Discipleship, 5-21-64



By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 5-21-64

In our subject ‘Discipleship,’ we bring things contained in the scripture that are so vital to you and to your civilization. It is impossible for anyone to understand the history of this Bible or to understand his relationship to the earth if he does not know who he is, what God’s purpose is for the earth, and his responsibility to any area of God’s Kingdom, because he becomes a participant in all parts of it.

When we talk about the Kingdom of God, we are not talking about something unreal or intangible. It is not merely ascent to idea. We are talking about a program of God which not only is vital, but which relates to the Universe and especially to the earth. We are not only interested in the earth because this is where we are, but because this environment we are in is in part an area of purpose. The conditions which have transpired in this environment which we find ourselves in, has laid a responsibility upon us which is related to why we are here. So when we talk about this Kingdom of God, we are talking about a Universe Kingdom which reaches thru out all God’s Universe, for HE put all things together and by HIM all things consist. We are not talking about God multiple, or Gods multiple---a multiple of Gods. We are talking about ONE YAHWEH-YAHSHUA (God). Remember Jesus said, ‘He who hath seen me hath seen the Father.’ And unveiled Himself as God--the Father--of whom the Apostle Paul said, ‘In HIM the fullness of God dwelt bodily, and without HIM was not anything made that is made.’ By HIM everything consists. HE was before all things. Thus it is we are talking about the Eternal God embodied as the man Christ Jesus. We are talking about the Eternal God who existed before the foundation of this creation. HE who put all this creation together as HE has been creating and molding and motivating in the Universe thru out the ages.

When we talk about the Kingdom of God in earth, here where we are, then we are talking about the sovereignty of this for God’s purpose, for this individual planet, and for all that is contained in ti which relates to the pattern of HIS Universe. As we talk about the Kingdom of God in the earth, we are talking about government and administration for a Kingdom which embodies this. I think that it is important for us to realize wherein there are many political processes of operation in the world today,---that are not all of the Kingdom. I think you will quite heartily agree to this. In fact, we quite heartily boast that we are a Republic. Altho, there are a lot of people who think we are a Democracy. And some of them prove they think this because they try to duplicate the democracy of Russia here. But we are not a Democracy. That is in the intent of our founding fathers---we are a Republic. There is a little distinction even in this Republic because we are a Republic under God which acknowledges a Theocracy or a superior administrating guidance from the dimensions of spirit. Unfortunately, we are not always guided by this superior guidance from the plain of spirit, because our chief officials often surround themselves with spies who are against our God. Who are actually working for the program of anti-Christ. And when a great leader of this nation or a selective representative of this nation is surrounded in the areas of advice by the powers of darkness and the forces of evil, and if they lend their ear at all in that direction, then their function is destructive rather than constructive. And therefore, this great nation inside of God’s Kingdom, is not functioning as it should.

We would point out to you that the Kingdom of God is made up of people and of nations, for the Kingdom of God includes all of the nations of people who are a part of HIS Household. Specifically in the area which relates to the Kingdom and its inheritance, it is the Household of God which makes up that Kingdom. It is important for us to understand this as we break down the areas of discipleship. Because the Kingdom of God is made up of everyone of the Household of God in every nation. They are the heirs of YAHWEH (God). And you have to be a son of God to be an heir of God. You can never be an heir if you are not a son or daughter, even tho there are several things which can be bestowed upon those outside the Household or family of God. But this is not by inheritance. The Kingdom descends with authority and power by inheritance and it is based on who you are.

Every once in a while, I find someone with a theology that wishes to make a contest over the fact that it doesn’t make any difference who you are. In fact, the other day I ran into tremendous opposition from some clergymen who said, ‘All we are concerned about here is ‘vain’ theology.’ But that is the very thing we are not concerned about. The thing we are concerned about here is ‘important theology.’ Someone said, ‘How far does that go?’ Let me point out to you that if you have a genealogy which is as important as the scripture seems to indicate, then it is not a ‘vain’ theology. If you will note, we start out with theology or genealogy, in Luke, and we run back the genealogy of Jesus thru Mary, back down to Seth the son of Adam who was the son of God. So now we have a line of genealogy which starts with Adam-man the offspring of God and produces the natural specie of bodies of a race which God identifies with. HE, Himself, when embodied as Messiah, identified with this race of Adam. So whenever you get a genealogy which starts with Christ, and runs back to Adam, you have an ‘important’ one. And the reason it is run back to Adam, is to show the line of descent which did not run off in other directions.

Today, if you had the expert pattern of record, you could run yourself, your genealogy back to Adam. I think all of you in this room are Adamites.

Today in the Coliseum here in the city, there are a lot of people who are not Adamites. A lot of misguided people are down there who are part of the Kingdom, but lots and lots of non-Adamites are there as well. Today, they are holding a great mass meeting under the direction of the National Council of Churches, and under the Archdiocese of the Catholic Church and under the Rabbinical Association of the Synagogues of Los Angles---a great integration rally. And the speaker--not an Adamite--is a liberal Left Wing Negro by the name of Martin Luther King, who has been associated in his background with Socialist activities and Communist organizations. And is a part of a blood revolution going on against the Kingdom, and against the United States at this time. Of course, there are a lot of Negroes at this meeting. But just remember, that there were Negroes on the earth long before Adam. So they are not Adamites. Anytime, you try to trace a people back to Adam, who were here long before Adam, you are making a terrible mistake.

The Kingdom of God ‘in earth’ starts with a people. It was to bring about an administration and a reign ‘in earth.’ And this was an administration and reign which is in the program of God, an administration of righteousness and justice, and the opposition of the powers of darkness were taken into consideration when that Kingdom was placed here. That Kingdom was to grow, to increase in power until it overthrows the power of darkness and establishes forever, an administration of righteousness. And there would come a focal ‘point’ in these operations. We are told in the scriptures that these conditions would increase. There would be a tremendous catalyst of the forces of darkness for a last supreme attempt to destroy that Kingdom which would end in a great struggle in earth which would be called Armageddon. We are told that God’s interest in that Kingdom and the carrying out of HIS purposes for that Kingdom, would necessitate HIS personal envolvement with also the great hosts of heaven.

Now, the Bible teaches this. And some people don’t want to know what the Bible really does teach. But what we are telling you is based on the authority of God. So we are talking about a race of people who make up nations today in the world. And according to God’s Covenant, HE said they would be a great nation and a company of nations in the purposes of HIS Kingdom. They were to grow, to multiply and to expand. And then to follow out a specific purpose as it relates to earth. And in this Kingdom, there are branches of that Kingdom which involves areas of administration and throne. At the present time, we are a Republic. But we also acknowledge God as a Great Theocracy. And we are content to remain a Republic and moved to fight for the retention of this Republic until such hour when we see again, God walking among men as KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS. And we will then very gladly trade all the areas of the Republic into the Administration of THE CHRIST.

We also point out that there exists within our race, a Throne with a historic background. For in the British Empire today, there exists a throne which goes all the way back to the Covenants God made with David. And this chart hangs on the walls of Buckingham Palace where you can see it unto this day. Some people may not like that fact, but as long as there is a sun, or moon, or stars, there will never lack an heir to sit on that throne. Of this, you can be sure. This is a promise. And this is an important thing for you to know. In fact, we are living in a very important period because the prophets tell us that in these climactic hours, when these things come ultimately to their head, that there will be a daughter of Jerusalem upon this throne. Today, this is true as the British Empire has a Queen upon that throne, who is still an heir of that seed line.

I point out that today, we have nations and we have a race of people who are of the Household of the MOST HIGH GOD. If they are of the Household, they are HIS people. If they are HIS people, they are identified as ‘Israel.’ HIS people ruling with HIM in the earth. This is their destiny. And as we talk about this family of God, it is a very important identification. This is why over in the book of Ephesians, the Apostle Paul talks about the family of God in the heavens and in the earth. It is not a vain theology if you can establish that you are a part of God’s family.

There are a lot of clergy today that do not even recognize the fundamental foundations of this Book. We don’t altogether blame them, for what we do not know. But we do blame theological seminaries for what they have. And we can directly say that the responsibility goes back to indifference, for permitting such seminaries to develop. This again, goes back to the areas as to wh owe permit to come inside of our nation, or inside the areas of our Faith, or have anything to do with the instructions of our children. I point out to you, therefore, that we are talking about the fact that the White or Adamic race is the Household of God. And as the Household of God, therefore, it is thru this Household that the nations of HIS Kingdom were to rise---a Kingdom which would be identified with HIM. And therefore, specifically, we have within the whole structure of your race, in the history of the Old Testament, a people identified prophetically and historically with God’s purposes in the earth. They carried out this purpose racially, and then moved into what we might call a theological area in their responsibilities to ‘Worship’. It is totally impossible for a child or offspring of the MOST HIGH to not be adapted to worshiping a God of the Universe. This is a reaction which reaches out to the Father, which is a built in factor of the Household of the MOST HIGH. There may be some people who are not moved at this moment by their conscious awareness of this, but there is built into your race and built actually into every creature in the Universe, a responsibility to the Author of the Universe. And I point out that the Great Creator--the Master of the Universe, demands and requires the recognition and the attention of those who are HIS Household, HIS offspring, HIS creations. And HE has determined that HE shall bring this to pass, even in the face of the Luciferian opposition. HE said, ‘Before ME, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess.’

I point out to you then, that if you were to travel thru out Old Testament history, you would have the background of our race. True, it is somewhat limited until you reach the period of the expansive writing of Moses. Then after that, you have passed the heart of the first part of Genesis and you have the next eighty years of the life of Moses, covering 5 whole books in the Pentateuch. And here are the people who are the household of God all outlined in history. In fact, you discover a lot of things about this people. And from here on, you discover that you can trace this household thru the entire Old Testament. When you come to the New Testament, you find that the New Covenant is made with the same people with whom HE made the old one. Therefore, an understanding of this becomes very vital if you are to understand what the Bible is talking about.

I can understand well, how men can become confused by garbled theology as they search to understand truth. And they become limited by the invaders who sought to capture their minds. We are well aware today, that a war against the minds of men goes on continually. We are aware that Lucifer knows that without temptation, there is no transgression. Without blinding of the vision, there is no ability to hold captive a people. This is exactly the strategy by which Lucifer intends to keep the earth. We point out then that this race of people are God’s Household. And they have always had in their areas of nations, a spiritual center. They had Patriarchial leadership, authority. And the father of each household was responsibility for the spiritual instruction of his children, and to minister before them as to the acceptable and necessary obligations they had in their worship of God. From Patriarchial existence to the gathering of YAHWEH, of these masses of HIS people, as they formed their communities, cities, and states, we see this history. In the days of Moses, we see very clearly that a pattern of worship was established. We notice the obligations that are placed upon the whole community as they said, ‘All HE hath given us to do, we will do.’ And the community of our race accepts our obligation in service and in directions in fundamental instructions concerning the patterns of life. Then thru out the course of the Old Testament, and into the New, we see this spiritual center, this Ecclesia, this gathered out group, this Kehilla of the Old Testament. And under this instance, we find people worshiping, people receiving instructions, people called out as the house of Levi was set apart so that they might become inspired spiritually, with vision and understanding, to guide and lead the people for this creation of a Priesthood, and of a ministry.

The scripture says that this knowledge would never depart out of this race of people. That always HE would have upon them and before them, a ministry. This is one of the inherited patterns of the house of Levi, scattered today among all the houses of Israel, sowed among them for a Divine purpose, that a called ministry might be in attendance before the people.

Now we come to the fact that in the administration of Christ’s ministry, we see them gathering. And we find HIS calling out HIS followers. And they were called DISCIPLES. These Disciples were under their experiences with Jesus, trained as they watched and witnessed the things HE did, and the things HE performed. They were HIS witnesses as to what had transpired. They were also given many, many hours of personal instructions as HE would call HIS Disciples apart and tell them things.

These things were not explained to the masses because always the enemy was standing by, always seeking some way or some strategy to destroy or block the operation of the Kingdom. If you were to go back and read the 4 Gospels with your eyes open, you would find that always there were certain ‘Yehudin’ (Jews) standing by. And sometimes as they left, they would say, ‘we must kill this man.’ At other times, they planned as how to stone HIM to death. But always, they demonstrated that they were the opposition. All thru the ministry of the Church, they demonstrated that they were the enemies of Christ. And Jesus identified them so you know who they are. Identification of people is so important. And when it is important, then that is not a ‘vain’ genealogy. Instead, it is an ‘important’ genealogy. It might not be important as to whether you are related to some of the important characters of earth, but it is vitally important if you are a relative of God, so you know that you are of HIS Household. It is also vitally important that you know who Lucifer is---that he is a fallen angel. For I am going to tell you that until we discover this, we will never protect ourselves politically or socially in these United States.

Under this instance, those that were the followers of Jesus were called Disciples. There is a difference between being a son of God and a Disciple. There is a difference also today in being a citizen in the Kingdom of God and being a Disciple. This is not understood by some. For some people think that every individual that accepts that Jesus is the Christ, is a Disciple. This might be in a limited pattern, and everyone think therefore that every White man is a Disciple. But this is not true, my friends. We have a lot of men today who are not Disciples of the Christ. They may be to a limited form giving lip service to Christianity, and they are of the Household of the race. And in the fullness of time, they are going to bow the knee, in the fullness of time, they are going to measure up to HIS image. But as for now, they are not Disciples.

Turn to the book of Acts and you will discover that the Disciples were first called Christian in Antioch. (Acts 11:26) So today, we may say that all Christians more or less are Disciples. Then turn over to the book of John 25:7, and Jesus said, ‘If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.---It is the will of YAHWEH glorified, that ye bear much fruit---so shall ye be my Disciples.’

Now, there is another thing you will note in the scriptures. There is some fruit, and a little more fruit. And then there is much fruit. The scriptures thus makes it clear that if ‘ye abide in ME, and My word abides in you--then you are MY Disciples.’ ‘If ye abide in My word, ye are My Disciples.’ So Disciples are not necessarily followers. They are doers, believers who abide in the ‘Word’ of God. If you are ashamed of MY Word, then you are ashamed of God. Jesus spoke thus. And we call attention to this word. ‘If you are ashamed of me, then I am ashamed of you.’

Now, I can understand how a Father can be ashamed of his children if they don’t measure up to his standards for his children. God says, ‘then I am ashamed of you.’ Today, there are a lot of people who are worthy of this identity. I point out to you then, that it is very significant that we understand that Discipleship was for those who Jesus ‘called’ to follow HIM. They did follow HIM. All but one of who HE called who was not actually a Disciple. He was one of the 12, but Jesus called him so that he would perform his historic duty as Jesus knew he would do, because he was, after all, Satan’s own son--so to speak. This was to prove to you that you could take a son of Satan and let him walk three years with the embodiment of God, and in face of all the miracles and all the things God did, and he would end up being a child of Satan--and sell HIM for a few pieces of silver. Jesus made this quite clear in the 6th chapter of John when HE said, ‘I have chosen you 12 and one of you is a devil.’ So you can never make a Christian out of a devil. This is something some people do not know. Thus, there are ministers today pleading for devils to come to the Altar. But if he comes to the altar, he will get up and go away, still a devil. Because the only reason devils come into the congregations of the Christians, is so that they can carry out the work of their father which leads to the destruction of the earth, or the elimination of its capacity to function.

Now, you cannot destroy the true Church as an institution because God has ordained that the powers of darkness and all of the forces of evil and perdition cannot prevail against the Church. But then you can move in to the Church today in the ecclesiastical order and give it a lot of trouble. I can prove to you that a brainwashed clergy and people inside the church today who may not necessarily have their name identified with Christ, but more or less, they call themselves Christians. Today among these groups, the trouble which sweeps this nation and the nations of the world comes out of the areas of influence of these devils who have moved in to the church, who don’t belong there guiding the thinking of the people. Theological seminary after theological seminary, today contain the enemies of Jesus the Christ. In fact, when I look at some of the modern magazines as they talk about the guilt complex that the Christians are receiving in order that they might recognize their responsibilities as to what is called anti-Semitism, or because they are opposed to the Negroes in integration processes, or the guilt complex they are supposed to have because of the way they have treated the races, or that they don’t accept all these patterns of integration. I look at these authors and about 75% of them are Jews writings in side the seminaries in these United States. I discover such as Union Theological Seminary---that inside this seminary, they have Jews right on the staff trying to teach Christians how to interpret the Bible. They have probably gone to their utmost level in trying to obscure the real message of the Bible. And to turn out of those seminaries those who do now know who they are or where they are going, or where they came from. They don’t mind if you tell everyone, ‘get ready to go to heaven.’ In fact, the quicker you get there the better they like it. We have been taught that the devil wants to keep people from going to heaven. But the devil wants to get your influence out of earth. He wants to stop your influence in the earth.

Of course, I realize that if you are a real fundamentalist, or Orthodox Christian, who doesn’t know who he is or where he came from, that it might sound real sad when I say the devil doesn’t care if you go to heaven and get out of the way. But--you will never be in the devil’s way in heaven, because he isn’t going to get there, not for a long, long time to come. And under this instance then, the only thing is to obstruct these programs. The only thing the devil wants is the earth. And he wants to expand his power into the solar system, and again someday challenge God in the Highest realm. But he is never going to make it. He has not only been thrown out of the heavens, but he is down here in earth. Every facet of God’s Kingdom has been set up to overthrow the works of the devil. The ministry of God, Himself, in the earth, was to overthrow the works of the devil. And you are told this in the Gospel of John. For this reason, God was manifested as Jesus the Christ--YAHSHUA, and to overthrow the works of the devil. This is the only reason the church exists today. It is the spiritual center, the Oracle of God among the nations of HIS Kingdom, to get the WORD of God out to the Family of God.

When I say, ‘you can be a member of the family of God, of the White man, that your spirit is begotten of God,’ this is what constitutes Sonship as the record discloses. It is not born of the will of man, or the flesh. But it is born of the WILL OF GOD before the world was framed. Born of incorruptible seed which lives and abides forever. There is not doubt, of the fact that this is what constitutes a son. But a son can be down here in the earth and his soul consciousness under areas of temptation, and the catalyst of energies can be temporarily neutralized. As such does not live with power or move as a son of God, but this is our great problem today---to challenge, to quicken with the working of the Holy Spirit to get the attention of the sons to see themselves re-empowered and as a might host retaking the land.

The other day, an Ecclesiastical mental nincompoop decided he would have to send out a letter to protect people from the Humanists. He said, ‘Everyone who tries to turn the attention of the church to anything that it has to do--in the earth politically, socially, or economically, is a humanist--a false prophet.’ But do you really know what a humanist is? This is a man like Huxly who doesn’t even believe in the personality of God, in the entity of God as a being, and talks about evolving good without any spiritual force to produce it. And I repudiate that philosophy as I repudiate every area of false doctrine. But I am going to tell you that there is nothing quite as dangerous as to try to seek to teach the church today, and those who constitute it--that they have no responsibility in earth, you are only to live here as long as you can and then to get to heaven by the shortest route.

Again, I will give you this pattern. You were placed here to bring heaven to earth. ‘Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ There isn’t anything you have to do to put heaven in order. Isn’t that good? There are lots of things you have to do here, however. But there are a lot of people who don’t want to put out the energy because they have already become a casualty in the struggle. They are now too tired. The best way to quit being tired is to get enthused with the purpose of God. Challenged with doing things, and you soon forget you are tired.

There is a law in the spirit of God. ‘They who wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall mount up as Eagles, they shall walk and not be weary, they shall run and not falter.’ I can tell you---try this. For it does work.

I point out that there are lots of individuals who do not want to move into the areas of carrying out the instructions of the Word of God. Why? Because today the Word of God is not popular to the world. But it never has been popular with the world. So don’t forget that. But when you existed as a tribal people, expanding and multiplying, when your society was so inclosed, when you did not permit infiltration into your society, the only important thing was that you were in complete accord with that society which said, ‘all that HE hath given us to do we will do.’ And then the popular thing to do was, ‘complete obedience to the Word of God.’ Today, you have become a part of a world community. You have even violated the Word of God and joined yourselves to a unit of United Nations. You call yourself a member of this United Nations. You have joined the World Order.

Now, I am going to tell you this about Discipleship. You may be a son of God and support the United Nations, but you can’t be a Disciple of Christ and support the United Nations. Oh, you say, ‘I heard about a whole Christian Church. They call themselves Disciples of Christ and they are for the United Nations.’

My friends, they are not Disciples. They are temporizing Christians but not Disciples.

Oh, you say, ‘do you think your church is the only church?’ No. But I think it is made up of Disciples. And the enemy knows this. ‘For when ye continue in My Word, ye are My Disciples.’ You can still be a son but you are a Disciple when you continue in HIS WORD. And when you continue in HIS Word, you follow these things God has authorized. These things HE said, produce good. You apply yourself to the powers and principals which obstruct and overthrow the darkness.

Now a Disciple of Christ is not a Pacifist. We are told that the most important thing is Peace. But, my friends, not Peace with the devil. The Pacifists today want to make Peace with Russia, with Communism, with the Jew----Peace with all the advisories of our society. So what is the alternative? The thing which God advocates is the continued expansion of the Kingdom on the basis of ‘Thus saith the LORD,’----and organization with in the structure of God’s Kingdom which defends and produces the function of defense, armies within these nations to defend the Kingdom, and to suppress the powers of darkness, and eventually, my friends, to conquer the ends of the earth with righteousness. That is HIS WORD.

I can turn all thru the Old Testament and find out what HIS WORD is. I can turn to the end of the New Testament and find out how this age ends. And it is with a mighty victorious conquest over all the powers of darkness with Christ and the Hosts of Heaven joined with you in earth. This is the family of God--from Heaven and Earth---joined together victorious.

You say, ‘But what do we do in between?’ This is where you must discover the WORD of GOD. Because between the hour when HE called HIS Disciples to follow HIM which brought many of them martyrdom. Until the end of the age where we resist the enemy and become victorious there has now been an expansion of just under 2000 years. We have watched the fulfillment of every phase of prophecy, and I tell you this afternoon, that the church as an institution, must be filled with Disciples who fulfill their Discipleship.

Oh, I know there are a lot of people who evaluate the cost of their religion. They are as enthusiastic as they can limit the Lost. You say, ‘But that is not a popular thing to say.’ Well, it is not a criticism as it relates to those who know the Gospel of the Kingdom. I know of no people who expend more completely thru tithe and offerings and time than those who know the Gospel of the Kingdom. But I still know lots of people who are temporizing. ‘Is it going to hurt my job if I take this stand?’ ‘Will is cost me something?’ ‘Is there going to be tax recrimination?’ But what we need to do to get away from tax recrimination and evil when it comes in government, is to so cleanse our land so that we do not have these kind of people administering the taxes.

So many times we talk about the penalty and the process as tho we are going to retain bad leadership forever. I am talking about a program for America which will cleanse America from such bad leadership. Give us sons and daughters of God who are Disciples, and we will bring in a Kingdom which is Christian. This is a Christian nation. Has been so determined and declared by our Supreme Court. Probably there were more Christian ministers at that time than now. And also at that time, we had a better Court. But it is impossible for a Jew to sit on that Supreme Court as a Christian. You cannot be a YEHUDIN (Jew) and a Christian at the same time, even if you are running for President.

I point out these words.--- ‘If ye abide in ME, then these words abide in you.’ This is the way you glorify the Father. This is the way you bring forth much fruit because you bring forth what is to operate under this Divine Law revealed to you by the spirit---thru ‘MY WORD.’ ‘This is how ye bring forth fruit, so ye shall be MY Disciples.’ When Jesus talked about this spirit that the world cannot receive, then this is the Spirit HIS sons could receive because they were spirit of HIS Spirit as well as embodied life of HIS Life. Therefore, it could bring out of this spiritual reservoir the infinite knowledge of God. And thru the wavelength of the spirit which dwells in this body, because they are children, can bring all things to their remembrance. All things which HE had ever told them before even their birth into a physical world---it would lead them into all knowledge which the purposes of God had proclaimed. This is one of the most important areas of your spiritual inheritance as the sons of God whose spirit is Spirit of HIS Spirit. God can show you things which are to come to pass. HE can lead you to the knowledge of all truth, and to the purposes of God, so that you will know what you are against and how to attack so as to defeat the enemy.

This kind of communion so as to receive those things in the mind of God, is a vast part of your inheritance. It is also associated with the subject we call Prayer. Some people seem to think that just saying a few words, opening with the proper words, and closing with the little ‘Amen,’ is prayer. That is a very small area of proper prayer. And the little ‘Amen’ isn’t necessary. We have TOLD YOU BEFORE THAT ‘AMEN’ was a little god down in Egypt that they used to seal up the prayer---as little ‘Amen’ used to tell God--don’t forget any pat of this. Thus down in ancient Egypt, this little god was to remind all the other gods as to what had been said. So he stood there---this little god, Amen---with one finger point up to the sky. That is exactly what Amen means. But God never forgot anything so we don’t need to remind HIM of anything. In fact ‘SELAH’ was most Praise unto the MOST HIGH--thus so let it be.

I point out to you that most people think this is what constitutes prayer. But did you even stop to realize that awareness of who you are, awareness within you of the closeness of the abiding presence of God, and of the intuitive guidance it will give, the awareness of the communion it will give as you reach out for the knowledge of the Father who is with you always---this is Prayer.

Did you ever think that the meditation of the purposes of God fall into the same category as prayer. The constant awareness that you are a son, and the destiny---these things in your mind when you are engaged in all these things is Prayer without ceasing.

I can point out to you in the book of I Thessalonians, chapter 5, that the Apostle Paul is summing up a lot of these things. He said, ‘Rejoice ever more but also pray without ceasing.’ Also--- ‘In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you.’

Now, you will say, ‘If I did that, I would never get anything done.’ That is because you have an idea that prayer is just saying a piece to God, or just telling HIM---telling HIM. I want you to understand that a realization of this abiding presence, this area of guidance, this concept of inspiration, moving, guiding, presence of the spirit of God, over a people willing to be led by HIS Word, is a part of the ultimate inheritance of a Disciple. As a son, you have the capacity. As a Disciple you have the results.

I am going to tell you that you abide in the Word of God as they become a part of the living seat of your consciousness. It is a living vocal Word. It is not limited to the pages of this Book. But the constant revelation which God pours thru in guidance, in understanding, in discernment---under these instances then--- ‘Ask and I will do it.’

One of the things America needs to know, in this great nation of God’s Kingdom, which is out of HIS race and out of HIS Household, is that we who constitute the Adamic race---today, we are identified as Christians because this is the Word given to the embodiment of God. The Greek word given to the embodiment of God was Christ. And we thus, also are embodied in the flesh so there is a Christ in us. The scripture tells us that this is the hope of Glory. I also point out that you are the many Christed body in the world today. The body of God in the world today is made up of many members, and you are that body.

I point out you are HIS hands, HIS feet, HIS lips in the world today. And HE joins you embodied in the Kingdom.

As we look at the things declared in the purposes of God as they relate to you, as the children of God, to those who have the capacities to use it, HE therefore wants you to be guided, --and this communion is Prayer without ceasing. Whether you know it or not, your spirit is in constant communion with God and puts into the awareness of your subconscious, things you need to know. You say, ‘How do you know that?’ Well, the spirit is praying all the time for things that you don’t even know you need. You cannot, any more separate that spirit form the entity of your being than you could roll back the sun, because you are the children of the Living God, but in the spirit, thank God, there is no change. Thus, it is that the spirit is the most powerful influence in your society. And you are a people called by HIS name--Christian--Israel--who rule with God--the children of YAHWEH. So why are you called this? Because HE is our Father. HE calls for your separation, for you to come out from among them and be separated or segregated. Do not touch these unclean things, for your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit while theirs is for idols. Come out so that ‘I can be a Father unto you and to your children after you.’ Do not be joined to this evil pattern of mongrelization, so that I can keep my covenant with you and be a Father unto you and your children after you.

Let me show you the great dynamic powers which belong to you in that great Patriarchial period when our forefathers were under observation and under guidance and direction--and after the days of Moses on up into the period of the Kingdom, they recognized their responsibilities in their service unto God. In fact, when Solomon dedicated the Temple, it was an important hour, when YAHWEH appeared unto Solomon. HE said, ‘I have chosen you and this place for Myself, this house which you have built unto ME is acceptable. But I want you to know that I can shut up the heavens and there will be no rain. I can send the locust until they devour the land. I can send a pestilence upon the land. But remember, Solomon, My people, who are called by My name, if this great Household, if this great people of the Eternal YAHWEH, if this Israel of the Eternal God, if this people called Christian, if this people will humble themselves and pray, I will hear. If they will turn form their wicked ways, then will they hear from heaven. I will forgive their transgressions and heal their land.’

If this great Christian nation, if we of this nation will humble ourselves and pray, if we will call on YAHWEH-YAHSHUA to cleanse our land, if we are willing to renounce all the evil and obey ‘MY LAW’, if we are willing to advocate this social order which means segregation, if we are willing to advocate not being joined with pagan countries, then HE will hear and heal our land. HE told us not to be joined with such countries, so therefore, we are to get out of the United Nations. If we are willing to stand for these things HE will help us. If we are willing to repudiate the sons of Satan, stop their handling of our economy, and running our country with usury, if we are willing to repudiate these things, and turn back to the Word of God, then HE will hear. If we as Disciples, as people called by HIS name, will humble ourselves and call on HIM, then HE says we will hear from heaven. As for me, I am real anxious to hear from heaven.

If we do these things, here is what will happen. ‘I will forgive their transgressions and heal their land.’ But this does not mean that you are to do nothing. This just means that you are an instrument in HIS hands, and HE might suddenly empower you and catalyze you until it is done.

I look out over the areas of this great nation, and I see a vast population motivated by areas of their spiritual background. They would share with their neighbors, help them in all kinds of trouble, interested also in the functions of their lives, revolving around small circles, some of them becoming actively interested in the functions of their nation. Some of them have become aware of their responsibilities in the entire earth because they are the sons and daughters of God, as they have become aware of who they are. Then whole areas of them who do not know who they are, and are also unaware of whole areas of truth because they have not heard ‘The Word.’ Whole numbers of churches who should be raising people in the nurture of God to be Disciples, have been making out of them only temporizing Christians.

I want you to understand today that to follow Christ in Discipleship, is to abide in HIS Word, to be willing to bring everything into being what God wants when HE comes, to bring in everything we are able to do ourselves. The first thing Jesus said HE would do when HE steps into HIS Kingdom, is to segregate and separate the nations of the world. HE said HE will separate the sheep nations from the goat nations and give the sheep nations the rule of the earth. I am for that. I think that in these United States, we should be intelligent enough to only elect White Christians to power. If anyone feels that people of other colors and religions have been abused, then we would be very happy to see them go back to where they came from. And if they are so far ahead of anyone else, they should help over there.

Here in America, we have had so many of these clergy of Lucifer who were Angels of his light, they are the very representatives of Lucifer in every way. The best way to separate the men from the boys in the ministry, is to find out what they think about Jesus. I wouldn’t listen five minutes to a man who did not believe in the Deity of Jesus the Christ. I wouldn’t consider that he was ever fit for any area of spiritual administration. If today, we were to eliminate all the men from seminaries who have been told that it is not important to believe in the Deity of Jesus, then we would get rid of about 2/3 of the clergy in all the denominations. And then we could get down to the business of preaching--‘Thus saith the LORD.’ I think if people would meditate upon their responsibilities, give advocacy to the pattern of God’s Law, move in with this constant objective in their minds to bring in the Kingdom, then this Prayer without ceasing, with this call for heaven, then I think that spiritual power will move again upon the Church as they have not witnessed it since the days of Pentecost. And as they have prophesied, it will increase with power for now. I am going to tell you something. As the power of God moves on the Church, it will give them clear insight, vital courage. And it is going to give them so much intuitiveness, that it will heal their sick mental capacity, and also physically heal them. And about the time that this moves with great sweeping outpouring of power, not with hysteria, not with fantasy, but with great clarity and power---do you know what will happen? People are going to leave these empty husks. They will not assemble down there in the Coliseum and have a Negro rave at them about his superiority. They are not going to support these programs of mongrelizing their race and integrating their households, and destroying their posterity. They are going to stand and take a stand against all this.

On of the most powerful destinies which you possess, one of the greatest areas of covenant you possess is this assurance that in this hour of this climactic period, this spirit of God is going to move upon HIS sons and HIS daughters. A great latter rain of power is going to move upon this race. And it will see DISCIPLESHIP in its greatest and most charged administration bringing forth much fruit. For it will abide in the WORD of GOD.

I am going to tell you that every minister who advises you to violate God’s Word on this race question, is doing the work of the devil. I don’t care what church you find him in, how he is frocked or what you have to say about his holiness and his kindness. That man does the work of the devil and may be nine times more dangerous as an enemy than you have in any other facet of your life. Because if you do not preserve the race, how do you preserve the structure that the Kingdom comes in? When it is clearly marked by Jesus that it is only those who have the capacity of the spirit who can preform the task because the world cannot receive it. Lucifer’s master plan thus shapes up.

A Christian who would advocate your remaining in the United Nations, is not smart enough to ever preach the Bible or the Word of God, not in the facet of the problems we have before us today, or in the face of all God has to say about not joining ourselves to all these pagan forces and countries.

Discipleship. Jesus said, ‘I will call My Sheep by name, I lead them out.’ When HE sent out HIS Disciples, this was a Kingdom strategy. And HE thus said, ‘Go only to the Lost Sheep of Israel.’

I am going to charge today, that in Discipleship, it is the business of the church to advocate the Word of God. We can build up a ritual which encompasses all we are to do, but in fulfilling this ritual under certain areas of religious serve, this did not fulfill the work of the church. Nor did having an evangelist come in twice a year to frighten the people with perdition and to tell them that they had to say a few words, sign a church book, and go thru a certain performance---readjust the church for another year,---that isn’t it either. The responsibility of the church is to become so saturated with God’s Holy Spirit in their inner consciousness concerning what HE wants and what HE is doing, to so live the WORD, so spread the WORD, to be so dedicated to the fellowship of those who understand it which is a closer fellowship than any other, that they spend their energies in doing their task in the nations to become a spiritual savoring influence to accomplish God’s purposes.

The church should be the most important influence in determining America’s destiny. Instead of hearing all this propaganda about separation of church and state, the spiritual influence of the church should decide America’s political destiny. I don’t want to see a Methodist United States, or a Baptist United States, or a Catholic United States. I want to see a CHRISTIAN AMERICA. And before you are thru, you are going to forget the names of these leaders. And there is going to be ONE BAPTISM, ONE FAITH, ONE LORD, and a dynamic spiritual force which will carry this age out in a blaze of Glory, joined with the Light of the embodiment of God who joins them for this hour.

We challenge you this afternoon in Discipleship, to seek to apply, and think and live every WORD which comes out of the mouth of GOD. To know that ‘IF YE CONTINUE IN MY WORD, THEN ARE YE MY DISCIPLE.’ There is no great title which can be given to men than---DISCIPLE.