Conquest Of The Last Enemy, 8-10-62


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-10-62

Before we go into our subject of the ‘Conquest of the last enemy,’ we think we should mention a few incidents that have been taking place in our time. It makes it very clear that we are approaching that point, and I think we would point out several situations which we want to go out on these tapes to all over the United States so that the people will be informed of the various circumstances which carry within them a very serious consequence. As we discuss this factor, it only goes to show you that the design of the forces of darkness is an anti-Christ and makes up the Beast system which we find in the 13th chapter of Revelation which says that no man can buy or sell unless he has the ‘mark of the beast’ (the world)---except he did it with their permission, and the domination over their economy and eventually a domination over all government if they could attain it. We realize that there is a difference between the program of the enemy and the design which we see ruling the entire world and then ruling the Kingdom of God.

Always keep this in mind when viewing prophecy, and do not let someone cast upon you a defeatist complex that the anti-Christ is going to rule the whole world. This is true, but he is not going to rule all of the people in it. And he is not going to rule the Kingdom of God. Never. He may have partial victories over areas of it but the Kingdom of God, an Eternal institution, will never be conquered by the anti-Christ or destroyed by his conspiracy. The church which is the spiritual center of God’s Kingdom, is also Eternal. It will never be broken, subordinated, or smashed. It will endure a savoring force in God’s nations forever. But when we speak about the design of World government, one of their master designs of conspiracy emerges from the fact that they want to merge all of the races of the earth under their control. Taking away the sovereignty of nations and Divine Law. And having us join ourselves to pagans and enemies in direct violation to the instructions of God whereas we were not to be yoked together or joined with them. We as a race, have been called to be separated and segregated from these destructive forces. Therefore, their strategy is in violent opposition to these situations. From one end of the scripture to the other in both Old and New Testaments, it is a Divine instruction that the Kingdom of God remain strong. That it prepare to defend itself, that it build up its defenses. There is always a condemnation resting upon leadership that do not fill the breach in the wall and do not make the fortification strong. Or seek to weaken the armaments of God’s people. There is nothing Biblical to support pacificism, or any type of disarmament as a solution in meeting the problems which are created by the forces of evil in the world. The Kingdom of God is joined with righteousness and peace, and in association and relationship with one another. The laws of the Kingdom as it applies to the children of the MOST HIGH gives it a status that is even beyond the ability of an individual to comply with when he deals with the powers of darkness outside of the Kingdom. But the design is always the same. The enemies of our Faith would like to disarm us. They have worked on this for some time. Thus we have one of the strangest situations of all time. For surrounding the President of these United States, in an unusual number, the majority of the advisors are non-Christian and socialistic and Jewish. This should never have happened in a great Christian nation. Never been permitted. This has been an inherited condition in part for many of them had influence. But now they weigh unprecedented influence. Most of them are Harvard professors from a Socialist revolution. And this is of course, always a dangerous situation.

One of these who has had great influence is Dr. Rostov, who is one of our representatives in the United Nations, under the State Department for major disarmament. In fact one of the most treasonous pieces of literature of all times, was published by the State Department last year and is known as the State Department Document 727. And I hold in my hands one of the original copies published by the State Department. And in this, it calls for the eventual disarmament of the United States. It calls for the U.S. disarmament---general and complete for a place in a peaceful world. However, it moves and under strange procedure is pushing this disarmament before the world is peaceful and in this instance, this disarmament would surrender all of the military control over all of our Army, Navy, and Air Force, and place all of our equipment in the hands of the United Nations. Then call upon all citizens to surrender all of their weapons so that there could never be any area of revolution or opposition to what would be the dictatorial power of the United Nations. And we would be at the mercy of whatever power they wished by the United Nations.

We are aware this afternoon, that anti-Christianity against the Kingdom of God dominates the United Nations. We are aware that the U.N. is made up of five-sixths of its people being enemies of Christianity, which are pagans of every pagan religion, together with the great Communist hoards that influence these areas of earth. Thus this is a serious charge and the State Department prepared a volume, and it is a volume of treason for our nation.

But I want to turn now to tell you something rather amazing. We have mentioned this before, but I am going to read you some facts concerning some bills and point out something significant. For from August 1, 1962, you the citizens of the U.S. did not have an Army, Navy or an Air Force. Oh, you say, ‘But we used them.’ Yes, we have been using them, but they actually belong to the United Nations. And we propose to see that everyone in these United States finds this out. And this is why we are including it in this sermon for I think that is the only way we will get it back.

Now, this startling statement that we must made, is tied to the fact that from certain Congressional Bills, the legal ownership of our military was signed over to the United Nations by President Kennedy in ‘Public Law 87287. And in this law, in this Bill, the President signed over all of our Army, Navy, and Air Force and all equipment to the control of the United Nations. Technically, Mr. Uthant could use this technically and legally.

Now, whether we as a nation will stand for this, is doubtful. For never should we bow to the rule of maniacs. I want to cite to you that the Senate Bill was 2180, entitled the Arms Control and Disarmament Act. It was passed by the Senate and approved by the House Bill 9118 and signed into Public Law under the number 87287. And this was the Administrations plan purposed at Geneva tied up in this blue book of treason to surrender our military over to the United Nations. The Department of State outlined part of this in the report outlined by the Jew, Rustov, who is also a Socialist and an Internationalist.

You say, ‘But how could our Congress do this?’ Well, there are some strange processes there. As we pay these men to be there and vote for us and to handle our legislative matters. And then we place so much committee work on them that in this same amount of time, that they are supposed to be there voting for us, they are also supposed to be in that committee. And while they are supposed to be listening to every discussion and all that is taking place, they are still in committee. And when we want them to come in and vote, we ring a bell like we used to do at recess time in school, and everyone lifts up their head, saying, oh, they are going to vote on something but they don’t know what they are going to vote on, so they don’t rush in to vote. So they place such Bills as this, on the agenda and maybe there is no discussion and the wrong people are to the only ones who know what the vote is all about, and they are present. So having a majority of liberals present, then they pass this Bill and then send it to the President and he on the advise of his advisors, signed it. Thus a law by this process is officially created and you have lost your Army, Navy and Air Force.

The significant thing is that we have discovered that this was consummated only in the last ten days. In that period of time, we have contacted military authorities and to their surprise, they could not believe this. But they took down the notes and the facts.

Now, you say, ‘But why wasn’t there some publicity about all of this?’ Well, I will tell you. Because the President said that the publicity of this passing must be postponed until the public acceptance is more favorable to this move. I say that when the President and the Congress does something so deceptive as this, then we ought to change it.

Someone said, ‘But this has no relationship to the Kingdom and the Church.’ Then let me tell you that it does, for this is a type of conspiracy and helps the anti-Christ build his world government and seeks to take away the strength of the great nations of God’s Kingdom. But we know we are going to win, for God will bring these things to the attention of HIS people. And they will say something about every one of these conspiracies, and they will act upon it and things are going to be changed. Someone said, ‘Well then, why did not God change it?’ Well, this is a part of the process of change. We are to see that things change and we are going to let Americans see what is going on, and we will not submit.

Now, the President can at this moment move to order the commanders of the Army, Navy and Air Force to surrender their command to the full force of the direction of the United Nations at once. And the military officers of the United Nations will take over.

Now, under State Department Document 4228,---and this goes way back to August 2, 1947, when Algers Hiss was acting as United Nations council and the Soviet representative was Gromyko in the United Nations Security Council and this affidavit no. 4428---was signed that the military of the United Nations would always be in the hands of a Soviet Military Officer.

Now, I also want to call to your attention, that at the present time, the United Nations Police Force is also under the control of a Russian officer. He is in charge of all military operations, of all that goes on in Katanga Province. And under Uthant, he is the military head of all of this. And if he is ever replaced, he will be replaced by another Soviet officer selected by the Soviets. Thus at this time, Mr. Kennedy could at any time surrender all of our military over into the hands of a Russian General, because we have already done the paperwork and it already has been signed away and really belongs to the U.N. today.

Now, I can tell you something else. No officer of the United States Military ever took an oath of office to defend the World Government, or to serve as its officer. There is legally no way to make any officer take such an order and turn himself over to such an evil command. I can also tell you this. Our State Department turned over to the Red Chinese, (who are down in Mexico training an army, for just one possible reason,) and they turned over equipment to equip this army of Red Chinese soldiers---training, as we said, down in Mexico. That, my friends, is just across your border from San Diego, which is the most undefended border in the world. And we have just had a showdown with Mexico as to what these Red Chinese are doing inside of Mexico. When they had this hearing about General Walker, this was brought out. And they said, ‘can you prove this?’ But General Walker said, ‘I have not seen them but I have friends that tell me that they are there.’ So they laughed at him. But don’t worry about General Walker, for you will never get a jury in Mississippi to convict him, just for the pleasure of that ‘funny bunch’ in Washington.

(More current events----1962)

Now, I want to cite one more thing. I mentioned to you a week ago how Rabbi Gundwald from Germany, headquarters in Hamburg, spoke in this country to the United Orthodox Congregations of Jewry, here in the U. S., to tell them about the status of the Jew in Europe, and to say that there had been a big decline in Jews in Europe and especially in Germany since the war. And he cites that there were only 500,000 Jews in Germany before Hitler. And there is only 25,000 of them in Germany today, altho there had been 100,000 of them in Germany right after the war. He said of this 25,000 that 90% of them are old people and that the young people are not reproducing. What I wanted to call your attention to is that the fact that there is a great propaganda call on T.V. and radio of a great massacre of Jews, telling us that three million of them were killed in Germany and that three million of them were killed all over Europe. They were trying to justify the killing of Germans in America to offset the killing of Jews in Germany. Of course, this is simply propaganda to divide Christian nations so that they will be more amiable to Socialism and world Communism. This is simply a Jewish conspiracy. But I point out to you that they made a statement here when talking to themselves and they did not expect the rest of the press to catch. But the papers said that it was not admitted that there were only 500,000 Jews in Germany before the war, so they could not have put three million in the gas chambers. But I tell you that those three million Jews are all over the United States anyhow.

But even in the face of this, they come into California and try to put pressure on the schools so that nothing related to the Christ will be in the Christmas celebrations. But we have a new Superintendent of Schools in California and he says that we will have an open recognition of Christmas this year. There will be no restraint put on the motive as to why we celebrate Christmas. As we meditated on this situation, we thought of the words of Jesus, that they are the children of their father and they will be like him.

These events tell us that we are moving into climactic hours. That the clock of time as it relates to the Kingdom of God and the powers of darkness, is ticking away the hours before the final decision. Armageddon is not only close, but it is an historic point. It is the New Day in your history when you actually do lock horns with the enemy for a victory you will attain because we have the whole story. And the end of the story before the beginning of the battle. I want you to realize more and more that we are getting close to this with the forming of the World Government, the restrictions and the restraint. And now the censorship which moves out in a free country where one of our heritages is the freedom of speech and a free press is inherent. And they now tell us that the President can censor the press and suppress the things which the government is trying to do from the people. And the Press is squirming under this, but they are to a degree obeying.

Thus these are some of the things that makes this a period of perilous times and you are watching these developments as things take place. This is a struggle which will reach its peak and then reach its breaking point.

Now, as we approach the climax of these events there is a solution today which exists deep in the soul of a Bible believer who understands and knows where he stands. He also knows that we are standing very close to the most important transitions in all times, as it relates to the dwellers of earth since Lucifer’s rebellion. We are coming to the most important period of our own existence in the earth and in the society. We are watching the discoveries of medical science which support some of the old and Biblical truths. Some of which have been overlooked and have never been discussed to any great degree.

If you thru in the scriptures for instance into the writings of the Apostle Paul writing in the first Corinthians, 15th chapter, which tells us concerning these things. ---That by man came death, and that by man also came life and the resurrection of the dead. While writing on the subject of death and the things which relate to it, is that the LAST ENEMY TO BE DESTROYED IS DEATH. And by destroying this last enemy which is Death, it has already been accomplished and obtained legally by this victory which was wrought by Christ in the power of HIS Resurrection. But the last enemy to be put down is death.

Now, it is a significant thing that we are developed within the sphere of mental inheritance of the mental reactions of our race, which we have inherited along with its mighty visions and its traditions. We also know today, that ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ Which is very, very true, that your existence is already made up of what is in your heart and what you remember. Modern divisions of the areas of thought are what a man believes and what a man thinks and what a man experiences, builds up the center of his being. But he has as tho it were classified on both sides of this consciousness, some things that he hears, but he does not believe, because to him they are error. On the other side of his thinking, he has another side of stored up thought. And these are the patterns of thought that come from his enemy. And of course are the things that he is against completely and absolutely. Then there is another pattern of thought that is above his pattern of thought and his understanding. It may be included in the mass that makes up the consciousness of you, and it is ascent to higher spiritual operations that we have yet obtained. In this area of thought, we divide up the fact that you make this central mass of you---for you have ‘stored up’ the facts that you do believe, and you have also stored up the facts of the operations of your enemies which you repudiate. And you have the great consciousness of the things which you accept. And what you have read and what you have heard and what you have been influenced by spirit received, makes up the mass of the consciousness that is you.

So you, this physical being with your physical body to dwell in, with your Celestial light body in which you have your Celestial being, and with the great consciousness of the soul, is of course, the you that thinks and dwells and speaks, made up of all that is recorded and all of the processes of the thinking operation. So within this area you discover that there are certain vital things that you have inherited. And one of these things which you have inherited is all of the things which you know about death. You not only inherited that, but you have inherited certain expectancies, certain patterns of it. And therefore, the Apostle Paul tells you something rather significant concerning this situation, because he outlines for you over here in Philippians, these words.---that we carry the sentence of death in ourselves. This is what the Apostle Paul said in Philippians---that ‘We carry the sentence of death in ourselves.’

Now, the reason for this---by the Apostle Paul, is an awareness that he received. And it comes out of the Apocalypse of Paul when he records the things he learned and was taught of God during his Celestial experience, when he war brought into the presence of God and then later wrote:--’Whether in the spirit or in the body, I cannot tell. God knows.’ This is carried into the book of Philippians from his Apocalypse of Paul. And is to be found in the writings of the Apostle Paul--and he says that we carry the sentence of death with ourselves. Never has it been so important as now for us to understand this. Everybody on the face of the earth is interested in living. And everybody is very much concerned about death. And because of this, the fear of death is one of the most dangerous of fears that people carry and it has the most disastrous impact upon them, than almost any other pattern of thought in which they are engaged.

Now, the Apostle Paul writes concerning the things of death, and he tells us very clearly concerning these matters in one discussion in the book of Corinthians, that by man came death. And that therefore by man came the resurrection of the dead. For in Adam all die and in Christ shall all be made alive. The things which he discusses is most important because the Apostle Paul knew a lot more about it and he comprehended a lot more than he was able to apply in his allotted time. But he had been instructed that the time was going to come when men were going to understand. Therefore, the Apostle Paul writes that the last enemy in this whole major struggle in which we are engaged in, is this enemy death.

When John in the book of Revelation, was given this revelation, and the Angel of Death carrying this message to the consciousness of John, making the whole panorama of vision clear before his consciousness---then John writes in the 21st book of Revelation, that the day will come when the Body of God is going to dwell again on earth with men and that HE is not only the Eternal God, and they HIS people, that HE is going to wipe away all the tears from their eyes and there shall be no more death. Neither shall there be crying now anymore pain, for these former things are going to pass away.

Someone said, ‘Do you believer that?’ Yes, I believe that just as sure as I believe that the sun shall rise tomorrow morning. I believe that the hour is going to come when the process of death is going to be all over. More than this, the Old and New Testaments are filled with this idea. And it is what is called the blessed hope of the Church. Even in the Ecumenical conference in the last few days where they have been discussing the vital doctrines, in Rome, with representatives of all churches there, I was glad to see that one of the things which they were still going to make an important area of understanding of was that the church in all areas of materialism still believes in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. For this is the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith. More than that some of those from Protestantism who went down to that Council, were from the areas of modernism which denies some of those things. But maybe they brought some religion back with them when they came home.

The fact remains that there are some things with which we disagree with in theology, but this is the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith---Christ either raised from the dead or the whole Bible is a fallacy. Thus we point out to you that this is the Arch and Keystone of the Christian Faith. And I was most pleased when they added to their statement that of everybody out of antiquity of which they have a Biblical record in writing, who saw and talked with Christ after HIS death, including over five hundred people at one time and HIS disciples, with the exception of St. John, were martyred and put to death unless they repudiated the fact that they saw Christ put to death and then later talked to HIM. And everyone of these people from all walks of life, from important men from areas of political life to people in the areas of influence, to people---peasants in the field, all of these people who would not have suffered themselves to be put to death for a lie---still gladly surrendered their life upon the evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. And Rome still has to admit, altho there is a tendency to try to deny,---that Jewry also knew that HE Resurrected. For they hired soldiers and they paid for people to say that the disciples stole HIS body and HE did not resurrect from the dead.

If you go back to your records, you discover that it is well written in the scriptures. But Rome as well, had to recognize the Resurrection of Christ. And HIS power over death was supported not only by HIS disciples and this company which saw HIM and died a martyred death because they would not give up this Faith which was not demonstrated to Jewry which tried to use the power of their purse to silence this thing, because the most dangerous thing they had to contend with was this rising mighty Keystone of the Christian Faith. That this was the Messiah, the very God keeping an appointment with HIS people, and demonstrating that HE was the Master of life and death. And HE then told John, ‘I hold the Keys to death and the grave.’

Therefore, the Apostle Paul makes this a very clear factor, that by one man came death. How do you explain that? It came upon a race of people who in the earliest hour of their beginning were possessed with light and glory. And this glory and light balanced every atom of their being. As fast as tissue would be consumed, it would be replaced. Today with all of the factors of death, medical science has demonstrated in many ways how it will take place. And we understand that they are studying the causation. They know that the violence of an accident is one thing, but one of the mysteries they have sought to understand is why bodily tissue which is capable of replacing itself, which is healthy and vital, why does it not continue to do so. What starts this chemical unbalance, call it change, but what slows down the electrons around the center of their molecular masses, in their electronic orbit---permits change as well as the chemical change. Modern scientists have been studying these factors and they know that death occurs. There is one thing that they are aware of and that is where the Apostle Paul said it does---that the sentence of death starts right here in the place where you think.

Now, you might think that this is a strange foundation. But Heidelberg has been making quite a research about this. And since the war, they have continued extensive research and in Duke University, where they were studying Para-Psychology, and other factors, and mental approaches to a lot of strange things and incidents of life, they came to some conclusions. And one of these was that as these psychologists and medical students under neurology who had been studying man and his reactions, and especially as to what they thought, that they had interviewed hundreds and hundreds with questions. Some of these questions they asked these people, some of them in full conditions of health who they had every reason to consider them as sound---they asked them, ‘How long do you expect to live?’ And they would come up with, unless they had a life expectancy pattern wherein they did not expect to live very long,--but most of them came up with this idea that they would live three score and ten years. And possibly make eighty or four score years. And of course they mighty want to go along a little further than that. But they did to expect that they would.

Now, they have had thirty-seven years in this recording of this reaction in this program in the University in Washington D.C. And they have almost been amazed that everybody who answered, hit within just a few months. Along with this, they have been studying other factors which are involved. They are well aware that there is a tremendous relationship with the seat of consciousness and bodily functions. And that this is also true in the areas of the subconscious pattern. They are aware therefore that the expectancy of death, and the settling of what was an inherited expectancy, has a certain effect. And one of these effects is that as this peculiar inner set thermostat works, that there is a slowing down in various reaction and relays effects also glands and also their necessary secretion. It effects also the muscles themselves and it causes the beginning of friction, the contracting patterns which remain tense. And this effects the whole nerve area and the areas which people expect the break down to occur. And this is the area which becomes toxic and under certain conditions, breaks down first.

Now, when these medical scientists run thru a period of thirty-six to thirty-seven years---we are going into the thirty-seven year now---they demonstrate that there is not process which brings on death quite like people expecting it and thinking about it.

Now, remember that we have been told in the scripture that the wages of sin is death. This is the violation of Divine Law and the cohabitation of that which was surrounded by light force---with that which did not possess it in Lucifer---lost for your race the enveloping aura of glory that automatically balanced men in their thinking. And altho Lucifer had said to Eve, ‘the day you violate this saw, you are going to die--this is not true’----Then afterwards, Adam and Eve lived on for a long time. And someone said they did not die in the day of the violation. But whether they knew it or not, they were dying. In the first place, they had accepted the sentence. And in the second place, they had lost the aura which automatically maintained them in light. The eventual power of the Resurrection and Immortality, with the enveloping glory of heaven which balanced ever atom of their being, with the chemical balance in a perfect state, and with the inner consciousness in your Celestial consciousness---you possess the mind of Christ in you, as the mind of the Creator. But this is a spiritual area and you do not think these thoughts because the wall of soulishness and the law has entered the barrier which exists since the fall of man and has kept you from remembering all of these things. But remember that God said HE could bring all things to your remembrance. All things which have transpired in the past. Inside of you is the formula of creation. In side of you is the formula of a perfect chemical balance for a whole human being. Inside of you in that Celestial realm, is the mind of God which you have absolute relationship as far as the right to its knowledge, but only separated by the retention of this memory, by the things which transpired by the fall and by a strange and peculiar barrier called the guilt complex.

Now, the guilt complex is the consciousness of sin. And it falls upon all men. They are conscious that they do not measure up to God’s standard and with it they take on the second which comes with it---that the wages of sin is death. And they anticipate that they are going to disintegrate and are gradually die. And they set up the scope of when it is going to happen.

Now, it is true that many people dwell upon this pattern, and the more they keep this guilt complex active within them, the more it brings them a seed of disintegration.

Now, the scripture tells us and the Apostle Paul does too, in the book of Romans in the 8th chapter, that ‘the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus sets you free of the law of sin and death.’

Now, if you do not like that, remember that the Apostle Paul wrote that after he came back from his Celestial experience, ‘ The law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus makes me free of the law of sin and death.’

Now, we have a philosophical approach as it appears to this verse. And we know that the spirit is Eternal, that there is no cessation of spirit or consciousness to our race because we are the offspring of God. And we know that man has a spiritual and Holy Seed which started with Adam and that it came down thru Seth and Noah and Shem, and thru Abraham to our time. We know that to be separate from this body is to be present with the LORD. And we know that the people of creation who are in different categories also have a process of resurrection that will restore their soul consciousness out of this peculiar sleep that they enter into. But for you, absent form this body, it to be present with the LORD. And ever since the resurrection of the Christ, we have been free from all fear of death or bondage over one single White man on the face of the earth. And it can never hold him in any condition that would keep him from entering back into the plain of spirit.

So we tell you that the Apostle Paul, many times, when speaking about the fact that we are free from the death of our consciousness, but there was never a death to our consciousness so that is not what he is talking about. One of the strangest things is that if you get into a group of ministers and a group of Bible students and they are talking about various things and they are looking for someone to come out with something different than they thought about, and you start talking about the fact that we are about to reach the age of immortality, and that the law is already in operation, and that the price has already been paid and that nobody has to die and they all get embarrassed. I have noticed this. They get embarrassed and they call themselves fundamentalists. And you tell them that you do not have to die, and probably, before this decade is over that death is going to stop for you and your race and they get embarrassed and they want to change the subject. I ask them why they want to change the subject and why they are embarrassed, when this makes up the largest and strongest doctrine of the New Testament. Well, they say that everybody has died up to now. Well, that has nothing to do with tomorrow. Everybody has not all died up until now, for we are all still here. And some are going to remain until the re-entrance of Christ. And that will stop death too.

But I want you to know that I have been reading over reports, and one of the most excellent volumes from these scientists of Europe as they have been talking about this relationship of thought to life processes. Thought to the relationship to the physical body and why this analysis is very vital to a proper medicinal approach in any area of the healing profession. Unfortunately, we have so many who are Jews in the profession and they do not know anything about life and its apprehensions and none of these things will ever help them. But there won’t be many of them in Heidelberg either. I point out to you that in the course of this factor and statement, they brought out something else that you may have noticed. There are a great number of people who are active all of their lives and engaged in their interest to our overall civilization, whether they have been active in our debt or in a great corporation. They have been active in delay. They have been very active and consumed in their activity with their friends and with their philosophy and with their activities, and with their part in it. In fact, they are so a part of it that they are making plans. And they keep on in this way. And they have no time to think of when they are going to get old and die. These people have not made any particular plans to retire and take a rocking chair by the brook. And the result is they just keep right on going. And they pass the three score and ten year and they pass the eighty mark and they keep on going. And now some of them are way up in the nineties. And they are still going. Then along comes some modern witch doctor and he says you better slow down. And they retire and sit down in a chair and they live about five months.

Now, I am not making this up. But I am taking this out of one of the finest of medical books in your time concerning how a person thinks and what it does to their living. Then we discover this pattern, that individuals may change from their work pattern of activities, and then carry out an intensive plan which now reaches out to a whole new area. Whether that is in the area of developing some project which they wanted or whether it is in the areas of expanding their knowledge of theology, or their library, or battling against something which destroys our country---they become active and they are filled with vital interest. And they just keep on living. Then there is that person who is always worrying about living a little longer so that he can retire. And he never seems to enjoy retirement.

Insurance companies never worry about how long they have to pay off an insurance fund of a retirement. They believe that as these people retire they will not have to pay it very long.

Now, we are not citing that this law covers everyone. But this law covers everyone who does not apply their inheritance. In the first place, one of those processes which has brought the condemnation out---that the wages of sin is death---that even tho the Grace of God has forgiven all of these transgressions---that it is appointed---one time to die under Old Testament law. So they are all sure the they have to die. And the more they think on it, the more that it works on them. Within this, the church has been preaching a very fallacious doctrine by telling people ever since I can remember, get ready to die. You even see signs painted along the highway ‘Prepare to die.’ Great big rocks turned over by some fanatic have painted on them ‘Are you ready to die?’ No, are you? Someone said, ‘Spiritual fear?’ No, I like it here. There are a lot of things to be done. And until I am satisfied that there is not anything I want to do here, I don’ want to die. That is not what is worrying me. I haven’t bought a cemetery lot and I do not carry an insurance policy.

Now, we are not telling you what to do. For you may think that is very foolish. And I know that a lot of insurance companies are wanting to insure me, thinking that I am going to die and the only way I can win is to lose. You see they think that most of you aren’t going to die in the life of that contract and they can make money using that money you pay in before they have to pay off or they would not be in the business. I always thought that if you bought a cemetery lot you would fill it. And I had a man come to my door the other day selling cemetery lots and then he had an insurance policy which would pay it off if I died before it was paid for. I told him that I was not planning on using one and he said, ‘But everybody whoever lived has died.’ And I said, ‘No, you and I are still here.’ Then I told him that his company was betting on the fact that I would not die before I got it all paid for and I was betting on that too. So I wouldn’t give him any. He said, ‘If all people talked like that, I could not make a living.’ I said, ‘Well, there are lots of better ways of making a living than selling death.’

But there is more than the pattern of realization we have within ourselves or the pattern of expectancy. Or that we accept a tradition we are living in an hour of completed history in Divine purpose and we also have a law here that works. As I talked to one preacher, the one who got embarrassed about immortality, and he said the reason I don’t want to talk about it is suppose that I talked about it and I died?’ And I said, ‘Then you do not believe? You thing that you should not preach about it for you might die and that would spoil the sermon---but you wouldn’t be here to worry about it anyhow.’

Now, if God said it, then it’s true. If it can be done, it is true. And one reason why we do not approach some areas of Divine revelation is because we permit ourselves to be hampered by the fears of the assumption of the enemy which has already been conquered with Lucifer who is the only person who can put death on people.

Someone said, ‘Well, the physical body can break down, the chemical body can break down.’ And if, my friends, it is the seat of consciousness that starts this process, then men freed from this factor in the seat of consciousness can accept by vital faith that God will help them re-synthesize the tissue and reactivate the consciousness and give them a great spiritual strength. I know of thousands of people that God has touched and given them assistance. I also know that medical research is working on one thing and that is a way to prolong life and eliminate the cause of disintegration. And God is using them as well as the spiritual areas to make men think of staying, of living. Someone said that this is not Orthodox. No. They are all standing around waiting for Christ to come and give them immortality which he is going to do. But they could have the powers of light now if they could only understand this situation.

The Apostle Paul said, ‘I comprehend it, but I have not been able to apprehend it as yet.’ So therefore, if Jesus died once for every man and HE became that substitution, then you do not have to take the penalty of death for Adam’s transgression. So then why do we die? Because we are still taking the expectation of it. We still give testimony to it, and you are expecting it.

Now, we point out to you that in these climactic events you are going to move into a great new era. And God Almighty has ordained that a tremendous spiritual force will descend upon HIS Kingdom. And HE told us that before certain events take place, HE is going to shorten the time. If these things go on indefinitly then there probably wouldn’t be many of us left on this earth for we would be in slavery and conquered. So God says, ‘I am going to shorten the time for your sake.’ And with this shortening of the time comes the instantaneous transition of being enveloped in light. Did you ever stop to think that the people who are interested in the Kingdom of God and are participants in it and want to help bring it into fullness, who want to help eliminate the forces of darkness, throw themselves into the process of it. They are in life and living and their work, their friends, and their associates, they have that solid forward pattern of faith in their church attendance and in their thinking with other Christians, and their great future anticipation of future developments in the Kingdom during the millennium reign of Christ, and they have decided that they are going to stay here and participate in it. That, my friends, is the best way to reach longevity.

Now, I am going to tell you this. If you believe the revelation of the Apostle then you will come into these words---that the spirit of Jesus raised HIM from the dead and it lives in you. That which raised Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal body by the spirit that dwelleth in you.

If we quicken it and those electrons reach the level which is essential to block this breaking down, we are told by the scientists that by the physical patterns of the material elements which go to make up the body of man, that there is a strength that blocks this disintegration and in the molecules of its substance, it stays in chemical balance.

Now, you say, ‘But this does not happen. It closes down.’ Yes, because you gave ascent to it. But we are living under a great promise of reward of the fundamental Christian faith. And this is Restoration. And you remember that what life is promised in Christianity is regeneration.

Now, some people keep running around and talking about the ‘new birth.’ But that is just a matter of translation. It is regeneration or reactivation of the spiritual powers you had with the Father before the world was framed. Your physical birth you inherited thru Adam. Your Celestial birth you received from the Father from the beginning. The reactivation of the consciousness with the power of the living God is what we call regeneration. And some men say this is being ‘born again.’ But you will never be born beyond spiritual birth and physical birth. But you can be reactivated because you are a son---to that power.

Now, we do not want to get into an argument with people who will hear this tape all over that have been drilled in semantics until they have a barrier against their sight. But we want you to know that every branch of the Christian Church admits to regeneration altho they sometimes don’t want you to interpret this as a third operation as God reactivates HIS sons and HE does it where you think. Regeneration starts in the place where you think and it makes a change in the whole individual. And when he gets thru he feels free and has lost the hyper tensions that come with guilt complex and fear. And he gets longevity with it, my friends.

Now, I am going to tell you that while all the world is hunting for ways to prolong life, and if you don’t think so, then you come out with any gimmick that says it will prolong life and pass the word around that this will extend your life and see if this doesn’t go so fast that you can’t keep up with the production. But the great secret that is one of the longest patterns that can be contributed to life and living is this adjusting in the consciousness of man with the purposes of God and this expanding of living.

Well, some men did it and never died---Enoch. And as we have told you before, also Moses. Because he never wrote those last two verses in the Bible which says that he died because we do not accept the authorship of that. For we know that Moses was with Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration. So he could not have been down in the Netherworld waiting for Christ and his deliverance. So Moses was in the same place that Enoch was and in the same place the Elijah was. And that was in the plain of spirit. And we have other evidence of Immortality.

Now, I do not have time to finish this subject, but let me tell you what is outlined in the book of Romans. Here in this book of Romans, it says the whole creation vibrates with us. What does that mean? They are vibrating in pain and waiting together. Not only they who are the creation, but ourselves also. And he just finished telling us that we are the children of God. Thus we, the children of God and all the creation, are vibrating together waiting for what? We are waiting to be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty which belongs to the children of God. Thus the children of God do not have to accept death. The children of God have been accepting death after the Resurrection because they did not understand what was entailed and all that was involved in that victory.

We will have more to say about this subject later, but it is all related to the chemistry of being, to all of the power greater than this, which directs the movement of all of the energies in the Universe in its orbit and that is the Mind of God and that mind in you. The power also is within you. And it effectively will be demonstrated. For one of these days the energy is going to be released and it will be brought to your remembrance. It will be an applied pattern. And suddenly you are going to see your whole society stand up with new vigor. You will see these wrinkles move away. I mean that your Celestial being and your physical body. And remember that the physical body is the exact image of your Celestial body except for this disintegration. That is why the Apostle Paul tells us that the man Christ Jesus was the image of the invisible God. Then the Apostle Paul tells us that you are flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone coming out of HIS offspring Adam. You are spirit of HIS Spirit and HIS Spirit bears witness that you are spirit of HIS Spirit.

And then HE says there is one thing I am going to do when I present Myself to My people in the moment which is coming. There will not be one spot, one wrinkle, or one blemish. I am going to present them in the height of health and the prime of maturity. This is the Eternal pattern for sons and daughters of God.

I tell you, my friends, that this will be consummated in the great hour of Christ’s return. Then HE said, ‘I am going to do one short work of righteousness before I come.’ And this is what is to come. ‘I am going to start liberating My children in the seat of their consciousness from this disintegrating force.’

As I finished talking these ministers, they found out that there was more on this subject than they talked about. And they found that they were embarrassed. They did not know these things. But many have stayed away from the big promises because they have not claimed them. But these are the covenants of life. And this is a part of God’s plan. And a part of the conditioning of what God wants HIS household to have from one end of this country to the other and all over the world. That we are about to see the last enemy cast down from its hold on men. And that last enemy is death.

We will speak more on this subject in the sermon--’From Death unto Life.’

(End of sermon)