Devil's Hand In Your Pocket, 6-26-63


by Dr. Wesley A. Swif - 6-26-63

In the 28th chapter of Ezekiel, Ezekiel goes down to the king of Tyre and he says. ‘Thus saith YAHWEH . . . 'thus because thy heart is lifted up and thou hast said ‘I am a God, I sit in the seat of God in the midst of the seas’ . . . thou art but a man, and I shall bring thee down. Every precious stone was thy covering . . . thou was in the Garden of Eden and thy covering was with the jasper and the topaz . . . thou wast the anointed Cherub that covered---and we now discover that---'Thy iniquity hath been found in thee. Thou hath defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thy evil. Thou hast been cast down and thou has profaned the mountain of God. Therefore, ye shall be destroyed from the midst of these areas of thy power. Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty. But they shall know thee among the people, and they shall be astonished at thee, and never shalt thou be anymore. Thou shall be a terror, but shall be a terror no more.’

Well it seems a strange thing that this incarnate body, this embodied Lucifer ruling in this particular instance as the king of Tyre. But he was brought down and the prophecies were fulfilled against this king. But of course, this did not end the embodiment of Lucifer nor of his household, or his operations. But it is an identification of the fact that he refused to acknowledge the House of God, and acknowledged himself above all that was to be exalted, had been satisfied with gold, silver, and bobbies when he had the whole universe at his disposal.

Let’s turn then from this book of Ezekiel to the book of Isaiah. And here in the 14th chapter, I read again: ... 'How art thou fallen out of the heavens, oh, Lucifer, thou Son of the Morning? How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations? For thou hast said, ‘I will ascend into the heavens, and I will exalt my throne above the Stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like unto the MOST HIGH.’ . . . Yet ye shall be brought down to the grave and the sides of the pit. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, ‘is this the man that made the earth to tremble and that did shake the kingdom? Is this the man that hath destroyed the cities and set no man free?’

You see the catastrophes that wiped out cities and caused continents to sink as the twisted forces were released in Lucifer's rebellion. The archaeologists of today and the student of migrations from impacting struggles, find that Lucifer the destroyer, conspired in the midst of his struggles and attainments. Whole areas of the earth suffered because of this. Whole cities gone. And wilderness springing up where once civilizations existed. His design has brought upon the earth much catastrophe. And if he were to have his way, he would eliminate all opposition if he could not successfully rule it. We point out again . . . Lucifer, ‘son of the morning how art thou fallen.' We point out again, that Lucifer who had been defeated in the heavens, was still prince of this world order having once been prince in the Milky Way and over all of the solar systems in that area. Then we find in that hour when God walked the earth in the body of the man Christ Jesus, that Lucifer designed in those policies he had been practicing in earth in those thousands of years work, that they would work in this case. You see, Lucifer and his children have a little principal . . . one that Anchel Meyer used so many times. ‘We have no god but gold; our savior is a bribe.’ But can you imagine a Jew who would try to buy Jesus? Well, Lucifer, we are told, over in the book of John, as well as in the book of Matthew, indicates his design and the subservience of Christ. In the fourth chapter of Matthew, we read that Jesus had just answered Lucifer who had appeared before Him, and said, 'Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.’ Recognizing his authority and telling him that he was a subordinate under HIM. But Lucifer did not quit, for Lucifer said unto Christ, ‘I will show you the world from a high mountain.’ And taking Him into a high mountain, he showed Him all of the high mountains of the world order, all of their glory, their power and all of their riches. And then Lucifer said, ‘All of this will I give you if you will fall down and worship me. Here is the price. I have never offered this to anyone before. This is the biggest price I have ever paid in money. But now Jesus, this is how I will pay you. I will give you power, riches, and earth security. I will let you avoid the cross if you will take this prize.

Jesus said, ‘It is written, that thou shalt worship the LORD thy God and HIM only, thou shalt serve.’ And the devil left HIM in great anger. I point out to you that the offspring of Lucifer have always conducted themselves in a manner to further the cause of their father’s kingdom. Their days in antiquity operated around the illusion and sometimes . . . and seemingly . . . the established policy of world people that if they would gather the things which they could create false values around and gather the trinkets and babbles which would confuse the people, that they could buy and sell men. That if they could gain control of what they used to produce the goods that they used, they could gain control and dominate society. In other words, money was their goal and this word comes from Moneka. But actually, we use the word money today. But money can be of value for only what it represents, and sometimes it does not have as much money as people think it has because it is artificially created. We find over in the admonition given to Timothy by the Apostle Paul, who cites to him, 'The love of money is the root of all evil.' And he tells how people who covet it, destroy their lives, their hopes and their aspirations by going after a false pattern and a false evaluation.

Now don't go out of here and say that money is evil. Money is not evil. But when men love this acquisition of false value above the value of human life, the standards and the program of God's Kingdom which is the basis of their standard and their lives, then, my friends, it becomes a great destroying force turned loose in their society. God has promised that those who seek first the Kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, that all of these things shall be added unto them according to their initiative and their application; that HE would supply them with the bounty of earth, and that there is no-good thing in earth which God would keep from you. There is no special blessing being left on poverty. Nor has God ordained that people should walk in any substandard as a pattern of holiness. I want you to know that there is no condemnation on the acquisition of wealth as long as stewardship goes with it. I want you to know that God may bless any prosperity of HIS people, and HE has promised to do this as long as they are in adjustment with HIM. HE can also let them reap the judgment of the Luciferian forces who move in this area when they get out of line. I point out to you that the identify of forces that have been against Christianity is quite simple. We well know that the Jews were the enemies of Christ. We also know that they dominated Babylon. I am not talking about Judah and Benjamin. I am talking about the masters of ancient Babylon. I point out to you that when Christ was talking to the Jews on Solomon's porch, HE said they were not HIS Sheep. Then they sought to kill HIM because HE had identified them as not being the real Israel. Because HIS Sheep were the people who followed HIM and who made up the great nations which today are Western Civilization. But HE said to them that --'you are not my sheep.' But HE did identify them in one may for HE said --'you are the children of the prophet killers.’ They said, ‘if we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have killed the prophets.’ And Jesus then said, "You have now identified yours selves as being the children of the prophet killers."----Going back to the story in Matthew, HE said, ‘You are guilty of the blood of all of the righteous from Abel to Zacharias killed between the horns of the altar.’

Now Jesus had identified them as the offspring of this fallen Lucifer who did not keep his first estate; that they were like their father, and they would think like their father, and would act like he did. And so they have thru out all periods of time. The master symbol of Luciferian politics is Mystery Babylon. Christ identifies both Luciferianism and Jewry with Mystery Babylon. The people who lack this spirit are classified in the scripture as the Beast and the Beast System. The children of the Kingdom are those who move by spirit and are activated by guidance. And thus the scriptures refer to the Beast System and also to the head of this Beast System as the supreme Beast, as the Luciferian embodiment of all evil. That this conspiracy would seek to control all economy and reduce everybody to a point of slavery. That the chief principal that he would apply against the children of God, would be that he would move into the areas to control their economy. They would move into the economy of nations and wrap up the markets until no man could buy or sell until they took the mark of their control. And I tell you that you, here at the end of the age, are faced with the challenge of the anti-Christ Beast System, with the children of the beast system moving into the political and economic field until today the monetary systems of the world are in the hands of inassimilable Jewry. So I point out to you also that lest you think when I challenge Mystery Babylon with this position that this is an extreme position, then, my friends, I want you to know that this is the position of the ‘extreme right.’ But it is also the position of Jesus Christ. For Jesus, talking about Mystery Babylon and its control in merchandise and over the nations of the world and their economy, and over gold and silver and Jewels and over every other industry, and how they have defrauded and how they have brought havoc upon the earth and how they have manipulated.

And I charge tonight that this Mystery Babylon has been behind every depression and behind every war that you were ever percipient in. They buy and sell your sons for the energizing of their own wealth.

We read these words now as God talks about the final judgment which comes on Mystery Babylon and on the International Bankers who have defrauded you. HE tells you so that you may recognize them as 'thy merchants.' These are the merchants of the earth. If I was to start to name some of them of Los Angeles, it would sound like a Jewish dictionary. If I was to name for you the names of the heads of the World Monetary fund, of International finance, and of the United Nations, the powers . . . that behind the scenes would dominate all of these things . . . then it would again, sound like a Jewish dictionary.

Listen. Jesus said these were the merchants. Some thought they were the great men of earth. But by their sorcery, they deceived all of the nations, united or not. And in this Mystery Babylon is found all of the blood of all of the prophets, of all of the leading offspring of God that have been slain upon the earth.

Now I want to make this clear. Jesus said that the Jews are responsible for this. And in the book of Revelation, HE said that the masters of the worlds economic systems and the merchants of earth, and the manipulators of the worlds economy are responsible for it. So since Christ made this statement concerning their Jew responsibility for this under two occasions, then it is quite obvious that the control of the world's economic system, and over the world order and world economy is Mystery Jewry. And as Jesus identified them in Matthew, they are one and the same. They could not be two different entities and be both guilty of all of the blood of all of the righteous and all of the Saints of God, so they have to be one and the same. I don't think you have to go very far to learn that the Rothchilds and the Jacob Shiffs have been manipulating the economy of free nations for some time. In fact, one of the most sinister monsters to be brought into the economic field of one of God's nations---your nation---was the manipulations of the Federal Reserve System and the International Bank systems. This is Jew manipulation of these systems in the world. Yet today, all by Jewry. We point out to you that when Amschel Meyer was setting up his house of the Red Shield in the heart of Europe, he said, ‘Give us the power to set up and coin the money and print the money of the world and we do not care who makes its laws, for there is no justice that will not fall before it.’ And we think of those words of the prophet Habakkuk who tells us that evil and iniquity has surrounded the righteous and they have fought for justice for the earth.

I turn in this description again in this pattern of evil, and point out to you that its design is economic control over the earth until it can bring them to their knees, make them subordinate to their political capacities, and in no area give any quarter until people surrender unto their design. This manipulation and this creation of false standards is the policy by which they operate. The Kingdom of God establishes just weights and measures which remain unchanged in value thru out the years so that this grip on savings put together thru out the years shall not be destroyed. There is one thing which scripture refers to as the most deceitful and most evil practice against society, and this is the devaluing of that which men have stored and saved for their security and for their old age, and for their posterity. But this is the way Mystery Babylon operates.

Now I point out to you tonight, that world communism was financed by Kuhn Loeb and Company, Jacob Schiff and the Warburgs. They not only financed the Red Revolution backing Karl Marx's philosophy, but they set up the money and help acquire the money and stirred up the peasantry that they wanted to control. And out of their ghettoes, they moved to overthrow the Czar of Russia. No great idealism was involved in this, for it was to capture manpower and gain control of banks for the conquest of Christianity . . . an economy program to gather the man power of Asia to hurl it against Christian civilization. As we have said before, Jesus identified this as the eighth and final plague that came out of the seventh, which was the rise of Genghis Khan which occurred under Jewish conspiracy.

And from this time then came this last great thrust at Christianity with its world conspiracy, this economic and political manipulation under the hands of Lucifer's household. When I tell you that the devil has his hand in your pocket, I can tell you without any fear of being challenged with the scripture. For the scripture positively identifies Jews of every specie and kind. For there are black ones, red one, yellow ones. Jews of every kind identified by their inassimilable qualities sowed among these people world wide by Lucifer. But the scriptures clearly cites that these people are the offspring of Lucifer. And Jesus had one of them among HIS disciples and HE said he was a devil.

I tell you that when Jewry walks the earth, you are witnessing the posterity of Lucifer. And this is the devil with his hand in your pocket. And the ‘red hand’ of Jewry finances and directs the great socialist and economic conspiracy against you, and does it at your expense. Don't by any imagination, see the Jews as producers. They are not creators of wealth. They are the cunning devised design to exploit that wealth. I point out to you, that Christ identifies them as the parasites of time. And like a piece of vine-wood, they are good for nothing. They are parasites upon the tree of the forest.

I point out tonight, that within this peculiar policy which we have watched transpire, that these false gold buyers, without moving their gold, learned to capture the gold market of Europe. And eventually the whole business of Europe was being done on letters of credit which were extended. And in the house of Rothchild boasted that all of the business of Europe was being done on lines of credit. But on non existent money. And they were taking out the gold and putting it in their lockers and people were told that they had all of this wealth, but these people were moving on it. So they had cunningly devised by fraud, a way to take a bite out of everything produced, and to take a bite out of gold thru out Europe. Just as they joined the church at one time, so as to destroy its doctrine. Still they had no faith in Christianity and were called Marranos by the Spanish. This word means swine. And that is really downgrading the hog.

I have little value in my book of evaluations, for any specie who could sell God after witnessing HIS miracles and heard the words which came from HIS mouth . . . sell HIM for a few pieces of silver. I point out to you that in their capture of the monetary system of our country, they did this because they has subtly fooled Congress and the people. For this great nation had certain areas of protection if they had been followed out with responsibility and it would have protected this nation from becoming a victim to this satanic design. Within this strategy, remember that Congress was to establish the value of our money and to coin it. And we were to have a just set of weights and measures, and the only constitutional procedure for this was to have a United States Bank controlled by Congress for these United States. But from the beginning we were defrauded by the manipulation of Jewish intrigue which had defrauded the bringing in of the necessary substance by Benjamin Franklin at the climax of our revolution to assist the United States. He was bringing sufficient substance for our needs, but the Jews beat him to it. They set up a delay and did not let his ship sail until they had bound America up in a tremendous usury loan out of the house of Rothchild and out of Hyman Solomon and his treasury in America, with the assistance of Samuel Morrison's manipulation. We point out to you that along with that design, we have never paid off that debt. We could have paid it off with the flip of the wrist with American industry, but they had an option that they could refuse to take any of the principal, or that they could refuse it and only take a certain amount of interest. This was their design. The Warburgs today still have more money coming to them than was loaned to us as a nation after the Revolutionary War, at that one time. But this shouldn't worry the Warburgs because the Warburgs control more gold and more money than is in any banking institution today. The marriage connection is the only connection that lets the Rothchilds sit in on the Warburg front. So their power is unprecedented. And France today, is in the hands of the Rothchilds. And Mr. DeGaul happens to be of influence because of the hands of and purchase of this man at an earlier time. He continues to take orders from them. And it is thru the hands of this man that the Rothchilds control the finances of France. I can tell you this. They plan on making a communist nation out of France and linking it with the Soviet Union. This is from De Gaul. (Quote and unquote)

This design to get you involved with the Common Market was the final design to get power to control tariffs out of the hands of the Congress of the United States so that your economy and your industry would fall into their ability to manipulate. And one of the wonders today under this peculiar family we have in the White House, we have watched the pressure break down under the leaders of our Congress. And finally we have taken it right out of the hands of the Congress . . . this power to manage our tariffs. And in this instance, Congress passed into the hands of the Beast System one of the most deadly practices of all. Then the most unique system you face today is involved in the whole world market system and the design is to bring down America and subordinate it completely to the socialist pattern. You might say, that we had ample currency because of our wealth, and our minds which were operating sufficiently. We were producing silver, and silver and gold were coined. And at that time, it had value. Yes, at one time you had a hard currency. Someone said, ‘Don't you think that a gold standard with plenty of gold and silver is all that is necessary for a sound economy?’ Not necessarily so. Because as you set gold and silver as a standard, you impute a certain standard to that piece of gold and silver. And if everyone accepts that it has this much value, then it will remove much of the goods. Actually, if all of the gold and silver in the world was in circulation it would not be enough to move all of the goods that need to be moved. So there would never be enough gold and silver released as far as the present demands on production are concerned to move the world’s goods. On the other hand, if you have a sound economy and you are a free people, the right to have gold and silver is the right to survive. And you find that it is the equivalent to your right to buy corn, or beans or potatoes. Government in a free society has no right to deny you the right to purchase anything you want. And if they want to peg it with a permanent value, this is also in a legal position and in approval of the scriptures. Actually a great pile of gold has some effect upon man. He looks upon gold and he likes it, and would like to know that he has some of it. But you know it is the most worthless of almost any thing else. You can't eat it. Oh, you can trade it for food and cars and things like that. And sometimes, people will sacrifice everything they have to obtain some of it.

Thus, let us recognize that gold has been used in the earlier colonial days, and has been used all over the world because of its scarcity and because of its enduring qualities . . . and because it does not rust or oxidize. Therefore, it is something that lasts. It has, since the days of Lucifer, been some of the most powerful assets of earth. Men have been buying and selling nations in order to have some of it given to them by their nations.

We turn tonight, in this nation to the fact that we have taken every dollar and evaluated it in gold. And once there was 20.67 of gold in a dollar and then it was slightly marked down. Then came the days of the 'New Deal' with Mr. Roosevelt. And we were told that we had a cure all for our scarcity of money. That we were now going to devaluate the dollar and now it would take 35 paper dollars to buy one gold ounce. But look how much money we would have, how much debt we would have paid off because we would have just that many more dollars. So all we had to do was to print more paper and we would be more prosperous. But gold as the asset meant that we had just as much money as before. However, we were in the midst of a great depression, which had been one of manipulation. This depression had been brought on by the manipulation of the stock market and the drawing on the Federal Reserve and the withdrawing of credit from a whole lot of businesses which operated on credit. When the money was suddenly withdrawn out from under industry, then men were let out of work and people had no employment, purchasing power went down and stocks were permitted to go down. Then these stocks were gathered up by our ‘merchants' financed by the Rothchilds and Warburgs and the Morganthals who picked up most of the pieces of America's broken stock market. They gave you the depression and then they gave you the ‘savior’ to take you out of it. And when they gave you ‘the Hyde Park wonder’ and FDR was elected as President, it was already decided as to who would have what jobs. Do you remember old Dr. Werth who testified before the Congress and they laughed him out of order? But he testified that he had attended a conference wherein he had heard it discussed as to who would get the job of Secretary of Labor and who would be the Treasure. And every one of these Jews named, finally got their job as agreed on. Madam Perkins got the job of Secretary of Labor, and you found Morganthal as Secretary of the Treasury. Then we got Frankfrueter on the Supreme Court bench, and all of the rest of those named in their areas of power.

I want you to know that the emergency portfolios which were passed into the hands of the President which was being pushed by Congress, were portfolios which we have never gotten back. They were portfolios for the handling of your money and for the manipulation of your society. With it came curbs upon your free economy and upon your ability to plow and to plant. And this came to the point where they controlled your production. But now they had their hands in the pockets of every farmer whereas now they were starting the policy of taxes, altho they seemed small at that time. You could not buy nor sell under that

Blue Eagle of the NRA without their permission. And now they had gained manipulation ability over your right to do business. The Supreme Court of that day saw the evil in that thing, so they threw it out. And then that raving maniac in the White House said, ‘If the court says it is un-Constitutional to do what I have decided to do, I will change the court.’ And this he proceeded to do. And they have not put many men on that Supreme Court worthy enough to run a business on any level. For if we deal with the honesty of documents and the intent for constitutional provisions to retain its values for you, the Supreme Court which you now have, and have had, has been taking away these rights from you. And they have not sought to give you a decision based on the Constitution, but to reinterpret it according to their own pattern of revolution.

Now let’s take a look at where you stand. When you were tricked into W.W. II, the reason why, was that when you were in Central Europe, a people tired of their Jewish masters in every area of control, both in their economy, and running and controlling the vise, the gangs and the evil, finally they decided to support anyone who would get the Jew off their backs. When they suggested an economic system not controlled by the money changers that would be backed by production without interest had to be destroyed . . . now listen . . . eventually the people passed such a system from the Reichstag on down to the people eventually elected who hated everything which belonged to a government which could no longer control the areas of economy. Some of them rushed in making a mistake like the Warburgs, thinking to buy some security in this new government, ‘for if we can buy a little here and there it will be of value to us because we are going to lose the control of this economy . . . so let’s get in as a partial financier of the Reich.’ But this did not do Mr. Warburg a bit of good.

Someone said, ‘It was not quite cricket for the Nazis to take any of the Warburgs money then suddenly cut him off from all of the profits.’ Let me tell you something, my friends. When you go out of Egypt, you pick up everything which is owed to you, pick up everything they defrauded from you. And when you scrape the chattel, you scrape them well. For I tell you that you have been plundered by Jewry and Jewry has conspired against your civilization. And if you can eliminate this power and then confiscate that money . . . do not ever pause.

Remember again the words of Martin Luther who called on the Princes of Germany, having discovered the part which all Jewry played in destroying civilization, and how they split the spoils as they opened the gates of cities and identified the loot to the hoards of the Khan and the Mongols. It was none other than Martin Luther who said, ‘Oh, Princes of Germany, help us to eliminate from our land and these Christian shores, this evil. We urge that their homes be burned and their synagogues be burned and their money confiscated which they have stolen, and given to charity.’ This was Martin Luther.

Now do not say this is what we advocate here in these United States. This was Martin Luther, talking way back there when he was head of the Lutheran Church and faced with this conspiracy of the joint action of Jewry and the Turko-Mongols against Christians. The one great mistake made so many times in the past . . . they were just driven out.

I turn tonight to the depth and to the gravity of what has transpired. The moment that Jewry wanted to destroy that part of the economic world that they could not destroy, they precipitated their influence over the people in authority and in government to control and to involve you in an immediate war. Remember, that Mr. Roosevelt got you into W.W. II to please Mr. Morganthal. And he admits it. If anyone wants to talk about the wonderful Mr. Morganthal, I have a copy in my library and another one in a vault, of the Morguanthal Plan. And if evil was ever put in one book, this is it.

And when we had goaded the Japanese into an attack of war, we would not even defend our own boys, but kept the officers in ignorance of the coming attack which was known to Roosevelt and his gang in order to have a big war. And when this attack came, we could then declare war on Germany as well as Japan, because it was Germany that the Jews wanted to destroy. We tonight, have no grief with the political system of Germany or any other country outside of these United States. But we understand quite clearly tonight why the Jews want to destroy. It is because they saw a re-adoption of this economy that would eliminate their control over the money systems of the world. Another interesting treaty which I have concerning the money system was that we never adopted the money system of the United States, because the Jews never let you have it.

In the days when we reevaluate currency, in the days of the Roosevelt Administration, we robbed every citizen of the United States of a large part of the purchasing power of his dollar in relationship of 25 to 30% of the ounce of gold, since the ounce of gold was being divided into smaller amounts and since the gold was devaluated in the amount that it represented. But then the enemy who wanted gold . . . and he wanted all of it because this was the policy by which he operated the world, wanted you to lose all of yours. So remember that now, you as an American citizen could not have gold. But anyone outside of the United States could take an American dollar and get gold for it. So American gold was going out, but you, an American citizen, could not have it. In the mastermind plan was the design to eventually drain as much gold out of America. Thus W.W. II was in this plan, where American gold was going to be used as the backing of a war which the Jew wanted fought. Of course, when we are in a war, right or wrong, our nation must win when the lives and the forces of this nations are involved. When you came out of W.W.II, you had more gold than any nation in the world. We had the gold which was sent to us from nations in Europe for safe keeping. We had in our treasury piles of gold marked out as gold from many nations. And by some strange circumstance, all of the gold of Europe happened to fall on your side of the iron curtain. And it was not where you thought it was. You see, the Internationalist manipulators had designed that Russia should end up with the loot of Europe. They thought they knew where it was and they were wrong. They had not drawn their lines as close as they thought they had. And one of the things which brought the speedy end of FDR, while his picture was being painted by two Russian spies, was that he had finally turned on his Russian compatriots, was the incident when they demanded this gold. He said, ‘no.’ When they threatened to expose the arrangements and the deals he said, 'Go ahead.’ The difference between Mr. Roosevelt and Mr. Kennedy, was that FDR thought he could stand up to Russia, and he could . . . But they killed him.

At the climax of the war, the Anti-Christ thought that the nations were now sufficiently weakened so that now they could bring about their great hope under the false offer of Peace. But the false peace offered you what was to be the final solution of all things and this the final surrender of all nations. So then came the pressure of the Peace branches and they formed women’s clubs. They moved thru all kinds of organizations in political life. And my, these wolves looked like little sheep with all of them were carrying a palm branch. But when they got together every night in their caves, they growled and planned how by their design, they were to take over the world in the name of ‘peace’ by building a great world of security of the gold and the silver and the treasures of the world.

So I tell you tonight, that this Peace organization has sought to gain control of all of the economy of the world and direct all of the movement of its raw materials, and also to relocate all of the people of the world like great floating masses upon the seas.

I tell you tonight, that the control of the United Nations is Jewish. I have government material and I have other information to support the fact that the Russians . . . the Communist . . . control almost every echelon of the United Nations. And I have reports from the State Department and members in it to support this that the areas which control it are almost always Jewish. That the expensive task of taking over the world program would be supported by over 50% by you. I want you to know that if it was not for you, this great Christian nation, your enemy, the United Nations, and the whole one world system, would go bankrupt. The harassing of nations, the rape of the Congo, the assault against the free world which is being conducted so skillfully by this Red operation is financed by you.

Yes, Satan has his hand in your pocket. One of the most deadly air forces in Europe is in Yugoslavia. They have the support of the air planes given by you and the support of their economy given by you. And then they told Mr. Khrushev that when the war starts, we will fly with the Red Army and we will liquidate these fools who gave us these planes. If you want to know who paid for the weapons being used against you in Laos and Vietnam? ...YOU PAID FOR THEM. First you put them in and then you recognize the neutral areas of the country and then whole areas of arms were transferred and confiscated. And tonight, you are being shot at in Laos and Vietnam by some of your own weapons. The money you used to finance a divided society under their plan helped to create the power and the influence that was used against the people who wanted to be free from Communism in these areas.

It is rather a significant thing that your administrations under Mystery Babylon and Luciferian advisors, that you confiscated factories and areas of industry, and moved it over to Soviet Russia during W.W. II. You confiscated the Ford Tire Factory and rubber companies and you confiscated from other people. You subsidized Soviet Russia as supposedly an allied power. Then during that time when Russia attacked little Finland and you promised that you would do something for this wonderful little country, the international money changers put the pressure on. Then Russia said, ‘Germany is helping little Finland, so you have to attack little Finland as being in the wrong place.’ The Morguanthals saw that little Finland fell to Soviet Russia. And later, Eisenhower would also admit that it was from Morguanthal, that he took any advice in this matter.

Let me point out to you that in this instance, the Soviet Union only grew in strength on your money. But Communism also grew on your building their assembly lines and sending over your own factories. And at your expense, sending over your experts to teach them how to run them. This was a ‘four point program’ to teach them how to make the assembly lines, how to make the weapons which they would then use against you. In fact, this has continued under the Marshall Plan. Engineers who I know, and some who have graduated in the fields of metallurgy out of some of the finest instructions in America, were sent over to Russia to help plan and to build the Metallurgy field for the making of weapons. One thing which comes to mind, was that the instructors were sent over to Russia to help them learn to build better steel plates for their submarines. And now tonight, on the high seas, these submarines threaten you.

Castro’s Communism? You subsidized it. And you continue to subsidize it. In fact, right now, my friends, you continue to supply and support the spreading of the Opium fields of Cuba to be used in the drug traffic against you. You put up the money and your Congress has supported by the seizing of these areas of finance and the allotting of them thru the United Nations. Anytime you approve of any subsidizing of the United Nations, you are subsidizing the enemy. One thing that you have just done to keep Satan’s hand in your pocket, is that you have just subsidized an education program in Cuba in training all of the rest of the Cubans on how to be Communists. The money is being spent on Russian technicians, Russian engineers, and Russian instructors to teach the Cubans. We talk about the strategy of the enemy and we see how he functions as the expenditures become larger and the world bank has the right to re-manipulate and reevaluate the currency of the world. From the days of FDR on, the design was to make you socially conscious that you were guilty of the poverty of the world. They would give the 'have nations' the idea that they were responsible for the 'have not' nations, because they had not divided up everything that they had produced with these underdeveloped people. So they started this program of foreign aide, for we must assist all of these other areas. We must cut down their forests and extend their fields. We must sow their cotton and their wheat. We must build up all kinds of industry for them. And then to show them that our hearts are on the right side, we must buy all of these things which they produced and shut down our factories and devaluate the selling value of our farms.

Oh, you say, ‘But we didn't do it.’ ---But we did do it. When I tell you that Jewish manipulation took away a large part of the farm markets of America, then they piled up the surpluses because you were buying goods from people unto whom you had given the money and provided the process for the production of the goods. Then they charged you for the storage of your surpluses created by this process. I tell you that you have subsidized the areas of mining in all areas of the earth. And at the present time, the Tungsten industry and the gold industry and every area of mining in America, is now paying the price of Socialism confiscating your money and with his hand in your pocket, is subsidizing industries to compete with you and then buying the goods. And then in many instances, paying for the labor to produce them because the population in these areas was too lazy to do anything about it. Someone said, ‘But at least the Socialists do divide up this material.’ My friends, they do after taking a 35 to 40% cut in the process.

There is no question of the fact that we are in danger. Every time we give away a great amount of our currency to a foreign country, or give a U.S. Guaranteed Loan to that country, we create in that country a balance in that country of American dollars that can be traded back for gold out of our treasury.

Now we have to keep a certain amount of gold inside of our treasury to make our dollar valid. Sixteen million dollars is essential at the present time. 12.5 is actually the lowest it can drop to, in areas of backing currency in circulation. But the patterns of design require that on the basis of the amount of money being moved by bank transfer, that there be 16 million. There is at the present time, a balance of 29 million dollars against the amount of gold in our treasury which could be demanded tonight by foreign powers. The amount of demand tonight on paper currency is 34 billion. The deposit in banks payable on demand is 116 billion and the total dollars on demand is 150 billion. And your gold stock is 16 billion. And Europe has only 29 billion to apply to that. Thus, you are not only 134 billion insolvent plus 29 billion that controls every once of gold in the united States in circulation leaving the treasury out. So you say, ‘What does this mean?’ It means that the Devil put his hand in your pocket and he took out everything that had any value.

Now you say, ‘But there is nothing there to back this.’ No, but the indebted government has a valuation on the world market of all of the private property owned in the United States . . . and this is YOUR property that is valued for the debt and for the money owed. Oh, you say, ‘How can this be?’----Because we have permitted ourselves to be bilked and demoted by this power. The Congress passed this into the hands of the Federal Reserve. And then we passed it into the hands of the United Nations and the World Bank and the World Monetary Fund, until we have permitted the international money changers to get control of our wealth and then eventually take it all. Someone said, ‘But we have no way to survive this?’---But, yes, we do. We have a way to survive this all right. But the present Administration does not have a way. I point out to you that the first year that President Kennedy was in office, he increased the deficit by seven billion dollars.

I point out to you that this spoiled Beatnik, when he could not secure the proper acquiescence of the steel industry of the United States, he struck a deadly blow at the steel industry. I want you to know what this cost the American industry. I am reading this right out of the record as to what was lost. Because in that fall of the stock market, one thousand issues declined on May 23. On May 26 came the worst break in the stock market since 1929 and American citizens lost 20 billion eight hundred million dollars because Mr. Kennedy pouted. But there was more behind it than a pout. The International Money Market had ordained this, and they followed thru. Now I personally suspect that they had their way of awarding the action.

I hold in my hands evidence that all people are not asleep. This is the Wall Street Journal. And this is last months Wall Street Journal. And this particular copy is dated the 15th. It says, ‘The U.S. Government is hopelessly insolvent. Guaranteed depreciation must stop. Lamebrain and weak sisters must go. And then breakdown of the loss the bankruptcy of the amount that is owed and the amount that is missing . . . and the fact that it is not being backed up with anything.’ Oh, you say, ‘The U.S. government backs it up.’ No, just the word of those individuals who can speak without wisdom who tell you that we will take care of it.

The call is for two things. The call is for a sound economy, for the release of gold again as coinage . . . to the release of silver. Oh, you say, ‘Who has a right to demand this?’ We the people of the United States have a right to demand anything that we want. For it is OUR country and it is OUR money. Do you want to know how America can become prosperous very quickly? America should break the bank of the International Bankers. We are prosperous in our ability to produce, but we are always conned out of the materials that are for distribution. We should return to Constitutional money. We could establish an United States Bank, interest free, working for you. And at 1/2 a percent, handle the wealth of America and create more wealth than America ever saw. Put a dollar’s worth of dollars in circulation for every dollar’s worth of goods there is to buy. Someone said, ‘My, but that would take a lot of bookkeeping.’ Well, how much bookkeeping do you think it takes to take care of all of the income tax in America? The Income Tax is one of Karl Marx’s design for a captive Christian state and is a great tool in the hands of the enemy with its graduated scale of taxation, with its confiscatory policies. If America today abolished foreign aide, and quit subsidizing things without, these United States could utilize the other avenues of revenue we now have or did have, before we threw the tariff away. We could finance the entire expenditure of the United States without any of the money collected now in Income Tax. All of this is absolutely unnecessary except for this great fraud which is put over on you.

We have figures and facts that some of the leading economists of our nation have prepared to prove that this tax is supporting the validity of a bunch of spendthrifts under the control of International Jewish Bankers. Someone said, ‘Is there any way to make them stop their spending?’ Yes, my friends. Make them live within their income. Control how much income they will have and you can control how much they are going to spend. If you carried out the budgetary of your family, like these money changers have the business of these United States, you would all be in the Penitentiary.

The other day, someone knocked at the door, and from what I could see, it was a devil. And I looked at this devil and she sort of smiled and said, ‘I am here to collect the money for the Community Chest.’ Oh, you say, ‘She was probably just some poor Christian worker out of some Christian church.’ No, she was a Jewess and the wife of a Rabbi. But she was trying to get her hand in my pocket. I said, ‘Well, we have our own charities and I support them.’ She says, ‘But everybody supports the RED FEATHER.’-----Only . . . if they are foolish. With this Community Chest you are supporting Jewish charity after Jewish charity. And if you take a good look at it, you are actually supporting the building of the military strength of Israeli out of that same chest, thru some of the agencies that get it. Hundreds of people hang up the ‘red feather.’---That’s right. They do not know who has their hand in their pocket.

Over the TV the other day, they were hawking a bond sale for Israeli. One of the safest investments the United States Government by some trick or chicanery, will guarantee you that you will get all of your money back if you will invest in Israeli Bonds. That is a better deal than you can get in Washington. Because if this deal cracks up, the government will reimburse you. What about Israeli bonds? They are selling them in these United States for the development of a country outside of these United States. And they guarantee you that if the Jews default then the U.S. Government will repay you. And then they tax you for the money. Where did you think they would get it?

We are told that we have a wonderful program to take care of you if you will just go along from the cradle to the grave. We have built up the greatest insurance system in the hands of the government which must be honest and true, to take care of you thru out your declining years. Don't bet on it. For they did not keep it in an investors account as far as the nation was concerned. They did not invest it in sound industries where it would bring a profit. They put it in the treasury and then spent it to pay for all of these ‘giveaway’ programs, and then said, ‘Don't worry, the Government will repay,’ and they increased your taxation to pay for it. And then keep increasing the tax as they spend and spend. And this scheme is pyramiding right now.

Someone said, ‘Dr. Swift, you cannot talk about this area of it or they will come after you. The soundness of Government is off limits.’ No, my friends, that would just spread it. They have enough to worry about anyhow, as these tapes go out across the nation next week, for a million and one half people will be hearing this. They have squandered the money. It is not compounding itself. Future generations will have to pay off. But the expanding number of people now coming under this will make the areas of taxation climb. And the areas of finding money are becoming more scarce. It is my prediction that Social Security will eventually collapse and fold up for lack of money. The only thing to supplant it will be if intelligent citizenry will climax a debacle and introduce one that is successful.

I point out to you tonight, that the design is to get this money to pay for their power and for the capture and taking over of your society. Have you ever stopped to think of the tremendous amount of money which goes into the hands of these people who spend it where they wish, until at the present time the spending program of your government has passed the minimum program of expenditures ahead and this administration has spent more than all of the people in the world before? I went to get the Los Angeles Times the other day, and the devil was trying to get his hand back in my pocket. But they tell us here that we must keep the candle burning . . . this is the ‘Eleanor Roosevelt Memorial.’ ----What? --This is Communism and Socialism to help all conners of the world to push the 'New Frontier' to the ends of the world and bring on our enslavement. No smart business man I know, has written any check. You say, ‘This is a great program of help for the world.’ No, it is just the devils hand in your pocket. We have watched this grow and we know how it is expended. It happens right now that the United Nations programs are being funded. And they are planning on dividing up the world and letting the Chinese have a bigger share for they have more people. They may let you have some of it if there is any of it left. But when you find that you are 1/6th of the worlds population, then if they accomplish their objection and put their hands in your pocket to finance it, and then, my friends, you are going to be a minority in the earth without this great continent you have developed, without the civilization that you have produced, over controlled, and over run by the pagans of the earth. So you are pouring out the money now to finance a program to take over the control of every area of your production of agriculture as well as all the production of your foundries and industries and distribute it all over the world under their administration, and see that everybody gets an ‘equal share’ of the production now, of the world . . . not your country anymore. So that most of the production of the world is by 1/6th of the population, it means that this 1/6th is cheated out of their production. AND YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT.

I think one of the most fantastic plans of the devil is to come up with this idea and then get your Congress to pass it and fund it. And then you find out that this program calls for the disarmament of these United States until you cannot fight the enemy. The other night we found that a half dozen of these fellows went over to the Soviet Union to help plan the disarmament of these United States. Someone says that you cannot call these men traitors. But I tell you that when any bunch of Jews goes over to the Soviet Union to help plan for your disarmament, then they are traitors.

Now you spend a tremendous amount of money to build your greatest protection in the world, then spend another tremendous amount of money paying for someone to tear it up for you. This is like hiring a contractor to build you a house and then hire a bunch of vandals to come in any tear it down for you. But you pay both bills and there is no insurance. This, my friends, is the devils hand in your pocket. And this has been going on for a long time.

No wonder that God said to HIS family . . . Now look here. This system is Mystery Babylon and it is running on your money. So come out of her, MY people, and zip up your pocket book.


End of message.