--arose and they came out of those graves after the Resurrection and they went into the Holy City and appeared to many.' But an earthquake so great, so mighty came at that hour and it was felt in Rome. And it was so great in that city that it brought down some of the statues of their gods in the Amphitheater there in the City of Rome. Then over in Greece and on Mount Olympus, so great was that quake, that the gods toppled from their tower. So great was that earthquake at the time of the Crucifixion of The Christ, that the Chinese referred to it as the condemnation of the High Winds.---That the devils of the sky, who they said must have been very angry with them for the lack of proper service. So they said that the anger of the strange gods was so great that they shook the earth with an unusual shaking for the earth raised up and down in that earthquake. The timing of it---the same exact timing of it as some thought, was local. But the terror was world wide. For apparently, the earth must have been effected by some astronomical balance for it effected all the major fault lines of the earth,--- the time--the hour of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Accompanied by the fact that it would be hard to differentiate between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, for the earth shook almost continuously for three days just harder at each of the events mentioned. And I find that the Chinese also record a three day period. Thus between the two---at the time of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, it was almost impossible to differentiate. But in that period of time a great shaking of the earth reached way out even into the areas of China. Thus these events have effected so importantly the events of history. And are related to the history of your God and to the earth.

Now, in that same pattern, we turn to the words of Jesus. And He talked about the climax of the age in which we live. He talks about one of the signs which would accompany the transition into a 'new world order'. And accompanying the catastrophes of 'wars and rumors of wars' which sweep the earth would also be the convulsions of the earth itself. The balancing forces of nature which will be hurled into the fray, the famines, the pestilence and the earthquakes. Some will say--'But we have always had earthquakes.' But you never had such world shaking great earthquakes as came in these marked cycles which we have referred to .

But in your time, we tell you that you are also moving into a pattern in the heavens, into which the alignments are falling closer together, and the astronomical over balance is causing, because of the closeness of those alignments which begin along the fracture of faults of the earth---until they can almost be timed accurately.

The other day there emerged out of Mexico a report as to what to watch for, as an expert of psychology measured the signs by the relationship of the heavens. And some of our very smart Seismologists said it won't happen. But it did. It was not quite as big an earthquake as anticipated, but it came on time.

Let me tell you. This knowledge has long been known by those who have been measuring the skies. And they can tell you approximately when faults will move here because of the patterns of the alignments of the earth. And this plastic ball of ours will be effected. That is why when you moved into these great convulsive years of 1955-1956, as you watched 55 going and 56 rolling in, some of the greatest developments ever, faced the earth in the year 1956.

As we turn to the picture of the Old Testament, as well as the New, we find that there is one indication of a climactic pattern concerning the end of the age,--the age which relates to this Kingdom passing into this hour of liberty and embarking in power. It says that we have received a Kingdom which cannot be shaken. But at the same time the world is going to go through one of those upheavals that are not anticipated while making all their plans in relationship to their Political, Economic, and Military threat. But the earth is going to shake. And only those things which cannot be shaken will remain.

Now, this does not only relate to the political upheaval, but it also relates to something else. If you will turn over to the book of Revelation, there are many stories in this book. All of them a part of God's purposes. And a few of them in part fulfilled. But many of them still to come. However, you cannot take the book of Revelation and go through it as tho it was a book of historical continuity. Some chapters start and end over an expanse before the foundation of the earth and in the ages to come. Then you may pick up another base of the story about another dimension or plain, another purpose of God, another force involved. And God may start before the foundations of the world and end in the ages to come. but in each of these situations He talks about something climactic. So climatic that I can take the book of Revelation and I note that in the 8th chapter of this book, that as the Angel with the censer filled with the fire of the Altar casts it unto the earth, it says here that there are voices and thundering. And then there is a great earthquake. That is in the 8th chapter of Revelation in the 5th verse. I can turn over to the 11th chapter of Revelation and one of the things I read here is that in this hour--a mighty hour when something happens.---It says--'Out of the Temple of God --opening in the heavens, there is seen in the Temple, the 'Ark of the Covenant' symbolized as in the center of that heavenly spirit.' --Thus referring to a people, and to the household of God's purpose. What does it say?---It says that there shall come lightening and thundering and a great earthquake which will be followed by great hail.'

Someone says:--'Oh, that is just symbolism.'---Maybe so. But why is each one of these stories starting with and ending from a beginning of history which relates to your race and moves into the climactic hour as you emerge out of all the holocaust and out of the situations that masters the events???

The Scripture says that in that hour when the sharp sickle is thrust in and the vine of earth is gathered--fully ripe--, it says that suddenly there are voices, thundering, lightening and then suddenly there is an earthquake. And that there has not been one so strong since men were upon the earth. Where is all of this coming form? I can turn over here to one of the accompanying symbols of authority and power and I read:--'A star burning with fire falls out of the Sky. And accompanying it, we see the effects of its gasses and the substances which cover certain portions of the earth. Thus we read:--'A mountain burning with fire falls into the sea.' And the earth is finally finding itself with a pattern of upheaval and catastrophe that moves into human experience.

Someone says:--'Is this supposed to frighten us?' No--I am not a bit frightened. God can shake all of Asia down, one stone upon another and not disturb the tranquility of this city of Los Angeles. But as long as there are as many Asiatics and Hittites dwelling here, I am sure there are parts of this city which will be shaken.

One of these days, Christendom is going to pull down the idols here where we live and then the light of God will shine as it never has before. The fact remains that everywhere I turn in the history of these events, I see that the Climax of the Age is also accompanied with divine intervention. If the LORD waves His wand, that's alright with me. Just when we are calling for judgement, would be fine. Oh, you say --I do not believe that such an upheaval is going to take place in any given time closely related to us.' Let me tell you this. You are the most important thing God has in the earth tonight. Why do I say that?--In the first place the most important thing God has in the earth tonight, is His people. And that they are not only the 'Apple of His eye', but they are the people who love His name and are those that are called by HIS name.

Now, if this nation and the nations of Christendom are God's Kingdom on the face of the earth, the people who know about those plans and those who say:--'Thus saith the Lord'--these people He is calling out who have not bowed the knee to Baal must be the most precious assets of all of His Kingdom. Therefore I tell you that you as the congregation, as the people of God that look for this new day, that wait for spiritual power and are using all their abilities that they have in denouncing evil---word for word, you must be the most precious of all the treasures hidden in the whole field. I believe that is true. I believe that no harm will come nigh thee even in the midst of this shaking earth.

There are other things we should discuss but the time is running out. So I will just say this. Don't get excited about Palestine, about running down there. However, remember it does belong to you. Remember that this New World Order is a greater Jerusalem that God has raised up in the midst of the earth--not that Old Jerusalem over there which is the old city of history. And the Most High will in time see that you recognize that fact. That all this occupying of this ancient city by the Canaanites and Hittite people who are part of the abomination of the Desolator, should not worry you.

I heard some of the silliest things on the radio spoken by Clergy. Some of them are so silly and some are so far fetched. One spoke on the radio the other day and he said:--'I want everyone of you gentiles to hurry up and get saved because it will soon be too late.' He said:--'In a few days such a revival as you never saw is going to hit the Jews in Palestine. And when it hits, no one will be able to say they are saved unless he goes over there and grabs hold of the skirt of a Jew. And this will be such an economical upheaval that if you don't have the fare to get there, then you can't get saved.'

Now, if the Jews had designed that, they would have arranged for the fare. Ha--Surely, there isn't anyone so silly as that. But Pastor Brannon was so silly as to get up and preach that salvation was going to close. That then only the Jews would have the light and you would have to go down there to get it. Do you know what the trouble is?--Those men do not know the difference between the devil and his family and the family of God. They have ben fed so much brotherhood, that they probably thought they had the same father.

I am going to tell you that in this hour, Almighty God is not preparing to sell out Christian civilization and have you accept some type of theory in theology that is going to emerge out of the Darkness. There is no question that events are going to happen in that old land which belongs to you but is not occupied by the devil and his children. And it does say that the LORD will draw all nations against Jerusalem. And that ancient land is going to face judgement. For they have divided the city. Have partitioned the land which God warned them not to do. There is no doubt that the Bible teaches that with all the revelations of divine Glory that the world is still going to face one of the greatest revelations in that hour and it will be tremendous. It says that His feet will touch the Mount of Olives which is the one east of that old city. And that mountain will cleave in the middle. And when it is all over, there will be a great plain there.

There is no question but that the Prophet Zachariah says that a great catastrophe will take place in that old land. He did not say that He was going to turn that old land over in the day "I arrive". He just said that His feet would touch the Mount of Olives. After the whole thing is wiped out, there appears--THE LORD AND ALL OF HIS SAINTS.

There are fault lines running up through that old country all the way up to the boarders of Russia and east to the Ural Mountains and beyond. The great upheaval which raised those mountains from the Urals to the Lake McCauley region took place about 14,000 years ago. But those faults are still there and someday they will move.

However, the greatest earthquake in the history of all mankind is slated to happen in your time. And when it dies come, THE LORD SAYS IT WILL BRING DOWN THE HOUSES OF YOUR ENEMIES. You say:---'But is there any help for them?'--Yes.--They can leave your land and your technology and go back to the Steppes from whence they came. Because the dwelling places in the Steppes will be more secure than in the cities where they have now carved out their dwellings.

Yes. You are moving into one of the climactic periods. In fact, there is an eclipse of the moon December 14th. And at that time Moscow will be under the direct symbol of Mars. The pattern of that alignment will give it a triangulation that is a symbol of strange and unique measures.

The day when Genghis Khan, in the 'year of the pig', moved out, he moved out under a similar set of measures. There is a similar pattern which has been in the Mars illumination in almost every instance and has been symbolic of military movements. These patterns which line up today, are also effecting our western cultures as well as effecting portions of India and they move on over effecting Japan. In Melbourne, Australia, they are also expecting earthquakes alignments which could start to move with unprecedented pressures. Thus only divine destiny knows. But some day these things will come and great upheavals will again hit this earth as they have in the past. Thus there is no slow change, always everything remaining the same. Someone who has no scope of scripture or history would believe that.

Great upheavals will come and I can assure you that this can happen and never effect a whole society dwelling on another part of the earth. But the MOST HIGH said these kind of conditions will accompany this Exodus out of this Egyptian order of Babylonian power of today, even as it did before.

Going into the book of Revelation, you will see that the Sons of God have mandates reaching into the sky where Archangels move at the request of these Sons of God. They have Michael at their command. That the conditions which fall upon the un-Christian civilizations are not unlike the things --the judgements which came upon the Egyptians at the time of the Exodus.

Remember that you are God's battle ax and weapons of war. And you are a part of a Kingdom which is not to be destroyed. So therefore become strong and be prepared to use that strength. But never doubt that God will balance the whole world on His finger tip just for you. And--you are almost there. But the coming of the New Age will be accompanied by great transition. Just have Faith in God. HE is your Father and you will survive. Note also, that His salvation is not something to be bandied around by the Jews. He has given it to you. And you have life----Eternal Life and you will never perish.

(end of message)