Difference In People, 1-29-66



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 1-29-66

As we talk on the subject of the difference in people we realize that this is rather a difficult subject especially as it relates to the distinction between those who are Sons and Daughters. And especially is it a difficult subject as we find so many errors as to that identity of Sons and Daughters of God as....the processes by which the Church teaches that men become Sons and Daughters of God.

There is nothing more important for you to know than who you are and whether you are a Son or Daughter of God. Significantly so is this importance so I point out certain passages in the Scriptures that mark the difference in people. I listened to a Sociologist on T.V. that tried to tell us that all people are the same under the skin. This is where he made his greatest error. Whereas we may see differences in color and in National origins, in Philosophy, in belief’s, and still I’m going to tell you that the greatest areas of differences can be marked by the quality inside of the container. It is an important thing for us to consider that God must see a great difference in people.

The word ‘people’ is a marked word and we like to use the word ‘people’ instead of Human being, because everyone is not a Human being. The word ‘Hu-man’ means ‘Spirit Man’, and does not apply to anyone but the descendants of Adam. So when we talk about people then understand that the word ‘people’ tells us that there are all kinds of people, for people are a progeny. Meaning ‘offspring or descendants or lineage.’ For everyone is someones progeny. So if God has a people then they are His progeny, or His heirs and His inheritance. They are His offspring, His Sons and His Daughters.

In the Book of Leviticus God makes this distinction....”I have said that ye shall inherit the land and I shall give it to you to possess it. A land that floweth with milk and honey, but I am Yahweh, your God, who has separated you from other people.”

In this same context then and in the Book of Deuteronomy God makes this statement: “Thou art a Holy people unto Yahweh thy God, and I have chosen ye to be a special people before me, of all the people on the face of the earth.” Now this is a decision of God. A declaration that you are a progeny of God. There may be some who will think that God just picked out a people and then think that God just identifies Himself with those people, but continue that declaration concerning this people. Deuteronomy 7....and when God speaks unto you He speaks in a very definite way. Then Deuteronomy 9:26...Moses said, I pray unto Yahweh, Yahweh God, destroy not thy people and thine inheritance, which thou hast redeemed through thy greatness, which thou hast brought forth out of Egypt, with a mighty hand.” Now when Moses said ‘Thy people and thy inheritance,’ he has established that you are the offspring of Yahweh. When he said....Thou hast redeemed them out of Egypt, and that specifies that they belonged to Yahweh before they went into Egypt, and they belonged to Him from the beginning or it would not have been a redemption.

We turn our thinking to what the Psalmist tells us, “None are like you, O Israel, a people saved by the Lord, for Yahweh is thy God, none is like thee.”

In the Gospel of St. Luke when the announcement comes to Elizabeth that she is to have a child, and this child is to come in the spirit of Elijah, it says he has a special mission to perform for his God, and this special mission is that he must turn many of the Children of Israel unto Yahweh their God. And he must go before, in the Spirit and Power of Elijah to make way a people.....PREPARED FOR THEIR GOD. A people of God. This declaration is not only found in Luke but also inside the Book of Hebrews where God identifies a people which belong to Himself. He says...”and this is a covenant that I will make with Israel. I will put my laws in their minds and write them in their hearts, and I shall be to them a God and they shall be unto me a people.” Then in the Book of Corinthians God calls for segregation of your race, and He very definitely calls for you to come out from among them, and be separate, and segregated, and not to touch the unclean things, for He wants to continue to have a people for Himself. He doesn’t want them to touch the unclean things. Why?? Because your bodies are different than those of Baal. Your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore God says...”I will dwell in them and I will walk in them, and I will be their God and they shall be My people.”

He is talking of an inheritance about a person with a great endowment of surpassing mental attainment. Then in the same measure the Apostle Paul tells us that we have received a Spirit that the world cannot receive, for we have received the Spirit of the Living God. How did we get it?? Go back to Deuteronomy and it says...”Ye are a Holy people unto Yahweh thy God.” Now the definition of Holy...and the Scripture says that....”Only that which proceeds out of Yahweh is Holy.”

There needs to be made a clarification of the difference in people. The difference that marks those in the world order that are only ‘creations,’ who went under trouble and problems when Lucifer’s rebellion consummated the battle in the Heavens and resulted in Michael the Great Archangel throwing Lucifer out of the Heavens and thus earth became his capital. At that time the civilizations of earth came under great judgment, and the capital of Lucifer came to great power. Now the Grace of God was even directed unto these people as He promised that He would deliver all of His Creations, and before the foundations of the earth He told you, His Celestial children who were begotten in the Heavens, that He was going to send you to earth to build a Kingdom.

It would be impossible for you or any other Bible student to understand the tremendous truths hidden away in the Scriptures unless you understand that your origin was in Celestial planes and that you, the Adamic race, are the offspring of God. That you are His children and that He sent you into this world to accomplish something. And more than that He knew that you would fall in this earthly environment, and to finish the task He had assigned to you. He would not let you be destroyed. In the Book of Malachi He said:...”I change not, and ye sons of Jacob are not to be consumed.”

The Grace of God is the most vital facet of Divine application necessary for the carrying forward of the Destiny of His children, for the activation of His Spirit working on a capacity that they possess which the world does not have. All the Evangelists in the world cannot give to the Creations of the world what it does not have! You might instruct it, but their abilities to understand are limited as compared to those who are the Household of God. For God says, I have separated you because you are mine.

Now I am not concerned about the fact that there are those of you who think that our race is doomed. Who think that integration will finish the white race and the Christian civilization as it absorbs it. But it is just time to wake the white race and determine that the Destiny of the white race is not in the control of those who are against God’s Kingdom.

One of the most intense periods in our History will be the awakening of the white man. I read to you then a declaration that is most significant and if you have read these passages before, then take another good look at them because I am going to establish that an Evangelist does not make sons and daughters of God by teaching a people that has the capacity to receive it, responsibility to God, or to take a stand and identify with Him. Now an Evangelist might hold a meeting and people might identify themselves with the Christ, but that would not make them Sons and Daughters of God, for if they were not sons and daughters of God before that meeting then they were not sons and daughters after that meeting. If you think that if they accept Christ that that makes them sons and daughters of God then you need to know that this is not true, it is an error and a lie. It is not true if you are going by the Scriptures.

There was a rather interesting statement made a short time ago as a group of Businessmen wanted to evangelize the world. They thought we should stop the bombing and send men over to Evangelize the Viet Cong. All you would do is just send men over there to be either shot or put in prison because you are not going to make sons and daughters of God out of the Viet Cong.

Nothing that happened after Jesus came made sons and daughters of God of the people who excepted Him, because He came to His Household, and they were sons and daughters before He came. Even before they knew who He was or what He was going to do. The great Mystery of this is found in the Book of Hebrews, that tremendous second chapter. “Since the children of God were in bodies of flesh, and were partakers of flesh and blood, then He came and took a body like they had, being not ashamed to call them His Kinsmen, and to rescue them who were in trouble and in fear of death.” He didn’t say He came to make sons and daughters of them, but He came because the children of God were here in bodies of flesh. And then in the Majesty of His Ministry He not only said...”I call my sheep by name, but also said, I lead them out.”

He made a marked distinction between those who were His people, His Household, His sheep, His sons and daughters and the world’s world order. Now not concerning what He was going to do, but concerning their identity and their abilities at this time.....Jesus said, I call my sheep by name, and I lead them out, and give them eternal life.” Then after this He turned to the Jew’s and He said....”Ye believe not because ye are not my sheep.”

The translators trip themselves up occasionally when their Theology in which they are seeking to express in translation is the Theology of the hierarchy they are a part of. And maybe they are honestly so sold on that area of Theology of the hierarchy that they will warp anything to prove it. There is something that you must remember...Hear, O, Israel. Yahweh thy God is one, El, One Lord.” Therefore the person of God and the identity of God remains one. I am Yahweh, I am thy Yahshua. And again...Unto us (Israel) a child is born, unto us a son is given, and His name shall be called Wonderful, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, One God above all.

Isaiah chapter 43... I am thy God. I am thy Savior Yahshua. Now the reason I point this out is because in the Council before the world was made, when He discussed with you His purposes, remember He had already created in the vastness of His purposes and throughout the ages, before the fall of Lucifer....a world. And there were people upon that earth, Tungest men who traveled upon it, from the Steppes of Asia down into Africa, and across old Europe, and they painted animal pictures in caves 23,000 years ago according to Radiocarbon readings and their campfire remains. But they weren’t your relatives. These people who were Asiatic in their background, and in the shape of their skulls, and their fossils. They lived long before your time, but they were not Adamites.

Then in the 7th., day in this area of Creation then Yahweh said:..”I am going to place Adam in the earth because there is no man to till the soil.” Meaning...there was no Hu-man, no Adamite to till the soil even though there were people all over the earth. In the Book of Ezekiel he talks of how the Assyrian Empire was all over the earth and how strong was its racial stream, and might an Empire as the Assyrian stream had grown. In the days when Yahweh put Adam and Eve on this earth these Empires were very great and extensive according to Ezekiel.

It becomes significant that these points be fixed in your mind. So God turned unto the Elohim and said....let us make Adam which is a flesh body, in our own image. I have asked several people who or what Elohim is and got various answers, such as ‘Oh, that is God plural, or that is the various natures of God such as God talking to the Son, or God talking to the Holy Spirit. No, my friends. “Hear O Israel, Yahweh thy God....Spirit, Soul, and Body,”and you aren’t three people either, you are spirit, soul, and body. Understand this, the translators knew well that Elohim was the plural God as Progeny, and offspring. But it was convenient for them in their different Theologies and denominations to permit this to be pushed back and not stand out. Now I do not make any attack upon these churches for what they know as truth, but we are coming to the end of this age when we cannot stand still in our search for knowledge. If a church stands still then that’s where the vision ends. Because the knowledge of God shall reach out like the waters of the seas through the ages, and you learn more and more and you are guided into all Truth’s, and if you stop learning and think you have the content of this Book all sewed up, then my friends, you have just a little conceit.

The word ‘Elohim’ means the ‘offspring of Yahweh,’ and He talks about it all through the Scriptures. They were His offspring in the Spirit as well as in the flesh. Psalms 82..”God stands in the congregation of the mighty and He judges among the Gods.” Yahweh stands in the congregation of the mighty and He judges among the Gods?? Verse 6., Ye are God’s and all of ye are the children of the Most High. So the translators knew what they were writing about because the word here is “Ye are Elohim, all of you, the children of the Most High.” So the word ‘Elohim’ means the children of Yahweh, and the translators knew this.

How do you think your name was written into the Book of Life before the foundation of the world.?? How do you think, according to the Book of Ephesians that you were blessed by all the Spiritual blessings of the Father before the foundations of the world?? Well, you were with Him in Spirit before the foundation of the world. You were there as His offspring, as His Household and when He said:...We will make the body...Adam...in the image of the Spirit, you entered into the world by birth and now (Hebrew 2) ye are partakers of flesh and blood and Yahweh came down and took a body like yours, and not ashamed to say to you ‘My Kinsman.’

If you don’t think there is a difference in people then why do you think Yahweh, as He spoke of His reentry into the world, said that the first thing He would do is to separate the nations as a Shepherd separates His Sheep from the Goats? On what basis will He separate them? His people from the Goats? “Wherefore ye are Gods, all of you the children of the Most High, you are Elohim.” You are His issue ruling in the earth...EL..Is-Ra-El. That’s why the word ‘Bara’ meaning ‘to bring forth issue’ is different than the Hebrew meaning...former make. When Yahweh talks about you then you are Bara...Issue brought forth out of Himself. Adam was the son of God, and in the genealogy of Jesus the Christ then you go back to Seth and to Adam who was the Son of God.

When you read in John 3:16....that in the purpose of God’s Grace, as He proves He loved the world order, for...He brought forth His only begotten issue, here.. Why? This is the first and only time, having fathered the race that Yahweh brought forth His own embodiment out of that race, for this ver cause the Apostle Paul calls this embodied ‘Jesus’ the Second Adam. Where as the first Adam therefore was a living soul, and the second Adam was the very Lord of Glory. He was the Life giving Spirit. Where as by transgression in Adam we all die, and we have had undertakers and funeral’s every since Adam, and yet in Jesus the Christ, this second Adam, all shall be made alive. The significance of this declaration is that you have come down out of the Heavens into the earth, and you are the people of God, the sons and daughters of God, and you didn’t bring anything in but this entity of soul that was in the Spirit, and when you go out you don’t take anything out but your consciousness and your knowledge, and your experiences, which are the sum total of your memory.

Do you remember what the Father said about the differences in your Spirit and those of the creation? In the 14th., chapter of John then Jesus said...Even in the Spirit of Truth, which was an out pouring of His consciousness and intelligence which the world cannot receive but you His children can receive it, this Spirit of Truth when it comes is going to bring all things to your remembrance. It is going to bring to your remembrance...’All things I have told you from the beginning.’ Now the world can’t hear it, for the world doesn’t have those remembrances which are from before the world began, because those of the world were not with Him before the world began.

Now some say that this isn’t fair. Well, it’s fair for Yahweh to establish everything as He wants it to be throughout the Universe, and if Lucifer upsets it then Yahweh’s prerogative and necessity sees to the putting back into order all that is upset, because He is Yahweh, and He says that no man can ascend into Heaven unless he came down out of Heaven. Oh, I know that you want to send the African’s and a few others up there before you go, but what do you want? A Watt’s riot up there? You want to send the Asiatics up there also, but do you want to turn Mao loose up there and evangelize them one day then have them try to melt the Universe and turn it into bullets the next day? Rice Christians they are, if Christian at all.

When Jesus said that no man can ascend into Heaven unless he came down out of it, then He meant it. If they don’t have that Spiritual entity, the Spiritual synthesis, the Spiritual being, that is the very wave length of those who dwells in the Heavens on the Light Spiritual plane, and if they are not out of the Father, then they couldn’t go back into that plane.

Now if you have a complex and are worrying about torture fires for ever and ever, and a few other superstitions then get out the Scriptures and see what they really say. For I’m talking about the sons and daughters of God and I don’t have to worry about the Grace of God who created the Heavens and the Earth, and whose love was so made manifest that He would die Himself and buy the whole world to redeem His Family and then promise to restore the world so all flesh would be saved.....as it is written.

Now...Jesus never accepted the Jew’s. He left that for silly Christians to talk about. He said....They are not my chosen, they are not my children. Now I am glad of that for as I see these fellow tares being taken out of the way then I’m glad they are not of my race. The tares will be taken away but not to Heaven. Then Jesus said....No man goes into the heavens except he came down out of there. And then He said...No one comes to Him except he was given unto Him, by the father creating force. The God who was the fullness of the creating force, for He who hath seen me hath seen the father. Then He said...No man cometh to me except it be given unto the very deity itself, and then for no purpose so I can’t deny. No man can come unto me except the Father’s Spirit drive him, and I will raise him up in the last days. So by the same thoughts, the Jew’s who hated Him and plotted to kill Him, these were the ones who controlled the religious systems of His ministry, sent out their Armies to find and bring to them Jesus the Christ, and the Army came back and said....No man speaks as this one, so we were afraid to bring Him in.

Jesus said to them...One of these days you will look for me and not find me. And they replied....Now where could you go that the B’nai B’rith, or the Ogpu couldn’t find you, for we are the children of the Prince of this world? Some might say...Oh, Jesus really didn’t mean it when He said they couldn’t go where He was going. Well...He meant it. He said..Where I am going you cannot go. Then remember what He said to you....Let not your hearts be troubled, ye believe in Yahweh, believe now in me embodied here. In my fathers house there are many mansions, and if it were not so I would have told you. If I go to prepare a place for you, so that where I am ye may be also. See? You can go to Heaven, your race, if something happens to this body, you go to be with Yahweh, and these other people, since they didn’t come down out of Heaven couldn’t go back there. This is by God’s own words, so there is a difference on the inside of people as well as on the outside.

Yes, the Apostle Paul then says:...’If this earthly house be dissolved, I have a dwelling place eternal in the heavens not made with hands, because your race was begotten in the heavens, from a Light giving Spirit, your father. If absent from this body, it means present with Yahweh.’ But if you were not Spirit of His Spirit then this is not so. Therefore His sons and daughters possess a quality, they have a Celestial body begotten by the Father that their consciousness can dwell in the heavens. Here in earth they can dwell in a physical body, but they have a House forever in the plane of Spirit. So we pray for the synthesis of the Celestial and physical plane together, for mortal bodies being swallowed up into immortality. For the end of the processes of death and for the triumph of God’s Kingdom. We pray for the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall proclaim that the Christ is Yahweh.

Now understand that Yahweh doesn’t expect that when the millennium comes, and people all over the world have accepted Him, still He doesn’t expect you to say ‘these are the children of God...My brethren. Because Yahweh says...’I am going to let the world know that I have loved you. Ask Me concerning my sons. Command Me. These are my offsprings. With them, My offspring, I am going to set the world free. I am going to release the captives and the world is going to know that ye are My sons. They are going to worship at thy feet, and they are going to say....God is in thee.’ So see? Yahweh talks about They and You.

The Apostle Paul talks of this distinction when he tells of things he has suffered, and as he says...’they are not to be compared with the Glory which is to be revealed in Him. The whole creation vibrates and groans, they as well as we, are waiting for the manifestations of the sons of Yahweh. Then in the magnitude of his concept he again says...His Spirit bears witness with our Spirit that We are offspring, children of Yahweh.’

We have greater responsibility because we can respond to His Spirit. Therefore the purposes of Yahweh is to predestinate this people, who he did foreknow to conform to His own image. When did He foreknow you? Before the foundations of the world, when He wrote your name down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. You, the people, that stood in the Majesty of Creation, when the morning stars and the Archangel’s sang together, and all the children of Yahweh shouted for joy. There hadn’t been an evangelist anywhere as yet.

The importance then is to know that what makes a person respond to the call of Christ, is that He is the essence of God’s Spirit. This again fulfills the function of the church as the oracle in the heart of God’s Kingdom, for this Kingdom is nations made out of these special people. The Stream of the Water of Life flowing from the Throne of God with its great Tree of Life and it’s 12 manners of Fruit, is for the Identity of His People...Israel. This stream is different than any other racial stream and different than any other Kingdom.

I Peter 2:9....He said concerning you...’You are a chosen generation, you are a Royal Priesthood, you are a Holy Nation. You are a peculiar people.’ In the margin then, instead of a peculiar people....it says ‘ a purchased people.’ The world order may call you a peculiar people, and you might be from their standpoint, but out of the people of God comes the vision, the science, the technology, the civilization, the advancement and judgment, and guidance. The rest of the world stands in darkness compared to your vision. ‘Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you.’ Now this doe not pertain to Asia or Africa or the ends of the earth, but with you and with your obedience to the program that the Father sent you into the world to complete. With that program you shall carry Light to the end of the earth, and nations shall come to the Light of thy rising.

Now the world order says the Light is going out, they say we will have one world religion, one people an integrated people, accepting all religions rolled into one. But the Lord thy God says...”Thou shall have no other God before me, You are My household, I am not going to have you loving evil pagan things. I’m not going to let you marry with them, for I shall destroy that line, wherein this takes place, and I will preserve that which is pure.

If you don’t think that God calls for racial purity then why do you think He is going to take the time to cleanse the blood of your race? If you think that you can separate the reality of your earthly existence from the program of your eternity then let me tell you that when you were put here in bodies of flesh it wasn’t to enhance Heaven, it was to bring Heaven to earth. It was to occupy as a people, different and separated unto the Father. He says ..’I have the power in My Spirit to bring this challenge to your consciousness and to quicken you so that every function, every work of the church, every activity on a Spiritual level is activated by the essence of My Spirit, by the intelligence and My Grace and My Love toward you.’

Then what are you? It doesn’t say ...I generated you in the earth. It says..I re-generated you in the earth. Now to be regenerated you had to be enlivened by the Light of God from the beginning. You could never be a people redeemed if you didn’t belong to God before your redemption. Then you talk about renewing the mind by the Holy Spirit to bring all these thing to your remembrance, but how could you renew the mind if the mind didn’t possess that certain knowledge before that situation? It was violation of Divine Law in the flesh by your Adamic forbearers that separated your consciousness as sons and daughters from being Spiritual sons and daughters of God in the earth with power. So therefore it is the purpose of God to renew your consciousness and to re-empower His sons so you can do anything you know how to do. So the most important thing for you to have is....the Knowledge of God.

People talk to me and say....the whole program of God is all spiritual, it doesn’t have anything to do with earth. Well, that kind of thinking explains why we are in a mess. You have been taught to pray...”Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as it is in Heaven.” You have been taught to pray that prayer by people who also say....’Our Father who art in Heaven. So what are you here for??? You are here to build that Kingdom. There is no facet of the development of nations and of the people of earth who belong to the Most High, than to realize what you are here for....and to occupy.

I talked to an immature Christian the other day who after 65 years in the Church thought he was quite mature. He said all I am trying to do now is keep myself hidden from any areas that might give me trouble, and just wait to die, or until Jesus comes to get me out of here. I said....what does your Christian life consist of? He said...Oh, basically it is just believing what God said, for I believe the Bible. Now; I started talking to him and found that he didn’t know anything about the Bible. He kept going back to John 3:16., and he kept going over a few things that had happened that he believed on, and he knew the Bible story but never applied it to himself or to his household, or to his race, for he didn’t know the theology. Then apart from this he said...I don’t want to take a stand. I don’t want them to attack me, cause all I have to do is shut myself off from the world until I die or until Jesus comes. So I said... Well, you are just a waste of time down here then aren’t you? You are like a man who hid his talents in the field because he was afraid to use them, and then sent his master to reap what he didn’t sow? Listen, God sowed you here for a purpose, even if you aren’t generating very well. You know that man was worrying about dying, so I said...Except a germ of wheat go down into the ground it doesn’t come up and produce a head. Remember that God called you His people, the people of the Kingdom. He said you are a Holy Seed, and He separates you from other people.

Then there are a very special other people who are Satan’s own children, and the field is the world, and Satan’s people are in the world. Then God said...I sowed a special people in the field, and they are the people of the Kingdom, and then Lucifer came along and sowed a seed, and don’t be misled for Lucifer is capable of this, so this seed of Lucifer is the children of the wicked one. This is where your trouble comes from. If you use these children of Satan to be ambassadors to the U.N., or on your Supreme Court and let them decide that you can’t pray for it insults them, or let them sit in your Treasury Department, or let them decide that you can’t read the Bible....and such as that. If you let them do all that in your country, then you have let the seed of the Evil One, those unassimilatable people effect the great structure of God’s Kingdom.

I get mad and disgusted at times as I see men lose the vision of Statesmanship to become Politicians. Then every once in a while I rejoice as I remember the words that say...There was great rejoicing in Heaven when one single Israelite, one single child of God, as a transgressor, returns to obey. Yes, there is a difference in people.

Do you know that there won’t be any Negroes in these United States in a few years? You ask....how do I know? Because everyone is going to be under his own Vine and under his own Fig Tree. When we get the Fig’s out, for they won’t be here either, then we will be just Olive Tree’s, for we are a part of the Olive Tree. The Negroes who came in on the ships of Lucifer as he gathered them out of the Milky Way, won’t be here. Oh, they may be in Africa for a while, and a lot of them may find their transportation back to where they came from, but the main thing is to get everything back in the order that it belongs in, for it was Lucifer who messed everything up. In the meantime you do not integrate, violating the Law’s of God by intermarriage, or place above you in places of authority those who lack the mentality which cannot produce the standard’s of the Kingdom.

To understand this all you have to do is look at Africa today, there you see how the U.N. has messed up the civilization that the white race established, and turned these areas back to the Black man and those areas have been going down the drain, for they have lost the inspiration and the vision of the Sons of God.

You need to learn that your first responsibility is to God, your Father, and to your kinsmen, knowing that God made His first responsibility to His Kinsmen. Say follow me.... then if you want to follow Christ, make your responsibility to His Kinsmen because He said, “Therefore I did this because these are my Kinsmen.” Then after He entered into the Netherworld and preached unto the souls of the descendants of Adam it says He ascended as the Captain of their Salvation, bringing His many sons unto Glory. So He went down into the Netherworld and He talked to the soul-consciousness of His offspring, who were held in the bondage of Lucifer, and then after He had conquered by His own Crucifixion and by His own Resurrection He then brought these Spirit’s out of the Netherworld and into the Heavens, and Lucifer can never again put one of the Spirit’s of the Sons of God back in that Netherworld. All the Preachers in the world can’t do that either, and the Scriptures prove that statement.

You are justified by His Grace. We don’t boast that our conduct is so excellent that they can’t keep us out of the Heavens, but we can’t be kept out of the Celestial realm’s because of the greatness of our Father, and because our transgressions were in the body, and in the Spirit we have Eternal Life. So as the soul-consciousness becomes adjusted by the Spirit, transformed as his mind is renewed, and his Entity is regenerated, he turns from darkness to Light and from evil to good. The Mystery of transformed men is the Mystery of the essence of God’s Spirit bringing the image of proper conduct by its witnessing inside of men, thus producing a new performance.

There is no question about the fact that if I ask you today where are the Christian Nations of the world then you would start naming the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, and Germanic people. You would say these are the Christian people’s. You may say that there has been areas in which their conduct wasn’t Christian. Sometimes I find that when they were obeying God to the last letter that people didn’t know what was Christian, for they didn’t know who they were or what the enemy was doing.

One of these days, there are things that will happen in America that people have said couldn’t happen here. But it will happen. And instead of being as bad as people think, it will be a cleansing of our Nation because the forces of our destruction are working for Lucifer, and they are brining their own judgment upon their own heads.

Jesus said...Where I go you (Jews) cannot come. Then to you (His children) He said...I am preparing a place for you.

So watch the Grace of God grow in the ages to come, when the Kingdom, triumphant, goes so far as to even make new creatures of some of the peoples in earth. When the Grace of God fulfills even the words in Isaiah which says...All flesh shall be saved, as it is written. That is too far in advance of Theology for some of the Neophytes to realize that Yahweh is big enough to accomplish all that.

There is a difference in people. God says...that’s why I select, why I segregate, for you are a Holy people, and I placed you above all the people in the earth. This is the reason why God says...I called you out, the reason I separated you, for I know the difference in people. This is the reason God separates sheep from goats, for He knows the difference, even if some preachers don’t.

Do you know why the Church has gotten into trouble? They got so carried away bringing people into the Church that they rounded up the goats as well and brought them into the church and they butt things apart. Some one said....how do you reach these people? You minister to them, but you recognize their limitations.

According to the Scriptures, if they are going to function with the highest Illumination of the Church, the Spiritual center of the Kingdom, they have to be of the Household of the Most High and of the Tribe of Levi. For Levi shall be thy ministers forever, and ever, and among the Kingdom of God and among the Nations that have come out from the Tribes of the Children of the Most High. For this Spiritual entity and calling, Yahweh scattered Levi among the Tribes, but remember that Levi is of the Household of God, there are no black Levites, or Asiatic Levites.

So I want you to know that the Kingdom of God, the Spiritual center of His Church, and the Nations of His Kingdom draw their identity from the Stream of Light that flows from His Throne, and I show you the New Order of the Ages. I show you the New Jerusalem as it descended, the Household of God, not just a city of buildings, but of people, coming down out of the Heavens from our Father, Yahweh, throughout all these days, coming as a culture, like a Bride prepared for her God and for her husband. He showed me the names on the Gates of the New Jerusalem, and the route into this New Jerusalem, and the Names were the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel. And then I remember that God said...I’m married to you, O Israel.....I present you unto Me, like a chaste Virgin, like a bride prepared for her husband. He again points out that you are the flesh offspring of the Most High Yahweh. You are the body of Yahweh in the world today. You are a Christed people, for you are a Spiritual Seed in the physical world. If your consciousness is activated by the mind of Yahweh, then the great church body complete becomes a forceful impact of Mighty Sons and Daughters. It becomes the Great body of Yahweh moving through the world with miracle power.

If there was ever a challenge to Christians all over this Nation, it is not to mongrelize your race. Not to accept this pollution. Call for your Nation to come out of the United Nations or any other organization linking us with pagan Nations. For God says....Come out of her, and be ye separate. Call for the Standard of God to be raised up, and let the chips fall where they will, and then call for the judgments to fall on all who obstruct this.

For His Spirit bears witness to our Spirit that we are the Children of Yahweh.