Conquering Faith, 5-20-65


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-20-65

As we turn to our subject Conquering faith, let us first look at the events of this past week. Perhaps this is one of those weeks that was. One does not normally have a week like we just had altho it had little bearing upon our activities. We were in northern part of California to speak this week, And during that week we were under a central attack, and the main part of that attack was on KFLA's broadcast. They had made quite an elaborate preparation for this in advertisement and in newspapers concerning this panorama and background of HATE. Then they proceeded to try to prove the KKK or clan like institutions, altho they specifically did not refer to those that they attacked as members of the clan. For there is no functioning Clan in the State of California to our knowledge. The fact is that this is a Jew operation, and it is quite obviously one. They would not have gone into such a libelous broadcast if they were not ready to pay off, or willing to pay for the chance they took. They thought effective that what they were trying to accomplish in the propaganda field would be of sufficient advantage to take the chance. But it is not working out that way. This is always one of the error that the enemies of Christ or of Christianity make when they move into these fields. You cannot float any part of truth without that truth having its impact upon its listeners. It is rather interesting to note that if you oppose the enemies of God's kingdom, that if you love America and hate communism. And if you support the philosophies of the bible and condemn the pagan philosophies that you disagree with, then you are a 'hater'. You can overlook all of the areas of tyranny that is carried on by the world revolution. And you can overlook all of the areas of persecution that is carried on by economic manipulation and design, from the days of the crucifixion of Christ to today to the persecution of the church. All of this you must overlook. None of these are to be pointed out as a perpetual satanic hatred against the kingdom of God. But if you take the position against those forces taking over your own society or you advocate the carrying forward of the kingdom of God and its divine purpose then you must be a 'hater'. So by this process they made this attack.

I want you to know that this is just the beginning of the function that they have started for what they have done is to bring before millions of people this that they advocate before they have consummated it. And now they are spreading this, and news clips are being picked up on other stations. And as fast as we get the material and our attorneys get the material we will go on from here. It is an interesting thing tho that about 2/3 of all who we have heard from have been supportive of this church rather than against it. We are living in a period which is one of the most precedented periods of time in all of our history. Which means that those who have all areas of communication will move into all areas of liable and they are backed up by the power which controls most of the areas of communication.

One of the most interesting developments thru out the country is that as long as you have been able to spread the truth and the things that you believe, that as long as the Gospel of the kingdom continues to move, then the church is given avenue of communication that cannot be turned off or controlled by your enemies, who pay too much attention to what you are doing and you do not pay enough attention to what they are doing. Who take time to discover what is being taught in their synagogues, or what is discussed when they get together by themselves? At the same time what we say to our congregations, or what we lay out as religious instructions is none of their business. But if they want to know we will bring it to them.

You see, we have a unique situation. Either we have a constitution or we don't have a constitution, and we know that they have been trying in every possible way to abridge it and to bypass it. But they are now getting down to the point where the constitution will live or die, by the functions of a nation. And by these basic factors which effect free speech or effect our faith, which is trying to protect itself in all of the areas of the constitution in all of the area that they are trying to abridge. The congress of the United States can make no law establishing a new religion. It is not for them to interpret or for them to agree or disagree with the interpretation. They have no authority to do this. And by the same token they cannot legislate against religion. Religion in these United States functions within an area of freedom. But by the same token we have a right to criticize those things with which we disagree. Inside our religious institutions and inside the church, and inside of its ministry. We would of course be a most derelict people if we did not oppose an attack on our faith, by those who hate Jesus the Christ.

I also point out to you that thru out these denominations here in the United States, that this is a Christian people. Because the great culture found in these United States is preeminently and by majority Christian. The Supreme Court has ruled on various occasions that this is a Christian nation. And by this decision we can appoint out that this is the way this great culture has been developed into a mighty nation and a mighty technology. And all of the great decay and all of the problems which moves upon a people, such as a system of taxation, by anti-Christian forces and they try to bypass the constitution as hey do this. They want to destroy our way of life and remold it into their concept and ideas. And as the Christians stand for their society and their way of life then they are under attack.

Now; lets take a look at the scriptures once again. There are some scriptures that we are going to keep on pointing out and calling the attention of these people to them. One of these is in II Chronicles 19:1, "Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? Therefore is HIS wrath upon thee, from before the LORD."

I want you to know that this question is that if you are an active participant as a child of God, you should be against the enemies of God, and you should not only be against them but if not then the judgment of God moves upon you. And if you lack this opposing to the enemies of God then you pay for it with chastisement.

As you would take your children and correct them, and you would discipline them, and sometimes this discipline is not always a pleasant condition, for the child, it generally isn't for the child. You do not intend to make a discipline or chastisement something pleasant. But you do this because you want to correct their error. You want them to recognize that there is a procedure for correcting error, there is a procedure of law which they must understand. And you do this so that in later life and in what is ahead so that they will conform to the pattern of authority and law in the school of righteousness. So also the Most High God has given you a commitment, a way to live, a procedure a status. He has given you laws that are social as well as scientific laws. And this is laws that relate even to your diet, and to the handling of the soil, the procedures of Agriculture, and the balance of the economy. To the procedures to your society and to your social order. Violate these laws and they bring their own recompense.

Somehow God has always intervened before some how a great social catastrophe would envelope his people, and destroy them totally. Sometimes there are areas of unpleasantness about these areas of chastisement. From the rocking earth to the wakening up of the pressures as to what they have performed or what they have done. Sometimes they have had to defend themselves because in their lives, their disobedience. God has warned your people thru out the Old Testament and into the New. And that is one of the things that you cannot do, and that is to mix your race. And if you do then you will soon be in economic and social trouble. This sometimes is chastisement. I think America is departing from some of the chastisement of our forbearers. But there is no procedure in which you will be blessed or overlooked If you align yourself to overlook the animosities against this kingdom or against your morality or its ethics. Most of these people who tirade us exist in an industry that is so degenerate and so depraved, and the standards that they say that they are upholding are actually, my friends, are not their standards at all. They make a constant attack upon chastity, morality and ethics and at the same time we discover that they have double standards of operation.

Let’s turn again unto the Psalmist.--The 139th Psalm: which said "Thy thoughts are precious unto me oh, YAHWEH, HOW GREAT IS THE SUM OF THEM.” There can be no doubt that in these beautiful words of David. The majesty of the thoughts of God which flow thru his mind, which are the process of the holy thoughts of God are continually in communication with his children. The grant, the whole vision of things which are ahead, which give unto him the concept of knowledge and ideas, which creates the vision of anything that man produces. How great are thy thoughts oh, God. David was recognizing that he was a channel for the thoughts of God. And these thoughts were beyond number. And in this instance he unveils that the great truth taught by Jesus which can bring all things to your remembrance and lead you to the knowledge of all truth. Which is one of the great functioning processes of the Holy spirit of God. 'The spirit I give unto you that the world cannot receive but you can receive it. And it is because of this that the household of God and the culture that he established is so far above anything upon the earth today. These are the 'have nations, the people spiritually stimulated. They are the people who lift people out of darkness and superstition, and carry them forward. Today it becomes self evident, and the things which you and I believe become more self evident every day. You can attack it today with all kinds of strange theories but they do not hold water, because the facts are the things which you must gage things by.

Turn to the U.S. News this week, and turn to the page on Katanga. And turn to the page on Africa. And what do you discover but that they do not have very much to show in the field of agriculture. And in the areas where the great food production lies today in Africa. It is empty, because they murdered the white man, so says the U.S. News this week. They killed off the overseers, those trained by the white man in agricultural production. And now it has come almost to a virtual stand still. Because this great big group of Negroes who understand all about agriculture procedures have not been able to produce. The only reason why they can carry on in Africa is to buy food. And because in Katanga province, there is a mining industry and white men are running it. And Mr. Tshombe understands that they need them for the production and to operate. And he says that this is the best asset that Africa has. And because they have this production, they are capable of surviving but if it were not for these white men, and if they are driven out, then the whole place will go back to the jungle days, and without the balance of any white leadership it would be a catastrophe. You then turn to a quite obvious factor. This does not just seem to be something existing in this other area of leadership in which they say they want equality and so forth. But no one is willing to go over there and pick up this responsibility. And I turn to the U.S. News this week and it says that there would be no vitality left at all. And this is out of Africa's own leadership in Katanga Province. Unless the white man provide the leadership the know how the assistance, everything will crumble.

Now; this is not a procedure of hatred. This is an evaluation. If you do not evaluate facts that become evident then you are a very foolish people. When you can base this upon the foundation of your faith then it is indestructible. And the pattern today is quite obvious And the vision is consistent and aligned with the worship of the right God, with the overthrow of the background of superstition and darkness, which follows the witch doctor or moves in areas of superstition.

Now; let me point this out. --David said:--"How precious to me are thy thoughts oh, God. How Great is the sum of them. If I could count them, they are more in number than the sand. When I awake I am with thee. When I awake thy guidance and thy vision moves thru the visions of the night from my mind. " Then in this great continuity of his thinking then we hear David say:---"Surely thou will destroy the wicked, surely thou will break the power of the bloodly men who would destroy me. For they speak against me and thine enemies attack thy name. Do I not hate them, oh, YAHWEH, that hate thee? Am I not grieved against those that hate thee? I hate them with a perfect hatred. I count thy enemies, my enemies, Oh YAHWEH. And for this the blessing of God comes upon thee."And you then go and find out what hate is when they make so much noise about it. And you will discover that it is a firm opposition to things that you dislike. And if you do not have a firm opposition to things that you dislike then the things that you like will disappear.

Now; it has been one of those kind of weeks. It has been pretty hard to attack the people that know, and the people that also know, across America and attack is being made against that which is right. And there have been political forays in this country, as to which candidates align themselves up with the Liberal left wing forces, or the right wing forces. The President of the United States has had thru the last few weeks the privilege of knowing, that when he took a stand against Communism, or took a stand for what was right that he had to leave his own party and those behind him and all of the left wing group and that he had to move over to the right-wing for support.

You can turn to 'Time', 'Life,' or U.S. News and World Report, and what do you discover? That the president has to go over to the right wing and even to the extreme right wing to find someone who is with him in opposition to communism. And all of those around him and even his advisors, and even the Senate foreign policy advisors are against it.

Now; think this over, when we oppose the darkness and the powers of evil, and when the President is right we support him. And when he is wrong then he is over in the left. So do not let anyone tell you that the church should not discuss the President. Let me tell you something, the church will discuss the President, and will also TELL the president. Just exactly as Elijah told Ahab, or every time the prophets of Israel spoke out saying. 'Thus saith the LORD'. It is not always important whether those who are against your Faith, or are in total apathy like what you say or not. It is obvious that Elijah was all by himself, during the administration of Ahab. Not that he did not have 12 to 15 thousand friends, but they did not want to come out and identify themselves with him because he was so forthright in condemning the prophets of evil, but was pointing out the transgressions that were causing the trouble for the people in that day. Oh, there were theological students in the school of the prophets, who belonged to the proper faith, and belonged to the house of Levi. But they were not saying anything. They were a lot like many of today they were neutralized but they knew better. The other day they said that they had talked to the Clergy, and to a man they were against me. Well what a silly thing that is. Our tapes go out by the thousands, and they are played in church after church and in denomination after denomination, into Europe and Africa and in Asia. Talk about Clergy, to the man--it is like these polls. They go out to take a poll and they know where to go to get people who they know how they think, and thus the get the poll that they want for they knew where to go. In all of this time I have never had anybody ask me anything in a poll except an Automobile company ask me how I liked their car. That is the only poll taken of me. I talked to a business man in Kiwanis club, and I said to them, and I ask them how many had ever been polled by Gallop or any other polling organization. And not one of them had ever been polled. And there were about 125 men there and none of them had ever been polled. So they go out and get what they want. If you want a right wing poll then I will take it right here. Then you can say 1008 all on one side. By the same procedure let me point this out to you. That thru out all time and history, to be right did not produce an agreement and sometimes you are all alone. But when Elijah had accomplished his point, and even had challenged Ahab, who was hunting him everywhere but never could put his finger on him. But finally came the challenge and God answered on Mt. Carmel as to what was true and what was false. The agreement had been made and eventually they liquidated the prophets

Now; I had no part in that. I am just telling you what happened. But I do not want to get blamed tomorrow for it. Or come out with a statement that we made an anti-Semitic remark, about killing all of the prophets of Baal. The fact that they were kites is something that I had nothing to do with. And God looked down and said here is a man after my own heart. So here was another pattern, and God knew the evil that was being perpetrated that was designed to lead a people under the design of idolatry into total slavery, into a totalitarian regime of utter political and economic evil. You know after Elijah accomplished his great victory then all of the people came out in the open, and moved in behind him. Oh, he had 12,000 friends. He could have disappeared anytime. They would have kept him and fed him. But I want you to know that they would not stand up until after the victory. Today you have a lot better status. Today the Christian population of the world is l/6th of the worlds population. And probably 1/3 of it is awakened. Here in these United States you are a little over that. And this is causing problems for the enemy feels that something is happening which they have to try to stop.

But listen, never have we had a condition quite like this one. The prophecies and the measures are accurate. We talked to you at the beginning of this year, and we told you that as you moved thru this month and thee next one, that the Red Revolution would be stirred up and spread, and they know that. And it is in Bolivia and in the areas of the Dominican Republic that the Castro revolution is reaching out, and this is aided and abetted by the conspiracy on the inside as well as on the outside.

And now stirring in Mexico and there is more trouble. And inside of this picture is a force basically Satanic and against your nation. There is one thing that they will have to agree within this hour. That those who constitute an opposition to the program of Antichrist, and this is well outlined in both old and new testament as to the areas of earth as to where your trouble will come. That those who have opposed Communism and Antichrist from the beginning will oppose it today and oppose it tomorrow and they will oppose it until it is defeated. We have enough trouble in our nation and our society and people must recognize that God will also stir them and move them. We have had all kinds of signs that mark the 'times' in the Departure from the Faith thru out the years. But this departing is actually by organizations rather than the individuals in those organizations. And somehow these powers that move out of the organizations surface in the minds of ecclesiastical leaders. I point out to you that many of these ecclesiastical leaders have watched themselves being taken over by infiltration of Christian churches of today by the revolution socially and philosophically of the enemy.

If you take this Soviet psychological warfare conference held in Romania, they boasted as to how they had penetrated inside the Christian churches to put in their publishing houses trained and astute writers who were promoting Communism and seeking to move with their entire scope of it with the scriptures. How they were setting up and laying out foundations and study areas of sermons to promote area of the philosophy of Communism. Of course you can find the areas of penetration into education. And I think that is quite obvious today. As we pointed out to you last week, the President and J. Edgar Hoover both knew that the communist philosophy was moving thru the schools to take over the minds of the students. But they did not want to say anything about it or they would be called 'Red Baiters' (U.S. News) Well you can call us 'red Baiters' if you want for we would bait the devil, for we want to finish this battle. In fact I do not know how you are going to catch anything without a little bait. In these circumstances then let us point out to you this, that the function today of the church is to continue to advise its people concerning the blueprint of God as to where they stand in it, and their responsible activity, and what they are responsible to, and what God has instructed morally and spiritually into this responsibility. But it must also always be against what God is against.

Now; we have watched infiltrations into various denominations. We have watched Methodism weakened by socialism and communism on the inside. And we have watched this happening to other denominations. This week the Presbyterians almost resigned from the Christian faith. Someone said, are you anti Presbyterian? No. From the days of Calvin down thru the specific calling of Knox, and the setting up of the great Presbyterian movement thru out Scotland and England and its spreading thru out the rest of the world, it became one of the great testifying monuments of the Christian Faith. The great cardinal doctrine of the Presbyterian church was the absolute sovereignty of God, without any question but he would do as he desired to do. And the absolute determination of the creator to send forth the mind of his will to influence the sheep of his pasture those who were his household and his children. For he said: 'I call them by name, and I lead them out.' And his great cardinal doctrine of the Presbyterian church was called predestination. This being that God had enough power to determine what would come to pass, and to bring it to fruition, all of the forces of the kingdom to bring into proper relationship them with his plan. In fact the word 'predestination' dropped from the lips of the Apostle Paul, who wrote almost all of the largest area of literature for the Christian church. And in the book of Romans, he wrote of how God did foreknow this race, and how they were begotten in the spirit first, and then came down thru the Adamic race into the earth. The Apostle Paul after his heavenly experience noted that this Adamic race was the white race, and in the image of God. That other races were here, and other races existed here but what he pointed out was that your race was peculiar, it was to come out from among them and touch not the unclean thing. For your body is the temple of the Holy spirit, and their bodies are the temple of idols. That they are a whole culture in opposition to God, so do not integrate, and do not mongrelize so that I can be a Father unto you, and your children after you in all generations.

But I foreknew you and because I foreknew you then I 'Predestinated' you to conform to the image. The Apostle Paul tells you this. And then Isaiah declares that you are going to lead the world, and you will set them free. HIS SONS are going to break down the darkness and whip superstition and lift up the standard that will enforce the law. You are to liberate Africa and liberate Asia. This is what MY Sons will do. (Isaiah 31)

Now; those the Eternal did foreknow he did predestinate to conform to the image of his own embodiment. Whereas those he called he justified. Let’s turn over to the book of Ephesians. Having predestinated us to this position of children by Jesus Christ, by the good pleasure of his will to the praise and the Glory of his Grace, in whom we not only have redemption, but it declares unto us that we would respond and pour out sufficient energy, and spiritual force to quicken our consciousness to respond. Thus, in this instance HE did Predestinate. And then in the dispensation, in the fullness of time that HE would gather into ONE, all things in Christ, which are in heaven and in earth, in which we have been predestinated to accomplish his purpose. Why? Because we are heirs of the Father, children of His family.

You say, why do you bring this out? Because I want you to recognize His family and recognize the authority of God. Not only as to you but your origin, your beginning. I want you to know that the doctrine of Predestination should be the doctrine of all churches. And this was the cardinal foundation of the Presbyterian church. But this week in Columbus Ohio we have been watching very carefully, to the report of some 860 members of this August body as they sat in their deliberations, in their world conference. So they have decided to make some changes, the first changes in three centuries. And already we have had several Presbyterians come and say that they want to join the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Do you know why?

Now; listen. Let me just read an exert out of their pattern of doctrine. The old declaration used to say that they believe as the apostle Paul said that all scripture was given by inspiration, by the Holy spirit of God. They now cite that the scriptures are the words of men, conditioned by their ancient cultures, and their limited views of the Cosmos, and their lack of literary knowledge, and by their literary fashion. In other words those people who wrote the scriptures did not have all of the scriptures and did not have all of the knowledge, and therefore they were misinformed and what they wrote was error. They did not have the knowledge of the Union Seminary at Princeton, so we cannot accept what they said. And then they say that because of the different variety of views found in the scriptures. The bible shows that where as men could communicate with him, it did not affect the fact that when they wrote these things they wrote them from the basis of their limited knowledge, with their prejudices and their own philosophies put in the name of God. So when Moses called for a segregated society, and called for a race, and said in the book of Deuteronomy, that 'I have set you above all of the people of the earth, because you are mine '---When God calls for a holy seed which came forth from him, and he gave the blueprint of how they were to function and what they were to do, this was only the ideas of Moses. And they reject this, and the only thing that they will approve of in you is that there was a God.

Let’s go a little further. Whenever you knock out the foundation of your faith then you do not have much faith. They then said: --all we need to know about God is revealed in the man Christ Jesus, and by his conduct and his way of life. And we cannot believe all of the things that they say that he said, and we cannot also believe all that the disciples said that he did, for they might shape this up like John did, when he said that the Jews were of their father the devil, and he quoted Jesus. And when he pointed out some things that Jesus said, and Luke pointed out things that Jesus said. This is all hostile to some people and now they put it in the mouth of Jesus.

This, my friends, is a total propaganda lie. How are you going to know what Jesus said, and how are you going to know, what Jesus said, and what he knew, if you cannot accept the words of he disciples in the Gospels? So now as they catch all of the beauty that they have imputed to Jesus, then they do not want to accept all of the things in the world philosophy today. After they have poured Jesus to the world mold of comparative religion, this then is the authority, the voice of the church, that now takes its program in and tries to solve all of the conditions in earth in some equitable manner.

I am going to tell you something. You do not pour God to earths mold. You pour earth to God's mold. So by this procedure they have decided to go along with something else. It has been built into the custom of the Presbyterian church for three hundred years. Whether they went out to India, or to the far flung outposts of the earth, and whether they went as parishioners inside the church or whether they went as parts of the British army, and whether they traveled one end of the earth to the other they carried the message, that God said: --"Kind shall begat like kind,” and that 'God forbade the intermarriage of the races'. So it has been a 300-year-old doctrine of the Presbyterian church, that forbids inside of that church, interracial marriage. So for the last two days they have been in debate trying to arrange the relaxation of this, and to say that all men came from the same family. But if all men did come from the same family you would not be having any problems between the Asiatic, the Negroes and the White men. They would all look alike. I listened to one silly stoop the other night saying I am a doctor, and people ought to know that everybody is all alike. There is not any difference in them, I ought to know I am a doctor. If there is no difference how did he know that they were different. There would not be anything to talk about if all races were the same. People do not oppose people if they are spiritually guided as to race, they appose them on their capacity or their lack of capacity as far as absorbing them into a society that is already alive. They tried to ram one of these fellow thru us the other day, and he was an evolutionists. And they said that since we are the byproduct of Evolution, we have come from the primates and down thru the Negroes. These people are our brothers and we should do all that we can to lift them. I said, just a moment. You just made an affidavit that we have evolved to this high state but we came down thru this route, and I am not about to go back thru the route. And by your own admission you have absolutely disqualified the pattern of equality. Because you cannot believe what you just said and then believe that they are not your equals. If you came down thru this route, now you want to bring these people up here to. I would develop these people to any place that they could attain, but I would not surrender leadership. Nor would I advocate their intermarriage with our race, and draw down our society, to a society that they are not ready for, and can't measure up to.

Let’s take a look at the declaration. Therefore, in order to bring about the social transmission. In order to cooperate with all areas of government and law. In order to recognize the doctrine of a common human family, we will now change and oppose the position now 300 years old of the Presbytery. You know Knox would turn over in his grave, if he didn't know that God believes in predestination.

Do you know what is going to emerge as racial suicide is committed? Do you know what is going to emerge? --One Faith, One LORD, and One baptism. The unique situation is that this tape will be played in quite a few Presbyterian churches before this week is over. And according to the pattern of custom and truth, then truth is truth no matter where it goes, and we have never strip anything from it to please anyone. But by the same time, I can assure you that these Clergy are disturbed, and they also know that I the trend is that the world order thinking is trying to take over from the old philosophies of God's kingdom, and the very facets of their church.

What they do not know is that the age of miracles is not past and it is going to start commencing in a new way. And God is going to enliven and empower those that stand for truth, and you will watch this work. All right. So here is a repudiation of the doctrine of 'predestination'. It says: --in the areas of salvation we repudiate the 300-year-old tenet of the church that predestination has any facet or connection to it. So they repudiate not only Calvin but the Apostle Paul as well. And incidently also the holy spirit by which these scriptures came, by inspiration.

Do you know what a conquering faith is? It is a faith that believes every word that came out of the mouth of God.

Now; I also will tell you that there are facets in this book that have been tampered with, not by the authors, but by the translators. And we disagree with the translators which when born out have proved to be in error. To try to hide the identification from whence trouble comes. But we accept every word that came out of he mouth of God. When they talk about culture and they talk about men writing in these periods of discovery. Let me tell you this. There is no book more free from error that has been written over such a period of time, that is bound together with such complete coordination, and it stands as a literary work and a work of culture to this day. Talk about apologizing for their literary abilities there are many that look at the writing and the poetry of Shakespeare, and they think this is a great literary masterpiece, and it is. But Shakespear does not surpass the bible, either for the transference of ideas or for the beauty of the flow of the translation of the English language in this, or in any language. When these writers wrote, they did not write out of any areas of error. I do not find that Moses wrote with error. When he talked about the recreation and in the beginning that God did vast things, such as making the heavens and the earth, and then in the second verse he comes with this idea that the earth is without form and is void, here in the book of Genesis. Void is an aftermath of a destruction, which was introduced by divine hands. But as far as this is concerned the earth had existed for millions of years before this. This is just a historic construction or a recreation, and the placing of a new people in the midst of earths history. The bible was not amiss concerning races. The 31st chapter of Ezekiel show the antiquity of the Assyrian Empire going back to the Tungus man whom Ivor Lissner traces for 600,000 years. And whose fossils have been found by Dr. Leekie in the Ourville gorge down in Africa. Here was all of the formations and all of the evidence of antiquity. The bible does not come out and say no, but some silly preachers try to pour the preachers into a mold, and it is not the bible mold.

Now; we know that when people start to coordinate their thinking with God, whether it is morally building or kingdom building that success follows those activities.

Now; let me also point out to you what the scripture says about Faith. It talks about the different things in Faith. It talks about Noah when warned about things he had not seen, he moved and built an Ark. There are lots of people who say yes, I believe God, and I believe in everything that he says. But if Moses had sat still then nothing would have happened, and if Noah had gone over on the side lines and sat down there would have been no Ark. He would have said”--yes, I believe God and I think there is something going to happen to these people because of their crime. I believe that God is going to save my race from mongrelization and integration.

Now; get this, and take it back to your department. Read the 6th chapter of Genesis. And you will discover that the catastrophe of that day was the inassimilable offspring of this rebellion, for the Beast system was trying to intermingle with the Hu-man race, and that all of these other races were against the white race. They were going to absorb it and mongrelize it. And they were taking it by violence, and destroying those that would not submit. And the reason why Noah and his family found Grace in that 6th chapter of Genesis was because they were perfect in their generations and they were not mongrelized. The only way to save them was to drown the rascals. And this was not all over the world, it was in that place. Noah did not just sit there and say, my, this is a terrible thing, I hope the next generation will wake up. He did not just sit there when people said this cannot happen here for we are way up here in this high Tarim basin in this bowl like valley. You could never create any situation where it would drown all of these people. This would be the last place to build a boat, when there is only a little stream across this valley. You see, the geologists had not sounded the depth and told them that underneath was a great inland sea. Did not tell them that an earthquake came thru the Tien Shin mountains from one end to the other did not tell them also that suddenly they could be in the water because of the earthquake? Did not tell them that factors that would affect the earthquake fault would be low atmospheric pressure conditions, due to this alignment? And it would be due to an unprecedented rainfall condition that would help fill this basin at the same time. You see they lack the technicians but Noah did not lack the vision. So Noah did not just sit there and say I believe God, he went out and built the boat while the people laughed. So he built the boat before it was necessary. And I read the words of the Apostle Paul writing about this in A.D. 64, and he said concerning Noah that Noah believed God, and this was counted to him as righteousness. So he built the boat and the descendants from that man's family are still here today.

Now; let’s take a look at some of these things. He is Joshua looking out over the cities of the Canaanites, these an ancient people who had wiped out the people of your race in much earlier times in this old land. And some of these cities were not to be brought back under the hand of God. And as Joshua was looking down on this ancient city, then God told him how to advance, for HE would put this city back in his hand. These armies were monsters and giants, from this mongrelization which the scripture talked about. They had defiled or defaced everything that was holy and they were against God. They had preyed upon your race and taken a defenseless city and now here is Joshua with a handful of men comparatively. Two million people had went out in the exodus, but Joshua only commanded a part of them, young men with great faith, and no doubt in them. And Joshua did not sit on the hill and look down upon those cities and say, there are too many of them, their armies are too big, we can't do it. God said: you march down and surround that city and I will deliver it into your hands.

Now come back to the apostle Paul. And today they would say that he is a great hater. Why? Because the Apostle Paul looks back from A.D. 64 and says: --Joshua was a man of faith, and see what happened? He went forward against all of those odds and God delivered the city into his hands.

Now; there is one thing about this. What shall I more say? Said the Apostle Paul. For he had already named all kinds of heroes. Tell me, words and time would fail me. Remember Gideon who with a handful of dedicated men had a victory because he believed God. Samson whose mighty work was unprecedented, the first man to slay 3000 Philippians with the jaw bone of an ass. We have had a lot of politicians do this since then but not with Faith. And then there was Samuel who moved out to answer God's call.

Now; I want you to get these next words concerning the working Faith as explained by the Apostle Paul. "Who thru faith subdued kingdoms." What did he mean? You think that men of faith went out and subdued kingdoms? Because God had constantly pointed out to them, what was error, and against HIM, that which would enslave, and that which would mechanically inspire. And then as it was so is it now, the scriptures are pointing out the hoards of Communism, and the enemies of Jesus Christ are now seeking to build a world kingdom for the final crushing of your independence. Jesus said so and Ezekiel said so.

Now; these men of Faith, they believed God and they acted they sought a kingdom and they sought righteousness. They obtained promises They stopped the mouths of lions. This, my friends, is a true account, and the apostle Paul was just stressing what had taken place, as men acted upon the vision that they received. You know it is an important thing that men act. Some of these things could only be understood as they recognized the great forces and the energy and power that God transmits into your civilization and your culture. Sometimes against unprecedented odds and it looks like a man could not extricate himself. We think of David with the enemy thrusting thru a narrow little path. No time to gather his army, he jumped from his chariot and his armor bearer behind him, and he drew his sword in the name of YAHWEH. Just like Horatius at the bridge, who believed in his mission, so David stood for his purpose, and he held this pass, while his armor bearer stood behind him, and he destroyed the enemy. Whole armies drew back and watched, but David said they cannot come thru here only so many at a time, and God will strengthen my arm. Then David cried out: -God hath strengthened my arm and brought deliverance unto my people.' But David had faith, and if he had tried to run, or just set down and waited for something else to happen there would have been no story to write, and David would not have written it. David standing at that crucial spot became strong and powerful with the faith of God in action in the chronicles of David you are told this story of David's unprecedented defense.

Now; remember Daniel who utterly refused to bow down before and pagan god. I listened to the Joe Pine show the other night and he was telling us that always we were to respect any other persons god, and I tell you that I respect no other God. And our God whom we serve as also given an order: There is no other God on my right or on my left, and beside me is no other God. Thy God is a jealous God and he will not have you paying respect to these other gods, to people who are no gods.

Now; the Presbyterian church wants to admit to a few more gods, so as to be 'hail, well met, with the world order. So let’s take a good look at the picture. Daniel said, no, I will serve the true and living God, and altho you are caught in a trap, still serve the true and Living God. And HE said: I can't order a decree, for that is against the law. So they will put you in the Lion's den, and down you go. And these were not some circus lions trained by Beatty. No guns, no whip and no chair. This was Daniel in the lions den with lions that were hungry for they had not been fed. Lions whom they had people sacrificed to them before. But Daniel had no fear. This is FAITH. When he arrived these lions, looked at Daniel and then they came up and wanted their ears scratched. The roaring beasts. But the God of the universe had power here, and their were wavelengths and emanations flowed out from Daniel in this instant. In the morning this God whom you serve will take you out of this lions den.

More than this they clenched the violence of fire. They had put three men into a fiery furnace when the flames were so hot that when they tried to throw them into the flames, they were consumed by the flash heat. And then low and behold a forth man walked with them. And to the record of Babylon unto this day, they had to say that there was a fourth man and he looked like unto the glory of a God. And he quenched the violence of the fire. But you had to have enough faith to move out and say I have enough faith to stand true.

Now; we go a little further, and they escaped the edge of the sword. And out of their weakness they were made strong. They waxed valiant in the fight. Oh, you say, no, not the sons of God fighting. My friends, if you do not fight then God is as ashamed of you as I am. No body ever got anywhere with a mollycoddle religion and you don't have one.

Listen. Do you know what your responsibility is today? Just like the Apostle Paul had to say . . . he said: they not only waxed valiant in the fight, but they turned to flight the armies of the aliens. I wish the spirit of God would shake up President Johnson and give him a vision. Then he would not say lets abolish our immigration laws, and let them flood in from Africa and anywhere else. Let’s just not show that we are prejudiced, let’s show that we believe in equality. This, my friends, is intelligence, this is the law of God. This will be the death throws of a great nation. Immigration was perceive not only as an authoritative procedure by God. Your senators in the past had the knowledge of God to know that you do not open the doors and say come on in, for they knew that we were to preserve our Nordic culture. That is the very words of the former United States Senators and I have it in my library.

One thing that the enemy does not understand is that those who know the truth today are not talking out of ignorance. There may be some people who are enthused for the things which are right, but the amount of material and the background of material that is available to those who know the truth. I am going to tell you that in the library of this church of Jesus Christ Christian there are books which cover every facet of the historical, political, and social existence in the history of men and nations. There are books by the very hundreds that exist from the days of Roosevelt unto our day. I want you to know that we have hundreds of volumes written by astute leaders all over the world, and documented out of our own archives, right out of our own history. And they tell us who is conducting this Antichrist campaign against Christian nations. Who works and conspires within. This is not imagination, but documented evidence and supported by government records. I am not talking without knowledge, but on the basis of so much knowledge that you cannot keep still. I am going to tell you that if we put to flight every one of these imported aliens and closed the door after deporting everyone who does not belong here. We would get rid of hundreds of communist agents and communist spies, and enemies of our faith. And if you do not shut that door the unbalance that shall take place will determine the destiny of America. And if they continue the procedures of today, we will be an integrated and mongrelized and lost society, but this is not to happen. We are to put to flight this army of aliens, this is God's program, this is the program of all intelligent people, who want to preserve their culture and their way of life, and your faith. This is not animosity, this is Faith.

Now; I point out to you that a lot of people do not realize that one function of the kingdom is to bear witness to the truth, and to tell it, tell it, tell it. Watch then for people to come out of their apathy, as God has ordained for this hour. For he is going to quicken his people, he is going to waken them up, and list up standards and send forth voices. And they are going to take a stand and they are going to reverse this which is called "A falling away first" in these last days. He is going to raise up a mighty host in this nation.

This nation has a destiny. President Johnson is going to fulfill more of it than he knows. And we are going to keep right on after the Reds until we have broken their power all over the world, and this is just as inevitable as tomorrows sunrise. I am going to tell you that if they keep on with their patterns of revolution and design, the day is going to come when you are going to deport whole masses of people back to the areas that they came from. And the world will have to bear testimony that for knowledge and assistance they will have to turn unto the children of the most High God.

Too much has been talked about worship that surrounds only one thing. We are to worship God and tell him that we love him so that when we die we can go to heaven. But God knows more than you think he knows, for he knows your thoughts before you tell him. Not that I tell you not to talk to God, but he knows your thoughts without you telling him. And he put you in earth to build his kingdom. He did not put YOU down here to get YOU back into heaven. Don't worry about that. To be absent from this body is to be present with the LORD. So don't worry about that. He put you down here to occupy, and to build his kingdom. He taught you to pray: -- “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN." He calls for sons to exploit. Every once in a while the pressure comes on and tools for the Antichrist cry out and lots of people want to get under the bed and hide. So you see, if you win or you triumph, here they all come flocking back.

Now; let me tell you something I never worry about them anyhow for you only work with what you have. I want you to know this, you never had more people with you than you have today. They are there by the thousands, and by the millions. You have never had in the last 40 years so many people waking up to the great truths of God, to the patterns of destiny than you have today. And when people wake up to the fact that the great work of God is already consummated. That he has removed our transgressions as far as the east is from the west. He has extended unto us his grace, his knowledge that we are sons and daughters. And now he says: --Press forward and occupy the kingdom.

You know that Dr. Mackentire with his fundamental movement of his Presbyterian churches, actually had picket lines in front of that conference in Columbus, Ohio. He said: I am not picketing the church. I am just picketing his fallacy. Ye are permitting the enemy to make all of the demonstrations, and to do all of the picketing on, do all of the things which attract attention. This is what is going on in the country. And riots are winked at. And riots were yesterday in Philadelphia, and nothing happens. No castigation from the President in all of this. But don't you try to go out and picket anything or they will throw you in jail. If you want to see a slimy piece of operation just watch the Joe Pine program. Never has there been a more insulting, vicious type of questioning. When he had a right winger, a conservative, someone who knows the truth then they bring out a Jew to lampoon him or to curse him. And they make a fool out of anyone who comes on that program who is right. But you let some commies come on like they had last night. And when you get a socialist, or someone, who wants to quit the war against Communism. He says, now I disagree with you but how kindly he does this.

Last night they gave every courtesy. Not one attack was given to the Communist and the Socialist. This just demonstrates how they think. Oh you say but this is not quite right for he said some thing good about Mc Arthur. That is right. But he is working to put together a program for someone who says that you have to be nasty to the 'Right' and be very kind to the 'left'.

I point this out to you. The hour is going to come when you have to make yourself heard. You are going to have to bear testimony to the truth, from one end of the country to the other.

Someone said, but what do you do when the Attorney General is going the wrong way? You then just expose the error. The attorney General is causing the pressure, they know what they want. The great pressure is on today to strip the power from the United States. The design is to disarm her at Geneva, to make it impossible for us to defend ourselves against Communist conspiracy. And to disarm the American citizenry on the inside so that the same thing can be carried out here. Irrespective of the operations that went on in Ann Harbor, Michigan. And you will find out how far reaching that whole conference was that your nation helped to finance, as they tried to make it impossible for people to defend themselves.

The Attorney General Lynch lied in Washington last week. Hear this now. Clearly, he lied. This would be perjury if he was not a privileged character. I don't know if he can get away with this or not. He said that they had to pass the Dodd Bill in order to keep the tanks, and cannons and mortars out of the hands of the Christian Defense League. He said that they were one of the most heavily armed organizations in California. But there is no military activity and not one weapons is owned by this Christian Defense League. This was on T.V. just today.

Now; there may be individuals all across the country who belong to the Christian Defense League who own weapons with which to hunt and to protect themselves. But the Christian Defense League is only an educational institution, and was organized to defend Christians from defamation. But it is not a military order. And he knows that, so he lied. So I point out that when activated from the background by other forces that have other motives. So they attack the kingdom of God and they think that by repeating it they will establish it as truth, in the minds of the people. The only thing is that a made a mistake for there are to many people and too much evidence.

We can cite to you that the days just ahead are going to take a conquering faith. And God is going to find enough people with this Conquering Faith to hold up the standards and save America. Sure we will need help. But God says that he will provide it. And HE said I will also provide the vision. There is no question of the fact that by their action the enemy has forced us to pay attention to them. So we will put them in their proper category.

I tell you that thee Communist revolution was inspired by a Zionist Internationalists Jewish conspiracy. This is true and I can prove it. I tell you that by the ownership of station, and the manipulation of this conspiracy is an ADL project. And I can prove it. I tell you that the ADL is one of the most prominent forces for Communism in the United States. The facts are in the files of committees in Washington, and this is the evidence of truth. There is not secret of the fact that almost everyone who turned over nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union is a Jew. And just because we have one or two in here today, makes no difference, for I did not ask you to come, and I am not trying to please you. Do not take any comfort from the fact that there are not more than 200 people here, because by the time this week is over 3,000 or more people will have heard this tape. By that very same procedure let me tell you something. They cannot turn off something that is moving by the millions. Copies which will never get out of circulation. So I tell you this afternoon that ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. We bind the darkness with a living faith. We not only uphold the holy scripture but believe that it brings the inspiration of the Most High God

end of message