Control Of Space, 2-20-61



by WESLEY A. SWIFT - 2-20-61

Tonight we are speaking on a subject which becomes more and more timely in the era in which we are living----"Bible prophecy and the control of space." Twenty years ago if someone talked about the control of space and described the areas around our solar system, and the earth, or talked about a program which might reach out beyond our solar system in which men of earth would be flying thru space---in the areas around us---reaching the summit of our atmosphere and planning on military equipment for the upper stratus, then someone would have said:--You have been listening to fiction. You have been listening too---too many stories. Twenty of thirty years ago, they would have classified this as the futuristic Jules Verne story. But I think that you who remember the writings of Jules Verne of yesterday, that very timely and prophetic was his writing, for his submarines and his airships are now a reality. And we have gone far beyond his wildest imagination which actually might have been vision in forms of fictionary writing. But still, the pattern is of what men can think and what men can understand. I might make a statement that might seem fantastic to you, but the fact is---what the mind of man can conceive, the mind of man can do. This might seem strange to you, but there is behind it the capacity to animate it and to carry it forward into action. And to find the vehicles to accomplish the results.

As we look out over the world today, it has changed a whole lot since the concept of our forefathers. And we have watched transportation shrink the size of the globe until it is not as big as it used to be in our thinking. Today, we cross the continent in a few hours when once it took months to accomplish this journey. We think little more of traveling around the world in our jet aircraft. And even now as we are probing the heights above our satellite--our earth--satellites are coasting along moving at thousands of miles per hour and we think little of their operation---transit operation. In fact, we have become accustomed in a few short years to thinking of satellites going around the world in a couple of hours. Thus this had reduced the concept of the seas which was in the past, a concept barrier. We find ourselves looking out into space, and the thrust and the power of the rockets have no longer been challenged by the forces of gravity to keep us earth bound. We have already made great leaps into the sky as great rocket ships have gone beyond the reach of earth's atmosphere and falling free into millions of miles of space.

Strangely enough, the battle on the earth's surface for the surface of the earth, still goes on. And today from two areas of the earth, the challenge for power rings forth to envelope all the world. There isn't any question tonight, but that the Soviet Union and world Communism desires to rule all the earth. The desire to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth and reduce all the people of the earth to the state of slavery is there. The only strong and successful opposition to all this comes from the nations of God's Kingdom. These nations are made up of Anglo-Saxon--Scandinavian, Nordic, Basque, Lombardic and Germanic people of the earth. Probably the great significance of the hour lies in the fact that the House of Joseph and the Anglo-Saxons lead the resistance to these powers of evil which would encompass the earth. The United States of America at this hour carries the unique responsibility of being in the position of strength because of its great and creative ability, and its tremendous productive powers. And it has provided much of the opposition thru the past decades--against world Communism.

I would say at this moment in 1961, that where as there is no slowing down in the design of our enemy to conquer the world, and whereas he has stretched his disturbances and catastrophes to every continent upon the face of the earth, as with Africa stirred and the sleeping dragon of China stirred--until within the communist world we are facing great and mighty powers.

In the United States we see a decline not so much in our power, but in our ability and power of initiative and leadership. Some of you say:--Oh, we have a great young and dynamic President with great initiative. Well, I hope he starts to use it, because I feel that the forces of Mystery Babylon that have been moved into our government by this administration---into posts such as Cabinet and elsewhere--make this one of the most unique hours in our history. And one of the most dangerous ones also. I cannot, in the knowledge of what Bible Prophecy says, and thru what god says about these strange and unassimilatable people who are the offspring of Lucifer,--see any good coming for our nation.

These are people who are identified as was their race, as HIS opponents. And in Palestine, Jesus said:--'Ye are of your father the devil.' I know that World Communism is the political philosophy of the devil. I know that the devils have spread it all over the world. These Anti-Christian devils came into America and regardless of whether they came as refugees, or whether they came as exchange professors, still they came to destroy our way of life. I know they are a 'fifth column' and that the masses of this diabolical force control all the Russians and have stimulated the advance of Communism all over the world. Knowing this to be true, when individuals with the same peculiar origin with which they emerged in earth, are moved into positions of authority in our country, irrespective of whether this is the proper tone for brotherhood today. Still, I want you to know that there are devils today in positions of high office in cabinet posts today, in these United States of America. I want you to know also, that there are devils in the British government in high offices. Some are in the Parliament and some in the House of Commons. And they don't belong there anymore than these rascals belong by the strange measure of appointment--where they are in this country. I know that the struggle for the earth is still being carried on by the unseen forces of Lucifers household. And the outside front can be shifted and changed. But actually the struggle for the earth is now being divided very clearly and openly between Communism and the Christian nations of the Western world.

Now, facing this demand and this challenge, we must recognize that these Western powers which represent the Christian powers of the Western world, are faced in this struggle with a design of trying to keep a military balance of power. In fact, the design has come out of America and those allied with her. I think it is important for us to know the identity of those nations. For these are the White nations of the Western Christian world.

I would point today, to the House of Joseph as the great power of America and the British Empire. In leadership, this is one great wing of the Western world. The other house is the house of Judah and his companions. And that is signified today as the Germanic nations and those people who are associated with her by race, such as Austria and others. If some of you, because of battles between the House of Judah and the House of Israel still want to look with animosity toward the branch of the White race with which you fought, then you better wake up. These nations were both Christian and the great spiritual force of the reformation which moved out of Europe came equally out of Germany as it did out of Britain. I want you to know that this struggle between families must end. I want you to know that the White race is only 1/6 of the world population and that these nations of God's Kingdom are to stand and face the enemy shoulder to shoulder if we are to see the retention of Europe and its rescue from the hands of the powers of Anti-Christ.

There are continued and nebulous prophecies which came from various preachers which make this book bend to every whim which they possess. Some of them try to tell us that the Roman Empire has to be restored and the conquering hoards have to move out of the Roman Empire. And they will darken the sun with their air power and that the world is going back under the old Roman Empire.

Let me tell you this. The old Roman Empire has had its last rising. Its sun set in your time. That prophecy has already been fulfilled and the balance of power in the world today are between the powers of the Kingdom of God and the forces of Magog. Do you know that the funny thing is that as prophecy is fulfilled and becomes history, a lot of people still want to shove all that prophecy way out ahead again and go thru them all over once more? There isn't any use in going thru them all over again for there are some things already fulfilled. One of the last great challenges wherein Rome could ever assume power that would militarily threaten the world was probably demonstrated in the military crisis thru which we passed W.W. II. Without any animosity toward any branch of government which may have existed in Europe, and may have been born of sociologic necessity, and strange oppression, some times by the very acts of Lucifer and his internal meddling can cause an explosion to offset this. If it had not been for his manipulation, there would probably have been no need for the powers which rose in Italy when we say Mussolini coming to great power. There would never have been--but for the hand of organized Jewry in the hands of Satans children and the manipulation there---the need for the rise of Hitler's Germany. For it would have been unnecessary. As far as that my friends, the forces in our time that cause the manipulation, is part of Satan's design to take peace from the earth.

At this time, we are well aware that had it not been for that struggle in which Germany and Russian were locked, there might have been emerging out of the East, decades of greater power than you could ever imagine, form the Soviet Union. You do not know what God has determined for these forces to do--or die--to dry up and drive forth the forces of evil and darkness. In fact, if you turn to the scriptures, you find that the major enemy of God's Kingdom was carried far out into the Siberian wasteland near the Steppes and Lake McCauly and around the Ural Mountains because of the struggle he was involved with---in the House of Judah. Sometimes some people do not realize that the Germanic house is the House of Judah. He said that Judah would be warlike. More than that, you go back into prophecy and you find that the two strong powers of prophecy which involves not only Western Europe with the British Empire and Germany, but the United States and Canada in the Western Hemisphere. As far as the Western world is concerned, all other Christian nations have moved in alignment and orbit with them. Scandinavia has had great spiritual inspiration and destiny. But it does not have the strength to turn back the hoards or forces---in the midst of the earth.

The things which have been proclaimed out of the vision of the prophets who have caught the mind of God over the years---to see the things which have come to pass and are to come to pass, has always come with great accuracy. And whereas most of the battles which we fought before we moved into W.W.II have been fought with contemporary weapons of the last 1000 to 1500 years. Although we have added in these last few centuries the development of some of these weapons, still it must be admitted that the sword, the spear, and the long bow and the cross bow were the major weapons of war. It was only in the last century which brought the development of explosives and thus the great siege guns, and what we call ballistic missiles.

We can go back to the days when the Sultan of Turkey was making his attempt at subduing all of southern Europe and the bringing of the riding Moslems under his control in his full thrust to being all Europe under his control, that we saw the use of cannon. And mortars were used in the European sector for the first time. My.--How times have changed since that time. We look at W.W II and the great weapons development, the Big Bertha of Germany, the great new field weapons that were developed, the naval rifle on the warships at that time. And then again came man's first attempt to fly thru the air with weapons fastened on their flying craft which were little more than automatic rifles, And then machine guns. And then they synchronized them to shoot thru the propellers and off the wing tips, and to be used from a cradle in the cockpit behind the pilot. Men say that these were flying scourges of the sky, and they thought they saw the fullness of prophetic fear. For if men could fight in the sky, then the only individuals hurt were those engaged in this activity with them, which was 30 or 40 at the most. But then men began to drop explosives from the sky and thus the bomber was born. W.W.II saw the terrible bombing from the sky which was only a firecracker brigade when compared to W.W.II. For when W.W.II swept the world then the battle in the sky changed. And now the crafts were faster. And across the sky went propeller driven crafts still. But now they moved with great speed. You can remember the Messerschmidt and the cry of the people when the spitfire came forth with its ability for combat in this fast and new developing type of warfare.

But still men were earthbound. But then into the war came the great multitude of aircraft produced in our factories. And so great in number, and so varied in their types that we soon realized that the war was fought as much in the air as it was on the ground. And probably the deciding factor would come from the men in the air instead of those on the ground and with their naval power. And altho it requires men to occupy areas of the earth--infantrymen--and mobilized fast Panther units and swift moving mechanized cavalry of our time---which changes the speed with which we cross the earth's surfaces--still we are standing on the edge of a new age, and little did we realize it.

The great and tremendous factors of W.W.II was that in the hours when it was developed, it was because of the powers of evil, and the forces of the evil spirits of the unclean frogs trying to gather together, to do battle with the forces of God's Household. They wanted Christian nations to destroy Christian nations. The strategy of the enemy was for us to wipe out the resistance of the white people of Western Europe and the heart of Europe itself. On the other hand to turn the power of the struggle instead of against the common enemy---turn it against Britain and the seacoast nations of Western Europe until white nations were fighting white nations. Christians were fighting Christians and the powers of darkness were rubbing their hands together and chortling the defeat of the Western World, which they hoped they would be able to cover with the warriors of the Eastern world. And soon the whole world would be subject to clash.

Strange as it seems that which develops is that they could never beat the perimeter of destiny. And even tho the powers of darkness thought they would move a powerful militant communist world out over all Christendom--over all Christian civilization--and that was never to be--as they had anticipated.

I want you to know that one of the great dangers of the cycle thru which we just passed is that our great Christian nations have been infiltrated by the enemies of our Christian civilization. They have not only used the power of their money but with their intrigue, they have captured the leadership of nations in this country and other countries of our allies until under their evil influence their designs were being carried out to some degree.

There was never a greater catastrophe in all the political dealing of nations and all the areas of statesmanship than the Yalta and Potsdam agreements. Nothing was ever more evilly conceived and carried out than any dividing of the parts of the world in which it was within our position, to make any decision concerning these lands--which we put in the hands of the powers of the Beast system--world Communism. When Mr. Roosevelt, altho he was under intoxification, if reports of his family were true, signed those documents which delivered one-half of Europe into the hands of the Soviet Union. He pledged cooperation with the Beast system. Later the family said that the father was not responsible because he hadn't read the small print, and he didn't know what Alger Hiss and these rascals had actually drawn up and put in those documents. Later then we had another President that followed him. And this President should never have allowed these areas to be placed in the hands of the enemy. Then when a man like Dwight Eisenhower was commander of the Western Forces in Europe, he should never have agreed to the withdrawal of Patton from Berlin, or the turning of any of the Western world over to the Hoards of World Communism. When ever we respect any agreement that is evil, that my friends, is not holding firm to the Kingdom of God or to the destiny of our race. If we confirm any previous contract of evil we become a part of it.

I want you to know that is one of the reasons why our Destiny says we have to save the Tents of Judah first. Strangely enough when the nutcracker of the squeezing pressure of earth's warfare descends and the juggernauts of the Soviet machine starts to move, it will move out over Western Europe and it is to try to swallow up West Germany and to move out over the lowland countries. Today there is a new realism moving over Europe, thru France, West Germany and the people of Western Europe --realize that they have been tricked to battle among themselves instead of turning their face toward the common enemy. Behind the Iron Curtain of East Germany and the other countries which have been captured and which have a Christian background, and an oracle of destiny, there is a great hope for the day of deliverance and freedom. There has been no hour of Peace since W.W.II was over, because the nations of the world have been engaged in a swift and constant competitive battle for armament. We will remember that when W.W.II was consummated, the thing which consummated it was the technology of the tremendous nuclear power developed in our laboratories. We are not foolish enough to believe that all our discoveries was the work of our own American scientists because with them was the knowledge of German, Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon scientists. But the pooling of the brains of the Western world produced nuclear explosions. I want you to know that the enemy is sharp and I am going to say something which may not be acceptable to some of you, but which is after all true. Here in this Western world, we are faced with the fact that many of those who stand around in our laboratories and call themselves space experts, or nuclear experts, --a great number of them do not know how to put things together. But they have managed to get themselves aligned in a position so that they can look over the shoulders of white scientists. And they also stand around to advise and to observe what is going on. I do not believe that the Soviet Union would have moved into this area of nuclear science when she did if these sons of Satan hadn't stolen our secrets and delivered them to her. I do not believe that we would have seen the Soviet Union put a satellite in space before we did had it not been that we were curtailed in our operations by forces under the influences of trying to hold America back until Russia got their satellite into space first. America had the knowledge to do this. So never forget this.

At the end of W.W.II there had come to these United States of America, a number of German scientist like Von Braun and others who in their field of knowledge of rocketry and the tremendous development which had been going on at the various stations in Germany. But their attitude--and their intense hatred of the things of world communism, and their complete desire to be on the side opposite from Russia,--then came willingly to join their Anglo-Saxon brothers to build a machinery to hold back communist Russia from her conquest of the world. We well realize that we exploded some nuclear explosives which because of trickery involved, were not necessary. Because Japan would have surrendered before the nuclear explosion. But we were held back from accepting their surrender by unseen powers behind the scenes.

However, a new day in destiny was born. And the day of --Joel--came in with suddenness. The day when the great pillar of fire and smoke was to be unveiled in the sky. The day of the LORD had come into existence with the final struggle for existence, and with that great nuclear explosion--a new age was born. The Soviets knew that they must have these secrets if she was to become powerful enough to challenge the world. There was little doubt that these spies had been at work. I tell you tonight that after W.W.II, secret after secret was spirited out of this country and put in the hands of the enemy. And without only a few exceptions, as we caught a nuclear spy, their name was Rosenburg or they fit into some similar name. I could start talking about all involved in this. And except for one woman and one man, all the rest of them were--Jews. Strangely enough all of them were working for the building up of the Soviet Union and for the defeat of the United States. And so quite obviously if you look at the records of the forces behind the destruction of America, you find the Jews. And we look out on the Eislers and the Rosenburgs and these others, and we see the panorama of these workers of iniquity trying to build the power of Anti-Christ. But all the time, we were seeking to build faster bombers for sufficient strength so that we could carry out our defense against the enemy if he should suddenly betray his agreement. America did not trust her enemy. And no part of his agreement even tho we had people involved inside of our government and inside of our military who were working for the Reds. Nobody inside our Government including the Roosevelt cabinet, could trust the Soviets and this includes Truman's Presidency and even Eisenhower's. If we could trust the Soviets, we wouldn't have had to try to keep up manufacturing all the bombers and all the war equipment. They all knew that if we showed weakness then would attack. We had to keep building all these weapons to prevent that. Then the world was suddenly shaken with the news that a satellite had been put into orbit by the Soviets. Tremendous rocket thrust power had been used. And far into Space, had been thrown the first Sputnik of the Soviet Union. And with this unveiling of the satellite the Soviet Union went on to say that with this orbiting of the earth, that soon with their military vessels which they would soon have orbiting the earth as satellites, soon they would have great destructive ability. And with their bombs and great atom charges, they would carry with their electronic releases, either directed from the earth or the riders of the satellites, the world was theirs. Then we were told that this was a scientific mission as well and Russia bolstered her people to work harder and faster to fill the sky with Sputniks. Russia said 'that it will be but a matter of about 10 years before the sky around the earth is filled with Sputniks. And further, not long before far out in space, the Soviet Union vehicles will be traveling thru out the solar system. And the 'Hammer and Sickle' will be planted on every single planet in our solar system and we shall be the Masters.' ---------These were the words of Mr. Khrushchev.

Well, the United States recoiled under the threat of this, and I have newspaper clippings of this that rather disgust me. For we had a lot of people who said:--'We have to make peace right away or we will be blown up. We have Nuclear weapons, but they can hurl things into the sky like Sputnik so they have the power to drop bombs on America.' Yes.---It is true. They did have sufficient horse power to hurl nuclear weapons into America if they could hurl this satellite into space. There isn't any question about that. But the facts then came out. Unseen hands and restraining influences kept America from doing this first. America could have hurled such a Satellite into space, but she had not deemed it essential to do so. And she was looking first for a stabilization of the situation here on earth. The thinking of the scientists and technicians was that 'he who controls the space around the earth will soon control the earth itself.' And then men started in the technological race of our times.

I have been in Washington when the budgets were palled for the millions and millions of dollars are voted for the strange crafts which we are working on. Here we stand in 1961 and we have scientists building space suits and they are working on the equipment to be used for space stations. I have not only drawings of equipment to be used, but even descriptions of material they will use to put this construction in place up in space. They anticipate they will put this construction on in space, and send men back and forth. But they are developing at this minute the know how of how men will be able to work on satellites. They will be able to supply the equipment for welding and things like that in space itself, to put things together, not just hurling things into space itself. Scientists under contract are working on the giant thrust it will take to lift the whole satellite into place of orbit and then increase its size while adding to itself while in orbit.

Strangely itself as you think---will these things really happen?---Yes.--There is nothing that the Buck Rogers writers of a few years ago, or 15 or 20 years ago talked about that is not coming to pass. If you think this is just nonsense, I tell you that your government is spending money on it. And corporations and companies of large size are beginning to make the material and everything which related to yesterdays imagination is todays present pattern for science.

What is this mad race for? First it seems that our enemy thinks they are going to control space and rule this earth. And we cannot let this happen. So America has been engaged in a lot of things. I want you to know that for the control of space at this time the enemy has been building equipment and we have been building equipment. We want to know all there is to know about radio activity, about meteorites, about the things that might happen in the stratosphere, and in the areas right around the earth---100 or 200 miles above it. Our technicians are not inferior to that of the Soviets. And even this last shot at Venus does not mean that you are behind at all. In fact, because of the perimeter between the known distance to Venus by your scientists, by the knowledge of triangularation, by our measuring of the sidereal systems, by our great scope such as we have at Palomar and at Harvard, and by our ability to measure also by electronic impulses, we know tonight, the difference between here and Venus. So what makes the Russians think that it is 12 million miles apart from where they are going to accomplish their objective is strange. There is almost 12 million miles between what Russia has set for her time element and the trip sh is to take and what we declare to be the pattern of her orbit.

I want you to know that at the present time, this defection as our observers are watching it, this satellite of the Soviet Union, is going to miss Venus by several million miles. So as far as any great accomplishment, all I can say is that Russia demonstrated great thrust power as they threw this satellite into space. But the rocket will just keep on going, and we don't know how far. But let me tell you, that last year, you put one up. And you were going to orbit the sun with it, but you lost the communications with it as 22 million miles out. And the mighty thrust of your rocket was great. But something went wrong with the mechanical contrivance and the radio reception. Maybe you can't get radio reception beyond 22 million miles with the set we put in the rocket. We don't know that. But I know that sometimes when I listen to all the disturbances we get in earth, and we can't even get a station in Mexico, then I sometimes wonder how we get anything from one million miles out there, let alone 22 million miles.

The fact still remains that you divide the earth into two parts:--the nations of God's Kingdom---the white house of the Israel nations are competing against the powers of darkness for the control of the stratosphere, for this control of space. For one moment, do not think that this is not real. This is definitely something you are engaged in. You haven't relaxed your evaluation of infantrymen. You haven't relaxed your evaluation of the crafts which we see being designed today for faster flights above the earth's surface. But you are probing for the greater opportunity of being Master of space.

It wasn't so long ago when Russia said she sent a rocket to the moon. But with the great telescopes trained on it, the surface of the moon is very easy to observe. And we look at it with the great scopes and the observation of the sea bottoms is brought up close. Mighty boulders are upon the sides of the crags and mountains of the moon. And they are discernable to even the amateur astronomer, if he has the right equipment and sufficient lens diameter. In fact almost anything that happened to the moon can be seen by the great telescope at Palomar while the moon is on our side of the earth. I am sure that the telescopes in Japan in their great observatories are very excellent and have been copied from our excellent ones. And if anything hit the moon when we couldn't see it, then they would have beheld it. No one had the moon out of observation when the Soviets said they sent a rocket up and that on nose cone was a Soviet flag, and that the Hammer and Sickle went to the moon---so they said. And that they put red dye in it to mark the surface. But I want to tell you something. They did not. No one has seen any flag or any red dye. No one at Palomar saw anything hit the moon, nor did anyone from any other observatory. How the Russians said it did and they god a message back, I would like to know. Well!--You know how they did that? They are liars. That is one thing about Satan's team. It is easier for them to lie, than to tell the truth. There is no evidence that the Russians hit the moon. The fact remains that it is four times easier to hit the moon than to hit Venus. But is the Russians put a rocket on Venus and plant a Hammer and Sickle there, then of course, Russia would say:--'It is ours.' Already they are talking about the moon being theirs. They are talking about a manned rocket trip to the moon, about a space station for military purposes and scientific observation on the moon.

You say:--'There is nothing to that'.---Oh yes! There is a lot to that. For they have stolen secrets thru their espionage service which is considered here because your nation is also planning to move around on the moon, actual moon landings. In fact, some of the equipment now being developed today by your scientists and the experimental technological world, actually calls for a rocket which slows and lowers men to the surface of the moon. They are building the equipment and they have now prepared a very light type of caterpillar vehicle in which a man will ride encased with his own oxygen equipment. And even be able to get off it and walk around a bit and come back to his craft, and then go back to the mother ship. And they have enough design that they can kick this rocket free and go back to space from the moon's surface. Even today, there is a list of people waiting to take a trip out to the moon and back. And the list has over 5000 names of those who are willing to put their money on the line and take a trip to the moon. You say:--'My, they are very courageous souls.' Well, either that, or they are crazy. Ha!

There are a lot of people I would like to send to the moon or some other place for nothing. But I want you to know that this is reality. And that there is a struggle by the men of earth for their solar system. The funny thing about it is that our enemy is talking about the military control of the upper air and America doesn't talk quite as wild as this. But we do want to control all the areas around ourselves. Of course we don't want to do this by ourselves. But we want other great nations, or some other control, and we just want to make sure that space is used for Peace.

The Russians talk about their control of the solar systems. But they are just taking for granted that there isn't anyone on those other places. You know there might just be an objection out there on Mars or Venus to anyone else taking control of their areas. They might be surprised at these pops out into space. For they might not like these things landing in their back yards.

There have been great explosions with us. Explosions which blew great pillars of fire and umbrellas of smoke into the sky. And with those explosions, there was radio activity released which has filled the Millelectrogins of radio activity in our atmosphere, and can be detected all over. Not only by our Geiger counters, but also any ship in space which could have been maneuvering anywhere adjacent to this in our solar system close to our planet, would have picked up those same atomic explosions with this new release of radio activity. And have noticed that earthlings were toying with taking things apart which God had put together.

Now, the fact is that there is nothing which happens on the earth but what more then just those who dwell upon the earth, know about it. Did you know that? Did it ever occur to you that when we talk about space, it is something which has already been determined ages, centuries, and millenniums ago? It is not something which the Russians have decided about or you have decided about because your Father has already decided about the control of space. I want you to know that we are on the edge of a new age. Space travel is closer than you realize. But it is going to be under different rules than Moscow will determine. And a whole lot different than Mr. Kennedy's government is going to determine. I think you will see some great strides made very quickly in many fields. There is no doubt that the Russians are going to hurl people into space. If they haven't already hurled a few victims there. This is not going to make any difference because getting them back is the big difference. And whether they do anything but sacrifice them upon their altar of scientific ego, time alone will tell. We have discovered that people can go up and back and live. They can go thru a shelf of radio activity so great that they once thought no one could pass thru and live. But a chimpanzee went up and came back and it didn't seem to hurt him. He reached that perimeter where they said man could not go and live, and returned. We have discovered that there are a lot of notions that have been dispelled. We thought that it would be impossible for a satellite of any size to move around the earth because there were so many millions of meteorites. And they were traveling at such a high speed they would break it up and it wouldn't last any time at all. But then we put a great plastic balloon up and projected it far up into areas of very thin, if any atmosphere intensity at all, in a field of almost the emptiness of outer space. And here it was inflated by the mechanical instruments we provided. And the great plastic balloon with nothing to slow it down has been traveling at the same velocity that anything metallic or iron would have if it had gone into orbit. The fact is, that there is nothing to resist it and therefore how light it is---is of no importance. Altho that is hard for some people to recognize.

Did you know that it traveled around and around and nothing of any significance hit it? In fact, if it had been bombarded with meteorites, as they said it would, it would have collapsed and broken up a long time ago. The fact remains that it did not happen. And your chance of being hit or destroyed with something in space, is no greater than your chance of riding home in your automobile and being hit by another auto. In fact, there are more of them here on the highway in congested areas than there are in the vastness of space which can destroy as it had been previously anticipated.

Now, we talk about the control of space. We tell you that we are intimidated once in awhile by the politicians who try to tell us that our enemy is two or three years ahead of us. Their objective is to, one of these days subject the entire world to slavery. Because with the satellites, he will then have moving around the earth, will be the power to destroy whole cities unless they bow to his demands---all over the face of the earth. Well!--That is not necessarily true. You have 33 satellites going around the earth now and what you did in the last three days is greater than what the Russians did. Did you know that?--What you did was put a great discoverer satellite into space and then after it went around the world a few times, you--from here on earth--changed its orbit. You turned loose automatic motors and created the resistance pressure against --which by back thrust moved and threw it into the North Pole orbit. And you have changed its course. And you have proved that out in space, you have a mastery over the instruments that you developed. And for the first time, you proved you can control and change the orbit of those satellites in space---but from earth. That is of great significance. And if one wanted to measure military significance than just putting a skyrocket into space, is not such a great feat. Because this feat simplified the problem of re-entry, which of course is a problem as ships pass thru the atmosphere on the way back to earth. If something goes wrong with the reverse mechanism, then the added thrust will not slow them down enough so that the friction of atmosphere would burn the ship and its rider to a crisp. And so we now have proof that cones can be brought back thru our atmosphere and scientifically recovered. Modern science has all the necessary knowledge to change this as they have experienced with this field.

Now, I am going to tell you something about space round about you. In fact round about you in this solar system, there are planes and dimensions of energy. A great many more than people realize. You say:--'What do you mean by that?' I mean that even as you exist here in this physical world every atom of to adheres to a vibratory of a certain known and given speed of electron around the nuclear center made up of neutrons and protons and other particles of the atom. The speed with which they revolve and the vibratory field which the mind of God has set up, has put together the whole physical Universe that you can see. So this whole Universe operates in a plane of substance which we might say is one with the substance of God of which the very body we dwell in are controlled. But there happens to be around us various planes which are invisible. There is a plane of light energy which is not normally visible to the human eye which is one which we might call the heavenly plane or the Celestial plane. In fact, you have a Celestial being--a body--which is made of light energy consistently identified with this one, but invisible to the physical eye. But so a part of you, that your soul consciousness which is your 'resident seat of consciousness', not only operates with the senses of this body, but can draw out of the spiritual mind of the Celestial. Both co-existent --with you and in the same place proving that only a matter of vibration makes the difference between one plane and the other.

You say:--'How do you know this?'--Because you are in the image of God--spirit, soul, and body. And there is a terrestrial body and you possess that as well as a Celestial body. And you possess them both at the same time and at this time. I want you to know that whereas the Apostle Paul was taken into 'seven' complete spiritual planes, and temporal planes, and whether in the spirit or the body, he did not know. But is was quite evident that surrounding the creative areas there was at least 'seven' dimensions in planes.

Someone said:--'Do you think the Universe is occupied by creative beings?' Every portion of the creation is occupied by intelligent beings. Now we do know that there are certain elements which become quite impossible for you to invade in these physical bodies. But phenomena may show strange things but there is the element of fire. And therefore burning orbs like the sun would never be inhabitable to an earth man in this physical body, even as you could not stand the intensity of extreme cold in some portions of the Universe. And it would be impossible for you to live beneath the waters of the ocean, because that is not your element. But if we want to deal with elemental and the ability of individuals to deal in the various planes and elements, then there is not one single element in which there is not some type of being who can dwell within it. I want you to know that there are people and beings who can dwell in atmosphere and not be visible. There are beings who can dwell in the very midst of fire. There are two kinds today, even in this struggle. There are the Seraphims of the Most High who look just like you and are related to the Angelic order that can live in the midst of flames and are not effected by its heat because the synthesis of their energy is almost one with the patterns of substance in which they are dwelling.

I want you to know that there is a counterpart of this even in the physical world, the calipered or negative form of this. The ancient word of Salamander meant dwelling in fire. And it wasn't just talking about the little lizard with the flame like coloring upon its tail. It was actually talking about beings. I want you to know that as the scriptures talk about Leviathan -- these are dwellers of the deep -- they come form fallen angles, these who did not keep their first estate. And when catastrophes swept away great portions of the ancient world, they being immortals of a type, while they could not get back into the Celestial sphere, they instead became adapted to dwelling in the very bottoms of the oceans. And they are referred to as Leviathans, the dwellers of the deep. I want you to know that with the same power there are spiritual forces in the Angelic realm which can move into the same areas and they are referred to as Dwellers of the Deep. I could give you their names, but it would seem an unnecessary factor to talk to you about Nymphs and all these factors which is a part of the names of these beings and these creatures. The fact is that God has beings subject to His command that live in virtually every plane of dimension. But there are people that dwell embodied in bodies like you have, in Planets and solar systems all over God's Universe. I want you to know that there are a great number of these people, that never heard of the violations and the errors that you have committed, or that have been committed in this earth in which you dwell. As anything but only in narrative today. For they have lived under the processes of perfect law.

But I want you to know that in these planes which we talk to you about-- spiritual planes -- these are the Celestial planes of the inner Celestial heavens, and they are a spiritual manifestation. We have talked to you in the past of how Enoch was carried -- in the body -- by Angels from the heavens, who came to earth for this patriarch of God -- whom God had selected in the past before the world was framed before the foundation of the world. And this patriarch of great wisdom and special selection had been developed in his own curiosity and in his own reaching for God in realms of knowledge and research which marked him--without question, as being the fulfillment of his own responsibility. But God sent two Angels and they took him away in a great chariot.

Now, we look upon the word Chariot with the realization that anything that was meant for travel was the word--chariot--at that time. But this craft took Enoch far out into space until he not only approached other Planets, and other Solar systems, but eventually, he was taken in his ship far out in the Universe in which the Light of God was visible. And into which--the person of God--made visitations. And when came people and races from every portion of the Universe, then Enoch talked about it and he said:--'I saw these boats of space, and I saw these boats of heaven come and they approached these great Celestial cities. And they came with one vast desire--to bask in the Light of God, and to gather power. And then they go back from whence they came.' And Enoch saw them bringing all sorts of things. And they took all sorts of things with them. And he said:--'Some of these things I do not know what they were.' When I ask about these people who looked he said looked as he did, then Enoch was told:--'These are thy brethren, these are the children of God coming from every corner of the Universe, and many of them never dwelt in the earth.' The Apostle Paul was to describe his experience later in the 'Apocalypse of Paul'. And when he described this later, we are told that the Apostle Paul was also told:--'Thou art My son, tho thou dwelleth in the earth, thou art My son. --I want you to remember this.--These that you see, coming and going art thy brethren--My children, and many have not dwelt in the earth as you have. Many of them shall dwell in the earth, and many of them never will dwell in earth. But they have dwelt in earths of their own, but not as into earth from which thou has come.'

These instructions and these visions show us that there was a great strength of power in the sky. It was not only visually seen by Enoch, but also Witnessed by Job. They saw a long and tremendous flow of ships whose streaking flames of fire seemed to radiate a light like the sun as they passed by. They saw the peculiar effulgent glow, and emanation. They say the lightening that proceeded forth from them, and they saw these ships pass by. Thousands and thousands upon thousands of them. In fact Paul and Enoch were to see them around the earth, above the earth, and thru out the solar system. And they were to see them far out in the channels of space. And when they asked who these were, and what these consisted of, they were told:--'These are the ships and the mighty fleets of the Most High which were under the command of the Arch Angel sent out to guard the heavens, and to encircle the earth, and to carry forward the function of the Most High.

When Enoch came back from his trip he knew about all there was to know about things which were worth knowing about and things to come for a long while, that is why his "Pillars of Wisdom " and the "Secrets of Enoch " were to stand out. This is why Enoch said that the Universe reached unto the furthermost points, beyond the perception of men, but God was absolutely in control. The Angels had been introduced to him by name and the Archangels by name and he knew that there were various kinds of Angels.---There were Angels who lived as abiding spiritual servants, and there were Angelic orders that multiplied and reproduced, and were not of the upper heavens. And he also knew about increasing orders as well species like himself. When he talked about these things, he talked about the vastness of the Universe, the many stars, and the many suns, Enoch said:-- without our solar system there exists --no struggle against God.

Now, I think it is most significant that when you turn over to the book of Daniel, and we know that Daniel was given the vision of the Throne of the Most High, and the Ancient before all the times of measure of today. And he sees the mighty streams of ships of fire, ant the thousands times 10 thousands times thousands going out before HIM to do his bidding. Daniel is so filled with awe at the power of the MOST HIGH and in the vision and instructions which were given to him---then GOD ALMIGHTY said:----I want to tell you something Daniel---when Lucifer thought he was going to upset the balance of the Universe, and when he turned in his role of deviation to become the Satan of time, when this struggle took place --one of the Archangels --Michael --with the great fleets of space defeated Lucifer. And all of the powers of one third of the Angels of heavens of the system of the Milky Way in which Lucifer was master rebelled with him. They were all concentrated in their defeat, and they were all driven to earth.

Enoch was told that Michael the Archangel had thrown the powers of Lucifer out of the areas of outer space, and threw him into this solar system and concentrated him in earth. Enoch was told--there is going to come a great struggle in the earth, and eventually the time is to come when the evil powers are going to gather all things in earth, and hurl them against MY children--MY race--which I planted in earth beginning with Adam, and continuing on down thru the line to you, and which will continue to the days of MY re-embodiment in earth which will come long after I have finished my atonement. And He told Enoch that in that day when the MOST HIGH shall re-enter with 10 thousand times 10 thousands times thousands of his believing offspring and His Holy Angels---and the word -- believing offspring --means Saints , and with them comes the great armies of the Holy Angels as well. He says:--in that day a great attempt by the powers of darkness will come, and today what YAHWEH was telling Enoch is summed up as ---Communism out of Asia--world revolution which spreads out of Moscow and moves out over all the world, but which has its secret headquarters set up in the cities all over the world in which Lucifer's offspring are seeking to direct this power to overthrow the kingdom. And will eventually bring the hoards in as Ezekiel describes it---they will move and come like a storm, out of the north parts and down over the pole--coming against the nations of God's kingdom. And then God said:--Michael my prince-----Michael who commands the great law enforcement system of the universe. --Michael who commands a hundred million ships times thousands, and thousands. We can't begin to measure their scope--10 times 10 thousands would be a million and 10 times thousand would be 100 million, and not times just another million, but millions of millions are at the command of Michael.

Now, God unveils to Enoch the prophet ---you go back to earth and you say:---In that day don't be downcast, don't fall on your face, don't surrender your destiny, don't bow down before the darkness even if they threaten you with boasting of the great things, thinking they are going to take over space. For that day--Michael My Prince is going to stand up and he is going to fight for the Children of God as he did in those days when he ejected Lucifer out of control of outer space. Do you know who the Prince of the power of the air is? --Prince of the Power of the Air is a title which belonged to Lucifer, Son of the Morning. And at the time of his rebellion altho he resisted against the MOST HIGH still he was at that time, one of the master overseers of this earth, this solar system and this part of the Milky Way. And he is Prince of the powers of the air here in earth. That is the reasons why there is nothing in spiritual vibration so stymieing to the powers of darkness as the great spiritual meditation of the prayers of the Children of God in constant harmony with the Omnipresent Father which reaches out to the very center of the Universe, and ties the souls of the Children of God together in great and mighty wonders.

Do you know that there is nothing that breaks down the power of the enemy like the prayers of God's Breathing offspring. Did you know that to stand together for right, and to see the vision of righteousness, and the command and Glory of God in the earth, and to see the things which are right and good and to be determined to fix and to work toward that and never accept defeat is one of the most positive ways to approach this matter, because this is a part of your destiny.

Let me tell you this. Scripture is filled with the talk of space--Ezekiel's great fleets which came in and flew out, and even God himself using one of these crafts---rolling out his throne and putting it back in, and all of the fleets moving away with the great roar of it thru our atmosphere, this synchronization of the things that Ezekiel saw --and that Elijah and Elisha saw ---tells of these things. How the great fleets of heaven swooped in and picked up Elijah and carried him away into the heavens as Elisha stood by to receive his mantle, and he looked and he saw the horses and chariots of Israel.

I think it is most important for you to know that before earthlings try to move out and capture space to turn it against God's kingdom then remember this---that the Assyrian powers of Ancient Assyria were coming against the people of God's Kingdom and the one man they were after was the prophet of God who denounced evil. They were after Elisha who had taken the mantle of Elijah. The king of Assyria was troubled because there wasn't any secret thing that he planned or plotted that the prophet of God did not know, and he would warn the king of Israel, and they had a defense against it. So the Assyrian king said: --show me where this man lives who listens for the King of Israel. But the advisors of the King said: --Oh, lord, oh, king, the prophet of the LORD, is in Israel and he tells the king of Israel the words thy speak, even in your bedchamber. This is not the work of a spy or as of someone who has defected. It is just the spiritual power and the ability of this man to keep the king of Israel informed. The king of Assyria said:-- God and spy out where he is, and tell me where he is. The men said; --we know where he is, for he is living down in Dothan (II Kings 6:12). So the king of Assyria said:--alright then I will gather my hosts and my chariots and they came and surrounded the city where Elisha was. What the king of Assyria forgot was that every thing which went on in the kings bed chamber was known to the prophet, so he knew that they were coming. What the king of Assyria did not know was that the MOST HIGH had called for the command of those in the atmosphere round about who were invisible to the eyes of the enemy. I want you to notice that here in II Kings 6:14 the king of Assyria had the city of Dothan surrounded and he was going to capture the prophet. And when the servant of Elisha had risen early he saw this host surrounding the city and he came to Elisha and said:--"alas"--

my master what shall we do--we are surrounded?

Now, I wish that when some of the doubters start to tell President Kennedy and the people around him that we better surrender to the Russians, that they --the people--could see what Elisha saw. The people say--surrender because we are about to be hydrogen bombed and wiped from the face of the earth. Mr. Stevenson tries to warn us against our thinking and he says that THEY mean business, that there is a nuclear war to come. Then someone says:--don't think for one moment that there is not going to be a nuclear war, and when nuclear ar comes, that they will not blow you off the face of the earth.

Let me tell you something. In those days when Elisha was surrounded by huge armies and nothing to protect him from the standpoint of that disturbance, and his servant said:--My master, what are we going to do? Then Elisha said:--Fear not for they that are with us are more than they that be with them. I want you to realize tonight --THEY WHO ARE WITH US ARE MORE THAN THEY THAT BE WITH THEM. Oh, you say: if we took in all the white nations --if we took in every one of the 10 tribes of Israel and Judah and Benjamin--and 1/2 of those of Scandinavia, and also those of Benjamin if all were included we would still be only 1/6 of the worlds population---this is right -----do you know how many of us there really are?--You still say, but we are only 1/6 of the world's population--but do you know how many relatives that you do have? Let me tell you that you have as many members of the family of your Father as the stars of the heavens. You can't count them all, but go outside and try to count the sands of the seashore. Do you think you would get anywhere with that? You couldn't count the sand on 100 square feet of beach alone, in five or 6 lifetimes.

There are as many of the household of God--identified by His spirit ---accounted to Abraham--offspring of his seed which can pass thru the bodies of flesh in this earth in the course of their destiny as the sand of the seashore and the stars of the heavens, and that is not just a little exaggeration. After they started measuring a trillion by multiples then we know by the sidereal calculators --of the heavenly bodies in space, and you begin to realize these things.

One of the great scientific minds said:--there are as many stars in the heavens as there are sands in the sea shores---but don't let anyone come along and tell you that you are an embodied star because you are not. We see lots of strange things come along, and people follow some strange things. It wasn't so long a go when a false prophet arose. He had been a con man--in prison--he had been a Bunko artist and he had been in the penitentiary--a patent medicine man taking in the country. And he went down here and decided to start an occult racket, and it didn't work so he decided to move inside the church. He went out to Clem Davis's ministry and he held a meeting there to hold communion which he said hadn't been held properly since the days of Jesus. I don't know what the Christian church has been doing all this time?----But when he went out to this meeting he invited a lot of Kingdom ministers, and a lot of silly people went out there. Some of the people didn't like it because we did not dismiss that day also. But he had on a Pope's robe and a Pope's miter, and he served what was not my friends, anything new. But he was by this process trying to make himself the only Oracle of truth in the land of that day. He wanted all the ministers to join him and around him. ---The spirit bore witness with me even before I knew all this and his plan--that this was not of YAHWEH God. And he started telling people that he had vibrations from space and that he made water charged with life. I had people from this church who went over there and bought his water, and I told some of these people that this was a fraud. You may have noticed from the newspapers that several of the ministers left this movement because of this starting of occult teaching. They started to blend truth and error together. Started to use astro tricks and use hypnosis and its influence in relationship to this and they were selling Holy Water. But these ministers went out from this movement because discernment wouldn't let the Kingdom of God go forward in this way. ---The other day they picked this man up, Bishop John Smith---The Kingdom Church of Christ--He was not a Clergyman, he was at this time a Bunko artist. He had jumped bail in both Colorado and Texas. He had been in the penitentiary before, and when they went out there for him he was making Holy Water --by turning on an ultra violet lamp on water, and stirring in bluing solution to give it a little blue tint. The reason why he used thee lamp was so that the water would hold the bluing solution in suspension so that it would not all dissolve, then coagulate and fall out. And the Police picked him up and the holy water was only bluing solution, so once again the truth is vindicated. The reason why I point this out is because he claimed that he had contact with the powers above and contact with a great number of beings inside the earth, and outside the earth who were moving in the orbit of his command because he was a special prophet--and some people believed all that stuff.

Now, do you know that there are a lot of people that tell us that the preachers round about us are worried. They are so worried about what we are going to do that various masters of these groups have come up to try to ---save us --right now.

Let me tell you something about this; there is already today --around you --thousands around--fleets and ships --whole orders of space, some visible and some invisible, just as they were around Elisha the man of God in that day when there were ships and armies as Elisha was besieged by the Assyrians. Elisha said: --OH, YAHWEH I wish my servant could see ----and YAHWEH opened the eyes of the young man and he saw a wave length which he normally could not see. And he saw that the mountaintops and areas around about were full of the chariots of fire, of light and energy, all around Elisha.

Now, I am going to tell you something else--there is not one worried Angel. There is not one of the beings of the armies of God which are even disturbed about the outcome of the battle of space. Some one said:--oh, but we can destroy space by radio activity, but there is more radio activity coming off the sun every day into your solar system than you could produce if you blew the earth up. Did you know that? The miliamps of energy which come every day out of the mass of the sun, which is all in conformation in its entire surface. ---With one constant chain reaction of energy--every one of them a hydrogen explosion . More multitudes of energy than you could ever produce.

So if miliamps of energy released into space are worrying the Angels they would never reach here, they would just stay away from your solar system altogether. When some Angel sneaks thru and sounds a trumpet and record it down here on a tape recorder and say that we heard from the Angel who said they were worried, for they were afraid you are going to upset space, then my friends we better worry.

Let me tell you something. I have a book here which is pretty old, and I have some records in my library maybe that are older, but everytime the ancients talk about the realms of space round about, they tell the same story. I have records that come out of ancient China which reach back into the days when they knew something. They don't know anything today or they wouldn't be communists. Their civilizations knew much greater days than their degeneration under many idols. They once had a knowledge of art, and a knowledge of duty, and ability in ceramics and painting which has never been equaled in this time by the people of China. They once had a knowledge of history that in their records, which their oldest ancestors possessed, knew how there was at one time a great land mass to the south of them and that where the Pacific Ocean is today that there was once a great population. They talked about how ships sailed in and out of the earth, how very Gods came from heaven to earth with their households.

Now you say: --but I don't believe what these people wrote. But still they did write that ships came and went from earth. They talk about the day in ancient times which measures many millenniums about 14 or 15 millenniums--in which there came great disaster in the sky, and there was a battle of ships in space. They tell about how the great Dragon was defeated by the more powerful God who came to the land of his household. Ancient traditions talk about the great Dragon, and the coming of this Great Dragon, and the great battles between the Great Dragon and the rest of the deities. They talk about wars that ended in sunken continents , and how that around the earth, and above it were moving these ships. And then the ships went away and were not seen for many centuries. Yes, the Chinese records tell about these things.

In the ancient writings of ancient India those writings tell about the very struggle in the sky, and how mighty armies which belonged to the Supreme God of the Universe--and they talk about the Incarnate revelations of this God which must come out from among man known as Krishna, and they positively know that it is thru this Krishna that evil will be defeated, but they do tell their story, of their struggles, they tell of the forces of darkness gathering their hoards for the final attack against the people of earth which are not alive to their thinking.

Let me tell you something--over here in the book of Revelation we have a little picture concerning numbers involved in this situation. For the areas of the great river--the Euphrates are----the people who make up the areas around the mid east and Turkey and in this area, and beyond the river of Euphrates thru the Steppes of Asia and out of the Areas of the Russia's and the numbers to soon be under control of Red China---the numbers of the armies of horsemen who move out against the western world and the Kingdom of God are 200 thousand. That means that there will be 200 million in the army gathered by the hosts of the --world Communism in their drive to come against your race, and your kingdom. I want you to know that these horsemen are a little different than the horsemen of the days of John because they are to have great metal breastplate, and out of their mouths comes fire and brimstone, and smoke and fire. These are nothing but the great mechanized armies with modern tanks and modern mobilized warfare, and the great invading hosts which deals in smoke and fire and brimstone, everything which goes along with modern forms of warfare, such as ballistic missiles, fire bombs and so forth. And here they come a great and mighty host, 200 million of them and that is only one part, for the book of Revelation also talks about their earth flying forces that are to come.

Now, you say: but what is to happen to this army? I want you to know that heaven is more interested in the survival of God's kingdom, and the bringing in of righteousness --the law of God. Righteousness and the law of love and of divine understanding than anything else. God Almighty is going to balance the earth, and put it back into proper relationship, and this one great prison chamber of error is once more going to conform to the nature of creation, and acknowledge God. And every creature in it is eventually going to serve the MOST HIGH and live together in peace, but evil is going to be defeated. And evil is going to be defeated first, so the Angels aren't worried about the fact that our enemy is saying they are going to blow up the earth. The enemy is coming along with his plan, and he has rockets going up in space. You talk about capturing a re-entry cone--let me tell you something------These ships of Michael could swallow these cones the enemy is sending up there and you would never see them again. There is not anything they could launch which would threaten anything of space.

When the scripture says: They speak blaspheme against the MOST HIGH GOD AND THEY HURL THEIR INSULTS TO HIGH HEAVEN THEN LISTEN:--- It talks about the Eternal God --Incarnately manifested as he was visible in earth, moving back into this plain. "And I saw the heavens opened and I saw HE who was leading these forces, and His eyes radiant with the glowing light of Life--brilliant like a flame of fire, an don his head a frown of many stars. And I saw that this was the creative God by whom all things were made"--who is referred to in this book of Colossians as the Eternal Christ --who was before all things, and by HIM were all things made. ---"And He is clothed in the vesture of His identity with the Atonement".---Then it says that the army that followed him in the heavens were in fine linen and were white and clean, and the armies of Heaven followed after HIM. This book of Revelation tells me that he is going to smite these nations, that is--the power of evil which rules over them --with a rod of iron. He is going to tread this winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God Almighty, which is only directed against evil. Even the personages are not annihilated in their evil, they are going to bow the knee, and they are going to surrender the sword.

Do you know that the control of space has never at any time left the hand of the MOST HIGH. Control of Space has never gone out of the hands of the Angels and Archangels. Certain forces have been allowed to ---let--or move unhindered, until the time when the spirit restrains them and then they will no longer be allowed to move. And as they have demonstrated their forces, their energies, their violence and their design --still YAHWEH is going to raise a spiritual power in the nations of his kingdom and support it with all the strength of heaven. And He will finally defeat all these powers in earth.

Did you know that the scripture talks about what Christ said he would do concerning his Elect? You know --the elect are those God has chosen for some duty, and this was a one man election, for he did all the choosing. He says:---You did not choose me, I chose you and I ordained that your fruit would remain. God said:--I knew you before the foundation of the world--I wrote down your name in the Lamb's book of life. I determined your spiritual identity and birth in the sky. I determined the time of your birth in the earth, and I also am going to determine the rising of Your Glory.

Strange as it may seem, The Most High has determined the hour for the deliverance of the earth. I am not looking out for a catastrophe to envelope the world. I see that the World Order is going to see great transition, but here are areas against God, and these areas will know catastrophes of their own making. But let me tell you as far as space is concerned, and the control of it--this control is in the hands of God and will be in the hands of God thru out the ages of time. There is not one challenge which can effect this, and nothing can upset it. There is nothing happening on earth that God doesn't know about. All you have to do is have Faith, believe and resist the darkness.

In the very near future you are going to see something which God has talked about as He said:--I am going to send My Holy Angels to the very 4 corners of heaven---what for?--He is going to bring in those I have Elected or this--My chosen--my selection, and they are going to come from all over space, and every one of your race, from Adam up to now is going to join this host to watch this spectacle of the triumph of righteousness. But the first thing we are going to do ---Christ said;---this power in space will come close to earth, and then His administering spirits will gather out of earth every thing that hurts and every thing which destroys and every thing which makes a lie.

Do you know that the scripture says that the space power of the MOST HIGH GOD is going to capture some of these people here and put them somewhere which will be a great advantage to them. Where they will turn their own nature loose on their own kind, and they will learn righteousness all by themselves.

Did you know that God said:-- I am going to take out everything which is against my kingdom. Everything which hurts, everything destructive, every power of Satan. Do you know that every witchdoctor is going to disappear from Africa. Do you know that maybe all the Communist instructors in your Colleges will be gone one of these days--just gone. Someone said:--There has been some well established disappearances lately--so people just disappeared --so where did they go?---Let me tell you --One of these days there is going to be great masses disappear from the earth. People here had it backward, they tried to say that the Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD were going to go somewhere, but we aren't going anywhere for God said there will be 2 at the mill and 2 in the field, and one will be taken and one left---Oh, you say who is to be taken? Remember that everything that hurts is to be taken --the Tares will go, they will be snatched out---as it was in the days of Noah--then who was taken then? Remember that everything that hurts is to be taken out--so who was taken in the days of Noah?--the rascals---God didn't send you down here just to get you back, he isn't going to lose you anyhow. I am going to tell you this, one of these days to come --the forces that direct and power the evil are going to be snatched from the face of the earth.

end of message.