As In The Days Of Noah, 9-30-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 9-30-62

As we turn tonight to survey the situation, you remember that we discussed quite thoroughly this afternoon as we talked about being surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, ---this continual invasion of state rights, and individual liberties by those who control the Federal Government. We only mention that there is nothing more abhorrent to every free American than increasing Federalism, guided by the enemies of Jesus Christ surrounding the President of the United States, whose mind they must hold captive. Since we spoke to you this afternoon, you have had a chance to hear the President speak to you one of those mealy-mouth speeches which was tended to justify his invasion and the felony which he committed. For I charge that the President of the United States has committed a felony. He has violated the rescinding of the right to use 'Possicomataris Act' signed into law by President Eisenhower. And with his using of Federal troops which he used today in the state of Mississippi, he has become a felon whether there is courage enough in the Congress to charge him for impeachment and for the Senate to hear such a case.

I also point out again, that we are facing unbridled use of power in the design to accomplish a complete submission to the will of a modern dictatorship which behooves every Christian to pray shall be brought down quickly in these United States. We are continuing in this position that the laws of Mississippi are solvent for that state when they are not in conflict with the constitution of these United States. That the laws have not been violated as far as Mississippi is concerned because the constitution of the United States leaves the area of education up to the state. And as far as the use of troops in enforcing the law of another case---not this case---we are faced with the fact that there has been an invasion of the rights of Mississippi. More than that within this flagrant disregard for the rights of individuals within their states, or what we call States Rights, we see the increasing danger of expanding Federalism, advised and guided by the enemies of Jesus Christ. And using the negro as an issue in this crisis, only to accomplish this thing which demagoguery always likes to do. That is to---behind the scenes---control others so that they bare the brunt of their conspiracy.

I tell you again, that as we go out over the tape circuit throughout the world, that the Constitution of the United States is a Constitution of Law not intended to be changed and re-written by the Supreme Court. But only to be used in their cases as the foundation for their decisions. We have watched for instance the fateful ‘Black Monday’ in 1954, when with utter disregard for the rights of the Constitution, it openly admitted in the statements of these justices whose attempt was to change the meaning of the Constitution to the social revolution to which they had politically ascribed to. But the great majority of Christian Americans---when they wake up from their sleep---do not ascribe to this social revolution which finds its foundation in the writings of Marx and those who are his apostles of this time.

There is no doubt that the support of Divine Law is the most important thing which you and I as Christian Americans can pledge ourselves to. And the preservation of Divine Law and the preservation of our Constitution which was predicated upon Divine Law is most important to us. I want to site before we go on to the other facets of our message, that I am holding in my hands a speech that President Kennedy recently made on the lawn of the White House to 5000 college students. In this statement, he said that the Constitution was written under entirely different conditions than exists now. It has been made to work today in an entirely different world than when it was written.---work--both at home and abroad. It was written during a period of isolation. It was written in a period when 13 different units were joined together in which of course, was extremely desirous of limiting the powers of central government. The President goes on to say that we are not trying to limit that power today, and that the Constitution was written for an entirely different period in the nations history. There are some Americans --the President said--who feel that the Constitution is an automatic ‘right’ to the future. But the American Constitution, while an extraordinary document, is not written for our times. And is it being required to work in a day for which it was not written.

Therefore, he said political leaders of today may not be as gifted as those in the past to make this document work. But it is not written for modern man.

It was written over a century ago. And therefore, Mr. Kennedy doesn’t think we should retain the Constitution because it is an old fashioned doctrine. Well,--he has proved that he doesn’t believe in the Constitution because today he ordered invasion of Mississippi. We point out to you that there are many things involved in this decision. In the first place, the President lost the respect of most of the Democratic leaders in the South. I think it rather significant that the Democratic leaders in the state of Mississippi and several other states resigned today, refusing to anymore be a part of the Democratic party or to raise any further money for its campaign program. A great number of these people have made their affidavit that they are going to join the National States Rights Party which is quite strong in the South. And to which in one recent election, most of the votes in Mississippi went.

I was also rather interested in the L.A. Times for tomorrow, because it talks about the fact of how Governor Barnett has been offered unprecedented numbers of men, and that these groups of men came from many, many states. Among these I note that from St. Petersburg, Florida, the leaders of the National States Rights Party said:--’We have offered Governor Barnett any help he needs. Whether armed or unarmed.’ The Reverend Orrin Petito, a minister of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, and also National organizer of the States Rights Party said:--’all that Barnett has to do is ask, and the leaders of 30 states will be contacted and will come in with re-enforcement.’ This is just one of the factors involved. They ask Petito how strong is the States Rights Party? He said it stood for Constitutional government, was opposed to integration, and that it would be impossible to estimate at this time the party’s size. But its ‘Thunderbolt’ had 25,000 subscribers. We only mention this because he does happen to be a minister of this movement. And has taken a rather firm stand in Florida, and is the National organizer of the National States Rights Party.

We tell you that there is a very vital conflict on. And there are a lot of people who have arrived. From Tennessee Mountain Men, to a great number from Florida. And a great number from other states. Your own Col. Gale is either in transit or will be arriving very shortly inside of this Aryan Zone. It is not all over just because the Governor was recognizable of the fact that the Federal Government had given him till next Tuesday to act as they wished. In fact, Gov. Barnett had moved with Faith in the honor of the President. And had more faith in that honor than I did. For I was in touch this morning with certain leaders, and I said:--’Don’t trust the promise of the President for he will make a jump move. He will move his military in before his own deadline. And he is only trying to throw people offguard.’ I had one military man say:--’Dr. Swift, he can’t do this, because the President doesn’t dare do a thing like that after he has given certain deadline. Sowe don’t have to worry because they can’t do anything before Tuesday.’ I said:--’Hewill move today.’ There is one thing you have to go by, not by military regulations not by normal strategy by which men keep their covenants, but by the fact that when a man is advised by Satan’s own children, who not only are liars, but whose father was a liar from the beginning, then the President follows their advice and he will make the play of a lie. And you can’t trust him. I would not trust a Kennedy if he swore on a stack of Bibles.

One of the major concerns today of those already in Mississippi, was to see -----and this involves citizens councils and a great many others----was to see that the Governor was not arrested in the seat of his own state. Quite frankly, they had no jurisdiction to arrest the Governor in his own state and he was smart enough not to do out of that state. So the Governor in his state home, was surrounded by a tremendous force. And there would have been a fight if they had tried to take the Governor. They only had a token force today at Oxford around the school. Why? Because there isn’t any school there until Monday. No way to register a student there on Sunday. And no one of authority to register would even be there on Sunday. So only a few state troopers stood around at the various gates when Mr. Kennedy made his sneak play. The thing he did of course was to take the paratroopers which he had already inside, plus other troops, and stand them ready and then with some Army cars, and taking the Chancellor who is they didn’t hold his captive, Mr. Barnett, should immediately discharge. But taking the Chancellor of the University, they rushed thru the back gates of Oxford, to the University grounds. We discover that as they came thru these gates, one lone state trooper was there. And in the head car was the head of the State Police and the Chancellor. Whether they had captured these men or how they did this, we do not know. No sooner did they make this quick entrance inside the school than the military with tear gas guns and full equipment, held the University campus. No one expected this treason today, but a few of us who know what we are dealing with, because we don’t trust the devils who are advising Kennedy every foot of the way which he is now following.

Now we point out that this was quite an amazing situation. And before they knew it the government was in control of the University. Then they flew the negro David into the University with a helicopter, thus getting away from the great crowds not surging around on the campus. They have already set up an apartment inside the University grounds where he is to stay so he doesn’t have to come in or go out. I wouldn’t advise him to do that. Just now. Then the Governor capitulated by saying:--’We recognize that we are defeated in this measure, that they have taken the school. And I only urge that there be no more violence, no bloodshed. But I will not stop fighting every process available to keep this registration from being made.’

Now, the registrars and the school board utterly refused to come down and register this negro today. In fact, I would advise that they not show up tomorrow. And that the chancellor be discharged if he supports this policy. Failing this, I think the Governor should close the University.

Now, we have no control over what transpires in Mississippi. But I think the battle has just begun. Even as we are talking tonight the students in the University are exploding. They are fighting New York reporters which always slant the story. But riots are going on even now in the city of Oxford, Miss. Other than that the State Police are not doing much about it because the situation which is a little out of hand tonight, is the result of a Federal invasion. There has been no leaving of the state and no one has left that ring since they came into it. We do not know what will be the situation from here on out. But I happen to know that the thing which has happened today, has been recorded in the minds of millions of people--that you cannot trust the President. And that the Constitution of the United States is but a scrap of paper in the hands of a President who does not believe in its effectiveness for this time. And who supports the utilization of force, even tho it is felonious by the law which now exists. If the President wants to recognize law, then let him recognize the existence of the Posse-Comitati Act which law he has violated this afternoon. Tho in this instance we are watching the developments of what might take place at any time, in this rather strange and unique way.

I think this is also rather interesting. For I hold in my hands a publication for the American Bar Association. We continually hear about the equality of these people and of the essentialness of our respecting and recognizing their equality. They continually harken back to the Declaration of Independence which, so they say, recognizes that all men are created ‘Equal.’ And in this instance when the Declaration of Independence talks about men, it is talking about the White Man and no one else. Because all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were White men. And every signer of the Constitution, except one, was a slave owner. And they never, at any time, classified them (negroes) as men. Thus they were not talking about them when they said all men were created equal. You ask:--’What do you mean by that?’ I mean exactly what I say. The signers did not say with one voice and one signature that all men were created equal and then continue to hold some people slaves. It is also quite obvious, and altho we oppose all slavery as being diametrically opposed to God’s Law, and that the separation of the races forbids this close contact with the people of His household, the fact remains that as far as the status of existing patterns were concerned, there never was an accepted principal of equality as far as people were concerned.

There was of course the old Greek document which was produced by one of the Greek philosophers which tried to point out an equality of races, but not accepted. Even Thomas Jefferson made fun of this principal under the grounds-- ‘Whereas we accept as an American principal that all men are equal before the law. We recognize the difference, the initiative, the genius which is the gift of God which descends upon men.’ More than that--as Thomas Jefferson talked, he was still talking about your race irrespective of your race on its poverty, which was not including at that time the sup-peoples of the earth. I also point out to you, and I am reading out of the document of the American Bar Association which appeared in their publication. I read the words of President Lincoln. Now we do not support all that President Lincoln decided on because he also had some advisors., Fortunately, he didn’t have as many Jews surrounding him as the President now. But he had enough. But he did have some God given intelligence and wit. And when he was brought to the recognition of some of the issues, and what was involved, then he made a statement on August 14, 1862, and this is what he said as he was demonstrating that he did not believe and was not an equalitarian. Speaking before a large group of negro delegates in Washington D.C. then President Lincoln said:--‘You and we are of different races. We have between us a broader difference than any other races on the face of the earth. Whether this be right or wrong, I need not discuss. But this physical difference is a greater disadvantage to us both as I see it. Even when you cease to be slaves, you are far removed from being placed on equality with White people. On this broad continent not a single man of your race is made the equal of a single man of ours.’ ----- This was President Lincoln speaking:---‘Go where you will be the best treated and the ban will still be upon you. I cannot alter it. And would not alter it if I could. See out present condition in this country. We are engaged in a Civil War. White men cutting one an others throats and consider what we know to be the truth. But for your race among us there would be no war. Altho many men are engaged on either side, and they don’t care for you one way of the other, it is better for you--better for both of us that we be permanently separated.’

Now, one moment these people want to quote Abraham Lincoln, but they don’t want to quote this. So we point this out to you. I want you to know that the principal which exists in the 31 Constitutions of the nations of the world, is that men are equal BEFORE the law. But this does not determine that they have a capacity of equality, inherit in their natures, as races or individuals. Equality BEFORE THE LAW is a principal of your own state. And in the Declaration of the Bill of Rights in your own state, this is something which Chief Justice (once of California) Earl Warren, cannot change. For it says:--‘All men are by nature free and independent.’ It doesn’t say they are free and equal. They are free and independent. They have certain inalienable rights. Among them the privilege of enjoying and defending life, liberty, and acquiring and possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness. So there is not a member of the Supreme Court who can turn to the Constitution in his own state and say that this state advocates in its principal that all men are equal irrespective of their race or their natural origin. I point this out because many people are confused. And they think that the fundamental documents of our nation pour out a process by which we have to absorb all people and intermingle and mongrelize our society upon this basis. This is of course in itself, not true.

What today makes these men stand out as tall and strong, is the fact that they who have resisted this attempt by the Federal Government, know that it is just an attempt. But I want you to know that so far, they have not registered this Meredith and we have not heard the last of the situation. Nor have they crammed this issue down the throats of the citizens of that state and made them like it, by any stretch of the imagination. It is true that we are disgusted with men like Governor Price Daniels, and Wandervor and others of Georgia who used every excuse to pull out saying this was none of their affair, only the affair of Mr. Barnett. Someday all Texans are going to realize that this is their affair. Even as most people of Georgia now recognize as well as most of the Southern States.

I point out to you, that in this instance again, we have watched the President of the United States trying to enforce a decision the Supreme Court admits was based upon a design to eventually bring together a mixing of the races. We would point out to you the writings of the British Communist Bardal and the negro Jewish Communist Dubois, quoted by these men to substantiate this. If you would like a full brief of what these men said, and how they wrote their decisions, you write to Senator Eastland of the House Judiciary and ask him for his complete brief on the Supreme Court decision. And you will receive it with a full statement of what each one of these Justices said. Which proves that it was not the Constitution which guided them. It was the Socialist Revolution started by Marx, financed by Jewry, and abetted by a whole world of demagogues who served their cause.

Now, let us for a moment, recognize that we in the past few Sunday nights have been discussing quite frankly, the patterns of the race question. Basically, we have pointed out that there are basic differences between these races. And the Scriptures support this. The Strongs Concordance supports this. The Youngs Anteletical Concordance points out that the word Adam is used for man 500 times inside the Old Testament. It talks about the word---enosh---and how many times it is used. It makes the marked distinction that the Adamic Race are called Adamites and the word---enosh---refers to those who are not or non-Adamites. So you see, that there are already two kinds of people existing in the world. When we go back to the beginning of the book of Genesis, and we want to substantiate in as far as we may be able to use the King James Version, for even tho somewhat, sometimes hidden, there still remains the great substance of the fundamental truth of the story in the patterns of these mysteries that you find in the first chapters of Genesis.

We point out to you that in the beginning of time when God had created the races, as we have before pointed out and they had spread out over the earth, that we have millions of years in the time of creation. We have some one and one half million years of just Turanians. So you cannot determine, actually, how long those eras were that relate to the climactic 6th era. So if we are to take the actual variation utilizing radio carbon and utilizing fluorine re-in placement, and start to realize some of those geological ages, some of those ages are quite evident as being over a million years in length. And that there exists in that earlier creation over 6 to 8 million years. And this we can establish by stratus and measures, and these are quite evident.

Everyone knows that the pre-Cambrian uplifts overflowed over an area and created even pressures. And that below them are oil chambers that came from vegetation which existed way back before the pre-Cambrian Age, even tho the pre-Cambrian age was when the earth was washed by pre-Cambrian seas. Someone asked:--’How do you explain this?’ Well, you start with the earth awash and come up thru the story of the creation in the book of Genesis. First, because there were great catastrophes that had overwhelmed the earth before you even come to the story hidden in its mystery and allegory in the book of Genesis. In fact, the great catastrophes which had overflowed the ancient world had turned most of the ancient world upside down. Had placed vast areas of animal life deep beneath the pre-Cambrian uplifts of the pre-Cambrian seas. So we note that this catastrophe wiped out anti-diluvian and an ancient world even long, long before the recreation in the book of Genesis. If you do not think so, then why would you drill thru a pre-Cambrian uplift to get oil which is of a paraffin base and comes from vast masses of animal matter whose paraffin substance forms the paraffin base of such oil. We cannot only establish that this is so, but we can show you some very amazing things. For we have referred to some of these in the past. Drilling down thru the pre-Cambrian uplifts in the areas of Montana we brought up glazed Ceramics with paintings on them. And down in the area known as ‘Four Corners’ in New Mexico, we have brought up, in oil drilling cores,--ceramics, artifacts, paintings, spearheads, and a lot of other implements which demonstrate that long before the pre-Cambrian periods when the pre-Cambrian seas washed a large part of the earth, there were men of intelligence with culture, with painting, and with art. We recognize that they must have had something in the earth which they hunted as they used these spear heads.

Now, we come into a later period which starts out in the book of Genesis. This book is written about the Adamic race. It is written to the Adamic Race concerning God’s Kingdom, concerning their responsibilities. And so there is a little foundation which is given that says:--‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Then the next thing listed is that the earth is without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

If you happen to have a Scofield Bible or other chain reference Bible, you will note that between the first and second verse of Genesis, there is a notation that there is a vast amount of time here. And in the notes they tell you that God originally created the earth, and there was a great catastrophe which wiped out the early creations. Then if you thru to the 4th chapter of Jeremiah, then he gives you a full description of those catastrophes, as to how whole areas of the earth were rolled over and covered up. How ancient places became wilderness. How cities were swallowed up. How ancient places then became jungles instead of civilizations. And then you start with God recreating as the spirit of God moved upon the surface of the deep. How He began to reform, to raise the land masses once again. How He started recreating and repopulating the earth. You will also note in the book of Genesis, that He did not make any fish. That all He said concerning the fish was:--”Let the waters continue to bring forth abundantly.” Why? Because there were fish from the earlier creation and He did not have to recreate them. And there was plenty of water for them to swim in thus all He fixed was for them to continue to bring forth abundantly. When you come on down thru these years of development, and millions of these years of His creative purposes, you come on down to the climactic age wherein God populated the earth with these people. ‘Male and Female’---He created on the sixth day and told them to go out and repopulate the earth. This showing that the earth had been populated before and that catastrophe had wiped out many of the early inhabitants.

Now, if you did not recognize this, you will discover that this is Biblically so. Nos, this last race was evidently the Turanean race. And God placed them upon the face of the earth. They were not very much different from the natural characteristics of the oldest fossils which we can find upon the face of the earth. We point out to you that this is quite evident as when God placed the Adamic family upon the earth, and established them in an area called Eden. Many people wonder where Eden is. The original Eden existed in the far off Tarim Plateau in what is now known as the Tarim Basin. In fact, every one of the ancient people of earth, and all of their ancient races talk about the origin of man. And when they use that word--Aryan or Manu--it comes from the upper Tarim Basin. In otherwords, from that upper Tarim Basin, the first white men to be seen upon the face of the earth started to multiply. The word Eden referred to a region far up in that area where there was an intense demonstration of plant life of every kind. There in this upper Tarim Basin was an ideal situation even in that time, and of those days in climate. And this is recorded today by the peoples of India and ancient China as well.

Now, we point out to you that if you will read the 31st chapter of Ezekiel---and you go home and read it because we don’t have time to go into this subject tonight. But here in Ezekiel, God tells the Emperor of Egypt as well as referring to the Empire of Assyria, that they were great Empires in the days of Eden. In fact, the word Eden means beginnings. And in the days of the beginnings, ---whose beginnings??--The beginning of the Adamic Race, and God’s Kingdom on earth. So God tells the Egyptian how the Assyrian Empire was all over almost the whole earth and how people dwelt under the branches of this great Empire. He talks about the strength of the racial streams of the Sumerians, the ancient Turanians, and the ancient Asiatics. To the Egyptian, He said:---”You are also an old Empire, but not as ancient as the Assyrian Empire, but your dynasty existed in the days of Eden.”

Yes. If you want to go back 5000 years before The Christ,---the Assyrian, the Egyptian Empires existed. If you want to go back 7000 years before The Christ then Horus the Great Prophet and writer of the descendance of the Horus Priesthood was found in Egypt. And the Khufus--an ancient title for the Priests and rulers of a people migrated from the land which went down beneath the waters. According to the tradition of these ancient Egyptians, great violation of Divine Law had occurred. Great catastrophes had enveloped and wrecked that ancient world. The volcanos had erupted and were penetrated by the waters of the oceans which ran thru the crevices following the earthquakes. Steam then blew the tops off their mountains and whole continent shook and started to sink as judgements of the great God YAHWEH-Putah fell upon their land for those violations of Divine Law thru paganism. Then they migrated. Many of them from that land under the leadership of their Priest Horus and the Khufus of their race. They talked in those days of the High Temples which existed in those in the land of Alantcan and these were the great Temples unto YAH-Putah, now known to you as YAHWEH. They told of how the administering spirits of His Celestial sons were the ministering Priests in those Temples. And how YAHWEH withdrew them from the earth in the hour of Lucifers great catastrophe. In the ancient writings of Horus and other Egyptians, you will find that they recorded what these violations of Divine Law consisted of. They told that a great and mighty archangel--and you know this archangel as Lucifer the fallen on who in a great struggle came to earth---but they told that when he came to earth, he brought the dark and curly headed ones with him. These were not only warriors, but they manned the fleets which were defeated and plunged to earth. But after bringing them to Earth, then Lucifer scattered them over the various continents, placing them under various angels whom they worshiped. In their discussions of the great catastrophes which occurred was that these of earth started to intermingle with these strangers. And a catastrophe then descended upon the earth. More than that, with this integration came bestiality and corruption and immorality of the worst order, and violent bickering and mighty battles followed.

Out of the writing of these ancient Egyptians, we learn that great and strange new powers brought to earth caused great devastation. And then fire consumed parts of the earth. The earth rocked and rolled and split open once the tremendous shaking started and water rushed into the inner fires and whole continents split and eventually plunged into the oceans. This is why Plato who was educated in the Universities of your race down in Egypt in the City of ON picked up this tradition of Ancient Egypt. He returned to Greece and wrote about Atlantas. And that is why the story of the great continent of Atlantas is a part of the Western worlds literature of Plato.

I have in my library, writings of ancient Horus. And it wasn’t so long ago that in opening up the Temples of Karnak in some hidden room, they found some of the translations of the old documents of Horus which go back for thousands of years into the background of the Egyptians. And these tell of one thing which the Egyptian thought was to happen. ----That in this day which was ahead, then one day God would send to earth, His own sons. They would not come as Spiritual beings as they had come into the Temples of yesterday, but would come--embodied--in physical bodies. And would spread and multiply upon the earth to built His Kingdom and spread His laws upon the earth. But when these sons came, they would be the sons of the MOST HIGH, and they were to be observed and recognized as God’s Children. This was known to these ancient Egyptians and they looked forward to YAHWEH-Putah’s sending His sons. Then in those days when your race, in the days of Enoch and Job, came into Egypt, the Egyptians wrote that you were the children of Osiris the Ka of Ra coming into that land.

Let us go back up to that Tarim Basin, that high plateau which existed over what is now known as the Tarim Basin. Between the Tian Shan mountains on the one side, and the mountains of Kush, as they were called, on the other side---with the Indus on one side, and the mighty Himalayas on the other, was the Paradise of God. Here four rivers that fulfilled the exact names still run out of this ancient Asian area, altho that land has sunk and changed, and the words like Ge-hon and others are still given to these rivers by the people of ancient India and China. We point out that basically significant were the patterns that out of these lands of ‘these beginnings’ had moved these different streams. We point out to you something very significant. The one great conspiracy of Lucifer and his household has always been to try to destroy the ‘Embodied Race.’

Now I don’t think the devil even believes that he can destroy spirit. And yet there are a lot of preachers who don’t know as much as the devil because they think you can destroy spirits. You cannot destroy spirits even tho some of these silly fellows think you can destroy spirits with fire or torture them with some mechanical process of pain. But I want you to know that spirits are not subject to either heat or cold. But the sons and daughters of God were first begotten by His Spirit when He first started sending the Adamic Race into earth by establishing the issue of God which was Adaum. And when this issue was established in that upper Tarim Plateau, it was surrounded by great and mighty Empires of people already on the earth---according to the 31st chapter of Ezekiel.

Now, God made a statement which I want you to remember:---”I have put you into a garden which I have planted. There was no man here to till the soil, so you were put here to be soil tillers, men of civilization and culture. You are to garden the earth for a supplement to the food supply. You will have this technological capacity which I bestowed upon you.

So, Adam the White man which means the very life of God, was placed in earth and he started out to till the soil. You go back into the writings of Ancient India which knew the White man as the Aryan, and the Aryas, and you will discover that they called them “Lords of the Soil.” This is another very important title which is used in the Vedic writings of the ancient people of India. I point out to you that these people were already existent in the earth with the coming of your race. And it was in the upper Tarim Basin that they were thus placed.

One of the very first things that the Luciferian hosts decided was that Lucifer would approach Eve---seduce her, and thus wipe out the blood line. Thus thwart it from the beginning and foil God’s plan for His Kingdom. But nobody, my friends, foils God. Not even Mr. Kennedy. I want to point out that God made a statement which is still preserved even tho some influence by theologians has sometimes tried to change it. “Of all the good trees, those for fruit, for food that I have put in the Garden, you may eat. But there is one tree of which you may not eat.” In earlier translations this was much clearer, for it said:--”This is the tree of men or enosh, of the beings of earth.” In otherwords, ‘I put you in the garden, and of every fruit tree you may eat, but you must not mix in the human fruit of the tree of nations. You must not mix your seed, you must preserve this Holy Seed for the purpose of which I have established you on earth. I have established you with life. I have given you My Glory and you are not to cohabit with any other race.’ This purpose of YAHWEH ---Lucifer intervened with as he said to Eve:--’Hath God said, or hath God lied.’ It is already a contemporary of the ancient Zohar among the early masters of your race, that when they talked about a tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, that they were talking about the experience and the intellect of men who had disobeyed the policies of God and the natural laws of God. And by this violation were aware of both good and evil. And of Lucifer---once son of the morning, the archangel who had fallen but who still ruled the earth with his fallen angels, and inassimilable seed, they were now the masters of false religions already upon the face of the earth which God pointed out also as ---- the filling up of the sum of good and evil, when they had knowledge of both.

As we have mentioned in previous sermons, the seduction of Eve by Baalie which was the name given unto Lucifer, who wore the symbol of the great Serpent upon his head---the results of which was the birth of Cain. They we read concerning Cain, that when Adam also became a part of this violation of law, then He (God) turns to ask Eve concerning the birth of Cain, and Eve says:--’I have received this man from Baalie’---(translated in your Bible)--’the Lord.’

I point out to you that I John 3:12 says:--’Not as Cain who was of the wicked one.’ Jesus also proved that this is true when He identifies a large portion of the Palestinian Jews as descendants of Cain. He said:--”Ye are of your father the devil, the lusts of your father ye will do. Ye are the descendants of the murderer (Cain) and of the devil who was his father who was also a liar from the beginning.” Jesus made it very clear here in the book of John, that He is talking about the devil and his progeny. He pointed this out in numerous sermons. And in the book of Matthew, we find Jesus talking to these forces of evil. And He points out to them that they are guilty of the blood of all the righteous (Adamites) slain from Abel onward, marking the fact that they were the descendants of Cain.

Now, you say:--’what has this to do with us?’ Just this. Over here in the book of Genesis, after Cain the son of Lucifer and Eve, but not of Adam, had slain Abel the son of Adam and Eve, and then was afraid of being driven out of the presence of his family into a far country, the words here in your King James Version, Cain says:--’My punishment is more than I can bear. I have been driven from the face of the earth.’-----I think this is very important for you to understand tonight. When he said ‘I have been driven from the face of the earth’, this is an improper translation. The word for earth is erets. This is a Hebrew word meaning this country. Thus Cain said:--’I have been driven out of this country.’

Now, we know that the Canaanites are still on the face of the earth. And the word erets means that country, and any lexicon will prove it. Now, we go a little further and it says:--’Cain went from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod. This was the land of the Akkad, east of Eden, and there Cain found a wife and he knew this wife, and she bare him a son, and he called him Enoch.’ (Genesis 4:17) Again this is not properly translated. For in the original text the name is Enos. He was a non-spirit beast creature. And after this, then Cain built a city and named it after his new born son--Enos. Now, I think this is quite easy to understand. Now driven away from the White race, Cain, a Luciferian offspring, went into another land and married a wife of another people and raised a son. But by no stretch of the imagination did these people come from Adam. It is also quite obvious, that these people became known as the Canaanites. And God warns from one end of the book of Genesis to the other---’I have a war withAmalekites.’----The Amalikites are associated with the strains of this contaminated Cainaanite line. God says:--’I have a war with Amalek from generation to generation.’ (Exodus 17:16)

Again, the seed of the serpent will fight against the seed of the woman (Israel). He said the serpent will seek to bruise the seed of the woman and the seed of the woman will bruise his (the serpent) head. Eventually out of the race of the Adamic household would come the Embodiment of God Himself whose mighty crushing of the head of the serpent would be a defeat to the forces of darkness.

Now, upon the earth there existed the peoples of Akkad into which the Luciferian hosts, thru Cain, were now joined. There existed the ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Africans, which today you know as negroes in Africa, and also scattered on some of the islands. Violations of Divine Law existed in those days---the mixture of races, and even the mixture of fallen angels who did not keep their first estate. If you think I am exaggerating that condition, all you have to do is go to the book of Jude. And Jude says that these Angels who kept not their first estate, came into earth and took on themselves human form and went after the strange flesh of peoples of earth or which God has said were preserved in the judgements of blackness forever. This forever being until the climax of the cycle and before the judgements of God.

I point out to you that your race up there in the Tarim Basin started out with fresh new life with Seth the son of Adam. And the Scripture says that Seth was begotten in the image of Adam. And Adam says:--’I have begotten a man in my own image.’ We know that Seth and his offspring grew up and eventually moved out of that high Tarim Basin. Some of them moved south into Mesopotamia and on into India. Among those early migrants, were the descendants of the house of Seth. One of these great men you have heard of is Po-Hanok or Enoch. Another is Joab or the Job of the Bible. And these were great Shepherd Kings and Priests. And these men and their posterity went down into the land later known as Palestine on the edge of Mesopotamia. They built here their great cities, and Job who was a Priest of the MOST HIGH, had been visited by God and had many experiences with God and was also known as a great leader, a ruler and a Prince of Peace. He lived in the city called Ur-usalem---Urusalem. Urusalem which was the first use of the word which meant city of Peace. Ur meaning City--Salem meaning Peace. Ur of the Chaldea meant City of Chaldea. It was here in this great city of Ur-Salem where Job and Enoch, these descendants from the High Tarim Plateau had come down to the Persian Gulf, and then migrated on down into this area now known as Palestine. It was not then known as Palestine. For at that time it was known as the land of Ur-Usalem. And it was here in this land, later that conceivable evil was to transpire. The powers of darkness led by the Canaanites with people gathered out of the Indus, as well as hoards brought down from the Asiatic Steppes, and led by the hoards of Cain and his descendants---moved against the principal cities of this land where once Job and Enoch had once lived. But in this period of time, Job and Enoch had fulfilled a destiny. They had gathered a group of Savants, and scholars, and men of wisdom who understood the measurements of the sky. And not only that, but they understood the spiritual laws of Fulcrum and the mighty wisdom which God had shown unto Enoch when He carried Enoch into the heavens, and there gave him special training and education he was to need to build this city, to record these documents and to set up the great witness of the Pyramid and to leave a record for time.

After this experience, Enoch had taken with Job, a vast company out of this land and went down with them into the land of Egypt. There was some hostility when these White men came with spiritual power and great wisdom into this land. But the documents of ancient Horus were read and these documents said that someday the sons of YAHWEH-Putah Embodied in earth as White men would come into their land and build a new altar unto their God, not unlike the shape of the Temples they had known in their ancient past. The Great Pyramid is exactly like the Pyramid temple to YAHWEH-Putah which was on ancient Atlantas which went down beneath the waters of the Atlantic. Evidence of this is to be found in the antiquity of ancient records of the Mayas and the Incas who had knowledge of these early Temples. This is why you still see the symbols of these ancient temples in the symbols of the Mayas and the Toltec, these ancient civilizations found in Mexico whose pyramid-like structures were but a remembrance of their ancient past. The fact remains that in these days, Enoch, who was one of the blessed of the LORD, who not only loved God, but his life was devoted to this task, and he was to become one of the greatest of historical characters of all time.

The reason I point this out is that in the meantime, there was a strategy in progress. Never having given up, Lucifer watched the growth and development of your Race in this Upper Tarim Basin. Immediately, there came in out of the lands of Asia and from China, and out of the great land of Petra, and unusual group of people. Some of them monstrosities. For fallen Angels had intermingled with earth orders and had produced giants in those days. Others moved in of various sizes, and some with great pomp and great wealth. One of the strategies we are told in the ancient Zohar and also in the writings of Enoch, was that when these strangers came into the Upper Tarim Basin, from the outlaying trees (races), that they brought into this land all types of procedures for pleasure. They brought with them strong liquors and all kinds and varieties of evil processes and designs. They set themselves up in Pavilions and Bazaars to entice the Adamic Race. We are told that some of the sons of Seth went down from the high mountain into the valleys around to these strange festivities. Do you know that one of the oldest records in the writing of the ‘Book of the Bee’--by Seth, was that one of the oldest temptations by which they tried to lure the sons of Adam, was to show them the tremendous wealth and riches which could be gotten by associating with them (Satan’s children)? And they made gold and silver trinkets and apparel of great value and looks. And made all this look of greater value than the spiritual origin of their Race. It tells us that they lured them with women and with trinkets of gold and silver. And lured them with the prizes of the racing of horses. So you see that ancient sport of kings (horse racing) is one of the oldest diversities of all time thru which they lured men down to their bazaars in order that they might carry home the prizes which were offered to them. We are told that it wasn’t long before this strange ones came into that area, and some of them were actually the consorts of Lucifer---angels and descendants of them called Nephilum---angels who did not keep their first estate.

You say--Dr. Swift, there is no scripture for this.’ Oh, but there is. If I could show you the supporting text from old versions, I can show you from the King James Version. For we read in Genesis 6:--’And it came to pass, when men (Adamites) began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that Nephilin (translated sons of God--but were fallen Angels) saw that the daughters of men (Adamites) were fair.’ If you go into the ancient Zohar, you find it is Nephilin and even the Jews tell you this in their Talmud. They tell you that these Nephilin were mighty ones who served the devil. They served the devil and you serve God. So they came from the devil and you come from God. Now, listen. ‘YAHWEH looked down and saw that these Nephilin saw the daughters of Adamites who were very fair, and they took of them wives which they chose.’ The older text says that they seized by violence and absorbed all the women they desired to take. And we are told in the expanded versions of the Zohar, and the older writings which go back to the early scriptures, that in those days they not only had seduced them, but they seized women by force. And those who continued to resist---they ate them.

Now, their worship was Lucifer--Baalie. And the priests of Baal were Cana from which we have the word canonization today. But they were eaters of the flesh of men (Adamites) and were called Cana-baal. Today, you still call these eaters of human flesh the priests of Baal, or Cannibals from which this word has come. This is old in the semantics of men. But in the original text, God said:--”My spirit shall not always strive with embodied men because they are flesh. But their days shall remain 120 years.’----and thus judgement was set.

And there were giants in those days after the intermingling of these Nephilin and the daughters of men and they bare children to them. Some of them were mighty men of great renown. That was because in the process of mitosis which followed, the strange energy factor which controls the spindle factor, determines the development of the cells. And has the energy image of the main difference between the two--sperm and ovum patterns of cells which will determine the height of the child. Thus it was that these mighty angelic hosts having changed their estate, did not change the energy factor of their Celestial beings. And in the process which followed great and strange formations of giants took place. A violation of Divine Law --- a crossing between two species--and white Jews (Yehudi) came into being in great numbers.

Do you know the difference between a red Jew and a black Jew, a white Jew and so forth? It is just the results of what race was contaminated by this fallen Satanic descendency.

Now, there are lots of Jews who don’t like that statement. But that doesn’t make any difference to me because we don’t make the WORD we just report it. I don’t have any reason to like them anyhow. For they are trying to destroy our nation, to take prayer out of our schools, the worship of God out of our culture. They are behind communism. They are behind all the negro problems and racial crisis of our time. And if they don’t like America, let them get down to Israeli in a hurry. I hope they all make it before the Great Quake.

But God saw the wickedness of the enosh. And He saw that it was great upon the earth. “Every thought of their hearts was evil continually.” Do you know what is the best thing to do when you get something like that? Stamp it out. Oh, you say--no--Dr. Swift, you shouldn’t talk that way.’ I am just telling you what God said. Stamp it out. Remember what Jesus said was the first thing He was going to do when He got back to earth? He said that He was going to pick up these rascals and wipe them out. Someone said:--’but that is a bad thing to do.’ That is one way you will eliminate evil and protect millions and millions of innocent people. You say---but what happens to them? Well, you put them into a dimension where they can’t do evil and where the work of God’s Grace can work on them in the ages to come.

Let me tell you this. ‘God said therefore I am going to destroy man which I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast and the creeping things and the fowls of the air, for it repented Me that I made them.’ Now, God never repented of anything for He knew everything before it happened. The word here is just not properly translated. God said:--’I will destroy the enosh out of this land which I created. I will destroy also the beasts and the creeping things of this land, for I have determined that they shall not destroy that which I have made.’ So God was going to destroy, wipe out, the enosh who were already contaminated by Lucifer in that land. And they were determined to wipe out what God had created. But God said:--’They shall not wipe out my planting.’ I am going to take a little hope in that tonight. Because they are not going to wipe out God’s Kingdom. They are not therefore going to wipe out the White man, nor Christianity, and God’s Destiny for the earth.

Now, let’s take a look at the book of Luke. Jesus said:--’The days will come when you shall desire to see the days of the son of man. Some will say see--here--see there--. But as lightening cometh out of one part of the heavens and shineth unto another, so shall the coming of the son of man be.’ So shall the coming of the Incarnate God be, with Great Majesty, with Great Glory, with the speed of light. But how will you know such a time? Well, first some must suffer many things and be rejected of that generation. But as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the son of man. What does that mean? They ate, they drank, they took wives in marriage until the day Noah entered the ark and the flood destroyed those on the outside. Someone said:--’But what does it mean--as it was in the days of Noah?’

The great conspiracy against your race today is to mongrelize it and absorb it. To roll them together into eating and drinking and giving in marriage. There is nothing wrong with giving in marriage. Nothing wrong with eating and drinking if you are temperate in all things. But there is surely something wrong with mongrelization. Someone said---but you don’t condone all eating and drinking to you? No. There are a lot of things which you can eat and drink which I want no part of. But I am not going beyond the words of the Apostle Paul who said:--’Let no man judge you by what you eat of what you drink.’ Just don’t be Cana-baals.

Let me tell you this. There was something vitally wrong with the way they (Adamites) were seized and absorbed, and the way they were integrated and seduced. In the way they mongrelized their race and their heritage. There was something definitely wrong. The book of Ezra says:--’Even in this time the mingling of the Holy Seed was the greatest of transgressions.’

Now, God was not going to have the race--even any part of it--wiped out. For the strain of this race now in Egypt were only a special remnant Priesthood long before the waters of the flood. The Canaanites had come down out of the hills and wiped out the people of the city of Ur-usalem in the ancient land of Palestine. Having wiped them out, they built the cities of the Canaanites which were the cities of Jericho and Ai. After the judgement of the waters you were told that your race had been started with Adam, and in the day of their descendance on down to Adah was a perfect line of genealogy. You didn’t have all the genealogy summed up in Noah’s house. For part of it was already down in Egypt. But have God telling Noah that he and his family, all that was the uncontaminated group left, except a few isolated cases, were now to move out. And if you can persuade them to join you, then they can get inside this ship I am going to persuade you to build and be safe because I am going to destroy these giants and this evil posterity. So He gave Noah the specifications and he built one of the biggest wooden boats that was ever built. He built it out of hard wood and that was a marvelous piece of carpentry. And there are parts of that boat still existing today over in Asia where it still remains frozen in the snows of a high mountain. Now, many high mountains are called Ararat. But there remains a part of the Ark today. They took wood from this Ark which is in Siberian territory, in the western flanks of it, down to the University in Paris, France. And the radio carbon proved it to be of the proper antiquity and time measured up for the period of the flood. The last time I had a visit with Dr. Adam Rutherford, he was again in contact with these archeologists, and was to make his second contact with them to discover the further factors concerning these findings, because the records were right in his chronology concerning the flood.

I point out to you that this is most significant. That when the flood came, the Bible was literally fulfilled. Noah and his wife and his three sons and their wives entered the Ark. But let us get this clear. A man and his wife have 3 sons, and all of them are of the same family. And believe it or not, all of them belong to the same race. I have heard more theological nuts running around saying they believe God and then they say that every one on the face of the earth came from Ham, Shem, and Japhet. They have all the fantastic things they think God did. Such as He touched them. He changed their colors. He moved them around. But not one of theses things if Biblically true. There wasn’t any reason for it. Also we know that all the wild life of that land, and again the word--eret--means all that country--entered the Ark, either by pairs or 7 males and 7 females of every eatable and clean life. We know that there were 3 million species on the face of the earth. And there were not enough boats nor is there today, to cover all those creatures which would have been on that Ark with Noah if from all the world instead of that place.

There were not too many creatures in that high plateau. But Noah did preserve as God directed. And we know how long it rained. And how the waters lifted the Ark. And we know that these 120 days were 120 days long. We know that the waters did subside, and we know that if the water had covered all the earth, including the Himalayas, that it would have been almost 7 miles deep over the city of L.A. and there would have been no place for it to go as the waters receded.

We know that in a period of short time after that flood, according to the writing here in the book of Genesis, that the flood waters had subsided. And we read of how Noah had left the Ark. And with him went his 3 sons and their wives. And we are told that from this hour, the Ark rested in the 7th month, on the 17th day on the top of Ararat. But we are also told that the flood had come when the fountain of the deep was broken up as well as the belt of the heavens being broken. So the waters of the vast condensation of the water belt of the atmosphere, and the earthquake which brought the water up from the bottom. And it brought together this great catastrophe which effected only this upper place. As we told you before, the catastrophe followed the great earthquake. And the waters later ran down the Wang-ho River of China and down thru another cataract into Mesopotamia from the other end of the area. We tell you that it was some time before that vast inland sea ever subsided. If you go to the 11th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, you will find as you look up the Tarim Plateau and the Tarim Basin, that it was at one time a vast sea in ancient Asia, an underground sea. And then a great upheaval took place. And the Tien Shen Mountains subsided and are now 5000 feet lower than they used to be and that this water is the flood of China, and of Asia. But it didn’t drown everyone because they wrote about it afterwards.

When a flood is over with and it drowns everyone, there is nobody to write about it but the survivors. Then when the Chinese wrote about it, and others wrote about it, then they weren’t drowned because they tell what happened. Of course there are people foolish enough today to think that the Asiatics and the Negroid came from these people. I want to point out to you that this is quite impossible. Down in the opening up of Thebes, ---of some of the opening of these Temples of the ancient Egyptians, we find dynasties which go way back to the pre-Adamic period. There are paintings on the walls of that ancient burial temple of one of the oldest pre-flood dynasties in Egypt. And also on the wall are paintings of White men, of negroes, of Egyptians, and of Asiatics. And you tell the Egyptian from the other Turanians as being lighter in color and having certain marks which were marks of their leaders. This was before the flood. And of course there were negroes before the flood because we have 73,000 years of their history. Because negroes were buried that long ago in the caves of Kilominjaro. Thus, by no stretch of the imagination, did negroes come from the sons of Noah. They existed before the flood. And the Egyptians existed during the flood. For when Abram was born in the land of the Chaldeas, he was born after the flood. And he went down into Egypt and the Egyptians were still there.

Let me point something out to you. When you came over here to the story of the descendants of Noah, then you have Ham, Shem, and Japhet. And they were all white men. And the descendants of Ham included Cush, Mizraim and Phut. Cush was the father of Nimrod, who was a great and mighty conqueror and ruler. The scripture says he was a mighty hunter before the LORD. Nimrod was a mighty hunter before YAHWEH. And the beginning of His Kingdom. Now listen. He conquered Babel, Erech, Accod, Calneh, and the land of Shinar.

Now, I want you to do some thinking. Here is the great grandson of Noah and he came down out of that high Tarim Basin after the flood as they migrated out of that area and they came down to the Persian Gulf. And then Nimrod goes down into the land of Mesopotamia and conquers the land described as Babel and these others and even the land of Shinar. Actually he overthrew this land from which Cain took a wife. This was the land of Babel where later then, Nimrod built a tower called the Tower of Babel. He conquered Erech. And now think a moment. You don’t go down as a great grandson of Noah,---this man only had two other sons---but you don’t go down and find a whole civilization existing---by the time a great grandson comes along.---You say:--But where did they come from? The millions of men that were conquered by this man Nimrod, came from the pre-Adamic--or the pre-flood period. In fact, we are told that the reason why Nimrod came and conquered these lands was because of what he had heard of what had been done to the other descendants of the White race who had settled in ancient Ur-Usalem, of the people from when Job and Enoch came.

The great errors which followed in Nimrod’s time, came when he listened to the ‘One Worlders’ or his day. Satan never changed his plan. Always it was to build an ‘one world’ government. And then elevate someone into a position of responsibility and take over a white man if he can be used by promising him strength and power, and then tell him that he is the ‘greatest’. Then use him as a tool while you mongrelize the races and seed to build a city. And Ur of the Chaldeas was that kind of a mongrelized city. Here Terah, the father of Abraham, was Prime Minister. And Terah was a White man and Prime Minister for Nimrod in this land of Ur when Abraham was born. You are told in the book of Jasher, that after Abram was born, he was sent down to the caves of Noah to be taught of Noah for 12 years. And then Abram returned to his father’s house. We haven’t time to discuss all the things which happened then. But I think it is very important for you to know this. That is the days of Noah, the attempt which brought the catastrophe of that flood---WAS MONGRELIZATION. The attempt was to absorb the race, to wipe you out. And this is always Satan’s line of attack. And it is done by Satan’s own line of posterity.

Here in Ur, the plan was to conquer Nimrod by getting him to declare Ur a Cosmopolitan City out of Asia and Africa and roll it into one. Thus by this process they turned the head of Nimrod until they were creating an idolatrous race even around Nimrod himself. And they did just what God said they would do if you let these people come in and dwell among you. ‘They will turn your head.’ And they will get you to worship other gods. See why God doesn’t want them to dwell in your land? He doesn’t want you to let them dwell in your land.

Now listen. The scripture therefore, points this out. That Jesus said in this great climactic hour in all the prophecies of My nations, in fulfillment, when I have taken this seed of My Covenant, when they have become a great people and a company of people--in this hour just before I return, they will be great nations in the earth. And all the hoards of darkness want to overthrow God’s Kingdom. When Mystery Babylon is ruled by these strange sons of Satan who become ‘thy merchants’--when this day has come, they will seek to mongrelize you. Then HE says:--But I have warned you thru my prophets not to make a covenant with them. You are not to let them enter into an alliance with you. But still, in the day--it will be as in the days of Noah.

I think you should understand this today because it is related to the power behind this administration. It is behind court decisions. It is behind the Asia Conference. It is behind the plan to abolish your immigration laws. It is behind the plan to flood your country with every race and color. And then force them into your housing projects, and into your schools. Into close association with your young people in your High Schools, and Colleges, and hope to sell them a false concept. To marry with them, to absorb them--in all --to DESTROY SPIRITUAL SEED. Get them to worship other gods. Not to pray. To take the service of God out of their lives and out of their education and end up a great mongrelized race which Lucifer can rule.

Yes, he is trying it again. But this is the last time he is going to strike out. “For as it was in the days of Noah” so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man.” Intermarriage among races was the great curse of Noah’s day and also of yours today.

Now, we point this out to you because it takes on significance. For in that day, God suddenly introduced the Deluge which wiped out everyone who didn’t get on the Ark. Today the White Race, the children of God, the Christians, of this hour, are in a new Ark. And that Ark is the Ark of their Faith, built around the recognition of who the Messiah was, the completeness of His Atonement, the Justification of His Grace, the Nations of His Kingdom the Covenants of purpose. THIS GREAT ARK OF FAITH is the ARK MADE BY THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST. And I point out to you today that it is in the Ark--this identity, this great Christian civilization and culture which you are a part of by Faith, by Destiny, and by Birth, THAT YOU ARE GOING TO FIND THE SALVATION OF GOD WHICH APPLIES TO THIS HOUR AS GOD SENDS A NEW FLOOD UPON MANKIND.

You say--but He said He would never send a flood to destroy all flesh upon the earth.’ No. My friends, this time the flood is going to be a great flood of the overwhelming armies of the MOST HIGH GOD who shall pour fire down from the skies and consume the very cities of your enemies from the face of the earth.

I can tell you one thing. These enemies of God’s Kingdom who hate the name of Jesus Christ, and boast about it in their Yiddish papers,--they better be catching the boats and planes for Palestine. And if they are real smart, they better go even further than that. For if they could understand the scriptures, which they cannot, they should know of the curse upon them for the evil they have caused. Jesus said:--”Every plant which My Father did not plant will be plucked out by the roots.” He said I am going to bring My Holy Angels and they are going to pluck the tares out. These are the children of the wicked one.

It takes too much time to finish a subject like this. But I want you to know that you are in the latter days. “And as it was in the days of Noah”, doesn’t mean just a few giants, but a massive program of Satan’s kingdom which is to mongrelize your race. They want to implement this program with troops. They want to back it by every conspiratorial measure that Satan can dream up. And some of these brainwashed people lifting up a standard of self-righteousness which is Satan’s own lie---behind this shield they march to destroy. They don’t even have the good sense to protect their own families. Just to prove this, the President of the United States opened up a Kindergarten in his own home and brought negroes in. And Caroline has to be raised with negroes right there in the White House. So you see, this is one place where they have been so brainwashed that they introduce this even in their own midst. They will probably scrub this little negro real hard before they let him come in, but they are bringing him in.

I just point this out to show you that we have degenerated even from the top. But we are going to have a great groundswell of victory as God awakens His sons and daughters. They are going to do exactly as Malachi said they would do in the last days. The sons shall remember their fathers. And the fathers shall remember their destinies and their children with them. They are going to return to the laws of their GOD.

One of the great events which a lot of people will not appreciate, and which a great many who hear this tape will absorb and reflect upon is,---that when I tell them that Christ will step back into human affairs and help settle this thing for your race in a mighty victory even tho He has not relieved you of the responsibility of occupying until He arrives,---but arrive He will, whether some like this idea or not. Someone said aren’t you worried about the judgements comparable with the first flood? This judgement now to be in the renovation and the catastrophe to envelope earth?’ No. I am not worrying about what God will bring in. I just can’t wait until HE gets here with it. Now, someone says--’But Dr. Swift, we are all sinners saved by Grace. Shouldn’t we be afraid?’ No. It pleases your Father when you stand tall, look Him in the face and say---come on in LORD JESUS, you have justified me by thy Grace. There is no charge against me. No force on earth, no power in evil can separate me from Thy love. God will give your more honor for that Faith than all the kneeling, groveling, worrying of people which don’t have enough of it. (Faith)

You can’t supplement the Cross of Christ with anything. And you can’t destroy the mighty power of the Atonement. And you don’t need to be ashamed or abase. You can say with awe---We are the Sons of God. It may not appear what we shall be---but when HE shall appear, we shall be like HIM.

I am going to tell you this. He is coming in with a long sword and a sharp sickle. And He is coming in to reap the Grapes of Wrath. And to trample the Wine Press of Judgement. I want you to know tonight, that you are a part of this battle. So don’t surrender. Don’t give in. If they are going to try to force your Race with violence, then we shall meet them in like token. Let me assure you of this. That in this occupation, have no fear. For He said:--’I shall be like a wall of fire about you.’ ‘No weapon formed against you shall prosper.’ ‘Give Me your hand, Jacob and you shall walk with Me.’

Again, I say that we are not alone. As I said this afternoon, He said--’I shall never leave nor forsake you even until the end of the age.’

(End of message)