Confusion Throughout The Land, 10-9-67


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-9-67

The patterns of the scripture are easy to follow in the trail of government. And the kingdom of God is without doubt the most important government in the earth today. The scriptures talk about the program of God's kingdom, and Jesus the Christ went out and preached The Gospel of the kingdom thru out all of the land of Galilee and thru out all of Judea. And of course the Gospel of the Kingdom is of course the administration of God's kingdom over the earth. You can call it the kingdom of God or the kingdom of heaven, but definitely it was marked in distinction as the power of the Most High, and was resting upon His program for his kingdom.

And in the policy of his kingdom it is noted that it is to be declared in his kingdom, that some people are ordained, and that this Gospel of the kingdom is based upon divine law. The Kingdom of God lies in the midst of the earth, and its great strength lies in the administration of LAW. There is no government of any kind which does not have laws, whether good laws or bad laws. The laws of the kingdom of God are good, they are righteous, and they will never be cast aside.

However as we have watched the development of God's kingdom from the days of Moses on Mount Sinai, we note that HE gave this law to Israel. The laws had to be given to Israel for there were no other people on the face of the earth who could understand them. No other people who had the perception to understand them. These guided by the spirit of God, and are the offspring of the Most High. Therefore God said that he bestowed HIS law on Israel. He did not give it to Africa or to Asia, for these people lack the spiritual capacity to understand. And He never gave it to the Jews because they would not obey his laws anyhow, for they are not Israel. The are the offspring of Lucifer and are multiplied today thru out the world, but in their main capacities, they are what we call Jewry and all is present in what we call Zionism.

A rather interesting situation is down in Palestine, where there are red Jews and black Jews, and yellow Jews, and off-white Jews. In fact the yellow Jews are coming to the forefront, and they site that in a short while that Zen Buddhism will be one of the most powerful religions inside of Palestine. Of course the Jewish Cabal of Internationalism has been well established, for the children of Lucifer have placed them at the head of all of the works against the program of God's kingdom. As God speaks out he denounces this Jewish administration, and denounces it for all times.

He cites in the book of Revelation that they are to be blamed for all of the slain of the believing offspring of God. Of all of the prophets as well as all of the others slain upon the face of the earth, HE says that Jewry will be responsible for this. He says that they are thy merchants, and some of the great men who deceived all of the nations. They have literally deceived the nations, all of the nations, and the United Nations is in their hands, and under their control. Under the program of this Jewish force, under this program of the World Order, they are to outlaw the laws of God. This is a world revolution, to overthrow the laws of God, the children of God, and for the destruction of the nations of God's kingdom. In fact if you go into the processes of integration today of your society, you will see the identity of the work of Lucifer, as they seek to gain control, and complete control of the instructions in your nation, causing a great area of confusion in your nation.

We would point out to you that in the book of Jeremiah it talks about this situation, and talks about the house of Israel, and the nations of God's kingdom. And this nation is one of the greatest nations of God's kingdom. And it was founded by men of vision and men of spirit, and men who took time to pray. As they landed on the shores of this great country, they gave thanks for HIS many blessings. And when they took over the nation and then signed the Declaration of Independence, they prayed for guidance. And as they established the Articles of confederation again they prayed for divine guidance. And when the constitution was being drawn up they set aside a day for prayer. And they started this great nation Under law. And under law then the nations of God's kingdom found themselves under God's law and the kingdom of God is a triumphant force.

Now turning to the book of Jeremiah, it says that we are a confounded people. Why? The reason is that we have heard reproach and shame has covered our faces. For we have let the strangers come into the sanctuary of God's house. As far as we are concerned in Christendom, they have grown up as a part of our society. They gave lip service to the patterns of God's word. And they looked upon all areas of divine law, and saw its patterns of divine judgment. And in spite of this our people brought forth a divine civilization. And we were told that in our Universities that we teach children who come to this school a proper service unto God. And a righteous position concerning the laws of God. And they are to be taught many subjects but the laws of God first. Almost all of the great Universities in this land had been established by organized churches. And these churches controlled these Universities from one end of the nation to the other. But the laws of God were taught as a matter of utilization, that the righteousness of a nation depended upon the fulfillment of divine law. But now we note that Jeremiah says that they are to confound the nation. And don't think that they cannot confound the nation, but you are in great confusion. And not only are you in confusion but in all of the cities of the United States, there is confusion. But this confusion comes from one source. This being that you have permitted the strangers to come in, and move into the sanctuaries of God's house. And these strangers who have come into the sanctuaries of God's house have been teaching in your colleges, teaching confusion and violation of Divine law.

Of course the first procedure as to how not to teach God's law is to say that God does not exist anyhow. They say that there may be a great force of naturism at work and this is evolutionary but the laws of God are only the figments of man's imagination. So they started out in the Universities and then moved into teaching in your schools. But you should never have let the strangers come into God's house or to teach in your schools. And there they would destroy the pattern of God's law. Therefore we would have in these united States a great infiltration, and this started about back in 1909, in an increasing design the Seminaries of America were a target. And they claimed to be Christian until they became pastors inside of the Christian churches. They cited a system of Higher Criticism, and agnosticism, until the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches said:---that a man may still be a pastor even tho he does not believe in the virgin birth, the deity of Christ and the Resurrection or the return of Christ. He can still be a Christian minister and not believe in all of those things. Thus, this is the words out of the mouth of the World Council of Churches, and the National Council of Churches also.

The Godly ministers of these United States do not think this way. The Godly ministers realize that they are to speak the words of God to the people. More than that the Godly plan of salvation is continually taught by His church. That they continually stress the laws of God, and the applying them to their life. And they continually stress that as the laws of God are continually preached and followed, that the kingdom will eventually come into power.

But now we find that the people are confounded because they let the strangers into the sanctuary of God's house. However the scriptures says that you are to call for a separation between the strangers in your land, and the educational system of your land, and they are also not to speak in God's house. They can come in here to trade but they are to leave when that trading is finished. And the authorities are to uphold the rules that they are not to remain in thy land for they are a stranger unto thy God, and a stranger unto thy race, call.

We are to discover that we have made a great mistake. We have discovered that the ministers inside of many churches are not necessarily Christian. And altho the majority of them are Christian, still it is not them who are speaking out. It is the world Council and the National Council of churches that is speaking out and directing this situation. It is not they who are speaking out from certain government positions, it is those who are seeking Socialist revolution, in your midst, who are strangers from the laws of God.

Now; God speaks about his kingdom and in the areas where he talks about his kingdom, then the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of heaven, is a spiritual institution. It is made up of His sons and his daughters, of His household. The statesmen of God's nation are to be drawn out of his race, and they are supposed to be drawn by elections out of this kingdom of the Most High. So we are to understand also that there is a world order, which came under the control of Lucifer in the days of his rebellion. The day when Michael threw him out of the heavens, and he came into earth bringing in the Africans or Negroes with him, and they settled in Africa where they were the majority. They were the Negroids spoken of with the dark skin and curly hair, here in the book of Enoch. And here in earth after being thrown out of the heavens then Lucifer tried to upset all of the laws of God's kingdom. He started to upset the basis of law, and of race, by mongrelization. He tried to mingle the dark and curly haired ones with the races then on earth, who were the people of Asia and the peoples of the islands of the seas. And, yes, even the continents that went down in the seas. And then he sent them into Africa and the people who were there were swallowed up by the masses of these people who came into earth with Lucifer. There are columns in the forests of Africa, now sinking under the masses of jungle that speak of the times when there was another civilization on the earth.

As we go into the realm of archeology, we discover that the remnants of antiquity of civilizations are still upon the earth. There were great monster civilizations before the Andes mountains were raised up and you find traces of them on the top of the mountains. And 11,000 years ago cities were virtually cut in half by the uplift of these mountains. And there beneath the mass of dirt was the other half of this city which was split in half when the Andes went up. And we find that by radio carbon that it was 11,000 years ago or more that this took place. We find that long before the Adamic race was placed in earth, that there were great civilizations, but all have become a part of the mystic past. Even the Incas lived in cities that had been built before them of great antiquity. And with great and tremendous wisdom. And we find that they had moved great massive blocks of stone over to the place where they had built this Inca city, which was at sea level at that time. Therefore they did not raise these blocks of stone up the mountain, for they were built before the raise of the mountain, at sea level. And today we have been able to locate out in the Matto Grasso 800 miles out there where these blocks of stone were carved. Thus civilizations did exist but then Lucifer started his process of mongrelization, of destruction upon the earth.

When the Adamic race was placed here then God refers to this as his kingdom, thru out the scriptures. As he established that they were going to conquer the forces of darkness, and the forces of evil HE makes it clear as to how they are going to do this. For it will be by His law which he establishes inside of His kingdom. The laws of God are infallible, and they are immutable, and they build great societies. The laws of lucifer then attempt to mongrelize and set aside every law of God. He did this thru integration and mongrelization. There is nothing found inside the laws of God that set aside the moral laws of the race question. When God said that they were not to intermingle with these other races because it would degenerate their society, and they would cease to worship God. Even their thoughts of God and their spiritual capacity would be effected. But in this capacity HE cites that to do this and bring about the confusion of faces, would bring about divine judgment. And he calls upon the white nations of the world to send out their pagan offsprings and wives for they have no right to remain, in the house of God, which is the House of Israel. We have witnessed today in this to mutate the laws of God, that it is in all structures of society. All thoughts of a nation must be changed if Lucifer is to secure the things that he has designed.

Thus as we turn in the book of Isaiah then God speaks out concerning this. And he refers to this as the earth's order. And concerning this he speaks out and HE says:--"Behold God shall make the Earth's order empty.” He shall make it waste as he turns it upside down and scatters the inhabitants thereof. And this earth order shall be utterly empty because these people without laws, will be wiped out, for they are no order at all, this God declares. Because God has established his laws with his people in Zion, he has established his laws with Israel. Therefore a curse devours the earth, and they in the earth order shall be desolate. And the city of confusion shall be broken down and every house shut down and men shall not come in. The city shall be left in desolation, for the world order was not founded upon divine law.

Now; we see today that the world order has moved into the nations of God's kingdom. It has moved into our society, and as it moved in it started this pattern of destruction. I think there is a lot of confusion in our land. This started when they tried to pack our Supreme Court, with officials who were being financed by organized Jewry, and by the power which they had to dissolve Christian civilization. When they started their pattern of integration into our society, they sited that it was not fair that all of these people were not equal. But then we do not have people which are all equal. There is no equality between the Negro and the white man. There is no way to make equality in this situation and there is no where it says that you can make them equal to the white race. There is a total incapacity that laws cannot bring forth. Thus when they site this segregation they site that all laws of separation are illegal in America. And yet when the constitution of the United States was drawn up a Negro was not even a citizen. So don't think that there will come a day when the constitution as it was drawn up will say that these people will become your equal. Altho they dwelt here in a society and they were somewhat satisfied, then the organization of Jewry began this upset and push them for a society that they could not ever have, that being one of equality. This is quite true that there are some who under the guidance and leadership of white men had greater capacities than others. And they climbed up the ladder in service to their own people. But at no time do they have the capacity to reach out and be the equal of the white man. Their skull seals up at ten years of age, because this is the background of their race. A white mans skull does not suture up until he is from 18 to 23 years of age. And their mental capacity is never that of the white man because they never were given the brain capacity of the man of the white race. Thus the Almighty has declared that these people will come under the administration of the white race, and the laws of the kingdom of God are to be observed. And the scripture ordains that they shall be priests and kings in the earth.

But now we find the revolutionists, we have the Carmichals, and the Rap Brown's, and Martin Luther King and these men are communists. And the government has those records but you cannot get them for they know that Martin Luther King is a communist. And they are willing to cover this up of Martin Luther King being a communist. But I think that he is about ready to come to an end anyhow.

Now; they have finally forced out the government records and on 17 counts Martin Luther King is proven to be a communist. Of course this is again a pattern of the procedure of the violation of law and the status of the state which God recognizes as the status of his kingdom. And I point out to you that the Negroes are being stirred up like in the past when the witchdoctors stirred them up, and now the modern witch doctors are stirring them up now.

Now; you can call it what you want, 50 blocks were burned in Detroit, and 50 more in New York, and call it what you want this is confusion thru out the land. The police and the national guard do not agree on what caused this and they are in confusion because they do not know what to do with the outlaws. The laws of God are the same and whether the person is within the kingdom or without the kingdom who violates the law the judgment is the same. We have laws in our states against looters and law breakers, and the police can shoot them down. Whenever in the past this was done then we did not have rioters and looters in our society. Oh, now they say but these people may not understand what they are doing. There must be a reason why they do this. But the law says that anyone doing this is to be shot. And if we had the courage to back up this law then we would no longer have confusion in our land for they understand this kind of treatment. But when only one man out of 100 has any bullets in his rifle, they will get away with it. But look who has been rounded up as attorneys to deliver these rioters as soon as possible. They paid their fines and took them out on misdemeanor crimes, altho they were rioters and looters.

Who is the government of this land? It is you the people. And if you do not establish the pattern of divine law, and establish it fairly then you will be in constant trouble. And yes we are at war in our society. You may not like how it is being carried on, for this war in Asia is making many people rich while you boys have nothing to fight with. And here at home the people of confusion are moving in telling our youth, that they do not have to respond to the draft, the standards of the nation or the laws that govern warfare. You do not have to go to Vietnam. So they are getting the Peace movements to move out into revolt. And all of this time the process of destroying the mentality of your youth is being turned on in your high Schools and Colleges. All of this is being organized by Jewry in your nation. There is a very deadly pattern going on in your schools, and your Colleges. Highly organized groups are rebelling against he normal patterns of civilizations, again the normal law And they are moving out in revolt against the true church itself. And now the youth think that it is smart to rebel against the laws that govern your society.

We learn that these groups are going to march against your society, and against Washington, D.C. and we find that the preachers are going to open all of the churches and the Synagogues in America to accommodate this crowd that says they will cover Washington, D.C. with excretion. Thus they are doing this to accommodate those who do not want to fight the Viet Cong or fight for their nation. This is a threat to take over this country. But this is confusion in this nation. And this is a threat to this nation which has given them more than any other government on the face of the planet. And the President of the United States who is also governed by the strangers in our midst has issued an executive order to help control this situation so that no one gets hurt. But men who are not elected are now running this country using the President as a shield for their work?

No wonder their is confusion in the land. This confusion comes from the mind of Lucifer whom Jesus said was from the Netherworld while the Children of God came down from above. Thus out of the Netherworld comes a constant revolution and ferment into your society, and this continues until it is destroyed.

Thus we preach the survival of the white race, and the Communists shall be sent back to Asia. George Washington said of the Republic:--‘Look and live."--I have given my blessing upon my sons and my daughters and I have purposed that they shall survive.’ And the Most High then makes this statement:--My people shall survive when they have realized that they have again transgressed my laws, and tried to break even this everlasting covenant, and they say that I did not make this covenant with them. But I made this covenant based on My holiness that I would be a God unto them, and their seed after them in all of their generations. God said I will be a God unto the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, for a thousand generations. That is 30,000 years so we have a long way to go for we have not been here quite 7500 years. But the children of darkness say they are not going to succeed. But God says:-- ‘I am going to stir and awaken my people. Wrath is going to rise up in the countenance of my people, and there will not be a Canaanite left in the House of God.’

And now we see in the paper this morning that the President of the United States says, if the Congress will not do as I say then I will freeze up all of the money. If he is talking that way then impeach him and get him out of the way. Then Mr. McNamara said that the pentagon will spend no money or planes or such until the congress gets behind the president in this war with the Viet Cong. The congress is also angry but there are not enough men left in that body who have enough fortitude to stand up against the President. But the people are getting more angry, and wrath is showing up in their countenance. And thus confusion is in the land.

They tell us that 30% of the people in the U.S. are poor and they want housing and we are to give them what they want. And the average citizen does not know what is in the National housing act which promises equal housing for all people. This does not work under your ability to save, and to support the kingdom of God and move under divine law. This is not based upon the ability of you to save, and prosper, this is just that we are going to give it to 30% of the people, whether they work or not. Thus this is simply a plea for votes and they know that as soon as the money is spent that 30% of it is then siphoned off as graft.

So Congress is speaking out, who is going to pay for this 30%?---Of course, the people who have homes, the people who work hard and save for their retirement. They are to pay for this give away. They are going to tax them until they pay for it. This is the program of this Great Society, which they are arguing about. Let’s face it. The government does not have any money unless they tax people for it. You don't get money from the crowds the rioters.

Do you know that the Government of God's kingdom is for the defense of the people from the pagan forces that would attack them? It is really government that defends against this theft, and thus it is really little more than the defense of the people. And therefore we discover that under the policy of divine law that the people shall be free. And they establish their right to be free, by establishing these purposes of the kingdom of God. Because when the government of a nation becomes the source of supplying the needs of all mankind, then you are in the area of the greater danger of dictatorship than any country has yet to be found. For this means all--governing all of your life from the cradle to the grave, and you are then a bunch of slaves to those masters. Oh, you say but that is the dictatorship of Soviet Russia. But that dictatorship is spreading to you, the 'have' nations of the world, because you have confusion ruling in the land. Because you let strangers step into your sanctuaries.

Someone says: is there a way out? Yes. God says that I will sound my voice before my people, and they shall raise a great army in my land, and when this army stands up they shall raise up the laws of God and make sure that they stand. The constitution of the United States must be reaffirmed. We must reaffirm all of these laws of God. The constitution gives you the right to have and bear arms, for our people are not working to overthrow their own government. They are just working to clean up the government that they have allowed to develop. The white man does not want to overthrow the United States, he wants to defend it. And I can tell you right now that by a bad policy as this they will never be able to disarm the citizens of these United States. And these citizens will rise up and make sure that the nation survives by going by constitutional law.

Thus by this situation of always pushing for these other programs may bring the people of the United States to unite and see that they do not take away their constitutional rights Yes they have thrown out a lot of the laws of the constitution, by their passing of illegal laws but will allow integration, where as they will finally admit that intermarriage is a part of their purpose and their plan. We thus point out to you that the laws of God are no longer being sustained because of the stranger who now are advisors to our President, who should not even be permitted inside of the United States of America.

So at this time we have a strange pattern of confusion which is mounting up in our nation. But remember that God says he is going to step into this picture. And when he sets things in motion, I would not want to live anywhere but here in His land. For he says that HE will shake the earth, and swallow up the enemy, even as I have swallowed them in the past, in their abstinence and in their consternation. So we discover that God speaks out and HE will save the nations of his kingdom.

Now; we know that America is going to survive and it will come out of this looking like a great nation of the Kingdom of God. For God has ordained it. But it is going to take a great uprising of the household of God against the evil in that nation, whether that evil stands in the white house or stands as advisors to the President. For America will arise, and the laws of God will go out of Zion, even to the ends of the earth. And you are not alone for this is also to come out of the other great white nations of the western world, who will come out of the traps set by world communism and who seem to be making all of the gains, as of now. God says that you are not to build the housing for all of these people who do nothing for it. Only sit back and wait for it. For when the minority wanted integration then when they got that they wanted equality, and when that was granted then they want to rule. They want to rule while they take all from you and tear up your country, while they ask for more power. There is no way that you can gain anything tonight, by granting these people something for nothing. If they cannot compete in your society in the normal way then they should leave. Thus, you would be rid of the beast system in your midst.

Thus as we see the wrath move up in the countenance of the people then we know we are in that day. And then we look for the day when the people of God stand for the laws of God for they approve of them. And they look with amazement upon this wave of revolt which is sweeping America. But one of these days this revolt will be cast aside, as integrity return again to your national life.

End of message.