Dawn Of A New Day, 8-17-64



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 8-17-64

We are thinking this day of the dawn of a new day, and we discover these words referred to in the first chapter of II Peter, in which this voice came out of the heavens which we heard when we were with HIM in the Holy mountain. This is the testimony of Peter when he had been on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus. For we have also a more sure word of prophecy (vs:19) -- “For we have also a more sure word of prophecy, where unto you do well to take heed as a light shinning in a dark place, until the day dawns, and the Day star arise in your hearts.” This passage carries more significance than many people realize, when it was stated thus, by Peter. Because it has great portents of an ancient symbolic mystery. Finally a connecting point in the background of your race, and is very significant for the people of the Most High to understand. We therefore, have a more sure word of prophecy looking forward to the day when the day dawns and the Day star arises in your hearts. In this declaration it is as a light which shineth in a dark place. And in this instance Peter was extending the symbol of a Great mystery.

One of the oldest and most important symbols of symbol mystery is the symbol of Light, and is the Light of men. It was a symbol known to our ancient forbearers, when the ancient patriots in the House of God marched forward on the earth to fulfill areas of their destiny. We find it called to our attention in the book of Malachi, chapter 4 and verse 2. It says: “But unto you who fear my name.” And this is significant because this word fear or love in the Hebrew, it is unto you who love my name. Unto you who are entirely wrapped up in my being, that believe on ME, that love ME, who are MY Life, My issue in the earth, shall the son of righteousness appear, arise with healing in HIS wings. Here in the book of Malachi it stated out with a premise. It tells about a time when there shall be a fulfillment of this long and expected symbol. Way back in the days of Enoch and Job, these two patriarchs descending from the great Aryan descendants who came down to the Persian Gulf, then later went into Canaan land later called Palestine, and here they were residents of a society that was strong and wealthy as being successful with agriculture and its crops and with all of their flocks. They came from a people whose flocks were many and their ancient cities studded a part of that land. They had descended and come down from the high steppes from that place where our people migrated since the days when God had placed Adam and Eve in the earth. Then here we have the descendants Enoch and Job, two great and mighty patriarchs, raised up in their day and their age. And these men had a great knowledge and a great experience with God. Enoch as you know, was taken into the heavens and taught heavenly mysteries. And what an experience it must have been to walk with God having an educational communion in which God told him things. Things of the yesterdays brought back to his knowledge by remembrance, things of the vastness of antiquity and endless ages. And then he was told that these things brought back to his memory should be told to his people in earth, to help them establish their courses. Those that were HIS sons and HIS daughters. And in the great essence of this, we see that Enoch had bestowed upon him a special knowledge of science and technology as special Angels showed them to him and trained his thinking. And there in the heavens he had visited with his ancestors and those who were of the household of God. Probably no man has walked the earth, who had greater experiences than did Enoch the great patriarch.

Now Enoch was here in the earth, and he was about to be brought before the Most High. And suddenly, two strangers came to his door and said, “Come, Enoch, YAHWEH would speak with you. Yahweh hath sent us unto thee.” “Where are we going?” said Enoch. And they replied, “We are going out into the far places, far above the surface of the earth. And we are going into YAHWEH"S PLACE. There we are to take thee, and there thee will be shown many things, and there you will be taught for the work that you have to do. For YAHWEH would raise thee up and thou must do this work. For God hath raised thee up and thou must do this work.” So all he did was go back and pulled the shutters on his windows and locked up his house. And he told his family goodby. Then left to travel out into the heavens.

And the great story of Enoch's record is how he traveled far out over the north places and over the entrances of the north and past the gates of ice and passed the various planets. And he tells of how many wanders there were moving around. And at that time, we were short one that would come into our solar system later. And then he went on out, and he described this trip.

The most important thing was that Enoch was in the body and he came back in the body. And now Enoch would remember things, such as when he was born. And the shield of forgetfulness which blocked off the remembrance of the spirit entering the body sealing this so that the soul would be willing to stay to do its task, this is a part of the Grace of God. But we remember that when a man grows up, he would not remember any of these things. But it was important that Enoch know this, so that he might teach it to you so that all of the house of God might understand it. And he was told that he was not going to stay there like other patriots and raise their flocks. But there would be another pillar that God would raise up. And this would be HIS servant Job. And Job came over from the land of Oz and joined up with Enoch, and the two of them led those great columns that went down into Egypt. In fact, in those days the land of Egypt was ruled over by Pharaohs, and those were the people who had migrated all the way over to Egypt across the northern part of Africa and settled in this area of Egypt. They came from the lands that had been swept with catastrophe because of the violation of divine law, a part of the outgrowth of the Luciferian fall. And in the antiquity of their records and their traditions, of course, they had the story of what had transpired. The Egyptian Book of the Dead is actually the story of the remembrance of the people who went down in the catastrophe when the continent sank. This was a great upheaval because of the violation of divine law. The survivors were those who had moved with vision and taken divine direction and separated themselves from the pagans who were swallowed up. Even tho the forces of darkness had many pagan powers by the time of the days of Enoch and Job, the worship of Sette and Soth had gathered all Egypt. And the world had gone thru some changes for the areas of northern Africa which had been so rich in grass with tremendous verdant foliage had now become almost desert. Egypt of course, was the fertile crescent in its area of Africa.

Now we point out that in this hour, Enoch and Job were two great patriarchs and they were marching down into Egypt. What were they going down there for? They had been told that they had a responsibility. And they had gathered up the savants of your race, 144,000 of them, and they were going down into Egypt to build a city and to build a great altar and temple unto YAHWEH thy God, which they had been told to build. They not only had knowledge and wisdom and law, but they also had a great understanding of spiritual forces given unto them. In fact, Job writes how he would like to place in stone and seal it with lead, writing it with a pen of iron, locked forever, concerning this great and mighty work of God, and how HE, Himself, would live and stand upon the earth in the latter days, and so forth. So Job was wanting to participate in this. When these two columns of specially selected White men, artisans and men of craft, 144,000 of them, went down into Egypt, not many of them were warriors, but they were men of faith. Men who served and preached before the MOST HIGH under the command of the patriots. And in the instance of their entrance into the land of Egypt, the priests of Set and Soth said:-- “Behold there comes unto us the tall White strangers. Behold, they come against our land.” And so they called upon Pharaoh to gather his war chariots and to gather his armies and his great hosts. And as they gathered their armies and they came against this great hosts entering their land, suddenly the signal came from Enoch, and they brought forth a very strange thing. It was a great disc of highly polished brass, so brilliantly polished and so perfectly concave that it was like a great concave lenses. And a standard also, was in the center, and this was a triangle of gold. And in it the 'all seeing eye.’ And this eye was a part of this standard which they carried.

And the call made by Enoch as this horde started to ride at the command of the priests of Set and Soth, was that the 'eye of YAHWEH’ WOULD BE UPON THEM. So the bearers of this great disc turned this disc so that as the army of Pharaoh came riding out the great discs caught the light of the rising sun and focus it like a burning lenses out upon those that came against them. It blinded them and it blinded the horses and they could not see. And they turned it upon bushes and upon shrubs and they burst into flames as the constant focal point of sun hit upon them. And the great cry went up from those who accompanied Enoch and Job---'The eye of YAHWEH is upon them.' And in this instance, the cry was picked up by the Egyptians fog out of their ancient memory. For here was the ancient name of God--YAHWEH-PUTAH--to them. And they remembered some of their ancient prophecies, and they turned and broke ranks and turned to run. For they said,-- “The children OF YAHWEH, HAVE COME. BEHOLD THE EYE OF YAHWEH IS UPON US.” In fact, in the instance of this, the banner that was carried was an Orb with wings upon it. And the column of Enoch and Job which then settled in ON and built that great city, had virtually no more trouble. And even their Pharaoh approached unto Enoch and Job to be taught of the wisdom and knowledge of YAHWEH, so as to come unto an understanding of a God so great. In fact, some of them would go thru great problems. For they turned unto Monotheism. In fact, you hear so much about Nephthys and her great husband who was almost removed from power because of his turning to the worship of ONE God --YAHWEH-PUTAH --the sons, the tall White ones had arrived. And their emblem became emblazoned in the architecture of his reign. It would then be found in the City of ON built by the ancients of your race. This was this great winged Orb. And upon it was this great circular orb and the wings were upon it.

You say, “Well, were our forbearers sun worshipers?” No, this was the symbol of the light of life. This was the symbol of the Eternal God. In fact, if you go back into the writings of men like Menthoe and others concerning this, they said that these White men entering into their land who had built this great city and built this great altar unto their God. They said, “They are the very children of Osiris, the very Ka of Ra.” And of course, Ra was one of the words used for the sun. But it also meant ruler King. Actually, it meant the God of the Universe or the God who was the Master of the sun. They believed also because of their carrying this out of their ancient background and out of the teachings which now arrived with these tall White men, that God Himself would visit the earth and that HE would become a part of HIS people and conquer death and be LORD of life and resurrection--Osiris--of the Egyptian thinking.

Also the emblem that they carried would become a very important one. For these were the gods of the Universe and they were the Ka, or Ra, or the spirit of HIS Spirit, and that this was the soul of the God of light, of knowledge and of power. So the story had been told that the sons of YAHWEH-PUTAH or the Eternal YAHWEH had been sent to earth. And in the days when they first walked the earth, they were shinning brighter than the sun.

Now someone says, “But that is impossible.” But let me tell you something. One of these days you are going to know just how Adam and Eve looked as they first walked on the earth with their aura and their glory which caused the Luciferians to tremble. This glory, this light, this emanation of the sons of the MOST HIGH, WAS an effulgent glory that dispelled the darkness. And when they violated divine law and fell before the Luciferian plan, you will remember, that they lost this aura and glory, and their bodies became mortal. And lost was this synthesis of energy and light which would have balanced every atom of your being and preserved your society with immortality.

This is one of the reasons why when we look out of the things that are transpiring today, we should take heart. Someone says, “What do you mean take heart?” We are on the edge of Armageddon and we have a whole lot of records and power on the other side of this like a great nation like this, why shouldn't we take heart? Because these things point out that the time has arrived for the great and mighty works of God, and the mighty manifestations of the sons of God, and a reempowered people, spiritually challenged, awake to their responsibilities, rising up to the darkness, moving over to the right, and then the empowering which is about to take place, which would not happen unless this DAY arrive . . . this Day which we refer to also as the Day of the LORD. We point out here, that this day which shall come shall burn as an oven, and all the proud and all that do wickedly shall be as a stubble. That day which cometh shall burn them up, saith YAHWEH of HOSTS, and shall not leave of them a root nor a branch. (Malachi 4:1)

Now this is talking about the great powers of the darkness, the hordes of the world order, those who have been serving the powers of Antichrist, and the powers of darkness, those who seek to destroy the kingdom of God . . . those who would like to eliminate the emblems of YAHWEH, and who would like to pull down the winged Orb. But in such a day when these things have come to their fullness, and this day has arrived, then this is the word:--- “That unto you who have loved my name, unto you that have believed on ME, the Son of Righteousness, shall arise with healing in his wings.” This the great emblem of the Eternal kingdom. The emblem which is the light of men, and it cannot be destroyed.

Then turn over again to the words in II Peter 1:19, which says: “WE have a more sure word of prophecy, and you would do well to take heed. It is the light that shines in the darkness,” or the enclosed place until the day dawns. What day? The day of victory, the day of the rise of the kingdom in all of its power. And in such a day when the day dawns and the DAY STAR ARISES IN YOUR HEART. The emblem of this Day star was one of the great mysteries of our race. It has followed us down thru the great panoramas of our history. It was told to those who sought after it, and men were divided according to their desires. In the background of our race, we discover this among men who worshiped YAHWEH. And they stood by it in areas of sacrifice. And stood by it in times of atonement. But their work was such that it filled their time. And there were others which spent more time in worship and in church, and there were those who served in other capacities. And then there were those filled with a great desire for more knowledge of God and more wisdom and more understanding, and more power. And then they would reach out and study. And there were those who would apply themselves so diligently that they would go unto the Levites, go unto the household of the Most High so that they might be taught of God. So it was that they entered into what was called the ‘great inner mysteries of the race. And thus the knowledge of those symbols became important. Actually the two great master builders of these symbols of wisdom had been set up in that great land of Egypt, way back in the time when these 144,000 savants with Enoch and Job had built that great city, and their wisdom and their instructions passed down, as sort of a brotherhood of the race from that time to this one, by the way. But the darkness has sought to contaminate the symbolism as it has the church. But in that ancient time they knew of these emblems and of this one the winged Orb. This symbol of the Winged Orb was found inside of Israel. It was found inside of the Holy of Holies. And when they finally built the temple of stone and of wood, they inlaid this with gold.

Let me tell you this. This son of Righteousness rising with healing in HIS wings . . . You will remember that back in this declaration of the Day star . . . this is very important for us to understand. For in the deep symbolism of our race, this Day star is not the morning star as some people like to think. Altho it is called Star of the Morning. The day star is the sun. It is the one bright illuminary that illuminates the earth, provides its great energy and plows this great store of energy into great areas of carbon. And as the sun rises in the morning and bathes the earth with its light and starts the great process of photosynthesis and starts the processes of chlorophyll, and stores up the carbon, it is the light giver. It is not only that which cleanses and adds light, but it was also the symbol of the great and mighty forces of God. Our race used this not to worship this as a son, but to worship this as the author of Life. Thus, this son of Righteousness symbolized the orb with wings of the Eternal program of the MOST HIGH . . . The light of the Eternal with the Everlasting wings of HIS power. This is called the Day star. And the sun is your day star, because that is why you have a day, as the sun comes up. And it is also the symbol of Life and resurrection. For as it goes down into the ocean or behind a mountain, the morning is born with the rise of the sun. And this symbol of it has been a mystery in our race.

Someone said, “Why did we select it?” We came to earth with it, my friends. You go back into the antiquity of this measure and you will note how true this is. For this is the day star.

Now we know at one time the Universe was controlled by four archangels under YAHWEH. And one of these Archangels had charge of the Milky Way and inadvertently had charge of the earth and this solar system. In fact, if you turn to the 28th chapter of the book of Ezekiel, you will see that Lucifer was referred to as the ‘son of the morning’ or the ‘Star of the morning.’ Over in the writings of Isaiah, as we are touching on the subject of Lucifer, in the 14th chapter: -- “Oh, Lucifer, son of the morning, how art thou cut down and weakened the nation.” So Lucifer, at one time, was known as the ‘Day Star because he brought illumination and knowledge to his portion of the rule over the one-fourth of the Universe. In the days when he rebelled against the Most High God, he brought catastrophe and error where once he brought light.

Now at one time, then Lucifer was this Day star who brought this light. But then he was replaced. For God now took charge, and HE said, “This earth is now the place where I will place my own sons and daughters, and here I will restore them after their experiences of error. Here I will raise them up. For I have predestined them to conform to mine own image. And here they shall triumph in the earth. But since this is now essential, I personally shall assume the responsibility of this area of the earth for all of its knowledge on earth.” So Jesus the Christ, YAHSHUA became the Day Star of the Universe, the sum of its illumination and its righteousness, no longer using the Anglican formation for administration and rule.

Now Jesus the Christ is the Sun of the morning and the Day Star of Earth, the seat of righteousness and the seat of illumination, in the symbolism and the consciousness of HIS people. If we turn over to the book of John, we have these words “In the beginning was this Immortal WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God,” the logos. And “with HIM was all things made, and without HIM was not anything made.” There are the words spoken also by the Apostle Paul who was also carried out into the heavens and then came back again. And he said, “whether in the spirit or the body, I cannot tell,” talking about the majesty of this Eternal God of Righteousness whom he now knew as the Eternal YAHSHUA, the Embodiment of YAHWEH, Jesus the Christ. “All things were made by HIM and without HIM was not anything made, and by HIM all things consist.” And in that light declaration in the book of Colossians, we come to the realization that if we have ever been persuaded in this Babylonian replacement with pageantry to think of gods the many, or to lose our concept, it is all swept away by this which the Apostle Paul writes concerning the identity that John also perceived, and our Patriarchal forbearers also understood ---“Hear o Israel, YAHWEH thy EL is one EL. There are no gods beside me, I, YAHWEH, THY YAHSHUA, thy Savior.” And when HE walked the earth this was the fullness of God who walked here in earth embodied. HE turned to HIS disciples and said:-- “You who have seen ME hath seen the Father.” And thus fulfilled that great promise out of Isaiah, which tells us that HIS name shall be called Wonderful, the everlasting Father the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace. I note here in the book of John, that HE therefore said, “HE was the source of Light. HE was the vital source of it, the great force which puts light to every portion of the Universe. In HIM was light and make this, was the light that lighteth every man who came into the world.” So let’s make a distinction here. Someone said, “that means every man in the earth?” NO. That says every man who comes into the world is lighted by this LIGHT. Oh, you say, “people are coming into this world every day in Africa and Asia all of the time.” NO--these people are born of races which were created here or came in the days of Lucifer, in a different way. But these we are talking about are those whom Jesus was talking about when HE said, “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men unto me.” These are the hu-man, spirit man, men from the spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD. These are HIS offspring who enter into the bodies of the Adamic race. You are HIS household. And under this declaration then, this is the light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world. HE WAS IN THE WORLD, AND THE WORLD WAS MADE BY HIM BUT THE WORLD KNEW HIM NOT. But HIS sheep knew HIM, for they heard HIS voice. HIS sheep responded. And Jesus said of them, they are not of the world even as I am not of the world.

Understand this great mystery then, of the children of the Father, and the children of this great area of the created cosmos. I point out then that the children of the sun, the children of the light, the children of this light which is the LIGHT of men, then this symbol is this great glowing light, the essence of God's own being, is one of the great mysteries of the symbolism of our race. Therefore, we turn now to this concept. We have a more sure word of prophecy, of prophecies which have come to pass, the conspiracy of the enemy shows up on the scene. And it is time to swallow up the kingdom, and to overthrow the great nations of the kingdom to mongrelize it, integrate it, and confiscate its property, destroy its religion and drive them from the earth. These are the Luciferian, New Frontier, United Nations ideals. But the program said when you see this, when you hear this, when this comes to pass, then you better rejoice. Because this ‘Son of Righteousness’ is about to rise with healing in HIS wings. And you should be charged with this expectancy.

No wonder that the 60th chapter of Isaiah says, “Arise and shine. Thy light has come and the Glory of divinity has risen upon thee.” Someone says, “No, it says the Glory of God.” But that is the same thing. It is risen upon you, not someone else. For God says, “I will not give my glory to another, only to my household, only to my offspring, only to my children, until they will radiate with the umption of my Glory.” Then comes the restoration of Light and of majesty and of power and the significance of what is here symbolized. Yes, the symbol of righteousness was a great symbol. No wonder the Egyptians fell back before the reflections of that great metal reflector with so much brilliance. No wonder they saw the significance of these symbols and heard the cry of 'the eye of YAHWEH.’ Because they could see that the sun was brilliant in its power and its light. That there was some affinity between this symbolism and this technology which was now facing them. So that winged Orb was not only with you, but that eye in the center, was of the spirit and soul of God, the kingdom of God in all plains and dimensions, which is the symbol of that triad. We are not talking about different people, but one God whose kingdom moves in all plains and whose eye is everywhere. This is old and ancient and it does not belong to the Jews. But they just try to claim it because they want to displace your race, and they want to take your country. But this is old. It is ancient and it is a part of the power of your race. Thus, it is that in this significance then, HE said that we could anticipate something. This is the LIGHT that shines in a dark place. Deep down inside of you there are focal point of energy. Deep down inside of the brain, it is here that an area of ganglia of nerves exist and energy moves, distributes thru out the seat of the consciousness an ideal form, and also a catalyst of power that according to the soul consciousness, marks the difference between your race and the people round about, for the sun shines on the just and the unjust. And the light descends upon all. But only those who have the capacity to enter in here can draw out like the sons of the Eternal.

Now deep down in the solar plexus is another point which can actually catalyze enough aura to synthesize film under certain periods.

We point out again, that this again is an inner light, a light of energy . . . but a part of you. When we talk about light, this is a realistic factor. It is well known that there is an emanation that moves off of everything. This is that light, that compound of substance. There is a wavelength of energy that emanates from all things. But we point out to you that the household of the MOST HIGH have a radiating emanation or aura which is not visible to the normal visible plain. But still can be photographed at times with infra-red photography. It at times becomes visible under certain areas of tension beyond that of the normal visible plain. And in this instance, a person says,---I see, or I saw. But the day is going to come when the energy which empowers this light and illumination of the household of God will be visible in all wavelengths. Let me point out to you, that the scripture says that this emanation is called Light, but it is not light with the evil ones. It is called darkness. In other words it is not light but destruction. The Luciferian orbit, my friends, never creates. Never give any creative power to Lucifer, for he never makes anything. He always destroys it. He mutates it. He denies and destroys. He took protozoa and bacteria and mixed them and fused them, and using no light, he produced germs. He took the laws of God and repudiated them to create catastrophe. He would seek to upset all areas of organizations and out of it comes trouble. He does not build, he destroys. Even the people that he captures become less literate as time goes on, for they follow the procedures of the Luciferian force. The struggle in our faith is darkness against the light. The inevitable emblem of this symbolism is that our forefathers saw, is that darkness puts out no light, but the LIGHT does put out the darkness. It does not matter where you find it. If at any time, you find a corner when the light cannot disperse the darkness, you better get out of there, because that is not normal or natural. There is such a reactiveness to such intense evil that in some of the most evil temples, it will snuff out a candle. Anytime the evil is so intense that the darkness can snuff out a candle, you better leave or get all of the divine power on your side. I can tell you that.

I imagine that among some of the advisors of some of our administrations, a candle could not burn. There is no doubt about it. I think this happens all over the world. And we certainly know that satanic forces are trying to put out the light. But this is the hour when the contest comes and THE LIGHT IS NOT GOING OUT. You know that Lucifer has always got some substitute for God's kingdom, and at the same time he tries to make people think this will be a good thing. But always, he is wanting to put out the light. This great nation, our blessings, our heritage, everything good, comes out of these inspirations that help draft these areas of inspiration, that help men draft their energies unto these freedoms. For instance, we are hearing right now of a great anti-poverty program. And actually, our silly House and Senate passed a bill. I do not know if the Senate has ratified their phase of it yet . . . but the House has. And they say, ‘my, this is a good plan. They want to get rid of all poverty.’ They want to see everyone well housed, well clothed. And they want to do this for all of the world. But do it here first. In fact, they are starting it off with one billion dollars to help do this.

Let me tell you something. There are clauses inside of this bill that I do not believe the average Congressman ever read. This implements all of the Executive authority on the Federal Register. This gives the President power to fight poverty, to virtually confiscate and use all substance and all creative good as he wills. Actually, there is in this bill, an annunciation of private property, for instance. Here, in America, a silly Congress passes that because they have been enamored with all of this talk about something good, when actually, it is right out of this same bill of goods that the devil is trying to use to take over the world.

Now hear this. Every intelligent Christian should make his Congressman come to his senses and go read this thing which he has voted for. If he voted for this, then he should do something to amend it or you should never send him back. Because actually, once again, Lucifer does not put out Light. Lucifer substitutes darkness for light, and at the same time tries to snuff out that which is light, by a false image. I tell you that here we have just one of these evidences. It is a good thing to be generous and charitable. It is a good thing to fight poverty. But you fight it with understanding, with knowledge, and with initiative and knowhow. You only supplement with a minimum of poverty. But you do not subsidize the impoverished forever. These are the things we must recognize and consider. Thus it is that as we look out over this group, these images, we see that HE says that the sun of righteousness rises with healing in HIS wings. And always as each new morning arises, the sun disperses the darkness of the day. It is the symbol of eternal Resurrection. Like the ancient initiation which were given thru out the structure of our race, identified with their eternal Father, ‘water’ sprinkled upon them, and thus baptized in the ancient temples of Israel, also. It was in the mighty name of YAHWEH, and in the New Testament, the same thing was an identity with their LORD and Master. And thus, they put on Christ. And when they were baptized, they were baptized in the name of the LORD Jesus the Christ because they were flesh of HIS flesh and bone of HIS bone, and spirit of HIS spirit. But HE in the consummate atonement, had to make it ‘at one deal.’ They had to make it 'at one with HIM.’ They had to be joined with HIM and thus the Communion was the great sacrament to help produce this. And baptism was the great significant factor in which individuals openly entered into the great initiation of HIS church. And they were baptized into HIS death and into HIS resurrection. They were also joined in the unction of God's blessings by having put on HIS name, in which the whole family in heaven and earth is named. But they identify themselves by their love for this ‘Son of Righteousness.’ We point out to you that these were great marking facts.

Now what does the scripture say?---It says that deep down inside of you is that great glowing light of spirit. And that spirit coming to its fruition. In this coming hour when God catalyzes it with the great spirit of catalyzation, it shall emanate and glow until HIS children shine like the light in the hour that HE comes into the physical world.

Then note that we have this added factor. Note that we have this word of Peter concerning that in this day. Then it says, ‘therefore the Day dawns,’--this is meaning the Eternal day of the LORD. In fact, there is a declaration that I point out here in the book of Isaiah, and it shall come to pass. And it talks about the factors in that day when YAHWEH shall reign and HE shall be like the light of the sun. And even the sun shall be ashamed of its light. In that day shall the sons and daughters be like unto their Father. And they also shall shine forth in the radiance of HIS Glory. And the light shall emerge upon them.

Now we won't go over all of the passages that relate to this. But I want to point this out to you.---When the day shall dawn and the Day Star shall arise in your heart, the Christ in you is the hope of Glory. You are the Eternal children. You are Christed sons. And the light which is of God which was manifested on the Mount of Transfiguration was the mighty power that enveloped every atom of HIS being and brought forth the power of HIS Resurrection, and brought to HIM the power of immortality to every White man on the face of the earth, to every one of the children of God, in HIS order, and according to HIS timing be so. For all Israel shall be saved as it is written. Of this, you have been assured. And you have been predestined to conform to the image of the Son . . . the Son of righteousness rising with light and ever increasing power. The promised story of the conquest of death.

This is one of the reasons why as the Egyptians looked upon you as a race. But back at that time, you were the son of resurrection. You were the children of the MOST HIGH, the sons of Osiris, the soul of God embodied as many men. Now in this instance again, we point out that in the fullness of what the Apostle Paul taught, there was coming the great hour when death was to be swallowed up in light. And he talks about this concerning himself. And he said, ‘I know that if this physical body dissolves, that I have a body not made by hands, eternal in the spirit, or in the celestial dominion.’ And he said, ‘I don't want to die just to enter into that body, but I want that to swallow up this one.’ Thus, immortality swallowed up in light. Suppose I tell you that light of life that dwells inside of you, as the son of the Eternal and as an Adamite and a White man, that the light which is the LIGHT OF GOD, has kindled, and that you as HIS offspring, carry which is a part of that spiritual entity. It is not just a spark of divinity. It is a glowing dynamic force that can establish, multiply, and crystallize. And you can catalyze it by your own seeking desires. And you can accomplish great and mighty things thru its force. And we are told therefore, that we have a more sure word of prophecy. And as we approach the Dawn of this Day, this ‘Day Star’ shall arise in us.

Our thinking shall become clear, our remembrance of yesterday. And our star of tomorrow shall be the very light of God. And the triumph over all of the forces of darkness and the forces of evil shall forthwith take place. And we shall occupy the earth because the scripture has made this statement. In that day, we are told, that the cities and the centers of the darkness shall be at war with God's kingdom. In that Day, however, it shall burn as an oven. AND THEY WHO DO WICKEDLY, SHALL BE AS THE STUBBLE. “And then in that day, it shall burn them up,” saith the LORD.

Now some people are always thinking of some eternal catastrophe when men die. But this is talking about the cleansing of the earth and about the salvation of the sons of God . . . that they are the sons of Light. The great emblem of the winged orb? Yes, it was only a passing judgment when that great reflector hit the armies of Pharaoh. Before it was over, then Pharaoh came to know and to learn to understand.

Let me then point out again, that the light and the life and the energies of this hour, and even elements dissolving in fervent heat, upset by the powers of darkness, will destroy them that first established this for their use. In fact, we find that Lucifer, who sought to first introduce this to destroy you, we will discover that this will bring destruction upon him. So God has promised to give you sharp threshing instruments, and great wisdom.

You are not very far from this tonight. In fact, we are getting ready for something which no politician can start or stop, or even slow down. So there are some strange things involved in this. A lot of times the people do not know why they think and do the things that they do. And some of them weave a strong delusion. And sometimes they have a strong delusion sent upon them so that they might believe a lie, as the scripture says, ‘and they wind up their own destruction as they think and as they act.’ At this very moment we have the great problems before our society. The powers of darkness and the forces of evil want to take you over. One side wants to disarm and appease the Soviets, and one side wants to set up sort of a sideline of the world government, then join all together as a final program of subordinating the world under the Luciferian relief corps.

But I am going to tell you that God has another program. And none of those things are going to work. America is going to emerge free. And the light of life is going to be in the hands of the sons of the MOST HIGH. And a lot of people won't even want to stay here if they could. Of course a lot of them will be gone by that time, for 'every plant that my Father did not plant will be plucked up by the roots.’ So that will be a great day, the plucking day. You see . . . what they do not know is that God is an Extremist. For HE is going to get every one of them plucked out and will not leave just a few. Oh, someone said, ‘but there are a few good Jews.’ But God says we will pluck them all out. Don't worry about them, however, for the Grace of God is far greater than yours and mine, and the day will come when the good-for-nothing weeds will turn to flowers. In the fullness of time, they are going to worship at your feet. But they will not clutter up the landscape in the meantime. And the sun of righteousness shall arise with healing in HIS wings. And that sun of light in you is the Light of God's Light, for you are HIS offspring, entered into this world.

Then we again point out that this is the Light which lighted every man (Adamite) who came into the world. And it shall glow forth as the sun. And under this instance, then the DAY Dawns. There are a few people who are not comfortable around you, already. Have you noticed that? You start to talk about what is going on and everybody of your race is pretty well interested. But some people want to get away. They get up and walk out. Well, that is good. Because the air gets more clear every time they do that. They say they cannot stand the light. There are a lot of people who will try to crawl under the rocks and into the mountains and the caves in that DAY to try to get out of the light. Sun glasses will not do them any good. There are a lot of people just hoping that they never have to look on the face of Jesus. But I am going to tell you that they are going to have to look on HIM, whether they like it or not. And every knee is going to bow and every tongue is going to proclaim that YAHSHUA-YAHWEH is GOD forever.

So in this instance, we tell you that this is a great hour. It is a great hour. For we have arrived at a period when God has to catalyze it with wisdom. If HE didn't do it, there would not be any left on earth. In fact, it is asked-- ‘will there be any Elect left in such an hour of HIS arrival?’ YES. For HE says, “There will be such an hour, for I am going to shorten time. But I am going to do all of these things that I have proposed to do.”

And so in this kind of an hour, we point out to you, that this ancient emblem that your forbearers used thousands of years ago, this winged orb which is the symbol of the Light of Life, the son of Righteousness, a great secret seal, with its great inner promise that inside of you is this energy of divine spiritual force that provides illumination that guarantees resurrection for this body, and the eternal synthesis that guarantees the power to live in any plain and any dimension. This light cannot be put out. And this is the great illumination that surrounds the soul of the sons of God. The ‘Ka of RA’, the children of eternity.

We do not have time to touch on all of the facets of this. But I want you to know that this is a significant marking which belongs only to the children of God. Someone said, ‘you mean that other races do not have it?’ That is true. They do not have it. Hear this now. They do not have it.

You say, ‘what do they have?’ Well, they have you. They have God's universe. And you to speak to them. They have you to rule over them. But they do not have what you have. If they had it, then you wouldn't have had to come. And if you had retained all of the authority that you had in the beginning, then God, Himself, would not have had to come. But HE did. The entrance of God into a physical domain, and the entrance into this part of HIS creation, or any part of HIS creation, has been by HIS will, thru all of eternity.

In those days, John says that to approach HIM, I am not worthy to tie HIS shoes.’ But remember God was walking in earth at that time, YAHSHUA, Jesus the Christ, was walking among men. HE was your kinsman. And in the spirit you say, “OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN.” No man approaches God by any other name. For you come to YAHSHUA . . . JESUS . . . FOR THERE IS NO OTHER APPROACH. And these pagans and these enemies of Christ, cannot approach the God of the Universe under any other religion or belief. And someday you will wake up here in your land and never elect another man to office who will not acknowledge YAHSHUA-Jesus, as the eternal Christ. There are 149 million of us more or less. And we should determine the kind of people who handle our nation. And instead of going down, we will extend constantly and continually this civilization which finds its place in the sun. So we discover at this very hour that we are overthrowing the constant poverty.

And if we obey the laws of God, everything that we put our hands to is blessed. Then we are heard, with our technology and our wisdom, our expanding 'know how', until there are no problems that cannot be faced and handled, and handled easily in earth. For we have the knowledge and the light and the understanding.


End of message.