Conforming To The Image Of The Son, 2-16-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-16-63

We are talking again upon the subject which relates to the family, to the household of God. And that subject is predestined to conform to the image of Son. Many of you now know that you are the children of God, and as we say this we are not speaking of a persuasion of mind, which comes with preaching. We are not talking about something which psychologically takes place because someone has asked you to believe. We are not talking about something which has made you a son because of what you believe. We are well aware that Evangelists throughout the ages have taught that if you only believe then you are a son of God, but there is nothing inside the scriptures which tells you that by any process of believe that you become a son of God. I want you to know that the only reason why you are the sons and daughters of God is because you were begotten by the spirit of the Eternal Father, and that your Celestial being is the issue in Spirit, in light, and life of the Father. And in earth, you are the children of Adam who was the son of God, in the flesh. I want you to know that this was the issue of God, the life of God, the breath of God. And it does not have in its original significance the same Hebrew word, as made or mold something. Instead the word is issue. There are two kinds of people and there are different kinds of creations. There are those male and female created He them, of the 6th day creation. And then there is the 7th day Issue---Audaum---the House of God. Adam, the man whom God placed in earth for the building of His Kingdom, this Kingdom being His own Household, and the Kingdom of God being an administration over this earth in the areas of government and of life. A full administration, which shall develop into every phase of given light. With this recognition then, God transferred a household from heaven to earth. He embodied that household and He has been transferring His Celestial sons and daughters from their Celestial realms to earth, by the process of birth. Involved in this process are many mysteries.

The Mysteries are incorporated in the continual biological processes of the reproduction of your race. The transference of Celestial seed, and the carrying forward of an abiding inheritance. It involves the capacity of your race, embodied physically, to have inherited all of the developing experiences of their fathers and to be guided by the Spirit of God which knows all things, so that the Celestial consciousness can also be made manifest in a physical world. When I talk about the fact that you are the children of God by birth, it is not to eliminate the fact that because you are the children of God, by birth, that God is quickening your consciousness to the reality of these things. Because you are the sons, then He has sent, His embodiment (Son) into your heart. But He did not make you sons by this process, but this process followed the fact that you are sons, and have the capacity to receive.

It is important that we know ourselves, to know our destiny. Until men know who they are and why they are here, it is impossible for them to discern clearly their destiny, or to find their relationship to the conditions of crisis and conflicts which exist in the world today. We want you to know that there is no more valuable and precious truth that you can understand that this Eternal purpose of the Father. That He was to have a household in great numbers, eventually the occupying force, of the earth. But they would be His children.

How were they destined as His children to exist in earth? Under the highest pattern of Divine standards. Under the greater victorious sons in a world which had been long since in catastrophe because of a Luciferian rebellion. And they would put it back in order and complete it according to the Father’s purpose.

When I say that you are the children of the Eternal, we remind you of the many passages of scripture to which we have called your attention in the past. Those in Galatians, Ephesians, and also in Romans, in which you are listed as the children of God. The spirit therefore, classifies in the language of Paul, the proper usage of the Greek word. When he uses the word, ‘Teknon,’ it means children and offspring of the MOST HIGH. When he used the word, ‘Huios,’ it is talking about sons and the placing of sons in their areas of authority. When he tells us that the spirit bares witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God, when he tells us that we are the sons of God, that is exactly what the Apostle Paul meant.

The heavenly experiences of the Apostle Paul are some of the most outstanding of the experiences recorded in the scriptures. Only those which out ranked his experiences in the Celestial realm, were possibly those of Enoch. John might be classified as co-equal with the experiences of Paul, as these men all went into the Celestial plains and came back and wrote of what they saw. Enoch wrote, ‘The Pillars of Enoch,’ ‘The Secrets of Enoch,’ ‘The Powers of Enoch.’ And we know that this is the oldest of Patriarchial records. The man Paul, said he was taken into the heavens into the presence of the MOST HIGH, but whether he was in the body, or in the spirit, he could not say. And he wrote the ‘Apocalypse of Paul.’ Out of the mysteries of the things revealed by YAHWEH, to the Apostle Paul, you find in the Epistles of Paul, that make up the majority of the New Testament writings. John wrote the book of Revelation and one of the Gospels and then important Epistles in the New Testament. And these men were first taken into the dimensions of Spirit. All went into the areas of the heavens, and one didn’t know whether he was in the body or out of the body. And that is one of the most valuable pieces of information in the New Testament.

Because living is consciousness, living is awareness. And with this process of living, you embodied in the physical world, your soul consciousness. Your soul consciousness resident here has in its experiences accumulated all knowledge and wisdom and understanding, out of experience and out of remembrance, and these synthesize your soul consciousness.

Do you want to know what a man’s soul is? It is the sum total of experience, knowledge, and living. It is a reported essence of his being. You have no capacity to record or think of existence without remembrance and relationship to events. So the soul, your soul resident in this body, is the sum total of all things that you can remember. And the cataloging of these events in your case, has been taking place under the guidance of Spirit. The senses have recorded for you all things in your environment and natural understanding. They have been in the areas in which your senses and desires have been recorded. But the soul still acts as it properly should. For this body is just its house, and it is the master of where it takes it, according to the average thought concerning the process of the soul. The hands do its work. And these are all within the areas of these events.

I want to point out to you, something which we feel very significant. This is that since you are the children of the Eternal, then you possess a body synthesized with light. That God who is Light, for in Him is no darkness, that God is spirit. And light and spirit are synonymous. Light and spirit are not only completely synonymous, but HE who is Light, is also the Light that is the Life of men. We point out to you therefore, that the spiritual body is synthesized out of light. And light and light particles are real today as electronic particles. The physical body is in a physical world made up of electrical particles held together by mental particles. These particles strangely enough, are a light synthesis. Leading physicist in 1962, cite that all the physical Universe, and all the area of the atomic field, and all the molecular masses are held together in this field of electronic vibration, by a certain form of energy regulation which today we call ‘Mentoid’ thought particles held together by Light. That light is a wavelength of energy which holds even the organization of matter, in this plain, together. When Physicist talk about this, they then say, ‘spirit is the father of matter.’ And they are so right.

We tell you that you have a Celestial body and you have a Celestial consciousness. Your Celestial body is a counter part of your physical body. This is the reason why we find the statement about the body of the man Christ Jesus, by the Apostle Paul in Colossians as Paul says this about YAHSHUA, whom we call Jesus the Christ:--’All things were made by Him and without Him nothing was made.’ His physical body is the image of the invisible YAHWEH God. His physical body was the image of the Spirit. So the body of the Spirit has the same form, the same shape. More than this, your physical body is in form, similar to your spiritual body. Thus, you have a spiritual body and a physical body. And in the earth, you are bearing the image of the physical body because of the invisibility of that Celestial body, to the normal wavelength of the natural eye, which sees in its area of frequency only those things which make up the structure of the elemental masses of this creation. You are able to hear in audio frequency, and you see within this video range of the wavelength of reflected light particles, off the substances of form.

We well understand therefore, by the content of the scriptures, that you have a Celestial body. And the Apostle Paul tells us that this is one of the mysteries concerning the existence and the patterns of life and immortality, this mystery, that there is a Celestial body and a physical body. And I think it is significant for you to understand this because it contains the great ‘Mystery’ of the ‘Twice Born’ men and women. Every once in a while, we discover that this theme is the sermon topics of great numbers of movements inside the Christian faith, the necessity of being ‘twice born.’ And many times they do not say ‘twice born.’ Instead they say ‘born again’ as it is translated in the King James Version. But I want you to know that every last one of you who are children of the Adamic race,---all of you who are the household of God, are ‘twice born’ individuals today.

An enthusiast runs up to me in one community I visit and he always says, ‘Are you born again?’ That is the first thing he wants to know. And we understand the desire of this man because he thinks that when he was born into this physical world, that was his birth. And that something which he mentally accepted later declares the fact that he has been born the second time. This I want you to understand. I believe that everyone of you has been ‘born twice,’ because this is the secret of the ‘key’ into YAHWEH (God’s) KINGDOM. The Kingdom in earth can only be administered in Divine purpose by the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. They have to be heirs of the Father, and they have to be ‘twice born.’ They have to be born from ‘above’ and born on ‘earth.’ This is a part of the mystery which Christ unveiled when He talked to Nicodemus and said, ‘Are you a master of Israel, and yet do not understand this.?’

Nicodemus did not understand this mystery about which the Christ was unveiling, and Nicodemus said, ‘You mean that I must go back into my mother’s womb and emerge forth again?’ But Jesus then said to him, ‘You, a teacher of Israel, and yet you do not understand this mystery?’ Then He went on to say, ‘You must be ‘born from above’ and then on ‘earth.’ You have to born of the water, but first you had to be born of the Spirit. For had you not been born of the Spirit, you could never have entered into the world by this process. The reason why I want you to think upon these things again, altho they may be repetitious to some of you, is because ‘the Mystery’ of the Christ’s ministry was the visitation of God to HIS own household. And this is brought out in the writings of Paul and especially in the writings to the Hebrews. In the book of Hebrews, which is written to the descendants of Heber who is the descendant of Shem, who fathered the strongest strain of the White race in the world today, you find this great mystery. In fact, in the early writings of Enoch, as well as in the later writings to your race, the only thing which these writers understood was, that there was a spiritual quality in this household, this race. It was an inherited Celestial Consciousness and an area of influence upon the soul which should not be mutated by any Divine law violation which would corrupt the race.

We point out that having been begotten in the spirit, then you had to exist with the Father before the world was framed. Jesus referred in His own ministry, in John 17, to this fact that you as a people from whence came His disciples, that you as a people are capable of understanding His voice. That you are His sheep, that you know His voice, and He can lead you out. And then He said these people had belonged unto Deity, to the Eternal Father in the heavens. That you belonged to Him in the heavens in Celestial or Spiritual plains.

“Thine they were in the Heavens----now embodied in earth, this same God says, “Mine they are in earth.”

When you understand this, then you will realize that you pre-existed with the Father before the world was framed. And you will then understand what the Apostle Paul is talking about in the book of Ephesians in which he says that you were with the Father, and blessed by all spiritual blessings before the world was framed.

These are some of the deep mysteries spoken of by the Christ to His disciples. And they were part of the deep mysteries also known in the mystery schools of your race, back in the days of Solomon, then way back in the days of Enoch. These were understood by Enoch and even brought out in the writings of Seth.

The important thing for you to know is that God has a household and has a family. When He destined for them to come from heaven to be embodied in earth, the destiny called for them to be enveloped in light and glory and with power, a powerful race of sons, a powerful race of the offspring of God, to deal with a creation which had fallen out of the areas of benefits and under the control of Lucifer. The battles of Lucifer which happened in ancient ages, and the catastrophe that enveloped this area of God’s Universe, because of that clash, were past history when your race was placed here. Your place and your responsibility, were to overthrow the darkness of earth, and to lift up the standards of God, and re-inherit your possessions. There was no illusion about what would happen in a new place, in a new environment. The omniscience of God allowed HIM to foresee things which were going to happen. And one of the things HE knew that would happen was that subject to the temptations of the kingdom of Lucifer, and with that temptation, now directed against your race, you would make mistakes. This is one of the reasons that He said embodies in a physical world, this Adamic race would also make its area of errors which would require Divine Redemption, and referred to HIMSELF as Kinsmen of HIS household. And then said, ‘My atonement which involves My being slain for you, has been ordained from this time into the future.’ Thus says the Apostle Paul, as he tells us that, ‘HE was the Lamb of God slain before the foundations of the world.’ But no less had He retained His Deity, His qualities of Eternal life, and the intense power by which the Universe is held together, the indestructible YAHWEH God, and Eternal Father, capable of existing in any plain and in any dimension in which He had by form and energy put together in the creation.

So, you are the children of God. You are different than the dweller in the solar system, or in the Universe, except with the exception of your kinsmen in Celestial plains. In this physical world, you are different from every race which lives here. There are people today out of the ancient Tungsten races of Asia, and there are the Negroes brought in during the days of Lucifer’s rebellion. There are blending of racial streams brought about by the violation of Divine law. And there is your race which God placed in earth for the purpose of building His Kingdom. This is not just the matter of bringing to your attention the superiority of Celestial origin. It is not just a matter of bringing this forward as a status of pride. But if there is anything that should stir your heart and fill it with pride of your Father’s house, it is the realization that you are a child of the Eternal God. It is because it is the ‘grace’ of your Father. And surely, it is the nature inside of you that would improve the lot of all creation, that would restore all of those who have fallen to the status from which they fallen originally, to accomplish the purposes of the Father, to take back the Kingdom, to bring back a rebellious Archangel who had become Luciferian and Satanic, back into a proper relationship with Law. This will come. And you happen to stand here in 1963, on the banks of another gigantic struggle which will be fought in physical plains, with men, with equipment, with technology. But that does not eliminate the forces that are involved. The struggle is already going on for the minds of men. And the design for the control of the earth by the forces of darkness is as real today as it was at any time in history. But he is trying to make you unaware of it, so that he can absorb you, and thus eliminate your ability to deliver the Kingdom.

The Father has without any question determined the course of tomorrow’s destiny. And it shall come to pass as He has foreordained it. As He transferred you in this process to earth, has with infinite understanding, complete and perfect knowledge concerning who you are and what you can accomplish, and what He is going to do with you. There has been no attempt to accomplish something in which God has failed. I want you to know that there never has been a failure with God. He has never had to change His mind, an try to find something else. Any time you find some translation saying that God had to change His mind on something He set out to accomplish, then you can be sure that some human agency came along and put that in the record. At no time did God make errors or mistakes.

There are no mistakes with HE who put together all law, with HE who holds everything together by that law. Whether it be a law of electronics in the area of the physics of the formation of the atomic Universe, or whether it be in areas of light and the sidereal systems and all things, HE put together all things as it is and that is the way it has been synthesized.

When I talk to you as the children of light, the children of eternity, I want you to know that it is important for you to preserve the status and structure of your society. The first primeval law is that you shall not cohabitate with another race, that you shall not mix your blood, that you shall not defuse your society. That you be very careful of the environment in which you raise your children to adulthood. This is Divine Law. This is why such men as the prophet Ezra talked about the Holy Seed. This is why one of the greatest catastrophes to effect your race is any pollution of the Holy Seed. And the prophet Ezra tells us what happens when this pollution of the Holy Seed takes place. There then comes a confusion of face, the racial characteristics are lost, the spiritual capacities are lost, and the Divine instructions under such a situation are that this mongrel offspring which brought this about, this corruption of blood from other races, must be put of the land. They must be put out of your environment because God said this is essential for His Kingdom. If the individual will not accept this, then he also should be instructed to leave. This is ‘within the structure of Divine purpose.’

Now there is a destiny for you. And I want you to know what this destiny is. We turn to the writings of the Apostle Paul (Romans 8:28)---’And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.’ Then he said, ‘I call My Sheep by name, I lead them out.’-----’Thine they were in the heavens, Mine they are in earth.’ All races did not come down out of the heavens. For some were created here and they have never left the earth. As for you, this is your present occupational home. But the Apostle Paul, in the book of Hebrews, tells you that you are strangers and pilgrims in the earth.

Again, the Grace of God has ordained that you shall stay to finish the task. And a great area of spiritual knowledge and law with your Celestial consciousness of those who understand, has been hidden from your soul consciousness in this body in which you not live. If you could remember all that your Celestial consciousness knows, (for remember, this mind which was in Christ Jesus is also in you)--and this is what the Apostle Paul is telling you---then, my friends, if you could remember all that, then you wouldn’t stay here under certain circumstances and conditions. This is why you are told in the book of Hebrews, ‘Since you are strangers and pilgrims in the world, then one of the reasons you are still staying here is because you can’t remember how you got here, or how to go back.’ I point out to you that your soul consciousness is able, here in your physical body, to store up its experiences and to dwell within that body. It is also capable of dwelling apart from this body in Celestial plains, or it can dwell within this physical body with both Celestial consciousness and physical senses, working completely. The destiny which God has ordained is not to take you out of this body, but to restore back to this body, immortality. Along with the restoration of immortality to this body, is restored the developing pattern of complete coordination between Spirit, soul, and body consciousness until you are empowered with the light and the vision of the Spirit. And then you will operate with power and perfection.

Your ultimate destiny is not only to think like God, but to have an appearance like God. You are to operate, in God-like power, in God-like authority, undefeated in any area of human experience. For this is your Destiny. Some people will say, ‘But this is coming a little late for some people because millions of our race have passed back into the heavens without having attained the full status of ‘God-like’ destiny.’ But, my friends, do not be discouraged by this. Because they will all be back and will dwell with ‘God-like’ demonstration in the earth. Not one single one of your race, even tho they have passed into the dimension of Spirit, with their bodies laid away in the grave, are going to have a defeatism in their history, relative to earth, as sons and daughters of God. For this cause we have a doctrine of Resurrection taught as Sons and Daughters of GOD. For this cause, we have a doctrine of Resurrection by the Christ unveiled by the Apostle Paul, in which mortal shall put on immortality, and the Celestial consciousness of Divine sons and daughters who have passed thru earth, shall victoriously demonstrate an un-deffetable company to the host of earth.

We point out to you again these words. ‘That all things work together for good unto them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. For whom HE did fore-know.’----Alright, who are these people He did foreknow? Obviously these are the people He knew in the heavens before they came to earth. Obviously these are the people He knew in the heavens before it became necessary for the Christ’s ministry in earth and of the establishing of His Church. We also know that the people He foreknew were the people that were with HIM in the heavens. Jesus said to His disciples, ‘You are they who have been with Me from the beginning.’ And the declaration here is relative to the Cosmos. We point out to you that those He foreknew, He did predestinate (or destined) that they would conform to the image of ‘the Son.’ (Romans 8:29) The early text said that they would conform to the very image and power of HIS embodiment. The declaration therefore states that those whom HE pre-determined, HE called. And those whom He called, He justified. And those He justified, He also Glorified, in HIS purpose.

I want you to realize then, that when we read about the race of which you are a part, that this race is referred to as HIS ELECT. We are told throughout the Epistles of the Apostle Paul, about the ‘Elect’--according to the foreknowledge of God. Elect from the foundations of the world. Therefore, by this policy of decision, YAHWEH God, ordained that this race would come to earth. That is would develop into a great racial stream. That it would be built into nations, but that this would be HIS household in the earth, Elect, according to HIS own foreknowledge. There is not one single area in the New Testament of promise, of relationship with God relative to the Covenants, the Laws of God, or the Grace of God, which are not bestowed upon those who are, ‘The Elect’ of God according to HIS foreknowledge, that had not been with HIM before the world was framed.

There are a lot of people who are claiming a lot of philosophical transition. They are saying that because we now embrace the ‘truth,’ that by this process we become sons of God, the Elect of God, the Israel of God. But I tell you that the Israel of God are the offspring of God, and they are to rule with HIM. They are a race of people, an Issue, which He started with Adam in earth and recalled to the consciousness of Enoch whom He tells that he is Israel. Then later renamed Jacob to Israel, and this name Israel, then takes on the first significance in Biblical records as ‘Rulers with God,’ household of the MOST HIGH. Just like the word ‘Saints’ meaning believing offspring of the MOST HIGH. This is most important for you to understand.

When we say that you have a Celestial body and a physical body, which could be more important than for you to understand than that both of these bodies, each in a different plain, existing at the same time, are the areas of your ability to survive. That your consciousness resident here in a physical body can reside in a Celestial body and as the Apostle Paul said, ‘As you conform to the image of ONE in the earth, you also conform to the image of the other also. And the One is enveloped in the Other.’ Therefore, the Apostle Paul says, ‘I don’t want to die, but I do want to be enveloped with this Celestial Glory, this Celestial house out of the plains of spirit.’

I point out to you then again, these words by the Apostle Paul, ‘Those He did foreknow, He has pre-determined that they are to be conformed to the image of HIS own embodiment.’ I can think of nothing more important than for your race to be suddenly empowered to conform to the status of God’s ministry with the power possessed by the Man--CHRIST JESUS. I think it is important for you to understand that there is no fear that could be directed against you which should be able to direct your consciousness when you know what is true. You know that you can dwell in this body. You can dwell in a Celestial body and even be aware that you have lost anything when you passed into a Celestial plain. When the Apostle Paul said, ‘Whether in the body or out of the body, I cannot tell.’----He was pointing out the fact that the existence in the Celestial dimension is a real and intangible existence---that in this body of light in the Celestial realm, it was as tho in this physical body. And Paul couldn’t tell where in or out of his physical body. We know that Enoch was in a physical body as he traveled on a great craft far out into the heavens. We know that he was told that he was brought in the physical body so that he would not lose any area of the realization of his experiences as he returned into the environment of his physical body. A knowledge of spiritual law is found throughout all the areas of Divine Revelation to the race of which you are a part. If Churches do not teach spiritual law, or spiritual existence with the Father, or the patterns of Divine Election, it is because they did not teach this to their ministers in their theological seminaries. Or else they told them in the seminary to avoid this, because this is an area we don’t want to discuss. They don’t always tell you why you are not to discuss it. I remember one time when a Methodist instructor was trying to tell us to stay away from the words of Jesus, “I give them Eternal Life, and they never perish,”---simply because it was Baptistic. Then you get into a Baptist College and their instructors won’t tell you something which might not be in their selected, or accepted doctrine.

I want you to know that all truth is important. And we must come to the knowledge of all truth. We are eventually developing back out of the pattern of being the followers of John Wesley, or Calvin or other men. And we are advancing beyond any of these individual leaders whom God raised, because we should be advancing---’Line upon line, and precept upon precept.’ We are coming to the day of ‘ONE FAITH, ONE LORD, ONE BAPTISM.’ And ONE mighty Christian Church which shall not be defeated, which shall carry out its objectives. It shall not be subordinated by national councils and socialistic minded infiltration by groups who have moved in to organize theology. The Christian Church will stand all of this. The Christian Church will expand beyond this. And every Christian throughout the world who belongs to the house of God, and to the race of His calling, is going to consummate this mighty age of Glory in this way.

The Church is not going down and out. It’s greatest task is before it. The nations of God’s Kingdom are not going down to defeat and be wiped from the face of the earth, or be subordinated by the forces of darkness. This is the biggest conflict that you have ever faced. But this is a conflict that you are going to win with the greatest power that has ever been manifested by men, in earth, at any time before.

We look at this declaration that you are destined to conform to the image of the Son. This is not the only place where you have been told of the significance of this pattern. Your Celestial body has a Celestial mind which we have told you before, as we talked about this computer system in which you score---’Thus saith the LORD.’ From your early youth, there have been things, because you were a preacher, or because you are members of the race of the house of God, that have been stored as things of God, in your thinking. From your mother’s knee and from Sunday School and from Churches, you have learned things. And some of them were true and some were only partially true. But these facts were stored in the basic pattern of your remembrance. As we have cited to you before, you can never learn too much about God.---’Thus saith the LORD.’ The word of God, the mind of God, the knowledge of God, is your most important possession. All of these things learned help to make up your consciousness.

There is in the world today, a world order fighting you. And it stores up all kinds of false information. It puts into the computer system such complete areas of false information that this false information effects the entire thinking of the world order. But it is the truth inside of you, plus the delineation of truth and error, by the spirit which is a gift of discernment, that causes you to catalogue their propaganda. Then you don’t accept everything they say just because you hear it over the television or over the radio. You classify what you hear as propaganda or as coming from an area of the Church which does not understand. So, what is it that makes these things work? It is this spiritual quality of this mind of Christ, this Celestial consciousness that breaks thru to your soul and guides and advises you. It is this area which produces the consciousness which gets a little bit irritated when you aren’t doing the right thing. And causes you to know that there is a warning system going on, so that you correct and re-evaluate your thinking.

So, when we say that you have a tremendous destiny, remember this. God has determined that every last one of His sons and daughters born into the world are eventually going to successfully, completely, and fully carry out the kind of power that HE had. Of course, some will never understand until they see the completion of some of these promises and the final outpouring of Spiritual energy, all the patterns of Divine Law that were at the fingertips of Jesus. We will then understand that He had the power to synthesize light. Power that could heal the sick by putting the body in perfect balance in every atom of its being. He had power that would effect the atmosphere until it would cool the air and still the wind and the waves. This was not superstition, but the miracles of God were operations on higher plains of law, than man understood. I recognize that the enemies of Christ would like to make of Him someone completely dependent on the outside for all sorts of assistance. They would like to destroy His Deity and give Him the abilities of just a man.

We point out to you that not only did the wind and the waves obey Him, but He had complete power over every atom of His being. You remember how they lured Him,---so they thought---down into the treasury room of the Temple and there they had gathered their rocks to stone HIM. And when Jesus came down there to the room where the stones were placed so their ‘ADL’ could assassinate Him, then suddenly, they picked up their stones to slay HIM, but ‘where did HE go?’ He had used the knowledge of the law which secured His passage out of that stone compartment underneath the temple.---An easy thing.---That stepping up of the wave lengths of energy by the Celestial consciousness brought Him into a dimension in which was no resistance, because it wasn’t even there. All things which are so solid to you are only solid in the plain of their existence. And in another wavelength they are no resistance. And as they were looking for Jesus inside their treasury department, then in came a guard, and they said, ‘We are looking for Jesus. He was just here.’ But the guard said, ‘No, He is outside talking to the people.’ You say, ‘How did He do that?’ Well, He knew how. And He said that greater things than these ‘I’ am doing, you are going to do.’ And you could too, if you knew how. But you say, ‘My Bible says if you believe---.’ But the word is if you ‘understand.’

Another instance happens at a time after the Resurrection, as the disciples were in the Upper room. They were telling Thomas that the LORD had risen, that He had eaten with some of the Apostles, and bee seen by others. That they knew He was alive. Thomas said, ‘I couldn’t believe that unless I could put my fingers in the nail prints in His hands, and thrush my hand into His side.’ Just as he climaxed that statement, Jesus came right thru the wall. And He said, ‘Come here Thomas.’ By this time as you could imagine, Thomas was very disturbed. And Jesus said, ‘Now Thomas, this is not spirit, so you come here and thrust your fingers into the nail prints of My hand and your hand into My side, and know that this is flesh and bones.’ But Thomas just dropped to his knees and said, ‘My Master, my LORD, my God.’ I only introduce this to show you that Jesus had the Law and the power, the wisdom and the knowledge. He was the embodiment of His full Deity. And He could take that body right thru a wall and then say, ‘This is not spirit, this is body.’ The spirit was there, but what Thomas was going to touch was body.

I want you to realize that when I am talking about power, it is your destiny eventually to conform to like power in which even the elements are at your command. When you think of Majesty, of Light, and Glory, the beauty which enveloped Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration was formed from a cross from the dimension of spirit into a physical world, and the Celestial light He carried with Him enveloped His physical body. We are told to:---’Arise and shine, thy Light has come, and the Glory of Deity has risen upon thee.’ (Isa. 60:1)

You possess this because you are a child of God, because you are of an incorruptible seed. Because you are the children of the Eternal, this is the heritage that you carry.

Every once in a while some religionist’s says, ‘We don’t want any racism. We just want to mix all the races and not have any differences between people.’ If you did that, you would be defeating the whole ultimate plan of God. That is why this will never work out. If you want to know the relationship of race to purpose or the race truth, then I tell you that this truth of race is going to survive. It is going to quicken people to racial respect. The power of God is going to descend on your race. And instead of being swallowed up, it is going to stand up and lead the world in the greatest destiny just ahead.

I think we have a lot of contemporary object lessons. If you have this weeks ‘U.S. News and World Report’, you will note that one of the leading articles on its cover is ‘the blight which has hit Washington.’----Since Washington D.C. is our capital, we are very interested in this. We note that about one out of every five pupils in the schools there carries a venereal disease and other sicknesses from uncleanliness. We discover that you cannot walk the streets of Washington D.C. without being assaulted. We discovered that three hundred people last week were assaulted and injured by Negroes. So it tells us that the blight that has hit Washington was the coming of the Negroes who make up 87% of the population as of now. Its Chief of Police and the U.S. educators finally came out with this piece of news laws week. Do you want this to happen to your community? Would you like this to happen to every part of the nation? Well, as they come in, you get a blight. You get crime, you get violence, you get illegitimacy, you get immorality, and all the diseases and sickness that go with this evil. Why? These people have ben in this country for several centuries, and have been subject to the same patterns of theology. They have been taught ethics, morality, and standards. The same as you were taught. But they don’t synthesize this teaching like you do. The only way there is any development for them is when they are under the administration of White Celestial sons who enforce Divine Law, and make they obey.

When we discuss this matter, it is very simple. As blacks come into an area and outnumber whites than the whites leave. I tell you that if the difference in the crime, vice, immorality, sickness and disease of a city is because of mixing the races where they dwell then, ‘race’ is important. I tell you that by the entrance of blacks in great numbers into your community under the advocacy of the world order, with the object of integrating your society, then you are spiritually responsible before God to prepare a better environment for the raising of your children. I tell you that it is your responsibility before your Father to build the kind of society that He has ordained for this race out of the heavens, these children of the Kingdom. Because HE told you to dwell apart. He told you also to administer your affairs in your own cities and not let these strangers ever get any ascendency over you. I want you to know that there is not Negro in these United States worthy to be Post Master in any of your cities. They are having enough trouble as it is in getting the mail straight. There is no individual out of a sub-race who does not have the spiritual capacity and guidance and leadership which belongs to the sons and daughters of God that can have any areas in administration, in government over you. And they are the last people you should ever subject your children to for instruction.

You may say this is prejudice. But on the contrary, it is built upon the best evidence that can be provided. This is the experience of our nation under wrong leadership which has produced the results of today, in our nations Capital city. I can well believe that it would be a good idea, as one Congressman suggested, that we move the Capital of the United States to some other part of the country, and get a good clean beginning and have some regulations with that move. The only objectives I have heard was to the tremendous expense of leaving all these beautiful buildings. But don’t worry about that, my friends, because you pour out more money all over the world than represented in those buildings. Just forget them and build some more buildings, and put men to work. It is better to save the nation than keep the buildings.

We point out to you that when we say, ‘Predestinate’--to conform to HIS own image---can you think of any greater destiny than for a child of God embodied in a physical world? And tho your race by its errors has lost some of its power, yet your Father has promised not only to restore your power, but says, ‘This is My plan for you. I an going to have My Way. You are going to stand forth in the earth, in Majesty, Glory and in Power.’ With all the things there are to accomplish, with all the tremendous things that are ahead, you will accomplish this as an un-defeatable, indestructible race, or Divinely unveiled Sons.

No wonder the Apostle Paul said the whole creation is vibrating together with us waiting for this day. That Glory which surrounded Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration on that day is yours because you are a child of the FATHER.

I want you to note also in the book of II Corinthians in the 3rd chapter, as the Apostle Paul tells us a little bit about this area of transition. He tells us about how Moses was upon the mountain where the presence of God was manifested. In Deuteronomy, we are told about how God swept in out of space, circled over three great mountain tops and came with thousands upon thousands of His Saints, and His administering Spirits. Their great crafts came down upon Mount Sinai and there made the whole mountain tremble with the amounts of energy manifested there. It was like static electricity playing a part, or like lightening playing around the mountain. The Glory around that mountain was so great as contact was made between the two plains of heaven and earth, that men could not even touch the mountain and live. And they were told to stand back. Moses had been meeting with God out in the wilderness. And under the period of His guiding leadership and had gradually become immunized to Divine presence. He had absorbed and was charged with Divine power. And upon the mountain that day, when ‘The Law’ was given to Moses, the energy in the fingertips of God, first was disintegrated into the substance of a rock and then carved with His fingers in the stone---The Law. In that day, Moses was so charged with Glory and Light, and the effulging energy of Spirit, and so saturated was every element of his being, that when Moses came down off that mountain, he was radiant with Glory. He was bright like the presence of the Eternal. Don’t forget that Moses was almost in a trance. And he so wanted to see God. But YAHWEH said, ‘You cannot look upon My face and stand it in your physical body. You are not ready for that. But you can look at My back. So Moses, you get down in those rocks and look out thru this hole in the rock, and as I walk by you can look at My back.’ Now, I want you to remember that anytime you think of God as just a force or just a power of nature like the sun, or the power of moisture which causes the seeds to grow, then think a little further. If you think He is just a force which is a force of living growing things and that is all, if you do not think that God has a form, personality and appearance, then you remember this. Enoch saw HIM in the heavenlies, and Moses wanted to see HIM on earth. I don’t think Moses would have cared if he lived or dies. He just wanted to see God. But Moses got down in the rocks and he looked out that hole in the rock and he was going to look right up at God anyway. But we are told that as YAHWEH walked by, He put His hand over the hole in the rock and after He had passed by the rock, then He took His hand away and Moses looked at the back of God.’

Then Moses came down off that mountain so charged with Light, that they had to cover him because the people couldn’t stand the radiance of his Glory. This is heavenly facts brought to earth. This is a heavenly race transferred to earth. You see this race without its Glory. But the world is going to see it with its Glory as it synthesizes the greatest age in human history.

Listen. Moses, as he came down off that mountain, had to have a veil put over his face because the children of Israel could not have looked upon this Glory and withstood it at that time. Therefore, let it be said that the spirit of the LORD is moving on you. And wherever that spirit of the LORD is, there is that great liberty of power and Majesty. Therefore, as with an open face, as tho we were looking into a looking glass, it says, ‘The Glory of the Eternal YAHWEH shall change you into the image of His Glory. From Glory to Glory---from light to Light---from illumination to Illumination for the Spirit of YAHWEH,’ as the Apostle Paul tells me, ‘is in you.’

We were born into this world and we were not born with a Negroes spirit, nor with a Chinaman’s spirit. And we don’t dislike Chinese or Negroes, because they are here, for they are a part of our inheritance. My FATHER said, ‘Ask Me and I will give you all the heathens for thine inheritance.’ And we want every last one of them in their proper place. We want every one of them restored to that great creative condition in which they were first placed in earth. We want to see all the patterns of superstition, ignorance and poverty totally illuminated from all the areas of earth. We want to teach men how to apply themselves to accomplish things for themselves.

But I want you to know that you children of the Father were born into this world with the Spirit of God. This Spirit will bring you to the knowledge of all truth. This Spirit will bring all things to your remembrance. This Spirit is absolute power to bring you thru all situations which you must pass thru. Every once in awhile, someone says, ‘I don’t have any time for religion, or for meditation, or for instructions.’ Then you don’t have any time for power. You don’t have time for heavenly balance. The person who has no time for God has no time to get anywhere and the picture before him is only of mediocrity. There is a drive which descends upon men with spiritual wisdom. There is a drive that descends upon men as they learn and know about their yesterdays and tomorrows in God’s plan. The more you know about God’s plan, the less you can stand still and do nothing about it. The more you have to operate in that plan, the more you operate in it with a serenity of spirit in the midst of upheaval. You are not intimidated by what the enemy is going to do. You are no more disturbed than Jesus was worried about the rocks down in that treasury room.

You are dealing with a people of the world who have not changed any over the years. There hasn’t been any mass conversion of the Jews. They can’t tell the truth any better today than they could in the days of Jesus. The politicians, after being with them for awhile, can’t tell the difference between truth and error.

I point out to you that Jesus said to them, ‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. You cannot hear My words, because you can never understand My words.’ This was a declaration by Jesus to His people.

A week ago we were addressing you in this auditorium and the National States Rights Party was holding a meeting in the Embassy. Now, we are in complete agreement with the desire of the National States Rights Party people in the program of seeing States rights and sovereignty and independence, and seeing the States reserve their sovereignty in face of increasing Nationalism. In fact, some of the ministers at that meeting of the National States Rights Party, are my friends. But what I wanted to bring out is that while that meeting was going on, we were here in a meeting. But the enemy wanted to spear something good, so the Communist Party sent a Communist Jew reporter down to that meeting and then they wrote up a report of the meeting. I talked with some of those ministers who were there and those things that were reported in the paper were not even said at that meeting. They even said in the paper that we opened the meeting, and they made statements that we were supposed to have said which were not only illiterate in their construction, but violent in their nature. And then one of the reporters went so far as to report that we said this to a woman.---They said we said we will hurl you out of here and down those stairs on your head, so don’t ever come back here.----Well, this goes to show that not only does your enemy lie, but also re-quotes their lies. But they are talking about violence and illiteracy and are asking the governor to investigate everyone who was at that meeting. The thing I point out to you is that while that meeting was going on, we were here speaking to you. And yet they quote us and what they say we said at the other meeting. This proves that they cannot tell the truth under any circumstances. They do not change. They have no capacity to change. They live with a lie.

Now, don’t think this is a repudiation of the National States Rights Party, because the reason I wasn’t at their meeting was because I was speaking to you. Anytime there is anything in America which is moving forward to White Christian Administration and White supremacy, I want to be there.

Now, someone will say, ‘Dr. Swift, you shouldn’t say, White Supremacy.’ Well, this is my Father’s Kingdom and I am anxious for the day when the Kingdom is administrating all over the earth as God has ordained.

I just want you to know that there is something operating in you that is different than that which is in the enemy. They have no capacity to think in terms of truth, or integrity. Instead, they operate constantly in a lie. They operate in the avenues of violence and evil, because this is the way they think. We point out to you that we are living in a very unusual period of time. We are living in the time of the great challenge, when all of the essential power which your inheritance gives you is very vital to you. So to meet this challenge, then God says, ‘I am going to move on this age, and I will put out essential power like great showers of rain. I will put out wavelengths of Divine energy and it will stimulate and quicken the consciousness of My people. It will unlock hidden doors, and bring the enveloping light of Divine Glory out upon My people, and they shall shine forth with the Glory of the Eternal.

Now, God is already out of spiritual illumination from Celestial consciousness bringing to your soul, cognition, a transition which is taking place right now in your soul. Day by day, and line by line, the light of heaven is emerging upon your countenance. The more you know of God, the more you can move with serenity in the midst of conflict to carry out the vital objectives. The more completely you live in anticipation of events that are to take place, God’s Omniscience and fore knowledge becomes involved in all this. For He begins to reflect into your minds tomorrow’s events, and tomorrow’s developments. And you see them come to pass.

I tell you this afternoon, that as this knowledge of SONSHIP, begins to dawn upon you that you will not trade it for anything in this whole world. As this knowledge of the destiny of this great nation, and all the nations of God’s Kingdom begins to dawn upon you, then you would not exchange this knowledge for anything of this world. You wouldn’t sell this knowledge of Destiny for any amount of money, or wipe it out of your consciousness for any amount of material reward. Because there is nothing as satisfying to the consciousness of man than the knowledge of God. When man understands this relationship with HIM, then there is nothing else to tempt you.

Now, in misunderstanding, do not say that we do not believe in the Atonement, because we do believe in the Atonement, without which no redemption could have taken place. Don’t therefore, go out and say we don’t believe in ‘Twice Born’ men, because we believe that all of you here are ‘Twice Born’ children of the FATHER. But you can go out of here and say that we believe that the FATHER isn’t going to lose any of you. Do you realize how much Grace there is in the Grace of God? He even reaches out to transform and make new men out of some of these politicians and that is a lot of Grace. You are on the edge of Armageddon and don’t forget that.

One of your freighters was torpedoed in the Caribbean last week, and that is why it never passed between the Caribbean and the Keys. That is why that on a simple trip from Houston, Texas to South Carolina, that this ship never arrived. Your enemy sank the freighter. Did you know that? Panamanian radio had the story. But you couldn’t get it out of American papers. The Air Force, the Navy and the Army, covered every inch of that ocean. And they had it under radar coverage. A ship doesn’t go from Houston to South Carolina and get lost when there is no storm and the sea id glass calm. Why was it that the freighters radio suddenly cut off after the strange word ‘Attack’---then that was all. The enemy announced last Thursday, that a great wave of terror was going to descend upon America from the areas of the earth round about. That these United States would be subjected to a reign of terror from all Latin American countries which are now subject to Red developments taking place. They are boasting of this development, and saying that when it comes, that we, America, will not know how to retaliate because we wouldn’t know from where it came.

Whether death by sea, or missile, or bombs, or any other type of attack, they are saying that we will not know how to answer that attack. They are planning a wave of terror until we subordinate ourselves to the ‘blue print’ of the ‘Workers World’ and the liberation of mankind by Communism.

That, my friends, is not liberation. That is bondage.

The L.A. Times came out with the blue-print of the wave of terror to be directed against you. So remember these are the years for this to occur. From the countries over the world, the clippings are coming in to me to show of the Communist design.

Now, I tell you that when the army of the enemy is preparing for Armageddon, then you better be preparing for victory. And this victory will come with knowledge, and know how. It will require that you cleanse your land and hold together the Covenants of the Father, as it relates to your responsibility in preserving THE HOUSEHOLD AND THE RACE.

Yes, ‘Predestined to conform to the image of the Son.’

We could not finish a subject such as that in a given length of time as this, but the wavelength of knowledge and truth, the wavelength of God’s Spirit working in you is changing and empowering you. And will cause you to do the work of God as you conform to ‘THE IMAGE OF YAHWEH’S EMBODIMENT---SON.’

(End of message)