By Creation And Design, 2-12-61



By: Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 2-12-61

One of the major fields today in this culture which is yours, and in this great nation which is your heritage, and which has such a part to play in God's Kingdom, as well as this civilization of which you are a part, is that you are being challenged. And the measure by which great success is being given to the powers of darkness at this moment is their ability to capture minds. To relieve them of vision, and to bind them with the darkness seems to be the most important job that the powers and forces of darkness undertake. If there is any way to undermine a civilization, or a culture, you must find the spirit that animates it. You must find the very essence of spirit and vision that makes this culture possible. The enemies of our Christian civilization know therefore that if they can remove the faith of your fathers, if they can remove the vision your possess, activated by the spirit, if they thrust into the mind of your youth, doubt and superstition, and supplement materialism for spiritual understanding, then they have moved on a program for the defeat of your society. Nothing destroys a people like destruction of the foundations upon which they are built.

We have been engaged as a civilization in a struggle for knowledge, and wisdom, and the powers of darkness have sought to turn such investigations to a binding of the minds of men. Taking away their vision, and their Faith and leaving them an unsound structure to stand on. If this can be done while seeming to contribute to it a concept of technological achievement, if it can be made to appear as a high intellectual attainment, and that this intellectual attainment is adding to knowledge, and replacing superstition, then after replacing this superstition and bringing forth knowledge in place of mere they say..then they can upset the whole foundation of your race and your Faith, and thus they may rock the very culture upon which you are built. But the strange phenomena is that they may rock it with error which replaces truth, even tho they seem to place it upon a technological foundation. They may seem to make this appear as tho it is intellectual when it is not. And thus we have gone thru one of the strange battle grounds of all our times. Now, I am well aware sometimes that to discuss something like the origin of our Universe with all the processes and theories which the Astronomers and the physicist's are accepting, would be a long and extended discussion, and might run into a University course with the various thoughts concerning our origin, still we are not intending to do that tonight. Nor are we undertaking to say that we have the scope of all this material, but we may say that we have a rather strong briefing on all these facts. We would also cite that we are not expected to agree with all the positions being placed by scientific minds, as the supposed source and origin of our existence. Nor would we be expected to agree with them until we agree with one another. For just as long as the various school of geology, and the various schools of astronomical science and Physics cannot agree with one another on the actual process of origin, it could not be expected that we would have to agree with any given school within them. So until they agree with one another, they are not in any position to complain, or cast aside the various disparities which are the by-product of spirit, of revelation, and of such knowledge which can be substantiated. In fact we are in an equal position today, if we were desiring to ridicule the position of those who oppose the great truths of the Scripture. We are in a position today to show that their foundations are most foolish when they turn in conflict against the revelations of God's purpose, of His vast creation, and the purpose of His mind. The very pattern and design which has been demonstrated in the very handiwork of God, throughout the Universe, would make a folly of those who sought to find another foundation or origin for the things which have become self evident to the observing eye.

When we turn to the Divine words which we find in the very opening of the Book of Genesis we read these words:.......

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." That in itself becomes a foundation primarily for our civilization and our culture. For the origin of all earths history, and the things which thereby transpired from this point onward have to have a rudimentary foundation. And they have to have that foundation based on a simple fact. No greater or simpler fact from the standpoint of foundations needs be stated than..."In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." For many years now it has been seemingly essential for an individual, if he be recognized as an intellectual, to say:...In fact I do not believe that God created anything, I don't even believe in God...Period. But when a man actually does not believe in God he has just demonstrated that there is a strange vacumn in there where there should be something spiritual, something that is vital, something which is a foundation for his thinking. I am very sorry when I meet a man who says:..I do not believe in God, because that man is a very sick man, and he needs not only the guidance but also the sympathy of the peoples around about. For there is nothing more dangerous or more sick than the minds which think there is no God, and which therefore have to evolve into their own ego consciousness a kind of superiority around which nothing is greater than he himself. And in this instance, all of his errors, and frailties must cast him down, because there is nothing higher to look forward to. But in this discussion, it is a significant thing that in battling the powers of communism, and in battling the subversive forces which would try to destroy our society, that we find that these powers have moved into our nation. And they are the powers which deny both, the identity of the person of Christ, and the origin and things which relate to him, and they are diametrically opposed to our philosophy. If the individuals who are raised in our nation, children of the citizens of our society, have been raised throughout the course of all the history of this nation with the great cultural background behind them, then they should have an aptitude to this society. This cultural background includes a recognition that has followed the Adamic race since the very beginning of its history upon the earth. From that earliest history of this Adamic race unto this time, men have been taught about the existence of God. Your race believes in ONE GOD, it is a monotheistic Faith, and a Monotheistic philosophy. It does not have many gods, it has only ONE GOD. It may have many individuals who have assumed upon themselves great authority and have declared throughout their history that they consider themselves deity, but the Scripture and the background of your race teaches that there is only ONE SUPREME BEING. There could not be many supreme beings or you would not have anything supreme at all. Thus it is that all the philosophy of your race has dealt with its origin, and from whence it came and the part it was to play in the history of earth.

Of course we understand that the student who knows his Bible, and is not merely bound by the ecclesiastical interpretation notes that this Adamic race is not the only race upon the face of the earth. Anybody who believes that the Adamic race is the only race upon the face of the earth, is still bound by ecclesiastical ignorance. And if he thinks that everyone descended from Adam regardless of his physical characteristics, or the other factors involved, then this person, my friends, is somewhat steeped in ignorance. However the fact is that the Adamic race is the man whose history is recorded in this Book. The Bible is the history of the Adamic race. We are very much interested in the fact that the whole creation which you and I see round about is staggering in its antiquity, and its vastness. And we are well aware that a chain of events is related to the whole Universe itself, and eventually the creation of the earth, and had a definite design in God's plan. We have a Bible that tells us this and we have the words of God and the patterns of Revelation. But also we have the testimony of antiquity and the evidence which today comes out of the artifacts of the Archaeologists research. We have today, added, to our vast knowledge scientific technology which the inspiration of God has granted to your race, which produces the ability to build. We have Carbon-14 by which we are able to tell as we watch the dispersion of milligrams of radio-activity from known living substances, as to how far back they go. We can go back for 70 thousand years and determine just how old or how far back anything lived, and whether a bone of a man, or the bark of a tree, or the vegetation which has been compressed by the rolling over of the earths surface, still we tell how Ancient it is. Any thing that had takes us 70 thousand years to disperse all the energy of the cosmic light that was absorbed in that substance when it was growing. This is an exact science, and we are no longer guessing at all this. And besides the Carbon-14, we also have other substances which have the capacity of dispelling the wave lengths of their energy, and we are now engaged in the scientific process of determining how long it takes other elements to dispel their millietrogins of energy, and thus we will soon have other substances to supplement the Carbon-14 scale. The reason I think it is essential that we come to this point is that today we have a great number of people who in trying to predicate all their foundations, for their Faith in God, in His Word, and the developing achievements of the civilization of which they are a part, find sometimes that they hinge some of their thinking to concepts which are in error. While at the same time the position which they are trying to uphold is a good one and right.

On the other hand those who oppose the whole structure of your society want to do two things, first they want to remove God, and second they want to remove spiritual life, ethics, and morality from your civilization. And the fastest way to do that is to try to make all of you the by product of a general irritation called adaptation, and then produce by evolution all the species, and beings on the face of the earth. If they could prove that everybody we now refer to as man, or anything which walks upright in any of the field of humanity comes through the process of evolution, and thus they are then the process of by-product of a mathematical..almost impossible... transition by...adaptation. Thus then they would say that there is no spiritual destiny, and now there would be no difference in an evolved African, black man, or an evolved white man, or an evolved Asiatic, other than the processes of the forces by which he evolved. They might say that you are a mutation from intermixing, and mongrelization from one specie to another. But that there was no design, no course, no destiny, no prophecy, no vision, no inspiration, just the general evolvement of the course of brute evolution, and the sheer course of energies turned loose which finally arrived at this point. say, but isn't it true that almost every scientific school of today believes in evolution? I do not know of any scientist today who believes in evolution. I know of geologists who have never paid much attention to anthropology and thus they have left that to the anthropologist field. I know of a great number of pseudo-scientists, and science today is a correlated body of absolute knowledge. Therefore if it is not absolute knowledge capable of being proved beyond question it is not science. But still in the real of hypothesis and theory. So science comes from the root word...Scio (to know)..not to think, but to know, not to theorize or guess at, but to be able to establish as absolute and final. Thus when we face such patterns of finality we can assure you today that there are no scientists who are willing to say, and to stake their course of their value as a scientist, to record absolute facts..and say..we can establish evolution as a fact. More than that the man who first originated the teaching of evolution among our English speaking peoples was Darwin. And when he wrote his book: 'The Origin of the Species', he said on page 812., that to suppose that the eye with its immeasurable courses of contrivances for focusing and adjustment, ever came through natural selection is utterly absurd, I must admit. Inside his own book he said:..If I could have accepted that all the organisms of the body of a man came through the process of evolution, I still find myself stumped at the credibility of believing that the eye could thus emerge.'

Now:...anyone who read the 'Origin of the Species' should have stopped right there and if Mr. Darwin said that the instrument, the delicacy, the brilliance and the design that went into the human eye was so far advanced from any possibility that it came through any natural selection...if some power had to superimpose the eye, it must have made the whole body. Because it would be much easier to make it all, than to evolve part of it, and put the eye in afterward. I can assure you of this much... that would be the case. The fact remains that Mr. Darwin in his life, and letters which he wrote later in his years said:...if I could have conceived where this book would have led, and how it would have influenced, how it would have gotten away from the hypothesis by which I was introducing it as 'Speculation' I would never have written..'The Origin of the Species', at all.

Well, we are not afraid of ideas, and not afraid of books. We are not afraid of the ability of error to ever overthrow the truth. But error binds mens minds, and limits their developments and releases them from Spiritual responsibilities, from morality, and from ethics, if it can do away with the person of Deity and His purpose and His plan. I do not say that all who were swept into the theories as this was first introduced had this in mind, but it has been mightily used by the forces in this world revolution to destroy the very foundations of your civilization and culture of your society. Today all I have to do is listen to the previous White House conferences as to what they discuss there concerning the race question. All I have to do is pick up the volumes of material which are being turned out today by Mr. Margold, a Swedish communist and others who are releasing communist propaganda for the eventual destruction of your society. And they base their premise on the fact that everyone evolved out of a common family. That everyone must 'roll back' into a common family, by intermingling of the races, to accomplish a serenity in the earth. Thus there wouldn't be anything to resist and no fighting. They would over throw all governments and emerge with a World Socialism with no individual ownership and thus there wouldn't be anything to argue about.

I think it most significant that when we consider this that we discover that even on the Supreme Court, men like Earl Warren and others, when they made their decision, and decided they were going to start integration of our schools, that they did this by throwing out the decisions of the previous courts. They decided that all our Constitutional guarantees of Equal Rights, and equal privileges under the law, and equal facilities was the interpretation of the law, not necessarily requiring integrated schools... must be thrown out. Five Supreme Courts made this constructive ruling, and then one Supreme Court brainwashed by evolutionists and mongrelizers and communists throughout that ruling, and this new ruling is not based on the Constitution, but instead on the thinking of these individuals. Someone said:...but Dr. Swift, evolution is an accepted pattern. Inside of my Library are many shelves on Anthropology, and inside many of these volumes I see the whole scale of the levels and stratus of the earth, with their so called created levels. These are levels which go back to the earliest periods of the Silurian age where there existed only a few of the Crustacean and water creatures, just a little higher than the amoeba, and small masses of jelly fish creatures that lived in pre-Cambrian seas. And I am told that there was nothing else upon the earth at that time, then came in this Silurian age...and out of it started to move..reptiles from the Amphibians which started out in the early vegetation and jungles, and when only a mist covered the whole earth. And thus we move on from one period to another until we arrive at the period in the later days of Carbon, when the animals began to appear as mammals, and eventually as the great anthropoids then the evolutionists carry on step after step to man. It is a pretty easy thing for any good draftsman or artist to put on paper the whole stepladder of the species of mankind...all the way back to the earliest invertebrates, and down to the crustacean period. It is a very easy thing to draw on a piece of paper the supposed scale of the evolution of mankind, from protoplasm in the seas, which supposedly swept all the earth on up to our time. But just because you can draw a picture, and just because you can put these things in steps, is no way of proving how these things arrived. Because a Master Creator and Designer created everything in which there existed life and motion and everything upon which they existed. But in no way does this mean that one evolved out of the other, or that one was fathered by the irritations and adaptation of the other. You say:...but that is still the theory which they have suggested in which they seemingly try to show how they can dig back into the earth and find all these various creatures in those various ages.

Yes, in a few spots you can see many ages of things which transpired on the earth, but I am going to tell you tonight that I can upset and overthrow all their whole theory of evolution. We have today inside the evolutionary schools those who want to arrange the development of man over a period of some eight to ten thousand years. In fact when they go back into the artifacts they have upon which they wish to base their theories of the Neanderthal man or they call the Missing Link, and various other missing links which came out of these various bones which they recovered they only have a small supply of bones, which could be put into any shoe box on which to base all they call missing links. I have looked in various museums, and the areas where they have been so delicately preserving these bones which they have pulled out of caves, and out of the muck and the mire. Some of these bones are worn thin by the action of water, and some have actually fallen apart, and some have been attacked by the patterns of the elements, and some even by the porcupine who in their time ate bones. But the fact remains that the extreme amount of bones for instance, for this Neanderthal man could be put in a teacup. Actually there was never any evidence that there was such a man, and all the bones they had to substantiate this claim could be put in a tea cup. Oh, we might say that what was left of the jawbone might stick out a bit, but these bones were just a small handful. In fact the fragments of these bones when measured and looked at could not be told as to whether from man or woman, so they put a woman in the scale of evolution, and this woman is made up of these bones by which they measured the scale of the Neanderthal man. But because they needed a missing link they put this woman several thousand years later on, in the scale, from the man, and as a different development in the scale of evolution. That is not exactly bones now is it? Because here in the text book we find this man and the woman were actually made out of the same bones that were in that teacup. And they had only been set apart by these men who wanted to bolster a theory which was so weak that they had to admit that to sustain it, they had to depend upon their imagination and their ingenuity, of this...which they had to make a stand for the thing they had measured.

In fact the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., had many of these most vital fragments for observation and for scientific discussion. As they remeasured this they discovered one of the major selections of this collection had come out of the Sussex Man found in the caves of England where the waters of the Thames had washed in and out of these caves, and piled up debris. And they discovered when they applied Radio Carbon to these bones, that they had bones from 5 different ages of time, from 500 to 800 years apart. That they had some of these bones from the hip bones of a horse, while others had come from human beings. But when they got thru the creation...the Sussex Man was really a marvel to behold. But this what I call science made out of Plaster Paris, and imagination. And I am then supposed to take this BOOK whose spiritual vision has built a creation, has created a culture such as you find in Western Europe and America, has given vision and faith of our founding fathers, and greatest statesmen, has stirred the hearts of men like Lincoln, and Washington, and throw out this Book and take instead the imagination of men. I am to turn from the BOOK which has guided these men, and throw it all away for a handful of Plaster Paris, created by the imagination of man, and now being re-twisted for an assault upon our society in order to make way for the process of your own enslavement.

Now:...let me tell you something which is always fascinating to me, for equally those who attack our Faith hinge their attempt upon trying to prove that there was no existence of God...none at all. And that everything evolved by a force. There is existing inside of the heart of our Faith many devout clergymen, and many devout believers. These are people who believe every word in the Bible, but they just don't know how to read it. And they think also that everybody came from Adam. And they think that God made the world in six, twenty four hour days, and then he stuck Adam on the earth, made out of red clay, and then breathed on him, spit on him and there he was. Then decided that He would have to go further because Adam wouldn't increase he ripped a rib out of Adam and made a woman of it. And from then on Adam and Eve started to populate the earth, and from them we have Negroid of Africa, and Asiatics, the White man, and everything else, all out of just these two.

You say:..oh, people really don't believe that? Well, if they think that everyone started with Adam and Eve then they must think all people came out of that gestation period. You say:...well then where did they come from? If we accept the law of God we have to accept it all...'Kind begat like kind', Seed having life in itself.' If we believe the laws of mitosis and of spermatogenesis we know that there is a great energy form of spiritual determination that exists in the whole pattern of life. Every advanced Biologist I know stands in awe of the Mystery of the Power which moves thru the generations. And this they will admit:...that secretly down inside the Chromogenes Chromosome, in the very process of spermatogeneses, in the background of heredity their exists these things which reproduce themselves throughout the generations. Thus it is that we have no worry about the fact that any young couple, as they get married and move out to their own home, will not produce children....who are Negroes. Not my friends, it they are white men and women from this Adamic race. They won't have any problem thinking that the next child might be an Asiatic or an Indian (India).

Now:...this isn't downgrading anyone, it just says you have no doubt, no fear, you don't even anticipate it, and you would be so shocked, so surprised because this has never happened before, and it is not about to happen now. The reason you don't have to worry is because the LAW that the Scripture quotes:...'Kind begats kind' true, and it is faithful. It is a scientific law, and a law of spermatogenesis, a law of mitosis, and the law of the spiritual order. So by no stretch of the imagination did Adam and Eve father different races, of different kinds of species, and different origins.

My God placed them in the earth as this book declared, the declaration is that they were sons and daughters of God. He sent them here to populate the earth, to take dominion over it, and bring light and truth into an area of the Universe which was in Chaos and Catastrophe. Now:...I cite to you that the average geologist is aware, and the Scripture doesn't in any way dispute it, that we have millions of years in the history of this earth. But millions of years is only a long time when you are measuring 'time' only in 3 score years and ten. If you are measuring 'time' as 3 score and 10 then that is just a wink of a flash in the process of a few million years. But if you are measuring 'time' by a spirit which lives forever, by Eternal Life, by processes that reach into antiquity which is beyond your scope to imagine, that reaches into the tomorrow into planes, and designs, and plans which are beyond all measures of time. Someone many years are there? Well, there are not enough numbers which we can put together to measure that scope of 'time' if you want to measure by the trips you make around the sun. There has never been a beginning for the power and the existence of consciousness out of which these things have emerged. There has never been a point where God started to 'make' because God has always been making. When we turn to the Bible and it talks about...'In the beginning God'...we are only talking about this solar system, and the beginning of this race here in this earth. We are not talking about all the races on this earth because they go back to a beginning also described when...'God created this heaven and this earth but did not create it to be uninhabited.' He placed beings upon it which were His creation, and this happened ages before Adam ever walked the earth. You might be interested today in knowing that there is no tracing of the white man beyond a period of 5400 years before Christ...this is absolute... there is not one trace of the steps of a white man upon any part of the earth before that time. And now someone always says:..but there is not history beyond that time. Oh yes there is, my friends, there is history and lots of it beyond that time. The Ancient Sumerian Empire reaches back and back millennium and millennium's before that time. The antiquity of civilizations and cultures which have been swept away, still left a remnant of themselves, and you find them in Asia and out in the Pacific area and some in the Atlantic area. Now waters of those oceans wash over what was once great continents. There is no doubt about the antiquity because remnants of their Ancient records, their civilization, and their culture has traveled down thru the Ancient Sumerians even into the time of the Akkad Dynasties which were in existence at the time of this Book of Genesis...which starts the record of the history of your race.

When we talk about 'time' that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, we will give the geologists all the many millions of years that they need. We will say that there is 300 or 500 million years if he wants that, because that is not important in the measure of Eternity. But when he starts to deal with the races of man that is important as far as history is concerned. I can assure you tonight that we can find the evidence of Sumerian Dynasties which existed thousands of years before any white man ever walked on the face of the earth. And I can very well find that the final results in the Luciferian revolution which occurred and effected the whole Universe, must have occurred 14,000 years ago. The final fields of its isolation, and the catastrophes which effected it, such as a climactic ice age which was involved in this final isolation of this rebellion is also in that measure. Sinking of continents and raising of mountains transpired at that time.

AS we have mentioned to you before, we know that tremendous energies and forces were released in the earth in that great struggle, ages before you arrived. And at that final time of containment, the Andes Mountains went up and the High Sierras also went up. This was one of the later upheavals of the geological age. After all, 14,000 years ago is just yesterday in geological ages. Great cities in what is today South America were buried in this upheaval, and now jungle has swallowed up those areas. But there is also one city which was cut right in half as the Andes Mountains went up. One-half went up and stands high upon a plateau of the Andes, and the other half is at the base of the mountain partially covered by debris, and over-grown by jungle. But there on top of the mountain is the other half of that city. And that city was older than the Andes mountains because as the mountain went up it cut that city in half. Dr. Wilkins in his great book on Ancient cities of South America which came out just after the war, brought an investigation, and archaeological research as they went down to see what city our planes saw as they flew over the Andes, when looking for possible enemy outposts which might have been established in South American jungles. While flying over the Andes, they saw this city and although it was not occupied, they saw the remnant of its stone pillars, and saw it on the edge of a great cliff. Thus archaeologists and men went down there to determine what city this was. They found a city older than the Andes Mountains which had cut it in half as it lifted. In trying to find out how old that city was, they dug out some of the wooden furniture buried by debris in the part of the city which stayed below the mountain. And they turned Radio-Carbon on it, and found that this had happened 14,000 years ago. There wasn't any Adamite on the earth at that time either.

But lets not pause at 14,000 years, let me tell you that the Sumerian Dynasty records show the eclipses of the sun and moon, and they recorded things which happened in the Solar System as well. They recorded measurements and dating which sidereal calculators can now run, and there is no doubt when they saw their rudiments, and their origin, and their history, and their panorama runs back 163,000 years. There is no doubt that these Sumerian Dynasties actually reached in their origin those 163,000 years because we can prove by sidereal calculators that they did go back 140,000 years. Dr. Ireland of Princeton University published a book, called Finigans book on 'The Ancient Past', and he was writing to stay as Orthodox as possible. And thus he said:...The Babylonian or the Sumerian King list reached so far back that we realize that their years couldn't have been as long as ours. And that they must have been just exaggerating when they gave king lines and dynasties which lasted tens of thousands of years apiece, and then totaled them all up to 63,000 years. But Mr. Finigan doesn't have to try to explain this, and to say that no man could have lasted this long, because this was a list of whole families for those dynasties. But as to was impossible for these people to have lived this long, we have checked the artifacts of late time, of Sumerian Dynasties, and we have run out of Radio Carbon.

Now:..anytime you can get anything, whether a human bone, or a piece of wood, and you run out of Radio Carbon, then you have passed 73,000 years. Suppose I tell you that down along the dried up shore of the late great lake of Tanzanic, and in the areas no longer marshlands or lake, but far up now on the shore here in that African country, they found what was once great cities that floated on great rafts. In that period of time the inhabitants who built these cities, they were virtually huts upon rafts. They built them upon these rafts to escape the wild animals round about and to have the protection of the waters, and then it was close to their fish supply. And when they went ashore for game, they could return to the protection of the rafts. The fact remains that what caused them to leave these rafts was that over a period of time the lake dried down to their present position, and this caused the area where once their cities were to be far up on the land. But today in the mud around those lakes of that area we now find the very logs of which these rafts were made, and we find that this society was living on those rafts 10,4000 years ago. Dr. Davidsons book on the 'Lost Cities of Africa' and its Ancient Civilization records that the Radio Carbon dating on those cities is over 10,000 years ago. And any artifacts found down there concerning these people, including a few skulls found back in the closet caves of the mainland proved to be the skulls of the Negro.

Now:...someone says: but Dr. Swift you can't tell the difference between the skull of a white man and a Negro because the only difference is the color of the skin, and that is only skin deep. Let me tell you is bone deep as well. Anytime anyone tells you there is no difference except the color of the skin and the sun did that, then I tell you that we have had them over here for over 200 years and they haven't bleached out yet, so the sun didn't do it. They are black because that is their origin. There isn't anything wrong with being black, but there is something wrong when you try to mix that black specie with the white man, that is a violation of God's Law...that is WRONG.

I am going to tell you that there is as much difference in the capacities of the low as there is in the highest and the lowest of intelligence. Let me cite this to you:...ask anyone who understands the bone structure of the head and present to them the skulls from Africa, Asia, and the U.S., and you ask them to tell you whose skulls these are and everytime a man will pick out the Negro skull first. Why?? Because you look at the front of that skull at the thickness of the bone right above the eye known as the super orbital ridge and it is solid bone on the Negro and much thicker than on any other skull. To measure the inside capacity you can always fill a skull with water and measure the amount it holds. Did you know that a white man on the lowest intelligence scale has 46 centimeters more brain capacity than the smartest Negro whose skull has been examined. Why? It is because he was designed differently, because his bone structure is different. And the bone structure of the Negro has not changed in 10,000 years. So you can't say that the white man evolved from him because the white man doesn't show up on the scene until 5500 years before Christ, and at no time do we see changes in the Negro skulls. The white mans skull was made for the image he was to carry, for the intelligence he was to possess. Strange as it may seem you may look out upon the earth and say...they may all of them have been the product of the process of evolution. Then they say...we all came from the Anthropoid Ape, and this ape was also the father of the Neanderthal man. And this made them then place this super orbital ridge on the Neanderthal man which stuck out like a heavy protrusion. In fact they made the skull of this Neanderthal Man so big that they could put a little water in the hollow behind the eye cavity without it spilling out. My friends there never has been a Neanderthal man...and do you know why? Because there has never been anything resembling such a man in any artifacts or anything that looks like this specie of man who ever lived upon the face of the earth.

Let me tell you this, we today in the probing thru the caves of the various continents have found the oldest relics of man. In otherwords before men built houses or before catastrophe overwhelmed him, he did the same thing as you do today, he tried to survive. I shouldn't say before men built houses because we don't know that there was ever a time when men didn't build houses. They either lived in tents or built houses. You say:.. well what were they doing in caves? Well, catastrophe struck and they did the same thing you would do, if something happened to your society. If something swept over your great coastal planes, you would head for the mountains, and if you found a cave you would live in it. But lets go back to these cave dwellers. We are told that in the stages of evolution, as they watched this pattern of evolution emerge, that you came to the stage of these great lizards, and like the dinosaurs, there was also these great flying lizards. And this evolution pattern then comes on down thru the ages until the Mammals appear and the Armadillos (one of the oldest of creatures) and they give many types of mammals which didn't have the horn-like shells. Then eventually they put these mammals up in the trees and then soon we were to be evolving from them.

Let me tell you something. If we could prove scientifically that man existed on the earth before the monkey that man is supposed to have evolved from, that should overthrow the stages of evolution, by which he came.... wouldn't it? If man lived in the days of the great dinosaurs, when there were no great apes, and if man lived in the period that preceded the dinosaurs, even in the earliest period in which we find bird life and the smaller creatures of the lizard family? Of if man lived back in their revolutionary stages which they tell you is the Pre-Cambrian period when the earth was supposed to be awash with ancient seas, and nothing was bigger than a jelly fish? If man was on earth then, you will have to agree that he never evolved out of something which they don't place in their evolution scale until several million years later.

My friends:...I am going to turn again to the oil well drillers. These men are probing deep into the soil, and everywhere they are dropping their cores into different formations, hunting for something. They hunt even as they earlier hunted for coal, and now they hunt for oil. One of the great early periods when oil seemed to be formed, they will tell you, was back in the ages of the Pre-Cambrian seas. They thru Pre-Cambrian uplifts sometimes to find oil pockets below. I talked to an oil engineer, a few weeks ago, as we ate dinner together with friends. I said...where do you think the oil came from that you are drilling for? He said...Dr. Swift if it were eastern oil, and in some of our oil beds in the west, it came from vast masses of animal matter. I said:...well why then are you drilling so far into the earth to find it? He said...strangely enough by some process, and by some upheavals of the earth, thru some catastrophe which we do not understand, masses of animal matter so great that it staggers us even tho we can compute how many they must have been, found themselves compressed and buried deep under the earths surface and thru this pressure and decay, they now produce what we know as the paraffine base oil we find in the areas like in Pennsylvania, and even in the Sahara Desert. But of course they weren't always that way. He in the west a great vast amount of our oil is actually from vegetation, and from materials which formed into carbon and yet remained in periods of pressure in conditions such as a liquid like stage and we get asphalt from it. But it is actually from vegetation and such materials rather than from animal matter that we get oil products, thus we do have a difference, for there is various blends of these oils. Then I asked him a question:...did you ever stop to think how many millions and millions of creatures it would have taken to have roamed the earth to have produced the masses of these oil bodies? He said:...yes, that is one of the staggering things we know. And apparently under the pressure of the actions of ancient seas, and oceans of salt water and its pressures, and under the conditions of that which was embodied in it, all helped to synthesize this material. As he talked on about this I if this is true then the animal age in which these various creatures were suddenly destroyed...if they existed after the Pre-Cambrian seas era, according to the evolution theory, but you still find them below the strata where the Pre-Cambrian age exists, if you have to go thru a Pre-Cambrian age or strata to reach a later age of creatures then you don't have any scale of ages at all do you? He said:...something must have rocked the earth and turned something upside down, one on top of the other. I said:..I want to ask you a question...when down in the areas of New Mexico, not far from the famous 4 corners, they were dropping their oil cores down and they were going thru solid rock of the so called Pre-Cambrian uplift, and they brought up some of its artifacts and ceramics, how do you explain that? You may pride yourself on your culture, and on the fact that you have learned to glaze China and paint on it, but they brought up 'China' with painting on it, out of the earth, thru this drilling core which went back about 200 million years before any man was supposed to have evolved, because there wasn't any monkey to evolve from.

Someone said:..but how could he live here? Well, it is very obvious that he could live here without monkeys. It is also obvious that he knew how to sustain himself, and how to live, or else very obviously all the world wasn't under the same geological condition at the same time. It is quite obvious to me that the whole world didn't have to be under the same circumstances at the same time, because there are jungles in Africa today and humid conditions, where the amount of water which drops would drown you in California, if it fell on you at that rate. And we just wish we could get a little water, for we live in a semi-arid, almost desert-like climate. At the same time there is a climate like that of Venus down in the jungle of Africa. Is this two different ages of time, or are there two different classes of climactic conditions producing these two different situations? Alright, deep in the oil well cores and brought up in Montana during recent excavations, as we have mentioned before, came up a beautiful bronze gear. And this bronze gear was smaller than the whole of the oil well core which was being dropped down for a cross section; but it has a cam on the side. It was made so that when the gear rotated it would lift something, and then fall back in place, how did it get there? No one knows and how far back in a period no one knows, but in a period similar to the Sumerian and Pre-Cambrian age, tightly divided by the two formations they go thru, and I believe that this is found in a Silurian core. Anyhow when this was brought up and examined they even committed on it in the oil journals because they is one for the scientists and the geologists to ponder. How did this gear find its way deep into the earth, into a core of stone, that was on the earth millions of years before there was any mammals from which they say man evolved? Well, then down in Texas they were dropping their oil well cores down into that pre-carbon period where they believe these paraffine oils are found, and up came long and beautiful artifacts...arrowheads, and spear heads. What my friends was man doing upon the earth with spearheads 200,000 years before the age of the animals he is supposed to have evolved from, if we are to believe evolution? If there wasn't anything on the face of the earth to hunt, then what was he doing with spearheads anyhow? Way back in the Crustacean period when jellyfish and moss were supposed to be upon the face of the earth, they brought up arrowheads and spearheads and things shaped and formed into skinning instruments.

As a boy I looked at the deep veins of coal in the Pennsylvania hills. I have looked at one vein of coal in which a fern existed, almost 70 feet long where the leaves of the fern reached out many, many feet, and was petrified in solid coal. Or rather its outline is still in the coal as it became solidified. But there are other interesting factors which came out of the coal...and were solid in it, in the day it was formed, pressed into it like the fern. And these were arrowheads, spearheads, pieces of pottery, and the remnants of human existence in the earth.

Now:...I have looked at these things, and I know they were there. Do not my friends let anyone who teaches today, and is a scientist seeking to hold on to a Pseudo not let them call it science, because in their own minds they just say...this is an hypothesis, a theory. I tell you that it is no longer even a theory that should be recognized. No man can ever tell me that man evolved out of a theory of evolution, when before this period of evolution I found his instruments showing that he lived. There is a solution as to how the gear might have gotten there. I asked the scientists how he explained it, and the geologists, and the oil engineer said:...Dr. Swift, it is quite obvious that as far as the gear is concerned, this is just one of those happy coincidences. Someone was visiting earth with some type of development or ship from somewhere in the Universe. They probably had some kind of mechanical problem, or trouble, and something fell apart, or they dropped some instrument and one of the gears just happened to be solidified and layers of this stuff then placed over it. He said:...there is no doubt in my mind that this has nothing to do, necessarily, with the origin of earth before there could be anyone here. It must have been something that someone from outer space came in here and dropped. I said:...I will buy that for just one moment, but if there came intelligent creatures to earth who made gears, who rode in air craft or space ships, and they dropped a gear in Montana before there were oil fields, then why evolve anyone?? These people might just have stayed and bred their children here from then on?? It would be far easier and more scientific for me to accept this which requires no chance, than to think that by natural selection and chance possibilities that would require a hundred million to one shot, that by natural selection, any two creatures could ever evolve close enough alike to be mated. You see, the whole theory of evolution requires that the whole cycle of evolvement carried forward, male and female or they never could have propagated themselves anyhow. And therefore irritation would form an ear, and irritation would form a nose, and the desire to fly would forms wings????? That is all the theory of evolution is based on...irritation and adaptation.

anytime you find anything irritated all you get out of it is a boil, or a pimple. You know with the irritation which has been going on inside the minds of our race for the last 45 years, we should start to grow wings, for we have been trying to fly. I have heard that a few people were found during the last war, out in the isles of the Pacific with tails. They found a few in Africa also, in fact there was a whole tribe down there who had tails, but I haven't heard of any being found with wings. You say:...but don't those tails make a missing link? No, these tails just prove why God gave laws in this BOOK against Bestiality...that is all they prove. That men were not to violate God's Laws, they were not to mingle with beasts and every pagan religion in the world mixes man with beasts, including Hinduism and Buddhism. I can show you the evidence of this in their religion. I can show it to you in how they taught it, and why they gave it high spiritual ideals which it didn't possess, because it was a Satanic lie. Oh, there may be some truth hidden in these ancient religions, but this practice was involved with symbolism, and with facts which today are a part of the 'Hill of the Satyr,' talked about there in the Scripture. That was one of the great errors of Esau, as he went to the hill (small nation) of the Satyr. And out of the 'Hill of the Satyr' were the so called monstrosities, the goat man, and from there came this god..Ya-Pan, who was half man and half goat. The Minitar of 'Ya-Pan' was like that, and the half man tradition of the goat man came out of that violation. The law of God has been absolute and complete, that any mongrelization of this law of specie, for the benefit of all society, had no spiritual capacity, and was to be destroyed. If you were to go back into the most Ancient past we never find anything but the specie in that existence. When we go back to that Ancient Sumerian Dynasty, why, men had horses and they had chariots. Someone said: ..the Chinaman invented the wheel. Well if he did then he invented the wheel in that period of time which was over 150 thousand years ago, because the Sumerians had wheels on chariots which they possessed 150,000 years ago. Someone said:..but there isn't any history which goes past about 4000 years before Christ...but who told you that?

Let me tell you...that city upon the hill went back 14,000 years ago, so don't say there isn't any history that goes back that far. Just say that when Roy Chapman Andrews found there was civilization beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert, when they found in a great crevice what later would prove to have been a great city at the time when all the Gobi Desert was a Teakwood forest. Did you know that mighty Teakwood trees once stood where now the Gobi Desert exists? There at one time stood the greatest of Teakwood forests on the face of the earth and cities were built inside those forests out of that Teakwood and so was their furniture. In the hours of history which passed, the Teakwood was cut down and exported and used, and eventually catastrophe that effected the area occurred, and buried these cities. A Great crevice opened up and swallowed up some of those cities, and masses of sand and debris were swept over them by the inundation that effected that part of the earth at one time. But today we can dig out of those crevices the Teakwood.

I have a little bronze horse in my Library that came out of a level deep down in the earth where the remnants of the Ancient cities built of this Teakwood of that area, where now is the great Gobi Desert. But this Teakwood round about when measured was over 19,000 years old. I don't know how old the little bronze horse is, but my friends, he looks exactly like you would expect a horse to look. He was made way back there in time out of smooth bronze, with tiny ceramic-like eyes stuck inside of his bronze being and they were smart enough to make him in two halves, and to mould him. So don't talk to me and say it is a fact that everybody came from Adam. For Adam means...white man, Adam is a specific word, it is a word for your specie, and God put the Adamites here for a design and a purpose. To build His Kingdom and to bring people out of error, and out of darkness, and out of superstition, and out of all the catastrophes which had taken over the religions of earth, and which had apostated their form.

I want you to know that today it takes more believing because Faith is believing without evidence. Faith is believing on the best evidence there is, for Faith is based on that great spiritual consciousness which demonstrates Miracles. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, it is the very evidence of things not seen, but which still exist. It takes far more believing on no foundation to accept the theory of the evolutionists today merely because he drew a picture and put it in a text book, than it takes to believe, to prove, the many facts we now have that man is much older than that. There is no period in the earths history since it first cooled off from its Nova existence, that there hasn't walked upon it...intelligent beings, leaving behind evidence that it has been lived upon. Thus it is that in all ages of the earth, man has come and gone upon it. There is no question in my mind that there are great numbers of intelligent beings, who belong to the same category of species that walked upright. Every time we find intelligence in bodies, or find any artifacts, or references, or anything historic that relates to intelligence which makes things or can do things, the shape of that intelligence is the shape of the human race. We never find an artifact, or a piece of drawing, or anything which indicates intelligence that doesn't stand up, walk, make instruments with his hands and think with his head. Deep in the caves of France we find the evidence of the men who dwelt in these caves when all of Europe apparently covered not only with heavy woods, and forests, but when it was in a little colder condition than it is now. Great hairy mammals roamed the plains and valleys of Europe and fed upon its vegetation...animals which are no longer in Europe but which even existed at one time as far north as the Steppes of Asia, and deep in Siberia, and Man was there. Because inside the caves where man dwelt he drew pictures of these mammals. There are pictures in those caves of animals which haven't lived in Europe for millenniums and there are pictures denoting great storms, great showers of objects out of the sky, so you see there was a type of culture, and not a bad one either, for those men were artists who as you look at their art today, you know what they drew. I doubt if all of you today in this room could if you were asked, draw a picture so that we could tell what it was. How many of you think you could draw the animals in the Zoo so that someone coming along a thousand years from now could tell what they were looking at? Well, these fellows not only drew them but they dyed them and painted them, for there is color in these caves of France still, after these thousands of years, color on stone. These were not, my friends, some Neanderthal or somebody just a little further along, with a brutish caveman look who went around with a club and dragged people by their hair. That only existed in the Plaster of Paris and in the imagination. The closet things you have today to the brutish caveman is the Congo Savage who eats one another. I guess they may have eaten Lumumba by now. (Ha) There are some things I am not going to weep about, if they eat up the error, I am not going to weep about it. Someone says they degenerated, but they can't go any further than they have gone. The fact is that in our time we have the definite evidence of specie and origin, and the Bible said so all the time.

We have called your attention in the past to the time when Adam was placed in earth, and it clearly states in the 31st., chapter of Ezekiel that in this Great Edenic condition, that Great Empires existed at that time. The Ancient Assyrian Empire was over most of the earth and under the many branches of its Empire and fed by the stream of its waters..of its race...people dwelt. People of every specie, every kind, dwelt under the umbrella of this Empire which was all over the earth. And the Egyptian Empire was almost as great at that time also, as God put Adam and Eve in earth. Therefore I don't think that anyone will come along now and say... when God put Adam and Eve here in earth, that they then populated all these people because when they arrived here these people were already all over the earth. If Adam was to populate all the earth he would have been a busy man, and there was no possible explanation of how this could have been, for all these civilizations to have come from Adam.

You see, the greatest problem for the student who doesn't know, or the Pseudo-intellectual who doesn't know, that he holds the peculiar philosophy of a Universe without God, and the facts trip him up. The facts of time, the facts of ages, trip him up.

The ice ages didn't take 100,000 years to come along, or that long to go away. You say:...oh, yes they must have done that. Let me show you that there is no infallible theory as to the progression of ice ages. They tell you that the ice swept down from the north and cut great grooves and created great glaciers, but a glacier just comes down from the high mountains to lower levels. Why would a glacier travel from the north pole to the south pole? Do you think it is all down hill from the north pole to the equator, just because you have a round globe in your living room? You know as well as I do that every spot on the earth is flat enough to stand and nothing is sliding down unless you are on the side of a hill. The whole roundness of the earth doesn't make a hill, and glaciers don't follow it. You say:..then what made those glaciers travel? Well there was a day when there was a great inundation of the earth with ice and snow, but the mammals used to feed upon the vegetation in the great plains of the north. One day they were eating of the grass and the next day they were being buried in the snow, and they died while digesting the grass in their mouths. But they hadn't stood there for 50,000 years waiting for the snow to come. They didn't even stand there waiting for a year for the snow to come, for one moment they were eating grass and the next moment they were buried in snow and ice. Do you know how it happened? There are physicists and scientists who dare say they are not going along with the evolution text book and theory. And do we know how it happened? An Astronomical body swept by the earth and lifted high great masses of its water, and carried it into space and the cold of space froze it into ice and snow, and then it dropped back upon the earth on the polar side where we find these great creatures frozen in the snow and ice. At one moment these great creatures were standing there and the next moment water picked up from another part of the earth by a comet dropped back when its power was not sufficient to carry the mass upward and hold it. And thus suddenly earth was inundated by all this great mass of ice and snow. Not only did it just happen near the north pole but it happened at several places on the earth and at different times. The snow and ice was so great and the cold so intense because such a space had been covered, that for several years the snow from the ice waves built up snow masses in the mountains. The snow and ice lasted for a century or two in immediate non recessions, and as it began to get a little warmer then began to move down the hill as they still do in the high mountains. And then the next winter would build up snow behind it and then it would move on down, and today the glaciers are receding even in the High Sierras. 25 years ago I stood on the edge of the glaciers in the High Sierras which were 3 times as big as they are now. This is because we are losing the amount of snowfall that we used to have to add to the glaciers. But the glaciers that came down, inching their way across the surface, always came downhill into the valley. They did not move from the north pole to the south. An ice age is just a part of the conditions that happened at that time. If you would understand how to read the Book of Job you would discover that Job describes the condition when man enveloped in catastrophes of earth ran and lived in the caves, and the cavern of the underground systems of the earth. Did you know that Job talks about that as he tells about the things that happened in the past? Did you know that there are great numbers of transitions which are scientific and accurate? The Bible talks about it, and God says to Job...'Where were you when the hoary frost of heaven came forth, and the faces of the deep were frozen?' Job 38:29. Can you imagine a period of time when sudden cold blasts froze the oceans? This happened, not for long, but it still happened. So we have patterns of these Ancient events, and still all times during these Ancient events of history there was somebody there.

We talk about the visions of Isaiah, and of Jeremiah, and how God brought to their remembrance the events between the first and second verse of Genesis I. How Jeremiah talks about great cities that were wiped away, how the fruitful places in the wilderness are now covered over with jungle. How Isaiah saw the marching feet of traveling men, and as it was with master so it was with servants. How Jeremiah saw disaster sweep over whole portions of the earth, and how he tells about the swallowing up of areas of civilization, and people, but he says that God did not make a full end so there were some people left.

You turn to the Book of Isaiah and he says:..I saw the earth turn clear upside down. Did you ever stop to think what would happen if the earth turned...very fast...upside down and the oceans sloshed and the waters moved and things slipped and slid? You would probably think you never even heard of an earthquake. It all depends on how fast it went, but it did go fast enough that in some parts of the earth the catastrophe was terrible. And Isaiah said:...I saw the earth turn clear upside down and it didn't make any favorites, for as it was with the master so it was with the maid. Isaiah 24:1. As it was with the ruler so it was with the people, and it still didn't make a full end, but it was a terrible upheaval. I can prove that this is true because on the side of your mountains rolling in to the east as you roll toward the rising sun, the fact remains that on the east side of your mountains you find the debris thru which earth meets in an Astronomical passing of a comet. You haven't met a comet in your history here, but you were afraid you were going to meet one when the Haley Comet went by, but it was so far away that the comet didn't even touch you with its dust. But you have gone thru 5 comets in the history of the earth...5 of them. Each one laid its debris and those five have been since the Carpathian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, and the High Sierras have been in existence.

Now:...on one side of these mountains is the debris of these comets and they are clearly marked by the clay and the strike in the material. Then something turned the earth around until those deposits in the east were swung around to the west, and still the rotation of earth continued. But now the debris of the last two comets you came through are now on the eastern slope of what at one time was the western slope of your Mountains. On the western slope of the Alps I find the debris of 3 Ancient and distinct comet tails, and on the eastern slopes of the Alps only two. Now we know that the actual layers show the Antiquity, and when it happened. So we know that when Isaiah said that the world turned clear upside down that he was right. And we also know that it didn't happen in the last 6,000 years which Bible students want to claim for Adam. We know that it didn't happen in the last 14,000 years. We know that the period when the earth turned clear upside down reaches into the antiquity of a great comet which became Venus, which settled into your Solar System at last and became a planet. There is too much of that subject to discuss tonight, but the whole Universe is still operating on Design.

Inside the last several weeks in the 'Los Angeles Examiner' they have been using, for several weeks, in their Sunday supplement the minds of great scientists, supposedly, who have been trying to discern about the beginning of Creation. And they are saying that it just might be true...that the Bible might be supported in its claim that God created the heavens and the earth. Now:...I am glad they found that out, but how did they find that out? Well, they set up a great, gigantic machine and started to feed information into it and they fed in all the information man had on that subject. And when they got thru they wanted to see just what the answer would be, and they didn't find out anymore than man already knew, which was....God created the heavens and the earth. It is time that we woke up, and realized that nothing can be greater than the creator who made it. No instrument we make is greater than we who make it. Nor is the Universe greater than the God who created it. But if that thing which man had made had come out with supposed facts saying God didn't make the heavens and the earth, that would only have meant that more do-do's had fed information in to that machine that was in error than that which was truth, so it still wouldn't have proved anything. If an IBM machine came up with a lie, it is because they fed lies into it...that is all. It can't tell you anything more than you put into it. But when they put in all the patterns of force, and all the theory and words and concept that catalyzed out of the thinking of our race, then finally it came up with the fact that God must have created the heavens and the earth, because that is what most of us think..because it is true.

But what did the physicist say?....there is no doubt but that the organization of the atom, and the molecular masses, and the sidereal systems show the same designer.

It shows that they operate on the same pattern of law, and the law has intelligence and it has mind. And the thinking of the Bio-Chemist is:... yes, for there is knowledge energy which operates even sub-consciously or without the pattern of the present mind, which causes the cell division, and makes the organic form according to the energy applied, and according to plan. Witness the growing embryo, the dividing cells.

So we are forced to the fact that if you have design, you have to have a designer. If you can prove that there is a factor involved you have to have such a cause, and the pattern of design is quite obvious. As we have said to you before, your race had a specific origin. God super-imposed this race here. There isn't anything He didn't create without planning and design, and there isn't any creature in all His Universe that He didn't create and is good.

There isn't anything wrong with the things which were created, it is only wrong when they are mutated. There wasn't anything wrong which God planted in the thoughts of His creation which had the capacity to think. The only thing that is wrong is when the error came to shift things from truth to error and then sought the violation of Divine Law. The Law of God is one of Love, and one of Light, and one of Creation. This civilization of yours is also a by-product of God's mind, stimulating, inspiring the values of the individuals. The price, as we have told you before which God places on one individual is as He shows as He says He would invest everything for the re-adjustment of that one LIGHT. If there was one Sheep out there He said:...I would search for that one sheep until I found it. A lost sheep in the mind of God isn't one destined to eventual punishment when he dies. A Lost Sheep is one who is already in trouble as he lives, and needs to be found, and put back into the circle of blessings, in the place where God can reach Him. A Prodigal Son isn't one to be looked at as someone who is a catastrophe without a future. A Prodigal Son is one to be found and brought back to the Father's Table. That is why the whole concept of God is to put everything into proper order and balance. Nothing in His Universe operates outside of His design. And the most powerful force in operation today, in your society, is the spiritual evolution of Divine Concepts. The most important emotion in your midst is Love. The most vital and constructive force in your society is the responsibility which gives you the right to be your brothers keeper. But let me make this clear...when you as your brothers keeper are working for the cause of establishing the Laws of Righteousness, and obtaining the height which is your build the Kingdom first. You recognize that you are your Father's son, and you work within that Household, for it is through that Kingdom, and through this Adamic race, which is the highest of all the races God has placed here that this can all be done. I say this with all spiritual realization, that it is because their wave-length of understanding, their spiritual wave length of light and origin, that makes you above all the other races of the earth which God placed here. But He didn't place you here so that in this instance you would be filled with hypocracy and self righteousness. But that the Light would go out of you, and a creative force would go out of you to restore everything in the Universe into its proper order. And when that has been consummated, then the ends of the earth will say:...'Our Father which art in Heaven'.

America is one of the great nations of God's Kingdom, and you are citizens of that great nation. The enemy today is using world Communism and Bestiality along with tyranny and Evil to oppress individuals and cause them to lose their identify, and make them a mass....with a mass mind. The Kingdom of God is developing in you the concept of right, and spirit that produces individuality and destines every individual to conform to the Glory of God. For you have been destined to conform to His Incarnate Revelation. Is there any greater destiny than to be like God? I tell you that you who are the children of design, are also designers, you have produced the evidence that you are creators. The endless tomorrow will find you creating with Your Father, not with evolution, but by design. There must be development as ideas are placed upon ideas, but there are not my friends... evolutions...that make spontaneous changes by themselves.

Nothing is built without the Creator, and the Builder, and that is the way it has been from the beginning. That is the way it will be in the tomorrow which are still ahead.

(End of this Message)