Crushing The Serpent, 8-0-57



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift 8-0-57

What is to transpire, and what is next to happen? Things happen so fast you don’t know what is going on in the other side of the world while you stand and watch the passing of time. But you are here and you are on the perimeter of one of the most important events in history. The only thing that you have to do is to maintain full consciousness, continual conception of what God has said. There is nothing as important to you as what God has said.---As we said to you a week or two ago, the scriptures cannot be broken. And that scripture cannot be broken because that is what God has said. And with that which HE ‘hath said’--we shall deliver our responsibilities in this hour.

Now, there is no question about this. There is no question of the fact that there has been time of Spengler and of Turley, and Shepherd, and others who talk about or walk around the facts as to the background or where our race came from. And this attempt to overwhelm our race causes. The vision of George Washington who saw the third world, when he saw not only the attempt of the African nations, yellow and black crush out white civilization, led by some evil power, like a flood that is coming to the U.S.--and he said:--’I saw even the uprising, and the battles in the cities. And then he said:--’I saw the smoke from the battles over the cities. And when the smoke cleared, he saw that the ‘Stars and Stripes was flying across the quiet and clear air. And the Cross of Christ was still there. And he said:--the third world war was past and we had emerged. And he heard the voice cry.--’LOOK AND LISTEN.’--You have survived this conflict. Thus everything then points to survival. But it also points to your existence. And there is to be no victory until we have passed this historic mark where these things come to pass.

Now, we site to you that there is no question about what is happening right in our midst and who we are. We have cited to you on numerous occasions and times that we are the household of God. We are the sons of God. We are those who were with the Father in the beginning. We sat around in the council chambers of the heavens. We walked the great Crystal Palaces that Enoch was permitted to walk in and to see. We have stood in the presence of HE who outlined the program of His own family, in His council, the things that you would do in the future. And we lifted up our voices in the presence of our Father, and all the ‘sons of God shouted for joy.’

Listen. We when we were put in this envelope of flesh, and fell thru the processes of Destiny, and have been in part unable to see, to perceive, this again was put into the mind of one of His sons so as to give us these scriptures. And we have today been able thru the policies and the visions and prophecies to sustain the words which we should have remembered throughout all of these years. It is all written--remember my sons---what I have said shall not be altered. Then altho He placed His sons and daughters--into vessels of posterity in these physical bodies, of a household, as the book of Hebrews and as the book of Genesis declared, we watched the attempt of Satan to subordinate and destroy that race. The seduction of Eve, the infiltration and the promised attempt to capture the household of the Kingdom of God. And then suddenly out of it we see God stepping in to this situation in this hour of transgression, and we see Him facing the power of Satan in that beginning of your society. And HE said:--’I am going to put ‘enmity’ between the issue of the ‘woman’ and the issue of the serpent. And he shall bruise the heel of the Seed of the woman, but this Seed of the woman shall crush the head of the serpent. In fact, the old Hebrew text was most clear. It says He shall grind the head of the serpent as it strikes His heel.

Remember the words of Jesus to Lucifer, or to Judah of Iscariot, in the Apostles account of it. Where He said:--’Judah of Iscariot, art thou seeking to bruise the heel?’ The fact remains, that this was Satan’s own son. Jesus said:--’I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.’ Then in the hour of betrayal, Jesus turns and says:--’have you come to bruise the heel?’--Yes. The enmity was there. It is interesting that the Apocrypha records this so well. And then Nicodemus also makes the record that Lucifer had come in the form of Judah of Iscariot to bruise the heel or seed of the woman in its greatest manifestation.

Now, there is no doubt that the continuing posterity of Cain the continuing posterity of this vile infiltration among the white race has always been for the down fall of our race. Remember all the other sons of Satan---whether black, yellow, red, or brown. But you do not have to worry about being taken over by the black, red, yellow, of brown because you don’t give them too much credit. The closest you have ever come to it of course, was during the time of Reconstruction’ when you let some black senators reach Washington D.C. And you let the black take over during the period of Reconstruction. The closest you are today, as you look down on that same menacing danger is when you look down as Harlem and see Adam Clayton Powell--a Communist ‘Nigger’--in the U.S. Congress. And when you see the impute of his Jew friends trying to utilize their conspiracy. But remember that it is not so much black, red, yellow, and brown leadership that you have to worry about. The subtly of being able to plant Satanic seed into the white race is the dangerous one. For it was the semi-white Asiatics, tho they married back into the blood of their background, so as to identify themselves clearly, but this is again Cainanites who have in that hour again resown their seed in the children of Amalak and the absorption of Esau into the Hill country people and the forces of darkness of that same line. Thus Esau was married unto Edom which became the Jew, Satanic posterity---which absorbed that seed and the Amalakites, the Cainanites the sum total of this abominable evil.

Now, note this. That during the days when the children of Israel came out of the land of Egypt, there were some strange things that had taken place. For the priests who ruled the darkness in Egypt used many of the same symbols. Everywhere around the world on all the religious symbols of the world, Lucifer’s priesthood had two emblems, these being the Dragon and the Serpent. The use of the serpent--woven many times into a supplement of a symbol of ancient destiny was the ‘six pointed star’ and woven in place with the symbol of the serpent. That is still used today by the world Kehellah, and the Cabal. It is used by the B’nai B’rith today as its emblem. The serpent coiled with the six pointed star.

Now, it is that these generations existed and they took over in the temples of Sett in Egypt and of course they waged a continual warfare against any truth which belonged to the teaching of Osiris which was again the teaching of the LORD OF LIFE which was primarily in Egypt thru the Hyskos and the White Shepherds---Sethites---and later reactivated by Israel, thru its occupation, who served the God of Life and Righteousness---YAHWEH---of the skies. So in this instance when God by the powers which He had put in force in the Universe, balancing the heavens bo bring the judgements that put power in the hands of Moses and brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. He told them to keep on marching and the Red Sea opened and they went out of the land. There had been enough discussion, and rumor, and ripples the charging of what was to come, and the defiance of Pharaoh and the sons of Lucifer with this Satanic power tossing you all about.

They said there is another thing we can do. Altho these people seem to have greater power, greater wisdom, greater blessings, and there is a great company of them. We will now identify and move out with them. And scripture tells us that a bunch of mixed and speckled birds--a mixed company moved out of the land of Egypt---WITH ISRAEL.

Now, think of all these people who now went out of Egypt with the Israelites. And a lot of those who went out of Egypt were not Israelites. They just went along because they said:--’my--if this people have this much power, and can do this, then we will profess Identity and we will move out with them. Lucifer our father, says he is going to destroy them, so we will go along and see this happen.’ They were the ones who spoke out against Moses. They were the ones who spoke out against Caleb as he advised the Israelites to take the land of Palestine, as they were supposed to do.

Then we listen to these words of Moses. For Moses looked down upon these people and this is what he said in Deut:32:---’there is a people among us. Their lot is not our lot. Even our enemies themselves are judges of that.’ He said:--’their vine is the vine of Sodom and of the fields of Gomorrah. And their grapes are the grapes of gall. Their clusters are bitter. Their wine is the poison of dragons and the cruel venom of asps.’ Thus Moses said:--’these people are not like you--they are evil people.’ Then speaking again, Moses said:--’the show of their countenance is against them. Moreover, the MOST HIGH IS ANGRY BECAUSE JACOB IS THE LOT OF HIS INHERITANCE.’ But what of this people.---Moses, as he looked down upon this people said:--’these people worship gods which your fathers do not. They seek to make the sons of God do evil. They sacrifice to devils who are not God, not the God of your fathers. Thus they seek to make the sons of YAHWEH do evil.’ And then Moses said:--’of the Rock that begat thee, they are unmindful.--You are the children of God.--They are the actual children of the serpent.’

Now, I want you to know that at large,--the scriptural background of your consciousness, is not that you have to wage war, as the Sons of God coming into earth, on the Chinese. Or that you have to wage war on the Negroes, or that you have to wage war on the men of the seas in the islands. But you have to wage war against the infiltration which went straight to the headquarters. You are the Sons of God sent here to build a Kingdom and with whom HE has made His Covenant. And whom HE has proclaimed are HIS Seed. So the enemy is working on this very headquarters. Your battle has constantly been with Satan’s sons who are here to charge and to fight against the Sons of God.

The Chinese were not the seed of the serpent. They were ruled by the seed of the serpent. Negroes were not the seed of the serpent. They were ruled by the seed of the serpent in their bestial levels. But the Kingdom of God was sent to challenge this power which was being created out of this sovereign who was committed to taking over and possessing this power.

Now, Moses said--here we have troubles with this seed. They worship devils and many gods. And they wage war against you. But then the MOST HIGH said--’this evil power which seeks to do all these things, we know who they are. And ---as Moses reports---He is going to rend HIS own judgement upon them.---They carry the mark of the serpent, the sting of the Asp and the venom of the viper.---So we recognize them.

Now, for a moment, come over into the New Testament. Remember that history follows thru the infiltration, thru all the Testament as they gather around kings. And history points out that this same thing happened to the kings of Israel. The same thing that it is doing to the President of the United States. And the power that worked out of darkness that was this Mystery Babylon, was the ruler of evil, using the power of darkness.

Sometimes I get angry with newspapers. And sometimes I am glad it is just newspapers. But I have to look at the fact that over every city in the United Stated, the devil has been trying to lift up his son. He is trying to build him all up for his next devilish move. And all you have to do is cry it to the housetops. At first I was angry, but now I am glad. Even tho poor Mr. Hearst is in hock, every major newspaper, Chronicle, Examiner, Herald Express in New York, and New York America---all the way across the country---the major series of articles of the last ten days has been on the B’nai B’rith. Remember that. They talk about Bernard Beruch. They talk about him being such a great American. And then I started to smile. For he started to tell his story. He said that he had been an advisor who had his advice taken by every President of the United States since President Wilson. He covered this in his first three articles. And in his sixth article he took the credit for the results of the foreign policy of every administration since the days of Wilson.

Newsmen cite that he had Mr. Hoover, who he realized he had deluded taking his advice on not making a more stringent action for the emergency which he was prepared to do. And that he had been one of the first men to become the advisor to President Roosevelt. And with Mr. Brandies, shaped the course of the ‘New Deal.’

Now, listen. B’nai B’rith groups refer to him as the Prince of American Jewry. Prince of America Jewry which pays the bills of the world. Now, listen. This is what he said:--’I am the king. I have set on the Bench (court) and I have been more powerful than the House and the Senate.’ Alright. What has he given us?--He gave us World War I, he gave us the depression, he gave us W.W. II. He gave us Korea, he gave us every botched evil, collapse of world policy that we ever engaged in. This is what he said:--’I directed. I was the advisor and I shaped the policy of every President since Wilson. There is not anything we have lacked since the days when we were the advisor until this day. Even to the day when I advised Mr. Coolidge.’ And he did.

Listen. You have here the Prince of the Kehella, the Prince of darkness, the son of Satan, the son of the serpent. And he said that the forces of Zionism have been the most potent of forces for bringing about the recognition of Israeli, this push into Palestine, causing the conditions of this hour. He said:--’the first man I met after he was inaugurated, he had breakfast every once in a while with Mr. Eisenhower until the day of this situation with the Suez Canal, when Mr. Eisenhower sent them back into Israeli.’ So we have this ghosted up story. And now he said:--’I have just been invited by Russia to come over and visit them and see what we can work out. Do you know that I have been invited by every leader to come to Russia? I was invited by Trosky. I was invited by Lenin. I was invited by Stalin. In fact Lenin said--altho this man is a millionaire, let him build his millions here for he is our friend.’

Well, it is very obvious that the devil is a friend of the ‘devils movement.’ But he cannot be their friend and your friend. It is very obvious therefore, that we have the same symbol of violence around the kings and the Presidents today as were around the king of Israel in the hours of their trouble. We have been told by Jesus that they would take all that they gained into Mystery Babylon the Great.

Now, think of these words. This is the serpents head. This is the power of evil world forces. And in the days ahead of the ministry of Jesus, out on the Isle of Pergamos, was one of their great retreats. This is like the Beverly Hills Club. And it was where they hung out in those days. This is where they manipulated Rome and Palestine from in that time. And in this island retreat, they thought that they had some kind of security. And their great wealth could but control. This was Satan’s seat. The Scriptures tell you that this was Satan’s seat. Where ever his children are, that is where his seat is. There is no other reason for Satan’s seat to be anywhere else than the residence of these all powerful Jews--in Pergamos.

John the Baptist, who Jesus said was Elijah-(no one knew them any better than this man) for he had to stand up against them. During the days when Ahab was king, remember that Elijah, a man after God’s own heart, did what God wanted him to do. And he challenged everyone of these devils. And when their devils could not do as much as our God, he took everyone of them down there by the brook and cut their heads off. God liked that. So don’t you worry about that. God said you just put those demons back in their dimension, these sons of Satan don’t belong on earth. Then someone comes along and says--it will be a great day when God restores them. Well, it may be a great day, but it will not be here. Because if you put everything back in its beginning, there will not be a Jew on the face of the earth. Just remember that. All that Elijah was doing was taking then out of here and putting them back where they belonged. God liked that so well, that He sent a special chariot down her and it carried Elijah away. He just said--you are just so good, that you don’t have to die. You have done your job.

Now listen. Elijah looked them right in the face. And I think he saw the countenance of every one of those evil spirits as they went out that day. For Elijah was gone for quite a while. In fact, he is one of the few men who came down from heaven again and walked in the body of John the Baptist. And he knew all about this and he preached that YAHWEH had come. He went out of Jerusalem with his message saying that the Kingdom of God was at hand. The King was about to appear. And every where the serpents coils were rustling. The powers of darkness were planning to destroy this ONE Seed of the Woman (Israel) greater than all the seeds which had been begotten. This was war. For this seed was more dangerous to them than any seed of Adam in this day. Why? Because altho the seeds of Adam were living spirits and recorded as living souls, with remembering consciousness. This was the very Life Giver Himself. The Son of Righteousness that rises with Healing in His wings. He was a life giving spirit. As the first Adam was a life giving soul, the second Adam was a Life Giving Spirit.

Now, they were afraid of this Messiah. And therefore this became the MIGHTY SEED OF WOMAN (ISRAEL). So in this instance, the serpent was restless. He heard this whisper--’prepare for the Kingdom.’ So he goes out to watch this John the Baptist. And John the Baptist recognized them and he said you did not come out here to see a man dressed in goat skins, so here is the message. And then as he sees the Gestapo on the hill looking down on him he says:--’All ye generations of the serpent and the viper, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come.’---what are you doing at this revival meeting. You know, that if you were there and wanted to get the blessings of God, if you wanted to get the aura of light to shine out over New York City, if you had the nerve to get up and look at that pack of Jews in New York city, and say--what are you doing here?---If Billy Graham would do this, if he had the nerve to get up and say that in New York City,--’what are you sons of Satan doing here?’---if he would say--’I am a Christian, and I stand on the truth of God.’---and continue his interview by saying---’I am a Christian and I stand on this truth of God, and there is no room for you or any one else who will not line up for Christ, and I don’t have anything else to say to you, because I stand for the life of Christ---and it was Christ that died. But you shall know them by what they say and what they do.’ No, this is not another John the Baptist. There is no spirit of Elijah here for the end time. No, this one threw his arms around them and said:--’I would rather be a Jew than anything else on earth.’ Those were his words --quote and unquote.

Elijah looked at them and said:--’Ye are the seed of the serpent, the generations of the viper. Who warned you to flee from the wrath of God.’ Oh, you say--he had the wrong slant on this situation. But he had the heavenly slant on it, for he had just come down. And pretty soon one came along who he said he was not worthy to wear his shoes. But John the Baptist then baptised and anointed Jesus and said:--’Behold the King.: and it was only a short time after that until Jesus was preaching. This was not a mistake. This isn’t something that just happened once. Turn over here in the book of Matthew, where Jesus is preaching and He said:--’Oh, ye generation of Vipers.’ These were the Jews (Edomites) of the Temple and Jesus said:--’Oh, you generation of vipers. Ye are the progeny (or issue) of the serpent. How can you, embarked on evil, speak any good thing? For out of the abundance of the heart and the mouth speaketh---(false religion)--.’ Well I can see that ye are the devils children---you are the children of the serpent.

Now we don’t have to go very far, until Jesus was again speaking to these people. And He turned to them and pointed them out in their judgement and He said:--’Ye who filled up all the measures of your fathers who killed the prophets, ye generations of the vipers, how will ye face the judgement of disruption which is ready for you?’ These are the words of Jesus. And now you say---what is this?---I will tell you. This is the Seed of the Woman (Israel) bringing out the signs of the ‘crushing of the serpents head.’

Now, I am going to tell you something. You will discover that the Kingdom of God will come when the Sons of God are awakened as to who they are and are awaked to who is causing all their trouble, and start placing all these serpents where Jesus said they were going to go. Now, you do not do this with prayer. There is nothing that you need to tell God about this. He knew it from the beginning. You say--what do your mean?--You don’t have to pray about something that He has already told you about. That does not need prayer. That just needs a fulfillment.

It is your responsibility as Christians to see that every position in government and education, every position in this nation is taken out of the hands of Satan and put in the hands of Christians. It is your job with laws and with testimony and with praise of your Father to work for the elimination out of this land, the deportation out of this land of every Jew on the face of the earth.

As we come up to W.W. II, the power of Jewry was gearing up to destroy German. And brought us into a war that we would have been better not to have been in. And they produced a great amount of documents which they used to put men in jail and to persecute them. That is a matter of record.

Now, I will support my government in any war victory that it is engaged in, when that victory is important and comes first. But let’s talk this over, because I reserve the right to criticize. Our nation is important and comes first. But I reserve the right to criticize the war in which we were not invaded. For we were tricked and we fought the war on the wrong side. We should have joined with the armies of Judah and driven the armies of Communism back clear into the Ural Mountains until they were nothing and we looked down on the ashes of Communism.

Listen. In this hour there is an untold historical event taking place. Last week in the U.S. News and other places, they were saying that Germany had now been permitted to rebuild her armies. In the Saturday Evening Post a couple of weeks ago, they stated that Germany had rebuilt her armies and was now in a greater position then she had ever been before. That Kroft had done a magnificent job of rebuilding industries which were prepared to produce and put out more war material or more industrial goods than any place in the world. They were geared and ready to go.

Now, they then said that Germany had not been able to acquire money to pay expenses on this end because she is required to pay 23 billion dollars in reparations to the State of Israeli because of the war. And this figure is 23 billion dollars.

Now, and if they don’t make it then it just piles up on a future year. Now, Germany had filed before the World Court, under some of the most capable of the German lawyers, a protest and this is what Germany says:-’How can a country be forced to pay reparations to a government that did not exist during the hour duly described? How can the people of Germany be compelled to pay this amount to Israeli when there was no Israeli when the war was going on.’ So it was dreamed up on a segment of nothing. Condoned by the United Nations as reparations on a government for things that were done as atrocities and crimes against the Jews, that would favor the Jews of the world and the Palestine government. And with the understanding that the Jews of the world were all represented in Israeli. So they thought that it was impossible to make these reparations to individuals for many of them were gone. Thus it was decided in the United Nations that it would be for all the Jews in the world, for Germany to make these reparations to little State of Israeli, which represented all the Jews in the world.

Now, I want to show you something. If all the Jews in the world are represented in Israeli, why aren’t they down there? Because if the German Jews, the Austrian Jews, the American Jews, the Russian Jews, are represented in Israeli, then why do they have dual allegiance here. They do not belong here. But when God gets thru with that little part of the world, it won’t matter anyway. Now, you say---but this is terrible.’ But don’t get more righteous on me than Jesus for He is the sum total of righteousness. About the time that you talk about the Jews--my people get righteous. Holiness just rolls out of them. They are so full of mercy, and they want to race out there and embrace the enemy and forgive him. But Jesus says how are you going to forgive the devil who is doing all this and is in the wrong place. If you get close enough to pat him on the back, he will cut your throat. Right now the people who are trying to do something for us are having their throats cut. Mr. Baruch, the Federal Reserve, that he helped to design along with Mr. Schiff, has loaded on your back a 30% tax on your income. Read the book--’The Generations of the Serpent’--and you will see the deadly serpents bite, the economic crisis, the virus of their dominated and controlled profession. They have bound up mens eyes against the truth. There is no doubt, but that they are just what Jesus said. They become our doctors and our pharmaceutist. And they plot against you. But Jesus says that you do not have to take this. You have the power to move against this evil. There is nothing the enemy has that will prevail against you.

This week the U.S. World News is trying to tell you that we will have 63 million injections to save you from the Asiatic flu. And this is the devils work too. The Asiatic flu did not come over here on a ship. The Asiatic flu and other viruses were released in your country, all over this country, as an experiment, that is their Germ Warfare. But it cannot even touch you if people will wake up and stand in their Faith. You do not need a flu shot. All you need, my friends, is to wake up. To recognize that the glory and the power of God can immunize you against everything that exists.

You say---but Dr. Swift, what if everything falls down around me?? Well, where do you live. But is everything falls down around you and doesn’t ever touch you, then it doesn’t matter just where you live. For HE says that a thousand can fall at thy right hand, and 10 thousand at thy left and no harm can come to thee.

I do not doubt that we are going to see crisis and struggles. And you will see white men standing shoulder to shoulder in their awakening. And it will happen in this nation. The U.S. News and World Report just last week, tells of counter spying on the FBI---who is doing this. The pictures come out---Jew after Jew.

But listen. The enemy has come face to face with the reality that their own movements are beginning to attract attention. I am going to show you something. America is coming of age, even in the midst of all this fighting. I drove down the highway on Monday from Oakland and into San Francisco on Tuesday, and came upon a badly wrecked car which had bee smashed just a few moments before. There were fifteen people around and the Highway Patrolman had bound up the people the best he could and they were waiting for an Ambulance to arrive. It is sort of stressful to come upon a wreck like that. For many times some of the people may be dying. We talked to a couple of Marines, and they went out with a confession of faith. And we went over to another person and here was a white woman married to a Negro and the mother-in-law was in the back seat. The white woman was crushed and dying. The Negro was about to die, and the mother-in-law was broken up. There was nothing to do here and I did not offer any services. But the cop was smiling. Only two people were shaken. Everyone else was smiling. The truck driver said:--’well, I don’t feel sorry for this, for when the whites mix with the blacks, they have this coming.’ The Patrolman had checked the identifications. The white woman was the wife of the black man, and they were driving a new car. What was the attitude her from seventeen or eighteen people?--Judgement had hit here. As we have told you many times, there is a curse on this sort of thing. For this is judgement. Let God take care of it in the right dimension. So you see they have not sold this sort of thing as well as they thought they had. There is a force which rises up in 90% of the people against this kind of mixture.

Now, this is the work of the serpent---the corruption of the blood--the pollution of a race. You say--we are so far over the hill, too far gone, we can never correct this.’ ---Last Sunday, Dr. E. Stanley Jones the Bishop of India, was speaking in the Methodist Church in Los Angeles. He talked to the press on Friday and they had a column on Saturday. And they told what he had to say.

Now, when I was a boy, I sat on this man’s knee, when he was considered to be the most spiritual single element, with a dedicated heart, in this Methodist Church. My father who was an Evangelist, and missionary minded, had him in his church of which he was a pastor. And he considered this man a good friend. I listened to him as he talked about India. I was in this conference because of my father. And I did not seem to have anything else to do that day. But I had watched them dedicate this man in the Northeast Conference. And I remember how all those ministers put their hands on this man so that he would be a missionary to India. And he went to India. And I was in my early teens and read the books that he sent back from India. His first book was ‘Christ at the Round Table.’ And I was in the conference room when he came back to America and I heard him say:--’I went to India. I sat down with the Princes of India, with political leaders of India, and with that great personality, Ghandi. And Ghandi said:--’I want to ask you some questions about Christ.’ And I told him all about Jesus. And when I got thru then Ghandi said--’we want the teachings of your Christ. We want the wisdom of the ways in which the Western world follows Him. Send us your plows, send us your wisdom, send us your grain, send us your skills in the name of your Jesus.’”---And E. Stanley Jones said:--’I have met one of the greatest personalities of our day and he lives for India.-----(Just like Lenin lived for Russia, and Stalin lived for Russia.)

Then came book number two--’Christ on the Indian Road.’ And after these ‘round table conferences’, Jones came back and said:--’Oh, the message I bring you from India.---That you could become like the people of India.---that you could sacrifice like they do.---that you could sit out in the dust with a weeping cry for help.’ He said:--’I watched Mr. Ghandi walk out of his rich home, as tho he did not have it, and sit in the dust while 100,000 people gathered around.’ (I think our own politicians would sit in the dust if 100,000 people would gather around.) ‘And after the holy man lifted his head out of the dust, he said he refused to do anything until they were free. Until the British met their demands.’ (What they wanted was for a bunch of Communists whom they had thrown in jail a few weeks ago for staging an uprising. They wanted them released from jail. That was their demand.)

Then E. Stanley Jones came back and he said:--’They have proved to me something that I had not known. For here deep in the heart of India, deep in their spiritual consciousness, and from the ages was the teachings of Jesus from the lips of Brahma. Here was the same teachings of Jesus out of the lips of Vishnu. Was the same brotherhood of God stretching out of the fatherhood of Siva.’ (Do you know that silly fellow said that in the seven fold harmony of Kali, was the everlasting guards which go with you like a shepherd even unto death--’I will never leave you unprotected.’?)

Now, I am going to tell you something. If you ever get a chance to look at a picture of Kali, (the assassin Goddess), she has a necklace of skulls around her neck. And those are the skulls that she has assassinated. She is a murderer, the great assassin, and you make her a great god?---Now, Kali is the mother god of assassination and evil. She is the symbol of Lilith, the serpent woman who was the consort of Lucifer. Just because he saw the necklace of skulls, he accepted the lie that she was the comforter when you die. Just as in the 25th Psalm---God save us!!!!

So E. Stanley Jones made his speech and then he went back to India and he was becoming a Hindu. And he had permission to open up his great American heart. And this time he came out with the book--’Christ on Every Road.’ And he said:--’We have arrived at the point where I have been stimulated and I recognize the divine power inside of every creature, his individual quality, apart from his race or any other background. I have found the abounding faith of the century. And it does not belong only to us in the Western world, it does not belong only to the Eastern world, but we must accept God in all of these places that are in our world. We must not force those of the Eastern world to accept the names of our ways as long as they do the work of our ways.

By this time, he had accepted their message--ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Because his faith had been laid away in its grave and its people with their soul protection of Christ taking Evangelism and founding a church had been buried under a Social Gospel. Just like it is buried by the Methodists in some of their teaching, and the Baptists where it is buried at Louisville. If you don’t think so then you go down there and see what they are teaching in Louisville. The great Baptist Seminary set in Louisville can go so far. For they now say that you no longer need to believe in the Virgin birth. Just as long as you believe in the teachings of Jesus.’

Now, if this Jesus is not the God who came down from heaven, then He lied. And there is no more to say. So they have destroyed the premise upon which they stand. You say---is this all of this?--No. This is just the picture. For last week, standing up in a Methodist church, E. Stanley Jones told that Methodist Church, that they had come to the supreme test of their faith. He said:--’It is your responsibility to break all color lines, and color consciousness, and see every man on the basis of his own personality. He said:--’Let’s face it. Until you are willing in your heart for your children to marry people on the basis of their personality and their lovely nature regardless of whether they are Indian or Negro, or German or White,--(and he mixed Chinese, and Negroes, and the White race,)--and said:--’this is the fulness of your Christian responsibility, in which you will bring all people back to One God. And all things back to the one God who started all creation.’

Now,--called the Bishop of India, as he spoke, he had tears running down out of the corner of his eyes because of the passion of his own errors. Did you know that more people cry over their own errors. They sing over the truth, but cry over their errors. As I listened to E. Stanley Jones in New York and then in San Francisco, I say the head of the ‘serpent’ around America.

But God said in this hour, in this time, in this day of the LORD, out of this preaching, God’s people are going to ‘crush’ the head of the ‘serpent’. But right now, they are following him. But I am not going to be crying over this, for --’Arise and shine’--you are the little flock and I am going to promise you on the authority of God’s word that you the little flock, are going to rule the United States before you have gone thru a Decade. You say--how?--why?----Because God has a consummate purpose in all this. Nothing is more releasing from death than that Israel be free.

God said:--’I have spoken to Ezekiel and he has said that Israel shall come up out of their graves.’ That--’I will put My Spirit upon you and you are going to prophecy to the wind, and the surf, and these will blow up from the East and from the West, from the North and from the South, and sinew will come to sinew and bone will come to bone, and Israel will come up out of their graves.’---and bam!-- You say,--but that will be the resurrection of the dead.’---No. This is before the resurrection of all of the dead. This is the sons of Israel coming out of their graves. And I tell you today, that every denomination on the face of the earth has been a grave just exactly as the sons of the Prophets were in a grave in their time, and Jesus turned to the Jews in Jerusalem and He said:--’Your graves are white washed sepulchers, they are full of dead men’s bones.’

Oh, there is only one thing that you need to counteract and that is --’‘the words that I speak unto you--they are true and they are right.’--There is only one thing which will do you any good and that is ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ He has said that He is going to raise up His ministers. He is going to raise up principal men and they are going to --- out of Israel like they were coming up out of their graves. And about that time, those preachers are going to be out of a job. Because people are going to wake up and find out who buried them. And when people find out who buried them, they will never go back. Do you know anybody who will go back to what is called Orthodoxy after they have discovered this truth?

I want to tell you a little secret. And we believe it will work. We went to a conference in Oklahoma, and other conferences which were scattered around and we talked to preachers. And preachers ask questions and preachers talked back. And some of these preachers came to the truth. And they took up new life, a new vitality. And they started to broaden out on the Covenant of God. And they realized that this story of Israel was all theirs. And joy began to fill them instead of gloom. And they caught the message that they were Sons and that they not only had live, but that they could hang on to it. They came out with the ‘Latter’ rain. They came out of Pentecostal, and out of Presbyterian churches. And at our conference, last Sunday in Los Angeles, we had twenty-one preachers there. And outside of Dr. Record, who came and Dr. Fowler from Florida, all the rest were men from here in Southern California.

Now, listen. On that platform were Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Nazarene, and others, all on that platform preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. And not a single one was representing the church in their denomination. Do you think that it was a dead meeting? No. It was full of life. In fact, Dr. Fowler from Florida, thought he was going to put life in the churches of Florida. But he said:--’I have seen more life the last two days in this Conference her in Southern California, so let’s go back and set the East Coast on fire.’ And he would like to borrow some of these preachers. There is only one way to get people out of their graves. And we are thinking of preaching in mass marathon in city after city, starting right up thru the heart of California, in Bakersfield, Modesto. Right on up thru the heartland, and start all these preachers setting the people free and letting them come out of their graves. And when the people come out of their denominations, we leave a church there and go on to the next town. We will, however, watch what God will do. But I tell you that every Christian we talked to was so hungry for truth. They were crying for truth.

We had a funeral last Sunday morning before the conference started. We don’t get shaken up at funerals for we let ‘the dead bury the dead.’ But this was a good person. And he had cancer. And it was a simple little cancer. But after it was removed, they turned the radium on and he was dead in six months. But strange as it may seem, at that funeral, we talked about the great commission to come and occupy the earth. And that it would be a struggle but the whole thing was destined for victory. There was just this little passage I decided just before the service that I would talk on ’In my Father’s house are many mansions.’. And then I would end up with ‘Where I go ye go--and the way ye know.’ But you could not know the way, or where to go unless you had been there. You are the ones who came down out of heaven and you go back up into it. And the spirit of Life that God gave you shows you the way. Jesus said that ‘Ye are not of the world, even as HE is not of the world.’ Then after the service, two men who had helped carry the casket came up to us and it seemed that one of them was a soloist from the second largest Methodist church in Hollywood. The other, was the Assistant Pastor of that Methodist church. And this minister said:--’Dr. Swift, I have received more ideas, more truth out of that funeral service than all the services that I have ever attended.’ And then he said:--’I never had such an idea of the pre-existence before. To me, this was not a funeral.’

Now, one thing I want you to know, is that even the Clergymen have been hunting for truth. The people have been sound asleep. But all they have to do is hear it and they are alive. I tell you that you will see the hour when God will raise up men and capture with great speed, His people. And they will come out of their graves all over this nation. I am going to tell you what will accompany this. No matter what the world crisis is or all the religious conferences going on, they are going to know their enemy and where to look for them. And there is going to be writing of letters and calls to Washington. And there will be more people fleeing America than ever when out of here in mass exits any time in history. For there is more here than there were Israelites who went out of Egypt. When we went out of Egypt, there were only 3 million of us. But out of here, there will go 71 ½ million. They will go out of Los Angeles and Long Beach and all the cities of America.

You are going to ‘crush the head of the serpent.’ Do not let anyone forget what Barney Baruch said:--’I have advised every one of your Presidents since Wilson.’ And don’t ever forget that they have increased your national debt and increased your from 4% taxes, to 33% taxes. And here is the man who said---’I did it.’ How silly can you be? They always try to set up a scapegoat. But here is the scapegoat. Here is the man who put the yoke on your back. Here he is and he said:--’I did it.’

I picked up a B’nai B’rith pamphlet the other day, that they were putting out for school children. And they said everyone must have a scapegoat and the Jews have been blamed in every country. And now the Jews are being blamed here. One time I listened to a Clergyman who was a dynamic speaker and he said:--’If you want to have a dynamic crusade, you have to give them something to love and something to hate with fury.’ And he told the young preachers, to give them the greatness of God to love, give them the complex of the earth of tithe to fight for and give them Satan to hate. I don’t know if German politicians went to that school, but they certainly realized that it was on Satan’s children that they placed their judgement.

I am going to tell you that here in the United States of America, in 1957, there is something which will happen. The Kingdom of God will come to the front. Remember that you can start to feel the wind blowing thru the dead bones. Get four of five people together and you can feel this awakening. You can feel the tension in people. God is about to do something. And the air around you is almost oppressive right now. Everywhere people are expecting something. But this is earthquake weather. And people are expecting something. Why? Because they are waiting for judgement. There is a pressure in the air.

Well, my friends, we do not expect Judgement to fall on men with Light. We expect Judgement to fall on men of darkness. They are worried about something on the other side. Why? Because they know there is to be a fulfillment. This prophecy must come to pass. God’s word must come to its full. And the light is going to shine before this night is over. But you cannot get the light before the Midnight Hour.

‘Arise and shine, for thy light has come.’ Remember these words of Jesus:--’Fear not little flock. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.’ For He said:--’Come ye blessed of My Father, for you have inherited the Kingdom prepared for you before the foundation of the world.’ (End of tape)