Destruction Of The Serpent, 4-26-62



by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 4-26-62

Tonight we are talking about this subject ‘The destruction of the Serpent’ and how God has ordained this destiny as it relates to HIS Kingdom and to those who constitute that Kingdom. As we talk about that Kingdom this is a very definite description that we have used thru out the scripture. This one HE has used in symbolism even when HE set up the vastness of HIS creation. For these symbols of constellations we see around the earth have no value but here in earth. Still, they were so set in form that they would make the indicated mark until the Gospel of the Heavens could be written with the entire story of the Gospel in the Heavens. This was made known to such men as Enoch in the days when he was given his special ministry. He was carried into space by a special ship which came and took him there. There he was told about things which should happen in earth, special things which the Adamic race, this White race, which had been placed in earth with a special mission which they were to accomplish. We all know from the secrets of Enoch that many of these mysteries became eventually enveloped into doctrine and tradition, and the creed of your race. They were understood of course, in the days of Enoch and Job when they built the city of On and the temples in Egypt. They were understood in the days of Solomon. And of course, in the history of the Wisdom Schools of your race.

Now the symbols of the Serpent and their use are most important, because God never uses the symbol of the Serpent as a constructive one as it relates to HIS Kingdom. From way back in the antiquities of history, and in the history of the ancient races in earth, in the early creation, this was recognized always as the symbol of Lucifer in this portion of the Universe. In fact, at one time, Lucifer was master of the Milky Way system, a great Archangel under YAHWEH, and his symbol was not only of the Serpent, but it was also this symbol of great wisdom and great understanding. And another symbol was this symbol of the Dragon, Dragonis. And this was considered as the constellation of the Luciferian symbol. In the antiquities of yesterday, in the civilizations which existed in the earth, they knew Lucifer as an Archangel as they did, thru out all of the Milky Way system. There was no fear, no problem, no trouble. Always it was that this symbol contained knowledge and wisdom. In those days, Lucifer moved before the throne of the MOST HIGH GOD and thru out the Universe. And in those days the ancient civilizations of the earth which today are below the ocean waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, where today only a few islands stand above the water in the Pacific, those people at one time knew Lucifer. And they also knew him when he fell. Today there is nothing left there but a bit of the Azores in the Atlantic. And their cities are on the bottom of the ocean floor. Some of the traces of this are found such as Easter Island, where the great wall goes down on the ocean floor, a great wall as big as the Great Wall of China.

In fact, the histories of Japan tell about the days when they were once a high continent. The oldest people in Japan were the Sumari. And they lived in the highest part of Japan. And when Ya-Pan went, that portion of it which went down was referred to in the ancient history of the Sumari---and that part was referred to as Summis and that was the Summit, the highest part which was above the waters. And the Sumari were the high warriors of the high country that survived these things. And they tell about the ancient days. And they tell that this island was once a part of a great continent and they were the high Steppes of that continent. They were called the children who dwelt in the sun and that is a part of the ancient lore which came on down as they refer to their Emperor as the Emperor of the Sun---a son of the sun. And all of these are in the background of their ancient past. But they tell you about the fact that in that day the Eternal God, sent HIS own Administrator and he came and went, and his great hosts came from the stars and the solar systems above them. They talk about the great ships which came in from space and they called them the mighty boats from the sky.

This is also true of the Vedic writings out of India, as they tell us of the mighty ships out of space, and the coming and going of the messengers of the gods. And as they talk about these things, they refer to things in their ancient antiquity when there was no war and all of the world knew peace. But that was in the days before Lucifer decided to rebel against the Throne of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH. In the days when he thought to take over the whole Universe for himself. And more than that, the processes which he entertained were somewhat similar to an opposition to a Divine revelation. For in the ancient antiquities of ancient religions and out of the background of our own race, we are told about the day when the MOST HIGH and Lucifer and all of his company came and acknowledged the MOST HIGH AND there had been no rebellion. There had been nothing in all of the vastness of creation, to the farthermost point in the sidereal system, which would be the tiniest point of light in your eyes. And if you could stand there and look beyond, the endless horizons would still continue, in this vastness of the sidereal system.

And in that one day in antiquity so far back that men would hardly have the spiritual capacity to remember what was involved, it was said that in that day, Lucifer came before the MOST HIGH. And he and his minions stood there and they said, ‘what is this great announcement that we have been brought forth to hear?’ The Eternal said, ‘I am going to begat a household. I am going to have children, sons and daughters in the spirit. Celestial children, even as I.’ And Lucifer the first to answer said, ‘Will they be greater than I am?’ The ancient Vedic writings and the writings of Enoch and also in the ancient Zohar, said that the Eternal YAHWEH, the Eternal Father, the Creator of the Universe, the operator of all things said, ‘YES, THEY SHALL BE EVEN AS I. They shall be as I have been embodied in My creation, and can at will move what I want. So also shall I begat children of spirit, and I shall send them anywhere in My Universe to carry forward My bidding. They shall live in My creation and they shall be My family, My household, My offspring.’

Lucifer stalked out of this meeting and he said, ‘I do not think that I shall show this.’ And Lucifer left the presence of the MOST HIGH. But the ancient writings say that as he left the Presence of the MOST HIGH, he was heard to say, ‘I do not think that I will reveal this message.’ Of course, time as we now measure it, had no consideration, but in the antiquity of the races tell of children of the MOST HIGH GOD looking exactly like you. And in Corinthians, you are told that the man Christ Jesus, was the express image of the invisible God. You read that before HIM and by HIM, all things exist. That HE is the Almighty, the Author of the Universe, so also the physical body is in the image of the Celestial body. Thus, every one of you in this room tonight, was begotten by the Father as Celestial beings before this world was even created.

But in the vastness of Creation, we see the creations rolling forth on schedule, not hindered by the revolution of Lucifer or the revelation of God’s purpose. There is one thing about God---What ever HE does, HE does it forever. And what ever HE purposes to do, HE does not have to take counsel with anyone else, for HE says, ‘My counsel will stand.’ And therefore whatever HE ordained is good, for God being good, HE cannot do anything but good. And that which emerges from HIM is good. It is righteousness, and it is right in its truth. Therefore HE begat a people just like HIS own spiritual being, and they were seed of HIS Seed, life of HIS Life. And HE refers to them as such. That is why we have said before that the Apostle Paul referred to this transference from heaven to earth. And that is why the Apostle Paul would tell the Greeks, ‘We also are HIS offspring.’

There is nothing you could know tonight, in this auditorium, or anything that you can hear, that is mor important for you to understand than that you are the offspring of the MOST HIGH. That you are spiritually begotten by HIM and that the Celestial being is the will of thought, but it is also the elements of the substance of Light out of the Eternal being---the FATHER. You discover however in the first of God’s creation, and that those creations run thru out all the variations of time and necessity, that each and every thing which HE brought to pass---there was no particularly reason to hurry. You know that we would like to telescope everything into what we have been used to as three score years and ten. This is the light span or the occupation span in the earth. But if you existed thru out the eternities with the understanding and remembrance, then, my friends, you would not be in as much of a hurry as you are today. Because there is not any limit on time and we are not about to run out of it. Some think we are going to run out of time so we must compress everything into one small perimeter, and we are not going to have to compress it. But there is something that is running out. And there is coming a time for the running out of evil in the earth. And the scripture says, ‘Time shall be no longer.’ Why? There comes an hour when heaven itself announces that as far as the powers of darkness and the forces of evil are concerned, these who cause all the catastrophes and troubles in earth---THEIR TIME IS UP AND FOR THEM, TIME SHALL B E NO LONGER. Because this is the very design which has moved out of the mind of Lucifer, in his fallen condition as a rebellious Archangel. And the days of fallen creations and the ancient civilization of earth in which the earth and continents, and very few of what you would call large masses of water. It had waterways and great lakes and rivers and streams. But the oceans as we know them were subterranean. The great catastrophe is what brought down the continent in the Pacific and the continent n the Atlantic Ocean. With this catastrophe, the oceans made their appearance as the very foundations of the deep were discovered. Someone said, ‘But this cannot be.’ However, this is a geological fact known by many. In fact, the deep shelf of what we call the Pacific shelf is extended out over very deep water. Some of the deepest parts of the Pacific are right along our shore line. Out along Monterey, and up along the areas of Watsonville, the ocean runs back under the ground. And of course there are places where the ocean is actually washing back under the Sierra Madre. And you only have ribs and shelves upon which that land stands. So remember that there have been changes. And there have been conditions that have changed. In fact, the scripture tells us that there may be more geological upheavals for the great seas as we know them, may again disappear and take their proper places in subterranean waters. And of course, we do have great rivers. But there was a time when the earth was that way. And the ancient civilizations know what they talk about as the rise and fall of mountains---and that some of these ancient people actually survived. And they talk about these strange contortions of earth which happened in the past. But the thing we are interested in ----in this identification---there was a time when these civilizations had known Lucifer and at that time he was the Archangel of light, knowledge and truth. Nor were they quite ready to cope with this strange force when Lucifer had the absolute folly of thinking he could declare war against the MOST HIGH GOD.

Now, we know Lucifer as the name of ‘the anointed Cherub,’ the mighty Archangel. And today, you do not find the word Lucifer used except when it refers to him in the height of his being as an Archangel.

Now you know him as something else. You talk about him as Satan. And this word Satan, means to turn away or refuse to reflect the Light. The word Devil means to take another course. Even in Semantics you had all of these variations and patterns meaning to turn away, or to take another course, or to refuse to follow the course. And the word was Shaton from which the word Satan comes from means to refuse to reflect the light. The only think that arose in the thinking of Lucifer, was that if the MOST HIGH, the Eternal Father, the Creator of the Universe, had sons and daughters by HIS own Will and by HIS own premonition that they would become greater than he (Lucifer) was. And this hurt the pride within him and he would not reflect this to the areas of the creation over which he reigned. Then there came this evil thought in which Lucifer thought to wrest the control of the Universe and make himself greater than God.

Now, you say, ‘But this was a hard problem, so how would he go about it?’ Well, it took him a lot of years to figure out how he would go about it. One thing he knew was to see how many people he could gather out of the existing areas of space. He thought that by a strength of numbers that he might accomplish his objective. But all people in the cycle of error short circuit the laws of reason. They short circuit themselves with the facts or truths and they defeat themselves in the areas of what they are capable of doing. There is one area in which Lucifer has been defeating himself thru out all ages---this idea that eventually he could defeat God and get one solid beachhead and hold it. And he did hold one for a time. And the concept that he was going to conquer from this instead of subordinating it, is still one of the catastrophes, the error of thought, that comes from a mind that is short circuited from the knowledge and truth in the minds of the Eternal. That is the reason that this book tells us that a great Archangel rebelled and then he went out and started gathering people. But how are you going to move them. Then you realize to move them it would take the great ships of space that the ancients talked about. They knew that these ships of space would come in and land out on this continent of Mu and on the continent of Atlantas, from other planets from far out in space. We know this is true for those people talked about it. They talk about the ships of the sun and the ships of the moon. They talk about the coming and going of Divine people, and fighting angels from outer space. These old records are found in the ancient religions of earth.

I care not whether you take it from the Steppes of Asia or whether you find it in the writings of India. Or whether you pick it up from the traditions of the Mayans. Or whether you go back and find evidence of this in the writings of the Inca. These stories were based on the things which happened in the past, in which they had some respect. But there is no respect in my mind for the errors of pagan religions. I cannot support the error of the religion from Asia or from India, in their false concepts and their worship of the wrong God. But I recognize the background and history of those things that they believe and worshiped.

The reasons why they have these religions is because these pagan religions were set up by fallen archangels and their associates who proclaimed themselves as deity and held sway over territories of the earth. And they ruled over here as they had in the Milky Way system. Do you know that no one had ever heard of weapons before this? But the idea came into the mind of Lucifer that if they could make weapons, then they could use them and these weapons were axes, great battle axes. So they then make the javelin, and shields and bows and arrows, which would hurl sharp arrows. And all of this was all in the thoughts of Lucifer. He gathered people from the planets around him and actually convinced them that he was the mighty God, and that he was challenging the author of power for control of the Universe. Some of the people then went along with him. In fact, they did not have too much of a chance, for Lucifer had controlled this area of the Universe for so long and they had believed that he was the Light and the knowledge. And now they did not know that the Serpent had become the symbol of darkness.

But there was one catastrophe herein involved and it became also one of the catastrophes of earth. That was the design of Lucifer to mix the seed of his own household, or to establish a Satanic seed even as God had proclaimed that HE would have Celestial seed---sons and daughters---not recognizing that this was procreation of Eternal Spirit realm, in which the Celestial sons and daughters were of HIS own household. Lucifer started an intermingling with the seed of earth. The scripture says that he did not keep his first estate. And this was the first mongrelization in the Universe. The offspring were Lucifer’s own children whether in this planet or other wise. That is one of the things which transpired in earth and even involved some of the fallen Angels who were with him. In the course of this time then these Angels intermingled and established a seed who were mongrel offspring in earth. Some of them were giant in size. This is the reason why every ancient language and every ancient tradition speaks of giants in the earth. And this is also in the scriptures. You find this in the 6th chapter of Genesis or you can go to the city of Petra and see where giants of great size dwelt in that city. In fact, the average man had trouble stepping over the threshold of the door, because of the height of those buildings where the giants lived. Yes, there were giants in those days, and you are told about this in the 6th chapter of Genesis that when these fallen angels intermingled with the daughters of men, that there were giants in the land. Not having kept their first estate, their offspring were giants and this was true thru out the Universe. Some of these again, who became identified with the general size of the people they were associated with were referred to as the offspring of the MOST HIGH. But when the ships came in, according to the ancient Veda, they carried upon their sides the symbol of the great Serpent. And the people of ancient China say that when the ships of the gods of the air came in, they had the symbol of the great Dragon on them. And the Dragon has been the symbol of the worship of this symbol out of the ‘air’ ever since. And the upper Steppes of Asia has been tied to the Dragon worship even as the areas around India are tied to Serpent worship. Both of these related to the kingdom of Lucifer in his rebellion. And this is supported by the records we have in the scripture.

Let me point out again, and this will be repetitious to some, but it is most important. It is more realistic than you may realize. Here in the 12th chapter of Revelation when you master this chapter, we find that there was a war in the heavens, and Michael and his Angels, (and you can be most happy for Michael, because Michael is one of the most powerful symbols of Righteousness in the heavens.) He is not armed and in command of the space fleets of the MOST HIGH GOD. And if you don’t think that he had followers by the thousands, then read the writings of Daniel, for he saw them come forth as streaks of light thousands times ten thousands and thousands of thousands. So you have already squared a million times a million, and thousands after thousands. You say, ‘that is too many.’ But not when you consider that there are 126 trillion specks of light out there which you can see with the eye, which are actually the suns of your Father’s creation. So if you can create that many solar systems, they you can create the ships that are necessary to get around in once in a while. The fact remains, that the scriptures bear this out.

Now we are told that Michael and his Angels, defeated the Dragon in outer space. But the Dragon gathered up people with bodies like you have, but he gathered them up and then taught them war. And these were the first great fleets with weapons on them that could do damage. The only think that Lucifer could not do,---he could not cope with the great creative power of the Mighty YAHWEH. And also, he could not contend with the tremendous fleets under Michael. We are told that in the fleets of Michael, there were new and strange instruments in the prow of the ship. We are told in the writings of Enoch that lightening bolts went from them. And that whole ships of space disintegrated and fell apart. They seemed to dissolve in this strange fire.

Alright, my friends, there is nothing new under the sun, then all that you have to do is go back into the writings of Enoch and you see that Lucifer actually thought that as he made axes and spears, that he could go out and challenge God in HIS Universe. He met Michael with disintegrators on the front of his ships and they just dissolved whole areas of Lucifer’s fleet and dropped them like falling objects in space.

So you see, I am not one bit afraid that Khrushchev will get ahead of my Father. I am not a bit disturbed by them outmaneuvering the United States either, for God has always given the technicians of your race the knowledge and the vision to put together everything needed to defend us. There has always been a great power.

I point out to you that there was something significant in this fact that the Dragon, in hurling his hoards in this attempt, and using his fleets and his symbols. And you may say, ‘Well what does God say about this?’ God looked down with pity upon him and thought that he must bring this rebellious one back in the fold, even if it took 2000 or so years. Time was not important for Lucifer was not God. And in time, he will get down and bow the knee. You have often heard people say, ‘Oh, he will never do it.’ But the time is going to come when Lucifer, on his knees, will look into the face of the MOST HIGH and say, ‘Allah!’ He is going to acknowledge that this is the sovereign.

Let me tell you this. Michael wanted to wipe Lucifer and his hoards out, but God said, ‘no, you just whip him and defeat him and run him off into that one small corner of the Universe, this spot in the solar system, which we call Uranta, up here.’ So in this little tiny sphere in the Universe, then Lucifer now defeated, the star of the morning, was driven to earth and confined in this solar system, and all those who remained with him. And the Chinaman and the people who dwelt in the Steppes of Asia, these ancient people who now dwelt in earth, did not know or understand that this mighty Archangel who was once the symbol of knowledge and wisdom, and had now come to earth, was now against God and was here to create damage.

That is when mongrelization started in earth. And that is why some of the Egyptians migrated from the sinking lands of Atlantas as the volcanoes brought the great upheaval and the water ran into the centers and the tops of the mountains blew off. And a great continent was trapped and destroyed as the lave came out and mad the land uninhabitable. Thus, some of those people from Atlantas who worshiped the Great God called YAHWEH-Putah, at that time came in migration to the land of the Nile. Their leader was called Kufu. And that was but a title passed on from generation. It is one of the oldest words of antiquity. This was not the Greek name for a Pharaoh which was Cheops. This was the leader of this migration thousands of years before the time of Adam. They talk about crossing the great grass land of northern Africa and how they came from the land which went down beneath the waters. And if you go out from Europe to the Azores, then you are looking at a continent that went down beneath the waters. And the great scarfs of the lava flows for miles out from the high points of this land which is not beneath the waters. And all of this is a part of geological history. If it had always been a sub-continent there would not have been lava running for miles for lava cannot run under water. It just piles up and would finally come above the waters. But would not run out for miles.

Thus this rebellious Archangel had not quite understood how he would make war against the MOST HIGH. The only ones he could war against, then were the embodied creations. And we are told that there were great war fares in the heavens from planet to planet. But he was only fighting with people in the flesh. He had no way to hurl these weapons against people of spirit for you cannot hurt spirit even with fire. And this blows up the idea that some theologians try to tel you that as men die, their spirits are thrown into a fire they call Hell. But you can’t hurt a spirit with fire. You can’t hurt it with heat. This is just a superstition out of the Dark Ages which men tried to proclaim to bolster for their Priestcraft to fool men. But the knowledge of God is free. And it sets men free. It brings them into a relationship with their Father and lets them understand what HE is like, and what they are here for.

You know some have the idea that God is a very vengeful God. But that is just a lot of foolishness out of vengeful men. I want you to know that God punishes but no punishment is not corrective. The fact remains, that you are also the children of the MOST HIGH GOD. When begotten you were begotten with spirit and power. And you were to use this as you can to occupy the earth. You were to overthrow this Satanic kingdom and liberate the earth. You say, ‘Well suppose someone got killed in that fight?’ Well that is not too important, for they were not of this dimension to begin with.

Now, I point out to you that the kingdom of the Serpent was identified with all of these nations, even the secondary civilization of the Inca. But not before they had demonstrated that they had originally worshiped the creator of the sun. Not the sun as you know it as an orb, but the Spirit which was behind it which was greater. For they knew that the Eternal was a God of Light and the sun was HIS symbol. If you do not believe this is true, then turn over to the book of Malachi and the prophets who talked about the Winged Orb. And they said, ‘the Sun of righteousness will arise with healing in HIS Wings. And the Egyptians knew about this. They knew that your race was to come upon the earth. It had been prophesied to them even in the days when they were fleeing from the sunken continent which had been their home. They say that the day would come when the sons of YAHWEH would come and walk upon the earth. When they would grow up as men among them and they being the sons of God, would be the directors of knowledge and they would be the source in which God would speak to the people of Earth. Did you ever stop to think that God’s plan for the entire Earth is thru you? That Christ brought the whole world to redeem the treasure hidden in the field? Jesus said, ‘I did not come but for the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.’ HE was not talking about the Jews, because HE turned to them on Solomon’s porch and said, ‘Ye are not MY sheep, as I have said unto you.’

I want you to know that the sheep of HIS pasture are the family HE sent to build HIS Kingdom in Earth. They were to grow into nations which would spread out over the Earth, and have a spiritual center which was the great Ecclesia, or plan of god and today we call this the Church. This Church was the great spiritual center of God’s Kingdom and was to carry knowledge to the ends of the earth. They would roll back superstition and darkness. They would set men free. They were not going to support the world. They were going to show the world how to support themselves with righteousness.

We have a lot of these scriptures interpreted wrong today, and we have a lot of those who are working to help created this New World Order. For they think that they are building a New Frontier. But this comes out of the Serpents ideas as to how to stop God’s program. And they want to stop everything that has been created by you and distribute it all over the Earth and without spiritual adjustment, they turn power in their hands which you have not been willing to use. Then they have you subsidize them in your ignorance, by supporting them in that capacity.

There is never going to be a transition of the pagans in the Earth until they surrender their superstitions and turn to the Right God of Light, Knowledge, and Wisdom. You can’t pound it in like you get air out of a high pressure pump. There is no way you can beat down or force on these people, culture, knowledge, and wisdom, except by spiritual transition form the God of Wisdom, and Knowledge, who can force it into their being until they can begin to understand and to know and to turn to the right God. That is the Eternal program. But it does not make them your brothers or your sisters, or members of your family. But it makes them servants of your Father, to the Right God. And for this purpose, you were sent into Earth.

Someone said, ‘But they are then my brothers.’ No. Adamites are my brothers and are a part of my Father’s Kingdom. And also righteousness and grace shall speak for them in the hour of their manifestation if they are attached to the Right household.

I point out therefore, that the scripture tells us that Michael the Archangel defeated Lucifer the Archangel of the sky. I want you to note again what the scripture says about this. In talking about Michael the Prince and his mighty fleets many start to think about someone with ‘wings.’ There are a few of them who had wings, but those were mostly around the throne of the MOST HIGH, your Father. And there were also those who did not have wings. There were Angels of all kinds. There were also mentioned ‘ministering spirits.’ This sometimes means ‘ministering spirits in special plains. But there were thus also people who looked like you and they were called Angels. And also people of your own race called ‘ministering spirits, when in the dimension of spirit or when they come back out of it.

So we read these great words:-- ‘Michael and his hosts fought against the Dragon and his hosts and the Dragon and his hosts prevailed not; and there was no longer any place for them in the heavens. And they were thrown into this solar system. When you think of the solar system, you look out here and into the heavens and you see the planets. They look a long way off, and they are. We are having a time getting to the moon. But the fact remains, that the fight was in the heavens, and your solar system was now the battle ground.

Now, that one called the Dragon, the old Serpent, was cast out of the heavens and now would deceive the whole world. And he brought all of his hosts with him. Get this clear in your mind that he was a being, an entity. And he was cast out from the areas of the throne as the Serpent. And he had different forms if identity.

Now a voice speaks to your race out of the heavens saying:-- ‘Behold, now comes salvation and strength, thus the Kingdom of our God and the presence of our Christ, for the accuser of our brothers is cast down, when he sought to accuse us before God.’ Let us once again go back into the book of Genesis and we see that Adam was the son of God, and that Eve was taken out of Adam so that they would be one flesh. Thus Eternal YAHWEH had placed HIS own son and daughter in the Earth. HIS own Bara---HIS own offspring in the Earth.

In fact, the fall had already occurred in the other races placed in Earth. And the world had known many catastrophes and then a re-creation in all of its processes had been formed. And as far as that is concerned, there was a great antiquity involved in this process. In fact, today we have evidence of the Pre-Cambrian uplifts and that the earth goes back about two million years when all of the facts have been brought out. Anytime when you do down and bring up pottery or artifacts and test them for time, then we can establish these facts. And you realize that at that time, there were humans on the earth with enough intelligence to make pottery or many other things which are being found. And they found that there was an intelligence here such as we find today. Actually, they brought up bronze gears of some ancient civilization. So there was intelligence there to even cut gears.

So don’t think that every thing started with Adam, about 5400 years before Christ. And this removal of Adam from the Garden, occurred about 5400 to 5500 years before Christ. We can prove that by the records which relate to the White race as they moved from the upper Tarim Basin down to the Persian Gulf. We find artifacts dating 5400 years before Christ as the timing of the White race.

We can go back further than that and prove that the Negroes came in about 73,000 years ago, and that there was an intermingling of the people of earth with these Negroes. And the scripture says that the Serpent was more subtle than any other Beast, and some people think they are talking about animals. But those without spirit were classified as Beasts of the field. And their kingdoms were known as ‘Beast kingdoms.’ But you are supposed to act like gods because that is what you are. That is why you are to live by a higher power mentality. But a part of the strategy of the Serpent was to capture the minds of the Christians and get them to deny this. And this system is founded on the ownership of silver and gold, not on the program of God. The Serpent then holds the world in bondage and yet the White race was to remove this bondage. This is an area of cunning as the Serpent uses error for truth. And as minds are taking in this great promise of wealth, they sometimes get taken over and their true nature is buried. This design of world Communism is a demonic design. Its mysteries go back into distant philosophies and is headed by a strange priesthood of evil. It is for the manipulation of areas of governments in the areas in which they create their wealth, and the movement of their goods is then in-coined into silver and gold. The importance of this capture is one of the foremost designs of Lucifer’s kingdom in the earth today and it would keep them in bondage in the world today.

Of course, the Serpent operates out of a cunning which he thinks he has to do. And men’s minds have been taken up with the acquiring of substance until they become trapped by the knowledge put out by the World Order. Thus, this is one of the reasons that it is vitally important that every one of your race know these things which relates to you as a race and your place in the Mysteries of God and this:-- ‘Thus saith the LORD.’ Every day we are instructed not to leave off gathering ourselves together where the spiritual catalyst is better and focuses on the mind of the Father. And there is nothing more important for a child of God to know than who he is and what he is here for.

Today you have people worrying about the population explosion. But at one time, there were more people on the earth than there is today. I can take you across America and show you mile after mile of unpopulated land. You do not have to worry about population growth in your nation with all of your technology, were it not for this idea that the enemy would like to bring in all of those without this technology or spirit and have you absorb them. They cite these empty spaces as the reason why. But the empty Steppes of Asia are tremendous. If you were to travel across the Steppes of Asia, you may see a company of Mongols going by. But there are miles and miles of vacant land, not only here, but in the Steppes and even in China which is the most populated area in the world. That is why we tell you that this worry about over-population is an area in which they would have you surrender and let them take command of where you would live and prosper. The cities fall for this idea quicker than the country because they see so many people. And they live under this idea that the masses cannot survive in a situation with this much population. But that is just a part of Lucifer’s program.

First, Lucifer seduces Eve. He tells her that did she not know that they were all alone in the world and they better join the ruling class? He tells Eve what a wonderful person she is and then he tells Adam the same, and in fact, he was going to make ‘Rhodes Scholars’ out of Adam and Eve right from the beginning. He said, ‘Eve, don’t you know what you are here for? I will put you on the committee for foreign relations if you will just join the darkness.’ And she made a foreign relation alright, and so did Adam. Then God stepped into the picture. And Adam and Eve were hiding right in the Garden. And when God asked them why they were hiding, they said that they were naked. And HE asked them who told them that? Well, the Serpent told them. Now, my friends, that they had lost some clothes, but they had lost something. They had been clothed with a brightness of Light and a mantel of power, enveloped with Glory. And they had lost this enveloping Glory and mantel of power and they realized this.

Then the Father called to Lucifer and HE said, ‘This is my son and daughter. What have you done?’ Now, Lucifer might have rebelled and been thrown out of the Milky Way, but when the Eternal YAHWEH says ‘come,’ then Lucifer came. So the rebellious devil came walking up and then someone will tell you that he came crawling on the ground. But no, he wasn’t crawling on his belly. That symbol of the Serpent was embroidered in gold on his tunic. And he came into the presence of the Eternal, who said, ‘alright, I know what you have done. And I am now telling you that your seed and the seed of this woman are going to be in a constant battle from generation to generation, from now on. Thus, this is a battle between the seed of the woman and the seed of the Serpent. And you may make war against him and you may bruise his heel, but he will bruise your head. And the seed of this woman will in time crush your kingdom and it will be no more. You may have your Raphiam which dwell in the deep and you may have your mighty Leviathan which is the symbol of the Serpent power over the people who once dwelt where the waters now are, where once they spread out over the earth.’

Yes, you may have the mark of the Dragon and the mark of the Serpent, but I want to show you what God’s attitude is toward that system.

Over here in the book of Deuteronomy, as God unveiled great wisdom to Moses, remember there are few men in the world who had the experience that Moses had or the training which he had. He was not only educated in ancient Egypt, as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, but he had been taught in the temples of On, and had also been taught by his mother as to the great mysteries of his race. In the temples of Egypt, he walked as a son of a Pharaoh’s daughter, but the priesthood o Set and Soth always tried to come in. And a mixed multitude came along and they all tried to be a part of this Kingdom which his mother had taught him about. In Deuteronomy, Moses speaks out and he says, ‘look out for these people for they have a mark on them just like Cain. Their spot is of the children of a strange and unusual god. But our God is a God of Light, a God of Truth. But these people have corrupted themselves. Their mark is not the mark of God’s children. They are a perverse generation.

Now, Moses said, ‘You ask your father and your father’s father and they will tell you who produced these people. They are the children of Lucifer and they supply the vine of evil, the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah.’ I hope you understand what this means in the 32nd chapter of Deuteronomy. When he says, ‘Their rock is not as our ROCK, their god is not as our God. And their father is not as our Father.’ And Jesus said, ‘I am of My Father and you are of your father, and he is Lucifer.’

Now, this is what he said, ‘Their vine is the vine of Sodom, and you remember that this is the poison of the Asp, and the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Thus the vine of God is different from the vine of the enemy. HE says to Adam and Eve and their race-- ‘I am the vine and you are the offspring--and the fruit of this vine is LIFE.’ But the vine of Lucifer is the vine of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their grapes are the grapes of gall and their clusters are bitter. Their wine is the poison of the Dragon, and the bitter venom of the Asp.

Now, this may seem like a theological mystery, but a very practical one for you to understand. If you go thru the book of Jude, you will note that this one chapter precedes the book of Revelation. And it talks about these Angels who did not keep their first estate, or they went after an association with the strange people of earth. And God talks about how many of these had their spirits bound until an hour of judgement. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were some of the oldest cities in the earth, very evil cities. The words Sodom and Gomorrah mean the most utter evil of all times. And the record here is that the record of the fallen angelic hosts and the destroyed society of earth had produced a city of demonic power. And when Lot went down there,---he being a righteous man, he and his children and his wife,---then the Angel messengers went down to warn Lot these demonic beings wanted to do violence to them.

Now, today we know that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were the most depraved cities of all times. And that is why God destroyed them. Now, note that here in the book of Deuteronomy, in talking about the symbol of the Serpent, and these people whose ‘mark’ was not the mark of God’s people, and that they constantly make the children of God to error---this is the vine of Sodom and the fruit of Gomorrah, proving that the people today that make up the Serpent seed and the Serpent kingdom, are the mongrel offspring of Angelic hosts. And people of other races are mixed together with Satanic seed. So therefore, their vine is the poison of the Dragon and the venom of the Asp.

God said this is another which is sealed up in my mysteries. And now this is the separation of gods as HE says, ‘Even I, there is no god with ME. I can surely make alive, I can wound and I can heal, and I will bring this judgement upon mine enemies.’ But HE talks about this particular seed as being a catastrophe in the earth. And Jesus said, ‘Every plant my Father (Spirit) did not plant in earth, must be rooted up.’

Again, since the Bible interlocks so much, as Jesus looked at the false Pharisees, and looked at the Shama House, HE said, ‘I know who you are.’ And that makes very clear concerning them. As HE says, ‘Woe unto you false Pharisees and hypocrites because you built the tombs of the prophets. Oh, you say, ‘If we had lived in our father’s day, we would not have been partakers of the blood of the prophets.’ But you just bore witness that you are of them that killed the prophets.’ And then Jesus said, ‘You will now measure up and fill the measure of your father.’ And this was once an evil seed which goes from generation to generation. They measure up to the fullness of their father for there was no spiritual capacity here to react to God. What was here was sordid and fallen, and without spirit.

Now, God makes this statement:-- ‘You are the Serpent. Ye are the generation of the vipers. You are the descendants of this Satanic people. You are the offspring of Lucifer.’ And this is why God said, ‘You are of the Devil and I am of God.’ Someone said, ‘But is this hate?’ No, this is identification. You know that you do not have to hate some things, you can just detest some things without hating them. If you don’t like something that HE said, then just remember it has already been said, for HE said, ‘You are the generation of the Serpent and the Viper. How then can you escape?’ And Jesus went on to say, ‘Upon them is the responsibility of all of the blood of the righteous spilled upon the earth from righteous Abel to Zacharias between the horns of the Altar.’ Then Jesus said that all of the wars, all of the battles against Christianity, all of the struggles, all of the people murdered, massacred, and killed---you, offspring of the Serpent, persecuted them in your synagogues and from city to city. But upon you comes the guilt of all of the righteous slain from Abel to Zacharias. And then in the book of Revelation, then Jesus says to John that these people are guilty of all of the blood of the righteous people slain on the earth. We had W.W.I and W.W.II, depressions, catastrophes,---these people, the children of the Serpent, that I have identified, they are behind it all.

Some people say, ‘Oh, I don’t think they are quite that bad.’ But Jesus said, ‘BEHIND IT ALL.’ HE not only told you of what they have done, but they also boast of what they have done. I want to point out something to you. Jesus said that they were the generations of the Serpent and the Viper. The book of Revelation identifies them with the Serpent and the Dragon. Then in the 10th chapter of John, Jesus also identifies them with the Serpent and identifies them with Lucifer as his offspring, in the earth. And this is a fact.

Now, let’s go back to the 27th chapter of the book of Isaiah:-- ‘In that day saith YAHWEH, that YAHWEH with HIS own great and strong sword, shall punish the seed of the Serpent that comes out of the piercing Serpent---this Leviathan and the crooked Serpent--and HE shall destroy the Dragon that is among the people.’

Thus, we have this promise in Isaiah that HE is going to destroy the Serpent, this old Dragon. HE will destroy the symbol of Lucifer and his power form the midst of the earth.

Now, in the book of Joel, HE gives us a literal picture of how this is done. We have pointed out to you that these forces have waged war against you from empire to empire. They have waged war against Christian society ever since the day when Christ established HIS Church. And they have sought to join the Church to destroy it from the inside and they made a better gain that way. But we came on to the master plan of Lucifer once again, when they said that they must make the fallen strategy of Babylon to control the world which is:--We must make our control over money, over jewels, over finance of any kind, and of course, over the Christian civilization. They said, ‘if we can control their production, their society, we can sell them on our program and our goal and make them subservient to our plan.’

We have been talking about this plan of the Illuminati the last few days and about that plan---and the creation of the house of the Red Shield (Rothchild), and how from that day on, they worked together to gain control of the money systems of the earth. It has been a strange paradox, for we have colonized the ends of the earth, opened up this vast continent and built this great nation----but let the enemy control your money. And you suddenly found out that he had a master hold on your economy. We have mentioned in the past, that from the Rothchilds, to the Schiffs, to the Warburgs, that the Banking system of every Christian nation is controlled. And now the World Government out of this same Luciferian system, and now we have a World Banking system. They control all of the banking systems of the world. And they use their power to manage the economy of the world.

The best thing for America to do would be to declare an Independence Day from the United Nations and all of the other countries of the world. That would be a great day to look forward to. Then secondly, that we would anchor our money system to our production and put it in the hands of our Congress thru a National Constitution to handle that money where we have just weights and measures, and where it does not fluctuate by going up and then down every few days. And money will cease to be a commodity and cease to be an instrument of our wealth.

Now, listen. The Serpent controls. But one of the prophets---in this instance---(and we have mentioned him in your time, and it is impossible to overlook him in this hour because he has lived in one of the most unusual days of history. Today when the earth shakes, and when men have in their struggle, reached a point when they have developed in their science, the most destructive weapon man has ever known---we are talking a part what God put together--and we are releasing so much energy, that a whole mass of it becomes destructive. We are in a Nuclear Day. Someone said, ‘Don’t you think we should not have started testing?’ We should never have let the Russians do any testing. Oh, you say, ‘We can’t stop this without explosions.’ No--there will be some explosions, but I am going to cite this. You have more to worry about from the enemy on the inside than you do from bombs bursting out in the Pacific.

I am going to say this. In the day when there will be many signs in the heavens, when the earth quakes, we are told that in this day, in this time of great struggle, there have been parasites. He says that these parasites move against every phase of our body, or our nations body politics. He tells us that they have moved in like the caterpillar, the cankerworm, and the locust and the Palmerworm. These four insects destroy every part of the tree. They go into the seed. They eat the leaves. They bore into the roots, so every part of the tree is ruined. These parasites feed on you. But one thing the parasite never learns, is that when the tree falls down, they die too. What they do not understand is what one political expert said, ‘These parasites feed upon the body of a nation, and when the nation is destroyed, the body on which it feeds is destroyed. And it destroys a lot of them also.’ This happens all over. God Almighty said, ‘These parasites have taken away from you the things which were your blessings. And since they have done this, then this is what I am going to do. I am going to restore to you the years that the locust have eaten, the cankerworm, the Palmerworm, and the caterpillar---this great army of insects which have come against you.’ God said, ‘You are not only going to eat well, but you are going to praise the name of your God who has dealt wondrously with HIS people. It shall come to pass that I shall pour out My Spirit upon My sons and daughters, and your young men and your old men and they shall dream visions, and they shall be given to understand. They will be given the know how--upon my servants, upon my hand maidens, shall I pour out my spirit.’ It says this will be a day when the sun shall turn to darkness and the moon will look like blood. And it shall be in a day when a great pillar of fire shall rise up from the ground and with smoke, in the day of the Atom bomb, of nuclear weapons. This is the day.

Thus, in this day, God said, ‘I am going to destroy the Serpent in the Sea. I am going to destroy this symbol of the Serpent over you, and I am going to restore back to you everything you have lost.’ How? The way to do that is to destroy the power of the parasites which they hold on you, on this working economy. And then God plans to take this economy out of their hands. If this conspiracy lives on the power of this money, then God is going to take the money out of their hands. That era is very close. Everyday they are talking about crashing your money system from the Dow Jones Company and yesterdays and today’s paper, they are talking about this. What does it say? The uncertainty of the hour for the economy. The design is to liquidate all debts of all countries. And if they turn this on you, it will enslave the nation that has produced more and given more to the world than anyone else. Thus instead of waging a war half way around the world, you are waging a war against a power in your own midst. This could be straightened out tomorrow by the people backed by their Congress TAKING THE MONEY POWER BACK IN THEIR HANDS. The greatest exodus ever seen in the world would take place the moment that they could not live as parasites on you.

You say, ‘where would they go?’ This is not too important, for there are not many places where could go that they would not have to work for a living and that would be different---serpent power.

I want you to know that you do not go down here to that synagogue to see that Serpent woven on the window, you just look up the names of these International Bankers we have been talking about, and you will know that for the Christian world to be free it has to break the back of this world usury system by which they make a profit. This is the system which produces the catastrophes of earth with men expendable, and now designs to rule the world by a super World Government by this process. As we have said before, the New Frontier has used strong military power to protect this system until the whole world turns Socialist. Thus keep them apart until you make America a Socialist society out of the Asiatic area as well. And then let them all grow together and then there will not be anything to fight about.

Well, the super Socialists died a few years ago. Remember Mr. Meyers? Well, he is the man who said we will bring done the United States and make it a Socialist nation. Remember he said that we will pull down the flag of the United States and stamp on it and spit on it. Mr. Meyers, the political science professor of Columbia University, should have been run out of America years ago for his conspiracy of evil. The fact remains, that he can say anything he thinks and will not even have to defend himself. Anyhow, this man was on the air and they turned the floor over to him. And Mr. Schlessinger was also up there at the forum. So Mr. Meyers said, ‘We understand today that Socialism is a benevolent program for redistributing wealth, and for solving problems of the world, and it is not necessarily something wrong, but a political policy.’ And Mr. Schlessinger said, ‘This is true, there is nothing evil about Socialism. It is just a way to get something done, which we someday, will probably have to try.’ Mr. Schlessinger is the President’s advisor.

It is rather significant, but we find that this whole strategy is tied into this one thing----that you must surrender control of your finances to these boys. Even the President wants you to surrender the policy making power into his hands. They want to determine whether your factories close or whether they remain open, or whether these men make a profit. Your deliverance then, is to head off this serpent and take this power back for yourselves and do not give it to anyone. You would be better off with a barter system than under Babylon. God Almighty has sworn that by HIS Holy Sword, that HE will behead this power of the Serpent.

(End of sermon)