Conquest Of The Netherworld, 1-2-65


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-2-65

We are turning in our thoughts today to this one great event of Christendom in which year after year all men have to give affirmation to the great magnitude of tremendous events in the life of Christ. It is a unique thing, but I had the radio turned on and I tuned into the program of a church whose Pastor at no other time during the year talked about or believed in the Deity of Christ, but whose Choir on this day sings: “Up from the Grave He arose.” This Pastor had to preach an Easter Sermon and as you put this together here at Resurrection time, then this is a triumphant even among agnostics, and among the churches who have forgotten their responsibilities. For there is a “Truth” so great that it even conquers their voice and their testimony, and their choir are even a part of that Greatness.

A week ago we along with the rest of Christendom were thinking of the events surrounding the coming to Jerusalem of The Christ, and the plans of His people to crown Him King. This was the preparations of the people who had long hoped to crown Christ “the King of Israel”, and place upon His head the crown which belonged to Him. We have discussed before how the people of Palestine had come to the city of Jerusalem for this event, and how He had come into that city. But those who despised the very forces of darkness, and who knew that these of darkness controlled the Temple, and the Priesthood, and who recognized that they were under ecclesiastical bondage, and political bondage were also waiting for “The Messiah” to set them free. The short sword army in the tunics of Blue with their crossed golden fishes of Barabbas, the Nationalist, were ready to stand and to defend The Christ if the need arose. The great masses of the people who went out the gates of the city had cried: “Hosanna, in the Highest, to the son of David”, as He approached, and “Blessed is Yahshua who cometh in the name of Yahweh.” Then next came the tremendous events at the steps of the Temple when the true Essene company of the Priesthood of Israel brought forth the crown to place it on His head. Of course as we have discussed with you before, the Chalice which was made by Demetrius the Silversmith, at the request of Joseph of Arimathea who was also present. Why? Because they still had that remembrance which came from the words of John the Baptist as a boy, when he was still fresh from his mission after being sent out of the heavens, and he had said: “I have heard that He will not take at this time the will take the Chalice.

The thing which challenges us all are the words which Jesus spake when these true Priests of Israel...not Caiaphas and his lot, but when these true Priests of Israel offered the Christ the crown when all these of Israel stood waiting for Him to take it. But Jesus said: “I am thy king, and this crown is my right to take it, but I will not rule over you in captivity. I will not rule over sons and daughters who are not free. And If I do not take this Chalice you cannot be free, for this is a cup no one else can drink from. But having taken this Chalice, and this cup, and fulfilled what I must do, then I shall reign. But my Kingdom is hence, however the day shall come when my servants shall fight and the kingdom will not be given to the Jews. In that day I shall rule over free men, who shall stand and look God in the face and say, Our Father, you have justified us by thy Grace. Our Transgressions have been removed, we have no fear, and now we stand free. We no longer have any guilt complexes, we are truly free.” These were the words of Jesus, that He intimated as He said: “If I were to take that Crown today, I would rule you in captivity, and not as free men.” It is more important to the heart of God that these sons transplanted from heaven to earth walk as free men. That you stand without fear of tyranny, without a guilt complex, without self condemnation, and know that you can look your Father in the face and be free. This is more valuable to the heart of God than to assume a throne and rule men who were still in bondage.

The hours that were to follow were to be a vast calligraphic picture of events which were moving at great speed than most people could realize, as humans, and understand its full value. From the hours in Gethsemane to the hours of the cross we have gone thru this pagentry in our thinking, throughout Good Friday and thru the intervening days of Palm Sunday unto this day, we refresh our memory as to His illegal seizure, and to His illegal trial, in which the Sanhedrin could not legally meet at night. And to the violation of law by the Sanhedrin and their design in turning Him over to a civil trial on the charge of sedition and treason. We have witnessed in our thinking the tremendous malfeasance of justice, in which the Governor said 3 times: “He is not Guilty, this just and righteous man is not guilty.” But after each pronouncement of judgment, the powers of Jewry was such that they could place a man back in jeopardy again. These were unheard of things never to have occurred in normal trials. But in the instance of these things we can remember their cry:...”His blood be upon us and upon our children.” (Matthew 27:25)

We have felt with the disciples afresh once again that those hours of intense emotion and grief, as have laid Christ out on the cross they then crucified Him. Roman soldiers, because of orders, did this, but this authority did not lay with the Jews. These did not know what they did as they lifted up that cross and dropped it with a thud into the hole in the rock of Golgotha’s Hill. The anguish and the pain which ran thru the heart of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she looked upon her son as He hung there, and who remembered the words of an Angel who spoke to her of this son. “Thou shall call his name Yahshua for He shall save His people from their sins. This child which you shall bear is the Incarnate embodiment of the Highest, Yahweh Yahshua.” These are the things she would be remembering. The Kingdom He was to rule over was to be an Eternal Kingdom. How she must have pondered these things she went thru this terrible period and now saw the crucifixion of her son. The disciples must have thought as they watched, surely a legion of Angel’s will come in and a miracle will occur, something will change these events, surely this is not happening to us? They all watched as the body of “The Messiah” hung on that cross and know that the life was going out of that body, for the closing cries from the cross was witness that this was so.

Round about the Jews with their animosity and their hatred of everything that is of God, and that which belongs to His household were also watching. And now these Jews began to taunt and to say: If this be the Messiah, then come down from the cross. In all these instances events were shaping up for some of the darkest days of all human history. Now, the clouds were gathering and becoming dark and darker, and the light of the morning was fading fast, and the winds were starting to blow. Then a strange purplish glow seemed to fill the air, and the winds began to shriek as these words came from the lips of Jesus as He commended His consciousness into the Spirit which was now the fullness of His being. The very earth shook and rocked with the impact of this event.

We know that just prior to this He had looked down on the Roman soldiers and had said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Then He commended His spirit into the plane of Spirit with His consciousness in that dimension, and a Roman soldier plunged his spear into His side and out came blood and water, and they pronounced Jesus...dead.

When that word came forth to the Disciples and those followers who were gathered around that hill who remembered the touch of His hand, the miracles that had been performed, the things which had transpired, a cry went up of despair. The words echoed down...He is dead, and nothing could have had more impact than this.....He is dead...He is dead. Then turning away from that hill in sorrow the disciples, each one, went his way feeling that all the hope, and all the expectations that they had witnessed in their hearts as they had walked with Him, and listened to Him, and watched the works He performed was now all over. Even Mary was taken with the others to one of their homes to be cared for. Joseph of Arimathea, the brother of Mary, proceeded to the house of Pilate to secure permission to see that this body was laid in his own tomb. Over all of the followers of Jesus there came great gloom. The intensity of the earthquake was unprecedented for this land of Palestine, and the fire which came out of the very lightening of the sky rent the veil of the Temple from top to bottom, and the Holy place was now open to gaze. Even the hypocracy of the Jewish Priesthood could no longer claim that it was a Holy Sanctuary that they represented. the hours that followed the events became so intense that the very Jewish Priests themselves hid in the basement of the Temple, down in the Treasury room. Then the graves began to open up and the dead started to walk the streets of Jerusalem. If you will turn to the Book of Matthew then you will find this is true. I find it even more remarkable to turn to Roman records comparable to that time to take the testimony which the Romans had to supply unto Caesar and his government in which they testify that these things be true. Thus we have it from the words of competent people on the scene, that these people now walking the streets of Jerusalem were dead, for they had buried them just recently.

Yes, strange as it seems, the earthquake, the flames of fire, the rocking earth, the judgments were not all in Palestine. For in the great chambers where Caesar sat “at court” the pedestals upon which Jupiter and Venus sat rocked until both of them pitched down onto the marble floor before him breaking in pieces as they fell. The sculptures of Rome were rocking in their positions, for the gods of Rome were but marble now. And the words of Caesar were: “surely some God hath been angered above all anger at this time.” For this earthquake which rocked Rome at that time was simultaneous with that which was rocking Palestine. For the event which caused this great rocking had never before taken place....THE BODY OF GOD HAD DIED.

We turn to the Book of Hebrews and the Apostle Paul tells us about this man Christ Jesus. He tells us that He was a man among men, He was God embodied, the same yesterday, today and forever...Yahshua embodied...Yahweh of the Heavens, the Eternal God. We are told here in the Book of Hebrews about this Jesus that as He materialized into our world, that He took not upon Himself the nature of Angel’s, but was born as you were born of the seed of Abraham. He was born of a woman, and He grew up among men, and was not ashamed to call you brethren (family). For as much as you, the children of God in bodies of flesh, He also took a body of flesh upon Himself. And more than this He said:...”All the children of spirit have been given to me (now embodied) and I am not ashamed to call them Kinsmen. (Hebrew 2)

Yes, this was Yahweh dwelling among men, but to conceive that death would take place here was something which had never taken place before, in all the Universe. But if you could have remembered what had been told to you before the foundation of the world, this would have been more clear. For you...the children of God’s spirit, were begotten before the world was framed. And in His presence before the world was framed as Paul tells you in Ephesians 1:3., you have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings. And in that hour He told you that He was going to send His sons and daughters into the world by the process of the Adamic race and you were to expand and grow, and to build and to develop into His Kingdom in the earth. He told you that you would bring nothing into this world but the essence of a celestial being with a soul consciousness embodied in a physical body. That you would grow up and dwell there. He told you that you would be covered by forgetfulness so that you would not know how to return...until...such an hour when He would call you by name.

The Apostle Paul then tells you that we are strangers and pilgrims in the earth, and if we could have remembered would have gone back to where we came from, but we do not know how to do that. In all the instance of this then Christ did not send His Kingdom into the world to do anything, but to expand, to grow, until “The Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdoms of Our Lord and His Christ. (Embodied sons and daughters) And until the Kingdom of His Household rules from one end of the earth to the other.

But also understanding the subtlety of Lucifer, the strange power of the forces of darkness, He knew that error would transpire. That our very race would surrender much of its freedom by bowing to suggestions and the plotting of Lucifer. That the mongrelization would have to be corrected by His own intervention. That the preservation and survival of “the race” would have to the very “Act” of God Himself. Thus He declared from the very beginning that He would be the Lamb of God slain before the foundation of the world, in a substitutionary sacrifice which some may never understand. But this you may know...that God alone has the power to place upon any act which He performs or anything in His creation, power which He intends to be used to produce that accomplishment He had ordained.

Thus it was that He has outlined the fact that we are His children, and that He had written our names down in “The Lamb’s Book of Life” before the foundation of the world. He had spoken to our Father Adam concerning the fact that the day would come when the foot of the Redeemer would crush the head of the Serpent. And even tho the serpent with his powers of death would be involved in the hours when the Redeemer came, that even so...the triumph would be so great that it would put down darkness forever. In the day when Seth also approached the Most High, this son of Adam and your forbearer, then God also spoke to him and told him of many things which were to come to pass. This also was carried out with other Patriarch’s of your race, such as Enoch who even was taken into the very presence of God. There he was told that “Very God” would be born among men, except the conception would be produced by the Unction of His own Spirit. The very life energy of God thru the synthesis of His Spirit would take the body of God and bring it forth as a babe, and it would grow up among His family in the earth. And that He would do this...knowing that He was preparing Himself for the one conquest over transgression and error, that no man in his consciousness could do ....WITHOUT HIM. Thus it was that Enoch knew that crucifixion was ahead, or that some form of death awaited “The Messiah.” He also knew that ‘The Very God” would triumph over this situation. And Job, that great co-patriot of Enoch, and co-builder of the great city of On in ancient Egypt, where the civilization of your race was to have its great impact upon those ancient civilizations in that time. Job also wrote:..”I know that My Redeemer liveth, and shall stand in the latter days upon the earth.” Yes, Job had absolute confidence in the powers of resurrection, and understood its mysteries. And as one of the builders of the ancient schools of Master Builders of “Wisdom” which remain unto our race even today, Job understood the mysteries. For the mysteries of the “Royal Arch” for their spiritual Temple had been brought to them by the directions of messages from God, brought to them by the Angel’s in that early hour.

In these moments now when the body of God hung upon the cross, and the darkness descended upon the disciples, these things were not immediately in their minds. All that they could think about was that the body of God was dead. The blackest hour had come upon the earth, and now they were questioning and wondering if after all the miracles, how could happen to Him at the hands of so base a people. And during these hours then of darkness, they did not know where He was. In fact, there are a lot of Christians today who do not know where He was, from the hour when He said:..”It is finished,” and the earth shook and rolled, until the hour when He walked among His disciples. They little knew about the great powers which were involved, and the things that was transpiring. But Lucifer who was that Great Archangel, had with him, many minions when he fell. The rebellion in the heavens and the struggles which took place in antiquity of yesterday, also had their counter part in the struggles for the earth. The sinking continents, the catastrophe which struck the earth, was all because of the violence and evil of Lucifer and his rebellion. Ancient Empires and many peoples were captured and fell under the dominion of the dark and fallen angel’s. Struggles for power arose among these fallen Angel’s for even thieves fall out until Beelzebub was made Prince of the Inner Earth, and Lucifer would no longer let him walk the face of the earth because of his rebellion. With Beelzebub also went others who were given commands to come in or go out. For there is an inner earth, and there is a Netherworld. And it is not just a cavern system, for great parts of it are occupied. And there was the keeping place, for these Archangel’s and the minions of God bound up great forces of darkness in this keeping place, and made them stay on the inside of the earth less their increasing warfare overpower men in mortal bodies. From this inner earth, many have come and gone, this is the recycling place of souls, of those who are not of your race, and not of your background, who follow their cycles of return, moving in and out under the influences of the fallacies of worshiping these forces of darkness.

Yes, there is also division inside the heart of the earth, for there are 3 areas, and one area was at one time referred to as Paradise, one is referred to as the Nether-prison chamber, and one is Lucifer’s own dominion over his own people, over the Dero and over the fallen Angel’s. Paradise was at one time within and it was from this area that Adam and Eve were driven out upon the face of the earth, and could never return to this inner Mountain of God, or of Light. And in these instances then Lucifer became the dominate force of the Netherworld. This has long been written in the background of the ancient scriptures. It has become almost a superstitious fetish as well, for this was not a torture chamber, and yet today we have the concept of Hell. But the word translated “hell” was originally “Sheol” and means the grave, but there is also another word meaning Netherworld. And in this instance every one of the sons of God from Adam on down to the time of Jesus The Christ, by their violation of Divine Law, and by the original judgment which stood upon their race... their souls would enter into what was known as the Netherworld and there they were entombed, and were not free to move into the plane’s of spirit. There they remained, not free to carry out their destiny because....altho they were sons of God, they were now a race which had fallen. Thus Lucifer held them in bondage, altho he could not torture them. There were no flames of fire, no torture chambers, but there was a Prison chamber. Here the sons of Adam were conversing one with another, and here they talked of the things they anticipated, here their spirits were in prison. The hour of time and history had promised that “Messiah” would come, and would turn them loose. That the power of darkness would no longer hold them enslaved. That the forces of Lucifer would no longer have power over any of the sons of God. This is why one of the most interesting things which transpired has been reflected in the vision of the man Isaiah as well as of the Psalmist David. For in the the spirit consciousness of the soul of Jesus... passing into the the plane of Spirit....would now demand entrance into the Netherworld. This is rather an interesting thing, for Roman records as well as the records of the Sanhedrin tell the story of the Netherworld.

You how did the Romans and the Sanhedrin find out as to what happened at this time in the Netherworld? Well there is one book that you also have available which was possessed by the New Testament Church. In fact Rome tried to change it a little but they couldn’t take it away, and this was the “Gospel of Nicodemus.” The strange thing is that this Gospel of Nicodemus was accurately followed in the record of the Sanhedrin concerning some of the strange things which happened after Christ’s crucifixion.

In fact, we discover that immediately as the Spirit of Christ went into the plane of Spirit, accompanied by Archangel’s, He went into the very gates of the Netherworld and demanded entrance into this Nether-prison chamber where the Adamic race was held. comes the cry from Beelzebub, the Prince of the Netherworld and He says: “O, Lucifer, O, thou Satan, thou former son of the morning, why hast thou brought down here to me and my company, this ONE whose LIGHT is brighter than the sun? This ONE whose power is so great that neither you not I could hold with our minions those who He has already called forth. Remember Lazarus who came into our power with death; and how a Great voice penetrated even into this dark area, and said Lazarus come forth? Then with a great shake and with impudence Lazarus turned beaming at us and walked out, and we could not hold him? Remember this O Lucifer? And now you bring this man down to me who has already called men out from our domain?” Lucifer replied....”worry not, for this ONE has already assumed all the evil transgression of the whole world upon His shoulders. He doesn’t come to you as innocent, He comes to you as guilty. He comes to you as having joined with all other men as having fell beneath my power. Therefore having assumed all this He legally sealed it by having drank every last drop of “The Cup,” therefore, you can receive Him, so have no fear.” Then again came the words of Beelzebub: “O, Prince of Darkness, do you not know that you have made a great mistake? Our minions will never be able to stand His LIGHT? For He comes with this LIGHT even now which is upon His soul and shimmers with all the Glory of Yahweh, brighter than the sun. O, Lucifer, thou and thy stinking ancient people the Jews (Yehudim) who have always delivered people unto our hands have now delivered unto us... the SON OF LIGHT, Himself, unto us and we cannot survive!”

Those were the exact words here in the Gospel of Nicodemus, and they didn’t like this much at that time. You say, ‘how did they get this report in the Sanhedrin?’ How did they know what went on down in the Netherworld? Well, one of the great Priests of Israel was Simeon, and you remember that Simeon was the old Priest in the Temple when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus into the Temple for His consecration. And when the old Priest saw Jesus then the Spirit spoke to him and he said:..”Now my eyes have beheld ‘The Messiah’, the hope of Israel. I have beheld Yahshua, Yahweh embodied, and now let my soul depart in peace, for I have witnessed the ONE great expectation of the people of God’s Kingdom.” Shortly after this then Simeon expired and they laid him away. But Simeon had two sons, Charinus, and Lenthins, and they were also High Priests and they had passed away after this, but both of these men were well known around Jerusalem. These two men had both served in the Temple, and at their death had been laid away in parallel graves. Then amazingly two days after the crucifixion here these two men were walking the streets of Jerusalem, and the word came to the Priests of the Temple that these two sons of Simeon were out walking the streets of Jerusalem and were talking to people. So the Priests went out and captured the men and brought them into the Temple. They were amazed that these men had bodies of flesh and blood, and could walk and talk. And then....these two would not tell the Priests by voice what they had beheld. The Priests said: “we demand that you tell us what has happened these two days, and where have you been since you were buried, for we are sure, and have been assured, that you are those two young men.” But they said to the Priests: “Yes, we are those two, but give each of us a pen and tablet.” And the Priests did this, and then put them in separate rooms. And these two, Charius and Lenthins, both wrote a story and it was identical, one with the other, even to the dotting of an I, and the crossing of a T. They told of how Jesus had stormed the very gates of the Netherworld, and how an attempt was made to throw darkness against the gates so that “He” could not see to come in. They told about the overpowering LIGHT which filled every portion of the Netherworld until no longer was there shadows and darkness, for Christ brought Light into the Netherworld.

Now; I point out to you that in this instance Adam also cried out:..”This is the thing which was promised to me long ago as I cried out to Yahweh when my head was hurting, and I appealed for help. He told me that the day would come when He would come as a Savior and deliver me from this place.” Then Seth spoke out and told his story, and the Patriarchs began to shout and to rejoice.

Now; I call your attention to what David had said about this situation, and now remembered as he heard this voice. “Open up, ye Gates, the King of Glory shall come in.” Psalm 24:6-10. And the fallen Angel’s and Beelzebub said: “Who is this King of Glory?” Then the answer came:...”The LORD, strong and mighty, Yahweh-Yahshua, is this King of Glory.”

And as David heard these words he then cried out: “Yes, the spirit caused me to say these words as I was looking forward toward the future.”

And now in Psalm 103:19., I read:..”The Lord hath prepared His throne in the heavens. He hath purposed to do these great things, from the height of His sanctuary in the heavens, does Yahweh behold the earth, and He hears the groaning prisoners. Lift up your heads, O ye gates, be ye ever lifted up, ye everlasting doors, for the King of Glory shall come in. Who is this King of Glory? The Lord strong and mighty in battle. Who is the King of Glory? Yahweh, the King of Hosts.” And David said what we are now hearing is what I prophesied many years ago.

Then Isaiah, the Prophet, spoke up and said: “Yes, I prophecied long ago as the spirit moved upon me that He would swallow up death in victory and Yahweh shall wipe away all tears. For I remember (Isaiah 26:19) I wrote under the spirit that dead men shall live together, and with My dead body shall they arise. Awake and sing, ye that dwell in the dust of the earth, for the very dew of heaven shall come, and earth shall let go of her prisoners.”

Thus the testimony was coming forth, and the two sons of the Priest were writing of all these things that had happened. They wrote of how Jesus spoke to them, and told them all these things of restoration, and of how and what they were to do. How He told His children: “we will go over to the other part of this Inner earth, into the ancient mountain of Paradise, for there was someone there who was waiting for them. And they asked: ‘who is waiting for us there?’ And Jesus replied: ‘a thief, who hung upon the cross, but now a man justified by my atonement, who had faith enough to say to me...remember me when thou cometh into thy Kingdom.’ And to whom I replied: ‘This day shalt thou be with me in Paradise.’ (Luke 23:43) And how Jesus led forth the millions of the sons of Adam, and how the Netherworld rocked before the power of HIS LIGHT, and that they went into the entrance of Paradise, and up to the inner Mountain of God that shown with LIGHT. And as these sons of Adam, now delivered, approached this area of Paradise, never were they to go back into that area which Lucifer once called the Prison chamber. All these things were written even in the records of His enemies, as well as in the Gospel of Nicodemus.

Thus we discover that there are many more prophecies and things which had been said, and waited for, in the lives of the Patriarchs who had waited for the day of fulfillment, and now in this day were being fulfilled. Then came the day according to the records when the events which we celebrate took place...which finishes that story. For as the dead walked the streets of Jerusalem, those who were responsible were in great fear.

One of the strange events in early Christendom and well known by the early Christians, but not much testified to, was the powerful Faith of the great Patriots and Patriarchs of our race. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote these 4 books with 18 to 20 chapters in each book, but just stop and think of all the things which Jesus talked about, and which couldn’t have been written down and put in a library which would have filled this room. Yet, all you have is a very small fragmentary part of the things which Jesus said, and the records of the things which were done. And at that, you are fortunate that you get as much out of the 4 Gospels as you do, but there is in Great Christendom a great multitude of additional testimony which Archaeology is now bringing forth, and which the records of the Ancient Church of history are now producing. The record of the Great Faith of Our Fathers is now coming forth, and the records of what transpired are to be known.

Joseph of Arimathea, the brother of Mary, this powerful trading Merchant, who owned the tin mines of Cornwall, who was a man of stature in the land and respected in Rome, is revealed as also a member of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem, altho he was not allowed to sit in the Sanhedrin as a Pharisee at the time of the trial of Christ. Joseph of Arimathea was not only one of the Essene company, but he was the one who had caused the Chalice which Jesus was to be prepared. This same Joseph was the one who had gone to Pilate and offered up his own tomb for the sanctuary of Christ, and for this...the Jews said: “we must punish him at once.” Thus on the second day they took Joseph and put him in Prison. The Romans had nothing to do with this, for this was done by Jewish law, but they did take this powerful man and lock him up and put the Seal of the Temple on the prison door, and then were waiting for the first day of the week, as they couldn’t try him on the Sabbath Day. But they planned to try Joseph, a member of the Sanhedrin, on the first day of the week. Then Joseph was to tell his own story which is also found in the Gospel of Nicodemus, and was also in the early church records. He said: “as it dawned toward the first day of the week there came a great earthquake, and the cell in which they had locked him was suddenly Illuminated with a great and bright Light, and I looked and there before me stood my heavenly Nephew, there stood Yahshua, this one by whom I have no right to be called a kinsman, for I am not worthy.”

Being a brother of Mary, this Joseph recognized the fact that this body of God was related to him in some strange way. But in this instance there stood before him a radiance of LIGHT, brighter than he had ever beheld. There stood Jesus, and Joseph tells of how Jesus walked thru the bars, and came to him and took his hand, and he saw that this was real, and he felt his hand, but he could not understand what had happened. Then Jesus said to him: “come Joseph, as thou has also given sanctuary to my body, now I shall also protect yours.” then Joseph tells how they just walked right out of this prison, right thru the bars, and went to Joseph’s own home in Arimathea.

Then as it dawned toward the first day of the week, the Jews came to see that their prisoner was still locked up, but when they came to the prison chamber they found that the cell was still locked, but Joseph was gone. They sent out men to find what had happened, and words were brought to them that Joseph was in his own home. That he was telling that THE ONE that had been crucified had let him out of prison. This of course caused great fear to fall upon the Jews.

Probably one of the most beautiful narratives is found in the Gospel of Luke. I was rather pleased today to see in the L.A. Times the whole 24th., chapter of the Book of Luke. They didn’t add anything or take anything away. And all the enemies of Christ who read that paper had to vibrate to the truth whether they liked it or not, because there was the story which in itself is self explanatory. But in this instance, this 24th., chapter of Luke, tells the story of the women who had prepared the spices and the ointments for The Body of God. Of how they could not come upon the Sabbath, but that they came in the early morning of the first day of the week to anoint His body and that as they approached the tomb they saw the radiant Light, and the great stone was rolled away, and no soldiers around, and they were amazed. They rushed into the tomb and beheld the pile of grave clothes, and then two men in shining clothes approached and this was showing you that Angel’s and men look alike. That the spiritual sons of the Household of the Most High which reaches into all planes and dimensions, is much like you. For you also, in your physical bodies are in the image of the Spirit. But these Angel’s said to the women: “Don’t look for Him here. Why seek ye Him here, as He told you in Galilee, He is already Risen.” They went out with great joy, and ran to tell the other disciples. Then Mary and Martha came down to the Garden, and they with Mary Magdalene was at first in great despair, and wondered where they had taken His body. Then she approached one whom she supposed was the Gardener, and she said: “They have taken away My Lord and I do not know where they have laid Him.” Then in that way in which only He spoke, He said: “Mary.” And she replied: “My Master, My Lord, and My God.” (Luke 20:16-17) And Jesus said to her: “Do not touch me for this body is still so charged with Light and Spirit Power that even now you could not stand the energy upon it. I have not yet ascended into the plane of Spirit from whence this energy has come, so do not touch me, but go and tell the disciples.”

Then came the disciples in a rush to the tomb saying surely this cannot be. But when they arrived they found the same story. The graveclothes still shimmering with the radiance of Light, by lying there still, and the tomb EMPTY. They retraced their steps, still pondering these things.

Then, to this story was added the experience of the two men on the road to Emmaus. (Luke 24) Cleopas and his companion had left this first day of the week, and were walking along and talking of the events that had taken place. Suddenly a stranger joined them and said: “Why are you so sad?” They replied: “Surely you are a stranger in this land, if you do not know what has happened these past few days. Terrible things have taken place, the Jews have crucified our Master, this one we knew as a Prophet and hoped would be The Messiah. They crucified Jesus of Nazareth.” And then the the stranger started talking to them and He expounded to them the scriptures from the time of Moses to His advent. And then He turned to them with something that many Christians have never learned to evaluate. He said: “Ought not The Christ to have done this? Should not He have paid the price? Could He be God and not finish the work He set out to do? Could He be God and not save everyone of His children? Could He be God and leave these who He sent into the world to build His Kingdom, to face this darkness alone, and become the victims of the powers of darkness concentrated here in earth? Could God have done less that this?” No. God could not have done less than He accomplished in Calvary and by His Resurrection, for by that act God had justified His sons and daughters. He had set them free so that they might pursue that Heavenly Destiny of building a Kingdom in the earth which can never be destroyed. A Kingdom which shall rule over the darkness, and shall eventually demonstrate to the whole world that the Peace, and the Power of God’s Righteousness shall extend from one end of the earth to the other. Not by acquiescence to those who crucified Him, not to the political systems which they spawned. Not by agreements with the powers of darkness, nor by disarmament, but by vision, by triumph, by righteousness over darkness, as the sons of this kingdom rule, and shall rule throughout the ages to come. In the strangeness of this situation Jesus said: “Ought not Christ, the Messiah, to have come embodied and not save His people?” Was not it right that Yahweh who could stop or change every decision to let events take this course and finish the course of victory? And these two men were strangely stirred in their hearts and they said: “Lets go into this small inn and eat some dinner,” and yet they still did not recognize this ONE who walked with them, even tho they had told Him about the visit of the women to the tomb, and about the rumor that He was resurrected... that He was Alive. But this was too much to grasp as yet, and they were still wondering about these strange things. Then as they sat at the table Jesus took the bread and brake it to them, and spake to them and suddenly their eyes were opened and they knew who He was. They saw the prints of the nails in His hands, and the Glory which shed down upon them brought Light, and immediately came their cry:...”Our Messiah,” and He disappeared from their sight.

Immediately they rushed back to Jerusalem, and to the disciples and said: “We have beheld Him, and He not only sat and ate with us, but we touched His hand. We know He is alive, we know He is real for we had dinner with Him just last night.” And while they were still talking to the disciples then Jesus walked into the room and said: “It is I, be not afraid. I have come just as I said I would. I was raised just as I said I would be upon the third day.”

But Thomas was not present at this gathering. Thomas was a likeable chap, and he and Andrew were much interested in youth as we see, when we follow the events of the ministry of Christ. And their hope was that “the Messiah” was going to build the greatest kingdom the world had ever seen, but that death of the Messiah upon the cross had been such a shock to the heart of Thomas that everything he had believed and longed for was broken and in doubt. And the disciples hurried to Thomas and said: “Oh, Thomas the Master has been seen, He appeared to us,” and they told Thomas all the things that had happened. But the crushed heart of Thomas, in the darkness of despair said: “I could not believe this lest I take my finger and thrust it into the nail prints of His hand, and my hand into the side of His body.” And then, even as he spoke, again the miracle occurred and through the wall and into the chamber where they were...stepped Jesus saying: “Be not afraid, this is not just a spirit, or a ghost. This is flesh and blood, come here Thomas and put your finger into the prints of the nails, and with thy hand thrust into my side, and know that I am here.” Then Jesus was to go on and say: “Blessed art thou when you believe this, but more blessed art those who are to come in the ages ahead, who have not seen, and yet will believe. (John 20:29) But Thomas fell down and said: “My Lord. My God.”

The great mysteries of time, the great fears of death, the concepts that darkness reigned, and that death was permanent had not only been broken for the disciples, but now their hearts were charged with Light and with vision. And not only these few saw Jesus, but over 600 people saw Him at various times. The Roman records show that there were interviews made at Pilate’s Court, and at the Sanhedrin Court, and they had interviewed over 600 people who had seen Jesus and they witnessed that He....was Risen. The stories of these accounts, of these records, and of His breaking bread with His disciples, of His going out to the hill outside of the city, and of His going into the Heavens and leaving them, and of the two men who stepped out of the chariot of the clouds, and said: “Why stand ye gazing into this cloud, for this same Christ shall return just as you saw him go.” All these are in your records, all a part of the great mysteries for your race.

Yes the mighty crafts of the heavens, the great ships of space, and the mighty power of God’s Kingdom are again going to be manifest, not very far removed, and the time is now coming when the servants will fight, and the kingdom will not be given to the Jews.

The Kingdom of God has suffered violence and violence has taken it by storm, but this is to be finished. For there is one thing which was born into the hearts of the people of God in that day, and never is to be changed, and that was: “that freedom was one of the most important things that men could possess.” It had to be freedom in heart without any guilt complex, resting...upon their soul consciousness. It had to be freedom of vision, and it had to be freedom of knowledge that God would not leave them bound by fear, and that even Archangel’s would have no power over the sons and daughters of God in this freedom that God would given unto His children. Neither would Lucifer’s minions, nor his children, no the tyrants that he raises up, be allowed to conquer the kingdom of God. The price of human freedom was so great that He said: “If I had 99 sheep in the fold, and one missing, then I would search for that one which was lost until I found him.” The value of man, the value of the soul of a man is the foundation of Christian civilization and Christian culture. Our enemies are not interested in the value of a man, they are all expendable, they move in a process of collectivism. The state does not serve men, they are the servants of the state. But the Kingdom of God establishes the value of a man. You live in a most challenging time, probably in all history. Strange forces with their refugees...invasion...have even penetrated our own nation. They have captured some of our own race to use them as figurehead puppets, in their own nation of God’s Kingdom. They would like to bind you in your mind, and in your soul, and bind you economically, and deliver you back into the hands of Lucifer...whether all know this or not.

I want you to know that it is still the same battle for liberty, and the same battle for freedom with the realization that the same power that can conquer the grave, can surely conquer this evil before us. For the Father put into our hands the keys to the Kingdom, and then said: “What so ever you bind shall be bound, and what so ever shall be loosed shall be loosed.” We are no longer inhibited by fear, we are no longer wondering whether any powers can hold sway, and can torture. We only look forward to the tomorrows of victory with the realization that life is valuable and vital. That the life we have in a physical body with knowledge of a resurrection is not so sweet, that we would not pledge all we have to see that this kingdom of god were carried to Fruition as the Father sent us into the world to fulfill.

I tell you that the spirit that brought the resurrection, swept throughout the white nations of the world, and built the most powerful institution that the world has ever known. Built it inside the nation of the kingdom of God, with the great testimony of this congregation of God’s children in....the great Church of Christ. And I tell you that in this hour that the church shall never be destroyed, this Kingdom shall never be destroyed, now shall the inheritance of God’s Kingdom ever be left to other people. We march with the spirit and the fiber of victory, and this is something they can never take from us, because of the power of life...over death.

Yes, the body of God never saw corruption. The body of God did not stay dead. It’s Divine qualities were added by the power of the Spirit into a perpetual testimony that they saw, for He ate food with them, and His disciples experienced again walking with God. And because of this you do not have to worry about God’s ability to keep His covenants for spirit, soul, and body. The Eternal Father looked upon you sand said...My Kinsmen. And in the day which is ahead this same Glory shall envelop you, and then every grave will be broken open. Every single entity which has been placed in the ground, or broken down, or scattered to the wind, or been placed in crypt or urn....the elements and the energies of the spirit shall regather, and reform, and give forth once again the mighty triumphant victory of God’s Kingdom. For every one is going to complete the task God sent you here to do. There will be no unfinished work for the household of God in the earth. It is the will of God that He give every man, as his work shall be, not as he might have earned in human standards, but as God has purposed it by His Great Grace.

We pray: “Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,” and we can then be sure of His word because He taught us to pray: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven.”

With this in mind then remember there is no Netherworld now for you, altho so theology and some threaten with it, but they can never assign a child of God to it, and the power of Lucifer can never hold sway over the spirit of any of the sons and daughters of God, and hold that spirit from returning immediately to Him who gave it.