Distinction Between Sons And Servants, 6-13-65


By Dr. Wesley A. Swift - 6-13-65

As we turn in our thinking this afternoon as to the difference between servants and sons. It becomes a more vital subject in this period, in which it seems that the undertaking of a great number of Clergymen to try to level all people, and equalize all areas of Society. And to have no distinguishing marks or characteristics of the various classes of the social order of earth. If you discuss these things you find this is not the responsibility of the church. But when the Clergy and the officials of the world order discuss it then they make it the business of the church to level all people to the least common denominator. There then are a great number of people then who feel that this is a part of the Gospel. But I want you to know that the Gospel never worked on the policy of leveling all people to the least common denominator. Nor did it seek to say that at any time all people who lived upon the earth or dwelt in the Universe is in the same category, or nor were they all of the begotten of the Most High. There is no question about the separatism of the purposes of God's kingdom. To keep those not of the kingdom, out, or to regather them that are of the highest order in the earth by the instances of God's own will. Into a higher standard of living and function and operation, than they are accustomed to under the influence of the world order.

It is a most interesting thing that the bible contains a complete record of establishing in the earth of a household of people who were his own spirit and were of his own life, and now in flesh begotten bodies that they might occupy in building his own Kingdom.

It is totally impossible for you or I to understand the scriptures, or people or nations, and the things transpiring today unless we recognize who we are, and what are we doing here and from whence have we come. It would be a fallacious thing for us to teach that all races and people are the same. It would be quite as foolish as some of the propaganda being taught today by the United Nations, or the mongrelizers who are seeking total integration of the world. The very differences that exist theologically should be able to establish that all races are not the same. There are those who cite that the pigmentation, the structure and color, the physiological differences are of no importance. This would be like going down to the grocery store and having none of the cans labeled, just because they are all the same shape more or less. But you have long since learned that the content of the container is what marks the importance. I tell you tonight that God himself has been very, very careful to select individuals according to the content, and HE knows the content for he has ordained that which dwells in these physical bodies. I point out to you that by this same relationship which you by inheritance possess in which you feel in the patterns of emotion, to the areas of reason, and in the contact of the individual, this strange force which we qualify as love, family love, and that relationship to that which you have. For those who are your loved ones. Your intimate friends, and we use this word friends as the old word --associates, intimate and kinsmen. That there is a special relationship that exists here that is a special relationship. You move out among people among the structure of your own race but you have a very special relationship to those of your family, your household, and to those of your kinsmen. Their economic, social, and spiritual problems become also your problems. And you feel a feeling of strange and unusual force that draws you to all those that constitute your household. And you also find that as you assemble together, and worship together. That when you are liberated with wisdom, knowledge and truth, from all areas of the errors that effect mens minds, that there is a fellowship, a kinsmen ship that exists in your race because of who you are and it especially draws you to your race, who move and are activated by the patterns and revelations of you as to who you are.

I point out that you may look out upon the rest of the world and you may assume for it that natural reaction of a people as to who you are. This is our responsibility, that we take possession and rule the earth. This is our destiny. There is no question of the fact that the attempt is being made today to make people see that they are here as servants of a vague God who is a principal and an idea. And all men are his servants and they establish themselves as his servants as they serve one another with the principals of the world's philosophy. So they try to make us look at this as a brotherhood of all people and eventually ultimate attainment by saying this is the fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man. I am not nearly as concerned about the brotherhood of man as I am about the kingdom of the Most High God. Because this brotherhood above all brotherhoods is what challenges us to every point of interest. I am well aware that the content of the scriptures is the struggle for the earth.

I am well-aware today that the pattern is to take away racial self-respect and cover up the designs of origin. And to cause a people to give ascent to a pattern of equality that God does not recognize. You would not be a good husbandman if you did not select your animals as to the best of the breed, and then separate and keep those that meet thee qualifications. Thus God worked the same way for he said:---'I call my sheep by name, I lead them out.’ Then refers to them as being separate and different from all of the people on the face of the earth. (Tape does not play----------.)

This prayer that Jesus taught to you, Our Father which art in heaven.' this is not a prayer that can be played from one end of the earth to the other.

Deut. 32 and 33---- ‘Nobody is as lost as the man who does not know who he is or where he is going.’

The mark God puts on people such as Cain and others is a psychological mark. For it marks their thinking and their actions while in the earth. I do not know of any mark that I would rather have on me than the mark that says that God is my Father. My Father’s sons are my brothers not some that I see in high places today in our world. And I am glad that I can discern that they are not my brothers, thus they are not my fathers sons. When God says:--Go back and ask your fathers, your grandfathers, and your mothers and grandmothers, what is he telling you to do but to go back and check your background, your race and your culture, and be proud of it. Thus, remember the generations of old. Ask the elders and you ask your generations of old and they will tell you that God divided up the earth, and even prepared some of it for the occupancy of his children. Thus, your destiny has been known unto the beginning.

Now; the devil may be god of this world but he has no authority over you unless you give it to him. (I have tried to see if this is something that we do not know from this tape, and I have played it as far as possible, and tried to transcribe the highlights.)

The rock that begat thee. This is not what happened in an Evangelistic tent. People are not quite as responsive to this, but it is true. But you are a divine household, and there is no limitation on God to accomplish this very thing.

I tell you this, if our race had absorbed all of the people of the earth a long time ago then it would have been all over and you would not be studying what you are today.

God says that he is going to stir his people, until they realize just what this Beast (world order) system is all about and they rise against it.

It is now known that the Negro revolution is getting ready to break. They are telling us now what they are going to do. The leaders now tell us that they have all kinds of weapons, and they are going to use them upon the white race. They are talking about following their program of their Communist inspirers to rise and wipe out, hopefully this white race. They think they have advanced to this position where in this is now possible.

We are now told that at Lake Tahoe University that we now teach the students how to drink. If we instruct them to drink in moderation then this will be a good thing. But they must become able to manage the drinking of the spirits.

Jesus said:--'The servant abideth not in the house forever, but the son abideth forever.'

Now; servants are not a part of the family, they are not a part of the household. Therefore they will not abide in the household, forever, but a son will abide forever.

Jesus thus said that a servant does not know what God is going to do, but a kinsman, or son shall know what he is going to do for he takes them into his confidence. Therefore he does not call you servants for we did not chose him but HE has chosen us. And he has ordained that you shall go forth and do many things.

End of message.