Confirmed Of God In Christ, 2-6-67


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-6-67

As we turn to our subject--"Confirmed of God in Christ" we go to the book of Galatians, to the words of the Apostle Paul:---"For this I say that this (the covenant) which was confirmed before of God in Christ--the law which was 430 years thereafter cannot disannul---that it should make the promise of none effect. For if the inheritance be of law, it is no more of promise, but God gave it to Abraham by Promise. (Gal:3:17-18)

This was a very unique situation---"What was confirmed of God in Christ"---What does it mean? What is the ramifications of this tremendous passage on the part of the Apostle Paul???

In fact the Apostle Paul was stating that there is a vast difference between the promises of God and the laws of God. He is also citing that they are given in two different instances. We know that God spoke to Abraham in the 12th.,chapter of Genesis and there he made a Covenant with Abraham: and he reiterated this Covenant several times. For God said to Abraham--"Get thee out of this country and from they kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee. And I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee, and make thy name Great: and thou shalt be a blessing: and I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curseth thee; and in -- thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed." Then God re-confirms this Covenant with the seed of Abraham. For he appears to Abraham when he is 90 years old, and he said: "I am the almighty God, walk before me and be thou perfect. I will make my covenant between me and thee,and I will multiply thee exceedingly. Behold as for me, my Covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations. I will establish my covenant between thee and me, and thy seed after thee in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God unto thee and thy seed after thee. And I will give unto thee and thy seed after thee this land where in thy art a stranger, and all the land of Canaan for an everlasting possession, and I will be their God. Thus saith God unto Abraham:--thou shalt keep my covenants, and thy seed after thee thru their generations. This is my covenant that thou shalt keep between thee and between ME."---This was a covenant of promise between God and Abraham, this is what God said to Abraham, and God called Abraham out of the land of the Chaldeas because of what Abraham and his people had been thru.

Now; by this possibility, because---Abraham had been studying under Nosh as a boy, and then had returned back to the land of the Chaldeas. The white leader there of Ur of the Chaldeas was Nimrod, who had moved into the areas of disobedience to Divine law, which however had not as yet been given to any particular nation, but which was a Hereditary law, but Nimrod was now bringing in the people of India and of Africa, and setting up programs of mongrelization, as he sat up his harem.

Now; Nimrod had come from Ham and Ham was a father of a portion of the white race, just as Shem was and also Japhet. The policies of this society now of mongrelization were against the laws of God. The city of Ur of the Chaldeas was becoming an integrated city, God was calling for Abraham to get out of there and to take his family, and leave the land of Ur of the Chaldeas, this was the promise then that God made to Abraham--the promise he made to his seed, and this was also the promise which was made---before the foundation of the world.

In fact the Apostle Paul who has the experience of being transported by aircraft out in the heavens,, was taken into the presence of the Most High God, and told that he was to learn these things and to return to earth and write them in a book, which he did, as well as writing the many Epistles which he wrote, concerning the philosophies, and the proof of God's Kingdom. In these things the Apostle Paul was told that God had already promised his children, which he had begotten in the spirit before the world was framed.

Now; the begatting of a household, before the world was framed was in the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD. He had sons, and he had daughters, he had begotten a household unto himself. These were children of the spirit begotten in spiritual realms, in heavenly places. And God had made promises unto them. He told them that he would establish them in the earth, he told them that with his help they would overthrow the powers of Lucifer, his fallen angel, now in the earth. He told them that he would make of them a great Nation and companies of nations, and this was in the heavens, but would be established in the earth, and he established his covenant with them. In the hour of their transgression he told them that they would discover that the powers and the reaction of the power of Lucifer would be very Great and powerful. He told us that as we were put in bodies of flesh,in the earth that Lucifer would over come by Temptation, our race. Thus HE cites that the race would fall then says:--but I am thy redeemer, I am the Lamb of God slain now---before the Foundation of the world. But I promise you that I shall emerge out of the race. I shall redeem everyone of my people, I shall raise everyone of my people to My Glory, I shall overcome the powers of Darkness.

We discover that a part of this is written in the Apocalypse books in the Epistles of Paul. But when Paul writes in these Epistle's of the scriptures we find many portions of these truths unveiled. Then when God promised Abraham that he was going to continue this SEED of The Kingdom, He was going to bring into full reality who Abraham and his descendants were, and to whom the covenants and the promises were made. In fact the areas of this promise were quite true, when God turned to the Elohim, who are the children of God in the heavens---Elohim being plural of the abstract word of God---thus YAHWEH turned unto the Elohim and said:--let us make Adam in our own image and--Adam thus meaning--THE BODY OF MAN---He there fore begat an issue and brought Adam out of Himself--this is why the word Bara is used. As he did this he begat and established the fact that Adam was the physical son of the Most High God.

Remember that God is spirit, but God also is spirit, soul, and body. Remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That the man Christ Jesus was the body of God. Remember that he brought forth out of the issue and formed by the process of propagation the Adamic Race. This was the first white man to ever walk the earth. Altho we have thousands of years of history of races, and we have problems that occurred as they came under the influence of Lucifer's revolt, and temptation, as we discover that the Asiatics fell beneath the power of Lucifer, who declared himself the Dragon god. We find that he brought the race of Negroes into his war with God and then into earth, and he established them in Africa, and out in the isles of Lemuria and other isles of the sea. There were battles, and wars and catastrophes long before your race was put on the earth. Your race has only been here approximately 7400 years, and out of this race, and the inspiration of these who are of this race came the word--the scriptures of the Bible. Remember that the only point of revelation which exists today is in the holy scriptures, the word which God brought out of wisemen, and Holy men of your race.

Now; we have the fact that this Bible and this--our book--has 7400 years of history, recorded in this book. We discover here that when Adam and Eve were placed in earth, that Eve was taken out of Adam so that they might be one, and the same flesh. We want to point out here that the Apocalypse books, which were the hidden books, such as the books of "Seth" and the books of "The Bee" and so forth, as well as the books of "Adam and Eve" were all left for our race. We find that the blue rays which were shinning upon Adam and Eve were so blinding that the pagans under Lucifer said:--'we must put out this light.' We cannot stand this light of Adam and Eve--they are radiant, they glow, they are even brighter than the sun, their countenance's shines forth like the sun.' And Lucifer said: I shall seduce Eve, and bring down Adam.

This comes out of the ancient apocalypse books' like the books of "Seth", and others, saying that the Light of Adam was put out by the seduction of Eve. However God who had declared his promises before the foundation of the world understood this process, he knew that Lucifer would attempt this. He knew that the seduction of Eve would take place, and he knew that Cain--the son of the evil one--would be begotten. He knew that Adam also would turn and partake of the issue that he had been forbidden to partake of. But under this procedure we are to note that by this policy that God had promised before the foundation of the world these important things.

He referred to this seed--the seed of Adam, Seth, Enoch, Ham, Shem and Japhet--that there was a special seed in Shem, that this was the thing that God confirmed with Abraham, this was His Israel, meaning---issue ruling with HIM. This is what the word means---Issue ruling with God. And in no area of promise was there and conditions made. He said:--I promise this because I am God, I have the power, to perform all things. I promise this because I am placing my children in jeopardy and I am going to redeem them. I am going to redeem every last one of my household.

Now; we see in the scriptures that God confirms this policy. That he intends the redemption of his household. In fact turn thru out the course of the scriptures to the prophet Isaiah and when he is writing concerning this then Isaiah said:---"For in YAHWEH shall all the seed of Israel be justified, and shall Glory. God without any pattern of the law, without any obedience pertaining to the law, refers to his sons and daughters, His Israel and says I shall create upon them a great area of redemption. More than this he says:---my covenants with them shall be everlasting covenants. My covenants and promises are not conditional, they are unconditional that I shall restore this race that Lucifer has entrapped and I shall raise them in my image. They shall shine forth with My Glory, they shall conquer Lucifer, they shall bring subjection to the entire world, they shall destroy every pagan temple, every idol temple before they are thru.

These are the purposes of the MOST HIGH GOD. The promise to Abraham was that he would not only move into this land filled with Cainanites, where the Cainanites had exterminated all of the white race left in the land after Enoch and Job and Company had gone down into Egypt to build the temple of On and other things, but he also said that I am going to take you--Abraham--into this land and I am going to restore it, and the city of Jerusalem shall be it's capital. I give you a picture here of all the things I am going to do. Abraham believed God and he just sat down looked at the picture of what God was going to do. And because Abraham believed God then God counted this to him for righteousness. This is what he said to Abraham,--I am going to bring forth out of thy loins a seed which shall continue the Israel of the earth, this household of mine, my sons and my daughters, More than that you shall have the blessings of the land, the blessings of God upon your flocks, and upon the hills, and upon your agriculture, and upon your technology. He tells all of this to Abraham--this is the promise and covenant that he made with Abraham. Then more than that God says:---I shall be a redeemer---this is what I shall do. As I declared to Adam--the seed of "The Woman" (Israel) shall bruise the head of the Serpent, as THY GOD SHALL EMERGE FORTH OUT OF THY RACE. "A Virgin shall conceive and bear a son and thou shall call his name Immanuel." This is the way Isaiah expresses this:---I shall emerge out of thy race, Thou hast been one with me, for thou were begotten by my spirit. And as spiritual children then now embodied children I proclaim this. And of course in the Hebrews the children of God are now down here in bodies of flesh, therefore GOD HIMSELF CAME OUT OF THE SAME FORMATION. He developed and came out of the same race, and said he was not ashamed to call you his kinsmen.

Now;--by this same course, he said:---I shall restore this race, --- why? Because they are the only race with this spiritual capacity. Jesus makes this clear--having been begotten by his spirit, that spirit was also joined to the flesh body as well as well as was the soul consciousness. As the area of violation took place with our first parents there was a separation of the Radiant Light of this Glory of God, because the spirit consciousness was not in control of the flesh consciousness. Thus the Light which was over this human body was removed. But God said:---I shall rejoin this Light of effulgent aura, I shall establish the house of Israel in the fullness of time, and they shall be as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens in that day.

Now; God promised this to Abraham, then reiterated this covenant with all of Abraham;s seed. God as he made this promise then spake saying:---So shall they be, as the sands of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, and they shall shine forth with my glory.

Now; we want to point out that one of the covenants---and this is the covenant that God made by promise---that out of this race which I have begotten---I also shall emerge. I shall become One with this race, as this race is also One with me, as it proceeded out of the heavens into the earth. And when I fulfill it's redemption I shall restore this race.

Now; we are to note that over here in the book of Isaiah:---it talks about even this matter of Glory, for:--"Arise and shine thy light is come".--"And the Glory of YAHWEH is risen upon thee"--behold darkness covers the earth, and great darkness it's people but YAHWEH shall arise out of thee, and His Glory shall be seen upon thee. Nations will come to thy light and kings will come to the brightness of thy rising. This then is a declaration once again, telling us that this which was lost by Adam and Eve will again be restored to the Race of Israel.

Now; of course we find that Jacob's name is changed to Israel, but even Enoch talked about Israel because God said that this Adamic race, this white race was His Israel, which he had invested into earth to overthrow the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, to control paganism, and the restoration of God's Kingdom.

Now; going back into Galatians we have this area again of the people who have cited that all of this was lost, that all of the promises of God are of none effect. They tell you this, because Israel received the law of God, and as Israel received the laws of God they were told that they had to obey the laws, and of course the law of God has many ramifications, where as disobedience to this law in some conditions would cause death, in other areas would cause great chastisement, where in other conditions would cause dispersing among the nations, this for punishment and so forth--thus they who received the law were told that if they did not keep the law, they were told that these many things would happen to them.

Now; we well understand that the church today has been sometimes in ignorance, as well as many people who today say that the laws of God were given and Israel didn't keep the law, and they went into captivity, and because of this they are no longer counted as the Seed of God, but everyone who keeps the law is going to be counted for seed. No--they are not--no area of this thinking is true. God promised Israel that when he established them in the earth, that they would build his kingdom, And a kingdom is a political organization, a Kingdom is made to RULE, and this Kingdom rule comes out of this family which he said he would propagate and increase in the earth. The promises of God were to his family. The promises of God were to the sons. And when God bestowed that law, he bestowed it upon Moses at Mount Sinai, for the Kingdom of Israel.

Now; a kingdom is not a kingdom without law, there is no areas of proper administration without law. One of the most important things we should respect is law. We are going to have to get back in these United States to this understanding of law, and it better be God's law. We are not going to license evil, or regulate evil, but we are going to outlaw evil in these United States. To many people are just trying to regulate evil, such as LSD and Morality and so forth. But the laws of God are THE LAWS OF GOD and you do not regulate evil without joining it. Today the procedures in the Supreme Court are absolutely foolish and they are as illegal before the laws of God as any court has ever been. That is one thing which Blackstone said:---English law is founded upon the patterns of Divine law, as God bestowed it upon Israel. When this nation first had a pattern of law, it was based upon the word of God, and even in our constitution we established the supremacy of God, and the concept of Divine Revelation and we said that there can be no law made concerning the establishment of Religion in these United States.

Of course the founding fathers were thinking about the Christian religion, they did not recognize any other religion. The colonists had no other thoughts but of the Christian faith. Although divided into many denominations, they said that one thing they could assure us of, and it is one of the first articles in our Constitution, that no law would be made establishing a religion.

Let me then point out to you that the law was given to the Nation, with blessings, with curses, and was given to the nation (Israel) with chastisement and ordinances, and the fulfillment of that law went beyond the ten commandments, it went into its total fulfillment.---Thou shall do no murder--but it punished the Murderer and took his life because Capital Punishment is an area of divine law, and as long as Capital Punishment was a procedure in divine law it had a great breaking influence upon society. Of course today they are trying to remove Capital Punishment from these United States, because they know how soft has become the patterns of law. They well understand that a man sentenced to life, will be eligible for parole in 20 years, and some of them might be even up for parole in ten years, and they can always hope that those who run the country will turn them loose because the Communists have promised this. However they have no hope if Capital Punishment is enforced, for a murderer if he puts to death a conservative or a Right Winger, or a Patriot. They are going to have to answer with their lives and if they can't get out of it they will think twice about it, see.

Now; there is no question of the laws of God, and the Will of God. But I want to point out that the laws of God were fixed, and in them was:--"Thou shalt have no other gods before ME, and all the patterns of the ten commandments were brought out with ordinances and ramifications of them because it was the law that governed the nations of God's Kingdom

Now; the law of God is good, but I want you to know that the Apostle Paul said:--and I say--that the Covenant was confirmed before of God in his embodiment in Christ, and the law which was 430 years after cannot disannul. 430 years after God was giving the law on Mount Sinai. Now; it was a glorious thing, a tremendous situation, in fact God came in with a number of tremendous crafts over Mount Paran and sailed down over Mount Seir and then went to Mount Sinai with his great search lights. And in the crew of that ship, if only one ship, were 10,000 of the Saints, the believing offspring of God. You say:--where did you get that: Well its just a passage which people pass up, but it is back here in the book of Deuteronomy.--it says:--YAHWEH CAME OVER MOUNT SINAI, That he sailed over Mount Seir and he shown his search lights down on Mount Paran, that he came with his believing offspring, his saints, and from his right hand went the fiery law, and he bestowed it up Moses, for the people of Israel that he loved.---thus God came with tremendous fanfare and tremendous background and he had ten thousand of his breathing offspring as a crew of a vast craft which came to Mount Sinai, and all of Mount Sinai was illuminated by it, empowered by His Glory and he bestowed the greatest instrument of law that the world has ever known.

Now; as this was given to the nations of Israel, with the areas of its blessings, and covenants were made with that people. But this had nothing to do with what God had promised in his own name and for his own sake, as what he was going to do, and to perform with the house of Israel. It had nothing to do with the patten of inheritance, and it did not have anything to do with the seed of the race. It did not have anything to do with the fact that the White race was the household of God, begotten in the spirit where God had said that they in earth would fall, and I will save them, everyone of them. But it had to do with their abiding in the earth. It had to do with their blessings and their transgressions and the laws of God were good.

Now; Israel disobeys the laws, and the laws of God are the WAY of life. I now want to point out to you that under this procedure the laws of God are not only good but now we turn to the teachings of Jesus. He says in the 5th., chapter of the book of Matthew---"Think not that I am come to destroy the law of the prophets," I am the Christed body of God, I am embodied in earth, and I am going to fulfill my promises and my covenants with Abraham, and with his seed, and with the whole race, I am going to redeem that race. I am not come to Destroy the law but to fulfill it. The nations, the people are under the law, they obey the law because the law of God is good. "Blessed is the man who obeys my law"--=therefore I say that heaven and earth will pass away, yet not one jot or one tittle will pass from the law.---but "I am not come to destroy the law, I am come to fulfill it." Who so ever then shall break one of these commandments and teach men to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven. But who so ever shall go and teach them shall be called great in the kingdom of Heaven. So God in the flesh was talking about the law, for the fullness of God was dwelling bodily in the man Christ Jesus.

As we see this pattern we want to call your attention to the next area of this dispensation. God speaks here and he makes it rather clear as to what he intends to do. He cites in the book of Romans Chapter 11, "All Israel shall be saved as it is written", so the law does not have anything to do with this for this is a Promise of God, to save his people. But also in Jeremiah the 31st. chapter, that after the area of redemption, after he head made a new covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel, then he said this new covenant is not by law, for I am going to place it in their hearts, make it a part of them, and then they will be known as the people of the law. And because it will be a part of them they will now respond to this pattern of Law.

Now; who are the Israelites:---They are the descendants of Adam, they are the white race. Who are these Israelites for to them pertain this positioning of sons. To them pertains the giving of the law, the services of God and the promises. Who are the fathers of the race, and who---concerning the flesh--Christ came--who overall was God blessed forever?

This is the Covenant--and this is the covenant confirmed in Christ that would take away their transgressions. God gave this law to Israel, he did not give it to China, he did not give his law to the Africans for they had no spiritual capacity to perceive the excellency of his law, for HIS law can only be discharged over the nations by children of his spirit.l

Now: God makes this deceleration---therefore the people that have received this position of sonship, the Glory of God, the giving of the law, the service of God, and the promises, are the people of the Kingdom. We turn then to the passage in Romans that tells us:---'That the spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, and if we are the Children of God then we are joint heirs with Christ. As we move into the book of Galatians we come to this passage---therefore "That which was promised of God and Confirmed in Christ---the law which was 430 years later cannot disannul"--it was to govern the Kingdom, it was to govern areas of divine administration, in his nation, politically, socially, and ethically in the earth. This my friend does not mean that a man who has broken the law is lost, or is never going to know the vastness of heaven but it does mean that many people will still break the law, but nevertheless the law will be placed in their hearts, and the final area of redemption for Israel, will make the House of Israel conform to his own image.

One of these days we will see the reentry of Christ into the world and it will be spectacular. The Hosts of Heaven will bring forth the hosts of the MOST HIGH GOD, and you will see Michael and the Archangel who has been traveling around the earth with great fleets and hosts on unidentified flying objects then become a very visible force. You will find that powers of the world order will turn their guns, the rockets on Christ, but they are not going to be triumphant, they are going to be defeated, their power will be entirely broken. You will discover that the communist nations will be no more, even tho the National Council of Churches embraces communism. They are not the true church for the true church will be at war with communism until Jesus comes. You will see the powers of darkness swept away in the earth. You will discover that the nations who worship idols, in their idol temples who are sowing the powers of idol gods, will have their temples broken and their idols broken down in their midst because the MOST HIGH GOD has proclaimed this.

Now let me point out to you that is this hour, in the hour of his appearance, every last man of Israel, every last white man on the face of the earth, every last one who was begotten of the spirit, in spiritual realms, by the father, that spirit will lock on to the soul consciousness and it will transform that person in the twinkling of an eye---and they shall appear even---like unto Christ. They shall radiate with his glory, they shall THINK as He thinks as he knows, for the redemption will be complete.

It was not according to LAW BUT ACCORDING TO GRACE, BUT WHERE WOULD THE WORLD BE WITHOUT THE LAWS OF GOD. Where would the nations of God;s Kingdom be without the laws of God??? The laws of God are true, and as christ said:---"Blessed is the man who teaches men to obey it" and great judgement will fall on the man who teaches them not to obey the law.--because of what??--Because he believes in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Therefore do not permit anyone to move in with any areas of error,and tell you that you are under law, to the extent that it effects your salvation, or do not let anyone come in and permit them to say with any great area of perfidy that our nation and our society is not under law, we are under Grace, and therefore we are just to disregard all patterns of law. The same stringent policies will tell you that of course since we are not under the law, that we do not have to abide by its procedures, that you can intermarry, and that all people are one because they have accepted Christ. THIS IS NOT TRUE, THIS IS AN AREA OF ERROR, In this procedure today there are many churches that are actually standing for the policies of integration and mongrelization which God in his law is absolutely against. For this would be polluting the Holy seed, for God has said that you are a Holy Seed, a Holy people which he has placed above all the people on the face of the earth.

The greatness of God's grace and his mercy as he spake thru Abraham---'all the families of the earth shall be blessed.' a great program is extended out to the nations of the world, they can accept Christ, they can turn from their pagan gods, and God will bless them as children of creation. Their habitation will be enhanced, their crops will increase, not as the pagans of today. Have you noticed today that the pagan nations are always starving? Look at India, once we gave them millions of bushels of wheat, and we still do. Look at China, look at other pagan nations over the world, always they are without enough to eat.Then look at the household of God's Kingdom---All the promises that go with the keeping of the law,and all of the promises that go with the Grace of God are descending upon your household and upon your society.

In the book of Matthew, God gives two parables, he said that a man went out and found a great treasure in a field, so the man went out and sold all that he had so that he could get that treasure out of the field. Then Jesus tells them another parable:--- 'A man had a pearl of great price' and in this area again, the Kingdom of Heaven is likened to merchantman seeking it, but when he found it--when he found this 'Pearl like of good price' he sold all that he had and he bought it. This is again like the treasure hid in the field & the Pearl of great Price HE paid the price for transgression, every man's transgression.

In the Garden of Gethsemany--symbolically--the cup which contained all the sins of the world--all the violations of divine law, that HE might then pay the price, and buy the world, so that he would get back HIS own people which he had placed in the world---them first ---a 'Pearl of great Price; and the 'treasure hidden in the field.

We must keep apart forever the two great parables in the scriptures--one that by the promises of God--everything that you and I claim is by promise.. All the patterns of inheritance is by promise, sonship is by promise, our renewal is by promise, our regeneration is by promise. And therefore the Christ--without the law will fulfill everything he promised before the foundation of the world---since the foundation of the world, and IN ABRAHAM---the law which came later which was conditional, and with punishment, and chastisement cannot PUT THE PROMISES TO NO EFFECT.

But we recognize that the law of God is good, and that the law of God must be in every Christian nation. So---The law of God will be restored and the Kingdom of God is going to come to the fullness planned, and the world is going to be brought into subjection to Christ until every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that HE (Christ) is GOD forever.

So as we remember these patterns we will not allow someone to tell us that we are not under the law, only under Grace, because we are under the LAW for the nations of God’s Kingdom and we are under Grace because he has always dealt with us with Grace so that no one could say that they earned his favor, but we are under grace because He has bestowed His favor, upon us for the greatness of his purpose. As we behold areas of Grace it makes us be aware of the law because it is good, and we do not try to regulate the patterns of evil because there is no way you can regulate evil.