Covenants Of God, 10-27-67


By  Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 10-27-67

We want to bring to your attention..Genesis 17:7. Here God is speaking to Abraham and He says:..'I will establish my covenant between me and thee, and thy seed after thee, in their generations for an everlasting covenant: to be a God unto thee, and to thy seed after thee.' Then God continues to reiterate unto Abraham that his word will not depart out of the mouth of his seed or out of the mouth of his seed's seed for ever. With this process then God has continued the revelation that the Adamic race is His household, His sons and daughters. And has declared that before the foundations of the world He has made covenants and promises to His household. Uniquely as this subject comes to our attention in the areas of the everlasting covenants of the Most High God...then God makes this statement in the Book of Galatians 3:16, 'For this I say, that the covenant that was confirmed before God, in Christ, the law which was 430 years after...cannot disannul that law..or it would make the promise of no effect.' 'For if the inheritance be of the law, it is not then a promise: but God gave it to Abraham by Promise.' The inheritance came out of the promise of the Most High God, and the law cannot do away with the inheritance that God bestowed upon the seed of Abraham.

Now of course we find the Adamic race referred to as God's Israel. And in the old Book of Adam and Eve we find that God had placed His Israel in the earth. God tells Seth that his father, Adam, is MY Israel, ruling with me in the earth. Then God tells Seth that he and his seed shall continue to be...Israel. then we see that from Seth on down to Noah that these men of the lineage were guided by God as he talks with them, and with the coming of the sons of Noah, then God continues to guide and direct. In the Book of Shem then God also tells Shem..Thou art My Israel.. and shall continue my line in the earth. Again we turn to the prophecy that we find in Deuteronomy 32: Here God said The Lord's portion is His inheritance, and Jacob is the lot of His inheritance. There are some things we are interested in here as we dwell in the center of the earth, for our inheritance is what God has declared that he has left to his heirs. If we are not the heirs of God nothing of this inheritance that God has declared is of any importance. More than this when we consider this...if we are the heirs of God, if we are the household of God, if we are the race of God then this inheritance is of great importance to us.

There are a tremendous amount of churches today who talk about spiritual things as tho they refer to Heavenly things. There are a lot of things they might talk about concerning Heavenly things, but they don't talk too much about how they exist, or in what plane they exist. They do say that they are interested in going to heaven and in all kinds of heavenly blessings, but there is another pattern which is of great significance. When we enter into the record of the Bible we find that God made a Covenant with His Household, His family and His race. When we study in the New Testament and the Old we find that He made covenants with His family and with His race. Secondly when we turn to this Bible, almost every covenant and every Promise is fulfilled in the earth.

Now: some one will say that this is material blessings. Well, of all the things in heaven and in earth that has been created, we find that God had created everything in the physical earth and in the image of Spiritual forces and spiritual planes, for He is very much interested in the earth. In fact He loved the world so much that to redeem the world he gave the fulfillment of His embodiment, or as it is written, His only begotten son for this earth. So He loved the world into which He placed His sons and daughters, and He placed His sons and daughters in rule over the earth.

There are certain factors concerning control of the earth that are contested by Lucifer...contested by the dominions of his power and by his sons and daughters, and by the nations he has under his control. Lucifer wants to control the earth and he uses a promise of freedom which is not freedom at all. He promises freedom from the laws of God..freedom from the reign of God..he promises all people that they can be what they want to be, that they have a right to control any place they wish to control, just so that they have complete freedom to do anything they wish to do.

Now: I contend that the Most High God has ordained that there shall be a victory over the powers of darkness and according to the power and the force that He the capable of placing in this battle to bring about a decision. We do not as the Children of the Kingdom of God acknowledge that the Universe has any operation that can be climaxed successfully in opposition to HIM. Nor do we believe that evil has a right to be evil for it shall bow the knee..just as sure as tomorrows sunrise. As we talk about these things we know that there are a great many people who are not aware that they have any inheritance, or that they are of the household of God, even though inside both the Old and New Testament they are told that they have an inheritance in God. When HE wants a special operation outlined we find that through the Bible from Genesis to Revelations that He has outlined His purposes and covenants and He has outlined them so that this Bible belongs to the White Race, and only to the White Race. This Bible belongs to the White Race, and only to the White Race. This Bible belongs to the race begotten by the Most High God and established into the earth. We discover that in the course of dividing up the earth according to the Children of Israel that God established them in the earth among the heathen but He has a course that they shall follow. Thus the Most High makes this declaration, 'The Lord's portion is His people.'

Now in this great Universe all things are His, but in this battle to overthrow the powers of darkness and retake the earth then His sons and daughters who proceed out of Him come into the picture. They are His household, and therefore His heirs and thus He declares that: 'The Lord's portion is His people.' Then He goes further in the Book of Deuteronomy and says:..'Jacob is the lot of His inheritance,'...'The Rock is not the rock of other people, or their areas of strange gods.' Then over in the 54th chapter of the Book of Isaiah it says:..'thy maker..He that begat (bara) thee, is Thy Husband, the Lord of Hosts is His name: and thy redeemer is the Holy one of Israel, The God of the whole earth shall He be called.'

Now let me point out to you that under the revelations given to Daniel the Prophet, one of the first things performed by this prophet of God was the interpretation of the dream but he asked the wisemen to tell him also the dream so that he would know by their knowledge of the dream that their interpretation would be on the right subject. The soothsayers said:..tell us the dream and then we will interpret. Then Daniel the young Prophet of God comes into that picture and he tells the King his dream and then gives this interpretation. He told Nebuchadnezzar that of this great statue of a man..the Head of Gold was Babylon..Nebuchadnezzar's Kingdom. The Next Kingdom to rise would be the one symbolized by the breast of Silver. The Next Kingdom to rise would be symbolized by the legs of brass, and the Next Kingdom would be symbolized by the feet of iron and clay. However, during the time of these Kingdoms there would be a Kingdom set up by God and this Kingdom would never be destroyed and never left to other people. This Kingdom would be like a great Stone..out of the mountain but not cut by hands, and it would come tumbling down out of space and on down the mountain and it would hit..this tremendous area of power established by Lucifer and bring Lucifers structure of power tumbling to the ground. The King had to admit that Daniel told him his dream and he brought forth fine robes and put them on the young Prophet of God. I want to this Book of Daniel, that in the days of these great Empires that God would set up a Kingdom which would never be destroyed. However there will be periods of trouble for Jacob..God's Kingdom..and there will be times when the future looks black for God's Kingdom, still it will never be destroyed. This is an Earthly Kingdom and is not in the heavens. No one rocks the Kingdom of Heaven or upsets the purposes or program of God in outer space. Actually no one upsets the purposes of God on Earth. In this thinking..Lucifer is deceived as well as those of his followers, so the leaders of World revolution...Communism, Socialism, and so forth, are thinking vain thoughts as they plan to destroy HIS Kingdom.

What does God say then...thru the lips of His Prophet..Daniel? Read 2:44-45, 'And in the days of these Kingdoms shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the Kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these Kingdoms, and it shall stand forever. For as much as thou sawest that Stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the other kingdoms.'

What does this mean? The people who are The Israel of God are going to inherit the Kingdom. The people who are the breathing offspring of God... translated Saints in the Old Testament are going to inherit the Kingdom. Then the sons and daughters of the Most High God are the ones who are going to inherit the Kingdom. Strangely enough this is the political Kingdom of the Most in the earth. This Kingdom shall rise and destroy these Pagan power of earth. More than this the great areas of Apostasy such as world communism, socialism, and World Government...all their whole areas of operation are directed against the Hosts of the Most High God. When we tell you that this is your Eternal inheritance we want to point out to you that through out all the courses of time..God has declared that HIS word would not depart out of the mouth of His seed or out of the mouth of His seed's seed forever.

We have watched this continuing process of the descent of His children to earth, as they progressed through the Old Testament time and into the New and then in this latter period of time in which we live. We find that the people of God have been Christian from the very first bringing of the message that Christ had come. More than this they are still guided by the pattern of God's word.

When we turn to the areas of our laws we discover that it was founded upon the laws of God, and basically this is the simplest form of our Judicial practices. Now again we note that still most of Israel is against the areas of Apostasy, against the areas of idolatry and we stand for the rights of the Kingdom of God. At this time we are in a rather significant area of time for we are in the time of Jacob's trouble, strangers have moved into our land. They have gained control over many of the areas of our economy. They hold captive the thinking of many who are in our government as well as in our judicial system. Since 1907 those behind Communism and Socialism have been trying to capture the world. Their political philosophy is from Satan and the children of darkness. We can site to you that even tho they have always been waging a war against the Kingdom of Christ, and against the children of that Kingdom..yet the promise to you is that this Kingdom shall not be left to other people, and it shall not be destroyed. There are lots of people that don't realize that they are the Children of God. They talk about the Kingdom of God on this earth, but they don't realize that it is made up of Christian nations.

Now tell this hour whom do they expect would be the Kingdom of God except those who acknowledge His ways: for He says: MY Word will not depart out of the mouth of thy seed, or thy seed's seed forever. Of course the Christian nations stand firmly behind the declaration that there is no strange god, no foreign god, no pagan god. Of course at this time when the strangers have come into the National Council of Churches and into the World Council of Churches and they are speaking out. They say: all religions must be combined..all races are the same and must be combined into one race. This my friends is not the words out of the mouth of the Most High God. There may be a temporary neutrality that has occurred in the minds of many. There may be some who are the victim of this chaotic pattern of warfare, but out of the true House of God...out of those who are His sons and daughters, His household there is no design to move into a union with Paganism, or Hinduism, or Voodooism, or the Witch doctors of Africa. The program of the Politics of Hell say...yes...we are going to bring down the Kingdom of God, yes we are going to bring all nations into one, and we are going to have them accept the program of the Anti-Christ. We have now laid out our blueprint and our plan. Food will be placed in the hands of the U.N. and your money will be under the world monetary fund.

When you talk about the people of God's Kingdom then you know that God has promised His blessings and they shall flow upon those who worship Him, and upon these who carry out the missions set before them, because they are His people. You know that this was a nation founded upon Christian principals. As a nation we not only fulfill what Blackstone said as he spoke of the English pattern of law:..The English speaking people are the people of the Book. The Anglo-Saxon people are the people of The Book, and there is no doubt that the laws of the Scripture are the foundations of their jurisprudence. By the same token the men on the Supreme Court of our land have been much better men than those we find there today, because they came through this background pattern that this was a Christian nation. We will hurl back into the face of anyone who tries to say that this is not a Christian Nation, for in fact that is a part of the continuation of God's covenant: 'My Word will not depart out of the mouth of thy seed or out of the mouth of thy seed's seed forever.' So therefore we have area of policy set for us.

Even tho the nations of the world are advocating that we accept all men, all races, all religions and that we join into a great world wide policy for Peace...nevertheless this is not in accord with the teachings of the Most High God. Their method will not bring peace as it is contrary to the teaching and to the laws of the Most High God and will not be accepted as the way to bring Peace. There is one thing we can tell the people of the world...with assurance and that is that we have received an inheritance, and Eternal one because we are the children of the Most High God, and this inheritance is a Kingdom which shall not be destroyed.

Even tho we are in the time of Jacob's trouble still this Kingdom will not be left to other people. This is an Eternal Heritage, it is a heritage that relates to the earth. Now people will say...oh this is material things..this is political and surely the program of God isn't dealing with politics? I want you to realize that the control of the earth, over its nations and over the administration, over the affairs of every man, woman and child in the world, is the politics of God, and this is eventually what will be brought out. Thus we note that this Kingdom will never be left to other people.

Now turn to the 7th chapter of Daniel, and it tells us that the Saints shall take the Kingdom and possess it for ever and forever. That this is an everlasting Kingdom and all people, nations, and languages shall serve HIM.

The Saints are the believing offspring of the Most High. They are the Children of Israel..they are the Adamic race..they are the race married to Him..they are His Church. Verse 27:. He says..And the Saints shall take this Kingdom which is an everlasting Kingdom, and all rulers shall serve and obey Him.

In this period of time we are again having a tremendous awakening unto the fact that in our political things and political life..things have not been going so well. Strangers have come into our country and captured certain areas of our political life. But what you are faced with is the coming into your life of an awakening by the Spirit of the political realities of life. I tell you this:..your race will rise and stand in this hour as a great and vital political movement of God. They can say all they want about extremism and the right wing, but remember that it is policy of Lucifer to try to make people believe that if you are in the program of God that you will be in the middle of the road..meaning trying to make accommodations with all people. God will not pour out the blessings of any of the positions of power for the next 1000 years on anyone in the middle of the road. In fact God does speak of over comers, and those are the ones who have resisted the powers of darkness and the forces of evil. God is completely against socialism and communism and against all the facets of it. Not only are the powers of darkness seeking to use communism and socialism to destroy the Kingdom in the United States and Western Europe, but they are seeking to destroy your youth and trapping your leadership in the same trap.

Did you know that today there are more people becoming awake than ever before? There are more right wingers in the U.S. today than ever before. Even tho they seem to be a sleeping people still today more and more people are standing against communism and its evils. We have a controlled leadership in this country that are not listening to the people. The heads of our government are not standing for the Kingdom and its purpose in this world..but remember that God says: My word will not depart out of thy mouth. We need to realize that we are at war..we have always been at war with Satan and his beast system. We need to stand and oppose it and not try to accommodate our selves to it. We are at war with Communism that put 7 million Christians to death at its start. It still continues to put them to death when ever they stand. This Church of Jesus Christ will be at war with Communism when Christ comes.

I want to point out to you however, that our eternal heritage is a heritage political in the earth. Just as we have a spiritual inheritance so also we have a literal inheritance in the earth and that is political. As we battle against the areas of Apostasy that seek to join with the enemy, then we recognize the hand of the enemy in the United Nations. We see it is a Satanic operation seeking to join the Kingdom of God with the Kingdom of the enemy, and God's Word separates the two Kingdoms forever.

In the early days God spoke to Israel and said:..Beware lest ye forget YAHWEH, that brought thee out of the land of Egypt. Thou shall love the Lord Thy God, thou shalt serve Him and thou shall swear by His Name. Ye shall not go after these gods round about you, and eventually you are going to destroy the Temples of these gods, and you are going to burn up the peoples graven images and you will burn them with fire, because you are my people and I have declared this.

Now; as the Most High God has declared this before His people, He also states: You are going to keep the commandments of the Lord thy God. Hear O Israel, YAHWEH thy God is one Lord. Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might.' This is going to be the eventual pattern also in Israel as you awaken in this hour. We are not going to join in the policies of the U.N. for a government all over the earth, and say that they are the truth and the way. We are going to acknowledge only the policies of the Most High God. Oh, I know we have lots of people saying...oh but we have to go along with what the world wants. (Kissinger’s plan for Africa as an example)

Let me tell you something...the curse of God rests for judgment on any who say..there is another way..when God Himself says:..'I am the way.' More than this He makes it very clear that the areas of Africa and Asia shall be brought into total subjection to the Kingdom of the Most High God. More than this...the areas of powers that have ruled over Africa and Asia in their darkness and their superstition shall be brought the climax of the age..and that age is upon

We hear all this talk about independence and freedom, but there is no freedom that frees men..outside the laws of God. When they are turned called..outside the laws of God then there is no freedom, only destruction for such nations and such power. So we turn to the declarations in the Book of Ephesians. Here we are told that God has made known the Mysteries of His Will according to the good pleasure that He has purposed in Himself. He as God and He is God and can do all things. He said of course in the Book of Isaiah: that He would do all that He purposed to do, and none will say different and none will hinder because...HE alone is God. All He would do..and He would do all of His pleasure. Then in the Book of Ephesians:..He has made known unto us, the mysteries of His Will. In fact one of the things He wants you to know in all fairness because He is going to accomplish a great salvation..He is going to save all flesh..eventually all men, but the important thing is that we recognize our responsibilities to the days in which we are living, and in the areas of our undertaking. For God said He would gather together into the fullness of time, all things in heaven and in earth and all things under the earth.

The Apostle Paul said: I want you to know that we have obtained an inheritance. What do we mean? To obtain an inheritance you must be an offspring of the Most High God. We not only have inherited all that He said He would carry out with the Saints of the Most High, but we have inherited a position in opposition to the enemy, in our time. He has already predestinated according to the purpose of Him who works out all things according to the council of His own Will, that we shall inherit our inheritance. In otherwords God has already predestinated that He is going to awaken a tremendous vehicle of judgment and punishment in the nations of His Kingdom, through the people that He has called forth, after His own Name, because they are His seed. One thing you are going to have a hard time doing is...Shaking off your destiny, because He is going to make you concerned about the conditions in His Kingdom, and He is going to make you rise and become His battle axes and weapons of war. And you are going to carry forward the program of the Most High God unto....Victory.

Oh you say: we see the rise of these other policies, and yes you will see the enemy try to suppress any of the declarations of the right wing. They will tell you that you must listen to the Hindu and you must listen to all people and to all religions. I am going to tell you that you are not going to do this because He is going to start sending areas of judgment upon nations who are not calling upon Him and are not serving the Most High God and He is going to send areas of judgment upon this Nation in short order, and this area of judgment will evict those who do the Will of darkness and remove from power those who are guiding and leading you and not following the Word of God. You can take the Word of God and abide by it and fulfill every area of jurisprudence that is in your Nation.

Now; let me point this out...The Most High says you are My Heirs. You have inherited the Kingdom. Therefore I have predestinated this according to My own Will. Now there is another thing that you have inherited besides spiritual blessings, God has promised that He had chosen you in Him before the foundations of the world, thus as Celestial Children He promised to redeem you..His Elect..He promised to come to earth and be the sacrifice for you in the earth, and to establish you in the earth. He said: even if you die I shall resurrect you to finish the task I have set for you to do, and finish the task you will.

Now your inheritance is an Eternal inheritance as the sons and daughters of the Most High God and carry out with power the program of victory ordained for the Kingdom. As you carry out these areas of victory for the Kingdom, the Scriptures talk about all types of perfidiousness on the part of the powers of darkness. It talks about your economy and how they will move in on you and see that the children of the Kingdom would not live in the houses that they had built, or not reap the harvests they had planted, because World Government would take over the production and distribution of your products. But God then says: My sons and daughters are going to operate this Kingdom and operate it under My Law.

Turn to the Book of Galatians 4:6., and we read...Because ye are the sons of God, then God sent forth the Spirit of Himself into our hearts and ye say:..Our Father.' You aren't a servant you are a son, and if a son then you are an heir of God and a joint heir with His Embodiment..YAHSHUA the Christ. This is true of all the Kingdom. This is what the Apostle Paul tells you: That ye are the sons and daughters of the Most High, Tetem...begotten children of the Most High.

Now God doesn't call all the races of the world His Household, or His children. He says:..Israel is my household and my children. If ye be my children then ye be Abrahams seed according to the promise I made to Abraham before I made the law with its blessings and its curses. So therefore I want you to realize what God is going to do with the white your time and in your hour.

What then is our Eternal inheritance? We have inherited His promises and His Word. We have inherited the processes of His Spirit, and He said: I send My Spirit upon my sons and My daughters to bring them to the knowledge of all truth. To guide them into the areas of all truth, to bring back all things to their remembrance. Then He says: They are going to enforce my law and they are going to rule over the nations with a rod of iron before this is all finished. This rod of iron is the flexible policies of the Most High God.

Now do not think right at first that you are going to convince all the world that they must stop their evil doings, because they are following their concept of thinking for generations. They have been under the power of fallen Lucifer's influence for generations, and also they lack the capacity to think the thoughts of God or to respond to His law. Because they lack the Spiritual connection that His Children possess, but God says: that they nevertheless are going to obey His Law, because the law shall go out of His Kingdom which you will be in charge of.

By this same token He has promised that the light shall descend again upon His household, that they will once more be radiant in His Glory. That all of these things shall come to pass because He has declared them.

We can see HIM stirring people, we can find people beginning to question areas of foreign policy and other factors, and God has declared that there would be a falling away in the latter days, but out of this would come a tremendous area of response on the part of his sons and they rise to do HIS WILL. So we want you to know that your Eternal inheritance is...The Kingdom of God. It is to inherit this Kingdom that the God of Heaven set up in the days of these Kings spoken of in Daniel. More than this it will be the ruler over the nations of the earth. Altho we are only 1/6 of the population of the world still we will rule. If you think that the enemy is not going to permit this because you are less in number, remember God says:..You are my battle axe, you are my weapons of war.' More than this He says in the Book of Isaiah:..NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER, every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment, thou shalt condemn, for this is the heritage of the Children of YAHWEH, their righteousness is of me saith the Lord.' We can then say with the Apostle Paul...We who can say, Our Father, we are Abraham's seed according to the promise. We are the heirs according to the promise.

This has been fulfilled and proved both in the Old and New Testament and the Scripture says that all Israel shall be saved..out of their error and their transgressions. All Israel shall be saved as it is written, both in the Old and the New Testament. He says:..I will take away their transgressions, I will do this.'

Therefore I YAHWEH...thy YAHSHUA..I am thy Savior, the Holy ONE of Israel. I have saved thee, and I shall cause thee to bear witness before the nations of the world and the policies that you put forth shall be the policies of God's Kingdom.

Therefore we want you to realize that you have an Eternal Inheritance. That you have an inheritance on the earth...Political. That you have an inheritance as the sons and daughters of God, that you were begotten in the Spirit, and that God predestined you according to His own Will, and according to His own purpose, that you should arise in the earth, be quickened, awakened and rule. He makes this statement:..That all of us preexisted before the foundation of the world, according as He hast chosen HIM..before the foundation of the world..that we should know that we were in the bosom of the Father in love...and without blame. He predestinated us into the position of Sons according to the pleasure of His Will. That your Christian society is built around the laws of God, and the standards of God's Kingdom are going to rise, and His children are going to bring in the Kingdom and He is going to join them in this mighty hour of victory and deliverance. All the hosts of heaven will be on your side to see that the victory is yours. I don't have to defend this for I have read this to you right out of the Word of God. It is from the Old Testament and from the New Testament, this is the Word of God and it is going to come to pass, and nothing is going to hinder its coming to pass.

Blessed is the man who teaches My Laws and obeys it. Therefore my blessings descend upon my children, my household, as they hear my command and stand firm against all Pagan demands. They shall destroy pagan gods, they shall denounce all Pagan sanctuaries. They shall denounce the pagan governments of darkness. They shall rise up against this force of evil, the standard which is the CROSS OF CHRIST.

I tell you that every Christian today should be against every policy of appeasement and the policy that wants to throw us into cooperation with the policy of Satan. I tell you today that every government that is Communist or Socialist is under the management and in the hands of Luciferians. There cannot ever be any peace between Christian society and Communist societies. Communism must be crushed and destroyed for the people under those governments can never be free by your subsidizing and aiding and keeping them going. How many times have they said that if we would feed the starving people of Poland then it would help the people to become free. We have poured food into Poland time after time and still the people are trapped in that same Communist trap. The Communist distributes the food and the people do not know where it came from and are not any more friendly to the U.S. than before. When you pour aide into these countries you only lift the burden off the shoulders of their incompetent government, and by these policies you only prolong the areas of evil. When you have leaders such as Eisenhower who did nothing to help the people of Hungary, and then after they fell under Communist weight you feed them then you are only prolonging the captivity of those people. Those people were never able to understand why the U.S. did not come to their aide as they stood to stop Communism. The leadership in our country has not escaped the denunciation of the household of the Most High God, which has now been quickened and awakened...for today there are thousands in your nation denouncing this area of treachery. I tell you that in this hour just ahead that you are going to see this Nation stand in power, and everyone of those in power who does not stand for the Almighty God will be pulled out of His joy, as this Nation is elevated in areas of leadership and stands against the hoards of Communism, and against the purposes of Lucifer.

I can say that you as a race, you as a Christian society have a greater inheritance than even your citizenship in this Great Nation. You have an inheritance...a citizenship, in the Kingdom of God. In the hour just ahead you will see the triumph of the Kingdom, for every knee will bow and every tongue proclaim that God, and the eventual Glorification of the Household of the Most High God in the presence of Their Father.

HE alone is God. There is no other. You are heading into the judgment of the nations and this judgment will be in areas of earthquakes and tremendous events, for He is to Shake the earth and shake it terribly for He has promised that this Stone Kingdom shall smite forever..the pagan powers for the Day of God is at hand.

So this is your Eternal shall rise and rule. You shall be politically victorious. The nations of God shall be ruled by the Kingdom of God, and all the world shall come under their control. God makes His declarations and His promises that He has Loved you and shall establish you before the world forever, the heirs of His Inheritance.

(end of message)