Covenant Race, 2-12-63



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-12-63

Tonight we talk to you of the Covenant race, as to the origin of races, and as to the antiquity as to how long man has been upon the earth, and the work in South Africa in 1961 and 1962 showing that there were intelligent men with weapons and ceramics on the earth a million and one half years ago. The mighty works of Dr. Ivor Lissner of 600,000 years of the tracings of archaeology and biological studies of the Torougs or the Asiatics, the work of Dr. Coons and other outstanding anthropologists, shows 73,000 years ago, that there were Negroes in Africa. In the caves of Kilaminjaro are the fossil remains and the evidence of bones and of campfires of Negroes who were buried in the caves of Kilaminjaro.

We are laying this foundation again for your thinking as to the antiquity of man, but also to the Adamic race, the Caucasians, as the man identified by anthropologists as they compared the skulls now identified as the White man. We cannot trace him back beyond 7400 years ago. We co not find his impact upon nations or races. For Sumerian dynasties or the Torougs existed over the world thousands and thousands of years ago. In the British Museum today, we have the tablets and the plates of the ancient Sumerians. The Princeton University press reluctantly had to give the king line of 243,000 years. And the sidereal calculators had to confirm the developing events they describe as they timed their lives, and their kingdoms and their dynasties with the movement in the heavens which they could see, of the Celestial wanderers of the planets, or the eclipse of the sun or the moon....sidereal calculations from our greatest observatories, measuring back the astronomical date line to prove the antiquity of these kingdoms.

We told you therefore, that there were men on earth before Adam and that Adam was the son of God, a begotten issue and that the great purpose of God was to transfer a household from heaven to earth. But to establish this and his lines are very important. One of the great problems when you talk about the fact that races have different origins that God created all races. And we have told you how the Negro race arrived here in earth, coming in the great Luciferian ships with those hordes. The 12th chapter of Revelations tells you about it, the writings of Enoch, in his ancient ‘Secrets of Enoch,’ tells you this story as God unveiled it to HIM telling him to return to earth and to write the book. The records of prophecy and of archaeology and the background of these ancient races are found in their conformations. And you may find in their traditions also these patterns of records. They are not of a common origin or a common kind, and they did not all come out of a common patterns. The Torougs were a creation in the earth and we described for you the catastrophe which occurred in the ancient world between the first and the second chapters of Genesis. The 4th chapter of Jeremiah tells about the things which Jeremiah saw as spiritually he had this brought back to him and he tells about what he witnessed when he was with the Father before the world was caught in catastrophe and in chaos. This all happened between the time of the 1st and 2nd chapter of Genesis.

Therefore we know that the introduction of the Negro came in at the time of Lucifer’s rebellion, and that he had gathered them from a corner of the Universe in this struggle in which he was rebelling. The whole foundation of theology and the theology of your race developed in this turning time, and it carries the story of defeat of Lucifer, and his earth bound situation and of his dominance over this particular planet. When we talk about this Adamic race then this Bible is the history of the Adamic race. This is why Moses hurriedly goes thru the events of creation, and pre-creations and then comes down to the Adamic race, and from there to the end of Genesis, he is telling you about the development of that race and its covenant line until he gets do to his own time. Then he writes the next four books of_______

about the 80 years of his life...about the things that he witnessed in his life. Of course the book of Job antedates the book of Moses. And I suppose that Moses would have been surprised if he had known that they would take his four books and set out a volume and call it the Bible and then make it appear as tho it was a revelation. It was not. It was just that Moses started with the premise and came up to his time to lay a story of foundation of historical records which are so vital to us. While we are indebted to the decisions that Moses recorded and made note of facts, still, we have a vast accumulation of material which has passed down thru generations, thru the tradition and thru different methods of preservation, of documents and scrolls and records which go back to the days of the earliest of your racial fathers. You have the books of Adam and Eve...the Books of Seth, the Book of the Bee, the books of the Zohar, the records of Seth. All of these are a part of ancient records of scriptures. They do not disagree with the content of the scripture. They supplement and support the great patterns of mystery, that are only unveiled by fragments of these statements wherever the Bible touches upon them.

But when we tell you that you are a part of the White race, a specially prepared race placed in the earth with a definite purpose, you are a race with which God made covenants and promises, a race that God intends to carry thru to the fulfillment of HIS design... ‘THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE.’...a race to whom the administration of earth shall be given. Because they are a Divine Household, in the midst of the earth, and it is only thru this process, with the will and the mind of God which is perfect in all of its ways, will we see the solution for the things of earth which HE has ordained. And now with HIS Grace, HE caries this program forward.

Now, we point out to you that as last week we talked about the flood. We have established that the flood (of Noah’s time) did not cover the whole earth. It covered that area of the upper Tarim Basin. We have told you that there were over three million species in the earth and it would have been impossible to build a boat the size of the Ark which had room for two of each male and one female, of the kind and then seven males and seven females of the clean kind. And that all of these species could not have been gathered in the lifetime of a man. Nor could a boat that we have described here carry all of this fauna. Then in conclusion, the word Eret means all of that country....not all of the world. And we have given evidence to prove that.

Now this is a very vital point, for it is important today for the preservation of your nation, and your race, and the carrying out of the objectives of this Book, and fighting the Communist conspiracy of today. Thus you must understand this Biblical factor of race...for today there are a number of habitations put down on men that curtails the defense of their society, and the carrying forward of their great destiny because they have been filled with error concerning the race question. They should not only know the scriptures, but they should also know the anthropological facts which carry out and support the world of God. Then, my friends, they will not be caught in this conspiracy of integration, mongrelization, or forming a one world racial family or an interrelated religion. All of these are the fantastic policies of error which can be introduced upon a people caught in error, because they have not been informed.

We point out to you that since they attempt to say that the flood drowned all but Noah and his three sons and their wives, that then all people emerged out of the family of Noah. Thus, they can all be brought together into one, and there would not be anything wrong with it. This is why when we talked to you about this flood, that we established that it was a localized conditions, and it was designed by God for the preservation of the House of Noah, and for this area of HIS race. We have showed you that Enoch and Job had been down in Egypt before the flood. That they had built the cities of On, the Great Pyramid, the Temple of Zendera. And they had established a great civilization of wisdom and knowledge. And the great university city of On had been built by Enoch and Job in the period of about 5000 B.C. For the next century, this work of Enoch and Job would be completed, and those selected out of your race who would carry on its destiny clear down to the days of Jesus.

So when we tell you that the flood did not drown everybody on the face of the earth, and we tell you that the Negro did not come out of the family of Noah, because there were Negroes on the face of the earth long before Noah. In fact, they were burying them in the caves of Kilaminjaro 73,000 years ago. The Asiatics did not come out of the family of Noah because someone said that all the people were drowned in the flood and thus they would have to all come out of Noah. But the flood did not cover all of the earth. It just covered the Upper Tarim Basin, then down thru the mountains into the areas of China and on to the west into the land covering Ur of the Chaldees. And as we have cited to you that as the waters of the flood drained out from the areas of the flood, there had to be a place for the water to recede to. Thus, it could not have been all over the earth for considering the rest of the earth, then it would have been six miles deep over Los place to go. And it would still be here.

We point out to you then that the sons of Noah....Ham, Shem, and Japhet,,,were all white men. And we told you that just over a period of a century from that time, that the great battles were being fought on the plains of Shinar and out on the planes of Ur of the Chaldeas. And now out on to these plains moves Abraham, as he is crossing the plains of Chedorlaomer. And there were kings in battle, according to the book of Genesis, chapter 14. And there was the King Amaraphael, and Tidal, King of the Nations, of the land which had gone down beneath the waters ages before. And when Enoch, writing the Oracles which God gave him 5000 years B.C., he talked about the forces which rebelled with Lucifer and about the catastrophes which beset the earth, he talked about Amaraphael, who was of a fallen Angelic order and who had set up a dynasty of darkness.

Here were people who had not descended from Adam and had preexisted in pre-Adamic lines, and were still in earth in the days of Abraham. When we talk about these lines, there exists in the book of Genesis.......and when you come down in Genesis to Noah, the genealogies of the Cainanite line and the line of Seth are listed also. And when you reach Noah, you will discover that Noah, as the Bible teaches, is of the line of Seth. After the flood is all over, you discover that there were still men in a line tied back to Cain, and genealogies tied back to the line of Seth. Quite obviously, then early biblical scholars did not see the drowning of all peoples on the face of the earth, or there would have been no Cainanite line to trace back to Cain. For the flood would have wiped them out.

Now will we accept the interpretation that some try to give, that the wives of the sons of Noah were Cainanites. If they had been, then God would have left them all to drown in the flood. Now could there have been any progeny such as we discover in the scriptures.

Now, I want to point out to you something before we go into the other phases of this in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel. And we use this series of messages.... When we talked to you about the original violation of Divine Law which was committed by your race, we cite to you that God had said of all of the trees of the field, and of all of the herbs of the field, and all of the fruit of these trees, you can eat. But of the trees of knowledge of good and evil... ‘ye shall not eat.’ This was the racial trees of the empire of Lucifer and the house of Lucifer whose experiences had been both good and evil. Thus, we tell you that empires existed on the earth in the days of Eden. So again, we go back to the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, because it now has something that you need to know to come past the flood and down to our time.

It is in the 31st chapter of Ezekiel, again, when he tells us that in the eleventh year and the third month on the first day of the month, then God said to Ezekiel, ‘You go speak to the King of Egypt and say...whom art thy multitudes like? Behold the Assyrian was a Cedar in Lebanon.....(meaning that this Cedar in Lebanon is the great gargantuan Cedars in Lebanon)...those great trees...the Red Wood trees just as you have on the West Coast of the United States, on the Pacific slope.) They were among the tallest of trees. So God, in talking to Pharaoh of Egypt, said that the empire of Assyria was like one of the great red wood trees. HE said that it was not only a great power, a tall tree showing and extending out with its limbs, but remember that the waters...this racial stream...the waters of the Assyrians was so great that they watered all over the earth in their numbering of people. And thus, the Empire of the Assyrians is likened to trees and branches and shoots which stretched all over the earth.

So in the book of Ezekiel, it gives us a pattern that I want you to understand. In Biblical symbols, the ‘trees’ are empires. The waters are racial streams...and masses of people by race. The waters which made him great and placed him on high, because the rivers of this race fitting about all of the plants, and all of the little rivers under the seals making this a mighty and tremendous Red wood tree, termed the Cedar tree, like those in Lebanon. The height of the Assyrian Empire was above all of the trees of the field...or all other kingdoms. And the number of the branches or the boughs of this empire were long because of the multitude of his waters. In otherwords, there were more Asiatics on the earth than any one else, and the Assyrian Empire was the biggest.

Now, read this. Not only were all of the people not under the branches of his government, all of the Beasts of the field, and under his shadow dwelt all of the great nations. I want you to catch the timing of this. When was this? His was the greatest Empire in the days of Eden, in that Garden of God. And all of the other nations looked at him and said, ‘he is the greatest.’ And oh, how they envied the power of the Assyrian Empire now over all of the earth.

Now let’s do a little figuring. If in the days of the Garden of Eden, as God started out your race, the Assyrian Empire was all over the earth, and in that day this race was the strongest waters, and all other nations envied this Empire, and they knew they were not to be equal with him...therefore, he was the greatest in the length of his branches and by the size of his racial stream. All of the other Cedars were great empires, and the Garden of God could not hide him. And altho they did not like him, not any tree in the Garden was as big and as powerful....shown by the multitude of his branches. So all of the trees of Eden, all of the empires which had the knowledge of Good and Evil...all of them...envied the Assyrian Empire. God said that altho he had been lifted up to great height and had great strength, and was a mighty empire....God said, ‘We brought him down.’

Now listen to what it says here. ‘I delivered him and I brought him down.’ Strangers finally destroyed his empire and he brought ruin upon himself because he violated Divine Law and he warred against God. He was in opposition to God’s Kingdom and I brought him down.

Now to the Prophet Ezekiel... ‘You tell Pharaoh, who are thou like? Are you like him also that I brought down to the grave, smashed his empire and got rid of his king, thou also must understand. Who art thy like in thy glory and understanding among those empires of Eden? Who are you? Oh, you are a great empire, oh Pharaoh, but you were not as great as the Assyrians.’ Where did the Egyptians come from? They came from Atlantas, the land which went beneath the waters of the Atlantic, because of the mongrelization attempt and the forces of nature, and the nuclear wars and such as happened are too long to discuss tonight. But the rifts in the earth and the waters rushing into the volcanos caused great explosions and earthquakes and great sinking and subsidence of the land. Some other night we will talk to you about the sinking of Atlantas and the last days of that land. But here in the scriptures it also, Egypt, you were like the Cedars of Lebanon. But remember this. ‘I CAN BRING YOU DOWN LIKE I BROUGHT DOWN THE ASSYRIANS.’

Oh, you say, ‘What does this have to do with our subject tonight?’ I will tell you. First the Egyptian Empire and the Assyrian Empire were all over the earth...great Empires at the time of Eden. Therefore, Adam could not have fathered all of the Assyrians and the Egyptians by any stretch of the imagination.

Now, this fogs up some peoples theological dream when they think all people came from Adam, because Adam was placed in the Garden of God and told to take dominion and care for the Garden. But remember, these other empires, he was not to intermingle with. But here, we have the story out of the mouth of YAHWEH thru the lips of Ezekiel, saying that the Assyrian empire was all over the world. So I do not think that anyone should jump to the conclusion about this period of time. Remember, it was about 5500 years before Christ. Up to 5400 years before Christ, is the longest period of time you could have allotted for Adam because Adam went out of Eden 5400 B.C. And empires which covered the whole earth were not then propagated by him....of this, you can be assured. Nor would he have been able to have propagated the Asiatics or the Egyptians, because the law of Genesis is.. ‘kind begatting like kind..seed having life in itself.’ I draw such a picture today for any student of heredity who will not draw a picture of ‘kind begatting like kind.’ And that racial streams are set up by their origin and the difference in their seed, the difference in the process of mitosis, containing chromosomes, genes, and chromotin, that these are the patterns of Divine Law... ‘Kind begatting like kind.’

Now let me point this out to you. Ezekiel the prophet, is writing in the period of time after the flood. Ezekiel the prophet is thinking at a historical period of around 686 B.C.

Now in the writings at this date in time, a millennium and one half years after the flood or more, and here is the Assyrian Empire over here, still remnants of it in existence. But remember that part of Assyria carried away the ten tribes after the battle of Sannacherib. Remember also that the Egyptians were still there. Remember that when Abraham came out of Ur of the Chaldeas, he went down to Egypt and the Egyptians were still there. Remember when Joseph went down into Egypt, not only were the Egyptians still there, but the White race in the city of On, and the Temples of On, and the great savants of your race were still in Egypt. So no flood ever touched these people in Egypt or they would not have been there. In fact, you would not be here either, if that flood had taken place in Egypt. You say, ‘Why is that?’ Because Joseph married Aseneth, she the daughter of Pontipher the Priest of On. And from this White race woman, from the House of Enoch and the house of Abraham down to Joseph, were thus joining these two branches of the White race until the MOST HIGH GOD put HIS approval on this joining, as HE had Jacob say, ‘Let my name Israel be on these two lads.’ Ephraim and Manasseh, the offspring of this union. And one of the mightest tribes of Israel was of course the House of Joseph. Thus Ephraim and Manasseh were to be a great nation and a company of nations. And the Anglo-Saxon people are of the House of Joseph in the world today. And you came out of the House of Abraham thru Joseph and the Sethite lines of Enoch, which had existed in Egypt before the days of the flood and from the days of Enoch. I just want this to be a clear pattern for all the listeners in the tape audience. And for those clergymen who will be listening all over the nation as well. I want to make it quite clear that both the Assyrians and the Egyptians existed before the flood, were there after the flood, and there was no flood in that land at that time.

Now, this is the reason why we lay again this foundation. We want you to know something specific about your race since God placed your race here for a very definite purpose. HE transplanted you here for a very definite purpose. HE sent you here as the Adamic race, and out of that race by birth. The violation of Divine Law was foreknown to God who had promised redemption and atonement, and that the inheritance of HIS sons would be carried out, and their inheritance would be restored.

I want to thru now to the book of Genesis and bring this clearly to your mind. This book of Genesis says this is the book of the generations of Adam. And starting with Seth who we are told was appointed for a seed unto Adam, that this uncontaminated, unpolluted seed line of Seth, of whom Adam said, ‘Now I have begotten a man in my own image.’.....And we have in the 5th chapter of Genesis, the generations of the man Seth, the son of Adam, all the way down to Noah, in the 29th verse of the 5th chapter. And of course, the great Enoch descends from this line. And it tells us about this Enoch and how he lived 365 years and that he traveled out into space, and that he was then taken into the heavens.......and that he never died, but traveled out into God’s Kingdom outside of the earth. There is one thing that I admire about Enoch’s vast and illumines as they to the things he was taught of God and the things he saw and everything that he wrote about, was so scientifically accurate, that even the sylinaminuns in the sky like those of last year...they were so described so far ahead of time. What he wrote about astronomy and about the universe was accurate and factual. And so far ahead of science of our day. And when he writes about God’s purpose and God’s plan, he tells it just like he saw it and just like he heard it. He did not have any UNESCO to satisfy. There were no group of leaders to cry, ‘but this is not orthodox, so you cannot preach it.’ So now, we have the history of this Adam’s race, this White race, the Caucasian race showing up in the world 7400 years ago, being described at that time as the tall MANU who walked thru India. The Vedic fathers who wrote of the great God of outer space, whose children they were. The great race who settled later in Persia called by your ancestors...the Aryans...the Hu-man race, or spirit Adam. Let me tell you that there is a great difference between the Enosh race and the children of Spirit. For the Spirit as we have told you according to the 2nd chapter of Corinthians, the spirit in you, is not the same spirit that is in the world. You have the spirit of God. But they have the spirit of the world in them. There is a big difference.

Now, I read these words. Come on down here to Noah and this is the record in the 5th, chapter of Genesis to the 29th verse. Then we come on down in the book of Genesis to Noah after the flood, and we come to Shem. And when Shem is a hundred years old, it tells of the son that he begat after the flood. (Genesis 11:10) Then Shem lived for 500 years and he begat sons and daughters. And then we have the grandson named Eber or Heber from whom all of the people of your race have descended. Preeminently your race are the Hebrews...and still are today. And there is not a Jew on the face of the earth who is a Hebrew. Oh, you say, But you cannot prove that.’ Ho, yes, I can prove it easily. But that is for another subject. But the Hebrews are the White race thru Shem, thru Seth. And the Jews of today are Cainanites descended from a multiple of races, down from the crossover of Lucifer. We can prove it by the words of Jesus and the history of this Book. We are not a bit disturbed by anyone who raised a controversy about this statement that we just made. We point out to you therefore, that from Heber, we come down thru the descendants of Heber to Terah, then Terah begat Abraham. And Terah was in the land of the Chaldees when Abram was born, whose name God later changed to Abraham. And for your enlightenment today, Abraham was not a Jew. The world had been plagued with Jews ages before this. I want you to know therefore, that the land was Ur of the Chaldeas.

Now let us drop this idea that Noah’s three sons were different color. If that would have been the case, it would have been a real danger to raise a family. You don’t know whether you would have had something like that picture on the wall. There is not one single scrap of evidence, all the biological and Biblical evidence to the contrary that one Negro could have emerged at any time in history from the Adamic race.

When we come to the three sons of Noah...Ham, Shem, and Japhet...two of these lines from Noah disobeyed instructions. One line preserved its racial purity. The House of Japhet was eventually absorbed in Asia. Some of the offspring of Japhet’s names are still in Asiatic areas. The word Magog for the Russias god, the prince of Magog was the prince of the Steppe people. And if a man intermarries, or marries one of an outside race, his offspring then intermarry and intermarry. And they are all absorbed. If there is one contamination for ten generations, they cannot participate in the administration of God’s Kingdom. That means that if you carry it out to ten generations, still, if there is 10,000/64 in the blood, then you cannot participate in the leadership. Japhet’s Esau...was absorbed in Asia. But what about Ham?

Now, Ham’s lineage was not absorbed to the days of the generation of Abram. This line of Ham continued down by the Persian Gulf. And then one day out of their struggle against their enemy, and still filled with great animosity from what had happened in the days of the flood, due to the Nephilim and the Sumerian lines, there was a man in the scriptures who was called Nimrod. This man was a great, great grandson of Noah...a White man, and a genius in the areas of military strategy. He had gathered around him, the posterity that had been built up and with a great number of his countrymen, marched out of the Persian Gulf area with his accompanying crowd and came to the plain of Shinar. And there, he conquered Arak and Babel, and then built for himself, his own city...Ur of the Chaldees...for Ur is that ancient word for city. And just Oruselum was the city of Peace. Nimrod the mighty warrior, great hunter, with now his Empire containing people he had conquered. His empire now contained people out of India. And from the cities that he had conquered. And as he gathered these forces and coordinated them under his military command, he even gained a ruling over the kings of Shinar. They did not descend from him. For the scriptures tell you that they were conquered by him. And Nimrod was not a Negro, altho he was descended many descendants down from Ham, the son of Noah. You can still find in the friezes of ancient history, these signs of Nimrod and his people.

Now who did Nimrod have for Prime Minister for Ur of the Chaldees? Terah the father of Abraham was the Prime Minister of Nimrod’s Empire. And if you will take the Bible, then you discover that Terah descended from Shem. So this Empire on the plains of Shinar contained the descendants of both, Shem and Ham. The father of Abraham was a Prime Minister, a man of power and wealth. But the enemy had decided that since they could not lick it, they would join it. And the history of Nimrod in his last days, is that of a fool swallowed up in his pride, to take pride from lessors who are greater. The enemy said, ‘Oh, we will make you a god, we will make you wealthy and powerful. Integrate into your city all of the people you can conquer, and all of the area round about, and we will set up Priesthoods of all religions for you. We will make this Ur of the Chaldees the center of world brotherhood. We will have here the temples of all of the gods, and we will make you a living god among the gods.’ Thus, they set up Ur of the Chaldees with Nimrod as its leader. This was when Abraham was a little babe. Go back into the book of Jasher, and you will discover that to spare the life of the babe, Abram, then Terah had sent Abram and his mother to the caves of Noah for his safety. And there he was educated. And you will discover that Noah was still alive at that time. And he reared Abram in the knowledge of YAHWEH. And when Abram returned to his father’s household in Ur, he destroyed all of those idols in his father’s temple. The great faith, the mighty vision that God had amplified in this man God raised up as a Patriarchal leader of your race was outstanding. The reason that I am point thins out is because I do not want you to think that the people of Ham were Negroes or that the father of Abraham was the Prime Minster to a Negro. And I can show you in my library, pictures from plates from friezes, perfectly duplicated from old records of archaeology and the old records of time and history, and then show you that in the early years before the flood, there were Negroes doing the work of servants to the Egyptians. And the difference in their color and their features are preserved in those plates and in the stones unto this day.

I want you to listen to what God said to Abram. I want you to remember that our position that this race from which you have emerged, chosen of God, that this is the chosen seed for the Household of God and the selection is from God. And that you are a super race of the MOST HIGH and that you must carry out your destiny. That you must enforce the laws of God liberating the world from superstition and fear...and establish HIS Kingdom for ever. And that this great nation of these United States, is one of the most powerful nations in God’s Kingdom tonight. But we have a lot of interference to eliminate.

In the 12th chapter of Genesis, then YAHWEH says unto Abram... ‘Get out of thy country, and from thy kindred, from thy father’s house to the land which I will show thee. I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and I will make thy name great. And thou shalt be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee. But in thee shall all of the families of the earth be blessed.’ This is God’s covenant with Abram when he went out of the land of Ur of the Chaldees......took his servants, his wife, his cattle, and took his father also. For he was a man of great substance as he left Ur of the Chaldees.

Now, we do not have the time to go into the panorama of history which surrounds this. But I want you to come over to the 17th chapter of Genesis, when Abram was 90 years of age that YAHWEH said unto Abram, ‘I am Almighty YAHWEH...therefore walk before ME and be thou perfect. I will make MY Covenant between thee and ME and multiply thee exceedingly.’ And Abram fell on his face before YAHWEH who said, ‘Thou shalt be a father of many nations, thy name shall no longer be called Abram, but Abraham, for a father of many nations have I made thee. I shall make thee fruitful and many kings shall come of thy loins. And I shall establish My Covenant with thee and thy seed after thee in their generations. This is an everlasting Covenant. And I shall be a God unto thee and to thy seed after thee.’ I want you to note this covenant with Abraham. This is an Everlasting Covenant with thee and thy seed after thee. This would be in all of their generations. And here in the 17th chapter of Genesis, we turn now to the 16th verse and God said concerning his wife Sara... ‘Behold, I will bless her and I will give her a son, and I will bless her and she shall be the mother of nations, of kings and of a people.’ And God said, ‘ her name is Sarah, meaning Princess, and she shall bear a son and call his name Isaac.’ And Abraham laughed, when God told him this, and he said, ‘I am 99 years old. How can this be?’ But God said this is what I tell you that I am going to do. ‘Behold thou shall have a son and thou shalt call his name Isaac. I will then establish My Covenant with him and with his seed after him.

Now, we move over to the 22nd chapter...and yes....Abraham has this son. And he has grown up. And then YAHWEH calls out from the heavens and HE says, ‘I have sworn by Myself, and because of thy faithfulness, thou will not withhold from ME even thy son. Therefore in blessing thee, I will bless thee and multiply thy seed, and they shall be as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the seashore. Thy seed shall possess the gates of thy enemy, and in thy seed shall the nations of the earth be blessed.

Someone said, ‘But when HE made this blessing, HE was talking about Ishmael.’ No. HE said, ‘OUT OF ISAAC NOW SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED.’ Then Isaac had a son and his name was Jacob, in the 28th chapter of Genesis. Then God gives to Jacob, the Covenant blessing, saying, ‘In thy seed shall all of the earth be blessed.’ And HE said, ‘BEHOLD, I AM WITH THEE AND I WILL KEEP THEE IN ALL OF THE PLACES WHERE THOU GOETH.’

Now HE promised Isaac the gates of his enemies and this ultimately transpired. For ages, we held the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, and the Bering Straits. For a long time, all of the outstanding passageways of earth belonged to the House of the people of the Kingdom.

Listen. Let’s turn to the 7th chapter of Deuteronomy and listen to what God has to say about your race. HE says, ‘I shall go before thee into the land which you are to possess, first the Hittites, the Amorites, the Cainanites, and the Perezites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites.....more powerful nations than you are.’ Someone said, ‘Why would God do that?’ It was because these people were a part of the ancient Sumerian and Torouge Empires who came down and massacred the Household of Enoch and Job which they left in the land of Palestine when they went into Egypt to do their great building. While the city of On was being built, the Cainanites came down and killed the inhabitants of old Oruselem...the homes of Enoch and Job, and their parents and relatives, and others of your race. And when God led the children of Israel back into their lands, HE said this is Canaan land because the Cainanites have it. So HE said, ‘You just march in there and destroy those people, for this is the enemy. Wipe them out of your Kingdom, for this is the line of Cain.’

Then God said this. ‘Thou shalt not make marriage with these people of other races, and thy daughters you are not to give to their sons, or take their daughters for your sons.’ I want you to know that preservation of the race is a Divine order. Integration is a violation of Divine command. And I want you to know tonight, that when the Supreme Court talks about intermarriage, they mean mongrelization. And if they say this is not what they mean, it is a lie. How do I know? I tell you tonight that this Mirdal is a socialist, but he is also a Communist. And Mr. DuBoise, that Negro sociologist, is a Communist. And he is quoted by Warren the head of the Supreme Court. And he is quoted by Douglas. And this is written into the Supreme Court Decision. Written into the very book that they quote, is this idea that to push for mongrelization and integration so as to fuse their blood, is their aim. If they did not mean that, then why do they quote out of the book which states that this is the aim? One of these days you should impeach every one of these judges and get a Court that believes in the destiny of your nation and the Constitution of these United States.

Someone said, ‘I don’t like this.’ Well, maybe not, but this is your history. There is one thing I like about it. It like this fact that God wants to preserve these people with this spiritual capacity, and that this is my inheritance. I read this now.... ‘For thou are a holy people unto YAHWEH, thy God, and HE hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself to be a special people upon the face of the earth.’ Yes, God advocates White Supremacy.

Now if that embarrasses you, go home and blush. YAHWEH did not chose you because you were more in number in the earth, for you were the fewest among all people....but because YAHWEH loved you and HE would keep HIS oath unto your fathers. HE hath redeemed you out of the hands of the bondsman and out of the hands of Pharaoh. Know therefore that YAHWEH is a God faithful, and who keeps HIS covenants and is merciful unto those who love HIM...and HE keeps HIS Covenants with you unto a thousand generations. Now suppose a generation was thirty years long....then you would have 30 thousand years before they could overthrow you. It is only 7400 years back to Adam and they are not going to bring us down here in America, but we are going to cleanse it. For you are the Covenant Race. When God promised to renew your mind, this is a part of the inheritance of your household.

In the 31st chapter of Jeremiah, HE says, ‘I am going to make a new Covenant with the House of Judah and the House of Israel. And this is not the same covenant that I made with their fathers in the old days. This is a New Covenant. I am going to put MY Spirit in their minds and in their hearts, and I will make My law so much a part of them that they will carry this out.’ Therefore, we have within this covenant, what we called Christianity today, in the spiritual consciousness of your race. This was God’s ordained purpose in the book of Jeremiah. And then HE said this is the Covenant that I will make with the House of Israel and the House of Judah after those days. And I will put My law in their hearts and they will be My people.

Let me turn for one moment to the writings of Isaiah, in the 59th chapter and the 20th verse....‘And the Redeemer shall come to Zion and those who turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD.’ verse 21:...‘As for Me this is My covenant with them, saith the Lord. My spirit that is upon thee and My words which I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed’s seed, saith the LORD, ‘from henceforth and for ever.’ You are always going to be the people of the MOST HIGH. You are going to be the children of the Eternal YAHWEH. You are going to carry a Christian Destiny into the endless ages of tomorrow. The enemy might just as well quit and leave, for he is not going to win. If he does not leave voluntarily, we will plant him. How do I know? Because this is what the MOST HIGH said. HE said it would take 7 months to plant them, but we will complete the process.

I turn to give you another answer. A number of clergymen with their heads stuck in an application of misplaced politics, will tell you today, that the Christians of today and the nations of these covenants are Gentile....and that God had to give up this plan because the people had disobeyed HIM and HIS laws. So this old plan is all over. There is not one word of truth to this. Here in the book of Galatians, the Apostle Paul writes that the Covenant that God made with Abraham before the giving of the Law, nothing in the Law which came afterwards, could change. For God had sworn this by Himself and upon HIS own holiness, saying, ‘I will be a God unto thee in all of your generations. I have placed you above all of the people upon the earth,’...until no condition could be imposed later upon that unconditional promise. The Apostle Paul wrote this in the book of Galatians. The law which came 430 years after, could not annul that unconditional covenant. And then in this realization, as it descends upon the Apostle Paul, he also brings out this tremendous and great spiritual truth saying, ‘If ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise. For if ye belong to HIM, then HE came to the household which came from HIS own.’ And to the Jews on Solomon’s porch, HE said, ‘I HAVE COME FOR THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL.’ And then HE said to the Jews there on the porch, ‘YE BELIEVE NOT BECAUSE YE ARE NOT MY SHEEP.’

This covenant great? God said in the book of Deuteronomy, at the climax of the writings of Moses where God talks about your race in the 32nd chapter.... ‘when the MOST HIGH divides the nations, and divided the sons of Adam and set the bounds of the people.’.....This was done according to what? According to the number of the children of Israel. ‘FOR THE LORD’S PORTION IS HIS PEOPLE AND JACOB IS THE LOT OF HIS INHERITANCE.’ And this inheritance comes by lineage and genealogy.

Now, in the 33rd chapter of Genesis, God has not only promised you great and may blessings, but to the House of Joseph from which you have your great and promised heritage, from whence the standard of your nation and the mark of your inheritance gives you a great part. You have been promised the mineral wealth of the hills, the agriculture wealth of all of the fruits and all of the things which grow in the earth. The knowledge of how to take out of the earth its values in metallurgy, the ability to synchronize this into a great and mighty force, and the ability to colonize the ends of the earth and to life up the standards of an indestructible civilization. Thus, we just tell you this. God looked upon the House of Joseph and said, ‘His glory shall be like the bullock, and his horns like the horns of the Unicorn.’ And then later, in talking about Manasseh, ‘whose great outstretched wings shall be like that Great Eagle,’ yes, my friends, the symbol of the Bull for Britain, and the horns of the Unicorn and the outstretched wings of the Eagle for the United States.....where this great Eagle destiny of God’s Kingdom is outlined. We do not have the time to go into this tonight. But every nation of God’s Israel...their covenants and prophecies, are also fulfilled. But the nations of God’s Kingdom are all in the world today. They are the nations of Western Europe, and the United States in this Western Hemisphere. Their identity, their national marks, are all well known. They are clearly visible today, for God has kept HIS Covenant. HE has not forgotten HIS people.

The conspiracy of world Communism is to destroy you, to mongrelize you and to subordinate you and join you with the world so as to outnumber you. Because they cannot compete with you and they are afraid of the spiritual impact of your destiny.

We today, are in the time of ‘Jacob’s trouble.’ It is a last moment sign. We are in big trouble and when I listen to the President’s speech, I realize how much trouble we are in. When I look at his advisors, I know we are in trouble. And when I hear that still small voice, I realize it is not going to be long. I listen to this rumble of an awakening people. I listened the other night as some minister got up and said, ‘woe unto the people who say they are Jews and are not. These people who think that they are Israelites. Woe unto them who say they are Jews and they are not, for they are of the synagogue of Satan.’ Let me tell you something. I never heard anyone say he was a Jew when they are not. Did you? This man can go to sleep. There is nothing to worry about. But the proper translation said, ‘woe unto these people who say they are of Judah and are not, for they are the synagogue of Satan.’

Now, the prophecy of Ezekiel tells you that by apathy, and by the ultimate development of this hour, there are conditions of gloom as they look out upon your nation, and the nations of the Kingdom, and they see a dead people. They see a bone pile. And the spirit of god said to Ezekiel, ‘you go down and prophecy to this bone pile, and say, ‘can these bones live? Can these nations stand once more in power? Can the Kingdom live and come into power?’ And Ezekiel said, ‘Oh, LORD, thou only knows.’ And then the word came to Ezekiel to start prophesying, and Ezekiel said that he prophesied to the north wind and to the south wind, and to the winds of earth, saying, ‘Come and breathe on these dead things.’ And then there came a rustling among the bones.

Let me tell you this. The enemy came in an unassimilatable force to destroy your nation. And there has been a rustling among the bones ever since. The Dies and the Rankins, and the Gerald K. Smiths’ and a lot of other people, started to rustle. And then the people started to come together. And I want to tell you this. The John Birch Society and the patriotic movements, and all of these organizations tonight, are bone to bone coming together. And there is a great stirring among God’s people. And Ezekiel said he kept on prophesying and calling on the forces of the MOST HIGH. And then he saw sinew come on the bones. And then a great and mighty army stood on their feet as bone came to bone. You say, ‘who are these?’ Ezekiel did not say anything about the Jews. He said, ‘These are the whole House of Israel.’ These are the House of Joseph, the Anglo-Saxon, the Scandinavians, the Nordic, the Basque, the Lombards, the Germanic people...all of them revitalized, reawakened.

Now if we did not spend so much time and read so much scripture, we would not have bored some people. But let me tell you something. God Almighty had ordained a reawakening of racial self-respect. You better remember your race. I have a rather interesting clipping here. Do you think these tapes are not effective? I just received this letter in my hands and they are playing the tapes in Youngstown University, right now. We get letters. We hear from every part of the country. There is something going on. People respond to truth, and when our race hears it, and when it is clinched with the Bible, even tho this had never been preached to them in open explanation before...people turn to this and they never get them back. This is all we need to set the people free.

Listen. I have a clipping, dated February 1...New York First Church Council... ‘One of America’s great dangers is racism.’ Well, racism is self-deification. Racism is the worship of your own self-image, not the worship of the National Council of Churches today. The National Council said that they will never achieve in their annual observance of race relations (Feb. 10). They said that racism is not merely a social observance, but a religion, and will make inoperative a new development for the Christian faith. In contrast to this, the racist think that the essence of man, and his process identification, of exaltation, of subordinating leadership....the Racist believes that he is destined to rule the world. Then what does the National Council of Churches say about this?....They say, ‘We must do everything that we can to abolish the racial concept in religion and in politics.’ Why? So that they can fold you into the United Nations, mongrelize your generation, so that you would not recognize the race of your grandchildren.

Let me tell you this. The Gospel of the Kingdom, the message of God, the elevation of the Race, is going to continue until they conform to their destiny. You are the Covenant Race. This is self-evident. You are the people of the Book. You have increased until you are 1/6th of the world’s population tonight. You may not be...tonight...the masters by numbers, but by technological ability and in leadership, you are the masters of the earth. Pull the White man out of Africa, and the industry stops, progress stops. Pull them out of Guiana, and they go back to Cannibalism. Pull them out of control like in Indonesia, and they raise up and want to conquer all of Asia. The only balance in the earth today, is the White man. And God has ordained to put the reins of the Kingdom back in HIS hands. ‘FEAR NOT LITTLE FLOCK, IT IS YOUR FATHER’S GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM.’

(End of sermon)