Distinction Between Sons And Servants, 6-13-64


by Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-13-64

The difference between sons and servants becomes a more vital subject in this period when it seems to be the great undertaking of a great number of clergy, to try to level all people, and equalize areas of all society, and to have no distinguishing marks or characteristics of the various classes of the social order of the earth. If you discuss these things, it is said that these are not the responsibilities of the church. But when the clergy who seek to follow the world order make it the business of the church and seek to level all people to a least common denominator, then there are a great number of people who think that this is the policy of the Gospel. But I want you to know that the Gospel never worked on the policy of reducing everyone to a common denominator. Nor did the Gospel at any time seek to say that all people who lived upon the earth or ever dwelt in the Universe, were of the same category. Nor were they of the same status before the MOST HIGH.

There is no question that the purpose of God’s Kingdom was to call people out and for them to be separate in the earth and to re-gather and assemble those of the highest order in the earth by the instance of God’s own Will, into a higher standard of living and function and operation than they are accustomed to under the influence of the world order.

It is a most significant thing that the Bible contains a complete record of the transition of God, establishing into earth, a household of people, who were HIS own people of HIS own Spirit, and of HIS own life. They, now in flesh begotten bodies, to occupy and to build HIS Kingdom.

It is totally impossible for you and I to understand the content of the scriptures or to find any relationship for people or for nations or for anything that transpires today unless we recognize who we are, what we are doing here, and where we came from. It would be a fallacious thing for us to seek to speak this propaganda, that all races are the same, as this is as foolish as some of the other propaganda being talked today, thru the instrument of the United Nations or the mongrelizers who are seeking the total integration of the world. The differences in races of people, that you can see, are enough to make the point that we are not all the same. There are those who will cite that the pigmentation of color and the shape and build and structure are of no importance. It would be like saying that the content of the container is of no importance. If you felt this was, then there would be no use of having labels on the cans at the grocery store. Now you have learned long ago, that the contents are very important.

God Almighty has been very, very careful to select individuals. And HE knows the content of the individual, because HE ordained the content that dwells in these physical bodies. So with the same relationship, you have be inheritance possessed, in which you fee in the patterns of emotion and thru areas of reason and in the contact of mutual fellowship, the strange force which we call love, family love. And that relationship which you have for those of your loved one and your intimate friends. And we use the word friend as the word meant of old--kinsmen or associate. Then we find that there is a special relationship which is meant here above all other relationships. You move out among people of your own race, but you have a very special relationship with those of your own household, those of your family and your kinsmen. Their social problems and economic troubles and their spiritual problems become almost your problems, and you feel a strange and unusual force that draws you to all of your household. You find that as you associate together and worship together and are liberated with knowledge and wisdom and truth, from all areas of error that effect mens minds, that there is a fellowship and a kinsmanship that exists in your race, because of who you are. And it draws you to those of your Faith, who think and move and are activated by the patterns of Spirit, and the revelations of ideas as you are. Then you may look out on the rest of the world and you may assume toward it that natural reaction that belongs to a people who inherited your culture, to create, to change, to mold, to make. You would desire to benefit the ends of the earth, but you would desire first, to benefit the country which God has given you the responsibility and stewardship to preserve. You would feel a special association to your community and the areas in which you live. You would feel heavily, the problems which effect your society and the great forces that move throughout the great cultural environment in which you live. If this is not so, then you become somewhat apathetic and you become one of those persons who have been neutralized by these experiences rather than by evaluation and by intelligence and knowledge.

Show me the individual that finds no interest and is not in any way effected or cares not in his thinking about the situation in his environment, and feels no pressure or motivations to do anything about those conditions in his environment, and I will show you an individual that is vegetating under the patterns of influence and is not charged with vision, or inspiration.

I point out to you that those who constitute the household of the MOST HIGH GOD, are not here to vegetate. They are here to mold and to charge, to copulate, to rise and to rule. To take possession of the earth. This is our responsibility. This is our destiny.

There is no question about the fact today, that the attempt to try to bring people to an idea that all peoples, all men and all nations are here as servants of a ‘vague’ God. That is the purpose of that attempt. A ‘vague’ God who is a principal in an idea. And as servants, have all nations as HIS servants, all men HIS servants. And men established this service as they serve one another according to the principle of the world philosophy. They try to make this look like a brotherhood of all, eventual attainment, bu saying this is the fatherhood of God, and it is the brotherhood of man. I am not nearly as concerned in the brotherhood of man as I am about the brotherhood of the Kingdom of the MOST HIGH GOD. It is this brotherhood above all brotherhoods which today challenges us above every point of interest.

I am well aware that the content of the scripture is the story of the struggle for the earth. Struggles that happened before the involvement of your race. Struggles that have been going on since the day you arrived with everything designed from seduction to destroy, to mongrelize, and to wipe out the great Household of God, transferred from heaven to earth, by HIS own Divine purpose. I am well aware also, that with this strategy, the design today is to cover up the patterns of origin and to take away racial self-respect, and cause to give assent to a pattern of equality that God does not recognize.

It is with the same careful selection that you in your mind would use if you were a shepherd gathering sheep, or a cattleman raising cattle. For you would select the best of the breed and if you didn’t, then you wouldn’t be good at your job. The Almighty God works the same way. HE says, ‘I call My sheep by name---I lead them out.’ And HE refers to them as being separate and different from all the peoples on the face of the earth.

Under the inspiration of God, we hear Moses speaking and we hear the challenge in which God says, ‘I have made you unto me, a special people above all the people upon the face of the earth.’ I think it rather significant that we have so many people today, who in their meditation have been taught the pattern of general prayer, as Jesus introduced it. We say, ‘Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed by thy name.’ And then this is passed off as a prayer that can be prayed by everyone from a ‘hottentot’ down in Africa, to an Asiatic riding across the top of the Himalaya Mountains. But this prayer was the prayer that YAHWEH, LORD, YAHSHUA Jesus gave unto you--unto the sheep of HIS pasture, to be used in addressing YAHWEH, as our Father and is not to be prayed from one end of the world to another.

There are a lot of people who think you can teach every facet of the Christian faith to everyone. And they just move in because they are brethren of the Faith. This is a strange situation in which they tried to twist all the relationship of the Kingdom of God in earth to a vague spiritual thing. And it is marked by the transfer of Celestial people to a physical world by physical embodiment. It was HIS purpose therefore, to begat a race and a household and a people who would be occupied by Celestial Spiritual consciousness that had been begotten by HIM in the ages of yesterday, that were HIS household and HIS children and HIS kinsmen in the heavens and HIS kinsmen in the earth. That the world would be occupied by a Kingdom that would be heirs of God and therefore, not only move under the inspiration of HIS Spirit, but there they would bring forth justice and righteousness and rule as God intended.

A great number of those today who have been neutralized by areas of theology, who have followed theologians interpretations seem to think that the most important thing for us to do is get to heaven. But I want you to know that the most important thing for you to do is LIVE. Now some might say it is most important for you to get to heaven. But that is not as important as fulfilling your Destiny in the earth. This is where you are now and this is where knowledge will help you now. This is where you must fulfill the Will of God. I’m not worrying about going back to heaven, for before you know it, we will be building ships to go anywhere in the Universe. And I know that absent from this body is to be present again in the dimension of Spirit. And we know that they have given us a time limit of how long we can stay in this physical body. Only the miracle of God, the additional patterns of wisdom and the dedication of the forces of disintegration prolong and extend the patterns of life in which a man lives in this physical body. So absent from this physical body is to be present with the LORD. Absent from the this body means this consciousness must move into Celestial dimensions and live in a Celestial body. So while you are here in physical body, you better quite worrying about how to get back there and occupy while you are here.

It is important for you to know who you are and for you not to let the world order draw you down to their lower level in order to have a comradeship of mediocrity or at best, the lowest caste then can provide.

We may criticize the areas of the caste system that exist today among the societies that have no spiritual cognition of who they are and have founded this caste system upon the strength and position of wealth. But we have a system above all other systems and it is based on origin and birth. It is very vital because it is based upon the culture of God’s Kingdom and on a people with a Spiritual Destiny, and upon a people who HE is willing to acknowledge.

So therefore, we have a distinction that runs throughout the scriptures. And this is to be found if you are to understand the scriptures. In the mystery schools of our forefathers, this was one of the great mysteries taught, when two great pillars of wisdom in thought and understanding were placed in the hearts of our people. And out of these great fraternities came understanding of Spiritual law and technological law that God gave them the wisdom and vision to understand. Thus it is that these great philosophies of Wisdom and understanding were not the vain philosophies of the ‘world order.’ But they were the knowledge of the Spirit that would rise, and its standard would rule and find its higher level.

We have these words throughout the scripture. And the problems that effected our society, were those being influence by the forces of the ‘world order’ trying to live at the level of our origin.

Moses, thrilled and charged with revelations, had experienced from the right hand of God, said, ‘I will publish the name of YAHWEH. I will ascribe greatness unto our God.’ Moses had contact and communication with God when he met the mighty hosts of God from the great fleet and met HIM on Mt. Sinai. If you did not know that was part of the scripture record, turn to Deut. 33:2. In that day when the MOST HIGH came in to give the Law to HIS people through Moses, you will note that the great space ships with their great search lights came in over Paran. And in those great ships with God, were 10,000 of HIS Saints, whom HE brought out of the heavens, HIS breathing offspring. And He delivered HIS Law form HIS right hand unto Moses.

And in the magnitude of these experiences, and with them still fresh in his mind, Moses wrote with a charge of vision and inspiration that transcends some of the sad sermons that we get today from clergy who don’t know who they are or where they came from. No one is as lost as the man who doesn’t know where he came form or where he is going.

So the words of Moses rang out clear, ‘I will publish the name of YAHWEH. HE is the foundation and Master of HIS Kingdom and HIS Universe. HE is the Rock.’ We have to ascribe all greatness to HIM because there is no other course. For this reason HIS works are perfect and HIS ways and judgements are righteous. HE is God of Truth and is without iniquity. What more can we say than that wisdom and righteousness and inspiration proceed forth from HIM. Therefore that which would be Spirit of HIS Spirit, and house of HIS House, could carry thru the great part of HIS activity, only because it is a portion of HIS own being, protected by the processes by which your children are a part of you and inherit your experience and your culture.

So it is that we read these words:-- ‘There are people in the world who have corrupted themselves. Their mark is not the mark of God’s countenance. And sometimes you see that mark in the nose and high ears. And other times there is a mark which is a high mark and relates to their inner heart and their thinking.

What makes these people like that? This force which seeks to corrupt the world, this force that leads and gathers this particular planet’s population, this force with its plan to battle against God’s plan of righteousness and perfection for this earth, this force is motivated by processes of evil and therefore, it wars against righteousness and that which is good. This force happens to be the personal offspring of Lucifer and his fallen Angels who did not keep their first estate. Their mark is in their countenance and in their behavior. And Moses tells you about them and their mark. Moses says, ‘The mark of them is a part of the children of a perverse and crooked generation. Now this God requires of you. Be not foolish people. Hath HE not wrought you? Hath HE not made thee? Hath HE not established thee?’

I don’t know anything that makes me happier than to be told that God is my Father and I can especially be glad of this when I see some of the members of the international advisors and hot-shot brokers who make war on us, than I am so glad that YAHWEH is my Father, and these are not my kinsmen.

Under the doctrine of Universal brotherhood, we are told that al men are our brothers. But I repudiate this in the authority of the scriptures. For it does not say that all men are my brother. My Fathers sons are my brothers. But Lucifer’s children are my enemies. Listen. The word therefore says, ‘thus God requires that you remember the days of old and consider the years of the many generations and ask thy Father, ‘what is God requiring you to do?’

HE is requiring you to go back to check on your background, your race and your culture, to find out who you are and what you are here for. And you better ask your father and your grandfather and preferably your great great grandfather. But at least, don’t go down to a bunch of beatnik liberals who as professors in our colleges have been imported here form Eastern Europe, who have been indoctrinated by Hell and are seeking to destroy your society. So remember the generations of old, ask your father. Ask the elders and they will tell you how the MOST HIGH GOD divided up the areas of the earth and prepared places so you would dwell in separate areas. How HE motivated them to move out, to be activated in earth, as your destiny had been known to HIM from the beginning.

The portion I want you to understand as he talks about you and especially about your inheritance and your culture is that ‘the Lord’s portion is HIS people, and Jacob is the lot of HIS inheritance.’ YAHWEH does not call you anything identified with the darkness. HE calls you that which has the highest symbolism and highest culture.

Now, the enemy is afraid of symbols and emblems that it doesn’t understand. It is afraid of anything that might be a gathering point of the people. You are not only the children of the MOST HIGH, but HE refers to you also as HIS household. But also talks about you as the children of HIS own special care, like a great eagle that rises high in the sky, who is the enemy of the viper and the serpent. HE said you are also part of this story and this plan. You are young Eaglets and I bore you on Eagles wings. Do not forget that it is the power of the Eagle to strike and clip off the head of the Serpent.

In the understanding of what thy Father shall tell you of this crooked and perverse generation, remember it has the mark on the nose and other places as well. And HE says this perverse generation were unmindful of the Almighty God and the Rock of the Ages. They were a part of a Luciferian society and so they thought to provoke God to jealousy and they turned to strange gods and established areas of authority which were no authority.

Do you know why some people are being beaten down all the time? They are always giving authority to the devil that he really doesn’t have. He may be the god of this world, but he has no authority over you---UNLESS YOU GIVE HIM THAT AUTHORITY. This strange evil power, sacrificed unto devils, to strange gods, they knew not, to new gods as they came along. And the Almighty YAHWEH, your Father, they never feared.

This is what I mean when talking about culture. This culture is something that passes from generation to generation with the thoughts in the mind. It passes from the mind down into the genes then from generation to generation to lead the mental foundation of each new age.

Therefore, of the Rock that begat thee, who is HE? We are HIS offspring. HE begat thee. I can show you this from one end of the Bible to the other. Some people think that this begetting takes place in a tent or meeting somewhere, after the Evangelist gets thru. And people wake up and recognize that Jesus is the Christ. Then the Evangelist says they were born again.

You will say, ‘Oh, Dr. Swift, you aren’t against this? Are you?’ Now I’m not against the regeneration of the mind or the reactivation of their consciousness, but the God who begat thee, begat thee before the foundations of the world. And as strange as it may seem, nothing that happened in that Evangelistic meeting changed your origin, or your eventual destiny. Now I find that people are not quite as responsive to that message, but never the less, it is true.

Of the Rock that begat thee, these evil forces would have thee be unmindful. They would have you forget that HE said, ‘I formed you from the womb.’

I only mark this to show that your race is a Divine race, a Divine Household, an Issue of the MOST HIGH YAHWEH in the earth. There is no dimensional limitation upon the capacity of God to project such a people. It is a fact that the miracles of such a transition are a part of the functioning work of God, that can control the Universe. That can amass the patterns of identity of the energies and gases and can immediately bring them into transition, and can bring spontaneous generation or spiral nebula any process at HIS disposal. Each one of them technologically under HIS control and command, to put anything into position, anywhere in the Universe, that HE wants to put it.

I was talking to some astronomers and they were about to the edge of fulfilling the Bible. In recognition that tho I was a clergyman, they thought I might be a little embarrassed by their diagnosis of what is taking place. They talked about the fact that the world was supposed to be made not too long ago. But the Universe was old and the development in the heavens of the various sidereal systems and patterns and forms was long before the earth. And one of them was saying that there was no doubt in his mind that there is a great electrolyse that takes place as a sort of spontaneous generation that when a certain amalgamation of masses of energy get together, it is like an electronic shot that just falls into place and suddenly you get a great spontaneous mass of something. Then the other fellow said it is not that way at all. It is like this. This mass is turning and twisting and suddenly as this spiral nebulas gets bigger and bigger, suddenly it begins to throw off balls of matter and thus solar systems are formed. They argued about this for a while, then they turned to me and said, ‘This is the king of argument you never get into.’ I said, ‘no, I don’t argue. I know my Father can twirl everything HE chooses, twirl it around in a spiral mass and HE can send the energy out of HIS own mind to put any plan in force. Both of thee things happen under the observation of the lenses on the instrument with which we measure, because there is no limitations to the ways and the powers of my Father. And I want to tell you something else. If you think that we are short of time, I want you to know that you are the one short of time, because our Father never had a beginning.

When it comes to technology and understanding the patterns of energy, and the secrets of compression, if any one of the children of God wants these answers, they merely seek and HIS Spirit fills it out. And when they understand the processes with which God works, then it takes science years to catch up with what they have discovered. Now I think that science is a great thing. It’s a correlated body of absolute knowledge. But I do not think that all the scientific laboratories and areas of experimentation, whether they be in chemistry of physics, or whether in other fields, are all correlated body of absolute knowledge. When we talk about an absolute body of knowledge, we turn to the Father. HE knows. And as HE inspires HIS sons and daughters, then they know. And when HE activates their consciousness, they respond. And out of it comes the majesty of the technology and the creation, that HIS family, and HIS family alone, has been able to bring into the world order. Your don’t go out to Africa to learn from the Africans. And you don’t go to Asia to be taught the precision of the things of the Universe. Their antiquity in the occupation of the earth may go back thousands and thousands of years before your, and they may worship their yesterdays, but they don’t have too much to show for their todays.

I have never found any evidence that the lower orders of life ever produced much until the White man came along. The culture that came from the Steppes of Russia as ancient Assyria, or even ancient Egypt, was never absorbed by the intellect that lacked the capacity to assimilate that which preceded you. So in the magnitude of these patterns, you have nothing in the earth to be ashamed of. Don’t let people run around and put a guilt complex on you and say, ‘You have mistreated the world, you haven’t given them equality, you haven’t absorbed them as brothers.’ Well, thank God for that. For if we had absorbed them as brothers into our race and our physical family, there would be nothing to talk about. There would be no equality to be disturbed about, no integration and no mongrelization to worry about. Because it would be all over.

If the light that YAHWEH planted in the Adamic race and stirred thru the vision of revelation, the majesty of HIS experience with those of HIS patriarchs from the days of their earliest times until now, if that had not have happened, and they had not been placed in the earth, then the earth would have been in the lowest order of the jungle. In fact, here even in these United States, it is fast becoming a jungle because we have not remembered the knowledge of our Father or the pattern of our God. God says, ‘I am going to stir you. I am going to make you understand, even if I have to make this scourge of this beast become so diabolic in your mind that YOU PROCLAIM MY KINGDOM, and rise against this beast.

In this strange hour of our race in which we are told that we must embrace all things, while we are told that we are locked in a struggle of survival with the forces of Communism, and while we spend billions of dollars to defeat Communism, we put the instruments and representatives of Communism throughout society and they move at their will to stir up the lessor orders that dwell among us.

Now, you will say we must never refer to the Negro in that way. But I have to refer to him as he is. In this congregation we have to discuss the truth as it is. And at this very moment, the forces of darkness have been gathering them to a revolution. I can turn to the police records, and the FBI records of the last two years, and those records are showing what has happened in this country as the Communist forces stirred the lessor orders.

Let no one come along and pick a man of your race who has become a degenerate outlaw or criminal and say you got it here. The reason why you have it here is because you permitted the contamination from Satanic powers to influence your own family, because you didn’t keep your racial doors shut.

There is nothing so disturbing or disgusting to an intelligent child of God as the derelict who is the result of the violation of Divine Law by contact and conditions of environment, thru areas of conditions in schools and colleges. For colleges turn many students into agnostics, or try their best to destroy your culture by those who are Christians and without God. They produce the kind of violence and crime that kills and destroys without reason. And they are not a pattern of your race, they are just something that happened to your race for we overlooked Divine Law. Now these things are a way of life with the lessor order. They eat and destroy one another. They move like savages out of the jungle. And when they move against you, they move without restraint as they are led and activated by the forces of Lucifer’s children. They are just a lower order that followed Lucifer in antiquity. They worshiped devils and vipers. These sons of Lucifer are the ones instrumental in bringing these conditions about.

In the L.A. Times today, they are talking about two meetings, one Racial Equality, and the other The Deacons for Defense. The Times says that the Negro groups have every type of military weapon and have been holding organizational meetings and they insist that they have been holding these meetings to see that Negroes get fair trials. And if Negroes are arrested, to rise up with this army and have armed conflict with the police and liberate the arrested Negro.

The rising militancy is a danger. For their leaders state that they have these weapons and that they are going to use them against the White race. So we must be ready to meet violence. They are talking--not about IF this situation develops, but WHEN it develops. What will develop? An armed struggle with the Communist who they serve, and the White race and your country.

So in the face of all that then why do we have those who are worrying about the White man defending himself or his country with any method available to him? We even wonder about the newspaper which reported all this, since they have been very active in harassing Patriots some time without any foundation whatsoever. Even Congressional committees can spend their time trying to get around the Bill of Rights which grants to every man the right to have and to bare arms. The point is that there is a natural source of deadly violence that wants to upset the Kingdom, its standards, and its law. You can’t live in a society without law. The Kingdom of God is judgements, righteousness, and government with law. The administration of the laws is the protection of the people from the outlaw and the force of violence. I want you to know today, that law--Constitutional Government--and what constitutes normal society inside God’s Kingdom is disappearing because areas of responsibility have become irresponsible. High Courts and people in high places seek to by-pass the Constitution to seek to please the philosophy of a ‘world order’ which says it is all wrong. There is no foundation in some areas of instruction that has any Spiritual value.

Here is a clipping handed me a few minutes ago. It is from Tahoe City, California:- ‘Urge drinking courses at college level, in California college courses.--Bourbon instructions in basic courses from Martini to sipping Scotch, should be taught for this is one of the most important things we must teach our college youth.---How to drink and how much to drink must be taught, just like we teach them how to swim and how to drive a car, or the use of Alcohol may be dangerous to them.’ Now, after that, this same group of educators also agreed that we must keep all elements of religion out of all areas of the college instruction.

We have a problem in our midst. For I find that many of our clergy have moved to the ‘Left’ and identified with the thinking in these areas.

Let’s take a look at the Declaration of the MOST HIGH. Now, all of them in their status’s religiously will say, ‘we are all just servants of God.’ But what are you serving? What are we working for? I think that the far off dimension of the central throne of the Universe does not need too much attention from me as far as that status being preserved. But when we talk about working for God and serving God, we don’t all fall in the same brackets here on earth. There are nations that must worship the MOST HIGH GOD because HE is their God. And they must serve HIM in their conduct in the earth because HE has laws they must obey. Then you and I must serve HIM not because we are HIS servants as such, but because we are HIS Household, inheriting this Kingdom. And with this responsibility as we grow up from children, we are to be instructed with the wisdom of God. And this is to be translated into--occupying Sonship.

When Jesus was speaking to some Israelites, there were some Jews standing by. Jesus said, ‘Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.’ Then Jesus said, ‘The servant abideth not in the house forever, but the son abideth forever.’

Now servants are not a part of the inheritance. They are not a part of the household. And they do not abide in the administration, the leadership or the house forever, but a son abideth forever. By this same declaration Jesus makes this statement, ‘This is My commandment to you that are of the household and of the kinship of God, that ye love one another, for greater love hath no man than that he lay down his life for his (friend) kinsman.’ Or could be translated intimate kinsman. For the word is translated friend, because friend is at the level of confidant and kinship. Then Jesus said, ‘Henceforth, I will not call you servant, for a servant does not know what his lord does.’ But these kinsmen friends know what God is going to do, for HE takes them into HIS confidence. Then Jesus said, ‘Therefore, I do not call ye servants, ye have not chosen ME. I have chosen you.’

Now, that sure upsets a lot of theology. That says we have a lot of choices. Then Jesus says, ‘ I have ordained that ye shall go forth and bring forth much fruit, I accomplish these things.’

Turn to the book of Romans and read these words:-- ‘For as many as are led, by this cultural influence and this spiritual energy, this spirit of God---they are the sons of God.’ When Jesus said, ‘I say unto you,’--the Paraclete translated the Holy Spirit, the consciousness of Divine intelligence. HE says this Holy Spirit will bring all things to your remembrance.

So you had to be there or you couldn’t remember. You have to be spirit of Eternity, or you couldn’t understand it. ‘It will bring all things to your remembrance and lead you to the knowledge of all truth. This spirit that the world cannot receive.’ And all the Billy Grahams in the world can’t give that spirit to the world, because they cannot receive it. Then you say, ‘what is Billy doing?’ Well, what he is supposed to be doing is telling all people to obey the laws of god and get out of the way of the Kingdom. For when the Kingdom comes in, the world benefits. When the civilization of God’s Kingdom rises to its destiny, the world will know peace, understanding. And they will know a higher order than they have ever known before.

At this moment, we are the children of the MOST HIGH and are led by the spirit of the MOST HIGH. Because they are the sons of the MOST HIGH---not coming---ARE. They didn’t receive a spirit of bondage again, when they were activated to consciousness, but the Spirit by we who have been positioned into this time of life, can say ‘Our Father--Abba Father.’ HIS Spirit bears witness to our spirit that we are the children of God. We are children by birth, not some philosophic gymnastic of accepting something. We ask you to accept truth because God states it. This may reactivate your consciousness, but you are a child, not by what you think, but by who you are, and by your Father and from where you came from.

So the scripture makes this declaration. If children--we are the heirs of God--because we are HIS offspring, HIS household. HE is KING of the Kingdom and we are HIS heirs. So if you are heirs of the Kingdom, and this earth is part of HIS property, HIS footstool, then you better be looking after your property. Some of you say, ‘But who is responsible for the earth?’ No one, but we White men. And Israel means, Issue ruling with God. For God didn’t give the law to Africa or Asia, HE gave it to Israel, because no one else could understand it or put it into effect. For they weren’t spirit of HIS Spirit. They were created--good--until polluted. So who is going to straighten that out? THE KINGDOM.

Therefore, we read these words. If children, the heirs, if heirs of God, then joint heirs with God’s embodiment, when HE walked the earth as YAHSHUA, Jesus the Christ, no wonder the Paul could say since the children of God were in bodies of flesh, HE came and took a body like they had and was not ashamed to say, ‘you are My relative, My kinsmen,’ kinsmen with God. Therefore, if so, be it that we are kinsmen, then we cannot expect HIS enemies to like us any better than they liked HIM.

Let’s go back a moment. Someone says, ‘Yes, but if we could just get along with everyone.’ But I say, let everyone get along with our Father and HIS laws. Then they will get along with us. We are not going to stand for rape and pillage, and moral degradation and mongrelization. We are not going to stand for an order without moral standards.

I talked to some high school graduates the other day, and their science classes had poked so much fun at God that half the young folks no longer believed in God. And when I asked them about moral ethics, they said they had discussed that with their professor and he said that if there isn’t any God, there isn’t any standard and all you have to do is please yourself.

If you want to know why you have delinquency, it is because if this kind of instruction is taught, you get delinquent results. And who is to blame? You are. Why? Because you haven’t banished everyone of these enemies of God’s Kingdom from your land.

I want to explain something to you. Now, we know that Jesus loved everybody--so they say today--HE never riled or rankled anyone. Well, why do you think that everytime Jesus got thru talking that the Jews took up stones to kill him, as it says all thru the book of John? My,---but they must have been ‘pleased’ with what HE said. Jesus speaks to you as HIS household, and HIS kinsmen. And HE said, ‘If the world hates you, knoweth it hated Me before it ever hated you. And it hates you because you are not of the world, as I am not of the world. And it hates you because you are MY kinsmen and MY family.’

Now, if the world stops hating me, I’m ashamed of myself. For if we do what we are sent here to do, we will bring in righteousness and the Kingdom. And the world will resist this until the powers of darkness have been broken. Then there shall be anew lease on life---a great new day. And the new order of the ages shall come in. For the kinsmen of God, the sons of God, shall have taken over and all the nations of the world shall become HIS servants.

Now listen. We turn to the book of Revelation and read these words:-- ‘I beheld and lo, I beheld the voices of the Angels around the throne and I saw the number of them 10,000 of the offspring, 10,000 times 10,000's and I saw that these were the redeemed, by our Eternal YAHWEH, out of all the kindred of the earth.’ Kindred? Who are the kindred? This is why the Holy Spirit says ‘I know all about the content. I call My sheep by name and I lead them out, I don’t lose any of the kindred and all Israel shall be saved, as it is written. I shall take away the ungodliness from Jacob. I shall regenerate them. I shall restore them. They shall take My Kingdom and they shall share with ME its administration. They shall sit with Me upon My throne and they shall rule in the earth.

Now, some of you say, ‘Well a lot of people died without receiving this promise.’ True, but they will be back to finish their job. You can’t go to Africa and talk to a group of natives who you first have to explain the meaning of words to, and then explain to them the spiritual mysteries that belong to sons and daughters of God, and then tell them, ‘now look, you are a part of this, you are equal with all, in this.’ This is wrong. But you can tell these people that they must worship the right God and stop following their witch doctors. Then you can tell them that there is government under the laws of God and soldiers within the Kingdom to enforce the law. And then benefits that come when you observe the law, but utter destruction and defeat if they resist the law of God.

Okay, so you think that is Imperialism. Well, that is the Empire of the King of Kings. And when you stop that policy the world has gone retrograde. The devil has been working on that ever since the beginning of the Red Revolution

A lot of people have been taught that we must go to the ends of the earth and preach to people and if they are baptised into the proper formula, they are saved. And if not, they are damned. Now, you will say that is in the Bible. But the funny thing is, that it was not in the Bible until it was added 200 years after the Apostles who wrote the scriptures had gone back into the plain of Spirit. If you look inside the Scoffield Bible in the footnote or in the average Bible,--in the book of Mark, where it tells you to go out in the world and preach to every creature, and do all these things, you will find that portion of the book of Mark was added 200 years after Mark died.

Someone said, ‘Well, don’t you think you should preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth?’ The Gospel of the Kingdom, yes. For the Gospel of the Kingdom doesn’t damn anyone. It brings light, power and righteousness to the ends of the earth. And when God gets thru, ALL FLESH SHALL BE SAVED as it is written. But they are going to conform to HE, who in a moment of dispersed energy, can organize substance and matter 125 or 525 trillion miles across space---the Father who has been doing all things well, who is righteous and just and perfect. The Rock that begat us.

HE whose sincerity is beyond the normal mind to conceive, whose love for you is the pulsing vitality, the foundation of true human emotion. So we say ‘Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’ Rise to your responsibility as sons, not as servants, as the children of the MOST HIGH, reactivated to your responsibilities, not as a people beaten down to their own destruction. So in this hour as we see the increasing tension and know the forces that are at work, we still know that the Kingdom is Eternal and triumphant. It is based upon a sound and solid foundation. And you and I have had a great inheritance shown to us, of a culture we are to preserve for the honor and Glory of your FATHER and this is the work of HIS Church.

(We have gone a lot further down the road to Babylon since this tape was recorded.)

(End of sermon)